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									               WHAT IS AIESEC?

                                                                       Is leadership in
                                                                         your young
Founded in 1948, AIESEC is the international platform for young
people to discover and develop their potential to have a positive     graduates a “must
impact on society. In addition to providing over 5,000 leadership       do” or a “must
positions and delivering over 350 conferences, AIESEC also runs an          have”?
exchange program that provides over 3,500 students and recent
graduates the opportunity to live and work in another country.
This exchange program enables organizations to source high-           Our programmes
potential talent from over 800 universities in 89 countries and       Working Abroad - the opportunity to
territories. With thousands of partners, such as UBS, PwC, DHL, the   work abroad is the defining element
                                                                      of the platform and is the most
AIESEC exchange program is a proven solution for both short-term      intense experience we offer. We
and long-term human resource needs. In Africa, we have a network of   enable about 3,500 members to work
                                                                      abroad each year in fields of
15 countries working on issues such HIV/AIDS, Entrepreneurship and    management, technical, education,
sustainability.                                                       and development.
                                                                      Leadership Experience - through
                                                                      the management of over 700 offices
International talent                                                  at    the    local,   national,   and
                                                                      international level, we provide about
                                                                      5000 leadership opportunities to our
The centrepiece of the AIESEC experience is the international         members each year. This provides
                                                                      our members with valuable and
exchange programme that gives young people an excellent               practical experience in both hard and
opportunity to work in a foreign organisation. Currently more than    soft skills in management and
3500 young students and recent graduates have a work abroad
experience through AIESEC.                                            Conferences      -   we     organize
                                                                      approximately 350 conferences each
                                                                      year to train and develop our
Through this programme, AIESEC provides organizations around the      members.      These     conferences
                                                                      provide the opportunity to practice
globe access to our diverse international talent and perspectives     leadership, gain important trainings,
coming from the widespread network of AIESEC. The International       and develop a network.
Exchange Programme has been continuously improved and                 Learning Networks - through virtual
developed, in order to meet the increasing demand from the            and physical interaction, learning
                                                                      networks       enable         different
organizations of a professionally delivered program. Our online       stakeholders to come together to
global data-base ensures rigorous searching of candidates and         develop their skills, knowledge, and
precise selection according to the needs and requirements of each     networks on topics of interest.
                                                                      Examples of learning network topics
organization.                                                         include Sustainability, HIV/AIDS, and
South African talent                                                  The     majority    of  our     partner
                                                                      organizations engage with AIESEC
                                                                      through one of these platforms in
Every year South African students go abroad for AIESEC traineeship    order to increase their profile, attract
and international interns join companies and organizations in South   top talent to their organization, or to
                                                                      support our efforts in enabling young
Africa. In addition, a large number of partnering companies and       people to develop and discover their
organizations support AIESEC in its various activities.               potential.
Our Partners
                                                                                                             AIESEC in Numbers
AIESEC has a history of successful cooperation worldwide with
organizations from both corporate and non-corporate sector. More than
3,000 organizations are constantly involved with AIESEC in local, national                                   Main Numbers
and regional level.
                                                                                                             18,000 Members

AIESEC International partners with a select group of organizations on                                        89 countries and territories
programs and activities with a global reach. Either through Global
Exchange Partnerships, supporting key international initiatives, or general                                  Over 800 universities
support through sponsorship of AIESEC, our relationships have long
                                                                                                             350 Conferences
history of successful collaboration.
                                                                                                             3500 Exchanges
We would like to thank our partners for their confidence, dedication and
support towards AIESEC’s mission and objectives.                                                             5000 Leadership Positions

                                                                                                             3000 Exchange Partners

What do they say about AIESEC?                                                                               Other Numbers

“AIESEC is an organisation that needs the support of South African business…we fully                         Over 1 million AIESEC alumni
support AIESEC and its endeavours and encourage you to support this vibrant student
                                                                                                             650 Local Chapters
Cyril Ramaphosa                                                                                              83 Member Committees

                                                                                                             250 Full-Time Staff
"The United Nations has long recognised that the imagination, ideals and energies of
young men and women are vital for the continuing development of the societies in which             
they live. AIESEC has contributed to this development by serving as an agent of positive
change through education and cultural exchange to develop a broader understanding of
cultural, socio-economic and business management issues."
Kofi Annan

“Where the needs of the world and your talents intersect, there lies
                     your vocation.” Aristotle

The Bridge is a front end of change that connects youth aspiring leaders
from tertiary institutions across the country in a conference that challenges
their visions, engages their worldview and uncovers their passions.                                          “Our country needs future
                                                                                                             leaders that are committed to
The objective of the Bridge is to develop leaders who understand the needs                                   build a unified South Africa
of the world connect to their purpose and are enabled to how and where
they can make a difference in South Africa.                                                                  within a global perspective… I
                                                                                                             commend AIESEC’s continuing
                                                                                                             efforts to develop the future
                                “To create a platform to showcase the Brightest Young Minds’                 business leadership of our
                              potential and fast track their development for the benefit of South            country.”
                                                             Africa.”                                           Nelson Mandela, Former
                                                                                                                President, South Africa
                           The realisation of this vision consists of providing the students with insight,
                           exposure to business leaders and top companies, placing them in an
                           environment that is conducive for idea generation and facilitating possible

                                                         It’s up to you!
                    AIESEC South Africa | Johannesburg | e- | Tel + 27(0) 11 465 9415

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