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					Directory of faculty anD aDministrators
Appointment date refers to the date of original hire   Appointed 2008.
to the College.
                                                       Donna Beers, Professor of mathematics

                                                                                                                   Directory of faculty and administrators
faculty, college of arts                               BA, MS, PhD, University of Connecticut.
                                                       Appointed 1986.
anD sciences
maria abate, assistant Professor of Biology            michael Berger, assistant Professor of chemistry
BA, University of California, Davis; PhD,              BA, Cornell University; MBA, Boston University;
Northeastern University. Appointed 2011.               MA, PhD, Harvard University. Appointed 2005.

Paul abraham, Professor and chair of education         renee Bergland, Professor of english
and Director of matesl Program                         BA, St. John’s College; PhD, Columbia University.
BA, Boston College; MEd, Boston University; EdD,       Appointed 1999.
Harvard University. Appointed 1993.
                                                       stephen Berry, assistant Professor of History
Joan abrams, Professor of Practice in                  BA, MEd, Vanderbilt University; MLIS, University
communications                                         of Southern Mississippi; PhD, Duke University.
BA, MS, Simmons College; MPA, Harvard                  Appointed 2007.
University. Appointed 1999.
                                                       Joy Bettencourt, associate Professor of Practice in
Zachary abuza, Professor of Political science and      education and Westford campus coordinator
international relations                                BA, University of Colorado; MEd, Antioch College.
BA, Trinity College, MALD; PhD, Tufts University.      Appointed 1999.
Appointed 1996.
                                                       carole Biewener, Professor of economics and
masato aoki, associate Professor and chair of          Women’s and gender studies
economics                                              BA, Douglass College; PhD, University of
BA, Bucknell University; MA, PhD, University of        Massachusetts. Appointed 1987.
Massachusetts, Amherst. Appointed 1993.
                                                       ellen Birchander, lecturer in Psychology
Judith aronson, associate Professor of                 BA, Simmons College; MSW, Boston College; MS,
communications                                         Tufts University; ABD, University of
BA, University of Michigan; MFA, MCP, Yale             Massachusetts, Boston. Appointed 2011.
University. Appointed 1998.
                                                       allan s. Blume, associate Professor of Practice in
Judah axe, assistant Professor of education            education and Program coordinator for landmark
BS, University of Wisconsin– Madison; MA, PhD          BA, State University of New York at Geneseo;
candidate, The Ohio State University. Appointed        MEd, University of Vermont; MS, EDs, Simmons
2008.                                                  College. Appointed 1995.

Donald l. Basch, Professor of economics                Dánisa Bonacic, assistant Professor of modern
BA, Trinity College; MA, MPhil, PhD, Yale              languages and literatures
University. Appointed 1980.                            BA, MA, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile;
                                                       PhD, Brown University. Appointed 2007.
Kirk James Beattie, Professor of Political science
and international relations                            lylian Bourgois, senior lecturer in modern
BA, Kalamazoo College; MA, PhD, University of          languages and literatures
Michigan. Appointed 1985.                              BA, MA, University of Haute-Bretagne II; PhD
                                                       Candidate, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
mischa Beckett, senior lecturer in Political           Appointed 2008.
science and international relations
BA, Marquette University; PhD, Boston College.

2011–2012                                                                                                    223
                                           edith Bresler, senior lecturer in art and music        maryellen cunnion, associate Professor of Practice
                                           BFA, School of Visual Arts. Appointed 2003.            in education
                                                                                                  BA, College of Mt. St. Vincent; MA, Trinity College;
                                           Pamela Bromberg, Professor of english and              MS, Johns Hopkins University; EdD, Harvard
                                           Director of graduate Program in english                University. Appointed 1993.
                                           BA, Wellesley College; PhD, Yale University.
Directory of faculty and administrators

                                           Appointed 1972.                                        catharin Dalpino, Joan m. and James P. Warburg
                                                                                                  Professor of international relations
                                           David Browder, Professor of mathematics                BA, Bard College; MA, San Francisco State
                                           BA, Amherst College; MA, PhD, University of            University. Appointed 2010.
                                           Oregon. Appointed 1971.
                                                                                                  ellen may Davidson, associate Professor of
                                           michael l. Brown, Professor of mathematics             Practice in education
                                           BA, Columbia University; MA, PhD, Harvard              BA, Antioch College; MA, State University of New
                                           University. Appointed 1986.                            York at New Paltz. Appointed 1998.

                                           tulio campos, senior lecturer in modern                Kristin Dukes, assistant Professor of Psychology
                                           languages and literatures                              BA, Rice University; MS, PhD, Tufts University.
                                           BA, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru.          Appointed 2011.
                                           Appointed 2006.
                                                                                                  christine J. evans, associate Professor of Practice
                                           changqing chen, senior lecturer in chemistry and       in education and Program Director for new
                                           Physics                                                england center for children
                                           BE, Xi’an Jiatong University; MS, Peking University;   BA, Hartwick College; MEd, Lesley College.
                                           PhD, University of Connecticut, Storrs. Appointed      Appointed 1993.
                                                                                                  eduardo febles, associate Professor and chair of
                                           Janet chumley, associate Professor of Practice in      modern languages and literatures
                                           education                                              BA, Tulane University; MA, PhD, Brown University.
                                           BA, Antioch College; MEd, Boston University.           Appointed 2003.
                                           Appointed 1996.
                                                                                                  gregory feldman, assistant Professor of
                                           florence ciret-strecker, assistant Professor of        Psychology
                                           modern languages and literatures                       BA, University of Connecticut at Storrs; MS, PhD,
                                           MA, PhD, Tulane University. Appointed 2005.            University of Miami. Appointed 2006.

                                           louise g. cohen, associate Professor of modern         marlene fine, Professor of communications
                                           languages and literatures                              BA, PhD, University of Massachusetts; MA,
                                           BS, Simmons College; AM, PhD, Harvard                  University of Minnesota; MBA, University of
                                           University. Appointed 1967.                            Massachusetts, Amherst. Appointed 1999.

                                           Daniel connell, Professor of Pratice in                rachel l. galli, associate Professor and chair of
                                           communications                                         Psychology
                                           BA, Hobart College; MA, State University of New        BA, Hofstra University; MA, PhD, Boston
                                           York at Buffalo. Appointed 2002.                       University. Appointed 1998.

                                           James corcoran, associate Professor and chair of       sheldon george, associate Professor of english
                                           communications                                         BA, The City College of New York; PhD, Boston
                                           BA, University of North Dakota; MPA, Harvard           College. Appointed 2005.
                                           University. Appointed 1986.
                                                                                                  robert n. goldman, Professor of mathematics
                                           laurie crumpacker, Professor of History                BS, London School of Economics; AM, PhD,
                                           BA, Simmons College; AM, Harvard University;           Harvard University. Appointed 1972.
                                           PhD, Boston University. Appointed 1978.

                                     224                                  s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g
ellen grabiner, assistant Professor of                michael Kaplan, Professor of chemistry and
communications                                        Physics
BA, SUNY Albany, MEd, Goddard College.                MS, Kishinev State University; PhD, Leningrad
Appointed 2000.                                       State University; DrSci, Moscow State University,
                                                      Moscow. Appointed 1993.
Daren graves, assistant Professor of education

                                                                                                                  Directory of faculty and administrators
BA, Yale University; MEd, EdD Harvard University.     roberta Kelly, associate Professor of Practice in
Appointed 2006.                                       education and Director of the educational
                                                      leadership Program
D. Bruce gray, associate Professor and chair of       BA, Tufts University; MS, Lesley University.
Biology                                               Appointed 1995.
BS, Tufts University; MS, Columbia University;
PhD, University of Connecticut. Appointed 1993.       colleen Kiely, associate Professor and chair of art
                                                      and music
richard W. gurney, associate Professor and chair      BFA, Rhode Island School of Design; MFA, School
of chemistry and Physics                              of the Museum of Fine Arts. Appointed 2005.
BS, Benedictine University; PhD, Purdue University.
Appointed 2003.                                       megan lambert, lecturer in the center of the
                                                      study of children’s literature
Helen guttentag, Professor of Practice in             BA, Smith College; MA, Simmons College.
education and Director of clinical Programs and       Appointed 2009.
undergraduate education
BA, Wellesley College; EdM, Harvard University.       nancy lee, associate Professor of chemistry and
Appointed 1978.                                       Physics
                                                      BA, University of Pennsylvania; PhD, Brown
Kelly Hager, associate Professor of english and       University. Appointed 1994.
Women’s and gender studies, and chair of english
BA, Rice University; PhD, University of California,   Valerie leiter, associate Professor and chair of
Irvine. Appointed 2001.                               sociology
                                                      BA, State University of New York at Albany; AM,
margaret Hanni, associate Professor of art and        Harvard University; PhD, Brandeis University.
music                                                 Appointed 2003. of
BA, Simmons College; MA, PhD, Boston
University. Appointed 1996.                           sarah leonard, associate Professor of History
                                                      BA, University of California, Santa Cruz; MA, PhD,
Jane Hardin, associate Professor of Practice in       Brown University. Appointed 2004.
education and Program coordinator for accept and
south coast                                           suzanne leonard, assistant Professor of english
BA, University of Massachusetts; MEd,                 AB, Dartmouth College; MA, PhD, University of
Framingham State College. Appointed 1995.             Wisconsin– Milwaukee. Appointed 2006.

elisa Hegg, lecturer in Behavior analysis and         randi lite, associate Professor of Practice in
Director of mentoring and supervision                 Biology
BA, University of British Columbia in Vancouver;      AB, Brown University; MA, Columbia University.
MSEd., Northeastern University. Appointed 2009.       Appointed 1989.

alister inglis, associate Professor of modern         Zhigang liu, associate Professor of History and
languages and literatures                             modern languages and literatures and Director of
BA, University of Canberra; PhD, University of        the Program in east asian studies
Melbourne. Appointed 2003.                            University Diploma, Beijing Normal University;
                                                      MA, PhD, Boston University. Appointed 1991.
michael Jordan, senior lecturer in chemistry and
Physics                                               stephen D. london, Professor of sociology
BA, D.Phil., Oxford University. Appointed 2007.       BA, Bowdoin College; PhD, University of Chicago.
                                                      Appointed 1975.

2011–2012                                                                                                   225
                                           Jane lopilato, associate Professor of Biology          gary oakes, assistant Professor of education and
                                           BA, Emmanuel College; PhD, Harvard University.         Director of the master’s in the art of teaching
                                           Appointed 1989.                                        BA, University of South Florida; MA, Florida State
                                                                                                  University; EdD, Boston University. Appointed
                                           shirong luo, assistant Professor of Philosophy         2000.
                                           MS, Peking Union Medical College; MA, Texas
Directory of faculty and administrators

                                           A&M University; PhD, University of Miami.              stephen ortega, assistant Professor of History and
                                           Appointed 2006.                                        Director of the graduate Program in History
                                                                                                  BA, New York University; MA, Harvard University;
                                           Bridget lynch, senior lecturer in art and music        PhD, University of Manchester. Appointed 2006.
                                           and Director of the trustman art gallery
                                           BA, University of Kansas. Appointed 2006.              mary H. owen, Professor of Biology
                                                                                                  BA, Regis College; MA, PhD, Clark University.
                                           russell maguire, assistant Professor and chair of      Appointed 1992.
                                           Behavior analysis
                                           BA, New York State University at Buffalo; MA, PhD,     catherine Paden, assistant Professor of Political
                                           Northeastern University. Appointed 2007.               science and international relations
                                                                                                  BA, Vassar College; PhD, Northwestern University.
                                           leonard mailloux, senior lecturer of                   Appointed 2006.
                                           BA, Mount Wachusetts Community College; MEd,           lowry Pei, Professor of english
                                           Cambridge College. Appointed 2008.                     AB, Harvard College; MA, PhD, Stanford
                                                                                                  University. Appointed 1985.
                                           sarah martin, assistant Professor of Psychology
                                           BS, Duke University; MS, PhD, The Pennsylvania         Dolores Peláez-Benítez, associate Professor
                                           State University. Appointed 2008.                      Licenciatura, PhD, Universidad Complutense de
                                                                                                  Madrid. Appointed 1992.
                                           leanne Doherty mason, associate Professor and
                                           chair of Political science and international           J. Douglas Perry, Jr., associate Professor of english
                                           relations                                              BA, Yale College; MA, PhD, Temple University.
                                           BA, Clark University; MA, PhD, Northeastern            Appointed 1968.
                                           University. Appointed 2000.
                                                                                                  theresa Perry, Professor of africana studies and
                                           lee mcintyre, lecturer in Philosophy                   education
                                           BA, Wesleyan University; MA, PhD, University of        BA, Loyola University; MA, Marquette University;
                                           Michigan. Appointed 2011.                              PhD, Yale University; EdD, Harvard University
                                                                                                  Graduate School of Education. Appointed 2005.
                                           margaret menzin, Professor of mathematics
                                           BA, Swarthmore College; MA, PhD, Brandeis              Vonda Powell, assistant Professor of
                                           University. Appointed 1969.                            communications
                                                                                                  BA, Spellman College; PhD, University of Illinois.
                                           cathryn m. mercier, associate Dean, Professor of       Appointed 2005.
                                           english, and Director of the center for the study of
                                           children’s literature                                  laura Prieto, Professor and chair of History
                                           BA, Mount Holyoke College; MA, MPhil, Simmons          BA, Wellesley College; MA, PhD, Brown University.
                                           College; PhD, Boston University. Appointed 1985.       Appointed 1997.

                                           W. David novak, associate Professor of                 madalaine Pugliese, associate Professor of
                                           mathematics and chair of mathematics, statistics,      Practice in education and coordinator of the
                                           and computer science                                   assistant technology Program
                                           BA, MA, PhD, Washington State University.              BS, University of Maryland; MEd, Suffolk
                                           Appointed 1976.                                        University and Lesley College; MS, EdS, Simmons
                                                                                                  College. Appointed 1992.

                                     226                                  s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g
Jyoti Puri, Professor of sociology                    Dawna thomas, associate Professor of africana
BA, Bombay University; PhD, Northeastern              studies and Women’s and gender studies and
University. Appointed 1996.                           chair of Women’s and gender studies
                                                      BA, MS, University of Massachusetts, Boston;
Diane raymond, Professor of Philosophy and            PhD, Northeastern University. Appointed 2003.
Women’s and gender studies

                                                                                                                  Directory of faculty and administrators
BA, Vassar College; MA, PhD, New York University.     Becky thompson, Professor of sociology
Appointed 1985.                                       BA, University of California, Santa Cruz; PhD,
                                                      Brandeis University. Appointed 1996.
John reeder, associate Professor of Psychology
BA, McMaster University; PhD, Princeton               Bruce tis, associate Professor of computer
University. Appointed 2004.                           science and informatics
                                                      BSEE, MSEE, Northeastern University; PhD,
Judith richland, senior lecturer in                   Boston University. Appointed 1998.
BS, Cornell University; MA, Boston University;        Wanda torres gregory, associate Professor and
MFA, Massachusetts College of Art. Appointed          chair of Philosophy
2005.                                                 BA (Pol.Sci.), BA (Phil.), MA, University of Puerto
                                                      Rico; PhD, Boston University. Appointed 1997.ult
Jennifer roecklein-canfield, associate Professor of
chemistry                                             mary Jane treacy, Professor of modern languages
BS, University of Maryland; PhD, State University     and literatures and Director of the Honors
of New York at Stony Brook. Appointed 1999.           Program
                                                      BA, Emmanuel College; MA, PhD, Boston
charlotte russell, senior lecturer in Biology         University. Appointed 1972.
B.Med.Sci., University of Birmingham; PhD,
University of Manchester. Appointed 2007.             Jo trigilio, senior lecturer in Philosophy and
                                                      Women’s and gender studies
Pía cúneo-ruiz, lecturer in modern languages          BA, Marietta College; MA, PhD, University of
and literatures                                       Oregon. Appointed 2005.
ESL/ELT, Peru’s Asociacion Cultural Peruano-
Britanico; JD, Universidad San Martin de Porres.      geoffrey turner, associate Professor of Psychology
Appointed 2011.                                       AB, Lafayette College; MS, PhD, Pennsylvania
                                                      State University. Appointed 1997.
elizabeth scott, assistant Professor of Biology and
co-director of the Program in Public Health           nanette Veilleux, associate Professor of computer
MI, Manchester Metropolitan University; MPhil,        science and informatics and Director of the core
PhD, University of London. Appointed 2001.            curriculum
                                                      ScB, Brown University; MSEE, PhD, Boston
Vaughn sills, associate Professor of art and music    University. Appointed 1999.
BA, The American University; MFA, Rhode Island
School of Design. Appointed 1987.                     Janie Ward, Professor and chair of africana
gregory slowik, Professor of art and music            BFA, New York University; EdM, EdD, Harvard
BM, Mansfield University; MM, DMA, Boston             University. Appointed 1986.
University. Appointed 1994.
                                                      afaa michael Weaver, alumnae Professor of
niloufer sohrabji, assistant Professor of             english
economics                                             BA, University of the State of New York; MA,
MA, University of Maine; PhD, Boston College.         Brown University. Appointed 1997.
Appointed 1999.
                                                      Bob White, Professor of communications
ruihua sun, senior lecturer in modern languages       AB, College of the Holy Cross; MS, Boston
and literatures                                       University. Appointed 1971.
BA, Nanjing University; MA, Tsukuba University.
Appointed 2008.

2011–2012                                                                                                   227
                         richard Wollman, Professor of english                 george coggeshall, associate Professor of
                         BA, Brandeis University; MA, MPhil, PhD,              Practice, Physical therapy
                         Columbia University. Appointed 1993.                  BS, University of Rhode Island, Kingston; MSPT,
                                                                               Boston University. Appointed 2008.
                         faculty anD staff, scHool                             margaret costello, associate Professor of Practice,
                         for HealtH sciences                                   nursing
                                                                               BSN, Salve Regina College; MS, Simmons College;
                         Josephine atinaja-faller, associate Professor of      MSN, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy; PhD,
                         Practice, nursing                                     Simmons College. Appointed 2004.
                         BSN, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey,
                         Newark; MSN, Northeastern University. Appointed       terry Davies, associate Professor of Practice,
                         2004.                                                 nursing
                                                                               MSN, Simmons College. Appointed 2004.
                         anne-marie Barron, chair, Baccalaureate nursing
                         and associate Professor of nursing                    sarah Desmond, associate Professor of Practice,
                         BSN, Boston College; MSN, University of               nursing
                         Massachusetts, Amherst; PhD, Boston College.          BSN, Northeastern University; MSN, Simmons
                                                                               College; SM, Harvard School of Public Health.
Directory of faculty

                         Appointed 1999.
                                                                               Appointed 2007.
                         Judy a. Beal, Dean, school of nursing and Health
                         sciences, Professor of nursing                        colette Dieujuste, associate Professor of Practice,
                         BSN, Skidmore College; MSN, Yale University;          nursing
                         DNSc, Boston University. Appointed 1989.              BSN, Columbia Union College; MSN, Boston
                                                                               College. Appointed 2000.
                         charlene Berube, associate Professor of Practice,
                         nursing                                               susan Duty, associate Professor of nursing
                         BSN, Saint Anselm College; MSN, Boston                BSN, University of Massachusetts, Boston; MSN,
                         University. Appointed 1994.                           Simmons College; ScD, Harvard University.
                                                                               Appointed 2003.
                         lisa sciacca Brown, assistant Professor of
                         nutrition                                             sari edelstein, associate Professor of nutrition
                         BS, Clark University; MS, Simmons College; PhD,       BS, Florida State University; MS, Florida
                         Boston University. Appointed 2008.                    International University; PhD, University of Florida.
                                                                               Appointed 2002.
                         teressa Brown, associate Professor of Practice,
                         Physical therapy and assistant Director, clinical     carmen fortin, assistant Dean and Director of
                         education                                             admission, school of nursing and Health sciences
                         BS, Simmons College; DPT, Simmons College.            BA, University of Maine; MA, University of
                         Appointed 2008.                                       Connecticut. Appointed 2000.

                         terry mahan Buttaro, associate Professor of           teresa fung, Professor of nutrition
                         Practice, nursing                                     BS, MS, Cornell University; ScD, Harvard
                         MSN, PhD, Simmons College. Appointed 2003.            University. Appointed 2000.

                         laDonna christian, associate Professor of             Priscilla gazarian, assistant Professor of nursing
                         Practice, nursing and Director, Dotson Bridge and     BSN, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth;
                         mentoring Program                                     MSN, University of Massachusetts, Boston; PhD,
                         BSN, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; MSN,          University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Appointed
                         University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.               2002.
                         Appointed 2009.                                       Donna glynn, associate Professor of Practice,
                         Jean christoffersen, associate Professor of           nursing
                         Practice, nursing                                     BS, Stonehill College; MSN, PhD, Simmons
                         BSN, State University of New York, Brooklyn;          College. Appointed 2007.
                         MSN, Boston College. Appointed 2004.                  maureen Harris, associate Professor of Practice,
                                                                               Physical therapy and Director, clinical education
                                                                               BS, Simmons College; DPT, Simmons College.

                   228                                 s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g
Appointed 2010.                                      marla lynch, associate Professor of Practice,
nancie H. Herbold, ruby Winslow linn Professor       BS, Boston University; MSN, Boston College.
and chair of nutrition                               Appointed 2007.
BS, University of Rhode Island; MS, EdD, Boston
University. Appointed 1976.                          eileen mcgee, associate Professor of Practice,
James Huddleston, associate Professor of             BSN, MSN, University of Massachusetts, Boston;
Practice, Physical therapy                           PhD, Boston College. Appointed 2003.
BS, University of New Hampshire; MSPT,
University of New Hampshire; DPT, Simmons            elizabeth metallinos-Katsaras, associate Professor
College. Appointed 2008.                             of nutrition
                                                     BS, MS, PhD, University of California, Davis.
Z. annette iglarsh, associate Dean school of         Appointed 1999.
nursing and Health sciences, Professor and chair
of Physical therapy                                  linda moniz, associate Professor of Practice,
BS, City College of New York; BS, Physical Therapy   nursing
Upstate Medical Center; MAT, Alaska Methodist        BS, Boston State College; BSN, MSN, Salem State
University; MBA, Loyola College of Maryland; PhD,    College. Appointed 2004.

                                                                                                                Directory of faculty
University of Maryland. Appointed 2007.
                                                     susan neary, Professor of Practice, nursing and
W. Justin Jones, associate Professor of Practice,    Director, Doctor of nursing Practice Program
Physical therapy                                     BA, Emmanuel College; BSN, St. Louis University;
BS, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; MSPT,      MSN, Simmons College; PhD, Boston College.
Simmons College; DPT, Simmons College.               Appointed 1989.
Appointed 2007.
                                                     Janet rico, Professor of Practice, nursing and
makeda Kamara, associate Professor of Practice,      Director, family nurse Practitioner Program
nursing                                              BSN, St. Anselm College; MSN, University of
BA, Brandeis University; BSN, University of          North Carolina; MBA, Boston University.
Massachusetts, Boston; MEd, Harvard University       Appointed 2000.
Graduate School of Education; MPH, University of
Michigan School of Public Health. Appointed          Patricia rissmiller, chair, graduate nursing and
2010.                                                associate Professor of nursing
                                                     BSN, Catholic University; MSN, DNSc, Boston
ruth Kimokoti, associate Professor of Practice,      University. Appointed 1992.
MBChB, University Nairobi; MA, Boston                Joanne rivard, associate Professor of Practice,
University; MPH, Boston University. Appointed        Physical therapy
2010.                                                BS, Boston University; MSPT; MGH Institute of
                                                     Health Professions; DPT, MGH Institute of Health
rebecca Koeniger-Donohue, Professor of Practice,     Professions. Appointed 2010.
BSN, Saint Anselm College; MSN, Boston               nathan samuels, associate Professor of Practice,
University; PhD, University of Rhode Island.         nursing
Appointed 1988.                                      BS, Brandeis University; MSN, DNP, Simmons
                                                     College. Appointed 2007.
Jocelyn loftus, Professor of Practice, nursing
BSN, University of Massachusetts, Boston; MSN,       shelley strowman, associate Professor of Practice,
Simmons College. Appointed 1998.                     nursing, statistics
                                                     BA, Bates College; MA, University of New
arlene lowenstein, Professor of Practice, nursing    Hampshire; PhD, University of New Hampshire.
and Program administrator, Health Professions        Appointed 2009.
BSN, Fairleigh Dickinson University; MA, New         olga sullivan, associate Professor of Practice,
York University; PhD, University of Pittsburg.       nursing
Appointed 2005.                                      MS, University of Massachusetts, Boston.
                                                     Appointed 2010.

2011–2012                                                                                                 229
                         Karen teeley, associate Professor of Practice,          PhD, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard
                         nursing                                                 University. Appointed 2004.
                         BSN, Fairfield University; MSN, Boston University.
                         Appointed 2002.                                         richard cravatts, Professor of Practice in
                                                                                 communications and Director, masters in
                         Victor tsveybel, associate Professor of Practice,
                                                                                 communications management Program
                                                                                 BA, MA, University of Louisiana, Monroe; PhD,
                         BSN, Northeastern University; MSN, MGH
                                                                                 University of Louisiana, Lafayette. Appointed 2005.
                         Institute of Health Professions. Appointed 2004.
                         sarah Volkman, Professor of nursing                     Patricia Deyton, Professor of Practice in
                         BA, University of California, San Diego; ScD,           organizational Behavior & nonprofit management
                         Harvard University. Appointed 2001.                     and Director, cgo
                                                                                 BS, Empire State College, SUNY; M Div., Yale;
                         Julie Vosit-steller, associate Professor of Practice,
                                                                                 MSW, Columbia. Appointed 2004.
                         BSN, College of Our Lady of the Elms; MS, MSN,
                                                                                 shuili Du, assistant Professor
                         University of Massachusetts, Boston; DNP,
                                                                                 BA, Tsinghua University; MA, Fudan University;
                         Simmons College. Appointed 2004.
Directory of faculty

                                                                                 DBA, Boston University. Appointed 2007.
                         Patricia a. White, associate Professor of Practice,
                         nursing                                                 susan Duffy, assistant Professor
                         BSN, MSN, Boston College; PhD, University of            BS, Pennsylvania State University; MS, John
                         Rhode Island. Appointed 1987.                           Hopkins University; PhD, George Washington
                                                                                 University. Appointed 2008.
                         faculty anD staff, scHool                               mary Dutkiewicz, associate Dean, administration
                         of management                                           and academic Programs
                                                                                 BA, Holy Cross; MEd, University of Vermont; MBA,
                         carla akalarian, Director, career services office       Simmons College. Appointed 1999.
                         BA, Brown University. Appointed 2011.
                                                                                 mary finlay, Professor of Practice in information
                         Jill avery, assistant Professor                         management
                         BA, University of Pennsylvania; MBA, Wharton            BA, Allegheny College; MBA, Simmons College.
                         School, University of Pennsylvania; DBA, Harvard        Appointed 2005.
                         University. Appointed 2007.
                                                                                 gary gaumer, associate Professor
                         Bonita Betters-reed, Professor, cgo faculty             BS, Bradley University; PhD, Northern Illinois
                         affiliate                                               University. Appointed 1984.
                         BA, State University of New York at Potsdam; MA,
                         Bowling Green State University; PhD, Boston             indra guertler, senior lecturer and Director,
                         College. Appointed 1986.                                financial literacy initiative
                                                                                 BA, Albion College; MBA, MS, University of
                         stacy Blake-Beard, associate Professor, cgo             Maryland; DBA, University of Virginia. Appointed
                         faculty affiliate                                       2000.
                         BS, University of Maryland; MA, PhD, University of
                         Michigan. Appointed 2002.                               Paula gutlove, Professor of Practice in
                         Kerri Brophy, senior Director, marketing and            BS, Cornell University; DMD, Boston University.
                         graduate admissions                                     Appointed in 2011.
                         BA, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; MBA,
                         Simmons College. Appointed 2006.                        susan Hass, Professor
                                                                                 BS, Boston University; MBA, Harvard University;
                         robert coulam, senior lecturer and Director,            CPA MA and MD. Appointed 1981.
                         center for Health Policy research
                         BA, Harvard University; JD, Harvard Law School;

                   230                                   s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g
cynthia ingols, senior lecturer, cgo faculty        Western Michigan University; PhD, University of
affiliate and Director, mBa internship Program      Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Appointed 2006.
BA, University of Georgia; MA, University of
Wisconsin; EdD, Harvard University. Appointed       mindy nitkin, assistant Professor
1996.                                               BA, University of Missouri; MS, Hebrew
                                                    University; MBA, Simmons College; PhD candi-
Deborah m. Kolb, Professor emerita                  date, Boston University. Appointed 2000.
BA, Vassar College; MBA, University of Colorado;
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.         susan D. sampson, associate Professor and
Appointed 1977.                                     Director, Prince Program
                                                    BS, Salem State College; MA, PhD, Kent State
J. Barry lin, associate Professor                   University. Appointed 1995.
MS, PhD, Baruch College at CUNY. Appointed
2008.                                               alice sapienza, Professor emerita
                                                    BS, Stonehill College; MA, Boston College; MBA,
John lowe, associate Professor and Director,        Harvard University; DBA, Harvard University.
Health care administration Program                  Appointed 1990.

                                                                                                              Directory of faculty
BS, Duke University; MS, Ohio State University;
PhD, University of Illinois/Chicago. Appointed      mary shapiro, Professor of Practice in
1993.                                               management, cgo faculty affiliate
                                                    BFA, MS, MBA, Wright State University. Appointed
Deborah marlino, Professor and associate Dean,      1992.
faculty & curriculum
BA, MBA, University of Tennessee; PhD, University   spela trefalt, assistant Professor, cgo faculty
of California, Los Angeles. Appointed 1989.         affiliate
                                                    BA, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; MBA,
sylvia maxfield, Professor, cgo faculty affiliate   University of Kansas; DBA, Harvard University.
and Director, Principled leadership initiative      Appointed 2008.
BA, Cornell University; MA, PhD, Harvard
University. Appointed 2001.                         elisa van Dam, Director, executive education
                                                    BA, Brown University; MBA, Boston University.
cathy minehan, Dean                                 Appointed 2007.
BA, University of Rochester; MBA, New York
University. Appointed 2011.                         edward J. Vieira, Jr., associate Professor
                                                    BA, Rhode Island College; MBA, Bryant University;
Jane mooney, associate Professor                    PhD, University of Connecticut. Appointed 2004.
AB, Vassar College; MBA, Wharton School,
University of Pennsylvania; PhD, Baruch College,    Bruce Warren, Professor emeritus
CUNY. Appointed 2005.                               BS, Bryant College; MBA, Clark University; JD,
                                                    Suffolk University. Appointed 1970.
lynda moore, Professor, cgo faculty affiliate and
senior scholar for global gender and inclusive      nataliya Zaiats, assistant Professor
leadership                                          BA, Hartwick College; BA, Ivan Franko National
BA, Hollins College; MEd, Antioch Graduate          University of Lviv, Ukraine; PhD, University of
School; EdD, University of Massachusetts,           Wisconsin at Milwaukee. Appointed 2008.
Amherst. Appointed 1981.

teresa nelson, associate Professor, elizabeth J.
mccandless Professor of entrepreneurship, cgo
faculty affiliate and Director, entrepreneurship
BA, University of Massachusetts at Boston; MBA,

2011–2012                                                                                               231
                                                                           Ching-Chih Chen, PhD
                   emeriti faculty                                           Professor of Library and Information Science,
                   A. J. Anderson, EdD
                                                                           Burton Abercrombie Cleaves, MMus
                      Professor of Library and Information Science,
                      Emeritus                                                Professor of Music, Emeritus

                   Woodrow Wilson Baldwin, EdD                             Anne Coghlan, PhD
                      Professor of Management, Emeritus                       Dean of Sciences and Professor of Biology,
                   Louise Silbert Bandler, MSW
                                                                           Diane T. Coulopoulos, PhD
                      Professor of Social Work, Emerita
                                                                              Professor of Psychology, Emerita
                   James Baughman, PhD
                      Professor of Library and Information Science,        Laurie Crumpacker, PhD
                      Emeritus                                                Professor of History, Emerita
                   Mae L. Beck, PhD                                        Kathleen Dunn, EdD
                      Associate Professor of Chemistry, Emerita               Professor of Education and Human Services,
emerti faculty

                   Lynda Beltz, PhD                                           Emerita
                      Professor of Communications, Emerita                 Josephine R. Fang, PhD
                   Katherine Bevacqua, MEd                                    Professor of Library and Information Science,
                      Associate Professor of Management, Emerita              Emerita

                   Susan Bloom, MA                                         Alicia Faxon, PhD
                      Associate Professor of English, Emerita                 Professor of Art, Emerita
                   Peter G. Bowers, PhD                                    Ann Fleck-Henderson, PhD
                      Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus                        Professor of Social Work, Emerita
                   Deanna Brooks, MSW                                      Deborah Fraioli, PhD
                      Associate Professor of Social Work, Emerita             Professor of Modern Languages, Emerita
                   Richard Bruce Carpenter, PhD                            Sophie Freud, PhD
                      Professor of Art History, Emeritus                      Professor of Social Work, Emerita
                   Margaret Bush, MLS                                      Barbara Gentile, PhD
                     Professor of Library and Information Science,
                                                                              Professor of Psychology, Emerita
                   Teresa Carterette, PhD                                  Anne Soloveichik Gerber, MA, MSW
                      Professor of Psychology, Emerita                        Professor of Social Work, Emerita

                   Peter Castle, PhD                                       Marlyn Gillis, MA, MBA, MS
                      Associate Professor of Psychology, Emeritus             Associate Professor of Management, Emerita

                   Dana C. Chandler, Jr., BS                               Velda Goldberg, PhD
                      Professor of Art, Emeritus                              Professor of Physics, Emerita
                                                                           Lillian Grayson, PhD
                                                                              Associate Professor of Psychology, Emerita

             232                                   s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g
David Gullette, PhD                                Lawrence L. Langer, PhD
  Professor of English, Emeritus                     Professor of English, Emeritus
Elaine Hagopian, PhD                               Ruth Shaw Leonard, MS
   Professor of Sociology, Emerita                   Associate Professor of Library Science, Emerita
Henry James Halko, PhD                             Ann E. Lord, MS
   Professor of History, Emeritus                    Professor of Nursing, Emerita
Raquel Halty, PhD                                  Carol Love, PhD
   Professor of Modern Languages and                 Professor of Nursing, Emerita
   Literatures, Emerita
                                                   Richard Lyman, PhD
Mary Louise Hatten, PhD
                                                     Professor of History, Emeritus
   Professor of Management, Emerita
                                                   Charles R. Mackey, PhD
Iclal Hartman, PhD
                                                     Dean of Humanities and Professor of French,
   Professor of Chemistry, Emerita
William J. Holmes, PhD, DLitt

                                                                                                             emerti faculty
                                                   Helen Mamikonian, MA
   President and Professor of English, Emeritus
                                                     Associate Professor of Foreign Languages,
Alice M. Hosack, DSc                                 Emerita
   Professor of Nursing, Emerita                   William Manly, MA
John Cleary Hunter, PhD                              Associate Professor of English, Emeritus
   Professor of History, Emeritus                  Marion Mason, PhD
Sheila Intner, DLS                                   Ruby Winslow Linn Professor of Nutrition,
   Professor of Library and Information Science,     Emerita
   Emerita                                         James Matarazzo, PhD
Reginald L. Jackson, PhD                             Dean and Professor of Library and Information
   Professor of Communications, Emeritus             Science, Emeritus

Anne Jardim, DBA                                   James Mendrick McCracken, Jr., MSW
   Founding Dean and Professor, Emerita              Professor of Social Work, Emeritus

Estelle Jussim, DLS                                Carroll French Miles, PhD
   Professor of Library and Information Science,     Professor of Government, Emeritus
   Emerita                                         Margaret Bonney Milliken, MA
Susan M. Keane, PhD                                  Associate Professor of English, Emerita
   Associate Professor of French, Emerita          Phyllis Moore, DNSc
Ann Kittler, MSN                                     Professor of Nursing, Emerita
   Professor of Nursing, Emerita                   Charlotte M. Morocco, MEd
Deborah Kolb, PhD                                    Dean of the College, Emerita
  Professor of Management, Emerita

2011–2012                                                                                              233
                   Paul Raymond Nichols, PhD                              Barbara Sawtelle, PhD
                      Professor of Economics, Emeritus                       Professor of Economics, Emerita
                   George W. Nitchie, PhD                                 Meyer Schwartz, MSSA
                      Professor of English, Emeritus                         Dean and Professor of Social Work, Emeritus
                   Carol Ochs, PhD                                        Kenneth Raymond Shaffer, DLS
                      Professor of Philosophy, Emerita                       Professor of Library Science, Emeritus
                   Doris Olmstead, MEd                                    Lydia Smith, EdD
                      Associate Professor of Athletics, Emerita              Professor of Education, Emerita
                   Robert Oppenheim, MFA                                  Mark Solomon, PhD
                      Professor of Art and Curator, Emeritus                 Professor of History, Emeritus
                   M. Lynn Palmer, PhD                                    Leonard Soltzberg, PhD
                      Professor of Physical Therapy, Emerita                 Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus
                   Ynhui Park, PhD                                        Richard Sterne, PhD
emerti faculty

                      Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus                      Professor of English, Emeritus
                   James Piper, PhD                                       Jessie Stuart, MA
                      Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus                       Professor of Retailing, Emerita
                   Alden W. Poole, BS                                     Robert Stueart, PhD
                      Professor of Journalism, Emeritus                      Dean of the Graduate School of Library and
                   Edward Prenowitz, MA                                      Information Science, Emeritus
                      Professor of Physics, Emeritus                      Carol Swenson, DSW
                   Elizabeth Rawlins, EdD                                    Professor of Social Work, Emerita
                      Professor of Education and Associate Dean,          Karen Talentino, PhD
                      Emerita                                                Professor of Biology, Emerita
                   Helen Reinherz, ScD                                    Jill Taylor, PhD
                     Profesor of Social Work, Emerita
                                                                             Professor of Education and Women’s and
                   Patricia Rieker, PhD                                      Gender Studies
                      Professor of Sociology, Emerita                     Donald Thomas, PhD
                   Priscilla Riley, MSW                                      Professor of Psychology, Emeritus
                      Associate Professor of Social Work, Emerita         Everett Leroy Tuttle, PhD
                   John S. Robinson, EdD                                     Associate Professor of Biology, Emeritus
                      Dean of Graduate Studies and Social Sciences        Robert C. Vernon, PhD
                      and Professor of Education, Emeritus
                                                                             Professor of Physics, Emeritus
                   Linda Roemer, PhD
                                                                          Diana P. Waldfogel, MSW
                      Associate Professor of Health Care
                      Administration, EmeritaM. Don Sargent, MA              Dean and Professor of Social Work, Emerita
                      Treasurer, Emeritus                                 Martha Gorovitz Waldstein, MSS
                                                                             Associate Professor of Social Economy, Emerita

             234                                  s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g
Bruce Warren, MBA
  Professor of Management, Emeritus
                                               stuDent aWarDs anD
Elizabeth Weiant, DEd
  Associate Professor of Biology, Emerita      All-CollegeAwards
Cheryl Welch, PhD
                                               alumnae award for academic achievement
  Professor of Political Science and
                                                  To a student with a distinguished academic
  International Relations, Emerita
                                               record who shows exceptional professional
Sandra Williams, PhD                           promise.
  Professor of Biology, Emerita

                                                                                                              student awards and Prizes
Judith Wittenberg, PhD                         alumnae Honor award
  Professor of English, Emerita                      To a senior who combines scholarship, par-
                                               ticipation in student activities, and contributions
Alden Wood, BS
                                               to college life in a way that exemplifies the gener-
  Lecturer on Editorial Procedures, Emeritus   al all-around excellence of an ideal Simmons stu-

                                               contributions to a multicultural
                                               community award
                                                   To a student who, by involvement, attitude,
                                               and action, has enhanced the development of a
                                               multicultural community at the College.

                                               Danielson memorial award
                                                     To a senior resident student who exempli-
                                               fies a deep interest in and devotion to students
                                               and a constant concern for the growth and
                                               future of the College.

                                               charlotte mae morocco award
                                                    To a graduating senior who has demon-
                                               strated success in academic and co-curricular
                                               pursuits, sensitivity to the value of diversity, self-
                                               confidence, creativity, and compassion.

                                               Palmer award
                                                    To a senior who has been a superior stu-
                                               dent in the humanities and social sciences, and
                                               who has made a significant contribution to
                                               extracurricular activities in the area of
                                                  intergroup relations.

                                               President’s leadership award
                                                     To a graduating senior who has made sig-
                                               nificant contributions to the College.

2011–2012                                                                                               235
                              robert rankin award
                                    To a student who best displays the qualities
                              of friendliness, understanding, and interest in      aWarDs
                              her fellow human beings.
                                                                                   Department of africana studies
                                                                                      Maya Angelou Award for Academic Excellence
                                                                                      Winnie Mandela Award for Academic
                                                                                            Excellence and Community Service

                                                                                   Department of art and music
                                                                                      Alicia Craig Faxon Award in Art History
student awards and Prizes

                                                                                      Robert Gronquist Memorial Award in Music
                                                                                      The Heather Hekman Award
                                                                                      Joshua D. Oppenheim Award
                                                                                      Roberta Goldberg Segal '59 and Paul L. Segal
                                                                                      Endowed Award
                                                                                      Julia Myerson Trustman Fellowship
                                                                                      Thomas J. Wallace Memorial Award in
                                                                                           Studio Art

                                                                                   Department of Biology
                                                                                      Biology Faculty Award
                                                                                      Catherine Jones Witton Memorial Award

                                                                                   Department of chemistry
                                                                                      Allen Douglas Bliss Memorial Award
                                                                                      American Institute of Chemists Award
                                                                                            in Chemistry
                                                                                      American Institute of Chemists Award
                                                                                            in Biochemistry
                                                                                      Leonard J. Soltzberg Department of
                                                                                              Chemistry and Physics Departmental
                                                                                              Service Award

                                                                                   Department of communications
                                                                                      Communications Award
                                                                                      Mariana Evans Creel Award in Journalism
                                                                                      Department Faculty Award
                                                                                      Graphic Design Award
                                                                                      Homer Jenks Award
                                                                                      Miriam Gosian Madfis Award
                                                                                      Media Arts Award
                                                                                      Public Relations/Marketing

                        236                                s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g
  U.S.S. Safety System SpA of Brugine, Italy     School of Management Peer Award
         Copywriting & Layout Award              Wall Street Journal Award
Program in computer science &                  Department of mathematics
informatics                                      Mathematics Award
  Computer Science Award                         Financial Mathematics Award
  Information Technology Award                   Marion Walter Future Teacher of
                                                       Mathematics Award
Program in east asian studies
                                               Department of modern languages and

                                                                                               Departmental/Program awards
  East Asian Studies Book Award
Department of economics
                                                 Edward Addelson Memorial Award for
  Class of 1990 Economics Liaison                      Foreign Study
         Book Award
                                                 Modern Language Award
  The Sheila J. Henderson Resilient Scholar
         Award in Economics                      Jean Bratton Award
  George J. Kachavos Award                     Program in nursing
  Dutch Leonard Award in Public Policy           Penelope M. Glynn Award
  Patricia Anne McGrory Award                    Margaret Jernigan Award
  Barbara Sawtelle Outstanding Student Award     Marjorie Keazirian Award
  in Economics
                                                 Ann Kittler Award
Department of education                          Carol F. Love Award
  Barbara Mason Kemp Award                       Phyllis S. Moore Award
  Elizabeth B. Rawlins Award                     Lois Estelle Schoppee Award
  Lydia B. Smith Award                           Marjorie Stimson Honors Award
  Francis W. Gallishaw Award (undergraduate      Pauline Wheble Tripp Award
         or graduate)                            Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing
  Mary Carlyle Holmes Award (undergraduate             Honor Society
        or graduate)
  John S. Robinson Award (undergraduate or     Program in nutrition
         graduate)                               Nutrition Faculty Award
  Douglas Eli Schuch Award (undergraduate or     Ann DeForest Baker Spaulding Award
  graduate)                                      Ruby Winslow Linn Award

Department of english                          open Program
  George W. Nitchie Award                        James L.V. Newman Award
  Wylie Sypher Award
                                               Department of Philosophy
Department of History                            Agora Award
  Clio Award                                     Hypatia Award
  Henry Halko Award
                                               Department of Physical therapy
Program in management                            Recognition Award for Excellence
  School of Management Bruce Warren Book         Mary Legace Shaghnessy Award

2011–2012                                                                                237
                              Program in Physics
                                 The Physics of Materials Award
                                 The Robert Vernon Award in Physics

                              Department of Political science and
                              international relations
                                 Dag Hammarskjold Award
                                 Carroll French Miles Award
                                 Roy M. Tollefson Award
Department/Program awards

                                 Warburg Award

                              Prince Program in retail management
                                 Hodgkinson Achievement Award

                              Department of Psychology
                                 Teresa Sosa Carterette Award
                                 Peter W. Castle Award in Clinical Psychology
                                 Stephen R. Deane Award
                                 Donald W. Thomas Award in Psychobiology

                              Department of sociology
                                 Evie Anasis Community Service Award
                                 Elaine Hagopian Award
                                 Jocelyn Holton Award
                                 Patricia R. Rieker Award

                              Department of Women’s and gender
                                 Charlotte Perkins Gilman Award
                                 Janet A. Viggiani Award

                              Please note: Some awards are not given every year.

                        238                                 s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g
                                                 Ruth Bristol Scholarship
enDoWeD scHolarsHiPs                             Cecile H. Bronfin ’63 and Barry R. Bronfin
Thefollowingareendowedscholarshipfundsof   B. Marion Brown Memorial Scholarship
$25,000ormoreatSimmonsCollege:              Bettye L. Brown Scholarship
Norman and Leah D. Abbott Scholarship            Lillian Clark Brown Scholarship
                                                 Lucille Cummings Brown ’35 Scholarship
Judith I. Abrams Scholarship
                                                 Phyllis Rosen Brown Scholarship
Helen Goller Adams Scholarship
                                                 Dorothy Budlong Scholarship
Wilma Munt Aldrich Scholarship
                                                 Beryl Hardacker Bunker ’40, ’01HD Award
Phyllis E. Aldrin Scholarship
                                                 Phyllis Burlingame ’43 Scholarship
Alexander Family Scholarship
                                                 Josephine Morello Butz ’57, ’07HD Scholarship
Hazel Spink Alfast Scholarship
                                                 Bydale Scholarship
Rosamond Allen School of Social Work

                                                                                                       enodwed scholarships
                                                 Dina M. Carbonell ’81SW, ’96SW Scholarship
                                                 Constance Russo Carroll ’64 Scholarship
Viola Engler Anderson Scholarship
                                                 Nellie Parney Carter Scholarship
Elizabeth McCarthy Armand ’60, ’80LS
                                                 Lydia Chace ’20 Scholarship
                                                 Ruth Chapman ’19 Memorial Scholarship
Winifred Armstrong Scholarship
                                                 Irene Beers Chaves ’23 Scholarship
Sarah Louise Arnold Scholarship
                                                 David A. Chernin ’87LS Scholarship
Vivian Resnick Auerbach ’61 Scholarship
                                                 Children’s Literature Scholarship
Marion P. Ayer Scholarship
                                                 Don S. and Linda D. Chin Scholarship
Smith Tinkham Balkham Scholarship
                                                 Virginia Haynes Chrisman Endowed Scholarship
Harriet Bartlett Social Work Scholarship
Theodate Bates Scholarship
                                                 Irene Christopher ’45LS Scholarship
Albert Beekhuis Foundation Award
                                                 Elizabeth Austin Church ’23 and
Elizabeth Beiter Endowed Scholarship
                                                   Jane Church Miller ’49 Scholarship
Alice M. Bell Scholarship
                                                 Anna Clark Scholarship
Eva Bayard Berger ’28 Scholarship
                                                 Maxine Mayer Clarke Scholarship
Margaret Sandberg Bergfors Scholarship
                                                 The First Class 1906 Scholarship
Ruth Dane Bernat Scholarship
                                                 Class of 1910 Memorial Scholarship
Helen Noyes Bickford Scholarship
                                                 Class of 1922 Scholarship
Blanche L. and Fred H. Bisbee Scholarship
                                                 Class of 1930 Scholarship
Black Alumnae/i Symposium 2005 Legacy
                                                 Class of 1933 Pride II Scholarship
                                                 Class of 1938 Scholarship
Mildred Brigham Blake Scholarship
                                                 Class of 1939 Scholarship
Helen Blanchard Scholarship
                                                 Class of 1942 Scholarship
Allen Douglas Bliss Scholarship
                                                 Class of 1945 Scholarship
Alice Frances Blood Scholarship
                                                 Class of 1946 Scholarship
Florence T. Blunt Scholarship
                                                 Class of 1947 Scholarship
Josephine Caroline Grover Bohm ’22
                                                 Class of 1948 Scholarship
                                                 Class of 1950 Scholarship
Bowker Grant Scholarship
                                                 Class of 1952 Scholarship
Maureen Boyle Scholarship
                                                 Class of 1953 Scholarship
Virginia Bratton Fund for Continuing Education
                                                 Class of 1958 Scholarship
Margaret D. Brenner ’38LS Scholarship for
                                                 Dorothy Cleaveland Scholarship
 Library Science

2011–2012                                                                                        239
                        Fannie F. & Alice W. Clement Scholarship          Dorothy Giles Social Work Scholarship
                        Cleveland Simmons Club Scholarship                Alice Ives Gilman Scholarship
                        Ruth H. Cleveland Scholarship                     Frances Zion Goldberg ’59 Scholarship
                        Josephine and Ernest Cohen Scholarship            Sandra (Frank) Goldberg ’57 and Dr. G. Marshal
                        College of Arts and Sciences Graduate                Goldberg Scholarship for New Americans
                           Scholarship                                    Dorothy Alter Goldman Scholarship
                        Jane Conard Scholarship                           Dr. Susan Goldstein ’65 Scholarship
                        Continuing Education Scholarship                  G. Gordon Fund for Prince Retailing Scholarship
                        Sarah Molloy Crane ’56, ’04HD Scholarship         Graduate Nursing Scholarship Fund
                        Crawley-McCarthy Chemistry Scholarship            Graduate School of Library and Information
                        Shirley Sears Cunningham Scholarship                 Science Scholarship
                        Mildred Custin ’27, ’88HD Memorial                Graduate School of Management Scholarship
                          Scholarship                                     Ina M. Granara Scholarship
enodwed scholarships

                        Dolores and Lawrence D’Angelo Scholarship         Jessie M. Grant ’42 Scholarship
                        Ruth Huntington Danielson Memorial Award          Shirley Saks Greenberg ’56SW Memorial
                        Davis United World College Scholars                 Scholarship
                        Eleanor S. Davis Scholarship                      Delphine D. Greene Scholarship
                        Jean Kohler Davis ’48 Scholarship                 Eva and Myer Greene Scholarship
                        Marion Gray Davis Scholarship                     Samuel M. Thomas Gruber Fund for Loan
                        Helen Deacon Scholarship                            Forgiveness
                        Steven R. Deane Award                             Sarah E. Guernsey, DAR, Scholarship
                        Carmencita C. deAponte Latin America              Chester S. Hale and Frances M. Hale
                          Scholarship                                        Scholarship
                        Mildred Cook Dempsey ’23 Scholarship              Halko and Hunter Scholarship
                        Donna Dolan ’84, ’86GS Endowed Scholarship        Henry J. Halko and Jane Curtin Halko ’45 Travel
                        June Richardson Donnelly Scholarship                Abroad Scholarship
                        Kathleen Dunn and Richard B. Lyman, Jr.           Katharine Hardwick Scholarship
                           Scholarship                                    Burton M. and Shirley Scholnick Harris ’61,
                        Isabella N. Dunton ’07 Scholarship                   ’80SW School of Social Work Scholarship
                        Laura Frye Elliot Scholarship                     Burton M. and Shirley Scholnick Harris ’61,
                        Nancy Kitfield Ellison Scholarship                  ’80SW Undergraduate Scholarship
                        Josephine Riss Fang Scholarship                   Florence Margaret Harvey Scholarship
                        Dorothy Ferebee ’20 Scholarship                   Virginia Haviland Scholarship Fund for
                        Ernest A. and Dorothy McLennan Ferdinand ’23        Children’s Literature
                        Scholarship                                       Jane Hawes ’85LS Scholarship for the Graduate
                        Isabel D. Fernald Scholarship                        School of Library and Information Science
                        Frank M. Ferrin Scholarship                       Barbara L. Hayes ’57 Nursing Scholarship
                        Allan R. Finlay Scholarship                       Lawrence Hayes Scholarship
                        Prudence Adams Finn ’66 Scholarship Fund          Eleanor Hayward Memorial Scholarship
                        Jane E. Fisher ’57LS Scholarship                  William Randolph Hearst Scholarship
                        Frances Harpel Freedman ’29 Award                 The Heather Christine Hekman ’98 Award
                        Patricia M. Juan R. Freudenthal Scholarship       Mary Heneghan ’50 Scholarship
                        Eileen Friars ’72 Scholarship                     Maria Howard Hilliard Scholarship
                        Thomas J. Galvin ’56LS Scholarship                Hope A. and David M. Hirsch Family
                        Mary Garland Continuing Education Scholarship       Scholarship
                        Edward and Janet Hyde Gildea ’45 Scholarship      Frances Tufts Hoar ’19 Scholarship

                  240                             s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g
Lavern Averill Hodgkinson Scholarship            Elaine Lindy ’85 SM Scholarship
Eleanor Hoey ’44 Scholarship                     Ruby Winslow Linn Award
Laura Rodman Hoffman Scholarship                 Ruby W. Linn Scholarship
Marjorie Holley ’43 Scholarship                  Stephen London Community Service
Cynthia E. and Clara H. Hollis Scholarship         Scholarship
Elizabeth Balch Holmes Scholarship Fund          Miriam Gosian Madfis ‘40 Award
Joanne and William Holmes Scholarship            Judy Samdperil Mann ’83 Scholarship
Home Economics Scholarship                       Marjorie Johnson Margolis ’49 Memorial
Elizabeth Cassell (Dill) Horvath ’39, ’41SW        Scholarship
  Scholarship                                    Kenneth Lamartine Mark Scholarship
Hoyt Scholarship                                 Ann Wilkie Marotto ’60 Scholarship
Theodora Kimball Hubbard Scholarship             Shirley Leupold Martin ’50 and Randall R. Martin
George and Maria Jelatis Scholarship             NU ’48 Department of Nursing

                                                                                                          enodwed scholarships
Homer Jenks Award                                  Scholarship
Sarah Orne Jewett Scholarship                    Ellen F. and Ida M. Mason Scholarship
Ann DeBerry Johnson Endowed Scholarship          Mary Dickey Masterton Scholarship
Ethel M. Johnson Scholarship                     James Matarazzo ’65LS Scholarship
Eloise M. Jordan Scholarship                     Emily Pulling McDaniel ’51SW Scholarship
Ida Kaplan Scholarship                           Susan Spencer Merolla ’74 Scholarship
David and Leona Feldberg Karp ’40 Scholarship    Merrimack Valley Simmons Club Scholarship
Karp Centennial Scholarship                      Stella B. Merwin Scholarship
Jacqueline and Marshall Kates Scholarship        Teresa (Terri) Winter Messer ’68 Scholarship
Katherine S. Kaufmann ’69SW Scholarship for         Fund
   Urban Leadership                              Joseph S. and Sonia B. Michelson ’85SW SSW
Mary Morton Kehew Scholarship                      Scholarship
Pearl Mason Keller Scholarship                   Microcosm Scholarship
Amelia M. and Minnie E. Kelley Scholarship       Ethel P. Miller ’34 and Diane Miller Knopf ’74
Laura H. Kelley Scholarship                        Scholarship
Minnie E. Kelley Scholarship                     Emily Burns Mitchell Scholarship
Luella Sampson Kellogg ’27 Scholarship           Kathryn Wilson Moore ’41 Scholarship
Kathryn E. Kent Scholarship                      Evangeline Hall Morris Scholarship
Mary Kinney Scholarship                          Frances Rollins Morse Memorial Scholarship
Fruema Nannis Klorfein Scholarship               Frances Rollins Morse Scholarship
Anna A. Kloss Scholarship                        J. Gwendolen Morse Scholarship
Lane Scholarship in Memory of Dean Eleanor       Zdenka Munzer Scholarship
   Clifton                                       Dorothy Bonn Neal ’21 Scholarship
John P. Laucus Scholarship                       Nellie James Neill Scholarship
Joyce DeSilvia Laudise ’57 Endowed Scholarship   Sally Bodwell Nelson Scholarship
Sammy J. Lee Scholarship in Memory of Francis    New Haven Simmons Club Scholarship
  Carter Lee ’50                                 Christine Ann Noonan ‘69 Scholarship
Jane V. Koulouris Leigh ’55 Scholarship          Jane P. Noonan ’49 Scholarship
Angelina Lentini Scholarship                     William H. Norris and Katherine G. Norris ’61
Ruth Leonard Scholarship                           Scholarship
Ruth and Murry Lerner Scholarship                North Shore Simmons Club Scholarship
Winifred Tank Lew ’58 Scholarship                Helen R. Norton Scholarship
Bernice Linde ’39 Scholarship                    James and Ella Norton Scholarship

2011–2012                                                                                           241
                         Charlotte Mintz Novick ’29 and Shepard S.          Nora Saltonstall Scholarship
                          Novick Scholarship                                Mrs. Winthrop Sargent Scholarship
                         Marie Arsenault Nowak ’62 Endowed                  Cornelia Noyes Savage and Edward P. Savage
                           Scholarship                                        Scholarship
                         Rebecca Cohen Ober Scholarship                     The Neel Saxena Memorial Scholarship
                         E. Marilyn Oberle ’49 Scholarship Fund             Dolores M. Sayles ’29LS Endowed Scholarship
                         Kristin Olson Trust and Mark Lieberman             Dolores Sayles Scholarship
                          Scholarship                                       Elsa Ruth Olson Schlotterbeck ’38 Scholarship
                         Anna R. Pandiscio Scholarship                        Fund
                         Denise Doherty Pappas ’71 Scholarship              Scholarship for Continuing Education
                         Ynhui Park Scholarship                             School of Health Sciences Scholarship
                         Emerette O. Patch Scholarhip                       School of Social Work Class of 1974 Urban
                         Florence Stinchfield Patch Scholarship               Leadership Scholarship
enodwed scholarships

                         Josephine Perry Peine ’14 Scholarship              Mary and Nevin Scrimshaw Fund for Travel
                         Libby K. Penn ’38 Scholarship                      Elinor A. Seevak Scholarship
                         Clara Parker Permuth ’25 Scholarship               Roberta Goldberg Segal '59 and Paul L. Segal
                         John C. and Harriet Phillips Scholarship              Endowed Award
                         Emily Pitkin Scholarship                           Sewall Scholarship
                         George Arlon Polsey Memorial Scholarship           Jane Bergwall Shattuck ’48 Scholarship for Study
                         Caroline Hurd Pooler ’53 Scholarship for Dix         Abroad
                          Scholars                                          Mary Lagace Shaughnessy ’54 Award in Physical
                         Portland Simmons Club Scholarship                    Therapy
                         Emily Scott Pottruck Endowed Scholarship           Sheldon Family Scholarship
                         Pottruck Family Foundation Scholarship             Barbara Safier Shoag ’60 and Leon Shoag
                         Alice Resch Powers Scholarship                        Endowed Scholarship
                         Lucia Luce Quinn ’75 Scholarship                   Rachel Josefowitz Siegel ’44 Scholarship
                         Rebecca B. Rankin ’16 Scholarship                  Edna M. Silverman Scholarship
                         Elizabeth B. Rawlins ’67GS Scholarship             Simmons Club of Boston Scholarship
                         Carol Rennie Scholarship                           Simmons College Alumnae Scholarship
                         Faith M. Richardson ’84 Scholarship                Simmons College Legacy Scholarship for
                         Christine Ricker Scholarship Fund for                Commuter Students
                          Institutional Studies                             Martin I. Slate Scholarship
                         Annis M. Rideout Scholarship                       Caroline T. Slater Scholarship
                         Agnes Spencer Roach Scholarship                    Sloane Family Scholarship
                         Florence R. Robertson Scholarship                  Beverly Ryd Small ’57LS Scholarship
                         Rochester Simmons Club Scholarship                 Smalley Foundation Scholarship Award
                         Rayna Rosenweig Rodvien ’67 Scholarship            Albert Henry Smith Scholarship
                         Pauline Rogers Scholarship                         Allen Smith Scholarship for GSLIS
                         Dr. Barbara J. Rosen Scholarship                   Catherine W. Smith Scholarship
                         Harriet L. Rourke ’29 Scholarship                  Miriam M. Smith ’12 Scholarship
                         Phyllis Dawson Rowe Memorial Scholarship           F. Mary Sneed Loan Forgiveness Grant
                         Sachs Family School of Social Work Scholarship     Janet L. Snover ’75 Scholarship
                         Sue Sadow Scholarship                              Maida Herman Solomon Scholarship
                         Ruth Leavitt Saklad ’30 and Joseph Saklad          SOM Alumnae Association Scholarship
                          Scholarship                                       SOM Scholarship
                         Peter E. Salgo ’01 SW Award Fund                   Southwest Florida Alumnae/i Scholarship

                   242                              s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g
Ann DeForest Baker Spaulding '48 Merit Fund      Sue Williamson '78SM Scholarship Fund
 Memorial Endowment                              WINGS Endowed Scholarship
Dorothy Spaulding Scholarship                    Sylvia Wolfe Girl’s Scholarship
Edna G. Spitz Scholarship                        Lillian Ginsburg Wolk '28 and Louis Wolk
Susan K. Stasiowski Scholarship                    Scholarship
Katharine Lent Stevenson Scholarship             Women’s Scholarship Association
May Bosworth Stocking Scholarship                Ethel Arnold Wood Scholarship
Student Aid Scholarship Fund                     Helen Wood Scholarship
Edna M. Sutter Memorial Scholarship              Carol Schlafman Woolf '61, '83SM and Stanley
Clare L. Sweeney Scholarship                       Woolf Scholarship
Charlotte E. Taskier '42, '73GS Scholarship      Worcester Simmons Club Scholarship
K. D. Thompson Social Work Scholarship           Elizabeth S. Wright '45LS Scholarship
Tobin Family Scholarship for Study Abroad        Janice B. Wyatt '69 Scholarship

                                                                                                         enodwed scholarships
Libby Friedman Topol Scholarship                 Armenia E. Young Scholarship
John V. and Pauline Toulopoulos Scholarship
Marion Treuthardt Scholarship                    CURRENT USE SCHOLARSHIPS
Annie Studley Tripp Scholarship                  Judith I. Abrams Scholarship
Trustee Scholarship                              Virginia Hosmer Allshouse '43 Scholarship
Anna Gogos Tseklenis '53 Scholarship             Alice Ayling Scholarship
Ruth Tyler Scholarship                           Karl and Adelaide Becker Memorial Scholarship
Beverly Kerness Unger '44 Scholarship            Bird Scholarship
US Steel Scholarship                             Margery Friberg Blume ’69 Current Use
Martha Gorovitz Waldstein Scholarship              Scholarship
Patricia Ann Wallace '78 Scholarship             Boston Book Builders Scholarship
Emily Ann Parker Walton Scholarship              Boston Simmons Club Scholarship
Joan Melber Warburg '45, '97HD Scholarship       Cape Cod Simmons Club Scholarship
May Alden Ward Memorial Scholarship              Conley Family Current Use Scholarship
Edith B. Warren and Alice T. Smith Scholarship   Dolores Amidon D’Angelo '69, '72GS Honor
Joy Disbro Warren '68 Scholarship                 Scholars Fund
Mary Louise Washburne '15 Scholarship            Stephen Deane Award for an Outstanding
Weinstock-Coln Behaviorial Education               Psychology Major
  Scholarship                                    Dickson Scholarship Fund
Sandra Yaffie Weinstein '60 Endowed              Dix Scholars Admissions Fund
  Scholarship in Memory of Professor John A.     Dorothea Dix Scholarship
   Timm                                          Harriett Elam-Thomas Study Abroad Fund
Katherine Wellman Scholarship                    Florida Gold Coast Simmons Club Scholarship
Lucille Wert Scholarship                         Fuller Foundation
Ruth E. Hills Wheeler Scholarship                Garland Scholarship
Eva Whiting White Scholarship                    Carol A. Gates Nursing Scholarship in Memroy
Hattie Melancon White Scholarship                  of Ruth Ann Watters ’47
Helen H. White Scholarship                       Granite State Simmons Club Scholarship
Amasa J. Whiting Scholarship                     Half Century Research Scholars Fund
Roland and Olive Whittaker Scholarship           John Laucus Library Science Scholarship Library
Shirley M. Wiesenfeld Scholarship                  Science Alumni Scholarship
Esther M. Wilkins '38 Scholarship                Agnes Lindsay Scholarship
Ida Wilkoff '26 Scholarship                      Middlesex Simmons Club Scholarship

2010–2011                                                                                          243
                        Northern New Jersey Simmons Club                   H. Charles GSLIS Visiting Lecturer
                        Susan Ollila '66 Scholarship                       Haigouhy Zovickian Choulian ‘26HS Endowed
                        Palo Alto Simmons Club Scholarship                  Book Fund
                        Peninsula Simmons Club Scholarship                 Class of 1906 Library Endowment
                        President’s Global Initiatives Fund                Class of 1919 Student Loan Endowment
                        Linda Roemer Health Care Administration            Class of 1934 PRIDE II Faculty Development
                         Scholarship                                       Class of 1944 55th Reunion Library Book Fund
                        Scarf Scholarship                                  Class of 1957 Library Materials Fund
                        Schrafft Trust Scholarship                         Ruth D. Coates '39 Fund
                        School of Social Work Scholarship                  Anne Coghlan Student Research Fund
                        Simmons Faculty/Staff Scholarship                  Helen Collamore Endowment
                        Harry and Rebecca Simon Scholarship                Frederick G. Crane Memorial Endowment
                        South Shore Simmons Club Scholarship               Dorothy P. Dallison Fund
enodwed scholarships

                        Sundry Student Scholarship                         Muriel Potter DePopolo Endowed Book Fund
                        Carol Gates Nursing Scholarship in Memory of       Dorothea L. Dix Loan Endowment
                         Ruth Ann Watters '47                              Miriam Engleman Drake '58, '71LS Women in
                                                                            Leadership Archives Project
                        ENDOWED CHAIRS                                     Mary Dunbar Fund
                        Alumnae Endowed Chair                              Haim S. Eliachar Memorial Fund
                        Deloitte Ellen Gabriel Chair for Women and         George H. Ellis Endowment
                         Leadership                                        Vera E. Fellows Memorial Endowment
                        Roslyn Solomon Jaffe Chair in Marketing            Sarah E. Field ‘44 Endowed Fund for
                         Strategy                                           Community Service
                        Hazel Dick Leonard Faculty Endowed Chair           Florence Flores Fund
                        Ruby Winslow Linn Endowed Chair in Nutrition       Frances Harpel Freedman '29 Endowed Award
                        Elizabeth J. McCandless Entrepreneurship Chair     Eileen Friars Leader in Residence Program
                        Mockler Chair in Principled Leadership             Valerie Guzman Galembert Fund for GSLIS
                        Social Work Faculty Endowed Chair                   International Initiatives
                        Joan M. and James P. Warburg Faculty               Garland General Endowment
                         Endowed Chair in International Relations          Robert M. Gay Memorial Lecture
                        Eva Whiting White Professorship in Social          General Capital and Reserves
                         Economics                                         General Endowment Fund
                                                                           Margaret Yates Gerwin '62 Fund for Investment
                        OTHER MAJOR ENDOWMENTS                              Education
                        Alumnae Endowed Fund                               Gildea Faculty and Staff Endowment
                        A. P. Antoniewicz GSLIS                            Gildea Fund for Special Education
                        Ruth Rosen Barrington SSW Library Fund             Graduate Program in Management Endowment
                        Helen Barthelmes GSLIS Book Fund                   Lillian Albert Goodman Endowment
                        Susan P. Bloom ‘60, '81GS Endowed Fund             Eugene Grace Endowment
                        Raymond E. Bosworth Lecture Series Fund            Charlotte Nichols Greene Endowment
                        Miriam Canfield Camp Bradley '26 Memorial          GSLIS Library Endowment Fund
                         Loan                                              GSLIS Technology Gift Fund
                        Deborah C. Brittain '74SW Alternative Break        Charles Harrington Endowment
                         Fund                                              Francis Harrington Endowment
                        Alice E. Buff Endowment                            Edward Hodgkins Endowment
                        Winford Newman Caldwell Endowment                  Emily Hollowell Library Research Fund

                  244                              s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g
Helen Y. Hough Library Endowment                    Acquisition Fund
Franklin K. Hoyt Endowed Book Fund                Florence C. Sargent Fund
The Influencers Fund                              Julia E. Schaupp Endowment
Henry Clay Jackson Endowment                      Science Center Endowment
Barbara Jaslow Schaefer '82 SW Endowed            Francis & Mildred Sears Fund
 Lecture Fund                                     William Thompson Sedgwick Memorial
Mrs. Anthony Jonklass Faculty Salary                Endowment
 Endowment                                        Annabell Porter Seelbach Memorial Endowment
Mrs. Anthony Jonklass Residence Halls             Send Me A Postcard: Nutrition Faculty Travel
 Endowment                                          Endowed Fund
Gloria Kaufman Memorial Endowment                 Louise Doherty Shortell Endowed Book Fund
Kimerling Endowed Book Award for Women in           SHS: Disease Protection Research
 the Sciences and Technology                      John Simmons Endowment

                                                                                                       enodwed scholarships
Bicknall Kirkham Endowment                        Toby M. Sloane Endowed Fund for Hillel
Carol S. Kline Visiting Faculty Lectureship in    Allen Smith Visiting Scholars Fund
  Children’s Literature                           Zilpha D. Smith Lectureship Endowment
Horatio Appleton Lamb Memorial Endowment          School of Social Work Endowment
Mrs. Marion Lansing Endowment                     Harold and Olive Sprague Endowment Fund
Barbara Lee Political Intern Fellowship Program   Evelyn Stillings Memorial Endowment
  President LeFavour Endowment                    Mary Nagle Sweetser Memorial Lecture Fund
Legacy Fund for Faculty Nurse Scholars            Wylie Sypher Award
School for Library Science Endowment              Excellence in Teaching Award
Lucius M. Littauer Endowment                      Donald W. Thomas Award
Gertrude Butler Marcy '22 Fund for Faculty        Frances Marion Dunning Triplett Memorial
  Ph.D. Candidates                                  Endowment
M. Louise Neill Endowment                         Pauline Wheble Tripp '38 Memorial Endowment
Nicholas Nelson Endowed Fund for the                for Nursing
  Sciences                                        Julia M. & Benjamin A. Trustman Art Gallery
Dorothy Clapp Norton Endowment                      Fund
Marion McGregor Noyes Memorial Endowment          Trustman Curatorial Fund
School of Nursing Endowment                       Trustman Fellowship Endowment Award
Lois O'Grady, M.D. '58 Student Research           Janet Viggiani Endowed Award
Endowed Fund                                      Martha Weiss SSW Book Fund
Edith Salisbury Olney Memorial Endowment          Jennie B. Wilkinson Fund
Lydia Beecher Osborne - 1921 Memorial             Mabel Rogers Wilson Memorial SSW Book Fund
  Endowment                                       Ruth A. Woodbury Memorial Fund Endowment
Bernice Tobias Ossen '32SW & Selma Tobias         Sarah L. and John H. Wright Endowed Student
  Putnam '35, '36SW Endowed Book Fund               Book Fund
William H. Pear Book Fund Endowment
Phinney Endowment
Phyllis Rappaport Alumna Achievement Award
Faith M. Richardson '84 Fund for Faculty
 Research and Development
Charles F. Rittenhouse Endowment
Gladys M. Rosenthal Fund for Hillel
Frances Cook Saltz '29 Endowed Library

2011–2012                                                                                        245
                                                                                   Dr. Bereket Habte Selassie
                            Honorary Degrees                                       Doctor of Laws
                                                                                   Mitsuye Yamada
                                                                                   Doctor of Humane Letters
                              Millicent Gorham ‘76                                 Dr. Rosa Elena Bello
                              Doctor of Nursing                                    Doctor of Health Services

                              Rebecca Haag                                         Greg Mortenson
                              Doctor of Human Services                             Doctor of Letters
Honorary Degrees awarded


                                                                                                                                      other major endowments
                              Dr. Carol Johnson                                    Charlayne Hunter-Gault
                              Doctor of Education                                  Doctor of Journalism

                              Chief Justice Margaret Marshall                      Craig Cameron Mello, PhD
                              Doctor of Laws                                       Doctor of Science

                              Lois Silverman
                              Doctor of Management                                 Bianca Jagger
                                                                                   Doctor of Human Rights
                              Representative Byron Rushing
                              Doctor of Public Service                             Marilyn Nelson
                                                                                   Doctor of Letters
                              Elizabeth Alexander                                  Allyson Schwartz ‘70
                              Doctor of Humane Letters                             Doctor of Public Service

                              Roslyn Solomon Jaffe ‘50                             Margot Stern Strom
                              Doctor of Business Administration                    Doctor of Education
                              Marion Walter, ED.D.                              2007
                              Doctor of Science                                    Brigadier General Dana H. Born, PhD
                              Brewster Kahle                                       Doctor of Humane Administration
                              Doctor of Computer Science                           Dr. Josephine Morello Butz ‘57
                              Frances Moor Lappe                                   Doctor of Humane Sciences
                              Doctor of Nutrition Science
                                                                                   Dr. Nancy Yuk-Yu Ip ‘77
                              Beverly L. Malone                                    Doctor of Humane Sciences
                              Doctor of Nursing
                                                                                   John Prendergast
                            2009                                                   Doctor of Public Service
                              Erma B. Brooks
                              Doctor of Education                                  Dr. Sidney Verba
                                                                                   Doctor of Humane Library Science

                      246                              s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g
2006                               2003
 Mary Bartlett Bunge ‘53             Carmen Aponte Baez
 Doctor of Humane Science            Doctor of Communications
                                     Allan Rohan Crite
 Eve Ensler
                                     Doctor of Fine Arts
 Doctor of Communications
                                     David Macaulay
 Richard M. Freeland                 Doctor of Children’s Literature
 Doctor of Humane Administration     Elizabeth B. Rawlins
                                     Doctor of Education
 Cornelia Kelley
                                     Amy Tan
 Doctor of Letters

                                                                             Honorary Degrees awarded
                                     Doctor of Letters

 Vivian W. Pinn                    2002
 Doctor of Public Service            Jan Cellucci
                                     Doctor of Public Service
 Esta Soler ‘68
 Doctor of Humane Service            Sister Mary Dooley, SSND
                                     Doctor of Humane Service
  Daniel S. Cheever, Jr.             Jerome Groopman
  Doctor of Education and Humane     Doctor of Humane Science
  Administration                     Joyce Kulhawik
                                     Doctor of Communications
                                     Beverly Malone
  G. Rita Dudely-Grant ‘73
                                     Doctor of Humane Science
  Doctor of Humane Sciences
                                     Nina Totenburg
  Edna Hibel
                                     Doctor of Journalism
  Doctor of Fine Arts
                                     Roman Totenberg
  Cheryl Jacques                     Doctor of Fine Arts
  Doctor of Public Service
                                     Vivian Waixal
  Lisa Jean Mullins ‘80              Doctor of Journalism
  Doctor of Journalism
  Amartya Sen                      2001
  Doctor of Humane Service           Beryl Hardaker Bunker
                                     Doctor of Humane Service
2004                                 Myrlie Evers - Williams
  Sarah Molloy Crane                 Doctor of Public Service
  Doctor of Public Service           Anna Faith Jones
  Anne Garrels                       Doctor of Humane Letters
  Doctor of Journalism               Barbara F. Lee
  Ngina Lythcott                     Doctor of Public Service
  Doctor of Health Services          Barbara Washburn
  Nancy D’Alessandro Pelosi          Doctor of Science
  Doctor of Public Service           Bradford Washburn
  Lewis H. Spence                    Doctor of Science
  Doctor of Humane Letters

2011–2012                                                              247
                            2000                                                      Loretta C. Ford
                              Olivia Cohen-Cutler                                     Doctor of Humane Science
                              Doctor of Business Administration                      Gail Snowden
                               Ida F. Davidoff                                       Doctor of Public Service
                               Doctor of Human Service                                Joan Melber Warburg
                              The Honorable Harriet L. Elam-Thomas                    Doctor of Humane Letters
                              Doctor of Public Service
                              Rehema Ellis
                                                                                      Sophie Freud
                              Doctor of Journalism
                                                                                      Doctor of Social Service
                              Jane Curtin Halko
                                                                                      Lawrence L. Langer
Honorary Degrees awarded

                              Doctor of Humane Administration
                                                                                      Doctor of Humane Letters
                              Anita F. Hill
                                                                                      Gail Levin
                              Doctor of Laws
                                                                                      Doctor of Letters
                              Elinor Lipman
                                                                                      Liz Walker
                              Doctor of Letters
                                                                                      Doctor of Journalism
                              Evelyn G. Lipper
                              Doctor of Humane Service                            1995
                              The Honorable Thomas M. Menino                          Gwen Bell
                              Doctor of Public Service                                Doctor of Humane Science
                                                                                      William J. Holmes
                            1999                                                      Doctor of Humane Letters
                              Berthé M. Adams Gaines
                                                                                      Stacey Kabat
                              Doctor of Library Service
                                                                                      Doctor of Human Service
                              Charles K. Gifford
                                                                                      Evelyn Fox Keller
                              Doctor of Public Service
                                                                                      Doctor of Humane Science
                              Cathy E. Minehan
                                                                                      Florence C. Ladd
                              Doctor of Public Service
                                                                                      Doctor of Humane Letters
                              Linda K. Paresky
                              Doctor of Humane Letters                            1994
                                                                                      Hortensia de los Angeles Amaro
                            1998                                                      Doctor of Humane Letters
                              Anne Coghlan
                                                                                      Barbara B. Kennelly
                              Doctor of Science
                                                                                      Doctor of Public Service
                              Miriam A. Drake
                                                                                      Ruth S. Leonard
                              Doctor of Library Science
                                                                                      Doctor of Library Science
                              Alicia Craig Faxon
                                                                                      Sheila Widnall
                              Doctor of Humane Letters
                                                                                      Doctor of Public Service
                              Ann M. Fudge
                              Doctor of Management                                1993
                                                                                      Diane M. Capstaff
                            1997                                                      Doctor of Human Service
                              Denise Di Novi
                                                                                      Gwen Ifill
                              Doctor of Public Arts
                                                                                      Doctor of Journalism
                              Sylvia A. Earle
                                                                                      Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
                              Doctor of Humane Science
                                                                                      Doctor of Literature

                      248                                 s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g
  Faye Wattleton                              Ruth M. Batson
  Doctor of Public Service                    Doctor of Human Service
                                              Mildred Custin
1992                                          Doctor of Business Management
  Peggy Charren
                                              Doris Kearns Goodwin
  Doctor of Human Service
                                              Doctor of Letters
  Franklin K. Hoyt
                                              Priscilla L. McKee
  Doctor of Humane Letters
                                              Doctor of Humane Administration
  Susan Love, MD
  Doctor of Humane Service                  1987
  Lynn Martin                                 Maya Angelou

                                                                                      Honorary Degrees awarded
  Doctor of Public Service                    Doctor of Letters
                                              Jack H. Backman
1991                                          Doctor of Public Service
  Marian Wright Edelman
                                              Larry Kessler
  Doctor of Human Service
                                              Doctor of Human Service
  Allan R. Finlay
  Doctor of Humane Letters                  1986
  Mary Abbott Hess                            Yen-Tsai Feng
  Doctor of Humane Letters                    Doctor of Library Science
  Klaus Gerhard Saur
  Doctor of Humane Letters                    Ellen Goodman
                                              Doctor of Letters
1990                                          Kip Tiernan
  Cathleen Black                              Doctor of Human Service
  Doctor of Humane Letters
  Joyce C. Clifford                         1985
  Doctor of Humane Science                    Ethel L. Heins
  Robert M. Coard                             Doctor of Children’s Literature
  Doctor of Public Service                    Paul Heins
                                              Doctor of Children’s Literature
1989                                          Ruby Winslow Linn
  Ana Maria Magaloni de Bustamente            Doctor of Humane Letters
  Doctor of Humane Letters
                                              Robert E. White
  Her Royal Highness, The Princess Mother     Doctor of Public Service
        of Thailand
  Doctor of Humane Science                  1984
  Elizabeth Janeway                           Patricia Neal
  Doctor of Literature                        Doctor of Public Arts
  Patricia Scott Schroeder                    Muriel Sutherland Snowden
  Doctor of Laws                              Doctor of Human Service
                                              Otto Phillip Snowden
                                              Doctor of Human Service
  David Anderson
  Doctor of Public Service

2011–2012                                                                       249
                             1983                                                     Elda Robb
                               David McCord                                            Doctor of Public Service
                               Doctor of Children’s Literature                         Louise S. Scott
                               Evelyn Murphy                                           Doctor of Letters
                               Doctor of Public Service                                Kenneth Shaffer
                                                                                       Doctor of Library Science
                             1982                                                      Dorothy Williams
                               Doriot Anthony Dwyer                                    Doctor of Journalism
                               Doctor of Music
                               W. Arthur Garrity, Jr.                              1977
                               Doctor of Humane Letters                                Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm
Honorary Degrees awarded

                                                                                       Doctor of Humane Letters
                               H. E. Sir Shridath Ramphal
                               Doctor of Humane Letters                                Henry Beetle Hough
                                                                                       Doctor of Letters
                               Margaret E. Readdy, MD
                               Doctor of Humane Science                                Alice Rossi
                                                                                       Doctor of Laws
                               Jan Fontein                                         1976
                               Doctor of Fine Arts                                     Harriett Moulton Bartlett
                                                                                       Doctor of Social Service
                               Elizabeth Holtzman
                               Doctor of Laws                                          Rhetaugh Graves Dumas
                                                                                       Doctor of Public Service
                             1980                                                      William Edgar Park
                               Margaret E. Kuhn                                        Doctor of Laws
                               Doctor of Humane Letters                                Elie Wiesel
                               Robert F. Rutherford                                    Doctor of Letters
                               Doctor of Social Service
                               Roy Wilkins                                         1975
                               Doctor of Humane Letters                                Sarah Caldwell
                                                                                       Doctor of Fine Arts
                             1979                                                      Arthur R. Taylor
                               Gregory R. Anrig                                        Doctor of Humane Letters
                               Doctor of Public Service
                               F. Adetowun Ogunsheye                               1973
                               Doctor of Library Science                               Eugene Adam Acheson
                                                                                       Bachelor of Applied Arts
                               Julia M. Walsh
                               Doctor of Business Administration                       Gloria Steinem
                                                                                       Doctor of Human Justice
                             1978                                                      Wylie Sypher
                               Bancroft Beatley                                        Doctor of Humane Letters
                               Doctor of Humane Letters
                               Ethel Bere                                          1972
                               Doctor of Business Administration                       Edith Fishtine Helman
                                                                                       Doctor of Letters
                               Rosamond Lamb
                               Doctor of Fine Arts                                     Coretta Scott King
                                                                                       Doctor of Humane Letters

                       250                                 s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g
  Melnea A. Cass
  Doctor of Humanities
  J. Garton Needham
  Doctor of Humane Letters

                                   Honorary Degrees awarded

2011–2012                    251
                                                                   Alumnae scholarships, 30, 32 (see also merit
          index                                                        scholarships)
                                                                   Americans with Disabilities Act, 26-27
          Academic advising, 7 (see also Advising )                ANAC, see Association of New American Colleges
          Academic difficulty, 23 (see also Academic Support       AP, see advanced placement credit
                                                                   Application procedure
          Academic honors and recognition programs, 23-24
                                                                            Dix Scholars, 34-36
          Academy, 23
                                                                            first-year students, 28-31
          Accelerated masters degrees, 10-11
                                                                            international students, 33-34
          Accreditation, 173, 179, 182, 191
                                                                            transfer students, 31-33
          Administration, 27-28
                                                                   Applied music, 55
          Administrative board, 23
                                                                   Archives and history program, 134
                                                                   Art, 47-55
                    Dix Scholars, 34-36
                                                                   Art history courses, 50-52
                    early action, 29
                                                                   Art studio courses, 48-50
                    first-year students, 28-31
                                                                   Arts administration, 53-55
                    international students, 33-34
                                                                   Attendance and punctuality, 24-25, 27
                    transfer students, 31-33
                                                                   Audit, 22
          Adult students, see Dix Scholars
                                                                   Awards and prizes, 235– 238
          Advanced placement (AP) credit
                                                                   Billing, 41
              language requirement,14- 15
                                                                   Biochemistry, 60, 75-76
              first-year students, 30
                                                                   Biology, 58-73
              mathematics requirement, 14
                                                                   Board of trustees, 27
              modes of inquiry requirement, 16

                                                                   CAGS, see certificate programs
              transfer students, 32
                                                                   Campus Security Act, 27
          Advising (see also individual department listings)
                                                                   CAS, see College of Arts and Sciences
                    academic, 7
                                                                   Certificate programs
                    Dix Scholars, 34
                                                                       chemical health and safety, 80
                    health professions and pre-med, 9-10
                                                                       sports nutrition, 184
                    independent learning, 21
                                                                   Chemical health and safety, 80
                    pre-law, 9
                                                                   Chemistry, 74-83
          Africana studies, 43-46
                                                                   Chemistry-management, 77-78
          Africana women’s studies, 43-46(see also Africana
                                                                   Chemistry/pharmacy dual-degree program, 78-79
                                                                   Children’s literature, 10
          All-College awards, 235-236
                                                                   Chinese, 166-167
          All-College requirements
                                                                   Civil Rights Act, 26
                    financial literacy, 15
                                                                   Class preparation, 24
                    first-year experience and writing, 13, 131
                                                                   College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
                    independent learning, 21
                                                                            faculty, 223-228
                    information technology and literacy, 15
                                                                   College principles and policies, 24-28
                    language requirement, 14-15
                                                                   Committee on Admission, 28
                    mathematics competency requirement,
                    14                                             Communications, 83-92
                    modes of inquiry (includes list of courses),   Competency in basic mathematics, see mathematics
                    16-21                                                   competency requirement
                    multidisciplinary core course (MCC),13, 131    Computer science and informatics,
                                                                   Corporation of Simmons College, 27
                                                                   Course numbering, 12
                                                                   Course prefix, 12
                                                                   Course repeat policy, 23
                                                                   Credit for prior learning, 12, 34, 144

    252                                   s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g
Credits, see semester hours                          Education, 107-122
Culture matters, see multidisciplinary core course   Educational amendments, 26
Curriculum (see also all-College requirements)       Educational Privacy Act, 25
         departments and programs, 43-222            Elementary teacher programs, 110
         independent learning, 7, 20-21              Emeriti faculty, 232-235
         mission/objectives, 7, 13                   Employment, 37
         semester hours, 13                          Endowments
Deans, 28                                                    chairs, 244
         CAS, 15, 24                                         other major endowments, 244-245
Dean’s list, 23                                              scholarships, 239-243
Degree requirements, 12-21 (see also all-College     English, 122-130
   requirements)                                     English as a second language (ESL)
Departmental/program awards, 236-238                         language requirement, 14-15
Departmental honors, 23 (see also department list-           teacher preparation program, 110, 114
   ings)                                             Environmental science, 60-62, 76-77
Design track, communications, 86                     Equal employment opportunity, 25
Dietetics                                            Exercise Science, 62-63, 67-68, 183, 191
         internship program, 179-180                 Expenses, 38
         post-baccalaureate internship program,      ESL, see English as a second language
         181-182                                     Faculty
Diploma programs,                                            directory, 223-231
         communications, 88                                  emeriti, 232-235
         management, 153                             Family loans, 36-37

Directed study, (see also individual department      Fees, 38-39
   listings )                                        Fieldwork/practicum, 21 (see also independent
Directory, faculty and staff, 223-231                   learning; individual department listings)
Disabled students, 14, 26-27                         Finance, see managerial finance
Disabilities coordinator, 27                         Financial aid, (see also scholarships)
Disabilty services, 27                                       application process, 38
Distribution requirement, see modes of inquiry       Financial information, 36-41(see also Financial aid)
Dix Scholars                                         Financial literacy requirement, 15
         admission, 34-36                            Financial mathematics, 104, 160
         credit for prior learning, 12, 34, 144      First Year Experience, 13-14, 131
         financial aid, 35                           First-Year Writing, 13-14, 131
         housing, 35                                 Five-year programs, see accelerated masters
         multidisciplinary core course (MCC),           degrees
            13-14, 131                               Food science, 180-181
         scholarships, 35                            Food service management, 181-182
         transfer credit, 34-35                      Foreign language program, see modern languages
Diversity, 25-26                                        and literatures
Dorothea Lynde Dix Scholars, see Dix Scholars        Foreign language requirement, see language
Dropping a course, 40                                   requirement
Dual-degree programs,                                Formal audit, 22
         archives and history, 134                   French, 164– 165, 167– 168
         chemistry/pharmacy, 78-79                   French teacher program, 113
Dunn Scholars, 109-110, 115                          Gender history, 133
Early action admission, 29                           General counsel, 28
Early childhood teacher programs, 110                Grade point average (GPA)
East Asian studies, 100-101                                  graduation requirement, 13
Economics, 102-107                                           grading system (marks), 22
Economics and mathematics, 104, 160                  Grading options, 22

2011–2012                                                                                                   253
          Graduate/undergraduate programs, see accelerated       Language requirement, 14-15
              masters degrees                                    Latin honors, 24
          Graduation requirements, see degree requirements       Leadership, 152-153
          Graduation statistics, 27                              Learning disabilities
          Granada Institute of International Studies (GRIIS),             academic support/accommodations, 26-27
              170                                                         teacher preparation programs for special
          Grants, 36                                                      education, see special education
          Graphic design, see design track, communications                language requirement waiver/alternative, 14-
          Grievance procedure                                             15
                    discrimination, 26                           Library and information science
          GRIIS, see Granada Institute of International                   five-year program, 11, 97
              Studies                                            Linguistics, 121
          Health fee, 39                                         Literature option, English, 123-124
          Health informatics, 96                                 Loans, 36-37
          Health professions (undergraduate preparation), 9-     Majors, 8 15-16 (see also individual department list-
              10                                                     ings) undergraduate majors,
          Health requirements, 39                                Management, 145-158
          High school teacher programs, 108-110, 113-116         Managerial finance, 147
          History, 132-139                                       Marketing, 148 (see also public relations)/
          Honor Code of Responsibility, 24                           marketing track, communications)
          Honor society, see Academy                             Massachusetts College of Art
          Honorary degrees, 246-251                                       design track, communications, 86
          Honors, 23-24                                          Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and
          Honors program, 31, 33, 35-36, 140-144                     Health Sciences

          Honors seminars, 141-144                                        chemistry/pharmacy program, 78-79
          Incomplete evaluations, 22                             Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority
          Independent learning, 7, 20-21                             (MEFA) Loan, 37
          Independent study, 20-21 (see also independent         Masters of Health Administration, 10-11
              learning; individual department listings)          Mathematics, 159-163
          Informal audit, 22                                     Mathematics competency requirement, 14
          Informatics, 96                                        MCC, see multidisciplinary core course
          Information technology, 95-96                          Medical insurance, 39
          Information technology and literacy requirement,       Merit scholarships, 30, 32, 35
              15                                                 Middle school teacher programs, 110-111, 112-114
          Integrated media track, communications, 85-86          Minors, (see also individual department listings) 8-
          Integrated undergraduate/graduate programs, see            9, 16
              dual-degree and accelerated programs               Moderate disabilities teacher programs, 115-116
          Integrative seminar, 21 (see also independent learn-   Modern languages and literatures, 163-172
              ing; individual department listings)               Modes of inquiry (includes list of courses), 16-20
          Interdisciplinary seminars, 144                        Multidisciplinary core course (MCC), 13-14, 131
          International relations, 200-204                       Music, 55-58
          International students                                 Music, applied, 55
                    admission, 33-34                             Music history and literature, 55
                    language requirement, 14-15, 33              Need-based grants, 36-37
                    medical insurance, 39                        New England Conservatory of Music, 56
          Internship, 21 (see also independent learning; indi-   Nondiscrimination, 25-26
              vidual department listings)                        Nursing
          Italian, 168-169                                                five-year program (BS/MS), 175
          Japanese, 169                                                   general description, 173-177
          Kathleen Dunn Scholars, 109-110, 113                   Nutrition
          Language program, see modern languages and                      five-year program (BS/MS), 183-184

    254                                  s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g
         general description, 178-186               Repeating a course, see course repeat policy
Office of Student Financial Services, 36-41         Requirements, see all-College requirements and
Office of the Dean (CAS), 15, 24, 30                   degree requirements
Office of the Registrar, 13, 27, 41                 Residence fees and deposits, 38-410
OPEN program, see Option for Personalized           Retail management, 148
   Educational Needs program                        Retention, 27
Option for Personalized Educational Needs           Ryerson University, 182
   (OPEN) program, 15                               Scholarships, 36
Parental and family loans, 37                       Scientific computation, 96
Pass/fail, 22                                       Second baccalaureate degree, 32 34-35
Payment policies, see tuition                       Semester hours, 13
Pell grant, 36                                      Severe disabilities teacher program, 116
Philosophy, 186-189                                 Sexual harassment, 26-27
Photography, 48                                     Simmons
Physical therapy, 190-191                                    accreditation, 173, 179, 182, 191
Physics, 192-194                                             administration, 27-28
Physics of materials, 192-193                                equal employment opportunity, 25
Placement                                                    faculty and staff, 223-231
         language placement, 14                              general information, 6-7
         mathematics competency exam, 14                     history, 6 (see also College archives)
PLUS loan, 37                                                John Simmons, 6
Political science, 195-200                                   legacy, 6
Practicum, 109-116, 121-122 (see also independent            mission, 6

   learning; individual department listings)                 nondiscrimination, 25-26
Pre-law, 9                                                   principles and policies, 24-27
Pre-med, see health professions                     Simmons Chorale, 56
President, 28                                       Simmons loan, 36-37
Presidential Excellence Award, 30 (see also merit   Social justice, 221
   scholarships)                                    Social studies/education, joint major, 112-113, 133
Prince Program in Retail Management, 148            Sociology, 210-217
Privacy, 25                                         Spanish, 165-166, 170-172
Program planning, 8                                 Spanish teacher program, 113-114
Provost, 28                                         Special education, 114-116
Psychobiology, 63-65, 206-207                       Sports nutrition, 184
Psychology, 204-210                                 Stafford loan, 37
Public health, 65-66, 68-69, 183-184, 212-214       State scholarships/grants, 36
Public history, 134                                 Statistics, 160
Public policy studies, 196                          Student accounts, 38-41
Public relations/marketing track, communications,   Student activity fee, 38
   86-87                                            Student awards and prizes, 235-238
Public safety, see Office of Public Safety          Student employment, 37
Refund policies, 40-41                              Student financial services, see Office of Student
Registered nurses program, 174-175                     Financial Services
Registrar, see Office of the Registrar              Student loans, 36-37
Registration                                        Student principles and policies, 24-26
         deadlines, 40-41                           Studio art courses, 48-50
         dropping a course, 40-41                   Study abroad, 11-12, 166
         new students, 40-41                        Summer school credit, 13
         returning students, 41                     Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
Rehabilitation Act, 26                                 (SEOG), 36
Religious observance, 27                            Sustainability, 79

2011–2012                                                                                                 255
          Thesis, 21 (see also independent learning)
          Transfer students
                  admission, 31-32
                  financial aid, 38
                  multidisciplinary core course (MCC), 14,
                  semester hours at Simmons, 31
                  billing, 41
                  deposits, 39-40
                  expenses, 39
                  payment plans, 37
                  payment policies, 39
                  refund policies, 40-41
          Undergraduate/graduate programs, see accelerated
             masters degrees
          User’s guide to course descriptions, 42
          Vice presidents, 28
          Wentworth Institute of Technology
                  chemical health and safety, 80
          Women’s and gender studies, 218-222
          Work study,37

          Writing option, English, 123
          Writing track, communications, 86

    256                               s i m m o n s c o l l e g e u n D e r g r a D u at e c o u r s e c ata l o g

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