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					                                      N EWS & V IEWS
          VOLUME 18             NUMBER 5          AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2009

The July Mixer was held at the Silver Springs Senior Living Community, and was co-hosted
by Valor Hospice Care. The event was very successful with over 100 of our members
attending. A fabulous buffet of Mexican fare was provided by the staff at Silver Springs. The
tables sported sombreros and everyone seemed to be having a very congenial, networking
evening. The dining room décor was very “south of the border” festive for this Fiesta. We
thank all our friends at Silver Springs and Valor Hospice for planning such a wonderful
event. We continue to remind our members to RSVP as it helps the hosts with meal planning
and avoids embarrassing food shortages.

Kevin Jordan, President of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, welcomed the members and
other community leaders in attendance, gave a report of the Chamber’s activities, and
introduced our newest members. Each of the new members had the opportunity to give a
short speech about their business. Other members and guests were given an opportunity to
share their event information with the attendees.

We wish to say a special THANK YOU to our members who generously donated fabulous
raffle prizes. Our special thanks go out to: Walter Henderson, P. C., Lynn Robinson of
Long Realty, Betsy Mabry of Long Realty, GV/Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce, Climax
Engineered Materials, Parcel Plus, GVCCC, Commerce Bank, The Retreat at Santa Rita
Springs, and our hosts Silver Springs and Valor Hospice.

                                                      WE ALL HOPE TO SEE YOU AT
                                                             OUR NEXT MIXER!
             Nina Keck ~ Hearts and Hands        PLEASE remember to RSVP, as it facilitates
               Jane Sloan ~ M & I Bank         our hosts and avoids embarrassing food shortages!
               Special Events Co-Chairs             And, remember to take advantage of the
                                                    opportunity to promote your business by
                                                             donating a raffle prize.

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                                     N EWS & V IEW S
       2009 ~ 2010                        2009 ~ 2010 COMMITTEES                                    RENEWING
   BOARD OF DIRECTORS                               Education                                       MEMBERS
    President ~ Kevin Jordan                                                  17th Street Communications
    Commerce Bank of Arizona                 Economic Development             Abrigo Moving Systems
                                                     Tim Wolfe                Accent Care
   Vice President ~ Joe Gildow                                                Access Wisdom Home Care Plus
                                             Caterpillar Proving Ground
      National Agents Alliance                                                American Southwest Credit Union
                                              Government Relations            Atria Bell Court Gardens
   Treasurer ~ Arturo Gabaldon                    Randy Graf
                                                                              Ballet Continental
    Community Water Company                                                   Brasher Real Estate
                                                                              Brown & Associates Insurance
         of Green Valley                            Membership                Central Alarm, Inc.
                                                    Bob Boysen                Century 21 Catalina Realty / Samovitz & Jones
     Secretary ~ Kelly Walter                Patricia Alberti Performing      Church of Religious Science
     Green Valley News & Sun                    Artists Management            Coach’s Corner
                                                                              Cochise Cowboy Poet & Music Gathering
                                                                              Diamond Venture
   DIRECTORS AT LARGE                        Special Events & Mixers          Direct CareGiver Association, Inc.
                                                   Jane Sloan                 D.R. Horton
                                                                              First Assembly of God
             Jim Green                             M & I Bank                 Great Expectations Academy
         Inn at San Ignacio                        Nina Keck                  Greater Green Valley Community Foundation
                                                Hearts & Hands                Green Valley Assistance Services
           Bob Childs                                                         Green Valley Bike & Hike
         Bob the Inspector                   Publicity & Advertising          Green Valley Glass
                                                  Mark Schultz                Green Valley Investment & Management, Inc.
       Rosalie Brinkmeyer                    Green Valley News & Sun
                                                                              Green Valley Pecan Company
          Custom Plus                                                         Greg & Amy’s Twist and Shout
                                                                              Holiday Inn Express Green Valley
                                            Embajadores Coordinators          Hospice Family Care
          Jim Casanova                       Marie Witt, Cleda Holcomb        Hughes, Calihan, Konica, Minolta, Inc.
            La Posada                             and Pat Benzie              Inn at San Ignacio
                                                                              Long Realty / Bob Smith
          Parliamentarian                                                     Long Realty / Gaye Cattilini
          Barbara Dolan                                                       Long Realty / Joette Schenck
    17th Street Communications                                                Long Realty / Kristin Ekrut
                                                                              Long Realty / Teresa Sullivan

GREEN VALLEY - SAHUARITA                 JULY/AUGUST VISITOR                  Madera Vista Realty
                                                                              Mind To Motion
 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                     CENTER INFORMATION                   National Agents Alliance
                                                                              Oasis A/C & Heating, Inc.
                                                                              Pacific Coast Mortgage/Beth White
        Executive Director            Telephone Calls                 1,640   Patio Pools & Spas
          Jim DiGiacomo                                                       Re/Max Valley Properties/Genie Peters
                                      Walk-Ins                        2,686   Retreat at Santa Rita Springs
     Administrative Assistant
        Sandra Sarmento
                                      Large Packet Mailings              24   Rio Rico Properties
                                                                              Safeway Stores
                                      Small Packet Mailings             260   Sahuarita Rotary
            PO Box 566                                                        Sandstone Ridge Apartments
      Green Valley, AZ 85622          Copies                          8,440   San Martin de Porres Catholic Church
                                                                              Santa Rita Lodge
   275 W. Continental Road, #123                                              SAV-Director of Administration
      Green Valley, AZ 85622             COMPUTER WEB STATS                   Scarlet’s Insurance Services
       520.625.7575 ~ phone                                                   Silver Springs Retirement Living
        520.648-6154 ~ fax              During the month of July through      Simpson’s Wildlife Sanctuary Inc.
                                                                              Terry B. Cogan, CPA                   August 31, 2009:              The Animal League of Green Valley                                                 Truly Nolen of America, Inc.
                                      Website Hits              270,889       ValPak of Southern AZ
         Newsletter Design            Website Visits             15,948       Washington Federal Savings
 Berdette Robison ~ The Berd House                                            Zales Realty
                                      Unique Visits               11,627
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                                        N EWS & V IEW S

RANCHO SAN CAYETANO                                                  COMFORT KEEPERS/CAREGIVER SERVICE
31 Santa Gertrudis Lane                                              101 S. La Canada Drive Ste. 36-1
Tumacacori, AZ 85640                                                 Green Valley, AZ 85614                                     (520) 399-1092
Contact: Terri Prater                                                (520) 399-1099 ~ FAX
Pasture Horse Boarding. Year Around Grass                            Contact: Scott J. Manzi
                                                                     Comfort Keepers provides homemaking and personal care for
BENEDICT LOCK SERVICE                                                seniors and others in need of extra help to remain in the comfort
221 E. El Limon                                                      of their own homes.
Green Valley, AZ 85614
(520) 625-4459                                                       OUR FAMILY SERVICES LIFELINE
Contact: Rocky Benedict                                              3130 N. Dodge Blvd.
My wife & I started a locksmith company in Vermont in 1985.          Tucson, AZ 85716
In 2004 we moved to Green Valley. By 2005 Benedict Lock              (520) 465-4111
Service was established. We re-key locks, install deadbolts, offer   (520) 323-9077 ~ FAX
24 hour emergency car & home lockouts, replace broken locks &        Contact: Sandy Wahl
more. For banks, schools & businesses we offer interchangeable       Phillips Lifeline Medical Alert Service provides emergency
core locks, which allow the owner to change locks in seconds         medical service at the touch of a button. Lifeline helps older
without a locksmith. We also offer I.C. master key systems.          adults live independently and provides families with peace of
Our goal is to provide professional, dependable and friendly ser-    mind. Lifeline, is the leader in the medical alert field for over 30
vice at a reasonable cost. Call us 7 days a week to receive a free   years; trusted by 9 out of 10 health care professionals.
estimate & discuss your security concerns at (520) 625-4459 or
(520) 481-5801 (cell). Rocky and Jennifer Benedict Green Val-        AMERICAN LEGION MADERA POST 131
ley residents.                                                       P. O. Box 1594
                                                                     Green Valley, AZ 85622-1594
THE GIFT COUNSELOR                                                   (520) 398-6245
515 W. Calle Paso Suave                                              (520) 398-6345 ~ FAX
Sahuarita, AZ 85629                                                  Contact: Bear Coffman
(520) 207-0770                                                       A Veterans organization comprised of Veterans who served their
(520) 207-5075 ~ FAX                                                 country during times of conflict as described by the U.S. Con-
Contact: Ruth Fite                                                   gress
The Gift Counselor offers a large selection of gifts and awards at
wholesale pricing. We do employee recognition, safety pro-         EQUINE VOICES RESCUE & SANCTUARY
grams, branding programs and events. Increase your business        P. O. Box 1685
with us!                                                           Green Valley, AZ 85645
                                                                   (520) 398-2814
SONORA LUNG C.A.R.E.                                               Contact: Karen Pomroy
101 S La Canada Drive, Ste 36-2                                    Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary is a non-profit organization
Green Valley, AZ 85614                                             dedicated to saving Premarin/PremPro (PMU) mares and foals
(520) 437-5148                                                     from slaughter. We are a voice for the many horses that cannot
(520) 396-3840 ~ FAX                                               speak for themselves. Through education, we are confident we
Contact: Esther Samutni                                            can enlighten the public about the horrors behind the Premarin
My Pulmonary Rehabilitation program can help patients, with        industry and horse slaughter and be a catalyst for change so these
chronic lung diseases like COPD, to manage their condition and horses can live a life without abuse and suffering.
improve their ability to lead active and productive lives. The
purpose of my program is to help my patients overcome the fear
of being short of breath, avoid repeated doctor and hospital vis-
its, and to teach them how to restore the highest possible daily
functional capacity.
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                                         N EWS & V IEW S
                                                                     GREEN VALLEY JEWELERS, INC.
 continued from page 3
                                                                     250 W. Continental Road, Ste 518
                                                                     Green Valley, AZ 85622
STANGER’S LANDSCAPE & MASONRY                                        (520) 625-0650
Marana, AZ 85653                                                     (520) 625-0651 ~ FAX
(520) 304-7502                                                       Contact: Connie DeVlieger
(520) 579-0855 ~ FAX                                                 Products: Fine jewelry, gemstones, diamonds, estate jewelry,
Contact: Mike Stanger                                                native American jewelry, watches, watch batteries. Services in-
Full service landscaping and masonry. We provide personal ser- clude designing, repairing, recycling, remounting, appraising and
vice, lowest prices, and guaranteed workmanship. Our services        free ring cleaning and inspecting. Buying gold and consigning
include: planting, sprinkler/irrigation systems, installing patios, jewelry. Watch battery installation, watch repair - minor and
block walls, armadas, fireplaces, SOD, outdoor kitchens, mainte- major. Use your gold as cash for our services and products.
nance, repairs.
HOMECHEK                                                             180 W. Continental Road, Ste 166
P. O. Box 1145                                                       Green Valley, AZ 85614
Sahuarita, AZ 85629                                                  (520) 625-0964
(520) 63-5401                                                        Contact: Judy Stieve
(520) 625-1648 ~ FAX                                                 We sell comfort shoes for men and women as well as handbags
Contact: Deanna Meyer                                                and socks.
Homechek isSouthern Arizona’s preferred seasonal/vacation
home management & maintenance solution. Homechek offers              ECLIPZ HAIR STUDIO formerly Annette’s Hair Design
weekly & bi-monthly comprehensive checks of your home, along 86 W. Esperanza Boulevard
with providing other custom services to fit your needs. Please       Green Valley, AZ 85622
visit our website at www,                             (520) 529-4606
                                                                     Contact: Amy Smith
SAGUARO ACRES II ASSISTED LIVING HOME, INC.                          Eclipz is a hair salon. It has a new owner Amy Smith and a new
18002 S. Placita Octubre                                             salon name. The old name was Annette’s Hair Design.
Green Valley, AZ 85614
(520) 399-2175                                                       CHERRY LANDSCAPE, INC.
(520) 399-2550 ~ FAX                                                 1875 W. Prince Road
Contact: Timothy P. McKenna                                          Tucson, AZ 85705
In operation since 1995, second licensed home in the Green Val- (520) 292-9776
ley area. Numerous residents in this operational period have         (520) 292-9788 ~ FAX
been taken off hospice due to an adherence of high standards in      Contact: George Rodieck
ambulation, hydration, nutrition, skin care, fall prevention, phar- Cherry Landscape Inc. has been locally owned and operated for
macy medication management, daily activities, resident to care- thirty years! We provide landscape maintenance, commercial
giver ratio and physicians, nurses and specialists that make rou- and residential irrigation, new installations and one time clean
tine house calls.                                                    ups! We’re the preferred landscape partner for Long Realty and
                                                                     offer special discounts for Long customers!
Green Valley, AZ 85614                                               UNITED WAY OF TUCSON & SOUTHERN ARIZONA
(520) 603-5248                                                       780 S. Park Centre Avenue
(520) 744-5006 ~ FAX                                                 Green Valley, AZ 85614
Contact: Anne Waisman                                                (520) 625-2273 , Ext. 37
Property investment in commercial real estate.                       (520) 625-1598 ~ FAX
                                                                     Contact: Vanessa Felty
LONG REALTY / PAT A. ANDREWS                                         United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona’s satellite office in
275W. Continental Road, #101                                         Green Valley is at Casa de Esperanza and is dedicated to improv-
Green Valley, AZ 85622                                               ing outcomes for children and families. We focus on connecting
(520) 918-8199                                                       people to resources, and coordinate community events to raise
(520) 918-8199                                                       awareness about the importance of high quality early learning
(520) 625-6082 ~ FAX                                                 environments, quality out of school time programs, and family
Contact: Pat A. Andrews                                              support programs in our community.
Striving to provide a full-service, anxiety-free real estate experi-
                               N EWS & V IEW S
                     KUDOS TO OUR PLATINUM MEMBERS
      Platinum Membership in the Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce is a great way
      to support your local Chamber above and beyond regular benefits! Our appreciation goes
        out to our Platinum Members for helping make the Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of
            Commerce a vital force in the economic growth of Green Valley and Sahuarita.

AristoCare Home Health Services     D.R. Horton                          SGH&C LLC dba Scott Guerin
American Family Insurance           Dunlap Oil (Formerly Coxco            Heating & Cooling
Arizona Family Restaurant             Corporation)                       Saguaro Environmental Services
American Southwest Credit Union     Freeport-McMoRan Copper &            Sahuarita Plumbing LLC
Ashley Furniture Homestore            Gold                                Cleaning Company of Green
ATT Advertising & Publishing        Green Valley Cooling & Heating        Valley
Bank of America                     Green Valley Decorative Rock, Inc.   Santa Rita Care Center
  Green Valley Sahuarita            Green Valley News & Sun, Inc.        Sertinos Coffee & Ice Cream
Border Patrol                       Inn at San Ignacio                   Southwest Gas Corporation
Brasher Real Estate                 Insurance Center of Green Valley     Tucson Decorative Rock, LLC
Canoa Hills Golf Club               Jerry Bobs                           Tucson Federal Credit Union
 San Ignacio Golf Club                Green Valley & Sahuarita           Twin Buttes Properties, Inc.
Caterpillar Inc. – Proving Ground   La Posada at Park Centre             U. S. Bank
Central Pet                         Meridian Moving Systems              Walgreens # 2232
Commerce Bank of Arizona            Meritage Active Adult                 Walgreens #9186
Cox Communications Company            Communities                        Wal-Mart
Daniel’s Moving & Storage           Miracle-Ear                          Wells Fargo Bank/Green Valley
Dependable Nurses, Inc.             Pulte Homes                           Sahuarita
Diamond Ventures                    Qwest                                Western Slope Pro Audio, Inc.
Donna Marshall & Associates         Retreat at Santa Rita Springs        Wyndham Canoa Ranch Resort
 Realty                             Rosemont Copper                      Yellow Book USATM

                                                          BANNER ADS NOW AVAILABLE
                                                          ON THE CHAMBER WEB SITE
                                                           Trying to boost your business? Looking
                                                             for ways to get your name out there?
                                                            Advertise by using a Banner Ad on the
                                                              Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of
                                                          Commerce website. Last year our Website
                                                           received approximately two million hits.
                                                               If you are interested in this great
                                                            advertising opportunity please contact
                                                          Sandy at the Chamber office 625-7575 or
                                                                                                 PAGE 6
                                  N EWS & V IEW S
                                                        WHAT           21ST ANNUAL LOS NINOS
                                                                       DEL VALLE BENEFIT GOLF
                                                        WHEN           September 19, 2009
WHAT          SAHUARITA NIGHT AT CHASE                  TIME           6:30 am Registration
              FIELD                                                    7:30 am Shotgun Start
              ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS VS                   WHERE          San Ignacio Golf Club
              MILWAUKEE BREWERS                         Registration deadline September 11th. Entry Fee $90
WHEN          September 11, 2009                        ($45 tax-deductible donation). All proceeds benefit
TIME          6:40 pm                                   the intergenerational programming and scholarships
WHERE         Chase Field                               available at Los Ninos del Valle Child Care/Preschool
Sahuarita Night at Chase Field. Arizona Diamond-        of Casa de Esperanza Call Joanne @ 625+2273 Ext
backs vs Milwaukee Brewers. National Anthem per-        39 for more information and registration sheets.
formed by award winning Sahuarita High School
Band. Tickets available at all school sites $12, $25,   WHAT           CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
$27.50. Proceeds benefit Sahuarita students through                    MIXER HOSTED BY THE
programs and scholarships.                                             RETREAT AT SANTA SPRINGS
                                                        WHEN           September 24, 2009
WHAT          MEET & HAVE BREAK                         TIME           5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
              FAST WITH OUR STATE                       WHERE          The Retreat at Santa Rita Springs
              LEGISLATORS                                              661 W. Calle Torres Blancas
WHEN          September 16, 2009
TIME          7:30 am - 9:00 am                         WHAT           FIESTA SAHUARITA
WHERE         Madera Club House at Quail Creek          WHEN           September 26, 2009
COST          $15 Members; $18 Non-Members              TIME           3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Prepayment greatly appreciated. Contact the Cham-       WHERE          Anamax Park
ber at 625-7575 for reservations.                                      17501 S. Camino de las Quintas
                                                        The Town of Sahuarita Parks & Recreation Depart-
WHAT          NEW MEMBER LUNCHEON                       ment will be hosting Fiesta Sahuarita 2009. The an-
WHEN          September 17, 2009                        nual event celebrates the anniversary of the incorpora-
TIME          11:30 am - 1:30 pm                        tion of the Town of Sahuarita. The event will be held
WHERE         Madera Center                             at Anamax Park on Saturday, September 26, 2009
              Catering by Kristofer’s in Amado          from 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm. For information on being a
                                                        vendor or sponsor for Fiesta Sahuarita contact 822-
WHAT            ARIVACA VOLUNTEER FIRE                  8800.
                DEPT LAS VEGAS NITE
WHEN            September 19, 2009
TIME            5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
WHERE           Arivaca Community Center
Food, games and prizes, 50/50 raffle, costume contest
($2 entry fee). $10 ticket includes $20 in playing
chips, buffet, and drinks. For more information call
Marti Conklin at 398-2967. Tickets available at the
Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce
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                                      N EWS & V IEW S
                 FUNDRAISER                                              HOSTED BY PRESTIGE &
WHEN             Friday, September 25th                                  ARISTOCARE
TIME             3pm - 8pm                                       WHEN    October 22nd 2009
WHERE            Quail Creek Madera                              TIME    5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
                 Clubhouse Ballroom                              WHERE   Prestige Assisted Living
Fireman’s Chili Cook-off Fundraiser, hosted by Quail                     1175 S. Abrego Drive
Creek and Green Valley Firefighters Association. A $10
ticket provides 12 tastes of chili. All proceeds benefit local   WHAT    FALL PROMO COUNTRY FAIR
families in need. Vote for your favorite chili. Live music       WHEN    October 22, 23, & 24
by The Rusty Zippers. Tickets available at the concierge         TIME    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
desk in the Madera clubhouse. 2055 E. Quail Crossing             WHERE   Continental Shopping Plaza
Blvd, (520) 393-5822, or at the Green Valley Sahuarita
Chamber of Commerce.                                     WHAT             FALL PROMO COUNTRY FAIR
                                                         WHEN             October 22, 23, & 24
WHAT             BALLET CONTINENTAL PRESENTS TIME                         9:00 am - 5:00 pm
                 A SYLPHIDE                              WHERE            Green Valley Village
WHEN             Saturday, September 26th at 7:00 pm
                 Sunday, September 27th at 2:00 pm       WHAT             COUNTRY FAIR WHITE
WHERE            Sahuarita Auditorium                                     ELEPHANT PARADE
                 350 W. Sahuarita Road                   WHEN             October 24, 2009
La Sylphide with excerpts from Swan Lake. Advance        TIME             10:00 am - 12:00 pm
ticket prices $15 – General Admission, $12 Seniors (55 &
older), $8 Students w/ID & Children (12 & under. Tickets WHAT             DEFENDERS OF OUR FREEDOM
available at the Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of Com-                   ANNUAL GOLF EVENT
merce. For additional information call 326-7887.         WHEN             November 11, 2009
                                                         TIME             8:30 am Shotgun Start
WHAT             ANNUAL GREEN VALLEY MIXER               WHERE            Canoa Ranch Golf Course
WHEN             October 7, 2009                         Please mark your calendars for The Green Valley Sa-
TIME             5:00 - 7:00 pm                          huarita Chamber of Commerce 2009 Defenders of Our
WHERE            Arizona Family Restaurant               Freedom Annual Golf Event. Registration will be at 7:00
Hosted by AT&T Advertising Solutions, Publisher of the am with an 8:00 am Shotgun Start. Cost for an individual
AT&T Real Yellow Pages in coordination with the Green player is $95 or $360 for a foursome. For additional infor-
Valley Community Coordinating Council and the Green      mation please contact the Chamber at 625-7575.
Valley Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce.
                                                         WHAT             COMMUNITY PERFORMING
                                                                          ARTS CENTER
                 SERVICES INC. 9th ANNUAL GALA
                                                                          2009 RED, WHITE & BLACK BALL
WHEN             October 17, 2009                        WHEN             Saturday, November 7, 2009
TIME             5:00 p.m.                               TIME             6:00 pm
WHERE            Lavender’s Restaurant at Country
                                                         COST             $65 per person
                 Club of Green Valley                    The 2009 Red, White & Black Ball will have elegant food
                 77 E. Paseo De Golf                     stations by Creative Catering, wine & beer bar, silent and
COST             $80 per person                          live auctions, dancing under the stars with Dr. A and Soul
“We Wish Upon a Star, Developing Dreams and Building Groove. Tickets include 2 drink tickets. This is the annual
Futures for Our Clients”. Joe Bourne Jazz Combo, re-     fundraiser. Call 399-1750 for additional information or
gional cuisine, silent and live auctions. RSVP to Green  visit
Valley Assistance Services by September 28 . Semi for-
mal attire suggested.
                                                                                       PAGE 8
                         N EWS & V IEW S
                                                   REAL ESTATE STATISTICS
                                                       Year to Date Comparison
                                                     January 1 ~ August 31, 2009
                                                                      2008         2009
                                          Houses Sold                  584          534
                                          Average Days on Market       163          163
                                          Average Selling Price      $205,067    $181,062
                                           The Green Valley/Sahuarita Association of Realtors®
                                          The Green Valley/Sahuarita Association of Realtors®

               OF THE
Small Business of the Year Award Winner
            Vista Eye Care
   Large Business of the Year Winner
    AristoCare Home Health Care           BONDED & INSURED                             RESIDENTIAL
                                          (K-39/ROC#252995)                            COMMERCIAL

Home Based Business of the Year Winner
                                                               S G H AND C L L C
               Doc’s                                     OVER 23 YRS OF EXPERIENCE
                                                            AIR CONDITIONING ● HEATING
Non-Profit Business of the Year Winner                     SALES ● SERVICE ● INSTALLATION
                                                              MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS
United Community Health Center, Inc.
                                          PO Box 1633                                     (520) 302-8646
                                          Sahuarita, AZ 85629                             (520) 648-2504
                                              Fax: (520) 625-2753

           Carol Stapleton
      Business Account Manager
   PAGE 9
                                      N EWS & V IEW S
                   OUR RATES
Full Page                 7.83” X 9.5”
1/2 Page Vertical         3.75” X 9.5”
1/2 Page Horizontal       7.83” X 4.625”
1/4 Page                  3.75” X 4.625”

                1 Issue        3 Issues    6 Issues
Full Page       $60            $170        $325
1/2 Page        $35            $100        $180
1/4 Page        $25            $60         $110
Business Card   -0-            $50         $85
 Please note our newlsetter is now done on a bi-monthly
   basis ~ January, March, May, July, September and
November. All ads MUST be camera ready as a scanable
     hard copy or electronic file (PDF, JPG or TIF).
      Email to or Ads must be received by
      the 20th of the month prior to the newsletter.
   Please call Sandy at 625-7575 with any questions.
                                N EWS & V IEW S

Accent Care Ribbon Cutting
Accent Care’s Ribbon Cutting was held on July 29th in their new location, Several people from the
Chamber attended the opening of their new offices, but, unfortunately, the pictures did not turn out.

                                   Eclipse Clinical Research
                                   Ribbon Cutting
                                   September 3, 2009

                                                     Sonora Lung Care
                                                       Ribbon Cutting
                                                       August 20, 2009
                                                                PAGE 12
                        N EWS & V IEW S

  PAGE 13
                                      N EWS & V IEW S
LAW OFFICE OF WALTER L. HENDERSON                                                       Condolences
Congratulations to Phoebe Harris who has joined the Green Valley
law office of Walter L. Henderson. Ms. Harris has experience as a        Our condolences go out to Paul Townsend on the
corporate attorney and will be a welcome addition to the firm            passing of his wife Cathy. Paul and Cathy were
whose specialties are wills, living trusts, estate planning, elder law    the Townsend Team at Long Realty. Paul, our
and divorce. Congratulations Phoebe!                                      prayers are with you, your family, friends and
Co-workers, businesses, and friends alike, said goodbye to Sue            Our heartfelt sympathies go out to Lisa Israel
Payne last month. Sue, the dedicated Neighborhood Outreach                who recently lost her Mother. May you find
                                                                          comfort and peace through the love of family
Coordinator for the Town of Sahuarita and her husband Jon, have                           and friends
relocated to North Carolina. Sue was a warm, wonderful person
who did her job well and was always willing to help. We will miss
you Sue, have a great life in North Carolina!

Bedmart, Arizona’s largest family-owned mattress retailer an-
nounced the opening of two new locations in the metro Phoenix
area. One store s located in Peoria and the other is located in Good-
year. Both locations have more than 6,000 square feet that offer a
selection of famous brands. Bedmart started in 1988 with a single
store in Tucson. It now has 28 locations throughout Arizona.
Mind to Motion will have OPEN HOUSE on Saturday, September
12th and September 26th from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. Let us show
you how to make your body the ideal place to spend the rest of your
life! State of the art exercise solutions, cutting edge nutrition and
health care that cares about your health. Come taste what we are
about! Madera Plaza, 518 E Whitehouse Canyon Road, Suite 150,
Green Valley, (520) 829-6925.
Accent Care recently opened a new office at the Green Valley
Village. Stop by and see them in their new facility located at 101
S. La Canada Dr., Ste 56, Green Valley, AZ, (520) 393-7144.
H & R Block has moved their offices. They are still at the Conti-
nental Shopping Plaza but their suite has changed to 134. Their
new location is 210 W. Continental Rd. #134, Green Valley, AZ,
85622 , (520) 625-8732.

Eclipse has changed their suite number. Their new address is 75 W.
Calle de las Tiendas, Suite 105 B, Green Valley, AZ 85622.

Congratulations to Rosalie Brinkmeyer of Custom Plus for being
named Women of the Year 2009 by the Valle Verde Charter Chap-
ter of American Business Women’s Association.
                                                                                 PAGE 14
                             N EWS & V IEW S
continued from page 1

The first, but soon to be annual Tri Chamber Mixer, was held in August at the DeAnza RV Re-
sort in Amado. We had an attendance of over 200 people between the three Chambers of
Green Valley Sahuarita, Tubac and Nogales in Santa Cruz county. A beautiful array of finger
foods was provided by Esplendor Resort and Soto’s Restaurant, with desserts being provided
by Kokopelli’s Gelato and Widsom’s Restaurant. A bar was provided and staffed by Chef
Charles of Kristofer’s Restaurant. Kevin Jordan, President of the Chamber’s Board of Di-
rectors, welcomed everyone and introduced the Executive Directors and Presidents of the other
two Chambers, along with our co-hosts, Bob and Amy Solfisburg of DeAnza RV Resort. We
wish to thank all of the Chambers for the collaborative effort to support the business communi-
ties along the I-19 corridor and hope this is the beginning of a true business partnership.

We wish to thank our members who generously donated fabulous raffle prizes for both our
mixers. Our special thanks go out to: Custom Plus, Walter Henderson, P. C., Southwest Ad
Specialties, Kelly Walter and Mark Schultz of The Green Valley News, Betsey Mabry of
Long Realty, Maxwell Remodelers, GV Community Coordinating Council, Hearts and
Hands, Rose West Accounting, GV/Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce, Green Valley Pecan,
Green Valley Recreation, Accent Care, Green Valley Decorative Rock, Yoga Saguaro, Com-
fort Keepers, Dave Polsky Tire & Auto, Community Water of GV, Bank of the West, Bazar de
Mexico, Esplendor Resort, Hotel Fray Marcos de Niza, Rosemont Copper, Metal Morphosis
of Tubac, Rancho Sahuarita Co., Croppers Auto, Jacquie Smith Desert Winds Herb & Tea,
Abrego Self Storage, Beads of Tubac, Big Horn Gallery, Old Presidio Traders, Roberta
Rogers Watercolors, Sky Island Alliance, Stables Ranch Grille & Dos Silos Restaurant, The
Country Shop, The Tubac House, TJ’s Tortuga Books, Tubac Ctr. For the Arts, Tubac Terri-
tory, The Yard Woman, John Montgomery Estate, James Culver Leather, Café Presidio, No-
gales Holiday Inn Express, Candlewood Suites/Nogales, Tubac Chamber, Nogales Cham-
ber/U S Census, Bohman Homes, El Dorado Personnel, Wisdom’s Restaurant, Café Gari-
ola, National Auto Glass, Cabinet Encounters, Salon del Sol, David Voisard, Stone Dragon
Studio, Tucson FCU, Arizona Self Storage, Ben Dameean and Access Wisdom .
          N EWS & V IEW S
                                                                                                         PAGE 16
                                      N EWS & V IEW S
TOYS FOR TOTS                                                 between our local businesses and our local schools in edu-
The Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce will be        cating our children and young adults for future career op-
one of many businesses in Green Valley and Sahuarita that     portunities in our area.
will be a drop off for The Marine Corp Toys for Tots drive.
Please help the Marine Corp help the kids by bringing your    The young adults in our local schools are eager to learn
toy donations by the Chamber office from October 1, 2009      about career possibilities – and are willing to work for a
through December 21, 2009.                                    prospective employer while earning school credits. Em-
                                                              ployers can interview, hire and train the prepared student as
CHAMBER IS OPEN ON SUNDAYS                                    well as grade the student/trainee.
The Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce is now
open on Sunday. Current Sunday hours are                    The students in our area are also interested in learning
9:00 am to 12:00 noon! Feel free to stop by and say hello. about businesses and what they do. An hour or two under
                                                            your wings may very well result in that student choosing to
FOOD BANK DROP OFF                                          follow in your footsteps!
In an effort to help the Food Bank and the many, many
people in our community that need our help, the Chamber Members of the Chamber, we are preparing a central list of
now has a drop off box in our office. Feel free to drop off employers willing to hire and train our local students. This
canned goods or non-perishable items at any time. With      is truly a win-win situation for all participants.
the holidays approaching rapidly, the food bank needs our
help now more than ever.                                    If you would like to be a partner in the Workforce De-
                                                              velopment program, please contact Beverly Trunick,
ATTENTION EMPLOYERS!                                          program coordinator, at 648-7090 with your business
Our Economic Development Committee views Workforce            information.
Development as a key element in serving our local mem-
bers. We would like to facilitate a working relationship

                                                                                        COME GOLF WITH US!!
                                                                                         SEPTEMBER 19, 2009

                                                                                      SAN IGNACIO GOLF CLUB
                                                                                             21ST ANNUAL
                                                                                         LOS NINOS del VALLE
                                                                                      BENEFIT GOLF TOURNAMENT

                                                                        Seniors (combined age of 260+ foursome)

                                                                            Women’s ! Men’s ! Mixed

                                                                          LOTS OF GREAT PRIZES!!
                                                                      Registration Deadline September 11
                                                                   Entry Fee - $90 ($45 tax-deductible donation)
                                                                 All proceeds benefit the intergenerational programming
        210 W. Continental Rd. #126                                                   available
                                                                     and scholarships available at Los Ninos del Valle
        Green Valley, Arizona 85622
                                                                       Child Care/Preschool of Casa de Esperanza
                                                                    Call Joanne at 520.625.2273, Ext. 39 for more
                                                                          information and registration sheets
          N EWS & V IEW S
                  PAGE 18
  PAGE 19
                                   N EWS & V IEW S
                                    Protecting Your Home
Your home is your most expensive single purchase and it contains virtually all your possessions. More
importantly, it contains people you love. But others may still have keys to it, including those who built it,
previous owners and renters, neighbors, care givers, housekeepers, and others. Protecting your belongings,
yourself and your loved ones by rekeying the locks can give you piece of mind at a low price. Call one of
the numbers below to get a free estimate.

     W. Roskey Residential Locksmith, LLC
                             Lock Installation, Repair, Rekeying, Replacement, Lockouts
                             Bonded and Insured Green Valley Resident
                             Member Green Valley-Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce

                           393-3895 or 400-5626
                                                                                             U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                          GREEN VALLEY, AZ
      PO Box 566                                                                            PERMIT NO. 62
  Green Valley, AZ 85622

                                 September 17, 2009
                                 New Member Luncheon
                                 Madera Room at Amado Territory
Tuesday, September 8, 2009       Inn                                 Thursday, October 15, 2009
Membership Committee Meeting     11:30 am – 1:00 pm                  Government Relations Committee
GVSCofC                                                              Meeting
5:15 pm                          Tuesday, September 22, 2009         GVSCofC
                                 BOD Meeting                         7:30 am
Thursday, September 10, 2009     GVSCofC
Events Committee Meeting         7:00 am                             Tuesday, October 20, 2009
GVSCofC                                                              EDC Committee Meeting
4:00 pm                          Thursday September 24, 2009         GVSCofC
                                 Chamber Mixer                       5:00 pm
Tuesday, September 15, 2009      The Retreat at Santa Rita Springs
EDC Committee Meeting            GVSCofC                             Thursday October 22, 2009
GVSCofC                          5:00 pm                             Chamber Mixer
5:00 pm                                                              Prestige & AristoCare
                                 Thursday, October 8, 2009           Prestige Senior Living
Thursday, September 17, 2009     Events Committee Meeting            5:00 pm
Government Relations Committee   GVSCofC
Meeting                          4:00 pm                             Tuesday, October 27, 2009
GVSCofC                                                              BOD Meeting
                                 Tuesday, October 13, 2009           GVSCofC
7:30 am
                                 Membership Committee Meeting        7:00 am
                                 5:15 pm

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