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If you were assigned to write a description essay but do not know what topic to choose, check out the most popular descriptive essay topics.

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									                            Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive writing requires close attention to the details. Whether you are

describing a person, place, scene, or an event the first thing is to decide which facts

are the most significant about it. The purpose of a description essay is to provide a

vivid picture enabling the reader to imagine the item described. Thinking and

observing how an object of your description looks like, acts like, and what feelings,

sounds, and sights are associated with it are critical in the descriptive writing


There is a huge variety of descriptive essay topics making you wondering which one

to choose. To help you get started, here are some descriptive essay topics along

with samples that will give an idea how to write and what to write on a particular

Descriptive Essay Topics Relating to Activities


Learning to play a musical instrument


Study routine


Your current job

Descriptive Essay Topics Relating to Events

A first date

A last date

A school dance

A car accident

Housewarming party

Sports at school

Wedding ceremony
Descriptive Essay Topics Relating to Feelings


Falling in love




Descriptive Essay Topics Relating to Personality

A famous historical person

A movie hero

A television star

Your best friend

Your favorite teacher

Descriptive Essay Topics Relating to Places

A beach

A picnic place

Home town

Your house
Your school

Your vacation

Descriptive Essay Topics Relating to Scenes

A beautiful sunrise

A beautiful sunset

A rainy day



Descriptive Essay Topics Relating to Things



Favorite restaurant

Favorite toy

Your car

Your pet

Tip. To make your descriptive essay interesting to the reader more adverbs,

adjectives should be used as they help to communicate the emotions better.
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