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									        Electronic Career
                       Kate Stewart
                     Union High School
                       Oregon FBLA
  Table of Contents
Letter of Application-3
Career Summary-5
Prospective Colleges-7
Organizations & Activities-9

                                          Kate Stewart   541-910-6860

                Resume                    741 Serenity Lane Union OR, 97883
         Union High School   Fall 2007 - Present

Work Experience
•Valley Insurance La Grande, OR       2009 – Present
           Clean office once a week - $8.40/hr
•Pepsi Booth Union, OR       Summer 2008 – Present
           Volunteer Working concessions at our
                                          local fair
Organization, Responsibility, Time Management,
Trustworthy, Honest, Attention to Details, & Problem

Baking, Running, Riding Horses, Reading
741 Serenity Lane
Union, OR 97883
February 22nd 2010

National FBLA Committee
                                       Letter of
1912 Association Drive
Reston, VA 20191-1591                      Application
Dear National FBLA Committee,

I am applying for the restaurant manager position as advertized in the February 15th issue of the
La Grande Observer. I am very well suited for this position based on my education and career

This job requires a very motivated and organized person. I am both of those and more. I also have a
genuine interest in the position and would like to learn restaurant industry. I may not have as much
experience as some other applicants, but I apply myself and can learn quickly. I would appreciate the
opportunity and learning experience.

Thank you for taking the time to review my application and resume. I will be contacting you next
week to see if an interview can be arranged. If there are any questions, feel free to contact me. My
phone number is 541-910-6860.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to talking with you.


Kate Stewart

Enclosure                                                                                               4
              Career Summary
     Restaurant/Food Service Management
Restaurant managers ensure that restaurants operate efficiently and profitably
while maintaining their reputation and ethos. They must coordinate a variety of
activities, whatever the size or type of the outlet. Managers are responsible for
the business performance of their restaurant, as well as maintaining high standards
of food, service, health, and safety.

Restaurant management combines strategic planning, shift pattern organization,
and day-to-day management activities. Depending on the nature of the outlet, the
role may have creative aspects, particularly in marketing and business development.

As a key role within the hospitality sector, restaurant management may be fast-
paced, highly demanding and very rewarding.

Degree Options
National and regional restaurant chains strongly prefer to hire individuals who
graduate from 2-year or 4-year college hospitality management programs with
degrees in restaurant and institutional food management. A bachelor's degree in
food service management is a very strong preparation for a career in restaurant
         Career Summary Cont.
                     Culinary Arts – Pastry
The pastry chef works in restaurants, bistros, large hotels, casinos and bakeries.
The pastry kitchen or pastry section is normally slightly separate from the main
kitchen. The station chef or pastry chef, in a professional chef kitchen, are highly
skilled in making desserts, pastries and many other baked goods. In the pastry
kitchen, they often have other assistants to help them.

Some of the many responsibilities of the pastry chef often include ordering, costing
and menu planning. In daily operations, the pastry chef may develop new recipes,
test them or research new recipe concepts. Although they do not usually plate their
desserts, they prepare them in advance.

Degree Options
•Baking and Pastry Certificate
•Associates Degree in Applied Science Culinary Arts
•Bachelor of Arts Degree in Culinary Arts

      Prospective Colleges
  Restaurant/ Food Service Management Major

•Washington State University – Pullman, WA
•Oregon State University – Corvallis, OR
•Johnson & Wales University – Denver, CO
•Colorado State University- Fort Collins, CO
•University of Nevada- Las Vegas, NV

     Prospective Colleges Cont.
           Culinary Arts Program

•Lane County Community College – Eugene OR
•Western Culinary Institute – Portland, OR
•Johnson & Wales University – Denver, CO
•Oregon Coast Culinary Institute – Coos Bay, OR
•Oregon Culinary Institute – Portland, OR

  Organizations & Activities
•National Honor Society-10
•Future Business Leaders of America-11
•History Club-12
•Yearbook Staff-13
•Student Council-14
•First Tech Challenge & First Lego League-15
•Arabian Horse Association-16
•Cross Country-17

        National Honor Society
         Inducted Spring of Sophomore year

Our Union High School National Honor Society requires at least 20 hours
of individual community service and participation in 3 or more group
projects. So far we have cleaned a section of highway outside of town,
and put on a canned food/ coin drive in our community and school district
for the local food bank. I individually work the concession stand at our
local fair during the summer, and tutor a younger student in math.

                                           Picture – Our NHS chapter
                                           after the completion of our
                                           canned food drive.

                  Sophomore year - Present
2008-09 – Business Law (8th ) & Intro to Parliamentary Procedures
(4th) @ Regional's, Client Services & Intro to Parliamentary
Procedures (2nd) @ State
2009-10 – Electronic Career Portfolio & Business Ethics @ State
                                              This year I am taking a
                                              leadership class taught by
                                              our adviser Mrs. Stratton.
                                              The class not only prepares
                                              us for leadership, but it is
                                              also an opportunity to work
                                              on FBLA projects. We have
                                              a large chapter and it’s
                                              always exciting. FBLA is a
                                              great way to explore the
                                              world of business and meet
                                              new people. It has taught
                                              me social skills,
                                              responsibility, and the
                                              importance of ironed
              History Club
                     & Yearbook Staff
                                 History Club – Junior year
                                 Every year history club puts on a winter
                                 pageant for the elementary students. I was in
                                 charge of sound and music during the
                                 production. Picture at left: Mrs. Poor (History
                                 Club advisor) and I at the pageant.

Yearbook – Freshman year – present
We create our high school yearbook from
start to finish. I started my freshman
year on staff. My sophomore year and
junior year I have been co-editor. Picture
at right: UHS Yearbook Staff 2008-2009
                       Student Council
             •   Freshman year – Vice President of the 2011 class.
             •   Sophomore year- President of the 2011 class.
             •   Junior year- Vice President of the 2011 class.

I also have been head of the snowball dance committee for the past two
years. We plan and order supplies for the dance for student council. Student
council is a great opportunity to be involved in decisions regarding our school.
It has also taught me how to present my ideas and opinions in a way that
appeals to others.

Picture – My
sophomore year
during a student
council meeting.
Class Vice-President
Dalton and I.

                           FLL & FTC
                  First Lego League & First Tech Challenge
    FLL   – Freshman year, My team was 2nd
    overall in the competition and had the
    highest average table score. Picture right:
    2007-08 FLL Team at the competition

FTC – Junior year, My team was 13th out of 21
teams. I couldn’t go to the competition, but was in
charge of the notebook that was judged at the
competition. Picture above: 2009-10 FTC Team                 14
             Horse Showing
             8th Grade (Summer 06) - Present
My Dad is a professional horse trainer in Junction City,
Oregon. His website is
Whenever we are there, we live and breathe horses. My
siblings and I have been showing every summer since 2006,
and love it. The horses I show are Hucklebey Bleus +//
(Huck) and HH Augustus (Gus). I show in Country English
and Show Hack in the 14-17 age division. Showing horses
teaches responsibility, timeliness, and people skills. Since
we are the trainer’s kids we work just as much as the
hired help, but that is what makes it fun. Showing is a
great way to travel and learn the importance of hard work.

                                                       Pictures: Above- My horse
                                                       Gus and I showing in Country
                                                       English Pleasure. Far left-
                                                       My dad, my sister, and I at a
                                                       horse show. Left- My horse
                                                       Huck and I at Canadian
                                                       Nationals in Show Hack this
                                                       past summer.
           Horse Showing Cont.
2006 – Region IV Top Five Arabian Country English Pleasure, 2 Youth
National Top Tens in Arabian Country English Pleasure JOTR (Junior
Owner to Ride) and JTR (Junior to Ride) 13 and Under with Huck
2007- Region IV Champion Arabian Country English Pleasure JOTR and
JTR, Youth National Top Ten in Arabian Country English Pleasure JOTR
14- 17 with Huck
2008 – Region III Reserve Champion Arabian Show Hack ATR (Amateur
to Ride, this includes adults), Top Five Arabian Country English Pleasure
JTR 17 and Under. Region IV Champion Arabian Country English Pleasure
JTR & JOTR , Show Hack JTR 17 & Under. Region V Champion Arabian
Country English Pleasure JTR, Show Hack JTR 17 & Under. Canadian
National Top Ten (3rd) Arabian Show Hack JTR 17 & Under.
2009- Region III Champion Show Hack ATR (Huck), Top Five Country
English Pleasure JTR (Gus). Region IV Champion Show Hack JTR (Huck),
Champion Arabian Country English Pleasure JOTR and JTR (Gus).
Canadian National Champion Show Hack JTR (Huck), Top Ten Arabian
Country English Pleasure JOTR 17 & Under (Gus)
          Cross Country
          Freshman year (2007) - Present

Freshman – 12th in District, Varsity Letter

Sophomore – 6th in District, 4th individual state
qualifier, 23rd in 1A, 2A, 3A state race, OSAA All-
State Athlete. Varsity Letter, Most inspirational
Junior – 1st in District, 1st individual state
qualifier, 6th in 1A, 2A, 3A state race. Varsity           Pictures: Above- Me in
Letter, Most Valuable Athlete Award.                       my district race this
                                                           past fall. Left- Me on
            To say the least, cross country is a tough     the podium at state this
            sport. It’s gritty, sweaty, and the sport      past fall.
            most closely related to real life. It is an
            individual sport, so it’s all up to you. The
            only way to improve is to work harder, run
            faster, and think bigger. I never saw
            myself involved in XC but now that I am I
            wouldn’t choose anything else. It has
            taught me hard work, self motivation, and
            that pain is only inside your head.                                  17
            7th Grade (Spring 2006) - Present

   Freshman – 1st in District (1500m race), 8th in
   2A state race (1500m) Varsity Letter

Sophomore– 1st in District (1500m and 3000m),
3rd in 2A state race (1500m and 3000m) Varsity
Letter, Most Valuable Athlete Award.
                                                      Picture lower left; On the
                       I’ve been running track        state podium for the
                                                      3000m race. Above;
                       since 7th grade and have
                                                      District Track 2008-09
                       loved every minute of it. It
                       is the reason I joined cross
                       country. Though not as
                       muddy as cross country, it
                       is just as fun. Track has
                       taught me hard work,
                       stamina, and the
                       importance of goals.





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