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data - Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences

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									suID rminWorked name                           contact                           email
41787        10 Rotary International           Damato, James           
41044                                          None Listed
              4 Jeffery D. Griffith Youth Center                                 None Listed
41851         4 Long Beach Rescue Mission N/A                          
41263                                          N/A
              5 Rio Hondo Temporary Home (Emergency Shelter)                     N/A
41646         8 Beyond Shelter                 Tanya Tull              
41038         7 Dome Village                                           
41291         8 Tier One Tutors                Dorfman, Steve          
41851         9 PATH                           N/A                     
41311        10 LACER Afterschool ProgramsOrtiz,Linda                  
41646        12 Shelter Partnership            Stephanie Stapleton     
41044                                            Homeless)
             12 P.A.T.H. (People Assisting theAnn English              
41851        11 Shelter Partnership Inc        N/A                     
41955        12 Loaves and Fishes              N/A                               N/A
41038                                          Cox, Gregory
             13 Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, Inc.                
41291                                          Rago, Sullivan                    NA
             13 Loyola Marymount University (Frank Damon Social Justice Committee)
41044        14 Greater West Hollywood FoodLyn   Coalition                       NA
41787        12 Beyond Shelter                 Tull, Tanya             
41851        13 Los Angeles Rescue Mission Crowley, Marjorie           
41291        14 Food on Foot                   NA                      
41646        15 Union Station Foundation                               
41607        14 Mobile Clinic Project at UCLA Parada, Koy S.           
41291        17 Food not Bombs                 NA                      
41955        16 Project ACHIEVE                 Colletti, Ph.D., Joseph
41646        18 Homeless Not Toothless         Jay Grossman                      jgrossman@HomelessNotToothless.
41263        17 The Montebello Madrinas        Williams, Mary Lou                N/A
41044                                          M                                 i
             19 St. Thomas the Apostle Church s. Kathy Pomey, Parish <info
41038        18 Pico Youth and Family CenterCarranza, Irma             
41291        18 Delta Upsilon Culver-StocktonNA Chapter                          NA
41291        19 Housing Division, Culver Sity NA                                 NA
41263        18 RSVP of Greater Whittier       Laiblin, Jerry                    N/A
41291        20 NA                             NA                                NA
41044                                          Diane Program
             22 SOVA Community Food & ResourceLinder                   
41311        20 The Salvation Army Alegria Lewis,Julie
41038        23 The Growing Place                                      
41607                                          Lyn
             22 The Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition
41646        25 South Pasadena High School Dr. Atwater                           N/A
41038        26 Police Activities League       Rowe, Stacy             
41038        28 Computer Access Center                                 
41646                                            Inc
             29 Whittier Area Literacy Council,Elizabeth Allison       
41311        28 Covenant House California Lozano,George R.             
41044                                          Rev. Dan
             31 West Hollywood Presbyterian Church Smith, Pastor       
41038                                          Ling, Joan
             30 Community Corporation of Santa Monica
41646        32 Boys & Girls Club of Whittier Justin Lippolt                     N/A
41038        33 Connections for Children       Bernard, Chante         
41044        34 Kids Korner                    Not Listed              
41607                                          Association
             33 The Silver Lake Improvement Chinchilla, Eric
41038                                          Sprigg,
             36 Crest Child Care and Youth Sports Rebecca              
41044        39 Covenant House California Not Given                    
41038                                          Barefield, Ron
             39 Affordable Housing:Section 8 Rental Assistance           
41646        40 Underwings                     Erika Cuellar           
41607                                          Dodge, Marian
             40 The Los Feliz Improvement Association                   <correspon
41311   40                            N/A
             Koreatown Youth and Community Center                    
41038   43
41044   45
41646   47                                 N/A
             The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority                
41607   45   Sunset Junction Neighborhood Alliance                      
41646   50                                 N/A
             Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles                            
41607   50                                 Shukry Cattan
             Koreatown Youth and Community Center
41787   49                                 Willis, Margaret
             People Assisting the Homeless -- Achieve Glendale          
41646   53                                 N/A
41607   53   LA Family Housing                                          
41646   56   PARA LOS NINOS                N/A                           .
41607   56                                 H
             Los Angeles Shanti Foundation aupert, Marc
41646   61   Family Crisis Center          N/A                           <
41607   60   The Giving Spirit                                           
41646   65                                 N/A
             United Way of Greater Los Angeles                                    N/A
41787   63   Union Station Foundation      n/a                          
41607   67   Covenant House                Cruise, Patricia A.          
41646   74                                 Leanne
             California Department of Education Wheeler                 
41787   73                                 n/a
             Volunteers of America Los Angeles                          
41646   76                                 Carl
             Los Angeles Homeless Services Coalition                    
41646   79   Free Arts for Abused ChildrenKarrah Lompa                   
41787   78   Los Angeles Youth Network n/a                               <generalinfo@
41646   83   Children's Defense Fund       N/A                          
41646   86   Los Angeles Youth Network N/A                               <generalinfo@
41787   86                                 n/a
             Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority                    
41646   89                                 N/A
             Angels' Flight Runaway & Homeless Youth Services                     N/A
41646   93   Stand Up for Kids             N/A                          
40070    4    Brea Family Resource CenterCooley, Cheryl
40070    7                                 Weiss, Sarah
              Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles
40038    5   Project Achieve - Long Beach Semense, Marisa               
40070    8    Hope Unlimited for Children Bostian, Steve
40070   10    My Friend's Place            Brannstrom, Camilla
40739    9                                 N/A
             New Hope Street Family Center (homeless shelter)                     N/A
40038   10                                 Kelly,
             Long Beach Food & Friendship INN Jean                      
40388   11   Sunlight Mission              na                                     na
40038   13                                 Thalheimer, Edward S.
             The Tutoring Center of Long Beach                          
40388   13   Shelter First, Inc.                                        
40739   14                                 Ward,                        
             Midnight Mission (homeless shelter) Orlando; Director of Public Affairs
40005   15   Sylvan Learning               N/A                          
40680   15                                 Bob Pratt
             Volunteers of America- Greater Los Angeles                  <bventura@voa
40601   16   Union Rescue Mission          Nickerson, Mona              
40388   16                                 na
             Emergency Food Assistance Program                                    na
40739   16   Union Station Foundation      N/A                          
40680   18                                 Ricardo Espinoza
             YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles                           
40038   18    Long Beach Public Library / ChildrenΓÇÖs Section
                                           Firth, Jennifer              
40388   19   Los Angeles Regional Foodbank Michael Flood                
40162   20   Tier One Tutors               Mupo, Brian                  
40739   20   Los Angeles Mission           Clark, Myles                 
40005   21   My Friend's Place             N/A                                    N/A
40038   22                                 Adelkoff, Carol
             Redondo Beach Domestic Violence Shelter                    
40601   22   Salvation Army Torrance Corps Wild, Ivan                   
40388   22   PATH                           Tara Brown                
                                            Andrew Diamond - President
40680   26                                  Ellen GREATER LOS ANGELES AND THE INLAND EMPIREor Info@bbbs
             BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS OFCatania                       
40680   27   CHILD ADVOCATES OFFICE OF LOS ANGELES                    
40038   27                                  Hodges, Bob
             American Martyrs Church, Manhattan Beach                 
40005   27   Club Z! Tutoring               N/A                       
40739   29                                  N/A
             University of Souther California Volunteer Center        
40038   30   The Hospitality Kitchen                                  
                                            Los Angeles Catholic Worker (no name listed)
40680   32    Para Los Ni├▒os                                         
                                            Edith Medina - Director of Human Resources
40005   33                                  City Librarian
             Monterey Park City Library Services                      
40739   33   Target of Pasadena             N/A                                 N/A
40680   34                                   FAMILY SERVICES          
             VISTA DEL MAR CHILD AND Linda Karchem, Coordinator of Volunteer, Religious and Cultural Programs
40005   35 Direct               N/A                       
40388   35   Newman's Own Organics          na                                  na
40162   35   Food on Foot                                             
40038   36   Academic Center of Excellence  Cannon, Ayris                       N/A
40739   37    Ann Taylor of Pasadena        N/A                                 N/A
40739   39   Pottery Barn Kids of Pasadena  N/A                                 N/A
40388   41                                  Daryl Riverside
             Second Harvest Food Bank ServingE. Brock and San Bernardino Cos.
40038   47                                  N
             Bright Futures Tutoring Service /A                       
40038   49   Shelter Network                Jackson, Michele          
40162   52   Just Give.Org                                            
40038   52   My Friend's Place              Long, Rob                           N/A
40038   59   City of Long Beach WIC Program N/A                                 N/A
40038   62                                  Ripple, Terry
             MEALS ON WHEELS of LONG BEACH, INC.                      
40038   64                                  N/A
             The Foodbank of Southern California                      
40038   66   Help Me Help You               N/A                       
40038   67   Christian Outreach in Action N/A                         
40038   69   Salvation Army Family ServiceN/AOffice - Long Beach                N/A
40038   71   Charlotte's House              Bowman, Joe                         N/A
40038   74   St. Philomena Church           N/A                                 N/A
40038   76   Hawthorne WIC Center           N/A                                 N/A
40038   78   House of Yahweh                N/A                                 N/A
40038   81   Hope Chapel                    N/A                       
40038   83   YMCA - Torrance                Velasco, Melissa          
40038   84   Neighbor to Neighbor           N/A                                 N/A
40038   86   The Salvation Army - Torrance  Wild, Ivan                
40038   89                                  N/A
             NEW IMAGE EMERGENCY SHELTER for the HOMELESS              
40038   93                                  N/A
             Los Angeles County Office of Education                             N/A
30965    2   U. S. Mission - Hudson Housena                                     na
30668    5   Rotary Club of Los Angeles Johanna Green                 
30286    6   Access Center
30286    8   Family Self-Sufficiency Center, St. Joseph Center
30668    8                                  Clifford,
             Wilshire Rotary Club of Los Angeles Maren                          NA
30749    4   Salvation Army                 not available                       not available
30286   10   Westside Food Bank
30668   14   Rotary Club of Beverly Hills Roston, Alissa                        NA
30103   12                                  Meister,
             St Joseph Center: Homeless Services Rhonda               
30668   17   The Rotary Club of Torrance NA                           
30668   20   Rotary Club of Bellflower      Murrin, James                       NA
30668   24   BruinCorps                     NA                                  NA
30118    4   ACLU of Southern California Schroeder, Elizabeth        
30797    8                                  Garcia,
             My Friend's House Assembly of God Patricia                        N/A
30010    6   Housing Authority of the City of LA
30797   10                                  Olsen, Carlyle           
             English-Language Arts/Math Intensive Intervention for Non-Passing Seniors
30437    7                                  N/A
             West Athens AmeriCorps Tutoring Program                 
30118    9                                  Generic Line
             Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles            
30868    9   Hollywood WorkSource Center
30371   10   Nos Amis/Our Friends, Inc. N/A                          
30868   12   Covenant House                 Lozano, George R.        
30157   13                                  Espinoza, M.
             Pico Rivera Parks and Recreation Department                       parks&
30797   16   Compassion Christian Center Stewart, Lula                         N/A
30371   13   STANDUP FOR KIDS               N/A                      
30371   18   California Department          Leanne Wheller           
30157   19                                  ???
             Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles                               ???
30157   22                                  ???
             California Housing Finance Agency                                 ???
30157   26                                  n/a
             The Alliance for Children's Rights                                n/a
30371   27   Bringing America Home          Michael Stoops           
30371   32   Schools to Success             N/A                      
30157   33   Los Angeles Universal Preschooln/a                      
30371   34   Amazing Kids                   Alyse Rome               
30371   37                                  N/A
             Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services                 
30371   39   El Nido Family Services        N/A                      
30371   41   The Growing Place              N/A                      
30371   43    Computer Access Center        N/A                      
30371   48   The Dream Center               Danny Slavens Jr
30371   50                                  Melissa
              Foundation for Second Chances, Inc. Wyatt
31486    8   Head Start                     CEO                       
31852   11   The Children's Clinic          David Armes, President             none that i could see, unprofessional
31993   12   beyond the bell                alvaro cortes
31043   12   The Dream Center                                        
31043   20   Los Angeles Youth Network                               
31486   22   The Growing Place              N/A                      
31852   32                                  Farah Naz Khaleghi
             Long Beach Community Improvement League                  
31043   39                                  Phillips,
             Homelessness Prevention Law ProjectCarolyn              
31043   44   Bet Tzedek
31852   46   StandUp for Kids
31043   47   Latham & Watkins LLP
31043   52   The Oasis of Hollywood         Radachy, Ron and Judy    
31852   57   Junior League of Long Beach                             
31043   59                                  Northrup,
             People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) Chris              
31852   65   Rolling Readers
31043   73   Sova Community Food and Resource Program
31043   77   I Hate My
31043   83   Covenant House
31043   86   Covenant House California                               
31043   90   Koreatown Youth and Community Center                    
40287    4   Childcare Referral Service
40183    6   Child Care Resource Center Olenick, Michael
40462    3   CCRC Head Start -Woodman
40462    5   CCRC Head Start -Valerio
40430    6   Rainbow Children's Center Not given                               Not given, but link on page
40731    6   Public Counsel                 Sandoval, Ruth
40311    6   Pro Bono Project               James Bratton
40462    6   CCRC Head Start-Sherwood
40430    8                                  Gallegos, Terri
             Mexican American Opportunity Foundation                  
40462    7   Child Care Resource Center N/A                                     N/A
40743    9   Anderson Headstart
40146   10   Affordable Housing Program N/A                                     N/A
40462    9   Van Nuys Portable              N/A                                 N/A
40430   11   Rio Hondo                      Not given
40640   11                                                            
             Munger, Tolles, & Olson, LLP Helm, Mark B., Williams, Bart S. (co-managing partners)
40743   11                                  Pastor, Rachel
             Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment                   
40462   10   West Valley                    N/A                                 N/A
40183   14   LA community design center
40849   12                                  Jackson, Carlos
             Los Angeles County Community Development Commission (CDC)
40146   12   Ohio Head Start Program        N/A                                 N/A
40462   12                                  N/A
             Venice Family Clinic - Children First Program                      N/A
40287   14                                  Benetta Johnson
             ACJC - Alameda Corridor Jobs Coalition
40462   13   Woods                          N/A                                 N/A
40146   14                                  N/A
             Kedren Head Start & State Preschool Program Inc                    N/A
40430   14   Salvation Army                 Goncalves, Marcelo
40311   15   Child Care Resource Center
40640   15   Public Council                 Cerda, Alejandra ΓÇ£AlexΓÇ¥ or Sandoval, Ruth
40731   15   All People's Christian Center Elena, Maria               
40849   15                                  Jose Alfaro
             Montebello Housing Development Corporation               
40462   14   Edison                         N/A                                 N/A
40743   16   12th Street Headstart          JAMES, LAURETHIA
40311   16   Child Care Resource
40146   16                                  N/A
             JTPA - Job Training Partnership Act                                N/A
40462   16   First Methodist                N/A                                 N/A
40311   17   Child Care Resource Center N/A                                     N/A
40640   18   Public Council                 Cerda, Alejandra ΓÇ£AlexΓÇ¥ or Sandoval, Ruth
40743   18   4th Street Headstart
40462   17   Grant                          N/A                                 N/A
40287   18   Aid for AIDS                   bondurant, jeanette       
40731   18   Assistance League of Antelope Valley                     
40462   18   John Adams                     N/A                                 N/A
40462   18   John Muir                      N/A                                 N/A
40849   20   Community Legal Services
40146   20                                  N/A
             KinderCare Learning Center (Formerly City Kids)                    N/A
40743   20   Ohio Head Start Program
40640   21                                   - HEADSTART PROGRAM
             ABC CHIILD DEVELOPMENTGarcia, Catherine: Center Director           none listed
40146   22   Harbor - UCLA Children's CenterN/A                                 N/A
40462   21   Masonic                        N/A                                 N/A
40311   22   L.A. Works                     N/A                       
40731   23   Pathways                       N/A                                 N/A
40287   23                                   Center, Inc.
             Korean Youth and CommunityHo Song, Johng
40462   23   Mckinley                       N/A                                 N/A
40183   26   Venice Community Housing Corporation                     
40640   24                                  Torncello, Janet
             Montebello Unified School District                       
40462   23   Pine                           N/A                                 N/A
40731   26                                  Parsons, Annie
             Koreatown Youth and Community Center                      
40287   26                                  Zavala, Damian
             Assistance League of Southern California
40183   28   The Children's Clinic, Serving Children and Their Families
40640   27                                  Torncello, Janet
             Montebello Unified School District                       
40849   27                                  Vicky Santos
             Mexican American Opportunity Foundation                  
40462   27   Rogers
40743   28   Redondo Beach Headstart
40462   28                                  N/A
             Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District                        N/A
40462   29   Mar Vista                      N/A                                 N/A
40640   30                                  Pastor, Rachelle S.
             Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment                   
40731   32                                  Pastor, Rachelle
             Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment                   
40640   34   Small Steps                    Morris, Wade                        N/A
40462   36   The Math Spot                  Atkinson, Laura            <latkins
40462   37   The Math Spot                  Painter, Amanda           
40462   40                                  N/A
             ASI Tutoring Program, Cal Poly Pomona                     <lrc@csup
40462   43                                  Williams,
             Santa Monica College, Math Tutoring Paul                           N/A
40640   44   Weingart Center Association Lee, Jennifer, Administrative
40462   53   Venice Housing Authority       Appell, Richard            <webmas
40462   60   Culver City Housing Division Barnes, Tevis               
40462   63   St. Joseph Center              N/A                       
31104    5   American Family Housing                                  
31874    5   Dome Vilalge                                             
31890    4   Glendale Service Center        Homeless Services                   N/A
31643    3   Brownson House                 n/a                                 n/a
31890    6   Catholic Charities             n/a                                 n/a
31874    8   Los Angeles Mission
31104    9   Shelter Network                Jackson, Michele          
31643    7   American Family Housing        n/a                       
31874   11   Watts Labor Community Action Committee                   
31883   10   Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority                  
31890   10   Universal Rescue Mission- Glendale
31874   12   L.A. Family Housing                                      
31874   16   Homeless Outreach Program Senegal, Greg
31874   18                                                            
             Nos Amis/Our Friends, Inc. Children Helping Poor and Homeless People (CHPHP)
31883   18   Liberty Hill Foundation        James Williams            
31883   22                                  Marc
             Servant Partners - Boyle Heights Walton                  
31940    3   PACE Head Start                Rachelle S. Pastor, MS, RD 
31207    4   Headstart-Woodman Site
31940    5   Concord career college
31964    6   Maud Booth Family Center NA                                        NA
31207   11                                   Self Help Legal Access
             Neighborhood Legal Services' Carolyn Reznik-Camras Centers
31552   15                                  Yi,
             PATH Regional Homeless CenterGrace                       
31552   16   Shelter Partnership, Inc.      N/A                       
31662   17   Trio Programs                  Oxendine, Larry           
31552   21   Shelter Network                Jackson, Michele          
31662   25   CRA/LA                                                   
31207   26   10th Street Preschool
31207   27   Bright Horizons Childrens Center
31662   32   HeadStart                      Zito, Michael             
41908    4   Rotary Club of Claremont
41900    5   California Lawyers for the Arts
41636    6   Beyond Shelter                 Tull, Tanya               
41108    7   Project ACHIEVE                Marisa L. Semense         
41636    8   SHELTER PARTNERSHIP, INC.      N/A                       
41108    8   Akila Concepts
41666    9   ABC Child Development, Inc. NA                                       NA
41874   11   YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angelesn/a                                  n/a
41108   11                                   Barajas,
             STANDUP FOR KIDS - Long Beach Beatriz                      
41864   11   Boyle Heights College Institute Pedro Romero
41874   13   YMCA of Santa Monica            n/a                                  n/a
41636   12                                    Indigent
             Adult Homeless and MedicallyBallesteros, Al                          N/A
41108   12   Christian Outreach Appeal       Pacini, Jeanne
41108   13   Peace and Joy Care Center, The  Wilson, Wilma
41523   13   A Community of Friends          Dora Leong Gallo           
41864   13   A Better Chance                 Carolyn Buenaflor
41108   13   Long Beach Rescue Mission Lewis, James
41666   13                                   Santos, Vicky
             Mexican American Opportunity Foundation                    
41636   14   My Friend's Place               N/A                                  N/A
41982   14   Whittier Area First Day Coalition
41864   14   Add It Up After School Program  Laura Jeffords
41864   16   Academic Mentor Program Carole Donahue
41636   18                                   N/A
             Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority                    
41864   18                                   Dorit Dowler-Guerrero (Adult Education Director)
              Centro Latino de Educacion Popular
41982   18   SKILLS                          N/A                        
41523   19   Los Angeles Mission             Crowley, Marjorie          
41636   20   Shelter Network                 Jackson, Michele           
41666   21   Housing Rights Center           NA                                   NA
41864   21                                   Patricia
              Helping One Another Progress, Inc. Lewis
41636   22   Pasadena Homeless Shelter N/A                                        N/A
41864   23                                   Ketrin Earwood
              Positive Learning Activities for Youth (PLAY)
41982   23                                   N/A
             Homes For Life Foundation/HFL Cedar Street Homes                     N/A
41864   24    Reading By 9 Volunteer Program Jackie Houston
41666   24   The SKILLS Foundation           NA                         
41523   25   Shelter Partnership, Inc.       Wallace, Tracy             
41982   25   Rio Hondo Temporary Home N/A                                         N/A
41864   25    UNITE-LA                       Alma Salazar
41636   25   After-School All-Stars          N/A                                  N/A
41982   26   Intercommunity Blind Center N/A                                      N/A
41864   26                                    College Career Center
              Youth Opportunity Movement Jose Perez
41523   29   VolunteerMatch                  Vicky Hush                 
41864   30   CLAMA                           Rande Vick
41982   30   Interfaith Food Center          Hernandez, Veronica                  N/A
41636   33   East LA Community Organization  N/A                                  N/A
41982   34   Beyond Shelter, Inc.            N/A                        
41864   34   California Junior chamber       Michael Higby              
41666   35                                   Elizabeth
             Boyle Heights Learning Collaborative Zamora                
41636   36   The Midnight Mission            Ward, Orlando              
41864   37                                   Suzanne
              Academic Center of Excellence (ACE) Im
URL                     phone               addr        comm 847-866-3405
None Listed             (323) 993-7501                   Monica Blvd., Los Angeles
                                            7051 SantaMeals, showers, case management, counseling, GED preparation, job s
                        (562) 591-1292             P.O. Box 1969, Long Beach, CA 90801
N/A                     562-863-8805                    Services: Shelter, food,
                                            12300 4th St., Norwalk, CA, 90650 counseling, and general assistance for families w
                         (213) 252-0772      1200 Wilshire Blvd,
                                                        This is organization Los Angeles, CA 90017 600, would be of benefit because its mission is to "develo
                        213-892-9011                               Avenue Los Angeles, a safe environment in which homeless people (sin
                                            847 GoldenHomeless shelters- its CA 90017                           Tier One see they would be able to Suite 600, Glendale CA, 91203
                        8189070911 or 180099tier1 Tutorsif 450 North Brand out a homeless tutoring program.           (323)644-2200       340 N. Madison Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004 (323) 957-6481                       Earth Pop show LACER spelling CA
                                            1718 N. Cherokee Ave., Suite A Hollywood, bee 90028
                        (213) 688-2188                       Street, Suite statement: "Shelter Partnership, Inc.
                                            523 W. 6th Their mission616, Los Angeles, CA 90014-1224 is dedicated to assist (323) 960-3333                    Path is a Hollywood, CA 90028
                                            5627 Fernwood Ave. large organization dedicated to helping the homesless all over
                        (213) 668 - 2188       523 W. 6th St, Suite 616, Los Angeles, CA 90014
N/A                     (818)409-3080                   Provides food for the homeless
                                            4322 San Fernando Court, Glendale, CA 91204
                         (213) 251-3464     1650 Rockwood Los Angeles CA women
                                                        Provides 30 homeless90026 with transitional housing and supportive s
NA                      Extension: 83740 NA             Social justice committe at Loyola Marymount Universiity, they have orga
                        (323)957-8687                       Romaine St. and Sycamore 3rd in Hollywood
                                            Food line atMedical services offered 2nd,Ave. & 4th Wed. of the month
                        (                   1200 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 600, systemic change on a national scale, Beyond Shelte
www.beyondshelter.org213) 252-0772 (headquarters) In order to promoteLos Angeles, CA 90017
                        (213) 629-1227          303 E. 5th St, Los Angeles, CA 90013                  3104420088 9663 Santa Monica Blvd. #743 Beverly Hills, CA 90210
                        626.240.4550        825 E.      They have an adult center and a CA 91104 Orange Grove Boulevard, Pasadena, Family center (310) 825-4600                  UCLA Mobile Clinic provides direct medical and health services
                                            UCLA School of Public Health, Box 951772, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1772 to the ho                 18005694054 7304 Carrol Ave. # 136 Takoma Park, MD 20912
                        Phone: (818)246-7900 Fernando Court, Glendale, CA 91204homeless. There are also special case ma             437         Food, clothing and shelter for
                        310 820 0123                    Vicente Boulevard, Suite 507, Brentwood, California 90049
                                            11980 San This would be a great partner because it provides a unique service. Hom
N/A                     (213) 726-1225                  They work with children and
                                            P.O. Box 1675, Montebello, CA 90640 youth, and homeless people and housing pr
                        (323) 876-2102                     The Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
                                            7501 Hollywood Breakfast Club 150 homeless and needy Angelinos are served a tas
                        310 396 7101                    They offer Santa Monica, CA 90405
                                            828 Pico blvd. Suite 9 programs regarding multicultural awareness and diversity, inc
                        NA                  NA
                        NA                  NA          list of some great organizations (562) 9076545                      They St., Whittier, CA 90601
                                            12501 E. Hadley work with children and youth, education and literacy, homeless and
                        NA                  NA
                        (818) 988-7682      8846 West Pico SOVA does: Free 90035 WhatBlvd., Los Angeles canned and packaged food, fresh produce, and
                        (323) 454-4200      2737 West Women's Health Project CUB Project   Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90026
                         (310) 399-7769                 An all day, year-round CA 90405
                                             401 Ashland Ave. Santa Monica, educational program. The have a special teaching
                        (323)957-8687                     Organization has been providing one complete meal to 125 homeless pe
                        626) 441-5820                   This high school offers free tutoring
n a DROP-IN basis in the Tutoring Room 1401 Fremont Ave. South Pasadena CA, 91030"on a DROP-IN basis in the Tutoring
                        310 458 8988                    Free educational classes for CA 90404 1401 Olympic Boulevard, Santa Monica, children and teenagers.      (310) 338-1597                  Assists preschoolers with disabilities to integrate into inclusionary classr
                                             6234 87th Street Los Angeles, CA 90045
                        (562) 6986598                     This Street, Whittier, CA 90602
                                            12911 E. Hadleyorganization specializes in providing: "literacy and ESL tutoring prog
                        (323) 461-3131      1325 Western Avenue Hollywood, CA 90027-5615                    There is an ongoing sack lunch program
                                            7350 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, California 90046whereby we distribute lunches
                         310-394-8487                           Develops and manages CA 90401
                                             1423 Second Street Santa Monica, affordable housing to benefit very low- to moder
                                             106        this Avenue, Whittier, be of benefit because it: Serves Whittier, Californ (562) 698-8630 ext.7905 Greenleaforganization wouldCA 90602 (310) 452-3325                   Provides 30 #253 technical assistance grants
                                             2701 Ocean Park Blvd. qualitySanta Monica, CA 90405 to licensed Santa Monica
                        (310) 825-2626      308 Westwood Plaza
                                                        Kids Korner/Teen Korner is dedicated to enhancing the 405 Kerckhoff Hall Los Angeles, CA 90024 opportunities for
                                            P.O. Box An organization concerned with 291274, Los Angeles, CA 90029 improving the general status of Silver lak
                         (310) 458-8540                Provides child care CA 90404
                                            1133 7th Street Santa Monica, (grades 4-5), homework assistance, educational enr
                        (323) 461-3131       1325 NorthSince 1988, Covenant House California has opened its doors to more th
                                                          Western Avenue Hollywood, California 90027
                        (310) 458-8702 2121 Cloverfield Blvd., Suite 100, Santa Monica, CA 90404
                        N/A                 1 LMU Drive, Suite 2800, Los Angeles, California 90045school tutoring program at D
                                                        taken from website: "Underwings is an after            323-660-1914                    Organization promotes the "betterment of the Los Feliz neighborhood of
                                            P.O Box 29395, Los Angeles, CA 90029 (213) 365-7400                   6th Street, Suite 300 Los Angeles, CA 90020
                                            3727 West Crossroads Middle School Program Elementary Tutorial Program
                        213-683-3333                      the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority
                                             453 S. Spring Street, 12th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013provides funding and guid  (323) 661-7771                  The Sunset Junction Neighborhood Alliance is a 501(c))3) non-profit org
                                             4019 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA. 90029 213.744.0724                      provides health care for the homeless in los Angeles.
                                            2330 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90057
                        213-365-7400                    Interests of organization include spreading education and literacy to com
                                            680 South Wilton Place, Los Angeles, CA 90005
                        323-876-0550                              this organization provides: public
                                            1701 Camino Palmero, Los Angeles 90046 special education high school, commun           (818) 246-7900      437 Fernando Ct., Glendale, CA 91204
                        213-481-3611                this groups provides children
                                            1055 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90017 with mentors: Serves boys and girls 7 to 14            (818) 982-4091                  Organizaiton "helps homeless families 91605
                                            7843 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA and individuals rebuild their lives
                        213.250.4800                    This organization would
                                            845 E. 6TH St, Los Angeles 90021 be of great healp to you because: This family se        (323) 962-8197                  Founded Hollywood, CA 90028
                                            1616 N La Brea Ave, in 1983, L.A. Shanti is a volunteer-driven organization providing
                        310) 543-9900, Ext. 310.
                                            1736        This organization offers shelter for kids: "Girls and boys Angeles CA 900 Family Crisis Center, 2116 Arlington Avenue, Suite #200, Los ages 10 through                                 Organization #205, Los Angeles, the LA area
                                             11908 Montana Avenue,helps the homeless inCA 90049 by providing general ser
                        (213) 630-2100      523         United Way's vision is:To improve the West Sixth Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014 quality of life for all in Greater Los
                                            825 E. Orange Grove Boulevard, Pasadena, CA Pasadena, California, is the San G
                        626.240.4550 / 626.240.4557 Union Station Foundation, located in 91104 (323) 461-3131                        General homeless outreach services.
                                            1325 N. Western Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90027-5615
                        916-319-0383             N/A         The California Department of Education helps fund education for Homele           (213) 389-1500      3600 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1500, Los Angeles, CA 90010
                                            1328 Westwood Blvd Ste.20 ┬╖ Los Angeles, CA It would is more of a political organization. 90024 probably help more with
                        310) 474-0222
                        310-313-4278                        Free Arts sparks the creative spirit of abused, homeless and
                                            12095 West Washington Boulevard, Suite 104, Los Angeles, CA 90066 at-risk child            (323) 957-7364                  LAYNΓÇÖs mission is to help abused, neglected and homeless adolesc
                                            1550 N. Gower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028
                        202-628-8787        25 E Street their mission is:ensure 20001
                                                         N.W., Washington, DCevery child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair S (323) 957-7364         1550 N. Gower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028           213-683-3333                     LAHSA provides funding and guidance 90013
                                             453 S. Spring Street, 12th Floor, Los Angeles, CA for a network of local, non-profit
                        (213) 413-2311      357 S. Westlake Ave., Los Angeles, CA and homelesss youth as well. I believe it is help with runaway youth 90057
                         800.365.4KID                              Street Suite 100, San Diego, California 92101
                                            1510 Front Although this a national organization, it is a non-profit which helps "rescu        695 E. Madison Way; Brea, CA 90631   310-323-4663        17700 S. Figueroa St.; Gardena, CA 90248
                        562.733.1147 ext. 144
                                            1301 W. 12th beds, year-round, objective 59 St. Long Beach, CA 90813 to move clients to more stable housing   828-265-3436        P.O. Box 2707; Los Alamitos, CA 90720  (323) 9080011 xt. 6 PO Box 3867; Los Angeles, CA 90078
N/A                     (213)742-5873                   I'm not sure whether or not there CA 90015
                                            1401 S. Grand/Leavy Hall #305 Los Angeles,are children at this homeless shelter, b
                        (516) 486-8506 140 West Pine Street, Long Beach
                        310-450-8802        1754 14th Street Santa Monica, CA 90404
                                                        Recently remodeled
                        562-984-0430        4300 Long Beach Boulevard,
                                                        children's tutoring Suite 510, Long Beach, CA 90807
                        1-888-729-3802                            Our Culver City, CA offer
                                            5625 Corryne Plcommitment is to90232more than shelter for one night. Shelter First
                        (213)624-9258                         Provide Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
                                            396 S. Los Angeles partnership with youth at the shelter.
                        (562) 945-7200      14153 East Whittier Blvd, Suite 104, Whittier, California 90605 (213) 389-1500         3600 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1500 Los Angeles, CA 90010
                        (213) 347-6300      545 S. San It offers homeless individuals comprehensive healthcare services thanks
                                                        Pedro Ave, Los 90013
                        (916) 229-3344      na    Emergency Food Assistance Program This award-winning program pro
                        626-449-4596                  Partnership aiding children
                                            412 S. Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105
                        213-639-7417 or main 213-380-6448
                                            625 South New Hampshire Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90005
                        (562) 570-7500      101 Pacific online
                                                        Ave.Long Beach, program CA, 90802
                        Phone: 323-234-3030734 E. 41st Street Los Angeles, CA 90058-1502                  1
                        1-800-99-Tier-1                            Tutor in all Suite of English, K-12 including:
                                            450 North Brand Blvd. levels 600 Glendale, CA 91203 elementary English, Vocabu
                        (213) 629-1227      303          Street, MAIL-TO: P. O. Box ext 324 E. FifthPartnership to aid children 5330, Los Angeles, CA 90055
                        (323) 908-0011, 1-888-YOUTH-50 Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028                          Services: Day Shelter Hot Meals Clothing Showers Clinical and Educatio
                                            5850 Hollywood
                        (323) 737-3900      Redondo Beach, CA site)
                        310.370.4515                  Provides tutoring for CA, 90503
                                            4223 Emerald Street, Torrance, children and several after-school programs
                                   (323) 644-2222
             2346 Cotner Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90064
          7120 Franklin Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90046
                                   213-481-3611 or      1055 Wilshire
  Blvd., Suite 1950 Los Angeles, CA 90017
            201 Centre Plaza, Suite 3, Monterey Park, CA 91754
                                   (310) 545-5651       624 15th Street, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
                                   Toll Free:
  800-434-2582   N/A
                                   323-953-7350                     Description of Organization: Gives
                                                        3910 Oakwood Avenue, Los Angeles 90004 children and families a chance to lead
                                   (213)740-7012                    Potentially recruit some students to help you tutor/help Angeles , CA 90
  3601 Trousdale Parkway, Student Union Building , Room 202, Losyou with general
                                   (213) 614-9615       821 E. 6th Street, Los
  Angeles, CA
            500 Lucas Avenue Los Angeles, California 90017-2002
                                   (626) 307-1418       N/A
     Spanish/English bilingual, Mandarin storytimes. Craft and other program
           (626) 584-1606                   You Blvd, have to call and ask
                                                        777 E Colorado wouldPasadena, CA 91101who you should speak to about potential
                                   Main:                (310) 836-1223, Los Angeles 90034
  310-836-1223 3200 Motor Ave.,ext. 385
         800-411-1970         N/A         Online tutoring offered at various public libraries.
                                   na                   Office      Newman's own salad dressings Green 246 Post Road East profits of C
  of Paul Newman Dept. ORG Colonialetc. Newman gives away all Westport,his
           9663 Santa Monica Blvd. #743 Beverly Hills, CA 90210
            310.538.6943                     Children & Youth, Community, Education & Literacy
                                                        225 West Torrance Blvd., Carson, CA 90745
   626-792-4820                          You could Pasadena
                                                         505 S. Lake Avenue, probably get them to donate you some money.
  626-405-1743                     Could definately be
                                                        511 S. Lake Avenue, Pasadenaa really good place to look for funding. They deal wi                    951-359-4757         2950 - B Jefferson Street Riverside, CA 92504-4360
                                   (310) 530-4600       N/A
           children's tutoring
                                   (650) 685-5880
                            helps find 2nd Floor, Burlingame, CA 94010
                                                        1450 Chapin Avenue, homeless shelters in different areas
           500 Third Street, Suite 455, San Francisco, CA 94107
                                    My Friend's Place assists and inspires homeless youth to build self-suffic
                                   1-888-YOUTH-50 5850 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028
                                   (562) 570-4242       2525 GRAND AVE, 108,
  LONG BEACH, CA 90815
      317 Termino Ave., Long Beach, CA 90814
                                   (562) 435-3577
                           supports child care centers
                                                        1444 San Francisco Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90813
  983-8086         525 7th St., Long Beach, CA 90813
                   515 East Third Street, P.O. Box 2490, Long Beach, CA 90801-2490
           N/A                     562-426-7637                     food services
                                                        455 E. Spring St., Long Beach, CA 90806
                                   (310) 952-1189       542 E. Carson St.,
                             food services
                                                        21900 South Main Street, Carson CA 90745
           N/A                     (888) 942-2229       15625 HAWTHORNE BLVD, LAWNDALE, CA 90260
           N/A                     310-675-1384         4046 Marine Ave, Lawndale, CA 90260
                                food services
                                                        2420 Pacific Coast Highway, Hermosa Beach, CA
                                   (310) 325-5885       2900 W. Sepulveda Blvd., Torrance, CA 90505
           N/A                     310-371-0411         2761 W. 190th St., Redondo Beach, CA 90278
        4223 Emerald Street, Torrance, CA 90503
               401 Ocean Blvd., Suite. #700, Long Beach, CA 90802
  562-922-6111           9300 Imperial Hwy. , Suite 109, Downey, CA 90242
                                   (213)465-0247        1154 N. Western
  624 8601              900 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 418, Los Angeles Ca 90017
              (310) 450-4050      1616 7th Street, Santa Monica, Ca 90401
       204 Hampton Drive, Venice, CA 90291
           www.wilshirerotary.orgNA                     PO Box 70010 Los Angeles, Ca 90070
                     7926 PICKERING AVE, WHITTIER, CA 90602
                                    (310) 828-6016
                    1710 22nd Street, Santa Monica, Ca 90404
                                   NA                   9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California, 90210
                     St. Joseph Center's Homeless Service
                                                        204 Hampton Drive, Venice, California 90291-8633Center has provided a compassio
                                   310 375 4190
  Box 4 Torrance, Ca 90507
                                   NA                   9246 Rosser St,
 , Ca 90706
                                   (310) 794-5686
               Student Activities Center, Suite B28, 220 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095- 977-5204                    Pro-bono legal services
                                            1616 Beverly Boulevard; Los Angeles, CA 90026
N/A                     (562) 692-0953      Whittier, CA
                        818 756 1180        8121 Van Nuys Blvd. Van Nuys CA
                        562-698-8121 x12009401 Painter Avenue, Whittier, CA 90605
                        (323) 777-9773         517 W 112th St, Los Angeles, CA (213) 252-1879                    Housing assistance programs.
                                            2600 Wilshire Boulevard; Los Angeles, CA 90057
                        (323) 668-2187         340, North Madison Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004           (3100) 840-4777                 Mondays preparation CA park
                                            2554 Lincoln Blvd., #522, Venice,team90291team beach team, no raoute mlk day m
                        (323) 461-3131      1325 N. Western Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90027-5615  Rights of Passage, Community Service Centers
                        (562) 801-4430      6767 Passons Blvd., Pico Rivera, CA 90660
                                                        *REACH: Free After-School program for elementary / middle school stud
                        (661) 325-4407      Bakersfield, CA
                        310-597-0394                           They have Angeles, CA 90025
                                            P.O. Box 251283, Los a calendar, and participate in an Outreach in Venice every Tu
                        916-319-0383                         There are several resources
                                            1430 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 on this website about education for homele
                                                        Have clinics and training events eg Angeles, CA 90019 Tel: (323) 801-7991 Administrative Office 1102 Crenshaw Blvd. Losregarding drivers licenses, etc.
                        310-342-1250         Los Angeles Office 100 Corporate Pointe, Ste. 250 Culver City, CA 90230
                        213-368-6010 3333 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 550 Los Angeles, CA 90010-4111
                        202.462.4822                        1. Reauthorization of the Head Start Act Preschool-age children expe
                        323-759-9868                          Vermont McCutcheon, Jr. developed
                                            7506 SouthDr. MosesAve., Los Angeles, CA 90044the School-To-Success model in (866) 675-5400                      (from the website) Los Angeles, CA make
                                            750 N. Alameda St., Suite 200"LAUP's goal is to 90012 voluntary, high-quality presch
http://www.amazing-kids.org996-2123                     The goal Blvd. Amazing Kids! Amazing Mentors! Program is to connec
                                            3224 E. Yorba Linda of the #442, Fullerton,-CA 92831
                        310) 451-9747.                   School Based Services Family Service social workers are stationed full t
                        (310) 828-5617      School-Based Counseling, ThomasFamily Centers is to School, 2425 Kansas, Santa         The mission of El Nido Edison Elementary empower disadvantaged or
                        (310) 399-7769                             Project Santa Every student is invited to participate in art, math, and sc
                                             401 Ashland Ave., Studio Monica, CA 90405             (310) 338-1597                   Assists preschoolers with disabilities to integrate into inclusionary classr
                                             6234 87th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90045
                        (213) 273-7126      2301 Bellevue Dream Angeles, CA 90026
                                                        The Ave, LosCenter is dedicated to providing the resources and opportun         (310) 383-0785                  ΓÇó Los Angeles, CA 90024
                                            P.O. Box 24161, Adopt-A-School/Mentoring Program In 2004, we adopted an under
                        (818) 756-3360      16650 Sherman Way Van Nuys, CA 91406
                        (562) 933-0400                  The organization seems well-funded with many centers. The phone num 2801 Atlantic Avenue
                               2132417900 333 S. Beaudry school programs, academic intervention, kid care, supplemental ed
                                                        after Ave., Floor 29 213-273-7000            2301 Bellevue Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026            323-957-7364                    LAYN is a dedicated youth shelter that provides counseling, helps enroll
                                            1550 Gower Street, Hollywood, Ca 90028
                        (310) 399-7769                             Dino Fair (Ocean Park) Summer
                                            401 Ashland Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90405 Concert (Marine Park)
                        (562) 951-3500                        I would
                                            2222 Olive Avenue actually recommend researching this organization further. At firs
                        213-385-2977 x 101             Appears to be a large list of legal services for the homeless 323-939-0506                          Bet Tzedek 200, Los Angeles, CA 90036
                                            145 S. Fairfax Ave, Ste provides pro-bono legal services. Although it primarily focus                          the organization sapns most of the fifty states, so contact is based on loc              213-485-1234                    Pro-bono legal Angeles,
                                            633 West Fifth Street, Los services Ca 90071
www.oasisofhollywood.org323-469-3027                    Tutoring and computer training for impoverished and at-risk kids age 5-2
                                            1725 Ivar Ave, Hollywood, Ca 90028
                        562.989.6400        3515 Linden Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90807          The junior league seem well-organized and has existed for 75 years. Als           323-960-3333                    Comprehensive homeless services.
                                            5627 Fernwood Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028
                        (562) 997-8037      1515 Hughes Way the link at first because i thought that rolling
                                                        I followed readers may be si
                                            7563 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036                                      This website has a lot of links to free clinics, pro-bono legal services, and   323-461-3131                    Outreach,
                                            1325 N. Western Ave.Counseling, Transitional living         323-461-3131        1325 North Western Avenue, Hollywood, California 90027
www.kyccla.ord          213-365-7400                    6th Street, Suite 300, Los Angeles,
                                            3727 West Tutoring, job training, activities... CA 90020
                        (805)485-7878                   Referrals for childcare, subsidized childcare, consulting for employers, c
                                            2500 Vineyard Ave, Oxnard, CA 93030
                        (818) 756-3360      16650 Sherman Way
                        818-989-2379        5944 Woodman Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91401
                        818-786-3427        15035 Valerio St, Van Nuys, CA 91405
                        (323) 881-8877      1803 Pennsylvaniascale daycare
                                                        Sliding Avenue
                        (213)                           They do Avenue, stuff dealing CA
http://www.publiccounsel.org385-2977 x100610 South Ardmore pro bonoLos Angeles, both with homelessness and children's rig
                         (408) 998-5298 480 N. First Street, San Jose, CA, 95112
                         818-997-1077       7224 Woodley Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406             (323) 313-1626                  Job training
                                            972 S. Goodrich Blvd. programs, child care, foodbank, youth programs, adult educ
                         818-256-1066       16946 Sherman Way Suite 100, Van Nuys, CA 91406-3782
                         (310) 219-1173     4130 W 154th St
N/A                      562 984 4444       2135 E Market St
                         818-994-5909       14612 Calvert Street, Van Nuys, CA 91401
                         (562) 563-8805                  transitional housing
                                            1400 Norwalk Blvd.
                         213 683-9100                    Solicit pro-bono work. The firm has worked on alliance for adoption of s 355 South Grand Avenue 35th Floor Los Angeles, California 90071-1560
                         213-989-3270       4130 W 154th St, Lawndale, CA
                         818-705-3212       6649 Balboa Street, Van Nuys, CA 91406
                         213.629.2702       701 East 3rd St. Suite 400
                                                         Convince this organization to look in to builind move homes for lower inc
                         323 890 7001                    Home ownership ca, 91755
                                            2 coral circle, monterey park,program, rental rehabilitation loan program, after schoo
N/A                      562 438 5544       2700 E 7th St
                         310-664-7557       604 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA 90291-2767           323-731-6606                    Will help to indentify and secure
                                            2905 S Vermont, Los Angeles, CA 90007 jobs and careers that offer our commun
                         310-399-3371       682 Broadway, Venice, CA 90291
N/A                      323 777 1411       710 E 111th Place    562-698-8348                    provides
                                            7950 S. Pickering hospitality shelter                            16650 Sherman Way, Van Nuys,
                         (213) 385-2977 x100610 South Ardmore to be paired up with a lawyer for a pro-bono case. Organization                            Contact Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90005
                         213-747-6357                             They Los Angeles, CA
                                            822 East 20th St.also offer tutoring for kids grades 1-12.
                         323-722-3955                    housing development and 90640 paramount blvd, montevello, ca, rehabilitation program, Home ownership educ
                         310-399-5865       2425 Kansas Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404
                         (562) 427-0833     1212 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, CA, 90806
                         (818) 756-3360        16650 Sherman Way, Vanu Nuys, CA 91406
N/A                      310 618 2980       3231 Torrance Blvd; Torrance, CA 90503
N/A                      310-397-2659       1020 Victoria Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90291
                         (818) 756-3360        16650 Sherman Way, Vanu Nuys, CA 91406
                         (213) 385-2977 x100610 South Ardmore to be paired up with a lawyer for a pro-bono case. Organization                            Contact Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90005
                         (562) 491-0711     417 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA, 90802
                         310-399-5865       2368 Pearl Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405
http://www.aidforaids.net323.656.1107                     Monica Blvd, Suite 200, West financial assistance to
                                            8235 Santathe premier service provider of Hollywood, CA 90046 persons living belo (661) 949-6790                      They offer affordable, sliding-scale day care
                                            808 West Newgrove Street, Lancaster, CA
                         310-452-2326       2425 16th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405
                         310-399-5865       2562 6th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405
                         562 864 9935                    Case types - consumer, custody, dissolution of marriage, domestic viole
                                            11834 firestone blvd, norwalk, ca, 90650
N/A                      310 320 4429       1520 Greenwood Ave; Torrance, CA 90503
                         (562)438-5544      2700 E 7th St, Long Beach, CA 90804-4707
                         (323) 265-2369                 Partnering Los ABC to provide supplies for
                                            133 North Sunol Drive with Angeles, California 90063 their center, vice versa throu
N/A                      310 222 4274       975 West Carson Street; Torrance, CA 90503
                         310-450-1792       1720 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404  (323) 224-6510                   26, Suite 400 Los career nights
                                            570 W. Avetutoring, child care,Angeles, CA 90065
                         (213) 427-2700                      Sixth Street Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA
                                            3550 West Connection between the community and affordable day care-type progra           (213) 365-7400                   St Ste 300, counseling, CA 90020
                                            3727 W 6thKYCC offersLos Angeles,academic, youth and economic development, d
                         310-828-3010       2401 Santa Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404 310-399-4100                720 Rose Ave
                         (323) 887-7963     5745 Rickenbacker Road Commerce, CA 90040 to start school (young children) of homeless children trying
                         310-399-5865       734 Pine Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405
                         (213) 365-7400                           6th care/integration resources, especially for immigrants
                                            3727 West DayStreet, Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA
                         (323) 469-5893                         A multi-service human CA 90028
                                            1370 N St Andrews Pl, Hollywood, services agency mobilizing people and resources
                         562-492-6703                  2801 Atlantic Ave.
                         (323) 887-7963      5745 Rickenbacker Road Commerce, CA 90040 to start school (young children) of homeless children trying
                         323 278 3687        401         headstart children's services n. garfield avenue, montebello, ca, 90640
                         310-399-5865        2401 14th Street Santa Monica, CA 90405
                         (310) 371-9960      2606 Nelson Ave, Redondo Beach, CA, 90278
                         310-399-5865        2802 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405-4308
                         310-398-6614        11815 Allin Street, Culver City, CA 90230
                         (213) 989-3244       1055       Specifically targets Pacific Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1050 Asian Communities in LA. 989-3271                     An LA Head Start program
                                             1055 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1050, Los Angeles, CA
                         (323) 753-5522              Western Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90047
                                             7607 SouthHelp School on Wheels (older ages) children transition from tutoring to a
                         N/A                 N/A
                         N/A                 N/A
                         (909) 869-3502 N/A
                         310/434-4735             N/A         modern language, science - Willis, Sandra, reading and science - Chene
                          213 627-9000                        This organization Los Angeles, CA 90013
                                             566 South San Pedro Street is probably targeted moreso to older homeless populat
                         N/A                 N/A
                         310) 253-5780       N/A
                         310-396-6468      204 Hampton Drive, Venice, California 90291-8633
                         714.897.3221         15161 Jackson Street Midway City, CA 92655
                         213-892-9011                   847 Golden Avenue; Los Angeles, CA 90017
                         818-241-7521        437 Fernando Court Glendale, CA 91204
                         (213)264-4981       307 Warren Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033
n/a                      818-409-3080        4322 San Fernando Court, Glendale, CA 91204
                          (213) 629-1227
                         (650) 685-5880, ext. 21 1450 Chapin Avenue, 2nd Floor Burlingame, CA 94010
                         714.897.3221         15161 Jackson Street, Midway City, CA 92655 323.563.5639            10950 South Central Ave. ; Los Angeles, CA 90059
                         213-683-3333                         This organization provides funding to other organizations that help fnd sh
                                              453 S. Spring Street, 12th Floor
                         818-246-8488      (818) 982-4091      7843 Lankershim Boulevard; North Hollywood, CA 91605 323-948-0444           5715 South Broadway ; Los Angeles, CA 90037           (310) 840-4777      2554 Lincoln Blvd., #522 Venice, CA 90291
                         (310) 453-3611, ext. 114        This Boulevard, Suite 113 Cloverfield orgqanization offers grants to organizations in the LA area doing wo
                                                         This site is involved in feeding the homeless and tutoring children.
                         213-989-3270        1055 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1050, Los Angeles, CA 90017
                          (818) 989-2379     5944 Ave. Van Nuys, Ca. 91401
                         714-703-1900              12951 Euclid Street, Suite 101
                                 8189802287 11234 Kittridge Ave North Hollywood, CA 91601
                         (818) 988-1332      14701 Friar Street Will not represent criminals.May charge nominal fee. Will represent alien (818) 834-7585                    Family Law, Landlord-Tenant, Small Claims, and other Civil Matters. No (323) 644-2216          340 N. Madison Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004
                         (213) 688-2188           523 W. 6th Street, Suite 616 Los Angeles, CA 90014-1224
                         (202) 502-7600      1990 K Street, should ask them about their DC 20006-8510, 7th Floor, Washington, Upward Bound Programs. They offer h
                         (650) 685-5880               1450 Chapin Avenue, 2nd Floor, Burlingame, CA 94010
                         213-977-1600        354 S.      There is no contact Los Angeles, CA 90013 Spring Street, Suite 700,person, but if you go on the website address they ha
                         310-458-4088        1444 10th St Santa Monica, Ca.

                        916-323-9727 1430 N Street, Suite 3410 Sacramento, CA 95814
                        310-998-5590      1641 18th St Santa Monica CA 90404-3807
                        213-252-0772              1200 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 600, Los Angeles, CA 90017
                        562.733.1147      1301 W. 12th St.Long Beach CA 90813
                        (213)    523 W. 6th Street, Suite 616, Los Angeles, CA 90014-1224
                          (310) 952-1189     542 E Carson St Carson, CA 90745
NA                        (213)724-6100                  Beverly Boulevard Montebello, California 90640
                                             3324 West Found in National Directoy of Head Start programs
                          (310) 390-3604     4500 S. Sepulveda Blvd. This organization sponsors childcare sites at local elementary schools. T
                                             P.O. Box 1571 Long Beach, CA 90801
                          323-263-3229       2130 E. 1st Street, Ste. 305, Los Angeles, CA 90033            (310) 393-2721                 The YMCA may assist in developing pro bono childcare or day camp ser
                                             1332 6th St. Santa Monica, CA 90401
                          (213) 484-1186       1910 W. Sunset Blvd., Suite 650, Los Angeles, CA 90026
                          562-432-1440       515 East 3rd Street Long Beach, CA 90802
                          310-898-3115       1693 E. Del Amo Boulevard Carson, CA 90746                                         They develop Suite 1000, Los Angeles
                          Tel. 213.480.0809 3345 Wilshire Boulevard,affordable housing for the homeless, and recently finished
                          213-743-1757       University of Southern California, 3601 S. Flower St., Tyler Bldg. #99, Los Angeles,
                          562-591-1292       1335 Pacific Avenue Long Beach, CA 90813 (323) 890-9600          401 N. Garfield Avenue Montebello, CA 90640
                          (323) 908-0011          P.O. Box 3867 Hollywood, CA 90078
                          526-945-4304                  12426 Whittier Blvd.
                                  3103676174 John Adams Middle School, 151 West 30th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007
                          (213) 241-7900     333 S. Beaudry Avenue, Suite 2-216B, Carole Donahue 213-683-3333            453 S. Spring Street, 12th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90013
                          (213) 413-1208          1709 West 8th Street, Suite A, Los Angeles, CA 90017 N/A                    N/A
                           (213) 629-1227                  They offer temporary
                                             303 East 5th Street, Los Angeles housing, so children in residence could benefit from
                          (650) 685-5880               1450 Chapin Avenue, 2nd Floor, Burlingame, CA 94010 (626) 791-0211         Jackie Robinson Center 1020 N. Fair Oaks Avenue Pasadena, CA 91103
                          323-233-5900       4044 South Morgan Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90011
                          626-240-4550       175 N Garfield Avenue, Pasadena, CA, 91109  (323) 2270004      5904 N. Monterey Rd. #205, Los Angeles, CA 90042
                          562-207-9660  11401 Bloomfield Avenue
                          (213) 241-6100     333 S. Beaudry Ave., Suite B2-216, Los Angeles, CA 90017
                          (562) 464-3436                         The SKILLS          Whittier, established
                                             7630 Washington Blvd Foundation wasCA 90602 in 1984 to support implementa
                          (213)                   Coordinate Suite 616, Los Angeles
                                             523 West Sixth Street, temporary housing
N/A                       562-863-8805       12300 Fourth Street, Norwalk CA
                          213.580.7566              350 S. Bixel Street, Ste. 160, Los Angeles, CA 90017
                          310-275-3232       9000 Sunset Blvd, Ste 1010 Los Angeles, CA 90069
N/A                       N/A                7702 S. Washington Ave. Whittier, CA
                          323 526 3723       1260 S Soto, Los Angeles, CA 90023    (415) 241-6868                 They compile a database of relevant and
                                             717 California Street, Second Floor, San Francisco local nonprofits. 562.777.9826            14628 Cortina Dr, La Mirada, CA 90638
N/A                       562-903-1478       14545 Leffingwell Rd. Whittier, CA 90604
                          (323) 269-4214     530 South Boyle Avenue Los Angeles CA, 90033
                          213-252-0772                 1200 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 600 Los Angeles, CA 90017
                          (562) 927-6264            8050 Florence Avenue Suite 37, Downey, CA 90240 (323) 266-0882          2226 East 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90033
                          (213) 624-9258              601 South San Pedro Street Los Angeles, California 90014  562-692-0953       6525 S. Norwalk Blvd., Whittier, CA 90606
ling, GED preparation, job skills, housing referrals, for 12-23 year olds.

 eral assistance for families with children. Shelter and services provided up to three (3) months. Fee: Free
 use its mission is to "develop systemic approaches to combat poverty and homelessness among families with children and enhance family e
  which homeless people (singles and families) can thrive and rejoin society
eless tutoring program.

p, Inc. is dedicated to assisting in the development and maintenance of short-term and transitional housing programs, permanent housing, a
ping the homesless all over LA. They have the capabilities to provide a great deal of infastructure and money

nal housing and supportive services. Project provides case management that assists women in public benefits available to them, preparing th
 t Universiity, they have organized homeless feeding locations, etc befgore
d. of the month
ational scale, Beyond Shelter promotes four main initiatives to address chronic poverty, homelessness, and welfare dependency. Each initia

and health services to the homeless and the needy. A joint effort to provide education opportunities to the children of the homeless seems ve

ere are also special case managers that help with employment and mental health.
vides a unique service. Homeless Not Toothless is a 501C(3) non profit program providing free dental care to the homeless and underserve
eless people and housing programs.
y Angelinos are served a tasty breakfast by St. Thomas volunteers the second and fourth Saturday morning of each month. Come at 7:00 AM
awareness and diversity, including ethnic and traditional festivities.

n and literacy, homeless and housing, health and medicine, and senior citizens.

ed food, fresh produce, and bread. Information and referral, assistance with government benefit programs. Please contact the SOVA admin

 The have a special teaching approach that they call the Reggion Approach. " The curriculum is based on close observation and documentat
ete meal to 125 homeless people in the Hollywood area for 12 years. They solicit vehicle donations as well. The goal of the coalition is to help
ROP-IN basis in the Tutoring Room" they are also expanding their program.

grate into inclusionary classrooms, preparing them to successfully enter the K-12 school system.
teracy and ESL tutoring programs for adults and children who are in need of better skills and to train volunteers to perform these services."

ereby we distribute lunches to the hungry and homeless in our neighborhood. Sack Lunches are usually packed once a month on Sunday mo
 o benefit very low- to moderate income people. CCSM currently owns and manages over 1,200 affordable housing units.
e it: Serves Whittier, California children from 7 to 18 years old, offering recreational, educational and counseling services.
nts to licensed Santa Monica child care programs and child care subsidies for at least 75 infants, toddlers and preschool age children from lo
hancing the opportunities for underprivileged children and teens living in two North Hollywood housing complexes. By supplementing their edu
 e general status of Silver lake. Their efforts include reducing gang activity and crime. A joint effort to include providing educational opportuni
 assistance, educational enrichment, youth sports camps and leagues, and specialized programs like Camp Santa Monica & Rosie's Girls. F
 opened its doors to more than 145,000 homeless youth who suffer from the trauma of trying to survive on the streets and the physical or psy

school tutoring program at Dolores Mission School in Boyle Heights. LMU students and local high school students mentor students at Dolore
e Los Feliz neighborhood of the City of Los Angeles." They work to better their community in various ways, making a joint effort with School o
tary Tutorial Program

ty provides funding and guidance for a network of local, non-profit agencies with missions to help people leave homelessness permanently. T
 is a 501(c))3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in the community of Silver Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz and

 ducation and literacy to community members. A joint effort with School on Wheels could emphasize spreading education to homeless childre
ucation high school, community mental health services and independent living skills.

Serves boys and girls 7 to 14 years of age in the greater L.A. area. Provides these children with a positive role model who is referred to as a
ndividuals rebuild their lives through an integrated system of temporary shelter, affordable housing development and comprehensive social s
 you because: This family service agency is designed to raise at-risk children out of poverty through education and support. More than 1,000
driven organization providing one-on-one counseling, support groups, AIDS 101 presentations, weekend seminars, and innovative prevention
 s and boys ages 10 through 17 in need of short-term help to stay off the streets can find a nurturing refuge and help to get back on track at o
 rea by providing general services.
y of life for all in Greater Los Angeles by creating pathways out of poverty.
ena, California, is the San Gabriel ValleyΓÇÖs largest private agency serving the poor and homeless. Union Station offers emergency and tr

ps fund education for Homeless Children in CA. Some of the school districts included in this are: Norwalk-LaMirada Unified School District Pa

uld probably help more with funding than education.
d, homeless and at-risk children nationally.
 cted and homeless adolescents become self-sufficient. We do this by providing street outreach, food, emergency shelter and transitional liv
 Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start, and a Moral Start in life and successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families a

  network of local, non-profit agencies with missions to help people leave homelessness permanently. These agencies are dedicated to provi
s youth as well. I believe it is a program that is a part of the Catholic Charities of Los Angeles,
non-profit which helps "rescue homeless and at-risk youth living on the street".

ts to more stable housing

n at this homeless shelter, but presuming there are some you could work with the children here, maybe setup a program with the person that

r for one night. Shelter First offers compassion, caring, support, counseling and education for homeless and low-income families who want t

e healthcare services thanks to its partnerships with the Pepperdine Mental Health Clinic, USC Dental Clinic, and the UCLA Health Clinic. It
award-winning program provides much-needed emergency food supplies to low- and no-income households and individuals, as well as cong

elementary English, Vocabulary, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Phonics, English Literature, AP English. Tutor and prepare the student

howers Clinical and Education Referrals Transportation ID/Birth Certificate Acquisition Mail, Telephone & Email Services Hygiene Supplies/T

er-school programs
and families a chance to lead healthy and productive lives together. Through its community-based W.M. Keck Oakwood Family Center, Child
 tutor/help you with general things.

es. Craft and other programs for major holidays. Homework assistance. Class tours and visits. California Young Reader Medal Program.
uld speak to about potentially recieving donations. One of my friends in Colorado got money from a local Target to help him with an Eagle p

n gives away all profits of his products each year.

some money.
ok for funding. They deal with kids, and you should tell them a sticker in the window saying they help homeless children (meaning they truly d

 less youth to build self-sufficient lives. Distributes lunch to homeless children in the community.

A 90801-2490

er has provided a compassionate response to the needs of homeless individuals and families in Venice, Santa Monica and other West Los A

za, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1390
 team, no raoute mlk day memorial day labor day christmas

mentary / middle school students

Outreach in Venice every Tuesday.
 about education for homeless children. There is a link second from the bottom called "Homeless Liasons" that has contact names and numb
g drivers licenses, etc.
er City, CA 90230

Preschool-age children experiencing homelessness often face unique barriers to enrolling and succeeding in preschool. NCH recommends r
 chool-To-Success model in 2001 in response to the need for career guidance, counseling, planning and coaching for at-risk middle school to
voluntary, high-quality preschool available to every 4-year-old in Los Angeles County, regardless of their family's income, by 2014."
entors! Program is to connect every child with a dedicated and caring mentor who will help guide them in their learning experiences. The pro
 l workers are stationed full time at four Santa Monica-area schools where they provide individual and family counseling, parent education, te
 empower disadvantaged or at-risk children, youth and families through educational and social services offered from neighborhood centers th
rticipate in art, math, and science activities in our beautiful Project Studio. Designed by (M)Arch. strategic architectures, our Project Studio w
grate into inclusionary classrooms, preparing them to successfully enter the K-12 school system. Pre-school technology program:Under a gra
 the resources and opportunities to help low-income, homeless and underserved individuals and families in the inner city of Los Angeles mov
 2004, we adopted an underprivileged school in Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and we plan to adopt two more schools in the n

any centers. The phone number I listed was just one of many. I would reccomend contacting them about outreach programs, because they
n, kid care, supplemental education, outdoor education, school volunteering, and a youth development program

des counseling, helps enroll children in schools, and takes them on field trips.

 organization further. At first glance, they appear to be very well qualified as the oldest organization in Long Beach, but there is something a
r the homeless
. Although it primarily focuses on the elderly, it may also consider children's issues.
s, so contact is based on location. They seem to have a very realistic approach to the homeless situation. I would advocate contacting them

 hed and at-risk kids age 5-21.
has existed for 75 years. Also most if not all contributions go straight to the source since the organization is volunteer-based. I would contac

hat rolling readers may be similar to School on Wheels. Supposedly it is California's largest child literacy program. I think their method of tea

 pro-bono legal services, and jobs.

 consulting for employers, childcare provider training, Head Start Program.

melessness and children's rights... on target with your mission!
 youth programs, adult education, senior services

on alliance for adoption of students, and has done multiple pro-bono cases for homeless children. The firm was one of the charter signatorie

d move homes for lower incomes.
on loan program, after school homework assistant program, family services

reers that offer our communities living wages and ethical benefits.

ro-bono case. Organization focuses on representing abused and abandoned children, and homeless families, among other groups.

ram, Home ownership education program, second mortage loan program

ro-bono case. Organization focuses on representing abused and abandoned children, and homeless families, among other groups.

stance to persons living below the poverty line and disabled with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County

 of marriage, domestic violence, health, housing, individual rights, public benefits (not able to serve undocumented individuals)

heir center, vice versa through federal funds

ordable day care-type programs
nd economic development, drug/gang prevention, environmental programs, OTA & childcare, for the multiethnic Koreatown community and K

art school (young children)

r immigrants
ilizing people and resources to meet community needs.
 art school (young children)

n transition from tutoring to a position in the labor force

 eading and science - Cheney, Joyce, housing and redevelopment
 o to older homeless populations, but might be worth looking into since it is well developed and provides a variety of supplementary services

 rganizations that help fnd shelter and homes for Los Angeles homeless. They have many locations throughout the SoCal area, including Mo

 ons in the LA area doing work around social change. Their list of grants and money given away is extensive.
 and tutoring children.

minal fee. Will represent alien in asylum.
  and other Civil Matters. No Criminal Law.

 und Programs. They offer help to low income students so they can pursue a higher education.

 the website address they have a list of numbers for the different regions they serve. They are a housing assitance program.
  local elementary schools. The YMCA may help with daycare/childcare/summer camp assistance.

 o childcare or day camp services

meless, and recently finished a project in Echo Park. Perhaps, if they have homeless contacts in Echo Park, they can share those with Schoo
 ler Bldg. #99, Los Angeles, CA 90089

 Angeles, CA 90007

 residence could benefit from school on wheels.

 Pasadena, CA 91103

1984 to support implementation of the Quest Skills for Adolescence program. Originally called the Skills for Adolescence Foundation, our mi

 al nonprofits.
es with children and enhance family economic security and well-being." They have a program called Housing First.

 ing programs, permanent housing, and supportive services for the homeless and potentially homeless throughout Los Angeles County" This

enefits available to them, preparing them for employment opportunities, offers substance abuse counseling and referrals to healthcare that is

and welfare dependency. Each initiative provides a distinct and adaptable methodology, utilizing existing resources in new ways. This is acco

e children of the homeless seems very possible.

are to the homeless and underserved

ning of each month. Come at 7:00 AM to help prepare and share pancakes, eggs, sausage, biscuits and good fellowship. For more informati

ms. Please contact the SOVA administrative office for information about the availability of job counselors, food stamp enrollment outreach w

n close observation and documentation of the childrenΓÇÖs ideas by the teacher who co-constructs knowledge with the children."
ell. The goal of the coalition is to help the homeless rebuild their lives, consistent with that of School on Wheels. A joint effort to not only supp

unteers to perform these services."

  packed once a month on Sunday mornings. Everyone is encouraged to help pack lunches on that day. It is a truly spiritual experience when
 ble housing units.
unseling services.
 s and preschool age children from low and moderate income families.
  mplexes. By supplementing their education, providing enriching projects, and being supportive friends for these amazing kids and teens we
 lude providing educational opportunities to the children of low income/homeless families.
amp Santa Monica & Rosie's Girls. Financial assistance is available.
on the streets and the physical or psychological abuse, neglect or high-risk behaviors that led them there. Covenant House CaliforniaΓÇÖs m

ol students mentor students at Dolores Mission Elementary School. The mission of the program is to bridge the gap between two economical
ys, making a joint effort with School on Wheels a good possibility.
e leave homelessness permanently. These agencies are dedicated to providing as much assistance as possible to help homeless persons w
  Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz and the greater Los Angeles area. They provide the communities with tutoring and training in various fields,

eading education to homeless children in the area.

ve role model who is referred to as a Big Brother or Big Sister. Bigs and Littles share one-to-one friendships, meeting twice a month for appr
 opment and comprehensive social services."
cation and support. More than 1,000 children ΓÇô ages 6 weeks to 18 years old ΓÇô and 3,000 families every year benefit from services like
d seminars, and innovative prevention workshops to people affected by HIV/AIDS & other life-threatening illnesses.
uge and help to get back on track at our emergency youth shelter in Hermosa Beach"

nion Station offers emergency and transitional housing for individuals and families, hot meals, career development, job placement, health ca

k-LaMirada Unified School District Pasadena Unified School District Los Angeles Unified School District

emergency shelter and transitional living programs, with a professional, caring staff in a nurturing and safe environment. LAYN targets runaw
 ood with the help of caring families and communities. They would be a good source of funding. They are not based in Los Angeles but they a

hese agencies are dedicated to providing as much assistance as possible to help homeless persons with housing, case management, couns

setup a program with the person that runs this shelter.

 and low-income families who want to work to improve their lives and become self-supporting members of society.

 linic, and the UCLA Health Clinic. It also possesses Hope Gardens, which is a 70 acre transitional housing facility to care for women and ch
holds and individuals, as well as congregate feeding sites such as soup kitchens. Operated locally by authorized food banks throughout the s

glish. Tutor and prepare the students for SAT or AP examinations.

& Email Services Hygiene Supplies/Toiletries Special Events & Field Trips Academic Services: Academic Achievement Homework Tutoring
 Keck Oakwood Family Center, ChildrenΓÇÖs Bureau is able to provide diverse specialized and comprehensive services that help ensure ch

rnia Young Reader Medal Program. Children's Book Week. Storytime with Santa. Summer Reading programs.
al Target to help him with an Eagle project.

meless children (meaning they truly do care about kids) might look good.

Santa Monica and other West Los Angeles communities since 1981. It is the hub of the Center's efforts to help people get off the street into
 s" that has contact names and numbers for nearly hundreds of elementary schools. I'm sure getting in contact with these people could produ

ng in preschool. NCH recommends revisions to the Head Start program that will remove barriers to the full participation of children experienc
  coaching for at-risk middle school to high school students. Although the program was designed for youth and adults, current research indica
 family's income, by 2014."
  their learning experiences. The program contains two parts: 1. The Amazing Kids! - Amazing Mentors! section of the Amazing Kids! websit
 mily counseling, parent education, teacher training, and a variety of other case-management services.
 offered from neighborhood centers throughout Los Angeles County. Programs provide tools for young people to overcome trauma, recognize
 c architectures, our Project Studio was opened in March 2001. Inspired by the principles of the innovative preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy,
 hool technology program:Under a grant from the city of Santa Monica, CAC is currently working with children from 18 months to 5 years old i
  in the inner city of Los Angeles move toward self sufficiency through counseling, education and training.
an to adopt two more schools in the next two years. This after-school tutoring & mentoring program helps disadvantaged youth develop the n

ut outreach programs, because they may have the resources

 ong Beach, but there is something a bit off about them. Maybe it was how they kept emphasizing their humble beginnings and a "100% retu

on. I would advocate contacting them mainly for their expertise in approaching homeless children.

n is volunteer-based. I would contact them about fundraising because they do several every year

y program. I think their method of teaching is most valuable and applicable especially to homeless children. Contact may not even be neces
firm was one of the charter signatories to the American Bar Association's pro bono challenge, and consistently devotes more than of 3% of a

milies, among other groups.

milies, among other groups.

ocumented individuals)

ltiethnic Koreatown community and Koreans throughout L.A.
a variety of supplementary services that may not be provided by School on Wheels but would help their success (i.e. free voicemail, drug re

ughout the SoCal area, including Monterey Park. They also have a listing of shelters and the amount of homeless people in specific parts of

assitance program.
ark, they can share those with School On Wheels to bring schooling to the children waiting for housing.Gateways Housing was the project the

 for Adolescence Foundation, our mission was to provide a comprehensive drug prevention, life-skills program to children attending Whittier
hroughout Los Angeles County" This organization would help with providing shelter.

ng and referrals to healthcare that is needed.

g resources in new ways. This is accomplished primarily through the agency's Institute for Research, Training and Technical Assistance. The

d good fellowship. For more information, please contact the Parish Administrator at (323) 876-2102. The St. Thomas Breakfast Club is funde

 s, food stamp enrollment outreach workers, and other community professionals who provide free services at the SOVA centers.

owledge with the children."
Wheels. A joint effort to not only supply food to the homeless, but also provide education opportunities to their children in need seems like a g

It is a truly spiritual experience when you reflect on the persons in our neighborhood who are homeless and receive these lunches!

or these amazing kids and teens we seek to develop their social and intellectual skills and broaden their prospects for the future.

e. Covenant House CaliforniaΓÇÖs mission is to ΓÇ£protect and safeguard all children of the streetΓÇ¥ with ΓÇ£absolute respect and uncon

dge the gap between two economically and socially diverse communities by creating an atmosphere of solidarity. The Underwings program a
possible to help homeless persons with housing, case management, counseling, advocacy, substance abuse programs, and other specialize
utoring and training in various fields, a perfect match for a joint effort with School on Wheels.

hips, meeting twice a month for approx. 4-5 hours a meeting

 every year benefit from services like child care, youth services, family support and after school programs.

velopment, job placement, health care, case management services and substance abuse recovery support

fe environment. LAYN targets runaway, homeless, and system youth, ages 12-17, in Los Angeles County. Our program stabilizes youth and
e not based in Los Angeles but they are a national organization.

h housing, case management, counseling, advocacy, substance abuse programs, and other specialized services.

 ing facility to care for women and children looking to escape Skid Row.
thorized food banks throughout the state, this program distributes commodities donated by the Department of Agriculture and fresh and pack

ic Achievement Homework Tutoring GED Prep Enrollment Assistance English Language Tutoring Employment Computer Training Resume
ehensive services that help ensure children will become caring and productive adults. With a strong emphasis on the development of parent

 to help people get off the street into a safer and healthier environment.
contact with these people could produce some leads on finding at risk children in need.

ull participation of children experiencing homelessness and increase their access to appropriate services. 2. Reauthorization of the Individua
th and adults, current research indicates that middle school to high school students (ages 12-18) will receive the most benefit

 section of the Amazing Kids! website act as a "mentoring hub," providing resources and connections for mentors and prospective mentors w

eople to overcome trauma, recognize their inherent value and achieve their goals; and for parents to create a loving, healthy family environm
ve preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, the Project Studio provides a flexible and accessible environment that encourages children to develop t
 dren from 18 months to 5 years old in 10 preschool classrooms: Three mainstream classrooms and seven special day classes encompassin

s disadvantaged youth develop the necessary learning skills, appreciate the importance of a good education, and build character through the

humble beginnings and a "100% return on your investment" which means nothing. Regardless they are very large and have many facilities t

ren. Contact may not even be necessary, but adopting some of their method might be prudent
stently devotes more than of 3% of all attorney time to delivering needed pro bono legal assistance.
success (i.e. free voicemail, drug rehab, HIV counselling, etc.) and it has job placement services. Specializes in Skid Row area homeless p

homeless people in specific parts of LA.
Gateways Housing was the project they just finished and they got an award.

 ogram to children attending Whittier area schools grades K - 8.
 ining and Technical Assistance. These initiatives include the Housing First, Service-Enriched Housing, Neighborhood-Based Services Coord

 St. Thomas Breakfast Club is funded in part by a grant from The City of West Hollywood.

es at the SOVA centers.

o their children in need seems like a good possibility.

and receive these lunches!

 prospects for the future.

with ΓÇ£absolute respect and unconditional love.ΓÇ¥ through our comprehensive services of street outreach and residential programs with s

olidarity. The Underwings program also has been an excellent program for student empowerment and leadership development."
buse programs, and other specialized services.

ty. Our program stabilizes youth and transitions them to safer places by facilitating their return home, assisting with placing them in foster/gro

ent of Agriculture and fresh and packaged produce donated by California's food growers, packers and processors. Annually, through its netw

loyment Computer Training Resume Writing Interview Skill Building Job Search Strategies On-Site Job Opportunities Creative Arts Creative
phasis on the development of parenting skills, the Family Center offers programs that strengthen families, as well as the community. Volunte
 s. 2. Reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) provides student
ceive the most benefit

r mentors and prospective mentors who are interested in mentoring children. 2. Our Amazing Kids! - Amazing Mentors! outreach program w

 ate a loving, healthy family environment.
 hat encourages children to develop their ideas through a variety of media over an extended period of time. Children have several opportuniti
ven special day classes encompassing over 110 children and 33 staff. For preschoolers, this may be their first exposure to the world of techn

ation, and build character through the help of caring volunteers. FFSC and LAUSD share a common goal in helping at-risk youth and are co

 very large and have many facilities that could provide much help.
ializes in Skid Row area homeless population.
Neighborhood-Based Services Coordination, Welfare-to-Work Methodologiesfollowing:

each and residential programs with supportive services. Covenant House California helps kids escape life on the dangerous streets, resolve

eadership development."
sisting with placing them in foster/group homes, or teaching the skills and providing the resources needed to live independently.

rocessors. Annually, through its network of 1,500 distribution sites staffed by over 5,000 volunteers, this program distributes 60 million pound

Opportunities Creative Arts Creative Writing Drama Sewing Photography Circus Arts Painting Journaling Drawing Arts & Crafts Scholarship
s, as well as the community. Volunteers are needed to help in various programs, to assist or teach programs for the children or parents.
ducation Act (IDEA) provides students with disabilities with a wide array of substantive and procedural rights. In the upcoming reauthorization

mazing Mentors! outreach program will work closely with schools, businesses and the community to coordinate and

me. Children have several opportunities each week to work in the studio with our art and science teacher.
 ir first exposure to the world of technology and they plunge right in with the enthusiasm they show for any other unique experience. It will be

al in helping at-risk youth and are committed to working together. The goal of this project is to prepare our children for the future, fostering t
fe on the dangerous streets, resolve their crisis situations, and develop goals and skills that ultimately lead toward self-sufficiency and indep
ed to live independently.

 program distributes 60 million pounds of food to more than 1 million recipients and 1,600 recipient agencies. In addition, over 160 congrega

 g Drawing Arts & Crafts Scholarship Program Legal Clinic Benefits Assistance Multicultural Education Money Management Life Skills Vote
grams for the children or parents.
ghts. In the upcoming reauthorization of IDEA, NCH recommends revisions that will ensure children in homeless situations are able to acces

y other unique experience. It will be their access to information and learning in the years to come. CAC staff work to help them to learn how

ur children for the future, fostering their self-confidence and high self-esteem as well as providing essential foundations for future success i
ead toward self-sufficiency and independent living.
ncies. In addition, over 160 congregate feeding agencies throughout the state use emergency food supplies to prepare and serve more than

Money Management Life Skills Voter Registration Youth Council Cooking Self-advocacy Training Health and Well-Being Services: Individu
omeless situations are able to access the services and procedural rights that IDEA provides.

staff work to help them to learn how to interact with the computer such as the use of the mouse (or trackball or switch), how to input answers

ential foundations for future success in school and in life.
lies to prepare and serve more than 350,000 meals each week for California's homeless."

h and Well-Being Services: Individualized Case Management Crisis Intervention Conflict Mediation Individual, Group and Family Counseling
kball or switch), how to input answers, insert CDs, use the specialized keys such as delete, return, escape, etc. They also learn how to load a
vidual, Group and Family Counseling Medical Clinic Substance Abuse Education Violence Prevention Health Assessments Pregnancy & Par
pe, etc. They also learn how to load and use software, print, and use multimedia.The Computer Access Center also runs workshops with the
ealth Assessments Pregnancy & Parenting Program Health Education Program Advocac
Center also runs workshops with the parents and the

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