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					Money Making Ideas
    oduc o

When you are short on cash, look for ways
 to make money.
No matter what, always avoid debt!
It’s a lot easier to make some extra
 money than most people think.
In this presentation we provide you
 several different money making ideas
No matter what your unique skills and
 circumstances, you will find something for
    oduc o (Co     )
Introduction (Cont.)

This presentation focuses on providing you
 an overview of several ideas
Check out our site for more details
Or simply use google to find more
But, DO take some action!
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 dea       ee a c g
Idea #1: Freelancing

This is one of the money making ideas
 where you can get started right now,
It offers great flexibility both in terms
 of time and the amount of work you take
Thanks to the Internet, you can explore
 freelancing in many different fields the
 most popular ones being writing, web
 design, illustrator, accountant, etc.
      g ,           ,              ,
 dea       ee a c g (Cont.)
Idea #1: Freelancing (Co  )

Freelancing is similar to a regular job in
 that you are required to have basic
 knowledge of the job in which you plan to
You can’t show up to work at an
                         haven t
 accounting firm if you haven’t passed a
 college mathematics course.
Similarly you can t be a freelance writer if
 you can’t string words together to make a
 sentence people will comprehend.
            p p            p
 dea     e ay
Idea #2: ebay

It started originally as an auction site
Now it is the worlds biggest virtual
 garage sale, a 24/7/365 shopping mall
 selling everything from trinkets to
 expensive one-of-a-kind collectibles, and
 of course non stop auction — all rolled in
With so many people cashing in on it this
 may be one of the money making ideas
 that will work for you too.
 dea     e ay (Co   )
Idea #2: ebay (Cont.)

Some people think that in order to sell
 anything on eBay they have to have
 experience in advertising or marketing or
 running a retail business
That isn’t the case. In order to sell on
 eBay you have to know how to read,read
 have the ability to form words into
 understandable sentences, and know how
 to enter information into the appropriate
Yeah, it really is that easy.
 dea 3     ogg g
Idea #3: Blogging

Blogging has got a lot of lip service over
 the past few years, probably because of
 the sheer number of bloggers out there.
But to be honest, this is one of the
 hardest money making ideas to
 dea 3     ogg g (Co    )
Idea #3: Blogging (Cont.)

Before we get to the juicy bits, a short
 explanation is required. The word ‘blog’ is
 a slang term for two different words, ‘web’
 and ‘log’
A web log is an online journal meant to
          person s thoughts, ideas, rants
 keep a person’s thoughts ideas rants,
 and opinions in a place where everyone
 who s
 who’s interested can read and enjoy.
Blogging has been around for years, and
 with the growing p p
            g                y
                  g popularity it doesn’t look
 to be going anywhere but up.
 dea     eBooks
Idea #4: e oo s

I love the idea of writing and selling

It is one of the money making ideas with
 the most potential for generating a
 passive iincome.
 dea     eBooks (Co   )
Idea #4: e oo s (Cont.)

You need to put in some effort upfront (or
 spend money to outsource), to write and

But once the ball starts rolling, you need
 t do less and less, while you earn more
 to d l      dl        hil
 and more.

What’s not to like about that? Check out
 more information below
 dea     eBooks (Co   )
Idea #4: e oo s (Cont.)

If you want to make money writing and
 selling eBooks, you need to know how to
Obviously, you cannot write an eBook that
 people will want to buy if you cannot
 string two sentences together in a way
 that people can understand.
                        forte don’t fret,
If writing is not your forte, don t fret
 there are people on freelance websites
 who would be more than willing to write
 an eBook for you for a fee.
 dea 5 Stock    o og ap y
Idea #5: S oc Photography

Have you noticed the nice pictures on all
 the articles in this blog? And the images
 on the other successful blogs?

These are not free images from flickr — I
 b t you can tell from how professional
 bet         t ll f    h      f   i    l
 they are.
 dea 5 S oc      o og ap y (Co   )
Idea #5: Stock Photography (Cont.)

And every time I buy for one of these
 images, a photographer out there is
 making some money. Are you handy with
 the camera?

               ld b      th t i    tti     id
If yes, it could be you that is getting paid,
 if you opted for this money making idea!
 Read on for more
 dea 5 S oc      o og ap y (Co   )
Idea #5: Stock Photography (Cont.)

So, what will you need to begin?
A high-quality digital camera. Even though
 you could use a basic “point-and-shoot”
 model, it is not recommended since these
 are more likely to produce photographic
 “noise ” meaning colored pixels appearing
 where they should not.
 dea 5 S oc      o og ap y (Co   )
Idea #5: Stock Photography (Cont.)

Stock photo agencies look closely for
 noise. To take pictures that sell, you’ll
 need, at minimum, a 5 megapixel camera;
                resolution,     better
 the higher the resolution the better.

   di it l        d l ith h      bl
A digital SLR model with changeable
 lenses is ideal.
 dea 5 S oc      o og ap y (Co   )
Idea #5: Stock Photography (Cont.)

Photo-editing software, such as Photoshop
 or NeatImage. You’ll need this to edit out
 the blemishes, and other less-than-
 desirable parts of a photo
A computer. You’ll use a computer to
 download your photos from your camera
 for storage, to edit them, and to upload
 them to the stock agency.
 dea 5 S oc      o og ap y (Co   )
Idea #5: Stock Photography (Cont.)

Model Release Form. No stock agency will
 accept photos of people unless they have
 signed a model release form.

Since photos with people sell better than
 th      ith t     ’ll    tt    h t
 those without, you’ll want to photographh
 plenty of them. Follow the instructions on
      company s           exactly.
 your company’s website exactly
 dea 6    ode g
Idea #6: Modeling

Modeling has got to be one of the most
 glamorous money making ideas we cover.
If you have what it takes, not only is it a
 nice way to earn some extra money, but
 can do wonders to your self confidence
 and personal image
Check out the articles in this section to
 see if you have what it takes, and how to
 get started on a shoe string budget.
 dea 6    ode g (Co     )
Idea #6: Modeling (Cont.)

Before you begin modeling, you need to
 build up your portfolio. Your first task will
 be to arrange a photo shoot. Your photos
 will be the best way to display your best
 to clients that are hiring.
Have a few body shots and one headshot
 Once your photos are in, choose your
 favorite photos from the session and print
 a few 8×10 photos. You may also choose
 a page with several poses printed on it.
 dea 6    ode g (Co     )
Idea #6: Modeling (Cont.)

Each small photo will display your picture
 in a variety of poses and outfits. Some
 agencies will request that you leave
 photos with them when you inquire about
 a modeling position.
You want these photos done by a
 professional. You can print your resume
 on the back of the photos in order to
 promote yourself better.
 dea         ua ss s a
Idea #7: Virtual Assistant

If you have experience
 with administrative work, but are looking
 for a more flexible schedule than going to
 an office every day then this may be one
 of the money making ideas meant for you.
 dea         ua ss s a     (Cont.)
Idea #7: Virtual Assistant (Co   )

Even if you don’t have a huge amount of
 experience, if you have the required skills,
 you can get started quite easily. Thanks to
 the Internet, virtual assisting is gaining
 more popular by the day.
What you start now as a side income may
 well be your full-time income some day!
 dea         ua ss s a     (Cont.)
Idea #7: Virtual Assistant (Co   )

To become a virtual assistant, at the least
 the following requirements should be met
Be skilled in providing services in a
 professional and timely manner
Have the ability to work remotely (i.e.,
 h           dI t      t       ti
 have a good Internet connection, access
 to phone and fax connection)
Be fluent in English, and have the ability
 to communicate effectively via emails or
 on the phone
 dea 8     c e Sites
Idea #8: Niche S es

Doesn’t it seem like there is a website for
 everything you ever needed?
From information about dog walking to
 reviews of the latest baby stroller models,
 there are sites to cater to your every
 whim and fancy
Did you ever wonder who owns all these
 dea 8     c e Sites (Cont.)
Idea #8: Niche S es (Co    )

With a little bit of know-how, it could be

Just find a profitable niche and build a site
 around it and see why this is one of the
 money making id        th t h      t    d th
                  ideas that has captured the
 fancy of so many people interested in
 making money online
 dea 8     c e Sites (Cont.)
Idea #8: Niche S es (Co    )

First, you’ll need to decide on a business
 strategy. There are two common routes to
 niche marketing.
Some prefer to go for depth, building a
 content-heavy site which attracts repeat
 visitors These sites require you to add
 content on a regular basis to build your
 dea 8     c e Sites (Cont.)
Idea #8: Niche S es (Co    )

You’ll be able to boost your Google
 ranking through backlinks, and your
 income will come from pay-per-click ads
 and affiliates, but you may also get more
 lucrative lead-generator deals and product
 dea 9    ys e y S opp g
Idea #9: Mystery Shopping

This one is one of the most intriguing
 money making ideas on our list.
Everyone is fascinated by the idea of
 making money to shop! Yes, it is possible.
But like with most other ideas we discuss,
           dt k      h    t        t th
 you need to know how to separate the
 what from the chaff. Read on to figure out
 if this is something that might work for
 dea 9    ys e y S opp g (Cont.)
Idea #9: Mystery Shopping (Co  )

If you really want to become a mystery
 shopper, you’ll find these qualities
 advantageous as you build your reputation
The ability to manage your time, money,
 and records effectively
The bilit to     it l               ti ll
Th ability t write clear, grammatically
 correct reports, using correct spelling.
The ambition necessary to seek out
 shopping assignments, rather than waiting
 for them to come to you
 dea 9    ys e y S opp g (Cont.)
Idea #9: Mystery Shopping (Co  )

A good memory; you can’t take notes
 during a mystery shopping trip
A credit card; although you can usually
 pay for your purchases with cash or
 check, some (particularly those in higher-
 paying jobs) may be expensive As you
 may have to wait a couple of weeks for
 your company to reimburse you, a credit
 card could prove useful.
        p     ,      y
 A computer, or easy access to one
 dea   0      a e esso s
Idea #10: Private Lessons

If you are good at something, then one of
 the most straight-forward ways to make
 money from it is to teach others that are
 interested in what you have to offer
Find out how you can make the most from
 the simplest of the money making ideas
 that we cover.
 dea   0      a e esso s (Co    )
Idea #10: Private Lessons (Cont.)

In order to determine if offering private
 lessons is one of the money making ideas
 that works for you, you need to ask
 yourself three simple questions
Are you really good at something?
          t    h i               l    ill b
Can you teach it in a way people will be
 excited to learn?
Are there people interested in learning it?
 dea         pp g e s es
Idea #11: Flipping Websites

You’ve heard of flipping real estate. But
 what is this flipping websites, you ask?
It is one of the money making ideas that
 some of the folks in the “Internet
 generation” are into.
The basics f the             i th
Th b i of th process is the same –
 except instead of real estate, you buy a
 virtual estate (website), jazz it up and sell
 it for a profit (hopefully).
 dea         pp g e s es (Cont.)
Idea #11: Flipping Websites (Co )

And just as real-estate flipping is rife with
 huge gotchas, so is the business of
 flipping websites.

Yet, if you are thrill seeker with only very
 little t t        it l thi            b
 littl start up capital, this one may be
 perfect for you.
 dea         pp g e s es (Cont.)
Idea #11: Flipping Websites (Co )

You can enter the world of website flipping
 via one of two doors.

The first, most expensive, is to go out and
 purchase under-performing properties on
  it lik Fli                   h         d
 sites like If you have a good
 eye, you may be able to find a deal.
 dea         pp g e s es (Cont.)
Idea #11: Flipping Websites (Co )

However, as site flipping becomes more
 popular, people are less likely to
 undervalue their work.

It’s not unusual for sites to be listed at
 10x their
 10 th i average monthly i              just
                          thl income, j t as
 a bricks-and-mortar business might be.
 dea      Selling C a s a d Art
Idea #12: Se    g Crafts and

Can you whip up creative masterpieces
 without batting an eyelid, but shiver at the
 mere thought of marketing it? We’ve got
 you covered
In this section we will show you how you
 can make money by selling your crafts
 and art, so you can turn your talents and
 hobbies into brilliant money making ideas.
 dea      Se    g Crafts and    (Cont.)
Idea #12: Selling C a s a d Art (Co   )

 The crafting world is so varied, it’s
  impossible to provide one solid start-up
  figure. Yours will depend upon your
            cost–less         knitter,
  materials cost less for the knitter more
  for the metal smith, for example.

 Other than materials, your primary cost
  will be for your online venue
Co c us o

 When you are in a tight money situation,
  always look for ideas to make more
  money instead
 Even though it may seem at first that you
  just can’t earn a penny more, you may be
  surprised and how much you can actually
 Learn more on our site: Grad Money

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