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We must first sharpen his tools, jump rope skipping is the most important tool, the choice of length and weight as long as comfortable, no matter what kind of texture can be done. But because of the different materials, there will be too thick, too heavy or too light situations, select the appropriate material to do so or rope better. Recommend that beginners can choose a longer rope, swinging a big margin, slow, and then slowly increase the requirements to shorten the length of rope, but also increase the intensity of exercise.

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									St. Paul’s Secondary School

    School Annual Report
                     TABLE OF CONTENTS
ü   Our Mission
ü   Our Vision
ü   Our History
ü   Management and Organization
    Ø The School Management Committee (SMC)
    Ø The School Advisory Board
    Ø The Academic Committee
    Ø School Organization Structure
ü   Teaching Staff
    Ø Teachers’ Qualifications
    Ø Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
ü   Student Enrolment
    Ø Students’ Early Exit
    Ø Number of Active School Days
    Ø Lesson Time for the 8 Key Learning Areas
ü   The Curriculum
ü   Clubs / Societies / Teams / Groups for Extra-curricular Activities
ü   School Theme in 2006-2007
ü   Major Concerns in 2006-2007
ü   School Self Evaluation
ü   The Parent-Teacher Association
ü   The Past Students Association
ü   Major Concerns for 2007-2008
ü   Results of Public Examinations 2006-2007
ü   Internal Awards and Scholarships
ü   External Awards and Scholarships
ü   Achievements of Past Students
                          St. Paul’s Secondary School

                  School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)

Our Mission :
We are committed to providing:
Ø an all-round education based on Christian values that enhance the quality of life both
    spiritually and materially for our Paulinians so that they can contribute positively to
    their home, profession and society with “7C”s – charity, conscience, courage,
    creativity, confidence, competence and commitment.
Ø a positive learning environment that enhances each student’s opportunity to develop
    through a balanced educational programme which recognizes the needs for growth in 7
    areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes, namely: the moral, intellectual, physical,
    social, aesthetic, emotional and spiritual areas known as the “Paulinian Spectrum”.

Our Vision:
    That with a dynamic thinking culture, St. Paul’s Secondary School may become an
excellent learning and caring community.

Our History :
    St. Paul’s Secondary School was first founded by the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres in
1960 as an extension of St. Paul’s Convent School to meet the growing needs of science
education of girls in Hong Kong. Its mission is to provide an all-round education based on
Christian values that enhance the quality of life both spiritually and materially so that the
graduates can contribute positively to their family, profession and society.

      In keeping with the school’s founding principle of meeting the changing needs of the
times, St. Paul’s Secondary School always endeavours to take on a leadership role in
curriculum renewal. It has been the forerunner of science education for girls in Hong Kong
in the early 60s, Integrated Science in the late 60s, Computer Studies in the late 70s,
Computer Literacy, Civic/Moral and Family Life Education in the early 80s, and
Information Technology in education in the 90s. It has widened its curriculum and
developed itself into a fully integrated educational institute with Arts, Sciences and Social
Sciences at all levels, while Ethics, which is only for school-based assessment and not for
public examination, has always been a core subject for the senior secondary classes. In this
century, high-order thinking workshops, media education, cross-disciplinary enquiry
approach and project-based learning have also been implemented so as to develop self
initiative, collaboration and commitment to life-wide and life-long education in the students.

                                               1     School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
Management and Organization :

The School Management Committee (SMC) 2006/07

      Sr. Lily Fung, the Supervisor, chaired the meetings of School Management Committee.
Other members of the School Management Committee were: Sr. Julia Chan, Sr. Joanna
Marie Cheung, Sr. Margaret Wong and Sr. Damian Lai. The School Management
Committee met two times in the academic year to discuss or make decisions on some major
matters related to the direction of school development and management. Rev. Mother
Jacqueline Ho, the Provincial Superior of the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres, the Sponsoring
Body of our school, also attended the meetings of the SMC to show her concern and to give
full support to the development of the school.

The School Advisory Board

     The School Advisory Board served as a consultative group and also as liaison between
the SMC and the teachers who were working in the frontline. It comprised of three teachers
representatives elected by the teaching staff, a representative from the Executive Committee
of the Past Students Association, the Vice Principal, Principal and the Supervisor. The Board
met twice in the year to discuss matters related to school improvement, taking into
consideration the suggestions from the staff.

The Academic Committee

      The Academic Committee served as a supervisory and steering committee to pursue
academic excellence. Based on the revised organization structure, the Academic Committee
further re-structured itself to align well with the school goals in education. The committee
composed of the Curriculum Development Team and various units aimed at formulating the
curriculum development plan, ensuring smooth curriculum implementation, enhancing
students to become self-directed and life-long learners, and promoting learning and teaching
in the various Key Learning Areas. To streamline the duties and avoid redundancy, clear
division of labour was observed in the units to address the four key tasks, the New Senior
Secondary Curriculum, gifted and remedial education, assessment and bridging programmes.
The Academic Committee met at least 3 times a year to discuss academic matters and
disseminate plans and works of the Curriculum Development Team and the units. In
addition, the committee also ensured that the various subject departments and units worked
in line with the school major concerns.

                                               2    School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
                                   School Organization Structure
                                          School Management Board

                                                 Supervisor                      School
                                                                              Advisory Board

                         Vice-Principal                             Vice-Principal

           School Development                                    Academic
            & Evaluation Team                                    Committee

   Staff             Curriculum            Administration           Extra-Curricular       Supporting
Development         Development             Committee                  Activities           Services
   Team                Team

Staff Appraisal
                   Moral and Civic          Admission &                 E.C.A.           Discipline Team
                   Education Unit            Streaming               Co-ordination
                                             Committee                  Team
                     Reading to                                        Life-wide
                     Learn Unit                                        Learning             Careers
                                                                                         Guidance Team
                   Project Learning                                  All Clubs and
                         Unit                                          Societies            Library &
                   IT for Interactive                                   Student
                                            Web-SAMS                                      Reading Team
                    Learning Unit                                   Editorial Board
                                            Committee                                          IT Team
                  Assessment Unit
                                            Examination                                   Contingency
                     Gifted and                and                                        Management
                    Remedial Unit                                                            Team
                                             Committee                                    Green School
                    Bridging Unit
                                                                                          Working Team
                      NSS Unit                                                            Home-School
                                                                                          Co-operation –
                                            Clerical Staff
                                                                                          Past Students
                                            Janitor Staff                                  Association
                                                                                          Prefect Board

                                                       3      School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
Teaching Staff :
     The approved teaching staff establishment including the principal was 60. There were 5
part-time teachers (Miss Mary Lam, Mrs. Stella Fung, Mrs. Peggy Lo, Mrs. Clara Chan and
Mrs. L.J. Singh) sharing 3 full-time G.M. posts and 3 teachers (Mrs. Betty Cheung, Ms. Y.Y.
Chan and Miss Koby Yip) shared 2 C.M. posts.

Teachers’ Qualifications
Highest academic qualifications attained by teachers :
Ø           6.35% of teachers have attained Tertiary non-degree qualification.
Ø           66.67% of teachers have attained Bachelor Degree qualification.
Ø           26.98% of teachers have attained Master or above qualification.

Teachers’ professional qualification :
Ø           96.83% of teachers have attained professional qualification.

Teachers’ teaching experience :
    Table showing the percentages of teachers’ years of teaching experience (including
years of teaching in other schools) :
                       0-2 Years      3-5 Years        6-10 Years      Over 10 Years
 % of teachers’
years of teaching              15.87%             6.35%              12.7%           65.08%

Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
    The Principal undertook 81.5 hours of CPD.
    The following bar chart shows the average number of CPD hours undertaken by a
teacher of our school in the past 3 years.

                                      Bar Chart Showing Teachers' C.P.D. Hours
                                Average no. of CPD hours undertaken by a teacher of SPSS

             40              73.02                                               67.08
                            04/05                      05/06                     06/07

                                                      4     School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
 Student Enrolment :
      There were 1116 students enrolled in September 2006.
      The number of operating classes, the number of students in each level and the average
 attendance of the students for the entire school year are as shown in the following table :
          Level            Form 1 Form 2 Form 3 Form 4 Form 5 Form 6 Form 7
Number of classes              5          5         5          5        5         3           3
Number of Students            199        204       197       180       161       88          84
Average Attendance (%)       99.07      98.51     96.22     98.39     94.66     97.58     97.06
 All the Form 4 places were filled by our own F.3 students.
 All the Form 6 places were filled by our own F.5 graduates.

 Students’ Readmission
     Two students readmitted during the academic year.

 Students’ Early Exit
     Eight students withdrew before the end of the academic year, mainly for studying
 overseas and the most popular country was Australia.

 Number of Active School Days
 The numbers of school days for S.1-4 and 6 in the past 3 years are shown below :
  Level        Year            04/05                    05/06                 06/07
  F1 – F4, F6                   192                      194                   194

 Lesson Time % for the 8 Key Learning Areas for S1-3 compared to the lesson time
 recommended by EMB :
Key Learning Area                               EMB Recommendation (%)           06/07 (%)
Chinese Language Education                               17                        17.45
English Language Education                               17                        19.46
Mathematics Education                                    12                        12.08
Personal, Social & Humanities Education                  15                        21.48
Science Education                                        10                         9.40
Technology Education                                      8                         8.05
Arts Education                                            8                         8.05
Physical Education                                       5.8                        4.03

 The Curriculum

             Chinese Language, Remedial Chinese, Putonghua, English Language,
  Form 1     Literature in English, Oral (split class), English Enrichment, English Extensive
             Reading, Mathematics, Computer Literacy, Home Economics, Integrated
             Science, Religious Studies, Liberal Studies, E.P.A., Chinese History, History,
  Form 2     Geography, Family Life Education, Reading, Form Period, Project Based
             Learning, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education

                                                5    School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
           Chinese Language, Remedial Chinese, Putonghua, English Language,
           Literature in English, Oral (split class), English Enrichment, English Extensive
           Reading, Mathematics, Computer Literacy, Home Economics, Physics,
 Form 3
           Biology, Chemistry, Religious Studies, Liberal Studies, E.P.A., Chinese
           History, History, Geography, Family Life Education, Reading, Form Period,
           Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education

           Chinese Language, Chinese Literature, English Language, Literature in
 Form 4    English, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Computer and Information
           Technology, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Religious Studies, Economics,
           Principles of Accounts, Reading, Form Period, Chinese History, History,
 Form 5    Geography, Word Processing & Business Communication, Visual Arts,
           Physical Education

 Form 6    Chinese Language & Culture, Chinese Literature, Use of English, Literature in
           English, Maths. & Statistics, Pure Maths., Computer Applications, Physics,
   &       Biology, Chemistry, Liberal Studies, Chinese History, History, Geography,
           Economics, Principles of Accounts, Ethics, Reading, Form Period, Physical
 Form 7    Education

Clubs / Societies / Teams / Groups for Extra-curricular Activities :
Academic Activities
 Ø Chinese Literary & Chinese History Club       Ø Putonghua Club
 Ø Computer Club                                 Ø Science Club
 Ø English Society                               Ø Social Sciences Club
 Ø Mathematics Society
 Cultural Activities
 Ø 演說及辯論小組                                       Ø   English Debating Society
 Ø Chinese Drama Club                            Ø   English Drama Club
 Ø Chinese Operatic Singing Group                Ø   Home Economics Club
 Ø Ecology & Health Club                         Ø   Visual Arts Club
 Music Activities
 Ø Music Society                                 Ø 13 Instrumental Classes for playing
 Ø SPSS Choir                                      different musical instruments.
 Ø SPSS Orchestra
 Sports Activities
 Ø Athletics Club                                Ø   Rope Skipping Society
 Ø Badminton Club                                Ø   Swimming Club
 Ø Basketball Club                               Ø   Table Tennis Club
 Ø Dance Club                                    Ø   Volleyball Club
 Service & Leadership
 Ø AYP (Awards of Young People)                  Ø Sister School Scheme
 Ø CYC (Community Youth Club)                    Ø Social Service Society

                                             6       School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
  Ø Girl Guides                                    Ø St. John Nursing Cadet
  Ø Road Safety Patrol                             Ø Z Club
  Ø Prefect Board                                  Ø Student Librarian Society
  Ø Peer Group Counselling Team                    Ø Student Moral Education Group
  Ø Student Civic Education Team
  Ø Editorial Board (for the publication of the School Magazine)
  Ø Paulinian Spectrum (for the publication of the School Newspaper)
  Religious Activities
  Ø Legion of Mary                                 Ø Mass Liturgy Group
    China Praesidium,
    Miraculous Medal Praesidium                    Ø Young Friends of St. Paul

    The numerous programmes and life-wide learning activities organized by different
subject departments / clubs or teams to meet the diverse needs and interests of the students
had been evaluated and reported separately and also in the Annual Report on the Use of
Capacity Enhancement Grant and Report on the use of Additional Time-Limited Funding of
Capacity Enhancement Grant. (Please refer to the school webpage.)

School Theme in 2006-2007 :          Local Mission, Global Vision
   The School Theme was achieved through carrying out the strategies stated in the two
major concerns. Throughout the year, various activities within and outside school were
organized in different areas of learning experiences, namely Service, Moral and Civic
Education, Career-related activities, Music and Aesthetic activities, Physical Education,
Subject-related activities and Leadership training. From the school survey, among the above
mentioned learning experiences, over 75% of the students agreed that Physical Education,
Rope-skipping, Sports Day, inter- and intra-school competitions, and Leadership training
programmes were the most effective in arousing their awareness in “Local Mission”.
Consistent results could be found in a similar survey of the teachers. In addition, in ranking
students' preferences of their local mission, “setting goals for life and working hard to
achieve them”, and “loving your neighbours” were the top two priorities. This showed that
our students were always striving for excellence and caring for others.

    In broadening students’ “Global Vision”, Subject-related activities and Moral and Civic
Education were most effective in both the eyes of the students and teachers as reflected by
the school survey. To sum up, the activities among students’ learning experience
complement each other and successfully promoted the school theme. Consequently,
students’ awareness of global issues was enhanced in different aspects.

                                               7      School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
Major Concerns in 2006-2007 :
   The annual school plan of the year aimed at addressing the following:
(1) To consolidate high-order thinking through Habits of Mind
(2) To strengthen collaborative teaching and learning for sharing educational excellence
    within and outside school

1. Consolidation of high-order thinking through Habits of Mind

    The 16 Habits of Mind (HOM) have been introduced to our school for four years. In
December 2006, an Advanced HOM workshop for teachers was conducted to empower
teachers' skills of applying it to teaching. These HOM were incorporated into both the
formal and hidden curriculum by the different departments and teams. The school survey
reflected that both students and teachers were competent in applying the HOM to their
learning and teaching.

   School-based curriculum was implemented by various departments such as English,
Family Life Education, History and Liberal Studies to train the high-order thinking skills.
Challenging questions were then posed in lessons, tests and examinations to ensure that
students could exercise these skills. Other strategies such as relating the curriculum to
current affairs also helped to serve the purpose. Integrated Science, Biology, Religious
Studies, and Economics Departments agreed that students’ high order thinking skills were
consolidated through analyzing and commenting on current issues.

    Outside classroom, a series of life-wide learning activities aimed at enhancing our
students’ thinking and generic skills were scheduled to achieve the major concerns. Other
extra-curricular activities also provided opportunities for students to apply and consolidate
the acquired skills

2. Strengthen collaborative teaching and learning

    To encourage students to learn through collaboration, class-based activities are often
conducted. To extend students’ collaborative learning experience beyond classrooms,
club/society activities, intra- and inter-school competitions were also held. In addition, the
activities considered most effective including: learning through inter-class activities, the
Annual Verse and Play Competition, Debate competitions, Jump Rope for the Heart,
Painting on Fabrics, as these activities provided authentic problem-solving tasks for learners
to work as a team. On the whole, collaboration was progressing at school through the
different learning opportunities. Although the school survey showed that students discussed
with their classmates to share what they had learnt in class, a mature collaborative learning
environment was not always observable in all school occasions, and therefore was yet to be

                                               8     School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
     A framework of collaboration and peer lesson observation was implemented for
different Key Learning Areas to enhance intra- and inter-departmental communication. All
teaching staff and departments were involved to meet frequently throughout the year. Most
teachers found the arrangement satisfactory and agreed that they had learnt from each other.
Hence, the goal of sharing experience to improve learning and teaching was achieved.

     From the peer lesson observations in 2006-2007, the foci mainly fell in the five major
aspects, namely teaching strategies, teaching materials, learner differences, teacher-student
interaction, and assessment. The majority of our colleagues agreed that peer lesson
observation was productive and they had new insights into different teaching pedagogies
and styles. They were more introspective and reflective of their own teaching. Hence, the
culture of collaboration will continue to be fostered in the coming year.

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
     The bond of cooperation between home and school is one of the key elements of
student education. Many parents showed their continuous effort through participating in a
number of school functions, namely Annual Sports Day, Speech Day, Students’ Reflection
Day, Famine Lunch, Parents’ Workshops and Verse & Play Competition. Apart from active
participation of school activities, parents also played a vital role in school development. Part
of the fund raised from the variety show, “Paulinian Sparkle”, in 2006, was used to launch
the Campus TV in November of the same year to facilitate students’ learning. In addition,
the Parent-Teacher Association organized a cooking demonstration class at the Towngas
Cooking Centre, aimed at enhancing parent-daughter relationship.

The Past Students Association
     The Past Students Association continued to give support to the school with donations to
the publication fund, awards and a scholarship to students who excelled in their respective
services and extra-curricular activities. A number of past students came and share their
professional life and working experiences in the career talks for our senior form students.
The new committee members also participated in school activities like Speech Day, St.
Paul’s Day, and Christmas celebration actively to establish our close linkage and
harmonious relationship.

Future Direction – Major Concerns for 2007-2008
A. To enhance students’ motivation and learning effectiveness so as to foster a
   high-achieving school culture.
B. To pursue a culture of collaborative learning and teaching among students and

                                                 9    School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
                                                                                                 Results of Public Examinations 2006-2007

                                             HKCEE Result
                                            香港中學會考成績 2007
97.5% of SPSS F.5 students passed in at least 5 subjects


      Pass %






                                                                                                                                                                                                                A. Math

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Prin of Accts

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Visual Arts
                                                          Chin Lang

                                                                           Eng Lang

                                                                                                          Lit in Eng



                                                                                                                                                                         Rel Stud

                                                                                          Chin Lit

                                                                                                                            Chin Hist


                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Compu & IT

                                           Passing % of SPSS F.5 students                                                                  Average passing % of all students in H. K.

                  The average passing rates of the core subjects of SPSS F.5 students in 2007 :
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Passing in at
                                                                                 Chin. Lang.                                                     Eng. Lang.                                Maths.
                                            2007                                                                                                                                                                  least 5 subjects
                                                                                       97.5%                                                        100%                                   98.1%                           97.5%

                                            HKCEE Result
                                            香港中學會考成績 2007
Percentage of SPSS students awarded Grade C or above
  % of Students Awarded Grade C or above





                                                    Chin Lang

                                                                      Eng Lang

                                                                                                     Lit in Eng



                                                                                                                                                                      Rel Stud



                                                                                                                                                                                                                A. Math
                                                                                      Chin Lit

                                                                                                                       Chin Hist


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Prin of

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Visual Arts
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Compu & IT


                   % of SPSS F.5 students awarded grade C or above                                                                                                 % of all students in H.K. awarded grade C or above

                                                                                                                                                                    10              School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
    HKAL Exam. Result
    高級程度會考成績 2007
The passing rate for SPSS students in at least 2 AL or 1AL+2AS subjects is 97.6%

  Pass %













                                                                                            is t

                                                                                                                               is t






















                  Passing % of SPSS F.7 students                                                              Average passing % of all students in H. K.

     HKAL Exam. Result
    高級程度會考成績 2007
Percentage of SPSS students awarded Grade C or above.
      % of Students Awarded Grade C or above
































                                                        % of SPSS F.7 students awarded grade C or above                                         % of all students in H. K. awarded grade C or above

                                                                                                                                  11       School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
Number of graduate students in the following destination categories
Early Admission to University
Name of student HKCEE (2006)      University Course                 University (Sept. 07)
  Jennifer Hui         7A 2B  School of Pharmacy                    CUHK
 Fiona Leung           6A 3B  Faculty of Law                        HKU

 Total number of Form 5 students in 2006/2007 = 161                           06/07
 Form 6 course                                                                 108
 Form 5 course                                                                  3
 Local full-time post-secondary/vocational training course                     16
 Overseas studies                                                              32
 Full-time employment                                                           0
 Others                                                                         2

 Total number of Form 7 students in 2006/2007 = 84                            06/07
 Local university course                                                       54
 Form 7 course                                                                  0
 Local full-time post-secondary/vocational training course                     21
 Oversea studies                                                                7
 Full-time employment                                                           0
 Others                                                                         2

                                              12    School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
                      ACADEMIC AWARDS
             Rev. Sr. Mary Patrick Campbell Memorial Awards
                        First in Class (2006-2007)
            Yolande Cheung          (4A1)              Wisdom Mak           (2A)
            Yanmmy Tang             (4A2)              Katy Li              (2B)
            Amy Shu                 (4A3)              Gigi Lee             (2C)
            Lily Cheng              (4S1)              Kathleen Leung       (2D)
            Whitney Too             (4S2)              Alison Ho            (2E)

            Anna Fung               (3A)               Ashley Cheung        (1A)
            Agnes Cheung            (3B)               Melody Cheung        (1B)
            Rachel Tsui             (3C)               Amanda Lai           (1C)
            Sydnee Cheung           (3D)               Natalie Leung        (1D)
            Mina Li                 (3E)               Cynthia Chin         (1E)

Best in English Language :          Regine Loo          (4S2)       Shao-yi Chan      (3A)
                                    Mary Lam            (3A)
Best in Chinese Language :          Yanmmy Tang         (4A2)       Anna Fung         (3A)
Best in Religious Studies :         Florence Chan       (4S2)       Katy Li           (3A)
                                    Agnes Cheung        (3B)
Best in Form 5 Science Stream :     Jean Cheng          (5S2)
Best in Form 5 Arts Stream :        Judith Shiu         (5A2)
Best in Form 7 :                    Bonnie Chau         (7AS)

                        Sr. Pierre de Marie’s Shield
         Best Student in Form 4 :                      Lily Cheng       (4S1)

           Mrs. Ruby POON Law Mei Wah Memorial Shield
         Best Performance in Mathematics :             Jean Cheng       (5S2)

                                  SPSS Shield
         Best Performance in Mathematics :             Shirley Ng      (5S1)

                                            13   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
            Mrs. NG Sun King Man Memorial Scholarships
       for Improvement in Chinese Language :          Zoe Tang        (3C)
       for Improvement in Chinese History :           Anna Lam        (5A1)

                 Ms. Esther Tsu Memorial Scholarships
Awarded to Current SPSS F.6 Students Who Achieved Excellent Results in HKCEE
       Stephanie Lam (5A1)       Shirley Ng (5S1)     Jean Cheng      (5S2)

                  Ms. Esther Tsu Memorial Scholarship
     Awarded to SPSS F.7 Student Who Achieved Excellent Results in HKALE
                    Bonnie Chau                       (7AS)

        Rev. Sr. Mary Patrick Campbell Memorial Scholarships
                          for Catholic Action
                Denise Tsang    (6AS)         Karen Ng        (6AA)
                Catherine Tse   (6AA)         Ava Wong        (6AA)
                Anita Lam       (6B)

                 Mr. Chau Chun Pong Memorial Shield
          Awarded to the Editors of School Newspaper (Chinese Section)
             Irene Ho            (5A1)        Christie Chow      (5A1)

                            Paulinian Gold Award
                        Sheron Au                   (6AA)
                        Karen Ng                    (6AA)
                        Ava Wong                    (6AA)

                         Paulinian Diamond Award
                        Sandy Lee                   (7AS)
                        Denise Tsang                (6AS)
                        Catherine Tse               (6AA)

                                         14    School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
                   Past Students Association Awards
 Art                                    -    Natelie Wong            (4A1)
 Photography                            -    Natelie Wong            (4A1)
 Sports                                 -    Joanne Siu              (5S2)
     25th Island Girl Guides Company    -    Erica Cheung            (6B)
     Road Safety Patrol                 -    Candy Au Yeung          (6AA)
     Social Service Society             -    Vivien Wong             (4S2)
     SPSS St. John Nursing Cadet        -    Gloria Li               (6AS)
     Peer Group Counselling             -    Wendy Luk               (4A1)

                          Paulinian Scholarship
        Awarded for Excellent Performance and Contribution in English
                      Bonnie Chau            (7AS)

             Paulinians Alumnae (Toronto) Scholarships
Awarded to the Editor-in-chief of the School Magazine :     Janet Pang       (6AS)
Awarded to the Vice-Head Prefect :                          Catherine Tse    (6AA)

      Past Students Association Scholarship & Paulinian Cup
         Awarded for Excellent Leadership and Service as Head Prefect
                      Denise Tsang           (6AS)

                                        15   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
Paper Aeroplane Flying Competition
Organized by Science Club
Furthest Distance :
Champion                      Tracy Jor (4S2)         Pinki Li (4S2)
1st Runner-up                 Lian Siu (1A)           Yuki Tan (1A)
2nd Runner-up                 Fiona Chan (1D)         Zoe Li (1D)
Overall Design :              Lian Siu (1A)           Yuki Tan (1A)
Creativity Award :            Lian Siu (1A)           Yuki Tan (1A)

Energy Saving Project
Organized by Science Club
Most Outstanding Award :
Aliki Au (1A)       Amy Cheung (1A)       Helen Cheung (1A)     Chantelle Hsueh (1A)
Rachel Lam (1A)     Winnie So (1A)        Cynthia Chin (1E)     Sarah Poon (1E)

Chinese Character Typing Competition
Organized by Computer Club
Champion        :   Jessie Yau (3C)
1 Runner-up     :   Sumkie Liu (6AS)
2 Runner-up     :   Winnie Ng (6B)

Essay Writing Competition (English)
Organized by the Discipline Committee and the Department of English
  3A :    Natalie Kung          Vincci Lau              Catherine Lee
  3B :    Gabby Chow            Amina Yam               Anne Yeung
  3C :    April Chan            Pauline Chuan           Stella Wong
  3D :    Karen Choi            Sophie Lo               Crystal Wong
  3E :    Cheryl Lam            Vanessa Lee             Eileen Yu

Essay Writing Competition (Chinese)
Organized by the Discipline Committee and the Department of Chinese Language &
Winners :
 5A1 :     Jane Wong
 5A2 :     Crystal Chui
 5A3 :     Natalie Ng
  5S1 :    Joey Leung
  5S2 :    Sherline Yeung

                                            16   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
Mathematics Carnival
Organized by Mathematics Society
                          Champion              1st Runner-up        2nd Runner-up
Form 1                       1A                       1B                  1C
Form 2                       2A                       2B                  2D

Maths Quiz
Organized by Mathematics Society
                          Champion              1st Runner-up        2nd Runner-up
Form 1                       1A                       1C                 1B, 1D
Form 2                       2A                     2B, 2D                 2E
Form 3                       3A                       3B                   3C

Monthly Quiz
Organized by Mathematics Society
Individual Awards : Senior Section :        Carmen Ho (6AS)
                                            Maria-Angela Lee (6AS)
                                            Sumkie Liu (6AS)
                    Junior Section :        Cherry Chan (1A)
                                            Stephanie Cheung (1A)
                                            Beatrice Yu (1A)
Best Classes :      Senior Section :        4S2
                    Junior Section :        1A

D. I. Y. Competition 07 "Bring Your Own Bag"
Organized by Home Economics Club
 The Most Environmentally Friendly Award          1C       Joyce Lo
 The Best Workmanship Award                       3C       Leona Sham
 Champion                                         1D       Zoe Li
 1st Runner up                                    2C       Gigi Lee
 Merit                                            1A       Emmy Chiu, Natalie Kon
                                                  2C       Joyce Leung
                                                  3C       Karen Li

China-Today Quiz
Organized by Civic Education Team
Most Outstanding Award :
Serena Chan (1B)     Vivian Lai (1B)       Frances Li (1C)        Edith Law (1D)

                                           17     School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
                        Paulinian Award Scheme 2006-2007
    The aim of the scheme is to promote a sense of belonging and a strong Paulinian spirit
among the students. It is designed to acknowledge the students’ personal achievements and
to encourage active participation in extra-curricular activities throughout their secondary
schooling. The students are given different awards according to the points they have
accumulated through the years.

Paulinian Diamond Award :      Catherine Tse (6AA), Denise Tsang (6AS), Sandy Lee (7AS)
Paulinian Gold Award :         Sheron Au (6AA), Karen Ng (6AA), Ava Wong (6AA)

Paulinian Silver Award :
    Queenie Lam (2A)            Wisdom Mak (2A)               Arica Chan (3A)
    Michelle Cheung (3A)        Olivia Cheung (3A)            Anna Fung (3A)
    Gloria Kwok (3A)            Jacqueline Lai (3A)           Mary Lam (3A)
    Jean Li (3A)                Brigette Kwok (3B)            Susana Cheng (4A1)
    Wendy Luk (4A1)             Phyllis Yeung (4A1)           Rosa Chan (4A2)
    Hyris Ma (4A2)              Yvonne Law (4A3)              Janet Chan (4S1)
    Kristy Chau (4S1)           Gillian Lam (4S1)             Kraman Lam (4S1)
    Judy Lee (4S1)              Kitty Wong (4S1)              Elaine Chan (4S2)
    Sally Cheung (4S2)          Alexis Chu (4S2)              Clarie Lee (4S2)
    Regine Loo (4S2)            Nora Ng (4S2)                 Whitney Too (4S2)
    Sally Tsang (4S2)           Brittany Wong (4S2)           Zoe Wu (4S2)
    Tammy Lai (5A2)             Judith Shiu (5A2)             Lorraine Chiu (5S2)
    Cherie Ho (5S2)             Kathy Lee (5S2)               Chloe Ng (5S2)
    Miranda Wong (5S2)          Sherline Yeung (5S2)          Cheryl Chong (6AA)
    Kelly Chung (6AA)           Cherry Kwok (6AA)             Serena Lam (6AA)
    Emily Lau (6AA)             Carol Ng (6AA)                Scarlett Ng (6AA)
    Cherrie Sze (6AA)           Tina Tsang (6AA)              Eva Wong (6AA)
    Winsy Yiu (6AA)             Theodora Chan (6AS)           Suki Hong (6AS)
    Sabrina Kwong (6AS)         Fiona Leung (6AS)             Ivy Leung (6AS)
    Kitty Leung (6AS)           Gloria Li (6AS)               Sumkie Liu (6AS)
    Joanna Lo (6AS)             Janet Pang (6AS)              Joyce Wong (6AS)
    Jessie Chan (6B)            Nadia Hui (6B)                Vivian Kwan (6B)
    Cheryl Poon (6B)            Alison Wong (6B)              Ophelia Wu (6B)
    Cindia Chan (7AA)           Peggy Yeung (7AA)             Sally Lau (7B)

                                                 18   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
Paulinian Bronze Award :
   Kalinda Au (2A)         Kitty Au Yeung (2A)           Heidi Cheung (2A)
   Kelly Cheung (2A)       Angela Chow (2A)              Edith Ho (2A)
   Giselle Ho (2A)         Angela Lai (2A)               Nathalie Lam (2A)
   Ava Law (2A)            Vivian Lee (2A)               Yiki Leung (2A)
   Stephanie Mak (2A)      Yvonne Puk (2A)               Cici Tam (2A)
   Jessalyn Teoh (2A)      Angela Tsui (2A)              Angela Wong (2A)
   Eva Wong (2A)           Jessica Wong (2A)             Wenny Yiu (2A)
   Cynthia Chan (2B)       Angel Cheng (2B)              Eunice Cheung (2B)
   Margie Cheung (2B)      Kumiko Chiu (2B)              Hazel Chung (2B)
   Vivian Hui (2B)         Antonia Lai (2B)              Janet Lam (2B)
   Gladys Li (2B)          Katy Li (2B)                  Teresa Li (2B)
   Bonnie Lo (2B)          Helen Tam (2B)                Louise Wong (2B)
   Jenny Yau (2B)          Leonie Fung (2C)              Vanessa Law (2C)
   Carmen Ng (2C)          Theodora Tang (2C)            Jessica Cheng (2D)
   Alice Chung (2D)        Joanne Hong (2D)              Natalie Kwan (2D)
   Lily Lau (2D)           Bronze Li (2D)                Jenny Wong (2D)
   Chloe Koo (2E)          Jasmine Leung (2E)            Rachel Ng (2E)
   Yan Tsui (2E)           Mimi Chan (3A)                Shao-yi Chan (3A)
   Ruby Chang (3A)         Kitty Ku (3A)                 Natalie Kung (3A)
   Cecilia Kwan (3A)       Jenny Kwan (3A)               Sharmaine Kwan (3A)
   Cherry Lai (3A)         Vincci Lau (3A)               Angie Lee (3A)
   Eva Lee (3A)            Sendy Leung (3A)              Sharon Leung (3A)
   Krystal Luk (3A)        Sharon Rodrigues (3A)         Hilton Tai (3A)
   April Tang (3A)         Winkie Tsai (3A)              Fiona Wong (3A)
   Carol Yam (3A)          Serene Yip (3A)               Celia Yu (3A)
   Yinky Chan (3B)         Kelly Cheng (3B)              Shaliman Cheung (3B)
   Mickie Choi (3B)        Gabby Chow (3B)               Kitty Kwan (3B)
   Apple Lam (3B)          Candy Lam (3B)                Jojo Lau (3B)
   Theodora Li (3B)        Charmaine Tang (3B)           Cora Tsang (3B)
   Viola Wong (3B)         Amina Yam (3B)                April Chan (3C)
   Cherry Cheng (3C)       Melvina Cheng (3C)            Pauline Chuan (3C)
   Dami Dao (3C)           Kate Lam (3C)                 Katherine Law (3C)
   Emily Leung (3C)        Queeny Liu (3C)               Stella Liu (3C)
   Leona Sham (3C)         Henni Tso (3C)                Rachel Tsui (3C)
   Chloe Wan (3C)          Denise Chan (3D)              Sydnee Cheung (3D)
   Priscilla Ho (3D)       Samantha Ho (3D)              Wins Kwan (3D)
   Sophie Lo (3D)          Phoebe Ng (3D)                Nikki Yuen (3D)
   Christy Cheng (3E)      Emily Choi (3E)               Cheryl Lam (3E)

                                            19   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
   Ellen Lee (3E)             Vanessa Lee (3E)              Mina Li (3E)
   Kitty Tsang (3E)           Ruby Cheng (4A1)              Jamie Ho (4A1)
   Crystal Lam (4A1)          Annie Li (4A1)                Phoebe Li (4A1)
   Vivien Li (4A1)            Dilys Ng (4A1)                Vivien So (4A1)
   Jasmine Tam (4A1)          Cathy Wong (4A1)              Janice Chau (4A2)
   Cristal Cheng (4A2)        Christine Chung (4A2)         Coniko Kung (4A2)
   Elaine Lam (4A2)           Cicely Leung (4A2)            Michelle Yeung (4A2)
   Patsy Wong (4A3)           Bernice Cheung (4S1)          Vennie Chiu (4S1)
   Fiona Chow (4S1)           Clara Kwong (4S1)             Janice Lee (4S1)
   Angel Li (4S1)             Bonnie Liu (4S1)              Hazel Suen (4S1)
   Coco Wong (4S1)            Amanda Young (4S1)            Joanna Chan (4S2)
   Heidi Cheng (4S2)          Camary Lau (4S2)              Cynthia Lee (4S2)
   Patricia Lee (4S2)         Wendy Ma (4S2)                Tiffany Wu (4S2)
   Tiffany Ching (5A1)        Amy Ng (5A3)                  Sally Suen (5A3)
   Kitty Choi (5S1)           Winnie Chow (5S1)             Victoria Kwong (5S1)
   Cynthia Shiu (5S1)         Maggie Wong (5S1)             Stephanie Cheung (5S2)
   Irmina Ng (5S2)            Stella Chen (6AA)             Betty Chu (6AA)
   Vienna Ha (6AA)            Grace Cheng (6AS)             Carmen Ho (6AS)
   Angela Lee (6AS)           Lilian Chan (6B)              Agnes Lui (6B)
   Anson Tam (6B)             Krystal Yeung (6B)

                      Civic & Moral Education / Service
Outstanding Service Awarded
Organized by Social Service Society
Anita Yuen (5A1)      Joanna Lee (5S1)     Vickie Ma (5S2)
Scarlet Cheng (7AS) Joyce Li (7AS)         Sophine Chan (7B)        Steffi Li (7B)

Volunteer Training Program
Jointly organized by YMCA and Social Service Society
Certificate of Completion :
Angel Chan (3B)             Yinky Chan (3B)   Shaliman Cheung (3B)         Grace Han (3B)
Sally Ngai (3B)             Amina Yam (3B)    Anne Yeung (3B)              Lorraine Lau (3C)
Stella Liu (3C)             Chloe Wan (3C)    Susana Cheung (4A1)          Jane Hung (4A1)
Annie Li (4A1)              Tinny Ma (4A1)    Vivien So (4A1)              Yvonne Law (4A3)
Janet Chan (4S1)            Yvonne Fung (4S1) Angel Li (4S1)               Vivien Cheng (4S2)
Maria-Angela Lee (6AS) Wing Mak (6AS)

                                               20   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
Singing Contest
Organized by Music Society
              Champion :                1st Runner-up :        2nd Runner-up :
Junior Solo - Ashley Cheung (1A)        Aiko Yeung (4A1)       Cherry Ng (3A)
Senior Solo - Cherie Ho (5S2)           Catherine Tse (6AA)    Angela Yuen (7AA)
Duet -        Queenie Lam (2A),         Cheey Sze (5S2),       Dilys Ng (4A1), April
              Phoebe Wong (2D)          Tiffany Ching (5A1)    Sung (4A1)
Group -       2A                        3A                     3E
Junior Form’s Inter-class Singing Contest
Co-organized by Music Society and Discipline Team
               Theme:                                                  Winner
  Form 1 :     Don’t Laugh at me                                        1D
  Form 2 :     Don’t Laugh at me                                        2A
  Form 3 :     Don’t Laugh at me                                       3A, 3E

                                     Visual Arts
Sports Day Photo Competition
Organized by the Moral Education Team
Champion         :   Jasmine Pun (1D)
1 Runner-up      :   Elaine Lam (4A2)      Ruby Lam (6AA)
2 Runner-up      :   Jean Cheng (5S2)

Inspirational Photo Contest
Organized by Visual Arts Club
                        Champion             1st Runner-up          2nd Runner-up
 Division 1 :     Helen Tang (2C)        Chelsea Leung (1E)     Vivian Lam (3D)
 Junior Section :
 Senior Section : Cheryl Chong (6AA)     Natalie Wong (4A1)     Winnie Yim (6B)
 Division 2 :     Zeo Leung (1A)         Angela Wong (2A)       Gladys Ho (3B)
 Junior Section :                                               Vivian Li (3B)
 Senior Section : Angela Ma (5S2)        Natalie Wong (4A1)     Victoria Kwong (5S1)

Colours on Umbrellas
Organized by Visual Arts Club
                        Champion :          1st Runner-up :      2nd Runner-up :
Senior Section                6AS                6AA, 4A3                3E
Junior Section                 2E                   2B                   1E

                                            21   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
                              Speech and Drama
Annual Verse & Play Competition 2007
Organized by English Department
Form 1 Choral Speaking :
Champion :                        1C     -    Perhaps Love, Perhaps Hatred
1st Runner-up :                   1E     -    The Car Trip
Form 2 Plays :
Champion :                        2C     - I’ve Never Thought
1st Runner-up :                   2E     - Once Upon a Fairy Tale
Best Rendition :                  2D     - If You Could See Me Now
Most Resourceful Award :          2A     - The Day After Tomorrow
Best Stage Effect :               2B     - Fearful Symmetry
Best Supporting Actress :          -    Wendy Yiu (2A)
Best Actress :                     -    Angel Churk (2C)
Form 3 Plays :
Champion :                        3B      - Passion for Your Dream
Runners-up :                      3D      - My Fair Lady
                                  3E      - Farewell, Romeo and Juliet
Best Rendition Award :            3A      - A Christmas Carol
                                  3C      - Four Legs Good
Most Resourceful Award :          3E      - Farewell, Romeo and Juliet
Best Stage Effect :               3B      - Passion for Your Dream
Best Supporting Actresses :        -    Jojo Lai (3B), Ruby Chow (3C)
Best Actresses :                   -    Icee Li (3E), Anne Yeung (3B)
English Public Speaking Competition
Organized by English Debating Society
Form 1 :    Champion :          Tanya Cheng (1B)
            1 Runner-up :       Chantelle Hsuen (1A)
            2 Runner-up :       Billie Ho (1C)
Form 2 :    Champion :          Tenna Tse (2A)
            1 Runner-up :       Angela Chow (2A)
                                Alyson Dawn Lam (2C)
Form 3 :    Champion :          Carey Wong (3A)
                                Mary Lam (3A)
                                Sharon Mak (3D)

Inter-class Debating Competition
Organized by English Debating Society
Winning team     :   4S2
Best Debater     :   Regine Loo (4S2)

                                             22   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
初級組 :  冠軍           -   簡濼銦   (1D)
       亞軍           -   薛采彤   (1A)
       季軍           -   梁曦韻   (1D)
高級組 :  冠軍           -   黃芷敏   6AA)
       亞軍           -   黃秀莉   (7AA)
       季軍           -   陳寶如   (7AA)

冠軍  : 謝嘉凝 (2A)
亞軍  : 林胤孜 (2A)
季軍  : 成敏 (2B)                徐希文 (2D)

冠軍  : 4A1
亞軍  : 4A2
最佳辯論員獎 (一次)             :    楊寶欣 (4A1)        李蕙賢 (4A1)       徐瑞英 (4A3)
最佳辯論員獎 (二次)             :    何慧詩 (4A2)        李麗明 (4S2)
冠軍  : 謝嘉凝 (2A)
亞軍  : 林胤孜 (2A)
季軍  : 成敏 (2B)                徐希文 (2D)

Sports Day Results :                    A Grade                    B Grade
   100M      Champion           Joanne Siu (5S2)           Fiona Wu (3B)
             1st Runner-up      Karen Yuen (5S1)           Gloria Man (3E)
             2nd Runner-up      Rosaline Kwan (4A3)        Grace Wong (1A)
   200M      Champion           Joanne Siu (5S2)           Bronze Li (2D)
             1st Runner-up      Zoe Wu (4S2)               Joanne Hong (2D)
             2nd Runner-up      Karen Lee (5S2)            Hayee Lam (1E)
   400M      Champion           Ruby Siu (5S2)             Gloria Man (3E)
             1st Runner-up      Karen Lee (5S2)            Janet Lam (2B)
             2nd Runner-up      Suki Hong (6AS)            Zoe Lai (1D)
   800M      Champion           Alison Wong (6B)           Angela Tsui (2A)
             1st Runner-up      Tiffany Wu (4S2)           Bronze Li (2D)

                                         23    School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
                  2nd Runner-up     Joanna Lam (7AA)        Brigette Kwok (3B)
    60M           Champion                      -           Fiona Wu (3B)
                  1st Runner-up                 -           Gladys Lee (1D)
                  2nd Runner-up                 -           Joanne Hong (2D)
   Javelin        Champion          Coco Yeung (4S1)                    -
                  1st Runner-up     Janice Ho (6AS)                     -
                  2nd Runner-up     Clara Kwong (4S1)                   -
   Discus         Champion          Scarlet Cheng (7AS)                 -
                  1st Runner-up     Anna Siu (5S2)                      -
                  2nd Runner-up     Ruby Siu (5S2)                      -
  Softball        Champion                      -           Janet Lam (2B)
                  1st Runner-up                 -           Brigette Kwok (3B)
                  2nd Runner-up                 -           Vivian Lam (3B)
  Shot Put        Champion          Crystal Wong (7B)       Janet Chan (2D)
                  1st Runner-up     Kate Wan (5A2)          Coby Yeung (1B)
                  2nd Runner-up     Coco Yeung (4S1)        Claire Wong (3D)
 Long Jump        Champion          Sabrina Kwong (6AS)     Phoebe Wu (3D)
                  1st Runner-up     Maggie Wong (5S1)       Clara Cheung (3C)
                  2nd Runner-up     Winnie Yeung (7AS)      Heidi Cheung (1A)
 High Jump        Champion          Janice Yung (5S1)       Clara Cheung (3C)
                  1st Runner-up     Tammy Chu (4S2)         Nikki Yuen (3D)
                  2nd Runner-up     Ruby Cheng (6B)         Angel Chan(3B)
  4x100M          Champion          5S2                     3D
                  1st Runner-up     7AS                     3B
                  2nd Runner-up     4S2                     2D
 Cheering         United            Form 6                  1A, 3A
Competition       Environmentally   5A1                     1D,3B
                  Creative          4A1, 7AA                2A
                  Resourceful       4A2, 5S2                2B
                  Enthusiastic      5A3                     2E, 3D

Overall Results
Champion            :   5S2
1st Runner-up       :   3B
2nd Runner-up       :   3D

Sports Quiz
Organized by Sports Council
Champion         :   1A
1 Runner-up      :   2C
2 Runner-up      :   3B

                                           24   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
Inter-class Rope Skipping Competition 2006-2007
Organized by Rope Skipping Society and P.E. Department
Single Rope Skipping Competition :
                                  Champion                 Record
Senior Section :            Shirley Cheung (7AS)     172 jumps per minute
Junior Section :            Alice Chan (2A)          214 jumps per minute
The Fastest 1-minute Single Rope Skipping School Record : 229
Record holder    : Winnie Tam (4A2, 2004/2005)
Inter-class Rope Skipping Competition :
                               Champion           1st Runner-up     2nd Runner-up
Senior Section :                    3E                 4S2               5A2
Junior Section :                    2D                  1A                1E
Merit Price :                    3A, 3D
Overall Champion :                  3E

Badminton Internal Match
Organized by Badminton Club
Champion        :   Janet Chan (2D)
1 Runner-up     :   Euchine Ng (1A)
2 Runner-up     :   Stephanie Chan (1D)           Jackie Yim (1A)

Table Tennis Student-Staff Friendly Match
Organized by Table Tennis Club
Champion         :   Lian Siu (1A)
1 Runner-up      :   Vingi Chan (1A)        Bonnie Cheng (1C)

Discipline Awards
Organized by Discipline Committee
                                                            Junior         Senior
                                                            Section        Section
1st Best Behaviour Award nominated by teachers :              1A            6AA
1st Best Behaviour Award nominated by school prefects :       1B            4A3
1st Most Outstanding Uniform Award :                          1D          5A2, 6B
1st Punctuality Award :                                    1C, 1D           6AA
2nd Best Behaviour Award nominated by teachers :              1B            6AS
2nd Best Behaviour Award nominated by school prefects :       3B            4A1
2nd Most Outstanding Uniform Award :                      1A, 1B, 3E      4S1, 6AS
2nd Punctuality Award :                                       1D            6AS

                                             25    School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
Careers Quiz for Forms 1, 2 & 3
Organized by Careers Team
Highest Score (17 out of 18 questions):
Cherry Chan (1A)       Serena Chan (1B)    Sharon Kwan (1C)         Heidi Cheung (2A)
Rachel Chui (2A)       Gloria Lai (2A)     Nathalie Lam (2A)        Queenie Lam (2A)
Alice Luk (2A)         Polly Sit (2A)      Gladys Ho (3B)           Brigette Kwok (3B)
Cherry Sy (3B)         Paulina Ho (3B)     Yoyo Ho (3C)             Tomomi Lau (3C)
Katherine Law (3C) Henni Tso (3C)          Pui Leung (3E)

Careers Quiz for Forms 4 & 5
Organized by Careers Team
Highest Score :          Tammy Lai (5A2)              Emily Wong (5A2)
                         Cynthia Shiu (5S1)
100% Participation :     4S1                          4S2
                         5A1                          5A2

Careers Board Decoration Competition (2006-07)
Organized by Careers Team
              Theme:                                                      Winner
  Form 1 :    Compare the distribution of your ideal jobs of               1B
              your class with the real job distribution
  Form 2 :    Compare the distribution of your ideal jobs of                2A
              your class with the real job distribution
  Form 3 :    Choosing between the Arts and Science Streams                 3A

Outstanding Reflection Essays on “A Unique Schooling”
Junior Section :
1A       Alki Au            Cherry Chan            Penoy Chow         Chantelle Hsueh
         Rachel Lam         Zeo Leung              Pearl Zhang
1B       Tanya Cheng        Ronnie Hung            Edly Wai           Amy Wong
         Angie Wong         Yami Yeung
1D       Gladys Chan        Rigi Chan              Jeanie Ko          Emily Lam
         Veronica Lam       Michelle Liu           Michelle Wong
1E       Angela Cheung      Cynthia Chin           Hayee Lam          Hermes Leung
         Sarah Poon         Melody Wong
2B       Angel Cheng
2C       Linda Fong         Eunice Wong
2D       Janet Chu
3A       Natalie Kung       Tracy Lee        Jean Li
3B       Yinky Chan         Sharliman Cheung Anne Li                  Sally Ngai
         Amina Yam

                                              26    School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
3C       Cherry Cheng    Katherine Law        Queeny Liu         Jennie To
         Henni Tso       Rachel Tsui          Jessie Yau
Senior Section :
4A1      Vivien So       Florence Yu
4A2      Sonia Ham       Elaine Lam           Maggie Lau         Stephanie Leung
4S1      Lily Cheng
4S2      Angel Au        Elaine Chan          Florence Chan      Sally Cheung
         Clarie Lee      Cynthia Lee          Jean Wong
6AS      Hemine Lee      Fiona Leung          Ivy Leung          Janet Pang
         Michelle Tang   Denise Tsang         Joyce Wong
        6B               Winnie Ng            Krystal Yeung

                                         27    School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarships
Organized by Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Council
Catharine Lau (7AS)

Rev. Joseph Carra Memorial Education Grants
Organized by Rev. Joseph Carra Education Fund Limited
Emily Lau (6AA)

Hong Kong Bar Association Inter-school Debating Competition
Organized by Hong Kong Bar Association
Best Debater – Regine Loo (4S2)

語文教育及研究常務委員會 – 2006 年普通話推廣活動
最積極推廣普通話學校大獎 : 聖保祿中學

The 1st Liberal Studies Award Scheme
Co-organized by the EMB
Sponsored by the Law's Charitable Foundation
The Most Outstanding Schools

The New Zealand Student Ambassador Selection Programme 2006-2007
Organized by EMB and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise
Winner         :   Winnie Lee (5A2)
1 Runner-up    :   Florence Chan (4S2)

高級組入圍奬 : 王雯儀 (6B)                          葉靜文 (6B)

二零零七年資訊科技挑戰獎勵計劃 中文輸入比賽
高級組優異獎 : 伍穎妍 (6B)
初中組亞軍  : 邱曦慧 (3C)

                                               28   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award 2006-2007
Organized by EMB
Poets of School :     Alyson Lam (2C)

The Hong Kong Schools Writing Contest 2007
Organized by Department of Education Queensland International
The writing topic was "No smoking, please."
Champion          :    Regine Anne Loo (4S2)
3 Runner-up       :    Gabby Chow (3B)

International Schools CyberFair 2007
Organized by Global SchoolNet (USA)
Honorable Mention Award in the category of “LOCAL SPECIALTIES” - project title :
“Chinese Herb Tea”
Wendy Luk (4A1)             Louise Ma (4A1)            Lily Cheng (4S1)
Sally Tsang (4S1)           Nora Ng (4S2)              Brittany Wong (4S2)

Hong Kong Youth Science Technology Invention Contest 2006-2007
Organized by Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association
Certificate of Merit (Science Fantasy Painting Section)
Katherine Law (3C)

Hong Kong Youth IT Summer Camp 2007 – Shanghai
Organized by: Hong Kong Computer Society
IT Summer Camp held in Shanghai from 18th to 22nd August, 2007
Successful applicants selected - "My Expectations for the Beijing Olympics"
Gladys Li (2B)

Think Again Awards 2007
Organized by National Geographic Channel
Documentary Making Competition (Senior Section)
Overall Champion
Natalie Lau (5A1)           Tiffany Lee (5A1)               Angela Ngai (5A1)
Ariel Sin (5A1)             Margaret Yu (5A1)

Accounting Case Competition
Co-organized by EMB, Hong Kong Association for Business Education and Hong Kong
Institute of Accredited Accounting Technicians Limited
Merit :        Jeniffer Lai (5A2)

Book Review Competition
Organized by Sun Hung Kai Book Club
Merit :      Regina Ng (1A)

                                              29   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
Book Presentation Competition
Organized by Breakthrough Organization
Participation rate - 2nd Runner-up :      St. Paul's Secondary School
2 Runner-up         :    Doris Ng (7AA)
Merit               :    Clarie Lee (4S2)

Book Presentation Competition
Organized by Joint School Book Presentation Preparation Committee
2nd Runner-up    :    Charlotte Yeung (2C)      Vivien Cheng (4S2)

Mathematics Project Competition
Organized by EMB
Best Presentation and Outstanding Performance
Mimi Chan (3A)                Olivia Cheung (3A)             Cecilia Kwa (3A)
Kathy Li (3A)                 Rena Li (3A)                   Winkie Tsai (3A)

Essay Writing Competition
Co-organized by Sierra Club and Sunday Examiner
1st runner-up :  Mary Lam (3A)
Merit         :  Tracy Lee (3A)

優異獎 : 吳婷婷 (6AA)

高年級鋼筆組 - 優異獎 :                  吳婷婷 (6AA)

中學毛筆組 - 優異獎                : 王祟旖 (2A)

初中組 - 優異獎 : 任嘉琪 (3A)

煤氣「智叻 DIY」學生健康餐盒明火烹飪比賽
冠軍 :
Brigette Kwok (3B) Ayumi Lam (3B)                            Theodora Li (3B)

                                               30   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
網上擇業常識問答比賽 2007
第 64 名  :         李芷真 (3A)
第 176 名 :         盧珮雯 (6AS)

優異獎 :
趙穎欣 (1A)                      任朗欣 (3B)                       麥詠鈞 (6AS)

2007 年 YITAA 中文輸入比賽
初級組亞軍  : Jessie Yau (3C)
高級組優異獎 : Winne Ng (6B)

           Civic & Moral Education / Leadership / Service
特別資優生培育支援計劃 2006 年名師教研計劃
最佳報告獎 : Sara Fung (5S1)
備受欣賞組別獎 :   Sara Fung (5S1)

中國文化推廣大使計劃 – 龍謠
表現優良  : 李芷真 (3A)
        林貞言 (3A)
最佳辯論員 : 林貞言 (3A)

Educational Trip to Manila
Organized by the Sisters of St. Paul’s de Chartres in the Philippines
Attended two courses on Catholic leadership and journalism from 18th to 24th April, 2007
Rosa Chan (4A2)        Janet Chan (4S1)        Kitty Wong (4S1)       Karen Ng (6AA)
Catherine Tse (6AA) Ava Wong (6AA)             Anita Lam (6B)

The Sixth China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition
Attended the Exhibition in Zhuhai from 4th to 5th November 2006
Lily Cheng (4S1)              Suki Hong (6AS)               Tracy Lee (6AS)
Joanna Lo (6AS)               Wing Mak (6AS)                Emily Wong (6AS)

St. John Ambulance Community Service Award
Organized by St. John Ambulance
Special Service Award    :   Gloria Li (6AS)

                                              31   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol Scholarships
Organized by the Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol
Outstanding academic performance and active participation in community services:
Angela Wong (2A)            Candy Au Yeung (6AA)

Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol Annual Parade (Hong Kong & Islands)
Organized by the Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol
Overall 2nd Runner-up of the parade:
Vivian Lai (1B)       Janet Luk (1B)       Coco Tam (1B)          Niki Wong (1B)
Kristy Chan (1D)      Jordana Chui (1D)    Alice Lee (1E)         Wasabi Chan (1E)
Cavina Leung (1E)     Angela Wong (2A)     Jessica Wong (2A)      Margie Cheung (2B)
Kumiko Chiu (2B)      Hazel Chung (2B)     Christine Lu (2B)      Carmen Ng (2C)
Jessica Cheng (2D)    Cynthia Leung (2E) Heba Shina (2E)          Amy Shiu (2E)
Natalie Kung (3A)     Dixie Leung (3C)     Leona Sham (3C)        Christy Cheng (3E)
Christy Lau (3E)      Candy Au Yeung (6AA)

香港交通安全隊周年大會操(中學組)之總監嘉許狀 :
Eming Sze (5A2) Mancy Yeung (5A2)

香港中學生國民教育計劃 2007 簡報比賽
初中組 - 優異獎
林貞言 (3A)                     李芷真 (3A)                      葉寶欣 (3A)
初中組 - 季軍
馮嘉怡 (3A)                     龔烯婷 (3A)                      李家旗 (3A)

Hong Kong Award for Young People 2006-2007
Organized by HKAYP
Silver Award   :   Karen Tam (6B)

Virtual Interactive Student-Oriented Learning Environment (VISOLE)
Featuring Farmtasia Competition
Organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong
School-based Award - 2nd Runner-up
Vicki Lau (4S1)       Coco Wong (4S1)
Overall Individual Champion :      Vicki Lau (4S1)
Farming Queen                 :    Coco Wong (4S1)

                                             32   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
58th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival
Organized by Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association
Name of Event                                 Rank    Class           Name of Student
Piano Duet – Senior                           1       1C              Kylie Fok
Piano Solo – Grade Seven                      1       4A2             Elaine Lam
Piano Solo – Grade Eight                      1       6B              Winnie Ng
Piano Solo – Chinese Composers – Advanced 2           2A              Queenie Lam
Clarinet Solo – Secondary School Intermediate 2nd     4S1             Janet Yau
Piano Solo – Composer of the Year             3       1A              Michelle Lam
Bassoon solo – Secondary School Intermediate  3       2D              Cindy Lam
中國器樂獨奏 – 箏.高級組                                3       4A1             Wendy Luk

2006 Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows - Symphony Orchestra Contest
Organized by Music Office
2nd Runner-up :
Yami Yeung (1B)      Heidi Cheung (2A)          Angela Chow (2A)      Angela Lai (2A)
Nathalie Lam (2A)    Queenie Lam (2A)           Esther Leung (2A)     Angela Wong (2A)
Cynthia Chan (2B)    Blanch Vanessa Fong (2B)   Stephanie Lee (2B)    Bonnie Lo (2B)
Helen Tam (2B)       Jennifer Lau (2C)          Vanessa Law (2C)      Joanne Hong (2D)
Phoebe Wong (2D)     June Chan (2E)             Miranda Leung (2E)    Cathy Luk (2E)
Lily Tse (2E)        Jacqueline Lai (3A)        Rena Li (3A)          Arica Chan (3A)
Olivia Cheung (3A) Jenny Fan (3A)               Cecilia Kwan (3A)     Gloria Kwok (3A)
Tracy Lee (3A)       Winkie Tsai (3A)           Carey Wong (3A)       Polly Wong (3A)
Shirley Chan (3B)    Mickie Choi (3B)           Sarah Ng (3B)         Charmaine Tang (3B)
Melvina Cheng (3C) Henni Tso (3C)               Rachel Tsui (3C)      Suez Tsui (3C)
Priscilla Ho (3D)    Sophie Lo (3D)             Nikki Yuen (3D)       Pui Leung (3E)
Melody Ngai (3E)     Jasmine Pun (4A1)          Phyllis Yeung (4A1)   Kristy Chau (4S1)
Bernice Cheung (4S1) Hazel Suen (4S1)           Janet Yau (4S1)       Zoe Wu (4S2)
Carrie Chung (5A1) Jennifer Lai (5A2)           Cherry Ho (5S1)       Bonita Leung (5S1)
Connie Leung (5S1) Natalie Yuen (5S1)           Lorraine Chiu (5S2)   Carolyn Ho (5S2)
Angela Hui (5S2)     Crystal Lam (5S2)          Heidi Lau (5S2)       Chloe Ng (5S2)
Klaine Wong (5S2) Sheron Au (6AA)               Serena Lam (6AA)      Janet Pang (6AS)
Samantha Young (6AS) Winnie Ng (6B)             Jasmine Tang (6B)     Vivian Law (7AA)
Bonnie Chau (7AS) Karen Luk (7AS)

                                                33   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
                                    Visual Arts
Anti-Smoking Poster Design Competition
Organized by Youth Committee on Anti-smoking
1st Runner-up :  Allison Lee (3E)

香港賽區優異獎 : 周康慧 (中三丙)
中國畫季軍 :   吳婷欣 (中六文甲)

《尊重版權、創作之源》全港中、小學 e-Card 設計比賽
初中組冠軍 : 杜佩霖 (3C)

慶祝香港回歸十周年「香港特色競繽紛」電腦動畫比賽 — 「香港之最」
冠軍  : 鄭楚欣 (2B) 丘雅琼 (2B)

Game3D 2007 Final Competition-Beijing Olympic
Organized by EMB
Game title : “Torch Mission”
Third place (Game Design – Secondary Section)
Hermine Lee (6AS) Michelle Tang (6AS)         Jessie Chan (6B)   Winnie Ng (6B)

Exhibition of Secondary School Students' Creative Visual Arts Work
Organized by EMB
Merit :      Natelie Wong (4A1)       Heidi Hou (4A3)

                                            34   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
                             Speech and Drama
58th Hong Kong Speech Festival (English)
Organized by Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association
  Name of Event             Rank      Class     Name of Student
  Solo Verse Speaking       1st       1D        Veronica Lam
  Solo Verse Speaking       1st       2A        Ava Law
  Solo Verse Speaking       1st       3A        Jacqueline Lai
  Solo Verse Speaking       1st       4A2       Yanmmy Tang
  Solo Verse Speaking       1st       4S1       Angel Li
  Public Speaking           1st       6AA       Licca Cheng
  Public Speaking           1st       6AA       Sheron Au
  Solo Verse Speaking       2nd       1D        Jollie Lam
  Solo Verse Speaking       2nd       2A        Queenie Lam
  Solo Verse Speaking       2nd       2A        Wenny Yiu
  Solo Verse Speaking       2nd       2C        Leonie Fung
  Solo Verse Speaking       2nd       2C        Charlotte Yeung
  Solo Verse Speaking       2nd       3A        Sharon Rodrigues
  Dramatic Duologues        2nd       3E        Cheryl Lam & Vanessa Lee
  Solo Verse Speaking       2nd       5S1       Kelly Poon
  Public Speaking           2nd       6AA       Venus Li
  Dramatic Duologues        2nd       6AS       Sabrina Kwong
  Dramatic Duologues        2nd       6B        Nadia Hui
  Solo Verse Speaking       3rd       1A        Ashley Cheung
  Solo Verse Speaking       3rd       1D        Athena Kwong
  Solo Verse Speaking       3rd       2A        Angela Lai
  Solo Verse Speaking       3rd       2B        Emily Cheng
  Solo Verse Speaking       3rd       2C        Alyson Dawn Lam
  Solo Verse Speaking       3rd       2E        Esther Ho
  Solo Verse Speaking       3rd       3A        Carey Wong
  Dramatic Duologues        3rd       3A        Michelle Cheung & April Tang
  Solo Verse Speaking       3rd       3B        Myrilla Li
  Solo Verse Speaking       3rd       3D        Vivian Lam
  Solo Verse Speaking       3rd       3D        Samantha Ho
  Solo Verse Speaking       3rd       5S2       Bonnie Mak
  Public Speaking           3rd       6AA       Catherine Tse

                                         35   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
級別                    獎項           班別         學生姓名
中學二年級二人對話朗誦           冠軍           2B         許家晞、馬桂平
中學三年級二人對話朗誦           冠軍           3A         黃鑀莉、葉寶欣
中學一年級散文獨誦             亞軍           1D         李杏霖
中學二年級二人對話朗誦           亞軍           2A, 2C     張煒梃、黃幗希
中學二年級詩詞獨誦             亞軍           2B         許家晞
中學三年級二人對話朗誦           亞軍           3D         盧鈺銘、袁芝韻
中學四年級二人對話朗誦           亞軍           4A2, 4S1   林亦晴、馮家欣
中學一年級散文獨誦             季軍           1B         許家瑄
中學一年級二人對話朗誦           季軍           1D         鄺愷盈、曾愷翹
中學一年級散文獨誦             季軍           1E         黃倩兒
中學二年級二人對話朗誦           季軍           2A         張凱婷、葉穎欣
中學二年級二人對話朗誦           季軍           2A         林胤孜、黃靖妮
中學二年級散文獨誦             季軍           2B         許家晞
中學二年級散文獨誦             季軍           2C         馮穎淘
中學二年級二人對話朗誦           季軍           2B, 2C     丘雅琼、楊煥昕
中學三年級散文獨誦             季軍           3A         李芷真
中學三年級二人對話朗誦           季軍           3A         鄺昕琪、余詩雅
中學三年級二人對話朗誦           季軍           3A         黎安瑜、李家旗
中學三年級二人對話朗誦           季軍           3D         陳穎嫻、何曉桐

       級別               獎項           班別             學生姓名
       集誦               冠軍           3A             3A 全班
       讀誦               冠軍           3A              馮嘉怡
       讀誦               季軍           2A              羅善恩

       級別        獎項                  班別             學生姓名
       集誦        季軍                  4A2             林亦晴

初級組 - 小組亞軍    :   曾旨慧 (5A2)
初級組 - 小組優異獎   :   鄧詠欣 (4A2)

                              36   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
《390 條例全港中學廣告劇大比拼》
獲最佳整體演出大獎  : 文史學會話劇組
第一回合廣告創作比賽入圍 : Natalie Wong (4A1)

2nd A.S. Watson Group HK Student Sports Awards
Organized by A.S. Watson Group
Joanne Siu 5S2

Inter-school Basketball Competition (Division 2) 2006-2007
Organized by Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation
Overall Champion
A Grade – 3rd Runner-up
Ruby Chow (3C)      Phoebe Wu (3D)        Rosaline Kwan (4A3)    Tiffany Wan (4A3)
Joey Leung (5S1)    Cherry Man (5S1)      Kristy Yeung (5S1)     Janice Yung (5S1)
Anna Siu (5S2)      Ruby Siu (5S2)        Ophelia Wu (6B)
B Grade – 1 Runner-up
Natalie Kwan (2D)   Chloe Koo (2E)        Gabby Chow (3B)        Jo Jo Lau (3B)
Anne Yeung (3B)     Clara Cheung (3C)     Agnes Lam (3E)         Gloria Man (3E)
Hilary Leung (4A3)  Bonita Tong (4A3)     Cecilia Cheng (4S1)    Regine Loo (4S2)
C Grade – 1 Runner-up
Vingi Chan (1A)     Rita So (1B)          Gloria Wong (1C)       Wing Ko (1D)
Hayee Lam (1E)      Swiss Cheng (2A)      Tiffany Mak (2A)       Margie Cheung (2B)
Emily Hung (2B)     Janet Lam (2B)        Alyson Dawn Lam (2C)   Jessica Cheng (2D)
Lily Lau (2D)       Bronzi Li (2D)        Jenny Wong (2D)        Yan Tsui (2E)

Inter-school Athletics Competition (Division 3) 2006-2007
Organized by Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation
Grade       Name of Event         Award                      Name of Stduent
Grade A:    100M             1 Runner-up       Joanne Siu (5S2)
            200M             1 Runner-up       Joanne Siu (5S2)
            Long Jump        3 Runner-up       Phoebe Wu (3D)
            100M Hurdle      3 Runner-up       Phoebe Wu (3D)
Grade B:    800M             2 Runner-up Kirsty Tsui (1C)
Grade C:    800M             1st Runner-up     Bronze Li (2D)
            4X400M           2 Runner-up Janet Lam (2B)              Angela Tsui (2A)
                                               Rigi Chan (1C)        Peony Chow (1A)
            4X100M           4 Runner-up       Bronze Li (2D)        Joanne Hong (2D)
                                               Grace Wong (1A)       Hayee Lam (1E)

                                           37   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
Hong Kong Junior Age Group Athletic Meet
Organized by Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association (HKAAA)
Name of Event               Award                     Name of Student
4X100M                  2 Runner-up      Karen Lee (5S2)        Joanne Siu (5S2)
                                         Becky Fok (4S1)        Bronze Li (2D)
4X400M                  2 Runner-up      Karen Lee (5S2)        Ruby Siu (5S2)
                                         Rachel Leung (4S2)     Zoe Wu (4S2)
Hurdles and 4X400M      2 Runner-up      Phoebe Wu (3D)

Invitation Relay
Organized by Ying Wah Girls’ School
4x100M Relay
Kristy Tsui (1C) Joanne Hong (2D)     Brigette Kwok (3B)      Gloria Man (3E)

Invitation Relay
Organized by St. Paul’s Convent School
4x100M Relay – 1st Runner up
Grace Wong (1A)        Hayee Lam (1E) Joanne Hong (2D)        Bronze Li (2D)

Invitation Relay
Organized by Pui Tak Canossian College
4x100M Relay – 1st Runner up
Karen Lee (5S2)      Karen Li (5S2) Joanne Siu (5S2)          Ruby Siu (5S2)

Invitation Relay
Organized by Precious Blood Secondary School
4x100M Relay – 2nd Runner up
Grace Wong (1A)       Hayee Lam (1E) Angela Chow (2A)         Bronze Li (2D)

Invitation Relay
Organized by St. Francis Canossian College
4x100M Relay – 2nd Runner up
Phoebe Wu (3D)        Rosaline Kwok (4A3)         Becky Fok (4S1)      Zoe Wu (4S2)

The 43rd Dance Festival
Organized by EMB (Physical Education Section)
Highly Commended Award :
Edith Law (1D)      Natalie Lo (1D)        Jessica Tsim (1E)        Joji Yuen (1E)
Vivian Lee (2A)     Yvonne Puk (2A)        Jessalyn Tech (2A)       Eunice Cheung (2B)
Vivian Hui (2B)     Jenny Yau (2B)         Leonie Fung (2C)         Tiffany Lai (2C)
Jasmine Leung (2E) Cherry Law (2E)

                                             38    School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
6th National Day Cup Wanchai Badminton Invitation Tournament 2006
Organized by the Wanchai District Board
Junior Secondary Schools Girls Section - 2nd Runner-up :
Angela Tsui (2A)             Janet Lam (2B)                Antonia Lai (2B)
Louise Wong (2B)             Kelly Chan (3B)
Senior Secondary School Girls Section - 2nd Runner-up :
Fiona Wu (3B)                Yvonne Law (4A3)              Gillian Lam (4S1)
Coco Yeung (4S1)             Tammy Lai (5A2)

Jump Rope For Heart - Star Program
Organized by Hong Kong College of Cardiology
Red badge :
Billie Ho (1C)        Emily Lam (1C)         Veronica Lam (1D)     Natalie Leung (1D)
Lamby Li (1D)         Michelle Liu (1D)      Candy Wong (1D)
Green badge :
Angela Wong (2A)      Jessica Wong (2A)      Candy Po (3B)         Sapphena Tsui (3D)
Kitty Tsang (3E)      Kitty Wong (4S1)       Cynthia Lee (4S2)     Patricia Lee (4S2)
Yellow Badge :
Mickie Choi (3B)              Cheryl Lam (3E)              Vivien Wong (4S2)
Silver Badge :
Pinky Li (4S2)                Sally Tsang (4S2)

Inter-school Rope Skipping Competition 2007
Organized by Hong Kong College of Cardiology
Merit Award :
Mickie Choi (3B)           Cheryl Lam (3E)                 Connie Leung (3E)
Kitty Tsang (3E)           Kitty Wong (4S1)                Cynthia Lee (4S2)
Patricia Lee (4S2)         Pinky Li (4S2)                  Sally Tsang (4S2)
Michelle Ho (5S1)          Venus Li (6AA)                  Cheryl Poon (6B)

Inter-school Swimming Championships (Division 2) 2006-2007
Organized by Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation
Grade Name of Event                 Award                     Name of Student
A Grade: Overall                1 Runner-up Sharon Leung (3A) Sally Ngai (3B)
                                                 Dami Dao (3C)        Wins Kwan (3D)
                                                 Ruby Cheng (4A1)      Angela Ngai (5A1)
                                                 Jessica So (6B)      Cynthia Tong (6B)
                                                 Alison Wong (6B) Vivian Kwan (7B)

                                              39   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
         4X50M Freestyle Relay 3rd Runner-up     Sharon Leung (3A)    Sally Ngai (3B)
                                                 Ruby Cheng (4A1)     Jessica So (6B)
         50M Breaststroke       2nd Runner-up    Ruby Cheng (4A1)
         50M Butterfly          3rd Runner-up    Sally Ngai (3B)
         50M Freestyle          3rd Runner-up    Sharon Leung (3A)
         200M Individual Medley 2nd Runner-up    Sally Ngai (3B)
B Grade: 4x50M Freestyle Relay 3rd Runner-up     Stephanie Mak (1B)   Sharon Leung (2A)
                                                 Sally Ngai (2B)      Lilian Hong (4S1)
         100M Freestyle          1st Runner-up   Zoe Lai (1D)
         50M Breaststroke        3rd Runner-up   Kristy Tsui (1C)
東區分齡游泳賽 2006
50 米胸泳 :         第三名
100 米胸泳 :        第一名
50 米蝶泳 :         第二名
徐嘉祈 (1C)
灣仔區游泳賽 2006
50 米胸泳 :         第一名
100 米胸泳 :        第二名
徐嘉祈 (1C)
南區水運會 2006
50 米胸泳 :         第一名
100 米胸泳 :        第一名
徐嘉祈 (1C)
FedEx 2006 RS:X Asian Championships cum Hong Kong Open Windsurfing
Organized by Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong
Supported by Leisure and Cultural Services Department
National Raceboard 2005 Mini-Minim Girls - 2nd Runner-up
Kristy Tsui (1C)
女子乙組南拳 - 亞軍
女子乙組刀術 - 亞軍
裴俐 (1D)

                                           40    School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
HongYu Cup The First Go Championship For Chinese Around The World
Organized by World Chinese Wei Qi Federation
Gladys Lee (1D)
女子中童組刀術 - 冠軍
女子中童組南拳 - 冠軍
女子中童組全能 - 冠軍
裴俐 (1D)

24 式太極拳 - 二等獎
32 式太極劍 - 二等獎
裴俐 (1D)

2007 年度空手道大賽
16 歲以上女子自由組初級組 - 季軍
葉靜文 (6B)

速度 300M - 第五名 :           范曉晴 (2E)
速度 10000M - 季軍 :          范曉晴 (2E)
速度 15000M - 第四名 :         范曉晴 (2E)

2006 ISI Skate Hong Kong
Organized by Ice Skating Institute of Asia
  Name of Event                            Award             Name of Student
  Solo Compulsory Freestyle 2          1 Runner Up           Lilian Tong (1E)
                                       2nd   Runner
  Jump & Spin - Medium                                        Lilian Tong (1E)

Swimming Invitation Relay
Organized by St. Paul’s Convent School
4X50M Freestyle Relay - 2nd Runner-up :
Queenie Wong (1B) Kristy Tsui (1C)          Sharon Leung (3A)     Sally Ngai (3B)
Swimming Invitation Relay
Organized by Sheng Kung Hui Lui Ming Choi Secondary School
4X50M Freestyle Relay - Champion :
Zoe Lai (1D)        Sharon Leung (3A)    Sally Ngai (3B)          Ruby Cheng (4A1)

                                             41   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
                               Local Universities

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
 Last year
               Student’s Name       Programme                Awards Received
  at SPSS
7AS          Yue Ivy Man Yan       BSc Chinese     -   2 Honours
(99-00)                            Medicine
7B           Lau Hiu wai           BSc             -   3 Honours
(01-02)                            Environmental

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
 Last year
               Student’s Name       Programme                Awards Received
  at SPSS
6AS          Lee Chi Yan, Pamela   BBA             -   Dean’s List
(03-04)                                            -   Lee Hysan Foundation Exchange
7AA          Chiu Ka Man Crystal   BBA             -   Dean’s List
7AA          Lau Mei Ting,         BBA             -   Year 1 with Outstanding Overall
(05-06)      Maggie                                    Average Course Grades
7AS          Tse Ting Yan Reiko    BBA             -   Dean’s List Award (Spring 05-06)
(02-03)                                            -   Hong Kong Institute of Human
                                                       Resource Management
7AS          Kwan Carol Ka Lu      BBA             -   Dean’s List
7AS          Chan Chui Shan        BBA             -   Year 1 with Outstanding Overall
(04-05)      Cynthia                                   Average Course Grades
7AS          Yeung Man Yuk,        BBA             -   Year 1 with Outstanding Overall
(05-06)      Annie                                     Average Course Grades
7B           Chau Pui Tin, Alice   BBA             -   University Scholarships

                                         42   School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
 Last year
               Student’s Name         Programme                    Awards Received
  at SPSS
5AA          Mak Kar Yan, Karen     BSc (Hons) in      -   PolyU Student Ambassador
(00-01)                             Property               2006-07
7B           Ha Sin Lung, Cheryl    HD in Building     -   Dean’s Honours List 2007
(03-04)                             Services

The Hong Kong Institute of Education
 Last year
               Student’s Name         Programme                    Awards Received
  at SPSS
5CA          Chan Kit Ying, Jenny   Bachelor of        -   Technology Education Scholarship
(02-03)                             Education              2006-07

The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
Community College
 Last year
               Student’s Name         Programme                    Awards Received
  at SPSS
5AA          Cheng Yuen Chi         Associate          -   Merit
(03-04)      Vivian                 Degree Course :
7AS          Lee Wing Pui Paulie    Associate          -   Merit
(04-05)                             Degree Course :
                                    Logistics and
                                    Supply Chain
5A1          Chan Pui Yu, Polly     Diploma in         -   President’s List
05-06                               General Studies    -   Distinction
5A3          Wu Ka Yan              Diploma in         -   Merit
05-06                               General Studies

                                           43     School Annual Report (2006 – 2007)

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