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					Business Abbreviations:

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@              --------------      at
ad              --------------     advertisement
a.m.             --------------     (Latin: ante meridiem), before noon.
a.s.a.p.       ---------------     as soon as possible
A.T.M.          ---------------     automatic (automated) teller machine
att.           ---------------- attached
attn.          ---------------- attention

B.A.           ---------------- Bachelor of Arts, banker’s acceptance
BASIC          ---------------- Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code,
                                a simple computer programming language much
                                used by students in schools and universities.
B.Sc.         ----------------       Bachelor of Science

CA             ---------------- chartered accountant, circa, California (US postal
                                 abbreviation), Canada (top level internet domain).
C.A.D.         ---------------- computer-aided design, the use of computers in
                                making drawings and models, in calculating
                                quantities and costs of materials, in storing
                                information, when designing buildings.
C.E.O.         -----------------    Chief Executive Officer
Cf., cf.       -----------------    (Latin: conferatur), compare.
c.i.f.         -----------------    cost, insurance and freight
c.c.          ------------------    carbon copy
C.I.D.        ------------------    Criminal Investigation Department, in Britain and
                                    Hong Kong.
c/o          ------------------      care of
Co.         -------------------      Company
COBOL       -------------------      Common Business Oriented Language. A standard
                                     system of putting a computer program into
                                     machine language that can be used on a large
                                     number of different computers.

com.          -------------------     commercial, commission, communication.
con           -------------------     Latin, meaning against, as in pros and cons.
CPA           -------------------     certified public accountant.

doz.          -------------------    dozen
Dr.           -------------------    doctor, director.

e.g.          -------------------    (Latin: exempli gratia), for example.
Encl.          -------------------    enclosure, enclosed.
etc.          -------------------    (Latin: et cetera), and the others, and the rest, and
                                       so on.

fax, fac      -------------------     facsimile
f.o.b.        -------------------     free on board
forex         -------------------     foreign exchange

gal.         -------------------     gallon
Gdns.        -------------------     Gardens, used in street names.
Govt., govt. ------------------      government
G.P.          ------------------     general practitioner, family doctor.
G.P.O.        ------------------     General Post Office

Hon.          -------------------     Honorable, honorary
hp, h.p.      -------------------     horsepower
H.Q.          -------------------     headquarters
hrs.          -------------------     hours

ib., ibid.    -------------------    (Latin: ibidem), in the same place.
I.D.         -------------------      identification
i.e.          -------------------    (Latin: id est), that is to say.

im-           ------------------     prefix, a variation of in-, used before the letters b, m,

                                   p, as in imbalance, immigrant, impersonal.
IMO           ------------------    In my opinion; in memory of.
in-          ------------------    a) prefix, in; into; on; towards; as inland, income,
                                   b) prefix, expressing a negative, as inactive,
                                      inequality, infertile.
Inc.         ------------------    Incorporated, in U.S.A., when placed after the name
                                   of a company, the word means that the company is
                                   a legal personality called a corporation.
I.Q.         ------------------    intelligence quotient, a measure of intelligence.
ir-          -------------------    prefix, a variation of in-, used before the letter r, as in

Kiwi           -----------------   Capitalized : New Zealander; the name of the
                                    flightless bird which is used as a national emblem.
                                    Not an abbreviation.

L.A.N.        -----------------      local area network, a computer network that covers a
                                   limited geographical area, e.g., a single building.
lb.          -----------------      pound (weight)
L/C, L.C.   ------------------      letter of credit, a letter from one party, usually a bank,
                                   to another party, usually also a bank, by which a third
                                   party, usually a customer named in the letter, is given
                                   the right to obtain the money, credit or goods he may
                                   need, up to a stated value, for which the writer of the
                                   letter takes responsibility.
Ltd.        -------------------     Limited, in Britain, the word that must by law be
                                     placed as the last word of the name of a limited
                                     liability company , or p.l.c., as public limited
                                     company. The U.S.A. equivalent is Incorporated.

M.          -------------------    Monsieur, gentleman, Mr.
M.B.A.       ------------------    Master of Business Administration
M.D.        -------------------    doctor of medicine, managing director
mega-       -------------------     prefix, meaning one million, or meaning ‘very large’.
memo.        -------------------   memorandum

mfg.        -------------------    manufacturing
micro-     -------------------     prefix, in the metric system of S.I. units, meaning
milli-     -------------------     prefix, in the metric system of S.I. units, meaning
min.       --------------------    minute, minimum
mini-     ---------------------     prefix, meaning very small, very short.
misc.     ---------------------     miscellaneous
mkt.       --------------------    market
Mlle.     --------------------     Mademoiselle, the polite form of address, both
                                   spoken and written, for an unmarried Frenchwoman.
Mme.      --------------------     Madame, the polite form of address for a
                                   Frenchwoman who is married, and often for any
                                   married woman other than one from an English-
                                   speaking country. Note that Madam is the
                                   corresponding form of address to a married or
                                   unmarried woman in the English world.
Messrs.     -------------------    abbreviated plural form of Mister; abbreviation of
                                   Messieurs, from French, plural of Monsieur
m., mo.     -------------------     month
Mr.         -------------------     a polite title given to a man and placed before his
                                     name or position, Mister, Master.
Mrs.        --------------------   a polite title given to a married woman and placed
                                   before her name; abbreviation of mistress.
Ms         --------------------     Miss or Mrs.; a title that may be used in written or
                                     spoken form when it is not known whether the
                                     woman concerned is married.

N/A.      --------------------     not applicable, not available.
nil        --------------------     nihil, nihilum, nothing.
No.       -------------------       number
non-      --------------------     a negative prefix

oz.       --------------------     ounce, ounces

p.          ---------------------      page
P.C.        ---------------------      personal computer, police constable
p.m.        ---------------------      (Latin: post meridiem), after noon
P.O.        ---------------------      post office, postal order
P.O.Box ---------------------           post office box
p.p., per pro -------------------      (Latin: per procurationem), (signing) for and on
                                        behalf of.
pp.         ----------------------      pages
pk., pkg., pkge. -----------------      package
P.L.C., plc ----------------------      (Britain) public limited company
P.R.       -----------------------      public relations
pre-       -----------------------      prefix, meaning before, in advance, as in
                                       pre-judged, pre-arranged.
Pres., pres. ----------------------     president, the chief executive officer of a company
                                       in U.S.A., the equivalent of the chairman of the
                                       board of directors in Britain.
pro.        -----------------------     a professional
pro         -----------------------     Latin, meaning for, in favour of, as in pros and
Prof.      ------------------------     professor
PS.        ------------------------     postscript, words added, usually at the bottom, to
                                       a letter after it has been written or typed.
Pte.       ------------------------     private limited company

Q.C.       -------------------------     Queen’s Counsel, in Britain, a barrister who has
                                          been appointed by the Lord Chancellor to take
                                          precedence over other barristers.
Q.C.       -------------------------     quality control
q.v.       -------------------------     Latin: quod vide, meaning see which.
quasi-     -------------------------      prefix, Latin, meaning apparently, but not really.

quot.      ------------------------       quotation

R. & D. ------------------------         research and development, two closely related
                                         activities in modern industry, by which new
                                         products and processes are being continually

Rd.         -------------------------      Road
Re, re      -------------------------      with reference to
re-        -------------------------      prefix, meaning again, recover.
recd., rec’d. ---------------------        received
Ref., ref. -------------------------       reference
reg.        -------------------------      registered, registration
Rep., rep. ------------------------        representative, report
Revd.        ------------------------      Reverend
R.O.I.        -----------------------     return on investment
R.S.V.P.      ------------------------    (French: repondez s’il vous plait), meaning
                                          please reply, usually written in the abbreviated
                                          form at the bottom of an invitation, to show that
                                          the sender expects the addressee to reply,
                                          stating whether or not he accepts the invitation.
                                          It is considered to be bad manners not to reply.

S.A.E., s.a.e. ------------------------ stamped addressed envelope
SASE           -----------------------    self-addressed, stamped envelope
S.I. system of units ------------------ the Systeme Internationale (d’Unites), a system
                                        of units based on six primary or basic metric
                                        units: the metre (m) for length, the kilogram (kg)
                                        for mass, the second (s) for time, the ampere
                                        (A) for electric current, the kelvin (K) for
                                        temperature, and the candela (cd) for luminous
S.a.r.l.     -------------------------   (Italian: Societa a Responsabilita Limitada), the
                                         abbreviation for a limited company in Italy.
S.O.S., SOS      ---------------------   a call for help by a person in trouble, or a group
                                         of persons in very great danger of death. It is
                                         understood in all languages. It is not an acronym.
                                           A common misconception is that SOS means
                                           Save Our Ship/Souls (a distress call); the letters
                                           don't actually stand for anything.
Sq.         -------------------------    square, open space in a town.
sq.        -------------------------     square (measurement)
Sr.        -------------------------     Senior

St.          -------------------------       street, saint, strait
Stg.         -------------------------       Sterling, the name given to the British pound.
syn.         -------------------------       synonym, a word having the same meaning as
                                             another. Opp. antonym.

Tel.         ---------------------------     telephone, telegram, telegraph.
tele-         --------------------------     prefix, meaning distance, e.g., telegraphy, writing
                                             at a distance; television, a method of
                                              broadcasting pictures and sound over a distance.
temp.        ---------------------------      temporary, temperature
trans-       --------------------------      prefix, meaning across, beyond, over, e.g., the
                                              Trans-Siberian Railway.
T.T., t.t.    -------------------------       telegraphic transfer, a quick way of sending
                                              money by cabled bank transfer to a person in
                                              another country.
T.V.         ---------------------------     television

un-          ----------------------------    prefix, meaning not, e.g., unable, unclaimed.
uni-          ----------------------------    prefix, meaning one, single, e.g., uniform.

v., vs.      ----------------------------    (Latin: versus), against.
V.C.R.       ----------------------------    video cassette recorder
V.I.P.       ----------------------------    very important person


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