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Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1912
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1908
Thomason civil engineering calendar, 1911
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1904
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1915
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1900
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1907
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1903
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1910
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1905
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1939-40
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1906
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1902
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1910
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1914
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1909
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1907
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U. P. calendar, 1928
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1928
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1884
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1885
Thomason college of civil engineering Roorkee, U. P. calendar, 1940-41
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1906
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U. P. Calendar, 1921
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1909
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1913
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1901
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1900
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1904
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1913
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1912
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U. P.      calendar, 1928
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1918
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1919
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1920
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U. P.      calendar, 1921
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1901
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1900
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1902
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1908
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1914
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1919
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1918
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1917
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1913
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1901
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1911
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1912
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U.P. calendar, 1922
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U.P.Calendar, 1921
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U.P.Calendar, 1928
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1920
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U. P. calendar, 1924
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U. P. calendar, 1923
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1908
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1909
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P.     calendar, 1927
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P. calendar, 1927
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P.calendar, 1926
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P. calendar,1925
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U.P. calendar,1924
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U.P. calendar,1929@AThomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U.P. calen
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U.P. calendar,1928
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U.P. calendar,1926
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U.P. calendar,1929
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U.P. calendar,1941-42
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U.P. calendar,1930
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U.P. calendar,1928
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U.P. calendar,1931
Thomason civil engineering college, calendar,1917
Thomason civil engineering college, calendar,1916
Thomason civil engineering college, calendar,1909
Thomason civil engineering college, calendar,1900
Thomason civil engineering college, calendar,1915
Thomason college of civil engineering Roorkee, U.P.calendar,1937-38
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U.P. calendar,1932
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1908
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P. calendar,1926
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1914
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1895
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1909
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1915
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1910
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1908
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1903
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1914
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1913
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P. calendar,1928
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P. calendar,1926
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P. calendar,1939-40
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P. calendar,1938-39
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P. calendar,1937-38
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P. calendar,1934-35
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P. calendar,1936-37
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P. calendar,1935-36
Thomason college of civil engineering Roorkee, U. P. calender 1940-41
Thomason college of civil engineering Roorkee, U. P. calender 1939-40
Thomason college of civil engineering Roorkee, U. P. calender 1938-40
Thomason college of civil engineering Roorkee, U. P. calender 1937-38
Thomason college of civil engineering Roorkee, U. P. calender 1935-36
Thomason college of civil engineering Roorkee, U. P. calender 1936-37
Thomason college of civil engineering Roorkee, U. P. calender 1933-34
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U. P. calender 1932
Thomason college of civil engineering Roorkee, U. P. calender 1941-42
Thomason college of civil engineering Roorkee, U. P. calender 1941-42
Thomason civil engineering college calender 1900
Thomason civil engineering college calender, 1886
Thomason civil engineering college calender, 1909
Queen Victoria : her life and reign
Queen Victoria : her life and reign
Book of the thosand nights and a night
Book of the thosand nights and a night
Stray feathers :a journal of ornithology for india and its dependencies
Stray feathers :a journal of ornithology for india and its dependencies
Stray feathers :a journal of ornithology for india and its dependencies
Stray feathers :a journal of ornithology for india and its dependencies
Stray feathers :a journal of ornithology for india and its dependencies
Vedic India: as embodied principlly in the Rig-Veda
Scotland : story of the nations
Goths : story of the nations
Ancient egypt : story of the nations
Bohemia : story of the nations
Rome : story of the nations
Mediaeval England 1066-1350 : story of the nations
story of the Normans
Moors in spain
Barbary corsairs
Modern Italy 1748-1898
West Indies adn the Spanish Main
Mediaeval India : under mohammedan rule (A.D. 712-17640)
Papal Monarchy : from st. Gregory the Great to boniface Vlll. (590-1303)
Byzantine Empire
Jews : in ancient, mediaeval and modern times
Early Britain
British India
Germany : astory of the nations
South Africa :story of the nations
Parthia : story of the nations
A history of Norway
Balkans : Roumania, Bulgaria, servia, and Mopntenegro
Hansa towns
Mediaeval Rome : from hildebrand to clement viii. 1073-1600
Media : babylon and persia
Mediaeval France : from the reign of hugues capet to the beginning of the sixteenth century
Venice : story of the nations
Austria : story of the nations
Crusades : story of the latin kingdom of jerusalem
Australian common wealth
Poland : story of the nations
Persia : story of the nations
Roman Empire B. C. 29-----A.D. 476
Modern France 1789-1895
Canada : story of the nations
Jews under roman Rule
Modern England : from the refrom bill to the accession of edward vii.
Modern Spain 1788-1898
Holland : story of the nations
Carthage or the empire of Africa
Turkey : story of the nationa
Bara Banki : A gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Aligarh : supplementary notes and statistics to V. Vl of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Partabgarh : a gazetteer, being V. xlvii of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Uttar pradesh district gazetteers Meerut
Uttar pradesh district gazetteers Agra
Uttar Pradesh district gazetteers
Uttar Pradesh district gazetteers Jhansi
Uttar Prades district gazetteers faizabad
Uttar Pradesh district gazetteers Allahabad
Uttar Pradesh district gazetteers Mathura
Uttar Pradesh district gazetteers Moradabad
Uttar Pradesh district gazetteers Varanasi
Uttar Pradesh District gazetteers volume xxxvii Lucknow
Racing and steeple- chasing
International library of famous literature
Rulers of India : John russell Colvin
Rules of India
Sir Henry Lawrence : pacificator
Rulers of India : Dupleir
Rulers of India : Marquess of tbastings
James Thomason
Rulers of India : Earl Canning
Rulers of India : Ibaidar Ali and tipu sultan
Rulers of India : Madhava Rao Sindhia
Rulers of India : Lord Amherst
Rulers of India : Marquess of Dalhousie
Akbar and the rise of the mughal empire
Rulers of India : Albuquerque
Rulers of India : Lord william Bentinck
Rulers of India : Babar
Rulers of India : Mountstuart Elphinstone
Lord Clive and the establishment of the english in India
Rulers of India : Earl of Auckland
Rulers of India : hardinge
Story of the potter
Story of life in the seas
Story of electricity
Story of geographical discovery
Rulers of India : Sir Thomas Munro
Royal natural history
Science in modern life
Textile industries
Imperial gazetteer of India : Indian empire
Imperial gazetteer of India
Harmsworth popular science
Imperial gazetteer of india
International library of famous literature
A treatise on the principles of pleading in civil actions
Professional papers of the crops of royal engineers
Central India
Papers on subject connected with the duties of the corps of royal engineering
University of Roorkee calendar for the year 1949-50
Goverment of India planning commission
Notes and memoranda on the Eastern Jumna, or Doab Canal, north western provinces
Ganges canal hydro-electric scheme
Average plans of Drains, culverts and bridges, with tables
Clibborn's patent regulating gate
annual progress riport of the archaeological survey circle, North-Western provinces and Oudh,for the year ending 30th june 189
Memorandum on irrgation experiments on the parichatgarh distributary, anupshahr branch ganges canal
Drainage problems in the ganges delta
Technical dialogues, in english and Urdu
Roorkee Hydraulic Experiments
Drawing for engineer students
Survey of India during war and early reconstruction 1939-1946
Revenue report of the goverment of Bihar and Orissa irrigation department for the year 1934-35
Report of the official language commission
Report of the commissioner of education for the year ended june 30,1907
Roorkee manual of applied mechanics; stability of structures and the graphic deter mination of lines of resistance
Road bridge to carry the grand trunk road over the river ganges at benares
Professional papers on Indian engineering
Profession papers on Indian engineering
Saharanpur sandharbh : saharanpur ki mahan vibhutiya(1858-1988)
Thomason civil engineering college manuals
Survey manual part ll
Thomason college of engineering
Designs for wooden bridges
Educational statistics Indian states 1947-48
Indian educational policy, 1913
Report of the university education commission (december 1948-august 1949)
Education in India 1954-55
Manual for young engineers in India
Report on civil engineering education in Great Britain, in 1924
Calcutta review
Memorial l'officier du genie
Roorkee treatise on civil engineering : railways
Circular collection no. 2 : manufacture of limes and cements
Profitable gardening
Classical Scholarship and classical learning
Grammarof science
Practical hints on chrysanthemum culture in India
French revolution :a history
Alumni journal
University of manchester faculty of science examination papers,1929
Mathura : a district memoir
Designed and drawing
Architettura : statica e idraulica
Muntakhabat- i - hindi
Instruction in photography
Tenth annual report of the education department
Report of a reconnaissance of the yukon river, alaska territory
Annual of scientificdiscovery
Hydrostatics for beginners
King's grace 1910-1935
Surveying voyages on his majesty's ships adventure and beagle
Popular goverment
Discoveries in Asia minor
Technical Aerodynamics
History : its purpose and method
Principle of virtual velocitiesand its application to the theory of elastic structures
Organic analysis qualitative and quantitative
Logarithms of sines and tangents for every second
Drawing of foliage , &c. and foliated design
Self-help : character and conduct
Manual of botany : anatomical and physiological
ABC of relativity
New Pacific
Medical officers of the Indian army
American air almanac
Infinitesimal calculus
Summation of series
X rays and crystal structure
Deterioration of structures in sea-water
Navigational clearance requirements for highway and railroad bridges
Steam engine and gas and oil engines
Conference on the future of the smithsonian institution
Dictionary of national biography
Elaine at the gates
Thomas de quincey
Experimental harmonic motion
Gully of bluemansdyke and other stories
Captain hedley vicars ninety-seventh regiment
Journey throughout Ireland
Epiphany, lent, and easter
Recherches sur les ossemens fossiles
Handbook for constructional engieers
X esquire
Shakespeare's tragedy of othello, the moor of venice
Examination papers
Campaign in bulgaria 1877-1878
Waterworks distribution
Missionary life and labours
Indian field shikar book
Shakespearian grammar
Life of benjamin disraeli earl of beaconsfield
Chinese charactristics
Modern printing
Paper technology
Library of entertaining knowledge the menageries
Thomas henry huxley
Besiged in kut and after
Hints to travellers
Contemporary personalities
Stocks and shares
Recent political thought
Confessions of a physician
Architectural building construction
James Madison: Fater of the constitution 1787-1800
Government of India act, 1935
Letters of horace walpole, earl of orford to Sir Horace Mann
Foundations of Indian agriculture
Practical bacteriology blood work parasitology
Life of George Washington
Life of lord clive
In savage isles and settled lands
Rainfall reservoirs and water supply
Paoers glasgow
Military mentor
Everlasting man
Military operations
Coal-tar and ammonia
Our trip to Burmah
Standard natural history from amoeba to man
Revolt against civilization
Roorkee treatise on civil engineering
Narrative of the expedition of an American squadron to the China seas and Japan
Chief of engineers
History of the standard oil company
Lime industry in India
Durham colleges in the universiry of Durham
Smithsonian miscellaneous collections
Continuous frames of reinforced concreete
Pictorial practical vegetable growing
Unbeaten tracks in Japan
Anatomy of vertebrates
Evolution and development of the quantum theory
Engineers outlook
Black age
Story of the cotton plant
Journal of a tour in the levant
Memoirs of prince rupert and the cavaliers
Legend of ulenspiegel
Periodic chart of the atoms
Papers on subjects connected with the duties of the corps of royal engineers
Nautical almanac and astronomical ephemeris for the year 1943
Paris salon
Euclid's elements
New chemistry
Oil fuel
every body's guide to broadcast music
Structures of iron and steel
Rate of interest
Revenuer report of the goverment of Bihar and Orissa irrigation department for the year 1035-36
Smithsonian institution
Land-tax in India
Greensea Island
Diaries and correspondenceof the earl of malmesbury
Dalhousie universaity
Durham university calendar for the year 1956-1957
Year-book of the royal society of London
Modern India
Elementary course of physics
Biographical dictionary
Burden of the balkans
Pain and an aesthetics : an essay
Acoustic experiments
Electronics division
Photography of bacteria
Ministry of health requirements as to sewage purification
Truth of the scripture history of saint paul evinced
Vibrations of systems having one degree of freedom
Mist and other stories
Course of six lectures on the non-metallic elements
Staff college exercises 1874
First course in nomography
I'm alone
Management and diseases of the dog
Adventures of the first Settlers on theoregon or columbia river
Tourist's guide to Kashmir, Ladakh, Khardo, & C.
Fragments of voyages and travels
Smiths work
Romance of history
Quantitative chemical analysis
Hostages to fortune
Mech 1950
Japan travels and researches
Gunner jingo's jubilee
Pastures of wonder
Life of lord jeffrey
Thomasonian 1918-19
Thomasonian 1913-17
Her majesty's tower
Blood royal
Aide-memoire to the military sciences
Novels and miscellaneous works
Eirst Course in nomography
Story of my life
Supplement to an analysis oe the constitution of the east-India company
Atlas of practical elementary biology
Papers relating to the sone canals
Engineering conference Simla, 1913
Production factors
Essays written in the intervals of business
My police court friends with the colours
Sermons on several subjects
Bocages and the vines
Football history
Lart de verifier les dates
Gujrat and its literature
Analytical theory of heat
Poetical works of Thomas Moore
Downfall of Russia
Garden flowers
Royal engineers journal
Autobiography of a super- tramp
Highlands of aethiopia
Report of the regional seminar of headmasters and educational inspectors of Bombay, Saurashtra and Kutch
Lays of ancient Rome with ivry and the armada
My countrymen
Meteorology weather, and methods of forecasting
Advanced agricalture
History of the inductive sciences
Integral calculus
Treatise on money and essays on monetary problems
Household encylopedia
Sparks from a governor's anvil
History of the Indian archipelago : containing an account
Glaciers of the alps
Telescopic astronomy
Storage reservoirs on story creek, California
Between friends
Electric discharge lamp
Rudimentary treatise on mineralogy for the use of engineers
Course of elementary calculus
Rules and tablesrelating to measurement of timber
View of the history literature and mythology of the hindoos
Jack's reference book for home and office
Monthly notices of the royal astronomikal society
Report of the commissioner of education for the year 1903
Hockey practice and tactics
Nouveau portefeuille de ltngenieur des chemins de fer
Science in progress
Examples in the trength and elasticity of materials
L'art de verifier les dates
Joseph and his brethren : dramatic poem
German woman and her master
Children of god
Handbook and directory of the concrete induetry in India
Introduction to the calculus of variations
Infinitesimal calculus
Defence of England
University of glasgow examination papers for degree of B. Sc. in engineering setember,1936
Papers on professional subjects
Walter greenway spy and hero his life story
Index toIndia army orders
Riddle of the univers
War between Germany and France 1870-1
Emergency surgery
Sugar and the sugar cane
Ramayan of Valmiki
Text-book of systematic mineralogy
Elements of electricity for technical students
Year-book of facts in science and the arts
Principles of scientific management
Memorial to william steintz
Sixty-three years of engineering scientific and social work
Flora of the nilgiri and pulney hill-tops
Integral calculus for beginners
Medical science for everyday use
Awakening of anthony weir
United service magazine
Enchanted april
Architecture gothic and renaissance
Tropical medicine and hygiene
Manual of pressure gauges thermometers hygrometers
Politicians and the war 1914-1916
Animal kingdom
Principles of political economy
Grands barrages
Sub: Being the autobiography of David Munro
lord thomson of cardington : memoir and some letters
Thomason civil engineering college manuals
On compromise
Private life warren hastings
Air men o' war
Elementary manual on Indian wood technology
Contemporary chemistry
Hunters wanderings in Africa
Red Russia
South to cadiz
Theoretical mechanics
New Technical educator
Dictionary of engineering
Chambers's journal of popular literature science and arts
View of the evidences of christianity
Introduction to money, exchange & banking
Life and adventures of John Gladwyn Jebb
Report of the united states national museam 1929
Manufacture of iron
Gita the mother
Oliver cromwell
Diary and letteers of madame D'arbly
Journey to the capitals Japan and China
Report on the united states national museum 1921
Quedah or stran leabes from a journal in Malayan waters
Rejected addresses : or, the new theatrum poetarum
Introduction to geology
Frist seven divisions
Lost tales of miletus
Anne lulworth
Industrial curiosities
Process engraver's monthly
Historical and statistical memoir of Dehradoon
Introduction to the chemistry of colloids
Aspects of theatre in India today
General rules 9civil) of 1911 for civil courts
Forecasts of the fulbright program in British Africa
Grammar of the pukhto-pusto
Report of the tariff commission on the continuance of protection to the sericulture industry
Organization of wheat trade in the north-western region, United provinces
London's bad boys
Cambridge and dublin mathematical journal
Explorations & adventures in Equatorial Africa
History of India
Differential equations of engineering science
Journal of tour in the levant
Among Indian Rajahs And Ryots
What is love
Complete writing for profit
Pablic works
Memoirs of the pretenders and their adherents
James clerk maxwell, F. R. S. 1831-1879
Short account of explosives
History of Persia, from the mast early period to the present time
Everybodys's pepys
Annual report of the chief of engineers,United states army to the secretary of war for the year 1884
Constitutional history of England
Mr.chamberlain his life and public career
Firre and sword the sudan
Manual of elementary chemistry, theoretical and practical
Crop pest handbook for Behar and Orissa
Northern cost of Africa, from tripoly
Violin playing and violin adjustmen
War and the bagdad railway
Introduction to semimicro qualitative analysis
Uniflow, back-pressure and steam extraction engines
Ramayan of Valmiki
Laboratory guide to qualitative analysis with the blowpipe
Indian studies
Cabinet cyclopaedia
Macmillan's magazine
Text-book of Indian history
Proceedings of the fifth meeting of the Indian roads congress, Caslcutta
Physiology and hygiene for girls schools and colleges
British manufacturing industries
Great son
Catalogue of books
Ten Months among the tents of the Tuski
engineering heat transfer
Photographic chemistry
Numerical trigonometry
National welfare and national decay
Essays on rural hygiene
applied electrochemistry
Quarterly bulletin no. 11 july to september 1938
Sports and pastimes of the people of England
Yoga-mimamsa april 1969
Precis of modern tactics
Broad lines in science teaching
Drawing for machinists and engineers
Mr. Sponge's sporting tour
Aide-memoire of the military sciences
Mysterious universe
Traite de paleontologie
School certificate mathematical papers 1928-1932
Annual report of the board of regents of the smihsonian institution
Letters of horace walpole earl of orford
Waterways and maritime works
Elements of chemistry : theoretical and practical
New North
Cements, limes and plasters
Political history of india from 1784 to 1823
Chief of engineers united states army to the secretary of war for the year 1889
Practical geometry and engineering graphics
Journeys and explorations in the cotton kingdom
B. Sc. (General)
Physical training, games and athletics in elementary schools
Text-book on roofs and bridges
Travels in northern greece
Elements of the science of war
Angler in Northern India
Personal observations on Sindh
Papers on subjects connected with the duties of the Corps of royal engineers
Manual of forestry
University of glasgow examination papers degrees of M.A. and B.Sc. in pure Science may-june, 1929
History of the brooklyn and long Island fair
Physiology of common life
Traite de mecanique rationnelle
Forest law
Hints to plumbers
This was England
Treatise on plane and spherical trigonometry
Questions proposed at the mathematical examinations in oxford
History of the British conquests in India
Glimpses of village life in Northern India
Differential and integral calculus
History of the British army
Professional papers on Indian engineering
Typical forms and special ends in creation
Days with walt whitman
Cockpit of peace 1919-1925
World engineering congress Tokyo proceedings
Biographical dictionary
Courses in mining geology
Bentley's miscellany
Scientific memoirs
Heat for advanced students
Practical mathematics
New Pathways in science
review of reviews
In darkest Africa of the quest rescue and retreat of emin
Practical treatise on the law of evidence
Native states of India
Essays on sanskrit literature
Royal engineers journal
Pitman's theory and practice of commerce
South pole
Letters of robert louis stevenson
Wild and cul,tivated citton plants the world
Flying shadow
Great Britain
Story of a piece of coal
Story of eclipses
Monthly notices of the royal astronomical society
Teaching of scientific method and other papers on education
Year book of the royal society of London
Indispensable handbook to the optical lantern
University of glasgow degree of B.Sc. in engineering
Timely retreat or a year in Bangal Before the mutinies
Notes on the battle of waterloo
Shorter english grammar
Infinitesimal calculus
Manual of lettering and scale drawing
Life of Francis parkman
Water analysis
Told in the huts the Y. M. C. A. gift book
Annotated, subject-heading bibliography of termites 1350 B. C. to A.D.1954
Designing of ordinary iron highway bridges
Mathematical tables
Prisoner in turkey
Rudiments of mechanics
Physikalisch = chemische tabellen
War memoirs of David LLoyod George
Jock of the bushveld
World engineerin congress Tokyo 1929 proceedings
Eclipse of Russia
Roorkee treatise on civil engineering in India
Exercises in electrical and magnetic measurement
Australian national university
Short stories: old and new
Tutorial chemistry
Lion's share
Water works fittings
Memoir of the life and charqcter of the right hon. Edmund Burke
True science of living
Prospecting for minerals
Manual of photographic chemistry
Memonics of the lady stanhop
History of napoleon the first
Theory and practice of bridge construction in timber iron and steel
Queen's quair or the six year' tragedy
Elementary treatise on physics
History of europe from the fall of napoleon
Asia with ethnological appendix
New technlcal educator
Control charts in factory management
Mr. Punch's limerick book
Collection of the acts: local legislature of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh in the year 1925
Sir douglas haig's despatches
Peter Paul Rubens
Memorials and correspondence of Charles James Fox
Forest life and sport in India
Safe load tables
Plant biology
Eastern backwater
Introduction to the study of metallurgy
War in the far east 1904-1905
Later days
Annual report of the chief of engineers
School and examination book-keeping
Gulity, or not guilty : a tale
Life and corrspondence of Robert Southey
World year book
Parish churches
Great world of London
Wanderings of a pilgrim
Permanent-way material platelaying, and points & crossings,with a few remarks on singnalling and interlocking
Servants of the guns
Engineering applications of mathematics
Naturalist on the prowl or in the jungle
In darkest Africa
Complete works of count rumford
Memorials of the late war
Glaucus or the wonders of the shore
Memoir of felix neff
Friends in council
Turkey and the turks
Projectile weapons of war and explosive compounds
Aids to elementary violon playing
Journal of a residence on a georgian plantation in 1838-1839
Despatches, minutes, and correspondence of the marquess wellesley, K. G.
Voices in the night
Bicycle repairing
Ten years of imperialism in France
Agriculture of the united provinces
Dictionnaire Francais- Anglais
Annales des ponts et chaussees
Studies in prose and poetry
Short history of english words
Diary of a pedestrian in cashmere and thibet
History of the British army
Five years in Turkey
Camping sketches
Memoirs of the duke of sully
Last and first men
Proceedings of the royal society of London
Dampness in buldings
Land revenue policy of the Indian Government
Text book of organic chemistry
Punjab frontier in 1848-49
Photographic optics and colour photography
Story of the forth army
Report by the railway board on Indian railways for1950-1
Magazine of concrete research
Management of state industrial enterprises
Lucknow anti-malaria and drainage works, Ghaziuddin hydeer canal
General report on the construction of the Shikohabad-Farrakhabad Extetension
Sulla nuova teoria del motodelle acque memoria
Madras longitudinal series or series g of the southern
Completion report with schedules and financial forecast (Brisitish Areas Only) of the sutlej valley project
Treasury of botny
Simla past and present
History of christianity in india
Papers of the corps of royal engineers
Sewage works
Revue of mecanique appliquee
Collection of treaties, engagements, & sunnuds
Three months' leave in Somali land
Results of meteorological observations
Select specimens of the theatre of the hindus
Works of the right honourable Joseph addison
American annual ofphotography and photographic times
Intensive farming in India
Records of the school of mines and of science applied to the arts
History of the British army
Text-book of applied mechanics and mechanical engineering
Discourses : biological & geological
Studies in the history of educational opinion from the renaissance
Distinguished men of modern times
TNT trinitrotoluenes and mono- and dinitrotoluenes their manufatures and properties
Field and hedgerow
Photography as a fine art
Professional papers on Indian engineering
Report of progress of stream measurements for the calendar year 1902
Arctic explorations
Seen in passing
Golden thread
All the year round
George morland and the evolution from him of some later painters
Annual report oe the board of regents oe the smithsonian institution
Design of machine elements
On life & Letters
Steam turbine design
International industry yearbookthe encyclopedia of industrial progress 1948
Key to your own nativity
Logarithms of sines and tangents for every second
Leaves from a field note-book
Pilgrimege of fa hian
Three years with the 9th (scottish) division
Seventeen lectures on the study of mediaeval and modern history
Principles of design in architecture
Tables for facilitating the calculation of every detail
Effects of stress history on the strength of clays
Bibliography of doctorate theses in science & arts accepted by Indian universities for 1948-50
Report on the United States national museum
Papers glasgow
History and practice of the art of photography
Russia's railway advance into central Asia
Constitution of the polish people's republic
Yearbook of the universities of the commonwealth 1949-50
Report on the administration of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh 1932-33
Encyclopaedia of gardening
History of the British army
World list of scientific periodicals publishes in the years 1900-1960
Ten great mountains
Four faces of Siva
New pathways in science
Letters on the improvement of the mind
You can't fall
Local industries of glasgow and the West of Scotland
Dynamo, motor and switchboard circuits for electrical engineering
Agricultural analysis
Statics and the dynamics of a particle
Water purification and sewage disposal
Royal engineers journal
Bessel functions for engineers
Mechanical sciences tripos
Process engraver's monthly
Boswell's London journal 1762-1763
Equation for predicting a mean drop size in a high-speed spray
Travels in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and              Turkey
World engineering congress Tokyo 1929 proceedings
Travels in Ladak, Tartary, and Kashmir
Report on the prison administration of Uttar Pradesh 1955
Proceedings pore water pressure measurement in field investigations
Wilson's carpentry and joinery
Manual of forestry
Institution of mechanical engineers library catalogue
History of the Papacy from the Great Schism to the Sack of Rome
Year- book of the royal society of London
Ben watson
Text book on geometry
Pilgrimage to NEJD
History of France
Preliminary report explorations and surveys Nevada and Arizona
Investments fon all ther importance, selection, and mangement
Americal national government
Record of the metropolitan fair
World engineering congress Tokyo 1929 proceedings
History of British army
Planing and fitting-up of chemical and physical laboratories
Annual report of the chief of engineers
Law of testamentary devise as administered in India
Tales of the tides and other stories
Colburn's united service magazine
Compendious hebrew grammar
William cotton oswell
Wire its manufacture and uses
Applied mechanics and mechanical engineering
Library of illustrated standard scientific works
First hundred thousand
King edward Vll
Travels in various countries of Europe Asia and Africa
Integrration its meaning and application
Advanced Vector analysis
Recollections cf four year service in the east with H. M.forttieth regiment
Birds of and mere and how to shoot them
Industrial evolution in India
They that walk in the wild
History of christinity in India
National self-government
Iceland or the journal of a residence in that Island
Kashmir the Switzerland of India
Manav jatiyo me uch-nich ke galat vichar
Diseases of electric machinery
Supplement government gazette of the Uttar Pradesh
Floatation gradient for the flow of through porous strata and its bearing on the stablity of foundations
Forest science in Norway and Sweden
Rusian military expenedition to Khiva 1839
Board of regents of the Smithsonian institution
Resistance welding manual
Central expenditure on education in india 1948-49 to 1950-51
Assessment of the possibility of using suction to inhibit cavitation on cylindrical sections
Poetical and dramatic works
Mackenzin collection
How it happened
Financial statements
Concise municipal directory and buyers guide 1950
Canal and culvert tables
Modern orator
High explosives
Electric lighting and powerdistribution
Examinetion papers 1932
Wood finishing
Soya bean
Butterflies of India Burmah and Ceylon
Militry workshandbook
Sermons on several subjects
Biology of flowering plants
Medals of creation on first lessons in geology
Centennial celebration of rensselaer polytechnic institute
Lord George Murray and the forty-five
Notes on the internal economy of chummery, home, mess and club
Guru Nanak and his mission
Valves and water fittings
Life of king Henry the eighth
Elementary physics
Om-tat-sat Srimad Bhagavadgita Rahasya or Karma-Yoga-Sastra
Some Irish yesterdays
Nautical almanac and astronomical ephemeris for the year 1951
Introduction to the study of the holy scriptures
Web of Indian life by the sister Nivedita (Margaret E. Noble) of Ramakrishna-Vive-Kananda
Running of locomotives, with refereence to their tendency to derail
Effect of surface waves on the discharge over weirs
Principles of comparative physiology
Great danghle of India
Epic of tarawa
Economic histry of India in the victorian age
Friends and Romans
Germany and the next war
Hydraulic machinery
On life & letters
Practical introduction to the study of botany
Wonders of instinct
Drawing for carpenters and joiners
Story of the fourth army in the battles of the hundred days august 8th to november 11th1918 maps
Linseed oil and other seed oils :an industrian manual
Narrow gauge railways
Upper colorado river and its utilization
steeled in battles
Bureau of ethnology
Irrigation administra report of the united provinces for the year ending march 31, 1937
General report on the operations of the survey of India 1911-12
Panjab education al journal
East India military calendar
Bureau of ethnology
Proceeding of the mathematics seminar
Pomes and ballads of schiller
Practical earthwork@Btables and calculations of banks and cuts made easy
Book Of good hunting
Irrigation and Drainage
Report of the tariff commission
Savage life in New Zeland
Technologycal dictionary in the english, french and german languages
Astronomical navigation tables
Introduction tomythology
Educational record april 1885
Mechanicals of engineering soils
Papers on subjects connected with the duties of the corps of royal engineers
Story of the malakand field force
Day after to-morrow
Secrets of other people's jobs
Excursions in Switzerland
Etymological and explanatory dictionary of words derived from the Latin
Lay-out of samll water mains
Notes and queries
Life of lord kitchener
Clouds weather phenomena
Renaissance studies in art and poetry
New voyage round the world
Nests and eggs of Indina birds
Combiend civil list for India & Burma
Manual of forestry
Astronomical navigation tables
Chlorination of water
In kut and captivity
water polo team training
Tutorial physics
Workshop receipts
Raccolta intorno le acque
Friends in council
Official history of Russo-Japanese war
Rudiments of civil engineering and use of beginners
Agriculture of the united provinces
Purification of sewage
On the frontier and beyond
Visit to Italy
Beetles of the himalayas and how to collect, preserve and study them
How to english literature
Mathematical tracts
Notes on the propagantio and cultivation of the medicinal cinchonas or peruvian bark trees
New regional geography of the world
Fruitful vine : a noval
Orr's circle of the sciences
Ink manufacture
Geometrical drawing
Electrical engineer construction & opration of dynamo electric machinery book c
Bija ganita or the algebra of the hindus
Works of horatio walpole
Collection of the acts
Law of agency in British India
Biology of fishes
Recollections of forty years
Secrets of a showman
Efficiency as a basis for operation and wages
History of India
Life of John Churchill duke of marlborough
Diversions of a naturalist
Across the great craterland to the congo
Essays Critical and imaginative
Kay's and Malleson's history of the Indian mutiny of 1857-58
Russia's March towards India
Royal engineers journal
On the classification and geographical distribution of the mammalia
Revue des sciences medicales
Soldier of the legion
Manufacture of mineral and lake pigments
President office and powers
Innocent men
Gas petrol, and oil engine
British empire at home and abroad
Memorials of Major-General Sir Herbert B. Edwardes
Albert n'yanza grear basin of the nile
Practical printing : a handbook of the art of trpography
Oxford oddities
Proceeedings of the world engineering congress
Road research papers
Utkal university courses of studies 1957-58
Riport on the continuance of protection to the steel baling hoops industry
All the year round
Truth about jutland
Cross of peace
History and present condition of the barbary states
Lives of the queens of scotland
Antiquities of Greece
Report of the irrigation and drainage engineering activities at the university of Roorkee
All the year round
Wanderings of a pilgrim
Abridged nautical almanac for the year 1956
Brochure on promotion of research on matters relating to the corporate sector in Indian
General view of the history and organisation of public education in the German Empire
New school arithmetic
Turing and mechanical manipulation
Military engineer services handbook
Dictionary of engineering
Notes on steel concrete construction
Allen's commercial organic analysis
History of the Indian mutiny
Chemical news
West point "the key to America"
Audit code
History of higher education in South India
East-India gazatteer
How to enjoy the countryside
Progress of science
Hardy Norseman
World's cane sugar industry past and present
Physikalisch=chemische tabellen
History of chivalry
Live4s of the lord chancellors and keepers of the great seal of England
Manual of spherical and practical astronomy
Campaign in mesopotamia
Nitroglycerine and nitroglycerine explosives
Queens of England
Mathematical tables
Rules and tables
D'hydraulique agricole
Current political problems with pros and cons
Descriptive list of the martial castes
History of the war
Handbook for constructional engineers
Elements of agriculture
Practical military sketching
Airman's outings
Story of extinct civilizations of the east
Wave and vortex motion
Principels and practice of harbour engineering
Otto' cycle gas engine
Tables, meteorological and physical
Life in Spain
Journey from Merut in India
Teacher's andbook of manual trainig metal work
Ashanti and the gold coast and what we know of it
Eastern Persia
Gardening in the tropices
History of the theory of elasticity
Narrative of a journey from heraut to Khiva, Moscow, St.Petersburgh
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee
My life as German and JEW
Story of the battle of waterloo
Natural selection
Standing wave or hydraulic jump
Orthodox London
Lessons in Elementary chemistry
Plays and poems of William Shakspeare
Weeping wood
Nitrocellulose industry
Sunrise to evening star
Game birds of India, Burmah, and Ceylon
Litertures in modern Indian Languages
Estimating for reinforced concrete work
Stresses in aeroplane structures
Cotton manufacturing
Sixth sense
Memoirs of British Generals
Brahma sutras
Lecture on electrical measurements
History of the British turf
Elementary treatise on the differential & integral calculus
Examination-questions in book-keeping by double entry
Handbook of welded steel pipe
CVhemistry of paints and painting
Report of the secretary of war
Birth of the war-god
Workshop precision grinding
Manual of mechanical drawing
No obliviscaris dinna forget
Fear, and be slain adventures by land, sea and air
Memoirs of prince chlodwig of hohenlohe schillingsfuerst
Elements of physiography
Timber and some of its diseases
Quantitative chemical analysis
Handbook of culvert and drainage practice
Rough ways made smooth
Professional papers of the corps of royal engineers
Memoirs of the life and writings
Story of South Africa
Indian trade journal
Properties of fluids
Narrative of various journeys in Balochistan, Afghanistan, and the Panjab
Travels in Canada
Democracy and liberty
Summer in Andalucia
Military works handbook
Manufacture of sulphuric Acid and Alkali
Genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry
Professional papers of Indian engineering
Agriculture and irigation in continental and tropical climates
Geste of Duke Jocelyn
Thomason college of civil engineering Roorkee
Roorkee treatise on civil engineering
Problem of hot water supply ejeculator producing the remedy
Realization of the absolute
Demands for grants for expenditure of the central government on railways for 1967-68
Fifty-first in France
Manual of gardening
Nature's hygiene and sanitary chemistry
Histoire de la fortification permanente
Hand-book of the university of Rajasthan
Travels in Turkey, Egypt, Nubia and Palestine
Modern printing
Early jesuit missions in North America
Pattern of rural settlement
Marriage in China
Excursions in the county of cornwall
Notes on tours in Darjeeling and Sikkim
History of the military transactions of the British nation in Indostan
Journals of travela
Scamper through the far east
Report on the improvment of Indian agriculture
Memoirs of lieutenant-general Sir Thomas Picton
Principles of road engineering
Timely Retreat
Modern pig-sticking
War record 1914-1920
Popular history of British India commercial intercourse with China
Man's place in nature and other anthropological essays
Faculty of engineering examination papers
Mechanical testing
Money-market primer and key to the exchanges with digrams
Influence diagrams for the determination of maximum moments in trusses and beams
Power station efficiency control
Regime flow in incoherent alluvium
Engineering wonders of the world
Les Irrigations en algerie
Monthly notices of the royal astronomical society
Materials and processes in manufacturing
Practical lithography
Psychology in Indian universities
Wyvern's Indian cookery Book
Electrical guide
Wilderness of the north pacific coast Islands
Examination papers for the graduateship and associate-membership examinations held in january, 1948
Iron trail
Account of the Smithaonian Institution
London labour and the london poor
Made of mooltan division from 1855-58
Rhine, legends, traditions, history, from cologne to mainz
Books of knots
Ninian herd
Correlation of physical forces
Industrial democracy
Archeology of st. lawrence Island, Alaska
Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds
Underworld of state
At ypres with best- dunkley
Radioactivity and geology
Travels in the three hreat empires Austria, Russia, and Turkey
History of the war in France and Belgium in 1815
Rumours and hoaxes
Sky pilot
Selecta poetica
Recollection of a happy life
Alternative currents
Strength and how to obtain it
Old dominion
Agricultural labour in India
Manual Of Forestry
Mesaffaires de cceur
Modern India
Darwinism and design
King George V : a sketch of a great ruler
Elements of experimental chemistry
Analyse und konstitutionsermittelung organischer verbindugen
Nemesis in China
Long road to baghdad
Annual administration report of the department of agriculture
Ministry of transport roads wing
Report on comparative tests on water-proof renderings for mud walls
General history of Indian navigation
Diary in America
Elemenets of chemistry
Defenceless state of great Britain
Indinan education : a monthly record
Wickford point
A history of the university of Bombey 1857-1957
Union catalogue of the books in the libraries of the botanical survey of India
Celebrities i have known
Central valley project studies
Elements of hindu law
Memorandum on the lay-out and construction of roads
Action ! stories from the modern navy
Oliver goldsmith : a biography
Esther hill's secret
Report of the seveenteenth meeting of the British association for the advancement of science
Historical gleanings
George Selwyn and his contemporaries
Life and cirrespondence of Henry Salt, ESQ. F.R.S. &c. his britaning majesty's late consul general in egypt
Mechanical subjects
L'art de verifier les dates
William Haig Brown of charterhouse
Poetical and dramatic works
Comparative grammar of the modern aryan languages of India
Columbia basin joint investigations
World of life
Report on the administration of the unites provincse 1937-38
Indian notes about dogs; diseases and treatment
Manufacture of sulphuric acid and alkai
Conversations on chemistry ; in which the elements of that science
Theocritus, bion and moschus
army book for the British empire
Metallurgy of cast iron
Elementary investigation of the theory of numbers
Six radical thinkers
Pipes and fittings used in water services to buildings
Wanderings of an artist among the Indinas of North America
Technology of sugar
Pictorial practical flower gardening
Annual report of the chief of engineers
Irrigation work in India
Report to the governor of the advisory board of consulting engineers
Indian hygiene and public health
Treatise on chemistry
Handbook of Indian agriculture
Year-book of facts in science and art
Escaped ! advatures in German captivity
England in Egypt
Royal engineers journal
With the royal tour
Wild irishman
Jenetha's venture
Practical handbook on pump construction
Lectures explanatory of the diatessaron
Doctor Zhivago
Hindu manners, customs and ceremonies
Three voyages
History of engineering
Soil fertility and fertilizers
Petrifactions and their teachings
Easy paths to the stars
Textbook of physics
India in the victorian age
Text-book of applied mechanics and mechanical engineering
Caravan journeys and wanderings
Anatomist's vade mecum : a system of human anatomy
Elementary agriculture
Fortnightly review
Popular lectures and addresses
Handbook of poetics
Duke of wellington
Chace, the turf, and the road
Orr's circle of the sciences
Manual of geography
New technical educator
Inventions chronological list and name index
Enginering and aeronautices at the california institute of technology
Violino principale
Explanation of plate
Best of lamb
Memoirs of the lady hester stanhope
Lives of the queens of scotland and english princisses
Bagging of baghdad
Experiment in autobiography
Ossemens fossiles
Allen's commercial organic analysis
Cottonseed products
Cyrus hall McCormick his life and work
Romance of a nun
Ramayan of Valmiki
Katharine Frensham
Residence in Greece And Turkey
Lay sermons, addresses, and reviews
Diary in America
Ezxperimental chemistry for junior students
Angel that troubled the waters and other plays
Romance of the twisted spear and other tales in verse
Paul's letters to his kinsfolk
Journal to Stella
Rudimentary treatise on the integral calculus
Revolution of our time
His honor and a lady
Second watch
Labour & Triumph the life and times Hugh Miller
Critical and miscellaneous essays
Modern part of an univerfal hiftory
Royal engineers journal
Bulletin of the Calcutta mathematical society
Mechanics of materials
Treatise on the use of belting for the transmission of power
Lectures on the history of literature ancient and modern
Historycal gleanings
Introduction to the hidustani language
History of British India
Four czech short stories
Chemistry of the secondary batteries of plante and faure
Elements of the mathematical theory of limits
Supplement to the glossary of Indian terms
Travels in central America
Rambles and scrambles in North And South America
Might mahseer and other fish
Knuckles and gloves
Astronomical navigation tables
World engineering congress Tokyo 1929 proceedings
Augmentation of library facilities under the scheme of modernisation and removal of obsolescence
Report by the railway board on Indian railways for 1930-31
Report on the giri river hydro-electric and irrigation project
Sarda kichha feeder project
Proposed report of the secretary of the interior
Cambridge university examination papers
Mechanical sciences tripos
Final settlement report of fyzabad district
Rules for regulating level crossings over public roads in the united provinces
Through the heart of Canada
Quarterly journal of Science, literature, and art
Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds, knight
Exploration and hunting in central Africa 1895-96
quantitative chemical analysis
Influence of sea power upon history
Visit to Italy
Management & breeding of dogs in India
Indian problems
Spun yarns of a naval officer
British essayists
Soul of a people
Artificial manures
Eregrine's progress or diana of the dawn
Inorganic chemistry
Iceland ; its volcanoes, geysers, and glaciers
Our social heritage
Legend of jubal and other poems
Light of Asia
Maxwell's thory and wirless telegraphy
Shores of the mediterranean
Diary and correspondence of John Evelyn
Ride on horseback to florence
Boswell of baghdad with diversions
Continuation schools in England & Elsewhere
Manual on river behaviour, control and training
Moving loads by influence lines and other methods
Intermediate inorganic chemistry
Live of the British admirals, naval history of England
Works and correspondence of the right honourable Edmund Burke
Fifty years in the royal navy
Essays on natural history
Historycal view of the progress of discovery on the more northern coasts of America
Works of the english poets with prifaces, biographical and critical
John Ward, preacher
Motor car in India
Five year plan progress report for april-september 1954
Examination papers for scolarship and exhibitions
Perilous days
Catalogue of the central library
Minutes of proceedings of the Punjab engineering congress, Lahore 1917
Elements of machine design
Roosevelt i knew
Collection of the charges, opinions, and sentences of general courts martial
Personal narrative of a pilgrimage to el-medinah and meccah
Carburettors, vaporisers, and distributing valves
Directory of Indian goods & industries
Everyday uses of protland cement
Mechenical inventions of to-day
Arabian nights' entertainments
Military operations
Letters from the South
Manual of gardening for Bangal and upper India
Elements of chemistry
Life of mohammed the koran
Librarians guide, 1923
Analytical geometry and conic sections
Principles of human physiology
Reconstruction of India
Rulers of India
Teachings of Swami Vivekananda
India as i knew it@B1885-1925
Lectures on the early history of institutions
Dictionary of engineering
Court of the amir
Memoirs of the geological survey of India
Administration report on the buildings and roads branch for the year 1923-24
Principles of double entry book-keeping
Plays and poems of william Shakspeare
Handbook of the diseases of the eye and their treatment
Romance of natural history
Aitareya Brahmanam of the Rigveda
Surveyor's hand book
England : its people, polity, and pursuits
Treatise on the mathematical theory of the motion of fluids
Rashtriya panchang
Elements of machine design
Journal of the Indian roads congress
Dictionary, practical, theoretical, and historycal, commerce and commercial navigation
Men of good will
with kitchener to khartum
Christian philosopher
Worked examples in electrotechnics
Electriclighting and power distribution
Economic history of england
Tillage and implements
Lives of the queens of England
Account of koonawur in the Himalaya
hunting grounds of the old world
Air navigation for flight officers
Sound and number the law of destiny and design
Treatise on conic sections
Shikar notes for novices
Adventures in new guinea
Grand fleet days
Pacific gold
Wild sports and savage life in Zulu Lane
Poetical works
Indian forester a monthly magazine of forestry agriculture, Shikar & Travel
Community projects
Military works handbook
Rudiments of naval architecture
Cabinet cyclopaedia
Elements of mineralogy
Elementary principles of reinforced concrete design
Treatise on concrete plain and reinforced
With botha and smuts in Africa
Lessons in general knowledge
Story of the British coinage
Ghost tales and legends
Applied mechanics and mechanical engineering
On the court and off
Collection of the acts
Hansard's parliamentary debates
Fast reactions-chemistry and measurments
India under curzon & after
Detailed specifications
Review of reviews
Romance of history
Sportsman's manual
Specification for welded highway and railway bridges
Napoleon the little
Live of the queen of England
Poetical works of Alexander pope
Shifting scenes
Story of the wanderings of atoms
four horsemen of the apocalypse
Live of the queens of Scotland
Posthumous papers notulae ad plantas Asisticas
Keene's handbook for visitors to Agra
Records of the school of mines and of science applied to the arts
On coal screening, trasport
Papers Edinburgh
English illustrated magazine
Military law examiner
Modern photography
Autocrat of the breakfast- table
Mark twain's autobiography
Poems of schiller
Manual of health science
Workshop receipts
Cultivation and curing of cigarette tobaccos
Protected princes of India
Fauna of British India
Diffrential equations
Sea and her famous sailors
World of sound
Astronomical navigation tables
First over everest
Third congress of the universities of the empire
Chemical news and journal of industrial science
Examination papers for scholarships and exhibitions in the colleges of the university of Cambridge
Life of W. T. Stead
Lord of the Isles and other poems
Sir Alfred ewing : a pioneer in physics and engineering
Treatment of fractures and dislocations in general practice
Profession papers of the corps of royal engineers
Political and military events in British India
Principles of english verse
Maud and other poems
Hand of god in history
Year-book of the royal society of London 1907
Butter-fat (Ghee)
Colburn's united service magazine
Starlit garden
Indian snakes an elementary........countries
Companion to wrigley's collection of examples and problems
Military works handbook
Treatise on masonry construction
Greater Britain
Personal narrative of journey from India to England
Annales des ponts et chaussees
Memoirs, journal, and correspondence of Thomas Moore
World of chance or whence, whither, and why
Kemlo's watch repairer's handbook
Hungarian literature down the ages
China and the Soviet Union
Nature's carol singers
I escape !
Memoirs of the reign of king George the second
Professional papers of the corps of royal engineers
Hydraulic power and hydraulic machinery
Labor problem plain questions and practical answers
Grammar of textile design
Medical advice to the indian stranger
Relation of rainfall to run- off
Notes on American schoos and training colleges
Scene of war
History of England
Copper box
Sewage works analyses
germans and Africa
Engineering construction in iron, steel, and timber
Chemistry for engineers and manufacturers
Notes on concrete and works in concrete
Brushwood boy
Water supply of towns and the construction of waterworks
Report of the tours in the central doab & Gorakhpur in 1874-75 and 1875-76
Hydraulics the theory and practical application
Report thomason college of civil engineering 1936-37
Reports of the sleeping sickness commission
traditions of wester Germany
faculty of engineering examination papers
Madras civil engineering college papers earthwork
First principles of soil fertity
Lord kelvin
Times history of the war in South Africa 1899-1902
Law relating to electrical energy in India being the indian electricity act,1910
Risks and dangers of various occupations and their prevention
General history and collection of voyages and travels
Memoirs of rear-admiral Sir W. Edward Parry
Manual of map reading and field sketching
Notes and sketches of new south wales
Future of education
Life of frank buckland
Temporal power
British manufacturing industries
Dictionary of national biography
History of chemical theory
Naples ; political, social and religious
Key to the questions contained in west's elements of english grammar and english grammer for beginners
Sport in many lands
Year-book of the royal society of London
Petrology for students
Scenery of Switzerland and the causes to which it is due
Handbuchder anorganischen chemie
Proceedings of the fifth meeting of the Indian roads congress Calcutta
Papers relating to the Orissa Canals
Marshal Foch : his own words on many subjects
Travels in Northern Greece
Diary and correspondence of samuel pepys
Lives of the lord chancellors and keepers of the great sell of England
John dene of toronto
Text-book of science
Observations on the practice and the forms of district, regimental, and detachment courts martial
Canoe voyage of the minnay sotor
Inventors at work with chapters on discovery
Plane and spherical trigonometry
Practical integration for the use of engieers
Life in the mofussil or the civilian in lower Bengal
Mahavansi the Raja-Ratnacari, and the raja-Vali
Calcutta journal of natural history and miscellang of the arts and sciences in India
Memoires de la comtesse de boigne
Hedges windbreaks shelters and live fences
Modern warfare or how our soldiers fight
Through the dark continent
History of India
Sebastian strome
Siege de sebastopol
Geology of yorkshire
Report on the scientific results of the voyage of H. M. S. challenger
Training officers for the scientific corps
Encyclopaedia of experimental philosophy
History of the Indian navy (1613-1863)
On municipal and national trading
New technical educator
My father
Matthew boulton
Institution of mechanical engineers
Bulgaria since the war
Adventures of the D. C. I.
Treatise on chemistry
Life and work of mary carpenter
Constitution and what it means today
Gleanings in science
Proceedings American society of civil engineers
Study of electricity for beginners
Indina educational policy,1913
Indian empire
Grands barrages
Vertical steam engine
Harmsworth history of the world
Natural rights
Novels and miscellaneous works of Daniel De Foe
My yesterdays here, there and everywhere
Modern steel analysis
Improvement of rivers and harbors
Indexul lucrarilor stiintifice publicate in periodicele si culegerile editate de academia R. P. romine
Open House in flanders 1914-1918
European military adventurers of Hindustan
Adventures of an officer the Punjaub
Terror in the thames
Indian coinage act, 1906
Handbook of organic chemistry
How to understand philosophy from socrates to bergson
Highlands and Islands of the adriatic
Day after death
Practical plumber and sanitary engineer
Histoire naturelle, des crustaces et des insectes
Water and its purification
Cairo, petra, and damascus in 1839
Thirty years of teaching
Academic questions, treatise de finibus, and tusculan disputations, of M. T. Cicero
L'art de verifier les dates
Poetae latini minores
Works of Francis Thompson poems
Autobiography or the story of my experiments with truth
Historical and descriptive account of British India
Brook kerith
From colonel to subaltern some keys for horseowners
Meeting held at the university, Glasgow proceedings of section 1railways
Travels on horsback in mantchu tartary
Journal of a visit to europe in 1896
Allen's commercial organic analysis
Review of reviews
Captain James Cook, R.N. one hundred and fifty years after
Naval biography of Great Britain
Oxford companion to classical literature
Canal and culvert tables
Hints to travellers scientific and general
Works of the Brotish poets
Life of gustavus adolphus
Barlow's tables
Ruy blas victor hugo
Study of the italian Campaign in 1859
Sources of nitrogen compounds in the united states
Navigable rivers and canals
Idler in France
New physics
Zoology and geology
Cabinet cyclopaedia
Pioneer America its first three centuries
Jesus christ
Bush life in Australia and New Zealand
Seven weeks in Belgium, Switzerland, Lawbardy, puedment sawoy
Annales des points et ohaussees
Architecture of birds
Introduction to the study of plants
Indian civil service 1601-1930
Private letters of Sir James Brooke, K. C. B. Rajah of Sarawak
Poland facts-figures
In furthest ind
Central India
Six ways of knowing
Travels in various countries of Europe Asia and Africa
Law of copyright
Protectorate of oliver cromwell
British essayists
United states sanitary commission
Analysis of Hallam's Constitutional history of England
Year-book of the royal society of London
Meteorological essays and observations
Soldiering and surveying in British East Africa
Organic chemistry for advanced students
Operations of war
How to observe geology
Souls in khaki
Morphy's games of chess
Histoire naturelle
Consumer economics
Higher certificate mathematics 1918-1927
Allen's commercial organic analysis
All about investment
Intermediate inorganic chemistry
Laws of the university 1955
Secret of the navy
Poems and the spring of joy
University of manchester faculty of science examination papers 1937
Royal engineers journal
History of Brajil
Der Mderftrom
Deflections and statically indeterminate stresses
Web of the past
Account of the war in portugal
Days before yesterdays
Life of lord kitchener
Leipziger bucherkatalog 1963/64
New way to better golf
Boxing referee
Incidents of travel in yucatan
Valution relating to standard rent
Dictionnaire des mathematiques appliquees
Cotton spinning
New documents on the history of munich
Some famous medical trials
Astronomical navigation tables
Ladak, physical, statistical, and historical; with notices of the surrounding countries
Souvenirs d'un voyage la tartarie, le thibet et la Chine
From private to Field-Marshal
Calcutta journal of natural history
Treatiser engagements sunnuds India
Times history of war in South Africa 1899-1902
Agricultural chemistry
Men, women, and books
In bird-land with field-glass and camera
Pagoda tree
Carpentry for river & garden@ABoat-building made easy P. l@ARustic carpentry P.ll
Beet-sugar manufacture
Narrative of a voyage round the world
Leather industries laboratory book of analytical and experimental methods
Army officers pocket companion
Pompeii its destruction and re-discovery
Quo vadis
Swiss family Robinson
Co-operative societies accounts
Notes on instruments
Obituary notices of fellows of the royal society
Face to face with kaiserism
Life of Sir Samuel Romilly
Narrative reports of officers of the survey of India
Report on the administration of the united provinces of Agra and Ouch
History of the hardinge bridge up to 1941
Note on experiments carried out with a short-crested weir model
Highway plan for the tri-city area
Pomona pump handbook
Behaviour of highway bridge floors when statically tested to failure
P. W. D. Irrigation branch regime diagrams for the design of Canals and distributaries
Director of railway construction
Annual report technical of the central board of irrigation and power, India
Theory and practice in the construction of suspension bridges
Geology and mineral resources of a portion oe the copper river district, Alaska
King George and the royal family
Theory of direct-current dynamos and motors
Essays on hydraulic and common mortars and on limburning
Catalogue of the organic remains belonging to the echinodermata
Journal of a residence in circassia
Notes on reconnaissance : forming an intelligence handbook
Adventures of the secret service
Aide-de-camps recollections of service in China
Middle kingdom
Dispensatory of the united states of America
Ficus elastica in Burma proper
Lahore division
Lectures on the ancient system of irrigation in Bengal
Notes on building construction
Exhibition Paris
Report of the committee on libraries
Health and longevity
Detailed specifications
Theory of structures
Sinai and palestine
Diploma papers 1963
Fourth health conference for executives
J. V. Stalin works
Sewers and drains
Land and engineering surveying
Foggot of French sticks
Principles of machanics
Life and adventures of peg woffington
Tradition of Western Germany
Advanced bookkeeping
Regulations for internal students 1953-54
Community or chaos
Prozeb gegen leser proceeding against readers proces intente au lecteur
Landolt bornstein physikalisch chemische tabellen
Bridge foundations
Construction of roads and streets
Secrets of crewe house
Poetical works
England in palestine
Narrow gauge railway
Life of Joseph Chamberlain
Cotton cloth designing
Notes on building construction
Manufactureing districts of England
Road to en-dor
Principles and practice of plumbing
History of British India
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam the astronomer-poet of persia
Student in arms
Notes on the induction motor
Broken road
Journey through norway, part of Sweden, and the Island and states of denmark
Tutorial chemistry
Agricultural botany
Road map of India
Annual report of the chief of engineers
Victory at sea
Tropical medicine and hygiene
American commonwealth
Thesaurus of english words and phrases
Four million
Crops of royal engineers
Notes, memoranda and letters exchanged between the governments of India and China
King George the third with Lord North
Handbook of the universities
Game animals of India, Burma, Malaya and Tibat
Narrative of an expendition to the east coast of Greenland
Call of the vedas
Annual report of the board of regents of the Smithsonian Inastitution
Elements of chemistry
In India
Quinquennial report april 1945 to march 1950
Elementary quantitative analysis
History and development of road transport
Report on the administration of the united provincesw of Agra and Oudh
World as i see it
Defence of the eclipse of faith
Correspondence of william Pitt, earl of Chatham
Lake habitations and pre-histiric remains in the Northern and central Italy
Russia on the pacific and the siberian railway
Detailed specifications electrical
Hydro-electric engineering
Family library
Recreationsin mathemeticand philosophical
Hydraulic tables and diagrams for practical engineers
Engineering new a journal of civil, mechanical, mining and electrical engineering
Minutes of proceedings of the Punjab engineering congress Lahore 1916
L'art de verifier les dates
Times history of the war
Natural philosophy
Elementary metallurgy
Annals of an eventful life
Works of the British poets
Field service sanitary notes India 1919
How to make Indian Cchutneys, pickles and preserves
Procrustes of the future of english education
Investigation manual for storage reservoirs
History of friedrich ll.of prussia Frederick the grest
Open-pan boiling
Transactions of the international conference on sanitary engineering London -1924
Introduction to the theory of fourier'e series and integrals and the mathematical theory of the conduction of heat
Visits to remarkable places
Facts about korea
Pressure of population
Negotiating with the Russians
Petrol air-gas
Cooley's cyclopaedia of practical receipts
Grammar of photo-engraving
Regulations for internal students
East-India Gazetteer
Life of lord roberts,K. G.. V. C.
How to enjoy the Bible
Wireless manual
Climate through the ages
Henry of monmouth or memoirs of the life and character of Henry the fifth
Diary of Samuel Pepys
Lives of eminent and illustrious englishmen
Mean density of the earth
Rhymes of Rajputana
Stereotyping & electrotyping
Rudimentary treatise on limes cements, mortars, concretes, mastics, plastering
Critical and miscellaneous essays
Irrigation farming
Life and labour of the people in London
supplement to the government gazette, U. P.
Modern part oe an univerfal hiftory
Histoire naturelle
Yearbook of the universities of the commonwealth 1951
Analysis of mixed paints colour pigments, and varnishes
With kelly to chitral
Memoirs of the life of Sir Samuel Romilly
Practical designing
Eminent persons biographies
Counties of Ireland and a general map of the kingdom
Anatomy of the brain
Travels of ali bey
Evolution and creation
Jock of the bushveld
Pirates highwaymen and adventurers
Nature and camera
Advice to his son
Poetae latini minores
Royal engineers journal
General elementary science
Napoleon and his marshals
Sweet dishes
Biographycal dictionary
Peaks, passes, and glaciers
Bacteriological test of the purity of water
Lectures on man
History of the papacy
Examination papers for scholarships and exhibitions in the colleges of the university of cambridge
Turning and mechanical manipulation
Annual report of the board of regents of the Smithsonian Institution
Triennial report with a preliminary forecast of the water power resources of India
Discoveries and inventions of the twentieth century
Case problems in managerial accounting
Plays and poems of William Shakspeare
Royal engineers journals
Progress of education in India
Quinquennial report april 1945 to march 1950
Life of field marshal the duke of wellington
Life of William Ewart gladstone
Lives of the queens of England
Political and military events in British India
University of Durham calendar for the year 1955-1956
Master missionaries
Earth's history
Descriptive essays
British prose writers
Principles of political economy
Wanderings in China
Harpur euclid
Adventures of Johnny walker tramp
Design of channels for irrigation or drainage
London bridge
Three of hearts
History of science
Last journal of David livingston, in central Africa
Life of Charls Dickens
Life of Sir William Crookes
Monarchs retired from business
Lord randolph churchill
Tutorial chemistry
Dante and collected verse
Cancer, the surgeon and the researcher
Sulphuric acid and Alkali
Interaction in bridgework of the deck system on the main girders
Civil list
Pleasant ways in science
Fourire integral and certain of its applications
Memoires de la comtesse de boigne
Annual report of the board of regents of the Smithsonian institution
Odes of horace
History of the war in the South of France
Recherches sur les ossemens fossiles
Eutychus or the future of the pulpit
Imitation of christ
Dock and harbour engin eer's refernce book
American state government and administration
Mechanical inventions of to-day
Sulphuric acid and Alkali
Elementary science
Birch's management and medical treatment of children in India
Chance and luck
Treatise on fortification and artilleery by Major Hector Straith
life of a soldier in active service
Annals of British legislation
Explanatory version of lord Bacon's novum organum
Report of the scientific man-power committee
Rural water supply
Our plan
Survey of India map publication and office work 1931 to 1932
Gardening in India
University of Hull
Life of Benjamin disraeli earl of beaconsfield
Account of its culture in the Bombay presidency
Macmillan's magazine
Lushei kuki clans
Smithsonian miscellaneous collections
Man about the house an old wives' tale
L'art de veriifier les dates
Mount and man
Collection of the acts
Health statistics of India 1963
Report of the committee on the ways and means of financing educational develoament in India
Improved methods of cane cultivation in the united provinces (1936)
Winter construction of an automatic low-head hydro-electric plant in Canada
Minutes of proceedings of the Punjab engineering congress
Grammar of the hindustani language
Sea and its living wonders
photographic news almanac advertisements
University of Glasgow degree of B. Sc. in engineering september, 1933
Selection from the records of the government of the Punjab
Record of the royal geographical societi 1830-1930
Textile fibers of commerce
Handbuch der anorganischen chemie
Lieutenant and others
Idea of the industrial school
Collected poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Progress report on forest administration in the Jammu & Kashmir State
King's college newcastle upon tyne
Poetical works of Lord Byron
Ironclads in action
Mecanique appliquee
Medium of instruction
L'art de verifier les dates des faits historiques
Bacon is Shake-Speare
Siberian Garrison
Ossemens fossiles
Mammals of India a Natural History of all the animals known to inhabit continental India
Lubrication and lubricants
Tropical fibres : their production and economic extraction
Birds of marsh and mere and how to shoot them
Science for the citizen
Report of the commissioner of education for the year ended june 30, 1909
Caesar a sketch
Annales des ponts et chaussees
Ancient India and Indian civilization
Alphabetical list of the feasts and holidays of the Hindus and Muhammadans
Punjab industries 1911-1917
Art of essay-writing and other essays
Catalogue of books in the central library
Papers Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee
On life & letters
Royal engineers journal
Early man his origin, development and culture
Historical, political and statistical account of ceylon and its dependencies
Microscopy of drinking water
Colburn's united service magzine
Memoirs of father ripa
Hydraulics applied to sewer design
Stonewall Jackson and the American civil war
Diana of the crossways
Wanderings in South America
Impressions of South Africa
Lord curzon of India 1898-1905
extinct Animals
Calcutta review
Haunts and hobbies of an Indian official
Royal engineers journal
History of British fishes
Lectures on the epistle to the romans
Book of proverbs
History of the royal society
Laughing diplomat
General and regional geography for students
Contemporary psychology
Letters on strategy
Steam engine and gas and oil engines
Nuffield foundation
Proceedings of the twentieth and twenty-first meetings of central advisory board of education in India
Naval and military courts martial
Chemical technology
Reader's guide to contemporary literature
Sanitary engineering
Catalogue of the mammalia in the miseum of the hon. east-India Company
tiger and other game
rayleigh's principle and its applications to engineering
Indian notes about dogs their diseases and treatment
Royal engineers journal
Itroduction to the holy scriptures
Indian forester
New ways with partridges
History of ancient sanskrit literature
Penguin music magazine
Lives of the lord chancellors and keepers of the great seal of England
Northern Afghanistan or letters form the Afgan boundary commission
Report of the commisssioner of education
Popular history of England
Everybody's dog book
Index to India army orders
Laboratory of chemical wonders
Elements of chemical analysis
Who makes machinery
Cabinet cyclopaedia
Elementary differential and integral calculus
Life of Harbert Henry Aquith, Lord Oxford and Asquith
Townshend of Chitral and Kut
New Zealand
House painting
Review of review
Dr. Muehlon's diary notes written early in the war
Some practical points in the design and construction of military buildings in India
Treatise on chemistry
History and natural arrangement of insects
Edinburgh review
Lombard street
Long road to Bagdad
Charted surveyors' instituton examination papers
Grand fleet 1914- 16
Cambridge and dublin mathematical journal
English illustrated magazine
New technical educator
Scott's last expedition
Experimental engineering
Orifice as a basis of flow-measurement
Construction of lock-foundations by the gravity method
deformation of concrete road-slabs
Proportioning of railway-track components from an economic standpoint
Pile formulas
Appliiances for handling goods in ports and docks
Damage to and repairof the breakwater, table bay harbour, 1928
Theory of earth-pressures
Hydraulic accumulator stations with special reference to conditions affecting their use in Great Britain with special
Cement mortars relation of sand-grading, water-absorption, and compressive strength
Conservancy works on the liao river, North China
Construction of reinforced-concrete reservoirs in South Australia
Characteristic points
Protective paints
Pages from the life of a pagan
Tales of Turkey
International law
Cabinet encyclopaedia
Photographic art
Elementary treatise on hydraulics
Elements of practical hydraulics
Practical microscopical metallography
Wild tribes of the soundan
Indian cookry book
Railroad freight transportation
Little book water supply
Report on the progress and condition of the united states national museum for the year ending
Hand-book of chemistry
Historical and descriptive account of iceland, Greenland,
Poetical works of Sir Walter Scott
Examination papers for bachelor of science
West African studies
International bimetallism
Stability of arches
pure economics
Descriptive catalogue of the fossil remains of vertebrata
University of Glasgow examination papers for first exam B. Sc.
Mr. Dooley in peace and in war
Concerning the habits of insects
Note on the annual cost of sleepers as determined by their first cost and life
Indian books in print 1979
Concise etymological dictionary of the english language
Cabinet cyclopaedia
Manuel complet du fondeur
Vacation rambles
Technic of surveying instruments and methods
Biblia sacra
History of the British Empire in India
Photographic chemistry
Journey of central Africa
Structural steel
Aide- memoire
Hansard's parliamentary debates
Birds of India
Treatise on man and the development of his faculties
Report on the admicistration of the United provinces of Agra and Oudh
Die kennlinien einer freistrahlturbine im tribgebiet sowie im bremsgebiet und die wirkungsgrade im triebgebiet
Technology for schools
Outside readings in American government
Fauna of British India, Ceylon and Burma
Hand-book for mapping, engineering and architectural drawing
Antiquities of Indian Tibat
Further excavations at Mohenjo-Daro
Annual progress report of the superintendent hindu and buddhist monuments, Northern circle
Fishes of India
Brush and pencil notes in landscape
ganga canal works
Book list
Mass spectrometer in chemical analysis
Completion report Sarda canal United provinces
Municipal manual
Paoers and practical illustrations of public works of recent construction both British and American
Russian iron and steel industry
Public works
Civil services (classification control and appeal) rules
Civil engineering
Administration and public co-operation
Problem of economic development
Village and small-scale industries
First five year plan 1951-56
Sicily and its Islands
Construction of oblique arches
Building materials
Methods and results
Agriculture and community development
Preliminary examination in mathematics and the mathematical tripos
Indian industries & power
Eastern printers' year book
Hindu tribes and castes
Shooting adventures canine lore and sea-fishing trips
East-India gazetteer
Annual report technical 1957
History of Indian railways
Annual report (technical) of work done
Engineering conference
Hydraulic experiments in the kistna delta
Annual report on research progress during the year 1945
Fourth report of the Indian railway bridge committee
Village, town, and jungle life in India
Mandalay canal project
Progrress of education in India 1892-93 to 1896-97
Indian railways in 1922-23
Public works department
Specifications and schedules of prices
Irrigation administration report of the united provinces for the year ending march 31, 1928
Aeronautical research council current papers
Report by the railway board on Indian railways for 1927-28
Lucknow water supply reorganization on new filtration plant
Cement concrete roads
P.W.D. (irrigation) research section
Modern progress in India and abroad
Annual prograss report of the superintendent, muhammadan and British Monuments
Annual report (technical) of the central board of irrigation India
Report by the railway board on Indian railways for 1926-27
Sutlaj canal project plans
Lectures building materials
Accountants' accounts
Annual progress report of the archaeological survey circle
Gibb's modulf for irrigation canals,etc.
Regime diagrams for the design of canals and distributaries
Inland architect and news record
Accidents which have occurred on railways during the year 1871
General report 1916-17
Report by the railway boardon Indian railways for 1925-26
Sketching from nature in water colours
Water resources development training centre
Railways, & railway signalling, &c.
University atlas
Hurrah for the life of a sailor
Mammals of India a natural history of all the animals known to inhabit continental India
History of the rise of the mahomedan power in India
India and its problemes
Hiatory of the British empire in India
Scientific & technical papers of Werner Von Siemens
Gazetteer of the countries adjacent to India
Life of lord curzon
Stray feathers
Butterflies of India, Burmah And Ceylon
Letters of Warren Hastings to his wife
Modern India
Natiral hiatory of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon
Life of Napoleon lll
Fauna ofBritish India, Ceylon and Burma
Butterflies of India Burma and Ceylon
Flora of the Nilgiri and Pulney hill-tops
Life of Annie Besant
Zaka Ullah of Delhi
Teachings og Mhatma Gandhi by Gandhi
Plays and poems of William Shakspeare
History of hindostan
Combined civil list for India and Burma
Fauna of British India, Ceylon and Burma
Religion of all good men and other studies in christian ethics
Birds of India
History of the Indian archipelago
History of India
Report bythe railway board on Indian railways for 1930-31
Notes on reinforced brickwork
Manuals examples of estimating
Base-line figures the Karachi longitudinal, N. W. Himalaya, & Great Indus series of the North-West quardriateral
Rules for the preparation of railway projects 1918
Report bythe railway board on Indian railways for 1939-40
Railways in India
China an outline of the government, laws,and policy
Autobiography of Sir Henry Morton Stanley, G. c. b.
Village and small-scale industries
Industry and communication
Administration and public co-operation
Review of education in India
Monograph on tanning and working in leather
Report of archaeological survey work in the North-West forntier provinces and Balichistan
Hand book of type details
Report on the antiquities in the district of Lalitpur
Annual report of the archaeological department of his exalted highness the Nizam's dominions
Report of the superintendent, archaeological survey, Burma
Annual progress report of the superintendent, hindu and buddhist monuments,Northern circle
Irrigation administration report of the united provinces
Ye-u Canal project 1904
Water oh the lower Jhelum Canal
El estado de obras en 31 de diciembre de 1853
Turbulence measurements in supersonic flow with the hot-wire anemometer
Materials handling in W. Germany, Britain and USA
Report bythe railway board on Indian railways
Design of a reinforced concrete bridge over the baigul river
General report on the construction of the Shikohabad-Farrakhabad extension
Report by the railway board on Indian railways
Unwin's railway construction
Annual progress report of the superintendent, archaeological survey, hindu and buddhist monuments, Northern circle
Annual report of the archaeological department, Southern Circle, Madras
Annual progress report of the suoerintendent of the archaeological survey
Diagrams and tables for the design of notches for falls in irrigation channels
Railways in India
General report on the construction of the moghalserai-gya extension of the east Indian railway
Report by the railway board Indian railways
Annual report (technical) 1957
Regime diagrams for the design of canals and distributaries
Yamuna hydro-electric scheme stage 1
Proposed remodelling of existing khanki regulator, lower chanab canal
Water main line, lower chenab canal
Report on the river tons floods of october 1894
Disposal of Poona Sewage effluent
Annual report (technical) of the central board of irrigation and power,India
Central waterpower irrigation and navigation commission CWIN research station, Poona
Investigations carried out by means of models at the Khadakvasla Hydrodynamic research station
Reports correspondence and original papers on various professional subjects corps of engineers
Administration report on the railways in India for the calendar year 1912
Report by the railway board on Indian railways for 1925-26
Punjab rivers and works
Irrigation conference, Simla 1904
Report of the Indian irrigation commission 1901-03
Lectures irrigation works in India
Index to army instructions (India)
Index to India army orders
Military engineering
God and the universe eddington, jeans, huxley and einstein
Commentary upon the holy Bible
Aide-memoire to the military sciences
Napoleon's Russian campaign of 1812
Catalogue of books in the central library
Microwave laboratory manual
Works of tennyson
Egyptian irrigation
Queen Elizabeth
Flower o' the lily : a romance of old cambray
Life of Benjamin Disraeli earl of beaconsfield
Indian railways in 1921-22
Railways in India
Report by the railway board on Indian railways for 1931-32
Report on the silting of reservoirs
Soil engineering research station
Archaeological survey of India
Preliminary report on the water power resources of India
Design for a girder bridge
Design curves for irrigation structures on permeable foundations
Fatehpur-sikri water supply
Cantonment plans
Bareilly drainage scheme
Public works department buildings & roads branch
Report on the water supply project
George Bernard show his life and works
Grammar of the pukhto-pushto
Mandalay Canal project
Report of committee on roadside development
Memoir of the life and pulic services of Sir Thomas Stamforod Raffles
Report on the revised project for the Sarda Canals
Sixty-first annual report of local self-government engineering department
Memoir on wrought iron roofing
Archaeological survey of India annual report
Engineering and aeronautics
Description of the Oude and Rohilkund railway bridge at Banares
Investigatiopns carried out by means of models at the Khadakvasla hydrodynamic research station
Catalogue of books in the central library
Annual report inter-university board of India
Bibliography on community development
Report by the railway board on Indian railways
Indian railways in 1922-23
Railways in India
Annual report (technical) of work done
Report by the senior government inspector of railways
Illustriouis profile
Mount everest and its tibetan names
Report of the committee on the projected Bhakra dam and other
Two lectures delivered on the 27th march and 9th april 1895 at Sibpur civil engineering college
Memorandum on irrigation experiments on the perichatgarh distributary, Anupshahr branch, Ganges Canal
History of the war
Director of railway conatruction
Annual plan 1979-80
Scientific man-power committee basic report on survey and assessment
British Government in India
Papers on subjects connected with the duties of the corps of royal engineers
Holy Bible
Plans and estimate of standard girders
Report by the railway board on Indian railways
Alphabetical list of the honourable east India company's Bengal civil servants
English electric electric rolling stock
Rules for regulation level crossings over public roadss in the united provinces
Naib tahsildars quarters
Specifications and rates, authorised by the superintending engineer for use in the public works department, Hyderabad
Earthwork tables
Shwebo Canal project 1899
Girder bridge over the Ballia Ravine On Ranibagh-Ranikhet cart road
Tables for computing the quantity of earthwork in distributaries and other small open channels
Tours in upper India the himalaya maountains
Discription of the Oude and Rohilkund railway bridge at Benares
Northern barrier of India
India and Indian engineering three lectures
Irrigation Pocket book
Handbook of the university of Bombay
resolutions and recommendations (technical) of the central board of general board of irrigation 1931-47
Selected engineering papers
General regulations and fees
Charter supplemental charters
R. A. final examination question papers 1935 to 1949
Government of the British empire
Our Indian empire
School management
Among the Brahmins and Pariahs
Smithsonian contributions to knowledge
Annual report (technical) of the central board of irrigation India
River training and control
History of Sumatra
Papers relating to the sone Canals chiefly reports on estimaes
Weale's papers on engineering
Kalid- i - Afghani
Report by the railway board on Indina railways
Moghalserai- Gya extension of the east Indian railway
Engineering conference Simla, 1913
Notes on reinforced brickwork
Report by the railway board on Indian railways
Railways in the east
Annual report of the archaeological survey of India frontier circle
Annual progress report of the superintendent, hindu and buddhist monuments, Northern circle
Buildings and roads branch
Annual progress report of the superintendent, hindu and buddhist monuments, northern circle
Annual progress report of the archaeological survey circle
Annual progress report of the superintendent, Muhammadan and British monuments, Northern circle
Annual report of the archaeological department Southern circle Madras
Annual progress report of the superintendent of the archaeological survey, Northern circle
Modern trends in arch dam construction and design
Examples of trussed bridges and viaducts for supporting railways
Annual report (technical) 1955
Novels and miscellaneous works
Life and correspondence of Robert Southey
De quincey
Far from the madding crowd
Practical mathematics
experimenntal researches on the strength and other properties of cast iron
Principles of underdrainge
Report to the governor of the advisory board of consulting engineers
Manual of writing
theory and practice of steering
Journalism from a to z
Few notes on the portable steam engine
Mr. Chamberlain his life and public career
Annual report of the chief of engineers
Population, psychology, and peace
Seventh report of the science & art department
Intelligence and matrices tests for profit and pleasure
Decorations and absurdities
Military engineering
Adventures in the near east 1918-1922
Report of the commissioner of education
Tea statistics 1968-69
Operation orders : a technical study
Face to face with kaiserism
Concise hiatory of chemistry
Hindi shabadsagar
Household of Sir Thos. More.
Catechism of the steam engine
Permanent-way material plate-laying and points and crosings
Principles of mechanism
Reinfored concrete
Garden and aviary birds of India
Mineral resources of the united states calendar year 1885
Lord beaconsfield's
Building construction
History of Brajil
Concrete plain and reinforced
Transatlantic radio telephony
Indian railways
Water engineer's handbook and directory, 1932
J. V. Stalin works
Plane trigonometry
Class teacher's guide to the code drawing
Minutes for the year 1958
Retrospect of western travel
Mutinies in Rajpootana
Endlish wife in Berlin
Indian trade journal
London alleys byways & courts
Principles of modern geometry
Men of good will
Journal of a tour in the levant
General report on the operations of the great trigonometrical survey of India
Annual report 1971-72
General report on the operations of the survey of India department
Statisch symmetrierungsschaltungen fur drehstromsyteme mit einphasiger bahn strombealstung
Romance of a midshipman
Epic of mount everest
Modern mechanism
Soul and body of an army
XXth century book on the horse
Calendar for the year 1952-1953
Yearbook of the universities of the commonwealth
Calendar 1955-56
Past campaign
Plays and poems of William Shakspeare
Confessions of a private
Life and work of Sir Hiram maxim
History of British India
Annual report of the board of regents of the Smithsonian institution
Preliminary examination in machanical science
Quinti horath flacci opera omnia the works of horace
International annual of Anthony's photographic bulletin and American process year-book
Wild men & wild beasts scenes in camp & jungal
Life of lord curzon
Hydraulic engineering
Princess passes
anatomy of vertebrates
Beauty of Britain
Canal and river engineering
Our home by the adriatic
Handbook for field service
rudimentary treatise on limes, cements, mortars, concretes, mastics, plastering, etc.
War memoirs of David LLoyd George
Evolution of industry
Book-prices current
Die atherischen ole
Elements of engineering thermodynamics
Horse's tale
Globe tritter in India
History of inventions and discoveries
Peter Abelard : a novel
Magnetism and electricity
Cotton spinning
Magnetism and electricity
Annals and antiquities of Rajasthan or the central and western rajput states of India
Fateful escapade
Religion of the open mind
Practical treatise on the properties of continuous bridges
Complete index to the laws and regulations
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P. calendar,1925
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P.         calendar,1926
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P.            calendar,1942-43
Thomason civil engineering college, Roorkee, U. P.         calendar,1941-42
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1893
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1900
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1891
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1876
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1910
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1878
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1899
Thomason civil engineering college calendar,1887
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1898
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1883
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1886
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1897
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1888
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1895
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U. P. calendar, 1921
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U. P.          calendar, 1920
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1919
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1917
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U. P. calendar, 1927
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1920
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U. P.           calendar, 1924
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U. P.          calendar, 1925
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1881
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1890
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1899
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1887
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1895
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1888
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1895
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1877
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1899
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1873-73
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1878
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1880
British campaign in France and flanders 1915
Hermit in the himalayas
Glass working
United states of America
Jacob faithful
History of Arabia, ancient and modern
Nystrom's mechanics
Ferric & heliographic processes
Handbook for constructional engineers
Kipps the story of a simple soul
Indian vegetable garden
Catalogue of the Arabic manuscripts in Raja library Rampur
Building constraction
Irrigation pocket book
Short-wave handbook
Gollan's Indian vegetable garden
Works of Edgar Allan Poe
Applied mechanics
Forest flora
Captain of the "mary rose"
Mammals of India
Yearbook of the estonian learned society in America
Learning how to study and work effectively
Cecil rhodes
Village life in egypt
Corals and coral Islands
Elementary mathematical astrinomy
Elementary treatise on the diferential calculus
Memoires de la comtesse de boigne
Canary book
Proceedings of the world engineering congress Tokyo 1929
Ann's great adventure
Integral calculus for beginners
Manual of elementary chemistry
Addiscombe its heroes and men of note
Lecons sur la theorie mathematique
Treatise on the teeth of wheels
Indian polity
Recherches sur les ossemens fossiles
Travels in the morea with a map and plans
Essentials of method
Aeroplane speaks
Sewage disposal in the tropics
Revue des deux mondes
Reminiscences of a Bengal civilian
Leather trades chemistry
Conformal representation
Colonization, defence, and railways in the Indian empire
My command in South Africa 1874-1878
East London
Theory of sound
Electric lamps and electric lighting
Life of louis, prince of conde
Poetical works of John Gav
Course of elementary fortification
Principles of geometry
Madame de sevigne and her contemporaries
Campaign in mesopotamia
Index of the subjects and authors of all papers
Account of an embassy to the kingdom of AVA
Professional papers of the corps of royal engineers
Tests to determine the effects of throtting the inlet on the characteristics for a fan
Some properties oif mild steel, with special reference to its behaviour at high temperatures
Afrial cableways at nag hammadi barrage, upper Egypt
Strainmeter tests of a railway-bridge
Design of road-slabs and foundations
Investigation of the back-water suppressor as applied to a hydro-electric installation
Generalized method for traverse surveys in open country
Pile-driving and the supporting-capacity of piles
Treatise on problems of maxima and minima, solved by algebra
Earthquake engineering problems in India
Hindi vigyanic shabdawali
Mechanics of internal work
Special India army orders
Rules for observance by visitors and residents
Khartoum and the blue and white niles
First cours of physical laboratory practice
Technical dialogues in english and urdu
Elementary treatise on diffrential equations and their applications
Elementary treatise on mechanics
Conspiracyof pontiac and the Indian war after the conquest of Canada
Heat for advanced students
Aerial navigation of to-day
UP the country
Memorial de l'officier du genie
Tales of Turkey
All the year round
British Indina monitor
Elements of chemical engineering
History of England
Textile industries
Introduction to the study of plants
Dictionary of the economic products of India
Study of the Italian campaign in 1859
Reconnoitring balloons
Accounts of some of the most remarkable events of the war
Review of reviews
History of the military transactions of the British Nation in Indostan
De lagrange
Friend of India
Life of the honourable mountstuart elphinstone
Professional papers of the corps of royal engineers
Surveying tratise on theory the practice
Catalogue of all schools
Medical annual 1938
Complete course of practical geometry
Henley's twentieth century formulas, recipes and processes
Ride from land's end to John O' Groats
Franco-German war, 1870-71
Seven streams
Constitutional law in a nutshell
Report of the scientific man-power committee
History of higher education in South India
Speeches & messages of Dr. Ajudhia Nath Khosla Governement of Orissa
History of the popes of Rome
De chimie
Statistics in theory and practice
Guide to the old observatories at Delhi : Jaipur : Ujjain : Benares
Life and times of louis the fourteenth
Nautical almanac and astronomical ephemeris for the year 1956
Lion 1981
Silver jubilee souvenir
Calendar for 1941-1942
Indo-European folk-tales and Greek legend
Travels in central America
Irrigation management
Annual report of the board of regents of the smithsonian institution
Proceedings of the sixth hydraulics conference
Report on research
Engineering meterials
Practical treatise of the law of evidence and digest of proofs in civil and criminal proceedings
Studies and appreciations
Hand-book of chemistry
Examination papers of physics for M. A. & B.Sc.
Stresses in hooks and other curved beams
History of British India
New formulas for the loads and deflections of solid beams and girders
Few thoughts on education
Class book of physics
Across France in a caravan
Thomason civil engineering college manuals
Building construction
Military engineer in India
History of the British army
Year-book of facts in science and the useful arts for 1879
Life of the Rt. Hon. Sir Charles W. Dilke
Roorkee treatise on civil engineering roads
Treatise on chemistry
Cosmos sketch of a physical description of the university
Bird calendar for Northern India
Life and letters of Thomas Henry Huxley
Manual of elementary chemistry
Chemistry for engineers and manufacturers
Raccolta delle provvisioni
Indina : a reprint of the special India number of the times
Wilson's carpentry and joinery
Training and work of first aid parties
Higher education and research in the Netherlands
Glenfield gazette
Faculty handbook 1976
Chosun university bulletin
Advanced ans cobol with structured programming
Essai general de fortification et dattaque et defense
Law relating to India and the East-India company
Law of thermodynamics
Structure and distribution of coral reefs
History of the united states sanitary commision
Hungary 66
Electronic circuits and systems
Scientific memoirs
Annales des ponts et chaussees
Art of study
Elementary chemistry
Unemployment, full employment and India
Life and opinions of Major-General Sir Charles Metcalfe Macgregor
Life of the honourable mountstuart elphinstone
Qualitative chemical analysis and laboratory practice
Story of the chemical elements
Strength of materials
Surface drainage
United provinces code
Treasury of botany
Wireless principles and practice
Morrow's word-finder
History of the Jews
Portland cement
Geology for engineers
Nautical almanac
History of England
Report on the exploration of the yellowstone river
Collection of the act
Review of reviews
Catalogue 1970
Structural design
American jounral of science and arts
Practical notes on stereotyping and electrotyping
New testament in the twentieth century
Beama directory
Pioneers of France in the new world
British book news 1946
Revue de linguistique
Memoirs of celebrated characters
Origin and prograress of the mechanical Inventions of James Watt
Indian Corps in France
Report of progress of stream measurements for the calendar year 1902
History of the restoration of monarchy in France
Notes on observations
Problems and exercises in the calculus of variations
Textile industries
British campany in France and flanders 1917
Diderot and the encyclopaedists
Index of the lectures and papers
Collection of problems and examples in mathematics
Economic history of India
Popular history of England
Explorations and field-work of the Smithsonian Institution in 1938
Revue roumaine de matallurgie
Intermetallic compounds
Manual for minor irrigation works
300 motor wrinkles
Laboratory manual of physics and applied electricity
Elements of botany and vegetable physiology
Six years at the Russian court
Between two oceans
Elementary science lessons
Celebrities i have known
75 years of the college of engineering university of thr philippines
History of the war
Asoka the buddhist emperor of India
Calendar 1954-55
Catalogue of books in the central library
Manuals, limes, mortars and cements
Building materials
George Selwyn and his contemporaries
Architect engineer and operative builders constructive
Residence at the court of London
History of England
Report on design
Observations on the expediency and practicability of simplifying and improving the measuris, weights and maony
Wooden floors
Threshold of science
J. V. Stalin works
Railway engineering
Fauna of British India including Ceylon and burma
Detailed specifications
Engineering index annual for 1908
English grammar
Annales des ponts et chaussees
Manufacture and uses of explosives
British campaign in France and flanders 1915
Chemistry in daily life
Papers of practical engineering
Mathematical and physical papers
Select specimens of the theatre of the hindus
Antriksh vijay
History of the Indian archipelago
Manual of irrigation wells
Lady's life in the Rocky mountains
Real mathematics
Story Of Photography
Great doctors
Text-book of light
English cyclopaedis
Annual report of the board of regents of the Smithsoian institution
Popular lectures and addresses
Memoirs of the life of the right honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Diary and correspondence Samuel Pepys
Colonel Sir Robert Sandeman
with the black watch the story of the marne
British essayists
Public school latin grammar
Annual report of the board of regents of the Smithsonian institution
Sailor's hand-book
Letters to young scooters
Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine
History of Europe from the commencement of the Franch revolution
Travels through the interior provinces of Columbia
Lives of the princes of wales
Life and matter
Physics of earthquake phenomena
System of instruction in qualitative chemical analysis
Brife survey of European history
English at home
Evolution of photography
Sketch of suwarow and his last campaign
Elementary treastise on the differntial calculus
Insulation and design of electrical windings
University of manchester facukty of science examination papers 1938
Casket of photographic gems
Story of cawnpore
Fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma
Life movements in plants
Sword of justice
Outline of science
Travels to the city of the caliphs
Me,oirs of Barras
On the trail of ancient man
India in 1880
Our viceregal life in India
Text book of topographical and geographical surveying
Lives of the most eminent fathers of the church
All the Russias
Life and works of count rumford
Through Norway
Year-book of facts in science and the arts
Sixth annual report of the bureau of ethnology
Effective width of a plate supported by a beam
Constitution of clay-mud
Manners and customs of the ancient egyptians
Nitrocellulose industry
Class book of elementary chemistry
Junior course of practical chemistry
Companions feathered furred and scaled
Kempe,s engineering year-book for 1961
Problems in education
Ourna of the iscover ofthe urce of the nii
Biographical dictionry
Western India in 1838
Makers of science matematics physics astronimy
Supplement to the fatehpur gazetteer
Hydraulic tables
Practical irigator and drainer
American system of practical book keeping
Rashtriya panchang
B. Sc. engineering examination papers
Madras artillery records
Traite de mecanique rationnelle
Stability of masonry
History of India
Artist in the himalayas
Treatise on chemistry
Design and construction of steam turbines
Modern school buildincs
Face value
Absolute differntial calculus
Progress of society
Life of Robert, Lord Clive
Life outlines of general biology
Nautical almanac
History of the captivity of Napoleon at St. Helena
Thoroughbred in training
Reminiscences of tha crimean campaign
University of manchester faculty of science examination papers, 1935
Letters from the courts of Paris, Naples, Vienna, London
Bolier laws committee 1920-21 report
Elementary vector analysis
Manual of Indian forest utilization
Text-book of thermodynamics
Edinbrugh review
Properties of steam and thermodynamic theory of turbines
Democracy and labour
King edward vii
Manual of geographical science
Monthlhy notices of the R. A. society
Law of contracts for works and services
Sceptre and ring
River war
Advanced calculus
Declaration of independence and what it means today
Electro-plating and electro-refining of metals
History of the Indian nationalist movement
Story of New Zealand
Manual du trigonometre
Introductory essay to the study of fortification, for young officers of the army
Cotton spinning machinery and its uses
J. V. Stalin works
School management and methods of instruction
Shakspere readings
Life of mahomet
Wissenschaftliche zeitschrift
Dewey Decimal Classification & relative index
White sea peninsula
Notes building construction
Life of Charles Darwin with British opinion on evolution
Homar iliyatham
History of Germanic empire
Green Jacket
Agricultural processimg industries
Blue horizon romance from the tropics and the sea
Ancient law
Grands barrages
Defence of kars
Military life of John Duke of marlborough
treatise on the design and construction of roofs
Chemistry inorganic and organic
Sir Richard tangye
Familiar flowering trees in India
Practical geometry linear perspective and projection
Story of san michele
Discoveries and inventions of the twentieth century
With the immortal seventh division
elementary diferential geometry of plane curves
History of inventions and discoveries
Public finance
Natural philosophy
Review of reviews
Journey through the kingdom of Oude, in 1849-50
Novels and miscellaneous works of Daniel De Foe
Day and day out
Introduction to the theory of optics
Abridged nautical almanac
History of the university of Bombay 1857-1957
Life of Joseph Chamberlain
Britain's naval power
Pronunciation of english
Auction bridge made clear
Practical surveying
Eight months on duty
Roughing it in the bush
Report to the governor of the advisory board of consulting engineers
List of paintings, pastele, drawings, prints and copper plates
Bihar university calendar
Catalogue of books in the central library
Irrigation works in India
Treatise on landscape painting water colours by David Cox
Plans and estimates new civil court
Rules of regulation level crossings over public roads in the united provinces
British standard specification for copper-alloy three-piece unions
Design for reinforced concrete bridges over the Baigul & Bakra Rivers in the Bareilly District
Report on the preliminary estimates for a grand trunk Canal
First report of the commissioners
British printer
Experiences of building a new society
Domain of natural science
Letters of Queen Victoria
Report on the continuance of protection to the sericulture industry
Central board of irrigation & power : a brief historical review
Action front
At pretoria
Autobiography of an electron
Makers of science mathematics physics astronomy
Holy flower
Smithsonian mescellaneous collections
Chemical synthesis of vital products
Social life of the Chinese
No truce with time
History of chemistry
Cow - keeping in India
Snooker tam of the cathcart railway
Coaching Days and coaching ways
Relativity and gravitation
Injurious and useful insects
Essential elements of practical mechanics
Office machinery and appliances
She painted her face
Materia photographica
Critical and miscellaneous essays
Solutions of examples in elementary hydrostatics
Elementary principles of wireless telegraphy
Best one-act plays of 1934
Correspondence of charles, first marquis cornwallis
Aeronautics in theory and experiment
Fight with France for North America
Eminent educationists of India
Six year in biscay
Narrative of a residence in koordistan
Locomotive manufactures association handbook
Story of the British race
Primer of agricultural economics
Forest pocket book
Statique et resistance des materiaux
History of the war
Photography year book 1979
Scientific man-power committee basic report on survey and assessment
Transactions of the institute of welding
Aluemeni journal
Fortnightly review
Civilization of the eastern iranians in ancient times
Compendium and description of the West Indies
Defence X
Provisional list of technical terms in hindi for secondary schools
Beneficiation of low grade manganese ores of India
Structural analysis
Elementary course of geology, Mineralogy, and physical geography
Noniconformist treason
Hints to travellers
History, philosophically illustrated from the fall of the Roman empire, to the French revolution
Elements of mechanism
Classic myths in english literature
Skin o' my tooth
Syllabus of a complete course of lectures on chemistry
Edinbrugh review or critical journal
Grammar of textile design
Personal narrative of a pilgrimage to el-medinah and meccah
History of inventions and discoveries
Secrets of earth and sea
Lubrication and lubricants
Man-eaters and other denizens of the Indian jungle
Alaska : America's continental frontier outpost
Training olympic champions in track and field
Textile industries
Journal Bombay natural history society
History of British India
Chace, the turf, and the road
History of Napoleon the first
W. T. stead and the war
History of the British army
Home tour through various parts of the united kingdom
Short studies on great subjects
Technical manual & celestial air navigation
Forestry in British India
Americal journal of science and arts
Life of hernando courtes
Wessex tales
Interest of America in sea power, present and future
University of Edinbrugh, examination papers for degrees in bachelor of science
In kut & captivity with the sixth Indian division
Earthwork tables
Retaining-walls for earth
Rulers of India marquess cornwallis
Reinforced concrete construction
Darwiniana essays
Account of British India
Iron and steel constructional work
History of the Napoleon the first
Essai sur l'histoire generale de L'Art militaire
Butterflies of India Burmah and Ceylon
History of the Great war : campaign in Mesopotamia
Diary and correspondence of samuel pepys
On life & letters
Further poems of Emily Dickinson
Memoirs of the life of the right honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan
nouveaux documents relatifs au chauffage a la ventilation
Science of war
Admiralty handbook of wireless telegraphy 1925
Sketches in Spain
Life movements in plants
Government of India act, 1919
Experimental elasticity
Text-book on the steam engine
Memoirs of the duke of rovigo
Russia from within
Papers set in the mechanical sciences tripos 1912,1913,1914,1915,1919
World, the house and the bar
Library of entertaining knowledge the British museum the townley gallery
Cabinet cyclopaedia
Report on a pilot survey on the pattern of tourism in India
Plain and reinforced concrete in torsion, with particular refernce to reinforced-concrete beams
History of Greece
Book of popular science
Technical report 1952
Shores of lake aral
Chambers's book-keeping by singla and double entry
Modern one-act plays
Orations of marcus tullius cicero
New types of cheap roofs
Progress through research
Monthly bulletin of statistics
Annual progress report of the superintendent of the archaeological survey, Northern circle
Report of the project estimates of the upper jhelum, upper chenab and lower bari doab Canals, with appendics
Standard type buildings for the forest department, Bombay persidency
Military engineer services handbook
Progress of education in India 1897=98-1901=02
Shwebo Canal project 1899
Annual report (technical) of the central coard of irrigation India
Regulations and syllabuses
Report on the magnetic isoclinal and isodynamic lines in the British Island
History of the British army
Sieges of vienna
Introduction to chemical crystallography
Life of George Borrow
Annual report of the chief of engineers
Animal and voltaic electricity
Northern campaigns
Limes, calcareous cements
Life and times of louis the fourteenth
Milk the most perfect food
Electricity in health and disease
Conquest of the air
American girl in India
Nautical almanac
Painted minx
Lays of the highlands and Islands
How we are governed
History of the war
Works of the english poets
Practice of photography
Manual of hygiene
Design of siphons
Anecdotes of soldiers in peace and war
Tales of tirab and lesser tibet
Short cut to India
Death rides the forest
Steeplejacks and steeplejacking
Cambridge and dublin mathematical journal
Institution of mechanical engineers
Life of Napoleon lll
Sat-darshana bhashya & talks with maharshi
Educational system of Japan
Combined civil list for India & Burma
Indian poetry and Indian idylls
Report on the administration of the department of agriculture
Seventieth anniversary souvenir
Aide-memoire to the military sciences
Biography of H. R. H. the prince of wales
History of the Parisis
Handbook of specifications
World weather records
Report on higher education in the state of New York
Sir Joseph Whitworth apioneer of mechanical engineering
Voyage of the discovery
Streets, roads and pavements
Progress and present position of Russiain the east
Education in university in India 1950-51
Adventures among books
Public works
Bench mark survey report-Batala
Nine years in Nipon
Chemistry of photography
Collected writing of Thomas De Quincey
Manual training
My African journey
Tiger slayer by order
Flora of the nilgiri and pulney hill-tops
Unknown cromwell
Botany of to-day
Leaves from a prison diary
Lactures on Ancient ethnographyand gepgraphy
First world war 1914-1918
Colburn's united service magazine
Among the Burmans
Army instructions (India)
Design of drill jigs
Life of Sir Henry Lawrence
Narrative of an official vist to guatemala from Mexico
Elementary geography of India, Burma, and Ceylon
British navy book
Great pacific war
Mr. Pisistratus Brown, M. P., in the highlands
Ether & reality
Expansion of England
Field astronomy for engineers and surveyors
Explorations and field- work of the Smithsocian institution in 1929
Recent advances in physical and inorganic chemistry
Astronomical navigation tables
Popular lectures and addresses
Manual of photographic chemistry
Heat light and sound
Hydro-and aero-dynamics
Dictionary persian, hindoostanee and english
Introduction to bacteriological and enzyme chemistry
Travels in various countries of Europe Asia and Africa
Why we behave like human beings
History of India
James Watt craftsman & engineer
Metallography of steel and cast iron
Footprints of the lion and other stories of travel
Efficiency of regain in straight and bent draught-tubes
Islam weir,sutlej valley project
Construction of a regulator and lock at kafr bulin
Method of symmetrical co-ordinates in the theory of polyphase circuits
Direct method for the construction of influence lines for continuous girders
Effect of adding flange-plates to plateweb girders
Remakable artesian boring
Yoga philosophy of Patanjali
Recollections of a happy life
Theory of international trade
Lawn tennis tip book
Lessons in applied mechanics
Mutiny memoirs
Floating admiral
Professional papers on Indian engineering
Geographical magazine
Cotton combing machines
History of chemical theory
Sport of shooting
Principles of land defence
Science from an easy chair
revenue report of the government of Bihar and Orissa irrigation department
Manual of the geology of India
Professional papers of Indian engineering
Alma mater or the future of oxford and Cambridge
History of the papacy from the great schism to the sack of Rome
Rudimentary treatise on clock and watch making :church clocks
Scarlet button
Railroad curves and earthwork
Travels in the morea with a map and plans
Dictionary of national biography
Inorganic chemistry
Propertise of matter
Curative electricity
More worlds than one
Thermodynamics for engineers
Health book
Bar sinister
History of surnames of the British Isles
Proceedings of the royal society of London
Fauna of British India
Europe : a regional geography
Baptismal fonts
Lessons in horse judging
Inorganin chemistry
Examination papers B. Sc. (general) for internal students june,1945
Electrical transmission and distribution
Ditails of brifge
Secrets of nature
Principles of dairying
Science for all
Contemporary art in czechoslovakia
Travels in various countries of the east
Wayside pictures
Unseen foundations of Society
Mahavansi, the raja-ratnacari, and the raja-vali
Rise and progress of the english constitution
Design of welded steel structures
Lectures on the history of France
History of friedrich ll. of prussia
Home with nature
Professional papers on indian engineerig
History of the landed gentry
Report on the scientific results of the voyage of h.m.s. challenger
Extracts from narrative reports of officers of the survey of India
Alternative standard plan of soltary and separate cells
General report on the construction of the shikohabad-farrakhabad extension
Narrative of the siege and capture of bhurtpore
History of freemasonry
History of upper kolab project
Advanced summer institutefluidics & control engineering
rudimentary astronomy
Third book of artemas
Road curves
Stamp collector
Wild sports in Europe, Asia and Africa
French revolution
Bible in Spain
Nadir the persian and other pomes
Annual report of the board of regents of the smithsonian institution
Lord roseberry
Medals of creation
Journy throughout ireland
Myths and marvels of astronomy
Journal of the indian roads congress
British pharmacopceia
Holmby house
Examination B. Sc.(general) june, 1939
Year-book of facts
Journal of scientific instrumennts
R. C. C. designs
cane sugar and its manufacture
Venice and its story
Life of lord clive
Theatre of the hindus
British India
ABC of bookkeeping
Text-book of applied mechanics and mechanical engineering
Uncle John
Calculus for schools
H. M. I. some passages in the life of one of h.m. inspectors of schools
Term & final examinations
History of the British army
British empire at home and abroad
Cabinet cyclopaedia
Acoustic experiments
Empire of the czar
Studies in literature
Punjab engineering congress
Engineers association Lahore papers 1921-22
Aberdeen university calendar for the year 1950-51
Calcutta university calendar 1861-62
Table traits with something on them
egypt since cromer
Study of the induction motor
Twelve days
Account of the artillery operations
Science of railways
Advancement of industry
Good words for 1866
Story of forest and stream
Prose works of John Milton
Studies of Indian life and sentiment
Handbook of cyclonic storms in the bay of Bangal
Notes on defence by submarine mines
Girls of inverbarns
Printed book
Electrical engineering
Safety of capital
Search for health
Motor-car mechanics for beginners
Nationhood for India
Old front line
Wanderings in China
Amateur work illustrated
Revenue meteorological statements
U.S. bureau of reclamation
Prophets of the new India
Abridged nautical almanag for the year 1954
Hudson's bay
Adventures in the libyan desert and the oasis of jupiter
Eastern nights and flights
Life of his royal highness the prince consort
History of the British empire in India
Electric wiring
Life and correspondence of Robert Southey
Cement labratory manual
Cotton student's manual
Some details of water-works construction
Hawkins electrical guide
Collection of treatise,engagements, and sunnuds
Elementary principles of wireless telegraphy
War in practice
Adventures of an ensign
On the art of reading
Epics of the fancy
Hume : with helps to the study of berkeley essays
Construction of a break-water-head at Madras
Littoral drift along the north-east coast of kent, and the erosion of the beliinge cliffs near herne bay
Everybody's guide money matters
Three men discuss relativity
Magic of the stars
Vectors and rotors with applications
Atoms and rays
John bull's other Island and major barbara
Elements of agriculture
Problems of the future and essays
Cambridge and dublin mathematical journal
Novels and miscellaneous works of Daniel de Foe
Naval history of Great Britain
Calcutta review
Life and labour of the people
Report of the economic survey of pittsburgh
Chemistry of essential oils and artificial perfumes
La sicence dans la republique populaire roumaine
From libau to tsushima
Ramblings of a rabbit
Natural selection
Notes on some of the chife navigation rivers and canals
Treatise on chemistry
Aurora leigh
Principles of rational agricalture
Works of Edgar Allan Poe
Platonic dialogues for english readers
Ne obliviscaris dinna forget
History of christianity in India
Art of electro-metallurgy
Sketches in new Zealand
Insectivorous plants
Jews in the modern world
Popular history of England
United provinces code
Valves, gates, and steel conduits
Ministero delle finanze
School friend annual 1948
Military engineer services handbook
Indian horse notes
Ballads and other poems
India, and India missions
Annual report of the board of regents of the smithsocian institution
Index to the Indian trade journal
Eighteenth century vignettes
Manual of field engineering
Game birds of India, burmah, and Ceylon
Sidelights on the home rule movement
Letters from India
Military organization and administration of France
Military engineering
Light science for leisure hours
Flowering plants of Western India
India under experiment
Sphinx unveiled
Electrical transmission and distribution
A. B. C. guide to the making of autotype prints in permanent pigments
Selected poems of the nineteenth century
Modern road construction
Impact in railway bridges-retrospect and present-day aspect
Whirling speeds of shafts supported in multiple bearings
Development of the generation and distribution of electric power in the British Isles
Effect of reservoir-area on the discharge of the overflow weir
England and the english
Life of William Ewart gladstone
Journaux des sieges
Architettura militare
Progress of education in India 1912-1917
Report of committee on reh lands 1878
Design of grand trunk road bridges over the upper chanab canal
List of institutions in the Uttar Pradesh recognized for the examinations of 1954
Indian freehand drawing designs
Indian railways in 1922-23
Theory and practice of drawing
Shwebo canal project
Reports of the late John Smeaton
Proceedings Asia pacific symposium on wind engineering
General report on the operations of the survey of India department
Survey of India general report 1915-16
Report on land drainage experiments at baramati
Athenaeum journal of literature, science,the finearts, music, and the drama
Rules for regulating level crossings over public roads in the united provinces
Peshawar city water supply project
Report on the project estimate of the upper swat canal
Annual prodress report of the archaeological survey department, Southern circle
Clementi's celebres sonates
Design for reinforced concrete bridges over the baigul & bakra rivers in the Bareilly district
Vanished pomps
British essayists
Text-book on roofs and bridges
Familiar lectures on scientific subjects
Manufacturing gunpower
University of bristol calendar, 1956-57
University of Ottawa calendar 1957-1958
Life of the right honorable William Edward forster
Hand-book of professional orders
Second book of broadsheets
Astronomical navigation tables
Amateur mechanic
Cyclopaedia of practical receipts
Where three empires meet
Inner history of the balkan war
Travels in various countries of Europe Asia and Africa
Royal engineers journal
Children's book of wild-flowers and the story of their names
Journal of a tour in Greece
How plants grow
B. Sc. (general) extranal students november, 1948 examination papers
Transaction of the royal scottish society of arts
Hints to travellers
Joilt committee on reinforced concrete
Practical treatise on hydraulic and water-supply engineering
Town area manual
History of meywar
Irish bar
University of New Zealand calendar 1954
Durham university calendar
Calendar for the academic year 1953-1954
University of leeds calendar 1957-58
Regulations for magazines in India and care of war materiel 1911
Staff officer's scrap-book
Dance of civa
English language : its history and structure
Queen's university of belfast calendar 1956-57
Practical printing a handbook of the art of typography
Fieldbook of native illinois shrubs
Endless story
Handbuch der anorganischen chemie
Student's guide to the practice of designing, measuring, and valuing artificers' works
Calculations in hydraulic engineering
Admiralty navigation manual
Practical agricultural chemistry for elementry students
Memoir of major general sir Henry Marion durand
Gorakhpur : district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Manipuri : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Hardoi : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Sitapur: a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Banares : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Etah : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Cawnpore : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Basti : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1881
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1882
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1898
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1888
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1905
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1892
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1910
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1897
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1899
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1915
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1877
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U.P. calendar, 1928
Thomason civil engineering college Roorkee, U.P.calendar, 1927
Thomason civil engineering college, calendar, 1871-72
Thomason civil engineering college, calendar, 1911
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1876
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1897
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1912
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1893
Thomason civil engineering college calendar, 1894
Report on the revenue administration of the united provinces
Buletinul institutului politehnic
History of the British army
Annual report of the board of regents of the smithsonian institution
Treatise on surveying
Unveiling of lhasa
Complete poetical works of William Woodsworthh
Geographical magazine
Astronomical navigation tables
Passages in the life of a soldier or military service in the east and west
English traits and representative men
University of Madras the calendar for 1948-49
History of the church
Interpretation of radium
Handbook for constructional engineers containing tables relating to steel
Noctes ambrosianae
Outlines of experimental chemistry
British manufactureing industries
Modern tactics
J. v. Stalin works
Anglers' handbook
Culture of vegetables and flowers from seeds and roots
Catalogue of books in the central library
Memoirs of his own time
Her privates we
History of the British army
Manual of professional orders
Lord rosebery
History of the reign charles the fifth
Second thoughts of an idle fellow
Road making and maintenance
Methods of glass blowing and of working silica in the oxy-gas flame
Travels in palestine and syrla
Prime minister
Physiography for advanced students
Examination papers in bookkeeping
Secret societies of all ages and countries
Science & practice of photography
Cabinet cyclopaedia
Essay on diseases
Lady baltimore
Indian kindergarten
Introduction to the desgn of beams
Bricks, tiles, terra-cotta,etc.
Collection of treatises, engagements, and sunnuds
From midshipman field marshal
Fyzabad :a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Unao :a gazetteer district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Bareilly :a gazetteer district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Fatehpur :a gazetteer district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Gazetteer of the Rampur state
Ghazipur :a gazetteer district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Gonda :a gazetteer district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Azamgarh :a gazetteer district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Agra :a gazetteer district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Kheri :a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Budaun :a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Banda :a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Aligarh : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Allahabad : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Jalaun : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Sultanpur : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Jaunpur : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Raibareli : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Almora : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Pilibhit : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Dehra Dun : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Nainital : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Shahjahanpur : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Moradabad : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Ballia : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Lucknow : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Farrukhabad : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Farrukhabad : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Bareilly : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Etawah : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Bijnor : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Mirzapur : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Hamirpur : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Muttra : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Rampur state : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Naini Tal : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Aligarh : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Imperial gazetteer of India
Imperial gazetteer of India
Kempe's engineers year- book for 1961
Comperative studies on the jaws of mandibulate arthropods
Butterflies of Virginia
Sewage disposal in India & the east
Open verdict
Garden of allah
Laboratory manual of physics and applied electricity
Contracts in engineering
Examination papers for the overseer class first year 1928-32
Notes on the chemistry of building materials
Fauna of British India
Letters of horace walpole earl of ordord
Trent's trust and other stories
Text-book applied mechanics and mechanical engineering
With my regiment from the aisne to la bassee
Capital : a critique of political economy
Elementary treatise on fourier's series and spherical, cylindrical,and ellipsoidal harmonics
Scenes and occupations of country life
Illustrated guide to the South Indina railway
Popular history of England
General history of civilisation in Europe
Isi handbook of quantities, conversion factors formulae and tables
Photographic journal
Portraits of men of eminence
Materials and their appication to engineering design
Mon canal project 1900
Goona-bara railway report and estimates 1896
Review of the industrial position and prospects in Bengal in 1908
History of freemasonry
Epic of man
Plant and gear made locally for the kistna bridge
Ye-canal project
Encyclopaedia of mechnical philosophy
Bridge across the river 1855
Times history of war
Scientific American
Corps of engineers
Annual report (technical) 1951
Descriptive treatise on mining machinery
Introduction to a historical geography of the British colonies
Drake's refrigeration service manual
Empire of the czar
Recollections of forty years
Diamond necklace
Principles of the minor operations of war
Easy selections from modern english literature
Text-book of medical jurisprudence and toxicology
Treatise on dynamics
Rock and the river
Manual of scientific enquiry
Social welfare
Collection of examples and problems in pure and mixed mathematics
My experiences of the boer war
Bohemia 1866
Cabinet cyclopaedia
Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds
One thousand objects for the microscope
Faculty of technology examination papers, 1933
Chronicles of clovis
History of the British army
Short manual of the history of India
Treatise on civil engineering
Annual report of the chife of engineers
Report of the commissioner of education
Growth of the American republic
Priests and people in Ireland
Handbook of photomicrography
British campaign
Steel construction
Hundredth chance
Photographic lenses
Hints to travellers
Works of the British poets
Practical testing of electrical machines
Second step in chemistry
Chaplain's narrative of the Siege of Delhi
Surveying 7 building construction
Popular lectures on scientific subjects
Reflections on the art of war
History of the rise of the mahomedan power in India
Outline of the operations of the British troops in science and affghanistan
Papers of professional subjects
Principles of sociology
Pipes and fittings used in water services to buildings
Applied elasticity
Lementary principles of carpentry
Life of the prince consort
Pipes and fittings used in water services to buldings
Intrusions of peggy
Nestsand eggs of Indian birds
Our Indian empire
History of julius Caesar
Middle kingdom
Athletics of to-day
Jomini's strategy
Geography of hungary
Romany rye
Educational ideal
Life of benjamin disraeli
Calendar 1955
Social life at Rome in the age of cicero
Introduction to projective geometry
History of the reserve bank of India (1935-51)
Private letters of Sir James Brooke
Treatise on mines for the use of the royal military academy at woolwich
Memoirs of the life and labours of Robert Morrison
New system of geology
Notes on the quinquinas
Revision of some recent foraminiferal genera
Account of the war in portugal
University of Edinburgh examination papers for degrees in bachelor of science in all the departments
Handbook for constructional engineers containing tables relating to steel
Spy in black
Modern volleyball
Report on the progress and condition of the united states national museum for the year ending june 30,1919
Dictionary of national biography
Senate-house problems
Perfomance and design of direct current machines
Mechanics and applied mathematics
In tune with the infinite
Mug in mesopotamia
Life of his royal highness the prince consort
Commonwealth universities yearbook 1958
Report of the advisory committee on the kosi project
Faculty of technology examination papers 1938`
Man and the universe
Herbartian psychology applied to education
Edinbrugh review or critical journal
Index to Indian trade journal
Highe certificate mathematics 1928-1932
My four years in Germany
Journal of researches into the natural history and geology
Leipziger bucherkatalog 1963-64
First lessons in botany and vegetable physiology
Minutes of progress of the Punjab engineering congress
Pipes and tubes
First cours in nomography
Rural recreational areas
Roorkee treatise on civil engineering
Plays and poems of William shakspeare
Essai sur l'histoire generale de l'art militaire
Generalbiographical dictionary
Report of the committee of physics, including meteorology
Drainage for plantations
Elemantary physipgraphy
Critical and miscellaneous essays
State of society in France
Kaye's and malleson's history of the Indian mutiny of 1857-8
Principles of electrical power
Narrative of the visit to India
Journal of the reigns of king George iv and king William iv.
Annual report of the board of regents the smithsonian institution
Bituminous road construction in Bombay
Construction of new landing-stage and other works at gosport
Concentrated loads on a reinforced-concrets slab
Quo vadimus
Faculty of science examination papers 1936
Qualifying examination for the mechanical sciences tripos 1924 to 1929
Manures and thier uses a handbook for farmers and students
Monarch retired from business
War birds dairy of an unknown aviator
Critical and historical essays
Asiatic studies
Fauna of British India
Recherches sur les ossemens fossiles atlas ll
Scientific American
Annual report 2003
Photographic news service
Report on the working of the district boards in the united provinces
Monthly bulletin of statistics
Qualifying examinations for the mechanical sciences tripos
Improvment of rivers
University examination papers the examinations in engineering studies, l, ll, and lll. 1934
East India military calendar
Manual of style
Civil engineer class term examination papers 1907-08
Second world war
On the backwaters of the nile
Adventures of dunsterforce
Works of the english poets with prefaces
Madame de sevigne and her contemporaries
Formation discipline and economy of armies
Introduction to science
Battle of the marne
Report of the commissioner of education for thye year ended june 30, 1907
Marvels of modern mechanics
Life of lord jeffrey
Cambridge essays on education
Report on the soviet union in 1956
King's english
Scientific ideas of to-day
Military engineering
Bibliography on highway safety
Recreational training games without equipment
Practical chemistry
Arctic explorations
Revue des deux mondes
Desgin of piles
Poole waterworks
Memorandom on some of the results of Indian administration
H. M. S.
Livonian tales
Annual report of the board of regents of the smithsonian institution
Narrative of an explorer in tropical South Africa
Popular account of the thugs and dancoits
Life and achievements of Edward Henry Palmer
Carburettors vaporisers
History of the just fatherland liberation war of the korean people
Treatise on chemistry
Technical manual & celestial air navigation
East-India gazetteer
Popular history of England
Treatise on electricity in theory and practice
Manual of geographical science
American journal of education
Collected poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Handbook of photomicrography
Lad a dog
sermons preached in St. John's Church
Recreations in mathematics and natural philosophy
In arctic seas
Introductory grammar of the Oriya language
Grand fleet 1914-16
Differential calculus
Practical and theoretical essay on oblique bridges
synthesis of relay switching circuits
Motor-converters versus rotary converters in power-and lighting-stations
Practical essay on the strength of cast iron and other mtals
Private memoirs of napoleon bonaparte
Biological investigations in mexico
Educational aims and efforts@B1880-1910
Allen's commercial organic analysis
New technical educator
Improvement of rivers
Modern persian conversation-grammar
Education and world citizenship
International annual or anthony's photographic bulletin and American process year-book
Testing milk and its products
Law finder
Life of Lord Curzon
Five year plan progress report
Persion children of the royal eamily
Australasian wander- year
Practical treatise on the strength and stiffness of timber
General information for internal students
English at home
Chronological outlines of english literature
Higher text-book magnetism & electricity
Sugar and the sugar cane
Royal naval biography
Great power
Problems of peace
World of birds
Public works in nigeria
Treatise engagements sunnuds
Commercial products of India
Bottling & preserving all the year round
Text-book of Indian history
Madame louise de france
History of friedrich ll. of prussia, called frederick the great
Cow-keeping in India
Money and banking
Top of the world
History of British india
History of chemistry
Rose growing for amateurs
Modern road construction
Collegian & progress of India
Re-organization of thomason college of civil engineering
R. F. C. H. Q. 1914-1918
Memoirs of the house of commons
Problems in surveying, railroad surveying and geodesy
Second course in engineering science
Text-book of light
Manual of surveying instructions for the survey of the united states and private land claims
Problems and questions in physics
South pole
Practical fruit-growing
University of manitoba calendar 1955-1956
Regulations for internal students 1961-62
J. & P. switchgear book
Crystalline structure and chemical constitution
Commonplace philsopher in town and country
Four-fifty miles to freedom
Elizabeth barrett broening
Engineer buyers guide 1956
Anthology of wit
Henley's twentieth century formulas, recipes and processes
History of life of richard coeur-de lion king of England
Narrative of the late war in New Zealand
Popular history of England
Towards a philosophy of social work in India
Popular lectures on scientific subjects
Fauna of British India
Mathematical theory of relativity
Political & literary essays
Second report of the union public service commission
Practicl design of simple steel structures
History of bridge engineering
Elementary applications of statistical method
How tostudy in college
Elements of geometry
Civil court manual
Account of the kingdom of Caubul
Report of the proceedings of the twenty-ninth annual convention of the master car builders' association
Annual report of the chief of engineers
Chemistry of commerce
Our trespasses
Further notes tube wells
University of Birmingham
Bibliotheca sacra or tracts and essays
Handbuch der anorganischen chemie
Letchworth waterworks
Some deflection problems
Queen Elizabeth and her times
Teneriffe an astronomer's experiment
Seven years' campaigning in the peninsula and the Netherlands
Food and irrigation problems affecting India in general and Bombay in particular
System of mathematics, fortification and artillery
Puzzle papers in arthmetic
Contents and index of the memoirs of the geological survey of India
Across Africa
Agra university journal of research
Electronics circuits and devices
Welding code : Indian railway standard code of practice for electric arc welding of mild steel structures
Hansard's parliamentary debates
Cyclopaedia of useful arts
Portrait of clare
Vishnu purana : a system of hindu mythology and tradition
Egypt since cromer
Catalogue of the arabic, persian and hinduatany
History of Roorkee university (1949-96)
Report on the ganges canal works : from their                commencement until the opening of the canal in 1854
Working with people
Engineering drawing for intermediate engineering students
Circular of the bureau of standards
American industries
Report on the canal irigation of rohilcund
Dictionary of terms
Irrigation in california
Report of the lubricants and lubrication inquiry committee
Theory and design of structures
Jhansi : a gazetteer of the district gazetteers of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh
Use of water in irrigation
Standing wave or hydraulic jump
Kempe's engineers year-book for 1965
Steam power plant auxiliaries and accessories
Experiments on an archimedran screw
Trafficability of soils test on towed vehicles 1947-48
Irrigation engineering
Minutes of proceedings of the Punjab engineering            congress Lahore 1935
Handbook for constructional engineers containing tables relating to steel
Fuel and refractory materials
Elementry manual on steam and the steam engine
Mysore engineers' association bulletin 1916
Engineering abstracts
Treatise on rivers and torrents
Carburetters and carburation
Spons' dictionary of engineering
Engineering conference Simla, 1913
Sutlej dam project 1919bhakra dm report and estimates
General report on the construction of the Shikohabad-Farrakhabad extension
Memoria el estado de las obras
Note on the problem of roofs in the plains of India
Shwebo canal project 1899
Revised schedule of specifications and rates
Practical tunnelling
Report on the project estimate of the upper chenab canal with appendices 1904
Project for the utilization of the sutlej valley waters
Note on the training works of the ganges river at Hardwar
Iron truss bridges for railroads
Report on the project estimate of the upper jhelum canal with appendices 1904
Loads for highway bridges
Notes and report on the reinforced concrete bridge over the suswa river in the Dehra Dun district
Restoration of dhanauri dam upper ganges canal
Mon canals project
Report on the design and construction of the east baigul bridge
Shwebo canal project
Report on the project estimates of the upper jhelum, upper chenab and lower bari doab canals
Atlas of plates
Weale's quarterly papers on engineering
Schedule of specifications and rates
Standard plan of quarters for jail officials
Wire tramways
Lectures practical engineering construction
Estimate gumti river weir lucknow
Report of the surveyor-general of prisons on the construction, ventilation and details of pentonville prison 1844
Note on the training works of the ganges river at Hardwar
Natural history of insects
Brassfounder's manual
Primer of book-keeping
Culture of pot-plants in rooms, greenhouses, & frames
Lectures on the ancient system of irrigation in bangal and its application to modern problems
Dairy accounts
Examples in the theory of structures
Safe load tables
Trout fishing in kasmir
Manual of gardening
Recent developments of irrigation in India
Scantlings of timbers for roofs
Elements of mechanism
Bridge and structural engineers handbook
Schedule of maximum, minimum and recommended dimensions
Airplane welding and materials
Dictionary of explosives
Presidential address to the twelfth session of the Indian roads congress
Graphical methods for treating certain beam problems
River discharge
Designs for iron bridges for deep rivers in alluvial formations
Simplified formulas and tables
History of the standard oil company
Griffin's electrical engineers' price-book
Principles of the mechanics of machinery and engineering
Principles of sewage treatment
Irrigations du midi de l'espagne
Theory of strains in girders and similar structures
Professional papers on Indian engineering
Associate merbership examination
Steam engine
Indina railways
Military engineering
Elements of materials science
Canal and culvert tables
Some practical points in the design and construction of military buildings in India
Roorkee treatise on civil engineering in India
Applied mechanics
Rudimentary treatise on clock and watch making
Silk dyeing printing and finishing
List of steel plates and sections with tables
Strains in trusses
Appendix a to standard specifications
Prectical Trestise on bridge-construction
Builder's practical director
Raccolta d' autori italiani
Tunnel shields and the use of compress air in subaqueous works
Cambridge university examination papers
University of cambridge examination papers mechanical sciences tripos 1935
Report on the closing of the construction estimate of the fatehpur branch, lower ganges canal
Irrigation administration report of the united provinces
Traite de la conduite et de la distribution des eaux
Mine engineering
Radio wave propagation
Tables of supersonic flow around cones
Preliminary report on the utilization of the surplus supplies of the river sutlej
Applied soil mechanics
Associate membership examination
Channel tunnel
Raising of barton swing-aqueduct, and the renewal of paths and rollers
Vancouver harbour
Problems in the theory of river engineering
Poole harbour bridge
Changes in the coastline near rye
Turbo-vapour-compressors and their application to refrigeration
Generalized mathematical determination of earth-pressure from the wedge theory
Sermone in stones
Practical plasterer
Calculus of variations
Recent advances in organic chemistry
Report of investigation of the use of calciam chloride as a dust palliative
elementary course of civil engineering
Roorkee trestise on civil engineering
Report on the eligibility of milford haven
Semiconductors and semimetals
Chambers's book-keeping
Means of comparing the respective advantages of lines of railway
Voie materiel roulant
Theory of heat engines
Examples in the theory of structures
Moment distribution methodfor continuous beams and framed structures
Whittaker's electrical engineer's pocket-book
List of steel plates and sections with tables
Common commercial timbers of India
Bibliography on irrigation, drainage, river training and flood control 1957
Scientific design of masonry arches with numerous examples
Military sketching made easy and military maps explained
May's popular instructor for the management of electric lighting plant
Applied mechanics
Wild nature won by kindness
Railway policy in India
Some application of theory to the practical of construction
Traite elementaire des chemins de fer
Blacksmith's manual illustrated
Iron as a material of construction
Irrigation pocket book
Works machinery and rolling stock programmes of railways for 1958-59
Examples in the theory of structures
Machine design
Roorkee manual of applied mechanics
Electric telegraph manipulation
Principles and practical of embanking lands from river-floods
Carburettors, vaporisers, and distributing vales
Bleaching and dyeing of vegetable fibrous materials
rules for regulating level crossing over public roads in the united provinces
Notes and report on the reinforced concrete bridge over the suswa river in the Dehra Dun district
Rules for the preparation of railway projects 1918
Rules to be observed for the preparation of railway projects to be submited for the sanction of the government of India
Report on the installation and testing of various types of radial gates on the 84th mile jamrao canal
Technical section papers
Flood-control project for johnstown, pennsylvania
Memorandum on the different methods of ascertaining the discharges of rivers, canal and open channels
Welding design handbook for engineers, designers & supervisors
Notes and report onthe reinforced concrete bridge over the suswa river in the Dehra Dun district
NBO abstracts
Modern screw- propulsion
Second revised estimate mandalay canal project
Report on the project estimate of the lower bari doab canal with appendices 1904
Plans and estimates
Remodelling of distributaries on old canals
Report on the project estimates of the upper jhelum, upper chenab and lower bari doab canals
Note on the strebgth of Indian brickwork
Note on the theory, design and construction of gibb modules
Shwebo Canal project 1899
Rules for regulating level crossings over public roads in the united provinces
Traite de la mesure des eaux courantes
Flameproof fan-cooled electric drill
Rotary converters their design, construction and use
Plastering in buildings
Plan and reinforced concrete arches
Problems in electrical engineering
Popular dog- keeping
Drainage and flood-control engineering
Minutes of proceedings of the Punjab engineering congress Lahore 1932
Hand-book ninety-three tables and formula
Industrial peace
Elementary dynamics
Minutes of proceedings of the Punjab engineering congress Lahore 1939
Electrical engineering
Georgian bay ship canal
Electrical who's who 1956-57
Epitome mechanical philosophy
Sunshine and storm in the east
Handbook for constructional engineers containing tables relating to steel
Dynamo electric machinery
Manuels-roret nouveau manuel des pots et chaussees
Rudimentary treatise on warming and ventilation
Introduction to railway engineering
Switching and switchgear
Manual for railroad engineers and engineering students
Flowers and gardens in India
Glossary of technical terms in dairy use
Pollution of water by tipped refuse
Examples in the theory of structures
Alternating-current work
Stnitary engineering
Public works : a treatise on subjects of interest to municipal officers
Pocket companion
Elements of railroad track and construction
Military engineering
Outlines of medical jurisprudence for India
Raverse tables
Elements of machine design
Electric wiring
Oil motors
Harbours and docks
Practical geometry
Chemical lecture experiments
Electric traction engineering
Standard specifications and code of practice for road bridges
Examination papers
Betons agglomeres
Applied mechanics
Liquid air oxygen nitrogen
Introductory course of mechanics
Machinery market questions and answers
Elementary manual on steam and the steam engine
Hydraulic engineering
High frequency transmission lines
Physical principles of wireless
Prevention of river pollution
Handbook for construction engineers containing tables relating to steel
Handrailing and staircasing
Engineering abstracts
Woodworking machinery
Treatise on electro-metallurgy
Internal combustion engines and gas-producers
Tracking down the enemies of man
Annales du genie civil
Graphical determination of forces in engineering structures
Catechism of the steam- engine
Pocket-book for mechanical engineers
Electric wiring
Military sketching made easy and military maps explained
History & progress of the steam engine
Pattern making
Wilson carpentry and joinery
elements of the anatomy of the human body
Admiralty handbook of wireless telegraphy
Electrical engineering science
Schedule of maximum, minimum and recommended dimensions
Romance of engineering
Practical railway engineer
Treatise on navigation by steam
Published reports and memoranda of the aeronautical research council
Effect on transition of isolated surface excrescences in the boundary layer
Experiments on pitot- tubes in shear flow
Climatic data for design of buildings
Steam engine
Pumps and pump motors
Hints on arboriculture in the Punjab
Light gage steel design manual
Land reclamation
Theory of structures
Electrical guide
Assiut barrage remodelling problem
Workshop practice
Some practical points in the design and construction of military buildings in India
Notes on the indigenous cattle of the united peovinces
Road research papers
Military engineer services handbook
Report on the water-supply of lucknow city
Motor manual
Workable radio receiver
Theory of machines
Boiler and factory chimneys
American railroad bridges
Miller's guide
Notes on building construction
Traite d'hydrodynamique
Workshop practice
Choosing valves
Automation and computing
Railway appliances
Rotary and other converters
Indian railway standard code of practice for reinforced concrete construction
Good milk farming
Report of the review committee on post-graduate education & research in engineering & technology
Manual of field operations
Fundamental principles of road engineering
Report of the mechanical engineering research board
Roorkee treatise on railways
Treatise on mills and millwork
Essay on oblique bridges
Standing wave or hydraulic jump
Surge-chanber in hydro-electric installations
Anti-malarial measures in egypt sine 1916
Locomotive and bridge-oscillation
Subaqueous tunnelling in compressed air with refernce to the barking power-station cable tunnel under the river thames
New theory of bending
Scarborough valley bridge reconstruction
Screw-piling, with particular reference to screw- piled sewage sea outfall works
Vibrations of frames
Whirling and vibrating speeds of loaded and unloaded shafts
South African railway bridge
Instruction in construction
Manual of civil engineering
Power wiring diagrams
Manual of gardening
Manual of forestry
Reinforced concrete chemneys
Testing of motive-power engines
Useful information for engineers
Fundamental principles of road engineering
Steel construction
Talks about wireless
List of steel plates and sections with tables
Mechanism of flow slides in cohesive soils
Light-house on the coast of British Burma
Text-book of mechanical engineering
Alternating currents
Field geometry & field machines
New formula for mean velocity of discharge of rivers and canals
Railway economy
Standard specifications and code of practice for road bridges
Water power engineering
Practical timber merchant
Tropical agriculturist
Story of the guns
Military sketching made easy and military maps ex plained
Notes on permanent-way material, platelaying,and points and crossings
Notes on some of the chief navigable rivers and canal in the united states and canada
Oliver heaviside
Instruction in construction
Indian storage reservoirs with earthen dams
Principlesof the transformer
Notes on stable management
Electricity for everybody
Engineering encyclopedia
Whittaker's electrical engineer's pocket-book
Rudimentary treatise on civil engineering
Elementary course of civil emgineering
Veterinary notes for horse owners
Indian amateur rose gardener
Instructions for testing telegraph lines
Text-book practical hydrailics
treatise on hydraulics
Blueprint reading
Fabricated materials and parts
Practice of making & repairing roads
Automobile engines
Handbook for constructional engineers tables relating to steel
Old printer and the modern press
Mechanics applied to engineering
Scientific research in British universities 1951-52
Law of contracts
Memoria del lago di sesto,ossia di bientina
Rivers and canals
Roorkee manual of applied mechanics
Road engineering
Entrance guide to professions and business
Textile fibres
Textbook of soil mechanics
Civil engineering as applied construction
Continuous cueeent electrical engineering
Manual of metallurgy of a practical treatise on the chemistry of the metals
Military sketching made easy and military maps explained
Electrical engineer institute of correspondence instruction
Indian railways schedule of maximum, minimum and recommended dimensions
Tension tests of steel with test specimens of various size and form
Notes on irrigation, roads, and buildings and on the water supply of towns
Student's guide
Elements of electrical engineering
Course in electrical ciruits and fields
Notes on railway surveys and design in new countries
Geometrical companion
Brick and tile manufcture at Allahabad
Design of steel structures
Useful rules and tables
Treatise on ships' anchors
Report on beton agglomere
Examination papers
World power conference
Works, machinery and rolling stock programmes of raiulways for 1967-68
How to know oriental rugs
Dynamometers and the measurement of power
Highway surveying and setting out
Calcareous cements
Electrical engineer institute correspondence instruction
Text book of soil mechanics
Land reclamation
Treatise on the strength, flexure, and stiffness of cast iron beams and columns
Methods of haulage underground
Traffic surveys under Indian conditions
All quiet on the western front notes
Manual of the manufacture of gas
Newnes engineer's manual
Influence of tropical climates
Sewerage and sewage utilization
Malleable cast iron
Control system components
Design of small bridges and culverts
Text-book of experimental engineering
Traite elementaire des chemins de fer
Instruction in military engineering
Live-load stresses in railway bridges
Examination papers
Permanent way pocket book
Rivetted girders and curved roofs
Railway construction
Plan of a portion of the river sutlej shewing position of proposed dam
Cours de construction des ouvrages hydrauliques
Irrigation of mesopotamia
Dynamo-electric machinery
Aide-memoire to the military sciences
Modern locomotive construction
One hundred and twenty rare old architectural and ornamental works
Report on civil engineering education in Great Britain, in 1924
Stress concentration design factors
Ganges canal works
Weale's quarterly papers on engineering
Quarterly papers on engineering
Practical well foundations and girder erection for the lesser "major bridges" in India
Malleable iron bridges
Equalizing reservoir dams and the feeder canal
Electrical cmmunication
Social and cultural factors affecting productivity of industrial workers in India
Drawing and rough sketching for marine engineers
Principles of waterworks engineering
Pharmacopceia of India
Columns and struts
Principles of physiology
Building in the netherlands 1945-1959
Fall of napoleon
History of architecture
Seventy years a showman
Photographic chemistry
History of the British army
Fifty years of electricity
Raccolta d'autori italiani
Military electric lighting
Agricultural statistics of Punjab
Gunnery in 1858
Cours de topographie et d geodesie
Associate membership examination
How to draw a straight line
Relation between illumination and visual oerformance
Methods of economising water used in irrigation in America
Etudes sur la ventilation
Modern printing
Della natura dei laghi
Report on the water supply scheme provided for the city of jubbulpore
Travaux de consolidation du barrage des cheurfas
Analysis of the movements and scour action of water at obstructions
Weale's quarterly papers on engineering
Mon Canal project
Report, dated 25th april 1906
Flow at the month of a stanton pitot
Clibborn's patent regulating gate
Report by the railway board on Indian railways for 1948-9
General report on the construction of the moghalserai-gya extension of the east indian railway
Notes and report on the reinforced concrete bridge over the suswa river in the Dehra Dun district
Irrigation account government of Madras
Plans and estimates of police training school,Ranchi
Notes on aerial ropeways
Lectures on construction of wrought-iron bridges S. M> E.
Plans and estimates
Outlet factor on the ganga canal
Memorandum on the different methods of ascertaining the discharges of rivers, canals and open channels
Mechanical disturbances in clay samples taken with piston samplers
Report on the tarai canals
Shwebo canal project 1899
Calculations for reinforced concrete structures
Iron and timber railway superstructures and general works
Report on new steel plantsand extensions to existing steel making facilities
Ganges canal hydro-electric scheme
Rules for regulating level crossings over public roads in the united provinces
Completion report on the remodelling of the ganges canal
Annual report Itechnical) of the central board of irrigation, India 1937-38
Notes and experiments on the diffrent kinds of timber in ordinary use in the straits settlements
Reinforced concrete bridge over paljeli nadi
Notched falls
Concrete and soil research laboratory
Drainage problems in the ganges delta
Flats-vrban-hovses and-cottage-homes
Art in latin American architecture
Dictionaryu of photography
Stones of venice
Swimming times
Principles of architechture
International annual of anthony's photographic bulletin
Indian field shikar book
Cylindrical shells
Cricket do it this way
American big- game hunting
Historical memorials of westminster abbey
Sports in hungary
Famous violinists and fine violins
Text-book applied mechanics
Mechanical sciences tripos
Steam engine and on steam navigation
Military engineering services handbook
Details of the construction of the taper chain tension bridge
Modern methods of concrete making
Instruction in drawing
Works of art & artists
Manners and customs of the ancient egyptians
Design of small bridges and culverts
Treatise on architecture, building.masonry, joinery, and carpentry
Allgemeine musiklehre
Mighty mahaeer and other fish
Working hints for suction gas producers
Green is the grass
Letters to young shooters
Year book of photography for 1899
Technical art serise of illustrations of Indian architechtural decorative work
Sharqi architecture of Jaunpur
Dictionary of architecture
Pallava architecture
Large and small game of bengal and the north-western provinces of India
Art & the child
Photographic reproduction processes
Instructions to young sportsmen in all that relates to guns and shooting
Reminiscences of twenty years pigsticking in Bengal
Notes on lawn-tennis rowing and sculling for beginners
Training for athletes
Practical handbook for beginners on track and field athletices
Book of the lantern
Gentleman's house
Highway and the city
Town and country papers
Art crafts for amateurs
Free hand drawing
Paintings, pastels, drawings, prints, and copper plantes
Report on the progress and condition of the united states national museum for the year ending june 30,1922
Landscape and buildings
Stones of venice
Tracts on vaults and bridges
Life of general H. Havelock
Art in life in America
Garhwal painting
Century of modern painting
Faggot of french sticks
Sketches of the poetical literature of the past half-century
Selections from the bagh o bahar and history of India
Dictionary of the economic products of India
Mannres and customs of the ancient egyptians
These eventful years
History of music
Cooley's cyclopaedia of practical receipts
Color chemistry
Freehand drawing of ornament
Introduction to standards in building
Hand-book for mapping engineering and architectural drawing
Pursuing the whale
Shakespeare and that crush
Stranger prince
From sea to sea and other sketches
Best short stories of 1923
Comrade o comrade
Given in marriage
Farmley parsonage
Fenwick's career
Treatsie on algebra in practice and theory
Eye for a tooth
Lane that had no turning
Dark avenue
Elements of physics
Personal journal of the siege of lucknow
Boyhood of great men
Lion's share
Indian after=dinner stories
War of the worlds
If summer don't
Casa braccio
Wallet of kai lung
Patten experiment
Muntakhabat- i- hindi
Guests of the unspeakable
Tales from chauce
Treatise of heanen
Wild rose
Blettsworthy on rampole island
Her son
Collected poems of Ella Wheler Wilcox
Shakspere readings
Poetical works of Robert Burns
Miss ogilvy finds herself
Traite de paleontologie
Miscellaneous prose works of Sir Walter Scott
History of Rome
Dombey and son
Ghost camp or the avengers
Dear dead woman
Small scale industries
Great bluff
Uncanny stories
Pacha of many tales
Tales of our coast
nglish at home
History in my time
Mechanics for engineers
Altar of honour
Death at the opera
Scotland's heir
William- the pirate
Shame the devil
Mystery in palace gardens
Lightning conductor
Fortunes of glencore
Count hannibal
Cut by society
Lady lilith
Douglas romance
Magic makers
Nether fish nor flesh
Streets of ascalon
Heel of achilles
Moving house of foscaldo
Sunny side of the hill
John charity : a romance of yesterday
Life class
Sign of the triangle
Four corners of the world
Velvet hand
Rynox mystery
Three men and a god
Geoffrey sanclair
Histoire des phlegmasies
Safe custody
Poetical works of Lord Byron
Gifts of sheba
Four feathers
Text-book of modern carpentry
Happy home
His darling sin
On great waters
Hints on driving
Gone to earth
My Danish sweetheart
Oliver cromwell's letters and speeches
Lord protector
Critical miscellanies
Revolt of the angels
Shadows of yesterday
Hand-book of natural philosophy
Talla maris
Strange vanguard
Pulling the strings
Felix holt the radical
Catherine- wheel
Temple of death
Patricia baring
Lunatic at large
Experimental chemistry for junior students
Work and play in India and Kashmir
sceptre and ring
Above all
Michael strogoff
Spanish jade
Sir Felix Foy
World of WIlliam Clissold
Young stagers
Braddy's Bottle and other humorous tales
Captains all
Life of a soldier
Elements of plane trigonometry
Bride of lammermoor
Gyfford of weare
Christina Alberts's Father
Red planet
Theory and practice of advertising
Marching on tanga
Method of teaching and studying the belles lettres
Mathematical papers of the late Geprge Green
Strength of materials
Tropical hygiene
Men of good will
Grip of the jungles
Elementary metal work
Children of the dead end
Vittoria victrix
Gun doges and their training
Way of an eagle
Some secrets of style
Somehow good
Brookes of bridlemere
Slide rule
Wrinkles and recipes
Course of lectures on natural philosophy and the mechanical arts
Students handbook of surgical operations
Game with the wind
How to read history
Grange garden
Double harness
Ordeal of richard feverel
ma pettengill
Poetical works
Runagates club
Sackloth and ashes
Little ship
Battle days
Prime minister
Marriage under the terror
Singing waters
Paris sketch book
Jew suss
Letters addressed to the countess of ossory
Right of way
My lady nicotine
Red axe
Hero of herat
Popular lectures and addresses
Small dark man
Exploits of juve
Rob Roy
Cruise of the cachalot
Palace of the king
By order of the company
His majesty's shirt-sleeves
Magic skin
Life and erica
Above suapicion
Knight- errant
Travels of marco polo
There was a king in egypt
None but the lonely heart
My little girl
Red eve
Kill your own snakes
Martin conisby's vengeance
Allan quatermain
Story in searlet
Cases in court
Trooper fault
Four tales
Wrong man
Crowned queen
Man's world
Red o' the feud
St. George or the dragon
Moonbeams from the larger lunacy
Lady mary of the dark house
Seven for a secret : a love story
Tourist's view of the valley of gods
Leila or the siege of granada
Seamy side
Pulpit in the grill room
Berlioz and his century
Grand hotel
Miraculous birth of language
Under the beacon lights
Mid the thick arrows
Ek aur devidas
Tales of the long bow
Patricia brent spinster
Cabinet cyclopaedia
Choir invisible
Chicot the jester
Old people and the things that pass
Between two thieves
Wolf breed
Many cargoes
Island mystery
Lays of ind.
Three hostages
Eugenie grandet
Rich relatives
Debits and credits
Path of glory
Aunt sunday sees it through
Rival actresses
Musk-ox and other tales
Beau sabreur
Priestley's problem
Angel pavement
By the ramparts of jezreel
Daughter-in law
Stolen white elephant
Romance of a monk
Greater law
Peter and wendy
Ele-tree on the mall
England's darling
Her royal highness woman
Dodd family abroad
Men, women, and guns
Great noodleshire election
Nordenholt's million
Murder by degrees
Adventures of bindle
Indian inheritance
Crewe's career
Atoms of empire
American senator
Gunmen, gallants and ghosta
mperial woman
C. crispi sallustii opera
Case for three detectives
Courage of the outcast
People's life of christ
Let's get up a concert
Trent of the lone hand
Confessions of a thug
Hound of the baskervilles
Murder in hospital
Mill on the floss
Elementary algebra for schools
Princess's tragedy
Man in grey
Hostages to fortune
Gold of the sunset
Curry and rice
Maid margaret of galloway
Thief in the night
Toilers of the sea
Lost Mr. Linthwaite
Mammon of righteousness
Haven of unrest
Euripides and his age
Sir John Dering : a romantic comedy
Indian after-dinner stories
Port of missing men
Dancing fakir and other stories
Westward passage
Contraband of war
Six silver handles
Mother's recompense
Life in Shakespeare's England
Change of air
Beyond these voices
Blue-bird weather
Gentleman from the ranks
Return of tarzan
Space and time
Calculations in cotton weaving
Business of life
His indolence of arras
Diseases of crops and their remedies
Bachelor girl
Incomparable bellairs
Undying fire
Iron and steel manufacture
Conic sections
Brazenhead the great
Outline history of the world
Stones of venice
Fedral Britain
Antigua, penny, puce
Debil's garden
One of the grenvilles
Hungry stones and other stories
Car of destiny and its errand in spain
Double barrelled detective story
Uncrowned king
King of lamrock
Frenzied fiction
Reginald hetherege
Old masters
Draught of the blue
Who wrote that
Gilt kid : a novel
Elbow room
Fugitive from murder
Scarlet letter
Passionate elopement
Queen of the dawn
Jem carruthers
Passing of the flagship and other stories
By celia's arbour
Green sphinx
Surgeon's daughter and castle dangerous
Prose works
Thirteen stories
Peradventures of private pagett
King with two faces
Dusty angel
Irish sketch-book 1842
Black but comely
Death of a saboteur
Story of fifine
Eight strokes of the clock
House of a thousand lamps
Life's secret
Christmas books and hard times
From the land of princes
Lady audley's secret
Tales of time and space
Common law
Captain dieppe
Madame bovary
Fiery particles
Sheaf of bluebells
Aurangzib and the decay of the mugal empire
Broken halo
Cesar birotteau
Latin verse unseens
Conan doyle
White wool
Night club
Shannon's way
Battling barker
Lilac maid
Humorous scotch stories
Starvecrow farm
Within the cup
From snd-hill to pine
Pudd'nhead wilson
Cock-house at fellsgarth
Knight on wheels
Judgment house
Weeping wood
Vice versa
Down the garden path
Fair inez
Ready-maony mortiboy
Shoulder of shasta
Diamond ship
Fortunes of nigel
Ordeal of ann curtis
Why not
Grange garden
Way things are
Hospital jock
Young april
Magnolia street
Elusive pimpernel
Treasure Island
Afloat and ashore
Song of bernadette
T' Hakoorine
Lord anson's voyage round the world 1740-44
John Chilcote M. P.
Fool errant
Love-locks of diana
Danger mark
These twain
Story of francis cludde
Further adventures of captain kettle
Riceyman steps
Old gorgon graham
Frisette of the harme
If wrnter comes
Book of snobs
Cook and the captain bold
Bengal fire
Vanity fair
Returned empty
My novel
Singing gold
Trevlyn hold
Lonely furrow
Man of iron
Coming of amos
Strawberry room
Joanna godden married and other stories
Andrew goodfellow
Old world and the new
Pong ho
Last of her race
Navy eternal
Blue lagoon
Red in the morning
Altar steps
Daisy darley or the fairy gold of fleet street
Running horse inn
Merry men
High wind in jamaica
Cloven foot
Random shots
House of memories
Sinful peck
Our dmirable betty
Short cruises
American prisoner
Florence nightingale
Treatise on the equilibrium of arches
Origins and destiny of imperial Britain
Albert Goes through
Pot of basil
woman's law
Albert einstein
Sebastian strome
Log of a sea-waif
Lady of marlborough house
Dark mile
Double harness
Spook stories
Case of richard meynell
Grand babylon hotel
Golden years
Flowering wilderness
Living rough
Loom of youth
Sir nigel
Rose of the world
Tarzan the untamed
General John regan
Dragons are extra
Broad highway
Beneath the visiting moon
One life, one love
Green cloak
Pretty lady
Real adventure
Desired haven
French in Algiers
Ford's own humorous scotch stories
Deep moat grange
Macleod of dare
Iron and smoke
House of defence
Cloistering of ursula
Two chiefs of dunboy
Will o' the wasp
Camera fiend
Peggy of the bartons
Country house
Trampled cross
Gathering clouds
So much good
Plain tales erom the hills
Exploits of brigadier gerard
War and peace
Fuether experiences of an Irish R. M.
Set in silver
Gabriel conroy
Digby grand
Mormon prophet
Queen of scots
Trevor lordship
Quiet cities
Silent battle
Letters to a daughter
Roads of destiny
After the verdict
Well of loneliness
Midas and son
Vanity fair
Celia's house
Green flag
Working and management
Haunted hotel
Woman of the horizon
Driftwood spars
Jones in Paris
That hideous strength
Impregnable women
Wolves and the lamb
Story of fort frayne
Men of goodwill
Safety-curtain and other stories
Blue waters
Doffed coronet
Crime and punishment
Donald and helen
While rivers run
Mistress of men
Last of summer
Rose of yesterday
Trust emily
Derrick vaughan
Great argument
Sandi, the king-maker
Crime conductor
Knight of gwynne
Barlasch of the guard
Mighty atom
Years between
Gentle phoenix
Young entry
Cinderella of skookum creek
Captain Kettle's Bit
Man's man
Silent places
How to win friends & influence people
Josh@BJennings at luxor
Happy valley
Stalky & co.
Mars via the moon
Prisoner in turkey
Lucky number
Inconstancy of kitty
Lord dollar
Odds and ends
Taken at the flood
Ginger and McGlusky
People like ourselves
Susan clegg and her neighbours' affairs
Descent of the sun
She : a history of adventure
Terrible temptation
Cowboy countess
Gog the story of an officer and gentleman
Four feathers
Spring sowing
Courtship of morrice buckler
Dodo wonders
Memoir and scientific correspondence
United states of America
By celia's arbour
Plays and poems of william shakspeare
Collected writings of thomas de quincey
Works of Francis Thompson poems
Under the greenwood tree or the mellstock quire
Banner of the bull
Company's servant
Dusty answer
Latter-day pamphlets
Life class
Window in thrums
Silver shadow
Saga of the sword
Rope of sand
In cotton wool
Livonian tales
Country doctor
Jack Hinton the Gurdasman
Indiscretion of the duchess
Knight of gwynne
Syrup of the bees
Selected short stories
Seats of the mighty
Barker's luck
Sword in the stone
Chloris of the Island
Last chronice of barset
Alkahest or the house of claes
Heart of the matter
Sea spray
Dark forest
Old factory
Pride of jennico
Live with lightning
Lucky numbers
Men of good will
World of William Clissold
Call of the blood
Life of Vivekananda
Douchess of wrexe
L'art de verifier les dates
Gods are athirst
Essence of the dusk
World of wonderful reality
Spragge's canyon
Where shall i educate my son?
Seven pillars of foolishness or gone with the monson
Blazed trail
Esther hill's secret
Best short stories of 1924
By kamad of the prince
Life and death of richard yea-and nay
Great success
Sword and pen
Halfway house
Real charlotte
Chronicles of st. tid
No more parades
Hilda lessways
Passionate elopement
S. P. Q. R.
Sermons on the following subjects
Green forest
Bright eyes of dabger
Three couriers
Yankee at the court of king arthur
From spining wheel to spacecraft
Voice of the city
Things past
American girl at the durbar
Tale of a tank and other yarns
Lure of the little drum
Peter and veronica
Poor relations
Here where the world is quiet
Black but comely
Valley of decision
Short novels of the masters
King coal
Some persons unknown
Man from nowhere
Celebrated crimes
Kenelm chillingly
Two ears of corn, two blades of grass
Mirror and the lamp
Duke of savoy
Flag of distress
Sinister note
House in the square
Red herrings
They never say when
Saddle & steel
John verney
Song of doom
Betty grier
Lighter days with troddles
Merry men
Siver circus
Company of cain
Traffics and discoveries
Hanging johnny
Sunwich port
American senator
Tales of the Punjab
Child of the jago
Count robert of Paris
Bella Donna
Speculations of John Steel
And then face to face and other stories
Tales of all countries
By the waters of babylon
Twixt eagle and dove
Wages of virtue
Shadow of a great light
Heu-Heu, or the monster
Macleod of dare
Adventurer of the North
Thirty-nine steps
Cuckoo woman
Bold bendigo
Gentlemen prefer blondes
Rattlin the reefer
Undying fire
Life everlasting
Eldest miss collingwood
Theory of legislation
Stones of khor
Darkness falls from the air
Facing fearful odds
Government house
Kate coventry
Celebrated crimes
Flying high
Bayard from bengal
world's great snare
And berry came too
Shoal water
Edison his life and inventions
From sea to sea
Nordenholt's million
Slip coach
Sceptre and ring
Modern tragedy
Arnold waterlow
Dop doctor
Thick of the fray at zeebrugge
Freaks of mayfair
Blue poppy
Return via dunkirk
Company of shadows
Skirts of happy chance
Love the avenger
Indian after=dinner stories
Horrocks Purser
freemason's daughter
More tramps abroad
House in dormer forest
In kings' byways
He is become my song
Endless story
Modern chronice
King sees red
This publican
Jivan ki aur
Queen calafia
History of the British conquests in India
Two little savages
Star of India
Green mirror
Investigations on the theroy of the brownian movement
Council of justice
Death took a publisher
Heritage of the desert
East lynne
Buried alive
Vicki baum
Group of noble dames
Followers of the sea
Old ladies
Dear enemy
Central stores
American wives and english husbands
Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green
Ashes of a god
Story of doctor dolittle
Green and gay
Revolt of Asia
Monks of thelema
Hira Singh's tale
Lord oakburn's daughters
Sophy of kravonia
Perishable goods
Marriage of William Ashe
East o' the sun
morals of marcus ordeyne
Memoirs, journal, and correspondence of Thomas Moore
Man from butler's
Present state of the cultivation of oriental literature
Memorial pour l'attaquedes places
Summer lightning
Yellow god
Heaven's my destination
All in a garden fair
Young fur-traders
Moon of Israel
On approval
Soul of susan yellam
Tenant of cromlech cottage
In the northern mists
Soft answers
Sinners all
Ella of the Islands
Little eyolf
Second visit to the united states of North America
Greensea Island
Garden of swords
Irish cousin
Pirates of malabar
Bagh o bahar ; or tales of the four darweshes
Facts about hungary
Martyrdom of man
My friend the chauffeur
Gerald cranston's lady
Adventures of an engineer
Sheet-metal worker's guide
House of lys
Beyond the wall
Smith and the pharaohs
Our lady's inn
Black watch or forty-second highlanders
Lightning conductress
Felix Foy
When the hour came
Two years ago
Hope the hermit
Day after dark
Coming race
When a man's a man
Pal the story of an airedale
Felix holt
Bartered bride
Septima at school
Upas tree
Charles O'Malley
Indian uncle
Sentimental tommy
English literature
Diana barrington
Way of the hundred stars
Rough passages
Georgian stories 1927
Old offenders and a few old scores
Lost naval papers
Somewhere in France
Black office and other chapters of romance
Shadow of the rope
Fourth dimension
News travels by night
Souls for sale
Stars are dark
Taming of the ungle
Mills of the gods and other stories
London afresh
Tide of empire
Strictly business
Drifting death
Prince otto
Horace templeton
Jonah and co.
Laura creichton
Noctes ambrosianae
Lamp in the desert
Idulls of the sea
Fugitive anne
New machiavelli
Nor many waters
Woman thou gavest me
Howards end
Punishment and prebention of crime
Shape of things to come
Best tales of terror
Martial India
Told on the king's highway
Brighton beach
Folly and fresh air
Pip : a romance of youth
Hero of our time
Heart of midlothian
Knights of the air
Forlorn hope
Old mortality
Minister's wife
Mission with mountbatten
Deadham hard
Roosevelt in retrospect
City of beautiful nonsense
Isle of unrest
Pretty miss neville
Contarini fieming
Drake's drum
Now east, now west
Tommy and co.
Trimmed lamp
Golden lion of granpere
APE and essence
Choir invisible
Margaret ogilvy
Works of the British poets
Five jars
Secret monitor
Rupert of hentzau hope
Flower of forgiveness
In his steps
Dew and mildew
Tragedy of the korosko
Tidal wave
Brass brottle
Willing horse
Lucia in London
Humorous stories
Sinister street
Breakfast in bed
Five- barred gate
Love the avenger
Leopard's leap
Silver thorn
Kate bonnet
Shall we join the ladies
Azure hand
Fair maid of graystones
Pearls &n men
Prime minister
Rhoda fleming
Good boy seldom
Golf from a new angle
After the deed
Life of Nelson
Star dreamer
Child of storm
Critical moments in British history
Wicked marquis
hospital days
Funny bone new humorous stories
Small dark man
Vicar's daughter
Crock of gold
Prime minister
Tangled skein
Inspite of all
Best short stories 1923
Pomp of the lavilettes
House on the nile
Last chronicle of barset
Staqirs of sand
Death cmes to dinner
Lord tony's wife
Tramp abroad
Tell England
Rainbow comes
Wayfaring men
Knight of evil
Hank of hair
Blue China
Mad 'mezel' suzanne
Tales of old Japan
Mistress of shenstone
Ivory child
Silver thorn
Definite object
Mad hatter mystery
Tragedy of coriolanus
Gone of earth
Diana mallory
History of the insurrection in China
Curse of the nile
Luck of private foster
Man who was nobody
Brither cain
Last million
Old beauty and others
Girl adoring
Hostages to fortune
Little wives
Faerie queene
Colour sergeant
If age could
Meet Mr. Huckabee
Towards zero
Sir Richard escombe
Things i remember
Place and power
Pools of silence
Silver skull
Young barbarians
F1,000,00 bank- note
Sonia between two worlds
Black bartlemy's
Power and the glory
Bhartrihari says
Life in song
Letters of Horace Walpole
He chronicles of the IMP
Iron rations
Master of craft
Innocent her fancy and his fact
Jeremy at crale
American senator
Set in authority
Alton locke
Gentle knight
Fatal three
Kaleidoscope one
On the jury
Dog it was that died
Small back room
Collected writings of Thomas De Quincey
Tutor's story
Morning star
This is the end
L'art de verifier les dates
Told by an idiot
Wandering heath
Lectures on rhetoric and belles letters
Simple adventures of a memsahib
Harold, the last of the saxon kings
Facts about korea
Day's work
Trampling of the lilies
Captain of the polestar
Vida or the iron lord of kirktown
Lady luck
Hungry hill
French nan
Black dwarf and a legend of montrose
Long day ends
Derelicts of the sea
Tarzan of the apes
Up and down
Cardinal's snuff- box
Short stories
Best stories of theodora Benson
Here comes an old sailor
Trench yarns for subalterns and others
Castle inn
Green graves of balgowrie
Ruler of ind
Fortune's fool
My finnish diary
Younger set
Banked fires
Spell of the jungle
Dog fiend or snarleyyow
Penguin Island
Children of gibeon
Hard facts
Humour in our streets
Eternal quest
Three bamboos
Sixes and sevens
Farewell victoria
Pausanias the spartan
News of England
Lieut. beatrice raymaond v. c.
David Harum
Mine own executioner
Maiden stakes
King's pawns
Lost golfer
Uneasy terms
Digit of the moon
Running to seed
Mistress of herself
Romany rye
Twas in trafalgar's bay
At starting price
Wrdsworth's excursion
General smuts
Spinster of thei parish
Old wives' tale
Sanitation in war
Imperial venus
Great pandolfo
Fortunes of the colville family
Tales of secret egypt
My noval
Three latch keys
Mayor of troy
My garden in the wilderness
Station stories
Number seventeen
Book for the hammock
Death comes for the archbishop
Correspondence, despatches, and other papers of viscount castlereagh
Fling visit
Heart of the west
All on the Irish Shore
Freemason's daughter
Little ladyship
Letters of queen victoria
Factory and workshop lighting
New soviet seven-year plan
Tube wells boring, sinking and working
Hawtrey's deputy
Mammon of righteousness
Creel of Irish stories
Hereward the wake
Great waters
Gabriel's garden
Oliver Hastings, v. c.
Nat harlowe muntebank
Twoards lasting peace
Between the lines
Track of a storm
Heart of gold
Destiny bay
Not one in ten
Greatest story ever told
Honeymoon dialogues
Siri ram revolutionist
Edwin drood and eprinted pieces
Manual of ancient history
On the face of the waters
Thatched roof
Stars in their courses
Pride of race
American claimant
Love's cousin
Conquest marches on
Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson
Half hours with a modern alchemist
Unlucky mark
Unconventional molly
Rynox mystery
Black douglas
Innocents abroad
Warning to wantons
Heart of ice
Some experiences of an Irish R. M.
lincoln papers
Elsie and the child
Adventures of M. D' Haricot
Red threads
Great white hand
Parts men play
This publican
Pottle papers
Cleg kelly
Cerise a tale of the last century
Bindles on the rocks
Uncle John
Honourable MR Tawnish
Uncle silas
Hans frost
Letters of William Cowper
Bath comedy
Seven short novels from the woman's home companion
Man who lost himself
Cabinet cyclopaedia
Chronicles of dennis chetwynd
Ordeal of richard feverel
Rope of sand
Bess of the woods
Judgment of the sword
Hornets tales of the air
King's own
Transatlantic trouble
Sweet William
Red hand of ulster
vow of silence
But- gentlemen marry brunettes
Father felix's chronicles
Brave interlude
Youngest girl in the school
Beloved vagabond
Blind eyes
Red lodge
House of the arrow
Lord raingo
Well of saint clare
Stealthy terror
World went very well then
Heart of denise
Right stuff
Lewis rand
Broken earthenware
Miced division
Memorials, scientific and literary of andrew crosse
Sir Jasper Carew
Dorothy forster
Extremes meet
Last of the vikings
shadow of a vendetta
Cabinet cyclopaedia
Grange garden
Storm music
Golden house
General bounce
Recollections & essays
woman in the shadow
Shadow shapes
My brother Jonathan
Uncertain trumpet
Engineering as a profession
Reef of stars
Beyond the pale
Jeeves omnibus
In the mountains
Toilers of the sea
Dark wood
Won by waiting
Sanders of the river
Prince of destiny
Reginald hetherege
Girl at the halfway house
Annals of the horse-shoe club
Watch below
Daughter of the land
St. katherine's by the tower
Dogs in disease
Dean's elbow
Suburban young man
Murder is announced
Death and to-morrow
Second-lieut. billie impett and his orderly
Gay life
Pere goriot and eugenie grandet
Sandi, the king-maker
Diana and destiny
Bungalow and the tent
Portrait of a lady
Atoms and electrons
Romance royal
Bramleighs of bishop's folly
Dodo the second
Under the redwoods
Fruits of desire
World of William Clissold
Adventures of picklock holes
Love of navarre
Vicissitudes of evangeline
Ann and her mother
Sketches by boz
Man he was
Alexander hamilton
Lubrication and lubricants
Heseltine mystery
Ralph the heir
Bridge of san luis rey
Little dorrit
Astronomer at large
Animal biology
Birch's management and medical treatment of children in India
Cabinet cyclopaedia
Saving clause
Father ralph
Thing we have prayed for
Making of a bigot
Wild geese
Ann veronica
King in yellow
Towards zero
Deal in wheat
Moonlit way
Madame gilbert's cannibal
Fourth generation
Our mutual friend
Rocks of valpre
Fortunate youth
Cabinet cyclopaedia
Adventures of captain kettle
Great offensive
Lady paramount
Sword of the king
Three men on the bummel
Peter Jackson cigar merchant
I will repay
Sun shines over the sangkan river
Ghost kings
Bacon's essays
Best short stories of 1927
Betrothed and the highland widow
That lady
Tom, Dick, and Harry
Secret of Dr.Kildare
History of Tom Jones
What can she do
Baltic spy
Small house at allington
White rose
Before adam
Way of stars
Historycal and descriptive account of British India
Shining ferry
Second jungle book
And others came
Down train
All roads lead to calvary
Michael dred detective
Cure of flesh
Abbess of vlaye
Sylvia michael
Amazing marriage
Calling scotland yard
Witness for the defence
Sacred crocodile
Gates of brass
John fanning's legacy
Armorel of lyonesse
Bail up
Ambrose holt and family
Seventh wave
Greatest wish in the world
History of Henry Esmond
Knight errant
Hendon's first case
King of the highland hearts
Captains courageous
Tree in the yard
Tappan's burro and other stories
Hullof coins
Friends in council
Intruder in the dust
In boc vince
Blue pete : half-breed
Dancers in mourning
Lady from long acre
Strong mac
Desolate splendour
Lepidus the centurion
Happy warrior
Lord edgware dies
May fair
John Carruthers Indinan policeman
Dead secret
Millionaire of yesterday
Felix Foy
Uncle John
Cobweb palace
Water on the brain
Unpractised heart
Testament of friendship
With pen and brush in eastern lands when i was young
Auction block
Yeoman's hospital
Mr. Jervis
Cruise of the alerte
Works of the english poets
Men of good will
Money moon
Metallurgy of steel
Blue water
Lady anna
Fair maid of perth
World for sale
War and Elizabeth
Memory of grange
Country love
Relentless city
Beltane the Smith
Animal stries
Etruscan places
Kid MacGhie
Illyrian spring
Minister's wife
All sports and condition of men
Two years before the mast
Everlasting search
Prisoner in the opal
Sword decides
Confessions of con cregan
Return of sherlock holmes
Alf's carpet
Late have i loved thee
Sorrows of satan
Eastward drift
An awfully big adventure
Put out more flags
Thirty-nine steps
Trench pictures from France
Chip chip
Roundabout papers
Prince and the pauper
Father gregory or lures and failures
Best short stories of 1925
Desired haven
Guy mannering or the astrologer
Sorrell and son
No. 5 John street
On turnham green
Vanity girl
No man'a land
Child of the cavern
Last of the grenvilles
These men thy frienda
Queen versus billy and other stories
British poets
Life of oliver cromwell
Qyest of fl dorado
Unknown lady
Two women and a maharajah
Sonia married
Rose of dauphiny
Master of ballantrae
Cabbages and kings
Rudimentary electricity
Treatise on rivers and torrents
Myson the doctor
White ladies of worcester
Gabriel conroy
House of lisronan
Man in black
Kensington rhymes
Pomp of yesterday
Eight panes of glass
Tristram of blent
Love the avenger
Cloudless may
To-day and to-morrow
April escapade
Republic of the southern crops and other stories
Green memory
Gathering clouds
Dante's divina commedia
Dramatic works
Ovington's bank
Comic miscellanies
Despatches, correspondence, and memoranda of field marshal arthur duke of Wellington
Circus parade
Earth trembles
Keeper of the door
Dark o' the moon
Oliver cromwell;s letters and speeches
Annales des ponts et chaussees
Poetical works of Lord Byron
With harp and crown
Journaux des sieges
L'art de verifier les dates
Poetical works
Critical miscellanies
Jane our stranger
Wisdom of the wilderness
works of william Makepeace Thackeray
Study of the collapsing pressure of thin-walled cylinders
Paul clifeord
Men, women, and books
Rookery nook
Letters of Matthew Arnold
Popular lectures and addresses
Men of good will
Collected writings of Thomas De Quincey
Dancers in mourning
Letters on paraguay
Work of the english poets
Primer of literary criticism
Recherches sur les meilleurs effets a obtenir dans l'artilerie
Works by the Horace Hayman Wilson
Indian lyrics
Translation of several principal books, passages, and       texts of the veds
Letters of Horace Walpole
Selection from the public and private correspondence of vice-admiral lord collingwood
Wilhemina in London
Crooked stick or pollie's probation
Speeches of the right hon. Edmund Burke
History of the war
Notes, memoranda and letters exchanged between the governments of Indin and China
Competition wallah
Catalogue of sanskrit and prakrit manuscripts in the Rajasthan oriental research institute
Campbell's esay on poetry
Lady inger of ostrat
Collected poems of Rupert Brooke
Biglow papers
Annual di giurisprudenza
Despatches minutes, and correspondence of the Marquess Wellesley
Diaries and correspondence of James Harris, first earl of malmesbury
Political ballads
Book of broadsheets
Delle risaje in Italia
History of hungarian literature
Letters of the earl of Dudley
Macleod of dare
Representative significance of form
Works of art and artists in England
Importance of litersture to men of business
Inn of the hawk and raven
Gabriel conroy
Descriptive essays
Cours elementaire de chimie
Correspondence despatches, and other papers of viscount castleresgh
Russia is no riddle
Vernacular reading books in the Bombay presidency
Smithsonian miscellaneous collections
Selection from the public and private correspondence of vice-admiral lord collingwood
King's general
Childe harold's pilgrimage
Wandering words
Private memoins of napolion bonaparte
Eleventh hour
Tony bellew
Jim trelawney
Follow the little pictures
Tales of Indian chivalry
Terror in the thames
Martin chuzzlewit
Joan and Peter
Quentin durward
Maker of dreams
Peveril od the peak
Bishop and the bogie-man
Sugar in the air
Esther hill's secret
Splendour of Asia
Crimson gardenia
Pinch of prosperity
Wonderful visit
Watcher by the threshold and other tales
Rolling stones
Divine mistress
Advantures of Tom Sawyer
Little fifine and other tales
Growing up
Japhet in search of a father
Brook Fossbrooke
Recollections of Geoffry Hamlyn
Hundred days
Lady of quality
Young orland
Pleasant valley
Deeper scar
Dead stop
Doctor thorne
Let the people sing
Croyston family
Comprehensive history of India, civil, military and social
Rise of the dutch republic
Papers on subjects connected with the duties of the crops of royal engineerd
History of herodotus
Bhailalbhai Patel 75th birthday souvenir
Account of the kingdom of caubul
Annals and antiquities of Rajasthan
Excursions in the mountains of rouda and granada
Oliver Cromwell's letters and speeches
History of piedmont
History of England from the fall of wolsey to the death of Elizabeth
Historical parallels
History of the reign of henry iv
Life in the forests of the far east
Me,oirs of Charles Mathews
History of Switzerland
History of the Western world
Life of Sir David Wilkie
Life and times of Richard the first
View of ancient and modern egypt
Napoleon buonaparte
South Africa of to-day
Ras mala or hindoo annals of the province of Goozerat,in Western india
History of England from the accession of James the second
History of the British ture
History of the cinquest of peru, by the spaniards
History, antiquities, topography, and statistics of eastern India
Narrative of the burmese war
Recollections of caulincourt
Speeches of the right honourable William Pitt
Cabinet cyclopaedia
History of British India under the Company and the Crown
History of the girondists
Cabinet cyclopaedia
Hand-book of British India
Visit of the Indian archipelago
Life and work of the seventh earl of shaftesbury
Historycal and descriptive account of China
Travels in Northern Greece
History of the decline and fall of the Roman empire
Diaries and correspondence of James Harris, first earl of malmesbury
Omar khayyam
Punch's letters to his son, Punch's complete letter writer and sketches of the english
Diary of a journey acrose tibet
Historical researches on the conquest of peru, mexico
Columbia basin reclamation project Washington
Rise and progress of the Britise power in India
My journal in Malayan waters
History of aurangzib
Life and correspondence of Henry Salt
Journal of the reigns of Kinf George iv. and King william iv.
Travels into bokhara
Palestine or the holy land
Eight months' campaign
Fraser's journey to persia
Report of explorations in 1873 of the colorado of the west and its tributaries
Diary and letters of Madame D'arblay
History of England from the fall of wolsey to the death of Elizabeth
Egyptian sepulchres and syrian shrines
Travels in Canada
History of the American revolution
Diary in Turkish and greek waters
History of the Jews
Classical tour through Italy
Invasion of the crimea
Life and letters of Frederick W. Robertson
T. P. O'Connor
Natural history of the inanimate creation
Consolations in travel or he last days of a philosopher
History of the consulate and the empire of France under NApoleon
History of Rome
Personal narrative of travels to the equinoctial regions of America
Heartof Africa
Anecdotes of aurangzib
Fridtjof Nansen's "farthest North"
Mount lebanon
Life and actions of Alexznder the great
Voyage of the 'discovery'
Lives of the most eminet British painters, sculaptors, and architects
Papers on subjects connected with the duties of the corps of royal engineers
History of Arabia ancient and modern
History of piedmont
Archaeological research in poland
Memoirs of prince rupert, and the cavaliers
Waterloo lectures
History of Brazii
Life in the forests of the far east
History of the conquest of Mexico
Through the British empire
Afghans the ten tribes and the kings of the east
Life of Sir William Fairbairn
Life of edward earl of clarendon
Bismarck the man and the statesman
History of the jews
Sir Victor Brooke
Lives of the lord chancellors and keepers of the great seal of England
Report of the royal commission on the superior civil services in India
Personal adventures in upper and lower california
Life of Robert, Lord Clive
Autobiographical recollections of Sir John Bowring
Life of Samiel Johnson
Memorial d l'officier du genie
Life and teachings of Mohammed
Visits to high tartary, yarkand, and kashghar
Land of contrasts
Papers on subjects connected with the corps of royal engineers
Arctic voyages of adolf eril nordenskiold
Narrative of the peninsular war
French revolution
White conquest
Typee; or,a narrative of a four months' residence among the natives of a valley of the marquesas Island
Our hundred days in europe
Baltic, the black sea, and the crimea
Memoir of ralph waldo emerson
Memoir of the life of laurence oliphant and of Alice Oliphant, his wife
Story of belgium with a chapter on the congo free state
Collection of the acts passe by the local legisleture of the united provinces of Agra and Oudh in the year 1929
Reminiscences of a stowaway
French in Algiers
Outlines of physical geography
Distinguished men of modern times
Goa, and the blue mountains
Histroy of Europe
Anderer in syria
Life and correspondence of the right Honble Henry Addington, first viscount sidmouth
Scenes from the life of a soldier in active service
Journey to Katmandu
Month in Norway
Opera omnia
Supplement to vacation rambles
Rob roy on the baltic
Portraits of man of eminence
Fundamental unity of India
Structure of Asia
Lives of the queens of england
Life of his royal highness the pruince consort
Works of Edgar Allan Poe
Memoirs of the reign of King George the second
uttar Pradesh district gazetteers Sitapur
Map of central Asia
My early life
Life and times of general washington
Travels in various contries of Europe Asia and Africa
General history and collection of voyages and travels
History of the Indian mutiny
Early jesuit missions in North America
Jesuits in North America in the seventeenth century
Correspondence, despatches, and other papers, of viscount castlereagh
Canadian contingents and Canadian imperialism
Bismarck the man and the statesman
Critical miscellanties
Old regime
Eminent persons biographies
Manners and customs of the ancient egyptians
My diary in America in the midst of war
Turkey in travail
Cresecnt in India
Good-bye to all that
Cloister life of the emperor charles the fifth
Modern zoroastrian
Life and correspondence of Major-General Sir John Malcolm
What to observe
Lives of the queens of scotland and english princesses
Kans and our captivity in Russia
Year in Spain
Travels in South-Eastern asia
Historical and descriptive account of British America
Cromwell as a soldier
Nile tributaries of abyssinia
Bars of iron
History of the Western empire
King Edward and his times
Lives of the queens of England
Twice interned
Principles of physical geography
Savage life and scenes
General history and collection of voyages and travels
Movement of social dissent in modern europe
History of the cossacks of the ukraine
History, antiquities, topography, and statistics of eastern India
History of civilization in England
Life of Jesus
L'art de verifier les dates des faits historiques
Thomas Atkins
Journal of a residence of two years and half in Great Britain
History of the life of Richard Coeur-de-lion king of England
Seonee or camp life on the satpura range
Contributions to the Edinburgh review
Alexandre Dumas the fiurth musketeer
Korea today
Story of the campaign of sebastopol
Things Indian
Epitome of niebuhr's history of Rome
Aspects of nature
History of the papacy
General history and collectin of voyages and travels
Gas and oil engine
Critical and historical essays
Halfhours with the best authors
Souvenirs d'un voyage dans la tartarie, le thibet et la chine
Three year's wanderings in the northern provinces of China
History of the British empire in India
Conquest of scinde a commentary
Memoirs of prince chlodwig of Hohenlohe Schillingsfuerst
British campaign
Journal of the reigns of King George iv and King william iv
Ancient geography of India
Wanderings round lake superior
Across Africa on foot
Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero
History of Spain and Portugal
Highlands of aethiopia
History of the Indian wars
Occident and the orient
Some further recollections of a happy life
Travels in various countries of Europe Asia and Africa
Travels into Bokhara
How we made rhodesia
Fight for everest : 1924
History, antiquities, topography, and statistics of eastern India
History of servia and the servian revolution
Modern Turkey
Sword and surplice
Diary and letters of madame d'arblay
Italy and tha Italian Islands
Life of a travelling physician
Reminiscences of a noval officer
Forty years of American life
Notes and queries
Recollections of tartar steppes and their inhabitants
Excursions in Switzerland
Story of New Zealand
Life and correspondence of Charles, Lord Metcalfe
Empire of the tsars and the Russians
Personal narrative of a journey to the source of the river oxus
Adventures on the western coast of South America
History of England
Excursions in the mountains of ronda and granada
Life of lieutenant-general Sir Thomas Picton
Mylife and acts in hungary
British cyprus
Lives of boulton and watt
History of the house of commons
Travels in various countries of Europe Asia and Africa
History of the western world
Narrative of the discovery of the fate Sir john frankin and his compaions
Wanderings by Southern waters
My diary in America in the midst of war
Year in Spain
Two years' residence in a levantine family
Personal adventures during the Indian rebellion in rohilcund, futtehghur, and oude
Journey in the back country
Letters on Turkey
Miscellaneous writings of Lord Macaulay
New Zealand in 1837
Memoir and scintifif correspondence of the late Sir George Stokes
India ancient and modern
History of England
Annales des points et chaussees
Chronological history of voyages into the arctic regions
Papers on subjects connected with the duties of the corps of royal engineers
Giuseppe giusti
Life and correspondence of the right Hon. Henry Addington, first viscount sidmouth
History of the rebellion in scotland
Official history of the russo-japanese war
Discoveries in Australia
Sylvia scarlett
Narrative of the surveying voyage of H.M.S.
Oregon trail Sketcher of prairie and rocky-mountain life
Revolutions in english history
Scenery, science and art
Life and correspondence of Thomas Valpy French
Cape and the kafirs
Albert N'Yanza,great basin of the nile
Out of my life
History of the house of Austria
Illustrations of the history of Great Britain
London up to date
Voyages and discoveries of the companions of Columbus
Tour in Germany and some of the Southern provinces of the Austrian empire
Opera omnia
Fragments of voyages and travels
King George and the royal family
Glimpses of an engineer- statesman of Hyderbad deccan
Narrative of the Canadian red river
Life of plutarch
Imperial gazetteer of India
General John Jacob
History of the captivity of Napoleon at St. Helena
Report of the united states deep waterways commission
Coohranes pedestrian journey
Manners and customs of the ancient egyptians
French humourists
Memoirs of the life Sir Samuel Romilly
Three voyages of Captain James Cook round the world
History of Spain and portugal
Story of nuncomar and the impeachment of Elijah Impey
History of general Sir Charles Napier's administration of scinde and campaign in the cutchee hills
Memoirs of the life and correspondence of the reverend Christian Frederick Swartz
Edinburgh review
Letters of queen victoria
Cambridge history of India
Romance of history India
Book of dates
Narrative of the chinese embassy
Memorial de l'officier du genie
Refounding of the German empire 1848-1871
Present indicative
Cllection of the acts
Letters to a friend
Life of Napoleon 1
Notes of a wanderer
Life of his royal highness the prince consort
Two sieges of vienna by the Turks
Ships-and people
Campaigns in virginia,maryland
Military life of field marshal the duke of wellington
Indian musalmans
History of piedmont
Travels through central africa to timbuctoo
Van gogh
General history and collection of voyages and travels
Life of ali pasha
Louis pasteur
Historical and miscellaneous questions
Cruise of H. M. S. galatea
Narrative of the war in Affghanistan
Man on the earth
Lexicon of fremasonry
Year's campaigning in India
Man nobody knows
History of England
History of the reign og philip the secondking of Spain
Mountain jubilee
Narrative of a voyage round the world
Travels in the trans-caucasian provinces of Russia
Lives of the queens of England
History of the Indian mutiny
Memoirs of prince rupert and the cavaliers
Buried alive or ten years of penal servitude in siberia
Heroes of modern adventure
Bengal regulations
Grant's campaign in virginia, 1864
History of the British empire in India
Papers on subjects connected with the duties of the corps of royal engineers
Ethnology of the British Islands
Mickey mouse annual
Lives of man of letters and science
Sporting and military advantures
History of England
Recollections of dublin castle & of dublin society
Down to earth gardening
Analogies and contrasts : or, comparative sktches of France and England
La salle and the discovery of the great west
Life and correspondence of Robert southey
Memoir of the life of Sir MArc Isambard Brunel
Narrative of a voyage to the pacific and beering's atrait
History of Europe from the commencement of the French revolution
History of Spain and Portugal
Life of lorenzo de' medici called the magnificent
Memoirs of the court and cabinets of George the third
History of the British empire in India
Lives of eminent and illustrious englishman
Missionary travels and researches in South Africa
Life of George Washington
William Cotton Oswell
San Joaquin valley of the state of california
Physical geography
Through the dark continent
Life of the right honourable William Henry Smith
Eminent persons
French in Algiers
George Selwyn and his contemporaries
St. Petersburg and Moscow
Far eastern question
Naples ; political, social, and religious
Journal of a voyage up the mediterranean
How to use the aneroid barometer
Construction & maintenance of roads
Notes on the revolt in the north-western provinces of India
Code napoleon ou code civil des francais
Life of lieutenant-general Sir John Moore
History of the royal sappers and miners
History of the ottoman turks
Adventures of an A.D.C.
ganges and the seine
Old quebec
German atrocities
Life and correspondence of Sir John Malcolm
Memoirs of William Wordsworth
Making of British India 1756-1858
Marlborough his life and times
Life of brian houghton hodgson
Memorial of Joseph Henry
Peace, war, and adventure
Lives of scottish worthies
Letters from Italy and Vienna
Livy books xxi and xxii
Life of mary queen of scots
Operations of the german engineers and technical troops
Nineveh and persepolis
British expendition to the crimea
Historical, political and statistical account of Ceylon
Cultural heritage of India
Annie Oakley woman at arms
Memoirs of the reign of king George the second
Sketches of China
Year and a day in the east
Kashmir and Jammu A guide for visitor
Bentley's miscellany
Greater Britain
Life of Joseph chambrlain
Life and enterprises of ferdinand de lesseps
World with fuller treatment of India
Analogies and contrasts or, comparative sketches of France and England
Life of Benjamin disraeli earl of beaconsfield
Life of Thomas Telford
India and Tibet
Where shall we go
Life of charloiie bronte
History of the sikhs
Private memoirs of napoleon bonaparte
Mary queen of scots daughter of debate
Three colonies of Australia
Memoirs of the reign of King George the third
Psychical research
Narrative of the circumnavigation of the globe by the Austrian frigate Novara
Mathematical problem. papers
Lives of British physicians
Columbia basin joint investigations
Geography of British India political & physical
Memoirs of the life and writings
Lives of the engineers
Rudiments of physical geography for the use of indian schools
History of the conquest of peru
Oriental ccccchristian biography
Master minds of modern science
History of the reign of ferdinand and isabella
Travels of a pioneer of commerce in pigtail and petticoats
Edward wyndham tennant
Select documents in Australian history 1788-1850
Lives of the most eminent fathers of the church
Lectures explanatory of the diatessaron
History of India
Narrative of a journey from heraut to khiva, Moscow, St. Petersburgh
March to magdala
Discovery of the fate of la perouse
Year of consolation
Life of George Washington
History of the conquest of mexico
Bengal as a field of mission
On Canada's frontier
Historical and statistical memoir of Dehra Doon
Highlands of aethiopia
Contents of memoir of John
Fall of Napoleon
History of the venetian republic
Mughal administration
Old regime in Canada
Life of John Churchill Duke of Marlborough
History of the ottoman empire
Speeches of the right honourable George Canning
History of the Great reformation
Memoirs of the war in Spain
Some experiences of a barrister's life
History of the consulate and the empire of france under napoleon
History of herodotus
General history and collection of voyages and travels
Travels in siberia
British museum
Practical upholstery
Histroy of Russia
Narrative of the insurrection
Story of the earth in past ages
Introduction to practical geography
Six month in the West Indies
History of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire
Idler in France
Life of William Wilberforce
Through the British empire
From the forecastle to the cabin
Royal naval biography
Theory of war
Queen victoria her life and reign
Life of Lord Kitchener
Belgian congo
Laborious days
Iceland and greenland
history of European morals
United states of America
Aide-memoire portatie des officiers du genie
East India military calendar
Golden encyclopaedia of geography
Report on the scientific results of the exploring voyage of H. m. S. challenger 1873-76
Ordnance survey of England
Annual progress report of the archaeological surveyor
Report on the defenses of Washington to the chief of engineers
G. H. Q.
Treatise on the law of mortgage
Ras mala
Christopher Wren his life and times
History of Alexander the first
Spirit of the east journal of travels
Voyages and travels
Travels in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Turkey
Memorandum on some of the results of Indian administration
History of India
Past campaign
Chinese central Asia
History of the paninsular war
Statistical descriptive, and historical account of the north-western provinces of India
Life in Spain
Revolution in Ireland 1906-1923
Collection of the acts
Diary in America
Conquest of florida
Adventures of an officer in the Punjaub
History of the venetian republic
History of the reign of ferdinand and Isabella
Hoppus's practical measurer
Protectrate of Oliver Cronwell, and the state of Europe
Works of the right honourable Joseph Addison
Papers on subjects with the duties of the corps of royal engineers
Conquest of scinde
Life of Charles James Napier
Wanderings and excursions
Journal of a diplomate's three years' residence in persia
Personal narrative of travels to the equinoctial regions of America
Introductory lectures on modern history
History of the captivity of napoleon
History of Oliver Cromwell and the english cimmonwealth
History of Greece
Narrative of an expendition to the zambesi
Travels to the city of the caliphs
Modern part of an univerfal hiftory
Life of William Wilberforce
General history and collection of voyages and travels
History of the decline and fall of the Roman empire
General history and collection of voyages and travels
Elementary physiography
Historical sketch of the native states of India
History of England from the fall of wolsey to the death of Elizabath
Historical sketch of the princes of India
History of Scotland
History of the papacy
General biographical dictionary
Oliver Cromwell : a biography
Autobiography of Sir John Rennie
Good men and true
Life of Oliver Cronwell
Historical and descriptive account of China
Historical and descriptive account of British India
History of the American revolution
Text-book of geography
Events of a military life
Royal naval biography
Milano e il suo territorio
Tom brown's school days
Through Russia
Humours of clerical life
History of the rise of the mahomedan power in India
Six months in the hejaz
Travels in Arabia
Guide for visitors to Kasmir
Memoirs of count grammont
History of the conquest of England
Recreations of an India official
Opressed english
Lives of the Lord Chancellors and keepers of the great seal of England
Memoir of Ralph Waldo Emerson
Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough
Spies i knew
Travels in Lycia
Memoirs of the life of the right Hon. WarrenHastings
George Selwyn and his contemporaries
History of Russia
Turks in Europ
Career of major george broadfoot
Memoir of Theodore Hook
Selection of papers hill tracts between Assam and           Burmah and on the upper Brahmaputra
Mounting and framing pictures
Lives of the queens of England
Russians in Bulgaria and Rumelia in 1828 and 1829
History of the British empire in India
Achievements of the knights of malta
Letters of social aims
Last travels of ida pfeiffer
Ride to khiva
Glance of belgium and the rhine
History of Europe
Life in ancient India
Companion to school classics
History of the conquest of mexico
Bibliography of indology
Journal and letters of the rev. Henry Martyn
History of Greece
History of the decline and fall of the Roman empire
Military life of field marshal the Duke of Wellington
History of Europe
Life of John , Duke of Marlborough
Senenty years of life in the victorian era
life of louis, prince of conde
Life and times of Louis the fourteenth
Memoirs of John Duke of marlborough
Autobiography pf a British yarn merchant
Sketches from Nipal@BO32S
History of the British empire in India
Story of a boulder
Fanti and ashanti
Life and services of general Lord Harris
Across iceland
Bismark in the Franco-German war 1870-1871
At home on furlough
Russo-Turkish campaigns of 1828 and 1829
Dalmatia and montenegro
Christopher north
Life of John Moore
Annual report of the board of regents of the smithsonian institution
Report on the progress and conditin of the U. S. national miseum for the year ending june 30, 1909
Populare errors
Researhes in Greece and the levant
Concise dictionary of the italian, english, & french languages
Intelligence digest
New wonder book
Macmillan's magazine
Britannica year-book 1913
Catalogue of sanskrit pali and prakrit books
Report on the progress and condition of the united            states national museum for the year ended june   30,1938
British book news 1949
Profssional papers of the corps of royal engineers
pursuit of knowledge under difficulties
Statesman's year-book
Author catalogue of printed books in european languages
Scintific, medical, and technical books
Nyayaratnadipavalih by Anandanubhava
Catalogue general
Minutes of proceedings of the Punjab engineering congress Lahore 1927
Thomason civil engineering college
General view of the progress of ethical philosophy
History of the rise and influence of the spirit of rationalism in Europe
First principles
Lock's conduct of the understanding
Many thoughts of many minds
Last words on materialism
Outline of psychology
Analytic psychology
Your mind and mine
Practical path
Character and the conduct of life
Quest of happiness
Rise and progress of religion in the soul
History of European thoudht in the nineteenth century
Platonic dialogues
Analytic psychology
English hearts and english hands
Commonplace book of thoughts, memories and fancies
Power of mental imagery
Trained memory
Technique of success
Method of induction
Industrial psychology
Principles of physiological psychology
Successful life
Positive philosophy of auguste Comte
Aids to reflection
Elements of logig
Art of straight thinking
Processes and personality
External efficiency factors
Specific applications
Mind mechanism
Driving power of thought
Making your own world
Wisdom and destiny
Works of Adam Smith
Connection between thought and memory
Treasure of the humble
Theory of moral sentiments
Philosophy of the inductive sciences
Elements of metaphysics
A B C of psychology
Principles of moral and political philosophy
Year-book of facts in science and art
Brahma vidya vilas
Man and the universe
Divine providence or the cycles of revelation
Philosophy of the human mind
History of english utilitarianism
Philosophy of the inductive sciences
Impex reference catalogue of Indian books
Thought and things
Compendium of natural philosophy
Narada bhakti sutras
Expository sermons on the epistles for the sundays of the christian year
Fox's martyrs with original engravings
Novum testamntum
Everyday christian life or sermons by the way
Life after death
Sermons on the following subjects
History of aesthetic
Encyclopaedia metropolitana
History of the rise and influence of the sirit of rationalism in Europe
Principles of moral and political philosophy
Raymond revised
Idea of god in the light of recent philosophy
Story of the mind
Pleasures of life
Mediaeval philosophy
Psychology and achievement
Phaedrus, lysis, and protagoras of plato
Psychology for teachers
Principles of science
Investigation of the laws of thought
System of logic, ratiocinative and inductive
Scientific fact and metaphysical reality
After days
Indian wisdom
Cox's literature of the Sabbath question
Christ of the english road
Hindu holidays and ceremonials
Lay sermons
Thoughts on religion and evidences of christianity of pascal
Heaven and hell
Septuagint version of the old testament
Expository sermons on the epistles for the sundays of the christian year
Can the old faith live with the new
Sermons on national subjects
In the days of thy youth
Christianity in India
Natural theology
Pilgrimage to Rome
Cnfessions of an inquiring spirit
Sermons, on various occasions
Apocalypse revealed
Earth's earliest ages
Bible : the english hexaple
Pentateuch and book of Joshua
Proofs and illustrations of the attributes of god
Childern's bible
Marvels of science
Table talk of John Selden
Zand-pahlavi glossary
Heaven and its wonders, and concerning hell
Ecclesiastical history
Religious thought and life in India
Varieties of religious experience
Natural evidence of a future life
Popular account of the newly-recovered gospal of peter
Faiths, fairs, and festivals of India
Short and easy method with the deists
Lux christi
Heterdox London
Sermons, by Hugh Blair
Kabbalah unveiled
Present and future of religion
New light on the bible and the holy land
Sikh religion its gurus, sacred writings and authors
Unorthodox London
Prem sagur
Eastern monachism
Paley's natural theology
Is christianity from god ?
Substance of faith allied with science
Literature of the sabbath question
Christ of every road
Second book of artemas
Christian life
Scripture and science not at variance
Notes by the bishop of natal on an examination of part l of his work on the pentateuch
Divine love
Sermons, by Hugh Blair
Confessions of Harry Lorrequer
Mahavansi, the raja-ratnacari, and the raja-vali
Mysterious kundalini
Dictionary of Islam
Works of nathaniel lardner
Septuagint version
Undesigned coincidences in the writings both of the old and new testament
Contest with Rome
Great tribulation
Springs of conduct
Lectures on daniel
Old and new testament
Patriarch job
Tomering saint of the himalayas Sri Swami Sivananda
Sermons of the following subjects
God and the ant
stanley gibbons
Attributes of god
History of my religious opinions
Religion and the reign of science
Complete duty of man
Notes on muhammadanism
Why i believe in personal immortality
Pentateuch and book of Joshua
Gospel of the pentateuch
Religion of youth
Indian religions
Christ of the Indian road
Life of the waiting soul
Evidences of christianity
Sermons, on several subjects
Christ and the inheritance of the saints
Expository lectures on St. Paul's Epistles to the corinthians
Dissertations on the prophecies
Commentary upon the holy bible, from Henry and Scott
Two apologies one for christianity
Indian crisis
Kumbha India's ageless festival
Side notes on the bible
Sources of the Roman civil law
Argument, a priori for the being and the attributes of the lord god
Pilgrim's progress
Religion of love
Essays on some of the peculiarities of the christian religion
Jesus of nazareth
History of christianity in India
Sermons and tracts
Gospel in Ezekiel
Guesses at truth
Aitareya brahmanam of the rigveda
Annotations on the epistles
Fifty years in the church of Rome
Proofs and illustrations of the attributes of god
Expository lectures on St. Paul's Epistles to the corinthians
Way to life sermons
History of political economy
Continuous current electrical engineering
Concerning the nature of things
House by the river
At the sign of the cat and racket
V. V.' Seyes
Famous and infamous cases
Vicar's walk
Great exemplar of sanctity and holy life
Reflections on the works of god
Punjab national journal
Text book of soil mechanics
Mechanics of structures
Punjab engineering congress Lahore 1920
Preliminary examination in mechanical sciences years june, 1936
Subordination contrasted with insubordination
State government today
Exposition of the first principles of grand military combinations and movements
Girls and their ways
University code
Lectures on land warfare
Tate's modern cambist
Critiques and addresses
Mercantilism and the east India trade
Unorthodox dialogues on education and art
Diary and correspondence of John Evelyn
Prospectus of full-time coures
Indian electricity act, 1903
Papers set at preliminary, special test and professional examinations 1932
Precis of modern tactics
Five year plan progress report
Work, wages, and profit
Handbook of Indian universities 1940
Statistics of the foreign and domestic commerce of the united states
Subjects of examination in the english language
Report on the general administration of Uttar Pradesh 1955
Administration and public co-operation
Essay on military law
Treatise on the general principles, powers, and facility of application of the congreve rocket system
Text book of military law
Hints on irrigular cavalry
Commentaries on the lams of England
History of England in the eighteenth century
Annual report of the board of regents of the smithsonian institution
Report on the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadmimistration of the united provinces of agra and Oudh 1933-34
Fourth five year plan 1969-74 summary
River valley projects in India@Bseven year plan
Basic and social education
Essays, military and political
Course of elementary fortification
Collection of the acts
Naga tribes of Manipur
Imperial strategy
Treatise on the improvement of Canal navigation
Practice of courts martial, and other military courts
Lok sabha debates
Outpost duty
Annual report 1952-53
Annual report for the year 1952-53
Conduct of life and society and solitude
Statesman's year-book
Constitution of England
twelfth annual report of the poor law board 1859-60
Dictionary of the english language
Ancient central- asian tracks
J.V. Stalin works
Education in the states of the Indian union 1951-52
University code
Science and a future life with other essays
Law of limitation and prescription
Examination note-book of the english legal system
Regulations for internal students 1957-58
selections from the records of government
Principles of gunnery
Proceedings of the twenty-eighth annual meeting held at walter on the 5th january, 1953
Annual report 1954-55@AAnnual report 1951-52
Elementary treatise on heat
London labour and the London poor
Commentaries on the lams of England
Field service pocket book
Public education
Laboratory note-book of elementary practical physics
Elements of economics of industry
Five year plan a draft outline
Report of the commissioner of education
Treatise on field fortification
Progress report on forest administration in the Jammu & Kasmir state
Five year plan progress report for april- september 1954
Titles of acts
Ironclads in action
First five year plan 1951
Industry and communications
Examination papers bachelor of science
History of Europe
Works of the British poets
Knowledge is power
History of the acts of the holy apostles
Vicissitudes of aryan civilization in India
Liberal education in general
Annals of British legislation
Groeth of education and political development in India, 1898-1920
Rifle practice
Blue jackets
Administration and public co-operation
Training of teachers and methods of instruction
Industrial competition of Asia
Maps and plans
Exposition of the first principles of grand military combination and movements
Report on the administration of the united procinces 1936-37
Treatise on naval gunnery
University of liverpool calendar
WElementary compendium of the law of real property
German education
General orders of field marshal the Duke of Wellington
Courts of Europe
Annual report of the board of regents of the smithsonia institution
Celebrated trials
Journal of sieges
Faculty of science examination papers, 1935
Principles and practice of naval and military courts martial
Life and labour of the people in London
Revenue report of the government of Bihar and Orissa irrigation department for the year 1931-1932
Index to India army orders bythe commander=in=chife in India
Remarks on the constitution and practical of courts martial
Rationale of discipline
Peoples of India
Collection of the acts
Entrance examination papers to the engineering class 1947
Selections from the records of government nirth-western provinces
Legal handbook for executors & administrators
University of bristol calendar 1960-61
Course of elementary fortification
Military of view of recent campaigns in virginia and maryland
Practical education
Notes, memoranda and letters exchanged between the governments of India and China
Imperial Germany
Subjects of examination in the english language
regulations and syllabuses
Regimental standing orders
Political experience of the ancients
How to live in England on a pension
Treatise on fortification and artillery
Engines of war
Commentary from the holy bible
Aberdeen university calendar for the year 1949-1950
Year book for 1941
Teacher's manual of object-lessons and elementary science
Community of universities
Fiveyear plan progress report for april-september 1954
Degree of B.Sc. in engineering amrch, 1938
Western barbary
Social implicationsof industrialization and urbanization
Indian army orders
Art of war
State in its relation to education
Suggestive hintson improved secular instruction
Practical education
Precedents in military law
History of the British colonies
Occasional reports
Turbans and tails
Sixth congress of the universities of the British commonwealth 1948
Informazioni statistiche
Cotton weaver's handbook
Progress and poverty
Law relating to officers in the army
Traite de paleontologie
Catalogue of books in the ceatral library
Professional papers on Indian engineering
Fortnightly review
Professional papers on Indian engineering
Roorkee treatise on civil engineering in India
Essay on the military policy and institutions of the British empire
Making of a gunner
Engineering education
Municipal manual
Student and intellectual observer of science, literature and art
University of Liverpool calendar 1954-55
Supplement to modern tactics
Hansard's parliamentary debates
Sanskrit grammar for beginners
New Italian, english, and french, pocket dictionary
English grammar
Technologisches worterbuch
Life and growth of language
Sanskrit grammar
Exercises on the German grammar
Abridgment of Johnson's dictionary
Report regarding the Indian langudges development conference
Haffkine institute diamond jubilee 1899-1959 souvenir
Nautical almanac
Programmes of industrial development 1961-66
Progress of the plan
Blue angels and whales
Junior course of practical chemistry
House of the four winds
Precious bane with an introduction by the right Hon. Stanlex Balawin
Traite de calcul diffrentiel et de calcul integral
Welded erection system
Pinkerton's voyages & travels
Monograph on iron and steel work
Mechanical sciences tripos 1937
Brick bridges, sewers, and culverts
Adventures in business
Mechanician a treatise on the construction and manipulation of tools
Indian journal of history of science
Elements of criticism
French vebb faire
Glossary of work study terms
Assamese, its formation and development
Encyclopaedia Britannica
English cyclopaedia
Hindi language- dictionary
Die entwicklung der starkstromtechnik
Elements of the differential calculus
Group of scottish women
Lectures on teaching
Treatise on fortification and artillery
University college of he gold coast
Proceeding of the conference of vice-chancellors and representative of university in India
Partham pachvarshiye ayojana ki chamahi pregati repot
Moltke's tactical problems
Technical arithmetic and mensuration
Theorie nouvelle geometrique et mecanique des lignes a double courbure
Elementary geometrical optics
Miscellaneous scientific papers
Fauna of British India
Treatise on the integral calculus
Hydraulics and its applications
Commercial organic analysis
Descent of man
Traite de mecanique
Manual of electricity, magnetism and meteorology
General physics for students
Problems in the mechanical principles of construction
Manual of spherical and practical astronomy
Elementary lessons of sound
On light as a means of investigation
School mechanics
Rudimentary treatise on logaritham
Werner von siemens
Inaugural discourse on practical astronomy
Technical student's introduction to mechanics
Principles of mechanics
Treatise on analytical geometry of three dimensions containing the theory of curve surfaces
Introduction to entomology
Key to briggs' general elementary science
Elements de mathematiques
Fibrous plants of India
Animal and vegetable physiology
Plane and geodetic surveying
Elementary treatise on the differtial and integral calculus
Fragments of science for unscientific people
Alphabetical index to the classified catalogue
cassell's elements of agebra
World before the deluge
Sugars and thesimple derivativies
Nervous mechanism of plants
Principles of science
Birds nesting in India
Ready reckoner
Theoretical mechanics fluids
Problems in heat, light, and sound
Natural philosophy
Arboretum et fruticetum britannicum
Military forces & institutions
Aide-memoire of the military sciences
Popular astronomy
Inatructions for topographical surveying
Laboratory note-book of elementary practical physics
Elementary mechanics
Gases of the atmosphere the history of their discovery
Elementary differential equations
Easy star lessons
Catalogur of the lepidopterous insects in the museum
Course of elementary calculus
Treatise on military surveying
Introduction to physical chemistry
Annual report 1957-58
Hydraulic experiments
elements of chemistry
Transit of venus
Natural philosophy
Mathematical and physical papers
Chemistry of the sun
Revue de biologie
Progress of science in India sectin 1 mathematics
Mineral resources of the united states
Biology of spiders
Traite de physique experimentale et mathematique
Report upon the progress of the magnetic survey of India
Value of annuities
Electricity and magnetism
Tables of logarithms of numbers and of sines and tangents
Introduction to linear differnce equations
Mathematical analysis
Earth's axes and triangulation
Elementary course in theory of equations
Elastizitat und festigkeit
Concise knowledge astronomy
Cyclopaedia of drawing
Geological excursions the isle if wight
Hints, theoretical, elucidatory, and practical, for the use of teachers
Solutions of differential equations
Progressive lessons in science
Fluid motion
Plane and solid gfometry
Movements and habits of climbing plants
Science & education essays
Elementary treatise on natural philosophy
Outlines of general chemistry
Scond year course of organic chemistry for tachnical institutes
Histoire naturelle des crustaces et insectes
Lecturres on select subjects
Advanced physiography
Brinkley's astronomy
Theoretical mechanics solids
elements of algebra
Examples and examination papers in elementry physics
Treatise on arithmetic
Precis mecanique rationnelle
Traite elementaire de calcul differentiel et de calcul integral
Arithmetic for schools
Fourier's theorem and harmonic analysis
Infinitesimal calculus
Latitude and longitude
Collection of examples and problems in pure and mixed mathematics
Practical electricity
World almanac 1959 and book of facts
Handbook for the electrical laboratory and testing room
First book of physics
Manual of hydrostatics
Scenes and tales of country life
Systematic handbook of volumetric analysis
Machanics for beginners
Mensuration for beginners
Treatise on differential equations
Stray feathers a journal of ornithology for India
Astronomical navigation tables
Calculating tables
Cantonment plans central provinces
Atmospheric refraction
Fragment containing a discussion of a new formula for the flow of water in open channels
Lineament analiysis on aerial photographs
Loads for highway bridges
Drainage modifications in southeastern ohio and adjacent parts of west virginia and kentucky
Exercises in graphic statics
report on the ellis bridge over the sabarmati at Ahmedabad
Memorandum of the government of mysore on Maharashtra
Bija ganita or the algebra of the hindus
Celestial atlas
Mathematical philosophy
Essays astronomy
Latitude and longitude
Dictionary of active principles of plants
Examples in mechanics
Measurement and weighing
Investigations of isostasy in himalayan and neighbouring regions
Annual progress report of the archaeological surveyor
Water channels
Experiments in aerop;ane photo surveying
Pendulum operations in India and Burma 1908 to 1913
Annual report of the director-general of archaeology in India 1918-19
VDI berichte
Moon with map and index of 300 craters
Sharqi architecture of Jaunpur
Atlas of astronomy
Class book of elementry chemistry
Elements of laboratory work
Royal observatory greenwich
Notes on the nebular theory
Treatise on differntial equations
Indian ready reckoner
Treatise on dynamics
Principes d'hydraulique et de pyrodynamique
Engineering drawing and design
Exposition geometrique des proprietes generales des courbes
Historical introduction to chemistry
Cours d'algebre elementaire
Tome of tut ankh amen
Electrical engineering
Cours de mecanique
Marvels of the heavens
Principles of arithmetic
Treatise on plane and spherical
Elements of physics or natural philosophy
Elementary arithmetic
Rudimentry and practical treatise on music
Cambridge and dublin mathematical journal
Railways of England
Experimental elasticity
Strength of materials
On laboratory arts
Tracts on mathemetical and philosophical subjecta
Problemes et developpements
Illumination and photometry
Temperature-entropy diagram
Treatise of mechanics
Technical repot 1953
Elements of geometry
Instructions for survey of villages
East Indian calculator
Tracts on mathematical
Genesis of species
Applied elasticity
Elements of algebra
Elementary hydrostatics
Evenings at the microscope
Mathematical questions proposed in the ladies' dairy
Principles of analytical geometry
Outlines of chemistry
Philosophie naturelle
Elementary cours of natural and experimental philosophy
Handbook of technical gas-analysis
Problems in illustration of the principles of plane coordinate geometry
Manual of volumetric analysis
Theory of heat
Geologie appliquee supplement
Examples in the strendth and elasticity of materials
Text book of arithmetic
Questions in electricity and magnetism
Text-book of sound
Laboratory note-book of elementary practical physics
Laboratory apparatus
Introduction to practical astronomy
Partition of the load in riveted joints
Traite de mecanique rationnelle
Elements of non-euclidean geometry
Elements of statics, dynamics, and hydrostatics
lementary treatise on laplace transforms
Elements of analytical geometry
Essays on the art and principles of chemistry
Prog. report on archyeological survey of India western circle for the year ending 31 march 1921
List of inscriptions on christian combs and cablets of historical interest
Introduction to the present practice of surveying and levelling
Treatise on algebra
Differntial equations
Applications of mechanics
Manual of physical research for India
Elements de statique
Solution and electrolysis
Chemical problems
Differential calculus for beginners
Hydraulic manual
MAtter and motion
Elementry course of natural and experimental philosophy
Solid and spherical geometry and conic sections
Calculus for schools
Elementary treatise on theoretical mechanics
Preliminary survey and estimates
famous problems of elementary geometry
Measures, weights, & mneys of all nations
Induction coils
Blowpipe in chemistry mineralogy and geology
Hand-book of natural philosophy
Conic sections
Examples in physics
Elementary mechanics
Manual of electricity
Greek science
Drainage of buildings
Examples in the theory of structures
Anatomy of vertebrates
Acoustic experiments
Junior course of practical chemistry
Experimental chemistry for junior students
Statics and the dynamics of a perticle
Plane and geodetic surveying
Organic chemistry
Elements of land surveying
Intriduction to atomic physics
History of Greece
History of Aurangzib
calculus for emgineers
More common wild flowers
Geometrical conics
Computation of the time
Elementary treatise on heat
Manual of mathematical geography
Quantum mechanics
Matter, ether, and motion
Lecture notes for chemical students
Elements of astronomy
Naturalist's library
Introductory course in differential equations
Manual of zoology
Treatise on practical astronomy
Handbook of descriptive and practical astronomy
Introduction to ensuration and practical geometry
Sound and music
Arithmetic for engineers
Recherches hydrauliques
Jain stupa and other antiquities of mathura
Essai sur la theorie des eaux courantes
Development of mineral resources
History of the Brazil
Acque correnti
Results of the astronomical observations
Distribution of electricity
Popular science
World atlas of commercial geology
Expanse of heaven
Connexion of the physical sciences
Practical plane and solid geometry
Treatise on elementary dynamics
Lectures on some recent advances in physical science
Life of space
Gregory's mechanics
Resolution of algebraical equations
Musings of an old shikari
Elementary treatise on physics experimental and applied
Technical methods of chemical analysis
Scientific Americal
Safe load tables
Calculus for engineers
Niels bohr and the development of physics
Computation rules and logarithms
Mechanical text-book
Story of the alphabet
Elementary chapters in astronomy
First lessons in arithmetic
Brunnow's spherical astronomy
Traite de mecanique celeste
Memoire sur l'integration des equations differentilles du mouvment d'unnombre quelcnque de points materiels
Waves of sound and speech
Elementary treatise on mechanics
New and complete set of traverse tables
Wave and vortex motion
Collection of problems and examples adapted to the elementary course of mathematics
Mechanics for beginners
Practical methods of inorganic chemistry
Fibrous plants of India
Theory and practice of finding the longitude
Theory of function of a real variable and the theory offourier's series
Elements of graphical statics
Outline of the method of conducting a trigonometrical survey
Collection of examples on the integral calculus
Treatise on military surveying
Preceptors' trigonometry
Text book of hydrostatics
Plane surveying
Theory of strains
Elementary treatise on the lunar theory
Applications d'analyse et de geometrie
Dissipation of energy below falls
Proceedings of the mathematics seminar
Elementary dynamics of the parctice & rigid body
Text-book of inorganic chemistry
Theoretical & practical mechanics
Determinations bfing an extract from the theory of equations
Key to rutherford's edition of hutton's course of methematics
Elementary integral calculus
Treatise on algebraical geometry
Theorie du potentiel
Polarisation of light
System of mechanical philosophy
Organic chemistry
Elements of arithmetic
Determination of radicles in carbon compounds
Chemical analysis of steel works materials
Reptiles and birds
Scientific foundations of analytical chemistry
Mathematical and physical papers
Text book of applied hydraulics
Theory of errors and method of least squares
Life of the ant
Hydraulics and its applications
Manual of elementary algebra
Elements of astronomy
Manufacture of organic dyestuffs
Cult of desire
Traite de mecanique celeste
Treatise on the mathematical theory of elasticity
Treatise of the differntial calculus
Construction and study of certain important algebra
Lectures on levelling
Introduction to the study of chemical philosophy
Principles of mechanical philosophy
Newton's principia
New and complete set of traverse tables
Calorific power of fuels
Essay on magnetic attractions
Elementary treatise on hydrodynamics and sound
Principles of chemical philosophy
Barlow's tables
Mathematical tripos 1908-1912
Commercial organic analysis
Outlines of natural philosophy
Solutions of the examinations in elementary algebra for school
Treatise on differential equations
Story of the guides
Report of the year 1872-73
Then i saw the cogon
Elementary applied mechanics
Birth of chemistry
HAndbook of practical surveying
Student's dynamics
Indian railway standard code of practice for combined road and rail bridges
Elements of experimental and natural philosophy
Treatise on dynamics of a partice
Principles of thermodynamics
Elements of physics
Practical inorganic chemistry
elementary algebra
Crystallography and practical crystal measurement
Differential calculus
Calculus made easy
Analytical geometry
Theory of equations
Practical work in physics
Modern views of electricity
Experiments for chemical lectures
Introduction to practical inorganic chemistry
Elements of the differntial calculus
Collection of problems
Cusack's arithmetic
Principles of descriptive & physilogical botany
Scientific foundations of analytical chemistry
Text-book of descriptive mineralogy
Elements of geometry
Life of the bee
Physicsl laboratory experiments for engineering students
Electricity and magnetism
Treatise on conic sections
Indian meteorologist's vade-mecum
Traite mecanique rationnelle
Cambridge course of elementary natural philosophy
Mathematical analysis of electrical and optical wave-motion
Lehrbuch der experimentalphysik
Elemens de mecanique
First year course of organic chemistry for technical institutes
Practical treatise microscope
Essentials of phisical chemistry
Introduction to the theory of optics
Elementary treatise on conic sections
Traite de paleontologie
Elements of physics or natural philosophy
Testimony of the rocks
Elementary of theoretical physics
Contents and index of the first twenty volumes of the memoirs of the geological survey of India 1859-1883
Text-book of organic chemistry
Electricity and magnetism
Other worlds than ours
Acoustic experiments
Solutions of the trigonometrical problems
Statique cinematique
Introduction to the chemistry of plant products
Text-book sound
Mathematics on the higher ordinary standard
Procedes originaux de constructions geometriques
Funna of British India, Ceylon and Burma
Mathematical tables
Principles of the differential and integral calculus
Theory and construction of rational heat motor
Modern science and modern thought
Theory of vibrations for engineers
Masonry arches
Hostages of fortune
DCC exercises
New mathematical pastimes
Treatise on dynamicss
Magnetism and electricity
Principles of science
Manual of physico-chemical measurements
Treatise on electricity and magnetism
Commercial organic analysis
Outlines of natural philosophy
Treatise on problems of maxima and minima
Posthumous papers
Mechanics via the calculus
Orbs around us
Treatise on mechanics
Sensations of tone
Traite elementaire des nombres de bernoulli
Stroy of living things and thir evolution
Elements of hydrostatics
Experimental essays
Chemical calculstions
Industrial organic analysis
Collection of problems in illustration of elementary mechanical principles
Fauna antiqua sivalensis
Treatise on elementary hydrostatics
Course of experimental mechanics
Key to algebra
Elements of dynamics
British zoophytes
Arithmetical calculations
Discovery of man
Arithmetic for schools
Book of butterflies
Inorganic chemistry
Engineering work in towns and cities
ABC of the differntial calculus
Manual of astronomy
Text book of heat
Analytical view of Sir Isaac Newton's principia
Calculus made easy
Course of mathematics
Hydrostatics and pneumatics
Natural philosophy
Roorkee hydraulic experiments
Practical plane and solid geometry
Essentials of applied calculus
Newton's laws of motion
Systematic survey of the organic colouring matters
Differential calulus for beginners
Elementary dynamics
Key to todhunter and hogg's plane trigonometry
Elementary treatise on heat and the steam engine
Manual of mathematical tables
First book of chemistry
Industrial chemistry
Manual of electricity
Vibration in engineering
Elements of chemistry
Analytical dynamics
Minutes of proceedings of the Punjab engineering congress Lahore 1930
Elements of machine design
Second year engineering science mechanical
Materiel roulant
Report on the malir river boring investigations for the Karachi water supply
Kinematics of machinery
Treatise on the elements of electrical engineering
Canal and culvert tables
Practical printing a handbook of the art of typography
Commercial engineering
Stream gauging
Embanking lands from the sea
Workshop receipts
Method of obtaining the leading dimensions and of setting out the blade-forms for hydrailic
Examples in the theory of structures
Papers on subjects connected with the duties of the corps of royal engineers
Civil engineering
National irrigation
Induction coils and coil-making
Papers set for section b of the associate membership examination
Manual of machinery and millwork
Notes on the design of culverts & bridges
Calculations for steel-erame structures
Electricity and its practical applications
Modern sanitary engineering
Diseasea of electrical machinery
Applied mechanics
Blake's drainage and sanitation
Illustrated handbook of military engineering and implements of war
Mouvement de l'eau dans les tuyaux
Madras highways manual
Amateur's rose book
Complete navigator
Treatise on navigation and nautical astronomy
Rural water supply and sanitation
Electrocal transmisson and distribution
Hawkins electrical guide
Sanitary commission of unied states army
Examples in the theory of structions
Milling machines and processes
Roorkee treatise on civil engineering
Papers civil engineering college Roorkee
Papers set for section b of the associate membership examination
Development and transmission of power
Specifications for iron steel railroad bridges
Hydraulics for engineers
Aid book tp engineering enterprise
Sistema idraulico
Steam-engine and other heat-engines
Reinforced concrete designers' handbook
Thomason college manual of civil engineering
Elements of physiography
Rudimentary and elementary principles of the construction and on the working of machinery
Rudimentary treatise on the drainage of districts and lands
Schedule of maximum minimum and recommended dimensions
Cable-making for suspension bridges
System of practical surgery
Kempe's engineers year- book for 1961
Modern steam practice and engineering
Examples in the theory of structures
Radiant health
Catalogue of the organic remains echinodermata
Test code of the American institute of electrical enginers
Stable channels in alluvium
Popular treatise on the warming & ventilation buildings
Story of bridges
Plumbing practice and design
Useful information for engineers
Treatise on the strength of materials
Hints on arboriculture in the Punjab
Mechanic's workshop handbook
Alternative current electrical engineering
Healthful diet for indi
Military topography of continental Europe
Military sketching made easy and military maps explained
Thermodynamics applied to heat engins
Report of progress of stream measurements for the calendar year 1902
Carburation in theory and practice
Report on the vehar lake dams
Assuan reservoir and lake moeris
Practical treatise on permanent bridges
Shrapnel shell in England and in Belgium
Treatise on problems of maxima and minima
Papers thomason civil engineering college Roorkee
Cholera in indian cantonmemts and how to deal with it
Electrical engineer institute correspondence ibstruction
Memorial de l'officier du genie
Introduction to applied mechanics
Railway appliances
Seepage or return waters from irrigation
Geographical surveying
Essay on the primitive universal standard of weights and measures
Manual of orthographic cursive shorthand
Outlines of general chemistry
Elementary treatise on graphs
Mathematics for engineers
Natural philosophy
Treatise on astronomy
Stroy of germ life bacteria
Analytical conics
Amateur telescopist's handbook
Game, shore and water birds of India
Elements of practical hydraulics
Public works calculator being tables
Elements of the mathematical theory of electricity and magnetism
Theory of structures
Elementary treatise on the differential calculus
Practical mechanics
Traite de mecanique rationnelle
Matriculation geometry
Mensuration for Indian schools and colleges
Popular readings in science
Occasional papers on the theory of glaciers
Methods of measuring temperature
Theory of the steam turbine
Manual of mineralogy
Elementary applied machanics
Analytic geometry
flora of British India
Tables of physics constants
Practical physics
Tutorial chemistry
Treatise on the integral calculus
Treatise on plane trigonometry
Physical chemistry in the service of the sciences
Treatise on algebra
Popular natural philosophy
Charm of birds
Notes of lectures on natural philosophy
Nautical almanac and astronomical ephemeris for the year1934
Traite du calcul differntiel et du calcul integral
Mechanics of rowing
Hand-book of general instructions for the survey of India
Elements of mathematics
Hand-book of natural philosophy
Doctrine of limits
Commercial organic analysis
Tables for the reduction of meteorological observations in India
Miscellaneous exercises in school mathematics
Differential and integral calculus
Exercices de calcul differentiel et integral
Elementry course of mathematics
Notes on the elements of algebra and trigonometry
Hand-book of natural philosophy and astronomy
Elementary treatise on theoretical mechanics
Problemes de mecanique rationnelle
Euclid's elements of geometry
Cement and concrete
Principles of hydrostatics
Manual of surveying for India
Elementary treatise on the differential calculus
Mathematics for engineers
Encyclopaedia of astronomy
Treatise on the application of analysis to solid geometry
Elements of practical geometry for school and workmen
Elementary applied mechanics
Treatise on the theory of algebraical equations
Introduction to natural philosophy in five parts
Electro-chemistry inorganic
Catalysis and its industrial applications
Plane & solid geometry
First step in chemistry
Conquest of scinde
Natural and experimental philosophy
Elementary statics of two and three dimensions
Cambridge and dublin mathematical journal
Inorganic chemical preparations
Traite d'hydraulique
Euclid's elements of geometry
Algebras and their arithmetics
Collection of problems in illustration of the principles of elementary mechanics
Chemistry of India rubber
Report of the superintendent,archaeological survey, Burma
Gibson's treatise on land surveying
Lectures on astronomy
Ganot's physics
Thesis on the reciprocal polars of conic sections
Course of mathematics
Introduction to dynamics
Geometrical theorems and analytical formulae
Treatise on hydrostatics
Barlow's rables of squares cubes square roots reciprocals
Magnetic field of force
Mathematical tables
Cyclopaedia of the physical sciences
Handbook of descriptive and practical astronomy
Recent groundwater investigations in the Netherlands
Elements of geometry with notes
Elementary treatise on rigid dynamics
Traite de la chaleur
Nouvelles tables d'integrales definies
McGill university montreal
Instructions for taking meteorological observations
Insect metamorphosis
Progress report for april- september 1954
Recent and coming eclipses
Annual report of the board of regents of the smithsonian institution
Report on an investigation of the epidemic of malarial fever in Assam
Industrial organization of an Indian province
Systematic survey of the organic colouring matters
Testing of chemical teagents for purity
Hydrostatics and pneumatics
Strngth of materials
Planning and public administration
Spectateur militaire
Manual of political economy
Defence and attack of positions and localities
University of leeds calendar
Indian forest records
Facilities for technical education in India
Technical education in Uttar Pradesh
Precedents from decisions of the labour appllate tribunal of India
Mechanical design of laboratory apparatus
Mathematical examples
Laboratory practice
Microscopic analysis of metals
First stage mechanics
Parametrac coefficients in the differential geometry of curves
J. v. Stalin works
Letters the siege of Delhi
Some war impressions
Animals of no importance
Pneumatics for the use of beginnere
Naval history of Great Britain
Course of elementary fortification
Village life in egypt with sketches of the said
Terra incognita
Manual of electricity magnetism & meteorology
statics and dynamics
Traite de calcul differentiel et de calcul integral
Recherches sur lea ossemens fossiles
Elements of graphic ststics
Elements of natural philosophy
Conservation manual
Logaritham of sines and tangents for every second
Researches in graphical statics
Introduction to the study of natural philosophy for the use of beginners
Practical miner's guide
History of the Banaras hindu university
Indian engineering industries
Indian education
Mutual action of permanent magnets
New tables for facilitating the computation of precession, aberration and nutati.
First five year plan 1951
Annual report of the director-general of archaeology
Report from the select committee on improment of the health of towns
Popular astronomy
Introduction to the study of chemical philosophy
My mystery ships
Guide to training and horse management in India
Grapes of wrath
Engineering education being the proceedings of section e of the world's engineering congress
Military works handbook
Public works
Handbook of Indian universities 1938
History of the British colonies
Dissertations on early law and custom
General regulations of the Madras army
University of Birmingham calendar
Hindu law and judicature from the dharma-sastra of yajnavalkya
System of field manceuvres
University of sheffield calendar
History of the British colonies
Annual report of the board of regents of the smithsonian institution
Conflict of studies and other essay on subjects connected with education
Progress of the plan
Edinburgh university calendar 1955-56
ARS vivendi
Naval annual 1898
Annual report of the board of regents of the smithsonian institution
elementary treatise on physics
Traite de mecanique
Propertise of matter
Elementary treatise on the differential and integral calculus
Treatise on plane surveying
Collection of problems and examples
Principles of geometry
System of inorganic chemistry
Total eclipses of the sun
Robinsons mechanical philosophy plates
Report of a tour through behar, central India, peshawar and yusufzai
Vegitable world
Mathematical tables
Ferns of British India etc.
Hirsch's examples, formulae, 7 calculations on the literal calculus and algebra
Treatise on natural philosophy
Bell's mathematical tables
Treatise on electricity
Theory of sets
Elementary dynamics of particles and solids
Treatise on algebra
Guide to sanchi
Climates and weather
Precis de mecanique des fluides
Annual report of the board of regents of the smithsonian institution
Practical hydraulics a serise of rules and tables for the use of engineers
Popular handbook of Indian birds
Plane and geodetic surveying
Outline of experiments and description of apparatus and material
Hyperbolic functions
Treatise on various subjects of natural and chemical philosophy
Spectrum analysis
Recherches sur les ossemens fossiles
Analytical treatise on plane and spherical trigonmetry
Value of annuities and reversionary payments
Examples in applied mechanics and elementary theory of structures
Companion to wood's algebra
Time and tide
Lectures on select subjects
Elementary course of infinitesimal calculus
Mathematical questions
Solid geometry
Military surveying and field sketching
Developpements de geometrie
Popular astronomy
Essays analytical critical and philplogical sanskrit literature
Absolute measurements in electricity and magnetism
Dynamics of a practical
Elementary geometry
Text-book of assaying
Outline of the theory of thermodynamics
How to teach chemistry
Flora indica
Elementary treatise on heat
Fauna of British India
Elementry treatise on natural philosophy
Foundations of chemical theory
School trigonometry
Analytical statics
Theoretical mechanics
Contributions to solar physics
Ladies' botany
Commercial organic analysis
Allen's commercial organic analysis
Theoretical chemistry
Evolution & ethics
Handbook of descriptive and practical astronomy
Lehrbuch der perimentalphysik
Bulletin of the Calcutta mathematical society
Hand-book of natural philosophy
Hydrostatics, hydraulics and pneumatics
Elements of dynamic
History of the royal society
Henrietta temple
Turn of the screw
Conformal representation
Examples in the theory of structures
University of London faculty of engineering
Atomic physics
General history and collection of voyages and travels
War and the balkans
Something fresh
Towards the goal
History of Mr. Polly
Old world and the new
Sapper the dinner club
Rulers of kings
Minutes of proceedings of the Pnjab engineering congress Lahore 1935
Annual report of the board of regents of the smithsonian inatitution
Electric wiring, fittings, switches,lamps
That boy of norcott's
Waters of Africa
History of Europe french revolution
Problems of contemporary national-libration revolutions
Slippery as sin
May frair
Short modern plays
Eugene aram
President Mcglusky
Plurality of worlds
Kaschmir und das reich der siek
Rhodesia of to-day
Engliah in the West Indies
Theoretical chemistry
Building construction and drawing
Germany and England
Unpopular essays
Gentle grafter
Poetical works of Sir Walter Scott
Hungry stones
When a man's single
German school as a war nursery
Southern rhodesia
Hand-book in cabin-break localisation
Mystery of arthur gordon pym
Blind man's year
Second appendix to the Dana's system of mineralogy
Wounded and a prisoner of war
All that matters
Once aboard the lugger
Tribute to michael faraday
Collection of treaties, engagements, and sunnuds
Histoire de la fortification
Etude sur le service hydraulique
Practical essay on iron suspension bridges
Engineering abstracts
Traite de mecanique industrielle
Great world's farm
Military engineering mining and demolitions
Currents in aerials and high-ferquency networks
screw-pile mooring- berths
Practical iron founding
Electric light installations
Improved plumbing appliances
Civil engineering class 3rd year
Works in iron
Repair and maintenance of machinery
Elements of strength of materials
Elementary engineering thermodynamics
Informatory signs for use on all- purpose roads
Short description of the boston water- works
Treatise on mountain roads live loads and bridges
Cheap railroads for India
Tables for platelayers
Manual of railway engineering
Physico-chemical tables
Military works handbook
Colonists and emigrant's handbook of the mechanical arts
Regulations for engineer services peace
Hydraulics and its application
Rudimentary treatise on navigation
Metal machining
Note book- d p 10
Transactions of south African institution of civil engineers
Heaviside's electric circuit theory
Legislation des cours d'eau
Wireless manual
Strength of materials
Brass and iron founder
Treatment and preservation of timber
Elements of railroading
Earthwork tables
Manual of civil engineering
Stable channels in alluvium
Building supervision
Electric street railways
Wireless mans workshop
Regulations for the electrical equipment of buildings
Building materials
Oblique bridge
Engineer's and contractor's pocket-book for the years 1855 and 1856
Irrigation in Spain
Episodes of insect life
Further problems in the theory and design of structures
Decimal gages or measures
Treatise on roads
Quantity surveying
Uova raccolta d'autori italiani
Statically indeterminate structures and the principle of least work
Minutes of proceedings of the Punjab engineering congress Lahore, 1934
Ear, nose and throat diseases for the general practitioner
Practical treatise on mechanical engineeering
Principles of bleaching and finishing of cotton
History of British fishes
Schedule of maximum, minimum and recommended dimensions
Book on building
Elementry manual on applied mechanics
Mechanics of machinery
Pictorial encyclopedia of plants and flowers
Forest flora
Central board og irrigation & power
Rare earth industry
Simple applied mechanics
Computation of earth-work
Students' text book of reinforced concrete theory and practice
Standing wave or hydraulic jump
Examples in the theory of structures
Incandescent electric lamps
Road and footpath construction
Irrigations et dessechements
Des chemins de fer
Elements of medical chemistry
Theoretical and practical treatise on the manufacture of sulphuric acid and alkali
Questions adapted to treatises on high and low pressure engines
Rapport des irrigations
Rudimentary treatise on the manufacture of bricks and tiles
Italian irrigation
Working and management of an english railway
Text-book on retaining walls and masonry dams
Mechanical world electrical pocket book for 1916
Railroad construction
Cours de mecanique appliquee
Combined civil list for India & burma
Specifications, rates, and notes on work
River and Canal engineering
Building construction
Carpenter and joiner
Machine design
Charter, supplemental charter, by- laws and list of members
Papers on prectical engineering
Planter's guide
Elements of reinforced concrete design
Practical treatise on the manufacture of portland cement
Heat efficiencyof steam boilers
Reinforced concrete construction
Observations on modern systems of fortification
Cours pratique de construction
Achievements in engineering
Plate-girder railway bridges
Collection of the acts
Telephonic transmission
Canal and culvert tables
Steam engini and boiler
Economy of workshop manipulation
Electrical engineering practice
Jouraux des sieges
Indian corps in France
Count frontenac and new france under louis xiv
summer in the pyrenees
Memoirs of barras
Indian alps and how we crossed them
Plutions of the examples in the elements of hydrostatics
Calculations in hydraulic engineering
Jigs, tools and fixtures
Reconstruction of the english bridge over the river severn at shrewsbury
Theory of the steam engine
Irrigation pocket book
Cauvery, kistnah, and godavery
Practical treatise on strrenthening and defending outposts, villages,bridges
International exhibition on low-cost housing january-march 1954
Fixation of storage capacity of reservoirs
Pocket companion
Observations on the utility, from and management of water meadows
Method of teaching and studying the belles lettres
Schedule of dimensions
Construction of buildings
Practical essays on mill work and other machinery
Book about roses
Cours de mecanique appliquee
Bwetgyi bridge, Burma
Transverse vibrations of a simple strut
Descriptive and historical account of the coton manufacture of dacca inBengal
Manual of dairy science
Power factor correction
Planning, estimating and ratefixing
Science at war
Track maintenance
Essay on the strength and stress of timber
Practical design of simple steel structures
Catalogue of books
Catalogue of books on the ceatral library
Report of a tour of inspection of irrigation works in southern france and Italy
Roorkee treatise on civil engineering section ll masonry
Roorkee treatise on civil engineering section 1 building materials
Roorkee hydraulic experiments
Illustrated London architachtural, engineering, & mechanical drawing-book
History of Indian and eastern architecture
Mechanical principles of engineering and architecture
Concrete association of India
Catalogue of books in the central library
Practical building construction
Indian sculpture and painting
Engineering construction in iron, steel, and timber
Canal and culvert tables
Rudimentary treatise on agricultural engineering
Electrical engineering
Outline of a series of lectures on iron suspension bridges
Report of progress of stream measurements for the calendar year 1902
Strength of materials
Electrical engineering
Irrigation development
Indian story and song from North America
Programme ou resume des lecons d'un cours de construction
Woodwork course for boys
Memoranda on the system of brick-making at akra
Architectural pottery
Recueil de rapports sur les progres des lettres et des sciences en france
Graphic statics
Roorkee treatise on civil engineering section lll carpentry
Roorkee treatise on civil engineering section vii roads
Strength of materials
Simple applied mechanics
Professional papers of the corps of royal engineers
Stabilizing of a quaywall
Civil engineering manual
Minutes of proceedings of the Punjab engineering congress Lahore 1928
Indian engineers 1939-47
Construction of walls to resist artillery
Painting on glass and porcelain and enamel painting
Principles of fitting
Construction of buildings
Irrigation pocket book
Cenno istorico e statistico sel reglo canal di caluso
Experimental engineering
Spons dictionary of engineering
Deodar as pencil wood
Structural steelwork design
Standard specifications and code of practice for road bridges
New Indian gardener
Hints on arboriculture in the Punjab
Workshop practice
Military engineering
Nuova raccolta di autori italiani
Random thoughts
Water power resources of India
wilson's carpentry and joinery
Elements of radio servicing
Treatise on land-surveying
Multiplication tables
Antiquities of England and wales
Wireless step by step
Report on the ganges canal
Alcohol engines
Treatise on the equilibrium of arches
Memoir on suspension bridges
Instruction in military engineering
Vitruvius on architecture
Irrigation by rajbuhas
Design og multi-storey steel frame buildings
Structural steelwork design to B.S.S. 449 (1948)
Mexahnka tpyhtob, ochobahnr n oyhaamehtbl
Commentary on the hindu system of medicine
Chemins de fer
Laws and applications of thermodynamics
Treatise on fortification
Cable and wireless communications of the world
Alternating current electrical engineering
Refrigeratin and ice-making machinery
Tubular and other iron girder bridges
Text-book of applied mechanics and mechanical engineering
Hints on arboriculture in the Punjab
Questions and answers
Machine design drawing room problems
Constructions engineers
How telegraphs and telephones work
Hints and kinks for the radio amateur
Foundations and concrete works
Preparation of organic compounds
Lessons in elementary practical physics
Key to elementary statics
Pictorial practical bulb growing
Marine steam engine
Physical geography of the sea
Ptolemy's tetrabiblos or quadripartite
Notes on chemical research
Bridge and structural engineers handbook
Application of cast and wrought iron to building purposes
Report on the ganges canal works
Admiralty handbook of wireless telegrapgy
Strength of materials
Traite de mecanique industrielle
Builders' price book
Minutes of proceedings of the Punjab engineering congress Lahore 1937
Higher algebra for colleges and secondary schools
Mechanical production of cold
Design of small bridge and culverts
Concrete its nature and uses
Railway block apparatus
Testing of materials of construction
Ganges canal
Irrigation engineering
History of the sikhs
Dei prati del basso milanese
Drainage problems of the east
Examples of structural steel design
Clothes make magic
Railways or no railways
Electrical eingineering
Welding technology
Soils and their propertise
Elementary applied mechanics
Wilson's carpentry and joinery
Military engineering
Report of the viticultural work
Handbook of Indian agriculture
Engineer's mining surveyor's and contractor's field- book
Engineering drawing and design
Pocket-book for miners and metallurgists
Nouveau manuel des ponts et chaussees
Schedule of dimensions
Raccolta d'autori italiani
Municipal and sanitary engineers' handbook
Selected scientific papers
Magnetic observation made at the government observatory Bombay
Glenfield free roller sluice gates
Mason's, bricklayer's plasterer's and decorator's
Crops of engineers of the New-York croton aqueduct
Unao water supply
Calculations for an 80 feet girder bridge width of roadway 5 feet
Parabolic notch
Preliminary report and estimates
Regime diagrams for the design of canals and distributaries
Mon canals project 1900
General report on theconstruction of the shikohabad-farrakhabad extension
Design for public station
Technical section papers
Traversing of a building
Design of a reinforced concrete bridge over the suswa river in Dehra Dun district
Normalair cabin atmosphere control equipment for complete systems
Theory of the winds
1959 wapda mescellary
Public electricity supply all India statistics 1947
Proceedings of the fifth meeting of the board of engineering research
Tables for determining discharge of Sewers
Engineering hand-sketching and scale-drawing
Reinforced concrete pile manufacture and pile driving at the palar anicut
Project for Jhansi water supply
Archaeological survey circle
Note on the [roposal to utilise the surplus water of the sutlej river
Rules for the preparation of railway projects
Practical sheet and plate metal work
Advanced building construction
Engineer field manual
Handbook for constructional engineers
Camber widening portsmouth harbour
Report on steelwork for buildings
Description of whitelaw & stirrat's patent water-mill
Principles and practice of engineering
Non-ferrous metal industry in Europe
Harbours and docks
Rudimentary treatise on steam boilers
Public health in the Soviet Union
Memoria sulla dispensa delle acqua
Proportions of pins used in bridges
Natural and artificial methods of ventilation
Wood hanbbook
Pioneer engineering
Bridge engineering
Report on projected canals in the Delhi territory
Lining of water coures for prevention of absorption
Irrigation administration report of the united provinces
Mon canals project
Quarterly papers on engineering
Moghalserai-gya extension of the east Indian railway
General report on the construction of the Shikohabad- Farrakhabad extension
Mandalay canal project for the year 1904
Surgical block
Refrigeration of apples and pears
Stabilization of soil with calcium chloride
Progress examination in engineering studies
Type designs of culverts and irrigation drains in the united provinces
Mechanical sciences tripos
Shwebo canal project
Metropolitan-vickers electrical 1899-1949
Annual progress report of the archaeological survey of India central circle for 1920-21
East Indian railway
Annual report (technical) of the central board of irrigation India 1939-40
Temporal characteristics of laser pulses and interaction of laser radiation with matter
Technical memorandum no. 2-338
Annual report (technical) 1956
Estimates and diagrams of railway bridges
Report of the superintendent, archaeological survey, Burma
Annual progress report of the archaeological survey circle north-western provinces and oudh
Annual progress report of the superintendent of the archaeological survey northern circle
Longmans' new atlas political and physical
Party in power seminar
General report on the operations of the survey of India department
Annual progress report of the superintendent, hindu and buddhist monuments northern circle
Preliminary examination in mathematics
New experiments in electrofarming
Preliminary examination in the mechanical sciences
Exercises in graphic statics
Report on archaeological work in Burma for the year 1901-02
Vacuum-deposited films of nickei-chromium alloy
Magneto-electric deection of defects in cast rotor windings
Particle accelerators and their applications
Some features of gas-liquid chromatography
How large scale industries help Indian economy
Amua meridional series
Calculations for an 80' girder bridge width of roadway 5'
Rangir meridional series
Local self-government engineering department
Memoria idraulica
Mon canals project 1900
Extracts from narrative reports of officers of the survey of India
Dirder bridge over the bhowali ravine on ranobagh-ranikhet cart road
Indian railways in 1921-22
Rules for regulation level crossings over public roads in the united provinces
Restoration of dhanauri dam
History of the boondelas
Railways in India
History of higher education in south India
Cambridge university examination papers
Final settlement report of district bareilly
Annual report (technical) 1953
Bridge rules
Shwebo canal project 1899
Travels in western India
Mathemetical tripos
Mechanical sciences tripos
Collection of engravings
Indian customs and cenmtral excise tariff
Experiences sur les roues hydrauliques
Application of propeller fans to the cooling of electrical mahines
Buried candelabrum
Indian railways in 1922-23
Design of a reinforced concrete bridge over the suswa river in the Dehra Dun district
Annual report of the river research institute West Bengal
Public electricity supply all India statistical summary, 1948
Irrigation administration report of the united provinces for the year ending march 31, 1945
Fifty-third annual report of the chifef engineer public health engineering department
Fifty-ninth annual report of the chief engieer, local        self-government engineering department Uttar Pradesh
Annual report (technical) of the central board of irrigation 1944
Assam payment of wages rules, 1937
Grammar of the tibetan language in english
Report on the ramgurh irrigation project
Report on the project estimate of the upper jhelum canal with appendices 1904
General report 1919-20
Indian railways for 1946-47,@AIndian railways for 1925-26@AIndian railways for 1929-30@AIndian railways for 1933-34@AIn
Standard forest roads, cross sections and earthwork tables
Average plans of drains and culverts with tables
Annual progress report of the archaeological survey circle, north-western provinces and oudh
Estimates for the broad gauge line
List of observed discharges of lower ganges canal at nadrai aqueduct
general report on the operations of the survey of India department
Examonation in engineering studies
Engineering conference Simla, 1913
Report on the project estimate of the upper swat cannal
Notes of lectures on reinforced concrete
Shwebo canal project 1899
Plans and estimates nurses, quarters with out office
Plans and estimates new physics laboratory
Plans and estimates new civil court
Estimate gumti river weir
Scales and dermal teeth of some ganoid and placoid fish
Shwebo canal project 1899
Hydraulic machinery
Distribution of velocity in an open
Irrigation adminastration report united provinces
General report on the operations of the survey of India
General report on the operations of the survey of India1879-80@AGeneral report on the operations of the survey of India 1893-
General report on the operations of the survey of India 1893-93
Annual progress report of the superintendent, hindu and buddhist monuments northern circle
General report on the construction of the moghalserai-gya extension of the East Indian railway
Irrigation administration report of the united provinces
Report of the advisory committee for the reconnaissance and suvey of the earthquake
Notes and report on the reinforced concrete bridge over the suswa river in the Dehra Dun district
Indian railways for 1932-33@AIndian railways for 1947-48
Design supplement
Annual report of the river research institute West Bengal, 1954
Mass dams and dams of arches
Indian railways for 1923-24
Science reports of the research institutes tohoku university
General report 1913-14@AGeneral report 1917-18
Regime diagrams for the design of canals and distributaries
Magazine of concrete research
Drainage bye-laws Hyderabad city
Ye-u canal project
Remodelling of the ganges canal
Flow through short straight pipes in a compressible viscous stream
Rainforced concrete bridge over the baigui, & bakra rivers in the bareilly district
Tubular tiles and method of manufacture with illustraticns showing details
Design of notches for falls in irrigation channels
Report on the construction of the Shikohabad-Farrakhabad extension
Rules for regulating level crossing over public roads in the united provinces
Programme of proceedings
Moghalserai-gya extension
Question papers and tables of results
Mon canal project
Sudan government railways and steamers
Electric power British Malaya
Technical art series
Technical section papers
Report on the project estimate of the upper chenab canal
Critical study of runoff and floods of catchments of the Bombay
Illinois trees and shrubs their insect enemies
IEEE standard and American national standard graphic symbols
Annual report 1967-68
Note on the resurfacing of the Nasik station road with various asphalts cement macadam and cement concrete
India weather review,1951
Annual report 67-68
History of the delhi coronation durbar
Annual progress report of the archaeological survey circle united provinces
Ye-u canal project 1904
Annual report of work done during 1938-39
Circular collection
Mechanical sciences tripos
Exercises in graphic statics
R. W. Bailey- an appreciation
Loads for highway bridges
Athenaeum journal of literature, science, the fine arts, music, and the drama
Civil service commission question papers and tables of results
British standard specification for ammeters and voltmeters
Meteorological observations
Report on the agricaltural stations of the Western circle
National sample survey
Voith forschung und konstruktion
Report on the scientific results of the voyage of H. M. S. challenger
Lectures on railways
Standard designs of bridges and falls on distributaries
Textile industries
Annual report for the year 1949-50
Circular-arc bow-girder
Electrical laboratory notes & forms
British army book
Friend of India
Report of the bridge stress committee
Glossary of technical and vernacular terms in connection with irrigation in India, together with standard notations
General report on the operations of the survey of India
Channel losses as a factor in distributary design
Mon canal project
Buildings and structures of American railroads
Range measurement and fixation by radar, and effects of inaccuracies of range determination on fixation
Practical well foundations and girder erection for the lesser "major bridges" in India
Girder bridge
Field and garden crops
Rules for the preparation of railway projects
Report on archaeological work in Burma
Transactions of the institution of civil engineers
Story of kalaka
Miniature paintings of the jaina kalpasutra
Plantae javanicae rariores
Practical manual for the engineer, architect, and overseer
Les travaux de constrution du barrage de bou-hanifia
Ready reckoner
Traite des proprietes projectives
Shwebo canal project 1899
Memorandum to the chief engineers annual report on research progress during the year 1948
Design for a girder bridge
Reinforced brickwork
Rules for regulating level crossings over public roads in the united provinces
Sanitary goods in fine staffordshire earthenware
Track stress research
Hydraulic tables and diagrams for practical engineers
Administration report on the railways in India for the calendar year 1911
Annual report (technical) 1951,1956
India and high Asia
Ye-u canal project
Low speed wind tunnel tests on perforted square flat plates normal to the airstream
Report on the ganges canal works
History of the war
Reinforced concrete road direction post type design
Scientific American
Technikal art series1893
Exercises in graphic statics
Annual report (technical) of the central board of irrigation India 1937-38
Rules for regulating level crossings over public roads in the united provinces
Loads for highway bridges
History of the late siege of gibraltar
Scientific American
Architetura militare
Experimental study of the stresses in masonry dams
Report of the superintendent, archaeological survey, Burma
Concise report on the Punjab irrigation works
Technical section papers
Design for reinforced concrete bridge over the baigul & bakra rivers in the Bareily district
Professional papers on Indian engineering
Quarterly papers on engineering
Hydraulic experiments in the kistna delta
Reports correspondence and oringinal papers on various professional subjects corps of engineers
Select specimens of Bothic architecture
Types of modern Indian buildings
Sketches for country residences
Completion drawings of the new civil hospital at Allahabad in the united provinces
Notes and report on the reinforced concrete bridge over the suswa river in the Dehra Dun
Track construction and design
Railway accidents
European history literature philology and travel
Exercises in graphic statics
Mon canals project
Handbook of information 1982-83
Notes and sketches on hill bridge paths
Utilization of radar and altimatric control for multiplex bridging
Lecture building materials
Railways of the united states
Irrigation account government of Madras
Specifications for the inspection and field laboratory control of subgrade compaction
Annual report 1953 Indian institute of science Bangalore
Canal de isabel ll
Some non-linear problems in the theory of automatic control
Project for Meerut hydro-electric supply
Annual report (technical) of work done
Administration report of the electricity deptt. 1949-50
Land drainage in the deccan canal areas
Ye-u canal project 1904
Design of a reinforced concrete bridge over the baigul river Shajahanpur district
Annual report of work done
Progress of education in India 1902-1907
Mon canal project
Survey computations
Annual report of the archaeological survey of India
Rajasthan or the central and Western Rajpoot states of India
Border antiquities of England and scotland
Report on the Amaravati tope
Hydraulic tables and diagrams for practical engineers
Irrigation research in India
Ganges canal
Report on the ganges canal works
Report on the central doab canal
Technical section paper
Annual report (technical) of the work of the central board of irrigation India
Note on sand and cement bricks and iles
Papers set in the mechanical sciences tripos 1933-1935
Indian education in 1913=14
Study of the circular-arc bow-girder
Agra university journal of research
Directory of institutions for Higher education1956
Sixth five year plan 1980-85
Annual plan 1988-89
Stabilization of soils by the use of bitumen emulsion
Descriptive trestise on mining machinery
Railway practice
Circle of the mechanical arts
Loads for highway bridges
Sutlej dam project 1919
Compendium of the castes and tribes found in India
Memorandum to the chief engineers
Royal military academy
Report of the superintendent, archaeological survey, Burma
Coorg inscriptions
Annual report of the university of Roorkee                 1964-65,1965-66, 1968-69, 1967-68,1968-69,1969-70,1970-71,1972-7
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Annual report 2000-2001,2002-2003,2003-2004,2004-2005
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Alumni journal 1963,1962,1960,1961,1959,1968,1966,1965,1964,1963,1962
Lion magazine of the university of Roorkee
Alumni journal 1975,1976,1974,1972,1971,1970,1969,1968,1967,1960,1964
Lion '78,1979,1980,1981,1984,1987,1988,1993,1996
Annual report 1980-81,1979-80
Universityof Roorkee research journal
Science & technology enterpreneur's park at Roorkee
Interaction between institutions and industries through stap
Proceedings of the workshop on solid mechanics
Syllabi for four year degree course in electronics & communication engineering
Proceeding of the national conference on electronic circuits and systems
Thirty-sixth report 1985-86
University news
Expertise and facilities
Information bulletin january 1990,1983-84
44th annual general meeting 1993@A45th annual general meeting 1994@A46th annual general meeting 1995@A47th annual
41 annual general meeting bulletin
Information brochure and application from
Information bulletin for under graduate programme
Jubilee souvenir 1996
Lion '92 the annual magazine@ALion '95 the annual magazine
Souvenir thomso' 91
Department of civil engineering 125 years 1847-1972 souvenir
Silver jubilee souvenir
Jubilee souvenir
Alis bulletin
Shanti swarup bhatnagar prizes for science and technology
Research development consultancy
Vikram journal of vikram university, ujjain
Consolidated sixth plan proposals for science & humanities including social sciences
Proposal for modernisation of library under the sceme of modernisation of laboratories & workshops
Programme of action under national policy of education 1986 government of India
Profile of the central library
Proposal for international inter-institutional cooperation
Report on the working of central library, uor, Roorkee for the year 1988-89
Proposal on removal of obsolescence and modernisation of the university library
Review of viiith plan implementation and assessment of requirement for ixth plan departmental profile
Proposal for installation of cd-rom system in the library under the scheme of modernisation and removal of obsolescence
Ninth plan library developments proposals for engineering technologfy & science & humanities
Fortinth report 1989-90 union pulic service commission
Annual accounts for the year 1972-73
Classified catalogue
Souvenir seminar on irrigation water management
University of roorkee research journal 1958-1968
Information bulletin
National service bulletin 1975-76
Know your library : a guide to library users
Memorial de l'officire du genie
Report of the senate committee on central take over of the university of roorkee
Effect of curing temperature on the compressive strength of soil cement mixtures
Information bulletin 1978-79
Indian science congress 48th session 1961
Forty-eighth Indian science congress
Estimatingdoundation settlement by one-dimensional consolidation test
Repair and preservation of records
Report 1973 depqrtment of electrical engineering
Four- figure mathematical tables
Souvenir 4th annual convention of mms division and silver jublee national seminar on alloy design & development
Symposium on recent trends in instrumental methods of analysis
Examples of estimating
Third world conference on eartquake engineering New Zealand 1965
University of Roorkee India 1847-1963
Lest we forget central library
Catalogue of books in the central library
Catalogue of books
University of Roorkee calendar for the year 1949-50
Calendar 1968-69
Recent trends in instrumental methods of analisis
Convention of chemistry 1975
Annual report 1983-84,1984-85
Annual report for the academic year 1985-86,1980-81
Annual report of hydrology
Proceedings international workshop on rural hydrology & hydarulics in fissured basement zones
Manual of professional orders
Foundations subjected to vibrations
Eleventh international post graduate diploma and master's courses in hydrology
Ninth international post graduate diploma and master's courses in hydrology
First international postgraduate course in hydrology
DEQ annual report 1978-79
School of research and training in earthquake engineering
International symposium on hydrological aspects of mountainous watersheds
Report 1973 department of electrical engineering
Profile of the central library
National conference on electronic circuits and systems
Proceedings of the annual meeting of the senate
Earthqyake engineering seminar
Silver jubilee souvenir
Proceedings of the seminar on curriculum development in electrical engineering
Syllabi for four year degree course in electrical engineering
Staff circulars
Rashtriya panchang
Glossary of terms used in petroleum industry & conversion tables
Thomason civil engineering college, calendar 1874
Catalogue of book
Proceedings of the annual meeting of the senate
Research publications and theses of Roorkee university
University of Roorkee calendar for the year 1949-50
Calendar 1976-77
Alumni journal 1974,1975,1976,1977
Information bulletin
University of Roorkee research journal
University convocation bulletin
Moulder's and founder's pocket guide
Canal and culvert tables
Practical mechanic's workshop companion
Memoirs of the life of Sir Walter Scott
Specifications, rates and notes on work
Public works department code with appendices
Military works handbook
Report on minor irrigation works (Andhra Pradesh)
Report on improved agricultural implements in Madras state
Renaissance in Italy
Modern inorganic chemistry
Regulations ins uction formations, and movements of the cavalry
Excursions in the interior of Russia
Collection of the acts
Customs and manners of the women of persia
Recommended practice for borrowpits for road embankments constructed by manual operation
Books new and second-hand
Quarterly journal of the geological, mining and metallurgical society of India
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Allahabad,United Provinces,India        393p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India        393p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Tomason College Pres,India      cv,185p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Tomason College Press,India     lxxxviii,209p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India        ii,376p.,22cm.
London,Gresham Publishing Company,UK    x,288p.,25cm.
London,Gresham Publishing Company,UK    x,272p.,25cm.
London,H. S. Nichols Ltd.,UK            431p.,28cm.
London,H. S. Nichols Ltd.,UK            viii,406p.,26cm.
Calcutta,Calcutta Central Press,India   iii,503p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Calcutta Central Press,India   iii,512p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Calcutta Central Press,India   iv,560p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Calcutta Central Press,India   v,528p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Calcutta Central Press,India   iv,500p.,25cm.
New York,G.P. Putnam's Sons,USA         xii,457p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               336p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               437p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               408p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xxvi,533p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xiii,355p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xxvii,448p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xiv,373p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xx,285p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xxiii,416p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xviiii316p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xx,343p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xx,428p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xxiii,404p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xxiv,371p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xviii,449p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xxviii,435p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xxvi,430p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xviii,364p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               x,464p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xviii,381p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xx,382p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xx,492p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xvii,356p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xxiv,448p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xiv,399p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xxviii,435p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xxiv,421p.,20cm.
London,T. Fishher Unwin,UK              viii,376p.,20cm.
London,T. Fishher Unwin,UK              xxviii,451p.,20cm.
London,T. Fishher Unwin,UK              xx,432p.,20cm.
London,T. Fishher Unwin,UK              xxxi,572p.,20cm.
London,T. Fishher Unwin,UK              xix,476p.,20cm.
London,T. Fishher Unwin,UK              xvii,389p.,20cm.
London,T. Fishher Unwin,UK              xix,353p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xvi,47p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xliv,354p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK               xxxiii,478p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                  xx,407p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                  xxx,467p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                  xxiv,444p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                  xvi,389p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                  xiv,304p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                  xxiii,476p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                  xx,488p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                  xx,409p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                  xxx,426p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                  xiv,360p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                  xxiv,574p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                  xxiii,388p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                  xx,308p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                  xviii,373p.,20cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India           287p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India           ,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India           221p.,20cm.
Lucknow,Goverment Press,India              ii,515p.,25cm.
Lucknow,Goverment of Uttar Pradesh,India   ii,524p.,25cm.
Lucknow,Goverment of Uttar Pradesh,India   ii,383p.,25cm.
Lucknow,Goverment of Uttar Pradesh,India   ii,464p.,25cm.
Lucknow,Goverment of Uttar Pradesh,India   ii,507p.,25cm.
Lucknow,Goverment of Uttar Pradesh,India   ii,512p.,25cm.
Lucknow,Goverment of Uttar Pradesh,India   ii,436p.,25cm.
Lucknow,Goverment of Uttar Pradesh,India   ii,432p.,25cm.
Lucknow,Goverment of Uttar Pradesh,India   vi,564p.,25cm.
Lucknow,Goverment of Uttar Pradesh,India   x,521p.,25cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,India      xvi,426p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,India      xvi,534p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,India      x,419p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,India      xvi,439p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,India      xiii,423p.,19cm.
London,Standard,UK                         xxix,3408p.,24cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press                     214p.,19cm.
London,University of Oxford,UK             206p.,19cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press                     208p.,19 cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                  186p.,19cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                  226p.,19cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                  208p.,19cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                  220p.,19cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                  233p.,19cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                  207p.,19cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                  209p.,19cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                  228p.,19cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                  204p.,19cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                  222p.,19cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                  214p.,19cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                  206p.,19cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                  222p.,19cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                  229p.,19cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                  220p.,19cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                  196p.,19cm.
              London,George Newnes, Limited,UK                              248p.,15cm.
              London,george Newnes, Limited,UK                              182p.,15cm.
              London,George Newnes, Ltd.,UK                                 199p.,15cm.
              London,George Newnes, Limited,UK                              224p.,15cm.
              Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                                     233p.,19cm.
              London,Frederick Warne & Co.,UK                               xv,584p.,26cm.
              London,Gresham Publishing Co.,UK                              xvi,188p.,25cm.
              London,Gresham Publishing Co.,UK                              xi,176p.,25cm.
              New Delhi,Today & Tomorrow's Printers & Publishers,India      xxxvi,520p.,22cm.
              New Delhi,Today & Tomorrow's Printers & Publishers,India      vi,423p.,22cm.
              London,educational Book Co. Ltd.,UK                           iv,3656p.,24cm.
              New Delhi,Today & Tomorro's Printers & Publishers,India       vi,432p.,21cm.
              London,Standard,UK                                            xvii,4384p.,24cm.
              London,Saunders and Benning,Law booksellers,UK                xxxv,485p.,21cm.
              London,Royal Engineer Institute,UK                            xiii,249p.,22cm.
              London,Uk                                                     xii,580p.,22cm.
oyal engineering                                                            vi,172p.,25cm.
              Roorkee,University of Roorkee,India                           205p.,22cm.
              Delhi,Goverment of India,India                                ii,130p.,28cm.
              Calcutta,G. H. Huttmann, Bengal Military Orphan Press,India   161p.,33cm.
              Allahabad,United Provinces,India                              iii,45p.,32cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India        25p.,33cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                          3p.,33cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                          11p.,33cm.
              Roorkee                                                       48p.,33cm.
              Calcutta,Bangal Secretariat Book Depot.,India                 30p.,33cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                          viii,144p.,22cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                          x,,24cm.
              Allahabad,United Provinces,India                              iii,160p.,23cm.
              Dehradun,Order of The Survey or General of India,India        xii,317p.,25cm.
              Bihar,India                                                   ii,108p.,25cm.
              New Delhi,Goverment of India Press,India                      xiv,495p.,23cm.
              Washington,Goverment Printing Office,UK                       vii,1214p.,23cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                          ,24cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                          vi,318p.,24cm.
              Allahabad,Pioneer Press,India                                 74p.,32cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                          21p.,25cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                          422p.,25cm.
              Saharanpur,Sandharbh Prkashan                                 xxxvi,652p.,25cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                          158p.,25cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                          163p.,25cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                          63p.,16cm.
              Roorkee,Thomanson College Press,India                         x,106p.,25cm.
              New Delhi,Govt. Of India Press,India                          iii,51p.,25cm.
              Calcutta,Govt. of India Press,India                           ii,47p.,22cm.
              Delhi,Manager of publications,India                           746p.,23cm.
              New Delhi,Manager of publications,India                       vii,303p.,24cm.
              Calcutta,Thacker, Spink & Co.,India                           vi,80p.,22cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                          59p.,25cm.
              Calcutta,Sanders, Cones And Co.,India                         iii,406p.,23cm.
              Liege,Librairie Scientifique Et Industrielle De A. Leroux     296p.,23cm.
              Allahabad,united Provinces,India                              290p.,26cm.
Agar,Public Works Department,India                     27p.,33cm.
London,Groombridge And Sons,UK                         iv,296p.,19cm.
London,Deighton, Bell and Co.,Uk                       xii,259p.,19cm.
London,Walter Scott,UK                                 xvi,493p.,19cm.
Allahabad,Indian Press,India                           i,56p.,18cm.
London,James Fraser,UK                                 vii,422p.,20cm.
Roorkee,University of Roorkee,India                    46p.,25cm.
London,Methuen And Co.,UK                              xxviii,373p.,26cm.
Calcutta,Goverment Press,India                         iii,520p.,28cm.
Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                   ,29cm.
Mantova,Presso I Tipografi Fratelli Negretti           255p.,29cm.
London,Printed For The Author,UK                       vii,,25cm.
London,William Heinemann,UK                            291p.,18cm.
London,Piper & Carter,UK                               381p.,19cm.
New York,Albany,USA                                    1158p.,24cm.
Washigton,Goverment Printing Office,UK                 112p.,23cm.
Boston,Gould And Lincoln,UK                            xvi,377p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan And Co. Limited,UK                    xv,271p.,18cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton Ltd.,UK                    327p.,19cm.
London,Henry Colburn,UK                                viii,352p.,23cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                  xii,261p.,23cm.
London,Richhard Bentley,UK                             vii,439p.,22cm.
New York,McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.,USA            xiv,330p.,23cm.
London,George Allen & Unwin Ltd.,UK                    272p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                          56p.,22cm.
London,University Of London Press, Ltd.,UK             xi,168p.,22cm.
London,C. & E. Layton, Ltd,UK                          xii,601p.,25cm.
Bombay,B. G. Navlakhi For J. V. Navlakhi & Co.,India   24p.,25cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                  xii,343p.,18cm.
Ondon,William Blackwood And So                         xviii,614p.,21cm.
New York,Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Ltd.,USA    231p.,18cm.
New York,Bancroft Company, Publishers,USA              viii,549p.,20cm.
London,Longman, Orme, Brown, And Co.,UK                145p.,26cm.
Washigton,United States Naval Observatory,UK           240p.,26cm.
Cambridge,University Press,UK                          xiv,530p.,22cm.
London,Chapman & Hall, Ltd.,UK                         xi,232p.,22cm.
London,G. Bell And Son, Ltd.,UK                        vii,228p.,22cm.
London,Uk                                              viii,301p.,25cm.
Washington,Uk                                          xiv,158p.,27cm.
London,Macmillan And Co, Limited,OK                    viii,672p.,22cm.
Washigton,Lord Baltimore Press,UK                      40p.,23cm.
London,Smith, elder, & Co.,UK                          vi,485p.,24cm.
London,Thornton butterworth Ltd.,UK                    432p.,19cm.
London,A. & C. Black, Soho Square,UK                   vi,448p.,18cm.
Cambridge,University Press,UK                          x,100p.,22cm.
Bombay,D.B. taraporevala Sons & Co.,India              xxxi,186p.,19cm.
London,Walter Scott, Ltd.,UK                           249p.,18cm.
London,James Nisbet And Co.,UK                         xi,314p.,17cm.
London,Whittaker & Co.,UK                              348p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                            xxii,477p.,18cm.
Paris,Edmond D'ocagne, Editeur,UK                      686p.,21cm.
England,Dorman, Long & Co., Ltd.,UK                   609p.,20cm.
london,Ward, Lock & Co., Ltd.,UK                      254p.,19cm.
New York,Harper & brothers Publishers,USA             214p.,18cm.
London,University Of London Press, Ltd.,UK            151p.,22cm.
London,hung Rees, Ltd.,UK                             258p.,22cm.
London,UK                                             396p.,22cm.
London,B.T. Batsford,UK                               xiv,154p.,20cm.
London,Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, & Green,UK   iv,326p.,20cm.
Calcutta,Thackar, Spink & Co.,India                   585p.,12cm.
London,Macmillan And Co. Ltd.,UK                      xxiv,509p.,17cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                 1622p.,22cm.
London,Oliphant Anderson And Ferrier,UK               342p.,21cm.
London,Raithby, Lawrence & company, Ltd.,UK           230p.,23cm.
London,Charles Griffin And Company, Ltd.,UK           xv,245+85p.,23cm.
London,Charles Knight & Co.,UK                        vi,442p.,16cm.
London,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                  xiii,226p.,19cm.
London,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                  viii,344p.,19cm.
London,Royal Geographical Society,UK                  v,286p.,18cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Ltd.,UK                   x,325p.,24cm.
London,Smith, Elder & Co.,UK                          xi,371p.,19cm.
New York,Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc.,USA            ix,574p.,22cm.
London,Grant Richards,UK                              xviii,289p.,22cm.
Cambridge,University Press,UK                         xxii,287p.,22cm.
New York,Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc.,USA              520p.,24cm.
New York,Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc.,USA              xxiv,431p.,24cm.
London,Richard Bentley,UK                             xv,457p.,23cm.
Cambridge,W. Heffer & Sons Ltd.,UK                    viii,277p.,22cm.
New York,John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,USA                  xv,495p.,19cm.
London,Lewis,UK                                       xv,766p.,20cm.
London,Henry G. Bohn,UK                               xii,715p.,18cm.
London,Henry G. Bohn,UK                               314p.,18cm.
London,Richard Bentley And Son,UK                     x,437p.,23cm.
London,Constable & company Ltd.,UK                    xi,157p.,23cm.
London,Constable & company Ltd.,UK
London,Sherwood,UK                                    viii,307p.,17cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton Ltd.,UK                   316p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Ltd.,UK                     xxvii,548p.,22cm.
London,gurney And Jackson,UK                          xvi,929p.,23cm.
London,Bailliere, Tindall, And Cox,UK                 xii,265p.,23cm.
London,Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd.,UK                  xi,942p.,23cm.
London,Chapman & Hall, Ltd.,UK                        255p.,22cm.
Allahabad,united Provinces,India                      290p.,25cm.
New York,D. Appleton And Company,USA                  vii,624p.,26cm.
Washington,Goverment Printing Office,UK               xxv,916+19p.,23cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Ltd.,UK                   vi,309p.,19cm.
London,William Heineman,UK                            xiii,409p.,23cm.
New Delhi,Goverment of India,India                    96p.,25cm.
Durham,Durham Colleges Office,North Bailey            126p.,22cm.
Washington,Smithsonian Institution,UK                 v,,24cm.
New York,John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,USA                  x,343p.,23cm.
New York,Casseli And Company, Ltd,USA                 152p.,19cm.
London,John Murray,Uk                                 xi,383p.,21cm.
New York,McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.,USA      x,256p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK               x,915p.,23cm.
London,Edward Arnold & Co.,UK                    112p.,22cm.
London,Methuen & Co. Ltd.,UK                     xxiv,333p.,19cm.
New York,Penguin Books,USA                       256cm.,18cm.
London,George Newnes Ltd.,Uk                     199cm.,15cm.
London,John Murray,Uk                            vi,546p.,22cm.
Sydney,Alfred James Kent                         197p.,25cm.
London,richard Bentley,UK                        vi,492p.,22cm.
London,William Heinemann Ltd.,UK                 xiv,677p.,21cm.
Chicago,W.M.Welch Scientific Company,USA         48p.,27cm.
Woolwich,W.P. Jackson,USA                        vi,172p.,25cm.
London,Majesty's Stationery Office,UK            vi,622p.,25cm.
London,Chatto & Windus,UK                        128p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Ltd.,UK                xii,456p.,17cm.
London,Henry S, King & Co.,UK                    326p.,19cm.
London,Charles Griffin & company, Ltd.,UK        xiv,328p.,20cm.
London,Oxford University Press,UK                237p.,19cm.
New York,John Wiley & Sons,USA                   xi,206p.,23cm.
New York,Macmillan Company,USA                   xxii,442p.,22cm.
Bihar,Superintendent, Goverment Printing,India   ii,43p.,25cm.
Washington,Smithsonian Institution,UK            xiv,580p.,24cm.
London,Longman,UK                                viii,476p.,23cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                   317p.,18cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                   454p.,23cm.
London,Dalhousie University,UK                   xxxvii,281p.,22cm.
Durham,Durham University Office,North Bailey     286p.,22cm.
London,Harrison And Sons,North Bailey            281p.,22cm.
London,Trubner & Co.,North Bailey                343p.,23cm.
London,Whittaker & Co.,UK                        v,312p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan And Co. Ltd.,UK                 vi,862p.,20cm.
London,nichols And Sons,UK                       524p.,22cm.
London,Edward Arnold,UK                          xii,331p.,23cm.
Washington,M'Gill & Witherow,UK                  ,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason College,India                   24p.,22cm.
New York,Electrochemical Society, Inc.,USA       vi,168p.,22cm.
London,Lewis H. K.,UK                            xix,24p.,24cm.
London,Ministry of Health,UK                     38p.,22cm.
London,Longman And Co.,UK                        184p.,22cm.
London,Cambridge University Press,UK             54p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                      xxiv,197p.,17cm.
London,Hutchinson & Co. (Publishers) Ltd.,UK     287+23p.,19cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, And Longmans,UK    viii,293+32p.,18cm.
London,William Blackwood And Sons,UK             110p.,22cm.
London,G.Bell And Sons, Ltd.,UK                  xii,160p.,22cm.
London,Jonathan Cape Thirty Bedford Square,UK    287p.,21cm.
London,Swan Sonnenschein & Co. Lim.,UK           viii,531p.,22cm.
London,Smith, Elder And Co.,UK                   xv,352p.,20cm.
Lahore,Civil And Military Gazette Press,India    xii,230p.,18cm.
London,Robert Cadell, Edinburgh,Uk               viii,363p.,15cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Ltd.,UK              160p.,18cm.
London,Edward Churton, Holles Street,UK          315p.,16cm.
London,Gurney And jackson,UK                       xi,382p.,23cm.
London,Jonathan Cape Thirty Bedford Square,UK      304p.,19cm.
Bangal,College Of Engineering And Technology       66p.,25cm.
London,Hodder and Stoughton,UK                     x,543p.,25cm.
London,John Macqueen,UK                            xix,546p.,22cm.
New York,Columbia University Press,USA             xii,208p.,21cm.
Edinburgh,Adam And Charles Black,North Bridge      467p.,23cm.
Edinburgh,Adam And Charles Black,North Bridge      ,25cm.
Edinburgh,Adam And Charles Black,North Bridge      ,24cm.
London,Hurst And Blackett, Publishers,UK           ,24cm.
London,Ward, Lock & Co., Limited,UK                316p.,19cm.
London,Lockwood & Co.,UK                           799p.,25cm.
London,Henry G. Bohn,UK                            xiv,543p.,18cm.
London,G. Bell And Sons, Ltd.,UK                   xii,135p.,22cm.
London,William Blackwood And Sons,UK               382p.,20cm.
London,Parbury, Allen, And Co.,UK                  203p.,26cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                        116p.,30cm.
Culcutta,Government Of bangal,India                225p.,33cm.
Culcutta,Government Of India,India                 ii,375p.,33cm.
New York,Engineering Magazine,India                187p.,19cm.
London,John W Parker And Son West Stand,UK         156p.,18cm.
London,William Blackwood and Sons,UK               vi,368p.,19cm.
London,Luke Hansard & Sons,UK                      xiii,447p.,21cm.
London,Richard Bentley,UK                          viii,358p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, Green And Co.,UK                  xii,379p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, Green And Co.,UK                  502p.,21cm.
Bombay,Bharatiya vidya Bhavan,India                xxxii,295p.,22cm.
Cambridge,University Press,UK                      xxiii,466+24p.,22cm.
London,Henry Frowdw Oxford University Press,UK     xxx,750p.,20cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                     320p.,19cm.
New Delhi,National Boor Trust,India                xv,261p.,21cm.
Chatham,Royal Engineers Institute                  vii,312p.,24cm.
Chatham,Royal Engineers Institute                  xiv,304p.,19cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, And longmans,UK      xvii,428+30p.,23cm.
Baroda,government Press,India                      126p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                 xiv,98p.,19cm.
London,William Blackwood & sons Ltd.,UK            xvi,296p.,19cm.
New York,Macmillan And Co.,USA                     xxiii,277p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, Green, & Co.,UK                   viii,672p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, Green, & Co.,UK                   xxiii,466p.,22cm.
New York,Jone Wiley And sons,USA                   ix,228p.,20cm.
London,Adam And Charles Black,UK                   xviii,458p.,19cm.
London,Adam And Charles Black,UK                   5408p.,24cm.
Lucknow,Information Directorate,,India             viii,396p.,23cm.
London,Edinburgh,UK                                vi,540p.,21cm.
London,John Murray,UK                              xx,444+32p.,20cm.
London,George Philip & Son,UK                      vi,77p.,19cm.
Washington,Government Printing Office,UK           62p.,24cm.
London,D. Appleton And Company,UK                  142p.,19cm.
London,British Empire Lighting Service Bureau,UK
London,British Empire Lighting Service Bureau,UK   191p.,18cm.
Lahore,Uttar Chand Kapur & Sons,India              ix,225p.,19cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India    144p.,25cm.
London,Kingsbury, Parbury, And Allen,UK                   xii,354p.,21cm.
London,Kingsbury, Parbury, And Allen,UK                   vii,309p.,20cm.
London,T.C. & E. C. Jack,UK                               1086p.,22cm.
London,Spottiswoode & Co.,UK                              539p.,22cm.
Washington,Government Printiing Office,UK                 vii,2511p.,24cm.
London,Edward Arnold & Co.,UK                             125p.,19cm.
Paris,Librairie Scientificque, Industrielle et Agricole   592p.,22cm.
London,New Haven Yale University Press,UK                 xiv,322p.,24cm.
London,edward Arnold & Co.,UK                             196p.,19cm.
Paris,Rue De La Vrilliere,UK                              499p.,21cm.
London,Henry Frowde Oxford University Press,UK            lviii,230p.,15cm.
London,T. Werner Laurie Ltd.,UK                           223p.,19cm.
London,Methuen & Co. Ltd.,UK                              759p.,22cm.
Bombay,Concrete Association Of India,India                161p.,21cm.
Cambridge,Harvard University Press,UK                     48p.,23cm.
London,longmans, Green And Co.,UK                         x,352p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                     94p.,23cm.
London,University of Galsgow,UK                           ,22cm.
London,Royal Engineers,UK                                 28p.,22cm.
London,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                      ix,295p.,19cm.
London,J. M. Dent & Co.,UK                                128p.,17cm.
London,J. M. Dent & Co.,UK                                636p.,22cm.
London,Watts And Co.,UK                                   xxviii,324p.,16cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                               xix,504p.,20cm.
London,John Wright & Sons Ltd.,UK                         556p.,26cm.
London,Norman Rodger,UK                                   viii,395p.,22cm.
London,Trubner And Co.,UK                                 504p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                        vi,367p.,18cm.
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Calcutta,East Indian Railway,India                       31p.,33cm.
Milano,Dai Tipi Di Giovanni Bernadoni,India              80p.,27cm.
Dehradun,Colonel G.R. Thuillier,India                    xiv,149p.,30cm.
Lahore,Superintendent, Government printing,Pnjab         381p.,33cm.
Lahore,Superintendent, Government printing,Pnjab         413p.,19cm.
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New delhi,Polish Embassy In India,India                   71p.,21cm.
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Glasgow,Local Committee For The Meeting Of The British Association,UK
London,Crosby Lockwood And Son,UK                         xi,120p.,23cm.
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Allahabad,Suprintendent Printing And Stationery,India     15+15a,25cm.
Stockholm,Royal Swedish Geotechnical Institute,UK         57cm.,25cm.
Manchester,Trade Supplied By John Heywood,UK              206p.,15cm.
London,Bradbury, Agnew & Co.,UK                           xv,232p.,22cm.
London,Institution of Mechanical Engineers,UK             ,22cm.
London,Institution of Mechanical Engineers,UK             340p.,19cm.
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London,Macmillan And Co., Ltd.,UK                         xxii,533p.,22cm.
London,B.T. Batsford,UK                                   xx,169p.,21cm.
Washington,Government Printing Office,UK                  xix,3032p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, Spink & Co.,UK                          xlix,551p.,25cm.
London,William Heinemann Ltd.,UK                          302p.,19cm.
London,H. Hurst,UK                                            ii,640p.,22cm.
London,John Weale,UK                                          280p.,18cm.
London,William Heinemann,UK                                   xxiv,267p.,23cm.
New York,John Wiley & Sons,USA                                xxii,347p.,25cm.
London,Charles Griffin & Company, Ltd.,UK                     xvi,263p.,20cm.
London,Hippolyte Bailliere, Publisher,UK                      xxii,611p.,23cm.
London,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                          vi,342p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan And Co. LTd.,UK                              x,769p.,23cm.
London,T. Cadell And w. Davies,UK                             462p.,22cm.
London,D.Appleton-Century Company,UK                          xiii,315p.,21cm.
London,D.Appleton-Century Company,UK                          xiv,222p.,22cm.
London,Richard Bentley,UK                                     x,364p.,22cm.
London,A. M.Philpot Ltd.,UK                                   287p.,22cm.
Madras," Hindu" Office                                        369p.,22cm.
London,J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd.,UK                              ix,279p.,21cm.
London,R. B. Seeley and w. Burnside,UK                        xxxi,470p.,22cm.
London,Constable And Company Ltd.,UK                          x,312p.,23cm.
London,Oliphant , waugh And Innes,UK                          vii,412p.,20cm.
Calcutta,W. Newman & Co. Ltd.,UK                              xii,271p.,19cm.
Bombay,Oriantal Longmans,India                                68p.,21cm.
Bombay,Oriantal Longmans,India                                259p.,16cm.
London,harper & Brothers,Uk                                   76p.,18cm.
London,harper & Brothers,Uk                                   127p.,24cm.
Lahor,Government Press,Pakistan                               13p.,26cm.
London,G.Routledge & Co.,UK                                   vi,418p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Office of superintendent Government Printing,India   ii,182p.,25cm.
New York,McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.,USA                   xvii,424p.,19cm.
Washington,Government Printing Office,UK                      471p.,23cm.
Philadelphia,Resistance Welder Manufacturers'Asoc.,UK         544p.,23cm.
New Delhi,Manager Government of India Press,India             13p.,24cm.
london,her Majesty's Stationery Office,UK                     10p.,33cm.
London,Chapman And Hall,UK                                    344p.,19cm.
Calcutta,Asiatic Press,India                                  cliv,357p.,22cm.
Cambridge,At The University Press,UK                          viii,188p.,23cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                         462p.,23cm.
London,Sanitary Publishing Company, Ltd.,UK                   243p.,25cm.
London,William H. Allen And Co.,UK                            iv,398p.,25cm.
London,Aylott And Jones,UK                                    xvi,868p.,24cm.
London,Crosby Lockwood And Son,UK                             xxix,830p.,25cm.
New York,Whittaker & Co.,USA                                  xxiv,430p.,18cm.
New York,Whittaker & Co.,USA                                  160p.,21cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Ltd.,UK                           128p.,18cm.
Baroda,F.Doctor & Co.,India                                   xxxi,479p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Calcutta Central Press, Co.,India                    332p.,25cm.
Allahabad,Pioneer Press,India                                 233p.,25cm.
London,Luke Hansard & Sons,UK                                 xii,382p.,21cm.
London,Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd.,UK                             xi,523p.,22cm.
London,Henry G. Bohn,UK                                       vii,1016p.,18cm.
New York,Board Of Trustees,USA                                192p.,23cm.
Aberdeen,Milne & Hutchison,USA                                286p.,22cm.
Bombay,Thacker & Co., Ld.,India                               xi,212p.,19cm.
Amritsar,Shiromani Gurdwara P. Committee,India                ,18cm.
Scotland,Glenfield & Kennedy Ltd.,UK                     viii,16/1p.,17cm.
London,Glenfield & Kennedy Ltd.,UK                       470p.,17cm.
London,Glenfield & Kennedy Ltd.,UK                       486p.,17cm.
Poona,Tilak bros.,India                                  lxxx,618p.,21cm.
London,Longmans,Green And Co.,UK                         viii,249p.,19cm.
London,His Majesty's Stationery Office,UK                vi,622p.,25cm.
Cambridge,Whittaker & Co.,UK                             84p.,18cm.
London,William Heinemann,UK                              104p.,21cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                            25p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                            18p.,22cm.
London,John Churchili,UK                                 xxviii,770p.,22cm.
London,John Churchili,UK                                 266p.,18cm.
London,Odhams Press Ltd.,UK                              96p.,25cm.
London,Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Ltd.,UK         xxii,628p.,21cm.
London,Arthur Barker Ltd.,UK                             284p.,19cm.
London,Edward Arnold,UK                                  viii,288p.,19cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                           282p.,22cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spon, Ltd.,UK                          x,468p.,22cm.
London,John Lane The Bodly Head Limited,UK               xviii,379p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, Green & Co., Ltd.,UK                    viii,300p.,18cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin Ltd.,UK                           320p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                       xii,352p.,19cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Ltd.,UK                      viii,104p.,17cm.
London,Hodder Stoughton,UK                               ,29cm.
London,Constable & Company, Ltd.,UK                      xiv,316p.,24cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spon,UK                                viii,128p.,23cm.
Washington,Governm,ent Printing Office,UK                xv,394p.,24cm.
Peking,Foreign Laguages Press,UK                         130p.,18cm.
Washington,Government Printing Office,UK                 xlviii,742p.,29cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                         34p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Survey of India,India                           36p.,33cm.
Panjab,Government Press,India                            380p.,26cm.
London,Kingsbury, Parbury, And Allan,UK                  vii,504p.,28cm.
Washington,Government Printing Office,Uk                 xvi,603p.,29cm.
New Delhi,Mathematics Seminar University Enclave,India   268p.,33cm.
London,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                     xx,382p.,19cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, Spink & Co.,India                      vii,161p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                       viii,271p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan Company,UK                              xxi,502p.,19cm.
New Delhi,Government of India,India                      vi,65p.,21cm.
New Delhi,Government of India,India                      339p.,19cm.
Paris,At The Authors', Boulevard Saint-Martin,UK         ix,475p.,18cm.
Washington,United States Navy Department,UK              231p.,23cm.
London,George G. Harrap & Company Ltd.,UK                333p.,22cm.
London,George G. Harrap & Company Ltd.,UK                291p.,23cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spen,UK                                xv,270p.,22cm.
London,Jackson & Sons,UK                                 x,175p.,25cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                       XIV,336P.,19CM.
London,Hutchinson & Co.,UK                               239p.,22cm.
London,Hutchinson & Co.,UK                               xvii,454p.,18cm.
London,Odhams Press Limited,UK                           256p.,23cm.
London,Richard Bentley,UK                                viii,314p.,20cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, And Logmans,UK              xxiv,332p.,15cm.
London,Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd.,UK                   vii,43p.,21cm.
London,Bell & Dalay,UK                                    574p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                      x,346p.,23cm.
Cambridge,At The University Press,UK                      x,29p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Ltd.,UK                         xvi,252p.,21cm.
London,Fames Kanpion,UK                                   vi,550p.,18cm.
London,R. H. Porter,UK                                    x,397p.,23cm.
London,R. H. Porter,UK                                    xci,652p.,24cm.
London,Bradbury, Agnew, & Co. Ld.,UK                      xix,397p.,22cm.
Washington,United States Navy Department,UK               231p.,25cm.
New York,John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,USA                      viii,158p.,21cm.
Washington,Smithsonian Institution,UK                     84p.,24cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                     xii,498p.,22cm.
London,Southern Counties A.S.A. Water Polo Committee,UK   16p.,19cm.
London,University Tutorial Press,UK                       vii,399p.,18cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spon, Ltd.,UK                           vi,528p.,18cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spon, Ltd.,UK                           385p.,21cm.
London,John W. Parkar And Son,,UK                         vi,324p.,21cm.
London,Majesty's Stationery Office,UK                     95p.,25cm.
London,John Weale,UK                                      viii,152p.,18cm.
Allahabad,Government Press,India                          viii,239p.,22cm.
London,Crosby Lockwood And Son,India                      xiv,220p.,22cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                     xiv,355p.,22cm.
London,Richard Bently,UK                                  xii,396p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, Spink And Co.,India                     iv,69p.,22cm.
London,Grant Richards,UK                                  xii,155p.,19cm.
Cambridge,J. Deighton & Sons,UK                           viii,180p.,22cm.
Madras,Gantz Brothers,India                               ii,33p.,25cm.
London,Christophers,UK                                    xxi,432p.,20cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                                 570p.,18cm.
London,Houlston And Stoneman,UK                           xvi,491p.,20cm.
London,Scott, Greenwood, And Co.,UK                       viii,112p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                        xxxix,298p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                        ,21cm.
London,W. Glendinning,UK                                  iii,119p.,27cm.
London,G. G. And Robinson Paternoster-Row,UK              512p.,29cm.
Calcutta,Governer General of India,UK                     15p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, Spink & Co.,India                       xxi,600p.,25cm.
London,Sidgwick & Jackson, Ltd.,UK                        xvi,396p.,22cm.
London,Chapman And Hall Ltd.,UK                           xiii,313p.,23cm.
London,William Heinemann Ltd.,UK                          xx,436p.,22cm.
New York,Engineering Magazine,USA                         224p.,19cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                     xix,620p.,22cm.
London,Richard Bentley And Son,UK                         xv,459p.,23cm.
London,Methuen & Co. Ltd.,UK                              xv,424p.,19cm.
London,Ernest Benn Limited,UK                             276p.,24cm.
London,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                      431p.,19cm.
London,W. H. Allen & Co.,,UK                              xxxiii,506p.,19cm.
London,Samoson Low, Marston & Company,UK                  viii,318p.,23cm.
chatham,Royal Engineers Institute,UK                      iv,288p.,24cm.
London,John W. Parker And Son,UK                          103p.,23cm.
London,John W. Parker And Son,UK                         110p.,24cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                    xvii,377p.,21cm.
London,Scott, Greenwood & Co.,UK                         xv,476p.,22cm.
New York,New York University Press,USA                   xvii,552p.,24cm.
London,William Heinemann Ltd.,UK                         162p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                       vii,380p.,23cm.
London,Gresham Publishing Company,UK                     viii,416p.,25cm.
London,Kegan Paul,Trench & Co.,,UK                       x,408p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                              xxx,395p.,23cm.
London,Printers Register Office,UK                       viii,831p.,21cm.
London,George Allen & Unwin Ltd.,UK                      219p.,20cm.
Marunouchi,World Engineering congress,Tokyo              245p.,25cm.
delhi,Central Road Research Institute,India              23p.,25cm.
Utkal,Utkal University,India                             ,25cm.
Bombay,Government of India,India                         39p.,25cm.
Bombay,Government of India,India                         620p.,24cm.
London,Jonh Murray,UK                                    200p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson & Co. (Published) Ltd.,UK              288p.,19cm.
Edinburgh,Oliver & Boyd,Tweeddale Court,UK               456p.,17cm.
Edinburgh,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                  384p.,20cm.
Edinburgh,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                  343p.,20cm.
Roorkee,University of Roorkee,India                      v,50p.,26cm.
London,C. Whiting, Beaufort House,India                  iv,596p.,24cm.
London,C. Whiting, Beaufort House,India                  xxxv,479p.,28cm.
London,Her Majesty's stationery Office,UK                412p.,27cm.
London,Her Majesty's stationery Office,UK                ii,14p.,24cm.
London,Her Majesty's stationery Office,UK                lll,182p.,23cm.
London,Her Majesty's stationery Office,UK                468p.,18cm.
London,Holtzapffel & Co.,UK                              1025p.,23cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                           xiv,279p.,24cm.
Calcutta,Government of India,India                       viii,254p.,25cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spon,UK                                3130p.,25cm.
Chatham,Royal Engineers Institute,India                  50p.,21cm.
London,J. & A. Churchill,UK                              ix,562p.,24cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Ltd.,UK                        xxiv,659p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Ltd.,UK                        416p.,25cm.
New York,Whittlesey House McGraw-Hill Book Conpany,USA   319p.,25cm.
Kanpur,Job Press Ltd.,India                              iii,119p.,25cm.
Madras,University of Madras,India                        223p.,25cm.
Madras,University of Madras,India                        736p.,22cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                           190p.,17cm.
London,Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd.,UK        vi,220p.,22cm.
London,Hurst And Blackett, Limited,UK                    386p.,19cm.
Manchester,Norman Rodger Altrincham,UK                   xvi,399p.,25cm.
Berlin,Verlag Von Julius Springer,UK                     1695p.,27cm.
London,Longmans, Rees, Orme, Brown And Green,UK          vi,389p.,21cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                    xx,708p.,21cm.
London,Trubner 7 Co.,UK                                  708p.,24cm.
London,His Majesty's Stationery Office,UK                vii,402p.,22cm.
London,Reeve And Benham,UK                               viii,344p.,16cm.
London,Bailliere, Tindall & Cox,UK                       xi,469p.,24cm.
London,Henry Colburn, Publisher,UK                       440p.,19cm.
London,W. & R. Chambers, Ltd.,UK                        xlii,454p.,19cm.
Lahore,Pnjab Printing press,Pakistan                    121p.,25cm.
London,Adam And Charles Black,UK                        453p.,21cm.
London,Adam And Charles Black,UK                        xv,283p.,22cm.
Paris,Carilian-Gceury Et V Dalmont,UK                   974p.,21cm.
London,Edward Arnold,UK                                 xi,423p.,19cm.
Lucknow,Methodist Publishing House,India                xxix,141p.,18cm.
London,The Times,UK                                     520p.,29cm.
England,Dorman, Long & Co., Ltd.,UK                     610p.,19cm.
Edinburgh,Oliver & Royd, Tweeddale Court,UK             400p.,17cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                   xiii,700p.,18cm.
London,Gale & Polden, Ltd.,UK                           xiv,75p.,18cm.
London,william Blackwood and Sons,UK                    xxv,323p.,19cm.
London,George Newnes, Ltd.,UK                           229p.,15cm.
New York,D. Van Nostrand, Publisher,USA                 iv,178p.,15cm.
London,Charles Griffin & Company, Limited,UK            xvi,432p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                      viii,260p.,23cm.
Washington,Smithsonian Institution,UK                   xxiv,747p.,24cm.
Washington,Smithsonian Institution,UK                   318p.,20cm.
London,Smithsonian Institution,UK                       vii,272p.,22cm.
London,Whittaker & Co.,UK                               xi,147p.,20cm.
London,Edward Stanford,UK                               82p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                             lviii,443p.,22cm.
London,Paisley: alexander Gardner,UK                    xv,634p.,22cm.
Cambridge,At The University Press,UK                    546p.,23cm.
London,James Madden,UK                                  xxiv,380p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Enginering college Press,India   iv,217p.,18cm.
London,George Allen & Unwin Ltd.,UK                     216p.,20cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                   vi,305p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                             xvi,384p.,19cm.
Simla,Government of India Press,India                   x,146p.,25cm.
London,Tinsley Brothers,UK                              viii,404p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                             xi,503p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                             482p.,22cm.
Bombay,Thacker & Co., Ltd.,India                        x,558p.,18cm.
London,Constable And Company Ltd.,UK                    xxxiv,565p.,24cm.
London,George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd.,UK                   314p.,21cm.
London,George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd.,UK                   264p.,25cm.
Delhi,Government Of India,India                         ii,332p.,22cm.
London,B. T. Batsford,UK                                x,143p.,19cm.
London,Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd.,UK                 ix,264p.,22cm.
Philadelphia,E. A. Posselt, Author And Publisher,UK     190p.,24cm.
London,Methuen & Co., Ltd.,UK                           246p.,19cm.
London,Richard Bentley,UK                               367p.,20cm.
Rishikesh,Sivananda Publication League,India            xxiv,429p.,18cm.
Chatham,Royal Engineer Establishment,India              74p.,21cm.
London,Longmans, Green Ltd.,UK                          viii,646p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, Green Ltd.,UK                          xxxiii,520p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                      ix,162p.,18cm.
London,R. Hardesty Manufacturing Company,UK             399p.,20cm.
London,Seeley, Service & Co. Limited,UK                 xx,388p.,19cm.
Washington,Government Printing Office,UK                xv,326p.,23cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen & Co.,UK                             ix,89p.,22cm.
England,Churhill Machine Tool Co., Manchester,UK         iv,120p.,18cm.
Cambridge,University Press,UK                            xii,181p.,20cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                           xii,457p.,23cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                           x,305p.,22cm.
London,William Heinemann,UK                              502p.,25cm.
London,William Collins, Sons, & Co. Limited,UK           168p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                              viii,295p.,18cm.
London,J. & A. Churchill,UK                              xxiv,592p.,19cm.
Calcutta,ARMCO (Pty.) Limited,India                      x,475p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, Green, and Co.,UK                       312p.,19cm.
London,Royal Engineer Institute,UK                       360p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,Neill & Co.,UK                                 xv,451p.,22cm.
London,C. B. Burrows c/o William & Co.,UK                641p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Commercial Intalligence Department,UK           xii,380p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Commercial Intalligence Department,UK           457p.,23cm.
London,Richard Bentley,UK                                xvi,496p.,23cm.
London,George Manwaring,UK                               x,345p.,20cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                       xvi,489p.,23cm.
London,Richard Bentley,UK                                xii,405p.,22cm.
Allahabad,Pioneer Press,India                            233p.,25cm.
London,gurney And Jackson,UK                             xii,1010p.,22cm.
London,Harrison & Sons,UK                                495p.,27cm.
Roorkee,thomason College Press,India                     ,24cm.
London,Constable & Company Ltd.,UK                       xv,268cm.,23cm.
London,Samison Low. Marston & Co. Ltd.,UK                333p.,18cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                         97p.,24cm.
Allahabad,Government Press,India                         ,24cm.
Allahabad,Government Press,India                         32p.,18cm.
Rishikesh,Yoga-Vedanta Forest University,India           xx,239p.,18cm.
New Delhi,Government of India,India                      121p.,25cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                           312p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Thacker Spink & Co.,India                       710p.,19cm.
London,Bailliere, Tindall And Cox,UK                     xvi,527p.,22cm.
London,Bailliere, Tindall And Cox,UK                     399p.,22cm.
Jaipur,University Office,UK                              vi,470p.,25cm.
London,Henry Colburn,UK                                  viii,398p.,21cm.
London,Raithby, Lawrence & Company, Limited,UK           191p.,23cm.
London,Wiley And Putnam,UK                               321p.,19cm.
Washington,United States Department Of the Interior,UK   v,49p.,23cm.
London,George Bell & Sons,UK                             viii,312p.,19cm.
London,Simpkin And Marshall,UK                           vii,171p.,24cm.
Darjeeling,Darjeeling Improvment,India                   40p.,25cm.
Darjeeling,Darjeeling Improvment,India                   739p.,24cm.
Calcutta,Bishop's College Press,India                    xxxii,529p.,23cm.
London,Edward Arnold,UK                                  xvi,332p.,22cm.
London,Eyre And Spottiswoode,UK                          xxxiii,460p.,24cm.
London,Richard Bentley,UK                                xi,446p.,21cm.
London,Edward Arnold & Co.,UK                            xiv,628p.,23cm.
New York,Industrial Press,USA                            x,341p.,23cm.
New York,Industrial Press,USA                            251p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                     xii,304p.,22cm.
Simla,Colonel Commandant E. A. Tandy,India      xxv,155p.,25cm.
London,James Madden & Co.,UK                    viii,508p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK            xii,328p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK            ,21cm.
London,Chapman & Hall,Ltd.,UK                   xi,446p.,22cm.
London,Effingham Wilson,UK                      xiv,172p.,21cm.
New York,John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,USA            vii,65p.,23cm.
London,Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd.,USA        xii,244p.,21cm.
Simla,Order of The Board,India                  65p.,33cm.
London,Thomas Nelson And Sons,UK                vi,402p.,27cm.
London,Thomas Nelson And Sons,UK                40p.,31cm.
London,Thomas Nelson And Sons,UK                364p.,27cm.
New York,Macmillan Company,USA                  x,755p.,24cm.
London,Scott, Greenwood & Co.,UK                ix,104p.,22cm.
New Delhi,University Grants Commission,India    71p.,25cm.
London,Simpkin, Marshall & Co.,UK               xii,571p.,19cm.
New York,Theo. Audel & Co.,USA                  1838p.,17cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                       xvi,246p.,21cm.
London,Rivington,UK                             viii,247p.,17cm.
London,Institution of Structural Engineers,UK   28p.,20cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                  viii,344p.,18cm.
Washington,Atlanta Exposition,UK                ,24cm.
London,Atlanta Exposition,UK                    170p.,23cm.
London,Atlanta Exposition,UK                    ,28cm.
London,F. C. Westley, Child's Place,UK          viii,468p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,John Grant,UK                         vii,20p.,17cm.
Edinburgh,William Blackwood & Sons Ltd.,UK      363p.,19cm.
London,Longmans,Brown, Green, And Longman,UK    viii,229p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK              lxi,929p.,21cm.
Washington,Smithsonian Institution,UK           xi,431p.,24cm.
London,T. Cadell,UK                             427p.,21cm.
London,George Allen & Unwin Ltd.,UK             256p.,19cm.
London,John lane The Bodley Head,UK             284p.,19cm.
London,Archibald Constable & Co., Ltd.,UK       xi,287p.,19cm.
London,Richard Bentley,India                    497p.,22cm.
London,T. And W. Boonf,UK                       xii,523p.,22cm.
Oxford,Basil Blackwell,UK                       xxii,282p.,19cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                  300p.,19cm.
Alosti,E Typographia Spitaels-Schuermans,UK     323p.,19cm.
New York,Macmillan And Co.,USA                  343p.,21cm.
New York,W. J. Johnston Company, Limited,USA    325p.,22cm.
London,Gale & Polden, Ltd.,UK                   148p.,18cm.
London,Archibald Constable And Co Ltd,UK        vi,378p.,19cm.
Bombay,Asia Publishing House,India              x,195p.,21cm.
London,Bradbury, Agnew, & Co.,India             xvi,779p.,22cm.
London,Bradbury, Agnew, & Co.,India             604p.,25cm.
London,Oxford University Press,uk               vi,304p.,19cm.
London,Chatto & Windus,uk                       xxxvii,296p.,19cm.
London,Hodder NAd Stoughton,UK                  xii,359p.,19cm.
London,Jonathan Cape,UK                         ix,359p.,22cm.
London,Baldwin, Cradock, And Joy,UK             xii,534p.,22cm.
Barlin,Verlag Von Julius Springer,UK            xxxii,1003p.,23cm.
London,Henry Colburn, Publisher,UK                         xxix,399p.,19cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Ltd.,UK                        xii,294p.,24cm.
Alllahabad,United Provinces,India                          87p.,24cm.
New Delhi,Government of India,India                        56p.,24cm.
New Delhi,National Buildings organisation,India            97p.,24cm.
London,B. Crosby And Co.,UK                                xix,598p.,22cm.
London,Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longmans,UK          293p.,19cm.
London,John Taylor,UK                                      xvi,820p.,21cm.
London,Geoege G. Haprrap & Co. Ltd.,UK                     319p.,19cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                      xiv,410p.,20cm.
London,Longmans,Green & Co.,UK                             576p.,24cm.
London,Book Club,UK                                        384p.,21cm.
Bombay,University of Bombay,India                          313p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Botanikal Survey Of India,India                   588p.,22cm.
London,Hurst And Blackett, Publishers,UK                   viii,327p.,22cm.
Washington,Bureau of reclamation,UK                        vii,191p.,23cm.
London,Payne And Foss, Pall Mall; And Butterworth And Son,UK
London,Her Majesty's Stationery Office,UK                  23p.,25cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                             288p.,18cm.
London,Henry G. Bohn,UK                                    xii,242p.,18cm.
London,Henry G. Bohn,UK                                    302p.,19cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                      xlvi,377p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                                vii,185p.,19cm.
London,Richard Bentley,UK                                  411p.,22cm.
London,Richard Bentley,UK                                  xv,502p.,21cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, And Roberts,UK viii,183p.,22cm.
Paris,Chez Moreau,Imprimeur De S. A. R. Madame,UK          469p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                                214p.,23cm.
London,Chapman And hall,UK                                 339p.,18cm.
London,Trubner & Co.,UK                                    348p.,22cm.
Washington,United States Government Printing Office,UK     xiv,94p.,23cm.
London,G. Bell And Sons, Limited,UK                        xvi,408p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                           xxxvi,82p.,24cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, Spink And Co.,India                      x,148p.,15cm.
London,Gurney & Jacson,UK                                  xxii,840p.,23cm.
London,Longman, Hurst, Press, Orme, Brown, And Green,UK xvii,364p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                       xlii,210p.,16cm.
London,Her Majesty's Stationery Office,UK                  xxi,612p.,22cm.
London,Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd.,UK                    xvi,306p.,21cm.
London,J. Johnson And Co.,UK                               xiv,505p.,21cm.
London,Edward Arnold,UK                                    266p.,20cm.
London,Newcastle,UK                                        148p.,22cm.
London,Longman, Brown. Green, Longmans, And Roberts,UK xvii,455p.,23cm.
London,Scott, Greenwood & Son,UK                           xxviii,436p.,22cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Limited,UK                     152p.,19cm.
washington,Government Printing Office,UK                   vi,1042p.,23cm.
Roorkee,Thomason College,UK                                vi,211p.,24cm.
Albany,J. B. Lyon Company,UK                               410p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Butterworth & Co. (India), Ltd.,India             xix,699p.,22cm.
London,Macmillam And Co.,UK                                xiii,552p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, Spink & Co.,India                        xiv,622p.,22cm.
London,Lockwood & Co.,UK                                   284p.,17cm.
London,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                311p.,19cm.
London,Edward Arnold,UK                             xxviii,448p.,21cm.
Chatham,Royal Engineers Institute,UK                iv,256p.,24cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                  xii,410p.,20cm.
London,T. Werner Laurie,UK                          183p.,19cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Limited,UK              vi,342p.,19cm.
London,E. & F. Spon, Limited,UK                     vii,86p.,18cm.
Oxford,John Henry Parker,UK                         xx,418p.,22cm.
London,Collins And Harvill Press,UK                 510p.,21cm.
Oxford,At The Clarendon Press,UK                    xxxvi,730p.,23cm.
London,Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, And Brown,UK     xii,398p.,22cm.
London,A. & C. Black, Ltd.,UK                       304p.,22cm.
London,Williams & Norgate,UK                        ix,397p.,23cm.
London,Henry G. Bohn,UK                             xi,496p.,18cm.
Allahabad,Pioneer Press,India                       60p.,30cm.
London,Blackie & Son Limited,UK                     xii,433p.,22cm.
London,Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Ltd.,UK    xix,628p.,22cm.
London,Charles Griffin & Company, Limited,UK        xvi,281p.,19cm.
London,John Murray,UK                               xxii,534p.,22cm.
London,John Churchill,UK                            xxiv,595p.,17cm.
London,Longmans, Green, & Co.,UK                    viii,196p.,19cm.
London,Chapman And Hall,UK                          iv,756p.,25cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                         x,511p.,18cm.
Boston,Ginn & Company,USA                           xvi,250p.,19cm.
London,John Murray,USA                              vii,143p.,17cm.
Calcutta,William Rushton,India                      110p.,21cm.
London,Wm. S. Orr And Co.,India                     xvi,393p.,20cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, & Longmans,UK         xv,661p.,17cm.
London,Cassell And Company Limted,UK                380p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Government of India,India                  249p.,24cm.
Californiya,California Institute Of Technology,UK   67p.,28cm.
Calcutta,Government of India,India                  3830p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Government of India,India                  ,33cm.
London,Methuen & Co. Ltd.,UK                        x,192p.,17cm.
London,Henry colburn, Publisher,UK                  vi,384p.,19cm.
London,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                xvii,406p.,19cm.
London,John lane, The Bodley Head, W.,UK            xii,238p.,19cm.
London,Victor Gollancz Ltd.,UK                      viii,840p.,20cm.
Paris,Edmond D'ocagne Editeur,UK                    iv,691p.,21cm.
London,Longman, Green, Longman, And Robers,UK       xvi,663p.,22cm.
London,J. & A. Churchill,UK                         x,696p.,24cm.
New York,D. Van Nostrand Company,UK                 xi,240p.,24cm.
Chicago,A. C. McClurg & co.,UK                      xii,264p.,21cm.
London,Rebman Limited,UK                            329p.,19cm.
London,Trubner And Co.,UK                           lll,370p.,22cm.
London,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                338p.,19cm.
London,Whittaker & Co.,UK                           xii,395p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                         xi,344p.,20cm.
London,Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longmans,UK   304p.,19cm.
London,Groombridge And Sons,UK                      18cm.,18cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                  xi,147p.,15cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                  xi,107p.,20cm.
London,Smith, Elder & Co.,UK                             ix,298p.,19cm.
London,Longmans,UK                                       viii,512p.,22cm.
London,J. M. Dent & Sons,UK                              xxx,445p.,18cm.
London,J. M. Dent & Sons,UK                              xii,120p.,18cm.
London,Ampersand Ltd.,UK                                 64p.,19cm.
London,Ampersand Ltd.,UK                                 298p.,19cm.
London,Marshal, Morgan & Scott Ltd.,UK                   118p.,19cm.
London,Richard Griffin And Company,UK                    vi,315p.,17cm.
London,Chapman And Hall,UK                               362p.,18cm.
London,C. Bathurst, J. F. And C. Rivington,UK            386p.,21cm.
London,C. Bathurst, J. F. And C. Rivington,UK            360p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Calcutta University Press,India                 198p.,24cm.
New York,John Wiley & Sons,USA                           xi,507p.,23cm.
Philadelphia,David Mckay, Publishar,UK                   xv,399p.,23cm.
Philadelphia,David Mckay, Publishar,UK                   284p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                  viii,430p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                              vi,247p.,19cm.
Calcutta,At The Baptist Mission Press,UK                 x,103p.,21cm.
London,James Madden,UK                                   vii,412p.,19cm.
London,Orbis Prague,UK                                   128p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                              xi,59p.,18cm.
London,G.Bell And, Ltd.,UK                               viii,288p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                     vii,526p.,24cm.
New York,D. Appleton & Co., Publishers,India             iv,452p.,24cm.
London,Richard Bentley,UK                                viii,402p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson & Co.,UK                               313p.,19cm.
Madras,Higginbotham & Co.,UK                             vi,96p.,21cm.
London,W. Collins Sons & Co. Ltd.,UK                     xxxi,217p.,23cm.
Washington,United states government printing office,UK   22p.,25cm.
Tokyo,World Engineering Congress,UK                      328p.,25cm.
Roorkee,University of Roorkee,India                      ,29cm.
Calcutta,Government of India,India                       vi,117p.,33cm.
Sirmoor State,Government of India,Punjab                 23p.,33cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                         105p.,33cm.
Washington,United State,UK                               398p.,30cm.
Cambridge,Cambridge University Press,UK                  305p.,28cm.
Cambridge,Cambridge University Press,UK                  1001p.,28cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                         ii,27p.,33cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                         ,33cm.
London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                                319p.,20cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                  vi,511p.,22cm.
London,t. Cadell,UK                                      cxxiv,287p.,22cm.
London,Charles knight,UK                                 vii,419p.,16cm.
London,Methuen & Co.,UK                                  xi,408p.,22cm.
London,John Churchill,UK                                 xi,687p.,22cm.
London,Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington,UK      xvi,557p.,23cm.
London,Richard Bentley,UK                                xii,402p.,22cm.
Calcutta,thacker Spink & Co.,India                       iii,175p.,19cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                    xxvii,404p.,21cm.
London,P. S. King & Son, Ltd.,UK                         xii,266p.,22cm.
London,T. And J. Allman,UK                               viii,267p.,16cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                     314p.,21cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                         xliv,451p.,22cm.
London,William Heinemann Ltd.,UK                           326p.,22cm.
London,William Heinemann Ltd.,UK                           310p.,19cm.
London,Sampson Low, Marston & Co. Ltd.,UK                  viii,461p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, Green, & Co.,UK                           xii,468p.,18cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                      viii,335p.,21cm.
London,George Allen & Unwin Ltd.,UK                        292p.,22cm.
London,William Blackwood And Sons,Uk                       242p.,17cm.
London,Trubner & Co., Ludgate Hill,UK                      xv,238p.,18cm.
London,Archibald Constable & Co. Ltd.,UK                   xi,255p.,21cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                      vi,303p.,20cm.
London,Henry Colburn, Publisher,UK                         396p.,20cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                      ix,436p.,19cm.
London,Methuen & Co. Ltd,UK                                vi,245p.,17cm.
Manchester,At the University Press,UK                      xxiv,779p.,22cm.
New Delhi,Order of The Board,India                         xii,378p.,25cm.
London,Scott, Greenwood & Son,UK                           viii,159p.,18cm.
London,University tutorial Press Co.,UK                    viii,429p.,19cm.
London,Longman, Rees, Oeme, Brown, Green, & Longman,UK     xvi,428p.,18cm.
London,Ward, Lock & Co., Limited,UK                        255p.,17cm.
London,Francis & John Revigton,UK                          xix,634p.,23cm.
London,Skeffington & Son, Ltd,UK                           248p.,19cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                      xviii,358p.,22cm.
London,Longman. Brown, Green, And Longman,UK               cxlii,204p.,17cm.
Edinburgh,Oliver & Boyd, Tweeddale-Court,UK                444p.,17cm.
London,H. Hughs,UK                                         300p.,16cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                         473p.,18cm.
Bombay,Bennett, Coleman & Co.,,UK                          284p.,25cm.
New Delhi,Bennett, Coleman & Co.,,UK                       109p.,25cm.
Cambridge,At The University Press,UK                       78p.,24cm.
London,John Lane The Bodley Head Limited,UK                276p.,18cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India     iii,245p.,24cm.
Lahore,Civil And Militry Gazette Press,India               136p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                         xiv,531p.,21cm.
New York,Viking Press,UK                                   viii,408p.,22cm.
London,T. Egerton,UK                                       xvi,865p.,21cm.
London,Longman, Brown. Green, And Longmans,UK              xiv,388p.,23cm.
London,Charles Griffin And Company, Limited,UK             xi,176p.,22cm.
Madras,Guardian Press,India                                iii,320p.,25cm.
London,Associated protland Cement Manufacturers Ltd.,India x,348p.,22cm.
London,Seeley, Service & Co. Limited,India                 320p.,20cm.
London,Seeley, Service & Co. Limited,India                 473p.,20cm.
London,George Bell & Sons,UK                               vii,388p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                       xxvi,545p.,22cm.
London,Henry Colburn, Publisher,UK                         xx,354p.,23cm.
London,R. C. Lepage & Co.,UK                               x,558p.,21cm.
London,Parker, Son, And Bourn, West Strand,UK              xxxii,950p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Circular Road Press,INdia                         147p.,21cm.
New York,Literary Year Book Press,USA                      135p.,21cm.
New York,Literary Year Book Press,USA                      128p.,18cm.
New York,Literary Year Book Press,USA                      xiv,821p.,22cm.
London,Faber 7 Faber Limited,UK                            350p@B.,19cm.
Oxford,At The Clarendon Press,UK                      194p.,19cm.
Mayavati,Advaita Ashrama,India                        vi,240p.,15cm.
London,Constable & Company Ltd.,India                 x,464p.,22cm.
London,John Murray,India                              viii,412p.,22cm.
London,E. & F. N Spon,UK                              1152p.,24cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                  xxi,523p.,19cm.
Calcutta,Government Of India,India                    ,25cm.
Nagpur,Government Press,India                         29p.,25cm.
Nagpur,Government Press,India                         58p.,21cm.
London,F. C. And J. Rivington,UK                      430p.,22cm.
London,H. K. Lewis,UK                                 xviii,633p.,20cm.
London,James Nisbet And Co.,UK                        xiv,372p.,20cm.
Bombay,government Central Book Depot.,India           vii,535p.,18cm.
New York,Myron C. Clark Publishing Co.,India          xiii,310p.,17cm.
London,Chapman And Hall, Limited,UK                   x,615p.,21cm.
Cambridge,At The University Press,UK                  x,258p.,21cm.
New Delhi,Manager of Publications,India               xx,129p.,21cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                    xxiii,426p.,22cm.
New Delhi,Indian Roads Congress,India                 576p.,22cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, And Longmans,UK         xxiii,592p.,22cm.
London,Lovat Dickson,UK                               vi,307p.,20cm.
London,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                  xii,326p.,19cm.
Philadelphia,Key & Biddle,UK                          x,350p.,19cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spon, Ltd.,UK                       xv,140p.,18cm.
London,Whittaker & Co.,UK                             xix,432p.,18cm.
London,University Tutorial Press Co.,UK               vi,548p.,18cm.
London,George Bell & Sons,UK                          156p.,18cm.
London,Henry Colburn, Publisher,UK                    450p.,19cm.
London,James Madden & Co.,UK                          x,308p.,23cm.
London,Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts & Green,UK    xxiv,660p.,21cm.
London,John Hogg,UK                                   x,223p.,22cm.
London,Rider & Co.,UK                                 128p.,22cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, And Longmans,UK         xv,,22cm.
Allahabad,Pioneer Press,India                         xii,214p.,19cm.
London,Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington,UK   viii,245p.,17cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                        243p.,19cm.
London,W. Collins Sons & Co. Ltd.,UK                  252p.,19cm.
London,Frederick Warne And Co.,,UK                    viii,373p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                  301p.,20cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, And Longmans,UK         xxviii,828p.,23cm.
Allahabad,Pioneer Press,India                         xiii,620p.,24cm.
New Delhi,Government of India,India                   ii,188p.,25cm.
New Delhi,Government of India,India                   233p.,25cm.
London,John Weale,UK                                  ii,132p.,18cm.
London,Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, And Green,UK       xv,384p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,Adam And Charles Black,UK                   vi,346p.,18cm.
Lahore,Washington Press,India                         172p.,22cm.
London,John Wiley & Sons' Inc,UK                      xx,885p.,23cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Ltd,UK                    279p.,21cm.
London,Longman, brown, Green, And Longmans,UK         xi,368p.,17cm.
London,Gee & Co. (Publishers) Ltd.,UK                 xiv,1070p.,25cm.
London,George Newnes, Limited,UK                      224p.,15cm.
London,W. & R. Chambers, Limited,UK                      184p.,19cm.
London,Charles Griffin & Company, Limited,UK             xviii,371p.,20cm.
London,Methuen & Co. Ltd.,UK                             xiv,273p.,19cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent Governm,ent Printing,India       ,25cm.
London,Cornelius Buck,India                              2206p.,26cm.
Trivandrum,D. A. E.,India                                viii,820p.,25cm.
London,Heinemann W.,UK                                   xi,495p.,26cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                         137p.,24cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                         616p.,24cm.
London,Edward Churton,UK                                 xii,310p.,16cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, Spink And Co.,India                    vi,128p.,17cm.
New York,American Welding Society,USA                    108p.,23cm.
New York,Bancroft Company, Publishers,USA                x,562p.,20cm.
London,Vizetelly And Company,UK                          vi,246p.,19cm.
London,Henry Colburn, Publisher,UK                       xiv,447p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                              lii,505p.,20cm.
London,John Murrya,UK                                    xii,335p.,20cm.
London,George Newnes, Ltd.,UK                            192p.,15cm.
London,Constable And Company, Ltd.,UK                    429p.,19cm.
London,william Blackwood & Sons,UK                       447p.,20cm.
Calcutta,Bishop's College Press,India                    viii,251p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, Spink & Co.,India                      ix,295p.,16cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, And Longmans,UK            iv,148p.,25cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen & Co.,UK                             iv,103p.,23cm.
London,University of Edinburgh,UK                        ,21cm.
London,Hutchinson & Co.,UK                               628p.,24cm.
London,Gale & Polden, Ltd.,UK                            xiv,288p.,18cm.
London,Carter & Co.,UK                                   x,206p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus, Piccadiliy,UK                    483p.,18cm.
London,Harper & Brothers Publishers,UK                   365p.,24cm.
London,John W. Parker & Son,UK                           xix,377p.,17cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                       xiii,238p.,17cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spon Ltd.,UK                           vi,544p.,19cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                         7p.,25cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,India                           xix,389p.,23cm.
London,Taylor And Francis,Uk                             xiii,440p.,23cm.
New York,John Wiley & Sons,USA                           v,71p.,23cm.
London,Jemes Hogg & Sons,UK                              284p.,17cm.
London,G. Bell And Sons Ltd.,UK                          196p.,19cm.
Washington,United States Government Printing Office,UK   231p.,24cm.
London,John LAne The Bodley Head Limited,UK              xix,279p.,24cm.
London,G. Bell And Sons. Ltd.,UK                         xxviii,270p.,25cm.
London,Merton House,UK                                   400p.,25cm.
London,Cambridge University Press,UK                     50p.,25cm.
London,Jonathan Cape Limited,UK                          368p.,22cm.
London,Robert Cadell,UK                                  ii,379p.,16cm.
London,Longmans, Green And Co.,UK                        38p.,23cm.
London,Humphrey Milford Oxford University Press,UK       xvii,284p.,22cm.
London,Royal Engineer Institute,UK                       246p.,22cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen & Co.,UK                             vi,344p.,19cm.
New York,Henry Holt And Company,UK                       iv,143p.,20cm.
London,Edward Moxon,UK                                   154p.,17cm.
London,Edward Moxon,UK                                      235p.,18cm.
London,Harrison And Sons,UK                                 229p.,22cm.
Banares,Hindu University,India                              xix,176p.,21cm.
London,Henry Colburn,UK                                     iv,644p.,22cm.
London,Hutchinson & Co.,UK                                  viii,319p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson & Co.,UK                                  188p.,22cm.
Cambridge,Deighton, Bell, And Co.,UK                        viii,449p.,22cm.
Allahabad,Pioneer Press,India                               233p.,25cm.
New York,John Wiley & Sons,USA                              xiii,547p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,USA                                x,402p.,23cm.
London,Henry Colburn,USA                                    vii,326p.,22cm.
London,Henry Colburn,USA                                    915p.,22cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, And Longmans,UK               378p.,20cm.
New York,Macmillan Company,UK                               ix,293p.,21cm.
Philadelphia,Henry Carey Baird & Co.,UK                     viii,93p.,20cm.
New Delhi,Hungarian Information And Cultural Centre,India   vi,89p.,20cm.
London,Methuen & Co. Ltd.,UK                                xvi,434p.,22cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Limited,UK                      249p.,19cm.
London,John Lane The Bodley Head Ltd,UK                     xii,260p.,19cm.
Oxford,Horace Hart,UK                                       xxxv,244p.,23cm.
London,Henry Colburn, Publisher,UK                          xi,389p.,23cm.
Chatham,Royal Engineers Institute,UK                        iv,256p.,22cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans And Roberts,UK       xv,317p.,20cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans And Roberts,UK       xii,226p.,22cm.
New York,Harper & Brothers,USA                              330p.,17cm.
London,Scott, Greenwood & Son,UK                            xi,504p.,22cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen & Co.,UK                                xi,171p.,20cm.
Washigton,government Printing Office,UK                     104p.,24cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                                 133p.,17cm.
London,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                        xiii,424p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                                 xxxv,364p.,15cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton Ltd.,UK                         251p.,18cm.
London,P. S. king & Son,UK                                  vi,135p.,18cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Ltd.,UK                         xviii,317p.,24cm.
London,Longmans, Green, & Co.,UK                            xi,379p.,24cm.
London,Charles Griffin And Company, Limited,UK              x,244p.,22cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spon,UK                                   x,240p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                        iv,91p.,21cm.
London,Crosby Lockwood And Son,UK                           xiv,160p.,25cm.
London,Crosby Lockwood And Son,UK                           230p.,24cm.
Madras,Caleb Foster,India                                   72p.,21cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                            55p.,23cm.
London,Harrison And Sons, St. Martins Lane,UK               47p.,21cm.
London,Saunders And Otley, Condut Street,UK                 xii,327p.,19cm.
London,University of London,UK                              ,21cm.
London,University of London,UK                              ,21cm.
Madras,At The Adelphi Press,UK                              41p.,21cm.
New York,Orange Judd Company,USA                            265p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, Green And Co.,UK                           v,41p.,23cm.
London,Sampson Low, Marston And Company, Ltd.,UK            xviii,597p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Government Of India Central Press,India            xvi,426p.,25cm.
London,Scott, Greenwood & Co.,UK                            vii,196p.,22cm.
London,William Blackwood,UK                                  xi,503p.,21cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, & Roberts,UK         xi,407p.,20cm.
London,William Pickering,UK                                  250p.,17cm.
London,His Majesty's Stationary office,UK                    84p.,18cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                        xi,187p.,17cm.
London,G. Bell And Sons, Ltd,UK                              303p.,19cm.
London,Smith, Elder, & Co.,UK                                vi,433p.,21cm.
London,Smith, Elder, & Co.,UK                                587p.,18cm.
London,Edward Stanford,UK                                    iv,180p.,17cm.
London,Edward Stanford,UK                                    450p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                                  220p.,19cm.
London,T. Cautley Newby,UK                                   v,294p.,19cm.
Cambridge,At The University Press,UK                         112p.,17cm.
London,FrederickWarne And Co.                                xlvi,587p.,21cm.
London,Harrison And Sons, ST. Martin's Lane,UK               172p.,21cm.
Cambridge,At The University Press,UK                         viii,334p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Ltd.,UK                            xxxv,480p.,19cm.
Stuttgart,Verlag Von Ferdinand Enke,UK                       xiii,966p.,24cm.
Delhi,Indian Roads Congress,India                            ix,131p.,25cm.
Bengal,Government of Bengal,India                            189p.,33cm.
London,Thornton Butterworth, Limited,UK                      320p.,23cm.
London,J. Rodwell, New Bond Street,UK                        vii,643p.,23cm.
London,Henry Colburn, Publisher,UK                           440p.,20cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                        xxviii,664p.,22cm.
London,Herbert Jenkins Limited,UK                            318p.,18cm.
London,Longman, Green, & Co.,UK                              307p.,18cm.
London,W. Clowes And Sons,UK                                 ix,264p.,21cm.
London,Richard Bentley,UK                                    xiv,416p.,23cm.
New York,Doubleday, Page & Company,UK                        xxii,503p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                           ix,271p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                         114p.,19cm.
London,C. Kegan Paul & Co,UK                                 iv,284p.,20cm.
London,Parbury, Allen, And Co.,UK                            x,369p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Bishop's College Press,India                        viii,364p.,22cm.
Paris,Librairie Pion,UK                                      448p.,21cm.
New York,Orange Judd Company,USA                             xiii,139p.,19cm.
London,Thomas Nelson And Sons,USA                            viii,490p.,20cm.
London,Sampson Low, marston , searle & Riigton,UK            ix,560p.,22cm.
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pomona,Pomona Pump Co.,Uk                                   46p.,28cm.
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Allahabad,United Provinces,India                       vii,55p.,25cm.
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London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                            60p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                            ,25cm.
London,C. Bathurst,UK                                  506p.,21cm.
Paris,De L'Imprimerie De F. Dufart,UK                  415p.,21cm.
London,G> Bell And Sons Ltd.,UK                        xxxi,1416p.,19cm.
New York,John Wiley & Co.,USa                          xi,235p.,21cm.
New York,Edward Arnold,USA                             160p.,23cm.
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London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                            vi,324p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                            ,32cm.
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London,Focal Press,UK                                  262p.,19cm.
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Altenbvrgi,Ex Officina Richteria,UK                    776p.,20cm.
Chatham,Royal Engineers,UK                             304p.,24cm.
London,W. B. Clive,UK                                  viii,136p.,17cm.
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Agra,Star Press,UK                                     32p.,22cm.
London,Longman, Green, longman, And Roberts,UK         xvii,469p.,22cm.
London,Longman, Green, And Co.,UK                      xv,391p.,19cm.
Cambridge,University Press,UK                          ,25cm.
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Washington,Government Priting Office,UK                452p.,23cm.
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Chatham,Royal Engineers,UK                             304p.,24cm.
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London,John Murray,UK                                  xiv,460p.,22cm.
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Washington,Government Printing Office,UK               469p.,23cm.
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London,gurney And Jackson, Paternoster Row,UK     1214p.,22cm.
London,Gurney And Jackson, Paternoster Row,UK     xvi,268p.,22cm.
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London,John Murray,UK                             184p.,26cm.
Benares,C. H. Voss,India                          60p.,22cm.
Delhi,Manager Of Publication,India                ii,108p.,25cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                vi,448p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                210p.,18cm.
Delhi,Publication Division,India                  56p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Survey Of India,India                    22p.,25cm.
Bombay,Education Society's Press, Byculla,India   viii,641p.,22cm.
Bombay,Education Society's Press, Byculla,India   131p.,25cm.
London,John Murray,UK                             x,420p.,22cm.
Bombay,Bombay Education Society's Press,India     x,346p.,25cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan And Co.,UK                    vi,504p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK              xxii,250p.,22cm.
Washington,Smithsonian Institution,UK             x,773p.,24cm.
London,Book Club,UK                               279p.,19cm.
Paris,Ernest Benn Limited,UK                      xx,489p.,21cm.
London,Country Life Ltd.,UK                       xxii,163p.,25cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                  ii14p.,24cm.
New Delhi,Government Of India,India               xxiii,244p.,24cm.
New Delhi,Manager Of Publication,India            78p.,24cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                  114p.,25cm.
London,Great George Street,Uk                     22p.,22cm.
Lahore,Civil & Military Gazette,Uk                x,148p.,22cm.
London,Author,UK                                  xi,184p.,26cm.
London,Longman, Green, Longman, And Roberts,UK    xviii,427p.,23cm.
Parish,Ross & Co.,UK                              568p.,18cm.
London,Blackie & Son Limited,UK                   64p.,22cm.
London,Blackie & Son Limited,UK                   290p.,22cm.
London,Royal Geographical Society,UK              xvi,288p.,24cm.
London,Charles Griffin And Company, Limited,UK    x,236p.,23cm.
Stuttgart,Verlag Von Ferdinad Enke,UK             xii,965p.,24cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                    vi,175p.,17cm.
New York,Macmillan Company,USA                    xi,110p.,18cm.
London,Gay And Hancock, Limited,UK                xiii,452p.,18cm.
Lahore,Civil And Military Gazette Press,UK        iv,43p.,25cm.
Durham,University Of Durham,India                 365p.,22cm.
London,John Murray,UK                             xi,414p.,21cm.
London,Sampson Low, Marston And Company,UK        xv,374p.,23cm.
Paris,Gauthier- Villars Et Cie, Editeurs,UK       279p.,24cm.
New Delhi,University Grants Commission,India      123p.,24cm.
Parish,Arthus- Bertrand,UK                        494p.,21cm.
London,Gay & Hancock, Ltd.,UK                     xiv,286p.,21cm.
London,Peter Davies,UK                            387p.,19cm.
Parish,Edmond D' Ocagne, editeur,UK               533p.,21cm.
Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India              xxi,319p.,25cm.
London,Charles Griffin & Company, Limited,UK               xxxii,650p.,23cm.
London,James Madden,UK                                     64p.,24cm.
London,Heath Cranton Limited,UK                            287p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                           vii,162p.,24cm.
New York,W. W. Norton & Company. Inc.,USA                  xii,1082p.,24cm.
Washington,Government Printing Office,UK                   v,1373p.,24cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                         xviii,494p.,22cm.
Parish,Vve Ch. Dunod, Editeur,UK                           855p.,22cm.
London,Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd.,UK          xxiv,435p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent Government Printing, India,India   123p.,23cm.
Lahore,Superintendent Government Printing, India,India     vii,63p.,22cm.
Bareilly,Vaish Book Depot,India                            xv,342p.,19cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                           97p.,24cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India     46p.,21cm.
London,John Lane The Bodley Head Limited,UK                xvi,338p.,19cm.
Chatham,Royal Engineers Institution,UK                     vi,428p.,24cm.
London,Ernest Benn Limited,UK                              xii,176p.,21cm.
London,T. And W. Boone,UK                                  887p.,22cm.
New York,John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,USA                       xxi,409p.,23cm.
London,Hurst And Blackett, Pulishers,UK                    viii,618p.,22cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                      viii,184p.,18cm.
London,Crosby Lockwood And Son,UK                          viii,150p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                         xxiii,447p.,21cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                             314p.,18cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                             415p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                                xvi,520p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan And Co. Limited,UK                        lxiii,499p.,19cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton, Limited,Uk                    viii,340p.,19cm.
London,Archibald Constable & Co. Ltd.,Uk                   xxiii,331p.,23cm.
London,Messrs. W. H. Allen And Co.,UK                      xii,608p.,23cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                      xii,346p.,21cm.
Chatham,Royal Engineers Institute,UK                       vi,344p.,24cm.
London,John Van Voorst,UK                                  xxxvii,408p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,Thomas Constable And Co.,UK                      526p.,19cm.
London,T. Nelson And Sons,UK                               viii,430p.,20cm.
London,John w. Parker,UK                                   vii,611p.,23cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                      xiii,455p.,23cm.
London,George Philip & Son, Ltd.,UK                        xii,517p.,21cm.
London,Swan Sonnenschein & Co. Ltd.,UK                     xv,396p.,22cm.
London,Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Ltd.,UK           xiv,417p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan And Co. Limited,UK                        viii,646p.,22cm.
Oxford,University Press,UK                                 319p.,22cm.
New Delhi,governm,ent Of India,India                       v,328p.,25cm.
London,A. Strahan,UK                                       xv,464p.,22cm.
London,H. Bailliere, Publisher,UK                          799p.,23cm.
London,Swan Sonnenschein & Co.,UK                          lxxiv,775p.,27cm.
London,D. C. Heath & Company,UK                            viii,279p.,18cm.
London,Charles Griffin & Company, Limited,UK               xv,306p.,20cm.
London,J. 7 H. Cox,UK                                      vi,212p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co. Ltd.,UK                    xvi,289p.,22cm.
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Calcutta,Thacker, Spink, And Co.,Uk                        vi,90p.,16cm.
Chatham,Royal Engineers Institute,UK                  iv,272p.,24cm.
Manchester,Independent College,UK                     xxxii,1100p.,23cm.
Allahabad,Pioneer Press,India                         xvi,628p.,24cm.
London,Field Press Ltd.,UK                            143p.,17cm.
London,Williams And Norgate,UK                        xvii,607p.,23cm.
London,Pengun Books,UK                                138p.,18cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                 xx,678p.,22cm.
London,William Blackwood ANd Sons,UK                  viii,430p.,23cm.
Washington,Government Printing Office,UK              vi,382p.,24cm.
Washington,Government Printing Office,UK              499p.,22cm.
London,W. Collins Sons & Co. Ltd.,UK                  x,293p.,22cm.
London,Longman, Green, Longman, And Roberts,UK        xiii,256p.,19cm.
London,Taylor And Walto,UK                            xiv,520p.,23cm.
London,Taylor And Walto,UK                            ,25cm.
London,Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longman,UKxvi,396p.,17cm.
Cambridge,University Press,UK                         xxiii,127p.,19cm.
Boston,Ginn And Company,UK                            x,756p.,23cm.
London,Hutchinson & Co.,UK                            366p.,24cm.
London,William heinemann Ltd.,UK                      411p.,22cm.
London,Richard Bentley,UK                             xii,403p.,21cm.
New York,John Wiley & Sons,USA                        iv,121p.,19cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                      iv,98p.,24cm.
London,UK                                             444p.,24cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Ltd.,UK                   xii,247p.,21cm.
Calcutta,superintendent Government Printing,India     137p.,26cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                  xvi,1436p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                  406p.,17cm.
Parish,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                  ii,320p.,22cm.
London,Kegan Paul, Trench, & Co.,UK                   viii,359p.,19cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Ltd.,UK                   vi,311p.,24cm.
London,Published At The Institution,UK                109p.,21cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Ltd.,UK                   x,517p.,24cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan, Barclay, And Macmillan,UK        iv,288p.,23cm.
London,Illustrated London News, Limited,UK            576p.,24cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Limited,UK                380p.,23cm.
London,Smith, Elder & Co.,UK                          xvi,534p.,24cm.
Manchester,Scientific Publishing Company,UK           viii,654p.,21cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                         23p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                         8p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                         20p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                         25p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                         6p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                         22p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                         10p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                         11p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                         24p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                         19p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                         17p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                         15cm.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                         37p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                         31p.,22cm.
London,George Routledge & Sons, Ltd,UK                vi,252p.,23cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                 vii,173p.,19cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                 viii,466p.,20cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                 234p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                  x,185p.,19cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton, Limited,Uk               viii,341p.,18cm.
London,Houlston And Stoneman,UK                       212p.,20cm.
London,Houlston And Stoneman,UK                       vi,430p.,23p.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,Indiaxv,271p.,25cm.
Roorkee,Thomason College,India                        vii,34p.,25cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India65p.,25cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                    232p.,22cm.
London,Chapman & Hall, Ltd.,UK                        xi,256p.,24cm.
London,John Murray,Uk                                 xxxiv,265p.,19cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, Spink & co.,India                   54p.,19cm.
New York,D. Appleton And Company,USA                  xxx,771p.,21cm.
Cambridge,University Press,UK                         xv,144p.,22cm.
Washington,Government Printing Office,UK              175p.,23cm.
London,Cavendish Society,UK                           xxxviii,428p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,Oliver & Boyd, Tweeddale Court,UK           416p.,17cm.
Edinburgh,James Thin,UK                               ,22cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                  xxiv,639p.,23cm.
New York,Henry Holt And Company,USA                   297p.,19cm.
London,Scott, Greenwood & Son,UK                      viii,141p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                  xiii,311p.,23cm.
Calcutta,C. B. Lewis, Baptish Mission Press,India     261p.,22cm.
Glasgow,University Of Glasgow,UK                      ,21cm.
London,Grant Richards,UK                              xviii,287p.,18cm.
Cambridge,University Press,UK                         x,169p.,19cm.
Calcutta,Government Of India,India                    4p.,24cm.
Delhi,Indina Bibliographies Bureau,India              x,683p.,28cm.
Oxford,Clarendon Press,UK                             xv,663p.,19cm.
London,Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longman,UKviii,369p.,17cm.
Paris,A La Librairie Encyclopedique De Robet,UK       iii,248p.,14cm.
London,Edward Moxon,UK                                xvii,340p.,18cm.
New York,John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,USA                  xvi,319p.,17cm.
London,Sumptibus Samuelis Bagster Et,UK               187p.,16cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                 viii,328p.,15cm.
London,John Churchill & Sons,UK                       xvi,594p.,17cm.
London,Sampson Low, Son, & Co.,UK                     522p.,19cm.
London,R. A. Skelton & Co.,UK                         122p.,22cm.
Paris,Chez Magimel, Anselin Et Pochard,UK             cliv,540p.,20cm.
London,Publishes By Cornelius Buck,UK                 2094p.,26cm.
Calcutta,Military Orphan Press,India                  439p.,24cm.
Edinburgh,Published By William And Robert Chambers,UK x,126p.,25cm.
Lucknow,Asst. Supdt.-In-Govt. Branch Press,India      xlii,96p.,24cm.
Wien,Springer-Verlag,UK                               118p.,25cm.
London,Blackie & Son, Limited,UK                      vii,192p.,18cm.
London,Taylor And Francis, Red Lion Court,UK          iv,251p.,23cm.
London,John Weale,UK                                  viii,69p.,27cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent Government Printing, India,India   xiv,133p.,30cm.
Delhi,Manager of Publications,India                        ix,,32cm.
Lahore,Superintendent, Government Printing, Punjab,India   29p.,32cm.
London,Pulished By Bernard Quaritch,Uk                     320p.,32cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Limited,UK                     ix,83p.,27cm.
Roorkee,Central Library University Of Roorkee,India        203p.,33cm.
Manchester,Metropolitan-Vickers,UK                         11p.,28cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                           204p.,32cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                           xiii,112p.,28cm.
London,John Weale,UK                                       110p.,28cm.
London,Iron And Steeel Institute,UK                        35p.,27cm.
London,Civil Engineering Press,UK                          248p.,27cm.
Delhi,Manager OF Pulications,UK                            19p.,25cm.
London,Military Academy,US                                 xiii,211p.,29cm.
Delhi,Manager Of Publications,India                        151p.,27cm.
Delhi,Manager Of Publications,India                        110p.,27cm.
Delhi,Manager Of Publications,India                        333p.,28cm.
Delhi,Manager Of Publications,India                        130p.,28cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                      xvi,291p.,28cm.
London,John Weale, Architectural Library,UK                52p.,28cm.
London,UK                                                  50p.,33cm.
Washington,Government Printing Office,UK                   4p.,28cm.
Delhi,Manager Of Pulication,India                          313p.,28cm.
Cambridge,University Of Cambridge,UK                       790p.,28cm.
London,Gould & Protmans, Ltd.,UK                           580p.,27cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, Spink & Co.,India                        iv,98p.,28cm.
London,Trubner And Co.,UK                                  xxiii,405p.,28cm.
London,Chapman And Hall,UK                                 vii,268p.,21cm.
London,Parbury, Allen, And Co.,UK                          xv,634p.,21cm.
New Delhi,Order Of The board,India                         xii,300p.,33cm.
New Delhi,Government Of India,India                        iii,222p.,32cm.
Poona,Chitrashala Press,India                              268p.,33cm.
Simla,Government Central Press,India                       v,140p.,33cm.
Madras,Superintemdent, Government PRess,India              65P.,33cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                           53p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Superintemdent Government Printing,India          32p.,33cm.
London,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                       x,417p.,22cm.
Rangoon,Superintendent, Government Printing,Barma          67p.,33cm.
London,Her Majesty's Stationery Office,UK                  xi,425p.,33cm.
Simla,Government Of India Press,India                      ii,48p.,33cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                           8p.,33cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India     101p.,33cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                           xv,27p.,33cm.
London,Her Majesty's Stationery Office,UK                  17p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Government Of India,India                         iv,227p.,33cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                           97P.,33CM.
London,Uk                                                  15p.,33cm.
Lucknow,United Provinces,UK                                iii,128p.,33cm.
Delhi,Cement Marketing Co. Of India,India                  44p.,33cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                           56p.,33cm.
Simla,Central Board Of Irrigation,India                    iii,185p.,33cm.
            Calcutta,Government Of India,India                            125p.,33cm.
            Chatham,School Of Military Engineering,Indin                  48p.,33cm.
            London,Published By Gee & Co.,UK                              82p.,33cm.
            Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                          42p.,33cm.
            Punjab,Government Of Punjab,India                             12p.,33cm.
            Allahabad,United Provinces,India                              11p.,33cm.
            Chicago,Inland Pulishing Co.,UK                               24p.,33cm.
            London,George Edward Eyre And William Spottiswoode,UK         55p.,33cm.
            Calcutta,Survey Of India,India                                41p.,33cm.
            Simla,Government Of India Press,India                         vi,222p.,33cm.
            London,Cassell, Petter, & Galpin,UK                           36p.,33cm.
            London,Technical Publication,UK                               227p.,33cm.
            London,UK                                                     ,33cm.
            London,Atlas Pulishing Company,Limited,UK                     iv,117p.,42cm.
            London,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                          xiv,356p.,23cm.
            Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                          xxi,319p.,25cm.
            London,Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, And Green,UK               xi,568p.,21cm.
            London,Sands & Co.,UK                                         xx,324p.,22cm.
            London,Wm. H. Allen And Co.,UK                                xi,586p.,22cm.
            London,John Murray,UK                                         x,592p.,23cm.
            London,Wm. H. Allen And Co.,UK                                xxi,422p.,23cm.
            London,Ernest Benn Ltd.,UK                                    317p.,24cm.
             Calcutta,Calcutta Central Press Co., Ltd.,India              xii,503p.,25cm.
             Edinburgh,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                      vi,484p.,22cm.
             London,George Allen & Sons,UK                                ix,259p.,20cm.
             Calcutta,Thacker, Spink, And Co.,India                       xxxii,533p.,19cm.
             London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                           vi,496p.,23cm.
             London,Taylor And Francis, Red Lion Court,UK                 ix,401p.,23cm.
             Calcutta,Calcutta Central Press Co., Ltd.,India              327p.,25cm.
             Madras,Superintendent, Government Press,India                286p.,21cm.
             London,Gerald Howe Limited,UK                                vi,295p.,22cm.
             Cambridge,W. Heffer & Sons Ltd.,UK                           xxx,159p.,22cm.
             Delhi,India                                                  619p.,18cm.
             London,F. C. And J. RIvington,UK                             597p.,22cm.
             London,J. Walker,UK                                          364p.,21cm.
             Lahore,Civil & Military Gazette Ltd.,Pakistan                lxxxiii,618p.,24cm.
             London,Taylor And Francis, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street,UK   xxviii,463p.,23cm.
             London,Archibald Constable And Company Limited,UK            xi,229p.,21cm.
             Calcutta,George Wyman And Co., Limited,India                 iv,876p.,24cm.
             Edinburgh,Archibald Constable And Co.,UK                     vi,563p.,21cm.
             Bombay,Popular Book Depot,India                              x,190p.,18cm.
             London,Blackie And Son,UK                                    xii,707p.,25cm.
             Calcutta,Government Of India,India                           vi,117p.,33cm.
             Calcutta,Superintendent Government Printing,India            53p.,33cm.
             Roorkee,Thomason Collegr,India                               xxvi,91p.,33cm.
Great Indus series of the North-West quardriateral                        xv,126p.,30cm.
             Simla,Railway Board,India                                    iv,55p.,33cm.
             Delhi,Manager Of Publication,India                           vi,333p.,33cm.
             Simla,Government Central Press,India                         ii,294p.,33cm.
             London,Parbury, Allen, ANd Co.,UK                            viii,419p.,22cm.
London,Sampson Low, Marston ANd Co. Ltd.,UK               xvii,551p.,24cm.
New Delhi,Manager, Govt. Of India,India                   333p.,28cm.
New Delhi,Manager, Govt. Of India,India                   ii,487p.,28cm.
New Delhi,Manager, Govt. Of India,India                   151p.,28cm.
New Delhi,President's Prees, Rashtrapati Bhavan,India     17p.,24cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                          28p.,27cm.
Bombay,Government Of Bombay,India                         67p.,33cm.
Peshawar,Government Press,India                           iv,56p.,33cm.
Roorkee,Thomason College,India                            37p.,33cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Engineering College Press,India          vii,39p.,32cm.
Calcutta,baptist Mission Press,India                      ix,32p.,32cm.
Rangoon,Superintendent, Government Printing, Burma,India ii,39p.,33cm.
Lahore,Superintendent, Government Printing,India          19p.,33cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                          iv,33p.,33cm.
Rangoon,Soperintendent, Government Printing,Burma         77p.,33cm.
Simla,Government Of India,India                           7p.,33cm.
Madrid,Imprenta, Fundicion Y Libreria De Don Eusebio Aguado,UK
London,Her Majesty's Stationery Office,UK                 15p.,33cm.
New Delhi,National Productivity Council,India             ii,80p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Government Of India,India                        ii,103p.,33cm.
Roorkee,Thomason College,India                            40p.,33cm.
Calcutta,East Indian Railway,India                        31p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Government Of India,India                        iv,227p.,33cm.
Lahore,Civil And Military Gazette Press,India             27p.,33cm.
Madras,superintendent, Government Press,India             45p.,33cm.
Lahore,Punjab Economical Press,Punjab                     38p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent Government Printing,India         14p.,33cm.
Simla,Government Central Press,India                      38p.,33cm.
Calcutta,East Indian Railway Press,India                  39p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Government Of India,India                        vi,113p.,33cm.
New Delhi,Order Of The Board,India                        xii,300p.,33cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                          11p.,33cm.
Uttar Pradesh,Government Of U. P.,India                   138p.,33cm.
Simla,Government Of India,India                           26p.,33cm.
Simla,Government Of India,India                           25p.,33cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India    34p.,33cm.
Bombay,Government Central Press,India                     20p.,33cm.
New Delhi,Order Of The Board,India                        x,170p.,33cm.
New Delhi,Manager Of Pulication,India                     ix,440p.,33cm.
Bombay,Government Central Press,India                     iv,40p.,33cm.
Madras,Graves And Co.,India                               ii,151p.,33cm.
Simla,government Central Branch Press,India               ii,432p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Government Of India,India                        ii,103p.,33cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spon, Ltd.,UK                           iii,64p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent Of Government Printing,India      viii,55p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent Of Government Printing,India      xxii,260p.,33cm.
Chatham,School of military engineering,India              43p.,33cm.
Delhi,Government Of India,India                           xl,1040P.,22cm.
Delhi,Government Of India,India                           766p.,22cm.
London,Her Majesty's Stationery Office,UK                   viii,199p.,22cm.
London,ecular Society, Limited, By THe Pioneer Press,UK     133p.,18cm.
London,religious Tract Society,UK                           iv,524p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                        xxiv,564p.,23cm.
London,John Weale, High Holbory,UK                          342p.,25cm.
London,Hutchinson And Co.,UK                                xi,424p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                            97p.,24cm.
Roorkee,Quality Improvement Programme Centre,India          ii,132p.,25cm.
London,Macmillan & Co.,UK                                   184p.,19cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spon, Ltd.,UK                             xxiv,446p.,26cm.
London,Johnthan Cape,UK                                     402p.,22cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                              400p.,18cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                       x,589p.,22cm.
Simla,Government Central Press,India                        ii,237p.,33cm.
Simla,Government Central Press,India                        38p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Government Of India,India                          vi,113p.,33cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                            36p.,33cm.
Madras,Superintendent Government Press,India                v,112p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent Government Printing,India           viii,226p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent Government Printing,India           vii,105p.,33cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                            51p.,33cm.
Lahore,Superintendent Government Printing,India             7p.,33cm.
Bengal                                                      ,33cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                            17p.,33cm.
Simla,Controller Of Printing And Stationary,India           52p.,33cm.
Bombay,Times Of India Steam Press,India                     23p.,33cm.
London,Hurst And Blackett, Limited,India                    xx,523p.,22cm.
London,Hurst And Blackett, Limited,India                    ix,373p.,25cm.
Rangoon,Superintendent, Government Printing,Burma           67p.,33cm.
Washington,Highway Research Board,UK                        v,110p.,28cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                       xv,723p.,29cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India      77p.,33cm.
Lucknow,Superintendent, Printing And Stationery,India       33p.,33cm.
Calcutta,G. H. Huttmann, Bengal Military Orphan Press,India vi,60p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent Government Printining,India         iv,169p.,33cm.
California,California Institute Od Technology,UK            79p.,28cm.
Lucknow,London Printing Press,India                         27p.,24cm.
Bombay,Government Central Press,India                       iv,40p.,33cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                            ,24cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                            109p.,25cm.
Mussoorie,Clearing Hose National Institute Of Community Development,India
Calcutta,Government Of India,India                          110p.,33cm.
Simla,Government Of India Press,India                       ii,48p.,33cm.
Simla,Government Of India Press,India                       267p.,33cm.
Poona,Yeravda Prison Press,India                            iii,98p.,33cm.
Delhi,Manager Of Publications,India                         12p.,33cm.
Secunderabad,Swararajya Printing Works,India                35p.,23cm.
Dehradun,Office Of TheTrigonometrical survey,India          33p.,28cm.
Dehradun,Survey Of India,India
Lahore,Superintendent, Government Printing,India            59p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Bengal Secretariat Press,India                     22p.,33cm.
Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                        48p.,33cm.
London,Times,UK                                             520p.,30cm.
London,Great Queen Street,UK                                xii,582p.,32cm.
Roorkee,Government Of India Planning Commission,India       106p.,29cm.
New Delhi,Manager Govt. Of India Press,India                v,312p.,27cm.
London,Cassell And Company Ltd,UK                           xix,259p-,28cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                       viii,200p.,28cm.
Oxford,Society At The Clarendon Press,UK                    ,28cm.
Roorkee,Government N. W. Provinces,India                    7p.,33cm.
Simla,Manager Government Of India Prass,India               vi,271p.,33cm.
London,Longman, Orme, Brown, And Co.,UK                     xxiv,607p.,26cm.
London,English Electric Company Limited,UK                  56p.,25cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                            6p.,33cm.
Naini Tal,Public Works Department,India                     12p.,33cm.
Bolarum,Government Press,India                              135p.,33cm.
Calcutta,R. C. Lepage And Co.,India                         5p.,33cm.
Rangoon,Government Printing,Burma,India                     57p.,33cm.
Naini Tal,United Provinces,India                            41p.,33cm.
Allahabad,Liddell's N.-W. Steam Printing Works,India        13p.,33cm.
London,Richard Bentley,India                                xviii,387p.,21cm.
Lucknpow,London Printing Press,India                        26p.,24cm.
London,Edward Stanford,UK                                   x,336p.,20cm.
London,E. & F. N> Spon,UK                                   iv,119p.,18cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spon,UK                                   483p.,18cm.
Bombay,Commercial Printing Press,India                      viii,523p.,25cm.
Simla,Order Of The Board,Indina                             iii,393p.,25cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                               26p.,21cm.
London,supersedes Previous,UK                               46p.,22cm.
London,Great George street,UK                               56p.,22cm.
New Delhi,Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India,India 390p.,24cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                       xii,414p.,19cm.
London,George Routledge & Co.,UK                            vii,329p.,18cm.
London,Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Ltd.,UK            xxix,376p.,19cm.
London,T. fisher Unwin Ltd.,UK                              241p.,22cm.
Washington,Smithsonian Institution,UK                       ix,238p.,33cm.
Simla,Order Od The Board,India                              iv,175p.,33cm.
Simla,Government Central Printing Office,India              ix,158p.,33cm.
London,Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, AndBrown,UK              viii,479p.,28cm.
Calcutta,Benagal Secretariat Press,India                    ii,225p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Benagal Secretariat Press,India                    ,28cm.
Lahore,Munshi Gulab Singh & Sons,India                      iii361p.,27cm.
Delhi,Manager Of Publications,India                         vi,295p.,33cm.
Calcutta,East Indian Railway Press,India                    39p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent Government Printing,India           ,33cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent Government Printing,India           vii,58p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Government Of India,India                          vi,227p.,33cm.
London,Atchley Andf Co.,UK                                  iv,201p.,29cm.
Peshawar,Sham Lall And Sons,India                           12p.,33cm.
Lahore,C. & M. Gazette Press,India                          25p.,33cm.
Naini Tal,C. & M. Gazette Press,India                       ,33cm.
Lahore,Order Of His Honour The Lieutenant- Governor,India ,33cm.
Lahore,Order Of His Honour The Lieutenant- Governor,India   10p.,33cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                            73p.,33cm.
Madras,Superintendent, Government Press,India               111p.,33cm.
Lahore,Pb. Economical Press,India                           55p.,33cm.
Bombay,Government Of Bombay,India                           88p.,33cm.
London,Civil Engineering And Public Works Review,UK         19p.,33cm.
London,Atchley & Co.,UK                                     18p.,27cm.
New Delhi,Order Of The Board,UK                             ix,312p.,33cm.
New Delhi,Order Of The Board,UK                             viii,550p.,18cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, And Logmans,UK                viii,408p.,20cm.
London,A. & C. Black, Soho Square,UK                        vii,444p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                        475p.,19cm.
London,T. C. & E. C. Jack,UK                                xiii,193p.,20cm.
London,W. & R. Chambers, Limited,UK                         xii,627p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                                 viii,200p.,19cm.
London,John Weale,UK                                        viii,504p.,22cm.
London,Chapman & Hall Ltd,UK                                xxiv,223p.,22cm.
Albany,J. B. Lyon Company,UK                                303p.,22cm.
London,John W. Parker And Son West Strand,UK                xii,40p.,19cm.
Glasow,James Brown & Son,UK                                 vii,94p.,22cm.
London,Herbert Joseph,UK                                    346p.,19cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spon,UK                                   58p.,26cm.
London,Gresham Publishing Company,UK                        xxii,372p.,25cm.
Washington,government Priting Office,UK                     xvi,2170p.,24cm.
London,Watts & Co.,UK                                       xvi,142p.,17cm.
London,George E. Eyre & William Spottiswoode,UK             219p.,22cm.
Bombay,Military Educational Stores,India                    182p.,22cm.
London,W. Collins Sons & Co. Ltd.,UK                        136p.,23cm.
London,authority Of His Majesty's Stationery Office,UK      212p.,21cm.
London,Andrew Melrose (Ltd.),UK                             xx,375p.,22cm.
Washington,Government Printing Office,UK                    vii,2447p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Shri P. R. Sengupta, Statistics, Tea Board,INdia   xxvi,239p.,25cm.
London,His Majesty's Stationary Office,UK                   199p.,24cm.
London,hodder And Stoughton,UK                              xii,324p.,22cm.
London,Methuen & Co. Ltd.,UK                                xi,276p.,19cm.
London,Arthur Hall, Virtue, & Co.,UK                        235p.,17cm.
London,Billiter Street,UK                                   x,558p.,16cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spon, Limited,UK                          vii,245p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                          xxiv,463p.,22cm.
London,B. T. Batsford, Ltd.,UK                              xi,260p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, Spink And Co.,India                       201p.,20cm.
Washington,Government Printing Office,UK                    vii,576p.,23cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                       xv,269p.,20cm.
London,William Collins, Sons, & Company,UK                  194p.,17cm.
London,Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, And Brown,UK             xx,950p.,27cm.
New York,John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,UK                         xiv,969p.,23cm.
London,Western Electric Company,UK                          ,22cm.
Delhi,India                                                 39p.,16cm.
London,Water And Water Engineering,UK                       336p.,19cm.
Moscow,Foreign Languages Publishing House,UK                xiv,451p.,20cm.
             London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                       iv,146p.,18cm.
             London,John Heywood,UK                                   87p.,18cm.
             London,John Weale,UK                                     vii,133p.,18cm.
             Jabalpur,Singhal Press,India                             iii,205p.,22cm.
             London,Saunders And Otley, Conduit-street,UK             293p.,20cm.
             London,John W. Parker And Son, West strand,India         vii,311p.,20cm.
             London,Constable And Company Ltd.,UK                     xi,336p.,23cm.
             Calcutta,India                                           936p.,25cm.
             London,Rodwell And Martin,UK                             xvi,631p.,22cm.
             London,John Lane The Bodley Head Limited,UK              xiii,183p.,22cm.
             Dublin,hodges And Smith, Grafton-Street,UK               vii,227p.,23cm.
             London,Lovat Dickson Limited,UK                          vi,321p.,20cm.
             London,John Murray,UK                                    vi,608p.,22cm.
             Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   19p.,33cm.
             Roorkee,U. P. Irrigation Research Institute,India        53p.,29cm.
             Calcutta,superintendent Of Government Printing,India     v,107p.,33cm.
t einphasiger bahn strombealstung                                     137p.,30cm.
             London,T. Fisher Unwin,UK                                viii,376p.,19cm.
             London,Edward Arnold & Co.,UK                            319p.,21cm.
            London,Edward Arnold & Co.,UK                             303p.,22cm.
            London,Robert Atkinson (London) Limited,UK                xxiv,344p.,26cm.
            Durham,University Office,UK                               iv,263p.,22cm.
            London,Association Of Universities Of The British Commonwealth,UK
            Singapore,Government Printing Office,UK                   284p.,21cm.
            London,Longman, Brown, Green, And Logmans,UK              xv,439p.,20cm.
            London,F. C. And J. Rivington,UK                          697p.,22cm.
            Oxford,B. H. Blackwell, Board Street,UK                   xi,202p.,19cm.
            London,John Lane, The Bodley Head,UK                      xxvii,230p.,19cm.
            London,Baldwin, Cradock, And Joy,UK                       v,631p.,22cm.
            Washington,government Printing Office,UK                  xxxvii,959p.,23cm.
            Washington,government Printing Office,UK                  15cm.,24cm.
            Oxford,Calendon Press,UK                                  xxx,408p.,23cm.
            New York,USA                                              xiii,320p.,22cm.
            Edinburgh,Edmonston & Douglas,UK                          xv,348p.,21cm.
            London,Longmans, Green And Co.,UK                         x,371p.,22cm.
            London,Ernest Benn Ltd.,UK                                424p.,24cm.
            London,Ernest Benn Ltd.,UK                                315p.,23cm.
            London,Thomas Nelson And Sons,Ltd.,UK                     380p.,16cm.
            London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                        xlii,650p.,22cm.
            London,B. T. Batsford Ltd.,UK                             viii,248p.,19cm.
            London,B. T. Batsford Ltd.,UK                             viii,165p.,21cm.
            London,Richard Bentley And son,UK                         250p.,22cm.
            Woolwich,Royal Artillery Institution,UK                   xi,336p.,9cm.
            London,John Weale,UK                                      vii,124p.,17cm.
            London,Ivor Nicholson & Watson,UK                         xix,529p.,23cm.
            London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                               xiii,285p.,22cm.
            London,Elliot Stock,UK                                    x,825p.,22cm.
            London,Verlag Von Schimmel & Co.,UK                       xviii,713p.,23cm.
            New York,John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,USA                      xii,224p.,23cm.
            London,Harper & Brothers,UK                               viii,152p.,20cm.
            London,Swan Sonnenschein & Co.,UK                         214p.,19cm.
London,Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, And Brown,UK          557p.,21cm.
London,Constable & Co. Ltd.,UK                           304p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                       xi,462p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan And Co. Limited,UK                      xxi,436p.,19cm.
London,Blackie And Son Limited,UK                        vi,598p.,18cm.
London,Humphrey Milford Oxford University Press,UK       lxix,586p.,18cm.
London,John Long, Ltd.,UK                                318p.,18cm.
London,Watts & Co.,UK                                    viii,152p.,17cm.
London,Longmans, Green, & Co.,UK                         ix,374p.,19cm.
New York,D. Van Nostrand, Publisher,USA                  viii,150p.,15cm.
Calcutta,John Gray,India                                 v,236p.,27cm.
Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                     344p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                     384p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                         387p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                         389p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   ciii,271p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   cv,185p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   xcviii,243p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   lxxx,260p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                         ii,392p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   lxxx,194p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   cv,188p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   xc,191p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   ii,184p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   xci,197p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   lxxxviii,209p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   clxxxviii,260p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   xc,223p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   cv,262p.,22cm.
Allahabad,united Provinces,India                         358p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                         380p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                         411p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                         ii,393p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason College,India                           389p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                         380p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                         344p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason College,India                           344p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   xci,179p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   xcviii,210p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   x,197p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   xc,189p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   cv,262p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   xc,223p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   cv,262p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   lxxxii,235p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   cv,180p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   lxiv,94p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   lxxx,172p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   lxxxvii,152p.,22cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                           ix,259p.,22cm.
Madras,B. G. Paul & Co.,India                            318p.,22cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Limited,UK                   160p.,17cm.
Edinburgh,oliver & Boyd, Tweeddale Court,UK                  378p.,17cm.
London,George Routledge And Sons,UK                          viii,371p.,19p.
Edinbrugh,Oliver & Boyd, Tweeddale Court,UK                  462p.,17cm.
Edinbrugh,Oliver & Boyd, Tweeddale Court,UK                  511p.,15cm.
London,Dawbarn & Ward, Ltd.,UK                               149p.,18cm.
England,Dorman, Long & Co. Ltd.,UK                           610p.,19cm.
London,George Allen & Unwin Ltd.,UK                          v,233p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                         viii,425p.,19cm.
Allahabad,Indian Press,India                                 149p.,22cm.
Rampur,Raja Library Trust,India                              xii,657p.,24cm.
Rampur,Raja Library Trust,India                              476p.,17cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon, Ltd.,UK                              x,678p.,19cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Ltd.,UK                          139P.,18cm
Calcutta,Thacker, Spink And co.,India                        144p.,18cm.
London,A. & C. Black, Soho Square,UK                         517p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, Green And Co.,UK                            vi,551p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent Government Printing,India            xxix,455p.,16cm.
London,W. Thacker & Co.,UK                                   xvi,308p.,21cm.
Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India                         xxi,319p.,25cm.
New York,Estonian Learned society In America Estonian House,USA
Boston,Ginn And Company,UK                                   xviii,475p.,19cm.
London,william Blackwood And Sons,UK                         xii,382,22cm.
London,Chapman And Hall,UK                                   xxiv,296p.,20cm.
London,John Weale,UK                                         64p.,25cm.
London,Sampson Low, Marston, Low NAd Searle,UK               xx,348p.,19cm.
London,University tutorial Press Co.,UK                      vi,442p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                           xvi,472p.,18cm.
Paris,Plon-Nourrit Et Cie.,UK                                546p.,21cm.
London,L. Upcott Gill,Bazaar Buildings, Drury Lane, W. C.,UK viii,429p.,20cm.
Marunouchi,Kogakkai,UK                                       325p.,25cm.
London,Blackie & Son Limited,UK                              320p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                                  xiii,308p.,17cm.
London,John Churchill And Sons,UK                            xx,820p.,17cm.
London,Thornton Butterworth Ltd.,UK                          xv,256p.,17cm.
Westminster,Archibald Constable And Co.,UK                   vi,779p.,22cm.
Paris,Gauthier-Villars,UK                                    xvi,335p.,21cm.
London,M. Taylor,UK                                          xi,181p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                           xxiv,490p.,22cm.
Parish,Edmonod D'ocagne, Editeur,UK                          501p.,21cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                        476p.,22cm.
Poona,Scotish Mission Industries Company, Limited,India      29p.,21cm.
London,D. C. Heath & Company,UK                              136p.,19cm.
London,McBride, Nast & Co. Ltd.,UK                           vii,156p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, Spink And Co.,India                        ix,232p.,22cm.
Paris,Bureau De LA Revue Des Deux Mondes,UK                  768p.,24cm.
London,Smith, Elder And Co.,UK                               viii.352p.,19cm.
London,Charles Griffin & Company, Limited,UK                 x,290p.,23cm.
Cambridge,University Press,UK                                viii,105p.,21cm.
London,John Weale,UK                                         viii,244p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                                  376p.,23cm.
London,Chatto & Windus,UK                                    366p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                         xiv,480p.,22cm.
London,Electrician Printing & Publishing Company, Limited,UKii,272p.,22cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                        viii,308p.,18cm.
London,John Sharpe,UK                                        iv,164p.,13cm.
London,Oxford University Press,UK                            xxii,278p.,15cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                        335p.,22cm.
Cambridge,University Press,UK                                xi,182p.,22cm.
London,Henry Colburn, Publisher,UK                           384p.,20cm.
London,His Majesty's Starionery Office,UK                    xiv,581p.,22cm.
Woolwich,Jackson And Sons, Library, Thomas Street,UK         94p.,25cm.
London,Wilson And Co.,UK                                     ,27cm.
Chatham,W. & J. Mackay & Co.,UK                              iv,306p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                                16p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                                14p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                                16p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                                15p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                                26p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                                20p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                                47p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                                15p.,22cm.
Calcutta,P. S. D'Rozario And Co.,UK                          v,185p.,22cm.
California,Califonia Institute Of Technology,UK              42p.,28cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                             11p.,24cm.
Paryag,Indian Press, Limited,India                           83p.,22cm.
New York,John Wiley & Sons,USA                               vi,126p.,23cm.
Delhi,Army Headqarters,India                                 729p.,21cm.
Lahore,Civil And Military Gazette Press,India                169p.,16cm.
London,Colburn And Co., Ltd.,UK                              x,313p.,20cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                           xv,308p.,17cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India       viii,144p.,21cm.
London,G. Bell And Sons, Ltd.,UK                             xvi,216p.,22cm.
London,Taylor And Walton,UK                                  viii,162p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                                  vii,384p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan And Co. Limited,UK                          viii,470p.,18cm.
London,Seeley & Co. Limited,UK                               xv,326p.,20cm.
London,William Blackwood & Sons Ltd.,UK                      xiii,400p.,19cm.
Liege,Librairie Scientifique Et Industrielle De A. Leroux,UK 285p.,22cm.
Liege,John Murray,UK                                         ix,173p.,19cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                        620p.,24cm.
Edinbrugh,Walker & Greig,UK                                  xciv,456p.,21cm.
London,Charles Griffin & Company, Limited,UK                 viii,152p.,20cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, And Longmans,UK                xi,764p.,22cm.
London,Gresham Publishing Company,UK                         ix,176p.,25cm.
London,G. Bell And Sons Ltd.,UK                              viii,397p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent Of Government Printing,India         165p.,25cm.
Woolwich,Royal Artillery Institution,UK                      vi,74p.,23cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                        193p.,22cm.
London,J. Walter,UK                                          lvi,288p.,23cm.
London,J. Walter,UK                                          476p.,24cm.
Madras,Pharoah And Co.,India                                 436p.,24cm.
Paris,Gauthier-Villars, Imprimeur- Libraire,UK               818p.,28cm.
Paris,Gauthier-Villars, Imprimeur- Libraire,UK               832p.,34cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                        386p.,22cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                       315p.,22cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                       450p.,22cm.
New York,McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.,USA                 xvi,348p.,23cm.
Beirut,American University Of Beirut,UK                     183p.,23cm.
London,Simpkin Marshall Ltd.,Uk                             lxxi,696p.,22cm.
London,T. Egerton, Military Library,UK                      xlvii,608p.,22cm.
New York,Norman W. Henley Publishing Company,USA            807p.,22cm.
London,Sampson Low, Marston & Company Limited,UK            xxiv,146p.,19cm.
London,W. Clowes & Sons,UK                                  164p.,24cm.
London,Cassell And Company, Ltd.,UK                         313p.,19cm.
London,Sweet & Maxwell, Limited,UK                          xii,157p.,19cm.
Delhi,Manager Of Publication,India                          ii,108p.,24cm.
Madras,Associat Printers (Madras0 Private Ltd.,India        398p.,25cm.
Cuttact,Orissa Government Press,India                       xiv,716p.,26cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                       iv,416p.,22cm.
Paris,Victor Masson,UK                                      466p.,18cm.
London,Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd.,UK                     xiv,374p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent Government Printing,India           107p.,21cm.
London,richard Bentley,UK                                   vii,468p.,22cm.
London,Her Majesty's Stationery Office,UK                   vi,580p.,25cm.
Roorkee,University Of Roorkee,India                         83p.,24cm.
Roorkee,University Of Roorkee,India                         58p.,24cm.
New Delhi,Ministry of Education Government Of India,India   v,491p.,25cm.
Trivandrum,Superintendent, Government Press,India           xlvii,524p.,24cm.
Cambridge,University Press,UK                               157p.,19cm.
New York,D. Appleton & Co., Publishers,USA                  xxii,424p.,24cm.
New York,D. Application And Company,USA                     x,306p.,19cm.
Washington,United States Government Printing Office,UK      xiv,476p.,24cm.
Lowa,Published By The University,UK                         276p.,24cm.
Glasgow,Royal Technical College,UK                          39p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Bani Book Co.,iNDIA                                209P.,24cm.
London,J.& W. T. Clarke,UK                                  cclxv,534p.,21cm.
New York,Macmillan Company,USA                              234p.,18cm.
London,Cavendish Society,UK                                 xl,450p.,22cm.
Edinbrugh,University Of Edinbrugh,UK                        ,21cm.
London,James Selwyn & Co., Ltd.,UK                          49p.,22cm.
London,Baldwin Cradock, And Joy,UK                          xxxv,450p.,22cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spon,UK                                   viii,56p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, Spink And Co.,India                       xix,326p.,18cm.
London,William Blackwood And Sons,UK                        vi,408p.,21cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India      x,91p.,25cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                            iii,67p.,25cm.
Chatham,Institution Of Royal Engineers,India                xxi,392p.,25cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                        18p.,23cm.
London,Ward, Lock & Co., Warwick House,UK                   198p.,18cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                       vi,614p.,23cm.
Allahabad,W. C. ABEL, Supdt, Govt. Press,India              vii,77p.,24cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                        xvi,1470p.,22cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, And Longmans,UK               357p.,20cm.
London,W. Thacker & Co., Creed Lane,UK                      211p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                          vi,504p.,23cm.
London,John Churchill And Sons,UK                             xx,820p.,17cm.
London,Charles Griffin And Company, Limited,UK                xii,484p.,22cm.
Torino,Dalla Tipografia Dei Fratelli Favale,UK                xxiv,485p.,21cm.
Delhi,Times Publishing Company Ltd.,India                     xix,288p.,25cm.
Manchester,Trade Supplied By John Heywood,UK                  208p.,16cm.
London,His Majesty's Stationery Office,UK                     52p.,25cm.
Netherland,Bulletin Of The Netherlands Universities Foundation for International Co-operation,UK
Kilmarnock,Glenfield & Kennedy Ltd.,UK                        28p.,23cm.
Canberra,Australian National University,UK                    439p.,22cm.
Korea,Chosun University,UK                                    xxvii,358p.,26cm.
New York,USA                                                  xiv,465p.,23cm.
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London,Longmans,Green And Co.,UK                         101p.,22cm.
London,Longmans,Green And Co.,UK                         ,18cm.
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Washington,Government Printing Office,UK                LVlll,675p.,29cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                           30p.,21cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                           15p.,21cm.
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Allahabad,North-Western Provinces And Oudh Government Press,India
London,E. & F. N. Spon, Ltd.,UK                         x,80p.,25cm.
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Calcutta,Published By Mendes And Co.,India              ii,125p.,21cm.
Delhi,Manager of Publication,India                      xx,129p.,21cm.
London,University Of London,UK                          ,22cm.
London,University Of London,UK                          1201p.,21cm.
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London,John Murray,UK                                      vii,368p.,20cm.
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London,Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longman,Ukxxvii,322p.,17cm.
London,Skeffington And Son, Ltd.,Uk                        266p.,19cm.
Washigton,United States Department Of The Interior Bureau Of Reclamation,Uk
London,Hutchinson & Co.,UK                                 287p.,16cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                      x,415p.,23cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                      vi,137p.,23cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                      xx,344p.,22cm.
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New York,John Wiley & Sons,USA                             xiii,419p.,23cm.
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London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                                viii,265p.,19cm.
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London,Richard Bentley,UK                                 xx,293p.,20cm.
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Calcutta,University, At The Daptist Mission Press,India   342p.,22cm.
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Roorkee,Thomason College,India                            115p.,24cm.
Allahabad,Government Press, United Provinces,India        ii,106p.,24cm.
Allahabad,Government Press, United Provinces,India        ix,143p.,25cm.
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Laheriaserai,Darbhanga                                    12p.,33cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                          2p.,33cm.
London,Crosby Lockwood & Son,UK                           19p.,33cm.
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London,Oxford University Press,UK                         319p.,19cm.
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London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                        xx,583p.,18cm.
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London,Locomotive manufactures Association,UK                 464p.,19cm.
London,George Newnes,UK                                       242p.,15cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                         229p.,19cm.
Allahabad,Supdt., Government Press,India                      ii,161p.,17cm.
Parish,Gauthier-Villars Et Cle,UK                             vi,273p.,23cm.
England,Fountain Press,UK                                     ,28cm.
New Delhi,Manager Govt Of India Press,India                   v,312p.,28cm.
London,Institute of Welding,UK                                170p.,27cm.
Roorkee,University Of Roorkee,India                           44p.,26cm.
London,Virtue And Co.,UK                                      iv,768p.,25cm.
London,Henry Frowde,UK                                        lxiii,252p.,23cm.
Washington,Smithsonian Institution,UK                         xii,862p.,24cm.
Delhi,Government of India,India                               x,41p.,24cm.
Delhi,Government of India,India                               41p.,24cm.
New Delhi,Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research,India   viii,182p.,24cm.
London,Longmans, Green And Co.,UK                             xi,260p.,23cm.
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London,Longman, Brown, Green, And Longmans,UK                 ii,579p.,22cm.
London,Scott, Greenwood,UK                                    vii,276p.,22cm.
London,Longman, Brown, Green, And Longmans,UK                 iv,426p.,22cm.
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Washington,Smithsonian Institution,UK                         iv,57p.,24cm.
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London,John Murray,UK                                         vii,144p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                                   vi,485p.,19cm.
London,Review Of Review Office,UK                             120p.,18cm.
London,Macmillam,UK                                           xxii,687p.,23cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                         xiii,351p.,19cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                         598p.,17cm.
Washington,War Department,UK                                  228p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent Of Government Printing,INdia          ii,245p.,25cm.
London,New Haven,Uk                                           viii,456p.,23cm.
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London,Macmillan And Co., Limited,UK                       vii,286p.,19cm.
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Edinbrugh,University of Edinbrugh,UK                       ,23cm.
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Edinbrugh,Oliver & Boyd,UK                                 416p.,17p.
London,Scott, Greenwood,UK                                 xii,140p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                        vi,554p.,19cm.
Paris,Delaunay, libraire,UK                                Lj,621p.,20cm.
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New Delhi,Government of India,India                        57p.,25cm.
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London,John Murray,UK                                      xi,272p.,22cm.
London,W. Clowes,UK                                        379p.,16cm.
London,Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, And Green,UK            xii,352p.,17cm.
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London,Great George street,UK                              31p.,22cm.
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London,W. & R. Chambers,UK                                 184p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                         xii,203p.,17cm.
London,Bell & Daldy,UK                                     523p.,18cm.
Switzerland,ESCHER WYSS News,UK                            175p.,30cm.
Uttar Pradesh,Department of Economics & Statistics,India   ii,793p.,33cm.
Lahor,Economical Press,India                               55p.,33cm.
Lahor,Punjab Government Press,India                        v,145p.,33cm.
Bombay,Government Central Press,India                      iii,123p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Government of India,India                         12p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent of Governemnt Printing,India       168p.,33cm.
Rangoon,Superintendent of Governemnt Printing,Burma        ,32cm.
Simla,Government Of India,India                            iii,175p.@B`,33cm.
London,Department of Technology,UK                       89p.,22cm.
London,Richard And John Taylor,UK                        196p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan And Co.,UK                              iv,22p.,23cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                    iv,172p.,17cm.
London,Gurney & Jackson,UK                               vii,123p.,19cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                    xxviii,496p.,22cm.
Washington,Government Printing Office,UK                 xix,1657p.,23cm.
London,John Weale,UK                                     xi,215p.,19cm.
London,Martin And Co.,UK                                 viii,442p.,22cm.
London,John Weale,UK                                     xiv,209p.,22cm.
London,Richard Bentley,UK                                viii,450p.,22cm.
Benares,Benares Hindu University,India                   xvii,143p.,23cm.
New York,McGraw,USA                                      xi,321p.,24cm.
London,William Heinemann,UK                              xxiv,295p.,23cm.
London,George Bell,UK                                    284p.,19cm.
London,Her Majesty's Stationery Office,UK                vi,568p.,25cm.
London,D. Appleton,UK                                    xiv,306p.,19cm.
London,Walter Scott,UK                                   302p.,17cm.
London,Routledge, Warnes, And Routledge,UK               vi,216p.,16cm.
London,Times,UK                                          520p.,29cm.
London,J. Buckland,UK                                    320p.,16cm.
London,Sampson Low,UK                                    viii,153p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      173p.,17cm.
New Delhi,Order of The Board,India                       viii,122p.,25cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                        600p.,19cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                           253p.,19cm.
London,William Blackwood,UK                              xiii,381p.,22cm.
London,George Newnes,UK                                  291p.,19cm.
London,Jonathan Cape,UK                                  218p.,19cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan,UK                                   iv,288p.,23cm.
London,Institution,UK                                    xi,501p.,21cm.
London,Longmans, Green,UK                                viii,471p.,23cm.
Tiruvannamalai,Niranjanananda Swamy,India                xliv,189p.,18cm.
Bombay,Government Central Press,India                    xxv,520p.,25cm.
London,Civil & Military Gazette,UK                       lxxxix,618p.,25cm.
London,Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner,UK                    viii,282p.,21cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                         48p.,25cm.
London,George Philip,UK                                  vi,270p.,19cm.
London,Trubner,UK                                        lxxi,384p.,23cm.
Allahabad,University of Allahabad,India                  220p.,25cm.
London,John Weale,UK                                     230p.,25cm.
London,Albert E. Marriott,UK                             xv,296p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      350p.,23cm.
Roorkee,Thomason Civil Engineering College Press,India   x,171p.,24cm.
Washington,Smithsonian Institution,UK                    x,646p.,24cm.
Albany,University of The State of New York,UK            706p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, Green,UK                                31p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xii,410p.,19cm.
London,Sir Isaac Pitman,UK                               x,144p.,17cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                    xiv,170p.,22cm.
New Delhi,Government of India Press,India                ii,95p.,25cm.
London,Longmans, Green,UK                                xi,312p.,20cm.
London,Civil Engineering Press,UK                        252p.,28cm.
Nasik,Government of India Press,India                    xii,160p.,28cm.
London,Alexander Gardner,UK                              xii,304p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xiv,382p.,19cm.
London,A. &. C. Black,UK                                 446p.,18cm.
London,Blackie,UK                                        xvii,403p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xii,366p.,19cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                           xiii,226p.,19cm.
London,G. Bell,UK                                        xxii,239p.,23cm.
Madras,Superintendent, Government Press,India            xxvi,475p.,21cm.
London,George Allen & Unwin,UK                           384p.,22cm.
London,Seeley,UK                                         xv,351,19cm.
London,Chapman And Hall,UK                               xi,256p.,19cm.
London,Chapman And Hall,UK                               375p.,23cm.
London,Chapman And Hall,UK                               xvii,621p.,23cm.
London,Henry Colburn,UK                                  iv,643p.,23cmn.
London,Fleming H. Revell,UK                              281p.,22cm.
Delhi,Government of India,India                          xviii,742p.,21cm.
Manchester,Emmott & Co. Ltd.,UK                          xi,96p.,22cm.
London,Smith, Elder,UK                                   xii,396p.,23cm.
London,John Murray,UK                                    vi,528p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xii,191p.,17cm.
London,Blackie,UK                                        312p.,19cm.
London,Constable & Co., Ltd.,UK                          vii,317p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      viii,192p.,18cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                           ix,179p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      viii,309p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      viii,164p.,19cm.
Washington,Smithsoniam Institution,UK                    222p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                       xvi,272p.,22cm.
Washington,United States Government Printing Office,UK   231p.,25cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      x,592p.,18cm.
London,John Churchill,UK                                 xvi,571p.,17cm.
London,University Tutorial Press,UK                      ,18cm.
London,Sir Isaac Pitman,UK                               viii,166p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Hindoostanee Press,India                        viii,432p.,23cm.
London,Edward Arnold,UK                                  vi,328p.,19cm.
London,T. Cadell And W. Davies,UK                        463p.,22cm.
London,Harper & Brothers,UK                              xv,512p.,21cm.
London,Harrison,UK                                       xxiv,526p.,19cm.
Cambridge,Messrs Babcock & Wilcox,UK                     xvi,207p.,25cm.
London,Crosby Lockwood,UK                                xii,143p.,22cm.
London,W. H. Allen,UK                                    115p.,21cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                            23p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                            16p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                            14p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                            38p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                            25p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                            32p.,22cm.
London,Great George Street,UK                            14p.,22cm.
Allahabad,Presbyterian Mission Press,India               62p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      viii,351p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                xvi,197p.,19cm.
London,Mills & Boon,UK                             59p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                xiv,512p.,16cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                x,459p.,19cm.
Allahabad,Pioneer Press,India                      211p.,20cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton,UK                     351p.,18cm.
Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India               v,418p.,25cm.
London,Chandos,UK                                  448p.,25cm.
London,Scott, Greenwood,UK                         xv,343p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                220p.,19cm.
London,Edward Arnold,UK                            xi,285p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, Green,UK                          xi,384p.,22cm.
London,Adlard & Son,UK                             xiii,412p.,19cm.
Patna,Superintendent, Government Printing,UK       iii,103p.,26cm.
Calcutta,Geological Survey Of India,India          xi,179p.,25cm.
Roorkee,Thomason College Press,India               ,25cm.
London,Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Ltd.,UK   96p.,16cm.
London,Londmans, Green,UK                          xiv,358p.,19cm.
London,John Weale,UK                               x,279p.,18cm.
London,Crime Club,UK                               159p.,19cm.
London,Mcgraw-Hill Book Company,UK                 xi,217p.,18cm.
London,John Murray,UK                              viii,534p.,22cm.
London,Smith. Elder,UK                             vi,448p.,24cm.
London,J. & A. Churchill,UK                        xix,660p.,22cm.
London,University Tutorial Press,UK                263p.,18cm.
Rhyl,Electro-Curative Institute,UK                 77p.,18cm.
London,John Murray,UK                              vii,262p.,19cm.
Cambridge,University Press,UK                      xiii,383p.,22cm.
London,Chapman & Hall,UK                           x,421p.,22cm.
Bombay,Thacker,India                               110p.,18cm.
London,Kegan Paul, Trench,UK                       xx,508p.,25cm.
London,Taylor And Francis,UK                       v,569p.,21cm.
London,Taylor And Francis,UK                       xix,506p.,23cm.
London,John Murray,UK                              xlviii,,22cm.
London,Longmans, Green And Co.,UK                  xvi,430p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, Green And Co.,UK                  ,23cm.
London,Chapman And Hall,UK                         iv,155p.,20cm.
London,Longmans, Green, And Co.,UK                 xi,304p.,18cm.
London,University Of London,UK                     32p.,21cm.
London,Sir Isaac Pitman,UK                         viii,476p.,18cm.
New York,Tompkinsville,USA                         vii,294p.,23cm.
London,Faber And Faber Limited,UK                  248p.,22cm.
New York,John Wiley,UK                             xvii,322p.,23cm.
London,Ward, Lock & Co., Limited,UK                384p.,21cm.
Orbis,Prague,UK                                    139p.,22cm.
London,Longman, Hurst, Reees, Orme, And brown,UK   xxi,603p.,28cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                          xii,456p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                              xx,591p.,23cm.
London,Parbury, Allen,UK                           325p.,23cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                          xii,400p.,18cm.
London,Sir isaac pitman,UK                         viii,140p.,22cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK      iv,496p.,23cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                             viii,634p.,23cm.
London,Hodder & stoughton,UK                           255p.,19cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college press,India                   v,419p.,25cm.
London,Harrison,UK                                     xiv,1135p.,28cm.
London,Longmans,UK                                     293p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent Government Printing,India      122p.,33cm.
New York,P.W. D.,USA                                   10p.,33cm.
Calcutta,East indian railway,USA                       31p.,33cm.
London,Parbury, Allen,UK                               xxiii,168p.,28cm.
London,Thomas C. Jack,UK                               250p.,28cm.
Orissa,Irrigation &power department,India              583p.,28cm.
Coimbatore,PSG college of technology,UK                ii,253p.,29cm.
London,John Weale,UK                                   xx,156p.,17cm.
London,W. westall,UK                                   ,16cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                              x,246p.,18cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK                              317p.,19cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                viii,354p.,19cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                viii,412p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                  x,328p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                      ix,276p.,19cm.
Washigton,Government Printing Office,UK                xxxix,904p.,23cm.
London,John murray,UK                                  xiii,354p.,23cm.
London,Henry G. Bohn,UK                                456p.,17cm.
London,Whittaker,UK                                    xii,349p.,20cm.
London,Longmans, Green,UK                              vi,365p.,18cm.
London,Spottiswoode,Uk                                 xxxii,535p.,21cm.
London,Longmans, Green,Uk                              viii,395p.,18cm.
London,University of London,UK                         ,21cm.
London,Lockwood,UK                                     288p.,17cm.
London,Institute of physics,UK                         viii,344p.,27cm.
Trivandrum,A. R. V. press,India                        121p.,25cm.
Manchester,Norman rodger,UK                            xi,349p.,25cm.
New York,E. P. duttion,USA                             xviii,325p.,22cm.
New York,Cassell,USA                                   438p.,24cm.
London,Parbury, allen,UK                               lxxi,384p.,22cm.
London,James madden,UK                                 viii,456p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, Green,UK                              x,177p.,19cm.
London,Charls griffin,UK                               xx,526p.,20cm.
London,Chapman,UK                                      236p.,19cm.
London,Edward Arnold,UK                                viii,293p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    viii,358p.,23cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college,India       148p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xxv,533p.,23cm.
London,Gresham,UK                                      viii,414p.,25cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme,brown, green,& longman,UK   x,413p.,18cm.
Roorkee,thomason college,India                         24p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xxviii,311p.,19cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                          vi,327p.,23cm.
Lahore,Civil and military gazette press,India          vi,97p.,22cm.
Lahore,Civil and military gazette press,India          xvii,92p.,22cm.
Aberdeen,Universiry press,Uk                           xxxiv,526p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Thacker,spink,UK                           186p.,19cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                           547p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                 xi,390p.,23cm.
London,Chapman & hall's,UK                          xvi,289p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Thacker spink,India                        xxii,635p.,24cm.
London,Arthur barker,UK                             xix,172p.,22cm.
London,George Edward,UK                             vii,273p.,28cm.
New York,World Railway,UK                           vi,542p.,19cm.
Calcutta,R. cambray,India                           ix,222p.,21cm.
London,Strahan,UK                                   860p.,24cm.
London,George newnes,UK                             viii,202p.,15cm.
London,Henry G. Bohn,UK                             iv,522p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                                 xiii,414p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                               xiii,360p.,20cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                xvi,138p.,19cm.
Simla,Manager, government of India,India            57p.,25cm.
Chatham,School of military,India                    iv,304p.,21cm.
London,John long,UK                                 315p.,18cm.
London,H. grevel,UK                                 viii,312p.,20cm.
London,Harper,UK                                    xiv,288p.,22cm.
London,Mortimer, harley,UK                          vi,151p.,19cm.
London,Watts,UK                                     x,158p.,17cm.
London,Car illustrated,UK                           58p.,18cm.
London,Oxford university press,UK                   vi,112p.,21cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                         ix,128p.,19cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                         vi,370p.,21cm.
London,Ward lock& bowden,UK                         516p.,25cm.
Agra,Secundra orphan press,India                    89p.,29cm.
Washington,Department of the interior,UK            150p.,27cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                           xvi,456p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                   xxi,548p.,22cm.
London,Her majesty's stationery office,UK           412p.,28cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                         xii,328p.,18cm.
London,John Murray,UK                               vi,175p.,17cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                         viii,315p.,19cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                              xiv,522p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                               viii,324p.,15cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                           vii,253p.,17cm.
London,Longman, brown, gren, and longmans,UK        viii,390p.,20cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                             vii,122p.,19cm.
Manchester,Abel heywood,UK                          viii,72p.,18cm.
New York,McGraw,USA                                 vi,96p.,23cm.
New York,Theo. audel,USA                            696p.,17cm.
Calcutta,O. T. cutter,military orphan press,India   xvi,393p.,25cm.
London,Wireless press,UK                            viii,241p.,19cm.
London,Isbister,UK                                  280p.,19cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                         348p.,19cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                       vii,237p.,23cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                               x,309p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                 xii,319p.,18cm.
London,Great george street,UK                       29p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                       11p.,22cm.
London,Frederick warne,UK                           viii,148p.,19cm.
London,W. Collins,UK                                xxx,233p.,19cm.
London,George allen & unwin,UK                      155p.,19cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                             xv,204p.,18cm.
London,Ernest benn,UK                               xiv,222p.,17cm.
London,Constable,UK                                 lix,293p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                               xiii,700p.,18cm.
London,Chapman,UK                                   x,420p.,23cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan, barclay, and macmillan,UK      iv,288p.,23cm.
London,Heney G. Bohn,UK                             xviii,515p.,17cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                           viii,453p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                 viii,588p.,22cm.
London,W. R.allen,UK                                xii,495p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                 306p.,22cm.
Pittsbrugh,UK                                       229p.,24cm.
London,Scott, greenwood,UK                          viii,411p.,23cm.
London,Scott, greenwood,UK                          201p.,24cm.
London,John murray,UK                               xvi,307p.,19cm.
London,Chapman & Hall,UK                            viii,238p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                 xvi,384p.,19cm.
Madras,Lawrence asylum press,India                  iv,198p.,25cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                 x,724p.,23cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                          403p.,19cm.
Bombay,Times of India office,India                  xxii,286p.,22cm.
London,A. & C. black,UK                             vi,513p.,19cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan,UK                              x,320p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                      469p.,23cm.
London,Church mission house,UK                      xlvii,662p.,22cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                   vi,342p.,19cm.
London,Longman, green,UK                            xx,397p.,17cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK       xlviii,290p.,20cm.
New York,Century,USA                                xiv,290p.,20cm.
London,John murray,UK                               x,462p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                 xxxi,423p.,23cm.
London,Frederick warne,UK                           xii,582p.,24cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent governemnt printing,India   xiv,548p.,26cm.
Colorado,Commissioner's office,UK                   ,27cm.
London,Fleetway house,UK                            96p.,26cm.
Calcutta,Government of India,India                  xvi,158p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Thacker spink,India                        101p.,17cm.
New York,G. P. Putnam's,USA                         v,162p.,17cm.
Edinburgh,John johnstone,UK                         xxi,684p.,23cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK            xxiv,1107p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Commercial intelligence department,India   xv,538p.,25cm.
London,Oxford university press,UK                   308p.,15cm.
London,His majesty's stationery office,UK           xxii,202p.,19cm.
Calcutta,A. O. Hume,India                           ii,438p.,25cm.
London,John murray,UK                               xii,233p.,22cm.
London,Edward churton,UK                            378p.,22cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                   xii,487p.,24cm.
London,Thomas cautley newby,UK                      xv,273p.,22cm.
London,His majesty's stationery office,UK                34p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                vii,308p.,20cm.
London,W. H. Allen,UK                                    xlvii,401p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    xi,192p.,19cm.
London,Williams,UK                                       189p.,19cm.
London,Sir isaac pitman,UK                               viii,1563p.,18cm.
London,Autotype,UK                                       xii,99p.,18cm.
Lahore,Uttar chand kapur,India                           xxv,376p.,18cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                xi,137p.,20cm.
London,Great george,UK                                   26p.,21cm.
London,Great george,UK                                   15p.,22cm.
London,Great george,UK                                   22p.,22cm.
London,Great george,UK                                   13p.,22cm.
New York,J. & J. harper,USA                              243p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      vi,666p.,23cm.
Paris,Chez firmin didot freres,UK                        725p.,21cm.
Roma,Da torchi di mariano de romanis e figli,UK          754p.,30cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent government printing,India        200p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent government printing,India        309p.,33cm.
Punjab,Irrigation branch,India                           12p.,33cm.
Lucknow,Superintendent printing and stationery,India     iii,182p.,33cm.
Bombay,B. G. Navlakhi,India                              12p.,30cm.
Simla,Government of India preaa,India                    iii,199p.,33cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India   ii,179p.,33cm.
Rangoon,Superintendent government printing,Burma         ii,148p.,33cm.
London,Longman, hurst, rees, orme,and brown,UK           vii,420p.,27cm.
London,Office,UK                                         312p.,27cm.
New Delhi,Sarita prakashan,India                         lxxvi,355p.,28cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent of government printing,India     iii,84p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Survey of India,India                           40p.,33cm.
Bombay,Government central press,India                    19p.,33cm.
London,Office, bream's buildings, chancery lane,UK       xii,708p.,30cm.
London,United provinces,UK                               8p.,33cm.
Lahore,Civil and military gazette press,UK               75p.,33cm.
Lahore,Punjab government press,India                     iii,291p.,33cm.
Madras,Superintendent government press,India             40p.,33cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college,India                           18p.,33cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                           319p.,19cm.
London,W. baynes and son,UK                              xl,278p.,16cm.
New York,John Wiley,USA                                  x,316p.,23cm.
London,Alexander strahan,UK                              xii,507p.,18cm.
London,John weale,UK                                     xviii,303p.,25cm.
London,Head office,UK                                    426p.,21cm.
Ottawa,University of Ottawa,UK                           v,104p.,23cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                               iv,587p.,23cm.
Punjab,Irrigation department,India                       ii,133p.,25cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                        xviii,529p.,19cm.
Washington,United states government printing office,UK   231p.,23cm.
London,Waverley book,UK                                  vii,384p.,23cm.
London,John churchill,UK                                 vii,805p.,20cm.
London,Longmans,green,UK                                 xvi,495p.,22cm.
London,Constable,UK                                              x,569p.,23cm.
London,T. cadell,UK                                              xxvii,453p.,22cm.
Chatham,Royal engineers institute,India                          vi,464p.,25cm.
London,W. & R. chambers,UK                                       250p.,21cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                                      xiii,291p.,20cm.
London,Trubner,UK                                                233p.,20cm.
London,University of London,UK                                   ,21cm.
Edinburgh,Socirty by neill,UK                                    282p.,23cm.
London,Royal geographical society,UK                             vii,318p.,17cm.
London,Royal institute of British architects,UK                  48p.,25cm.
New York,D. Van Nostrand,USA                                     xxii,644p.,23cm.
Allahabad,superintendent government press,India                  ii,88p.,25cm.
Calcutta,C. B. lewis, baptist mission press,India                122p.,24cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                                            xii,442p.,19cm.
New Zealand,Whitcombe & tombs,UK                                 lxxvi,359p.,22cm.
Durham,Andrew reid,India                                         756p.,19cm.
Cardiff,University of wales press,UK                             xxc,678p.,22cm.
Great Britain,Lowett & sowry,UK                                  665p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent government printing,India                vi,246p.,25cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                                          x,362p.,23cm.
London,David stott,UK                                            xi,197p.,19cm.
London,Kegan paul, trench, trubner,UK                            94p.,16cm.
London,University tutorial press,UK                              viii,255p.,18cm.
Belfast,Marjory boyd,UK                                          668p.,22cm.
London,Printers register office,UK                               xxiv,782p.,20cm.
Urbana,Natural history survey division,UK                        307p.,19cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                                   ii,451p.,22cm.
Stuttgart,Verlag von ferdinand enke,UK                           xxiv,1023p.,24cm.
London,John weale,UK                                             xv,271p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                        xii,155p.,24cm.
London,His majesty's stationery office,UK                        vi,268p.,25cm.
London,His majesty's stationery office,UK                        88p.,18cm.
New Delhi,Research institute of ancient scientific studies,India ii,119p.,24cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                                 146p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                                 263p.,22cm.
Nainital,United Provinces,India                                  276p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                                 224p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                                 372p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                                 230p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                                 343p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                                 263p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civilengineering collegr press,India            xci,197p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civilengineering collegr press,India            xci,184p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civilengineering collegr press,India            cxlvii,156p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civilengineering collegr press,India            xc,207p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces governement press,India               ii,273p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India           332p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                                 ii,392p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India           clxxxviii,260p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India           x,197p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                                 367p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                         lxxxii,213p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college,India                           407p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college,India                           389p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India   319p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                         ii,334p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India   lxxx,260p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India   clxxxviii,260p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                         333p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India   ciii,271p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India   civ,265p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                         79Ap.,25cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xxxv,593p.,22cm.
Washington,William A. harris,UK                          438p.,23cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                xvi,328p.,25cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                                  xvi,304p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      lxvii,928p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      401p.,25cm.
Washington,United states government printing office,UK   231p.,25cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK                             vi,310p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      vi,475p.,18cm.
Madras,University of Madras,India                        xviii,451p.,21cm.
London,Robert baldwin,UK                                 xl,738p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    xvi,284p.,21cm.
England,Dorman,UK                                        610p.,19cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                              xxviii,384p.,18cm.
London,Longman,brown, green,and longmans,UK              iii,92p.,18cm.
London,Edward stanford,UK                                vi,200p.,17cm.
London,W. H. allen,UK                                    xxxii,400p.,25cm.
Moscow,Foreign language,UK                               xiv,450p.,20cm.
Calcutta,W. newman & co.,India                           iii,313p.,22cm.
London,Simpkin, marshall, hamilton, kent,UK              453p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                         97p.,24cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                528p.,22cm.
London,Peter davies,UK                                   453p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xxviii,631p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                         ii,127p.,25cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    vii,752p.,23cm.
London,George routledge,UK                               xii,684p.,19cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK                             360p.,19cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                xvi,440p.,21cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                viii,98p.,17cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                  viii,358p.,19cm.
London,Chapman & Hall,UK                                 347p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      vi483p.,18cm.
London,George bell,UK                                    239p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                xviii,392p.,19cm.
London,Iliffe,UK                                         569p.,19cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, green, & longman,UK   vi,421p.,17cm.
London,J. and J. richardson,UK                           xiv,402p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xiii,406p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                xii,115p.,19cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                     xiv,236p.,20cm.
Philadelphia,Henry carey baird,UK             xx,472p.,24cm.
Calcutta,P. M. cranenburgh,UK                 xii,457p.,25cm.
London,Methuen,UK                             vi,299p.,22cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                xi,510p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              282p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              252p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              ,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              293p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              155p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              273p.,22cm.
Nainital,United provinces,India               275p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              293p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              332p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              251p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              274p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              296p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              302p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              314p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              192p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              212p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              337p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              230p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              298p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              237p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              268p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              330p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              247p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              281p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India              267p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India              ,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India              ,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              269p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              273p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              223p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              308p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              389p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              234p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              339p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              ,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              ,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India              ,22cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                     vii,45p.,22cm.
London,Trubner,UK                             479p.,22cm.
London,Morgan brothers,UK                     1408p.,18cm.
Washington,Smithsonian institution,UK         83p.,25cm.
Washington,Smithsonian institution,UK         vii,239p.,24cm.
Washington,Smithsonian institution,UK         230p.,22cm.
London,Simpkin, marshall, hamilton, kent,UK   412p.,19cm.
London,Methuen,UK                             520p.,19cm.
New York,Macmillan,UK                         xiv,294p.,21cm.
New York,McGraw-Hill,USA                      x,341p.,21cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                    120p.,22cm.
Chatham,R. E. institute,India                       155p.,22cm.
London,Taylor and Francis,UK                        xv,506p.,23cm.
London,Taylor and Francis,UK                        xxiii,450p.,23cm.
London,George bell,UK                               321p.,18cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                           xvi,232p.,19cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                         viii,231p.,19cm.
Moscow,Progress,UK                                  767p.,22cm.
Boston,Ginn,UK                                      ix,287p.,24cm.
London,John murray,UK                               x,327p.,17cm.
Madras,Higginbotham,India                           x,464p.,22cm.
London,Frederick warne,UK                           x,451p.,24cm.
Oxford,D. A. talboys,UK                             xv,432p.,23cm.
New Delhi,Indian standards institution,India        163p.,21cm.
London,Her majesty queen alexandra,Uk               198p.,24cm.
London,Alfred william bennett,UK                    109p.,22cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                           xiii,519p.,23cm.
Rangoon,Superintendent government printing,UK       109p.,33cm.
Allahabad,Pionser press,UK                          ii,96p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Bengal secretariat book depot,India        49p.,33cm.
London,Thomas C. Jack,India                         248p.,29cm.
New York,Time-life international,USA                307p.,34cm.
Calcutta,Star press,India                           17p.,33cm.
Rangoon,Suprintendent government printing,Burma     77p.,33cm.
London,John Joseph griffin,UK                       viii,586p.,28cm.
London,John Joseph griffin,UK                       ,30cm.
London,Times,UK                                     484p.,29cm.
New York,Scientific American,USA                    431p.,29cm.
Madras,Scottish press,India                         230p.,30cm.
Delhi,Order of the board,India                      xiii,285p.,33cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                           viii,232p.,30cm.
Oxford,Clarendod press,UK                           xii,142p.,19cm.
Chicago,Frederick J. Drake,UK                       315p.,18cm.
London,Longman, brown, green,UK                     vii,349p.,19cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                          vi,320p.,23cm.
London,Greening,UK                                  viii,343p.,18cm.
London,Parker, furnivall,and parker,UK              ii,245p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                 viii,304p.,18cm.
London,Archibald constable,UK                       331p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Butterworth,India                          xii,686p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                 xv,626p.,19cm.
London,John lane,UK                                 437p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                               xi,488p.,20cm.
Delhi,United press,UK                               42p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green, reader, and dyer,UK         viii,309p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                           xlii,268p.,20cm.
London,Constable,UK                                 xiii,146p.,21cm.
London,Longman, orme, brown, green, & longmans,UK   vi,375p.,17cm.
London,T. cadell,UK                                 370p.,21cm.
London,Frederick warne,UK                           x,179p.,19cm.
Manchester,University of Manchester,UK              150p.,21cm.
London,John lane,UK                                 300p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                   xviii,967p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                   334p.,19cm.
New York,John Wiley,USA                               234p.,23cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK              xix,3152p.,23cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK              vii,2480p.,23cm.
New York,Oxford university press,USA                  xvii,974p.,23cm.
London,Simpkin, marshall, hamilton, kent,UK           xvi,624p.,19cm.
London,George routledge,UK                            xii,292p.,22cm.
London,hodder and stoughton,UK                        vii,323p.,22cm.
London,R. A. skelton,UK                               280p.,22cm.
London,Hippolyte bailliere,UK                         xxi,454p.,23cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                  352p.,18cm.
London,R. & J. Beck,UK                                320p.,19cm.
London,Royal geographical society,UK                  v,286p.,18cm.
London,John sharpe,UK                                 140p.,13cm.
London,Whittaker,UK                                   210p.,16cm.
London,John churchill,UK                              xvii,624p.,17cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                vi,357p.,19cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                xiii,339p.,21cm.
London,Constable,UK                                   xii,369p.,21cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                             xiv,348p.,18cm.
London,William clowes,UK                              x,236p.,18cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown,and green,UK        288p.,21cm.
Bombay,Times office,India                             xi,314p.,20cm.
London,Royal engineer establishment,UK                154p.,22cm.
New York,Macmillan,UK                                 xxvi,476p.,23cm.
New York,Macmillan,UK                                 148p.,22cm.
London,Westinghouse technical night school press,UK   xxi,544p.,23cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                             iv,517p.,18cm.
London,Smith elder,UK                                 xv,573p.,23cm.
Punjab,Pnjab engineering congress,India               148p.,22cm.
London,George bell,UK                                 vi,342p.,19cm.
London,r. H. porter,UK                                vii,420p.,23cm.
London,George routledge,UK                            viii,443p.,18cm.
London,Cassell, petter, and galpin,UK                 xvi,488p.,22cm.
New York,Charles scribner's,USA                       xxv,836p.,23cm.
New York,Frederick warne,USA                          xvi,368p.,21cm.
Bombay,Chesson & woodhall,India                       viii,126p.,16cm.
Budapest,Corvina press,UK                             xi,299p.,23cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 vii,375p.,19cm.
Boston,D. C. health,UK                                viii,262p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 xi,1668p.,22cm.
Melbourne,Modern printing,UK                          215p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                   xv,362p.,23cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                               xviii,407p.,22cm.
Bombay,Reserve bank of India,India                    xxiv,878p.,24cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                             x,320p.,20cm.
London,T. bensley,UK                                  vii,258p.,22cm.
London,Longman, orme, brown, green, and longmans,UK   ix,551p.,23cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                               ii,61p.,20cm.
London,George E. eyre and william spottiswoode,UK     ii,64p.,22cm.
Washington,Smithsonian institution,UK                 35p.,24cm.
London,T. & W. boone,UK                                 xi,336p.,18cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                           xi,580p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,University of Edinburgh,UK                    ,22cm.
England,Dorman, long,UK                                 610p.,19cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                          vi,341p.,19cm.
New York,Macmillan,USA                                  xvi,144p.,21cm.
Washington,Governemnt printing office,UK                211p.,23cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                  vi,472p.,22cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan,UK                                  vi,392p.,23cm.
London,Sir issac pitman,UK                              xii,418p.,21cm.
London,University of London press,UK                    xi,250p.,19cm.
London,G. bell,UK                                       xii,221p.,17cm.
Poona,W. R. wardon,India                                62p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                  xii,513p.,22cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                  928p.,25cm.
Simla,Manager government of India press,India           iii,51p.,28cm.
Manchester,University of Manchester,UK                  155p.,21cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                       283p.,17cm.
Boston,D. C. heath,USA                                  vi,284p.,19cm.
Edinbrugh,Longman, brown, green, and longmans, London,UKii,580p.,21cm.
Edinbrugh,Longman, brown, green, and longmans, London,UKxii,292p.,25cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                               141p.,22cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                          xiv,320p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                   viii,519p.,18cm.
Leninstrabe,Deutsher buch-export und- import gmbh,UK    1069p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                     x,388p.,23cm.
New York,G. P. putnam,USA                               xii,236p.,21cm.
Lahore,Kapur art printing works,Punjab                  xvi,280hp.,21cm.
London,Sir isaac pitman,UK                              244p.,18cm.
London,G. bell,UK                                       xii,160p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                   358p.,18cm.
Washington,United states department of the interior,UK  x,65p.,24cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college,India        xi,91p.,24cm.
London,F. C. and J. rivington,Uk                        502p.,22cm.
Parish,Chez delaunay, libraire,UK                       xiv,656p.,20cm.
London,J. nichols,UK                                    523p.,22cm.
London,Richard and John E. taylor,UK                    iv,119p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, spink,India                           61p.,19cm.
London,Longmans,green,UK                                vii,328p.,19cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                              370p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                                   xxvi,511p.,23cm.
London,W. H. allen,UK                                   xxxvi,412p.,19cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                               xii,204p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                     323p.,23cm.
London,Longmans,green,UK                                x,432p.,22cm.
Washington,United states government printing office,UK  xv,580p.,24cm.
London,Great george street,UK                           87p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                           10p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                           10p.,22cm.
London,Longmans,UK                                      xvi,568p.,18cm.
London,Kegan paul,UK                                    92p.,16cm.
Manchester,University of Manchester,UK                  ,22cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                               90p.,22cm.
London,Longmans,UK                                          247p.,18cm.
London,George bell,UK                                       xii,127p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                   vi,419p.,20cm.
London,John hamilton,UK                                     ix,277p.,20cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                                 xi,256p.,20cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK               503p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                       xvi,306p.,22cm.
London,Taylor and Francis,UK                                xxviii,594p.,23cm.
Paris,Edmond d'ocagne,UK                                    103p.,28cm.
New York,Munn &,USA                                         336p.,30cm.
Munich,Max-planck-gesellschaft zur forderung der wissenschaften,UK
Allahabad,United provinces,India                            42p.,33cm.
Uttar Pradesh,Department of economics & statistics,India    ii,678p.,33cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                               297p.,28cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                     viii,747p.,30cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                               126P.,28cm.
London,Kingsbury,UK                                         571p.,28cm.
Chicago,University of chicago press,UK                      viii,292p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                           xix,724p.,21cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                                   xxiv,295p.,22cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                                     xi,323p.,23cm.
London,J. buckland,UK                                       315p.,16cm.
London,Henry cilburn,UK                                     vi,352p.,20cm.
London,Parker, furnivall,UK                                 cxxxv,425p.,23cm.
London,William & Norgate,UK                                 256p.,17cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                   192p.,19cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                           xi,274p.,19cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                    vii,522p.,23cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                                   xi,251p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,Adam and charles black's,UK                       v,435p.,23cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                           ix,454p.,22cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                               xviii,224p.,23cm.
New York,Conference at the carnegie international center,USAv,218p.,24cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                                   x,370p.,19cm.
London,Seeley,UK                                            xiv,343p.,19cm.
London,His majesty's stationery office,UK                   99p.,22cm.
Washington,United states government printing office,UK      136p.,24cm.
Delhi,Manager of publication,India                          iii,136p.,19cm.
London,Houlston and stoneman,UK                             xvi,574p.,20cm.
Philadelphia,Childs & peterson,UK                           467p.,23cm.
Paris,Bureau de la revue des deux mondes,UK                 1024p.,24cm.
Barlin,Vdi-verlag gmbh,UK                                   viii,566p.,25cm.
London,Great george street,UK                               16p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                               16p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent government printing,India           94p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                              viii,327p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                                       v,158p.,18cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                    xviii,995p.,23cm.
London,John murray,UK                                       vii,314p.,20cm.
London,Wm. H. allen,UK                            173p.,20cm.
London,John murray,UK                             ix,430p.,19cm.
London,Charls griffin,UK                          xi,176p.,22cm.
Pyongyang,Foreign languages publishing house,UK   323p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               xi,888p.,22cm.
Washington,War department,UK                      227p.,22cm.
London,Parbury,UK                                 770p.,21cm.
London,Bradbury and evans,UK                      viii,492p.,22cm.
London,Longman, brown,green, and longmans,UK      xix,564p.,21cm.
London,John W. parker,UK                          xvi,445p.,23cm.
London,Hartford,UK                                640p.,23cm.
London,Gay and hancock,UK                         xi,441p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                        xii,292p.,22cm.
London,J. M. dent,UK                              309p.,19cm.
Glasgow,Chalmers and collins,UK                   446p.,22cm.
London,G. kearsley,UK                             xii,418p.,21cm.
London,Gay and bird,UK                            vii,524p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Baptist mission press,India              x,130p.,22cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                 x,517p.,24cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                         xiv,459p.,24cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                         v,76p.,26cm.
London,D. van nostrand,UK                         184p.,24cm.
London,Great george street,UK                     21p.,22cm.
London,Longman, green, longman, and roberts,UK    xvi,669p.,23cm.
London,John weale,UK                              xxviii,303p.,22cm.
London,Henry colburn and richard bentely,UK       xxviii,467p.,22cm.
Washington,Smithsonian institution,UK             xiii,476p.,24cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                         xii,288p.,23cm.
London,J. & A. churchill,UK                       x,520p.,24cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                 380p.,23cm.
New York,Cassell John wiley,UK                    xiv,369p.,30cm.
London,David nutt,UK                              ix,317p.,20cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                     x,515p.,24cm.
Madras,G. A. natesan,India                        iv,354p.,19cm.
New York,E. & h. T. anthony,USA                   xvi,320p.,22cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                         viii,83p.,19cm.
Allahabad,Law book co.,India                      80p.,22cm.
London,Erest benn,UK                              457p.,24cm.
New Delhi,Government of India,India               110p.,25cm.
London,John lane,UK                               xi,349p.,22cm.
London,Martin secker,UK                           320p.,23cm.
London,Josian taylor, architectural library,UK    130p.,23cm.
London,University of London,UK                    76p.,22cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                        vii,386p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               xii,351p.,19cm.
London,University tutorial press,UK               viii,672p.,17cm.
Manchester,Norman rodger,UK                       viii,395p.,22cm.
Manchester,Norman rodger,UK                       434p.,21cm.
London,Kegan paul,UK                              xv,205p.,18cm.
London,George allen & unwin,UK                    xv,301p.,19cm.
London,Scientific book club,UK                    vii,295p.,19cm.
London,Great george street,UK                     14p.,22cm.
Calcutta,J. L. kingham, foreign department press,India   561p.,25cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    viii,1189p.,25cm.
London,Dean,UK                                           xi,99p.,19cm.
London,Dean,UK                                           270p.,19cm.
London,Kegan paul,UK                                     viii,209p.,22cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                               vii,712p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Thacker,UK                                      xiii,287p.,19cm.
American,American academy,USA                            670p.,23cm.
London,George bell,UK                                    x,381p.,22cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                        ciii,332p.,17cm.
London,Thomas nelson,UK                                  vi,748p.,18cm.
London,Watta,UK                                          vii,152p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                        vi,151p.,196cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                xi,137p.,20cm.
Calcutta,Calcutta university,India                       160p.,24cm.
London,G. bell,UK                                        315p.,19cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                  x,465p.,22cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                  ix,136p.,17cm.
London,University tutorial press,UK                      vii,250p.,18cm.
London,University tutorial press,UK                      viii,346p.,17cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                 203p.,23cm.
New York,Macmillan,USA                                   vii,247p.,21cm.
New Delhi,G. H. Q.,India                                 xxxx,112p.,20cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    xxxv,392p.,23cm.
London,George bell,UK                                    ix,108p.,18cm.
Manitoba,Winnipeg,UK                                     372p.,22cm.
London,University of London,UK                           xix,2111p.,21cm.
London,John wiley,UK                                     647p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      viii,204p.,23cm.
London,Parker son,UK                                     iv,391p.,20cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                              295p.,19cm.
London,W. H. allen,UK                                    xii,194p.,19cm.
London,Engineer,UK                                       832p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xi,257p.,19cm.
New York,Norman W. henley,USA                            xiv,809p.,22cm.
London,Saunders and otley,UK                             419p.,22cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                v,199p.,20cm.
London,Bradbury and evans,UK                             x,472p.,22cm.
New Delhi,Popular book services,UK                       xiii,272p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                vi,291p.,18cm.
London,Taylor and francis,UK                             xix,244p.,23cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                            ix,270p.,27cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      viii,334p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      55p.,24cm.
London,Constable,UK                                      xv,215p.,22cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                479p.,23cm.
London,Blackie,UK                                        56p.,18cm.
New York,Henry holt,UK                                   x,417p.,22cm.
London,Longman, green, longman,and roberts,UK            xi,269p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Law publishing press,India                      337p.,24cm.
London,Longman, hurst, rees, orme,and brown,UK           xvi,512p.,22cm.
Chicago,Henry o. shepard,UK                        437p.,23cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK           2856p.,23cm.
London,Harper,UK                                   xii,262p.,21cm.
London,John long,UK                                318p.,17cm.
Calcutta,Thacker,UK                                viii,135p.,21cm.
Birmingham,Cornish brothers,UK                     327p.,19cm.
New York,Wiley and putnam,USA                      viii,575p.,23cm.
Stuttgart,Verlag von ferdinand enke,UK             xii,751p.,24cm.
London,Great george street,UK                      12p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                      24p.,22cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                            xix,527p.,21cm.
London,Lovell reeve,UK                             xvi,451p.,19cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                            xii,352p.,20cm.
London,UK                                          ,25cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                xi,348p.,18cm.
London,J. millan,UK                                xxiv,304p.,20cm.
London,Mills & boon,UK                             55p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Sperintendent government printing,India   iv,119p.,25cm.
London,Daldy, Isbister,UK                          xvi,389p.,22cm.
Agra,Registrar, Agra university,India              293p.,25cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                            ix,459p.,23cm.
Delhi,Manager of publishing,India                  22p.,24cm.
London,Cornelius buck,UK                           1779p.,26cm.
London,James S. virtue,UK                          cix,831p.,25cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                        871p.,20cm.
London,Trubner,UK                                  347p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                viii,418p.,23cm.
Calcutta,J. Thomas,India                           viii,645p.,25cm.
Roorkee,University of Roorkee,India                236p.,25cm.
London,Smith, elder and co.,UK                     314p.,28cm.
New York,Macmillan,USA                             xvi,311p.,21cm.
Delhi,Atma Ram & sons,India                        177p.,25cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK           48p.,25cm.
New York,Prentice-Hall,USA                         xiii,626p.,21cm.
Roorkee,Thomason C. E. college press,India         143p.,28cm.
London,Technical press,UK                          417p.,19cm.
London,Technical press,UK                          672p.,22cm.
London,His majesty's stationery office,UK          126p.,25cm.
London,Chapman,UK                                  xii,618p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United Provinces,India                   322p.,22cm.
New York,McGraw-Hill,USA                           xvi,325p.,20cm.
Simla,Manager government of India press,India      x,146p.,25cm.
London,Morgan,UK                                   viii,1397p.,18cm.
New York,McGraw-Hill,USA                           xv,583p.,23cm.
London,Great george street,UK                      15p.,22cm.
Jallindur,India printers,India                     383p.,25cm.
Lahore,mufid-l-m press,India                       xii,197p.,23cm.
England,Dorman, long,UK                            610p.,19cm.
London,Blackie,UK                                  x,352p.,19cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                          332p.,18cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK
London,Institution of civil engineers,UK                 131p.,22cm.
London,Longman, hurst, rees, orme, and brown,UK          xx,184p.,27cm.
London,Car illustrated,UK                                viii,168p.,18cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                1536p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent government printing,India        306p.,33cm.
Lahore,Superintendent printing,India                     v,127p.,33cm.
Calcutta,East Indian railway,India                       31p.,33cm.
Madrid,Imprenta de d. eusebio aguado,UK                  148p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent of government printing,India     ,33cm.
Rangoon,Superintendent of government printing,India      58p.,33cm.
Bolarum,Branch government press,India                    135p.,33cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                                xviii,354p.,29cm.
Lahore,Punjab government press,India                     iv,121p.,33cm.
Punjab,Public works department,India                     96p.,33cm.
Roorkee,homason civil engineering college press,India    v,72p.,33cm.
New York,D. van nostrand,USA                             44p.,30cm.
Lahore,Punjab government press,India                     ii,89p.,33cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                         9p.,33cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college,India                           17p.,33cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college,India                           47p.,33cm.
Rangoon,Suprintendent government printing,India          88p.,33cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college,India                           40p.,33cm.
Rangoon,Superintendent government printing,India         148p.,33cm.
Lahore,Punjab government press,India                     v,145p.,33cm.
London,John weale,UK                                     ,30cm.
London,John weale,UK                                     38p.,30cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India   146p.,33cm.
Chatham,School of military engineering,India             30p.,33cm.
Lucknow,United provinces,India                           22p.,30cm.
London,William clowes,UK                                 56p.,33cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India   72p.,33cm.
Lugano,UK                                                491p.,28cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    322p.,15cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                                142p.,16cm.
London,Sir isaac pitman,UK                               iv,137p.,18cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                                vii,154p.,19cm.
Calcutta,University of Calcutta,India                    128p.,21cm.
London,Accountants' library,UK                           114p.,22cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                            95p.,21cm.
London,British steel makers,UK                           385p.,19cm.
Calcutta,Thacker spink,India                             69p.,22cm.
New York,Macmillan,USA                                   xvi,539p.,19cm.
Simla,Irrigation of India,India                          20p.,23cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India   ii,80p.,20cm.
London,Longman, green, longman, and roberts,India        viii,143p.,19cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spone,UK                               viii,308p.,19cm.
New Delhi,Government of India,India                      87p.,16cm.
Chicago,Goodheart-willcox,UK                             409p.,20cm.
London,J. & A. churchill,UK                              xiv,159p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Prwsident,India                                  17p.,22cm.
London,Association of engineering,India                      37p.,21cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                      xii,210p.,23cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                      20p.,23cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                      vi,77p.,23cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                      xix,406p.,23cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                    xii,478p.,16cm.
London,Hippolyte bailliere,UK                                viii,420p.,22cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                    xxiii,271p.,22cm.
Paris,Librairie scientifique,UK                              xv,323p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                    xvi,182p.,24cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college press,India                         ix,,24cm.
London,Secretatry institution of civil engineers,India       35p.,22cm.
London,Longmans,green,UK                                     xvi,528p.,18cm.
New Delhi,Government of India,India                          56p.,17cm.
London,His majesty's stationery office,UK                    viii,100p.,22cm.
London,Addison-wesley,UK                                     xvi,528p.,22cm.
London,William H. allen,UK                                   iv,398p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent government printing,India            137p.,25cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college press,India                         xi,454p.,25cm.
Glasgow,glasgow university,UK                                xvi,648p.,18cm.
London,John weale,UK                                         x,279p.,18cm.
London,George bell,UK                                        vi,226p.,18cm.
England,Dorman, long,UK                                      259p.,20cm.
London,Longmans,green,UK                                     63p.,22cm.
London,Longmans,green,UK                                     ,25cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                    xxiii,432p.,23cm.
London,Leipzig and dresden,UK                                iv,258p.,28cm.
London,Leipzig and dresden,UK                                495p.,25cm.
London,Archibald constable,UK                                xv,389p.,28cm.
Cambridge,Cambridge university press,UK                      1351p.,28cm.
Cambridge,University of camridge,UK                          1152p.,28cm.
Allahabad,United provinces government press,India            31p.,33cm.
Uttar Pradesh,Superintendent printing and stationery,India   x,76p.,33cm.
Paris,Dunod,UK                                               xv,496p.,26cm.
London,E. & H. N. spon,UK                                    255p.,32cm.
New York,Academic press,USA                                  x,548p.,28cm.
Cambridge,Massachusetts,UK                                   xviii,548p.,27cm.
Punjab,Public works department,India                         72p.,33cm.
London,Secretary, the institution of civil engineering,UK    25p.,22cm.
London,Her majesty,s ststionery office,UK                    iv,75p.,25cm.
London,Great george street,UK                                15p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                                28p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                                23p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                                11p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                                26p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                                27p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                                7p.,22cm.
London,Richard clay,UK                                       xvi,245p.,17cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                                    vi,184p.,18cm.
Chicago,Mathematical association of America,UK               xiii,189p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                    xv,296p.,22cm.
             Washington,Highway research board,UK                          55p.,25cm.
             New York,John wiley,USA                                       v,401p.,24cm.
             Allahabad,United provinces,India                              135p.,24cm.
             London,Edward stanford,UK                                     61p.,28cm.
             New York,Academic press,USA                                   xii,746p.,23cm.
             London,W. & R. chambers,UK                                    159p.,19cm.
             London,Roake and varty,UK                                     xv,32p.,22cm.
             Paris,Dunod,UK                                                525p.,24cm.
             London,Longmans, green,UK                                     491p.,20cm.
             Cambridge,University press,UK                                 95p.,21cm.
             Perth,Milne, tannahill & methven,UK                           43p.,20cm.
             London,Sir isaac pit man,UK                                   ix,936p.,16cm.
             England,Dorman, long,UK                                       259p.,20cm.
             Delhi,Manager of publications,India                           iv,234p.,22cm.
             New Delhi,International commission on irrigation and drainage,India
             London,Macmillan,UK                                           35p.,36cm.
             London,Gale & polden,UK                                       xv,228p.,18cm.
             London,Electrician,UK                                         86p.,15cm.
             London,UK                                                     vi,304p.,18cm.
             London,T. fisher unwin,UK                                     230p.,18cm.
             London,Rivington, percival,UK                                 viii,359p.,21cm.
             Chatham,School of military engineering,UK                     vii,320p.,22cm.
             Paris,Garnier freres, libraires,UK                            695p.,22cm.
             London,Technical press,UK                                     viii,211p.,24cm.
             London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                     xvi,181p.,18cm.
             London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                     477p.,18cm.
             New Delhi,General manager government of India press,India 91p.,24cm.
             Cambridge,University press,UK                                 95p.,21cm.
             New York,McGraw-hill,USA                                      viii,471p.,21cm.
             Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India        318p.,25cm.
             London,George knight,UK                                       xii,107p.,17cm.
             New York,D. van nostrand,USA                                  171p.,23cm.
             London,Charles griffin,UK                                     xi,176p.,22cm.
             Paris,Librairie de l. hachette et c,UK                        638p.,21cm.
             London,Constable,UK                                           xxiii,434p.,23cm.
             London,P.W. department,UK                                     6p.,33cm.
             Roorkee,Thomason college,India                                15p.,33cm.
             Simla,Railway board,India                                     iv,55p.,33cm.
             Simla,Railway board,India                                     26p.,33cm.
             Bombay,Governemnt central press,India                         iii,6p.,33cm.
             Vicksburg,India                                               vi,88p.,26cm.
charges of rivers, canal and open channels                                 38p.,33cm.
             New Yrok,Welding engineer,USA                                 82p.,28cm.
             Roorkee,Thomason college,India                                15p.,33cm.
             New Delhi,National buildings organisation,India               38p.,28cm.
             London,E. and F. N. Spon,UK                                   iv,280p.,28cm.
             Lahore,Punjab government press,India                          ii,64p.,33cm.
             Calcutta,New physics laboratory, presidency college,India     15p.,33cm.
             Lahore,Punjab government press,India                          v,145p.,33cm.
Punjab,Public works department,India                          14p.,33cm.
Delhi,Manager of publication,India                            34p.,33cm.
Rangoon,Suprintendent government printing,Burma               57p.,33cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                              ,33cm.
Paris,Mallet-bachelier,UK                                     xiv,361p.,28cm.
Middlesex,Simens-schuckert,UK                                 25p.,21cm.
London,S. rentell,UK                                          57p.,18cm.
New Delhi,National buildings organisation,India               15p.,24cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                       x,161p.,23cm.
London,Bazar, exchange and mart,UK                            112p.,19cm.
London,McGraw-Hill,UK                                         xii,476p.,21cm.
Lahore,Mufid-I-AM press,UK                                    x,173p.,23cm.
Bombay,Industrial press,India                                 viii,108p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                           xxviii,127p.,23cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                                 vii,246p.,18cm.
Lahore,Mufid-I-Am press,India                                 xv,289p.,22cm.
New York,Electrical engineering institute of correspondence instruction,USA
Ottawa,C. H. Parmelef,UK                                      xxii,601p.,25cm.
London,Electrical review publication,UK                       477p.,23cm.
London,W. simpkin and R. marshall,UK                          xiv,541p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                     xx,448p.,23cm.
England,Dorman, long,UK                                       610p.,18cm.
New Yrok,D. van nostrand,USA                                  281p.,20cm.
Paris,A la librairie encyclopedique de roret,UK               viii,350p.,14cm.
London,John weale,UK                                          260p.,18cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK                                      xiv,200p.,21cm.
London,Sir isaac pitman,UK                                    viii,118p.,17cm.
Boston,Lee and shepard,UK                                     xviii,570p.,20cm.
Calcutta,Thacker,spink,India                                  132p.,18cm.
New Delhi,Manager government of India press,India             26p.,25cm.
London,Her majesty's satationery office,UK                    141p.,25cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                                 95p.,22cm.
London,Sir isaac pitman,UK                                    xxiii,428p.,18cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                     xv,306p.,18cm.
London,Ernest McCullough,UK                                   54p.,22cm.
England,Dorman,long,UK                                        xxxviii,267p.,17cm.
London,John wiley,UK                                          320p.,18cm.
London,His majesty's stationary office,UK                     110p.,22cm.
Madras,Higginbotham,India                                     xxv,512p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason C. E. college,India                          vi,94p.,23cm.
Tulsisadan,Charotar book stall,India                          xiv,686p.,21cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                     vii,253p.,17cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                     xv,272p.,23cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                                     xvii,688p.,22cm.
London,Relfe brothers,UK                                      viii,80p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                     vi,323p.,20cm.
Paris,A la librairie encyclopedique de roret,UK               xxii,358p.,15cm.
London,Cleaver-hume press,UK                                  224p.,18cm.
New Delhi,Indian roads congress,India                         39p.,21cm.
London,Institution of civil engineers,UK                      ,22cm.
Paris,Libraire scientifique,UK                                376p.,22cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                           678p.,19cm.
London,J. & A. churchill,UK                                 xxv,418p.,26cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                               viii,255p.,22cm.
London,Machinery market,UK                                  280p.,17cm.
Glasgow,Glasgow and west of scotland technical college,UK   xii,330p.,19cm.
Dublin,James McGlashan,UK                                   viii,204p.,22cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                           viii,152p.,17cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                           viii,102p.,17cm.
London,His majesty's stationery office,UK                   75p.,24cm.
New Jersey,Bell telephone laboratories,UK                   viii,162p.,24cm.
England,Dorman, long,UK                                     610p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                           viii,95p.,16cm.
London,William clowes,UK                                    157p.,22cm.
Grosby,Lockwood & son,UK                                    434p.,20cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                   xv,425p.,22cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                   x,303p.,21cm.
London,Alfred A. Knopf,UK                                   324p.,20cm.
Parise,Librairie scientifique,UK                            41p.,28cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                         xxxv,405p.,22cm.
London,Longman, green, longman, roberts,& green,UK          xvi,558p.,17cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                   xii,778p.,15cm.
London,John murray,UK                                       179p.,17cm.
London,Gale & polden,UK                                     xv,228p.,18cm.
London,Thomas kelly,UK                                      iv,856p.,21cm.
London,George newnes,UK                                     viii,311p.,18cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                                   xvi,336p.,18cm.
Manchester,Trade supplied,UK                                208p.,15cm.
Edinburgh,Maclachlan & stewart,UK                           xx,617p.,22cm.
London,His majesty's stationary office,UK                   18p.,24cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                   ix,268p.,18cm.
New Delhi,Government of India,India                         86p.,16cm.
London,Ward, lock, bowden,UK                                xii,364p.,18cm.
London,Longman, brown, green,and longman,UK                 xix,436p.,17cm.
London,Sir isaac pitman,UK                                  xii,531p.,20cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                                   xvi,320p.,18cm.
London,John weale,UK                                        vi,428p.,28cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, and green,UK             xxiii,68p.,28cm.
London,Her majesty's stationery office,UK                   7p.,30cm.
London,Her majesty's stationery office,UK                   23p.,30cm.
London,Her majesty's stationery office,UK                   12p.,30cm.
Delhi,National buildings organisation,India                 24p.,27cm.
London,John weale,UK                                        xix,250p.,29cm.
London,John weale,UK                                        cclxi p.,28cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent of government printinh,India        iv,132p.,22cm.
New York,American iron and steel institute,USA              77p.,23cm.
New Delhi,Central board of irrigation and power,India       iv,178p.,25cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                   xi,584p.,21cm.
New York,hawkins and staff,USA                              992p.,16cm.
Cairo,Al-ettemad press,USA                                  73p.,23cm.
London,Sir isaac pitman,UK                                  viii,272p.,19cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent government printing,India           137p.,26cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                            26p.,25cm.
London,Electrician,UK                                 xv,80p.,22cm.
Delhi,Central road research institute,India           32p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Government of India,India                    ix,342p.,24cm.
Lucknow,Methodist episcopal church press,India        vii,61p.,24cm.
London,Temple press,UK                                v,206p.,21cm.
London,Temple press,UK                                196p.,20cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                               viii,440p.,22cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                             64p.,18cm.
New York,Engineering news publishing co.,USA          60p.,24cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                             xii,154p.,19cm.
Philadelphia,Lea & blanchard,UK                       viii,392p.,24cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                             xvii,380p.,23cm.
Paris,Laran, libraire,UK                              xliv,579p.,20cm.
London,Sir isaac pitman,UK                            ix,298p.,18cm.
Kilmarnock,Glenfield & kennedy,UK                     92p.,25cm.
London,Staples press,UK                               158p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                             xiii,301p.,17cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                             vi,163p.,22cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                               xi,335p.,23cm.
Delhi,Manager of publications,India                   41p.,25cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                        x,204p.,18cm.
New Delhi,Ministry of education & culture,India       xiii,164p.,24cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 xi,428p.,19cm.
Tulsi Sadan,Charotar book stall,India                 324p.,22cm.
London,His majesty's stationery office,UK             39p.,24cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                      290p.,24cm.
London,Longman, green, longman, roberts, & green,UK   xiv,270p.,22cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                             v,76p.,25cm.
Simla,Manager governemnt of India,India               x,146p.,24cm.
London,Great george street,UK                         28p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                         16p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                         13p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                         26p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                         16p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                         15p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                         23p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                         26p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                         12p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                         30p.,22cm.
Chatham,School of military engineering,UK             429p.,24cm.
Paris,Librairie polytechnique de J. baudry,UK         449p.,23cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                             xvi,784p.,18cm.
London,Sir isaac pitman,UK                            191p.,16cm.
Calcutta,Published by barham, hill,India              viii,608p.,22cm.
London,Bradbury, agnew,UK                             xix,593p.,22cm.
London,Concrete publications,UK                       vii,64p.,25cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                             xii,396p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                             xviii,329p.,20cm.
Tulsi sadan,Charotar book stall,India                 324p.,22cm.
Chicago,American school of correspondence,UK          308p.,24cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                     xiii,251p.,19cm.
England,Dorman, long,UK                               259p.,20cm.
Ottawa,National research council of canada,UK        9p.,24cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                           xix,772p.,20cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                            viii,83p.,18cm.
Delhi,Manager of publications,India                  v,88p.,21cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                            x,95p.,22cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                            242p.,18cm.
New Delhi,Indian roads congress,India                21p.,21cm.
New York,McGraw-hill book,USA                        xvii,843p.,23cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                            viii,247p.,17cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                               xii,429p.,22cm.
London,Longman, green, longman, roberts,& green,UK   xxii,364p.,19cm.
London,Gale & polden,UK                              xv,228p.,18cm.
London,Gale & polden,UK                              90p.,18cm.
Madras,Lawrence asylum press,India                   iv,198p.,25cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                            32p.,22cm.
London,Her majesty's stationery office,UK            453p.,24cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                            xvi,379p.,23cm.
New York,Macmillan,USA                               xii,416p.,21cm.
London,W. thacker,UK                                 viii,112p.,18cm.
London,Electrical press,UK                           xxi,316p.,18cm.
New York,Industrial press,USA                        z-1432p.,23cm.
London,Sir isaac pitman,UK                           ix,936p.,16cm.
London,Sir isaac pitman,UK                           126p.,17cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                              v,401p.,24cm.
London,W. Thacker,UK                                 viii,296p.,19cm.
Calcutta,W. newman,India                             v,96p.,18cm.
London,trubner,UK                                    vii,239p.,22cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                            xiv,284p.,18cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK                     xi,339p.,21cm.
London,McGraw-Hill,UK                                x,199p.,23cm.
New York,Reinhold publishing corporation,USA         v,332p.,22cm.
London,John weale,UK                                 108p.,22cm.
London,Chapman & Hall,UK                             420p.,18cm.
England,Dorman, long,UK                              222p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                ix,314p.,17cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                            vi,472p.,19cm.
London,Her majesty's stationery office,UK            v,485p.,20cm.
London,John weale,UK                                 viii,136p.,18cm.
Pisa,Tipografia nistri,UK                            55p.,23cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                            xviii,342p.,22cm.
Chatham,UK                                           iv,318p.,24cm.
London,Constable,UK                                  xx,377p.,21cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                    ix,130p.,18cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                              xi,630p.,23cm.
Roorkee,Nem chand,India                              xvi,406p.,22cm.
London,Longamns, green,UK                            xv,626p.,22cm.
London,Richard griffin,UK                            xx,619p.,19cm.
London,Gale & polden,UK                              xv,228p.,18cm.
New York,Electrical engineer institute,UK            ,21cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent government printing,India    68p.,16cm.
London,George routledge,UK                               xxiii,849p.,21cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                                xxiv,336p.,19cm.
New York,Macmillan,USA                                   517p.,20cm.
Delhi,Dhanpat Rai& sons,India                            viii,533p.,23cm.
London,Society of engineers,UK                           128p.,21cm.
London,John taylor,UK                                    vi,169p.,18cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,INdia   vi,24p.,25cm.
Delhi,Jain brothers,INdia                                362p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India   144p.,25cm.
London,John weale,UK                                     xii,125p.,18cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                 73p.,23cm.
London,Institution of civil engineers,UK                 28p.,20cm.
England,National research council,UK                     66p.,26cm.
London,John wiley,UK                                     340p.,20cm.
London,John wiley,UK                                     470p.,24cm.
London,Sidney appleton,UK                                244p.,19cm.
New York,John Wiley,USA                                  vi,215p.,19cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                                  vii,288p.,22cm.
London,T. cadell,UK                                      viii,112p.,21cm.
London,Electrical engineer institute,UK                  306p.,19cm.
Roorkee,Nem chand,India                                  xvi,406p.,22cm.
New Delhi,Central board of irrigation and power,India    iv,178p.,25cm.
London,Josiah taylor, architechtural library,UK          viii,86p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                            15p.,22cm.
Delhi,Manager of publicatins,India                       ii,75p.,25cm.
London,Cliff's notes,UK                                  44p.,21cm.
New York,E. & F. N. spon,USA                             68p.,19cm.
New York,E. & F. N. spon,USA                             264p.,19cm.
London,S. highley,UK                                     viii,680p.,22cm.
New York,D. van nostrand,UK                              128p.,15cm.
London,Archibald conatable,UK                            xi,171p.,23cm.
New York,McGraw-Hill,USA                                 ix,493p.,20cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                  xx,709p.,23cm.
Paris,Garnier freres,UK                                  xlix,585p.,21cm.
London,Her majesty's stationery office,UK                326p.,21cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                  v,123p.,23cm.
London,Institute of civil engineers,UK                   24p.,21cm.
London,UK                                                vi,128p.,11cm.
London,Thos. Timmins,UK                                  29p.,26cm.
London,atchley,UK                                        368p.,28cm.
London,atchley,UK                                        ,30cm.
Parish,Carilian-goeury,UK                                x,252p.,27cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                136p.,26cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                xx,848p.,22cm.
London,John weale,UK                                     vi,541p.,25cm.
London,John weale,UK                                     658p.,26cm.
London,John weale,UK                                     ,30cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college,India                           59p.,25cm.
New York,John Wiley,USA                                  x,155p.,28cm.
              London,John weale,UK                                        ,29cm.
              London,High holborn,UK                                      ,29cm.
major bridges" in India                                                   40p.,27cm.
              London,Atchley,UK                                           45p.,28cm.
              Columbia,Columbia basin project,UK                          x,191p.,27cm.
              New York,Tnternational telephone and telegraph corporation,USA
              Delhi,Unesco research centre,India                          ii,51p.,21cm.
              London,Norie & wilson,UK                                    iv,134p.,22cm.
              London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                   xv,429p.,22cm.
              London,W. H. allen,UK                                       xvi,502p.,22cm.
              London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                   xii,267p.,22cm.
              Edinburgh,Nell & co.,UK                                     xv,336p.,20cm.
              London,G. W. nikisson,UK                                    xxvii,314p.,19cm.
              London,John murray,UK                                       xvi,538p.,22cm.
              London,J. M. dent,UK                                        287p.,19cm.
              London,John churchill,UK                                    xvi,390p.,17cm.
              London,Macmillan,UK                                         xxii,629p.,23cm.
              London,Wireless press,UK                                    xi,371p.,25cm.
              Bologna,Dalla tipografia di jacopo marsigli,UK              539p.,25cm.
              Punjab,Economic & statistice adviser to government,India    v,121p.,25cm.
              London,Smith,elder,UK                                       xvi,439p.,23cm.
              Paris,Librairia militaire de J. dumaine,UK                  xxxvii,565p.,22cm.
              London,Secretary, the institution of civil engineers,UK     30p.,21cm.
              London,Macmillan,UK                                         51p.,19cm.
              London,Constable,UK                                         xv,305p.,22cm.
              London,Her majesty's stationery office,UK                   iii,51p.,25cm.
              Calcutta,Thacker,India                                      318p.,24cm.
              Paris,Librairie de l. hachette et c.,UK                     407p.,22cm.
              London,Raithby, lawrence,UK                                 268p.,23cm.
              Madras,Diovesan press,India                                 viii,103p.,23cm.
              Milano,Coi tipi di giusppe bernardoni di giovanni,UK        140p.,32cm.
              Bombay,Education society's press,India                      100p.,33cm.
              Paris,Soletanche,UK                                         ,32cm.
              London,John weale,UK                                        63p.,29cm.
              Rangoon,Superintendent government printing,Burma            vi,88p.,33cm.
              Bulandshahr,Ganges Canal,India                              13p.,33cm.
              London,Hermajesty's stationery office,UK                    6p.,30cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason college press,India                        3p.,33cm.
              Delhi,Manager of publications,India                         vi,106p.,33cm.
              Calcutta,East Indian railway press,India                    39p.,33cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason college,India                              17p.,33cm.
              Madras,Government of Madras,India                           93p.,33cm.
              Lahore,Caxton printing works,India                          30p.,33cm.
              Calcutta,New physics laboratory, presidency college,India   15p.,33cm.
              Aligarh,Aligarh division ganga canal,India                  11p.,33cm.
 charges of rivers, canals and open channels                              38p.,33cm.
              Stockholm,Ivar haggstroms boktryekeri,UK                    75p.,25cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India   94p.,33cm.
              Rangoon,Superintendent government printing,Burma         58p.,33cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason College,India                           ii,46p.,33cm.
              London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                47p.,35cm.
              Pittsburgh,Koppers,UK                                    207p.,33cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason college,India                           viii,80p.,33cm.
              Allahabad,United provinces,India                         8p.,33cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India   15p.,33cm.
              Simla,Central board of irrigation,India                  vi,156p.,33cm.
ary use in the straits settlements                                     27p.,33cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason college,India                           25p.,33cm.
              Roorkee,Thomason college press,India                     13p.,33cm.
              Madras,Superintendent government press,India             v,173p.,33cm.
              Calcutta,Bengal secretariat book depot.,India            16p.,33cm.
              London,Hodder-and-stoughton,UK                           160p.,29cm.
              New York,Reinhold pulishing corporation,USA              232p.,26cm.
              London,Hazell, watson &viney,UK                          296p.,19cm.
              London,George allen & unwin,UK                           xvi,397p.,17cm.
             London,Henry G. bohn,UK                                   viii,81p.,22cm.
             New York,E. & H. T. anthony,USA                           xxiv,120p.,22cm.
             New York,E. & H. T. anthony,USA                           331p.,10cm.
             London,John murray,UK                                     80p.,22cm.
             Edinburgh,David Douglas,UK                                345p.,22cm.
             London,John murray,UK                                     xviii,564p.,23cm.
             Budapest,Corvina press,UK                                 204p.,20cm.
             Philadelphia,Chatto & windus,UK                           xiii,254p.,19cm.
             London,Charles griffin,UK                                 xviii,369p.,19cm.
             Cambridge,Cambridgr university press,UK                   1226p.,28cm.
             London,John weale,UK                                      iv,164p.,27cm.
             London,John weale,UK                                      viii,253p.,24cm.
             London,John weale,UK                                      64p.,28cm.
             London,Concrete publications,UK                           22p.,25cm.
             London,John W. parker,UK                                  116p.,21cm.
             London,John W. parker,UK                                  400p.,19cm.
             London,John murray,UK                                     xxxiv,404p.,23cm.
             London,John murray,UK                                     197p.,21cm.
             Edinbrugh,Adam & charles black,UK                         157p.,28cm.
             London,Druck und verlag von breitkopf und hartel,UK       xi,428p.,22cm.
             Madras,Higginbotham,UK                                    xvi,260p.,21cm.
             London,Gas & oil engine record,UK                         40p.,14cm.
             Bombay,India                                              142p.,19cm.
             London,Longmans, green,UK                                 xii,274p.,19cm.
             London,Photographic news,UK                               582p.,18cm.
             London,Longmans, green,UK                                 xvi,452p.,19cm.
             London,Crosby lockwood,UK                                 x,120p.,17cm.
             Calcutta,Survey of India office,India                     ,37cm.
             Calcutta,Archaeological survey of India,India             viii,76p.,33cm.
             London,Henry S. King & Co.,UK                             xxiv,380p.,21cm.
London,University of London press,UK                     88p.,22cm.
London,Hampton,judd & co.,UK                             vii,122p.,18cm.
London,Herbert jenkins limited,UK                        xxvi,340p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, spink,India                            160p.,18cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college,India                           49p.,19cm.
London,G. bell,UK                                        viii,181p.,19cm.
Lucknow,Lucknow christian college,India                  ii,106p.,18cm.
London,Hazell, watson,UK                                 xii,278p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    xxxi,464p.,23cm.
London,Secker& warburg,UK                                v,189p.,22cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                              xx,301p.,23cm.
London,H. virtue,UK                                      xii,248p.,20cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                              155p.,23cm.
Washington,Smithsonian institution,UK                    vi,152p.,23cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                 210p.,23cm.
Oxford,Pergamon press,UK                                 57p.,18cm.
London,George allen,UK                                   xv,414p.,17cm.
London,Thomas and william boonf,UK                       xx,177p.,23cm.
London,Percy lund,UK                                     164p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                                    xix,375p.,19cm.
New York,Rinehart,USA                                    xviii,547p.,28cm.
New Delhi,Ministry of information & broadcasting,India   110p.,31cm.
New Delhi,Ministry of information & broadcasting,India   192p.,31cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    iv,455p.,19cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                              xii,335p.,17cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                        vi,311p.,17cm.
Calcutta,Urdoo guide press,India                         72p.,22cm.
London,W. H. allen,UK                                    iv,593p.,23cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    xxxiv,446p.,22cm.
London,Encyclopaedia Britannica,UK                       xxi,692p.,23cm.
Edinbrugh,Constable,UK                                   viii,387p.,15cm.
London,J. & A. churchill,UK                              xi,896p.,23cm.
New York,Research laboratories,UK                        18p.,27cm.
Bombay,B. G. Navlakhi of J. V. Navlakhi & Co.,India      24p.,25cm.
New York,American aristotype,USA                         348p.,22cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                83p.,22cm.
London,John weale,UK                                     viii,69p.,28cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    x,342p.,22cm.
Oxford,Basil blackwell,UK                                126p.,18cm.
Oxford,Basil blackwell,UK                                xi,592p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      ix,438p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                                  xviii,439p.,18cm.
London,Jarrolds publishers,UK                            159p.,19cm.
London,Hutghison,UK                                      viii,311p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                   iv,483p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      viii,468p.,18cm.
London,Longman,UK                                        iv,446p.,22cm.
New Delhi,Hitkari prakashn,India                         116p.,17cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                                     251p.,19cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                              vii,313p.,19cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                                     315p.,18cm.
London,Longman,brown, green, and longmans,UK   iv,316p.,17cm.
London,W. Thacker,UK                           xii,110p.,17cm.
London,David bogue,UK                          xii,374p.,17cm.
London,Cassell,UK                              viii,368p.,18cm.
Bombay,DD. B. taraporevala,India               x,135p.,17cm.
New York,Popular library,USA                   203p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                    192p.,17cm.
London,T. werner laurie,UK                     94p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                            373p.,19cm.
London,Grant richards,UK                       337p.,19cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                      vii,307p.,19cm.
London,Kingsbury, parbury,and allen,UK         vii,81p.,24cm.
London,John hamilton,UK                        820p.,22cm.
London,Medici society,UK                       xii,245p.,21cm.
London,Archibald constable,UK                  ix,564p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                            381p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                    x,548p.,18cm.
London,Ernest benn,UK                          287p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                          373p.,18cm.
London,Gay and hancock,UK                      413p.,18cm.
London,Bell and daldy,UK                       932p.,19cm.
London,Humphrey milford,UK                     xx,633p.,20cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                    248p.,18cm.
Paris,Chez J. B. Bailliere,UK                  727p.,22cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                           352p.,19cm.
Edinbburgh,Cadell,UK                           557p.,21cm.
London,John murray,UK                          x,676p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                     viii,704p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                            397p.,18cm.
London,Crime club,UK                           161p.,18cm.
Delhi,India                                    872p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                           304p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                           247p.,18cm.
London,Collins' clear-type press,UK            viii,345p.,19cm.
London,George routledge and sons,UK            348p.,18cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK               xxxiii,498p.,20cm.
London,Chatto & Winds,UK                       171p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                     vii,413p.,20cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                        262p.,20cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                      xi,290p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                           320p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                              viii,415p.,18cm.
england,Penguin books,UK                       189p.,18cm.
London,W. & R. chambers,UK                     359p.,18cm.
London,George newnes,UK                        256p.,18cm.
London,Grayson & grayson,UK                    284p.,19cm.
London,Richard bentley and son,UK              292p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley and son,UK              281p.,15cm.
London,George routledge and son,UK             xv,432p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                            viii,368p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                            348p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                           294p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                          xii,399p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                         297p.,19cm.
London,Hurst & blackett,UK                    288p.,18cm.
New York,D. appleton,USA                      ix,440p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                          328p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                             vi,318p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           vi,444p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                         viii,326p.,19cm.
London,Penguin books,UK                       vi,663p.,17cm.
London,Ward,lock,UK                           301p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                vi,318p.,18cm.
London,W. collins,UK                          275p.,18cm.
London,W. collins,UK                          251p.,18cm.
London,Downey,UK                              242p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                           337p.,19cm.
Paris,Gabon, libraire,UK                      507p.,20cm.
London,Ward,lock,UK                           317p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                         viii,529p.,21cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                    306p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                       415p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                         316p.,17cm.
Boston,Crosby, nichols,UK                     viii,180p.,18cm.
New York,Appleton-century-crofts,USA          viii,304p.,20cm.
New York,Appleton-century-crofts,USA          293p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                    vii,384p.,18cm.
London,Simpkin, marshall, hamilton, kent,UK   347p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                             viii,326p.,18cm.
London,George bell,UK                         x,180p.,18cm.
London,George bell,UK                         316p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                         370p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                             viii,463p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                    xix,388p.,18cm.
London,D. appleton,UK                         404p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                             viii,294p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           xiv,347p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                     viii,410p.,18cm.
London,John lane the bodley head ltd.,UK      357p.,18cm.
London,G. bell,UK                             309p.,18cm.
London,W. H. Allen,UK                         254p.,18cm.
London,Walton and maberly,UK                  xvi,432p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                           319p.,17cm.
London,John lane,UK                           413p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                             327p.,17cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                312p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                   303p.,19cm.
London,Hodder & stoughton,UK                  320p.,19cm.
London,Hutchison,UK                           viii,359p.,18cm.
London,Archibald constable,UK                 368p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                   319p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                     viii,392p.,15cm.
London,Eden, remington,UK                     293p.,19cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                          313p.,18cm.
London,George G. Harrper,UK                          318p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low, marston, searle & rivington,UK   ix,377p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                    xii,176p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,son,& marston,UK                  332p.,18cm.
London,Ernest benn,UK                                884p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                190p.,18cm.
London,Chapman & dodd,UK                             250p.,18cm.
London,W. foulsham,UK                                85p.,16cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                       269p.,19cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK                         viii,300p.,19cm.
London,UK                                            254p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                  xvi,620p.,18cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK                     xviii,330p.,21cm.
London,D. appleton,UK                                363p.,20cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                                344p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                              410p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                                  312p.,18cm.
London,Sir isaac pitman,UK                           xii,240p.,20cm.
London,W. Collins,UK                                 264p.,19cm.
London,W. otridge,UK                                 460p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                  x,336p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                  xii,368p.,24cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                  176p.,24cm.
London,Lovat Dickson,UK                              309p.,22cm.
London,Wright & brown,UK                             xx,320p.,22cm.
London,Whittaker,UK                                  xvi,111p.,22cm.
London,John lane the bodley head ltd.,UK             315p.,18cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK                            x,305p.,19cm.
London,Constable,UK                                  283p.,19cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK                     vii,246p.,19cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                            368p.,18cm.
London,George allen & unwin ltd.,UK                  277p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                          xii,528p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                           iv,419p.,18cm.
London,Pitman and sons,UK                            126p.,17cm.
New York,H. N. Munn, publisher,UK                    252p.,18cm.
London,Taylor and walton,UK                          xliii,582p.,22cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                    xv,495p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                    795p.,19cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                       vii,189p.,18cm.
London,chatto and windus,UK                          vi,266p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                 vi,390p.,19cm.
London,J. M. dent,UK                                 xii,493p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                                  vii,324p.,19cm.
London,John lane,UK                                  581p.,17cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                       331p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                            482p.,18cm.
London,Hurst & blackett,UK                           287p.,17cm.
London,W. R. chambers,UK                             337p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                          xi,313p.,18cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK                             iv,342p.,18cm.
London,Andrew melrose,UK                      380p.,18cm.
New York,Macmillan,UK                         843p.,22cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK              433p.,22cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                        xii,706p.,19cm.
London,Martin secker,UK                       424p.,20cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                     xxiv,548p.,23cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                   x,368p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                265p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           vi,421p.,19cm.
London,Costable,UK                            xvi,441p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           xiii,470p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,W. & R. chapbers,UK                 304p.,18cm.
London,Stanley paul,UK                        400p.,18cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK              liv,423p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           xx,378p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                         xi,426p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           viii,363p.,19cm.
Westminster,Archibald constable,UK            447p.,18cm.
Edinbrugh,William blackwood,UK                332p.,19cm.
Edinbrugh,William blackwood,UK                xliii,323p.,18cm.
London,Hutchison,UK                           878p.,17cm.
London,Hurst & blackett,UK                    288p.,18cm.
London,Hurst & blackett,UK                    396p.,18cm.
Edinbrugh,Oliver & boyd, tweeddale court,UK   368p.,18cm.
London,Stanley paul,UK                        285p.,17cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK              xviii,493p.,19cm.
London,Michael joseph ltd.,UK                 360p.,18cm.
London,Chatto and windus,UK                   379p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                ix,298p.,18cm.
London,V. boardman,UK                         159p.,17cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                         307p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                     426p.,18cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK              xiii,431p.,20cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                     278p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                     639p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                   xv,342p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                         335p.,19cm.
London,Oxford university press,UK             xv,384p.,15cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                   382p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                   vi,590p.,18cm.
New York,Macmillan,UK                         312p.,19cm.
London,T. werner laurie,UK                    viii,341p.,18cm.
London,Collins,UK                             194p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                           v,216p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                           328p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                       320p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                        vi,332p.,18cm.
Tehri,Paripoornanand painili,India            151p.,21cm..
London,George routledge,UK                    xv,441p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                    xi,493p.,19cm.
London,Chatto and windus,UK                   viii,318p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stiughton,UK                252p.,18cm.
New York,Meridian books,USA                              448p.,18cm.
Bombay,Vijaya publishers,India                           249p.,18cm.
London,J. M. dent,UK                                     xl,202p.,20cm.
Edinburgh,Grant & murray,UK                              327p.,19cm.
London,Hodder and stougthton,UK                          ix,395p.,19cm.
Delhi,Bharti bhasha prakashan,India                      112p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                        309p.,18cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK                                vii,312p.,19cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, green, & longman,UK   xvi,424p.,18cm.
New York,Macmillan,USA                                   361p.,16cm.
London,Walter Scott publishing,UK                        x,810p.,19cm.
London,Thornton butterworth,UK                           ix,304p.,19cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                              718p.,18cm.
London,Andrew melrose,UK                                 viii,296p.,19cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                        247p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                        314p.,18cm.
London,W. thacker,UK                                     viii,237p.,19cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                           319p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                              371p.,17cm.
London,George routledge,UK                               290p.,18cm.
London,Martin secker,UK                                  301p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      viii,416p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                                      224p.,18cm.
London,Crime club,UK                                     159p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    xx,334p.,18cm.
London,Greening,UK                                       328p.,16cm.
London,Routledge,UK                                      xiii,207p.,19cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK                         lii,396p.,20cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                                 320p.,17cm.
London,Duckworth,UK                                      351p.,18cm.
London,Duckworth,UK                                      295p.,18cm.
London,Penguin books,UK                                  190p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                viii,388p.,18cm.
London,Hurst & blackett,UK                               264p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                                285p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                                299p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                               xi,460p.,18cm.
London,Collins,UK                                        192p.,18cm.
London,John long,UK                                      320p.,18cm.
London,Hodder & stoughton,UK                             vii,267p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                                      237p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xviii,103p.,20cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                                xix,244p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                               xii,372p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                           311p.,19cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                                viii,151p.,18cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                                 286p.,18cm.
London,Robert hale,UK                                    277p.,18cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK                                312p.,18cm.
London,G. bell,UK                                        xi,348p.,18cm.
Bombay,Bharatiya vidya bhavan,India                      xi,256p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                            311p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                     viii,284p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                           222p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                           434p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,Impensis oliver & boyd,UK            iv,326p.,15cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                       240p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                           320p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                 429p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                 452p.,19cm.
London,Thomas nelson,UK                        xv,239p.,20cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK                      312p.,18cm.
London,Humphrey milford,UK                     552p.,15cm.
London,John murray,UK                          315p.,17cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                      vii,311p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                    vi,361p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                            viii,516p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                    vi,349p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                              311p.,18cm.
London,John maxwell,UK                         280p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                           285p.,19cm.
London,Fortine press,UK                        192p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                 viii,417p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                      334p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                          327p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                 250p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                          379p.,18cm.
London,Chery tree book,UK                      96p.,18cm.
London,Williams and norgate,UK                 256p.,17cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                          vii,376p.,17cm.
Bombay,D. B. taraporevala,India                xi,159p.,18cm.
London,Gay and brid,UK                         xii,355p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                      xii,178p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                        336p.,18cm.
London,Grant richards,UK                       258p.,19cm.
London,Cherry tree book,UK                     95p.,18cm.
London,D. appleton,UK                          341p.,19cm.
Middlesex,Penguin books,UK                     367p.,17cm.
London,Methuen,UK                              304p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                           373p.,18cm.
London,D. appleton,UK                          140p.,19cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                      424p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                 249p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                              viii,246p.,17cm.
London,Blackie,UK                              xiv,234p.,20cm.
Burnley,Lupton bros.,UK                        227p.,17cm.
New York,D. appleton,USA                       viii,517p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                 362p.,18cm.
London,Longman, brown, green,and longmans,UK   xxxix,436p.,18cm.
London,George bell,UK                          vii,173p.,18cm.
London,A. M. philpot,UK                        288p.,18cm.
Westminster,Archibald constable,UK             xxiii,302p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                              253p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           x,180p.,18cm.
Cambridge,Deighton, bell,UK                   xii,265p.,18cm.
London,G. bell,UK                             xii,333p.,18cm.
London,Oxford university press,UK             xvi,576p.,18cm.
London,George allen & unwin,UK                vi,538p.,18cm.
London,George allen & unwin,UK                269p.,18cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                      314p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                          400p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           viii,490p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           vii,271p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                             ix,450p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                           xiii,482p.,18cm.
London,Skeffington,UK                         246p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           344p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                     179p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                   vi,487p.,18cm.
London,Philip allan,UK                        328p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                           239p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                     283p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                ix,246p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                             xiii,79p.,18cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                      148p.,17cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                      240p.,17cm.
London,George routledge,UK                    320p.,18cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                      253p.,18cm.
London,Henry colburn, publisher,UK            298p.,18cm.
New York,Modern library,USA                   xxxiv,300p.,18cm.
London,Martin secker,UK                       viii,379p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                          284p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                   259p.,19cm.
London,A. H. bullen,UK                        270p.,18cm.
New York,Duell, sloan and pearce,USA          206p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                    iv,426p.,15cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                         iv,285p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                             viii,258p.,19cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK              xxi,424p.,19cm.
London,Henry G. bohn,UK                       iv.548p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                   x,242p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                    242p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           421p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                             281p.,19cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                    xi,368p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                    viii,304p.,18cm.
London,Crime club,UK                          192p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                           320p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                             311p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                     333p.,19cm.
London,Selwyn & blount,UK                     363p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           vi,442p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                    566p.,22cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                        lxxx,375p.,22cm.
London,Simpkin, marshall, hamilton, kent,UK   viii,375p.,19cm.
London,George bell,UK                        358p.,18cm.
London,D. appleton,UK                        viii,535p.,19cm.
London,Skeffington,UK                        192p.,18cm.
London,Greening,UK                           263p.,18cm.
London,Brentanos,UK                          339p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                    ix,233p.,19cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                    347p.,18cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                    212p.,18cm.
London,G. P. putnam's,UK                     408p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                   401p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK               xii,114p.,18cm.
London,methuen,UK                            vii,207p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                         180p.,18cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK                    320p.,18cm.
London,Victor gollancz,UK                    303p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                         288p.,18cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK                    312p.,18cm.
London,Simpkin, marshal, hamilton, kent,UK   135p.,18cm.
London,Hutchison,UK                          vi,345p.,18cm.
London,Eveleigh nash company,UK              257p.,18cm.
London,faber and faber,UK                    282p.,19cm.
London,faber and faber,UK                    375p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                    246p.,18cm.
London,Office of the boys own paper,UK       312p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK               316p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                        397p.,18cm.
London,MAcmillan,UK                          viii,306p.,19cm.
London,Methuen,UK                            472p.,19cm.
London,Michael joseph,UK                     x,508p.,20cm.
London,John murray,UK                        vi,302p.,17cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                      191p.,17cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                  xiii,416p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                         viii,283p.,19cm.
London,Henry S. King,UK                      442p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                          234p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                            viii,348p.,18cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK             xxix,478p.,20cm.
London,Jarrolds,UK                           274p.,18cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                      320p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                        xx,264p.,19cm.
London,Chatto and windus,UK                  vi,240p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                         287p.,18cm.
London,W. & R. chambers,UK                   291p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                          xiii,406p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                          605p.,20cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                         351p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                            387p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                   iv,399p.,16cm.
London,Hamish hamilton,UK                    ix,441p.,18cm.
London,James madden,UK                       xviii,136p.,16cm.
London,Cecil palmer,UK                       288p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                          x,520p.,19cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                220p.,17cm.
London,Cassell,UK                       314p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK          370p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK             viii,352p.,18cm.
London,Stanley paul,UK                  352p.,18cm.
London,D. appleton,UK                   vii,495p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                       282p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                       526p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                       442p.,18cm.
London,George bell,UK                   xiv,315p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                       319p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                       xi,308p.,18cm.
London,T. werner laurie,UK              319p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK          318p.,19cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                  xi,643p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK             182p.,19cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK          398p.,18cm.
London,J. & M. dent,UK                  416p.,19cm.
London,Methuen,UK                       320p.,18cm.
London,Crime club,UK                    252p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                  x,672p.,18cm.
London,G. P. putnam,UK                  154p.,18cm.
London,G. routledge,UK                  427p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK             615p.,19cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK          319p.,18cm.
London,Tinsley brothers,UK              iv,518p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                   vii,503p.,19cm.
London,William heinemann,UK             ix,815p.,19cm.
London,John lane,UK                     328p.,18cm.
London,Penguin books,UK                 197p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                       297p.,18cm.
London,Manmillan,UK                     358p.,18cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                 326p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                    288p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                    303p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                     232p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                   374p.,18cm.
London,John milne,UK                    399p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK          332p.,18cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK               326p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                    255p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                       363p.,19cm.
London,J. M. dent,UK                    vi,308p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK          416p.,18cm.
London,Veleigh nash & grayson ltd.,UK   312p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK               283p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK               352p.,17cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                    viii,326p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                     vi,447p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK             viii,202p.,18cm.
New York,Harper & brothers,USA          354p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                   viii,316p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                   330p.,19cm.
London,George bell,UK                         298p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                             viii,422p.,19cm.
London,Constable,UK                           vii,615p.,21cm.
London,Priestley and weale,UK                 104p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                         xiii,259p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                          vii,348p.,18cm.
London,Faber & faber,UK                       307p.,22cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                   75p.,22cm.
London,Constable,UK                           viii,320p.,19cm.
London,Eveleigh nash,UK                       299p.,18cm.
London,Charles scribner,UK                    vi,132p.,21cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                     iv,284p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           xii,349p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                       192p.,20cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                   362p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                          vi,390p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                          286p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           525p.,19cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                     viii,336p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                          287p.,19cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                   280p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                       287p.,19cm.
London,Grant richards,UK                      335p.,18cm.
London,George bell,UK                         viii,394p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           379p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                             279p.,17cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                323p.,17cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                      256p.,17cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                         492p.,19cm.
London,Hurst & blackett,UK                    400p.,18cm.
London,Simpkin, marshall, hamilton, kent,UK   345p.,18cm.
London,Sidgwick & jackson,UK                  307p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                             327p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                     vii,174p.,17cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                          viii,320p.,18cm.
London,Andrew melrose,UK                      320p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                         viii,159p.,17cm.
Paisley,Alexander gardner,UK                  124p.,17cm.
London,Hodder & stoughton,UK                  viii,344p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           vi,307p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                             315p.,19cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                   vii,293p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                           vi,519p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                             xv,273p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                     456p.,18cm.
London,G. P. putnam,UK                        296p.,18cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                     352p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                             vi,331p.,18cm.
London,T. nelson,UK                           iv,287p.,16cm.
London,Hodder & stoughton,UK                  249p.,16cm.
London,Hodder & stoughton,UK                  363p.,21cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK            344p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK             336p.,17cm.
London,Williams blackwood,UK    vi,319p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK           334p.,18cm.
New York,Halcyon house,UK       537p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK               vii,302p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK       viii,314p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK               434p.,18cm.
London,Frederick warne,UK       vi,315p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK       334p.,19cm.
London,Grant richards,UK        viii,444p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK               xvii,468p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK             viii,389p.,19cm.
London,Hodder & stoughton,UK    347p.,18cm.
London,Alfred A. Knopf,UK       299p.,18cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK    viii,331p.,19cm.
London,T. werner laurie,UK      198p.,18cm.
London,Eveleigh nash co.,UK     312p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK               538p.,18cm.
New York,Sun dial press,USA     506p.,19cm.
London,Methuen,UK               343p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK               vii,336p.,18cm.
London,J. M. dent,UK            xiii,699p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK               252p.,18cm.
London,Collins,UK               256p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK               313p.,18cm.
London,George bell,UK           348p.,19cm.
London,Whittaker,UK             vi,300p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK      307p.,17cm.
New York,Viking prees,USA       vi,634p.,17cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK       259p.,20cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK            308p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK           316p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK             336p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK             475p.,18cm.
London,George G. harrap,UK      327p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK         348p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK            158p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock & bowden,UK   310p.,18cm.
London,Lovat Dickson,UK         222p.,20cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK       336p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK            viii,319p.,18cm.
London,Harper,UK                544p.,21cm.
London,Heinemann,UK             vi,482p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK            351p.,18cm.
London,W. & R. chambers,UK      394p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK          iv,436p.,18cm.
London,William heicemann,UK     viii,368p.,19cm.
London,William heicemann,UK     254p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK             230p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and dodd,UK      220p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK               212p.,19cm.
London,G. bell,UK                               380p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                            viii,288p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                            286p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                            254p.,18cm.
London,Crime club,UK                            251p.,18cm.
London,Stanley paul,UK                          254p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                       324p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                       vii,221p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                       412p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                             vi,348p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                             340p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                               xii,159p.,18cm.
London,william heinemann,UK                     276p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                             vii,499p.,18cm.
London,Elkin mathew & marrot,UK                 v,320p.,18cm.
London,Eveleigh nash,UK                         viii,319p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                  283p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                     viii,360p.,19cm.
London,Hodder & stoughton,UK                    304p.,19cm.
Kingawood,World's work,UK                       viii,292p.,18cm.
London,Eveleigh nash and grayson,UK             286p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                               312p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                             272p.,18cm.
London,Seeley and co.,UK                        xxiii,327p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                             xxiv,250p.,18cm.
Westminister,Archibald constable,UK             351p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                  320p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                            248p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                  viii,319p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                            304p.,19cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                  1037p.,19cm.
London,Simpkin. marshall, hamilton, kent,UK     vi,416p.,19cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                  vi,320p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                  1053p.,19cm.
London,Gay & bird,UK                            227p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                               xvi,106p.,17cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                       318p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                       347p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                       249p.,18cm.
London,Willian blackwood,UK                     viii,341p.,18cm.
London,G. bell,UK                               viii,338p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                            270p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                         287p.,18cm.
London,Eveleigh nash &grayson,UK                viii,373p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                            287p.,18cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                   xii,475p.,22cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK   423p.,24cm.
Edinburgh,Oliver & boyd,UK                      380p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                           iv,266p.,18cm.
London,F. C. and J. Rivington,UK                435p.,22cm.
London,A. & C. black,UK                         456p.,18cm.
London,Burns & oates,UK                    228p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                        xxiv,270p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                        272p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                        290p.,17cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                  355p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                 299p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                 vii,267p.,18cm.
Edinbrugh,Penguin books,UK                 248p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK             vii,217p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                        xii,620p.,19cm.
London,Stanley paul,UK                     160p.,18cm.
London,Arrowsmith,UK                       336p.,19cm.
London,Nisbet,UK                           318p.,19cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                   222p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                       396p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                      158p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                 304p.,18cm.
London,Frederick warne,UK                  416p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                        315p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                 xvi,397p.,18cm.
London,J. M. dent,UK                       xiv,370p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                          xvii,107p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                 296p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                          x,376p.,19cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                  viii,263p.,19cm.
London,Readers union,UK                    338p.,19cm.
London,Harper & brothers,UK                vii,290p.,18cm.
London,Smith. elder,UK                     384p.,20cm.
London,George routledge,UK                 307p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                297p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                       196p.,18cm.
London,Martin secker,UK                    316p.,18cm.
London,Tinsley brothers,UK                 vii,249p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                        341p.,18cm.
London,W. H. Allen,UK                      478p.,20cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                289p.,18cm.
London,Lovat Dickson,UK                    268p.,20cm.
London,Ernest benn,UK
London,Methuen,UK                          415p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Advaita Ashrama,India             382p.,18cm.
New York,Macmillan,UK                      x,242p.,18cm.
London,G. bell,UK                          421p.,18cm.
Paris,A. J. Denam. libraire,UK             227p.,21cm.
London,John lane,UK                        285p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                          xiv,86p.,16cm.
London,G. P. Putnam,UK                     xiii,297p.,18cm.
London,G. bell,UK                          340p.,18cm.
London,Houlston,UK                         viii,104p.,18cm.
Karachi,Educational publishing,UK          308p.,18cm.
London,Archibald constable,UK              413p.,18cm.
London,Hurst and blackett, publishers,UK   338p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK          381p.,18cm.
London,T. fisher,UK              494p.,18cm.
London,Thomas nelson,UK          380p.,18cm.
London,G. bell,UK                190p.,18cm.
London,Longmans,green,UK         496p.,18cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK        viii,310p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK       viii,387p.,19cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK             318p.,18cm.
New York,Modern library,USA      316p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK        384p.,19cm.
London,G. bell,UK                283p.,19cm.
London,W. collins,UK             viii,260p.,18cm.
London,Duckworth,UK              319p.,19cm.
London,Methuen,UK                vi,408p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK              239p.,15cm.
London,Robert holden,UK          332p.,19cm.
London,W. Botham,UK              392p.,20cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK          287p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK      377p.,18cm.
London,W. & R. chambers,UK       334p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                314p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK        xvi,525p.,19cm.
London,Popular library,UK        142p.,18cm.
London,Eveleigh nash com.,UK     244p.,18cm.
London,G. bell,UK                vi,361p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK              269p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK              301p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,UK            250p.,19cm.
London,Andrew melrose,UK         350p.,19cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK        214p.,18cm.
London,Martin secker,UK          314p.,18cm.
London,William heinmann,UK       168p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK            vii,320p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK       viii,292p.,19cm.
London,Collins,UK                816p.,19cm.
New York,Rinehart,USA            643p.,21cm.
London,hutchinson,UK             vii,368p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK            xv,268p.,19cm.
London,Mills & boon,UK           332p.,18cm.
London,H. S. Nichols,UK          287p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK       471p.,18cm.
London,D. van nosternd,UK
London,Henry colburn,UK          338p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                428p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                ix,310p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK   374p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK   320p.,15cm.
London,Willian mullan,UK         392p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK   326p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,Grant & murray,UK      222p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                237p.,18cm.
London,Collins,UK                192p.,18cm.
London,Jarrolds publishers,UK           286p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                 288p.,20cm.
London,John murray,UK                   vii,338p.,18cm.
London,Crime club,UK                    285p.,18cm.
London,W. & R. chambers,UK              261p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                       285p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                     vi,77p.,21cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK               296p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                 288p.,18cm.
Edinbrugh,William blackwood,UK          316p.,22cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                    viii,340p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                     vi,393p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                   399p.,18cm.
London,George bell,UK                   viii,291p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK              viii,293p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                     ix,395p.,18cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                191p.,17cm.
London,Cassell,UK                       338p.,18cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK        xxix,400p.,20cm.
London,William heinemann,UK             481p.,19cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK               344p.,19cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK               288p.,19cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK              312p.,20cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK          vi,446p.,18cm.
London,Peter Davies,UK                  230p.,17cm.
London,Methuen,UK                       vii,215p.,16cm.
London,John murray,UK                   xxxi,301p.,18cm.
London,Duckworth,UK                     276p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                    xvi,351p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                    286p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                     vi,320p.,18cm.
London,methuen,UK                       392p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                     xi,320p.,18cm.
London,Hodderand stoughton,UK           254p.,18cm.
London,Anglo-eastern publishing,UK      223p.,18cm.
England,Allen lane pengun books,UK      xiv,247p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK              307p.,20cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                   vi,314p.,18cm.
London,Brentano,UK                      216p.,18cm.
London,Brentano,UK                      xii,366p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                       253p.,19cm.
London,Methuen,UK                       436p.,19cm.
London,Methuen,UK                       256p.,19cm.
London,kegan paul, trench, trubner,UK   xv,472p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                    288p.,18cm.
London,Collins,UK                       176p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK          viii,416p.,19cm.
London,Mills & boon,UK                  286p.,18cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK               viii,308p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK               272p.,18cm.
London,H. S. Nichols,UK                 294p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                    286p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                         xiv,137p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                      vii,316p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                      viii,320p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                      317p.,18cm.
London,Harper & brothers,UK               988p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                       xiv,497p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                       vii,303p.,18cm.
London,Edward Arnold,UK                   318p.,19cm.
London,Edward Arnold,UK                   251p.,18cm.
London,Victor gollancz,UK                 454p.,18cm.
London,Leonard parsons,UK                 viii,372p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                      319p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK               v,671p.,19cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                 358p.,18cm.
London,Blackie,UK                         256p.,18cm.
London,T. N. foulis,UK                    235p.,20cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                   302p.,18cm.
London,Hodder & stoughton,UK              254p.,18cm.
London,John hamilton,UK                   vi,320p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                         325p.,18cm.
London,Bradbury, evans,UK                 vi,292p.,18cm.
Bombay,D. B. taraporevala,India           vi,171p.,18cm.
Londn,Methuen,UK                          v,292p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                         292p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                 486p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                       312p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                   288p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                 316p.,18cm.
London,J. M. dent,UK                      x,310p.,16cm.
New York,Macmillan,UK                     x,275p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK            346p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                       vi,524p.,19cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK                  xi,358p.,18cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK                  289p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                      320p.,19cm.
Masko,Videshi bhasha prakashan graha,UK   649p.,18cm.
London,Thornton butterworth,UK            319p.,18cm.
London,Colburn and co., publishers,UK     301p.,19cm.
New York,Grosset & dvnlap,UK              xiv,551p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                         313p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                         473p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                         viii,124p.,19cm.
London,Ward,lock,UK                       124p.,21cm.
London,Cassell,UK                         viii,471p.,19cm.
London,Cherry tree book,UK                94p.,18cm.
London,Cherry tree book,UK                378p.,15cm.
London,George bell,UK                     x,447p.,19cm.
London,Collins clear-type press,UK        767p.,16cm.
London,Methuen,UK                         192p.,16cm.
London,Michael joseph,UK                  452p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                      288p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                       viii,270p.,18cm.
London,Eveleigh nash and grayson,UK             245p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                             x,304p.,19cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                  252p.,17cm.
London,Geoffrey bles,UK                         287p.,19cm.
London,Simpkin, marshall, hamilton, kent,UK     399p.,18cm.
London,William hainemann,UK                     388p.,18cm.
London,W. nicholson,UK                          307p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                               xxi,115p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                         223p.,20cm.
London,John lane the bodley head,UK             313p.,19cm.
London,Victor gollancz,UK                       312p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                             314p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                               298p.,18cm.
London,Simpkin, marshall, hamilton, kent,UK     viii,341p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                             vii,598p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                             vii,494p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                            128p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                             vi,397p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stouhhton,UK                  310p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan's colonial library,UK          504p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                            287p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                             303p.,18cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK   358p.,20cm.
London,John murray,UK                           319p.,18cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                        25p.,22cm.
Paris,Magimel, libraire,UK                      316p.,22cm.
London,Pan books,UK                             252p.,17cm.
London,Methuen,UK                               253p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                               352p.,19cm.
London,British publishera,UK                    160p.,17cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                       309p.,19cm.
London,Collins,UK                               316p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                           xii,328p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                           308p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                               300p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                            318p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                  241p.,18cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                        247p.,17cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK                        340p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                            336p.,18cm.
London,hurst & blackett,UK                      394p.,19cm.
London,Blackie,UK                               224p.,18cm.
New York,Sun dial press,USA                     292p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                     180p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                           xii,384p.,19cm.
London,Mills & boon,UK                          316p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                       474p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                               viii,328p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                       304p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                             viii,362p.,19cm.
London,George routlrdge,UK                      384p.,19cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                          xx,327p.,19cm.
London,Wm. H. allen,UK                               iv,315p.,22cm.
New york,Hungarian commitee,USA                      280p.,18cm.
London,Kegan paul,UK                                 lv,553p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                       350p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                    318p.,17cm.
London,Hutcinson,UK                                  370p.,19cm.
London,James Bowden,UK                               viii,245p.,18cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                            97p.,17cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                          304p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                 viii,343p.,19cm.
London,Simpkin, marshll, hamilton, kent,UK           319p.,19cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                               viii,661p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                          vi,324p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                           391p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                    vi,310p.,19cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                                308p.,18cm.
London,Duckworth,UK                                  326p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                                  272p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                  vi,467p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                            400p.,18cm.
London,Mills & boon,UK                               287p.,19cm.
London,George routeldge,UK                           248p.,16cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                  xvi,546p.,19cm.
London,W. collins,UK                                 v,253p.,19cm.
New York,A. L. burt,USA                              348p.,18cm.
New York,D. appleton,USA                             95p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                              414p.,19cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                          283p.,20cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK                            312p.,19cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                          397p.,20cm.
London,Blackie,UK                                    208p.,18cm.
London,G. P. putnam,UK                               246p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                           viii,632p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                            vi,340p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                                  vi,399p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                    viii,452p.,18cm.
London,humphrey milford oxford university press,UK   xxvii,316p.,15cm.
London,George bell,UK                                xv,408p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                            viii,373p.,19cm.
London,John lane,UK                                  159p.,18cm.
London,Blackie,UK                                    224p.,18cm.
London,Bouverie colonial library,UK                  351p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                    279p.,18cm.
Westminister,Archibald constable,UK                  viii,510p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                           viii,307p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                viii,307p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                    vi,318p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                vii,293p.,19cm.
London,Duckwrth,UK                                   224p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                                xii,306p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                            viii,341p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                336p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                  164p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                   426p.,18cm.
London,John long,UK                   284p.,18cm.
London,Eveleigh nash & grayson,UK     365p.,18cm.
London,Collins,UK                     190p.,18cm.
Westminister,Archibald constable,UK   190p.,15cm.
London,Cassell,UK                     306p.,18cm.
London,Thornton butterworth,UK        vii,303p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                     vii,330p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                     382p.,18cm.
London,Eveleigh nash,UK               310p.,18cm.
London,Ward. lock,UK                  224p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK             viii,239p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK            365p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                  287p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                  304p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK           xiii,144p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK           334p.,18cm.
London,Grant richards,UK              266p.,18cm.
London,John long,UK                   427p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                   528p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK            247p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK           vii,585p.,18cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK               343p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                   vi,235p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                  333p.,19cm.
London,Faber and faber,UK             224p.,19cm.
London,Eyre and spottiswoode,UK       vi,200p.,20cm.
London,George G. harpar,UK            192p.,22cm.
London,W. collins,UK                  vii,274p.,18cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK          303p.,19cm.
London,William blackwood,UK           367p.,18cm.
Moscow,Foreign languages,UK           173p.,26cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK      xviii,576p.,21cm.
London,W. & R. chambers,UK            viii,384p.,18cm.
London,Hurst & blackett,UK            286p.,18cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK      xvii,441p.,20cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK          352p.,18cm.
London,Robert hale,UK                 xiv,383p.,23cm.
London,Methuen,UK                     viii,424p.,18cm.
London,Hamish hanilton,UK             xiv,441p.,21cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK            viii,360p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                   viii,344p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK        306p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK             393p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK            v,276p.,18cm.
London,Jarrolds publishers,UK         254p.,18cm.
London,Ernest benn,UK                 285p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                  302p.,18cm.
London,Eveleigh nash,UK               260p.,19cm.
London,Tinsley brothers,UK            353p.,20cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK             153p.,19cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK             361p.,19cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK        viii,204p.,20cm.
London,John sharpe,UK                 vi,216p.,13cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK               80p.,19cm.
London,Skeffington,UK                 192p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                   355p.,19cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                  307p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                   388p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK             viii,424p.,19cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK               488p.,21cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                  316p.,18cm.
London,George bell,UK                 xii,333p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                     312p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK             312p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK        x,318p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                  288p.,18cm.
London,T. werner laurie,UK            752p.,18cm.
London,G. bell,UK                     1132p.,18cm.
London,G. bell,UK                     iv,312p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                  304p.,18cm.
London,William,UK                     296p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK        x,319p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK        vi,316p.,18cm.
London,Blackie,UK                     314p.,18cm.
London,Andrew melrose,UK              316p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                   x,371p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                     vii,340p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                     vi,419p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                 viii,430p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK        128p.,16cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK        316p.,19cm.
London,William heinemann,UK           338p.,19cm.
New York,Macmillan,UK                 vi,351p.,17cm.
Englad,Penguin books,UK               205p.,17cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK              vi,346p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                   vii,416p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                     ix,382p.,18cm.
London,Secker and warburg,UK          303p.,18cm.
London,Collins,UK                     287p.,21cm.
London,Constable,UK                   412p.,18cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK             248p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK           vi,301p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK           305p.,18cm.
London,George newnes,UK               254p.,16cm.
London,J. murray,UK                   352p.,15cm.
Wsetminister,Archibald constable,UK   436p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                     xii,297p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK        256p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK        317p.,18cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK             187p.,19cm.
London,Jarrolds publishers,UK         287p.,18cm.
London,W. & R. chambers,UK       304p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK          319p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK              v,311p.,19cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK         vi,337p.,18cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK         332p.,18cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK         260p.,19cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK     388p.,19cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK          352p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                228p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                363p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK           383p.,21cm.
London,John long,UK              320p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                vi,314p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                96p.,16cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK   319p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK        xvii,564p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                viii,319p.,18cm.
London,Frederick warne,UK        240p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK        452p.,18cm.
London,George bell,UK            vi,309p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                314p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK             vii,286p.,17cm.
London,Hurst & blackett,UK       285p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK              xii,383p.,18cm.
New York,G. P. putnam,UK         vi,340p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                344p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK              x,371p.,19cm.
London,Sampson low,UK            ix,373p.,19cm.
England,Penguin books,UK         229p.,17p.
England,Penguin books,UK         158p.,16cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK          316p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK              521p.,18cm.
London,Stanley paul,UK           370p.,19cm.
London,Hodder & stoughton,UK     vi,310p.,19cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK             255p.,17cm.
London,William heinmann,UK       194p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK   xxxv,271p.,18cm.
New York,Alferd a knope,USA      166p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan,UK              vi,455p.,17cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK   286p.,17cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK          319p.,19cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK        426p.,18cm.
London,John maxwell,UK           284p.,19cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK        317p.,19cm.
London,Frederick warne,UK        256p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK   397p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK              lxxi,342p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK              351p.,18cm.
London,Duckworth,UK              vi,301p.,19cm.
London,Mills & boon,UK           189p.,18cm.
London,Crime club,UK             170p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                  xi,340p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                  xii,388p.,23cm.
London,Hutcinson,UK                                352p.,18cm.
London,J. M.dent,UK                                283p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                xii,299p.,19cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                     vi,316p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                          311p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                  vii,404p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                              Viii,,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                        288p.,18cm.
London,Frederick muller,UK                         xiii,93p.,22cm.
New York,G. P. putnam,UK                           iii,332p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                          xv,479p.,22cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                              xx,219p.,19cm.
London,Cecil palmer,UK                             270p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                vi,376p.,19cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                  340p.,19cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                  432p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                  311p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                         viii,291p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                         343p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                x,272p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                xliv,307p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                               206p.,18cm.
London,Simpkin, marshall, himilton, kent,UK        351p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                  293p.,17cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                  299p.,17cm.
New York,Duell, sloan and pearce,UK                337p.,19cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                          vii,338p.,18cm.
London,Crime club,UK                               187p.,18cm.
London,Collins,UK                                  192p.,19cm.
London,A. & C. black,UK                            vi,454p.,18cm.
London,G. bell,UK                                  viii,371p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                  x,308p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                244p.,18cm.
Paris,Chez l'editeur, rue de la rochefoucauld,UK   510p.,21cm.
London,W. Collins,UK                               315p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                  293p.,19cm.
London,F. C. and J. Rivington,UK                   viii,522p.,21cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                          374p.,17cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                          311p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                          419p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                         xii,338p.,18cm.
London,Book club,UK                                298p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                              319p.,19cm.
London,Ward lock,UK                                320p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                381p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                               283p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                          315p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                399p.,19cm.
London,Hollywood publications,UK            78p.,18cm.
London,Victor gollancz,UK                   328p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                         xiv,216p.,18cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK            xxiv,382p.,20cm.
London,Cassell,UK                           223p.,18cm.
London,Blackie,UK                           224p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                           269p.,16cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                        256p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                         319p.,18cm.
Bombay,International book house,India       203p.,18cm.
London,Faber and faber,UK                   377p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK              414p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                           131p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                         viii,371p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                           220p.,15cm.
London,John lane,UK                         352p.,18cm.
London,digby, long,UK                       303p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                        ix,252p.,19cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                    192p.,17cm.
London,Archibald constable,UK               472p.,18cm.
New York,G. P. putnam,USA                   vi,385p.,18cm.
London,Anthony treherne,UK                  229p.,18cm.
London,George R. DGE and sons,UK            ix,365p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                         xx,345p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                   vi,357p.,18cm.
London,Collins,UK                           271p.,18cm.
New York,Harper & brothers publishers,USA   365p.,18cm.
London,Universal publications,UK            282p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                           viii,406p.,18cm.
London,hutchinson,UK                        377p.,18cm.
London,Reprint society,UK                   vi,284p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                       v,283p.,18cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                    128p.,17cm.
London,George routledge,UK                  xxvii,376p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                     316p.,20cm.
London,John murray,UK                       658p.,18cm.
London,Andrew,UK                            213p.,18cm.
London,C. arthur pearson,UK                 viii,392p.,18cm.
London,Collins,UK                           256p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                           viii,310p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                   179p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                        319p.,19cm.
London,Sheldon press,UK                     v,217p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                      xii,686p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                         451p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                       335p.,18cm.
London,Collins,UK                           190p.,17cm.
London,Methuen,UK                           xviii,118p.,17cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK                   312p.,18cm.
London,Hurst & blackett,UK                  252p.,16cm.
London,John murray,UK                       xi,372p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                   vi,343p.,18cm.
London,John long,UK                                   254p.,18cm.
London,Rivington,UK                                   77p.,16cm.
London,George G. harrap,UK                            176p.,19cm.
London,Thornton butterworth,UK                        319p.,18cm.
London,Robert hale,UK                                 191p.,19cm.
London,Grant richards,UK                              viii,330p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                        ix,578p.,17cm.
London,J. & A. churchill,UK                           viii,368p.,17cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                           301p.,17cm.
London,Westhouse,UK                                   390p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                                   306p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                            834p.,19cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                             382p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                     v,312p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                     375p.,19cm.
London,Collins,UK                                     190p.,19cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                     viii,300p.,18cm.
London,W. thacker,UK                                  186p.,18cm.
London,Simpkin, marshall, hamilton, kent and co.,UK   viii,303p.,18cm.
London,Chatto and windus,UK                           vi,236p.,18cm.
London,Chatto and windus,UK                           302p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                           viii,299p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 xviii,520p.,22cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                               128p.,18cm.
London,Eveleigh nash,UK                               313p.,18cm.
London,Longmans,green,UK                              274p.,19cm.
London,Longmans,green,UK                              332p.,19cm.
London,Mills & boon,UK                                vii,190p.,18cm.
London,Hodder & stoughton,UK                          254p.,17cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK                             318p.,18cm.
London,john murray,UK                                 xi,472p.,19cm.
Calcutta,Electric lamp association of India,UK        40p.,23cm.
New Delhi,Information department,UK                   100p.,22cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                                  352p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 379p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                     320p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                   viii,373p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                               317p.,18cm.
London,Stanley paul,UK                                246p.,18cm.
London,W. & R. chambers,UK                            iv,404p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                     viii,151p.,18cm.
Bombay,Bharatiya vidya bhavan,UK                      xii,264p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                ix,272p.,20cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                             288p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                                  303p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low, marston,UK                        vii,432p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                        304p.,18cm.
Kingswood,World's work,UK                             xi,302p.,22cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK                          viii,159p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                                   vii,308p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                   vi,378p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                             413p.,19cm.
London,Rivingtons, waterloo place,UK                   xi,635p.,19cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                            viii,432p.,18cm.
London,George bell,UK                                  viii,471p.,19cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                                285p.,20cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                              381p.,18cm.
London,Hodder & stoughton,UK                           320p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                            343p.,17cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                              xi,258p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                   287p.,18cm.
London,Collins,UK                                      202p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                      xiii,384p.,19cm.
Madras,HOE,India                                       151p.,17cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                              351p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                      320p.,18cm.
London,W. collins,UK                                   252p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xi,479p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                              xxiv,613p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                            385p.,20cm.
London,Hurst & blackett,UK                             384p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              viii,309p.,18cm.
New York,Doubleday,UK                                  681p.,21cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                      313p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                            330p.,19cm.
London,Crime club,UK                                   160p.,17cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                   vi,304p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                   xii,356p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                   444p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                                   320p.,18cm.
London,Greening,UK                                     181p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    ix,442p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    441p.,18cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK                              320p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                             267p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                                  117p.,18cm.
London,Oxford university,UK                            xx,1864p.,15cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    x,376p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xxiii,316p.,15cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xx,243p.,18cm.
New York,Pocket books,UK                               viii,359p.,17cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, green & longmans,UK xxxvi,376p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                   288p.,19cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                             305p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                                    vii,455p.,19cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                               222p.,17cm.
London,Harper & brother,UK                             405p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                            x,949p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              xvi,336p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                                    xii,640p.,18cm.
London,Eveleigh nash,UK                                xi,176p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                             399p.,18cm.
London,Cherry tree book,UK                               96p.,17cm.
London,George newnes,UK                                  252p.,18cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK                         xvii,459p.,20cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    309p.,16cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                        241p.,18cm.
New York,Brentano's,UK                                   210p.,18cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                                312p.,20cm.
London,Ward lock,UK                                      224p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      326p.,19cm.
London,John lane,UK                                      303p.,18cm.
London,Andrew melrose,UK                                 303p.,18cm.
London,Mills & boon,UK                                   284p.,18cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK                         xiii,474p.,21cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                           vi,320p.,19cm.
Westminister,Archibald constable,UK                      viii,472p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                        409p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                                      302p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                              viii,442p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                                      304p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                                viii,317p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                vi,271p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                           314p.,18cm.
London,Archibald constable,UK                            vi,455p.,18cm.
London,W. collins,UK                                     245p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                           286p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                     ix,318p.,18cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, longmans, & roberts,UK     ix,360p.,19cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                              viii,307p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                               xvi,490p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                     1287p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                     312p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                        318p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                           317p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                                     320p.,18cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, green & longmans,UK   x,316p.,17cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                                vi,251p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                                     317p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                        429p.,20cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                viii,312p.,18cm.
London,W. collins,UK                                     357p.,20cm.
London,Oxford university press,UK                        xxviii,504p.,15cm.
London,Cherry tree book,UK                               124p.,17cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                              xii,319p.,19cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                              595p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                           383p.,19cm.
London,John long,UK                                      xii,288p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                     312p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                     365p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                                viii,334p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                           187p.,17cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                           x,844p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      278p.,19cm.
London,Simpson low,UK                                 286p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                   xxii,1151p.,25cm.
New York,Charles scribner,USA                         303p.,19cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK                          395p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                                  256p.,18cm.
London,Rebman,UK                                      630p.,19cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                             292p.,17cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                           viii,308p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                             322p.,18cm.
London,C. arthur pearson,UK                           121p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 xii,364p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                  335p.,18cm.
London,Archibald constable,UK                         463p.,18cm.
London,Archibald constable,UK                         iv,377p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low. marston, searle, & rivington,UK   v,212p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                        312p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                  287p.,19cm.
London,Crime club,UK                                  256p.,18cm.
London,Secker & warburg,UK                            299p.,22cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                        xi,286p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                                   315p.,18cm.
New York,Modern library,USA                           xv,496p.,17cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                                  254p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                        viii,304p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                             xi,311p.,19cm.
London,Oxford university press,UK                     xxix,641p.,15cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK                             v,319p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                        188p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                        315p.,18cm.
London,George roughtledge,UK                          viii,504p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                        317p.,19cm.
London,George bell,UK                                 347p.,18cm.
London,George bell,UK                                 286p.,18cm.
London,Ernest benn,UK                                 xv,244p.,18cm.
London,Bradbury, agnew,UK                             171p.,18cm.
London,Ernest benn,UK                                 326p.,18cm.
London,Andrew melrose,UK                              vi,310p.,18cm.
London,Duckworth,UK                                   279p.,18cm.
London,Thomas nelson,UK                               283p.,17cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                     343p.,18cm.
London,Cahpman and hall,UK                            viii,376p.,21cm.
London,Geoffrey bles,UK                               281p.,18cm.
New York,Liberal arts press,USA                       xxvi,261p.,18cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                             xxx,528p.,22cm.
London,John crowther publication,UK                   178p.,18cm.
London,Strahan,UK                                     iv,434p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                             vii,139p.,19cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK                              viii,680p.,21cm.
London,Andrew melrose,UK                              318p.,18cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                             xvi,344p.,19cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, spink,UK                            viii,482p.,22cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, and green,UK           xiii,356p.,17cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                            318p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                       494p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                      viii,352p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                               300p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                         312p.,18cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK                              viii,387p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                            301p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                            vii,383p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                                 337p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                                       vii,523p.,18cm.
London,Duckworth,UK                                       287p.,18cm.
London,J. M dent,UK                                       xvi,295p.,16cm.
London,Constable,UK                                       312p.,16cm.
London,Crime club,UK                                      170p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                     viii,316p.,16cm.
London,Grant richards,UK                                  272p.,19cm.
New York,D. appleton,UK                                   viii,412p.,18cm.
London,John long,UK                                       303p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                     312p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                                 vi,346p.,18cm.
Bombay,Wilco publishing house,UK                          160p.,16cm.
London,Chapman &hall,UK                                   680p.,21cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                                 511p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                                       317p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                                 356p.,19cm.
London,Longman, rees , orme, brown, green, & longman,UK   viii,397p.,18cm.
London,George bell,UK                                     viii,318p.,18cm.
London,Victor gollancz,UK                                 215p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                                       326p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                     341p.,19cm.
London,Hodder & stoughton,UK                              viii,319p.,18cm.
London,Arrowsmith,UK                                      258p.,17cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                      vi,399p.,18cm.
Paris,UK                                                  254p.,18cm.
Peking,Foreign language press,UK                          348p.,21cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                         viii,376p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                 304p.,16cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                                   421p.,18cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK                          xxv,497p.,20cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                               378p.,19cm.
London,Office of "the boy's own paper",UK                 315p.,19cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                            259p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                            xxvi,614p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                            509p.,18cm.
London,Sir isaac pitman,UK                                vi,182p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                    598p.,19cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                                viii,352p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                       vii,242p.,19cm.
London,W. collins,UK                                      306p.,16cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                            312p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,Oliver & boyd,UK                                472p.,16cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK      vi,344p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                 238p.,18cm.
London,Ernest benn,UK               288p.,19cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK             288p.,18
London,Hutchinson,UK                287p.,17cm.
London,Grant richards,UK            viii,328p.,18cm.
England,Penguin books,UK            252p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK           viii,391p.,18cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK            174p.,19cm.
London,Martin secker,UK             303p.,18cm.
London,Archibald constable,UK       xii,551p.,18cm.
London,Roberthale ltd.,UK           224p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK               318p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                   615p.,18cm.
London,Simpson low,UK               xlviii,162p.,16cm.
London,Cassell,UK                   304p.,19cm.
London,Constable,UK                 306p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                 v,337p.,19cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK           iv,317p.,18cm.
London,Victor gollancz,UK           286p.,18cm.
London,Selwyn & blount,UK           288p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK              xc,665p.,18cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK           199p.,17cm.
London,Oxford university press,UK   v,245p.,17cm.
London,Crime blub,UK                251p.,17cm.
London,W. & R. chambers,UK          420p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                 viii,245p.,17cm.
London,William heinemann,UK         368p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK      318p.,17cm.
London,Geoffrey bles,UK             vi,312p.,18cm.
London,John w. parker,UK            xiv,274p.,20cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK           237p.,17cm.
London,G. P. putnam,UK              17p.,18cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK           256p.,17cm.
London,Penguin books,UK             284p.,16cm.
London,T. werner laurie,UK          vi,215p.,18cm.
London,Mills & boon,UK              312p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK          248p.,18cm.
London,Ward lock,UK                 406p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                 x,315p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                   342p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK      vii,382p.,18cm.
London,Crime club,UK                252p.,18cm.
London,W. collins,UK                vii,319p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                   279p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                   317p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                vi,315p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,UK               337p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK          218p.,19cm.
London,George G. Harrap,UK          294p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                   335p.,19cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK        viii,360p.,19cm.
London,Methuen,UK                   319p.,18cm.
London,Victor gollancz,UK           160p.,18cm.
London,Book club,UK                 xi,372p.,20cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK             202p.,24cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK      351p.,18cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK           299p.,18cm.
London,Collins,UK                   256p.,19cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK           iv,331p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK           328p.,18cm.
London,J. buckland,UK               397p.,16cm.
London,Martin secker,UK             317p.,19cm.
London,Lovat dikson,UK              304p.,20cm.
London,William blackwood,UK         208p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,UK               viii,248p.,19cm.
London,W. collins,UK                323p.,18cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK           xvi,521p.,22cm.
Toronto,Musson book co.,UK          303p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK          vi,317p.,18cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK    xxv,467p.,20cm.
London,William heinemann,UK         x,332p.,18cm.
London,W. collins,UK                vii,329p.,18cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK           120p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK               359p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                   363p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK      319p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK         279p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,UK               viii,504p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                 v,214p.,23cm.
England,Penguin books,UK            169p.,17cm.
England,Macmillan,UK                400p.,18cm.
England,Penguin books,UK            310p.,17cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK        304p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK           viii,331p.,18cm.
England,Penguin books,UK            viii,387p.,18cm.
London,Chatto & widus,UK            309p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK      344p.,19cm.
London,Alston rivers,UK             ix,356p.,19cm.
London,George routledge,UK          xvi,496p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK           402p.,18cm.
London,Herbert jenkins,UK           x,312p.,18cm.
London,Jarrolds publishers,UK       350p.,20cm.
London,Methuen,UK                   487p.,18cm.
London,Ivor nicholson & watson,UK   415p.,17cm.
London,Cassell,UK                   x,277p.,18cm.
London,Book club,UK                 255p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK         253p.,16cm.
London,Andrew melrose,UK            184p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                viii,392p.,18cm.
Sidney,Golden press,UK              ,20cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK              632p.,19cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK           xv,332p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK           ix,363p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK             374p.,18cm.
London,Andrew malrose,UK            320p.,18cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK    xxiii,441p.,20cm.
London,Cassell,UK                   393p.,18cm.
London,Grant richards,UK            337p.,18cm.
London,Bliss, sands and foster,UK   viii,319p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                   369p.,18cm.
London,Tinsley bros.,UK             204p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK      328p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,UK               viii,246p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK               v,308p.,18cm.
London,Alfred a. knope,UK           285p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK         308p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK         164p.,13cm.
Edinburgh,Constable,UK              xii,324p.,15cm.
London,Cassell,UK                   vi,383p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                314p.,18cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                347p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                335p.,18cm.
London,Stanley paul,UK              385p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                   xii,332p.,19cm.
London,J. M. dent,UK                ix,303p.,19cm.
London,Eveleigh nash,UK             312p.,19cm.
London,Johnweale,UK                 160p.,17cm.
London,John weale,UK                xxiv,226p.,18cm.
New York,Pocket books,USA           167p.,16cm.
London,G. P. putnam,UK              384p.,18cm.
London,Frederick warne,UK           viii,297p.,18cm.
London,Andrew melrose,UK            312p.,18cm.
London,Brentano's ltd.,UK           255p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                   212p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK          270p.,18cm.
England,Penguin books,UK            100p.,17cm.
London,Greening,UK                  xv,415p.,16cm.
London,Martin secker,UK             viii,86p.,26cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK      320p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK      319p.,19cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK    xxix,472p.,20cm.
London,T. nelson,UK                 469p.,16cm.
London,Bradbury, evans,UK           viii,305p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                 512p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                   218p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK               251p.,19cm.
London,Constable,UK                 xiii,162p.,21cm.
London,George G. harrap,UK          287p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK           xii,347p.,20cm.
London,Tinsley brothers,UK          325p.,18cm.
London,Edward moxon,UK              xii,369p.,17cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 511p.,18cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                               viii,341p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 x,672p.,23cm.
London,Alfred A. Knopf,UK                             248p.,19cm.
London,Lovai Dikson,UK                                581p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                   vii,511p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                            xv,407p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 vi,406p.,21cm.
London,Chatto and windus,UK                           394p.,17cm.
Paris,Chez A. J. denain,UK                            463p.,20cm.
London,John W. parker,UK                              256p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                   x,338p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                           353p.,19cm.
London,J. M. Dent,UK                                  v,218p.,21cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                743p.,19cm.
Paris,Universit of illinois,UK                        ,22cm.
London,George routledge,UK                            vi,160p.,22cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                ix,358p.,20cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, spink,India                         x,397p.,19cm.
London,John lane,UK                                   315p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                   379p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                   x,511p.,18cm.
London,Lovat Dikson,UK                                vi,342p.,20cm.
London,A. & C. black,UK                               vi,472p.,18cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                              284p.,17cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                           237p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 xxvii,359p.,19cm.
London,J. buckland,UK                                 377p.,16cm.
London,University tutorial press,UK                   vii,122p.,18cm.
Paris,Chez magimel,UK                                 xxxij,438p.,20cm.
London,Trubner,UK                                     343p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, spink,UK                            xiv,224p.,18cm.
London,Parbury,UK                                     viii,254p.,22cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                             xlix,537p.,23cm.
London,James ridgway,UK                               xi,418p.,21cm.
London,John long,UK                                   199p.,18cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                             209p.,16cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                   339p.,18cm.
London,James duffy,UK                                 xxiv,456p.,18cm.
London,Times,UK                                       472p.,30cm.
Delhi,Manager, government og Indin press,India        v,195p.,25cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                   xii,351p.,18cm.
Jodhpur,Rajasthan oriental research institute,India   116p.,25cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 436p.,18cm.
London,Walter scott,UK                                xvii,379p.,18cm.
London,Sidgwick & jackson,UK                          160p.,18cm.
London,Trubner,UK                                     xli,140p.,17cm.
Torino,Tipografia mussano e bona,UK                   xvi,118p.,23cm.
London,John murray,UK                               xvi,712p.,22cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                           599p.,22cm.
London,Longman,green, longman, and roberts,UK       xv,280p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                   xvi,301p.,18cm.
Livorno,Presso bertani antonelli,UK                 88p.,26cm.
London,Cornina press,UK                             360p.,23cm.
London,John murray,UK                               xxxi,384p.,22cm.
London,MAcmillan,UK                                 ix,286p.,18cm.
London,G. P. putnam's,UK                            xxv,514p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                               vi,408p.,20cm.
London,John J. Griffin,UK                           viii,354p.,18cm.
London,John lane,UK                                 360p.,18cm.
London,George G. Harrap,UK                          289p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                               367p.,19cm.
Paris,Victor masson,UK                              582p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                               xxvii,513p.,22cm.
New York,World publishing co.,USA                   xvii,300p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent government printing,India   107p.,26cm.
Washington,Smithsonian institution,UK               ,24cm.
London,James ridgway,UK                             xv,362p.,21cm.
New York,Pocket books,USA                           410p.,16cm.
London,John murray,UK                               528p.,21cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                           xii,372p.,23cm.
London,G. schulze,UK                                xv,496p.,22cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                           191p.,16cm.
London,Andrew melrose,UK                            320p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                           viii,328p.,20cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                                viii,256p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                      312p.,18cm.
London,Blackie,UK                                   321p.,18cm.
London,Collins,UK                                   163p.,19cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                           xii,457p.,18cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK                            x,670p.,20cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                   748p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                389p.,18cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK                    xi,433p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                286p.,18cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK                    xxv,634p.,20cm.
London,John murray,UK                               184p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                               158p.,17cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                             447p.,18cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK                        316p.,18cm.
London,W. collins,UK                                xi,253p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                      250p.,18cm.
London,T fisher unwin,UK                            373p.,18cm.
London,J. M. dent,UK                                319p.,17cm.
London,J. W. arrowsmith,UK                          319p.,18cm.
London,J. W. dent,UK                                viii,251p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                         333p.,17cm.
London,Eveleigh nash,UK                             xviii,292p.,18cm.
New York,Doubleday,UK                                  340p.,22cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                              xii,300p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    ix,434p.,19cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK                           304p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                                    vii,374p.,18cm.
London,Book club,UK                                    272p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                             xii,364p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                             vii,504p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                   362p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                      vi,344p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                      368p.,19cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                   288p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                      vii,300p.,20cm.
London,Mills & boon,UK                                 254p.,18cm.
London,Crime club,UK                                   158p.,16cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                             iv,480p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                            418p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    360p.,18cm.
London,Blackie,UK                                      viii,743p.,25cm.
London,S. O. beeton,UK                                 iv,442p.,25cm.
Woolwich,Jackson,UK                                    vi,207p.,25cm.
London,John murray,UK                                  viii,455p.,25cm.
London,Longman, hurst, rees, orme,and brown,UK         495p.,22cm.
London,James madden,UK                                 316p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Harimohan Mookerjee,UK                        xxvi,674p.,27cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                vi,436p.,22cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                             xii,480p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                             xv,362p.,18cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                               xv,519p.,25cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK                           vi,401p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                 xvi,406p.,22cm.
London,Rachard bentley,UK                              xi,472p.,23cm.
London,Longman,rees, orem,brown,green,& longman,UK     xx,360p.,16cm.
London,Longman,rees, orem,brown,green,& longman,UK     x,344p.,16cm.
London,John murray,UK                                  xi,489p.,22cm.
London,Thomas tegg,UK                                  xvi,366p.,15cm.
Edinburgh,Oliver & boyd, tweeddale court,UK            494p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    vii,177p.,23cm.
London,Richardson brothers,UK                          vi,462p.,22cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and logmans,UK           xii,836p.,22cm.
London,Costable,Uk                                     ix,328p.,15cm.
London,Wm H. Allen,UK                                  xxxi,713p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                  xii,319p.,21cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                viii,290p.,19cm.
London,Longman, hurst, reees, and orme,UK              458p.,21cm.
London,Longman, reees, orme, brown,green, & longman,UK xix,324p.,18cm.
London,Oxford university press,UK                      v,707p.,19cm.
London,Henry G. Bohn,UK                                  viii,520p.,17cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, green, & longman,UK   xi,396p.,18cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                                   xvi,512p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                301p.,25cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                        xiv,792p.,19cm.
Edinburgh,Oliver & boyd,UK                               368p.,18cm.
London,J. Rodwell,UK                                     xii,525p.,23cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    x,412p.,22cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                510p.,23cm.
London,Bell,UK                                           x,480p.,18cm.
London,East and west ,ltd.,UK                            xi,67p.,19cm.
London,Bradbury and evans,UK                             xi,306p.,18cm.
London,Rivington,UK                                      xvi,309p.,22cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, and green,UK          v,479p.,23cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen,UK
London,Routledge,UK                                      xvi,360p.,19cm.
Calcutta,M. C. Sarker,UK                                 viii,495p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                viii,440p.,21cm.
New York,Appleton-Contury-Crofts,USA                     xi,115p.,17cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                ix,384p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    xv,454p.,20cm.
Edinburgh,Oliver & boyd,UK                               448p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                   xii,202p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                   511p.,22cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                 36p.,24cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                  427p.,18cm.
London,John w. Parker,UK                                 xii,555p.,22cm.
London,Longman, green, longman, and roberts,UK           ix,411p.,18cm.
London,George manwwring,UK                               iv,357p.,18cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK            xi,353p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    xxxiv,464p.,23cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    496p.,15cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    xx,362p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                              xx,526p.,22cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                   xxi,356p.,18cm.
London,George Allen & Unwin,UK                           350p.,22cm.
London,Houlston and stoneman,UK                          xvi,403p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    vi,282p.,16cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                  vi,362p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    xxvii,672p.,18cm.
London,Henry G.Bhon,UK                                   xxii,503p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                                    xvi,559p.,23cm.
Calcutta,M. C. Sarkar,UK                                 133p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      vii,407p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      vii,471p.,19cm.
London,Sauders,UK                                        x,399p.,23cm.
London,George radway,UK                                  viii,184p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    vi,402p.,13cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      viii,374p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                        310p.,12cm.
Woolwich,Jackson,UK                                          xvi,145p.,25cm.
Berlin,Vdi-Verlag GMBH,UK                                    viii,365p.,25cm.
Edinburgh,Oliver,UK                                          462p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                                   xvi,452p.,19cm.
Warsaw,Polonia pulishing house,UK                            74p.,20cm.
London,Adam & charles black soho square,UK                   xii,216p.,22cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                    582p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                    viii,263p.,22cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                       viii,297p.,22cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                       xi,424p.,22cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                    xvi,439p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                                        xiv,462p.,21cm.
London,Hatchards,UK                                          164p.,21cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                    xvi,507p.,23cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                                    482p.,22cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                       xix,360p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                        vii,490p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                        x,266p.,21cm.
London,John murray,UK                                        xxiii,687p.,22cm.
Simla,Government of India press,India                        vii,181p.,24cm.
London,WIlliam shoberl,UK                                    vi,347p.,20cm.
London,John murray,UK                                        iv,416p.,21cm.
London,Henry S. King,UK                                      viii,401p.,22cm.
London,T. cadell,UK                                          xxxv,444p.,22cm.
Liege,Librairie scientifique et industrille de a leroux,UK   314p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                        ix,465p.,22cm.
London,William and norgate,UK                                xvi,346p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                        xv,486p.,22cm.
London,John lane,UK                                          viii,282p.,21cm.
Woolwich,Jackson,UK                                          xxi,82p.,25cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                          xiv,440p.,22cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                      xvi,519p.,21cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                                   viii,342p.,18cm.
London,Cahtto and windus,UK                                  vi,373p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                        xvi,285p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                                        316p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                    xii,346p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                          vi,428p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                                  vii,386p.,20cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                         369p.,18cm.
Allahabad,Superintendent, government press,India             iv,15p.,24cm.
London,John murray,UK                                        viii,159p.,18cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, & longman,UK                   xii,292p.,17cm.
London,Charles knight,UK                                     vi,514p.,17cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                    viii,368p.,20cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                                  viii,864p.,22cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                    viii,348p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                        ix,519p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                        xiv,245p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                        x,214p.,17cm.
London,John murray,UK                             viii,160p.,16cm.
Lipsiae,Sumtibus et typis caroli tauchnitii,UK    626p.,13cm.
London,Edward moxon,UK                            x,266p.,17cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                             viii,312p.,17cm.
London,Lovell reeve,UK                            140p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               xiii,337p.,18cm.
Bombay,Bharatiya vidya bhavan,India               vii,122p.,19cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                 xi,227p.,19cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                           485p.,19cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                            xv,531p.,22cm.
London,A. & C. black,UK                           vii,573p.,18cm.
London,Hanry colburn,UK                           xii,416p.,22cm.
Uttar Pradesh,Government of uttar pradesh,India   ii,349p.,25cm.
London,J. Arrowsmith,Uk                           ,21cm.
London,Thornton butterworth,UK                    392p.,22cm.
London,Hodder And Stoughton, Limited,UK           x,365p.,16cm.
London,T. cadell in the strand,UK                 xvii,571p.,22cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                       x,529p.,22cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                       xxxii,507p.,22cm.
London,Wiley and putnam,UK                        xiv,135p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               xlix,461p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                             xxxi,573p.,22cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                         xii,351p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                            xxii,408p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               xii,384p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                         x,367p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               vi,353p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                             xxix,444p.,22cm.
London,John lane,UK                               x,280p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                           446p.,19cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                          xxvii,293p.,20cm.
London,Cahpman and hall,UK                        xiv,265p.,22cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                            vi,631p.,22cm.
London,James madden,UK                            xx,577p.,20cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                       375p.,20cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                         xv,360p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                             vii,377p.,18cm.
London,Charles tilt,UK                            xi,324p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,Oliver,UK                               387p.,17cm.
London,Kegan paul,UK                              xv,538p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               xxii,416p.,22cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                              viii,434p.,18cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                              xix,381p.,22cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                 ix,312p.,24cm.
London,Henry col.,UK                              416p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                             xvi,140p.,18cm.
London,Edward stanford,UK                         xii,327p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                            viii,278p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                       viii,508p.,20cm.
London,D. van nostrand co.,UK                     189p.,17cm.
London,Partridge & oakey,UK                      xiv,312p.,18cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                           xiii,560p.,22cm.
London,Central office of information,UK          ix,589p.,24cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                         xxxi,854p.,22cm.
New York,Modern library,USA                      ix,393p.,17cm.
Paris,Chez moreau,USA                            485p.,20cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                        xiv,391p.,18cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                           xxiv,492p.,18cm.
London,Saunders and oiley,UK                     402p.,21cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                            x,455p.,20cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and logman,UK      xx,511p.,22cm.
London,Thornton butterworth,UK                   287p.,19cm.
Korea,Pyongyang,UK                               ,26cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                   xv,339p.,21cm.
London,John murray,UK                            xi,546p.,19cm.
Oxford,D. A. Talboys,UK                          xv,359p.,22cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longman,UK     xv,347p.,18cm.
London,Longman, Green,UK                         xvii,351p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                      viii,562p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                        xii,588p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, brown, green, and longmans,UK   466p.,22cm.
London,George routledge,UK                       iv,316p.,23cm.
Paris,Librairie d' adrien le clere et,UK         514p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                            xiv,406p.,23cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                           xi,734p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                   567p.,22cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                      vii,406p.,25cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                   xv,344p.,23cm.
London,Longmans,green,UK                         xvii,424p.,22cm.
London,Longmans,green,UK                         xx,589p.,22cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                       xii,428p.,22cm.
London,Elkin mathews,UK                          xiv,386p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                   303p.,16cm.
London,Thomas tegg,UK                            xvi,550p.,16cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, & green,UK    xxxix,319p.,18cm.
London,Humphrey milford,UK                       xxxiv,206p.,18cm.
Chicago,University of Chicago press,UK           xi,228p.,18cm.
London,Tinsley brothers,UK                       xii,503p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                              viii,316p.,18cm.
London,T. cadell,UK                              570p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                            xix,332p.,22cm.
London,kegan paul,UK                             x,355p.,20cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                          xi,372p.,26cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                           1019p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                            xxiv,477p.,22cm.
New York,Macmillan,USA                           xiv,779p.,22cm.
London,David bogue,UK                            xvi,330p.,22cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                          445p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,Oliver,UK                              400p.,17cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK    viii,294p.,18cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                          viii,351p.,18cm.
London,John maxwell,UK                                xi,368p.,22cm.
London,Bell & dlly,UK                                 555p.,21cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 xvi,351p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                             xv,304p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 ix,330p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                             vii,654p.,22cm.
London,G. P. Putnam,UK                                xx,588p.,23cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 xv,424p.,22cm.
London,Longman, brown, green,and longmans,UK          xxiv,288p.,18cm.
London,Longman,hurst,rees,orme, brown, and green,UK   xvi,518p.,22cm.
London,David boguf,UK                                 xx,404p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                            368p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 xv,521p.,23cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                               xvi,456p.,22cm.
London,T.cadell,UK                                    847p.,22cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, & green,UK         xxvii,328p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 xxiv,403p.,23cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                             403p.,23cm.
London,Tinsley brithers,UK                            424p.,23cm.
London,Tinsley brithers,UK                            xi,413p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                            xii,297p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                iv,206p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                                 xvi,492p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 vii,358p.,18cm.
London,Longman, green, longman, and roberts,UK        xiv,440p.,22cm.
London,Thornton butterworth,UK                        302p.,18cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                         vi,507p.,23cm.
Boston,John P. Jewett,UK                              xii,618p.,24cm.
London,George routledge,UK                            608p.,18cm.
Paris,Vve Ch. Dunod,UK                                792p.,22cm.
Paris,Vve Ch. Dunod,UK                                379p.,22cm.
Woolwich,Jackson,UK                                   vi,14p.,25cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                   xiv,374p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 xi,496p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,Constable,UK                                vi,330p.,14cm.
London,His majesty's stationery,UK                    120p.,25cm.
London,T. and W. boone,UK                             xii,521p.,22cm.
London,T. & W. Boone,UK                               xii,423p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                   xiv,381p.,18cm.
London,Parker,UK                                      xvi,670p.,22cm.
London,John van voorst,UK                             viii,323p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                 ix,422p.,22cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                             xv,319p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                   ix,384p.,22cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                     xii,458p.,23cm.
London,T. cadell,UK                                   543p.,26cm.
Edinburgh,constable,UK                                xii,322p.,15cm.
London,adam and charles black,UK                      xiv,378p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                          xviii,337p.,16cm.
Edinburgh,Constable,UK                                         vi,288p.,15cm.
Lipsiae,Sumptibus ottonis holtze,UK                            589p.,14cm.
Edinburgh,Robert cadell,UK                                     334p.,16cm.
London,Grant richards,UK                                       426p.,23cm.
Hyderabad,Institution of engineers,India                       ii,42p.,22cm.
London,Longman, green, longman, and roberts,UK                 xvi,472p.,22cm.
London,J. Mawman,UK                                            449p.,22cm.
London,Trubner,UK                                              518p.,22cm.
London,Seeley,UK                                               x,320p.,20cm.
London,John murray,UK                                          vi,528p.,22cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                       263p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                            xv,265p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                          xxxii,406p.,22cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                      vi,447p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                          xii,444p.,22cm.
London,Longman, hurst, rees, orme, and brown,UK                viii,304p.,20cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown and green,UK                 xiii,328p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                            vi,336p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                                     ix,415p.,22cm.
London,J. hatchard,UK                                          viii,477p.,23cm.
London,John murray,UK                                          xi,512p.,18cm.
Delhi,S. chand,India                                           xxii,690p.,22cm.
London,Edward churton,UK                                       344p.,16cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                      794p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                          xxxix,330p.,21cm.
Liege,Librairie scientifique et industrielle de a. leroux,UK   299p.,22cm.
London,Seeley,UK                                               xi,326p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                                    431p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent government printing,India              145p.,24cm.
London,Religious tract society,UK                              xi,406p.,15cm.
London,G. bell,UK                                              xv,596p.,20cm.
London,Sauders and otley,UK                                    xix,415p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                         xiv,516p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                          iv,170p.,18cm.
London,Geoffrey bles,UK                                        ix,298p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                          xv,294p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                         viii,234p.,19cm.
London,Longman, orme, brown,green, and longman,UK              xi,622p.,22cm.
London,Trubner,UK                                              219p.,23cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                                     xxvi,315p.,21cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                        ix,501p.,22cm.
London,Thames and hudson,UK                                    256p.,21cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                                 viii,520p.,22cm.
London,Thomas tegg,UK                                          xii,418p.,15cm.
London,Thomas tegg,UK                                          viii,460p.,18cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                                         xii,487p.,22cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                        xix,336p.,18cm.
London,Blackie,UK                                              192p.,18cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                          490p.,22cm.
London,W. thacker,UK                               ix,213p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                                xi,179p.,18cm.
London,Longman,UK                                  xvi,540p.,23cm.
London,Routledge,warnes, and routledge,UK          x,391p.,22cm.,
London,Eyre & spottiswoode,UK                      ix,287p.,22cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                          viii,472p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                              xvii,466p.,22cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                            224p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                     xxxix,651p.,22cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                          x,539p.,22cm.
London,LOngmans, green,UK                          361p.,18cm.
London,George G. Harrap,UK                         x,277p.,19cm.
Calcutta,J. C. sherriff,UK                         345p.,24cm.
London,Swan sonnenschein,UK                        197p.,18cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                             xvi,574p.,22cm.
London,John weale,UK                               130p.,25cm.
London,John van voorst,UK                          viii,260p.,18cm.
London,Dean,UK                                     188p.,20cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                            xi,516p.,25cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                  vii,147p.,18cm.
London,James blackwood,UK                          viii,323p.,18cm.
London,Longman, brown, green and longman,UK        xii,684p.,22cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                          302p.,18cm.
London,Faber & faber,UK                            304p.,22cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan,UK                             165p.,17cm.
London,T. C. Newby,UK                              lxxxviii,352p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                xxv,483p.,18cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK      xii,352p.,20cm.
London,Longman, green, longmans, and roberts,UK    xviii,357p.,23cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                            iv,452p.,22cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                        vii,822p.,22cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, & green,UK      vi,333p.,18cm.
London,T. cadell,UK                                499p.,22cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK                       iv,460p.,23cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                             viii,575p.,23cm.
Glasgow,A. fullarton,UK                            471p.,23cm.
London,John murray,UK                              ix,687p.,22cm.
London,Henry G. Bohn,UK                            xii,1080p.,18cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                        xi,289p.,22cm.
California,Kingsley-barnes,UK                      90p.,17cm.
Edinburgh,Adam and charles black north bridge,UK   290p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                              xiv,522p.,22cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                        xvi,378p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                vi,310p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                  vi,224p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                              viii,159p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                              404p.,22cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                            x,276p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                viii,196p.,22cm.
London,T. cautley newby,UK                         x,312p.,18cm.
London,C, and J. rivington,UK                      423p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                      61p.,22cm.
Laskar,Alijha gonernment press                             59p.,22cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, longmans, & roberts,UK       195p.,22cm.
Milan,De i'imprimerie et fonderie de J. J. Destefanis,UK   288p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                      viii,414p.,21cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, longmans, and roberts,UK     xiii,573p.,22cm.
London,John lane,UK                                        332p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                                 iv,301p.,18cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, longmans, & roberts,UK       xv,410p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                        xxiv,486p.,22cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                                  viii,235p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                     xii,538p.,22cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                     xii,457p.,22cm.
London,Longman, green, longman, roberts, & green,UK        xxxvi,160p.,22cm.
Delhi,Capital book house,India                             xxvi,402p.,22cm.
London,George G. harrap,UK                                 611p.,23cm.
London,John murray,UK                                      ix,390p.,22cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                   iv,528p.,26cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK              viii,325p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                      x,322p.,15cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan,UK                                     251p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                        lv,327p.,17cm.
Edinburgh,Constable,UK                                     xxvii,320p.,17cm.
London,Henry S. King,UK                                    viii,249p.,22cm.
London,Arthur hall,UK                                      viii,495p.,18cm.
London,G.routlrdge,UK                                      vi,629p.,22cm.
London,T. and W. Boone,UK                                  xv,484p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Ramakrishna mission,India                         xxi,695p.,25cm.
London,Hurst & blackett,UK                                 254p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                      319p.,22cm.
London,Charles knight,UK                                   xii,316p.,19cm.
London,Longman, brown, green,and longmans,UK               201p.,19cm.
Calcutta,Thacker,India                                     xiii,387p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                        vi,427p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                        xiv,624p.,23cm.
London,w. H. Allen,UK                                      448p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                  viii,411p.,18cm.
London,T. C. newby,UK                                      vi,272p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                      viii,608p.,22cm.
London,James and luke,UK                                   xxiv,719p.,27cm.
London,John murray,UK                                      xvi,455p.,23cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK              vi,458p.,23cm.
London,Adam and charles black,UK                           xxv,120p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                     viii,358p.,18cm.
London,James madden,UK                                     vii,376p.,22cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                    484p.,22cm.
London,John lane,UK                                        477p.,22cm.
London,Ingram, cooke,UK                                    viii,412p.,23cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                  xi,456p.,23cm.
London,Thornton butterworth,UK                           viii,255p.,17cm.
London,Saunders, otley,UK                                vi,544p.,26cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                            203p.,19cm.
Washington,United states government printing office,UK   29p.,24cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    xxvi,556p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,T. cadell,UK                                   Viii,348p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    xx,509p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xii,169p.,17cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                xxxvi,19cm.
Calcutta,J. thomas,India                                 xii,573+138p.,22cm.
London,George G. Harrap,UK                               277p.,21cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                xxxi,466p.,23cm.
London,John lane,UK                                      334p.,22cm.
London,Angus and robertson,UK                            xi,450p.,22cm.
Oxford,Thomas tegg,UK                                    444p.,23cm.
Oxford,John henry parker,UK                              viii,352p.,23cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK            xxiv,576p.,23cm.
London,James madden,UK                                   viii,367p.,22cm.
London,Tinsley brother,UK                                vi,431p.,22cm.
London,Edward moxon,UK                                   270p.,18cm.
London,Henry G. Bohn,UK                                  xvi,348p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                xxx,442p.,21cm.
Calcutta,India                                           viii,389p.,25cm.
London,James R. Osgood,UK                                x,325p.,23cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India   xxxii,332p.,25cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK            xi,430p.,22cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                   viii,464p.,22cm.
Calcutta,M. C. Sarkar,India                              viii,264p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xix,508p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                xv,388p.,22cm.
London,James ridgway,UK                                  300p.,18cm.
London,D. walther,UK                                     653p.,23cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                  viii,499p.,18cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                  viii,308p.,22cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                  xii,272p.,22cm.
London,J. M. dent,UK                                     xxvi,366p.,17cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                              vii,512p.,22cm.
London,Longman,brown, green, and longmans,UK             432p.,18cm.
London,Longman,UK                                        viii,271p.,18cm.
London,Wyman,UK                                          vii,68p.,18cm.
London,Longman,UK                                        xlviii,344p.,18cm.
Calcutta,governor general,India                          213p.,27cm.
London,George newnes,UK                                  196p.,15cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xi,380p.,18cm.
London,Thomas tegg,UK                                    311p.,15cm.
London,George bell,UK                                     xiv,242p.,18cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                   356p.,20cm.
London,John murray,UK                                     397p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                               xxxviii,371p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                     viii,515p.,19cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                                     192p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                       viii,447p.,22cm.
London,Henry G. Bohn,UK                                   188p.,18cm.
London,Longman,UK                                         119p.,22cm.
London,Gresham,Uk                                         x,268p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                       xxvi,326p.,22cm.
Brussels,Belgian congo,UK                                 xx,187p.,23cm.
Calcutta,J.larkings,India                                 iv,107p.,18cm.
Washington,Smithsonian institution,UK                     iv,103p.,24cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                 x,423p.,23cm.
London,Tinsley,UK                                         vi,519p.,23cm.
Edinburgh,Oliver,UK                                       400p.,18cm.
Paris,Librairie militaire,UK                              xj,873p.,18cm.
London,Kingsbury,UK                                       542p.,28cm.
London,Macdonald,UK                                       253p.,34cm.
London,Longmans,UK                                        viii,33cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                  152p.,30cm.
London,Philip Allan,UK                                    306p.,22cm.
Calcutta,R. C. Lepage,UK                                  vi,218p.,25cm.
London,Richardson,UK                                      vi,461p.,23cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                         xx,268p.,22cm.
London,Thomas cautley newby,UK                            xii,312p.,18cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                   xxxi,455p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                     viii,594p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent government printing india,India   94p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                       xi,334p.,18cm.
London,Longman,UK                                         xi,402p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                         xvi,306p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                     xv,936p.,27cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                            96p.,25cm.
Allahabad,North-western provinces,India                   141p.,26cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                    307p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                 xvi,327p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent government printing,India         ii,88p.,24cm.
London,Longman, orme, brown,green,&longmans,UK            362p.,18cm.
London,Edward churton,UK                                  xii,296p.,18cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                   vii,262p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                    vi,435p.,22cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                 xx,472p.,22cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                   cxx,454p.,22cm.
London,T. Cadell,UK                                       471p.,23cm.
Woolwich,Jackson,UK                                       xxi,82p.,25cm.
London,T. & W. Boone,UK                                    196p.,18cm.
London,T. & W. Boone,UK                                    vii,432p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                                    114p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                     vii,339p.,20cm.
London,Henry G. Bhon,UK                                    vi,442p.,18cm.
London,B. fellowes,UK                                      xi,315p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                      xii,495p.,22cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                  viii,493p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                      xiv,626p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                      xiv,608p.,22cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                    xiii,405p.,22cm.
London,C. bathurst,UK                                      502p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                      412p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                                vi,508p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                      viii,433p.,23cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                             iv,524p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,Longmans, green,UK                               viii,330p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                  xiii,397p.,23cm.
London,John W. Parkar,UK                                   xii,515p.,22cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                                     viii,422p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,Andrew shortrede,UK                              xii,209p.,22cm.
London,Longman,UK                                          xii,438p.,17cm.
London,Longmans,green,UK                                   xx,388p.,18cm.
London,F. C. and J. Rivington,UK                           530p.,22cm.
London,James blackwood,UK                                  iv,375p.,18cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spone,UK                                 viii,464p.,23cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                     330p.,23cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                                  438p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,Contable,UK                                      iv,336p.,15cm.
Edinburgh,Oliver &boyd,UK                                  416p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,Oliver &boyd,UK                                  476p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                                  xxiv,584p.,22cm.
London,University tutorial press,UK                        xx,406p.,18cm.
London,William pickring,UK                                 xii,301p.,18cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, green, and roberts,UK   vii,538p.,21cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan,UK                                     xxiv,366p.,17cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK                               xi,324p.,18cm.
London,Elliot stock,UK                                     viii,167p.,18cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, and green,UK            xvi,532p.,22cm.
London,Ward and downey,UK                                  xi,307p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                      x,472p.,22cm.
Calcutta,W. newman,UK                                      ii,205p.,18cm.
London,J. White,UK                                         304p.,19cm.
London,Geo. B. Whittaker,UK                                xxviii,420p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                  xii,467p.,19cm.
Sydney,Angus & robertson,UK                                46p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                      xix,631p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                        x,382p.,18cm.
London,Longman,hurst, rees, orme, and brown,UK             vii,415p.,22cm.
London,Jarrolds,UK                                         287p.,22cm.
London,John van voorst,UK                                  320p.,22cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                               591p.,22cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                               400p.,22cm.
London,Longman,UK                                       xiii,366p.,18cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                              xxi,201p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                   446p.,22cm.
Bengal,Bengal secretariat press,India                   335p.,25cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                       160p.,17cm.
London,John murray,UK                                   vi,478p.,25cm.
London,John murray,UK                                   vii,354p.,15cm.
Edinburgh,Constable,UK                                  vi,334p.,15cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                     260p.,18cm.
London,Routledge,UK                                     xliv,,338p.
London,Cassell,UK                                       xviii,487p.,22cm.
London,John Olliver,UK                                  xvii,341p.,20cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                             vii,912p.,22cm.
London,Smith,elder,UK                                   xvii,464p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                     xviii,374p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                               xiv,454p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Librarian, national library,India              xi,290p.,24cm.
London,R. B. seeley,UK                                  407p.,23cm.
London,Longman,UK                                       viii,660p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                   xxxii,415p.,22cm.
London,Longman, orme, brown, green, and longmans,UK     xii,499p.,22cm.
London,Longman,rees, orme, brown, green, and longmans,UKxv,342p.,18cm.
London,Thomab tegg,UK                                   v,386p.,16cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                               910.4,18cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                               viii,308p.,18cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                               viii,432p.,22cm.
London,Longman,hurst,rees,orme, and brown,UK            lii,429p.,22cm.
London,Grant richards and humphrey toulmin,UK           247p.,23cm.
London,Wm. Hallen,UK                                    viii,418p.,23cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                               viii,119p.,17cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan,UK                                  xvi,263p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                          vii,131p.,18cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                                xiii,551p.,23cm.
London,John lane,UK                                     xiv,193p.,24cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                     x,364p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                     234p.,19cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                  xlvii,472p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                   vi,454p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,Edmonoston and douglas,UK                     ix,399p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                                   319p.,21cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                120p.,23cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                141p.,23cm.
London,Kent,UK                                          viii,247p.,17cm.
London,R. B. Seeley,UK                                  381p.,18cm.
London,John weale,UK                                    290p.,18cm.
London,John weale,UK                                    ,22cm.
Philadelphia,International press,UK                     2976p.,22cm.
London,Encyclopaedia Britanica com.,UK                   xliii,1226p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Librarian, national library,India               vi,333p.,25cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                 121p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                888p.,22cm.
Chatham,Royal engineer institute,UK                      vi,270p.,22cm.
London,Bell and daldy,UK                                 x,548p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xxviii,1702p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Government of India press,India                 2583p.,25cm.
Washington,United states of America,UK                   xi,579p.,28cm.
Madras,Government oriental manuscripts library,India     xvi,396p.,25cm.
London,Elliot stock,UK                                   165p.,18cm.
Lahore,Civil and military gazette press,India            vii.112p.,19cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India   v,217p.,17cm.
Philadelphia,Cary, lea, and blanchard,UK                 iv,304p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                xxx,447p.,23cm.
London,William & norgate,UK                              xx,596p.,22cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                                xxiv,136p.,18cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                xxxviii,682p.,22cm.
London,Watts & co.,UK                                    xxxiv,299p.,18cm.
New York,Macmillan,UK                                    xxvii,392p.,19cm.
London,Swan sonnenschein,UK                              xv,289p.,23cm.
Arrah,Central jaina publishing house,India               xii,233p.,22cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                        xii,287p.,23cm.
New York,Macmillan,UK                                    xxiii,546p.,22cm.
London,Religious tract society,UK                        xx,340p.,17cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                              xiv,458p.,22cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan,UK                                   xii,430p.,18cm.
London,Swan sonnenschein,UK                              v,314p.,23cm.
London,James nisbet,UK                                   xv,356p.,17cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK            xiv,371p.,21cm.
London,Society of applied psychology,UK                  65p.,17cm.
London,Society of applied psychology,UK                  87p.,18cm.
London,Society of applied psychology,UK                  142p.,18cm.
Mirzapore,Orphan press                                   187p.,22cm.
London,George Allen,UK                                   xiv,682p.,22cm.
London,Swan aonnenschen,UK                               xvi,347p.,22cm.
London,Harrper,UK                                        xii,487p.,20cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                        vi,251p.,18cm.
London,John chapman,UK                                   xxxvi,480p.,22cm.
London,Edward moxon,UK                                   xx,352p.,17cm.
London,B. fellowes,UK                                    xxxix,432p.,22cm.
London,D. Appleton,UK                                    xi,470p.,22cm.
London,Society of applied psychology,UK                  104p.,18cm.
London,Society of applied psychology,UK                  85p.,18cm.
London,Society of applied psychology,UK                  81p.,18cm.
London,Society of applied psychology,UK                  64p.,18cm.
London,Society of applied psychology,UK                  112p.,18cm.
London,Society of applied psychology,UK                  68p.,18cm.
London,George Allen,UK                                   xxii,352p.,18cm.
London,T. cadell and W. Davies,UK                      vi,523p.,23cm.
Boston,D. C. heath,UK                                  x,132p.,18cm.
London,George Allen,UK                                 xviii,224p.,18cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                               xiv,679p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xxiv,337p.,18cm.
London,Kegan paul,UK                                   x,279p.,18cm.
London,F. C. and J. rivington,UK                       vii,436p.,22cm.
London,Lockwood,UK                                     288p.,18cm.
Sivananda Nagar,yoga-vedanta forest university,India   xv,421p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                      x,356p.,18cm.
London,James duncan,UK                                 xxiii,627p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,William tait,UK                              xxxi,692p.,22cm.
London,Swan aonnenschein,UK                            xvi,427p.,22cm.
New Delhi,Indian book export & import co.,India        468p.,25cm.
London,Swan sonnenschein,UK                            xiv,273p.,23cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                            304p.,18cm.
London,Thomas tegg,UK                                  xvi,384p.,17cm.
Ananda Kutir,Yoga vedanta forest university,India      iv,246p.,18cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan,UK                                 xlviii,328p.,19cm.
London,Cantabrigiae,UK                                 viii,598p.,16cm.
London,Isbister,UK                                     xii,308p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                      xiii,175p.,21cm.
London,Smitn, elder,UK                                 xvi,362p.,18cm.
London,W. boston,UK                                    408p.,22cm.
London,Swan sonnenschein,UK                            xxiii,502p.,23cm.
London,John Joseph griffin,UK                          xi,142p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              xi,449p.,22cm.
London,F. C. and J. rivington,UK                       xxiv,373p.,22cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                      xv,224p.,18cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                              xvi,423p.,22cm.
London,George newnes,UK                                263p.,15cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xii,280p.,18cm.
London,Society of applied psychology,UK                121p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    272p.,17cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                                x,255p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xliv,786p.,18cm.
London,Walton and maberly,UK                           iv,424p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              xx,543p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xxiii,360p.,23cm.
New York,Harper,USA                                    232p.,18cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                                 xlviii,542p.,23cm.
Edinburgh,Edmonston,UK                                 vi,680p.,22cm.
London,Hodder,UK                                       224p.,19cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, spink,UK                             lii,285p.,22cm.
London,Thornton butterworth,UK                         252p.,18cm.
London,Longman,UK                                      xxx,403p.,22cm.
London,Swedenborg society,UK                           xliv,364p.,22cm.
London,Samuel bagster,UK                                 xiv,505p.,24cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      vii,392p.,18cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                              vii,380p.,18cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                                 viii,318p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xv,398p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                   xvi,522p.,22cm.
London,Seeleys,UK                                        xiii,484p.,18cm.
London,Edward moxon,UK                                   173p.,16cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    528p.,22cm.
London,J. S. Hodson,UK                                   126p.,23cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                           xxviii,494p.,23cm.
London,Samuel bagster and sons,UK                        168p.,29cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                xlvi,320p.,22cm.
London,James duncan,UK                                   546p.,23cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                           xx,474p.,24cm.
London,Hurst and blackett,UK                             vi,349p.,18cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                                xxv,220p.,22cm.
London,william newbery,UK                                iv,346p.,22cm.
Cambridge,Chapman & hall,UK                              vi,308p.,15cm.
Oxford,UK                                                xii,520p.,23cm.
London,longmans, green,UK                                xii,534p.,22cm.
London,longmans, rees, orme, brown, green, and longman,UKxxiv,372p.,22cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                           viii,97p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, spink,India                            ix,262p.,18cm.
London,F. C. & J. rivington,UK                           viii,104p.,17cm.
New York,Macmillan,USA                                   xii,280p.,18cm.
London,Tinsley,UK                                        xix,408p.,23cm.
London,T. cadell,UK                                      viii,480p.,23cm.
New York,Theosophical,UK                                 viii,360p.,22cm.
London,Ernest benn,UK                                    224p.,22cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                        xxiii,469p.,23cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                                351p.,23cm.
London,Tinsley,UK                                        viii,448p.,23cm.
Calcutta,W. Ridsdale,UK                                  440p.,22cm.
London,Partridge and oakey,UK                            xi,443p.,22cm.
London,Charles knight,UK                                 iv,230p.,15cm.
London,Arthur hall,UK                                    xi,284p.,17cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                        xii,135p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                           251p.,19cm.
London,W. westall,UK                                     ,16cm.
London,T. fellowes,UK                                    xvi,463p.,22cm.
London,Hatchard,UK                                       vii,279p.,17cm.
London,Longman, green, longman, roberts, & green,UK      39p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xi,370p.,19cm.
London,T. cadell,UK                                      viii,475p.,22cm.
London,George routledge,UK                               382p.,19cm.
London,Wertheim and macintosh,UK                         viii,578p.,19cm.
London,Parbory, Allen,UK                                 xxxviii,358p.,23cm.
Bombay,D. B. Taraporevala,UK                             xiv,89p.,18cm.
London,W. H> Allen,UK                                  vii,750p.,25cm.
London,Longman, green, longman, roberts, & green,UK    xxxvi,388p.,22cm.
New York,Gould & newman,UK                             804p.,25cm.
London,T. bensley,UK                                   xi,692p.,27cm.
London,Samuel bagster,UK                               930p.,25cm.
London,John murray,UK                                  vi,368p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                  xviii,297p.,22cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                               vi,346p.,22cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                              xvi,479p.,18cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                                viii,317p.,19cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                                xvi,500p.,18cm.
London,R. K. lock,UK                                   xxv,520p.,18cm.
London,James duncan,UK                                 xvi,553p.,23cm.
Sivananda Nagar,Sivananda,India                        lix,312p.,18cm.
London,W. Botham,UK                                    xlix,420p.,22cm.
London,Ward lock,UK                                    60p.,17cm.
London,Stanley gibbons,UK                              ix,918p.,23cm.
London,James duncan,UK                                 xxi,608p.,25cm.
London,Longman, green, longman, roberts,and green,UK   xxiv,379p.,22cm.
London,Longman, green,UK                               ix,110p.,18cm.
London,Religious tract society,UK                      xxxiv,418p.,19cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                                 xv,208p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                      viii,151p.,18cm.
London,Longman, green, longman, reberts, & green,UK    xlv,327p.,23cm.
London,Ernest benn,UK                                  79p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xviii,285p.,17cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                         xxvii,309p.,19cm.
London,Thomas cautley newby,UK                         xxx,172p.,20cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                         254p.,19cm.
London,Wells gardner,UK                                viii,106p.,17cm.
London,J. hatchard,UK                                  xii,451p.,18cm.
London,Longman, hurst, rees, and orme,UK               xv,527p.,23cm.
Edinburgh,adam and charles black,UK                    viii,385p.,22cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                 xii,528p.,22cm.
London,Longam,UK                                       xix,640p.,23cm.
London,Religious tract society,UK                      648p.,22cm.
London,Cadell and davies,UK                            viii,470p.,23cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan,UK                                 iv,90p.,19cm.
Bombay,Bharatiya vidya bhavan,India                    xxviii,204p.,19cm.
London,Search publishing com. ltd,,UK                  41p.,22cm.
Calcutta,R. C. lepage,UK                               vii,106p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,T. & T. clark,UK                             xxxi,304p.,22cm.
London,George virtue,UK                                viii,572p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Udbodhan office,India                         140p.,16cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                               xx,240p.,23cm.
London,Thornton butterworth,UK                         256p.,17cm.
London,Church missionary house,UK                      682p.,22cm.
London,F. C. and J. rivington,UK                       viii,368p.,23cm.
London,Johnstone & hunter,UK                           xxiv,306p.,17cm.
Edinburgh,Adam & charles black,UK                      vi,470p.,18cm.
London,Taylor,UK                                       xii,412p.,18cm.
Bombay,Government central book depot.,India            ix,215p.,18cm.
London,Wertheim and macintosh,UK                          xi,558p.,18cm.
London,Robert banks,UK                                    xvi,589p.,19cm.
London,James duncan,UK                                    512p.,23cm.
London,Smitn, elder,UK                                    xii,452p.,19cm.
Edinburgh,Adam and charles black,UK                       viii,402p.,18cm.
London,adam and charles black,UK                          xi,249p.,19cm.
London,University tutorial press,UK                       466p.,22cm.
London,G. bell,UK                                         xi,231p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                         236p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                       xii,277p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                                       x,508p.,19cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                               263p.,22cm.
London,Hodder & stoughton,UK                              371p.,18cm.
London,T. T. & J. tegg,UK                                 lx,423p.,23cm.
London,Joshph rickerby,UK                                 xxxvi,355p.,18cm.
Philadelphia,J. J. woodward,UK                            x,486p.,23cm.
Roorkee,Nem chand,India                                   xvi,406p.,23cm.
Bombay,Vivek,India                                        168p.,22cm.
Lahore,Civil and military gazette press,India             x,161p.,23cm.
Cambridge,University of Canbridge,UK                      20p.,25cm.
London,J. M. richardson,UK                                viii,390p.,22cm.
Bloomington,Universit of new Mexico press,UK              viii,176p.,23cm.
London,T. egerton,UK                                      x,160p.,22cm.
London,John hogg,UK                                       vi,328p.,18cm.
Delhi,University office,India                             ix,224p.,24cm.
London,William clowes,UK                                  xix,189p.,22cm.
London,Effingham wilson,UK                                xi,249p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                       xiv,350p.,22cm.
London,Frank cass,UK                                      xii,176p.,23cm.
London,Ernest benn,UK                                     153p.,23cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                                   xl,429p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, spink,India                             x,300p.,23cm.
London,Institution,UK                                     120p.,22cm.
London,Her majesty's stationery office,UK                 x,285p.,25cm.
Delhi,Government od India,India                           109p.,23cm.
New York,Engineering magazine,USA                         194p.,19cm.
Lucknow,Secretsry, inter-university board,India           xvi,652p.,23cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                  vii,222p.,23cm.
Calcutta,University, at the baptist mission press,India   391p.,22cm.
Lucknow,Superintendent, printing and stationery,India     iv,339p.,25cm.
New Delhi,Manager of publication,India                    151p.,28cm.
London,T. egerton,UK                                      425p.,23cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, and green,UK           76p.,27cm.
Calcutta,Brown,India                                      196p.,22cm.
Calcutta,W. thacker,India                                 108p.,21cm.
London,Edmund spettigue,UK                                xxii,559p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                 xii,545p.,23cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                  463p.,23cm.
Lucknow,Asst. supdt.-in-charge govt.,India   xxxiii,81p.,23cm.
               New Delhi,publication division,India                        152p.,18cm.
               New Delhi,Central waterpower, irrigation and navigation commission,India
               New Delhi,Ministry of educationn,India                      28p.,19cm.
               London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                                      ix,483p.,23cm.
               London,David nutt,UK                                        xiii,183p.,22cm.
               London,David nutt,UK                                        xvi,172p.,22cm.
               London,John murray,UK                                       xxix,702p.,22cm.
               Calcutta,Superintendent governemnt printing,India           xlvii,94p.,24cm.
               London,Macmillan,UK                                         xiii,212p.,22cm.
               London,John murray,UK                                       xii,376p.,23cm.
               London,I. and J. Taylor,UK                                  xvi,104p.,26cm.
               London,Parbury, Allen,UK                                    xxxvii,350p.,22cm.
               New Delhi,Lok sabha secrtariat,India                        vi,289p.,25cm.
               London,Chapman &hall,UK                                     xv,175p.,18cm.
               New Delhi,Inter university board of India,India             v,62p.,23cm.
               Bombay,University of Bombay,India                           69p.,23cm.
               London,Macmillan,UK                                         vi,520p.,18cm.
               London,Macmillan,UK                                         xxxii,1469p.,18cm.
               London,Macmillan,UK                                         xix,128p.,22cm.
               London,Longman,UK                                           xxxii,478p.,20cm.
               London,George edward eyre,UK                                317p.,24cm.
               London,David nutt,UK                                        xvii,227p.,22cm.
               London,William heinemann,UK                                 xv,147p.,25cm.
               London,Longman, hurst, rees, orme, and brown,UK             ,28cm.
               London,Macmillan,UK                                         xxiv,342p.,24cm.
               Moscow,Foreign languages publishing house,UK                xiii,408p.,18cm.
               New Delhi,Manager of publications,India                     iii,157p.,25cm.
               New Delhi,University office,India                           xvii,186p.,25cm.
               London,Macmillan,UK                                         243p.,18cm.
               Calcutta,Thacker, spink,India                               xxi,742p.,24cm.
               London,Sweet & maxwell,UK                                   xii,122p.,22cm.
               London,University of London,UK                              xx,2095p.,21cm.
               Allahabad,Government press,India                            iii,463p.,24cm.
               London,Central office of information,UK                     ix,579p.,24cm.
               London,F. wingrave,UK                                       xlvi,341p.,22cm.
er on the 5th january, 1953                                                v,84p.,25cm.
               Cambridge,Deighion,UK                                       iv,316p.,18cm.
               London,George woodfall,UK                                   iv,492p.,23cm.
               London,Edmund spettigue,UK                                  xii,532p.,22cm.
               London,His majesty's stationery office,UK                   xii,290p.,17cm.
               Cambridge,University press,UK                               51p.,25cm.
               London,Macmillan,UK                                         xiv,416p.,18cm.
               Washington,Government printing office,UK                    xlvii,643p.,25cm.
               London,Bosworth & harrison,UK                               xii,337p.,18cm.
               Srinagar,Kasmir mercantile press,India                      v,53p.,25cm.
               New Delhi,Government of India,India                         109p.,25cm.
               London,Sampson low,UK                                       xxxvi,357p.,23cm.
               Delhi,Publication division,India                            130p.,28cm.
New Delhi,Manager of publicatons,India           487p.,28cm.
Edinburgh,University of edinburgh,UK             ,22cm.
London,Longman,UK                                xxiii,354p.,18cm.
California,University of California press,UK     xxi,504p.,23cm.
London,J. sharpe,UK                              vii,171p.,13cm.
London,John murray,UK                            x,436p.,18cm.
Oxford,University press,UK                       viii,440p.,22cm.
Bombay,Oriental printing press,UK                xxv,599p.,22cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                         xx,143p.,18cm.
London,Smith,elder,UK                            vii,488p.,26cm.
Delhi,Oxford university press,India              vi,258p.,22cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                           63p.,22cm.
London,Grant and griffith,UK                     xiv,434p.,18cm.
New Delhi,Manager of publicatons,India           iii,151p.,27cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                    295p.,18cm.
London,Kegan paul,UK                             xiii,387p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                              iv,30p.,22cm.
London,T. egerton,UK                             x,160p.,22cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                 xxxvi,84p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                            xii,319p.,22cm.
Liverpool,Liverpool university press,UK          644p.,18cm.
London,J. & W. T. clarke,UK                      xxxi,574p.,23cm.
London,T. fisher unwin,UK                        xx,310p.,18cm.
London,William clowes,UK                         xxvii,460p.,22cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                          396p.,22cm.
London,University of London,UK                   567p.,22cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK         500p.,23cm.
London,Knight and lacey,UK                       v,140p.,18cm.
London,John weale,UK                             253p.,23cm.
Manchester,University press,UK                   123p.,22cm.
London,J. butterworth,UK                         xxxi,462p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                              354p.,22cm.
Bihar,Superintendent government printing,India   ii,53p.,25cm.
London,F. Pinkney,military library,UK            xxiv,648p.,22cm.
London,Taylor,UK                                 xvi,67p.,22cm.
Washington,Smithsonian institution,UK            iv,86p.,24cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent printing,India           ,25cm.
Roorkee,Cambridge book depot,India               ,22cm.
Allahabad,North-Western provinces,India          330p.,25cm.
London,Swan sonnenschein,UK                      xiv,238p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                            xxix,702p.,22cm.
London,Smith,elder,UK                            xii,230p.,18cm.
London,Whittaker,UK                              xiii,280p.,18cm.
New Delhi,Manager of publication,India           vi,281p.,24cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                291p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, spink,UK                       206p.,25cm.
London,Office of tha department,UK               135p.,23cm.
London,W.thacker,UK                              xxiv,269p.,21cm.
London,john murray,UK                            x,136p.,18cm.
London,Cambridge university press,UK                      xviii,621p.,23cm.
London,Mauser,UK                                          vii,168p.,22cm.
London,William Allen,UK                                   xxix,347p.,22cm.
London,Longman, orme, brown, green, and longmans,UK       vi,268p.,22cm.
London,Religious tract socity,UK                          iv,464p.,18cm.
Aberdeen,University press,UK                              xxxiv,510p.,18cm.
London,Blackie,UK                                         415p.,18cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                             117p.,18cm.
Delhi,Secretary, inter-university board,India             x,187p.,22cm.
New Delhi,Government of india,India                       109p.,24cm.
Glasgow,University of Glasgow,UK                          ,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                     vi,160p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Research centre on the social implications,India xi,268p.,24cm.
London,Orders of the government of Eastern Begal and Assam,UK
Simla,Headquarters,India                                  ,23cm.
Philadelphia,J. B. lippincott,UK                          410p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                       xii,188p.,18cm.
London,Groombridge,UK                                     xxxi,220p.,17cm.
London,Whittaker,UK                                       xiii,280p.,18cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                                    vii,870p.,22cm.
London,James cochrane,UK                                  xii,624p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent, government printing,India        ii,211p.,25cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                                     vi,322p.,18cm.
Torino,Dalla stamperia reale,UK                           lxviii,152p.,29cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                 x,326p.,18cm.
London,Egan paul,UK                                       viii,406p.,19cm.
London,Parker, furnivall,UK                               xxiii,239p.,18cm.
Paris,Chez J. B. Bailliere,UK                             xiv,584p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college,India                            xiii,257p.,23cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college press,India                      vi,621p.,24cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                                iv,756p.,25cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college press,India                      ,25cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college press,India                      xi,454p.,25cm.
London,T. egerton,UK                                      xiv,531p.,23cm.
London,Eveleigh nash,UK                                   218p.,18cm.
Colambia,E. W. Stephens,UK                                viii,292p.,23cm.
Allahabad,Superintendent government press,India           xiii,507p.,28cm.
London,Groombridge,UK                                     vi,486p.,24cm.
Liverpool,University press of Liverpool,UK                600p.,19cm.
London,W. H. Allen,UK                                     128p.,24cm.
London,Cornelius Buck,UK                                  2482p.,26cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                 xvi,192p.,18cm.
London,J. collingwood,UK                                  615p.,12cm.
London,Mills & Boon,UK                                    viii,132p.,18cm.
Paris,Bei den verfassrn,UK                                xv,658p.,18cm.
London,Henry S. King,UK                                   vii,326p.,19cm.
London,Trubner,UK                                         xxv,551p.,22cm.
London,David nutt,UK                                      viii,103p.,22cm.
Calcutta,J. Thomas,India                                  viii,390p.,22cm.
Poona,Poona university press,India                        91p.,25cm.
Bombay,N. K. Dutta on behaffkine institute diamond jublee,India
London,His majesty's stationery office,UK                    vi,869p.,25cm.
New Delhi,Government of India,India                          xxxiii,704p.,25cm.
New Delhi,Manager, gov. of India press,India                 iii,136p.,22cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                                     117p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                          viii,192p.,17cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                               318p.,17cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                                      319p.,18cm.
Paris,Gauthier-villars,UK                                    xii,728p.,27cm.
New York,J. H. Williams,USA                                  42p.,28cm.
Allahabad,United provinces,India                             29p.,28cm.
Cambridge,University of Cambridge,UK                         1266p.,28cm.
London,Atchley,UK                                            26p.,28cm.
California,Adventures in business,UK                         ,28cm.
London,E. & F. N. Spon,UK                                    397p.,28cm.
New Delhi,Indian national science academy,India              740p.,24cm.
Edinburgh,Bell & bradfute,UK                                 516p.,22cm.
Bombay,Popular book depot,India                              39p.,22cm.
Paris,European productivity agency,UK                        124p.,23cm.
Assam,Government of Assam,India                              xxxvii,408p.,22cm.
Kashi,Kashi-nagri-percharini shabha,India                    2304p.,28cm.
London,Encyclopaedia Britanninca com.,UK                     xvi,1222p.,30cm.
London,William bulmer,UK                                     xcvi,1156p.,28cm.
London,Bradbury and evans,UK                                 1034p.,28cm.
Kashi,Hindi shabha sagar,India                               1152p.,28cm.
London,John weale,UK                                         vi,160p.,17cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                            xvi,343p.,22cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                                xvii,436p.,18cm.
New York,Harper,USA                                          xi,443p.,24cm.
London,William H. Allen,UK                                   xi,403p.,23cm.
Edinburgh,Thomas nelson,UK                                   55p.,25cm.
Madras,Inter university board,UK                             ii,77p.,22cm.
New Delhi,Suchna aur presar mantaralaye,India                11p.,22cm.
London,W. H. Allen,UK                                        175p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                    x,308p.,17cm.
Paris,Mallet-bachelier,UK                                    xix,276p.,23cm.
London,G. bell,UK                                            xi,173p.,22cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                    xvii,567p.,24cm.
London,Taylor,UK                                             xix,244p.,24cm.
Cambridge,J. & J. J. Deighton,UK                             xv,255p.,22cm.
London,Constable,UK                                          vi,801p.,22cm.
London,J. & A. churchill,UK                                  xvi,589p.,24cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                                      vii,272p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                        viii,423p.,18cm.
Paris,Bachelier,UK                                           xxxv,782p.,22cm.
London,Longman,UK                                            xxxii,548p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                          ix,632p.,17cm.
Chatham,Royal engineer establishment,UK                      29p.,22cm.
London,Trubner,UK                                            632p.,25cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                          xi,188p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                         vi,107p.,18cm.
London,G. bell,UK                                           xx,186p.,18cm.
London,John weale,UK                                        165p.,18cm.
London,Jhon murray,UK                                       viii,456p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,Neill,UK                                          52p.,24cm.
London,Ward, lock, brown,UK                                 xvi,544p.,22cm.
Canbridge,Nicholson,UK                                      211p.,22cm.
Cambridge,J. & J. deighton,UK                               xv,178p.,23cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK               xxviii,607p.,18cm.
London,University tutorial press,UK                         iv,102p.,18cm.
Paris,Librairie de l. hachette et,UK                        xii,250p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                      xiv,403p.,22cm.
London,William pickering,UK                                 xxxvii,593p.,23cm.
London,Constable,UK                                         x,298p.,22cm.
Cambridge,W. P. grant,UK                                    lx,398p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                   xii,449p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent government printing,India           161p.,25cm.
London,John cassell,UK                                      vi,132p.,18cm.
London,Cassell, peter, & galpin,UK                          viii,518p.,18cm.
London,Longman, hurst, rees, and orme, paternoster-row,UK   viii,294p.,24cm.
London,Gurney and Jackson,UK                                xvi,242p.,22cm.
London,Longmand, green,UK                                   xix,224p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                         xvi,463p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Calcutta central press,India                       ii,,23cm.
London,Ward, lock,UK                                        ,17cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                   viii,222p.,18cm.
London,University tutorial press,UK                         viii,126p.,17cm.
London,William and robert chambers,UK                       vi,105p.,17cm.
London,Longman, orme, brown, green and longmans,UK          viii,162p.,23cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                      xxvi,399p.,23cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, longmans, and roberts,UK      xxxii,846p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college press,India                        106p.,25cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                               39p.,25cm.
London,George bell,UK                                       114p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                         viii,240p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                         x,314p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                         x,255p.,23cm.
London,Chatto & windus,UK                                   229p.,18cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                                      v,278p.,23cm.
Lahore,Uttar Chand Kapur,India                              ix,225p.,17cm.
New York,D. van nostrand,USA                                193p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                         xii,438p.,22cm.
Kingsway,Moses,UK                                           ix,135p.,25cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college press,UK                           xii,156p.,25cm.
London,Longman, green. longman, roberts, & green,UK         xxii,947p.,23cm.
London,Longman, green,UK                                    20p.,17cm.
London,Taylor and walton,UK                                 xxviii,608p.,24cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                               xi,407p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                         xvii,455p.,22cm.
New Delhi,National institute of sciences of India,India   93p.,24cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                  xvii,813p.,23cm.
London,Sidgwick & jackson,UK                              xx,376p.,23cm.
Paris,Deterville,UK                                       516p.,22cm.
Agra,Secundra orphan press,India                          65p.,23cm.
London,Robert baldwin,UK                                  xxx,558p.,22cm.
London,Whittaker,UK                                       xxi,277p.,18cm.
New York,Harper,USA                                       xvi,150p.,24cm.
Cambridge,Harvard university press,UK                     209p.,24cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                             x,293p.,22cm.
Dehradun,Trigonometrical survey,India                     viii,219p.,28cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                   viii,90p.,18cm.
Berlin,Verlag von julius springer,USA                     xxviii,687p.,23cm.
London,Hutchinson,UK                                      xvi,581p.,22cm.
London,Trubner,UK                                         xiv,410p.,27cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                       xiv,262p.,18cm.
London,Henry G. Bohn,UK                                   xxxi,356p.,18cm.
London,Whittaker,UK                                       vi,186p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Calcutta university,India                        vi,48p.,22cm.
London,Blackie,UK                                         320p.,18cm.
Cambridge,Pitt press,UK                                   233p.,28cm.
New York,Macmillan,USA                                    x,356p.,19cm.
London,John murray,UK                                     viii,208p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                       ix,451p.,19cm.
London,George kearsley,UK                                 427p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                       xvii,596p.,23cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                         186p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,Stirling & slade,UK                             iv,400p.,23cm.
London,William clowes,UK                                  336p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                 vi,337p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                 xx,335p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                 viii,239p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                 1100p.,19cm.
Philadelphia,Carey, lea & blanchard,UK                    xii,213p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                 xi,168p.,18cm.
Cambridge,Deighton, bell,UK                               190p.,18cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, green, & longman,UK    vi,353p.,18cm.
Paris,Gauthier-villars,UK                                 741p.,25cm.
Paris,Gauthier-villars,UK                                 viii,491p.,23cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                                   viii,429p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                 xiv,178p.,25cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                 x,352p.,24cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                 53p.,18cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK             viii,197p.,22cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                         xviii,643p.,19cm.
New York,World- telegram,USA                              896p.,22cm.
London,Electrician,UK                                     viii,616p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                       vi,154p.,18cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK             iv,90p.,17cm.
London,John murray,UK                                     vii,399p.,19cm.
London,J. & A. churchill,UK                              xi,640p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      367p.,16cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      viii,294p.,15cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan,UK                                   xv,483p.,19cm.
Calcutta,Calcutta central press,India                    iii,536p.,25cm.
Washington,United states government printing office,UK   231p.,25cm.
Rangoon,Superintendent, govt. printing,Burma             lxxviii,172p.,33cm.
Dehradun,Trigonometrical survey,India                    v,114p.,27cm.
Milano,Tipografia,UK                                     48p.,28cm.
Canada,Peter J. Haman,UK                                 23p.,28cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                 111p.,28cm.
Manchester,J. Halden,UK                                  40p.,22cm.
Maharashtra,Govt. of Mysore,India                        234p.,30cm.
London,W. Glendinning,UK                                 iii,119p.,28cm.
London,G. & W. B. Whittaker,UK                           62p.,22cm.
New York,E. P. Dutton,USA                                xiv,466p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                xi,401p.,23cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                53p.,17cm.
London,Bailliere, tindall and cox,UK                     vii,194p.,16cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                        vi,82p.,18cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK                                 viii,109p.,18cm.
Dehradun,Trigonometrical survey,UK                       38p.,28cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                                viii,127p.,28cm.
Dehradun,trigonometrical survey,India                    53p.,28cm.
Dehradun,trigonometrical survey,India                    190p.,28cm.
Calcutta,Suprientendent government printing,India        ii,53p.,33cm.
Dusseldorf,VDI-verlag                                    93p.,29cm.
London,Gall and inglis,UK                                80p.,28cm.
Bombay,Government of Bombay,India                        47p.,33cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent of government printing,India     viii,76p.,33cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                           16p.,33cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                                xv,272p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                Xii,179p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                44p.,23cm.
London,Kegan paul,UK                                     xv,259p.,19cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xi,235p.,18cm.
Calcutta,People's press,India                            364p.,22cm.
Chicago,University of Chicago press,UK                   xii,268p.,18cm.
London,Bell,UK                                           xv,443p.,22cm.
Paris,Firmin didot,UK                                    viij,310p.,22cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                ix,149p.,22cm.
Paris,Lausanne,UK                                        143p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xv,581p.,18cm.
Paris,Ch. Poussielgue,UK                                 568p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                xxi,257p.,23cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                        xxxiv,277p.,22cm.
Delhi,Khanna publishers,UK                               xi,1364p.,22cm.
Paris,Dunod,UK                                           vi,510p.,22cm.
Cambridge,J. & J. J. deighton,UK                         v,344p.,22cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, and green,UK          332p.,22cm,.
Edinburgh,UK                                             viii,231p.,20cm.
London,John weale,UK                                     viii,173p.,18cm.
Cambridge,Macmill,UK                                     iv,288p.,23cm.
London,John murray,UK                                    xvi,427p.,23cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                            xvi,187p.,23cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                                  viii,558p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      ix,338p.,18cm.
London,F. C. and J. rivington,UK                         x,485p.,23cm.
Paris,Bachelier,UK                                       viij,399p.,22cm.
New York,McGraw-hill,UK                                  viii,195p.,24cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                  393p.,18cm.
London,Geo. B. Whittaker,UK                              viii,586p.,22cm.
Dehradun,Survey of India,UK                              48p.,23cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                        212p.,18cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India   ii,27p.,25cm.
London,Kingsbury,UK                                      viii,504p.,22cm.
London,F. C. and J. rivington,UK                         383p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xv,296p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                                      xxi,544p.,24cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, longmans, and roberts,UK   viii,575p.,22cm.
Cambridge,Deighton, bell,UK                              viii,223p.,17cm.
London,Society for promoting christian knowldge,UK       xii,422p.,18cm.
London,J. mawman,UK                                      xi,440p.,22cm.
Cambridge,J. deighton,UK                                 vi,326p.,22cm.
London,Taylor,UK                                         xxvi,653p.,18cm.
Paris,Delaroque jeune,UK                                 xxj,363p.,22cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK            xii,102p.,15cm.
London,Gurney and jackson,UK                             x,190p.,23cm.
Cambridge,John deighton,UK                               viii,429p.,23cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                  xx,725p.,23cm.
Paris,Langlois et leclercq,UK                            442p.,23cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                                  196p.,18cm.
Madras,J. higginbtham,India                              188p.,19cm.
London,longmans, green,UK                                viii,71p.,18cm.
London,University tutorial press,UK                      viii,215p.,18cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                            39p.,25cm.
London,Adair, dutt,UK                                    216p.,25cm.
New York,Harper,USA                                      xi,497p.,24cm.
Canada,McGill university,Uk                              604p.,23cm.
Paris,Gauthier-villars et`,UK                            575p.,25cm.
London,G. bell,UK                                        xvi,274p.,18cm.
London,Taylor,UK                                         155p.,21cm.
Calcutta,World press,UK                                  111p.,22cm.
Philadelphia,Carey, lea & blanchard,UK                   285p.,24cm.
London,Ernest benn,UK                                    xxxi,276p.,23cm.
or the year ending 31 march 1921                                    v,126p.,33cm.
              Allahabad,United provinces,India                      261p.,22cm.
              London,John William,UK                                vii,162p.,22cm.
              London,Longman,UK                                     xxxvi,411p.,22cm.
              London,Longmans, green,UK                             xi,306p.,23cm.
              Woolwich,Royal artiliery institution,UK               76p.,22cm.
              Bombay,Times press,India                              xv,212p.,22cm.
              Paris,Bachelier, imprimeur- libraire,UK               xi,526,199p.,22cm.
              Cambridge,University press,UK                         viii,296p.,22cm.
              London,Macmillan,UK                                   viii,139p.,17cm.
              London,Macmillan,UK                                   x,262p.,18cm.
              London,W. H> Allen,UK                                 vi,221p.,22cm.
              London,Society for promoting christian knowlsdge,UK   viii,125p.,15cm.
              London,Longman,UK                                     xi,102p.,15cm.
              Edinburgh,William and robert chambers,UK              164p.,17cm.
              London,Edward arnold,UK                               viii,300p.,18cm.
              London,Macmillan,UK                                   viii,181p.,23cm.
              London,Longmans, green,UK                             xix,420p.,18cm.
              London,Ginn,UK                                        ix,79p.,18cm.
              London,John weale,UK                                  188p.,18cm.
              London,Whittaker,UK                                   viii,239p.,19cm.
              London,Crosby lockwood,UK                             xv,214p.,18cm.
              London,Walton and maberly,UK                          xvi,403p.,18cm.
              London,Macmillan,UK                                   379p.,18cm.
             Cambridge,John deighton,UK                             v,205p.,20cm.
             London,George knight,UK                                viii,522p.,23cm.
             London,Penguin books,UK                                319p.,18cm.
             London,Technical press,UK                              84p.,18cm.
             Cambridge,University press,UK                          95p.,19cm.
             London,Longmans, green,UK                              viii,592p.,23cm.
             Roorkee,Thomason college,India                         24p.,22cm.
             London,Macmillan,UK                                    viii,192p.,18cm.
             London,Longmans, green,UK                              viii,294p.,17cm.
             New York,McGraw-hillbook co.,USA                       xviii,430p.,23cm.
             London,Constable,UK                                    xii,482p.,23cm.
             London,W. 7 r. chambers,UK                             xi,681p.,18cm.
             Calcutta,B. C. Doss,India                              xvi,60p.,22cm.
             London,Methuen,UK                                      228p.,22cm.
             London,T. cadell,UK                                    viii,437p.,23cm.
             Calcutta,M. C. Sarkar,India                            xviii,624p.,20cm.
             London,Royal college of science,UK                     vi,378p.,18cm.
             London,Penguin books,UK                                xxviii,265p.,18cm.
             Cambridge,University press,UK                          xii,260p.,18cm.
             Roorkee,Thomason college press,India                   iii,25p.,22cm.
             Cambridge,Deighton, bell,UK                            iv,316p.,18cm.
             London,Longman, brown, green, & longmans,UK            viii,143p.,17cm.
             London,Pergamon press,UK                               xiii,680p.,24cm.
             London,Society for promoting christian knowldge,UK     vii,375p.,18cm.
             London,John van voorst,UK                              xv,303p.,18cm.
             London,Longmans, green,UK                              xiv,459p.,18cm.
             Edinburgh,W. H. Lizars,UK                              256p.,18cm.
            London,Longmans, green,UK                         xvi,236p.,19cm.
            London,William blackwood,UK                       xxi,706p.,19cm.
            New York,John wiley,USA                           x,642p.,23cm.
            Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                         xiii,558p.,22cm.
            London,T. Cadell,UK                               x,297p.,18cm.
            London,Macmillan,UK                               xii,223p.,19cm.
            London,Chapman & hall,UK                          xiii,491p.,22cm.
            Paris,Imprimerie imperiale,UK                     xxxii,501p.,27cm.
            Allahabad,Superintendent government press,India   iii,62p.,30cm.
            New Delhi,Manager govt. of India press,India      419p.,28cm.
            Milano,Dalla tipografia sonzogno e comp.,UK       262p.,28cm.
            Edinburgh,Telegraph works,UK                      2220p.,29cm.
            New York,Grolier society,USA                      3818p.,24cm.
            Washington,Grolier society,USA                    72p.,27cm.
            London,Richard bentley,UK                         xii,432p.,22cm.
            London,John murray,UK                             xvi,524p.,18cm.
            London,Longmans, green,UK                         267p.,18cm.
            Cambridge,University press,UK                     xii,385p.,18cm.
            London,Macmillan,UK                               viii,337p.,18cm.
            London,George Allen & unwin,UK                    171p.,18cm.
           London,John lane,UK                                viii,304p.,24cm.
           London,Longmans, green,UK                          xiii,1031p.,20cm.
           London,Gurney and jackson,UK                       x,1000p.,24cm.
           New York,Scientific Americal pub. com.,UK          336p.,29cm.
           London,British steel makers,UK                     385p.,18cm.
           London,Edward arnold,UK                            vi,382p.,18cm.
           London,Pergamon press,UK                           195p.,22cm.
           New York,Macmillan,UK                              xlv,73p.,22cm.
           London,Charles griffin,UK                          xii,312p.,18cm.
           London,George newnes,UK                            viii,234p.,15cm.
           Cambridge,John deighton,UK                         64p.,22cm.
           London,Ingram, cooke,UK                            vi,117p.,22cm.
           Cambridge,Deighton, bell,UK                        xii,202p.,23cm.
           Paris,J. B. M. duprat,UK                           xxxvi,582p.,25cm.
           Cambridge,University press,UK                      xix,96p.,23cm.
ment d'unnombre quelcnque de points materiels                 40p.,23cm.
           London,Macmillan,UK                                42p.,22cm.
           Dubin,James McGlashan,UK                           x,129p.,22cm.
           London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                             xlvi,95p.,24cm.
           New york,D. van nostrand,USA                       iv,178p.,15cm.
           Cambridge,John deighton,UK                         v,173p.,23cm.
           London,Macmillan,UK                                ix,253p.,17cm.
           London,Archibald constable,UK                      vii,155p.,18cm.
           London,Smith, elder,UK                             xiv,403p.,23cm.
           London,Longman,UK                                  xvi,365p.,23cm.
           Cambridge,University press,UK                      xv,772p.,25cm.
New York,John wiley,UK                               lvii,408p.,24cm.
London,John weale,UK                                 viii,200p.,23cm.
Canbridge,J. & J. J. deighton,UK                     132p.,22cm.
London,W. H. Allen,UK                                xvi,344p.,23cm.
London,University correspondence college press,UK    258p.,18cm.
Agra,Students' friends,UK                            255p.,22cm.
Westminster,Archibald constabble,UK                  x,137p.,18cm.
London,John wiley,UK                                 xxvii,717p.,17cm.
London,John weale,UK                                 xix,118p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                            iv,521p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                  xi,123p.,18cm.
Paris,Mallet-bachelier,UK                            xij,564p.,23cm.
Bombay,Government central press,India                xv,97p.,33cm.
Delhi,Mathematics seminar university enclave,India   314p.,33cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                  vi,374p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                            xv,724p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                            x,303p.,22cm.
Delhi,S. chand,India                                 64p.,18cm.
London,William tegg,UK                               xi,244p.,23cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                        ix,127p.,18cm.
London,Baldwin and cradock,UK                        xxiv,260p.,23cm.
Paris,Gauthier-villars,UK                            303p.,24cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                  viii,151p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,John murray,UK                             684p.,23cm.
London,Telegrams,UK                                  1126p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                            viii,391p.,18cm.
London,Taylor and walton,UK                          viii,162p.,19cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                              xii,162p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                            viii,296p.,22cm.
London,Cassell, peter, & galpin,UK                   viii,624p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                  xx,215p.,18cm.
London,C. J. Clay,UK                                 529p.,24cm.
London,Chapman 7 hall,UK                             vii,435p.,22cm.
New York,John wiley,UK                               x,152p.,18cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                    192p.,18cm.
London,Archibald constable,UK                        xiv,748p.,21cm.
London,George bell,UK                                298p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                            xiv,454p.,17cm.
London,G. bell,UK                                    xiv,338p.,18cm.
Delhi,Asia press,India                               104p.,24cm.
Paris,Del'mprimerie de crapelet,UK                   xxiv,,25cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                        xvii,551p.,27cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                        xxv,540p.,23cm.
Japan,Mathematical society of Japan,UK               vi,64p.,20cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                            xvi,337p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, brown, green, and longmans,UK       xv,342p.,24cm.
London,George G. Harrap,UK                           650p.,23cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan,UK                               vii,275p.,18cm.
London,Henry F. Gilby,UK                             xliii,96p.,24cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK                             xvii,269p.,23cm.
London,J. mawman,UK                                  xii,368p.,23cm.
Cambridge,Deighton, bell,UK                       x,187p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               viii,576p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               xx,658p.,23cm.
London,John weale,UK                              xii,453p.,23cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                         vi,199p.,17cm.
Cambridge,Cambridge university press,UK           70p.,18cm.
London,J. & A. churchill,UK                       viii,600p.,24cm.
Edinburgh,Archibald constable,UK                  341p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               331p.,18cm.
Cambridge,J. & J. J. deighton,UK                  viii,111p.,20cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               xvi,207p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent of govt. printing,India   viii,205p.,24cm.
London,George G. Harrap,UK                        287p.,22cm.
London,George G. Harrap,UK                        xiv,358p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               xii,135p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Hacker, spink,India                      x,254p.,22cm.
London,George bell,UK                             xii,255p.,18cm.
Delhi,Manager of publications,India               25p.,23cm.
London,Ingram, cooke,UK                           iv,354p.,22cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                     x,417p.,22cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                     ix,163p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               xii,490p.,18cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                     xviii,604p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               viii,158p.,17cm.
London,Bell and dalay,UK                          vi,80p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               xiv.946p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               xvi,469p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               178p.,17cm.
London,G. Bell,UK                                 xv,314p.,18cm.
London,William cole,UK                            viii,88p.,22cm.
London,longmans, green,UK                         ix,304p.,23cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                         x,94p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               xvi,480p.,19cm.
Paris,LAran, libraire,UK                          500p.,20cm.
New York,Macmillan,USA                            xiii,436p.,20cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                         72p.,17cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                         xiv,516p.,18cm.
New York,G. F. hopkins,USA                        xx,255p.,21cm.
Cambridge,Deighton, bell,UK                       xii,247p.,22cm.
London,City of London book depot,UK               xiv,727p.,18cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, & green,UK     viii,322p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                               xxii,247p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                         vi,399p.,18cm.
Edinbrugh,Bell & bradfute,UK                      iv,257p.,18cm.
London,George Allen,UK                            355p.,17cm.
London,Constable,UK                               v,134p.,20cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                         vi,583p.,19cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                         xv,399p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, spink,India                     iv,281p.,25cm.
Paris,Gauthier-villars et,UK                      vi,297p.,24cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan,UK                            ix,109p.,18cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                     vi,159p.,21cm.
Leipzig,Druck und verlag von B. G. teubner,UK          xii,701p.,23cm.
Paris,Bachelier, imprimeur-libraire,UK                 xxj,463p.,22cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                      viii,160p.,18cm.
London,H. bailliere,UK                                 xxii,515p.,22cm.
Delhi,S. chand,UK                                      496p.,22cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                                xv,397p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xi,352p.,18cm.
Paris,J. B. Bailliere,UK                               xvi,768p.,23cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, and green,UK        xxx,701p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,Thomas constable,UK                          xi,500p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xii,339p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent of government printing,India   xl,25cm.
New York,John Wiley,USA                                xviii,621p.,23cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                          viii,429p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xv,156p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              xii,318p.,18cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college,India                         24p.,22cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                          228p.,23cm.
Paris,Gauthier-villars,UK                              xi,254p.,25cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              xii,401p.,25cm.
Agra,Agra book store,India                             367p.,18cm.
Glasgow,University of Glasgow,UK                       ,21cm.
Paris,Librairie vuibert,UK                             142p.,22cm.
London,Taylor and francis,UK                           xxviii,274p.,23cm.
London,W. & R. chambers,UK                             xlii,451p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              viii,245p.,17cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                              Viii,85p.,22cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                             xiii,370p.,23cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                              ix,263p.,22cm.
New York,John wiley,UK                                 x,170p.,22cm.
Cambridge,Deighton bell,UK                             xlii,237p.,18cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                          x,116p.,22cm.
Cambridge,Macmillan,UK                                 176p.,22cm.
London,Blackie,UK                                      230p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    vii,480p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xii,255p.,23cm.
Oxford,Clerendon press,UK                              xxiii,438p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              xiv,687p.,19cm.
London,J. & A. Churchill,UK                            viii,330p.,24cm.
Edinburgh,Archibald constable,UK                       xi,323p.,23cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                                 xxiii,185p.,22cm.
Calcutta,J. F. Billamy,India                           lxiii,435p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              xi,340p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              vii,340p.,22cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                               viii,310p.,21cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              xxiv,824p.,22cm.
Paris,Gauthier-villars,UK                              x,398p.,24cm.
London,Waverley book,UK                                xvi,306p.,25cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                          x,251p.,17cm.
London,Virtue,UK                                       123p.,17cm.
London,University tutorial press,UK                    136p.,17cm.
London,J. & A. churchill,UK                            xii340p.,18cm.
London,G. C. Hay,UK                                    343p.,21cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                          xii,206p.,18cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK                               xv,223p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    244p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              xxii,439p.,18cm.
Calcutta,W. Palmer, military orphan press,India        ix,118p.,22cm.
London,Readers union limited,UK                        339p.,22cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                          viii,320p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              viii,276p.,18cm.
London,Whittaker,UK                                    xxxix,216p.,17cm.
London,Edward arnold,UK                                viii,632p.,22cm.
New York,Myron C. clark,UK                             viii,502p.,20cm.
Manchester,Technical publishing co.,UK                 xi,147p.,18cm.
London,Galbraith and haughtons scientific manual,UK    168p.,17cm.
Calcutta,Science book agency,India                     357p.,23cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK          xxxi,442p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    178p.,18cm.
London,William tegg,UK                                 vi,894p.,23cm.
London,Longman, rees, orme, brown, green, & longman,UK viii,358p.,17cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                      vii,271p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    557p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                                    xviii,408p.,22cm.
London,Adem & charles black,UK                         vii,52p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    viii,205p.,28cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    x,262p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    viii,252p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    482p.,18cm.
London,simpkin,UK                                      vi,326p.,18cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, longmans, & roberts,UK   ,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    vi,150p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xiv,431p.,19cm.
London,George knight,UK                                iv,910p.,22cm.
London,Macdonald & evans,UK                            xiv,123p.,23cm.
London,Hippolyte bailliere,UK                          viii,632p.,23cm.
Lahore,Civil and military gazatte press                xiv,212p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              xiv,531p.,22cm.
London,Sir Isaac Pitman,UK                             vii,259p.,22cm.
Paris,Dunod,UK                                         883p.,25cm.
Bombay,Government central press,India                  8p.,24cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xvi,622p.,23cm.
New York,Macmillan,USA                                 viii,462p.,22cm.
London,William H. Allen,UK                             iv,398p.,24cm.
London,E. menken,UK                                    55p.,17cm.
London,Printers register office,UK                     xxiv,782p.,22cm.
Manchchester,Emmott,UK                                 xv,369p.,22cm.
Poona,Central water and power research station,India        viii,277p.,22cm.
London,John weale,UK                                        xii,238p.,17cm.
London,W. & F. N. spon,UK                                   iv,450p.,18cm.
London,Great George street,UK                               22p.,22cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                               95p.,22cm.
Woolwich,W. P. Jackson,UK                                   vi,181p.,25cm.
London,Gee,UK                                               xii,737p.,22cm.
London,Thames and hudson,UK                                 376p.,21cm.
London,J. and T. carpenter,UK                               xix,121p.,22cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                   xi,172p.,18cm.
London,Institute of civil engineers,UK                      27p.,20cm.
Calcutta,D. Wakefield-Kent,India                            xv,344p.,25cm.
London,Scott, greenwood,UK                                  xii,300p.,18cm.
London,Blackie,UK                                           xiv,528p.,22cm.
London,Constable,UK                                         xiv,266p.,22cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                   vii,219p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                         xxiv,580p.,23cm.
London,B. T. batsford ltd.,UK                               x,444p.,19cm.
London,Day & son,UK                                         20p.,26cm.
Paris,Mallet-bachelier,UK                                   xxii,267p.,27cm.
Madras,Superintendent government press,India                xxvi,275p.,28cm.
London,Groombridge,UK                                       viii,258p.,18cm.
London,Longman, hurst, rees, and orme,UK                    xxiii,258p.,21cm.
portsea,W. Woodward,UK                                      xii,353p.,22cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                     xx,288p.,21cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                     179p.,21cm.
New York,Theo. audel,USA                                    348p.,17cm.
New York,Benefit of the united states sanitary commission,USA
Cambridge,University press,UK                               95p.,22cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                                   xv,352p.,20cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India      82p.,25cm.
Roorkee,Civil engineering college press,India               176p.,21cm.
London,Institution of civil engineers,UK                    18p.,21cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                   312p.,22cm.
New York,Consulting engineer,USA                            24p.,24cm.
London,Sir Issaac Pitman,UK                                 xii,304p.,22cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                   xii,865p.,23cm.
Firenze,Tipografia galileiana,UK                            lxiv,102p.,27cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                               xiv,288p.,22cm.
London,Concrete publications limited,UK                     xiv,298p.,24cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India
London,John heywood,UK                                      184p.,17cm.
London,John weale,UK                                        xvi,187p.,17cm.
London,John weale,UK                                        142p.,17cm.
New Delhi,Govt. of India railway department,India           87p.,16cm.
New York,D. van nostrand,USA                                121p.,15cm.
London,John churchill,UK                                    xiii,846p.,18cm.
London,Morgan,UK                                            xiv,1324p.,18cm.
London,Blackie,UK                                           xiii,1118p.,23cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                               95p.,22cm.
England,Stanborough press,UK                                154p.,25cm.
Calcutta,Baptist mission press,India                     60p.,25cm.
London,Great George street,UK                            36p.,21cm.
London,John weale,UK                                     viii,115p.,22cm.
New York,Whittlesey house,USA                            xvi,226p.,22cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                  viii,308p.,23cm.
London,Longman, green, longman, and roberts,UK           xvi,329p.,18cm.
London,Lockwood,UK                                       xii,396p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent of govt. printing,India          v,132p.,22cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                                136p.,17cm.
London,University tutorial press,UK                      496p.,20cm.
London,Parker, furnivall, and parker,UK                  x,351p.,18cm.
London,Gale & polden,UK                                  xv,228p.,18cm.
London,UK                                                xiv,758p.,20cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                 303p.,23cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                                viii,253p.,22cm.
Bombay,Education society's press,India                   27p.,23cm.
London,E. & f. N. spon,UK                                38p.,27cm.
Agra,secundra orphan press,India                         vi,64p.,19cm.
Brussels,Librairie europeenne,Uk                         xi,166p.,23cm.
Calcutta,p. S. D'Rozario,India                           v,182p.,22cm.
London,Gurney & Jackson,UK                               xx,854p.,18cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India   101p.,21cm.
Allahabad,Pioneer press,India                            iv,13p.,18cm.
New York,Electrical engineer institute,USA               ii,128p.,23cm.
Liege,Librairie scientifique et industriellw de,uk       x,299p.,23cm.
Berlin,Springer-verlag,UK                                xii,411p.,24cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                            ix,316p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                331p.,18cm.
Colorado,Fort collins,UK                                 63p.,23cm.
New York,D. van nostrand,UK                              176p.,16cm.
Calcutta,Baptist mission press,India                     xiv,97p.,22cm.
London,C. J. clay and sons,UK                            32p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xii,396p.,23cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK                                 xiv,419p.,22cm.
London,Baldwin and cradock,UK                            vi,256p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                      xvi,320p.,22cm.
London,George newnes,UK                                  212p.,15cm.
London,G. bell,UK                                        vii,310p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                xi,163p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, spink,India                            xvi,153p.,25cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, longmans & roberts,UK      viii,216p.,21cm.
Allahabad,Pioneer press,India                            iii,119p.,19cm.
London,J. & A. Churchill,UK                              xiv,681p.,22cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                            410p.,22cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                  ix,199p.,21cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                        x,218p.,18cm.
Paris,Garnier freres,UK                                  539p.,22cm.
Lahore,Uttar chand kapur,India                           ix,321p.,18cm.
Bombay,Orient longmans,India                           vi,190p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,Edinburgh university press,UK                467p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,Adam and charles black,UK                    xxix,278p.,23cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                              xi,176p.,23cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                              x,296p.,23cm.
London,J. M. dent,UK                                   viii,120p.,17cm.
Edinburgh,Adam and charles,UK                          xxiv,576p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              viii,382p.,19cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                xii,261p.,18cm.
London,L. reeve,UK                                     792p.,22cm.
Jaipur,Jail press,India                                ii,57p.,24cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    vi,376p.,18cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                          xv,354p.,23cm.
Chicago,University of Chicago press,UK                 xviii,126p.,23cm.
Cambridge,J. & J. J. deighton,UK                       x,455p.,24cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,Uk                         xii,308p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Baptist mission press,India                   viii,114p.,18cm.
London,Oxford university press,UK                      ix,404p.,22cm.
London,H. M. nautical almanac office,UK                v,825p.,25cm.
Paris,Courcier,UK                                      lvj,652p.,26cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                              viii,70p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent of government printing,India   269p.,25cm.
London,Author, and J. Millan,UK                        liv,188p.,19cm.
London,Walton and maberly,UK                           xix,425p.,18cm.
Cambridge,J. & J. J. deighton,UK                       xxii,172p.,23cm.
London,J. & A. churchill,UK                            xii,557p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, spink,India                          81p.,25cm.
London,G, bell,UK                                      vi,250p.,18cm.
New York,Macmillan,USA                                 245p.,18cm.
Paris,Librairie scientifique,UK                        xviii,332p.,25cm.
Cambridge,Deighton, bell,UK                            xiv,631p.,24cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              iv,57p.,17cm.
London,Taylor, walton,UK                               xxiv,819p.,19cm.
New York,Macmillan,USA                                 viii,183p.,22cm.
Paris,Gauthier-villars,UK                              xv,455p.,22cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                          xl,383p.,23cm.
London,Archibald constable,UK                          xi,572p.,24cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                               xii,287p.,19cm.
London,W. Thacker,UK                                   viii,642p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    viii,526p.,22cm.
Allahabad,Tachnical press,India                        304p.,22cm.
London,John Joseph,UK                                  vii,396p.,28cm.
Cambridge,J. deighton,UK                               xvi,310p.,23cm.
London,R. Groombridge,UK                               viii,96p.,16cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              xiii,242p.,18cm.
Cambridge,J. & J. J. deighton,UK                       viii,216p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Calcutta school-book society's press,India    202p.,18cm.
London,Electrician,UK                                  viii,134p.,23cm.
London,J.& A.churchill,UK                              viii,120p.,18cm.
London,John churchill,uK                                    xxiv,472p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                              iv,322p.,23cm.
New York,A. S. Barnes,USA                                   xi,470p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                         254p.,18cm.
Cambrider,Macmillan,UK                                      iv,293p.,23cm.
London,Reobert baldwin,UK                                   iv,151p.,22cm.
London,Ginn & company, publishers,UK                        iv,238p.,21cm.
Paris,Pitois-levrault,UK                                    xii,576p.,23cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                                    xl,383p.,22cm.
Chicago,University of Chicago press,UK                      xii,241p.,18cm.
Cambridge,Deighton bell,UK                                  267p.,18cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                   x,314p.,23cm.
Rangoon,Superintendent, governemnt printing and stationery,Burma
Dubin,John cumminc,UK                                       xi,129p.,23cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                                    x,216p.,21cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                   1115p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Calcutta university and printed,UK                 66p.,22cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK               x,550p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                   xiii,302p.,18cm.
Ecinburgh,Adam and charles black,UK                         viii,155p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                         VIII,536P.,18cm.
London,Taylor and walton,UK                                 200p.,20cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                   xviii,297p.,22cm.
Meerut,Honble. E. I. C. Simla magnetic observation press,UK iv,82p.,25cm.
London,Longmanms, green,UK                                  xxviii,303p.,19cm.
London,Longmanms, green,UK                                  ix,831p.,23cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                                   xvi,384p.,23cm.
New York,Elsevier,USA                                       viii,78p.,20cm.
London,J. souter,UK                                         iii,208p.,22cm.
New York,Macmillan,USA                                      ix,236p.,22cm.
Paris,Librairie De L. Hachette,Uk                           ii,456p.,27cm.
Leide,P. engels,UK                                          xiv,92p.,28cm.
London,George E. Eyre & William spottiswoode,UK             34p.,25cm.
Washington,Smithsonian institution,UK                       iii,124p.,25cm.
New Delhi,Planning commission,India                         110p.,24cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                         xi,166p.,23cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK                    416p.,23cm.
Shillong,Assam secretariat printing office,UK               vi,223p.,24cm.
London,John murray,UK                                       vi,327p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                         xii,280p.,27cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                         350p.,24cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                   xii,165p.,15cm.
London,Longmans, brown, green, and longmans,UK              96p.,22cm.
New Delhi,Planning commission govt. of India,India          6p.,22cm.
Paris,La direction du spectateur militaire,UK               496p.,22cm.
London,macmillan,UK                                         xxxiv,639p.,19cm.
London,W. Mitchell,UK                                       iv,116p.,22cm.
Dehradun,Forest research institute,India                    31p.,25cm.
New Delhi,Manager govt. of India press,India                125p.,22cm.
Lucknow,Govt. of India,India                        107p.,24cm.
New Delhi,Indian chamber of commerce,India          14p.,22cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                          47p.,18cm.
London,Walton & maberly,UK                          x,388p.,18cm.
London,Kegan paul,UK                                192p.,18cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                           vii,178p.,19cm.
London,University correspondence college press,UK   viii,286p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Calcutta university and printed,UK         31p.,22cm.
Moscow,Languages pub. house,UK                      xvi,398p.,18cm.
London,Longman,UK                                   xxiii,293p.,18cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                               118p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, spink,India                       113p.,18cm.
London,John weale,UK                                xi,108p.,17cm.
London,Richard bentley,UK                           vii,410p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                               xxxix,335p.,21cm.
London,Chapman and hall,UK                          xii,299p.,21cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                           xi,753p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                           430p.,17cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                           xii,308p.,18cm.
London,E. & . F. N. spon,UK                         52p.,18cm.
Paris,Gauthier-villars,UK                           xliv,780p.,27cm.
Paris,Edmond d'ocagne,UK                            494p.,22cm.
London,Scott, greenwood,UK                          x,196p.,18cm.
London,John churchill,UK                            xvii,626p.,18cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent government printing,India   ii,91p.,18cm.
London,C. & E. layton,UK                            xii,601p.,25cm.
New York,D. van nostrand,USA                        viii,122p.,24cm.
London,John weale,UK                                vi,162p.,17cm.
London,John weale,UK                                575p.,23cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK       xiv,218p.,23cm.
Varanasi,Banaras hidu university press,India        xvii,864p.,24cm.
Calcutta,Engineering association od India,India     xxii,467p.,24cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                           576p.,25cm.
Dublin,R. graisberry,UK                             20p.,27cm.
London,Baldwin,UK                                   ccxxiii,24p.,28cm.
New Delhi,Manager, government of India,India        ii,130p.,28cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                           iv,xxixp.,31cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent government printing,India   54p.,33cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK       xlviii,707p.,23cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                            xvi,565p.,22cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                      xx,300p.,23cm.
Calcutta,Thacker, spink,India                       xii,298p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                              viii,268p.,18cm.
Columbia,E. W. staphens,UK                          viii,342p.,23cm.
London,Civil engineering press,UK                   248p.,27cm.
Lucknow,Secretary, inter-university board,India     xviii,545p.,22cm.
London,James cochrane,UK                            xx,603p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                               402p.,23cm.
Madras,Military male orphan asylum press,India      xiv,616p.,22cm.
Birmingham,Cornish,UK                               xxiii,248p.,18cm.
Calcutta,R. C. lepage,India                            xi,80p.,21cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                            xvi,174p.,19cm.
London,Cochrane and m'crone,UK                         xxiv,522p.,23cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK               446p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    ix,424p.,22cm.
New Delhi,Manager, govt. of India press,India          iii,137p.,21cm.
Edinburgh,James Thin,UK                                liii,828p.,22cm.
London,Simpson, marshall, hamilton, kent,UK            xxi,147p.,18cm.
London,Williams and norgate,UK                         xiv,619p.,23cm.
London,Simpson, marshall,UK                            vi,468p.,23cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK               506p.,23cm.
London,H. Bailliere,UK                                 780p.,18cm.
Paris,Bachelier,UK                                     xxx,696p.,22cm.
Edinburgh,Adam and charles black,UK                    viii,320p.,18cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                               xi,519p.,23cm.
London,D. C. heath,UK                                  xi,295p.,21cm.
Cambridge,John deighton,UK                             v,173p.,23cm.
London,Taylor and walton,UK                            xi,151p.,17cm.
London,J. & A. churchill,UK                            xv,700p.,23cm.
London,Sampson low,UK                                  xv,244p.,17cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent of govt. printing,India        140p.,24cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                      viii,588p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,William and robert chambers,UK               xxxi,316p.,17cm.
London,Black, young, and young,UK                      vii,386p.,22cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                          xvii,508p.,24cm.
London,G. bell,UK                                      xi,250p.,22cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, longmans, & roberts,UK   xiii,818p.,22cm.
London,Longman, green,UK                               xi,243p.,18cm.
New York,Dover publications,USA                        vi,144p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    viii,397p.,18cm.
London,J. Johnson,UK                                   iv,428p.,22cm.
London,William heinemann,UK                            xv,323p.,19cm.
Calcutta,Superintenent government printing,India       xiv,154p.,21cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xiii,369p.,22cm.
Paris,Dunod,UK                                         viii,136p.,24cm.
Washington,Government printing office,UK               xii,580p.,23cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                              viii,80p.,18cm.
London,Gurney and jackson,UK                           xv,438p.,23cm.
London,Eyre and spottiswoode,UK                        98p.,22cm.
Washington,Smithsonian institution,UK                  lii,321p.,24cm.
Edinburgh,Adam and charles black,UK                    vi,537p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xvi,404p.,22cm.
Paris,Edmond d'ocane,UK                                435p.,22cm.
London,John Taylor,UK                                  xxviii,317p.,22cm.
London,Robert baldwin,UK                               vi,1196p.,22cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                          77p.,20cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, and longmans,UK          242p.,19cm.
London,Society for promoting christian knowldge,UK     192p.,18cm.
Edinburgh,Stiriling & slade,UK                         xxiv,335p.,23cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                          xiv,530p.,22cm.
London,J. mawman,UK                                    400p.,22cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                          xii,303p.,22cm.
London,Wm. H. Allen,UK                                 133p.,24cm.
Parish,Mme Ve Courcier,UK                              xx,373p.,26cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xvi,563p.,23cm.
London,Trubner,UK                                      vi,400p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xix,386p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xi,412p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xxviii,188p.,17cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                              xvi,456p.,18cm.
New York,Macmillan,USA                                 xi,205p.,23cm.
London,J. & A. churchill,Uk                            viii,83p.,17cm.
London,W. Pamplin,UK                                   xv,285p.,23cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                              xx,274p.,17cm.
London,Taylor and francis,UK                           691p.,23cm.
London,Blackie,UK                                      319p.,22cm.
London,Blackie,UK                                      Viii,266p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                              vi,196p.,18cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                          376p.,23cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                          xvi,367p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xxi,676p.,24cm.
London,J. M. dent,UK                                   viii,171p.,18cm.
London,James ridgway,UK                                xvi,302p.,22cm.
London,J. & A. Churchill,UK                            x,387p.,24cm.
London,J. & A. Churchill,UK                            ix,726p.,24cm.
Paris,Mallet-bachelier,UK                              xvi,538p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xx,922p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xiii,334p.,18cm.
Oxford,Clarenson press,UK                              xxxi,671p.,22cm.
Leipzig,Druck und verlag von,UK                        vi,612p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    xvii,292p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Calcutta university press,India               220p.,23cm.
London,Walton & maberly,UK                             xv,408p.,18cm.
London,Longman, brown, green, longmans, & roberts,UK   vii,96p.,14cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                    viii,221p.,18cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                               xix,526p.,23cm.
Paris,Librairie de l. hachette et,UK                   444p.,23cm.
Roorkee,Thomason C. E. college press,India             302p.,22cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                               172p.,16cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                      viii,146p.,18cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                          95p.,22cm.
New Delhi,S. Chand,India                               xvi,1279p.,22cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                            vii,507p.,23cm.
London,George allen & unwin,UK                         112p.,18cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                      241p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                  xvi,246p.,18cm.
England,Penguin books,UK                             238p.,17cm.
London,Henry colburn,UK                              318p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                       287p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                  viii,358p.,18cm.
Lahore,Mufid-i press,UK                              xii,197p.,22cm.
Washington,Government printing press,UK              575p.,24cm.
London,Whittaker,UK                                  484p.,18cm.
London,George routledge,UK                           x,498p.,18cm.
London,Jonathan cape,UK                              318p.,22cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                          vii,806p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                  xiii,242p.,17cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                  xiv,423p.,18cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                       316p.,17cm.
London,Hodder and stoughton,UK                       viii,357p.,17cm.
London,John W. Parker,UK                             viii,407p.,18cm.
Stuttgart,Hallberger'sche verlagshandlung,UK         453p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                            vii,151p.,18cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                            x,379p.,23cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                  xxv,697p.,23cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                    ix,371p.,18cm.
London,B. T. Batsford,UK                             ii,455p.,18cm.
London,John murray,UK                                x,137p.,19cm.
London,George Allen & unwin,UK                       223p.,18cm.
London,Eveleigh nash,UK                              237p.,18cm.
London,Ward lock,UK                                  415p.,18cm.
London,Robert cadeil,UK                              382p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                  vii,271p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                  289p.,18cm.
London,Andrew melrose,UK                             270p.,18cm.
London,George bell,UK                                xv,406p.,23cm.
London,Electrical review,UK                          66p.,22cm.
London,Arco,UK                                       191p.,22cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                    344p.,18cm.
New York,John wiley,UK                               xi,114p.,26cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                       viii,316p.,18cm.
London,Cecil palmer,UK                               313p.,18cm.
London,Alston rivers,UK                              xi,362p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                                  xiii,203p.,22cm.
Calcutta,O.T. Cutter, military orphan press,India    xvi,393p.,25cm.
Paris,Tanera,UK                                      xxiv,467p.,22cm.
Paris,Libraire des corps des ponts et chaussees,UK   533p.,22cm.
Calcutta,William rushton,UK                          viii,79p.,20cm.
London,Institution of civil engineers,UK             154p.,22cm.
Paris,Bachelier, libraure, qual des augustins,UK     vij,196p.,25cm.
London,Seeley,UK                                     x,365p.,22cm.
London,Mackie,UK                                     vii,135p.,22cm.
Oxford,Clarendon press,UK                            97p.,22cm.
London,Great george street,UK                        14p.,22cm.
London,Whittaker,UK                                  213p.,18cm.
London,Whittaker,UK                                        viii,164p.,18cm.
Milano,Dalla tipografia,UK                                 115p.,23cm.
New York,William T. Comstock,UK                            129p.,23cm.
Roorkee,University of Roorkee,India                        2p.,22cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                  xvi,331p.,23cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                  x,464p.,23cm.
London,D. van nostrand,UK                                  ix,426p.,23cm.
London,McGraw-hill,UK                                      xiv,241p.,23cm.
London,Her majesty's stationery office,UK                  64p.,25cm.
Boston,rockwell and churchill,UK                           42p.,22cm.
London,e. & F. N. spon,UK                                  xii,385p.,24cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                    xiv,331p.,19cm.
Madras,Messrs pharoah,India                                90p.,18cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                  23p.,17cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                  182p.,18cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                  xxxii,548p.,24cm.
Allahabad,Pioneer press,India                              233p.,24cm.
Edinburgh,William blackwood,UK                             viii,130p.,22cm.
London,Mackie,UK                                           vi,193p.,18cm.
London,Constable,UK                                        xv,793p.,18cm.
London,John weale,UK                                       166p.,18cm.
New York,Prentice-hall,USA                                 xi,511p.,22cm.
London,Methuen,UK                                          viii,115p.,17cm.
Paris,Carilian- goeury, libraire,UK                        103p.,22cm.
London,Sir Isaac Pitman,UK                                 220p.,18cm.
Paris,Librairie encyclopedioue de roret,UK                 18p.,15cm.
Roorkee,Thomason college press,India                       66p.,20cm.
Paris,Organisation for Europran economic co-operation,UK   294p.,23cm.
New York,Railroad gazette,USA                              v.154p.,19cm.
Roorkee,Thomsom college press,India                        ,14cm.
London,Griffin, bohn,UK                                    xv,780p.,18cm.
London,Great george street,UK                              384p.,22cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                  146p.,17cm.
New York,W. J. Johnston,USA                                iv,367p.,18cm.
London,La belle sauvage,UK                                 139p.,18cm.
London,Savoy place,UK                                      199p.,18cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India     ,23cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                  iv,52p.,23cm.
London,John weale,UK                                       xlviii,466p.,17cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                  iv,42p.,19cm.
London,Reeve, benham, and reeve, king William,UK           xvi,326p.,23cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK                                   viii,236p.,23cm.
London,Holizapffel,UK                                      29p.,22cm.
London,Longman, orme, brown, green, and longmans,UK        xii,465p.,22cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK                                   xix,282p.,23cm.
Bologna,Dalla tipografia di jacopo marsigli,UK             565p.,28cm.
Lahore,Civil & military gazette,India                      x,148p.,23cm.
Edinburgh,E. & S. Livingstone,UK                               136p.,18cm.
London,Atchley,UK                                              xii,248p.,22cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                      xii,347p.,23cm.
London,John van voorst,UK                                      472p.,23cm.
New Delhi,Government of India railway department,India         87p.,17cm.
London,Charles griffin,UK                                      467p.,18cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                            vi,652p.,18cm.
London,Paul hamlyn,UK                                          589p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Government of India,India                             xviii,558p.,18cm.
New Delhi,Order of the board,India                             62p.,23cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                                      xii,136p.,24cm.
Roorkee,thomason civil engineering college press,India         43p.,20cm.
Philadelphia,J. B.lippincott,UK                                315p.,25cm.
Bombay,Concrete association of India,India                     150p.,25cm.
Simla,Manager government of India press,India                  x,146p.,25cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                                  95p.,22cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                      x,107p.,19cm.
London,Cassell,UK                                              96p.,17cm.
Paris,Victor dalmont,UK                                        xvj,398p.,21cm.
Paris,Imprimerie et libraire administratives de paul dupont,UK 446p.,23cm.
London,W. Phillips,UK                                          xxxi,586p.,,22cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                                      xii,270p.,18cm.
London,Gurney and jackson,UK                                   xxvii,574p.,23cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                         viii,51p.,22cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,UK            ii,65p.,22cm.
Paris,Imprimerie royale,UK                                     lii,159p.,22cm.
London,John weale,UK                                           xii,103p.,17cm.
London,w. H. Allen,UK                                          xvi,434p.,23cm.
London,Whittaker,UK                                            412p.,18cm.
New York,John Wiley,USA                                        iv,122p.,23cm.
London,Emmott,UK                                               297p.,15cm.
New York,John wiley,USA                                        xvii,775p.,17cm.
London,Crosby lockwood,UK                                      viii,278p.,18cm.
Paris,Gauthier-villars,UK                                      xxvii,536p.,23cm.
Bombay,Government central press,India                          xxvii,364p.,25cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                      x,215p.,22cm.
London,B. T. batsford,UK                                       Vii,940p.,18cm.
London,Ward,lock,bowden,UK                                     viii,280p.,19cm.
Baroda,Acharya book depot,India                                351p.,22cm.
London,Great George street,UK                                  180p.,22cm.
Washington,Taylor and maury,UK                                 182p.,23cm.
Edinburgh,John Murray,UK                                       xx527p.,22cm.
London,Concrete publications,UK                                viii,168p.,24cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                      xvi,110p.,22cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                      xvi,311p.,22cm.
Paris,Barrois,UK                                               68p.,22cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                      viii,298p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                          xi,283p.,23cm.
Paris,Librairie polytechnique de j. baudry,UK                  li,384p.,23cm.
London,Seeley,UK                                               vi,311p.,22cm.
London,Seeley,UK                                            102p.,22cm.
Calcutta,Superintendent govt. printing,India                xi,128p.,24cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                   xvi,398p.,23cm.
London,William H. Allen,UK                                  iv,398p.,25cm.
London,Lackie,UK                                            xii,806p.,25cm.
London,E. & F. N. spon,UK                                   vi,171p.,18cm.
London,Chapman & hall,UK                                    585p.,23cm.
Paris,Chez firmin didot freres et,UK                        x,864p.,22cm.
London,John murray,UK                                       xxviii,558p.,22cm.
London,Macmillan,UK                                         xvi,463p.,20cm.
London,John macrone,UK                                      xii,316p.,22cm.
London,Osgood,UK                                            xxi,654p.,23cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                   xiii,612p.,26cm.
Cambridge,University press,UK                               146p.,17cm.
London,Longmans, green,UK                                   xii,155p.,26cm.
London,Technical press,UK                                   xi,209p.,22cm.
London,Great George street,UK                               14p.,22cm.
London,John weale,UK                                        xvi,350p.,23cm.
London,John weale,UK                                        678p.,18cm.
London,Smith, elder,UK                                      vi,147p.,22cm.
London,William clowes,UK                                    viii,132p.,22cm.
New Delhi,Government of India,India                         40p.,22cm.
New Delhi,Central water and power commission,India          ii,27p.,22cm.
Pittsburgh,Carnegie steel com.,UK                           400p.,18cm.
London,Longman, hurst, rees, and orme,paternoster-row,UK xvii,206p.,22cm.
London,W. otridge,UK                                        viii,497p.,22cm.
New Delhi,Government of India,India                         56p.,17cm.
Roorkee,Thomason civil engineering college press,India      176p.,20cm.
London,J. taylor,UK                                         xvi,480p.,22cm.
London,William blackwood,UK                                 321p.,20cm.
Paris,Gauthier-villars,UK                                   xxvi,360p.,22cm.
London,Great George street,UK                               8p.,22cm.
London,Great George street,UK                               7