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									Town Bedford
recreation and parks department

                   2011 Fall
                    2012 Winter

                    Registration begins
                    Wednesday, Sept. 7th
                    Registration hours:
                       9:00am - 4:00pm

Bedford Recreation & Parks           Dear Neighbor!
                                     With another summer season coming to a close, it is time to look
                                     forward to the beginning of Fall.  On behalf of the Town Board, the
                                     Recreation and Parks Advisory Committee, and the Recreation and
                                     Parks Department, I am pleased to present the 2011-2012 Fall & Winter brochure. 
                                     I hope you will take a moment to review the programs. There are many opportunities
                                     available to you this season, not only through the Recreation Department but also with
                                     the many special events sponsored by our community organizations.
                                       You will not want to miss The Bedford Community Theater’s fall production of “Hairspray”. 
                                     This talented group of thespians is offering another series of exciting performances.  “Hairspray”
                                     will be presented the weekends of November 11-13 and November 18-20 at the Bedford Hills
                                     Community House.  
                                       The Recreation Department has long standing programs that have traditionally been enjoyed
                                     by people of all ages, as well as new offerings to add variety and compliment our seasonal
                                     special events.  Our senior adults will be kept active with both local activities and day trips
                                     to destinations such as The Maritime Aquarium, Mohegan Sun Casino, and The Radio City
                                     Christmas Spectacular!   
                                       The Town is committed to enhancing the recreational opportunities for all of our residents. We
                                     have recently upgraded the recycling efforts at our parks and designated most areas of our parks
                                     as “smoke-free”.  We continue to work on ways to improve our operations to help you make the
                                     most of your leisure time.  Enjoy the Fall!

                                                                                       Lee V.A. Roberts
                                                                                       Town Supervisor

                                             TELEPHONE                                DIRECTORY                    DIRECTORY
                                             Assessor .............................................. 666-5149      For Your Information ................................. 1-2
                                             Building Inspector .............................666-8040              Cooperating/Community Agencies .............. 3
                                             Court Clerk .........................................666-6965         Telephone Directory........................... See Left
                                             Dog Control.........................................666-4855
                                                                                                                   Special Events and Programs ....................3-7
                                             Emergency .......................................... 911
                                                                                                                   Holiday Happenings & Special Events..... 8-10
                                             Highway ..............................................666-7669
                                                                                                                   Teen Get-A-Way ...............................................11
                                             Historian .............................................666-4745       Day Camp/Tiny Tots 2012 ...........................11
                                            Parking Bureau ...................................666-8097             Toddler/Preschool Activities ..................12-14
                                            Planning ...............................................666-4434       Youth Activities.........................................14-16
                                            Police..................................................... 241-3111   Youth Sports................................................... 17
                                            Recreation and Parks .................. 666-7004                       Adult Activities ......................................... 18-19
 everyone, that’s why you may find

                                            Recycling ..............................................241-2671       Tennis ......................................................... 20-21
 We like to include something for

                                            Senior Citizen ......................................666-7203          Senior Adults............................................. 22-24
 some typo’s in this brochure!

                                            Supervisor ............................................666-6530        Dog Park Info .............................................24-25
                                            Tax Receiver ........................................666-4475          Registration Form ...........................................27
                                           Town Clerk ............................................666-4534         Pool & Town Information .............................. 28
                                           Water ......................................................666-7855                                                     o
                                           Wetlands ................................................ 666-5140                                               e ber t
                                                                                                                                                        RemGmSTER !
                                          Zoning .....................................................666-4585                                          RE SIept. 7th
                                                                                                                                                                 Do this!
                        TOWN BOARD                                                              REGISTRATION
For Your Information    Lee V.A. Roberts . . . . . . . . . . . . Town Supervisor
                        Peter A. Chryssos . .Councilman, Deputy Supervisor
                        Francis T. Corcoran . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..Councilman
                                                                                                Please mail or bring to the Town of Bedford
                                                                                                Recreation & Parks Department, 425 Cherry Street,
                                                                                                Bedford Hills, NY 10507. The Recreation Department
                        David Gabrielson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Councilman             does not confirm program registration, nor can we
                        Chris Burdick . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Councilman          be responsible for lost or misdirected mail.
                        Meets every 1st & 3rd Tuesday at 8:00pm in the
                        Town House‚ at 321 Bedford Rd., Bedford Hills.                          NON-RESIDENT REGISTRATION
                        William Hayes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Police Chief          Non-residents who wish to register for Town of
                        Boo Fumagalli . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Town Clerk           Bedford Recreation and Parks Department
                        Kevin Winn P.E. . . . Commissioner of Public Works                      programs will be allowed to register for programs
                                                                                                one week after the start of registration in order to
                        RECREATION & PARKS ADVISORY                                             allow priority to Town of Bedford residents. Non-
                        COMMITTEE                                                               residents are required to pay an additional 25%
                        Brian McCabe, Chairman . . . . Wayne Grossman                           of the resident fee. Not all programs offered are
                        John McMahon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Steve Lancia               available to non-residents.
                        Cristina Magidson . . . . . . . . . . . . Aldo Sammarco
                        Betsy Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nancy Bellini         MASTERCARD & VISA
                        Francis T. Corcoran -Town Board Liaison                                 Residents will be able to pay fees for all Recreation
                                                                                                programs including day camp and pool passes by
                        Meetings are held at the Recreation Office                              credit card. To use a card, you need to enroll in
                        Conference Room located at 425 Cherry Street                            person at the Recreation Office and only MasterCard
                        in Bedford Hills. Meets the second Wednesday at                         and Visa are being accepted. Please Note: Effective
                        8:00pm in the Recreation and Parks Conference                           January 1, 2011, when paying by credit card, the
                        Room. All meetings are open to the public.                              following transaction fees will be assessed and
                        RECREATION AND PARKS STAFF                                              added to your monthly credit card statement. These
                        William F. Heidepriem . . . . . . . Superintendent of                   fees are not reflected on your Town of Bedford
                                                                Recreation & Parks              program receipt Master Card or Visa = 1.8%
                        Daryl Ann Sudlow . . . . Assistant Superintendent                       FEES
                                                            of Recreation & Parks               All fees are expected to be paid at the time of
                        James Whiting . . . . . . . . . . Recreation Supervisor                 registration. All checks should be made payable
                        Kimberly O’Brien . . . . . Senior Recreation Leader                     to the Town of Bedford. If there is an inability
                        Suzanne Carpentier . . . . Senior Office Assistant                      to pay the full fee at the time of registration, a
                        Susan DeFonce. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Office Assistant               payment schedule can be arranged by contacting
                        Tom Megna . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Parks Foreman               the Recreation and Parks Office.
                        Mark Morin . . . . . . . . . Assistant Parks Foreman
                        Richard Pochintesta . . . . . Automotive Mechanic                       TALENT SEARCH
                        John Goodman . . . . . . . . . . . Parks Maintenance

                                                                                                The Town of Bedford Recreation and Parks
                        Pete Welch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Parks Maintenance                Department is continuously looking for new and
                        Matt Halpin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Parks Maintenance               innovative talent in order to offer a variety of
                        Matt Van Dorn . . . . . . . . . . . . Parks Maintenance                 programs to our residents. If you possess a skill and
                        Marc Graniero . . . . . . . . . . . . Parks Maintenance                 the ability to teach it, send us your program idea and
                        OFFICE LOCATION & HOURS                                                 resume or call to make an appointment to speak
                        The Recreation and Parks Department Office                              with us. We welcome your program suggestions!

                        and mailing address is 425 Cherry St.,                                  INSURANCE
                        Bedford Hills, NY 10507. The office hours are                           The Town of Bedford carries standard liability
                        8:30am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Walk-in                           coverage. This coverage does not include medical
                        registration hours are 8:30am-4:00pm, Monday                            costs for anyone injured in the normal course of
                        through Friday. The Recreation and Parks Office                         participation in any Town program. All individuals
                        is located on the 1st floor.                                            enrolled in Town of Bedford Recreation & Parks
                        TELEPHONE NUMBERS                                                       programs do so at their own risk.
                        Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 666-7004
                        Senior Adults . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 666-7203
                                                                                                No Town of Bedford resident shall be denied
                        Fax. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 666-3863
                                                                                                participation in any recreation program solely
                        Hotline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 864-3777
                                                                                                because of an inability to pay the prescribed fee.
                                                                                                The Town of Bedford Town Board is committed to
                                                                                                providing recreation opportunities to residents of all
                                                                                                ages without regard to economic circumstances.
         1                                                                                      For scholarship consideration, please contact the
                                                                                                Superintendent of Recreation and Parks at 666-7004.
                       ENROLL EARLY                                             EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES
For Your Information   For most of our programs to be conducted, a
                       minimum enrollment must be reached. In addition,
                       there is usually a maximum enrollment based on
                                                                                The Recreation & Parks Department has various
                                                                                part time seasonal positions available throughout
                                                                                the year. Please contact us for more information.
                       facility size and instructor requirements. Therefore,    Employment applications can be downloaded from
                       registration is always on a first come, first served     the forms and applications section of our website.
                       basis. We encourage individuals to register early.
                       REFUNDS                                                  FIELD AND FACILITY PERMITS
                       The Town of Bedford refunds only under the               Permits for group use of Town owned fields and
                       following conditions:                                    facilities are required for group and family functions.
                        • A full refund will be given if the program is         For a facility use application form please contact
                           cancelled by the Recreation & Parks Department       the Recreation Office at 666-7004 or download an
                           prior to the start of the program.                   application from the forms and applications section
                        • If a program participant moves from Town, a full      of the Town website. Individuals wishing to reserve
                           or prorated refund will be made based on the         a facility must be a Town resident. All applications
                           number of sessions attended. Proof of relocation     should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the
                           must be presented.                                   scheduled activity.
                        • Should a participant become ill or injured, a full    COMMUNITY SERVICE
                           or prorated refund will be made based on the         OPPORTUNITIES
                           number of sessions the participant attended. A       The Bedford Recreation & Parks Department
                           doctor’s note must accompany the request.            would like to provide an opportunity to members
                       There will be a $10.00 processing fee for all refunds    of the community to get involved in community
                       that are approved except for programs that are           service. Whether your reason for volunteering is
                       cancelled by the Recreation & Parks Department.          an academic obligation or simply a path to self
                       All requests for refunds must be made directly           improvement, the Recreation & Parks Department
                       to the Superintendent of Recreation & Parks. All         has a wide variety of activities and services available
                       approved refunds will be paid by the Town Finance        throughout the year for you to join in and help out.
                       Department following their bill paying schedule.         For more information call the Community Service
                       RETURNED CHECKS                                          Coordinator, Jim Whiting at 666-7004.
                       There is a $35.00 fee for any returned check.            PICNIC PACKS
                       PROGRAM CANCELLATIONS                                    For residents planning picnics, the Bedford
                       If a program must be cancelled due to inclement          Recreation & Parks Department offers free use of
                       weather, notification can be accessed through            a “picnic pack” of outdoor game equipment such as
                       our program hotline number, 864-3777 or                  playground balls, jump ropes, frisbees, wiffleballs,
                       we encourage you to sign up for e-mail alerts            bats, etc. Those interested should contact the office
                       by logging onto the Town website at                      at least one week prior to their planned picnic. A
              Generally, programs are not          $25.00 refundable deposit is required (refunded
                       held when school is not in session. Postponed            upon the return of the “picnic pack”).
                       classes are normally made up at the end of the           MEALS-ON-WHEELS •
                       program session.
                                                                                VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
                       SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNTS                                 The Town of Bedford depends on volunteers to deliver
                       Town of Bedford residents who are 60 years of age        prepared meals for our meals on wheels program.
                       or older, are eligible for a 50% discount on most        Individuals who are interested in volunteering their
                       programs.                                                services to this very important program are asked
                                                                                to contact Jim Whiting at the Recreation Office. Call
                       E-MAIL ALERT SERVICE                                     666-7203 for more information.
                       The Town of Bedford has implemented a new way
                       of keeping its residents informed of Town news,          ICE SKATING • OUTDOORS
                       events and meetings that are occurring in the            Weather permitting; ice-skating will be available this
                       Town. Whenever current information is posted to          winter at the Bedford Hills Memorial Park’s Lake
                       the website you have an opportunity to receive a         Marie & Cherry Ridge Lake (on Lakeside Drive off
                       notification of that posting in your personal E-Mail     Cherry Street) in Katonah. Appropriate signage will
                       box, automatically. You can subscribe by adding          be posted at each site indicating
                       your email address below and then follow the few         whether or not the lakes are
                       simple steps to ensure your address has been             safe for skating. For
                       added to the list. If you decide you no longer want to   skating conditions call
                       receive notices automatically, un-subscribe yourself     our hotline number at
      2                at any time by clicking on the un-subscribe link         864-3777.
                       at the bottom of every notice sent by the Town of
                                       NORTH EAST WESTCHESTER
  Cooperating/Community Agencies       SPECIAL RECREATION
                                                                                                  BE PART OF SOMETHING MEANINGFUL!
                                                                                                  Enrich your life, form lasting friendships and
                                       Executive Director: Janet Riley                            become involved in the community by
                                       North East Westchester Special Recreation, an              volunteering with the Junior League of
                                       agency supported and sponsored by the Town of              Northern Westchester.
                                       Bedford, is available to children and adults with          914-234-4714 •
                                       developmental disabilities from our community. The
                                       North East program offers a variety of year round
                                       recreational activities for all ability levels, designed
                                                                                                  KATONAH–BEDFORD HILLS
                                       with the specific support needed for participant           VOLUNTEER AMBULANCE CORPS.
                                       success in this environment. Programs are highly           The Katonah-Bedford Hills Volunteer Ambulance
                                       structured, staffed and closely supervised. Program        Corps offers full or refresher CPR courses to all
                                       goals may focus on teaching skills, fostering fun          residents and employees of the Town of Bedford.
                                       and friendships or teaching and correcting social or       Katonah and Bedford residents 16 years and older,
                                       behavioral deficiencies. For more information call         please consider joining KBHVAC. Volunteers are
                                       347-4409. Employment opportunities, community              needed and welcomed. No experience necessary.
                                       service credit, educational internships and a variety      For more information call the non-emergency
                                       of volunteer experiences are also available.               number at 232-5872 or visit their website
                                       THE COMMUNITY CENTER OF
                                       NORTHERN WESTCHESTER                                       BEDFORD YOUTH SOCCER CLUB
                                       The Community Center of Northern Westchester,              The Bedford Youth Soccer Club began in 1972 as
                                       located at 84 Bedford Road in Katonah, provides            an organization committed to instructing children of
                                       food, clothing and access to other resources for           all abilities in the sport of soccer around the Town
                                       neighbors in need. For more information go to the          of Bedford. The club sponsors instructional and
                                       web site @ or call the           competitive programs for children ages 4-13+. In
                                       Center 914-232-6572.                                       addition to our in house program, the club sponsors
                                                                                                  travel teams to provide a more competitive level of
                                       LIBRARIES                                                  soccer for the committed, skilled player. Please visit
                                       Each of Bedford’s hamlet communities, Bedford              our web site For
                                       Hills, Katonah and Bedford Village, have public            more information and registration forms call Anne
                                       libraries offering a variety of interesting programs       Haney at 234-2201.
                                       for both children and adults. For information call:
                                           Bedford Hills Library • 666-6472
                                                                                                                               BEDFORD IS
                                           Katonah Library • 232-3508                                                          GOING GREEN
                                                                                                   The Town of Bedford’s Energy Advisory Panel
                                           Bedford Village Library • 234-3570
                                                                                                   announces a great, new website with helpful
                                                                                                   tips, resources and news on how to save
                                       F.C. SOCCER CLUB                                            energy and save money.
                                       The F.C. Bedford Soccer Club offers weekday                 Bedford’s Green Page:
                                       soccer for ages 4 through 9. For information call 
                                       Aldo Sammarco at 666-2271.

                                                              Bedford Village
Special Events

                                                                                                                     Saturday–September 24, 2011
and Programs

                                                          Chowder & Marching Club                                    Bedford Hills Memorial Park
                                                                                                    60 Haines Road Bedford Hills, NY 10507 • Email:
                                                           September 9th, 2011
                                                                                                   Join us for the 8th Annual Hudson Valley Walk for PKD
                                                              Featuring:                                      the signature fundraising event for
                                                              Despicable me                                     (PKD) Polycystic Kidney Disease!
                                                                                                       PKD is a life-threatening genetic disease that
                                                   Bring a                                                  currently has no treatment or cure.
                                          blanket or chair.
                                        Refreshments and                                              Registration opens at 9:00 a.m. and the Walk begins at 10:00,
                                         snacks available                                              preceded by a start-line ceremony. All ages are invited to
                                                                                                     participate. The Walk route is an easy 2.5 mile loop beginning
                                          Gates open                                                          and ending at the Bedford Hills Memorial Park.
                                           at 6:30pm                                              Enjoy our live DJ, face painting, and a delicious lunch–all provided at
                                         movie starts                                                no charge! There is no registration fee, and donations of $100
                                   3            at dusk                        NO
                                                                            Entry Fee!
                                                                                                               or more entitle you to a Walk for PKD T-shirt.
                                                                                                                 Each dollar raised brings us closer
                                                7:15pm                                                           to a cure for this genetic disease!
Special Events and Programs   8th Annual
                                         Saturday, November 26
                                    5K Race 9:00am • Weather Permitting
                                        Children’s Races: ages 2-10
                                    Races begin after awards ceremony (around 10:15am)
                                        Sponsored by Chowder & Marching • FREE
                               All runners must check in at Registration in Park
                                             7:30-8:15am sharp!
                                START/FINISH: Start at Bedford Village Elementary
                                School and finish at Bedford Village Memorial Park.
                                T-SHIRTS: T-shirt for the first 250 registered
                                AWARDS: Top three male & female finishers
                              • Transportation will be provided from park to BVES for the start. A
                                LIMITED number of day-of-registrations will be available, but not
                                guaranteed. Registration on-line at
                                or by mail (runners will be able to pick up forms at local stores and
                                the Parks & Rec. Dept. or website)
                              • There is a nominal entrance fee
                              • Participants are encouraged to register in
                                advance online at
                                Pre-register (walk in 7:30 to 8:15am)
                                    Join us for the return
                                      of the Bedford Turkey Trot!
                                                          Facilities will be available at both the start and
                                     Volunteers           end points of the race. Food and water at the
                                      needed!             finish. All participants receive sponsorship gift
                                    contact us at
                       bags. Visit for more
                                                          information, to register, and to view race route.

                               Gaelic Football                                                                             The Lions Club of Bedford Hills
                                                                                                                           P.O. Box 156 • Bedford Hills, N.Y. 10507
                               Program Fall Season                              No cost to participate.          

                                                                                                               multi-club lions Tag sale
                                             Program open to girls and boys ages 6 to 14                       Saturday • September 24, 2011
                                          Come out this fall season and be a part of one                       Sunday • September 25, 2011
                                          of the world’s oldest and most exciting games!                       Time:      9:00 am–5:00pm
                                        A mixture of soccer and rugby, with a little basketball                Location: The American Legion Hall
                                           thrown in as well, in Gaelic football you can carry,                              (near intersection Rt. 133/Rt.117)
                                              kick, bounce and punt the ball. Everyone on                                    1 Legion Way, Mt. Kisco, NY
                                              the team is constantly in on the action and                                    Lions Clubs from Armonk, Bedford Hills,
                                              because Gaelic football incorporates so many                                   Bedford Village, Mt. Kisco & Pound Ridge
                                          different skills, it is great cross training for many
                                        other sports.                                                          AnnuAl CAr Show
                                                                                                               Sunday • October 16, 2011 (rain date, October 23rd)
                                          Starting in September, the Setanta Gaelic                            Time:     10:00 am–4:00pm
                                          Football Club will have one practice a week,                         Location: Commuter Lot #3, Katonah***
                                      and there will be an 8-week schedule of games
                                                                                                                             (off Rt.117/Woodsbridge Rd, near Rt. 35)
                                      commencing early September, on Saturday
                                                                                                               Admission: Spectators $5.00 (5 and under free)
                                      afternoons between 2:00–6:00pm.
                                                                                                                          $15.00 to enter a car.
                                      Setanta is a not for profit Gaelic football club based                              ***PLEASE NOTE NEW VENUE
                                      in Katonah, New York. Setanta is part of the Gaelic
                                      Athletic Association’s New York Minor Board and plays                    ANNuAl pANCAkE BrEAkFAst
                                      matches in the New York Metropolitan area in the
                                                                                                               Sunday • October 30, 2011
                                      Spring and Fall.
                                                                                                               Time:      8:00 am-1:00pm
                                      If you have a child interested in trying out Gaelic                      Location: Bedford Hills Community House
                                      football, please call Jerry at 917-903-0938 or email
         4                            at or check out the website
                                                                                                                          74 Main Street (corner of Main and Church)
                                                                                                               Admission: Adults $7, Children 3-12, $4, Under 3 FREE
                                                                                                                its Halloween–wear a costume and receive a treat!
Special Events and Programs

                                                                 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                              Saturday, September 24, 2011                              Sunday, December 4, 2011
                              Fall Festival                                             Tree & Menorah Lighting
                              Time:     2:00pm                                          Time:     6:00pm
                              Location: Downtown Katonah                                Location: St. Luke’s Church
                              Sunday, October 30, 2011                                  The lighting of the 100-foot tree at St. Lukes
                                                                                        is an annual village event with music, singing,
                              Halloween Fun                                             cookies and hot chocolate.
                              Time:      2:00pm                                         It will take place at St. Luke’s
                              Location: Downtown Katonah
                                                                                        Church, at the intersection of
                              Note that we are planning a new                           Bedford Road and Katonah
                              event for Halloween this year, and not a parade           Avenue. A person in the
                              Saturday, November 26, 2011                               audience will get a chance
                                                                                        to light the tree.
                              Santa Comes to Katonah
                              Time:         11:00am
                              Location: Behind Chase Bank
                              Santa has been visiting Katonah for over
                              30 years. He will arrive behind Chase Bank,
                              on Katonah Avenue to visit and say hello to
                              children in Katonah. He will hand out candy canes
                              to all children. Photo opportunities will be plentiful.

                              Events are subject to change, visit the Katonah Chamber
                              website at or on Facebook
                              at for the most up-to-date information.
Special Events

                 rotary Annual
                 tree sale
                 December 3 to
                  December 24
                 Monday through Friday
                  Saturday and Sunday
                     BEDFORD HILLS
                     MEMORIAL PARK
                       At Lake Marie
                    off of Haines Road

    6              sErViCE ABOVE sElF
    Community and Special Events
                                      PUMPKIN CARVING                                         BREAKFAST FUN
Holiday Happenings • Special Events   Program Supervisor: Kim O’Brien
                                      READY, SET, CARVE!! Participants will have an
                                                                                              WITH FROSTY & FRIENDS
                                                                                              Thumpity, thump, thump, Thumpity, thump thump
                                      opportunity to transform an ordinary pumpkin into       come meet Frosty the Snowman. Frosty is stopping
                                      their very own masterpiece. Pick your pumpkin           by the Bedford Hills Community House for a visit.
                                      from our pumpkin patch carve it into a spooky Jack-     Don’t miss this opportunity for photos. Join us for
                                      o-Lantern. A safety carving set will be supplied.       breakfast and enjoy a special show with our winter
                                      Pizza and Ghoulish goodies will be served.              friends. Donuts, cold cereal and juice/milk will be
                                      FOR:         Grades 4–7                                 served. Coffee will be available for the adults.
                                      LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House                 LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House
                                      DAY/DATE: Friday, October 28                            FOR:         Children ages 8 and under.
                                      TIME:        6:00–8:00pm                                             (Children age 1 and older must pay)
                                      FEE:         $30.00                                                  Children must be accompanied by a
                                      ACTIVITY #: 378608                                                   parent or guardian.
                                                                                              DATE:        Saturday, December 10
                                      NEW FAMILY
                                                                                              TIME:        8:30am–Breakfast
                                      SCARECROW DESIGN                                                     9:00am–Show Time
                                      Recreation Staff                                        FEE:         $6.00 per person
                                      An old farmer, the farmer’s wife                                     $10.00 at the door if space available
                                      or a child; you decide how your
                                                                                              ACTIVITY #: 488600
                                      family builds their scarecrow. This
                                                                                              SIGN-UP: Pre-registration is required at the
                                      new fun filled family event will be a
                                                                                              Recreation Office. Registration is limited. All
                                      blast. You supply your scarecrows
                                      clothes (Shirts, Pants, Gloves,                         registrations will be accepted on a first come, first
                                      Hat) and we provide everything                          served basis.
                                      else. Each Family will be given scarecrow frame,        NOTE: Don’t forget your camera/camcorder!
                                      hay, leaves, and burlap for the face.
                                                                                              BUILD A SNOWMAN
                                      LOCATION: Bedford Hills Memorial Park
                                      FEE:         $20.00 per scarecrow                       CONTEST
                                                                                              GO PLAY IN THE SNOW!
                                      DAY/DATE: Saturday, October 29
                                                                                              Build a snowman of any shape,
                                      TIME:        10:00am–1:00pm
                                                                                              size or description anytime during
                                      ACTIVITY #: 388900
                                                                                              this winter- take a 4x6 picture of
                                      HALLOWEEN GOBLIN CALL                                   the snowman and the builders and
                                                                                              mail it to the Recreation office by March 15. Put
                                      (K-GRADE 5)
                                                                                              your name(s), phone number, and address on
                                      The Bedford Recreation and Parks Department
                                                                                              back of photo. Prizes will be awarded in different
                                      and the Bedford Police Department are proud
                                                                                              categories. The photos will not be returned. Mail
                                      to co-sponsor a very special and safe event.
                                                                                              all photos to The Town of Bedford Recreation and
                                      Children in Kindergarten through grade 5 can sign
                                                                                              Parks Department, 425 Cherry Street, Bedford
                                      a “Halloween Pledge” promising they will be home
                                                                                              Hills, NY 10507. Pictures can also be sent in
                                      by the “Bewitching Hour” of 8:00pm on Halloween
                                                                                              j-peg to Make sure to
                                      night. Starting at 8:00pm the Ghost of Halloween
                                                                                              include names and addresses with e-mail.
                                      will call participants. Those who speak to the
                                      Ghost of Halloween will receive a prize. Flyers         FAMILY VALENTINE CONTEST
                                      are available at the office and on our website:
                                                                                              (ALL AGES)
                             Pledges are due by Friday,
                                                                                              All residents are invited to participate in the Valentine
                                      October 28.
                                                                                              Contest. Make a special card for someone you
                                      SANTA’S MAILBOx K-3                                     love, submit it for judging by Wednesday, February
                                                                                              8th and Friday, February 10th pick up your card
                                      It’s that time of year when Santa is busy making        and prize on. Please attach the creators name and
                                      his list and checking it twice, and time for you to     contact information.
                                      write him a letter to tell him what you would like
                                      for Christmas. Children in grades K-3 have the
                                      opportunity to write Santa a letter and have a
                                                                                              “Oh my Sweet Valentine
                                      response sent back. Letter must include child’s            How I love your smile
                                      name, age, and return address for a response                 How I love your eyes
                                      letter to be sent. All letters must be in by Dec. 10,          How I would love
                                      (no later) “Santa’s Reindeer Express”, with help
                                      from the TOB, will be making sure your letters get              for thee to write me a poem”
            8                         passed on to the North Pole.
Special Events and Programs

                              ICE SKATING AT THE HARVEY SCHOOL
                                SUPERVISOR: Jim Whiting and staff
                                                                                  D.J. will be on hand spinning
                                In cooperation with the Harvey School the            favorites and requests for
                                department is offering public recreational          two hours of open skating.
                                skating for all ages, 12:45-2:45pm on the
                                following dates:                                           You must supply
                                                                                            your own skates.
                              Friday, NOVEMBER 25 • Friday after Thanksgiving
                                                                                              No hockey
                              TUESday, DECEMBER 27 • Tuesday after Christmas                   playing permitted.
                              Admission Fee: $5.00 per person

                                              Remember to call our office or check the web site
                                                   for finalized skating dates in 2012.

Community and Special Events                                   9   th
                                                                        A NN u A l
                                                       FA M i lY su pE r BOW l
                                                              CArN i VA l
                                     This fun event will be a day of carnival style activities and games
                                          for the whole family to enjoy. Throughout the afternoon
                                            participants will travel from one station to another
                                         playing challenging games or creating fun and easy crafts.
                                                  There will also be an opportunity to enjoy
                                                  refreshments and socialize with friends.
                                                     FOR:      All ages
                                                     LOCATION: Katonah Elementary School
                                                     DAY/DATE: Saturday, February 4, 2012
                                                               (Snow Date: Saturday, February 11th)
                                                     TIME:     2:00–4:00pm
                                                     FEE:      $5.00
                                                     NOTE: This is an “open activity” event. You may
                                                     attend any time during the two-hour program period.
                                                     It will not require two full hours to partake in all the
                                                     great activities, so you may come and go at your leisure.

                                                                                            let th
                                                                                           bring e winter bl

                                           paRTY                                     Zumb
                                                                                          bring you down. ues
                                                                                           and co ur family
                                                                                            marie e join
                                                Marie Roberts,
                                                                                            a Fitn or a
                                                Certified Zumba Fitness Instructor/                ess pa
                                                Dance Instructor/Group Fitness Instructor                 rty!
                                                                                        s s c r a ze a r
                                                                        anc e/f i t n e                  ou
                                                            d                                                    n
                                                     tte st
                                              the h o
                                                                                 Dance off those calories,
                               Zu m ba is                                           burn that fat, tone          d!
                                                                                  and sculpt that body.

                               Dance to all types of music–Latin, Hip Hop, Hindu, Arabic and even
                               Disco! Marie will teach you simple steps to get you moving. Zumba
                               Fitness is a fusion of Latin and International music inspired by Latin
                               dance moves combined with intervals of rhythmic slow and fast
                               dance steps and aerobic exercise creating a dynamic, exciting and
                               effective fitness workout for all fitness levels. Move at your own pace.
                               Guaranteed to energize........It’s easy to learn so come join the fun!
                               Please bring a towel and plenty of water. Wear loose clothing and
                               sneakers are required. Pre-registration required. Space is limited.

                                       FOR:          Ages 12 & up
                                       LOCATION:     Bedford Hill Community House
                                       DAY/DATE:     Saturday, January 28
                                       TIME:         4:00–5:15pm
       10                              ACTIVITY #:   448900
                                       FEE:          $10.00 per person/$25.00 per family
                 TEEN GET-A-WAY                                           FROM:        9:00-10:30am
Teen Get-A-Way   Coordinator: Kimberly O’Brien
                 The Bedford Recreation and Parks Department
                                                                                       (Doors open at 8:30 for lines)
                                                                          LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House
                 is pleased to announce the registration date for         You WILL NOT be able to pick forms up prior
                 Teen Travel “TEEn GET-A-WAy”.                            to the registration date.
                                                                          FOR:         Residents entering grades 7, 8,
                   REGISTRATION IS ON SATURDAY                                         and 9 in the fall of 2012
                   FEBRUARy 4, 2012, from 9:00-10:30am.                   LOCATION: Drop off and pick up will be at the
                   (Snow Date February 11, 2012)                                       Bedford Hills Community House
                                                                          DAY:         Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and
                 “Teen Get Away” is a travel camp program will                         Thursdays–one Friday
                 give campers the opportunity to enjoy fascinating        DATES:       18 trips–June 26–August 2
                 adventures through interesting and exciting trips.                    No camp July 4
                 Participants will travel to various sites through-       HOURS:       Generally 9:00am–3:00pm
                 out the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut                             with some extended trips
                 and Massachusetts regions each day. Past                 FEES:        $ TBD
                 trips include: Lake Compounce, Six Flags NE,
                                                                          To reserve a spot a $200.00 non-refundable
                 Mountain Creek Water Park, Broadway Show,
                                                                          deposit must be made at registration time along
                 Sport Time USA, and Dave & Buster’s.
                                                                          with completed registration form. Methods of pay-
                 There will be a tentative trip list available at the     ment for deposit are check or cash. PAYMENT
                 beginning of registration. Our trip destinations         IN FULL REQUIRED BY MAY 11.
                 will vary each day.
                                                                          ADDITIONAL OPTIONS:
                                       ROAD TRIP!                         Participants entering grade 7 have the option of
                                                                          attending Town Day Camp Monday and Friday
                                                                          for an additional fee. Full session + Day Camp
                                                                          Mondays and Fridays $ TBD. Participants enter-
                                                                          ing grade 9, you have the option of joining our
                                                                          CIT program on Mondays and Fridays.

                    You may be gearing up for going back to school and the cold winter ahead,
                        but we are already thinking ahead about the fun days of summer!
                      Our 2012 Summer Day Camp Season is in the planning stages.
                   The camp dates for 2012 are Tuesday, June 26–Friday, August 3
Tiny Tots 2012
Day Camp and

                    • No camp July 4th Registration will begin on Monday March 19th
                   Eligibility for 2012 Camp Days                       Eligibility for 2012 Tiny Tots
                     • Town of Bedford Resident                           • Town of Bedford Resident
                     • Must be entering First Grade through               • Must be 4 years of age by 12/31/2012
                        entering 7th grade                                   • Copy of age verification must be shown
                     • Must have current 2012 Park ID Card                • Must be Potty Trained (no Pull Ups)
                     • Must have current documentation of                 • Must have current documentation of
                        vaccinations at time of registration                 vaccinations at time of registration

                   Summer’S end (Week Long Additional Camp)
                   Looking for some more fun, entertaining activities to extend your
                   camp experience? Summer’s End Camp will be loads of fun.
                   This program will offer various activities and events to interest
                   all ages. Activities run from sports and games, arts & crafts,
                   swimming, and special events. Let’s play all day!
                   FOR:          Grades 1-6
                   LOCATION:     Bedford Hills Memorial Park
                   DATES:        August 6 thru August 10                          fuN DAYS Of SummER!
                   TIME:         9:00am–2:00pm
     11            FEE:          TBD
                                 KIDDY KORNER JAMBOREE
Toddler • Preschool Activities   Co-Directors: Sylvia Rossi & Jennifer Jordan
                                 This very popular pre-school program features
                                                                                          FOR:      Ages 3–4
                                                                                          LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House
                                 a variety of favorite children’s activities, games,      DAYS:     Monday through Friday
                                 music, story time, art and more.                         TIME:     9:30am–12:30pm
                                 FALL REGISTRATION OPTIONS:                              WINTER REGISTRATION OPTIONS:
                                 5 Days (Mon-Fri) $720.00 (60 sessions)                  5 Days (Mon–Fri) $600.00 (50 sessions)
                                 3 Days (Mon-Wed-Fri only) $486.00 (36 sessions)         3 Days (Mon-Wed-Fri) only $405.00 (30 sessions)
                                 2 Days (Tues-Thurs only) $348.00 (24 sessions)          2 Days (Tues-Thurs) only $290.00 (20 sessions)
                                 1 Day (See below)* $180.00 (12 sessions)                1 Day (See below)* $180.00 (10 sessions)
                                 *Special Note: Registrations for a single day will      *Special Note: Registrations for a single day will
                                 not be accepted until one week prior to the start       not be accepted until one week prior to the start
                                 of the program.                                         of the program.
                                 FALL PROGRAM DATES:                                     WINTER PROGRAM DATES:
                                 Mondays–September 19, 26, October 3, 17, 24, Mondays–January 9, 23, 30, Feb. 6, 13, 27,
                                              31, November 7, 14, 21, 28, December                     March 5, 12, 19, 26
                                              5, 12, 19                                  Tuesdays–January 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb. 7,
                                 Tuesdays–September 20, 27, October 4, 11, 18,
                                                                                                       14, 28, March 6, 13
                                              25, November 1, 15, 22, 29 December
                                                                                         Wednesdays– Jan. 4, 11, 18, 25, Feb. 1, 8, 15,
                                              6, 13, 20
                                                                                                       29, March 7, 14
                                 Wednesdays–September 21, 28, October 5,
                                              12, 19, 26, November 2, 9, 16, 30,         Thursdays–January 5, 12, 19, 26, Feb. 2, 9, 16,
                                              December 7, 14, 21                                       March 1, 8, 15
                                 Thursdays–September 22, October 6, 13, 20, 27,          Fridays– January 6, 13, 20, 27, Feb. 3, 10,
                                              November 3, 10, 17, December 1, 8,                       17, March 2, 9, 16
                                              15                                         All days have ten (10) meetings.
                                 Fridays–September 23, October 7 14, 21, 28, K.K.J. will not meet on 1/16, 2/20, 2/21, 2/22,
                                              November 4, 18, December 2, 9, 16                        2/23, 2/24
                                 K.K.J. will not meet on 9/29, 9/30, 10/10, 11/8,        ELIGIBILITY: Participant must be age 3 by
                                              11/11, 11/23, 11/24, 11/25                       March 31, 2012 (No Exceptions).
                                 ELIGIBILITY: Participant must be age 3 by         Sn ac ks A copy of the child’s birth certificate must be
                                 December 31, 2011 (No Exceptions).                  are
                                                                                  prov ided provided at registration. Children must be fully
                                                                                              toilet trained–no diapers, pull-ups, etc.

                                 ARTSMART PRESCHOOL                                      FEELING GROOVY PARENT AND ME
                                 Instructor: Patti Hupp                                  Instructor: Patti Hupp
                                 ArtSmart with Miss Patti is famous art and fabulous     Children and parents get to feel groovy together
                                 music. Each week children will discover famous          singing, dancing and making our own music. This
                                 paintings by well-known artists as we listen to great   class features songs from Miss Patti’s children’s CD.
                                 music from the masters. Then it’s off to Music/         FOR:         Ages 18 to 36 months
                                 Movement where we’ll sing, dance, play instru-          LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House
                                 ments and groove our way around until it’s time to      DAY:         Fridays
                                 cool down with a yoga sun salutation.                   TIME:        1:00–1:30pm
                                 FOR:         Ages 3–5                                   FALL         September 23, October 7, 14, 21, 28
                                 LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House                 SESSION: November 4, 18, December 2, 9
                                 DAY:         Fridays                                                 (no class Sept 30, Nov 11, 25)
                                 TIME:        1:35–2:30pm                                FEE:         $108.00 (9 classes)
                                 FALL         September 23, October 7, 14, 21, 28        ACTIVITY #: 338804
                                 SESSION: November 4, 18, December 2, 9                  WINTER       January 13, 20, 27, February 3, 10, 17,
                                              (no class Sept. 30, Nov 11, 25)            SESSION: March 2, 9 (no class February 24)
                                 FEE:         $135.00 per session                        FEE:         $96.00 (8 classes)
                                 ACTIVITY #: 338802                                      ACTIVITY #: 438804
                                 WINTER       January 13, 20, 27, February 3, 10, 17,
                                 SESSION: March 2, 9, (no class February 24)
                                 FEE:         $120.00 per session
          12                     ACTIVITY #: 438802
                                 LIL’ COOKS                                               TINY DRAGONS
Toddler • Preschool Activities   Rosa Carra, Instructor, NYS Early Childhood
                                 Education Certified Teacher
                                                                                          Westchester Mixed Martial Arts
                                                                                          The Tiny Dragons program is specially designed for
                                 Rosalie Fierro, Assistant                                3 and 4 year olds. It is an excellent way to introduce
                                 This program for 3, 4, and 5 year olds introduces        your children to martial arts. Here they are taught
                                 children to the art of cooking and baking. Children      basic martial arts in a fun and friendly environment.
                                 will prepare, cook, and eat their own foods! This        The instructors work on building confidence in
                                 program will also enhance many skills such as early      a safe and friendly manner. The kids are taught
                                 math skills, pre-reading skills and language skills      respect, balance and concentration. These classes
                                 as children learn about measuring, counting, word        will help develop your child’s motor skills, focus,
                                 and symbol recognition, and predicting outcomes          and discipline, while learning the fundamentals of
                                 of what they are making. A related craft and story       Martial Arts in a fun environment. The foundation
                                 will be included with the take home recipe and the       that Tiny Dragons receive in this class will serve as
                                 children’s very own rating!                              the building blocks to create their first step on the
                                 FOR:         Ages 3, 4 and 5 (without parent)            way up to Black Belt. A uniform is included in the
                                 LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House                  price of the program.
                                 DAY:         Mondays                                     FOR:         Ages 3-4
                                 TIME:        12:30–2:00pm                                LOCATION: Westchester Mixed Martial Arts
                                 FALL         September 19, Oct. 3, 17, 24, 31 Nov. 7,                 333 North Bedford Road
                                 SESSION: 14, 21 (no class Sept. 26, Oct. 10)             DAYS:        Tuesdays
                                 ACTIVITY #: 338800                                       TIME:        1:30-2:00 pm
                                 FEE:         Resident Fee: $140.00                       FALL         September 20, 27, Oct 4, 11, 18, 25,
                                              Non-Resident Fee: $175.00                   SESSION: Nov. 1, 8
                                 WINTER       Jan. 9, 23, 30, Feb 6, 13, 27,              ACTIVITY #: 330180
                                 SESSION: March 5, 12                                     FEE:         $150.00
                                              (no class January 16 & February 20)         WINTER       January 10, 17, 24, 31, February 7,
                                 ACTIVITY #: 438800                                       SESSION: 14, 28, March 6 (no class Feb. 21)
                                 FEE:         Resident Fee: $140.00                       ACTIVITY #: 430180
                                              Non-Resident Fee: $175.00                   FEE:         $150.00
                                 NOTE: Parents are welcome to arrive 20 minutes           STROLLER STRIDES–
                                 prior to the end of the class to sample and share        FITNESS FOR MOM, FUN FOR BABY
                                 their child’s cooking creation.                          Instructor: Abby Hartley, certified instructor,
                                 BALLET                                                   Cynthia Indusi, certified instructor
                                 Instructor: Cynthia Green                                About the program: Stroller Strides is a total fit-
                                 This class focuses on teaching                           ness program that moms can do with their babies.
                                 students the basics of movement                          It includes power walking and intervals of strength
                                 and rhythm including timing,                              and body toning exercises using exercise tubing,
                                 balance, and confidence.         In                      the stroller, and the environment. Taught by certi-
                                 class, students experience what                          fied instructors, it’s a great workout for any level of
                                 its like to attend dance classes with o t h e r s        exerciser! All moms with stroller-aged children are
                                 their age. The pre-school class consists of a happy      welcome! Jogging stroller HIGHLY recommended!
                                 blend of dance, ballet coloring pages (to remember       FOR:          Moms/Caregivers & Baby
                                 the theme of the day) & a mini story-time exploring      LOCATION: Katonah Memorial Park
                                 the story ballets such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty    DAYS:         Tuesdays & Thursdays
                                 and Swan Lake. All students must come prepared           DATES:        Sept. 20, 22, 27, Oct. 4, 6, 11, 13, 18,
                                 with loose clothing and ballet slippers (or double                     20, 25, 27, Nov. 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17
                                 socks) please.                                                         (no class Sept. 29)
                                 FOR:            Ages 4–6                                 TIME:         9:15-10:30am
                                 LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House                  FEE:          first Class is fREE
                                 DAYS:           Thursdays
                                                                                                        Single class $17.00
                                 FALL            September 22, October 6, 13, 20, 27,
                                                                                                        10 class pass $130.00
                                 SESSION: November 3 (no class Sept. 29)
                                                                                                        (plus the cost of bands $20.00).
                                 TIME:           10:30–11:15am
                                 ACTIVITY #: 348160                                                     Monthly memberships also available!
                                 FEE:            $ 75.00                                  Please register directly through
                                 WINTER          January 12, 19, 26, February 2, 9, 16,   Stroller Strides by calling 914-602-9408!
                                 SESSION: March 1, 8 (no Class Feb. 23)                   All fees will be paid directly
                                 ACTIVITY #: 448160
          13                     FEE:            $100.00
                                                                                          to Mama’s Village LLC
                       SPORTS SqUIRTS
                       The US Sports Institute Sport Squirts pro-           FOR:      Children age 3-5
                       gram is a great way to introduce children            LOCATION: Bedford Village Memorial Park
                       aged 3-5 to a variety of sports such as soc-         DAY:      Tuesdays
                       cer, t-ball, lacrosse & basketball all taking        DATES:    Sept. 27, Oct 4, 11, 18, 25, Nov. 1
                       place in safe, structured environment. All           TIME:     1:00-2:00pm
                       activities promote hand-eye coordination,            COST:     $105.00
                       movement and balance and FUN.                        REGISTER ONLINE:
                      Note: Registration for this program is done 
                      directly through US Sports Institute. See below       Or Call: (866) 345-BALL
                      for information.

                   NEW!        KNITTING FOR FUN                             NEW!
                   Instructor: Susie Lodge                                  HOLIDAY COOKING WITH KIM
                   Learn to knit in this new program. Participants will     Instructor: Kimberly O’Brien
Youth Activities

                   use the four basic stitches (knit, purl, cast on, cast   This class will focus on treats and food we enjoy
                   off) to knit their first project, a scarf.” For those    around the December Holidays. YUM!
                   retuning for the winter program, they will move on       FOR:        Grades 2–6
                   to hats. Knitting needles and yarn included.             TIME:       4:15–5:45pm
                   FOR:         Grades 5–8                                  LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House
                   TIME:        4:00–5:00pm                                 DAY:        Thursdays
                   LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House                  DATES:      December 1, 8, 15
                   DAY:         Wednesdays                                  FEE:        $50.00
                   FEE:         $90.00 per session                          ACTIVITY #: 378160
                   FALL         September 21, 28,
                   DATES:       October 5, 12, 19, 26                       MARTIAL ARTS
                   ACTIVITY #: 378161                                       Instructor: Westchester Mixed Martial Arts
                   WINTER       January 11, 18, 25,                         Westchester Martial Arts offers an entry level program
                                                                            that sets up a foundation in the Martial Arts. Students
                   DATES:       February 1, 8, 15
                                                                            will learn Martial Arts techniques, elements of self-
                   ACTIVITY #: 478161                                       defense as well as important values and life skills. The
                   COOKING CREATIONS                                        class incorporates fun & educational games and skills
                   Instructor: Kimberly O’Brien                             drills as a learning tool. Taught by expert instructors,
                   This cooking program offers children the opportu-        these exciting classes focus a child’s attention thus
                                                                            improving their ability to learn and grow.
                   nity to learn basic cooking techniques like following
                                                                            Gear package is included in the price of the class
                   directions, measurement and preparation. Each
                                                                            (uniform, gloves & guards).
                   week the children will prepare and enjoy their own
                                                                            FOR:           Ages 4½–8
                   tasty treats.
                                                                            TIME:          5:00–5:45pm
                   FOR:          Grades 2–6
                   TIME:         4:15–5:45pm                                ACTIVITY #: 318610 • Fall session
                   LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House                  ACTIVITY #: 428100 • Winter session              Same
                   DAY:          Thursdays                                  FOR:           Ages 8–12                       lo cati on
                                                                                                                          fo r bo th
                   FEE:          $100.00 per session                        TIME:          4:00–4:45pm                    se ss io ns
                   FALL          September 22, October 6, 13, 20, 27,       ACTIVITY #: 310160 • Fall session
                   DATES:        November 3 (no class September 29)         ACTIVITY #: 410165 • Winter session
                   ACTIVITY #: 368603                                       LOCATION: Westchester Mixed Martial Arts
                   WINTER        January 12, 19, 26,                                  333 North Bedford Road
                   DATES:        February 2, 9, 16,                         DAYS:     Mondays
                   ACTIVITY #: 437860                                       FEE:      $150.00 per session
                                                                            FALL          September 19, 26, October 3, 17, 24,
                                                                            DATES:        31, November 7, 14,
                                                                                          (no class October 10)
                   C HE C K O U T O
                         NE W
                                                                            WINTER        January 9, 23, 30, February 6, 13,
                                                                            DATES:        27, March 5, 12

                   PRO GR A MS!!
      14                                                                                  (no class January 16, February 20)
                   BABYSITTING TRAINING COURSE                           DINNER AND A CRAFT
Youth Activities   Instructor: Diane Stonis,
                   Certified Red Cross Instructor
                                                                         Instructor: Kimberly O’Brien
                                                                         Join us for a creative night, completing a holiday
                   The Babysitter’s Training course gives 11 to 15       project and enjoy a pizza dinner. Each night partici-
                   year olds the skills and confidence to safely and     pants will create a project relating to an upcoming
                   responsibly care for children and infants. Through    holiday.
                   hands-on activities, interactive video and lively     FOR:         Grades 1–5
                   discussions, the course teaches young people how      LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House
                   to care for children and infants, be good leaders     TIME:        6:00–8:00pm
                   and role models, make good decisions and solve        DAY:         Fridays
                   problems, keep the children they baby-sit and         FEE:         $25.00 per session
                   themselves safe, handle emergencies such as           SESSION: Halloween • October 14
                   injuries, illnesses, and household accidents and      ACTIVITY #: 378609
                   write resumes and interview for jobs.
                   FOR:          Ages 11-15                              SESSION: December Holiday • December 2
                   LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House               ACTIVITY #: 378611
                   TIME:         4:00–6:15pm                             SESSION: Valentines • February 10
                   FEE:          Resident Fee: $75.00                    ACTIVITY #: 478605
                                 Non-resident Fee: $94.00                SESSION: Spring • March 2
                   FALL SESSION: Tuesdays: October 11, 18, 25            ACTIVITY #: 478700
                   ACTIVITY #: 305606
                                 OR                                      NEW!
                   FALL SESSION: Mondays: November 14, 21, 28
                                                                         COOKIE DECORATING TIME
                   ACTIVITY #: 305607
                                                                         Instructor: Kimberly O’Brien and Staff
                   WINTER SESSION: Tuesdays: Jan. 24, 31, Feb. 7          A sweet treat is coming your way, when you
                   ACTIVITY #: 450608                                    decorate your very own cookie. We will enjoy
                               OR                                        stories based on holiday themes; decorate holiday
                   WINTER SESSION: Thursdays: March 8, 15, 22
                                                                         cookies and have a sweet time. Each participant
                   ACTIVITY #: 450607
                                                             Bring       will decorate and take home their own cookies.
                   NOTE: Must be 11 by the first class.     a pen/       FOR:         Grades K–2 (no Parents)
                   Must attend all classes.               notebook       LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House
                                                        each week.
                   SAFE ON MY OWN                                        FEE:         $15.00 per class
                   Instructor: Diane Stonis,                             TIME:        4:00–5:30pm
                   Certified Red Cross Instructor                        SESSION: Halloween • October 28
                   Safe On My Own is a program for children in           ACTIVITY #: 378180
                   grades 3 thru 5 who would like to learn the safety    SESSION: December Holiday • December 2
                   measures of what to do when they find that they are   ACTIVITY #: 478180
                   alone on their own. Some topics to be discussed
                   include, what to say on the phone when home           SESSION: Valentines • February 10
                   alone, what to do if someone comes to your home       ACTIVITY #: 478181
                   while you are alone, stranger danger when you are
                   outside your home, how to call 911, and what to do    NEW!
                   in an emergency.                                      BUILD A GINGERBREAD HOUSE
                   FOR:        Grades 3-5                                Instructor: Kimberly O’Brien and Staff
                   LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House               Gingerbread, candy, icing and more. Come and
                   TIME:       4:00–6:00pm                               construct you own Gingerbread House, We will put
                   FEE:        Resident Fee: $20.00                      together and decorate a unique home decorated
                               Non-Resident Fee: $25.00                  and created by you. Lunch will be served
                   FALL SESSION: Tuesday, October 4                      FOR:        Grades 2-6
                   ACTIVITY #: 358691                                    LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House
                               OR                                        DAY/DATE: Saturday, December 10
                   FALL SESSION: Wednesday, November 2
                                                                         TIME:       12:00 noon –2:00pm
                   ACTIVITY #: 358692
                                                                         FEE:        $25.00
                   WINTER SESSION: Tuesday, January 17                   ACTIVITY #: 478607
                   ACTIVITY #: 450605
                   WINTER SESSION:
      15           Tuesday, March 6
                   ACTIVITY #: 450606
                   BINGO CALLING                                         GIRLS NIGHT OUT
Youth Activities   Supervisor: Kimberly O’Brien
                   B-I-N-G-O! Come on out for a great night of fun!
                                                                         Supervisor : Kimberly O’Brien and Staff
                                                                         Spend the night hanging out with your friends.
                   Eat, socialize and have an exciting evening of        Enjoy a pizza dinner, doing your nails, playing
                   bingo with great prizes. Pizza dinner and dessert     sports and games, talking with friends and maybe
                   will be served.                                       watching a movie.
                   FOR:         Grades 2–5                               FOR:        Grades 4–6
                   LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House               LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House
                   TIME:        6:00–8:30pm                              DAY/DATE: Saturday, January 28
                   FEE:         $20.00 per session                       TIME:       6:00–9:00pm                Wea r
                   DATE:        Saturday, December 10                    FEE:        $25.00                    comfy
                   ACTIVITY #: 498600                                    ACTIVITY #: 498604                   cl ot he s.
                   DATE:        Saturday, March 10                       GUYS NIGHT OUT
                   ACTIVITY #: 498601                                    Supervisor : Kimberly O’Brien and Staff
                   NEW!                                                  Spend the night hanging out with your friends.
                                                                         Enjoy the night playing cards, eating pizza, playing
                   CHALLENGE GAME NIGHT                                  games and maybe watching a movie.
                   Supervisor: Kimberly O’Brien and Staff                FOR:        Grades 4–6
                   Ready Set Play! This evening will be devoted to       LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House
                   playing games. Conquer your opponent in a chal-       DAY/DATE: Saturday, February 4
                   lenging game of Stretego, play a defying game of      TIME:       6:00–9:00pm                    Wea r
                   Battleship, a competition of Connect Four, plus       FEE:        $25.00                        comfy
                   other fun and challenging games. Dinner and                                                    cl ot he s.
                                                                         ACTIVITY #: 498605
                   snacks are included.
                   FOR:        Grades 3–7                                WINTER RECESS FUN                  (GRADES K-5)
                   LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House               Supervisor: Kimberly O’Brien and Staff
                   DAY/DATE: Friday, January 13                          Keep your youngsters occupied over vacation and
                   TIME:       6:00–8:30pm                               join our winter recess fun. Kids will do winter crafts,
                   FEE:        $25.00                                    play games, and have fun together.
                   ACTIVITY #: 498614                                    FOR:         Grade K-5
                                                                         LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House
                    MAD sCiENCE                                          DAY/DATE: Tuesday, February 21
                    OVEr sChOOl BrEAk                                    ACTIVITY #: 498610A 9:00am–2:00pm
                                                                         ACTIVITY #: 498610B extended day
                    NEW!                                                              2:00–6:00pm
                    MAD SCIENCE BUGS & BEASTS                            DAY/DATE: Thursday, February 23
                    Explore the world of creepy, crawly creatures        ACTIVITY #: 498613A
                    and the animal kingdom. Learn about habitats,                     9:00am–2:00pm
                    anatomy & life cycles. Investigate the fascinating   ACTIVITY #: 498613B extended day
                    behavior of spiders, ants, bats and owls.                         2:00–6:00pm
                    FOR:         Grades K - 3                            FEE:         $ 35.00 per day
                    LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House                           $25.00 additional for extended day
                    DAY/DATE: Tuesday, December 27                       Note: You must attend morning program in order to
                    TIME:        9:00am to Noon                          use extended day. Extended day activities will be
                    FEE:         $50.00                                  less structured and will include a movie time.
                    ACTIVITY#: 436881
                                                                         WINTER BOWLING FUN                    (GRADES K-5)
                    NEW! MAD SCIENCE                                     Kimberly O’Brien and Staff
                    WINTER WONDERLAND                                    All grades K-5 are invited to join us for a trip to
                    It’s the most wonderful time of the year and         Cortlandt Lanes Bowling Alley for a pin knocking
                    we’ll use our “Mad” mixtures to create a             good time.
                    special snowball that will never melt! Then          FOR:        Grade K–5
                    we’ll warm up, but not with hot cocoa. We’ll         LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House
                    explore and harness the form of energy called        DATE:       Wednesday, February 22
                    heat and use it to create chemical changes           TIME:       9:00am–2:00pm
                    in sugar crystals to make our holiday cotton         FEE:        $45.00 for the trip
                    candy treats!                                        Add Extended Day
                    FOR:        Grades K - 3                             TIME:       2:00–6:00pm                      Lu nch
                    LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House                                                          w ill be
                                                                         FEE:        $25.00 per day additional      prov ided
                    DAY/DATE: Wednesday, December 28
      16            TIME:       9:00am to Noon
                                                                         ACTIVITY #: 498607A
                                                                         ACTIVITY #: 498607B extended day
                    FEE:        $50.00                                   NOTE: You must attend morning program in order
                    ACTIVITY#: 436882                                    to use extended day
               FLAG FOOTBALL – Grades 3, 4 & 5                                             YOUTH LEAGUE BASKETBALL
Youth Sports   (Afternoon Program)
               Coordinator: Jim Whiting
                                                                                           (Boys in 5, 6, 7 & 8 Grades)
                                                                                           Coordinator: Jim Whiting
               This fun filled action-oriented program is designed                         This program is designed to introduce youngsters to
               to be an introduction to football for young athletes.                       the game of basketball in an organized league setting.
               Each session will consist of rules, instruction, skills,                    Learning fundamental skills and game strategies
               development and scrimmage games. This is a                                  while having fun is the league’s main focus.
               noncontact program. Please dress in layers and                              LOCATION:        Katonah Elementary School
               bring a water bottle.                                                       EVALUATIONS: Must attend one
               FOR:          Grade 3                                                       Grade 5:         Saturday, Nov. 12, 10:00–11:00am
               LOCATION: Bedford Hills Memorial Park                                                        Monday, Nov. 14, 6:30–7:30pm
               DAY:          Tuesdays                                                      Grade 6:         Saturday Nov. 12, 11:00–12:00 noon
               DATES:        September 20, 27, October 4, 11, 18,                                           Monday, Nov. 14, 7:30–8:30pm
                             25, November 1 (Rain date: Nov. 8)                            Grades 7/8:      Saturday Nov. 12, 12:00–1:00pm only
               TIME:         4:30-5:45pm                                                   PRACTICES: Once per week (Mon., Wed. or Fri.)
               ACTIVITY #: 325600                          In cl udes a                                     beginning November 28
                                                         game je rs ey                     GAMES:           Once per week (Saturdays)
               FOR:          Grades 4 & 5 (combined)
               DAY:          Wednesdays                                                                     beginning in January
               DATES:        September 21, 28, October 5 12, 19,                           ACTIVITY #:      320604–Grade 5              In cl udes
                             26, November 2 (Rain date: Nov. 9)                            ACTIVITY #:      320610–Grade 6                FU LL
               TIME:         4:30–5:45pm                                                   ACTIVITY #:      320605–Grade 7 & 8        UN IFOR M
               ACTIVITY #: 325601                                                          FEE:             $95.00 per person        w it h sh orts
               FEE:          $75.00 per person
                                                                                           BASKETBALL BASICS
               FLAG FOOTBALL – Grades 6 & 7                                                Coordinator: Jim Whiting
               (Evening Program)                                                           This program is an introduction to basketball. Fun
               Coordinator: Jim Whiting                                                    drills and exciting activities are combined to teach
               This evening program will be played under the                               children fundamentals. The basic skills of dribbling,
               lights and is designed to provide “league–style”                            rebounding and shooting will be stressed each
               competition for participants. Instruction & skills will                     week as players move closer to experiencing game
               be emphasized, games will be played weekly. This                            situations through scrimmages.
               is a non–contact program. Please dress in layers                            NOTE: The 4th grade program will place more
               and bring a water bottle.                                                   emphasis on scrimmaging and understanding
               FOR:          Grades 6 & 7 (combined)                                       game situations.
               DAY:          Wednesdays                                                    FOR:         Boys and Girls Grades 2, 3 and 4
               DATES:        September 21, 28, October 5, 12, 19,                          LOCATION: Katonah Elementary School
                             26, November 2 (Rain date: Nov. 9)                            DAY/DATE: Saturday, Dec. 3rd (9 sessions)
               TIME:         6:45–8:00pm                                                   ACTIVITY#: 320601 Grade 2–9:00am
               ACTIVITY #: 325606                     In cl udes a
                                                    game je rs ey                          ACTIVITY#: 320602 Grade 3–10:00am
               FEE:          $75.00 per person                                             ACTIVITY#: 320603 Grade 4–11:00am
                                                                                           FEE:         $75.00 per person

               GIRLS FIELD HOCKEY FALL 2011 • GRADES: 2 & 3 • GRADES: 4–8
               Sponsored By The Town of Bedford Recreation and Parks Department
               This is a skills based program that will introduce athletes to the game of field hockey and provide additional skill development and field
               time for those who already play the game. Emphasis will be on physical conditioning, stick work, team dynamics and rules of the game.
               There will be several scrimmages planned against local recreation teams. Players must provide their own stick, shin guards and eye guard.
               FOR:             Girls entering grades 2 through 8 in the fall of COACHES:
                                2011 who live in the Bedford Central School Ridgely Biddle: A Katonah resident, MAT in PE, John
                                or Katonah/Lewisboro School Districts.                     Jay modified coach, former player at Boston University,
               TIME:            Grades 2 & 3 • Saturdays 9:00–10:00am                      Bedford Youth Lacrosse Coach 2004–2007. John Jay Youth
                                Grades 4–8 • Fridays 5:00–6:30pm                           Lacrosse Coach, Rated field hockey and lacrosse official.
                                (light dependent) & Saturdays 10:15–11:45am                Cathy Cousin: Varsity Field Hockey coach at Ossining
               DATES:           Saturdays: September: 10, 17, 24                           High School 1986–1994, Played for SUNY Cortland
                                October: 1, 15, 22, 29–November: 5                         1982-1986 and is in her fourth season with the program.
                                Fridays: September: 16, 23, 30                             David Leech: 30+ years of field hockey experience in
                                October: 14 Make–up: November 12                           England and the US and has been with the program for
               LOCATION: Katonah Memorial Park Field–Located                               four years.
                                behind the pool                                            Debbi Walsh: A former field hockey player and was a
               FEES:            Grades 2 & 3: $55.00                All clASSES            volunteer coach in the program for two years.
               ACTIVITY #: 326162 A                                in cl ude a sh irt      NOTE: High School players (paid positions or community service
                                Grades 4–8: $95.00               an d mou th gu ar         credits) will be assisting with the program. Parent volunteers will be
               ACTIVITY #: 326161 A                                                        needed. If interested please contact the Recreation Office at 666–7004.

    17         REGISTRATION: Registration for this exciting fall sports program started on July 1st in order to properly prepare for the fall. Enrollment will be
               limited to insure a quality program. Interested players are encouraged to register early. To register please complete the registration form provided
               and return it with your payment to the Recreation Office at the address provided on the form.
               QUESTIONS: Please contact the Recreation Office at 666–7004 and we will have Coach Biddle contact you.
                   AEROBICS WORKOUT                                                  LUNCHTIME WORKOUT
Adult Programs     Instructors: Paula DiJulio/Anne–Marie Pasquale
                   This high–low aerobics program is specifically
                                                                                     Instructor: Karla Diamond
                                                                                     Designed to keep you moving and fit. This
                   geared to adults who may not be exercising regularly              class includes a fun dance aerobic workout
                   and would like to get into a healthy program that                 followed by strength and balance exercises. Top it
                   meets their needs. Both Paula, who will begin the                 off with gentle stretches that can be done on a chair
                   program, and Anne Marie, who will close out the                   or on the floor and a 5 minute relaxation. You’ll feel
                   program have many years of teaching experience                    ready to charge into the rest of your day! This class
                   and they will offer you an uncomplicated, enjoyable,              is open to all ages and abilities. All of the exercises
                   feel good opportunity!                                            can be modified so that you can go at your own
                   FOR:           Adults 18+                                         pace. Bring a mat or large towel and hand weights.
                   LOCATION: Bedford Hills Elementary School                         FOR:          Adults
                   DAYS:          Mondays and Wednesdays                             LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House
                   TIME:          7:00–8:00pm                                        DAYS:         Mondays & Thursdays
                   FALL:          September 19, 21, 26, 28,                          TIME:         12:00–1:00pm
                   SESSION: October 3, 5,12, 17, 19, 24, 26, 31,                     FEE:          $80.00: 12 sessions Fall I and/or II
                                  November 2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 28, 30,                            $70.00: 10 sessions Winter I and/or II
                                  December 5, 7 (no class Oct. 10, Nov. 23)          ACTIVITY#: 318703
                   ACTIVITY #: 310713                                                FALL SESSION I (12 sessions):
                   FEE:           $170.00: Resident: 22 classes/2 days wk                          September 14, 19, 22, 26, 29,
                                  $213.00: Non-Resident                                            October 3, 6, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27
                  Br ing a m at                  22 classes/2 days week              ACTIVITY#: 318704
                 or la rge to wel   $85.00: Resident: 11 classes/1 day wk            FALL SESSION II (12 sessions):
                    an d ha nd    $106.00: Non-Resident                                            October 31, November 3, 7, 14, 21, 28
                      weigh ts
                                                 11 classes/1 day week                             December 1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 19
                   WINTER         January 9, 11, 18, 23, 25, 30,                     ACTIVITY#: 418701
                   SESSION: February 1, 6, 13, 15, 27, 29,                           WINTER SESSION I (10 sessions):
                                  March 5, 7, 12, 14                                               January 5, 9, 12, 18, 23, 26, 30,
                                  (no class Jan. 16, Feb. 8, 20 & 22)                              February 2, 6, 9
                   ACTIVITY #: 410713                                                ACTIVITY#: 418702
                   FEE:           $125.00: Resident: 16 classes/2 days wk            WINTER SESSION II (10 sessions):
                                  $156.00: Non–Resident                                            February 13, 16, 23, 27,
                                                 16 classes/2 days week–                           March 1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 19
                                    $63.00: Resident: 8 classes/1 day wk             NOTE: There is no senior discount
                                    $78.00: Non-Resident
                                                 8 classes/1 day week                BODY BACK
                   NOTE: Maximum enrollment is 30. Registrations are not             Instructor: Abby Hartley, Certified instructor
                   accepted at class. If enrolling 1 day a week–please specify day   Hey Mamas, do you want YOUR Body Back?!
                   on your form. There is no senior discount for Non-Residents       Body Back is a results based, high intensity, interval style
                                                                                     workout designed specifically for Moms of ANY age.
                   TOTAL BODY WORKOUT                                                Moms will experience:
                   Instructor: Anne–Marie Pasquale                                   • Interval training using various equipment
                   Total Body Workout incorporates light weights, mat                • Nutritional advice and accountability as well as
                   work, and low impact cardio to target and tone each                 on line support and group motivation.
                   major muscle group in the body. The wide variety                  Moms all over Westchester are achieving results that they
                   of exercises used offers participants the opportunity             never thought possible and now it’s your turn! Children
                   to build lean muscle, while improving balance,                    are not permitted at this class as it is just for moms.
                   stability and flexibility. Anne–Marie brings 18 years             FOR:      Adults 18+
                   of experience as a group exercise leader and she                  LOCATION: Katonah Memorial Park
                   designs each class to accommodate all fitness levels.             DAYS:     Wednesdays & Fridays
                   You will be looking and feeling great in no time!                 DATES:    September 21, 23, 28, October 5, 7, 12,
                   FOR:          Adults 18+                                                    14, 19, 21, 26, 28, November 2, 4, 9,
                   LOCATION: Bedford Hills Elementary School                                   16, 18 (no class Sept. 30 & Nov. 11)
                   DAY:          Tuesdays                                            TIME:     9:30–10:30am
                   DATES:        September 20, 27, October 4, 11, 18, 25,            FEE:      $269.00 Residents
                                 November 1, 8, 15
                                                                                               $299.00 Non–residents
                   TIME:         7:00–8:00pm                                                                                         Br ing w
                                                                                                                                       ate r, t o
                   ACTIVITY #: 319701                                                Don’t wait to register!              a n d det               we l
                                                                                                                                     e r m in a
                   FEE:          $80.00: Resident: 9 classes                         Prices increase after 9/14/11.            fo r c h a
                                                                                                                                                tio n
                                                                                                                                          n ge!
                                 $100.00: Non-Resident 9 classes                     Please register directly through
    18             NOTE: Maximum enrollment is 30.                                   Stroller Strides by calling 914–602–9408!
                   Registrations are not accepted at class.                          All fees will be paid directly to
                   There is no senior discount for Non-Residents                     Mama’s Village LLC.
                 YOGA                                                      ZUMBA FITNESS
Adult Programs   Instructor: Susan Lara Safranek,
                 is a certified Yoga teacher and a passionate
                                                                           Instructor: Marie Roberts,
                                                                           Certified Zumba Instructor
                 student of various forms of Hatha Yoga                    Dance off those calories, burn that fat,
                 Yoga is an ancient practice that strengthens and          tone and sculpt that body. Zumba is a
                 tones the body, balances and calms the mind,              fusion of Latin and International music inspired by
                 and refreshes and renews the spirit. In this class        Latin dance combined with intervals of rhythmic slow
                 we will explore a bit of the history and philosophy       and fast dance steps and aerobic exercise creating
                 of Yoga, while learning Yoga postures, breathing
                                                                           a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness workout for
                 techniques, and meditation, all in a safe, support-
                                                                           all fitness levels. Move at your own pace.
                 ive and non–competitive atmosphere. All levels of
                                                                           Guaranteed to energize…….. It’s easy to learn so
                 experience (and flexibility) are welcome.
                                                                           come join the fun!
                 FOR:         Adults 18+
                                                                           FOR:           Adults 18 +
                 LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House
                                                                           LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House
                 DAY:         Fridays
                                                                           DAY:           Tuesdays and/or Thursdays
                 TIME:        9:30–11:00am
                                                                           TIME:          9:30–10:30am
                 FEE:         Residents: $90.00 for 9 classes
                              Non-Residents: $113.00 for 9 classes         NOTE:Wear sneakers & workout clothes; bring
                 FALL         September 23, October 7, 14, 21, 28,         water bottle. Zumba is a fast paced & rigorous
                 SESSION: November 4, 18, December 2, 9                    workout routine
                              (no class Sept. 30, Nov. 11 & 25)            FALL        TUESDAYS (9 classes)
                 ACTIVITY #: 310720                                        SESSION: September 20, 27, October 4, 11, 18, 25,
                 WINTER       January 13, 20, 27, February 3, 10, 17,                  November 1, 15, 22
                 SESSION: March 2, 9, 16 (no class Feb. 24)                            (no class November 8)
                 ACTIVITY #: 410722                                        ACTIVITY #: 318601
                 NOTE: For both sessions, please                           FEE:        Residents: $90.00
                 wear comfortable clothes,                                             Non–Residents: $113.00
                 come on an empty stomach                                              OR
                  and bring a mat.
                                                                           FALL        THURSDAYS (8 classes)
                                                                           SESSION: September 22, October 6, 13, 20, 27,
                 DEFENSIVE DRIVING                                                     November 3, 17, Dec. 1
                 Instructor: Bedford Police
                                                                                       (no class Sept. 29, Nov. 10, 24)
                 Learn to drive defensively! After completing this
                                                                           ACTIVITY #: 318602
                 course, motorists will be eligible for a reduction in
                 their auto insurance premiums and up to a 4 point         FEE:        Residents: $80.00
                 reduction on their driving record. Participants must be               Non–Residents: $100.00
                 on time and complete the full 6–hours of instruction      NOTE: There is no senior discount for
                 to satisfactorily complete the class. Residents must      non–residents
                 provide two (2) checks with their registration. One       WINTER      TUESDAYS (8 classes)
                 to the “National Safety Council” for $11.00 and the       SESSION: January 10, 17, 24, 31 February 7,
                 second to the “Town of Bedford” for $19.00.                           14, 28, March 6 (no class Feb. 21)
                 FOR:           Ages 16 and older                          ACTIVITY #: 417001
                 LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House                   FEE:        Residents: $80.00
                 DAYS/DATE: TBA                                                        Non–Residents: $100.00
                 TIME:          7:00–10:00pm                                           OR
                 ACTIVITY #: 366000                                        WINTER      THURSDAYS (8 classes)
                 FEE:           $30.00 per person                          SESSION: January 12, 19, 26, February 2, 9, 16,
                 MEN’S SOFTBALL–SPRING 2012                                            March 1, 8 (no class Feb. 23)
                 The Bedford Recreation Department will be accept-         ACTIVITY #: 417002
                 ing applications/rosters for the 2012 season of           FEE:        Residents: $80.00
                 men’s softball beginning on February 1, 2012                          Non–Residents: $100.00
                 Rosters must have 12–20 names of players who              NOTE: There is no senior discount for
                 reside or work full time in the Town of Bedford.          non–residents
                 Three (3) non–residents will be allowed on each                                               st
                 roster for an additional fee. The season runs from
                                                                                                      eh otte
                 May through Mid–August. Games will be held                        Z u m b a is t H            u n d!
                 weeknights at 6:30pm in Bedford Hills and Mt.
                                                                                                     raze a ro
                                                                                               ess c
                 Kisco. For additional information call Jim Whiting at
                 (914) 666–7004.                                              da n c e/f i t n
Tennis Instruction                                     TENNIS INSTRUCTION
                                   All classes taught by Tennis Instructor: Patrick LaSalle, USPTA Certified.

                                                            TENNIS FACILITIES
                                                      BEDFORD HILLS MEMORIAL PARK
                           These four all-weather tennis courts are located behind the Bedford Hills Little League Field.
                           An access path is located to the rear of the parking area between the baseball/softball fields.
                                                          KATONAH MEMORIAL PARK
                        These four all-weather courts are located at the end of North Street next to the main parking area.
                                                     BEDFORD VILLAGE MEMORIAL PARK
                       These four all-weather courts are located on the right side of the main parking lot on Greenwich Road.
                           The Katonah Tennis Courts are utilized by Katonah Elementary School on select weekdays,
                                3:30-4:30pm, September through October. One court will be open for public play.
                                 A detailed schedule of court use will be posted at each site on September 1st.
                        Please be advised that the Town of Bedford does not permit private lessons to be taught at any of
                        the tennis court facilities without prior approval from the Superintendent of Recreation and Parks.

                     LITTLE TENNIS CLINIC LESSONS                            ASPIRING HIGH SCHOOL
                     (AGES 4–7)                                              PLAYERS (AGES 13–15)
                     This very popular program offers young children,        This program is designed to provide a well–round-
                     ages 4–7, the opportunity to learn and play the         ed tennis background that will last for a lifetime!
                     game of tennis through a series of fun activities       Emphasis will be on tennis specific skills, footwork
                     and drills assisted by both the INSTRUCTOR and          and positioning, match play, court etiquette
                     PARENT! Lots of fun for all! Fee includes a little      and sportsmanship. Participants should bring their
                     tennis T–shirt.                                         own racquets and get ready to have some fun!
                     FOR:         Ages 4–7                                   FOR:        Ages 13–15
                     LOCATION: Bedford Hills Memorial Park                   LOCATION Bedford Hills Memorial Park
                                  Tennis Courts                                          Tennis Courts
                     DAYS:        Saturdays                                  DAYS:       Wednesdays
                     DATES:       September 17, 24, Oct. 8, 15               DATES:      September 21, 28,
                     ACTIVITY #: 325160A: Ages 4–5 • 9:00–10:00am                        October 5, 12, 19, 26
                     ACTIVITY #: 325160B: Ages 6–7 •10:10–11:00am            TIME:       4:30–6:00pm
                     FEE:         $70.00 with purchase of junior racquet     ACTIVITY #: 325265
                                  $55.00 without purchase of racquet         FEE:        $105.00
                     NOTE: A parent or guardian must accompany the
                     child to the lessons and assist, as instructed, with    CARDIO TENNIS
                     the various drills.                                     Heart pumping Fitness!
                                                                             Hate to work out? Then catch the Cardio Tennis
                     YOUTH AFTER SCHOOL TENNIS                               craze! Cardio tennis is an aerobic tennis workout
                     LESSONS (AGES 8–12)                                     program set to music. You will burn more calories
                     This is a series of 8 tennis lessons for young people   and get the exercise you want all while participating
                     ages 8–12. Introductory instruction for a great         in tennis drills, singles and doubles play. You will
                     sport! Participants must provide their own racquets.    get high intensity work with periods of rest while
                     FOR:          Ages 8–12                                 monitoring your heart rate and pulse to get you into
                     LOCATION: Bedford Hills Park Tennis Courts              the aerobic training zone! This is not a lesson but
                     DAYS:         Tuesdays and Thursdays                    an opportunity to get fit while having fun! All skill
                     DATES:        September 20, 22, 27                      levels are welcome! Bring your own racquet.
                                   October 4, 6, 11, 13, 18                  FOR:         Adults
                     ACTIVITY #: 325264: Ages 8 & 9 • 4:00–5:00pm            LOCATION: Bedford Hills Park Tennis Courts
                     ACTIVITY #: 325255: Ages 10–12 • 5:00–6:00pm            DAYS:        Wednesdays
                     FEE:          $90.00 per child                          DATES:       September 21, 28,
                                   (8 classes)                                            October 5, 12, 19, 26
      20                                                                     TIME:        9:00–10:00am
                                                                             ACTIVITY #: 325571
                                                                             FEE:         $85.00 (6 classes)
                                        ADULT TENNIS LESSONS                                     PLATFORM TENNIS LESSONS
Tennis Instruction • Plateform Tennis   This program is offered to all levels and abilities of
                                        play! Whether you are just learning the game or
                                                                                                 Instructor: Geoffrey Jagdfeld, USA PPTA
                                                                                                 Certified Instructor
                                        want to enhance your skills these lessons will afford    Platform Tennis (aka Paddle Tennis) is an American
                                        you the opportunity to have fun while learning and       racquet sport invented in Scarsdale, NY in 1929 and
                                        competing with your peers.                               enjoyed by thousands of people of all ages. It is the
                                        FOR:        Adults                                       only racquet sport that players can enjoy outdoors in
                                        LOCATION: Bedford Hills Memorial Park Courts             cold weather. It is played on an elevated aluminum
                                                                                                 deck surrounded by 12’ high fencing which allows
                                        DAYS:       Tuesdays and Thursdays
                                                                                                 play off the walls, as in racquetball and squash.
                                        DATES:      September 20, 22, 27
                                                                                                 This unique appeal attracts people who desire fresh
                                                    October 4, 6, 11, 13, 18
                                                                                                 air, competition and social engagement, all on a
                                        TIME:       9:00–10:00am                                 chilly fall/winter’s night.
                                        ACTIVITY #: 325702                                       About the Programs: BEG/ADV. BEG.: covers the
                                                    OR                                           fundamental shots, basic screen play and rules
                                        TIME:       6:00–7:00pm                                  of the game. INTERMIDIATE: provides the more
                                        ACTIVITY #: 325207                                       experienced players a chance to drill and play while
                                        FEE:        $110.00 (8 classes)                          learning shot selection, the art of screen play and
                                        WESTCHESTER COUNTY                                       doubles strategy.
                                                                                                 NOTE: Paddles are provided for your use and you
                                        TENNIS LEAGUE • SPRING 2012
                                                                                                 must wear non–marking rubber soled shoes.
                                        The Bedford Women’s Tennis Team will be par-
                                        ticipating in the Westchester County Recreation          FOR:           Adults 18+
                                        & Parks Tennis League in the spring of 2012. The         FALL SESSION
                                        League consists of towns in northern and southern        DAY/DATES: Mondays, September 26, October 10,
                                        sections of the county. This is a competitive yet                        17, 24, 31, November 7, 14, 21, 28,
                                        fun league for the serious and committed tennis                          December 5
                                        player. Participants must be available on the days       LOCATION: Bedford Village Courts
                                        indicated.                                               TIME:           7:00–8:00pm (Beginner/Adv. Beginner)
                                        FOR:         Resident woman 18+                          ACTIVITY #: 324170
                                        LOCATION: Practices & home matches                                       8:00–9:00pm (Intermediate)
                                                                                                 ACTIVITY #: 324171
                                                     Bedford Hills Memorial Park Courts
                                                                                                                 9:00–10:00pm (Men’s Drill & Play)
                                        DAYS:        Practices 1x week
                                                                                                 ACTIVITY #: 324270
                                                     Matches Wednesday mornings and/or
                                                     Tuesday mornings based on number            DAY/DATES: Fridays: September 23, 29, October 7,
                                                     of teams/league                                             14, 21, 28, November 4, 11, 18
                                        DATES:       Early April thru early–June                 LOCATION: Bedford Village Courts
                                        ACTIVITY #: 125470                                       TIME:           9:30–10:30am (Beginner/Adv. Beginner)
                                        FEE:         $30.00 per person–covers entrance           ACTIVITY #: 324172
                                                     into the league, tennis balls, team                         10:30–11:30am (Intermediate)
                                                     shirt or hat, court maintenance             ACTIVITY #: 324173
                                                                                                 FEE:            $180.00 (9 classes) Fall

                                                                                                 WINTER SESSION
                                                                                                 DAY/DATES: Mondays, January 9, 16, 23, 30,
                                                                                                             February 6, 13, 27, March 5
                                                                                                 LOCATION: Bedford Village Courts
                                                                                                 TIME:       7:00–8:00pm (Beginner/Adv. Beginner)
                                                                                                 ACTIVITY #: 424170
                                                                                                             8:00–9:00pm (intermediate)
                                                                                                 ACTIVITY #: 424171
                                                                                                             9:00–10:00pm (Men’s Drill & Play)
                                                                                                 ACTIVITY #: 424172
                                                                                                 DAY/DATES: Fridays: January 13, 20, 27,
                                                                                                             February 3, 10, 17, March 2, 9
                                                                                                 LOCATION: Bedford Village Courts
                                                                                                 TIME:       9:30–10:30am (Beginner/Adv. Beginner)
            21                                                                                   ACTIVITY #: 424173
                                                                                                             10:30–11:30am (intermediate)
                                                                                                 ACTIVITY #: 424174
                                                                                                 FEE:        $160.00 (8 classes) Winter
                                             Bedford Senior Adult Directors:
Senior Adult Information                      Angela Brown and Pam Veith
                                         Bedford Senior Bus Driver: Frank Costa
                                     Bedford Senior Adults Telephone Line: 666-7203
                           SENIOR ADULT NEWSLETTERS                            SENIOR MEETINGS
                           In an effort to provide our senior adults with      There will be weekly meetings offered to all
                           current information concerning programs, trips      residents ages 60 and older. Meetings will
                           and special events, a newsletter/calendar is        include a variety of social events, informational
                           available. This newsletter will be mailed out       presentations, crafts, games, exercise, special
                           every other month. To receive the newsletter,       events and more. Free coffee, tea and light
                           contact the recreation office at 666–7203. We       refreshments will be available at all meet-
                           will add your name to the mailing list.             ings. Transportation to the meetings can be
                           SEASON HIGHLIGHTS                                   arranged by calling the recreation office at
                           Our seniors have been enjoying a variety of         666–7203 one day in advance.
                           fun–filled activities, including: bird watching &   The Senior Meeting Schedule is as follows:
                           feeding, planting our herb and vegetable gar-       MONDAYS • Meeting and more
                           dens, flower cultivation and arrangements. We       Bedford Hills Community House
                           have enjoyed crafts, local outings, museums         10:00am-2:00pm
                           and some very interesting in–house speakers.        WEDnESDAyS • Meeting and more
                           Watching a movie with our big screen TV helps       Bedford Hills Community House
                           keep us in on those cold–rainy days. Besides        10:00am-2:00pm
                           our mall trips, we stop at the Christmas Tree
                           Shop, the Dollar Store and more. In June we         FRIDAYS • Meetings, movies and more
                           had a lovely trip of Riverview Inn in Matamoras,    Bedford Hills Community House
                           PA with nice weather.                               10:00am-2:00pm

                           SHOPPING                                            “Wii” VIDEO GAME SYSTEM
                           The recreation bus runs local shopping trips on     FOR SENIORS
                           Tuesday mornings (ShopRite, CVS and more).          This new video game system is being enjoyed
                           Reservations must be made at least one day in       by senior citizens all over the country. It is easy
                           advance by calling 666–7203. Also, shopping         to play and amazing fun. We plan to schedule
                           trips to local malls and shopping centers are       regular days for video play and establish a
                           offered. Shopping trips are on a first come first   video bowling league if there is enough inter-
                           served basis.                                       est. If you would like to see a demonstration
                                                                               and try your hand at bowling, golf or tennis,
                           MEALS ON WHEELS                                     please join us at the Bedford Hills Community
                           Homebound residents unable to prepare meals         House. Check your senior calendar for sched-
                           and have no one to do so for them may be eli-       uled bowling days.
                           gible for a hot midday meal. Call Jim Whiting at
                           666–7203 for more information.                      NUTRITION PROGRAM
                                                                               Residents may participate in the Senior
                           SENIOR ADULTS IDENTIFICATION                        Nutrition Program in Mt. Kisco at the Fox
                           CARDS                                               Center 198 Carpenter Avenue. Hot lunches
                           Residents age 60 and over are eligible              are available daily, Monday through Friday with
                           for Westchester County Senior Citizen               a $2.50 contribution. Reservations must be
                           identification cards and the various                made a day in advance by calling 666–8931.
                           benefits to which the card entitles them.
                           The cards are available at the Westchester          AGED PERSON’S PROPERTY TAx
                           County Center, 198 Central Avenue at                ExEMPTION
                           the Bronx River Parkway in White Plains,            For information on eligibility for a senior adult
                           Monday through Friday, 10:00am–4:00pm.              property tax exemption, contact the Town
      22                   For more information, call (914) 813–6400 or        Assessor at 666–5149.
                           (914) 813– 6300 or visit
                           SENIOR ADULTS REFUSE                             AARP DRIVER SAFETY PROGRAM
Senior Adult Information   PROGRAM
                           Senior Adults (60 years of age and older)
                                                                            Learn to improve skills and prevent accidents.
                                                                            After completing this course, motorists will be
                           can come to the Town Clerks Office at 321        eligible for a reduction in their automobile insur-
                           Bedford Road, Bedford Hills, to purchase         ance premiums and up to 4 points reduction on
                           discount coupons for trash disposal, Monday–     their driving record. Participants must attend
                           Friday, 8:30am–4:30pm. The program allows        the full session to satisfactorily complete the
                           for disposal of plastic bagged, nonrecy-         course. Bring a copy of your driver’s license
                           clable refuse at Town of Bedford Recycling       to class. The cost of the course is $12.00 for
                           Center, Adams Street, Bedford Hills, phone       AARP members and $14.00 for non–mem-
                           241–2671, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday,      bers. Participants must be age 50 or older.
                           8:00am–3:00pm.                                   FOR:           Ages 50+
                                                                            LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House
                           FLU VACCINE
                                                                            DAYS:          Wednesday
                           For seniors in the Town of Bedford.
                                                                            DATES:         October 19
                           Date & Time: Thursday, October 27th
                                                                            TIME:          9:00am–3:30pm.
                                                                                           (Please bring a bag lunch for a
                           Where:        Katonah Memorial House,
                                                                                           ½ hour lunch break)
                                         Katonah, NY
                                                                            FEE:           $12.00 AARP members
                           You must call the Recreation Office for pre-
                                                                                           $14.00 non–members
                           registration at 914-666-7203. The fee is
                                                                            NOTE: You must pre–register at the Town of
                           $25.00 unless you have non-managed
                                                                            Bedford Recreation Office or call 666–7004.
                           medicare. No medicare insurance covered
                                                                            Checks only, made payable to AARP.
                           by a managed care group will be accepted.
                           The Blue Mountain Housing Agency is accepting applications for prospective vacancies in one
                           bedroom rental units at Bedford Lake (age 55 and over) and for potential resale one and two
                           bedroom townhouses at Lakeside in Bedford. Applications and information regarding qualifica-
                           tions can be obtained through the Town Supervisor’s Office at 666–6530.

                               ANNUAL TOWN OF BEDFORD
                               SENIOR ADULT HOLIDAY
                               WEDnESDAy, DECEMBER 14
                               Bedford Hills Community House

                               This annual holiday event is a favorite amongst our senior adults. Good food, good
                               friends and much holiday cheer will prevail as we dine to the accompaniment of
                               great holiday music. Please join us as we usher in the holiday season with this
                               warm and popular get–together. A holiday gift is presented to all who attend.
                               There will be a $5.00 admission fee at the
                               door for this event. To make a reservation                    Don’t miss the FUN!
                               you must call Bedford Recreation Senior
                               Line @ (914) 666–7004.                                This is a very popular
                                                                                     event so sign up early
                               You must call in your reservation to attend.
                            SENIOR VALENTINE SOCIAL                               MARITIME AqUARIUM &
 Senior Adult Information   COFFEE HOUR
                            FRiDAy, FEBRUARy 10TH
                                                                                  LUNCH @ SONO BREWHOUSE
                                                                                  DATE: Thursday, September 22, 2011
                            The Town is honoring our senior adults with           TIME: Leave Katonah Memorial House
                            a special coffee hour in the Valentine Theme.               9:15am
                            LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House               FEE: $55.00
                            TIME: 10:00am–NOON                                    MOHEGAN SUN CASINO
                            This will be an informal get together to help         DATE: Thursday, October 20, 2011
                            celebrate Valentine’s Day with our seniors.           TIME: Leave Katonah Memorial House
                            So bring a friend or your sweetheart and have               8:00am
                            coffee, bagels, danish and more! You must             FEE: $30.00
                            call the recreation office to pre-register at         RADIO CITY HOLIDAY
                            666-7203.                                             SPECTACULAR & LUNCH
                            ST. PATRICK’S DAY                                     @ MARIA’S MONT BLANC
                            CELEBRATION & LUNCHEON                                RESTAURANT
                            SAVE THE DATE • MARK yOUR CALEnDAR                    DATE: Thursday, December 1, 2011
                            FREE! TO BEDFORD SENIOR ADULTS                        TIME: Leave Katonah Memorial House
                            Hosted By: Oliver’s Restaurant,                               8:15am
                            Owner Doug Crossett                                   FEE: $90.00
                            WEDnESDAy MARCH 14th                                  These are Charter Bus Trips, so register
                            LOCATION: Bedford Hills Community House               early. Seats will be on a first
                            TIME:        11:00am–2:00pm                           come first served basis.
                            LUNCH:       12:00 Noon (FREE)                        You can register by
                            Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, Irish                 mail or by calling the
                            soda bread, dessert, beverage, coffee and             recreation office at
                            tea served by our friendly Recreation and             666–7004. Make checks
                            Parks staff! Seniors must phone in their              payable to the “Town of Bedford”.
                            reservations to the office at 666-7203 no
                            later than Friday, March 2.                           BEDFORD SENIORS
                            TRANSPORTATION: FREE! For those who                   Look in the mailing for Trip Schedule of
                            need a ride—Please indicate this when you             specific days & times. Register early to
                            call in your reservations Don’t miss out!             reserve your spot! For senior adults and
                            Make your reservations today! Come join               guests.
                            the fun! Wear your best greens and whites!

                            MESSAGE FROM THE TOWN CLERK As a friendly reminder The Canine Commons Dog
Canine Commons

                            Park is for Town of Bedford residents and their dogs. Dogs using the Canine Commons area must be
                            licensed and have a valid dog park permit issued through the Town Clerk’s office. The Town Clerk’s office
                            is located at the Town House, 321 Bedford Road in Bedford Hills. The office hours are Monday through
                            Friday 8:30am–4:30pm. The telephone number for the Town Clerk’s office is 666–4534.
                            Note: Guest dogs must have a current State license
                            No dog park permit will be issued unless the dog is properly licensed through New York State. Permits
                            will be rescinded if a dog’s NYS license expires and is not renewed on time. In addition we have limited
Dog Park

                            number if out of Town permits available.

                                                                                  2011 DOG PARK PERMIT FEES
                                                                                     NUMBER OF DOGS             FEE
                                                                                                1              $40.00
                                                            LEASH                               2              $20.00

                                                            YOUR                                3
                                                                                     Guest Pass per dog/day
                                                                                                               $ 5.00
                                                            DOG                      Out of town pass good
                                                                                     thru December 31, 2011    $75.00   BEDFORD N
Town of Bedford Park Areas • Canine Commons Dog Park                             DOG AGILITY TRAINING
                                                                   BEGINNER • ADVANCED BEGINNER • ADVANCED CLASSES
           Town of Bedford Park Areas
                                                                                      FALL 2011
                                                                 Instructor: Kate Connick, is currently a canine instructor in Bedford, Ardsley and Mamaroneck
                                                                                     and has been teaching dog obedience and agility since 1991.
                                                                   Kate is certified by the ARC in pet first aid AND has a Masters degree in (Human) psychology!
                                                        Build confidence and control by teaching your dog to negotiate obstacle courses. These fun classes are
                                                         aimed at teaching dogs to safely, confidently and accurately handle agility equipment including jumps,
                                                              tunnels and various ramps. The goal is to improve your rapport with your dog and have fun.
                                                       FOR:         Town of Bedford residents-Dogs            CLASS:       Advanced Beginner
                                                                    must have a current New York State                     2:30–3:30pm
                                                                    license that are issued through the       ACTIVITY #: 367101
                                                                    Town Clerk’s Office located at 321        Prerequisite: Instructor approval required.
                                                                    Bedford Road.                             CLASS:       Advanced Beginner
                                                       LOCATION: Canine Commons Agility Area                               5:00–6:00pm
                                                                    located at Beaver Dam Park                ACTIVITY #: 367102
                                                       DAY:         Saturdays                                 FEE:         $75.00 per participant
                                                       DATES:       September 17, 24 October 15, 22, 29                    (owner and dog) 6 Sessions
                                                                    November 5
                                                                                                                NOTE: If space is available one week prior to the
                                                                                                                    start of the program non–residents can enroll
                                                       DATE:        November 12
                                                                                                                     in the course at a higher rate ($95.00)–Dogs
                                                       CLASS:       Beginner
                                                                                                                                   MUST have a valid NYS license!
                                                       ACTIVITY #: 367100                                      QUESTIONS: Please feel free to contact Kate our
                                                       Prerequisite: Basic obedience                                           agility instructor
                                                       and control around other dogs.

                                                       BEAVER DAM PARK                                                       fully enclosed with fencing. Small Dog area under
                                                       Beaver Dam Road off of Harris Road                                    30lbs. Large Dog area over 30lbs and an Agility
                                                       Bedford Hills                                                         area for group permits use and training. Use of the
                                                       Featuring the Canine Commons Dog area that                            Canine Commons area is open to Town of Bedford
                                                       officially opened in the spring of 2008. This 1.5+                    residents whose dogs are licensed and have a valid
                                                       acre site features three separate areas that are                      dog park permit.

                                                                                  ENJOY YOUR PARKS
                                                                            HELP KEEP PARKS CLEAN & GREEN
                                                       RECREATION & PARKS DEPARTMENT                                         KATONAH MEMORIAL PARK
                                                       OFFICE                                                                North Street (off Bedford Rd/Park Pl.) Katonah
                                                       425 Cherry Street, 1st Floor, Bedford Hills, NY 10507                 Tennis & Paddle Tennis Court, Baseball/Softball
                                                       Office Phone ......................................... 914-666-7004   Field, Basketball Court, Swimming Pool, Playground,
                                                       Sr.Citizens Phone ................................. 914-666-7203      Picnicking, Walking Trails, Shelter, Sledding
                                                       Office Hours....................................... 8:30am-4:30pm
                                                       Registration Walk-in Hours ................ 9:00am-4:00pm             BEDFORD HILLS MEMORIAL PARK
                                                                                                                             Haines Road (off Rt. 117) Bedford Hills
                                                       BEDFORD HILLS COMMUNITY HOUSE                                         Tennis Court, Lighted Baseball/Softball/Little League
                                                       74 Main Street & Corner of Church Street, Tel 244-0474                Field, Basketball Court, Swimming Pool, Playground,
                                                       Various meeting rooms and facilities available for                    Picnicking, Shelter, Soccer Field, Ice Skating and
                                                       rental and reservation. Various classes and activities.               Fishing, Baseball/ Softball Fields

                                                       BEDFORD VILLAGE MEMORIAL PARK
                                                       Greenwich Road (off Rt. 22/172), Bedford Village
                                                       Tennis & Paddle Tennis Courts, Baseball/softball
                                                       Field, Basketball Courts, Swimming Pool, Playground,
                                                       Picnicking, Shelter, Soccer & Football Field
                          Bedford Hills         Bedford Village             Katonah
                          Memorial Park         Memorial Park             Memorial Park
     Tennis                            *                  *                        *
     Baseball/Softball                                    *                        *
     Basketball                                           *                        *
     Swimming Pools                                       *                        *
     Play Apparatus                                       *                        *
     Picknicking                                          *
     Walking Trail                                                                 *
     Shelter                                              *                        *
     Soccer                                               *                        *
     Paddle Tennis                                        *                        *
     Ice Skating
     Sledding                                                                      *

                                           thANk YOu!
          The Bedford Recreation & Parks Department would like to thank our area merchants
              who graciously donated to our annual Ladies Bingo event this past spring.
                 Your support and generosity helps make our event a huge success!

          Bedford Village Pharmacy               Charles Department Store
          Bedford Hardware                       Weinstein’s Pharmacy
          Clearview Cinema                       Grace Nails & Spa
          Siemers Wine & Spirits                 Fred’s Haircutting Salon
          Bedford Bagel & Bakery                 Kellogg’s & Lawrence
          Carvel                                 LaFamiglia Restaurant
          Hess Express                           Katonah Yarn
          Splash Car Wash                        Nails
          Wild Birds Unlimited                   The Finer Winer
          Gianfranco’s                           Katonah Paint & Hardware
          J&M Deli                               Noka & Noka Joes
          Gorgeous Nails & Spa                   Mrs. Green’s
          Bedford Diner                          The Bagel Shoppe
          James NY                               Oliver’s
          Bueti’s Deli                           Peking City
          Shop Rite of Bedford Hills             Stager’s Paper Mill
          Paulo Atelier Salon                    Jems
          HoBu YiBu Nail and Spa                 Applebee’s
          Suburban Groove                        Saw Mill East
          Tupperware                             Tuscan Oven
          by Vera Thompson
          Katonah Restaurant
          Katonah Wine & Liquor
          Katonah Pharmacy
                                         COMPLETE ENTIRE FORM–PLEASE PRINT
Household Name                                                                                        Date
Full Address                                                                                          Zip Code
Home Phone                                       Cell Phone                               E-Mail
EMERGENCY Name                                                              Telephone

  Participant Name (Last, First)   Sex   Grade     DOB        Program Day   ACTIVITY #:            Activity Name   Fee

Form of Payment o Cash o Check o Credit Card                                                  Total Fee $________________
General Release The undersigned hereby releases the Town Of Bedford, its Town Board, Recreation and Parks
Department, employees and volunteers thereof, of any responsibilities should an accident or injury occur to the above
named participant as a result of participation in the aforementioned program sponsored by the Bedford Recreation and
Parks Department. I understand the department may use photos taken during events unless I notify them in writing.

Participant’s Signature (Parent/Guardian, if under age 18) ____________________________________________
Mail or bring form with fee to: Town of Bedford Recreation and Parks Dept.,
                                            425 Cherry St., Bedford Hills, NY 10507

                                         COMPLETE ENTIRE FORM–PLEASE PRINT
Household Name                                                                                        Date
Full Address                                                                                          Zip Code
Home Phone                                       Cell Phone                               E-Mail
EMERGENCY Name                                                              Telephone

  Participant Name (Last, First)   Sex   Grade     DOB        Program Day   ACTIVITY #:            Activity Name   Fee

Form of Payment o Cash o Check o Credit Card                                                  Total Fee $________________
General Release The undersigned hereby releases the Town Of Bedford, its Town Board, Recreation and Parks
Department, employees and volunteers thereof, of any responsibilities should an accident or injury occur to the above
named participant as a result of participation in the aforementioned program sponsored by the Bedford Recreation and
Parks Department. I understand the department may use photos taken during events unless I notify them in writing.

Participant’s Signature (Parent/Guardian, if under age 18) ____________________________________________
Mail or bring form with fee to: Town of Bedford Recreation and Parks Dept.,
                                            425 Cherry St., Bedford Hills, NY 10507
Pool Permits           HOLD ON TO YOUR 2011 POOL PERMITS!!!!!
                       PLEASE…If you registered for the pool and were issued a photo ID with the bar
                       code…DO NOT discard your pool ID card!
                       Registration for the 2012 pool season will be a much easier process as long as you don’t
                       loose your card(s). ID cards no longer have to be “re stickered” to be valid. Once payment
                       is made to the office, cards issued this past season will have their bar codes re-validated
                       for the 2012 season. There will be no need to come in for a new photo!
                       All individuals who registered and paid for pool memberships in 2011 should have received
                       a new ID pool permit this past season. A mailing and email blast will be sent to all families/
                       individuals who registered to use any of the three hamlet pools in 2011 in late January of
                       2012 with 2012 pool registration information.
                       Remember…DO NOT discard your pool ID cards from 2010. Replacement cards are
                       costly, so please put your cards in a safe secure location for the off season. Thank you.

                       HELP KEEP OUR RESERVOIRS CLEAN
                       The majority of the Town of Bedford is within the New York City Watershed, which provides drinking water to
                       New York City and approximately 85% of Westchester County. Reservoirs in this area have been found to have
                       a higher amount of phosphorus that desired, resulting in increased algae growth. Excessive algae growth causes
                       water quality problems such as low oxygen levels and increased levels of metals and organic chemicals. This
                       impacts drinking water quality, reduces life-sustaining oxygen to fish and other aquatic life, and impacts reservoir
                       What can residents due to reduce phosphorus loads?
                       Do Not Use Detergents Containing Phosphate
                       Septic systems can leach phosphorus into the environment. Using detergents containing no phosphate can sub-
Helping Mother Earth

                       stantially reduce phosphorus loads from your home. This applies to both clothes and dish detergents.
                       Be Smart About Fertilizer Use
                       Phosphorus fertilizer washes off lawns and gardens and flows into streams and reservoirs.
                        Best practices include:
                        •	 Perform	 annual	 soil	 test	 and	 seasonal	 pH	 test	 before	 applying	 any	 fertilizer	 product.	 Ninety	 percent	 of	 the	
                           lawns in Westchester have adequate levels of phosphorous so it is very likely that you won’t need to apply
                           extra phosphorous in order to get a healthy, green lawn.
                        •	 Apply	only	the	amount	of	fertilizer	deemed	necessary	as	a	result	of	soil	tests.
                        •	 Apply	only	slow-release	fertilizers.
                        •	 Use	products	containing	low	concentrations	of	nitrogen,	and	no	phosphorus	where	possible.
                        •	 Don’t	apply	any	fertilizer	between	December	1st	and	April	1st	to	avoid	runoff	issues	associated	with	snowmelt	
                           or	rains	on	frozen	ground.
                        •	 Don’t	 apply	 fertilizer	 to	 any	 impervious	 surfaces,	 such	 as	 pavement	 and	 sidewalks.	 If	 applied	 accidentally,	
                           clean it up immediately to ensure it won’t be washed into streets, storm drains and/or water bodies. Do not
                           hose	down	fertilizer	spills	on	impervious	surfaces.
                        •	 Avoid	application	within	24	hours	of	an	anticipated	rain	event.
                        •	 Avoid	heavy	watering	or	irrigation	for	24	hours	after	fertilizer	application.
                       Phosphorus concerns with grass clippings and leaves
                       When rainwater carries leaves and grass clippings down streets and into lakes and ponds, they harm water quality.
                       When leaves and grass decay, they release phosphorus.
                       It is suggested that residents use lawn mowers that chop up grass clippings and leave them on the lawn. These
                       mulching	mowers	reduce	the	need	for	fertilizers.	Place	leaves	along	the	edge	of	your	property	only	in	designated	
                       hamlet leaf collection areas, and only between October 1 and November 15. At any other time, all leaves must
                       be bagged.
                       Call	the	Bedford	Department	of	Public	Works	at	666-7669	with	any	questions	regarding	leaf	collection.
                       Construction Sites as a Source of Phosphorus
                       Phosphorus	 attached	 to	 sediment	 leaving	 construction	 sites	 is	 a	 major	 source	 of	 stormwater	 phosphorus.	
      28               Contractors must comply with the Town’s Erosion and Sediment Control standards, which can be obtained by
                       contacting the Building Department at 666-8040.
                       You can be part of
                          Reducing the carbon Footprint
Helping Mother Earth

            Bedford Recycling Center Information
Helping Mother Earth

                       RECYCLE … IT’S THE LAW!!!
                        Questions? – Contact the Bedford DPW Highway Division at 666-7669
Town of Bedford
Recreation & Parks Department
425 Cherry Street
Bedford Hills, NY 10507

    2011 Fall
     2012 Winter

      Mark Your Calendar!
        Upcoming Special Events
               Flag Football
            Starts September 20
          Platform Tennis Lesson
                October 10
       Youth Basketball Evaluations
               November 12
           Senior Holiday Lunch
                December 14
               Mad Science
             December 27 & 28
          Teen Travel Registration
                February 4
        Winter Super Bowl Carnival
                February 4
          Senior Valentine Social
                February 10
            Winter Recess Fun
         February 21 & February 23

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