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Boosting International Trade
 Immediate concerns of the
   exporting community
   High transaction costs
   Unreliable and expensive infrastructure
   Reduction in rates of duty neutralization
 Elements for accelerating exports
  Simple and transparent, WTO-compatible incentive regime
  Reduction in transaction costs
   Greater involvement of state governments’ in export
promotion initiatives
  Special emphasis on services’ and agriculture exports
  Construct target country-product matrices
  Streamline policies relating to SEZs/ EOUs
  Resolve infrastructure bottlenecks
  Enhance financing facilities
  Labour Reforms for exports.
 Simple and transparent WTO-compatible incentive
Formulate a single comprehensive WTO compatible
drawback scheme
Club multiple export schemes like Advance license,
DEPB, DFRC, Duty drawback scheme.
Further Requirements
   Downward revision in rates of duty neutralization
schemes should be done in a graded manner.
   Procedures for fixing rates should be made more
     Simple and transparent WTO-compatible incentive
      Need for a restructured and streamlined EPCG
1.    EPCG licenses should be permitted to be clubbed for fulfillment of export
2.    Export obligation fulfillment should be allowed in non-convertible currency
      as well.

      Incentives for exports of by-products
      Promote deemed exports to strengthen domestic
      manufacturing base
      Incentive of duty free imports needs to be provided on
      the basis of graded growth rather than fixed
      percentage growth.
 Construct target country-product matrix
     to match market requirements

   Match international demand with Indian market
   Focus ASEAN, Focus LAC, Focus Africa
yielding great advantages
                  Special focus areas
 Agri Exports
  Fast track implementation of Agri Export Zones
   Promote Strict quality control practices: development of cold
chains and modern laboratories
   Focus on high value commercial items and value added agro
processing products
Services Exports
   Create a system of dissemination of market information
   Promotion of brand India: special emphasis on marketing and
    Government websites, Commercial sections of Indian Missions
to promote service exports from India
   Reduction in transaction costs

  Early synchronization of Electronic Data Inter-change
(EDI) between DGFT and Department of Customs
    Procedure for filing drawback and other certificates
relating to verification to be simplified
   Minimize examination of export/import cargo by
customs for EOUs
Greater involvement of state governments
     in export promotion initiatives
   Study export potential of the state: Identify
inherent comparative advantages

   Establish industry and export clusters
    Export clusters at Thirupur and Ludhiana add to
the wealth of Tamil Nadu and Punjab

   Improve export related infrastructure in
Streamline policies relating to EOUs EHTPs and STPs

   Extension of same benefits and facilities to 100% EOUs as are
   available to SEZs. For eg: single window clearance facilities, etc.
    Fast track clearance/recognition of golden EOUs/ EZS
   Remove the restriction on transfer of raw material from one
   EOU to another
   Sales from DTAs to EOUs should be treated as exports
1. Extension of benefits to promote export growth
2. Facilitating procurement of raw materials at competitive prices
3. Strengthen domestic manufacturing base
Resolve infrastructure bottlenecks

 Allow duty free import of infrastructure facilities
by promoters of SEZs, EHTPs, EOUs and Agri
Export Zones.
  Storage and transportation facilities need to be
strengthened especially for perishable agriculture
 Grant Export Subsidy for inland transportation of
export consignments
         Enhance financing facilities
    Simple procedures              for    obtaining     financial
   assistance by SSI
    Financial assistance for brand promotion and
   achieving international standards of quality:
   Assistance in achieving ISO 9000 certification etc

     Ease Administrative procedures
At present, problems relating to
1. Availability of credit: unfulfilled needs
2. Cost of credit

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