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									        AssessPro 4.1 & Marshall-Swift®
•   Patriot’s AssessPro
    allows the user to
    calculate multiple values
    based on the three
    approaches to value. The
    system stores the values
    and allows the user to
    select the appropriate
        AssessPro 4.1 & Marshall-Swift®
•   Patriot has integrated the
    Marshall-Swift valuation
    model directly into the
    application. In concert
    with Marshall-Swift
    Valuation Services, tables
    are electronically
    imported into the
    appropriate AssessPro
    table areas. Aliases make
    this a one time build.
        AssessPro 4.1 & Marshall-Swift®
•   The calculation ladder
    displays the steps as a
    Marshall-Swift document
    would. Local and current
    multipliers and building
    modifiers are set to the
    client location.
        AssessPro 4.1 & Marshall-Swift®
•   All cost adjustments are
    displayed for the user.
        AssessPro 4.1 & Marshall-Swift®
•   Sub-area cost is displayed
    for each aspect of the
    structure. Adjusted and
    finished areas are
    displayed along with
    square foot rates and the
    total RCN per area.
        AssessPro 4.1 & Marshall-Swift®
•   The Marshall-Swift
    tables are associated with
    AssessPro tables by
    establishing an “alias”
    link. The link tells the
    program where to get
    cost. This table links
    AssessPro and Marshall-
    Swift building groups.
        AssessPro 4.1 & Marshall-Swift®
•   This table links the
    AssessPro building frame
    types the the Marshall-
    Swift tables.
        AssessPro 4.1 & Marshall-Swift®
•   This table links building
    floor types.
        AssessPro 4.1 & Marshall-Swift®
•   This table links building
    story heights.

•   Each table within
    AssessPro is similarly
    linked to the appropriate
    Marshall-Swift table.
    AssessPro 4.1 & Marshall-Swift®
•   Depreciation tables
    can be created that
    replicate Marshall-
    Swift for
    commercial and
    buildings for each
    level of life
    AssessPro can use
    either actual or
    effective year built
    to assign

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