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									This is like a homework assignment! The past fifty years have been full of
blessings. A mere 46 years ago, I married my childhood sweetheart, and neighbor
Georgie Carlson (BHS class of 1961). We were blessed with a son,
Michael in 1966 and another great blessing in 1970 with our daughter
Gwendolen. Family roots are very important to us; Michael and Gwen
are following in the path of good lives and terrific marriages. My
parents passed away this past year after a wonderful marriage of 73
years. We raised our children with lots of love and hundreds of camping
trips, usually up to Burney Falls. In fact we still go back to Burney taking
our four wonderful granddaughters.

 I served in the United States Marine Corps for three years as a Colonels‟
aide in logistics. I retired after 38 years being an electrician /estimator.
Most of those years we lived in Concord, CA. In 2003 we celebrated my
retirement with a new home in Placer County, and a trip to Europe for six
weeks. We back- packed and had a fabulous time. We are so thankful
we took that trip when we did. Five months after our trip I became totally
deaf. Thanks to modern medicine I received a cochlear implant.

My only regret is that we can no longer square dance as I cannot hear
music. However, we have many blessings, good health and a wonderful
family and terrific friends.
Georgie and I enjoy traveling in our RV and still love to fish and explore this
vast country. I enjoy reading, working in the yard, playing at billiards and
love our monthly neighborhood wine party. I work out at the gym and enjoy
Tai Chi.

Due to prior travel comittments we are sorry we will not be with all of
you celebrating 50 years since graduating from BHS. We will certainly
be thinking of the past memorable experiences on your very special
evening. Hope to see all of you again in another five years, if not
before. This is the first reunion celebration we have missed....

A very SPECIAL "Hello" goes out to my girls, Pat, Liz, Phyllis, Mary,
and Patty who called me Bobsie commuting to San Francisco State in
my 1950 Ford.
Bob Sorrentino
I won‟t be able to attend the reunion but I‟d like to be included in the face book. Here‟s
my “What I‟ve been doing for the last 50 years.” If there‟s any way for me to receive a
copy, I‟d like to catch up on everyone that way.

Thanks a lot for doing this. I am so sorry not to be able to attend. It looks like you‟ll have
a great gathering. (I sent a couple of photos separately.)


My Last 50 Years (The Very Short Version):

-    I graduated from Stanford, majored in German (which I hadn‟t touched at BHS, but
I always did love those language classes), and went on to teach German and French in
high schools in California and then Northeast Harbor, Maine. Later my language interests
led me to teach English as a Second Language locally and in Taiwan, and English
composition and literature at a small Colorado university. I retired three years ago.

-     Ken and I married in 1968 and moved for various educational opportunities and jobs
to the Fresno area, then to an island off the coast of Maine, then to Chicago, then to West
Virginia, and finally to Denver. We still live in Denver. We raised a daughter and a son
here although, sadly, our son passed away about eleven years ago. We extended our
family with a Chinese foster daughter who came to us in 1979 as a boat person from Viet
Nam, and an exchange student from Germany, who now lives inVancouver, British
Columbia. They and their families play a big part in our lives.

-     Our daughter Nora just recently had her first child, Sylvia Kendall Stevens. She
lives in Portland,Oregon, which of course we now visit as frequently as possible.

-     Ken and I moved from our house to a downtown condo shortly before retirement,
which simplified our lives and freed up time. I‟m devoting mine to some mentoring at the
local women‟s prison, to volunteer involvement in various Colorado policy issues, and to
enjoyment of our diverse and scattered family.

-    I‟m grateful for good health, good family and friendships, and my many experiences
through the years! Best wishes to all of you!

Karen (West) Gerdes

After graduating from Berkeley High in 1960, I attended Contra Costa College. I
have been married since 1963. I started working for the federal government (Social
Security) in 1964, I worked both in the San Francisco and Richmond offices. After
working 40 years I was given a trip to the Social Security heard quarters in
Baltimore MD and was honored for my loyal service to the government. While in
Baltimore, MD we had a chance to visit Washington, D.C which was very
interesting and exciting seeing the sites including the White House.
We had a wonderful opportunity to visit , Howard University (historical black
After leaving Baltomore, MD we drove to New York and enjoyed seeing the sites
along way on our road trip to NY, while in New York we took the Staten Island
ferry trip around the stature of Liberty. We went to Harlem, saw the historical
(Apollo Theater), ate at the popular and well known restaurant (SYLVIA'S) which
is also in Harlem and of course did a lot of shopping which is one of my favorite
things to do. I don't drink or smoke but my weakness is that I love to shop and
shop. After 43 years of working for the government I retired about a little over a
year ago.
    Annette Bryant Madden

Boy, 50 years,Ican't believe it. I enjoyed selling stuff,even when I was at Hillside. I've
have been in sales for 48 years.
I,ve had my own wholesale gift business since 1972.
My wife,Noreen and I raised three fantastic children in Moraga.
All three are now married and we ars enjoying six grandchildren, ranging in age from17
to 4.
We moved to Placerville 13 years ago. We have 5 acres with 2 warehouses for our
business. We are semi retired
and enjoy golf once a week,travel and being with our family.look forward to seeing you
all at the reunion.
Tom Sebree

Hey there BHS‘ers! Long time no see.
It‘s Sue Fegley, better known back in the day as Susan Clark.

        It‘s been a long and interesting time since those old days. I went on to Contra
Costa College, and after two years transferred to UC Davis, where I began a major in
botany. After a close encounter of the wrong kind with organic chemistry (why do they
always want me to balance those equations?), I beat it back to English. I had some
wonderful teachers, and graduated with a BA in 64. I met my hubbie, Ron Fegley
(Chico High, class of 58) in the famous MU, the Memorial Union dining commons,
where I was known for holding forth on many topics while waving my fork for emphasis.
Loved Davis!
        I lost both my parents in 1966, a great loss; I had no siblings to share the grief. I
went on for my teaching credential after marrying Ron, who was working on his PhD in
physics. Our daughter Anna was born in summer ‗65. Ron got his degree in ‘70, after a
stint at IBM which took him all over the country, more gone than home for a year, but he
decided that the degree was the thing, so finished up his thesis in nuclear physics.
        I tried a stint at junior high in West Sacramento (the armpit of the Valley) and also
at Woodland High, but soon decided that kids that age were too much for me to handle
(what would I do now??!!) A job was open at the Davis Enterprise newspaper as
society editor, which I took. Over the next 2 years, as consciousness was araising, my
job mutated to family news editor, and I would have been happy to stay journalizing in
Davis forever, but Ron finished his degree and took a post doc in Boulder CO.
         We bought some land in the mountains and spent the fall, winter and spring
building our own house while living in an 8 x 20 garage room. Roughing it—wouldn‘t do
that again, but we were young…and strong! I worked for the PR office on campus and
also in the library. I taught Anna to ride and she rode all over the neighborhood, where
horses were transport and much as cars—or snowshoes!
        After the post doc, we moved to Hilo, HI, where Ron became the director of the
NOAA observatory on Mauna Loa, (no, not, not the stellar observatory on Mauna Kea),
a geophysical station on Mauna Loa where they monitor the atmosphere, particularly
carbon dioxide levels. I worked in a book store and at the UHH library, ever keeping in
touch with my language maven roots.
         We moved back to Boulder after 4 years in Hilo, where Ron continued his work
in atmospheric research. I took some time off to be a mom while we lived in our
beautiful house up in the mountains. I‘ve always been an amateur rider (very amateur)
so did a lot of riding in the lovely Rockies. Anna and I toured the local mountain trails on
big Charley, the quarter horse, and little Midj, the half-Arab. Even Ron got astride from
time to time.
         In 1980 (big change every decade it seems), we decided to make a major life
change and moved back to California (had been missing the family) to be pistachio
farmers. We had bought a piece of land in Placer county near the little town of Lincoln
in 1974; the pistachio trees were there as a bonus from the previous owner, a big
        Our farming years were less than sterling. I got very sick with an autoimmune
illness called dermatomysitis, and remember watching the hostage exchange on
Carter‘s inaugural day from my bed. Anna, who had gone from the sublime to the
ridiculous and back again, Boulder, Hawaii, Boulder, finished high school in Lincoln.
She attended Sierra for a year and then went to cosmetology school, going on to a
great career in that field.
        Thus began a few lean years. I had a not-so-good job and Ron worked for
Aerojet, but when his boss dropped dead at the company picnic, the company didn‘t
seem to know what to do with his talents. He began looking for a university teaching
job, landing a part-time job in Long Beach.
          Anna‘s boyfriend had asked me one day why I didn‘t take a look at Yuba College
in Marysville, and thus began a new chapter in my life as a teacher, but this time with
more mature students, well, at least most of the time. Ron and I both ended up in LA,
me teaching at various community colleges down there and Ron finishing out his career
at Northrop, working on the B-2 (don‘t like weapons of mass destruction, but one must
eat). He retired in 1999, and we moved back to the farm in Placer county. Anna
married a few years later and now lives in Palo Alto with husband Juan, dog Lucy and 6
cats. She works at a salon in Menlo Park.
         I had wanted to continue my work at the community college level, so in 1986 I
completed my Master‘s degree in English at Sac State, the ―backyard U.‖ I went to work
at Sierra Community College, where I am still happily slaving away, helping students
learn grammar, and I am a real stickler for those commas!
         The biggest recent event was a wildfire on Labor Day last year, which burned our
whole acreage, taking some trees, our barn, our shed, and almost, our house! We are
still recovering from it. Just before the fire, Ron had gotten reinterested in the pistachio
trees, so we waited all winter to see what had survived. We lost about 1/3 of the trees,
but are moving ahead with our plans to become farmers…again. Maybe this time will be
the charm. I plan to keep teaching until I have to be hauled away. I need the
         Looking forward to seeing old classmates, especially members of my mom‘s old
Girl Scout troop: Bunny Bahoh, Sylvia Selby(, (maybe Barby Mullan Lewis if she comes
with Sandy), Liz Barshay, Marian Barr, Janet Zercher, Christy Wilander, Mary Krentz,
Barbara Rhoda. (I have our picture from 1953—and also one from 1000 Oaks of our
class in about 1948?) .My mom died of a stroke in 1965; my dad the same year of
cancer; that was a tough year for me with a new hubbie and baby, and losing both my
parents. I know my mom loved that group of girls. Hope some of them show up. I
remember the folk dances that Mary‘s mom, Reddie, taught us. And the Northhill
Cotillion, with Dart Tinkham, which we began in the 6th grade at 1000 Oaks. I
remember dancing with Dale…? What was his last name? I remember riding bikes with
Barby Mullan and having Paul Lin, who lived just up the block on Vincente from Barby,
tease us a lot. As I get ready for the big event this June, I am sure much will come back
to me about those childhood days. It will also be fun to see my old sorority sisters from
Yaonda, and many more of you.
         See you there! You can email me at

Bill (Mike) Ambrose

Those who started out at Thousand Oaks know me as Mike, I became
“Bill” on transferring to Cragmont in the sixth grade. Though still a bit
confused about who I am, I have survived the last fifty years in decent

After BHS, I attended Oakland City College for a semester. THAT
worked out well, and I joined the U.S. Coast Guard. Four years later, I
had done some growing up, had a wife (the former Lynda Schifsky
from Berkeley), and a son, Jim. I embarked on a 17 year career with
the Concord Police Department, attained rank of sergeant. Managed
to get a BA in Criminal Justice during that time, had a daughter,
Susan, and eventually was divorced from Lynda. In 1980, I met and
married my present beautiful wife, Daryle. Adding her 4 children to my
two made for a very busy household for a while. I became a general
contractor, building houses in the Walnut Creek and Danville area
over the next 17 years.

In 1995, I changed careers again, became a building inspector for the
State of California and moved to Solano County, where we now live in
Green Valley west of Fairfield. Seven years with the state led to the
purchase of three mobile home parks that we operated until last year.
I have now hung up my spurs, and mostly retired. I do consulting
work for attorneys relating to mobile home park and housing issues,
and my bride and I spend some time traveling in our motor home.

All six of the “kids” live nearby, as do almost all of our 11
grandchildren. The oldest granddaughter and oldest grandson are
both in the Marine Corps, so it‟s hard to keep buttons on my shirts.

I‟m sure I‟ve left out some details, but that‟s my life in a nutshell.

We will be attending with my cousin Elly Stickney (nee Gardner), and
her husband Ron. We look forward to seeing how much older YOU all
look now.

Mike Ambrose

My name is John W. Batchan, Jr.

   I graduated BHS in 1959 with a low C GPA and attended Pierce Jr.
College to play football. Pierce had a championship team. I didn't
play much, quit the team and decided I needed to prepare for a living by
becoming more academic. During the 1960/61 academic year I attended
Contra Costa Jr. College(fall) and Merritt Jr. College(spring). From
September 1961 to Jan. 1965 I attended Prairie View A&M University. I
graduated with a BA degree in Sociology and a ROTC commission in
the Army.
   From March 1965 to March 1967 I served on active duty in the
Army. I was honorably discharged as a First Lieutenant.
   From 1967 to 1973 I worked in line managemen for Exxon. I served
as Sales Rep., taught service Station management, and programmed
major markets for future service station development
   From 1973 to 1976 I attended St Mary's University School of Law. I
graduated with a Juris Doctorate in Law.
   From 1976 to 1977, I studied for, sat for, and passed The Texas Bar
   From 1977 to present I have practiced law in Houston, Texas. The
highlights of my law career are as follows:
   1. Sr. partner in the law firm of Batchan and Scott for 15 years.
   2. Part time city attorney City of Prairie View for ten years.
   3. Part time city attorney City of Ames for 3 years.
   4. Hired 15 law students over the years to serve as legal assistants.
All of them passed the bar with two becoming Judges.
   I have two grown sons and two grandsons. I am divorced from my
son's mother. My current wife's name is Marva.

Here I am in the center of my family. My husband Bob and I have two sons, Owen on the left
and Allen behind me. Owen is a classics professor at Seattle Pacific University. He has two
daughters, Chrissy on his lap and Ruthie between her grandparents. Allen lives with us in
Washington DC and works as a narrator on Tourmobile. He would rather be in LA making
movies! This picture was taken at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley in August, 2007.
We were at a memorial service for my mother who died earlier that year in Tucson, AZ.
Owen‟s wife Ellen took the picture.

I majored in English in college. I thought I would be an English teacher but that never came to
pass. I was married right after graduation to Bob who was in seminary studying to be a
minister. That never came to pass either. Bob became a librarian and worked at the Library of
Congress for 37 years, now retired. I became an accountant and worked at many jobs but never
really had what you would call a career.

In 1974, we joined St. Marks Episcopal Church in Washington, DC. We have loved being part
of a real community which functions for us as an extended family. We have taught Sunday
School and also adult classes. I have been in the choir, on the Vestry, and am now helping to
conduct the audit of the books for 2008. I belong to three book groups at the church, one which
just passes books around, but the other two meet for monthly discussions. We also meet with a
marriage support group and a movie group. I taught a newcomers class this Spring. We will
work in a homeless shelter this summer.

Apart from the church and my granddaughters, what has brought me the most joy in the past
year has been the election of Barack Obama. You‟d think we‟d be so jaded by these huge mall
gatherings that we‟d stay home and watch the inauguration on TV. Instead, we bundled up in
coats and scarves and stood in the crowd with thousands of other hopeful folks to cheer him in.
I am expecting now that some of the nation‟s worst problems, such as health care,
unemployment, corporate greed, global warming, etc. will be addressed. Not solved overnight,
of course, but at least paid some serious attention. It is fun to read the newspaper again!

Roger Sutter Bio:

I graduated with an M.B.A from San Jose State, where I also met my wife (Karen)
of 44 years. We built a home in Saratoga, CA 38 years ago and had 2 children, a
son, Scott and a daughter, Staci. We spent most of the 70‟s and 80‟s going to their
athletic events. Both of them went on to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where Scott
was on the track team and Staci played soccer.

I worked for Xerox Corporation for 17 years in sales and various sales
management capacities. In addition, I worked for 3 other companies in the Silicon
Valley until my retirement in 2003.

During my working years, I went on a lot of business trips collecting frequent flyer
miles. Simultaneously, I developed an interest in landscape photography. Because
of this and curiosity, Karen and I have photographed and traveled to 66 countries
and 11 island chains, exploring the marvels and beauty this world has to offer.

Now we play with our 5 grandchildren and attend their events, as well as continue to travel. I
work about 25 hours a month as a consultant for a previous employer, play tennis 2 to 3 times a
week and hit the gym 5 times a week. In short, life has been very good the last 50 years.
   Kathleen Page Elliott * PO Box 4206 * Horseshoe Bay, TX
   830-598-4206 (home)
 830-456-4206 (cell) e-

WOW! 50 years! It is hard to
believe! We are among the
blessed to have lived long
enough to celebrate this
momentous celebration.

I regret that I have not been in
touch with ONE high school
classmate over these 50 years.
There were a group of us that
went on to Stanford, so we
saw each other occasionally, but I have even lost touch with all of them.

For that reason, I am making the journey from Texas to California to see as many of you as I can.
We share a rich history together and I want to get re-acquainted. How we do this in one evening,
I am not sure, but it is a start!
Photo: Kathleen in Lima, Peru in June of 2008.

Many of you may remember me as the smiling pom-pom girl. I am still smiling (though there
have been years of tears) and I am still an encourager. The noticeable change to you (besides
wrinkles and weight!) is that the day I graduated from college, I started using my given name of
Kathleen rather than Kathy, as you all called me. I answer to other names now as well, but one of
my favorites is “KK”, my grandmother name. What a delightful season of life this is! I married
the last quarter of my senior year at Stanford and was married for 22 years. I went through a very
painful divorce (note above mention of tears!) and have lived the last 23 years single again. My
faith has been a source of great strength, comfort and joy to me.

I have 2 wonderful, grown children (a boy and a girl) who are married with families. Their gift to
me is 5 delightful grandchildren. My only complaint is that they are too far away. My daughter
and family live in Duncan, Oklahoma, and my son and family live in Arlington, Texas. I also
have an honorary grandchild who lives in Florida.

I have lived most of my adult life in Texas. For the past 9 years, I have lived in the Texas Hill
Country (yes, Texas has a few hills!), which is an hour NW of Austin. I live on a lake, which is a
place my family and friends love to visit. I have 2 guest rooms that are continually used and have
been a blessing to so many!

I taught elementary school for several years in California, Massachusetts and Texas. When it
appeared that Texas was going to be home for a long time, I thought it best that I find a way to
“get around” so I applied for a passenger service position with American Airlines. After 22 years
as a gate agent (16 at the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport and 6 at the San Jose, CA, airport), I retired
with unlimited, lifetime flight benefits. What a blessing that has been……and do I ever “get
I use those flight benefits often to keep in touch with family and friends. I have recently started
using them to go on medical/dental mission trips. This past 12 months, I have been to Peru,
Honduras and Ecuador. I have learned how to keep the dentists supplied with sterilized dental
instruments and it is my joy to play with and entertain the children while their parents are having
dental work done. Oh, how I wish I had taken Spanish rather than French in high school!

Fair warning: I am a hugger! Handshakes just won‟t do! So be prepared for a big hug from
Kathleen……even if I don‟t recognize you and you don‟t recognize me! We have a lot to
celebrate and be thankful for. I look forward to seeing everyone. If I did not know you back
then, it is not too late to get acquainted!

Colin Bell earned a B.A. (1964) and M.A. (1966) in Statistics at U.C.
Berkeley and a Ph.D. (1969) in Administrative Sciences (Operations
Research) at Yale University. He was an assistant professor (1969-1974) at
U.C. Irvine, an associate professor and professor (1974-1980) at The
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and professor and associate dean at The
University of Iowa (1980-1998). He retired from academia in 1998 to work
at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA where he improved Microsoft
Excel‟s built-in statistical functions and Microsoft Project‟s scheduling

Colin retired again in 2003 and soon thereafter passed the I.R.S. examination
to become an Enrolled Agent. He and his wife, Jenny formed Bell and Bell
Tax Services LLP. They provide tax preparation and representation to clients
throughout the U.S. Photos of them (from the „90s; we‟re not that young) are
at .

Colin and Jenny recently celebrated their 35th anniversary. They live in
Bellevue, WA. Their son Kent and daughter Alison live and work
respectively in Amsterdam (Holland) and Hilo, HI.

Colin remembers BHS PE instructor Rich Powell making the entire class run
440 yards in 70 seconds and being one of 2 who failed to beat the time and
was forced to run it again. He later surprised himself by beating the 1979
Boston Marathon qualifying time of 3 hours and finishing 3,562nd out of
7,800 in the marathon.

He has fond memories of his experiences as manager (fancy title for water
boy) of the BHS football team, as sports editor of the Daily Jacket, and as a
student of Latin with Ruth Jennings (although his parents had to have a
conference with her when he started to focus his eyes and attention on girls
in the classroom and began earning C‟s), French with Mr. Daoust, and
English with Mr. Pendleton where he submitted works by Ogden Nash as
examples of poetry that he found especially interesting.

   Sylvia LePage Pizzini: Information Sheet for Berkeley High
                      School 50th Reunion

Children, school and work have been the focal points of my life over
the last 50 years. After high school graduation I attended Cal,
supporting myself as a lab assistant and playground director. In my
junior year I got married and had a baby – Ken, now 46. I finished
Cal after five years and moved to Los Angeles where I went to work
as a social worker for the county. My husband at the time went to
Vietnam, and after he returned we had a second child – Cathy, now
42. Shortly after Cathy‘s birth I got divorced, and I spent the next 12
years as a single parent (except for a few months when I had an ill-
fated second marriage).

In 1970 I received a scholarship to get a Master of Social Work
degree and moved with my two young children to New York where I
attended Hunter College School of Social Work, returning to Los
Angeles with MSW in hand in 1972. I continued in management
positions with the county until 1979 when I moved to Sacramento to
marry my current husband, Marty Morgenstern, and became
stepmother to his daughter – Joy, now50
In Sacramento I worked for the state, and in 1984 I moved to Santa
Clara County to be director of family and children‘s services. The
management challenges of running a large public organization led me
back to school, this time for a Doctor of Public Administration through
the University of Southern California‘s program for working
professionals. For some reason working 80 hours per week as well
as attending graduate school led to another divorce.

Ready for a fresh adventure, in 1994 I moved to Seattle where my
son, his wife and my granddaughter – Emily, now 18, lived and went
to work for a nonprofit. During this time, Marty and I renewed our
relationship, and in 2000 we remarried in Sacramento. My career
continued in social services with the state until 2004 when we move
to Oakland where I am now working for Seneca Center, a nonprofit
agency devoted to helping children and families through the most
difficult times in their lives. My family grew in 2005 when my
daughter and her husband had our grandson, Nathan, and in 2007
when Marty‘s daughter and her wife had our granddaughter, Indigo.

This script of my life is not what I ever imagined while at Berkeley
High School. Though the pathway has had lots of twists and turns, at
this time I am so happy to be a grandmother and to work with children
and families in communities throughout the Bay Area.

I am totally bummed that I cannot be at our 50th reunion with all of
you! The date coincided with the only time my children, children-in-
law and grandchildren could get together for a family reunion in
Monterey. Please know that my thoughts and good wishes are with
you as you gather in celebration in Berkeley.

                                                Sylvia LePage Pizzini
                                                      (510) 390-6832

                                                        May 14, 2009
Laurence Kahn – Spring of 1959

Upon graduation from BHS I attended Oakland City College while working
at the California Theatre. I left Oakland City and transferred to Diablo
Valley College. In November of 1963 I was drafted into the U.S. Army. I
spent a year in Viet Nam from 1964 – 1965. Upon my honorable discharge
from the Army I went to work for the State of California. I left the State in
1967 and in 1968 I returned to school to pursue a career in Data Processing.
I spent 28 years in the field working for a number of companies including
Crown Zellerbach, Del Monte and EDS. In 1989 I became active in the
American Legion thru Lafayette Post 517. I served as the Commander of the
Post from 1993 – 1994, and the Ninth District from 1996- 1997 and 1998 –
1999. In 2007 I was elected Dept. Vice Commander for Area 2. I continue to
stay active in the Legion and am currently involved with the Legion‟s Boys
State program. I have worked on the past 5 Class reunions and enjoy staying
in touch with my classmates. While I am currently living in Concord, Ca I
still consider myself a “Berkeley Boy”. I am looking forward to renewing
old friendships and reminiscing about the “Good Old Days”.

Walt Ritchie

After graduating from BHS I spent three years at UC Davis and then transferred to Cal
for two years where I graduated in 1965 with a BS in Civil Engineering. After
graduation, I travelled to Alaska for a brief summer job. I ended up staying in Alaska for
seven years working for the State Division of Aviation designing and building airports.
During those seven years I travelled through much of Alaska and lived in Dillingham,
Anchorage, Fairbanks, Cordova and Ketchikan.

While in Cordova I met my wife Thelma (she is from Eastern Washington and was
teaching school in Cordova). We were married in 1969 and spent the next three years in
Ketchikan. In 1972 we moved to Washington State and have lived here ever since. We
live on Mercer Island which is located in the middle of Lake Washington just east of
Seattle. I worked for the Port of Seattle (both at the airport and the seaport) from 1972
through 1998. For the last 13 years with the Port I was the Chief Engineer where I was
responsible for all capital improvements at SeaTac International Airport and on the
Seattle waterfront. After retiring from the Port I consulted for 7 years (primarily in
Seattle, Vancouver and Ketchikan) retiring for good in 2006. Over the years I was
fortunate to participate in a number of national and international organizations and was
the recipient of several national awards/medals. Thelma was a stay at home mom when
our kids were young, so she is still enjoying teaching fifth grade. She is also the author
of three children‟s novels and the recipient of several local and national awards.
We have three children. Heather was born in Ketchikan, is married to Adam Richardson
and they have three children, Benjamin, Jon and Anna. They live in Moscow, Russia
where they are doing missionary work. Jeff was born in Kirkland, is married to Lisa and
they have one son, Caleb. Jeff is a CPA with Starbucks and they live in nearby
Redmond. Brian was born in Bellevue, is married to Lesley and they have one son Elijah
with another son due on June 11. Brian is an actuarial with Premera Blue Cross and they
live in nearby Edmonds.

We enjoy spending time with family and friends (our grand children keep us
busy), travel and hiking. I also enjoy golf and backpacking.

Hope Berger
my life after BHS

      teacher: grades 3, 6, 7 and 8
      bedside RN
            adult oncology
            back gives out - retraining
            neonatal intensive care
      retire 2006

          1 - 2 cats and 1 - 2 dogs
          music, art, dance

John Urho Kemp bios.
Attended U.C. Berkeley, graduated with B.S. in Chemical
Engineering. Worked for Union Oil of California for 18 months. Then
quit to study Scientology in England and Los Angeles until 1971.
Lived in Los Angeles for about 11 years operating a store dealing in
used and antiques. Became very interested in philosophical and
metaphysical rersearch. Moved back to Berkeley in early 80's and
continued research. Attended meetings of the Institute of Divine
Metaphysical Research in 1998 and later became and still am a
member. Interested in healing and rejeuvenation through hot springs
and diet.
John Urho Kemp.

After teaching, writing policy drafts, and doing conflict resolution, I
said "good-by" to Berkeley, and moved a couple of years ago to
Paradise, a real town in the Sierra foothills just east of Chico. I'm
feeling more and more at home and just pleased to be here.

I love the trees, the blue sky, the quiet, the simplicity of life in a
smaller place, the ease of meeting people, the sense of
interconnectedness. All summer long, I receive and give away fruit
from the garden. It's been a wonderful way of finding community.

In this foothill town, you can pick your weather. Either choosing to
live lower down on the ridge with hot summers and no snow, or
higher up, with cooler summers and occasional snow.

With all this good news, I realize that old friends are a missing piece
of Paradise. There is something wonderful about friends I've known
for years. A kind of depth of understanding, of acceptance. And if
there is a reason for reunion pages, it is wanting to say in touch, to
send a hug, to say "thank you for being part of my life."

Ruth Kittel

                                    Jay Manley
During the summer immediately following our graduation, and on the encouragement of
our drama teacher, Florence Schwimley, I attended a theatre workshop at San Francisco
State. It was a perfect introduction to the drama department there, and continued my
mentorship with Mrs. Schwimley. She kept her eye on me during my four years at State,
and when I graduated, recommended me for a teaching job at Berkeley High. I taught
English for one year, just four years older than my students, and now a colleague of many
of the teachers you remember, and “apprenticed” with Florence. She retired the next
spring and I succeeded her as the drama teacher. For some of you who may remember
Mrs. Schwimley as a a frightening bear of a person, it was all bark and no bite; she was
one of the most loving and generous people I have known. It was fun to watch her and
our speech teacher, Dick Ehlers – a real odd couple – never in the romantic sense, but
inseparable. In her later years, Florence lived with her daughter and son-in-law, and
when she passed, Dick moved in and was cared for by them until his death.

It was an exciting time to be at BHS. Berkeley voluntarily desegregated all of its schools.
Political an social upheaval abounded: Civil Rights, Viet Nam, Free Speech, People‟s
Park, sex, drugs, rock‟n‟roll! There was never a dull moment. And I was able to direct
challenging plays for so many eager and gifted students. My first big show in 1964 was
an interracial “Romeo and Juliet,” and from then on I regularly produced Shakespeare,
modern plays, musicals and lots of multi-ethnic works.

I earned a masters degree at S.F. State, and a doctorate at U.C. Berkeley, and spent the
last twenty-five years of my teaching career at Foothill College in the South Bay. I
retired from formal teaching three years ago, though I still act as a guest director there on
a regular basis. I am grateful that my productions have been recognized with many Bay
Area Theatre Critics Circle awards for outstanding production and direction, and in 1996
I was honored by the State of California with the Hayward Award for Excellence in
Community College Teaching.

My personal life has had some “drama,” as well. Following a seven-year marriage,
which produced two wonderful sons, I came to grips with my sexual identity and came
out as a gay man. A painful but necessary transformation. Fast forward, I have been
living with my partner, Vance Martin, for 21 years. He is an artist and art dealer. Last
year we were married during the brief window of opportunity for same-sex marriage in
California. We split our time between our home in Kensington and a great redwoods
retreat in Guerneville.

I spend my time directing (“The
Producers” at Foothill this summer),
continuing Vance‟s and my 29-year
business conducting theatre tours to
various cities
, and visiting our two sons, Chris, who
lives in Kona with his fiancée Eme,
and Geoff who lives with his wife
Rachel and our gorgeous first grand
child, Eleanore, in Mozambique. So
travel is a constant with us. We try to
stay active in politics, having worked
on both the Obama and “No on 8”
campaigns, and doing our small part to
try to save the environment and our

(Photo: Jay, left, and Vance, right, toasting all
of you!)


Class of 60

Hello fellow classmates. I am officially in the class of 59, but I feel a
connection to all of my friends and alums through out the years. The
Evans family had 2 girls: MaryJo and (Opal deceased) and 5
brothers: Alfred, (Harold deceased), Art, Kit and Robert. So we spent
a lot of years on campus and we have all seen a lot of changes. I
return to Berkeley often and have enjoyed taking my own family,
Babe, my wife of 22 years and my two sons, Ogadae, age 32 and
Sage, who just turned 20, on a nostalgic walk down memory lane.
Mother, Ophelia and Father, Alfred Sr. have left us, but I can still feel
their present in the City. My Mother was a freelance writer for the
Berkeley Daily Gazette newspaper and my Father was the first black
 man to own his own business in Berkeley.
San Pablo Park was my “backyard” and I have great memories of a
determined dream to have a career making movies. San Pablo Park,
was where I studied, tap,
gymnastics, ballroom dancing, boxing and so many other disciplines
that lead to my dreams becoming a reality. I left Berkeley at age 17,
and after San Jose City College I attended Prairie View
A&M Univ. I was in the Army during the Viet Nam war and later
performed on the College curcuit. Soon I landed back in California,
this time Los Angeles. I studied Theatre with the late Frank Silvera
and traveled to New York to star in the original Broadway production
of “Amen Corner”, by James Baldwin. Then I began to travel the
country, lived aboard, learned several languages, played
the guitar, harmonica and sang folk and blues for many years. After
living in NY for 10 years, I returned to L.A. and continued my acting
career. I have
had the fortune to co-star in over 70 films including, “Soldier‟s Story”
with Denzel Washington, “Die Hard II” with Bruce Willis, and “Metro”
with Eddie Murphy. I love theatre and have worked in multiple plays
and, most recently you can see me in a AT&T commercial with World
Welter Weight Boxing Champion, Floyd Mayweather and announcer,
Bill Curtis.
Berkeley High School set the pace for my life and the friends I made
there have stayed with me my entire life. I am so proud to say that I
was inducted into the Berkeley High School Hall of Fame and my
Berkeley High School diving record still
stands today!

Romer Stevenson
After graduating from BHS, I spent two years at Oregon State as a
zoology major. I transferred to Berkeley in 1962, when I realized that
I was living my mother‘s dream for me, and not my own. I majored in
Sociology at Berkeley, graduating in 1964. I spent a year with the
American Red Cross in Korea as a Recreation Aide (―Doughnut
Dolly‖), and traveled around the Far East on my R&Rs. I came back
to the Bay Area in 1965, and went to work for the Social Security
Administration. During that time, I met my husband John at a ―Never
On Friday‖ social. We have been together since that first dance, and
married for almost 41 years. When our oldest son Matthew was born,
I started the life of a ―Stay-at-home Mom‖. It only lasted 6 years. I
started back to school in 1978 when my son David was 3, and
entered Cal State Hayward‘s (CSEB) MBA program. During the
middle of my studies, we moved to Anchorage and I transferred to the
University of Alaska, Anchorage, where I received my MBA in 1985.
At that time, we moved back to the East Bay and I finished up some
accounting classes at CSUH, and sat and passed the CPA exam in
1986. I spent 5 years in public accounting, and the past 18 years in
corporate accounting. I am currently working for Kaiser Permanente
in Pleasanton, and thoroughly enjoying myself.    I do tell them that I
am planning to retire when I am 70 – just so they can start
succession planning! John and I have 2 sons, Matthew and David,
and one grandson. We like to travel, but haven‘t done too much of it
(Europe in 1970, and Japan in 1999), what with taking care of my
parents in their last years, and my working. It is hard to pull me away
from my desk! We do like to ballroom dance, and spent several
years in the 1990s taking lessons. Now we are into walking, and try
to walk the Bay to Breakers race each year. We also love to attend
the theater, opera, and CAL football and basketball games. I need to
use a schedule to keep track of our weekend activities! I have
belonged to a gourmet cooking group since 1973. I love to read and
get lots of reading done riding back and forth to work on BART.
Professionally, I maintain my CPA license, and am very active in the
Institute of Management Accountants. I try to maintain a work – life
balance with friends and other activities.

After high school I attended Peralta Jr. College, Laney Campus, for a
year, graduated from the Dental Assisting Program and worked as a
Dental Assistant for a few years. Later worked as an Administrative
Aide at Kaiser Hospital in Oakland and moved to Oregon in 1973.
Married in 1974 and lived several different places in Oregon. I have
one son. I divorced after 25 years of marriage. My parents moved to
Oregon City in 2001 and it was great to have five years with them
until they both died in 2006. My church was a big blessing to me
when I had cancer three years ago. Retired from Customer Service at
UPS and now live in Oregon City with my Siberian Husky, Poodle
and five cats.

Thanks for doing these bios - they are really wonderful to read.
Roberta Lauren Adrian
Most of my friends were in Mr. Mencken's math class. He was a great
teacher to inspire my math career. I have often remembered him.
Also, I was fond of my choir teacher Dr. Earl Blakeslee, and we kept
in contact. I have only positive recollections from high school, in spite
of being a loner. My main social activities were with the High School
choir and a church group. My only inter-school sports team was the
cross-country team (which didn't cut anyone), but I "distinguished"
myself only by always finishing, even if last. I did make an effort to
play basketball by practicing rebounding by jumping up to the rim,
although I did not make the school team, so someone nicknamed me
"jumping Johnny," which I liked. My other prominence came from a
part as Melchior (one of the ―Three Kings‖) in Amahl and the Night
Visitors (also with Eddie Brown and Jay Manley). It was a great
costume and makeup. Also, I played in the crowd scene for the play
"Inherit the Wind."

After graduation, I studied anthropology and math at Cal Berkeley for
10 years of turbulence, and by persistence, if not brilliance, I finally
got a Ph.D. in applied math at Cal Berkeley and joined Boeing. In
1970, I married Ginny, a former Spanish Teacher, and we had two
sons, Eric and David. I worked 31 years at Boeing in aerospace
math, and am now retired in Redmond, WA near Seattle. We have
enjoyed traveling to Europe, Egypt, and Israel. I continue to lecture
for U. Washington‘s Osher Institute (for Seniors) on: Biomimicry
(technology copied from animals), Space Exploration, and Math in the
Arts. I also volunteer lecture for schools and churches on math,
astronomy, archeology, Intelligent-Design/creation/evolution, animal
technology, and Bible history using classical art. My son Eric & wife
Anita had two girls, now 4 and 7 years old, who live nearby, so we
babysit a lot, and I help teach science at their Classical Christian
School. My son David is a film composer and we both enjoy operas
together around the country. My brief life story is at:
email: Johnson@

John N. Johnson

            What was I doing while 50 years passed?????
                 “Jacki Sue” Smith
It absolutely does not seem possible that it has been 50
years, nor is it possible that I will be turning 68 years old.
I have so many things I want to do and to learn! I was
going to start playing golf when I was 50 I always said, I
still haven’t, although Vicki Bottari and Vicki Lee are both
out there.
What have I done? A bunch of schooling – Cal Berkeley,
then Dominican University of California, then The Wright
Institute at Berkeley, where I earned my doctorate in Psychology. I am a
clinically licensed psychologist, and have been practicing as Dr. Sue Fleckles
since 1981 in various venues, but always keeping a private practice in Marin. I
have been active in the Marin County Psychological Association, serving on
the Executive Board for 18 years, including President. I also have spent many
years supervising post-doc interns, so they can learn to practice. I am a
member of many associations, local, national and international, dealing with
trauma, psychosis, dissociative disorders, independent practice, and
disability specialties. I am also in two consultation groups, one on
neuroscience, (which is the cutting edge of the field today, very exciting) --
and one on peer review of clinical cases. Unrelated to psychology, I am also
active in our local American Association of University Women.
I married Charlie Fleckles in 1961, while we were students at Cal Berkeley.
He is now a psychiatrist and a Jungian analyst. We lived in Berkeley, LA,
Boston and Virginia. In 1973, we moved into this house, and we all “grew up”
here. We are on the edge of the watershed land and have many miles of
hiking trails right here. We have two children, both boys, born in 1965
(Robin John) and 1968 (Eric Allan)., and I was a stay-at-home Mom for a
while. They are now in their 40s now; each one is interesting and stimulating,
a pleasure to talk with – politics, sports, books, music, the state of the
world. I do not have any grandchildren, so that’s that, it just wasn’t in the
cards, although each of them is in a long-term relationship with a wonderful
Charlie and I have travelled a little over the years – three weeks in Ireland
and England, and three weeks in Thailand and Cambodia. Mostly we go
camping. We have camped across Canada, and much of the western United
States. That was real camping. (These days “camping” is somewhat of a
misnomer- a camper on the bed of our truck, which has a queen-sized bed,
refrigerator, freezer, sink, stove, oven, dining area, toilet, sink and shower –
not exactly roughing it, although we spend as much time as possible out of
doors.) It is NOT an RV – just the length of the truck, and no generator or
stuff. We camp one weekend a month, plus several weeks during the year,
and plan to travel the United States in our camper when we retire, if we
ever can. At this point, we each are still practicing, and enjoying that, thank
I am very pleased with the move away from Bush/Cheney, and the hope that
this country will move toward living values – I feel as if our Berkeley
heritage may be coming to fruition. I am hopeful for the first time in years!

Jenny (Christina) Engstrand BHS bio

HI there and here is my story, and I'm sticking to it. Those who do remember me
may recall my love for sports car racing and my desire to draw Porsche logos just
about every class I attended. And If I wasn't drawing sports car logos, I was
sneaking off to Kips to practice pool. I barely "got out of BHS" and took with me
grades befitting a student who was ADD and dyslexic - both of these concepts
unknown back in the day.

That being the case, I didn't attend graduation nor buy a year book. Instead I
plunged headlong into a life of variety; I had many lessons to learn. Lets see, I
married in June 1959 which I left in a year. We with ADD brains are not called
risk takers for nothing.
Having learned very little, I kept right on going. I worked for a company with
headquarters in Hawaii and feel in love with these islands. Less risky than a
marriage? Nope, not really. Needing to move on, I returned to the Bay Area and
after several short term office jobs, learned short hand and became a real
secretary. The Kingston Trio hired me to be one of their secretaries. Sports car
racing was still in my blood and the Trio's owner, Frank Werber, their bass player
Nick Reynolds and their friend Dickie Smoothers were avid SCCA road racers.
My immediate boss was the PR Director for the ill fated group The We 5 which
was owned by the Trio. Most of you will remember their one huge hit, "Woke up
this Morning; You were on my Mind."

The hippies ruled San Francisco, but I wasn't one; the Kingston Trio retired, the
We 5 expired and after doing a gig in LA for another record company realized I
didn't belong in the LA scene and left the record business .I

Next I decided I should get married as I was 26 and hadn't settled down; surely a
husband would be the ticket. One day, while at a sports car race at Laguna Seca I
kept the lap charts for the announcers) I casually said to God, "What I need is a
single guy with a Ferrari." This seemed to be an outlandish request at the time;
but God being All-Mighty (I've just recently come to realize this truth and go to
church and love God) and having a sense of humor and much patience found and
brought me this guy straight away!

Skip and I were married, and I moved to Modesto. Going from Mill Valley and
the City to Modesto was and still is a cultural challenge. Skip had graduated from
Harvard cum MBA at the top of his class, and I ? well I had barely graduated high
school so I figured I was finally secure; I married a smart successful guy who
went on to be Gallo Winery's first V.P. of Marketing and Advertising. His career
took off and I trailed behind raising two cool kids and finally began to learn a bit
about how to live a good life or so I incorrectly thought. It took nine years to
realize no amount of money, no number of houses in Modesto nor at beaches, nor
how many sports cars we owned could cure a disastrous marriage. All looked
super on the outside, but the reality was much different. I was to miserable to life,
but God was generous and at age 38, divorced and determined, I applied to Ca
State Stanislaus College for entry.

Speeding along after twelve or so years I graduated with honors and an English
Single Subject Teaching Degree; my goal was to have a job by age fifty. During
those twelve years I also went to a few EST workshops, read New Age books and
learned Astrology.

In September 1991 I began my first teaching job at Turlock High School with one
hundred and fifty "at-risk" teenagers who believed they couldn't do much but get
in trouble. I knew differently! The kids nick named me Ms E after the now old
old school rapper EZ E. They complained, "Ms E we thought you might be an
easy teacher and we couldn't say you last name so we named you Ms. E, but you
aren't very easy." I kept them accountable and hopefully a few didn't follow their
family's habit of going to jail. Many of their family members were locked up at
DVI, a California Department of Corrections prison in Tracy. What a
forshadowed event for my own life.

For the past five years I've been right there at DVI in Tracy as an English teacher.
I love my current job and my original mission. I continue to use 'being an English
teacher' to teach patience, determination and self discipline. I am grateful I
learned the value of these qualities plus just plain hard work. Every day when I'm
down 'in the units' I take my original mission with me; I love working with the

In addition, I've added to my teaching mission; the inmates called "lifers" those
originally sentenced with possibility of parole who have served their time for their
crime need to be set free. They are political prisoners. Most of these twenty
thousand inmates have served at least five years past their original sentence, have
much remorse, have spent years creating strong positive characters and will
contribute much to our society once they go home. Make no mistake there are
some "bad badger" inmates who don't have possibility of parole and need to
remain forever locked up.

My own life has shown me we have the possibility of changing and making our
lifes meaningful. I'm so grateful for all I have learned and my two kids Cam and
Molly rock! see ya' in June....bye for now Jenny Laurence Kahn – Spring of
Update for Richard M. Stellina (Rich), BHS Class of Fall

Following the 1960 graduation from Berkeley High School, enrolled in Oakland City
College (OCC);

Graduated OCC in 1963 with Associated Arts degree in Science and Mathematics;

Enlisted in the United States Air Force and served as an airborne early warning radar
repair technician from 1963 to 1967;

Married Ruth Ann Robie (Fall 1961 BHS graduate) in 1965;

Attended California State Polytechnic University (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo) from 1967
to 1970, graduating with a BS degree in Metallurgical Engineering;

Hired on with Union Oil Company of California (Unocal) in 1970 and worked at the
Rodeo, California refinery, first as the refinery‟s
metallurgical/corrosion/welding/pressure vessel engineer, and later as the Supervisor of
the Metallurgical Engineering and Inspection Department;

Retired from Unocal in 1998 after 28 years of service;
Obtained California professional engineer licenses in Corrosion Engineering and
Metallurgical Engineering and certification as a California Boiler and Pressure Vessel

Member of the American Society for Metals (Chairman, Golden Gate Chapter,1981-82),
American Welding Society, National Association of Corrosion Engineers, and the
California Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors Association;

Have two children, daughter Christine (1970) and son Michael (1974);

Christine (1992 graduate of UC Santa Barbara, BS in Mechanical Engineering) remains
single and is currently a language student in Hanoi, Vietnam;

Michael is a licensed contractor living in Foresthill, California, with his wife and our
grandsons Brandon (8) and Joseph (1);

Currently am living in El Cerrito, California, enjoying cycling, gardening, teaching an
introduction to computers course at the El Cerrito Senior Center, working pro bono at a
friend‟s computer store, serving as treasurer of the Albany Lions Club, and taking Ruth
and the two dogs on our daily one mile walks;

I look forward to seeing everyone at the June 13th reunion!

One of the most cherished memories of my high school experience
was hosting an American Field Service exchange student, Juhani
Ojajarvi, fromHelsinki, Finland, who stayed with our family and
attended BHS for our senior year. We have kept in touch for all of
these 50 years, and he will be attending the reunion. After BHS and
college, I went to OCS in Newport, RI, after which I was
commissioned in the US Navy. I fulfilled my 3 year obligation serving
as a communications officer on an admirals staff. Each year we
would spend 6 months in our home port of San Diego and 6 months
on an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea, from which the admiral
would command the fleet. I was always fascinated with flying, so after
completing my military obligation, I used the GI Bill to finance flight
training and completed my private and commercial licenses, single
engine land and sea, multiengine land and instrument ratings. I flew
as much as possible, doing some charter work, and family flying to
British Columbia, Mexico, Boston,Florida, etc. In 1967 I opened a
retail store on Union St. in San Francisco, selling gourmet cookware
and culinary accessories. In 1971 we opened a second store in Mill
Valley, expanding into additional merchandise such as rugs, baskets,
ethnic art pieces and importing containers of antique English, Irish
and Scandinavian furniture from Europe.

                                                In September, 1970,
through a mutual friend, I met a lady who was a flight attendant with
TWA. On a trip from Frankfurt to New York, the plane was
highjacked, landing on the Jordanian desert, along with a Swiss Air
and BOAC plane, where passengers and crew spent 7 days and 7
nights. After the ordeal, she came to San Francisco for some R & R,
at which time we met, and were married in June, 1971. We always
had a boat, enjoying sailing on the bay, along with hiking, biking and
traveling, using the airline benefits to which we were entitled.
Tragically, on an early morning hike, my healthy wife Rosemarie, had
a seizure on the trail and we rushed her to emergency. Eventually it
was diagnosed as Glioblastoma Multiforme, the most aggressive type
of primary brain tumors in humans. It was a challenging 2 year
ordeal. I dedicated my life to her, but eventually lost her in January,
2002. One year later, my youngest sister, who helped with my wife,
was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and in one year
she was gone at the age of 50. Life is not always fair and it has made
me reassess. I feel I must live life to the fullest, enjoying each and
every day for these 2 woman, who were deprived of the opportunity
to do so. These two were inspirational, and I am grateful that I had
the opportunity to know them as they enhanced and enriched my life
immeasurably. In 2006 I retired, after 39 years in business, and now I
am enjoying friendships, relationships and life in general.

Mike Jurs

After graduation for BHS, I started college, but it took me ten years to
finish (I never claimed to be bright!) . In the interim, I held several
jobs, (including six years working in the lab of the State Health
Department ), served in the US Army ( supervising a microbiology lab
and teaching clinical microbiology), and got married. I answered the
call of the Los Angeles Probation Department, and worked as a
Probation Officer for 30 years, before retiring in 1999

Myrtle, my wife of 42 years, and I had one son, now deceased. We have
enjoyed Southern Californialiving since 1967, and feel like natives.

I was an avid ocean fisherman, but now focus on cooking, sports, and
casino gambling.

  Randy Anderson

Shortly after graduating from BHS in June of ’59 (originally in the
Jan ’60 class) I attended Dental Assistants Training School in San Francisco
With Patty Johnston. Patty and I have maintained a close relationship the
Entire 50 years.

I worked as a Dental Assistant in Oakland, Berkeley and Montclair until
Nov, ’66. In early 1966 I married Hayden King of McAllen TX who
Had remained here after he got out of the air wing of the Navy. We had our first
Child, JoEll as Christmas present that year. . Bought a home in Albany and lived
there until 1973 when we moved to Dublin.

 Hayden worked at PG&E in SF in the telecom dept for over 28 yrs when he was
“involuntarily” voluntarily retired during the 1993 clearing out of middle
management. He eventually found work in telecom until he retired in 2005.

Our son Ryan was born in 1969 and another daughter Valerie in 1971
I was able to be a stay at home mom until my youngest was about 7
And then I had part time and full time jobs as a waitress, title examiner,
Proof reader, optometric assistant. In 1985 I opened a yogurt shop which
I ran for 5 years. I eventually also worked in customer service for a cell co and a
Legal assistant at a credit card co where I also became a notary.

I’m currently a Notary Loan Signing Agent and also an administrative
Assistant for a public administrator for whom I do a fire chasing spread sheet
Each day and also do fire inventories.

Unfortunately in 1991 my oldest daughter JoEll was killed in a car accident
We miss her very much.

 Hayden passed away in 2006 just after we celebrated
Our 40th wedding anniversary. I’ve had hard time coping with his loss,
But I’m working at it. My Mom fell and broke her hip a few months later and
passed in May 2007 at the age of 94. She lived a long life.

 I spend my spare time in art classes, for sketching, Water colors and collage.
I’ve always done some sort of art work, jewelry making etc. I did surface design
on clothing and sold them for about 5 years.

My son Ryan lives on Kona, Hi and works for Engineered Environments, based in
Alameda. His company can install smart houses, TV screens the length of your
Outdoor pool and anything electronic in your home. His company moved him
To Hi 5 years ago and he is a project engineer.

My daughter Valerie went on an African Photo safari by herself in 2002 for 29
days thru 6 countries and then to Egypt for 12 days. She had a 6 week
Sabbatical and knew she’d never get another chance like that. There were only
9 people on the tour and she fell in love with the Aussie. They had their 1st date
On the isle of Zanzibar. She married Rob Main in Sept, 2006. She walked
herself down the isle as no one could have taken her dad’s place. We made it a
joyous occasion after much sorrow 3 months earlier.

She now lives in New Castle, NSW approximately 2½ hours north of Sydney and
Made me a very happy grandma on Valentines Day 2007. His name is Cooper
Johannes Main. Johannes is for Johannesburg so Africa where they first met.
Cooper was born while I was on Kona for my son’s wedding which took place
3 days later, and then I left for 5 weeks in Aus.

Valerie is giving me a grand-daughter in September so I’ll be off to Aus again in
December to spend the holidays there and come back thru HI.

I had a lot of fun finding a lot of my classmate for this reunion and hope I get
To talk to those of you who I found. I’m going to visit Diane Dixon Orr who lives
In Adelaide, Aus when I go over there. She’s kindly invited me.

It’s amazing how small the world is sometimes. I contacted Don Ellis in El
Cerrito and in chatting with him discovered his son lives in the same town
Where my daughter’s in laws live. It’s a little town called Dubbo in the middle of
nowhere in Aus. What a wonderful universe we live in to have such coindences.
Peace and love to you all.

Joellen Jacobson King

Subject: berkeley High Reunion - What I have been doing the last 50 years.

After graduating from Berkeley High School, I got married. I have 5 children.
Denise, Nathaniel, Jr., Deirdre, Deneil and Dion. I have 14 Grandchildren.
I retired after working 36 years with the Federal Government. I worked at the
IImmigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and IRS. I spent the last 34 years
working for the Department of Labor as a Federal Investigator.

I investigated Employers for compliance with the Minimum Wage and Overtime
requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. I enforced Child Labor Laws,
compliance in the Garment industry, and compliance for Migrant workers.

I also enforced compliance with the Age Discrimination Law for workers from 40
to 70 years of age.

I now spend some of my time Babysitting, some traveling and sometimes I work

Catherine Kent McDaniel


                       A Journey of 50 years

Fifty years…it is difficult to believe those years have passed so quickly
since that night on June 12, 1959 I walked across the stage of Berkeley
Community Theatre to receive my high school diploma with the class of
1959. Wow!

As for me, I did not venture far from my local roots of Berkeley and
Oakland. I attended a local community college before starting my
working career. My career as a civilian employee with the U. S. Navy
lasted 36 ½ years ending with my retirement in 1997 as a Management
Analyst. After a short retirement of two years, I returned to the work
world as a part-time employee with Kaiser Permanente. I continue to
work part-time as a HR Benefits Analyst with plans for a second
retirement at the end of this year.

I am the proud mother of one daughter, Courtney, a longshoreman with
Pacific Maritime Association and one grandson, D’Mitri, age 15, who will
accompany me to my 50th class reunion.

I treasure the fond memories of my classmates and friends, Joyce Davis
and Ollie Davis who passed away several years ago. Their presence will
be missed!
Over the years, I have enjoyed traveling both near and far, community
work, spending time with my extended family, and will continue to remain
active in the upcoming retirement years. I look forward to renewing old
acquaintances and high school memories with my classmates.

(Written by Joellen Jacobson King for Patty Johnston Zarneke)

After graduation Patty attended Dental Assistants Training School in San Francisco.
Upon graduation from the training school she started working for a Dr. Jensen on Dwight
way in Berkeley. We lived in an apt across the street for at least one year together.

After 3 years she went to work for Duchess Catering Service of Oakland, and managed
the two restaurants Duchess had at the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, San
Francisco. She also worked as a Dietician Assistant at Alta Bates in Berkeley.

In June, 1969 she married Terrell Zarneke who had been my husband‟s room-mate after
They got out of the navy. Patty gave birth to her daughter Laura in Nov, 1970. Laura is
Is God-daughter to my husband and myself. . Laura is best friends with my daughter
Valerie who is 4 months younger. They call themselves “God Sisters”. Laura feels like
my children are her siblings as we were always together taking vacations for over 25
years, and having family outings together when they lived here in Ca. We also spent a lot
of Thanksgiving and Christmas‟s together. We‟re family!

They moved to Oakland and she started working for American Savings & Loan who later
Became World Savings.

They moved to Gardnerville NV when Terry got a job there. Patty worked for Douglas
Co. as a deputy auditor for about 10 years.

They moved back to California in 1985 and she went to work for the El Dorado Irrigation
District and the Bureau of Reclamation for 12 years. She retired in 1997 due to
Health issues.

She was a very fine Tole Painter for about 8 years until carpal tunnel issues made her
stop. I have many beautiful things she painted displayed proudly in my home.

Patty became “Nana” when Nicolas Fitzgerald to her daughter was born in 1985 in
Portland Or. I flew up and met them when Laura went into labor. I was also at the birth
of Daniel who was born in 1988, but my daughter Valerie and I missed the birth of Emma
by 15 minutes in 2004.
Pat says she loves being Nana!

Gosh has it been 50 years; where have they gone and what has been happening
in my life. Well after BHS it was architecture at Cal and a Bachelor of Arch.
Degree in 1964. From '64 to '66 I worked at the Oakland Redevelopment
Agency, but Europe and the Old World's art and archeological sites studied in
architectural history were calling. One would need, at least, a year to see that would require a job.
Since they were still rebuilding after the war in Germany, that seemed to be the
logical place to start. So in January of '66 off to Stuttgart; got a job at a state
planning office(mind you without speaking a word of German--they were very
kind and let me get by with English and what French I remembered from Mr.
Daoust and Ms. Repetto's classes) and stayed there for 6 months. It was too
cold for a Berkeley girl, 9°C--about 48°F in July (pre-global warming).
So on to Roma where th only other woman who graduated with me in
architecture was living and working. Got a job there doing planning in
Lybia, then designing hospitals in Vietnam and Irag, as well as an infamous
prison, infrastructure plans for Tunisia, hotels in Roma, banks in Saudi Arabia, as
well as --the most exciting job--an entire city for 20,000.
In '69 a friend was so kind to bring Mauro Nei to my house for us to go out to a
disco as a foursome. Well, we hit it off and will have been married for 36 years
this coming August. When our daughter, Selena, was born in '76, I took off about
2 years , but then started back working only part-time to be with her in the
afternoons. After studying medicine for over 3 years, Selena got the modelling
bug so did that, but finally decided that she wanted to be an architect, and that is
what she is doing now with still a little modelling on the side (as long as they
keep calling you, why not?).
About 15 years ago there was an oil crisis and not so much Middle East or any
other arch work in Roma, and the state holding company for which Mauro worked
was closing and he was given early retirement--a great severance pay check--but
one wants to have something coming in not all going out so teaching English
seemed a plausible option and that is what I'm still doing now. Doing private
"one on one" lessons at home besides putting you in contact with young kids,
introduces you to lots of interesting adults--actors, journalists, doctors,
psychiatrists, etc, and we talk about anything and everything. As you may have
understood,it will be 43 years this August that I'm still in Roma and loving it. It will
be great to see all of you!
Carol Mangrum Nei
I was an American Field Service exchange student coming from Finland to BHS for the
school year of 1958-59. Gesine (“Gigi”) Topp from Germany was the other AFS
exchange student that year. After my return to Finland I graduated from the medical
school in Helsinki and specialised in clinical microbiology. I got interested in cross
infections and did my doctor‟s thesis about hand hygiene and hand disinfection in patient
care. Finland was among the first countries to start using alcohol for hand disinfection
and now finally even the U.S. has followed our example.

I have four children from my first marriage and altogether nine grandchildren. After my
first wife passed away I remarried a collegue and we live now in a city called Espoo
adjacent to Helsinki. I retired five years ago after 37 years work. The first 30 years I was
at e University of Helsinki in charge of the laboratory that evaluated various methods of
fighting cross infections in hospitals. The last seven working years I was engaged in the
regulatory and standardisation work in the Medical Devices Department due to joining of
European countries, including Finland, in the EU (European Union).

I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to spend a year in Berkeley High
School far away from home in the foreign community and in the mixture of races,
religions, languages and attitudes. My positive experience from that year led to sending
all my four children, one by one, to the U.S. for a similar exchange year. None of them
has regretted. The highlites of my last school year are too many to count, but some of
them were singing in the A Cappella choir, varsity track team trips to other schools, chess
matches in our club and in tournaments in San Francisco, pep rallies before football
games and meeting of various students and friends both in school and outside. My special
thanks to all of you for that year!
Juhani Ojajärvi                                           AFexchange student from

                               Weldon C. Starks Sr.

After graduation I moved to Fresno California and worked 6 years for the county hospital
as a nurse aide. An opportunity came up that cause me to move back the Bay Area and
worked in construction for 10 years and C&H for 5 years. Another opportunity opened
up for me to get a job with Safeway warehouse as a truck driver of which I worked 25
years and retired in 1997.

During my journey of experiences I was called into the ministry in 1970 to be a minister
and later ordained in 2008 as an Elder of New Gethsemane C.O.G.I.C under the
leadership of Supt. Archie Levias. I‟ve worked in the capacity as a Deacon, Junior Pastor
and currently as a Pastor Assistant in his absence, Sunday School Superintendent for
seven years and Christian Film Ministry of which I go out to local churches and show

Some of my hubby are, deep sea fishing, hunting, traveling and lots of adventures.

 I‟ve been married for 42 years to the love of my life, Ada Starks. I‟m a father of five
children, four boys and one girl. I have twenty-six grandchildren and one great-

It‟s a blessing to be in the land of the living.

Elder Weldon C. Starks Sr.

Before 1959                                            Today

Finland 1958-59

After my high school graduation, I attended the University of Pacific in Stockton where I
received my teaching credential. Moving down to Burbank, I taught fifth grade while my
husband attended USC to finish his Masters degree. We stayed in the Burbank-Glendale
area for fourteen years during which time two children were born....a daughter, named
Julie, and then a son, named Michael. I felt we were fairly well settled; however, little
did I know that the “moving bug” was about to strike. Bob received a promotion so we
were moved to Fremont, MI, the home of Gerber Baby Food. From LA to a community
of 3000 was quite the contrast. Four years later another move took us to Lancaster, PA,
then Eldora, Iowa, and on to Hendersonville, TN. Our children seemed to take the early
moves well, but as they got older, it became more difficult. As the children got ready for
college, it seemed that we dropped one in Iowa and one in TN. Lucky we didn‟t have
more. Finally, we headed back to Michigan and stayed in Lansing for fourteen years.
Bob and I retired but made the decision to stay in MI. We purchased a home on Gun
Lake on the western side of MI so I guess we are officially mid-western folks. There are
lots of good people in this part of the country although the state is really struggling at this
time. I‟m so sorry to miss our reunion but will be with you in spirit.

Liz White Sears

Helen Lofgren -BHS 50th Reunion

I came to Canada in 1971 and have lived here ever since, gaining Canadian
citizenship along the way. Both of my children were born here in Nova Scotia, a
fine place to raise kids! My training was as a teacher --which sometimes I‟ve
been. Much of my time has gone to various volunteer causes, peace and social
justice, the environment, and environmental health --as well as child-related
when mine were young.

For several years I chaired the Northeast Regional Conservation Committee of
the Sierra Club that encompassed all of the northeastern US as well as eastern
Canada and drew on my ties since childhood to the Sierra Club especially
through Girl Scouts, as well as my dual Canadian-US citizenship. It‟s easy for
me and my children to think across borders --we‟ve discovered, less so, for those
who haven‟t lived it, so this was something I could genuinely contirbute to my
Sierra Club activism.

My daughter, Emily, has had much of her education in the US, and now teaches
music composition at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle --a fine place for her
to be, but too far from Halifax! Adrian, my son, does IT work in Halifax, which
has now taken him to India for a time to train others.

Long winters here have taken some adjusting to though! Trade-off is we live a
few minutes walk from the Northwest Arm, a finger of the ocean, and with lots of
woods and wildness including a lake to swim in --it does get warm enough!-- and
skate on, right here in our neighbourhood. Growing up in Berkeley I didn‟t have
much sense of seasons --we sure do here!
I have a wild organic garden that consumes much of my time and energy.
There‟s always much to do in it, even in its wildness, and sometimes I just marvel
at all that grows here, plants and critters, often photographing and sometimes
sketching. I‟ve been singing with the Halifax Raging Grannies for about 12
years. We write and sing songs about issues of peace, social justice, the
environment, health, and education, wearing „granny‟ outfits and hats that can‟t
be missed when we‟re singing.

Bailey B. Baker, Jr.

Reunion? Does this mean that we are graduated? And has it really been 50
years! WOW! What have I been about for 50 years? I have been trekking the
BHS Science Building looking for Mr. Boehne's homeroom class. Needless
to say - without success. Now I know why. How could this have happened?
A lifetime wasted? Move over Sisyphus! What can I say?

Let me say what I intended to do? Anticipating leaving Berkeley High I had
three goals. I wanted to marry a pretty girl, make some coins and drink lots
of scotch. I would likely have spent precioius heartbeats testing the claims of
debauchery advocates. I would expect that pretty girl to insist that I do
something with my life.

Although I had no idea what teachers at BHS were trying to do with me (in
the name of education), I would make an effort at college. (I suspect that
there would be a couple of false starts.) I believe that at some point I would
have earned degrees at a junior college and a state college. I imagine that I
would have continued learning at some university in the Hoosier state and
earned a masters and doctorate. I would then have served on faculties in the
Empire, Ocean and Garden states. I want to believe that students, colleagues
and some others would have thought it worthwhile to have engaged me. It is
likely that I would have a son and grandson.

I think that I would have settled and remained to this time in the Garden
state and...the beat continues.

This is some of what I meant to do. Fifty years and remaining hopeful as I
live between each heartbeat
This is some of what I meant to do. Oh well,

Bob Turner extends Greetings to the BHS Class of 1959!
  OMG, I graduated 50 years ago and have already lived most of this incarnation! I
muse, “Suppose I could return to being 17 again and repeat this life ~ could I do better?”

   In startling response the Living Universe whispers to temporarily expanded
consciousness, “Well, Bob, I can wipe out your life after June 1959 and restore you as a
young man, with the same environment and potential. Whatever impact you made, grand
and ignoble, will be erased. Want a replay, Bob?”

    “Lord, will I be able to take whatever knowledge and wisdom I may have
accumulated in this life back into that 17 year old body? Will I again graduate from Cal
and eventually earn a PhD? Will I have a rewarding industrial career and finish as a
professor of Mechanical Engineering? Will I enjoy that wonderful life-expanding
sabbatical experience in Turkey? Will I…”

   “No, Bob, you may flunk out, get killed young or worse; or you may become a
superstar in the assessment of others. Wisdom derives from experience and reflection.
You will have different risks and rewards, because the parallel world will unfold
differently in the next running.”

   “Well, God, what about Nancy? Will we be married 40 years and counting and have
the same family? Will I share a similar but different experience with the same friends
and family?”

   “No, but you will attract other wonderful and challenging relationships that will
stimulate your spiritual growth, appropriate to your needs.”

   “Divine Friend, in 1959 I called myself an atheist. By grad school I realized the only
valid goal of life was to understand and establish my place in the Living Cosmos, and
that the mind is just a tool for the soul. Will I again become a yogi seeking Self
Realization and Christ Consciousness?

   “Sooner or later all My precious children will be absorbed into My Spiritual Essence;
the path you take can hasten your evolution.”

  OK, I‟ll take this life ~ it turned out far better than I could have dared planned! Thank
You God!

From Alan Kilpatrick
After graduation I went to Cal studying Chemical Engineering,and
started an insurance business. That was interrupted by a stint with
the 101 Airborne in Vietnam. When I returned I married Jo Ann,
graduated from Cal State, Hayward in Financial Management and
resumed my insurance business. I had an insurance agency for 20
years. While investing in real estate I learned and participated in the
mortgage business. Later I became interested in in the stock market,
especially options.

We have two children: Laura, who is married and lives near Houston,
Texas. She is a manager for an H&R Bock office and a real estate
agent and investor. Jason graduated from UC Santa Barbara in
Mechanical Engineering and earned an MBA and Masters in Real
Estate Development from USC. He now lives and works in Los

Jo Ann spent 35 years teaching and counseling. Along the way we
became interested in personal growth and alternative healing. Both
of us earned PhD's in Religeous Studies and Alternative Healing. We
have developed clients in our helping practices, and we have started
other businesses.

We have enjoyed travelling extensively, including an expedition to
Antarctica and trekking after gorillas in Uganda.

Over the years I have been able to establish contact with Clesson
Harvey a former science teacher at Berkeley High. He has taught me
to translate Egyptian Hieroglyphs. We have made several study trips
to Egypt where I did the photography for his book that is about to be
published. Next year, APRIL 1-11, 2010, we are taking a group of
people to Egypt. In addition to the normal touring, we will be lecturing
on what science & medicine the Ancient Egyptians knew, and what
they have to teach us.

    I have been based in Eugene, Oregon since 1961, when I trasferred from San Jose
State to the University of Oregon. I earned my BA [in French!] in 1964.

     Even though I continue to have an interest in languages, having studied Spanish and
Italian in addition to French, my interests lie more on the artistic side. Design challenges
give me a great deal of satisfaction, be it graphic layout, a carpentry project, textiles. I
love what a computer can do, especially in the planning stages of a project, but like to see
thing take shape in three dimensions as well.

    In 1969, I joined the Peace Corps. I served for three years in Uganda, teaching Art
and French at an all boys school, located 50 miles from the nearest city. It was probably
as much of an educational experience for me as it was for my students. I loved the people
there. We were evacuated during the reign of Idi Amin, or I might be there yet.

    I returned to the Eugene area, lived for twenty-plus years in a rural setting, while
earning a living in town. Kept a horse, raised chickens and barn cats. Did a big vegetable
garden, froze my surplus veggies, and dried fruit picked in the local orchards. Picked my
way over slash piles, chainsaw in hand, to put in several cords of wood each fall to feed
my wood stove through the winter. Got pretty good with a splitting maul.

     Moved back into town in the late eighties, when I married my best friend [Gene
Thaxton]. Gene was a farm kid who grew up to superintend big [commercial] contruction
projects. He didn‟t have quite the same romantic view of the rural life as I, so I joined
him, and took up city life. At this point in my life the limited acreage of a city lot is
probably all I care to manage, anyway, and electric heat with a programmable thermostat
is just fine, thank you.

    Gene suffered a massive stroke in January 2000. With the help of a professional
caregiver, I was able to keep him at home, while I continued to work full time. He
learned to walk with a cane, and to communicate by whatever means possible. We
continued to travel, and even camped out occasionally. He loved people, and they him.
When he passed away in 2006, it left a great void in all of our lives.

   I retired in 2007 from the University of Oregon Bookstore, where I had worked for
over 25 years as a buyer. I find myself so busy, I wonder how I ever found time to hold
down a job.

    My father who turned 93 this year, needs my help with a lot of things these days, but
so far continues to live at home, and drives himself shop at the neighborhood malls. I
spend a fair amount of time gardening, both at my place and Dad‟s.

   I am active with the Obsidians, a local outdoor club. I took up cross country skiing
again last winter, after a hiatus of eight years. I still have my whitewater raft, and may get
back on the rivers again, but so far have not made time to do so.

   Life goes on…

                            Beatrice Fontana

Bernice Miller Endres- Bunnie Miller

My school years in Berkeley included Thousand Oaks Elementary,
Garfield Jr High
and Berkeley High School with the conclusion of the years at the
University of California Education and learning seemed to be the
thread through my years. I loved school and the environment of
learning new ideas with the wrappings of knowledge.

I took my love of school to a career in teaching. I taught in the Bay
Area but then I went into the publishing field with Houghton Mifflin
Co. as an educational consultant. This took me to the various states
to meet with other educators. I learned
how and what made curriculum for elementary and high school texts
as well as the political theatrics that were frequently involved with the
purchase of textbooks. But the most memorable times were meeting
college professors who were hired to use their knowledge and
expertise in the arenas of the mathematics, English, science, and
social sciences. I met many professors who were not only the
brightest in their field of knowledge but very caring and sincere
humans who cared for the learning of children.

I was able to travel through the years as a teacher and as an
educational consultant. I saw all the regional areas of the United
States with Hawaii and Alaska. I also toured the Asian continent
visiting China,Taiwan and Japan. In the early years, I lived in
Heidelberg Germany and taught school. This base gave me the
springboard to hop to other European countries as well as to the
Middle East.

Woven with the career and travel was marriage to Jay. We have been
married for some 35 years. We have no children. Jay sells and
designs coffee equipment.
I now help him in his office and currently teach as a tutor in a Sylvan
Learning Center. Our residence has been and is currently in
Redwood City, Ca.

I have been given wonderful opportunities and many wonderful, kind
memories. But as I close my years, I believe my
husband,friends,family and God
are the supreme brillant colors in my life's tapestry. I don't own a
home, nor have I built an empire or security with savings and money.
I have learned that those things won't leave with me. As I push aside
the many demanding past and present and future voices, my goal is
to remain steadfast to our God who wants me to experience His
awesome power and goodness.
Yo, classmates:

        I still hold the record at Berkeley High for the student flunking low ten gym three times.
        I got away with turning in the same hygiene notebook to Mr. Gross, Mr. Scott and Mr.
        Erickson. I liked BHS so much that I opted to do another semester of post graduate work
        … saved by a history elective from Willard, I was spared the option of finishing with the
        June ‟60 class.

        Along with Bob Duffy and Steve Crain (F59) I enrolled at Oakland. My reputation
        preceded me: I was asked to leave, after my first year. I wondered if some soldier of
        fortune outfit would take me to fight Castro. Returned, quit, went to work as a dispatcher
        at Fisher‟s towing; worked for a time with Sid Donnell.

        Returned to school. Passed the bonehead English after third try. I became a staff
        member of The Tower/Merritt College Reporter. We won the All American award for
        journalistic excellence from the Junior College Journalism Association of the University
        of Minnesota School of Journalism.

        I also served as assistant crew chief of the Merritt College (new name) stage craft crew.
        Among the assemblies I worked were: Joe and Eddie; Vince Ghiraldi; Earl “Fatha”
        Hines, Turk Murphy and a new young comedian – Bill Cosby – before he did “I Spy”
        with BHS grad Bob Culp.

        Finally receiving my Associates in Arts degree worked as night dispatcher for Hustead‟s
        towing during the demonstrations of 1966-1970. Our beat officers were Sid Donnell and
        Ron Tsukamoto, later joined by Sergeant Ron Barela.

        In 1996 I joined Holy Names College weekend college for working adults. In 1999 I
        received my BS in Humanities. As long as I was in debt I stuck around and received a
        master‟s degree in English.

        Since then I have worked for the Piedmont School system. Last year I ran into Arnold
        Perkins at the Beach School pancake breakfast – his two grandchildren go to that school.

        Still cry myself to sleep at night waiting for the onset of puberty. Any suggestions as
        how to speed it along?

        George Camozzi

        PS I‟m a victim of automation. I haven‟t had a decent job since the bowling alley went to
        mechanical pin setting machines.

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