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Benito Mussolini - PowerPoint - PowerPoint by cuiliqing


									                   Il Duce
             His Excellency
 Benito Mussolini,
 Head of Government,
Duce of Fascism, and
Founder of the Empire
Through World War I,
was politically active as
       a socialist
     nationalist, &
   In 1922, Mussolini & fascist
  Blackshirts marched on Rome.

     He became prime minister
   in a coup d’état ousting Prime
        Minister Luigi Facta.
 Mussolini wielded power:
• Acerbo Law
 gave a two-thirds majority to
 Mussolini’s 25% plurality.

• Squadristi
  broke up strikes and riots.

• The new
 Italian Empire followed the conquering of Ethiopia.
  Mussolini harnessed the media.
• Propaganda lauded fascism
  as doctrine of the times.
• “Free press” was controlled
  by the State, which
  certified newspaper editors.
• Children were recruited to
  school for physical courage
  and patriotism.
• Mussolini dressed in military
  garb to show himself as
  heroic and patriotic.
           Mussolini manipulated the
             press to show himself
         as an impressive commander.

                                                                                                     He wants it to
                                                                                                      look as if he
                                                                                                     can handle me
                                                                                                       by himself.

photo source: Hany Farid, “Photo Tampering Throughout History.”
   Hitler and Mussolini
formed an uneasy alliance,

             but World War II
           led to their downfall.

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