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                A, An,
  Call Num.      The                          TITLE                         Author Last       Author First                           Subject

920 ABD                  Black Profiles in Courage                        Abdul-Jabbar      Kareem           Lives of heroic African Americans
921 ElV                  Elvis My Dad                                     Adler             David            The unauthorized biography of Lisa Marie Presley
921 ADA                  Abigail Adams: An American Woman                 Akers             Charles W.       Abigail Adams
                                                                                                             Detroit newspaper columnist and radio broadcaster,
921 SCH                  Tuesdays with Morrie                             Albom             Mitch            Albom, writes about visits with his dying friend
                                                                                                             Karl Marx, German philosopher, economist, and
921 MAR                  Karl Marx, the Father of Modern Socialism        Alexander         Albert           revolutionary
921 ALL                  Don't Stand Too Close to a Naked Man             Allen             Tim              Comedian/Actor Tim Allen
                         My Invented Country: A Nostalgic Journey                                            Allende, a noted author writes about her past and present
921 ALL                  Through Chile                                    Allende           Isabel           life and her native land, Chile.
                                                                                                             Isabel Allende writes about her dying daughter as waits
921 ALL                  Paula                                            Allende           Isabel           by her daughter's bedside.
                                                                                                             The life and career of singer Bruce Springsteen
                         It Ain't No Sin to be Glad You're Alive: the                                        focusing on how his music came to symbolize the
921 SPR                  Promise of Bruce Springsteen                     Alterman          Eric             attitudes of a generation
                                                                                                             One mans chronicle of his incredible 159 day escape
                                                                                                             from the infamous Bataan Death march and harrowing
                      War Journal of Major Damon "Rocky"                                                     voyage across the enemy-held Pacific in a leaky, wooden
921 GAU           The Gause                                               Ambrose           Stephen E.       boat during WWII.
                                                                                                             Saddam Hussein, one of the most feared and
921 HUS                  Saddam Hussein                                   Anderson          Dale             controversial Middle Eastern leaders
                                                                                            Mary Raymond     Short, moving tale of Abraham Lincoln and the
921 LIN           The Perfect Tribute                                     Andrews           Shipman          Gettysburg Address

921 ANG                  All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes          Angelou           Maya             Part 5 of author and poet Maya Angelou's autobiography

921 ANG           The Heart of a Woman                                    Angelou           Maya             Part 4of author and poet Maya Angelou's autobiography

921 ANG                  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings                  Angelou           Maya             Part 1of author and poet Maya Angelou's autobiography
921 ANG                  Singin' and Swingin' and Gettin Merry            Angelou           Maya             Part 3 of author and poet Maya Angelou's autobiography
                                                                                                             Memoir in the form of short essays. Angelou writes
                                                                                                             about spirituality, people who have been important in her
921 ANG                  Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey             Angelou           Maya             life, womanhood, travel and other topics.
FIC ANO                  Almost Lost                                      Anonymous                          Becoming a gang member

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                A, An,
  Call Num.      The                          TITLE                       Author Last       Author First                              Subject
FIC ANO                  Annie's Baby                                   Anonymous                          Teen pregnancy
FIC ANO                  Go Ask Alice                                   Anonymous                          Teen drug use
FIC ANO                  It Happened to Nancy                           Anonymous                          Teen dealing with HIV
FIC ANO                  Jay's Journal                                  Anonymous                          Teen life/suicide
FIC ANO                  Kim: Empty Inside                              Anonymous                          Teen anorexia
FIC ANO                  Treacherous Love                               Anonymous                          Teen has affair with teacher
                                                                                                           Afghan American's thoughts about how he felt
921 ANS                  West of Kabul, East of New York                Ansary            Tamim            discriminated after 9/11

921 TSE                  Mao Tse-Tung                                   Archer            Jules            Mao Tse-Tung, Chinese Communist leader and theorist
                         It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to
921 ARM                  Life                                           Armstrong         Lance            Bike racer Lance Armstrong
                                                                                                           Hungarian girl hiding from Nazis, then fleeing Russia
921 ARN (MS)             I Am Fifteen and I Don't Want to Die           Arnothy           Christine        during WWII
921 ASG                  Of Beetles & Angels                            Asgedom           Mawi             East African refugee to U.S.
921 ASH                  Days of Grace                                  Ashe              Arthur           Tennis star Arthur Ashe
921 KEN           The Torch is Passed                                   Associated        Press            The death of President Kennedy
921 WAT               Parallel Journeys                                 Ayer              Eleanor          Life of Helen Waterford and Alfons Heck during WWII
305.8 BAL             Notes of a Native Son                             Baldwin           James            Author and racism
                                                                                                           Charles Barkley, who was named one of the fifty greatest
921 BAR                  I May Be Wrong but I Doubt It                  Barkley           Charles          NBA players of all time.
                                                                                                           This book profiles the life of Joseph Stalin, who was a
                                                                                                           tyrannical director of the Soviet Union from 1924 until
921 STA                  Joseph Stalin                                  Barter            James            1953 whose rule was characterized by fear.
                                                                                                           A skater girl who fell in love with the sport of
921 BAS                  Pretty Good for a Girl                         Basich            Tina             snowboarding
921 MAR                  Bob Marley                                     Bennett           Scotty           Jamaican singer who popularized reggae
921 NAM                  Joe Namath, Maverick Quarterback               Berger            Phil             Football star Joe Namath

921 BER                  She Said Yes                                   Bernall           Misty            Daughter Cassie Bernall killed at Columbine High School
921 BIT                  My Bridges of Hope                             Bitton-Jackson    Livia            Concentration camp survivor
921 NAP                  Napoleon                                       Bowle             John             Biography of Napoleon

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                A, An,
  Call Num.      The                             TITLE                      Author Last       Author First                              Subject
921 BRA                  All Over But the Shoutin'                        Bragg             Rick              Growing up in poverty
                                                                                                              An unauthorized look at one of the most misunderstood
921 SAM                  Sampras: A Legend in the Works                   Branham           H.A.              tennis giants of all time.
921 BRI                  Through My Eyes                                  Bridges           Ruby              Author's view of living during the civil rights movement
                         Queen Eleanor, Independent Spirit of the
921 ELE (MS)             Medieval World                                   Brooks            Polly Schoyer     Controversial Queen Eleanor

921 CAS                  Fidel Castro                                     Brown             Warren            Cuban socialist leader Fidel Castro
                                                                                                              This is a rich tapestry of personalities and events, a
                                                                                                              history of our times, and of a generation that grew to
                                                                                                              maturity surrounded by disaster and death and that yet
921 KEN                  Edward Kennedy and the Camelot Legacy            Burns             James MacGregor   clung to life.
921 CAH                  Hide and Seek                                    Cahn-Tober        Theresa           Child kept in hiding from Hitler
                                                                                                              Dodger's great Roy Campanella paralyzed in an auto
921 CAM                  It's Good to be Alive                            Campanella        Roy               accident
921 TOL                  Tolkien                                          Carpenter         Humphrey          Lord of the Rings author

921 CAR                  American Requiem                                 Carroll           James             Vietnam War protester who leaves priesthood to marry

                                                                                                              Orphan adopted by his Native American grandparents
921 CAR (MS)      The Education of Little Tree                            Carter            Forrest           and learns that white people are different than him
921 KEN                  Four Days                                        Catton            Bruce             Historical record of the death of President Kennedy
                                                                                                              The story of a vigilant and dedicated man--the nation's
921 NAD                  Ralph Nader: The Consumer Revolution             Celsi             Teresa            self-appointed consumer advocate.
921 CEP                  My Ups and Downs in Baseball                     Cepeda            Orlando           Major league baseball star Orlando Cepeda

921 CHA                  Bound Feet & Western Dress                  Chang                  Pang- Mei         Chinese woman who rebelled against Chinese traditions
                         Living with the Kennedy's: The Joan Kennedy                                          The shattering story of a public marriage that became a
921 KEN                  Story                                       Chellis                Marcia            private hell
921 MCG(MS)              At the Plate With…. Mark McGwire                 Christopher       Matt              St. Louis Cardinal's homerun hitter Mark McGwire
921 CHU               Voice of an Angel: My Life (So Far)                 Church            Charlot           Teenage singer Charlotte Church
921 CLE             A Girl From Yamhill: A Memoir                         Cleary            Beverly           Author Beverly Cleary's childhood

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                A, An,
  Call Num.      The                           TITLE                         Author Last       Author First                             Subject
                                                                                                              Author Beverly Cleary's college years through the
921 CLE (MS)             My Own Two Feet: A Memoir                         Cleary            Beverly          publication of her first book
                         Alias Billy the Kid: The Man Behind The
921 BON                  Legend                                            Cline             Donald           William Bonney (Billy the Kid)
                         As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was                                                  Born a boy, David Reimer was surgically altered to be a
921 REI                  Raised as a Girl                                  Colapinto         John             girl
921 ALI                  Muhammad Ali                                      Conklin           Thomas           Boxing great Muhammad Ali
921 CON                  My Losing Season                                  Conroy            Pat              Author's senior year at Citadel playing basketball
                                                                                                              Author creates a magnificently vivid memoir of coming-of-
921 CON                  True North                                        Conway            Jill Kerr        age in mid-century Australia.
921 ANT                  Susan B. Anthony                                  Cooper            Ilene            Biography of Susan B. Anthony
921 COR                  I Have Words to Spend                             Cormier           Robert           Reflections of a small town editor
921 HOU                  Houdini: Master of Illusion                       Cox               Clinton          Magician Harry Houdini
921 CHI                  Chiang Kai-Shek                                   Curtis            Richard          Chiang Kai-Shek, Chinese military and political figure
                                                                                                              The tragedy and triumph behind country and music's
921 MCE                  Reba: Queen of Country Music                      Cusic             Don              most beloved star
                                                                                                              Author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Roald Dahl
921 DAH (MS)             Boy: Tales of Childhood                           Dahl              Roald            tells about his childhood
                                                                                                              Author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Roald Dahl
921 DAH (MS)             Going Solo                                        Dahl              Roald            tells about being a WWII pilot
921 FOR                  Secret Life of Henry Ford                         Dahlinger         John Cote        The Henry Ford nobody knew
921 DEA                  James Dean - The Mutant King                      Dalton            David            Tragic actor James Dean

                                                                                                              Contains hundreds of succinct insights into her psyche,
                                                                                                              supplemented by easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and
921 DEG           The Funny Thing Is…                                      DeGeneres         Ellen            diagrams so that you'll never miss a joke

                                                                                                              Two extraordinary women tell their stories of a century of
921 DEL                  Having Our Say                                    Delany            Sarah L.         American history, and of family, love, and living "forever".
                                                                                                              A memoir of Roy DeMeo, NY's most notorious Mafia
921 DEM                  For the Sins of My Father                         DeMeo             Albert           killer, written by his son.
796.332 DEN              For the Glory                                     Denlinger         Ken              College Football Story

PROF 921 MOR             Riders on the Storm                               Densmore          John             An account of the Doors' brief but brilliant life as a group

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                 A, An,
   Call Num.      The                           TITLE                        Author Last       Author First                                  Subject

921 DIE            The Boy on the Green Bicycle                            Diehl             Margaret              14-year-old died by being hit by a car while on his bicycle
                                                                                                                   Charming and delightful reminiscence of the authors
921 DIL             An American Childhood                                  Dillard           Annie                 childhood
967.6 DIN                 Out of Africa and Shadows on the Grass           Dinesen           Isak                  Life on an African farm
                                                                                                                   A lyrical evocation of the Doigs' gallant hardscrabble
                                                                                                                   existence and love for the unforgiving Montana
921 DOI                   Heart Earth                                      Doig              Ivan                  Mountains

                          Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, An
921 DOU                   African American Slave: Written by Himself     Douglass            Frederick             Abolition leader Frederick Douglass
                                                                                                                   Wall Street tycoon Jack Dreyfus, who established
921 DRE                   Lion of Wall Street                              Dreyfus           Jack                  medical foundation
                                                                                                                   Author's daughter shot & killed & continuing search for
921 DUN                   Who Killed My Daughter?                          Duncan            Lois                  her murderer
921 VAN                   Van Gogh                                         Dunlop            Ian                   Painter Vincent Van Gogh
                                                                                                                   Story of a man trying to understand what it means to be a
                                                                                                                   father even as he is still coming to terms with what it
921 DUN            The The Way Home                                        Dunow             Henry                 meant to be a son.
                                                                                                                   Autobiography of Ida B. Wells, one of the foremost
921 WEL                   Crusade for Justice                              Duster            Alfreda M. (Editor)   crusaders against black oppression
                                                                                                                   Adventurous life of the author of White Fang and Call of
921 LON                Jack London                                         Dyer              Daniel                the Wild
921 EAR                Tribute to Dale Earnhardt                           Earnhardt         Dale                  Race car driver Dale Earnhardt
921 EAR              A Tribute to Dale Earnhardt                           Edition           Commemorative         A retrospective of Earnhardt's career
921WOO-MS              Tiger Woods                                         Edwards           Nicolas               Professional golfer Tiger Woods
921 WIL                Oscar Wilde                                         Ellmann           Richard               Oscar Wilde, playwright, novelist, poet and editor
921 PIC                Picasso                                             Fabre             Joseph Palau          Artist Pablo Picasso
921 AAL                Aaliyah More Than a Women                           Farley            Christopher           Rising star Aaliyah killed in a plane crash at 22
921 FIL                Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Sarajevo           Filipovic         Zlata                 Similar to Anne Frank but lived in Sarajevo
                                                                                                                   African American went from abandonment & abuse to
921 FIS                   Finding Fish                                     Fisher            Antwone               success
                                                                                                                   Follow Alex Rodriguez's rocket-ride to the top of
921 ROD                   A-Rod: A Major League Hero                       Fitzgerald        James                 America's favorite pastime
921 FIT                   Save Me the Waltz                                Fitzgerald        Zelda                 Author's own account of her life with Scott Fitzgerald

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                A, An,
  Call Num.      The                         TITLE                        Author Last      Author First                             Subject
921 FON                  Autobiography: Margot Fonteyn                  Fonteyn          Margot           Margot Fonteyn and her love for dancing

921 FOX               Lucky Man                                         Fox              Michael J.       Actor Michael Fox & his life with Parkinson's Disease
921 FRA           The Diary of a Young Girl                             Frank            Anne             Holocaust victim Anne Frank
921 FRA           The Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition     Frank            Anne             Holocaust victim Anne Frank
921 FRA                  Anne Frank's Tales From a Secret Annex         Frank            Anne             Holocaust victim Anne Frank

921 FRA                  Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography              Franklin         Benjamin         Benjamin Franklin and selections from his other writings
921 CRA                  Two Tickets to Freedom                         Freedman         Florence B.      Ellen & William Craft escape from slavery in Georgia
921 LIN (MS)             Lincoln                                        Freedman         Russell          President Abraham Lincoln
921 FRI (MS)             Homesick: My Own Story                         Fritz            Jean             Author's fictionalized version of her childhood in China
921 ROB                  Jackie Robinson                                Frommer          Harvey           Baseball star Jackie Robinson
921 HIT             A Concise Biography of Adolf Hitler                 Fuchs            Thomas           German dictator Adolph Hitler
921 FUL                  Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight             Fuller           Alexandra        Growing up in Australia
320.5 GAL                Malcolm X: As They Knew Him                    Gallen           David            Black Muslim leader Malcolm X
921 BOY                  Black Sheep One                                Gamble           Bruce            World War II pilot Gregory "Pappy" Boyington
                         Legacy of Love : My Education in the Path of
921 GAN                  Nonviolence                                    Gandhi           Arun             Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi
                                                                                                          Jack Gantos on his adventure during summer of 1971
921 GAN                  Hole in My Life                                Gantos           Jack             that landed him in federal prison

921 GAR                  Garcia: A Signpost to New Space                Garcia           Jerry            Interview of Jerry Garcia, an American Icon and guitarist
                                                                                                          An anecdotal personal history in words and pictures by
921 GAR                  Harrington Street                              Garcia           Jerry            the author
921 BON (MS)      The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid                   Garrett          Pat              Billy the Kid - Outlaw in the Old West
796.352 GAR              Tiger Woods: The Making of a Champion          Garrity          John             Professional golfer Tiger Woods
                                                                                                          A memoir of the author growing up in the South during
921 GAT                  Colored People                                 Gates, Jr.       Henry Louis      the 50's and 60's

921 GAU                  War Journal of Major Damon "Rocky" Gause Gause                  Damon            Incredible escape during WWII
                         Georgia O'Keeffe: The "Wideness and Wonder" of
921 OKE(MS)              Her World                                      Gherman          Beverly          Georgia O'Keeffe, American painter

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                A, An,
  Call Num.      The                         TITLE                        Author Last        Author First                             Subject
921 EAR           The Search for Amelia Earhart                         Goerner           Fred G.           Disappearance of pilot Amelia Earhart
                                                                                                            NY Giants/ Brooklyn Dodgers during 50's-60's (Jackie
921 GOO               Wait Till Next Year: A Memoir                     Goodwin           Doris Kearns      Robinson, Joe DiMaggio)
                      Shadow Man: A Daughter's Search For Her                                               Author sets out to retrieve her father from the
921 GOR           The Father                                            Gordon            Mary              mausoleum of mourning
921 GOT               Stick Figure: A Diary of my Former Self           Gottlieb          Lori              Lori Gottlieb suffers from anorexia
                                                                                                            Author tells her story--one that is extraordinary both for
                                                                                                            the events it encompasses and for the courage, candor,
921 GRA                  Personal History                               Graham            Katharine         and dignity of its telling
921 GRA                  So Far                                         Grammer           Kelsey            Comedian/Actor Kelsey Grammer
921 ROO               Franklin D. Roosevelt                             Grapes            Bryan J., Ed.     President Franklin D. Roosevelt
921 GRE               Autobiography of a Face                           Grealy            Lucy              Story of the author's life and wanting to be special
                      Lobster Chronicles: Life on a Very Small                                              Author decides to live on a small island and become a
921 GRE           The Island                                            Greenlaw          Linda             lobsterman

921 GRI                  Black Like Me                                  Griffin           John Howard       White journalist learns about racism by passing as black
                                                                                                            Childhood memoir of the legendary Intel Chairman
921 GRO                  Swimming Across                                Grove             Andrew S.         Andrew S. Grove
                                                                                                            Marks the starting point of Ernesto Che Guevara's
                      Motorcycle Diaries: Notes on a Latin American                                         transformation into the one of the 20th century's most
921 GUE           The Journey                                       Guevara               Ernesto "Che"     enduring icons
                                                                                                            Author chronicles his young son's courageous battle with
921 GUN                  Death Be Not Proud                             Gunther           John              death
921 ARM                  Lance Armstrong- A Biography                   Gutman            Bill              Bike racer Lance Armstrong

921 ONE(MS)              Shaquille O'Neal                               Gutman            Bill              Basketball star Shaquille O'Neal
921 BRA                  Braddock: The Rise of the Cinderella Man       Hague             Jim               James Braddock, also called Cinderella Man
921 DOY                  Man Who Was Sherlock Homes                     Hardwick          Michael           Writer of Sherlock Holmes mysteries
                         Special Envoy to Churchill and Stalin, 1941-                                       Narrative based on Averell Harriman's personal
921 HAR                  1946                                           Harriman          Averell W.        recollections
921 BEE                  Introducing Beethoven                          Harris            Paula             Composer Ludwig van Beethoven
921 KIN                  I Have a Dream                                 Haskins           Jim               The life and words of Martin Luther King, Jr.
791.43 HAS               Extraordinary People in the Movies             Hasley            Judy L.           Movie Stars

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                 A, An,
  Call Num.       The                             TITLE                      Author Last        Author First                             Subject

921 HAU                   Remember Who You Are                             Hautzig           Esther             20 stories about survivors and victims of the Holocaust
796.22 HAW             Hawk: Occupation, Skateboarder                      Hawk              Tony               Skateboarder Tony Hawk
921 HEL             An Unfinished Women                                    Hellman           Lillian            Author Lillian Hellman's memoir
                                                                                                                Crew of USS Indianapolis in worst disaster in U.S. naval
940.54 HEL                Ordeal by Sea                                    Helm              Thomas             history (WWII)
921 HEM              A Moveable Feast                                      Hemingway         Earnest            Sketches of the authors life in Paris in the 20's
                                                                                                                Author re-creates his adventures from a previous two-
921 HEM                   Green Hills of Africa                            Hemingway         Ernest             month safari in East Africa.
920 HER                   Of Men And War                                   Hersey            John               True stories of WWII
FIC HES                   Witness                                          Hesse             Karen              Jews & Blacks vs. KKK
921 Hey                   Kon-Tiki                                         Heyerdahl         Thor               Traveling the Pacific Ocean 4,300 miles by raft
                                                                                                                Paralyzed at 19, he discovers the meaning of life from a
921 HOC                   Moving Violations                                Hockenberry       John               wheelchair
921 STE                   Gloria Steinem                                   Hoff              Mark               Gloria Steinem, a leader of the feminist movement
921 HOL                   Rescuing Patty Hearst                            Holman            Virginia           Growing up with a schizophrenic mother
PROF 921 MOR              No One Gets Out Alive                            Hopkins           Jerry              Life of musician Jim Morrison

                                                                                                                Story of one women's travels to the darker side of reality,
921 HOR                   Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia         Hornbacher        Marva              and her decision to find her way back on her own terms
                                                                                                                Author shares the transformative lessons in living she
                                                                                                                received from her three-year-old daughter Hannah who
921 HOU                   Hannah's Gift                                    Housden           Maria              struggles with cancer
FIC HOU                   Snow Mountain Passage                            Houston           James D.           Disaster of the Donner Party
921 HOU                   Farewell to Manzanar                             Houston           Jeanne Wakatsuki   Life in WWII Internment Camp
921 FIT                   F. Scott Fitzgerald                              Howard            Greenfeld          F. Scott Fitzgerald
921 DEA                   Little Boy Lost                                  Hyams             Joe                Tragic actor James Dean
921 IRW                   Another River, Another Town                      Irwin             John               Teenage tank gunner during WWII
                                                                                                                US Marine's story of survival in a WWII Japanese POW
921 JAC                   I Am Alive!                                      Jackson           Charles            camp
921 JET                   Life You Imagine                                 Jeter             Derek              New York Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter

951.056 JIA-MS            Red Scarf Girl                                   Jiang             Ji- Li             Young girls during the Cultural Revolution of China
FIC JIM                   Breaking Through                                 Jimenez           Francisco          Mexican American youth
921 JOH                   Magic's Touch                                    Johnson Jr.       Earvin "Magic"     Basketball star Magic Johnson

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                A, An,
  Call Num.      The                        TITLE                        Author Last       Author First                            Subject
                                                                                                          Arthur Agee and William Gates' sports careers from the
                                                                                                          playgrounds to high school competition to college
796.323 JOR           Hoop Dreams - a True Story                       Joravsky          Benjamin         recruitment and beyond.
910.4 JUN             Perfect Storm                                    Junger            Sebastian        Crew of Andrea Gail
921 DIM               Joe & Marilyn: A Memory of Love                  Kahn              Roger            Baseball's Joe DiMaggio & Actress Marilyn Monroe
921 KAP               Once There Was a Village                         Kapralov          Yuri             Growing up poor in New York City
921 DAR               Charles Darwin and the Origin of Species         Karp              Walter           Charles Darwin
921 KAR           The Liar's Club                                      Karr              Mary             Poet's tragic childhood in Texas
                      Geeks: How Two Lost Boys Rode the Internet                                          How Jesse Dailey & Eric Twilegar used their computer
338.7 KAT             Out of Idaho                                     Katz              Jon              skills to make something out of their lives.
                                                                                                          Document that gives lasting and specific dimension to
                                                                                                          our definitions of sane and insane, mental illness and
921 KAY               Girl, Interrupted                                Kaysen            Susanna          recovery.
921 KEL           The Story of My Life                                 Keller            Helen            Helen Keller, blind and deaf from childhood
327.73 KEN            Thirteen Days                                    Kennedy           Robert           Cuban Missile Crisis
                      Road from Home: The Story of an Armenian                                            Author's mother's childhood in Turkey before Armenians
921 KHE (MS)      The Girl                                             Kherdian          David            deported
                      Honor Lost: Love and Death in Modern-Day                                            Christian & Muslim Arab girls who were best friends in
921 KHO               Jordan                                           Khouri            Norma            Jordan
921 FAR                  Mountains Beyond Mountains                    Kidder            Tracy            Dr. Paul Farmer, the "Robin Hood" of medicine
921 KIM                  Ten Thousand Sorrows                          Kim               Elizabeth        Korean war orphan
                                                                                                          A memoir of Devon Drew (author's brother) who died of
921 KIN                  My Brother                                    Kincaid           Jamaica          AIDS in 1996
921 KIN                  My Life with Martin Luther King Jr.           King              Coretta Scott    Coretta Scott King, wife of Martin Luther King, Jr.
                         Bare Bones: Conversations on Terror with
921 KIN                  Stephen King                                  King              Stephen          Author Stephen King
921 KIN                  Companion                                     King              Stephen          Author Stephen King
921 KIN           The Woman Warrior                                    Kingston          Maxine Hong      Chinese American growing up in America
920 KJE               Hitler's Henchmen                                Kjelle            Marylou Morano   The men who worked for/with Hitler
921 KLE               All But My Life                                  Klein             Gerda W.         Nazi slave labor during WWII
                                                                                                          Author's harrowing chronicle of her twenty-one love affair
921 KNA                  Drink King                                     Knappe           Caroline         with alcohol
                         Soldat: Reflections of a German Soldier, 1936-                                   Reflections of German soldier, Siegfried Knappe, during
921 KNA                  1949                                           Knappe           Siegfried        WWII
791.4302 KOO             Filmmakers                                     Koopmans         Andy             Filmmakers

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                 A, An,
   Call Num.      The                          TITLE                        Author Last        Author First                              Subject
                                                                                                                Brothers Lafeyette & Pharoah Rivers - children in
305.23 KOT                There Are No Children Here                      Kotlowitz         Alex                Chicago's "ghetto"
                                                                                                                Author's testament of one young man in the Vietnam War
921 KOV                   Born on the fourth of July                      Kovic             Ron                 (Ron Kovic)
                                                                                                                Christopher McCandless lived & died alone in Alaskan
796.52 KRA                Into the Wild                                   Krakauer          Jon                 wilderness
796.52 KRA                Into Thin Air: A Personal Account               Krakauer          Jon                 Author & Mt. Everest disaster
                                                                                                                The life of a California Indian tribe and the story of Ishi,
921 ISH                   Ishi of the Mt. Everest Disaster In Two Words Krobeber            Theodora            it's last survivor
921 KRO                   Riding for My Life                              Krone             Julie               Horseracing jockey Julie Krone
921 CAR            The Man from the Plains                                Kucharsky         David               The mind and spirit of Jimmy Carter
                                                                                                                The true story of a woman who found the courage to love
921 LAM                   China Cry: The Nora Lam Story                   Lam               Nora                and the strength to survive against all odds.
921 EMI                   Eminem                                          Lane              Stephanie           Life of a famous rap singer.
921 BRY                   Kobe                                            Layben            Joe                 Basketball star Kobe Bryant
                                                                                            Stephan and
920 LEB                   My Father's Keeper                              Lebert            Norbert             Children of Nazis
921 EAR (MS)              Amelia Earhart                                  Leder             Jane                Pilot Amelia Earhart
921 CLE                   Cleopatra                                       Leighton          Margaret            Cleopatra, Egypt's great queen
921 LEN                   Two Part Invention: The Story of a Marriage     L'Engle           Madeleine           Successful marriage between an actor and an author
921 JEM (MS)              Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison       Lenski            Lois                Indian captive Mary Jemison
                                                                                                                Development of Silicon Valley & Information Age - Jim
921 CLA                   New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story           Lewis             Michael             Clark
921 MAR(MS)               Rocky: The Story of a Champion                  Libby             Bill                Boxing champion Rocky Marciano
921 DEA                   James Dean Photographs                          Library           Schirmer's Visual   Photographs of James Dean
                                                                                                                True story of two friends separated for a year by an
967.62 LIF             Dear Exile                                         Liften            Hilary              ocean
                       Flower and the Nettle, Anne Morrow                                                       Diary entries and letters written by Anne Morrow
921 LIN            The Lindbergh: Diaries and letters 1936-1939           Lindbergh         Anne Morrow         Lindbergh
                       Senator Ted Kennedy: The Career Behind the
921 KEN                Image                                              Lippman Jr.       Theo                Edward Kennedy's life as a Senator
921 LEN                Lenin, Genius of Revolution                        Liversidge        Douglas             Russian leader Vladimir Lenin
921 LOB                No Pretty Pictures: A Child of War                 Lobel             Anita               Author tells of her childhood during WWII
921 LON                   John Barleycorn                                 London            Jack                Alcoholic memoirs of Jack London

    11/10/2011                                                    40136150-0126-4e01-8cf3-215f4deb88b3.XLS                                                            10
                                                     Biographies in WLHS Library Information Center

                A, An,
  Call Num.      The                         TITLE                       Author Last       Author First                             Subject
791.45 LOW               Women and American Television                 Lowe              Denise           Women on Television
921 WIL                  Manhunt                                       Maas              Peter            Rogue CIA agent Edwin P. Wilson
                                                                                                          The incredible, but true, story of the cop who couldn't be
921 SER                  Serpico                                       Maas              Peter            bought
                                                                                                          Charles Momsens tries to save men in sunken
921 MOM           The Terrible Hours                                   Maas              Peter            submarine during WWII
371.93                City Kid                                         MacCraken         Mary             Author's story of helping out a 7 year old kid, Luke
                                                                                                          Hannah, a hurt, angry, confused child that is only
618.9 MAC                Lovey: A Very Special Child                   MacCraken         Mary             understood by a teacher
                         In the Company of Men: A Woman at the
921 MAC                  Citadel                                       Mace              Nancy            First woman to enter The Citadel military academy
                         Chinese Cinderella: The True Story of an                                         Unwanted daughter in China suffers abuse from
921 MAH (MS)             Unwanted Child                                Mah               Adeline Yen      Eurasian stepmother
                         Falling Leaves: The Memoir of an Unwanted                                        Unwanted daughter in China suffers abuse on her way to
921 MAH                  Chinese Daughter                              Mah               Adeline Yen      adulthood

921 MAH                  Not Without My Daughter                       Mahmoody          Betty            Struggle to escape with her daughter from abuse in Iran
921 MAL                  Autobiography of Malcolm X                    Malcolm X                          African American leader Malcolm X
921 MAN                  Part of My Soul Went With Him                 Mandela           Winnie           Winnie Mandela - wife of Nelson Mandela
921 MEI                  Golda                                         Mann              Peggy            India leader Golda Meir
921 GOR                  Goring                                        Manvell           Roger            Nazi officer Herman Goring
921 MAR                  West With the Night                           Markham           Beryl            Beryl Markham's life as a pilot

921 SPR                  Glory Days: Bruce Springsteen in the 1980's   Marsh             Dave             Rock star Bruce Springsteen
921 MAR             A Man Called Peter                                 Marshall          Catherine        Life of Peter Marshall (Author's husband)
921 MAT                  Kaffir Boy                                    Mathabane         Mark             Coming of age in South Africa during apartheid
                                                                                                          Story begins with Mathabane's escape from South Africa
                                                                                                          to the U.S., and recounts his coming of age in a country
                                                                                                          overwhelming in its immensity, luxuriousness, poverty,
921 MAT                  Kaffir Boy in America                         Mathabane         Mark             and despair
                                                                                                          Peter Mayles - restores 200 year old farmhouse in
921 MAY                  Year in Provence                              Mayle             Peter            Provence, France
                                                                                                          Southern-raised Jewish mother who married a black man
921 MCB                  Color of Water                                McBride           James            & raised twelve successful children

   11/10/2011                                                  40136150-0126-4e01-8cf3-215f4deb88b3.XLS                                                        11
                                                     Biographies in WLHS Library Information Center

                A, An,
  Call Num.      The                         TITLE                      Author Last       Author First                             Subject
921 MCC                  Makes Me Wanna Holler                        McCall            Nathan           Young black man in America
921 MCC                  What's Going On?                             McCall            Nathan           Personal essays of a young black man in America
921 MCC                  Angela's Ashes                               McCourt           Frank            Growing up in poverty in Ireland
921 MCC                  'Tis                                         McCourt           Frank            Sequel to Angela's Ashes

921 FRE                  Sigmund Freud: Founder of Psychoanalysis     McGlashan         Agnes M.         Psychiatrist Sigmund Freud
921 CAS                  World of Mary Cassatt                        McKown            Robin            Impressionist artist Mary Cassatt
921 DIA (MS)             Diana, Princess of Wales                     Middleton         Haydn            Princess Diana, wife of Prince Charles
921 CLI                  First Partner Hillary Rodham Clinton         Milton            Joyce            First Lady & Senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton
921 MOO                  Coming of Age in Mississippi                 Moody             Ann              Growing up black in the 40's and 50's in the South
921 LEB                  LeBron James: The Rise of a Star             Morgan            David lee        Basketball star James LeBron
                                                                                                         Author tells her story of her love affair with Dwight David
921 EIS                  Past Forgetting                              Morgan            Kay Summersby    Eisenhower
921 PIC                  Brian Piccolo: A Short Season                Morris            Jeannie          Football player Brian Piccolo
921 MOR           The Rookie                                      Morris                Jim              Trying out for major league baseball at age 35
921 MOR               Strange Days: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison
                                                                  Morrison              Patricia         Author was long-time girlfriend of Jim Morrison
                                                                                                         The true story of Princess Diana, which is a unique royal
921 DIA                  Diana: Her True Story                        Morton            Andrew           biography
                                                                                                         True story of one man's adventures with a family of
921 MOW                  Never Cry Wolf                               Mowat             Farley           wolves in the Canadian wilderness.
921 HEN                  Crosstown Traffic                            Murray            Charles Shaar    Jimi Hendrix and the rock 'n roll revolution
FIC MYE                  Bad Boy: A Memoir                            Myers             Walter Dean      Walter Dean Myers's life as a boy
921 MAL(MS)              By Any Means Necessary: Malcolm X           Myers              Walter Dean      African American leader Malcolm X
921 ALI                  Greatest: Muhammad Ali                      Myers              Walter Dean      Boxing champion Muhammad Ali
921 NAF                  Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memory in Books Nafisi             Azar             Life in post-revolutionary Iran
                                                                                                         Math genius and Nobel Prize winner John Nash, who
921 NAS                  Beautiful Mind                               Nasar             Sylvia           also suffered from schizophrenia
921 MAT                  Henri Matisse                                Neret             Giles            Impressionist painter-Henri Matisse
                                                                                                         Stalked woman becomes tracker for Nat'l Park search-&-
921 NYA                  Point Last Seen: A Woman Tracker's Story     Nyala             Hannah           rescue team
921 OBR                  If I Die in a Combat Zone                    O'Brien           Tim              Author's experience in the Vietnam War
921 ODO                  Find Me                                      O'Donnell         Rosie            Comedian Rosie O'Donnell
                                                                                                         This book profiles the life of Muhammad and his founding
921 MUH                  Muhammad                                     Oliver            Marilyn          of the religion known as Islam.

   11/10/2011                                                 40136150-0126-4e01-8cf3-215f4deb88b3.XLS                                                         12
                                                     Biographies in WLHS Library Information Center

                A, An,
  Call Num.      The                         TITLE                         Author Last       Author First                            Subject
                                                                                                            Newly updated to include the Lakers' win against the
                                                                                                            76ers for their second consecutive NBA Championship,
                                                                                                            Shaq recounts the remarkable progress of his basketball
921 ONE                  Shaq Talks Back                                 O'Neal            Shaquille        career
                         In My Hands: Memories of a Holocaust
921 GUT                  Rescuer                                         Opdyke            Irene Gut        Holocaust rescuer

921 OSB                  Born to Fly                                     Osborn            Shane            The heroic story of downed US Navy pilot Shane Osborn
921 STA                  Joseph Stalin: Russia's Last Czar               Otfinoski         Steven           Russian leader Joseph Stalin

921 MAN                  Nelson Mandela: The Fight Against Apartheid Otfinoski             Steven           South African leader Nelson Mandela
                                                                                                            A heartrending tale of survival and courage that is an
921 OUF                  Stolen Lives                                    Oufkir            Malika           unforgettable memoir by an extraordinary women.
                                                                                                            Author describes her friendship with Lucy Grealy and
                                                                                                            their commitment to each other for 20 years, from
920 GRE                  Truth & Beauty: A Friendship                    Patchett          Ann              graduate school in Iowa to literary fame in NYC.
921 PAU                  Woodsong                                        Paulsen           Gary             The author's adventure in the Alaskan Iditarod
                                                                                                            Candid look at the like and paradoxical career of one of
921 GAR           The Great Garbo                                        Payne             Robert           the premier actresses of our time
                                                                                                            Football player John Cappelletti's brother battles
921 CAP               Something for Joey                                 Peck              Richard E.       leukemia
362.76 PEL            Child Called It                                    Pelzer            Dave             Abused child Dave Pelzer
362.76 PEL            Lost Boy                                           Pelzer            Dave             Abused child Dave Pelzer. Sequel to Child Called It
362.76 PEL          A Man Named Dave                                     Pelzer            Dave             Abused child Dave Pelzer as an adult
362.76 PEL            Privilege of Youth                                 Pelzer            Dave             Abused child Dave Pelzer as a teen in foster care
362.76 PEL          A Brother's Journey                                  Pelzer            Richard          Brother of Dave Pelzer; also abused
                      Harriet Tubman, Conductor on the
921 TUB               Underground                                        Petry             Ann              Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad
796.52 PFE            Within Reach: My Everest Story                     Pfetzer           Mark             Disaster on Mt. Everest
921 HIL               Wise Guy                                           Pileggi           Nicolas          Life in a Mafia family
921 IVE               Only the Strong Survive                            Platt             Larry            Philadelphia 76er's basketball star Allen Iverson
921 POL(MS)           Freedom's Child : A Courageous Teenager            Polovchak         Walter           Flees parents and Soviet Union to live in America
921 RAL               Between a Rock in a Hard Place                     Ralston           Aron             A tale of Aron Ralston's survival in isolation
                                                                                                            Tells the story of efforts of a rugby team, family,
                                                                                                            members and crew to survive for 10 weeks following a
920 REA                  Alive - the Story of the Andes Surviviors       Read              Piers Paul       plane crash in the Andes.

   11/10/2011                                                    40136150-0126-4e01-8cf3-215f4deb88b3.XLS                                                        13
                                                       Biographies in WLHS Library Information Center

                A, An,
  Call Num.      The                           TITLE                      Author Last        Author First                             Subject
                                                                                                            Story of a gifted actor and star, and how he and his family
                                                                                                            came to grips with the kind of devastating , unexplainable
921 REE                  Christopher Reeve: Still Me                    Reeve             Christopher       shock that fate can bring.
921 BER                  Leonard Bernstein                              Reidy             John P.           Leonard Bernstein, composer and conductor
921 ARM                  Louis Armstrong                                Richards          Kenneth G.        Louis Armstrong, jazz trumpeter
921 CHU                  Sir Winston Churchill                          Richards          Kenneth G.        Sir Winston Churchill
921 PIC                  Picasso                                        Ripley            Elizabeth         The artist Pablo Picasso's story
                                                                                                            Pat Robertson, an important figure by anyone's
921 ROB                  Pat Robertson: Shout it From the Housetops!    Robertson         Pat               standards
921 ROB(MS)              Jackie Robinson: An Intimate Portrait          Robinson          Rachel            Baseball star Jackie Robinson
921 OKE                  Georgia O'Keeffe                               Robinson          Roxana            Georgia O'Keeffe's life as an artist
921 ROC                  Old Man in a Baseball Cap                      Rochlin           Fred              A hilarious and haunting memoir of WWII
921 ROD                  Always Running: La Vida Loca, Gang Days        Rodriguez         Luis              Luis Rodriguez and gang days in Los Angeles
921 MON                  Marilyn Monroe: A Life of the Actress          Rollyson          Carl              Actress Marilyn Monroe
921 ROO                  Eleanor Roosevelt, With Love                   Roosevelt         Eleanor           First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt
                                                                                                            Englishman Oliver Cromwell, military, political, and
921 CRO                  Cromwell: A Profile                            Roots             Ivan              religious figure

921 SAC(MS)              Story of Sacajawea: Guide to Lewis and Clark   Rowland           Della             Indian guide Sacajawea
921 PRE(MS)              Elvis Presley: the Rise of Rock and Roll       Rubel             David             Teen Idol Elvis Presley
921 MAL                  Malcolm X                                      Rummel            Jack              African American leader Malcolm X
921 RUS(MS)              Go Up for Glory                                Russell           Bill              Basketball star Bill Russell
921 RYA                  Throwing Heat                                  Ryan              Nolan             Baseball pitching star Nolan Ryan
364. 15 SAL              Facing the Wind                                Salamon           Julie             A true story of tragedy and reconciliation
FIC SAL                  Lost in a Place                                Salzman           Mark              Well-told tale of a boy growing into his own humanity
                                                                                                            A new memoir that continues from the riveting chronicle
                                                                                                            of her emergence from the barrios of Brooklyn on the
921 SAN                  Almost a Women                                 Santiago          Esmeralda         theatres of Manhattan
921 SCH                  Faith of Our Sons                              Schaeffer         Frank             A father-son story about love and the US Marine corp
921 COB(MS)              Story of Ty Cobb: Baseball's Greatest Player   Schoor            Gene              Baseball star Ty Cobb
                                                                                                            Story of a survivor of terrifying childhood abuse, victim of
                                                                                                            sudden and mystifying blackouts, and the first case
921 SYB                  Sybil                                          Schreiber         Flora Rheta       multiple personality ever to be psychoanalyzed.
921 SEB                  Lucky                                          Sebold            Alice             Author of The Lovely Bones, Alice Sebold
796.52 SHA               South - The Endurance Expedition               Shackleton        Sir Ernest        Lead the Trans-Antarctic Expedition to Antarctica

   11/10/2011                                                   40136150-0126-4e01-8cf3-215f4deb88b3.XLS                                                           14
                                                    Biographies in WLHS Library Information Center

                A, An,
  Call Num.      The                        TITLE                        Author Last        Author First                             Subject

921 SHA               Stealth Patrol                                   Shanahan          Bill              About the authors survival behind enemy lines in Vietnam
921 SAN               Carlos Santana                                   Shapiro           Marc              Rock singer Carlos Santana
921 KEN           The John F. Kennedy's                                Shaw              Mark              A family album of John F. Kennedy and his family.
921 ROO               Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal           Shebar            Sharon            President Franklin D. Roosevelt
362.5 SHE           A Welfare Mother (Missing - being replaced)        Sheehan           Susan             The life and difficulties of one welfare mother
509 SHE               Great Scientists                                 Sherrow           Victoria          Scientists
921 SAL                  Jonas Salk                                    Sherrow           Victoria          Jonas Salk, developed the Salk vaccine (for polio)
                                                                                                           Mohandas Gandhi, India leader, father of nonviolent
921 GAN                  Mohandas Gandhi: The Power of the Spirit      Sherrow           Victoria          protest
921 FON                  Jane Fonda                                    Shorto            Russell           Actress and activist Jane Fonda
                                                                                                           Physicist Stephan Hawking, despite having motor neuron
                                                                                                           disease, he is considered one of the world's leading
921 HAW(MS)              Stephen Hawking: Unlocking The Universe       Simm              Sheridal          theoretical physicists
919.804 SIMS             North to the Night                            Simon             Alva              Expedition to Arctic Circle

921 IVE                  Allen Iverson: Fear No One                    Smallwood Jr.     John N.           The life of Allen Iverson from high school to present day
                                                                                                           The tale of a family clinging to the memory of a lost child,
                                                                                                           and the young woman struggling to define herself in the
921 SEMI                 Name All The Animals                          Smith             Allison           wake of his loss.
                                                                                                           Japanese-American woman tells how it was to grow up
                                                                                                           on Seattle's waterfront in the 1930's and to be subjected
921 SON                  Nisei Daughter                                Sone              Monica            to "relocation" during WWII
                                                                                                           In this memoir Valerie Steiker evokes a magical
                                                                                                           childhood on the Upper East Side of New York with a
                                                                                                           woman whose own losses led her to delight in family,
921 STE           The Leopard Hat                                      Steiker           Valerie           beauty, and life itself
                                                                                                           Author's record of nearly 30 years of life in a fantastically
921 STE           The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas                 Stein             Gertrude          changing Paris & elsewhere
                                                                                                           Author John Steinbeck's (Of Mice & Men ) trip with his
FIC STE                  Travels with Charley: In Search Of America    Steinbeck         John              dog

921 ROG                  Will Rogers Scrapbook                         Sterling          Bryan B.          Introduction to the humor and philosophy of Will Rogers
921 CAR                  Sea and Earth: The Life of Rachel Carson      Sterling          Philip            Rachel Carson, zoologist and biologist
921 VIC (MS)             Queen Victoria                                Streatfeild       Noel              Queen Victoria
921 SWO                  Jarhead                                       Swofford          Anthony           Marine's chronicle of the Gulf War

   11/10/2011                                                  40136150-0126-4e01-8cf3-215f4deb88b3.XLS                                                           15
                                                      Biographies in WLHS Library Information Center

                 A, An,
   Call Num.      The                         TITLE                       Author Last       Author First                              Subject
921 PRE 31073             Elvis: His Life From A to Z                   Tamerius          Worth            Over 10,000 facts of Elvis Presley's life
364.153 TAR      My Story                           Tarbox            Katherine        Teen sex predators on the Internet
                          Jumping Fire: A Smoke Jumper's Memoir of                                         Fighting wildfires in the vast, rugged wilderness of the
921 TAY                   Fighting Wildfire                             Taylor            Murry A.         American West
                          Death of Innocence: The Story of Hate and                                        The brutal murder story of 14-year-old Emmett Till in
921 TIL                   Crime That Changed America                    Till-Mobley       Mamie            1995
                                                                                                           Life and times of Edgar Allen Poe including his financial
921 POE                   Edgar Allen Poe                               Tilton            Rafael           problems and personal tragedies.
                                                                                                           Ellen DeGeneres journey from her teenage years to
921 DEG                   Ellen: The Real Story of Ellen DeGeneres      Tracy             Kathleen         where she is now
921 BYR                   Byron: A Poet Dangerous to Know               Trease            Geoffrey         Poet Lord Byron
921 TRU                   Trump                                         Trump             Donald           Millionaire Donald Trump, star of the Apprentice
921 BAL              A Midwife's Tale                                   Ulrich            Laurel           Midwife and healer Martha Ballard
921 VIZ                   Teen Angst? Naaah…                            Vizzini           Ned              Impressions of a teenager
                                                                                                           First-person account of a woman's six-week captivity by
921 WAK                   Six Weeks in the Sioux Tepees                 Wakefield         Sarah F.         the Sioux in 1862
                                                                        Wallace and
921 COB                   Love and Death                                Halperin          Max and Ian      Rock star Kurt Cobain
921 Browning              Robert Browning and his World                 Ward              Maisie           Robert Browning, English poet and playwright
921 PIC                   Pablo Picasso                                 Warncke           Carsten-Peter    Artist Pablo Picasso
869.2 WEI                 Great Playwrights                             Weisel            Sandra Rabey     Playwrights
921 WHI                   Ryan White: My Own Story                      White             Ryan             Teen AIDS victim Ryan White
921 ROB                   How to Be Like Jackie Robinson                Williams          Pat              Life lessons from baseballs greatest hero
                                                                                                           The authors true stories and nightmares from living on
921 WIL                   Life in Prison                                Williams          Stanley          death row
                                                                                                           A famous figure reviews the manners, customs, and life
921 WIN                   Windsor Revisited                             Windsor           Edward           of his royal family
                                                                                                           The inside story of how the FBI's Robert Hanssen
921 HAN                   Spy                                           Wise              David            betrayed America
921 WOL                   This Boy's Life: A Memoir                     Wolf              Tobias           Author's adventures while growing up in the 1950's
                                                                                                           Osama Bin Laden, also known as a militant Islamic
921 BIN                   Osama Bin Laden                               Woolf             Alex             fundamentalist and financier of international terrorism.
921 WRI                   Black Boy                                     Wright            Richard          Author's life and racism

    11/10/2011                                                  40136150-0126-4e01-8cf3-215f4deb88b3.XLS                                                        16
                                                        Biographies in WLHS Library Information Center

                A, An,
  Call Num.      The                            TITLE                          Author Last        Author First                            Subject
                                                                                                                 Nazi officer Heinrich Himmler, who was second in power
921 HIM                  Himmler                                             Wykes             Alan              to Hitler
921 HIT               Hitler                                                 Wykes             Alan              Hitler, German Nazi dictator during WWII
                      Lost in the Fun House: The Life and Mind of
921 KAU               Andy Kaufman                                           Zehme             Bill              Andy Kaufman, late comic genius
921 ZIN           The Pigman & Me                                            Zindel            Paul              Author's (Pigman, Reef of Death) life as a teen
                                                                                                                 A searing memoir of the battle to integrate Little Rock
921 BEA                  Warriors Don't Cry                                  Beals             Melba Pattillo    High School.
                                                                                                                 Autobiography reflecting on the country musician's
                                                                                                                 childhood on an Arkansas cotton farm, the early years ,
                                                                                                                 singing , life on the road, years of addiction to
                                                                                                                 amphetamines and pain pills, and his deep devotion to
921 CAS                  Cash: the Autobiography                             Cash              Johnny            his wife and their family.

                                                                                                                 Offers a detailed examination of the diary and its author,
921 FRA           The Diary of Anne Frank: the Critical Edition              Frank             Anne              providing biographical information on the Frank family.
921 EMI                  Whatever You Say I Am: the Life and Times           Bozza             Anthony           The life and times of Eminem

                                                                                                                 Lois Gould discusses what it was like to grow up with a famous fashion
                                                                                                                 designer for a mother and explains how she learned more about her
921 GOU                  Mommy Dressing                                      Gould             Lois              mother through her clothes than her words.
921 JAM           The LeBron James Story                                     Jones             Ryan              Chronicles the life of high school basketball star LeBron
921 LEO               Leonardo Da Vinci                                      Ripley            Elizabeth

                                                                                                                 This is a witty and often irreverent memoir of growing up
921 MAN                  Chasing Grace                                       Manning           Martha            Catholic and the pursuit of grace.

                                                                                                                 This book presents an introductory essay on Mao
                                                                                                                 Zedong's life and times and sixteen articles discussing
                                                                                                                 how Mao was drawn to revolutionary political ideas and
921 MAO                  Mao Zedong                                                                              joined the Chinese Communist Party.
                                                                                                                 Autobiography of Paul Monette focusing on his struggle
                                                                                                                 of growing up gay, coming out of the closet, and dealing
921 MON                  Becoming A Man: Half a Life Story                   Monette           Paul              with bigotry.
                                                                                                                 This book profiles the life of Muhammad and his founding
921 MUH                  Muhammad                                            Oliver            Marilyn Towe      of the religion known as Islam.

   11/10/2011                                                        40136150-0126-4e01-8cf3-215f4deb88b3.XLS                                                                   17
                                                    Biographies in WLHS Library Information Center

                A, An,
  Call Num.      The                        TITLE                      Author Last       Author First                             Subject

                                                                                                        A tribute to author Iris Murdoch, now stricken with
                                                                                                        Alzheimer's disease, written by her husband of over forty
                                                                                                        years, in which he discusses their passionate love
921 MUR                  Elegy For Iris                              Bayley            John             relationship and traces the progression of her affliction.
                                                                                                        Trevor Norton reflects on his lifelong love of the sea and
                                                                                                        the creatures that live in it, sharing his explorations of the
                                                                                                        California coast as a child and his efforts to save it from
921 NOR                  Underwater to Get Out of the Rain           Norton            Trevor           destruction.
                                                                                                        Barack Obama tells the story of his life as the son of a
                                                                                                        black African father and a white American mother,
                                                                                                        searching for a workable meaning to his life as an African
921 0BA                  Dreams From My Father                       Barack Obama                       American
                                                                                                        He is the uncontested master of the macabre, a genius
                                                                                                        whose melancholy nature made his own life as tragic as
921 POE                  Edgar Allen Poe                             Tilton            Rafael           one of his strange tales.
921 REA                  With Reagan:The Inside Story                Meese             Edwin

                                                                                                        They called him the Babe. The Bambino. The Sultan of
                                                                                                        Swat. And finally they called him a legend. But the
                                                                                                        greatest player who ever lived was also a flesh-and-blood
                                                                                                        man, the freest spirit ever to give managers gray hairs.
                                                                                                        This is the story of the game he played and the life he
921 RUT           The Babe Ruth Story                                Ruth              Babe             lived to the hilt - told as only he could tell it.

                                                                                                        Sandra Gregory was living a life in Bangkok that many
                                                                                                        only dream of - until illness, unemployment and political
                                                                                                        unrest turned it into a nightmare. Desperate to get home,
                                                                                                        she agreed to smaggle an addict's personal supply of
921 GRE                  Forget You Had A Daughter                   Gregory           Andra            heroin. She didn't even make it onto the plane.
                                                                                                        An English veterinarian reminisces about his life, career,
921 HER                  All Creatures Great And Small               Herriot           James            and animal patients in a small village.

   11/10/2011                                                40136150-0126-4e01-8cf3-215f4deb88b3.XLS                                                           18

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