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					Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re
gonna get.

    Some people like their box of chocolates to come with a
box top that neatly labels, in a concise grid, what chocolates
are where. That way, they know what each chocolate is
before they bite. They are such careful eaters. But other
people throw caution to the wind and avoid looking at the lid
altogether, or they simply throw the lid away. The chocolates
call to them, “Pick us up! Eat us! Now!” They cannot resist,
and do so immediately. Often they bite into a yucky,
butterscotch cream-filled piece that could’ve easily been
avoided if they had only looked at the box top. The horrible
experience is immediately followed by gagging, swearing
and spitting out the offensive chocolate. Some don’t come
back to the box again, thinking, What if they are all
butterscotch creams?
    I am one of those people who looks to no lid to tell me
how to eat my chocolate. And yes, I do bite into my share of
butterscotch creams. But if I bite into a butterscotch cream, I
spit it out and learn my lesson. I may have a tray of half-
eaten chocolates in my box, but I return to try again. Always.
    Life is meant to be sampled.
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