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									                                                         Computer History Newspaper 1
                                                      Computing in the Modern World

                     Computer History Newspaper – Project Grade

Now that we have looked at the history of computers, you are going to take on the role
of newspaper reporter. Your job will be to create a newspaper (front page) to report on
4 events in computer history.

Step one:
Each student is to work independently to create some mini-reports on important events
in computer history.

Report topics
   - Importance of Charles Babbage
   - Napster’s role in music downloading – How did its early stages shape and change
       the role of music downloading (and piracy laws)?
   - Bill Gates’s role in the computer industry, especially from 1980-1990

Editorial topics
    - Windows operating system vs. Linux operating system – why is one better or
        more important? Which company came up with the better “idea”
    - Social networking devices – why are these good or bad?

Step two:
You will write three different articles/reports describing the event, what has been
developed, how it works, etc. You will need to research the event/milestone and write
the important details about that event – not just the background of who did it and

This should NOT be copied and pasted – that is PLAGARISM and will give you a zero
and 2 days of ISS.

Additionally, you will write two editorials. An editorial is YOUR OPINION. This will be
your thoughts on why the milestone is important and what its impact is on society.

One will be an editorial on the positive impact this product/device will have(or has had)
on society. The other will be an editorial on the negative impact this product/device will
have(or has had) on society.

Step three- Research:
Search for articles/information that will help you create your newspaper.
                                                           Computer History Newspaper 2
                                                        Computing in the Modern World

Print the articles that you used to help you create your Newspaper. Please print these
to SKIPPY, DOUBLE SIDED, 2 Pages per sheet. This will Save paper. You can find these
options in the “properties” tab of Skippy. DO NOT print every article that you read – just
the ones that you used…

Step four- Create Newspaper:
Each member will be responsible to put his/her articles in the paper using Microsoft
Publisher – using the template pre-created for you. This can be found on Ms. Salas’s
sharepoint website, in the Computing in the Modern World tab.

Text for the actual articles shall be no larger than 10 point font, Calibri font, single

Step Five:
Print out your paper to SKIPPY and print on both sides of the paper.
You will be graded using the rubric that is attached.

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