May June 2010 Mushroom Log by pengxiang


									May/June, 2010                                                               Volume 38 Issue 3

                                   Ohio Mushroom Society

                 The Mushroom Log
                                      A table talk with explanation of     Do not park in metered (unless
Summer Foray                          the day‟s collections will begin     you pay the meter) or restricted
                                      at 5:30 pm.                          spaces within a dark green or
in Athens, OH                                                              purple lot on July 17-19, as
                                      Dinner at Lui-Lui‟s restaurant at    these spaces are monitored.
By Martha Bishop                      6:30 pm. See menus on their          Lots 127,128 & 129
                                      website:                             (surrounding Building 95, the
July 16 (Fri.) Meet at the Ohio     Convocation Center) are across
Brew Week Garden on Station           dinner.html                          Richland Ave. from Porter Hall
St. at 7:00 pm. For various                                                (Building 86,) to the south. Lot
kinds of Bar-B-Qes (including         For those of you still               134 is the closest lot on the
mushroom & veggie options).           standing,there is free music and     same side of Richland Ave.,
Several Ohio brew pubs will be        more beer tasting opportunities      and is also to the south of
selling their speciality beers.       on Court St. Brew Week               Porter Hall. Lot 120 which is
They will reserve a large table       activities are scheduled             the closest to Porter Hall has
for us. There will be antique         throughout the weekend, and          metered and handicap spaces,
cars and Harleys on display,          will include shopping with local     but is not one of the free
and jazz music.                       craft vendors.                       parking lots. We should be
                                                                           able to unload any large
July 17 (Sat.)                        July 18 (Sun.)                       equipment from lot 120.
                                                                            For the Friday night event, we
Meet in room 300 Porter Hall for      Breakfast at Porter Hall 300 at      can park in lot 109 by Building
registration and coffee from          8:30 am.                             149 Life Sciences, if there is not
8:30 -9:30 am.                                                             sufficient parking at the event
Forays will begin at 10:00 am.        Daniel Molter will give a talk on    itself.
We will go to several different       “Species, Specific Taxa, and
sites in the local hills.             the Species Category” at 9:30        Directions to Porter Hall:
We will have a potluck lunch, so                                           From Columbus:
please, everyone, bring               Information on parking at
something, especially a covered       O.U.:                                Take US-33 East to exit 17, the
dish, to share. Any wild                                                   OH-682 exit. Turn right onto
mushrooms for consumption             Since our event is taking place      Richland Avenue at the traffic
must be verified by expert            on a weekend after 5:00 p.m.         light. At the next light S. Shafer
collectors.                           the dark green and purple lots       St. is to the left, and South
                                      on campus will be available for      Green Drive is to the right. Lots
Michael Kuo will give a talk on       our free use. Signs at the           127, 128, and 129 are the first
“20 Cool Mushrooms” at 1:30           entrance to each lot indicate lot    lots accessible from a left turn
pm. Afternoon forays will begin       color and number. A map              at the light, and are then
at 3:00 pm.                           detailing lot colors and locations   immediately to the right. Lot 134
                                      can be accessed at:                  is accessible from a right turn
                                 onto South Green Drive at the
                                      .                                    same light, and is the first lot on
2 The Mushroom Log
the left. To find lot 120, turn        arrive, or register ahead on this   7) Baymont Inn, 20 Home St.
right at the light and then take       website:                            (740) 594-3000
the first street left which is
Oxbow Trail. Lot 120 is the first      s/parks/strouds/tabid/790/Defau     8) Holiday Inn Express, 555 E.
lot on the left.                       lt.aspx. Up to six people may
                                                                           State St. (740) 592-4640
                                       share a campsite. Cost per site
From Marietta:                         is $18.00/night. Located at
                                       11661 State Park Road, (off         9) Hampton Inn, 986 E. State
Take US-50 West to exit 17, the        Stroud‟s Run Road) Athens,          St. (740) 593-5600
OH-682 exit. Follow directions         Ohio 45701. Park information:
above.                                 (740) 592-2302, 1-866-644-          10) Ohio University Inn, 331
                                       6727. It‟s a 15-20 min. drive to    Richland Ave. (740) 593-6661
From Cincinnati:                       O.U.
                                                                           Salt Fork Morel Report
Take OH-32 East to Athens,             2) Dorm housing is available at
and merge onto OH-32 E/US-                                                 for April 24th
                                       Ohio University. Shared rooms
33 W/US-50 E via the ramp to           are $26.00/person/night. Single
Columbus/Belpre. Exit at OH-           rooms are $39.00. Linens are        By Walt Sturgeon
682. Follow directions above.          available for $5.00. Contact
                                       Niki Ohms at (740) 593-4084         24 people showed up for the
Directions for Friday night            for reservations. Ten day           annual Salt Fork Morel Hunt in
Ohio Brew Week gettogether:            notice for reservations is          spite of somewhat dry
                                                                           conditions the previous week.
Take the OH-682 exit as                                                    Local turkey hunters claimed
directed above. Turn right onto                                            they had already picked the
Richland Ave. at the traffic light.    3). Days Inn Athens is offering     area, but modest quantities of
Turn left at the first light beside    us a group rate of $62.99/          morels were still found. Hugh
the large round Convocation            night. Room choices include         and Nancy Urban brought their
Center, Building 95. This is S.        non-smoking, 1 or 2 double          morel hounds, but since one of
Shafer St. which curves to the         beds, king bed, or handicap         the dogs is still in training, didn‟t
right, and brings you to the first     access, all at this rate when you   fare as well as in the past. After
light at W. Union St. Turn right       mention the Ohio Mushroom           a nice outing and a group
onto W. Union St. Take the             Society. For more than two          luncheon at the Park Lodge,
third right, which is Depot St.        people to a room, add               several people went back into
You will see the old train             $10.00/person. Register by          the woods to push their luck.
station, and outdoor tables and        June 14 for the group rate.         We welcomed some new
vendors on the right from Depot        They are located at 330             members that joined at the
St. before you get to Station St.      Columbus Rd., just off the          foray and I hope to see them at
Lot 109 is on the left at the          Columbus Rd. exit on state          future events.
intersection of Depot and              route 33. 10 minute drive to
Station.                               O.U. (740) 593-6655.                Pete Richards adds: happy to
                                                                           report that Pete and Pauline
Directions for Saturday dinner         Also all within 10 minutes of       and I went out after lunch to
at Lui Lui's restaurant:               campus (least expensive first)      another spot, and after 2 hours
                                                                           of fruitless („shroomless)
Same as Friday night. Lui Lui's                                            wandering, found a nice little
                                       4) Highlander Motel, 420 W.         cluster of M. „deliciosa‟, 17 in
is in the first block of Station St.
on the right. Or you can walk 5        Union St. (740) 593-6449            all, spread over about 20 sq. ft.
minutes from Porter Hall.                                                  They were associated with
                                       5) Super 8 Motel, 2091 E.           black cherry, in my opinion,
Accommodations:                        State St. (740) 594-4900            though there were elm, maple,
                                                                           and other trees around.
Camping at Stroud‟s Run State          6) Knights Inn, 997 E.State St.
Park. Fill out self-registration                                           This was fun, since I‟d never
                                       (740) 593-5565                      collected these before, but one
forms available at the entrance
to the campground when you                                                 good esculenta would provide
3 The Mushroom Log
                                   the other side of the road. We        out of control, we heard. Will it
                                   also discovered that some of          yield some fire morels?
                                   the “newbie‟s” to mushrooming
                                   had quite a good eye for              Oops!
                                   spotting the morels once they
                                   became accustomed to picking
                                   them out from the background.         By Dave Miller, with much help
                                                                         from sharp-eyed readers!
                                   Walt Sturgeon joined the group
                                   for lunch at the local Chinese        Shortly after mailing out the last
Hugh & Nancy Urban & Friends
                                   buffet, and was able to provide       Log I received two “Heads-up”
                                   interesting and entertaining          from two subscribers. Tom
                                   mushroom stories and facts.           Sampliner of the Ohio Native
                                   About half of us returned to the      Plant Society explained,
                                   woods in an area with a higher        contrary to my statement that
                                   elevation after lunch, but we         “we don‟t find Coral Root here
                                   only had minimal success (as          in OH” that there are several
                                   far as I know). Due to the early      species, namely Corallhoriza
                                   „leafing out‟ of trees this year, I   wisteriana, the Spring or
                                   was finally able to firmly plant in   Wister‟s Coral Root; C. trifida,
Group Photo (please enlarge)                                             the early or northern Coral
                                   my mind the look of a tulip
                                   poplar, and even found a nice         Root, C. maculata, the spotted
                                   large morel under one of them.        Coral Root, of which there are
                                                                         two varieties, western and
                                   The OMS gained at least 2 new         eastern (we have both) and C.
                                   members from this outing, and         odontorhiza, the fall Coral Root.
                                   hopefully more will follow with       A short time later, Ian Adams,
                                   us at future events. A special        who also spends more time in
                                   thanks to P.A. Danus for taking       the woods than I, added
                                   some newer people under his           another species, Hexalectris
Dick Doyle and his prized find     wing, and teaching them first         spicata, the Crested Coral Root,
                                   hand some of the tricks to            to the list. He explained that
                                   happy mushroom hunting.               they are all relatively rare, but
more biomass than all of these                                           ARE resident in the state. He
did! All of the other ones I saw   Tar Hollow Morels                     added that Indian Pipe is very
that people collected appeared                                           common in the Buckeye State.
to be young esculenta.
                                   By Shirley McClelland
                                                                         EUROPEAN BATS
Beaver Creek Morel                 Over 14 hopeful people took to        RESISTANT TO DEADLY
Hunt on May 1                      the woods of Tar Hollow, as           FUNGUS
                                   thunder threatened and the
By Sharon Greenberg                skies darkened. Andrea Moore
                                                                         By David DeFranza
                                   and I split the group, she taking
Despite the prospect of            the travel writers and I led the
torrential rain, the May 1st       rest. It rained the whole time,
Morel mushroom hunt at             and we didn‟t find any morels,
                                                                         Ed. Note: First, the good news.
Beaver Creek State park was        but a new member found a nice
nicely attended by 14 people,      fresh bloom of oysters. We met
and the rains held off all day.    back in Laurelville to compare        Jan. 14, 2010
We started in the Sprucevale       “notes” and enjoyed a delicious
region of the park with            fireman‟s fish fry. Maybe we‟ll       Since 2006, bat populations in
moderate success. The morels       have better luck next year. The       the northeastern United States
that were picked were in great     habitat looked good, lots of big      have been devastated by a
condition, plus a decent batch     tulip poplar, and a large             mysterious condition known as
of oyster mushrooms was found      controlled burn, that got a bit       "white-nose syndrome." Caused
in the group camping area on                                             by a fungus, Geomyces
4 The Mushroom Log
destructans, the syndrome          solution would be a vaccine,          for "horizontal" gene transfer, a
occurs after hibernating bats      though this could be too difficult    new study has shown, similar to
develop the powdery-white          to administer to individual           the mechanisms that allow
fungal coating around their        animals.                              bacteria to evolve so quickly,
nose and on their wings.                                                 become resistant to antibiotics,
Victims wake and fly from the      Other researchers have                and cause other serious
cave, burning precious fat         investigated the use of a spray       problems.
stores and eventually starving     that could be applied to caves
to death.                          before or during hibernation          This discovery, to be published
                                   periods. There is fear, however,      Thursday in the journal Nature;
The syndrome has led to 90         that such an application could        suggests that fungi have the
percent or greater reductions in   kill other essential fungi present    capacity to rapidly change the
hibernating populations in some    in caves.                             makeup of their genomes and
caves, and for many species                                              become infectious to plants and
researchers have resigned          One other approach would              possibly animals, including
themselves to predictions of       involve introducing engineered        humans.
extinction. New reports from       bacteria that could live on bats
Europe, however, indicate that     and protect them from the             They are not nearly as confined
bats across the Atlantic have      fungus.                               to the more gradual processes
found a way to live with the                                             of conventional evolution as
fungus without developing the                                            had been believed, scientists
                                   Whatever method finally proves
deadly syndrome.                                                         say. And this raises issues not
                                   viable, it will have to be refined
                                   quickly if it is to have an impact.   only for crop agriculture but also
Currently, reports from eight      Every year, more bats are lost        human health, because fungi
countries in Europe have           and the area affected grows.          are much closer on the
described bats with white mold     With some species producing           "evolutionary tree" to humans
on their wings and muzzles and     just a single offspring every         than bacteria, and consequently
four countries-Hungary,            breeding period, the opportunity      fungal diseases are much more
Germany, Switzerland, and          for populations to rebound is         difficult to treat.
France-have identified the mold    small.
as Geomyces destructans.                                                 The genetic mechanisms fungi
Despite the presence of the                                              use to do this are different than
                                   Indeed, the fight to save
fungus, however, bats in these                                           those often used by bacteria,
                                   northeastern bats is a race
countries remain healthy.                                                but the end result can be fairly
                                   against the clock and, even in
                                   light of this optimistic news from    similar. The evolution of
Complicating matters further is    Europe, time has nearly run out.      virulence in fungal strains that
a 1983 report that includes a                                            was once believed to be slow
photograph of a bat in Germany     Reprinted from the Feb. 2010          has now been shown to occur
with a "powdery white              Spore Prints, the Bulletin of the     quickly, and may force a
substance around its muzzle." It   Puget Sound Mycol. Soc.               renewed perspective on how
goes on to say that several                                              fungi can behave, change, and
such bats were observed in          FUNGI CAN                            transfer infectious abilities.
caves during surveys. If the
substance is, in fact, Geomyces    CHANGE QUICKLY,                       "Prior to this we've believed that
destructans, it means that         PASS ALONG                            fungi were generally confined to
European bats had been                                                   vertical gene transfer or
contending with the fungus for
                                                                         conventional inheritance, a
at least 23 years before it made   ABILITY                               slower type of genetic change
its first appearance in the                                              based on the interplay of DNA
United States.                     Science Centric, Mar. 28, 2010        mutation, recombination, and
                                                                         the effects of selection," said
If European bats have              Ed. Note: Now here’s the bad          Michael Freitag, an assistant
developed immunity to white-       news.                                 professor of biochemistry and
nose syndrome, it could help                                             biophysics at Oregon State
researchers find a way to save     Fungi have significant potential      University. .
bats in North America. One
5 The Mushroom Log
"But in this study we found fungi     compromised immune systems,          saw a yellow-spotted bell frog in
able to transfer an infectious        including AIDS patients, and         an isolated stream where he
capability to a different strain in   can be fatal.                        was looking for another
a single generation," he said.                                             endangered species. He
"We've probably                       According to Freitag, this new       returned a year later with
underestimated this                   understanding of fungal              herpetologist David Hunter of
phenomenon, and it indicates          genetics and evolution is great      the NSW Department of
that fungal strains may become        news.                                Environment, Climate Change
pathogenic faster than we used                                             and Water. Together, they
to think possible."                   For one thing, it may help           found a population of around
                                                                           100 adult frogs.
                                      researchers to better
Researchers from the Centre           understand the types of fungal
for Genome Research and               strains that are most apt to         They also found tadpoles, six of
Biocomputing at OSU                   develop resistance to fungicides     which were collected and raised
collaborated on this study with a     and help crop scientists develop     to maturity. The six frogs have
large international group of          approaches to minimize that          now been placed in a captive
scientists, including principal       problem.                             breeding program at Taronga
investigators from The Broad                                               Zoo in the Sydney suburb of
Institute in Massachusetts, the                                            Mosman.
                                      On a more basic level, this
University of Amsterdam, and          study provides evidence that
the USDA Agricultural                                                      'This was definitely the most
                                      the "tree of life," with one trunk
Research Service at the                                                    exciting moment of my career
                                      and many branches, is
University of Minnesota.                                                   and I will be surprised if I repeat
                                      outdated. It should be replaced
                                      by a "network of life" in which      it," Hunter told the AFP news
Bacteria use "horizontal"             many horizontal connections          service.
genetic transfer through              occur between different
chromosomes and DNA                   species.                             So why did this one isolated
plasmids to change quickly,                                                population survive when all
which is one reason that                                                   other yellow-spotted bell frogs
antibiotic resistance can often       "EXTINCT" AUSTRAL-
                                                                           have disappeared? Hunter
develop. This capability was          IAN FROG REAPPEARS                   thinks the population could
believed to be possible, but          30 YEARS AFTER LAST                  have some sort of resistance to
rare, in fungi. In the new study,     SIGHTING                             the chytrid fungus, although he
based on a genome-wide                                                     says it is too early to speculate
analysis of three Fusarium                                                 if that is true, or why.
                                      By John Platt
species, it was shown
experimentally that complete                                               Interestingly, despite the
chromosomes were being                Scientific American, Mar. 4,
                                      2010                                 amount of time since the frog
transferred between different
                                                                           had been seen in the wild, the
fungal strains, along with the
                                      Ed. Note: Yet more good news.        Australian government never
ability to cause infection.
                                                                           gave up on it. A formal recovery
Various Fusarium fungi can
                                                                           plan for the species has been in
infect both plants and humans.        The yellow-spotted bell frog         place since 2001.
                                      (Litoria castanea), last observed
In humans, fungal infections are      in the 1970s, has long been
                                      thought to be extinct in the wild.   The location where the pair
less common than those                                                     discovered the frogs has not
caused by bacteria, but can be        Scientists believed it was
                                      probably a victim of the deadly      been disclosed to protect the
stubborn and difficult to treat---
                                      chytrid fungus                       remaining habitat.
in part, because fungi are far
more closely related to animals,      Batrachochytrium
                                      dendrobatidis, which has             Both reprinted from the April,2010
including humans, than are
                                                                           issue of Spore Prints, the Bulletin
bacteria. That limits the types of
                                                                           of the Pugest Sound Mycol. Soc.
medical treatments that can be        But last year, Luke Pearce, a
used against them. Fungal             fisheries conservation officer in
infections are also a serious         the Australian state of New          A FIELD GUIDE TO
problem in people with                South Wales (NSW), thought he        GROCERY MUSHROOMS
6 The Mushroom Log
ByTammy Sutherland                 flesh. Choose firm, whole        mushrooms and avoid any that
Nutrition/cookscorner/ April 20,   are slimy or look wrinkled or
2009                               spotted. Before using, remove
                                   the base of the stem and clean
Can't tell a button from a         them with a cloth or a vegetable
beech? Oh shiitake! Keep the       brush.
curses at bay by learning about
the assortment of mushrooms        Flavor and use: Given their
at your grocers' and you, too,     mild, woodsy flavor, you can
can master the magic of            use versatile white mushrooms       These mushrooms have similar
mushrooms.                         in most any dish-hot or cold.       coloring to criminis because
                                   But note that when heated, the      they're actually the same
Perhaps mushrooms win you          flavor of button mushrooms          species, only mature.
over with their health benefits    intensifies.                        Portabellas have much larger
including selenium, which helps                                        caps which can measure up to
protect against cancer;            2. Crimini mushrooms                six inches in diameter.
riboflavin, which keeps your
skin and your eyes healthy; and                                        Flavor and use: If you've got the
niacin, for well-oiled digestive                                       grill going, grab some
and nervous systems.                                                   portabellas, brush them with
                                                                       olive. oil, and fire them up.
Andrew Carmellini, one of the                                          Because of the size of these
chefs behind Urban Italian:                                            mushrooms, they have less
Simple Recipes and True                                                moisture than smaller varieties
Stories from a Life in Food                                            and therefore a more
(Bloomsbury USA, 2008) thinks                                          substantial texture. That, along
the popularity of mushrooms                                            with their earthy taste, makes
has more to do with taste.                                             portabellas popular in
                                   When the flesh of the immature
"Mushrooms add earthiness,                                             vegetarian dishes. "They have a
                                   button mushroom darkens, the
body and depth to a meal," he                                          similar feel to a roasted piece of
                                   mushroom is known as crimini.
says.                                                                  meat," says Carmellini.
                                   While similar to white
                                   mushrooms, crimini mushrooms
Read on for an intro to just a     are firmer and range in color       4. Shiitake mushrooms
few of the mushrooms you           from light to dark brown.
might find at your local grocery                                       With umbrella-like caps that can
store and get great tips on how                                        grow to be two to four inches in
                                   Flavor and use: If you like white
to add them to your meal                                               diameter, shiitake mushrooms
                                   mushrooms but prefer
tonight.                                                               (Lentinula edodes) have a soft;
                                   something a little meatier with
                                   an earthier taste, use crimini      spongy texture and range in
1. White/button mushrooms          mushrooms. They make perfect        color from tan to dark brown.
                                   substitutes, both cooked and        The stems may have a curve
A young specimen of Agaricus       raw.                                and should be removed before
bisporus with a closed cap and                                         cooking.
either pale white or light brown   3. Portabella mushrooms
                                   (also called Portobello)            Flavor and use: You' ll often find
                                                                       these mushrooms in Asian
                                                                       dishes such as stir-fries, and
                                                                       they're believed to have healing
                                                                       properties. Shiitake mushrooms
                                                                       add woodsy hints to pasta
                                                                       dishes. Carmellini says he
                                                                       doesn't often use shiitake
                                                                       mushrooms in his Italian dishes,
                                                                       but rules are made to be
7 The Mushroom Log
broken: "I do have a fettuccine    well raw in sandwiches and            Note from Dick
with fresh corn, bacon, and        salads or as an added
shiitake in my book, which is      vegetable in soups and stir frys.     Grimm
delicious."                        But Carmellini suggests
                                   skipping them if you're cooking       Hi shroomers! I am composing
5. Oyster mushrooms                an Italian dish: "They're a little    a list of those members who
                                   delicate for Italian cooking." If     would like to be notified of
                                   you are using them in a hot           spontaneous mini-forays this
                                   dish, wait and add them near          coming summer. These forays
                                   the end of the cooking time, to       are initiated with the help of
                                   retain more of their flavor.          Mother Nature. They only
                                                                         occur when weather conditions
                                   7. Maitake mushrooms                  have been conducive to
                                                                         produce mushrooms. I will
                                   Maitake is an edible mushroom         survey the site about 3 to 5
                                   of the species Grifola frondosa.      days previous to the proposed
                                   This particular mushroom has          hunt. No mushrooms…no hunt.
                                   many nicknames, including Hen         It follows that the burden be
The funnel-shaped cap is only                                            placed on you to make contact
                                   of the Woods, Sheepshead
one of the reasons this                                                  with me either by phone (740/
                                   mushroom, Ramshead
mushroom (Pleurotus                                                      694-0782) or email
                                   mushroom, and "dancing
ostreatus) stands apart from the                                the
                                   mushroom," because the
others. A velvety texture and                                            day before the intended foray to
                                   rippled cap resembles dancing
unique coloring, sometimes                                               see whether or not all systems
even a pale yellow or blue, also                                         are “Go”. Directions to the site
give it a distinct appearance.                                           will be sent along with the
Oyster mushrooms don't last        Flavor and use: Looking to amp
                                                                         original notification. There is no
long in the fridge, so buy them    up the mushroom aspect of a
                                                                         extra charge for these forays;
fresh and use them right away.     dish? This is Carmellini's
                                                                         they are designed as part of the
                                   favorite choice. 'They have a
                                                                         membership “bennies”. You
                                   deep, earthy flavor and can get
Flavor and use: To make the                                              may bring a non-member guest
                                   a great roasted texture." Simply
most of their mild flavor, saute                                         one time only. These forays will
                                   saute in butter and serve these
oyster mushrooms in butter or                                            be one day events typically on a
                                   as a side dish.
oil before adding them to soups                                          Saturday. Your verification
or casseroles. "They crisp up                                            request must be submitted by
nicely in a pan," says             8. Beech mushrooms                    the preceding Friday evening.
Carmellini. "It can add some                                             To be placed on the list does
good texture to a dish."           Beech mushrooms (Hypsizygus           not commit you to attend but
                                   tessellatus), come in brown and       rather only to be notified of the
6. Enoki mushrooms                 white strains. They're so small       event. You will need a
                                   that you can skip the chopping        collecting receptacle…a basket
                                   part and just cook them whole.        is best. I will need your email or
Not your average looking
mushrooms, enoki mushrooms                                               snail mail address to notify you
have tiny caps on long, skinny     Flavor and use: Cooking these         of the event. After I notify you,
stems. Cultivars of Flammulina     mushrooms will bring out their        the ball is in your court to verify
velutipes, enoki mushrooms         sweet, nutty flavor, but since        the happening by Friday…as
grow in clusters and should be     they also have a firm, crunchy        stated above. Like to have you
white and firm when you buy        texture, add beech mushrooms          aboard.
them. Skip any bunches with        near the end of cooking time to
brownish spots. Cut off the        make the most of their crunch.        Articles for the next newsletter
                                                                         Deadline –July 22
roots and separate the stems
before use.                        Reprinted from the Feb., 2010
                                                                         David Miller
                                   issue of Spore Prints, the Bull. Of
                                                                         352 West College St.
                                   the Puget Sound Mycol. Soc.
Flavor and use: With a slight                                            Oberlin, OH 44074
crunchy texture and a mild                                     
flavor, these mushrooms work
8 The Mushroom Log

                            Calendar of Events
OMS Events                              Aug. 21 (Sat.) Mini-foray at
                                        Chance Creek, Lorain Co.             Jul. 16-18. Summer Foray.
Email Jerry at to        Metroparks. 10 am. Dave Miller       Ohio University, Athens, OH.
receive notification of impromptu       (440) 774-8143 for details and       Martha Bishop, Dept. of
events. Check your most recent          directions. We will go no matter     Environmental and Plant Biology,
issue of the Mushroom Log for           the weather.                         OU. Multiple foray sites will be
event updates and for more                                                   available. Ohio Brew Week
detailed information. Please plan                                            Festival with beer tasting.
to join us. All mini-and morel
forays are subject to cancellation.
Call first to confirm. Please bring a                                        Speakers include Michael Kuo on
whistle and compass and an RSVP                                              “20 Cool Mushrooms” and Daniel
to the host is mandatory so they                                             Molter on “Species, Species Taxa,
have cancellation flexibility.                                               and the Species Category.”
                                                                             Further details to follow.

                                                                             Oct. 8-10. Fall Foray.
May 1 (Sat.) Morel Mini-Foray at                                             Habitat and Seasonality, the
Beaver Creek. Meet at 9 am at                                                Where, When, and Why of
McDonald‟s in Calcutta. next to the                                          Mushroom Fruiting. Penitentiary
Ogilve Plaza. Directions: Exit OH                                            Glen Nature Center. Further
Rte 11 onto OH Rte 170. Go north                                             details in a future Log.
for ca. 1-1.5 mi. McDonald‟s is of
left and meeting area is Ogilve         Aug. 28 (Sat.) Mini-Foray at         Sat. Nov. 13. Annual Dick Grimm
parking lot just before McDonalds.      Groves Woods, in conjunction with    Banquet. New location this year at
Meet 9am, leave 9:30 am. Sharon         Cleveland Natural History Museum     the Oberlin Inn in Oberlin, OH
Greenberg. (330) 457-2345.              Dr. Jeff Day, and Dave Kriska,       Further details tba.
                                        hosts. 10 am to 1pm. Call Pete
Sat., July 10 & Sat. Sept. 25.          and Pauline Munk. (440) 236-
Mini-foray at Dawes Arboretum.          9222.                                Ohio & Regional
Meet on the deck outside the
                                                                             July 24 (Sat.)
Visitor Center at 9:00 am.
Depart at 9:30 am. RSVP in              Sept. 6 (Mon. Labor Day) Mini-
                                                                             Oct. Date tbd. Gary Lincoff Mid-
advance to Dick Doyle (740)             foray at Buckeye Trail. Meet at      Atlantic Mushroom Foray at Camp
587-0019.                               Bob Evans, corner St. Rtes. 664 &    Sequanota, near Jeanette PA , in
                                        33, in Logan at 10 am. Shirley       conjunction with Washington DC
Date tbd. Mini-foray at Camp            McClelland (740) 536-7448.           Mushroom Club.. See the PA
                                                                             website at
Frederick in Columbiana
County. Sharon Greenberg.               Sept. 18 (Sat.) Mini-foray at Knox
                                        Lake, near Fredericton. Dick
Date tbd. Hopewell Culture              Grimm (740) 694-0782.                National & More
National Historical Park at
                                                                             Aug. 12-15. NAMA Foray, Winter
Chilicothe. Shirley McClelland                                               Park, CO. See their website at
(740) 536-7448.                         An open invitation to anyone who
                                        wants to mushroom hunt in
July 31 (Sat.) Mini-foray at Beaver     Fredericktown area. See detailed     Sept. 23-26. 33 Annual NEMF
Creek St. Park. Meet at Park            notice on Page 7 of this Log. Call   Sam Ristich Foray. Kerhonkson,
Office, 10 am. Walt Sturgeon (330)      Dick Grimm (740) 694-0782, and if    NY. See their website for details:
                                        he‟s available and there are
                                        mushrooms in the woods, he will
9 The Mushroom Log

                                Membership Application for the
                                  Ohio Mushroom Society



CITY                                           STATE                  ZIP

TELEPHONE                                      FAX


Enclosed please find check or money order (check one):

        ____ $15.00 annual family membership (newsletter via email and website only)
        ____ $20.00 annual family membership (newsletter via paper, email, and website)
        ____ $150.00 life membership (newsletter via paper, email, and website)

My interests are:

Mushroom Eating/Cookery                 Photography            Nature Study

Mushroom ID                     Cultivation                    Other (specify)

Would you like to be an OMS volunteer? In what way?

How did you hear about our group?_________________________________________________


May OMS provide your name to other mushroom related businesses? Yes ______ No

Return form and check or money order to:

        Ohio Mushroom Society
        c/o Jerry Pepera
        8915 Knotty Pine Ln.
        Chardon, OH 44024
10 The Mushroom Log

2010 Ohio Mushroom Society Volunteers
Chairman                Newsletter Editor            Program Planners          Hospitality Co-chair

Walt Sturgeon           Dave Miller                  Walt Sturgeon             Sharon Greenberg
(330) 426-9833          (440) 774-8143               (330) 426-9833            (330) 457-2345      d.greenberg@worldnet.att.
Treasurer/Membership/   All-round Special Person     Pete & Pauline Munk
Circulation                                          (440) 236-9222            New Board Members:
                        Dick Grimm         
Jerry Pepera            (740) 694-0782                                         Shirley McClelland
(440) 279-0611        Lake MetroParks Liaison   (740) 536-7448                                                       
                        Cleveland Metroparks         Pat Morse                 m
Jack-of-All-Trades      Liason                       (440) 256-2106
                                                     pmorse@lakemetroparks.c   Andrea Moore
Dick Doyle              Debra Shankland              om                        (740) 969-8049
(740) 587-0019          (440) 526-1012                                     dks@clevelandmetroparks.                               m
Corresponding Sec’y

Joe Christian
(419) 757-4493
11 The Mushroom Log

         Ohio Mushroom Society
           The Mushroom Log

           Circulation and Membership
                  Jerry Pepera,
              8915 Knotty Pine Lane
               Chardon, OH 44024

                   Dave Miller
                352 W. College St.
                Oberlin, OH 44074


The Mushroom Log, the official newsletter of the
Ohio Mushroom Society, is published bi-monthly
throughout the year.

Contributions of articles and ideas for columns are
always welcome. Articles may be edited for length
and content.

Non-copyrighted articles may be reprinted without
permission in other mushroom club publications,
provided that The Mushroom Log is credited. We
                                                             DATED MATERIAL
appreciate receiving a copy of the publication.       Address service requested. Return postage

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