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					                                  Chemistry II/AP Chemistry
                                   ACP Chemistry 105, 125
                                 FALL 2011 Course Syllabus

Instructor:   Mr. Rich Perry, Adjunct Faculty Member, Indiana University
Phone:        889-4030 Ext 438

Text:         Chemistry, 8th Edition, Zumdal, Zumdal

Materials:    You will need 2 standard composition books, a scientific calculator, and a notebook.
              These materials are to be brought to class every day.

The Course:   This class is a dual credit class with Indiana University. The work done in this class is
              equivalent to the work done in a freshman level chemistry class at any university. The
              course is rigorous and will require extra work outside of class if you are to be successful.
              Those not wishing to receive college credit will be doing the same work. However, the
              grade you receive for Greenwood High School and the grade you receive for Indiana
              University will be calculated independently of one another. As this is first a High School
              class, different grade expectations are placed on the student. However, the highly
              motivated student will find that the ability to receive IU credit is well worth the effort.

Grades:       Grades will be calculated in the following manner:
                           GHS                                        IU
                        Each Quarter                                 C 105
                  40%      Tests                        50%       Four Tests
                  30%      Labs                         10%       Homework
                  15%      Quizzes                      15%       Quizzes (drop lowest)
                  10%      Homework                     25%       Final Exam
                   5%      Mini Paper

                     For The Semester                                 C125
                 42.5% Quarter 1                           Straight percentage of lab
                 42.5% Quarter 2                             scores after dropping
                  15%     Final exam                                 lowest.

              Again, the work done by all students is the same but the calculation for GHS and IU are
              different. It is possible that a student receive an A for a GHS grade but a B for an IU

Grading          A          95          B          83          C          73            D       63
Scale:           A-         90          B-         80          C-         70            D-      60
                 B+         87          C+         77          D+         67
Homework:    With each chapter there is a selection of problems. These problems will be discussed in
             class at times and some may be done on the board. Grading of homework will be done in
             various ways. Some but not necessarily all of the problems will be graded. However, this
             does not mean you should pick and choose which ones you do. The successful student
             will have all of the problems done and will understand WHY they are worked the way
             they are. The problems are to be worked out in one of the composition books.

Lab:         See the Lab Requirements page for the info.

Tests:       To maintain the rigor expected by IU, the tests will be longer than most students will be
             able to complete in one class period. Therefore, all tests will be given over two days. On
             the first day, a selection of multiple choice and AP questions will be given. The second
             day is all problem solving. Tests must be completed in the timeframe given. NO
             EXTRA TIME CAN BE GIVEN AFTER CLASS. When the class period is done, the
             test is over.

work:        Make-up work is only allowed for EXCUSED absences. Tests and Quizzes will be made
             up by arrangement with the instructor. Lab work will be made up on a Saturday morning
             arranged by the instructor. The final exam cannot be made up.

Materials:   Materials for this class will be posted on my website. You can access these materials and
             calendars at

Tips for
             1. Be in class! Absences will cause you to fall behind quickly.
             2. Ask questions. I cannot help if you do not ask.
             3. READ YOUR TEXT BOOK.
             4. Do your homework problems as they are introduced. Do not wait until the night
             before a homework quiz and try to cram.
             5. Come in before school. I am at school at 6:45 every day. Come in and ask questions.
             6. Form a study group. This does not mean to form a “copy the homework” group, it
             means to use one another as help for understanding how things are done.

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