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					      Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts, Oh My! - What
         Happened to Good Old Smoke Signals?

****What are blogs?****

Great Blog Examples
Want to Get Started Reading Blogs?

Excellent Teacher Blogs

Classroom Blogs (elementary)
Kathy Cassidy -
Jody Hayes -
Mark Ahlness Students -
Mark Alhness Personal -
Sebastian's Blog -

Classroom Blogs (middle & secondary)
    Alabama Teacher Blogs

    Drag and Drop Activity about Blogs -

    Blogs (from Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis)

ARE a place to share your reflections about your passion - Renee Callahan says:

    For knowledge creation, blogging fuels that "love of the game."

ARE a Part of a Conversation - If a person only posts on a topic and never comments on another
blog, they have missed half of the experience. Be a part of the conversation about your passion and

    Besides, over half of my traffic is driven by comments. Don't be afraid you're giving away
    "secrets!" If your comment is that good, copy and post it back on your blog and trackback to the
    original article. That is conversation!
    The recent PEW study that everyone is quoting says:
    The internet and email aid users in maintaining their social networks and provide pathways to
    help when people face big decisions

ARE a tool to Extend Class conversation outside the classroom - The power of blogs is in
assigning common topics and contributing to and guiding the conversation that emerges. Participate
in the conversation by commenting on student blogs yourself and posting blog entries that synthesize
and summarize what students say.

ARE the production of rich hypertext documents for sharing and conversing about information.

    A blog post without a hyperlink is a dead document. Hyperlinking is an essential skill, and I
    believe students should know how to do it manually in HTML. It is that important!

ARE a place to state your opinion and make it count. (See yesterday's post about Those Who Blog

           decision makers and influencers are looking to spot trends and opinions at first ripple.
ARE a place to promote yourself and your opinions (See Guy Kawasaki - 120 days wonder: how
to evangelize a blog)

ARE a method to keep their minds sharp (and prevent Alzheimers according to Marshall K)

ARE a potential source of income for students. Dave Warlick blogs on this today. He says:

    The moral statement is that, while we continue to do a good job at teaching our students how to
    consume content (read), we must also be teaching them how to produce valuable information
    products (write, draw, compose, make movies, etc.). It is a viable and accessible revenue
    opportunity for all of us.

    Tools for Blogging

    Class Blogmeister
    Many Others

    Just Do It!

    As Vicki Davis explains in her blog The Difference Between Blogs and Wikis

    "I see wikis and blogs as two complimentary tools in my classroom.

    One gives them information (wikis) and one gives them a voice (blogs.)

    Asking my classroom to choose between the two would be like me telling you that you had to
    choose between fork and a spoon for all of your dining needs. They both have a different purpose
    and are good for eating different things, likewise with wikis and blogs.

    I think that educators are really hitting on the strength of blogs for writing and engaging students
    in conversation.

    However, I think wikis are a great untapped resource for compiling information. Wikis are a vital
    part of my classroom now and absolutely essential to teaching. (They are also very easy
    compliments to classroom discussions and note compiling.)"
Wikipedia - the Grandfather of them all -
Wikis for Knowledge - Excellent Information$422
Stewart Mader Using Wiki in Education - ( Love the Carbonmade Portfolio
More CoolCatTeacher - How she got started -


Why would you Podcast?
How do you find Podcast?
Where in the World? Podcasts -

Annette Lamb and Kathy Schrock -

Start with an Idea - Script, Outline Your Ideas

Creating a PC Podcast
What do I need?
Sound Card
Windows XP

Audacity Tutorial
Gcast -

Other Ideas
Mashups -

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