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					     Woodthorpe Community
        Primary School
 „Learning together to meet the challenges of the future‟

Annual Prospectus 2010 - 2011
Woodthorpe Community Primary (3-11) School

                          Lewis Road
                           S13 8DA

                Telephone (0114) 2399167
                   Fax (0114) 2642628

   e-mail: enquiries

         Acting Headteacher: Mr David Smith
    Acting Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Karen Bister
   Acting Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Ruth Mather
       Chair of Governors: Mr Larry Angel MBE

   General enquiries about education in Sheffield should be made to:

                      The Director of Education
                             Town Hall
                              S1 2HH

                      Telephone (0114) 2735726

                                                                  Councillor Andrew Sangar
                                                                         Cabinet Member for
                                                   Children’s Services and Lifelong Learning
                                                            and Councillor for Fulwood Ward

                                                                                     Town Hall
                                                                                       S1 2HH

Dear Parent,

I am pleased to contribute to the prospectus for Woodthorpe Primary school.

As a parent I know at first-hand how important school is in providing opportunities and
fulfilling the potential of every child. I'm personally committed to making sure that every
child in every family and across every community in Sheffield has the opportunity to fulfil
their potential. Schools play the key role in this and I'm determined that every school in
Sheffield is as good as it can be, continues to improve, and provides a high quality broad-
based education appropriate for each child.

The role of the Council's children's services is to support all schools in providing good
education for all. That means looking at the buildings and seeing if there are
opportunities to modernise them. It means ensuring that the teachers and support staff
are well trained, well led by the Head teacher, and that the school governors provide
appropriate support and challenge.

The education of a child is a partnership. Central to that partnership is the child ready and
willing to learn, taught by well qualified experienced teachers and teaching assistants. It
includes ensuring that the school provides learning environments where the children feel
safe, secure and happy. The partnership also includes you as parents, supporting and
encouraging your child in helping them value school and learning. In the background of
this partnership is Sheffield children's services providing support for the school and willing
your child on to take up opportunities and fulfil their potential.

I am committed to listening to the views of parents and local communities. Good schools
have close relationships with parents and the communities they serve and I am
determined to see these relationships thrive in the years ahead.

I am sure that all my colleagues on Sheffield City Council join me in wishing you and your
child well. We will work together to ensure that your child has the opportunities to enjoy
learning and succeed at school.

Councillor Andrew Sangar
Cabinet Member for Children's services and Life Long Learning

                           Welcome to Woodthorpe School

This prospectus has been prepared to help you and your child by explaining some of the workings
and organisation of Woodthorpe Community Primary school. It is our aim that the information here
assists in making your child‟s time at the school happy and successful.

As your child‟s parent or carer you are always welcome to visit the school, to arrange to meet with
staff and to support the activities of the school. Your full participation in your child‟s education will
be vital in ensuring that s/he achieves and experiences all that s/he can.

                                          Our School Aims

                   In the spirit of inclusion we will work with our children to:

   achieve their full potential as rounded individuals
   achieve high standards in all areas of the curriculum
   develop themselves as confident, self- motivated, independent and collaborative learners
   be able to adapt to new challenges and opportunities
   be active contributors to the school and to the wider community
   value themselves
   value and care for others in the local community and the wider world
   understand and accept the rights and responsibilities of being citizens of the future
   learn about, value and enjoy our diverse society

                                             Our Mission

To achieve these aims we will provide…

   A happy, healthy, safe and secure environment
   A school site providing the resources for an innovative and exciting learning environment for
    the 21st Century
   High quality teaching across the whole curriculum
   A rich, challenging and relevant curriculum
   A wide range of extra- curricular opportunities
   Opportunities for pupils to play a part in developing their school and community
   A professional, skilled, highly motivated staff team committed to the ethos and aims of the
   A staff team increasingly reflective of the diversity within the local and wider community
   Opportunities for parents to be active partners in the education of their children and the life of
    the school.
   A commitment to place the school within the community as a resource for lifelong learning and
    a partner in regeneration.
   School leadership focused on continuous improvement.
   Effective management systems which support the drive to raise standards

Woodthorpe is a Community, day, co-educational Primary School for children from 3 to 11 years
old. It has no particular religious affiliation.

                                     Admission information

Prospective parents are always most welcome to visit the school. Please contact the school office
to arrange an appointment.

Children are admitted to the Nursery (Foundation Stage 1) in the term following their third birthday.
Applications for Nursery places can be made directly to the Head of Nursery or through the school
office. The Nursery is part time; your child will be offered either a morning or afternoon place.
NB a place at Woodthorpe Nursery does not guarantee a place at Woodthorpe School.

Children are admitted to the full- time Foundation Stage 2 (Reception) class at the beginning of the
Autumn Term for children aged five between 1st September and 28th February and at the
beginning of the Spring Term for children born between 1st March and August 31st. Application
forms for Foundation Stage 2 must be made using the Children‟ and Young Person‟s Service
(CYPS) form which can be provided by the Nursery, through the school office or directly from the
LA. From September 2001 class sizes in FS2 and KS1 have been restricted by law to 30 or

At the end of Year 6 most of our children transfer to the City school on Stradbroke Road.
Application information will be provided by the LA in the September of Y6. NB a place at
Woodthorpe School does not guarantee a place at City.

                                           School Times

Morning    8.50- 11.50 am
Afternoon: 12.00- 3.00pm

Foundation Stage2/ Key Stage 1
School starts: 8.45
Lunch break 11.50- 12.50
School ends: 2.55

Key stage 2
School starts: 8.45
Lunch Break: 12.00- 12.55
School ends: 3.00

Children and parents using the breakfast bar should enter through the KS1 entrance from
Please do not send your child to school too early as we are unable to provide supervision
before 8.35. Children in FS2 and KS1 should report to their classrooms between 8.35 and
8.45; parents should stay with their children at this time to help them settle to their learning.

Children in KS2 should enter from the yard gates and go to the playground between 8.35
and 8.45. They will be met by their teachers at 8.45.

                           School Uniform and Dress Code

All full- time pupils are expected to wear the school uniform. This is a blue sweatshirt
with a blue school polo shirt. These can be ordered through the school office.
Children should wear dark trousers/skirts and dark shoes. In addition children are
expected to dress in a way that is safe and suitable for school. Specifically:

 High heeled or excessively heavy shoes or boots should not be worn
 Our jewellery code should be observed- only small studs for pierced ears and
  watches can be worn. No rings, bracelets, or necklaces of any material should be
  worn. Nose studs or other piercings should not be worn. All ear studs and watches
  should be removed for PE lessons.
 Long hair should be tied back for certain lessons- eg swimming, PE or technology.
 Children should wear our agreed kit for PE- the office can provide details.
 Crop tops or other revealing clothes should not be worn
 Children should be covered up in the sun to prevent sunburn; we encourage the
  wearing of baseball caps or hats as a sun protector; we ask that these are
  removed in the school building.

Please note that the school cannot be held responsible for the loss of clothing or
other possessions in school.


Lost property is kept outside the school office. Unclaimed, unmarked lost property will
be displayed termly and then be disposed of.

                                 Healthy Eating Policy

We achieved the national Healthy Schools Standard in 2007. It is our policy that
children should be encouraged to eat and drink healthily and follow an active healthy
lifestyle. This in turn will support their learning. As part of this approach we follow the
following rules:
    No sweets should be brought to school or eaten at any time (including lunch
    time) during the school day.
     At break times only fruit or healthy snacks should be eaten. No crisps or
     No sugary or fizzy drinks should be drunk at break times or during the day.
     Water is available to all children throughout the day.
     Fruit is available free to FS and KS1 children. In KS2 a fruit tuck shop is open
       every morning.
     Milk can be bought termly in FS and KS1 and daily in KS2.


All dates are inclusive

Term Name      From                                      To
and Holiday
Autumn Half    Thursday 2nd September 2010               Wednesday 20th October 2010
               Inset day – Weds 1st September 2010       Inset days Thurs & Fri 21st & 22nd Oct 2010
Term 1
October Half   Monday 25th October 2010                  Friday 29th October 2010
Autumn Half    Monday 1st November 2010                  Friday 17th December 2010
Term 2
Christmas      Monday 20th December 2010                 Monday 3rd January 2011

Spring Half    Tuesday 4th January 2011                  Friday 18th February 2011
Term 1
February       Monday 21st February 2011                 Friday 25th February 2011
Half Term
Spring Half    Monday 28th February 2011                 Friday 8th April 2011
Term 2
Easter         Monday 11th April 2011                    Monday 25th April 2011

Summer Half    Tuesday 26th April 2011                   Thursday 26th May 2011
                           nd                                                 th
Term 1         May Day 2        May 2011                 Inset day Friday 27 May 2011

Spring Bank    Monday 30th May 2011                      Friday 3rd June 2011

Summer Half    Monday 6th June 2011                      Thursday 21st July 2011
Term 2                                                   Inset day Friday 22nd July

For more information on school terms and holidays see:

           School staff and class organisation 2009-10
    TEACHING STAFF                            YEAR GROUP
       Miss C Hair                             Nursery/ FS2
      Mrs E Wragg                                 Nursery
     Mrs J Shepherd                                 FS2
      Mrs R Streeter                                Y1
     Miss J Govender                                Y1
      Mrs C Grundy                                  Y2
       Mrs J Plant                                  Y2
      Miss N Milburn                                Y3
      Mrs J Douglas                                 Y3
       Miss L Scott                                 Y4
        Mr J Agar                                   Y4
      Mr M Crookes                                  Y5
       Mr A Davis                                   Y6
      Mr F Reardon                                  Y6
        Mrs Clarke                                SENCO
       Mr D Smith                           Acting Headteacher
       Mrs K Bister                     Acting Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Sandra Ballantyne               Learning Mentor
    Mrs H Deakin               Senior Teaching Assistant
    Mrs S Lauder               Senior Teaching Assistant
   Mrs J Bradshaw              Senior Teaching Assistant
   Miss L Rowland                        HLTA
   Mrs K Robinson                        HLTA
    Mrs L Gaunt                Senior Teaching Assistant
   Mrs J Careless              Senior Teaching Assistant
   Mrs K Newton                Senior Teaching Assistant
   Mrs W Mitchell                        HLTA
    Mrs C Hegyi                    Teaching Assistant
    Miss J Nesbitt                 Teaching Assistant
   Mrs H Gamban                    Teaching Assistant
     Mrs M Fox                     Teaching Assistant
   Mrs J Blackett                        HLTA
    Mrs J Green                    Teaching Assistant
    Mrs D Smith                    Teaching Assistant
   Ms S Matthews                   Teaching Assistant
  Miss J Townsend                  Teaching Assistant
   Mrs K Manger                    Teaching Assistant

                          Administrative Support Staff

Mrs G Allison                                     Office Manager
Miss S Brown                                   Finance & Data Officer
Mrs T Twelvetrees                                   Office Clerk
                             Building Supervisor
                                   Mr I Wild
                                        Catering Staff
Ms Michelle Gregory                                 Catering Manager
Mrs Diane Rooms                                     Cook
Mrs Margaret Padley                                 Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Melissa Brady                                   Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Karen Farrelly                                  Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Cheryl Colliver                                 Breakfast Bar Assistant
                              Lunchtime Supervisors
 Mrs C Sweeney(play leader) Miss C Borrows               Mrs T Cole
 Mrs K Morris              Mrs S Machin (play leader)
 Miss G Bolah               Mrs S Chadwick               Ms A Numan
 Miss A Noble               Mrs H Park                    Mrs A Carlton
 Ms S Watson


From September 2010 the Governing Body is made up of:
5 Parent Governors
2 CYPS Governors
4 Staff Governors
3 Community Governors
2 Foundation Governors
2 Sponsor Governors

The Governors of Woodthorpe School are:

Name                           Responsibility
Larry Angel                    Chair                           CYPS
Dr Anita Campbell              Vice chair/chair Finance &      Community
Jayne Fairest                  Chair Curriculum/ H&S           Foundation
Lindsey Scott                                           Staff
Rebecca Streeter               Safeguarding / Inclusion Staff
Norman Elliot                                           Community
Nicola Gregory                                          CYPS
Tracey Twelvetrees             Training / Attendance    Parent
David Smith                                             Acting Headteacher
Karen Bister                                            Acting Deputy Headteacher
Ryszard Szumski                Chair Parents/ Community Parent
Margaret Banks                  Performance Management Community
Samantha Szumski                Chair - Personnel      Parent
Esther Nkemchor                                        Parent
Theresa Blakemore                                      Parent
Craig Stowe                                            Foundation

The Governors meet regularly and have wide ranging responsibilities. There are sub
committees to deal with personnel, finance, premises, curriculum, pay, parent and
curriculum matters. Other committees may also meet to deal with pupil discipline, staff
conduct, redundancy and other matters.

                               Attendance and Punctuality

Regular and punctual attendance is vital if a child is to be happy, settled and
successful at school.

In 2009-10 Woodthorpe School had 92.7% attendance.

Unauthorised absence is that for which no explanation has been given or where the explanation
does not meet government guidelines- for example shopping or a birthday. Up to two weeks‟
holiday may be authorised at the Headteacher‟s discretion- this is dependant on your child‟s
attendance over the past year; to request authorisation please ask for a form from the school
office. Please make every effort to avoid term time holidays- they disrupt your child’s
education, particularly if taken in September. Holidays taken in September or during test
weeks in school will not be authorised.

If your child is absent for any reason please contact school by 9.30. If no message is received
we will contact you before 10 am.

If your child has to leave school for an urgent reason eg medical appointments please obtain an
authorised absence pass from the school office when you collect your child. NB children will not
be able to leave school during the day unless collected by a parent or carer.

If your child is late for school please make sure s/he still attends. After 8.45am please
report to the office to obtain a late mark in the register.

                                  The School Curriculum
The 1988 Education Reform Act requires that every maintained school will follow the National
Curriculum. The law states that:

„The curriculum for each pupil, including those with special needs, should be balanced and broadly
based; that it should promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of
pupils and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.‟

The National Curriculum is made up of:

Religious Education (R.E) for all pupils unless parents request otherwise.

Core Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science and Information and Communication Technology

Foundation Subjects: History, Geography, Technology, Music, Art, Physical Education (PE);
Modern Foreign Language (KS2)

These are organised into two Key Stages which contain attainment targets, programmes of study
and assessment arrangements. Assessment will take place through SATs at the end of Y2 and

Key Stage 1 is Years 1 and 2;
Key Stage 2 is Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Reference copies of the National Curriculum documents are available on request.

The children in Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) and Foundation Stage 2 (Reception) follow the
Foundation Stage Curriculum working towards the Early Learning Goals. They are assessed at the
end of FS2.

The National Curriculum is not the whole curriculum. Other areas include Personal, Health and
Social Education (including sex education) and drama.

 The introduction of the National Literacy and Mathematics Strategies in 1998 and 1999 means
that on most days children from Y1 to 6 will take part in a „literacy‟ or „maths‟ lesson or „hour‟.


Your child‟s progress will be regularly assessed throughout the year. Your child‟s teacher will meet
you formally each term to discuss progress and targets. Each summer you will receive a full report
about your child‟s progress.

                    Educational Visits and Out of School Activities
Children are given regular opportunities to engage in school visits and to meet visitors to school as
part of their learning. In Y2 and Y6 they will be able to take part in residential visits to Whirlow
Farm and Thornbridge respectively.

There are also many opportunities to take part in activities at lunchtime and after school. At
present these include music, sports and ICT.

                                      Religious Education

Religious Education is taught throughout school following a syllabus agreed within Sheffield. This
studies a number of religions and themes. Copies of the syllabus are available for inspection by


Daily assemblies take place in school. These usually follow a theme each week. Each assembly
includes a „thought for the week‟; children are invited to make this a prayer for themselves if they

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from RE or assembly. This must be discussed with
the Head Teacher.

                                         Sex Education

The decision to include sex education in the school curriculum rests with the Governing Body. Sex
education by law must be „delivered in such a manner as to encourage pupils to have due regard
of the moral considerations and value of family life.‟

Sex education is part of the whole school curriculum with a focus on Personal, Health and Social
education. In Y5 and Y6 a more specific programme is followed. Parents are given the opportunity
to preview the lessons and materials used.

                                After School at Woodthorpe

Extended school and study support
Woodthorpe provides an extensive programme of activities starting from 8.00am with the
Breakfast Club which is supervised by the Learning Mentor. There are programmes of activities
each ½ term which give children opportunities to select activities from 3.00pm onwards. We are
linked with the Children‟s University who award children certificates for attending any activity
before, during and after school or during the holidays. All members of staff are CRB checked and
First Aid trained.

Childcare Provision

Woodthorpe Development Trust and the school provide after school care provision from 3.00pm –
6.00pmand is paid at an hourly rate. Between 3.00pm and 4.00pm any child can access an activity
around arts & crafts, baking, sport, chess etc.
Please contact Heather Knight on 0114 2654165 for further information about availability and
costs or our Learning Mentor in school on 0114 2399167.
The programme “After School at Woodthorpe” provides all the information about activities,
Childrens University, contact numbers and forms and can be given on request.


It is our belief that children are capable of high standards of behaviour from an early age. Working
to develop self discipline, awareness of others and of right and wrong is part of our daily teaching
and learning. We will always look to reinforce positive behaviour. Where our rules are not followed
our approach will be to discuss any issues with children and if necessary withdraw privileges
including imposing lunchtime detentions where appropriate. Should the behaviour persist the child
will be seen by a senior member of staff and if necessary contact will be made with parents; by
working in partnership most problems can usually be overcome.

As a last resort a period of exclusion from lunchtime or from school may be necessary. In such
cases parents will always be fully consulted and are given a right of appeal to the Governing Body.


Some activities can only take place because parents make some contribution towards the cost. In
most cases such contributions are voluntary and no child will be treated differently whether
payment has been made or not. However if insufficient funds are received then the activity may
not take place.

Charges for residential visits are not voluntary; however if the cost of any activity causes problems
for you, please speak to a member of staff in confidence, we can usually work out a solution.

In the case of wilful damage to school property or equipment during or outside school hours our
policy is to ask for a contribution towards the cost.

                                         Child protection

Under the Children Act 1989, staff in schools have a duty to report any concerns they have that
any child may be at risk of significant harm or in need of extra support. The Child Protection Co-
ordinators at Woodthorpe are David Smith and Carol Clarke. If you have any concerns about your
own or any other child please contact David Smith or Carol Clarke. In turn if there are any
concerns about your child she will contact you. Only when the safety of the child may be at risk will
parents not be informed immediately while advice is sought from Social Services.


We hope that most complaints can be dealt with informally by discussion with staff or the Head
Teacher. If you wish to bring something to the attention of the Governing Body please contact the
Parent Governors via the school (listed on page 11)
There is a school and LA procedure to be followed if informal means do not succeed. A copy of
this procedure can be obtained on request.

                                        Community Links

We work closely with the Woodthorpe Development Trust and with the Children‟s Centre. Regular
Newsletters about their activities are sent from school.

                                         Data Protection

Information about your child supplied by you is kept on the computer in the school office. We are
registered with the data protection agency. You are welcome to view this information at any
reasonable time.

Attendance registers are also kept electronically as is achievement data.

                                        Disabled access
Our new school site includes the following features to support the inclusion of all pupils, staff and
    Access to the building on all levels from the school gates.
    Handrails on paths.
    Disabled parking at the main entrance.
    Signage throughout school to support visual impairment.
    Hearing loop in the main hall.
    Colour scheme to support the concentration of all learners.
    A lift between KS1 and KS1 buildings.
    Doors are designed for access by wheelchair users.

                                    Freedom of Information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 we have a responsibility to make information available
to the public. A copy of the Governing body Statement on Freedom of Information is available from
the office on request.

                            Home learning/supporting your child

You are the people who know your child best and play the most important part in her/his learning.
Please support your child in any homework set. In particular, your child‟s progress will be greatest
if you read with them regularly, help with spelling and maths practise and games throughout all
years of school.

                                         Learning Mentor

Our Learning Mentor, Mrs Sandra Ballantyne has a key role in supporting the inclusion of pupils
who may experience barriers to their learning and participation. She has a leading responsibility
for promoting improved attendance and in working with children and families where the child‟s
social or emotional needs require extra support. She can be contacted through the school office.


The school may be used for certain events by the local community. A copy of our lettings policy is
available from the school office.

                                         Medical facilities

As a school we have a number of staff trained in first aid. As such they can deal with minor
injuries. However it is vital that we are able to contact you as soon as possible if your child is ill or
has had an accident. Please complete and return the form at the back of this booklet and
keep us informed of any changes particularly to mobile numbers.
We can advise you about the isolation period for common infectious diseases such as chicken pox
and measles.
Medicines, creams and drops cannot normally be administered in school. The exception to this is
asthma. Younger children‟s inhalers are kept in the Infant staff area ; from Y3 children will keep
inhalers with them. If your child has other conditions such as extreme eczema or diabetes please
contact us to discuss a care plan for your child.
Children should not bring any medicines or tablets to school to keep in their bags or

                                      Money and Valuables

If children bring any money to school for trips etc please send it in an envelope with your child‟s
name, class and purpose clearly marked. Your child‟s teacher will send it to the office with the
Valuable possessions including mobile phones should not be brought to school. We cannot take
responsibility for money or belongings lost or damaged on school premises.


The Nursery has a separate booklet as there are many differences in its organisation from the rest
of the school.

The Nursery currently provides up to 39 places in the morning and 39 in the afternoon for children
between 3 and 5 years old. The Nursery is staffed by one teacher and two Senior Teaching
Assistants on a ratio of one adult to thirteen children. We offer flexible provision whereby children
may attend full days or half days for a total of 15 hours per week. Staff will discuss your
preferences and aim to accommodate your wishes.

The many experiences our Nursery can offer are a valuable stage in a child‟s development. Ideally
we would like all our children to have attended Nursery before moving to full time education. The
Nursery provides a friendly, secure environment where children can develop at their own pace and
begin the process of being part of a group. Parents are always welcome to contribute their ideas,
time and expertise to the Nursery,

A place can usually be offered for your child in the term after her/his 3 rd birthday. Before your child
starts a member of staff will make a home visit to talk to you and to meet your child in the home
environment. Visits to Nursery are very welcome if you are thinking of applying for a place or in
preparing your child.

The Nursery is the first part of the Foundation Stage of education and works closely with the
Reception Class (Foundation Stage 2) with regular exchanges and a weekly joint assembly. Both
parts of the Foundation Stage work towards the Early Learning Goals. Information is available on

                                     Parental Involvement

If you would like to be involved in school in any capacity please speak to a member of staff. We
are very appreciative of offers of help in the classrooms, the library, with sports; with out of school
events and visits. We can also arrange training as a reading volunteer which will benefit your child
and others.

Our fund raising group „Friends of Woodthorpe‟ is also very important to us in supporting our work.
They can be contacted through the school office.

If you are interested in becoming a school Governor please ask to talk to a Governor or to the
Head Teacher.

NB to comply with advice from the LA on Child Protection we will ask volunteers to
undergo a police check. This can be arranged through the school office

                                           Pastoral care

As mentioned elsewhere it is a priority to us that your child is happy and secure in school. Please
keep us informed of anything which you feel may affect your child‟s learning at school. Information
will be treated in confidence. In turn we will contact you if we have concerns about your child‟s
emotional state.

                                Personal Accident Insurance

The school has taken out an insurance policy to cover pupils and adults involved in off site
The City Council has insurance cover for damage or injury arising from Council negligence.

                                            Road safety

Our crossing wardens are on duty on Nodder Road and Woodrove Avenue before and after school
each day. Please encourage your child to cross with the warden and to cross other roads safely.
As a healthy school we encourage our pupils to walk to and from school.

NB Please do not park on the yellows zig- zag lines or opposite the school gates. This is
extremely dangerous as well as illegal. Parents should not use the visitors’ car park
between 8.15am – 9.15am or 2.30pm – 3.15pm.


To maintain the security and safety of all in school we operate a controlled access system. Once
school has started each day any visitors should report to the main entrance on Lewis Road which
is monitored from the school office. After entry they should sign in and wear a visitor‟s badge.

                                         School Council

Our school Council was set up in 2003 as a way of representing the ideas and views of the pupils.
Meetings are held regularly and members report back to their classes.

                                          School Meals

School meals are cooked on site by our own staff. The current cost is £1.92 per day (£9.60 per
week). Please try to send the correct money to school on Monday no matter which days
your child has lunch.

If special diets are required for medical reasons please inform the school office.

If you think your child might be entitled to free school meals please collect a form from the
office. Please register entitlement to free school meals even if you do not intend to take up
a meal for your child.

                                           School Milk

Children entitled to free school meals are entitled to free school milk.
Children under five are eligible for free school milk. In FS and KS1 milk can be purchased termly;
this costs £9.80 in the Autumn Term (14p per day). In KS2 it can be purchased daily from the
tuck shop at 15p. Milk with fluoride added for dental care can be ordered.

                                          School Nurse

Our school nurse Lisa Ibbotson visits school weekly. She can provide information, advice and
support on health issues to parents, children and teachers. She can also make links with other
health professionals. She also works with groups on health promotion programmes such as drugs

Routine screening of your child‟s weight, height, vision and hearing is offered during the first year
of full time school. Where any problems are identified appropriate follow up and referral can be
arranged. Further tests can also be arranged if concerns are highlighted.

You can contact the school Nurse at any time via the school office or directly through the central
nursing service on 2694313.

                                 Special Educational Needs

We see all our pupils as individuals. However at times during their school career many children
may have needs which require particular support or attention. In most cases special needs are
identified at an early stage and parents will make the school aware of this on the child‟s entry to
Nursery or school. In all cases where concerns are raised about barriers to a child‟s learning or
participation, parents will be involved in working with school to plan approaches and support.

Our Special Needs Coordinator is Mrs Clarke. Her role is to oversee the provision for the
children identified as having particular needs. This may include extra staff support, particular
learning programmes, the involvement of outside agencies (eg Physiotherapist) and liaison with

If you have any concerns about your child‟s learning and progress in school please approach your
child‟s teacher or ask to see Mrs Clarke directly. In turn we will contact you if particular needs have
been identified.

The Governors responsible for SEN are Mr Norman Elliot who can be contacted through school.


Our aims for the arts are outlined in the policies for art, music, drama and dance.

We had our first Arts Week in 2004 which is now an annual event. Annually we present
performances at Christmas in Nursery, Key Stage 1 and 2 and in the summer in Y2-Y6.

In the summer term of 2007 we were awarded the Arts Mark and we gained the Silver Artsmark
in 2009.

We have a thriving choir which has been involved in many events in school and with other
schools. A number of children are currently learning recorder.


Our school sporting aims are contained in our policy for P.E. We offer a wide range of extra
curricular sporting activities; in 2008-09 this included football, athletics, cricket, gymnastics, dance
and basketball. Since the completion of the new school site (2005-6) we now have enhanced
facilities – hall, games court and grassed sports pitch. We were awarded Active mark in 2007 and

                                           In Conclusion

We work very hard to treat your child as an individual. We are always to keen to involve you as the
people who know your child best in providing the best learning opportunities possible. In turn we
are always open to suggestions from you and committed to helping you find any support you might
need that will benefit your child.

This book is only an introduction to Woodthorpe. If there is anything else you would like to know
please ask or better still come and see for yourself.
The information in this booklet relates to the school year 2010-11 and was up to date at the date of
publication. Some changes may take place before September 2011. If you feel we have left
anything important out of this booklet please let us know.

                                                        COMPARATIVE REPORT

These tables show a summary of the National Curriculum results of pupils in the school (2009) and nationally (2008)
as a percentage of those eligible for assessment.

The number of eligible children is: 46

Figures may not total 100 per cent because of rounding.

                      RESULTS OF TEACHER ASSESSMENT 2009 and NATIONAL 2008

                                                                      Percentage at each level
                                                                                                               Pupils          Pupils
                                      W          1           2        3         4         5          6
                                                                                                             disapplied        absent
                       School          2         2           2       22        67         4          0             0               0
                     National          0         1           4       16        49         30         0             0               0

                       School          0         4           2       13        67         13         0             0               0
                     National          0         1           4       16        46         33         0             0               0

                       School          0         7           0        9        63         22         0             0               0
                     National          0         0           2       12        47         38         0             0               0

                                       TEST RESULTS 2009 and NATIONAL 2008

                                                                      Percentage at each level
                                       Below                                                      Pupils
                                                         3            4             5                      #           Pupils absent
                                      level 3*                                                 not entered
                       School              7            37            48            7                 0                        0
                     National              6            13            51            30                0                        1

                       School              4            11            57            24                0                        0
                     National              6             6            38            49                0                        1

                       School              4            48            35            4                 0                        0
                     National              6            26            48            20                0                        1

                       School              7             9            65            17                0                        0
                     National              5            15            47            31                0                        1

                       School              7             4            30            57                0                        0
                     National              2             8            44            44                0                        1

W       represents pupils who are working towards level 1, but have not yet achieved the standards needed for level 1.
*       represents pupils who were not entered for the tests because they were working below level 3 in English, mathematics or science; pupils
        awarded a compensatory level from the tests; and pupils entered for but not achieving a level from the tests.
        represents pupils working at the levels of the tests, but unable to access them, formally referred to as disapplied.

                                       Woodthorpe Community School

                                                 Data Collection Form

Please complete this form as fully as possible and return it to the school
office. It is essential that we are able to contact you or a relative/friend in case
of illness or accident.

Child‟s surname.................................... First Name..........................................
Middle Name(s)..................................... Chosen Name....................................
Gender: Male/Female (please circle)                        Date of Birth.......................................
Post Code............................................................................................................

Please give details of all persons who have parental responsibility and of anyone
else who can be contacted in an emergency.

Parent/carer/relative                       Home address                           Phone- home; work; mobile

Name(s) of any brothers and sisters in school..........................................................

Please indicate if your child has any dietary needs..................................................

Please indicate if your child has any medical needs................................................

Family Doctor (Name/ Address/ telephone no).........................................................


Please add any further information about your child that you feel is important.

Thank you. Please make sure that you inform us of any changes to this

                          Ethnically based statistics on pupils

We are required by the Department for Education (DfES) and by the Sheffield
Education Service to collect ethnically based information on pupils. This data is used
to plan educational spending and to monitor achievement. The categories below are
those used by the DfES.

If you would like help with this form please ask in the school office. If you are
uncomfortable with any of the questions or prefer not to answer simply leave blank.

Please circle one in each list
      Ethnic Origin                     Religion             First Language
         White British
                                        Christian                   Bengali

  Any other white background             Hindu                    Cantonese

            Indian                       Jewish                     English
         Bangladeshi                    Muslim                      Greek
                                          Sikh                      Gujerati
  Any other Asian background
                                         None                        Hindi
                                   other (please write               Italian
      African (not Somali)                                          Punjabi

  Any other black background                                      Portuguese
  White and Black Caribbean                                        Spanish
    White and Black African
       White and Asian
  Any other mixed background
                                                            Other (please write

        Gypsy Traveller                                           Unclassified
    Any other ethnic group


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