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Estonia   Eesti Terviseuuring 2006.   Estonian Healt Interview
          Metodoloogiaülevaade        survey 2006.
                                      Methodological Report

          Eesti Terviseuuring         Estonian Healt Interview
          2006.Tabelid                survey 2006.Tables

          Eesti terviseuuring 2006    Estonian Health Interview
                                      Survey 2006 (EHIS 2006)
Eesti rahvastiku tervise   Health development of the
areng                      population of Estonia

Välispäritolu rahvastiku   Health development of
tervis                     foreign-origin population
                           in Estonia

Tervise enesehinnangu      Self-rated health and
seos tervisekäitumisega:   health behavior: Estonian
Eesti Terviseuuring 2006   Health Interview Survey

Toitumine ja               Dietary and health
tervisekäitumine           behaviour

Kehaline aktiivsus ja      Self-rated health and
enesehinnanguline tervis   physical activity

Sotsiaal-majanduslikud     Socio-economic diff
erinevused suitsetamises   erences in smoking
Kõrgendatud riskiga          High risk alcohol
alkoholi tarvitamine         consumption among
25–64aastaste                25–64-year-old adult
täiskasvanute hulgas         population

Tervis ja igapäevane         Health and daily coping

Depressiooni ja ärevuse      Prevalence of depression
esinemine Eesti inimestel:   and anxiety among the
depressiivse häire           Estonian population: point
hetkelevimus,                prevalence of major
depressiivsuse ja ärevuse    depressive episode, 10-
levimuse muutus kümne        year trend in 1-month
aasta jooksul.               prevalence of depression
                             and anxiety

Teist tüüpi suhkurtõve     A possibility to estimate
levimuse hindamise         the prevalence of type II
võimalus Eesti rahvastikus diabetes mellitus in
                           Estonian of type II
                           diabetes mellitus in

Retseptiravimite          Use of medicines by the
kasutamine ja iseravimine population of Estonia
Eesti elanike poolt

Eesti Täiskasvanud           Alcohol consumption
rahvastiku alkoholi          among adult population:
tarvitamine: Terviseuuring   Estonian Health Interview
2006                         Survey 2006

Retseptiravimite             Use of prescription
kasutamise uurimus eesti     medicines in the Estonian
rahvastikus eesti            society
terviseuuring 2006
andmete põhjal.
Short description                              Language               Format (paper, electronic)
The objective of this methodological report is estonian, summary      paper, electronic
to describe the methodological basis of the    in english
survey, to provide information about the
arrangement of the survey and to analyze
the results of the fieldwork. This
methodological report will serve as a tool for
those who want to analyze the survey data,
but also, for those who are going to
undertake large-scale interview surveys in
the future.

Present compendium of tables is the second        estonian, summary   paper, electronic
issue after the methodological report1 that       in english
introduces the results of the EHIS 2006. The
data about health and health-related topics are
presented in this compendium by different
social, economic and demographic background
characteristics. Although the questionnaires of
the two surveys with the 10-year interval were
not identical, analytical methods and the
exposition of tables of EHIS 1996 were aimed
to be followed while working out the tables.

The Estonian Health Interview Survey 2006       estonian, summary     paper, electronic
(EHIS 2006) was the second large-scale          in english
national survey undertaken in order to
investigate the health of the population of
Estonia. EHIS studied in detail the health
status of the Estonian population, its
determinants, health related limitations in
social performance, as well as the availability
and use of health services.
On the background of the lately adopted         estonian, summary   paper, electronic
action plan for population health               in english
development for 2009-2020 the aim is set to
increase in 12 years male life expectancy by
9 years and female life expectancy by 6
years, healthy life years correspondingly by 8
and 11 years. In the article the trend of long-
term population health is evaluated on the
basis of the trend in life expectancy,
standardised mortality rates and healthy life

Immigrant population in Estonia with its       estonian, summary    paper, electronic
almost 30% makes it one of the highest         in english
proportions in Europe. The EHIS 2006 offers
the possibility to investigate the main
divergences between native and immigrant
population from the socio-economic,
demographic, health behaviour and
utilisation of health care aspects.

The objective of the study was to analyze the estonian, summary     paper, electronic
association between good self-rated health    in english
and health behavior of adults

The aim of the study was to analyse the        estonian, summary    paper, electronic
relationships of the two health behaviour      in english
groups (healthy behaviour and risk
behaviour) with the dietary indicators for a
heart- healthy diet.

Physical activity is one of the characteristics estonian, summary   paper, electronic
analysis was to estimate the physical activity in english
of the adult population of Estonia and
self-estimated health in comparison with the
data of the EHIS 2006 and 1996.

The objective of this study was to describe   estonian, summary     paper, electronic
the prevalence of smoking and its relation to in english
a range of socio-economic and socio-
demographic factors in Estonia.
The aim of the study was to describe high       estonian, summary   paper, electronic
risk alcohol consumption and to investigate     in english
its association with sociodemographic and
socio-economic factors.

Mapping the needs for help arising from the     estonian, summary   paper, electronic
state of health facilitates to find out         in english
limitations in persons` daily coping and
We studied the point prevalence and 1-          estonian, summary   paper, electronic
month prevalence of major depressive            in english
episode among the Estonian population in
2006. We also evaluated changes in the 1-
month prevalence of major depressive
episoode and anxiety among different
sociodemographic groups between 1996 and

The aim of the study was to estimate the        estonian, summary   paper, electronic
prevalence of type II diabetes mellitus using   in english
a population-based two-step screening
procedure among the Estonian population
aged 20–75 years

Based on the EHIS 2006, the current study       estonian, summary   paper, electronic
provides an overview of the use of both         in english
prescription and over-the-counter medicines
by the Estonian population. The number of
users of prescription medicines increases
with age and with declining selfperceived

Master thesis.      The present study           estonian, summary   paper, electronic
describes alcohol consumption among             in english
Estonian adult population. The objectives
were (1) to describe the prevalence ratio of
lifetime abstainers, (2) to describe the
frequency of alcohol consumption, (3) to
describe quantities of consumed alcohol and
(4) to analyze alcohol consumption in
relation to socio-demographic and socio-
economic factors.

Bachelor thesis.       The purpose of this      estonian, summary   paper
study is to describe and analyze the use of     in english
prescription medicines in the Estonian
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2008 Eesti terviseuuring 2006 (Eesti Arsti lisaväljaanne)Tervise Arengu Instituut; Eesti Arst 2008 Eesti terviseuuring 2006. Met
t 2008 Eesti terviseuuring 2006. Metodoloogiaülevaade / Estonian Health Interview Survey 2006. Methodological ReportOja L; Matsi A; Lein
dological ReportOja L; Matsi A; Leinsalu M; Tervise Arengu Instituut 2008 Tervise enesehinnangu seos tervisekäitumisega: Eesti terviseuur
tervisekäitumisega: Eesti terviseuuring 2006Tekkel M; Veideman T; Eesti Arst 2008 Teist tüüpi suhkurtõve levimuse hindamise võimalus E
tõve levimuse hindamise võimalus Eesti rahvastikusKurvinen E; Aasvee K; Eesti Arst

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