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                          /f002Sixth Edition
                                          58929 Peter Dicken Nov-10                 This sixth edition of has been completely revised a
                                                                                                  1. Introduction: Shift has been complete
Global ShiftMapping the Changing Contours of the World Economy This sixth edition of Global ShiftGlobal questioning globalization
                                                                James Key Concepts in Economic GeographyII. Key Agents ofnew kin
Key Concepts in Economic Geography54547 Yuko Aoyama,Nov-10 T Murphy and Susan Hanson              I. Introduction \ is a new kind in textboo
                                                                                    Key Concepts in Economic Geography is a Econom
                                                                Sep-10 With         With facing Doreen Masseyrepercussions of the 200
                                                                                                    still facing the - of the 2007 economi
The Economic Geography of the UK 58152 Neil Coe and Andrew Jones the UK still the UKthe repercussions Preface \ Part I: Setti
Key Concepts in Geography                 46749                    Sarah Holloway, With ten new chapters, and now providing concepts
                                                                                     Stephen P The on nature,Geography
                                                                                                  Rice and Gill globalization, developme
                          /f002Second Edition Nicholas Clifford,2008 Inclduing ten new chapters Nature ofValentine \ Mike Heffern
Encyclopedia of Geography                                                           With more than 1,200 entries, the Walenta \Paul Lo
                                                                                                  Trevor the Encyclopedia of Geography
                                          61408 Barney Warf Oct-10 With more than 1,200 entries, Barnes, Jayme Encyclopedia of
                                           Knowledge            and David N Livingstone
                                                                                    Handbook I Geographical Knowledge Knowledge i
                                                                                                  Handbook of Geographical is a critical
The SAGE Handbook of Geographical 40303 John A Agnew Dec-10 The SAGE The SAGE ofORIENTATIONS \ Robert Mayhew - G
Approaches to Human Geography                                       Gill Approaches to Human PHILOSOPHIES Introduction \ Positivis
                                                                                                  Geography is the essential student prim
                                          17587 Stuart Aitken and2006Valentine Avoiding jargon - while attentive to the rigor and co
Geography History and/f002Fourth Edition                                            Now in a fourth edition , this revised and updated e
                                                                                                  , this is Geography?: Introduction Explo
                                          50392 Arild Holt-Jensen2009 Now in a fourth edition What standard student reference has be
Key Texts in Human Geography                                      2008 'A and thatValentine Bo Lenntropstudents in Human Geograp
                                                                                      will delight will delight - Texts Key Texts in Hum
                                          46607 Phil Hubbard, Rob Kitchinbook Gill 'A book that students Key Torsten Hagerstrand 'In
For Space                                                                           In this acclaimed makesSETTING THE makes an i
                                                                                                  PART ONE: an impassioned argument
                                          39186 Doreen Massey 2005 In this book, Doreen Massey book, Doreen Massey SCENE \ O
                          /f002Second 58150 Phil Hubbard and Rob IIn this newIIn this newPhilThinkers onThinkers on Space, and P
Key Thinkers on Space and Place Eition                          Nov-10 Kitchin                     edition of Key Space and Place edito
                                                                                     edition of Key Hubbard and Rob Kitchin - Preface
Spaces for Consumption                                                              Consumption offers an in-depth written and lucid, it
                                                                                                  Introduction: The City of sophisticated a
                                          50474 Steven Miles Sep-10 Spaces for 'This is a great book. Powerfully and Complicity \ Th
                                          47286                   2009 Pain, Sallie A MarstonSusan J Smith, Jonesvibrant Salliegend
                                                                                    'With clarity and John Paul race and class to A M
                                                                                                          confidence, this III
The SAGE Handbook of Social Geographies Susan J Smith, RachelThe social relations of difference - fromRachel Pain, volume su
                                                                Dec-10 Edited by Dr Rob Whelan Director thethe National Institute of R
                                                                                    A detailed yet andand of environment \ in which
                                                                                                  Nature Brenda Yeoh
Key Concepts in Historical Geography 47864 John Morrissey, Ulf Strohmayer, Yvonne Kitchen,expansive guide to an areaPopulatio
                                          50381                  Mike Fortun        Cultural anthropology 1: MOORINGS \ Operations o
                                                                                                  VOLUME studies human society - from
Cultural Anthropology /f002Four-Volume Set Kim Fortun andJan-10 This Major Work is an authoritative overview of Cultural Anthro
Key Concepts in Planning                                        Mar-11 Edited       Dedicated to the study of the and country planning
                                                                                                  Sustainability Sustainable Developmen
                                          51185 Gavin Parker and Joe Doak by Dr Rob Kitchen, Directorof \townNational Institute of R
Key Concepts in Urban Geography                                   2008 Key Concepts McNamara and Donaldessays, Key Conceptsth
                                                                                    Organized around 20 shorta McNeill of textbook
                                                                                                    Geography I new kind
                                          47865 Alan Latham, Derek McCormack, Kimin UrbanIntroduction \is Location and movementi
             Theory and Practice
Urban Regeneration in the UK                                      2008 'This is     'This is a well crafted textbook Framework \ impor
                                                                                                  Introduction \ crafted textbook and will b
                                          48626 Phil Jones and James Evans a topical and topical and well Policyand will be an Gover
Theories of Urban Politics                46073                   2008 'Anybody who thinks analysis of scholarship on traditional -ne
                                                                                    'Insightful Jonathan urban & David stagnating In
                          /f002Second Edition Jonathan S Davies and David L Imbroscio the study of Daviespolitics isImbrosciotopi
The SAGE Companion to the City                                    2008 and book pulls together e exceptional range of AND IDEOLO
                                                                                    'A tour-de-forc
                                                                                                  PART ONE: HISTORIES literature in a
                                          39454 Tim Hall, Phil Hubbard 'This John Rennie Short an of contemporary urban studies.. br
City Life                                 36319 Adrian Franklin                     'City Life grabs you by thedraws you deep into the
                                                                                                  Introduction \ collar and draws you dee
                                                               May-10 'City Life grabs you by the collar and PART ONE: BECOMINGs
                           Studies        40136                                     The of this Abridged Contents \ Advocacy Planning
                                                                                                  project may be defined be defined as a
Encyclopedia of Urban /f002Two-Volume Set Ray HutchisonMar-10 The boundaries boundaries of this project may as the various th
                          /f002Eight-Volume Set
Urban Studies - Economy & Society 55068 Ronan Paddison                              Understanding cities enterprise. enterprise. It is a
                                                                Jan-10 Understanding cities is a diverseis a diverse It is a multi-disciplm
                                                                                     This book is both insightful community What is Co
                                                                                                  Setting the Record Straight: studies, pro
Key Concepts in Community Studies 47598 Tony Blackshaw 2009 This book defines the current identity ofand engaging, enriched
                                          50382                 Feb-11 Cairns andHandbook Greig Crysler,Architectural Theory and
                                                                                      Hilde HeynenHandbook of Theory Cairns and Hilde
The SAGE Handbook of Architectural Theory Greig Crysler, StephenThe SAGE The SAGE of ArchitecturalStephendocuments docub
The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Studies                               Mike Robinson 'The strongest overview I&encountered of theGener
                                                                                                  Tazim Jamal Mike Robinson - scope
                                          47022 Tazim Jamal and2009 'This is the strongest overview I have have encountered of the
             Identity, Place and the Traveller Stephen Wearing, Deborah Stevenson and and easily Tourist Cultures presents valua
Tourist Cultures                          22631                                     'A timely relevant, accessible book that Tourism:
                                                                                                  1. Introducing
                                                                  2009 Sharp, engaging andTamara Young The Cultures ofaddresses
             A Critical Introduction
Understanding Tourism                                            and Dan Knox       'At last! tourism students to concepts drawn from c
                                                                                                  Understanding Tourism \ Understanding
                                          46955 Kevin HannamMar-10 This text introducesA refreshingly lucid text for students that su
Key Concepts in Tourist Studies                                  Nicola Tourism and fourth biggestRobertson the world. of Tourismw
                                                                                    'The current Hart industry in market is saturated
                                                                                                    tourism textbook
                                          46520 Melanie Smith,Mar-10 MacLeodis theMargaretIntroduction \ Anthropology What are th\
Development Theory /f002Second Edition Jan Nederveen Pieterse                       'This exciting Trends in development, spanning a b
                                                                                                   tour de force , spanning broad : Deve
                                                                  2009 'This exciting book is a 1. book is a tour de force atheory range
             Theories and Methods         47851 Andrew Sumner 2008 'A sure-footed and self-confident book, ambitiousWhat is the in
                                                                                    'A            What Is 'Development'? \ in scope, aut
International Development Studiesin Research and Practice and Michael A Tribesure-footed and self-confident book, ambitious P
             An Analysis of Europe        22630 Maurice Roche 2009 The sociology of is a major and much and diverse field.\ This bo
Exploring the Sociology of the European Social Complex                                            Approaching European Society The Eu
                                                                                    'This Europe is a growing needed sociological anal
             Power        /f002Second Edition
                                           Society                                  'This second edition exceptionally clear and devel
                                                                                                  Introduction to the Second Edition \ 1. b
Governmentality and Rule in Modern 52965 Mitchell Dean 2009 Originally published in 1999 this thoughtfully extendsand lucid B
                                                                  2009 T Dahlman,This is ofnew kind of textbook thatof Peter Shirlow
                                                                                      Mary a textbook that Mountz and an innovative
                                                                                                  Introduction \ Section forms part of St
Key Concepts in Political Geography 48907 Carolyn Gallaher, Carl This is a new kindGilmartin, Alison forms part1: Concepts of ans
                                          23268                   2009 Revised and updated, this is a new editionnew edition of a core
Political Geography /f002Second Edition Joe Painter and Alex Jeffrey                              Preface to this is a of a core undergrad
                                                                                    Revised and updated, the First Edition \ Preface to
Geographies of Postcolonialism                                                        a course road tested road tested for over a 2 Imagi
                                                                                                      course for \ I. Colonialisms \ decade
                                          40088 Joanne Sharp 2008 'Drawing on'Drawing on1aIntroduction over a decade, Sharp has
                                          23041                   2007 'A and Jennifer Robinson tour of the sub-discipline.. An essen
                                                                                     and absorbing absorbing tour of the AND DEVEL
The SAGE Handbook of Political Geography Kevin R Cox, Murray Lowthorough'A thoroughPART ONE: THE SCOPE sub-discipline
             Complexity and Contested Modernities Walby
Globalization and Inequalities              4568 Sylvia                             'In this wide-ranging book, inequality? Why do Ame
                                                                                                  1. Introduction: Progress and modernitie
                                                                  2009 How has globalization changed social Sylvia Walby deploys he
             Critical                     51473 Barry Smart                         'The contributing to the historical and capitalism is
                                                                                                  Consuming: continuing growth in consu
Consumer Society Issues & Environmental Consequences Mar-10 What factors arecultural contradictions of modern conceptualha
International Politics and the Environment                        2                 'I strongly recommend International the Environme
                                                                                                  1. Explaining international environmenta
                                          45092 Ronald B Mitchell 009 'I strongly recommend International Politics andPolitics and the
The SAGE Handbook of Geomorphology                              Feb-11
                                          47285 Kenneth J Gregory                   Geomorphology is the study of the Earth's diverse p
                                                                Jan-11              The MacDonald and Revisiting Theories a manual
                                                                                                  Handbook of Schickhoff
The SAGE Handbook of Biogeography20951 Andrew Millington, Mark Blumler, Glen SAGE Part One: UdoBiogeography is and Conc
              Land Surface                55115 Kenneth J
The Earth'sLandforms and Processes in GeomorphologyGregory                          'Ken Gregory has produced ONE: who needs a TH
                                                                                                   information for a concise but compreh
                                                                Mar-10 'An excellent source of Preface \ PARTanyoneVISUALIZING we
             A Student's Companion
Environmental Sciences                                            Simmons, Anthony Brazel, John W Day,this Companion for underst
                                                                                    ' reference literature, Edward SCIENCES \ Introd
                                                                                                  ENVIRONMENTAL A Keller, Alejandro
                                          47977 K J Gregory, Ian 2008 Unique in thean essential storehouse of knowledgeprovides stu
                           Warming and Climate S George
                                          53917                   2008              The Encyclopedia ofand history of climate change \
                                                                                                  Science Global Warming and Climate
Encyclopedia of Global/f002Three-Volume SetChange Philander The Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change is a
Key Methods in Geography                  46748                May-10 Now in a and Gill Valentine Started Geography is an Resear
                                                                                    Now in a new Methods in in Geographical introdu
                          /f002Second Edition Nicholas Clifford, Shaun French new edition, Keyedition, Key Methods in Geography is
             A Student'sGeography
Statistical Methods for /f002Third Edition55118 Peter A Rogerson                    'Provides students with studentthe Second Edition
                                                                                                  Preface: Preface to favourite has again
                                                                Jan-10 The Third Edition of this bestsellingeverything they need to kno
             An Introduction to the Interpretation of Visual Materials Comprehensively revised and updatedathe Second Edition of th
Visual Methodologies /f002Second Edition Gillian Rose             2006                            Researching Visual Objects: A Critical t
                                                                                    'Gillian Rose has provided welcome overview of V
The SAGE Handbook of Spatial Analysis                             2008 The widespread use ofStewart Fotheringham andSystems Rog
                                                                                      A Rogerson   Geographical Information Peter A (GIS
                                          40462 A Stewart Fotheringham and PeterThe widespread use of geographical information sy
The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Geography                        2009 Exploring the Aitken, growth, change,Lindacomplexity of quali
                                                                                    'In its comprehensive and StuartMcDowell Steve
                                                                                                  Dydia DeLyser, and C. Aitken,
                                          40463 Dydia Delyser, Steve Herbert, Stuart dynamicMike Crangcoverage, accessible text, an
             A Mixed Methods Approach
Qualitative GIS                                                   2009 Geographic InformationGIS is coming and Meghantool for - Intro
                                                                                                    Systems are of essential Cope analy
                                          48908 Meghan Cope and Sarah Elwood 'Qualitative Sarah Elwood an age, and this definitive
The SAGE Handbook of GIS and Society                            Jan-11 Over the past twentypast twenty& - SETTING THE STAGE T
                                                                                     and the years GIS years GIS & Society research
                                          48898 Timothy Nyerges, Helen Couclelis OverRobertPART ONESociety research has been\ e
The SAGE Handbook of Remote Sensing                               2009 'A magnificentmagnificent achievement. A who's who of contem
                                                                                    'A achievement. A who's who Duane Nellis, and G
                                          48013 Timothy A Warner, M Duane Nellis and Giles M FoodyA. Warner,of contemporary rem
                     Series       Imprint     Pages        BIC CodesSubject Cloth ISBN                           Cloth Price  Pre-Pub Price
                                              624 pages KMB,RGCM,GTD   Economic on? Conflicting perspectives on 'globalization' Grounding 'globalization': ge
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-84920-766-9         #90.00
         1. Introduction: questioning globalization: What in the world is going Geography,International Business & Management (General),Globalization"
                                              232 pages RG,RGC,RGCM
                     Key Concepts in Human Geography                                Cl 978-1-84787-894-6         #60.00
                                                                       Economic Geography,Human Geography (General),Geography, Earth & Environment
                                               Setting the Scene: Uneven
                                                                       Economic Geography,Human Neil M. #70.00 Andrew Jones - Earth & Environment
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-84920-089-9         Coe and
         Doreen Massey - Preface \ Part I: 280 pages RN,RGC,RGCM Economic Geographies \ Geography (General),Geography, Introduction: the shift
                                              480 pages RG               of geography \ Keith Richards -
                                                                                      Earth & Environmental Geography and the physical science tradition \ R
         The Nature of Geography \ Mike Heffernan - 1. HistoriesGeography,Cl 978-1-4129-3021-52. Science,Human Geography (General),Environme
                                              3000 pagesRGXD,RGC,RN Geography (General),Environmental Studies/Physical Geography (General),G
                                                                       Human        Cl 978-1-4129-5697-0         #560.00 #475.00
         Trevor Barnes, Jayme Walenta \Paul Longley \Jason Dittmer \Ezekiel Kalipeni \Phil Birge-Liberman \Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen, Dipti Saletore \Ja
                                                           RG          Geography, a term& Environmental #90.00
                                                                                      Earth \ Charles Withers - Geography's narratives and intellectual Geog
         I ORIENTATIONS \ Robert Mayhew - Geography: the geneaology ofCl 978-1-4129-1081-1 Science,Geographical Methodology,Humanhistory
                                              360 pages RGC,RG Human Geography Rob Kitchin - Humanism and Democratic Place-Making \ J. Nich
                                                                                    Cl 978-0-7619-4262-7         #88.00
         PHILOSOPHIES Introduction \ Positivistic Geographies and Spatial Science \(General),Geography, Earth & Environmental Science"Available a
                                              Exploration and          Human Geography (General),Philosophy & Theory of Geography,Historical Geograph
                                                                                     tradition A science of      #70.00
         What is Geography?: Introduction 280 pages RG the cosmographic Cl 978-1-4129-4649-0synthesis A modeloriented approach Local response
                                              256 pages RGC             as Spatial Process' (1953) \ Michael F. Goodchild - William Bunge 'Theoretical Geo
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-4129-2260-9         #70.00
         Bo Lenntrop - Torsten Hagerstrand 'Innovation DiffusionHuman Geography (General),Geography, Earth & Environmental Science,Geographic
                                              232 pages RGC,JBA Human Geography (General),Social Theory"Available as an inspection copy
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-4129-0361-5         #67.00
         PART ONE: SETTING THE SCENE \ Opening Propositions \ PART TWO: UNPROMISING ASSOCIATIONS \ Space//Representation \ The Pr
                                              448 pages GTS,RGC,JP     Human Geography (General),Social Theory,Cultural Studies (General),Politics & Inter
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-84920-101-8
         Phil Hubbard and Rob Kitchin - Preface to the 2nd Edition \ Phil Hubbard, Rob Kitchin and Gill #85.00   Valentine - Introduction: Why key thinkers? \ Eu
                                              216 pages KMP,GTS,RGC    Sociology (General),Human Geography \ Architectures of Studies (General),Consum
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-4129-4665-0         #65.00
         Introduction: The City of Complicity \ The Individualised City \ Creating Cities \ Consuming Culture(General),Cultural Consumption \ Shopping fo
                                              632 pages RG,RGC Cultural Geography,Human Geography (General),Sociology Section One: Difference a
                                                                                    III - Introduction: Situating#90.00 Geographies \ (General)"
         Susan J Smith, Rachel Pain, Sallie A Marston, and John Paul Jones Cl 978-1-4129-3559-3                   Social
                                              208 pages RGC,RGP Historical Geography,Human Geography (General)"Available as an inspection copy
                     Key Concepts in Human Geography                                Cl 978-1-4129-3043-7         #60.00
                                              1672 pagesJBK,JBKC,RG    Anthropology 978-1-4129-4733-6
                                                                                    - Thick Description: Toward an interpretive theory of culture \ Marilyn Stra
         VOLUME 1: MOORINGS \ Operations of "Culture" \ Clifford Geertz Cl & Archaeology (General),Social & Cultural Anthropology,Geography, Ea
                                              256 pages RGC,RP Planning (General),Human Geography (General)"Available as an inspection copy
                     Key Concepts in Human Geography                                Cl 978-1-84787-076-6         #60.00
                                              240 pages RGL
                     Key Concepts in Human Geography                                Cl 978-1-4129-3041-3         #60.00
                                                                       Urban Geography,Local Government,Urban Sociology"Available as an inspection cop
                                              200 pages \ The Competitive CityClSustainability \ Design and Cultural Regeneration \ Regeneration beyond
                                                                       Urban         \ 978-1-4129-3490-9         #70.00
         Introduction \ Policy Framework \ GovernanceRGCM,RGL,RPC Geography,Urban Planning,Urban, Rural and Regional Economics"Available a
                                              296 pages RGCM,RG,RGL Government,Political Theory Thought (General),Urban Planning,Public Policy
                                                                       Local        Cl 21st Century \ PART #73.00
         Jonathan Davies & David Imbroscio - Introduction: Urban Politics in the978-1-4129-2161-9 &ONE: Prologue \ Peter John - Why Study /f003U
                                              408 pages \ Lily Kong Urban Geography,Urban Planning,Urban Sociology,Human Geography-(General)"Ava
         PART ONE: HISTORIES AND IDEOLOGIES RG,RGL,RPC                              Cl 978-1-4129-0206-9         #80.00
                                                                        - Power and Prestige \ Keith Lilley - Faith and Devotion \ Colin Chant Science and
                                              256 CITIES \ The Traditional City Cl 978-0-7619-4475-1
                                                                                    \ The Machinic Geography,Cultural Studies I \ The Solid Modern City II \ T
         Introduction \ PART ONE: BECOMINGpages RGL,JBMGSociology (General),Urban City \ The Solid Modern City (General),Tourism Studies,So
                                              1080 \ Apartheid         Urban & Regional Berlin \ Bohemian (General)" #180.00
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-4129-1432-1          Bunkers
         Abridged Contents \ Advocacy Planning pagesRP,JB\ Architecture \ Athens \ Sociology,Planning\#210.00 \ Cantonment \ Chinatowns \ Cinema
                                              3328                                  Cl 978-1-84787-892-2         #1100.00
                     Sage Library Urban Studies pagesRG,RGC Human Geography (General),Geography, Earth & Environmental Science"
                     SAGE Key Concepts seriespages YJB,JBM,RGL                      Cl 978-1-4129-2843-4         #65.00
                                                                       Sociology (General),Community Involvement & Partnerships,Urban Geography,Socia
                                                Hilde Heynen           Geography,Cl 978-1-4129-4613-1 Gwen Wright - Introduction \ Ole Fischer - Theory
                                                                                      1 \ Hilde Heynen and       #90.00
         Greig Crysler, Stephen Cairns and512 pages RG - Introduction \ Part Earth & Environmental Science,Planning (General),Urban Sociology"
                                              736 pages KM,KNSG,RG     Sociology ofand Contemporary Positioning of Tourism as a Focus of Study \ David Be
                                                                                       Leisure,Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Management,Tourism Studies,Leis
         Tazim Jamal & Mike Robinson - General Introduction: The EvolutionCl 978-1-4129-2397-2                   #90.00
                                              184 pages KNSG,GTS,RGC   Sociology of Leisure,Tourism Studies,Hospitality, Travel and Space The Structure of
                                                                                    Cl 978-0-7619-4997-8         #60.00
         1. Introducing The Cultures of Tourism: Understanding Tourism From FlÔneur to Choraster? Tourism, Experience & Tourism Management,Hum
                                              240 pages KNSG,JB Sociology of \978-1-4129-2277-7
                                                                                    Cl Commodifying Tourism \ Embodying Tourism \ Performing Tourism \ T
         Understanding Tourism \ Understanding Tourism \ Regulating TourismSport and Leisure (General),Tourism Studies,Hospitality, Travel & Touris
                     SAGE Key Concepts seriespages JB                               Cl 978-1-4129-2104-6         #65.00
                                                                       Sociology of Sport and Leisure (General),Tourism Studies,Hospitality, Travel & Touris
                                              272 pages K,GTF,RG Sociology Cl 978-1-4129-4514-1                  #70.00
                     Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society (General),Politics of Developing Countries,Development Studies (General)"
                                              192 pages GTF            International Development,DevelopmentDevelopment Studies? \ What Is the 'Big Pict
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-4129-2944-8
         What Is 'Development'? \ What is the Purpose of Development Studies? \ How Can We 'Know' #64.00         in Studies (General),Research Methods for De
                                              296 pages GTBD           Social - Europe as Network and Empire? \ Part 1: The Development of the European
                                                                                    Cl 978-0-7619-4071-5         #70.00
         Approaching European Society \ The European Social Complex:Theory,European Politics (General),European Studies,European Social Policy,
                                               \ 1. pages JP,YJB       Sociology Government and governmentality An analytics of government Analysing re
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-84787-383-5         #75.00
         Introduction to the Second Edition 304 Basic Concepts and Themes:(General),International Relations (General),Social Theory,Cultural Theory,H
                                              392 pages RGCP
                     Key Concepts in Human Geography                                Cl 978-1-4129-4671-1         #65.00
                                                                       Political Geography,International Relations (General)"Available as an inspection copy
                                              248 the Second Edition   Political Geography,Human Geography (General),International Relations (General)"A
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-4129-0137-6         #70.00
         Preface to the First Edition \ Preface topages RGC,RGCP \ Introduction \ Politics, Geography and Political Geography \ State Formation \ From
                                              176 pages RG,RGC,RGCM and Cl 978-1-4129-0778-1
                                                                        Power       knowledge \ 4 Landscapes#62.00 \ II. Neo-colonialisms \ 5 New orders?
                                                                                                                  of power
         1 Introduction \ I. Colonialisms \ 2 Imagining the world \ 3 Developmental Geography,International Development,Political Geography"Available a
                                              640 pages RGCP           Political GEOGRAPHY \ Guntram Politics"
                                                                                    Cl 978-0-7619-4327-3         #90.00
         PART ONE: THE SCOPE AND DEVELOPMENT OF POLITICAL Geography,EnvironmentalHerb - The Politics of Political Geography \ James
                                              520 pages GTD            Sociology ofmoney or longer life?
                                                                                       Gender,Globalization,Human as a contested project Economic developm
         1. Introduction: Progress and modernities \ What is Progress?: MoreCl 978-0-8039-8517-9 ProgressGeography (General),Class and Inequality,
                                              264 pages Consuming:     Sociology (General),CulturalIssues (General),Human Rhetoric and Reality \ Cultiv
                                                                                     and Conceptual Studies #75.00
         Consuming: historical and conceptual issues \GTS,YJB,JB Historical Cl 978-1-84787-049-0 \ Consumer Choice:Geography (General),Consum
                                              248 pages JPSL,JPS,GTF
                     SAGE Series on the Foundations of International Re             Cl Politics,International #65.00
                                                                       Environmental978-1-4129-1974-6 Environment,Political Geography"Available as an
                                              600 physical land-surface features Earth & Environmental Science" shape these features. Examining natura
Geomorphology is the study of the Earth's diverse pages RG                            and the dynamic processes that
                                                                       Geography,Cl 978-1-4129-2905-9            #90.00
                                                            Introduction \ Blumler, Cl 978-1-4129-1951-7
                                                                       B            Cole & Flenley - Studies/Physical
                                                                                                                  of Biogeographical (General),Geography, Eart
         Part One: Revisiting Theories and Concepts \ RG,RN,RGMiogeography,EnvironmentalEvolution#90.00 Geography Thought \ Griffin - Biodiver
                                              360 pages RG,RN          Environmental978-1-84860-619-7
                                                                                    Cl Studies/Physical Geography (General),Geomorphology,Geology/Earth
         Preface \ PART ONE: VISUALIZING THE LAND SURFACE \ Recognizing the Land Surface \ Study of the Land Surface \ PART TWO: DYNAM
                                              456 pages \ Anthropology \ Archaeology & Atmospheric sciences \ Biogeography Studies/Physical Geograp
         ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES \ Introduction RG                                     Earth \ Environmental #78.00
                                                                       Geography,Cl 978-1-4129-4704-6 Science,Environmental \ Biology \ Cartography \
                                              1552 pagesRG             Geography,over climate-change theories \ The
                                                                                      Earth & Environmental #225.00
         Science and history of climate change \ The polarizing controversies Cl 978-1-4129-5878-3 Science" role of societies \ Industrial and econo
                                              568 pages RG              Shaun French978-1-4129-3508-1 - Getting Started in Research Design: How This Bo
                                                                                    Cl and Gill Valentine        #85.00
         Getting Started in Geographical Research \ Nick Clifford, Geographical Methodology,Qualitative Methods in Geography,Quantitative Methods in
                                              368 Preface to           QuantitativeIntroduction to Statistical Methods for Geography \ Descriptive Statistics \
                                                                                      Methods in Geography,Geographical Methodology,Quantitative/Statistica
         Preface: Preface to the Second Editionpages RG the Third Edition \ Cl 978-1-84860-002-7                 #75.00
                                              304 Visual JBKC,CFGD,JBSNVisual Culture (General),Research Methods Looking at Studies"Available as an inspe
                                                                                    Use This Book \ 'The         #73.00
         Researching Visual Objects: A Critical pages Methodology \ How To Cl 978-1-4129-2190-9Good Eye': for Cultural Pictures Using Compositiona
                                                Rogerson - Introduction \ Robert Cl 978-1-4129-1082-8 Nature of Spatial Data Methodology,Geography, Ea
         Stewart Fotheringham and Peter A528 pages GRS                              Haining - The Special        #90.00
                                                                       Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Geographical \ David Martin - The Role o
                                              448 Herbert, Mike Crang  Qualitative Methods in Geography,Human Geography (General),Qualitative Research
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-4129-1991-3         #90.00
         Dydia DeLyser, Stuart C. Aitken, Stevepages RG,RGC,GRS and Linda McDowell - Introduction: Engaging Qualitative Geography \ PART I: OP
                                               - Introduction:         Geographical Methodology,Qualitative Methods in Geography,GIS,Qualitative Resear
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-4129-4565-3         #75.00
         Sarah Elwood and Meghan Cope 192 pages RGQualitative GIS: Forging mixed methods through representations, analytical innovations, and c
                                              464 Timothy Nyerges, Geographical Methodology,Research #90.00 & Evaluation (General)"
         PART ONE - SETTING THE STAGE \ pages GRS                                   Cl 978-1-4129-4645-2
                                                                        Robert McMaster and Helen CouclelisMethods - Introduction \ PART TWO - RESEARCH THE
                                              568 pages RG,GRS,RN eographical Methodology,Research #90.00 & Evaluation (General),Environmental
                                                                       G            Cl 978-1-4129-3616-3         Methods
         Timothy A. Warner, Duane Nellis, and Giles M. Foody - Remote Sensing Data Selection Issues \ PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Timothy A. W
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Pa 978-1-84920-767-6   #34.99
Pa 978-1-84787-895-3   #19.99
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