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									         Advice Session (Pontarddulais)
                  Martin Caton MP & Edwina Hart AM

                              Friday, December 1st

             Mechanics Institute, Pontarddulais: 4 p.m. &

        Advice Office, Pontarddulais Rd., Gorseinon : 6 p.m.

      Advice Session
          Nia Griffith MP &

       Catherine Thomas AM                      Counting the proceeds from the very
                                                successful fund-raising weekend
                                                hosted by the Red Lion which raised
        Friday, December 1st                    £5,000 for Hendy Pool

         Hendy Cricket Club                     Left to right: Nia Griffith MP, Cllr
                                                Alun Richards, Sean Maloney,
                                                Catherine Thomas AM, Cllr Steve
            4.45 – 5.30 p.m.                    Lloydjanes and Tony Polverino,
                                                Landlord of the Red Lion.

This first edition of “Both Sides” has been put together and distributed by the Hendy
Pool Sub Committee. The members are Calfyn Evans Chairman of Hendy Pool
Committee, Llanedi Community Cllr Steve Lloyd-Janes, Tony Polverino Landlord of
the Red Lion, Miss Kylie Hearne, Richard Toth, Former Life Guard of Hendy Pool,
Mr Ryan David and Mr Vernon Hicks
Pontarddulais                  Hendy


Welcome to the very first edition of “Both Sides”, which has been put
together by seven members of Hendy Pool Committee to bring you
community news, This very first edition will be mainly about the pool
and the campaigning activities, “Both Sides” will be about community
activities from both communities, Future editions will have more info
from local people and clubs.

This local group currently has 50
members, ranging from 6yr old
Beavers to 18yr Explorers.

Do you think you could make a
difference with young people? The
organization currently has several
positions available within the group,
Leaders and committee members are
required to help with the running of the various sections. If you are
interested in becoming a leader please come along to the scout hut in
Water Street Pontarddulais
Scout Meeting Times

Beavers 6-8yrs Thursdays 5.45-6.45
Cubs 8-10 ½yrs Tuesdays 6.30-8.00
Scouts 10 ½ -15yrs Thursdays 7.00-9.00
Explorers 15-18yrs Thursdays 7.00-9.00

Please contact Simon Davies on 01792 229412 for further info

Also in this edition, there are two articles from community leaders
from “Both Sides”. Councillors David Beynon, The Mayor of
Pontarddulais, and Lynne Vonk the Chair of Llanedi Community
Council have both added news and comments from their communities

On a final note, we are applying for grant funds for the pool but many
funding organisations insist on -or give preference to- projects which
have funding support from the local community. That is why we are
continuing to raise funds as a committee and want to say a big thank
you to everyone who has helped raise so much money to date. We
would welcome any ideas you have for fundraising, and, if you haven't
already given, then please consider it, making cheques payable to
Hendy Pool and Parks Committee

We hope you find this news letter informative. If you would like to
add an article to be included in future editions of “Both Sides” then
please contact us by email or you can contact
Tony at the Red Lion on 01792 883989.


Steve Lloydjanes
Llanedi Community Councillor

Other members of the editorial team who can be contacted by
email are
Kylie Hearne,
Calfyn Evans,
By Mr Calfyn Evans, Hendy Pool Chairman

Just a short note on the situation, I replaced Derrick Lyons as
Chairman of the Committee in September 2005 who had done
tremendous work to persuade the county council to reopen the pool in
1999. Sadly in 2001/2002 the pool wall suffered structural damage
which forced the county to close the pool.

Since then the committee have been fighting to keep the pool, in 2004
the county came to tell the villagers of Hendy that they didn’t want the
pool. They met 250 residents in a packed Urdd Hall. After 55 letters
were sent by individuals from “Both Sides” of the bridge, they
changed their minds and agreed to look at ways to try and save the
Pool and the current committee was formed in Feb 2005 to work with
the county.

We meet religiously once a month and have had numerous meetings
with board members of the county council, and the local MP and AM
for Llanelli, to look at ways to try and save the Pool. They both
supported the petition collection and Nia Griffith even represented us
at a Lido conference in London, which eventually lobbied the
Government who have made a positive statement around funding for
pools. There are now grants available for lido’s which previously
weren’t supported which is why so many of the outdoor lido’s lost
their fight for survival. As a committee we are committed to work in
partnership with the county council in its search for funding.

Finally I hope you enjoyed this first edition of many and future
editions will have bilingual material in its covers

Diolch am eich cefnogaeth                  Thank you for your support

Calfyn Evans
By Miss Kylie Hearne, Hendy Pool Committee Member

Hi, I was born in Hendy and my
grandfather was the local Historian
and author Ivor Griffiths. I decided
to get involved with the pool
committee when my friend Lauren
and myself saw how the wall had
collapsed      and     the   buildings
vandalised. It’s such a shame that
something that our ancestors had
built for us, their future generations,
could be left to get into this state.
Practically all of the local people
from “Both Sides” of the bridge have
shared some amazing summers and have fond memories of the pool.

Hendy Pool Committee has been fundraising this year, and as part of
that committee I have been made the ticket co-ordinator for the
Scarlets, who have kindly agreed to make a contribution for the Pool
fund by giving Hendy Pool a discount on home match tickets. Please
buy your Scarlets tickets off me? It won't cost you any extra money;
the discount we get will be helping a very good local cause as Vernon
said we need funds to win the campaign to secure funding from grant

I am writing a book about Hendy Pool which I hope to publish, so if
you have any photos or stories that would be great! Please get in touch
on 07865308495 or email me at


By Cllr David Beynon, Mayor of Pontarddulais

As Mayor of Pontarddulais, I feel honoured to be asked to contribute
to the first edition of “BOTH SIDES” of the Bridge. One never knows
but it might become a collector’s item in years to come!

The two villages are on a county border, both are in a similar position;
both are at the extremity of both county councils and rightly or
wrongly both often feel the poor relations of Carmarthen and Swansea.

Boundaries we can do little about, comradeship we can. I was pleased
to learn that the community of Pontarddulais responded well to the
recent fund raiser for Hendy Pool.

The Carnival is also proof that a united effort can work. Unlike other
carnivals that have been dwindling in numbers, our carnival has seen
an influx of new blood that strives to carry on with the good work. The
standard of floats was fantastic, the atmosphere was electric and there
was no evidence of the yobbish behaviour that has marred previous
carnivals. Congratulations to all concerned including the Police of
“Both Sides” whose presence was noted but at a very low key. Let’s
hope next year it will continue to grow and be even better.

I’ve been asked by a few old soldiers, why don’t Hendy and Bont
amalgamate in a Memorial service on Armistice Day, it seems it was a
regular event some years ago. A joint service seems a good idea. After
all, our fallen Servicemen knew no boundaries but fought for us all.
Please write to the editorial team with your views on this subject, who
knows they might even print the best letter in a future edition!

You can also find local community news from both communities at

David Beynon
By Cllr Lynne Vonk, Chair of Llanedi Community Council

It is with great pleasure that I am writing for the very first edition of a
new magazine. My name is Lynne Vonk and I am chair of Llanedi
Community Council. The two communities are closer now than they
have ever been and I am proud to be part of it.

I have lived on “Both Sides” of the bridge and I’ve been involved with
the Hendy Pool Committee for ten years. I really believe that we will
one day see a pool open in Hendy again in the not so distant future.

The local council have had numerous complaints regarding badly
parked cars in Bryngwili Road, we will continue with our quest to
solve this difficult problem. There have been numerous site meetings,
where proposals for a 30 minute maximum waiting and for some of
the bays to be removed or moved were discussed. The Spar and the
Butchers are particularly affected and these proposals will make life
easier for all concerned.

Very soon it will be time to turn on the lights at Hendy Square, when
we will meet Father Christmas and I look forward to meeting you all at
the event. I would like to thank Mr Tony Polverino of the Red Lion
Hendy for all the hard work he put into the fund raising event for
Hendy Pool and to all of the Red Lion regulars and locals from “Both
Sides” of the bridge who supported the event and to the locals who
have set up this community news magazine.

Finally, the committee were very pleased to hear at the recent pool
meeting that local painter Heather Hopkins has donated two paintings
for the Christmas card design. The committee have gained some
support from local youth organisations like the Scouts and the Hendy
Junior Football Club who will be helping to sell these cards and will
benefit from proceeds alongside the pool committee. We hope you will
support the community and purchase some of these cards


Lynne Vonk
By Mr Vernon Hicks, Hendy Pool Committee Member

I would like to start by saying thank you to every individual who
contributed to the fund raiser held at the Red Lion in August. On the
10th of October 2006, I journeyed to Carmarthen County Hall to
present the petition, I gave a short speech about the situation and what
the committee have been doing, I emphasised that the pool was built
after a young local boy had died in a local river and we hope this
incident is never repeated. To ensure this never happens again, Hendy
Pool must reopen to keep the local children out of mischief during the
long summer holidays.

The committee under the guidance of Derrick Lyons, the former
chairman, and the new chairman/vice chairman have been very good at
keeping the profile of the pool high on the agenda of the press, which
is why the decision by the council to remove the pool has not
happened. However, we need to keep the campaign moving, until we
get a more positive response. The latest project we are working on is
the production of a commemorative calendar to celebrate 75 years of
the pools existence in order to continue raising much needed funds

So please dig deep in your draws and cupboards and look for old
photos of Hendy Pool or the surrounding village. Any photo’s you
lend us will be returned in person to you.

If you have info for the next edition of this news letter then contact us
on 885116


Vernon Hicks

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