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					James H. Bowen High School
AP English Literature and Composition 2011-12
A F Kulas (

Required Textbook:
Meyer, Michael. The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature. New York:
       Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2004.

Journaling                                                 A
10%                                                        90-100
Grammar                                                    B
10%                                                        80-89
Writing                                                    C
30%                                                        70-79
Textual Analysis                                           D
30%                                                        60-69
AP Practice                                                F
20%                                                        <60

Journaling: You will be required to do journaling for class. Journals will correspond to the readings and
becoming college ready. Journals must be at least 8 sentences long and are worth 10 points each.

Grammar review/instruction: Grammar is an essential skill to communicating clearly. Like most things, it
requires strict practice and discipline. We will review grammar skills in class and you will be tested on them.

Writing review/instruction: For each unit we will be focusing on a variety of writing styles and topics. Papers
that you write for this class will go through several draft, writing, revision processes by me and your colleagues
before a finish product can be submitted. Bringing these copies of your paper to class is necessary for peer
editing, writing workshops, as well as one-on-one meetings. An example of the portfolio process is mapped out
Paper 1                                  Paper 2                                 Portfolio
Complete the AP argument                 Complete the AP analysis response Packet #1
response provided.                       provided.                               1. Choose either Paper 1 or
                                                                                 Paper 2 to rewrite for a final
Complete your Process Report for         Complete your Process Report for        project.
your AP argument response.               your AP analysis response.              2. Complete your Process
                                                                                 Analysis (part 2) for your
Complete the peer review exercise. Complete the peer review exercise. selected piece of writing
                                                                                 (this should be stapled to the
Complete your Peer Review                Complete your Peer Review               top of your final paper)
Reflection.                              Reflection.
                                                                                 Packet #2
Turn in your paper stapled in the        Turn in your paper stapled in the       1. In a separate packet compile
following manner:                        following manner:                       your best 5 pages of writing from
1. Process Report                        1. Process Report                       the past five weeks.
2. Peer Review Reflection                2. Peer Review Reflection               2. Complete your Personal
3. AP argument response                  3. AP argument response                 Reflection Writing Guide for
w/peer review                            w/peer review                           the 5 pages of writing you
                                                                                 selected (this should be
**Note: The teacher will only be         **Note: The teacher will only be        .
providing comments on this draft         providing comments on this draft        The teacher will only be providing
                                                                            comments on this draft.
                                                                            stapled to the top of your 5 pages of

                                                                            **Note: You must turn in both
                                                                            packets to complete this portion of
                                                                            your writing portfolio.

Textual Analysis: For each text you should be able to recognize logos, ethos, pathos,
exigence, audience, purpose.

AP questions and sample essays: In addition to the various readings, you will be spending a great deal of time
answering sample AP Exam questions. Emphasis will be placed on time constraints as well as the AP grading
rubric. As the units continue you will also experience longer, more complex passages and questions.

The AP Exam: The AP English Literature exam will be held on May 10, 2011 at 8 am.

After the AP Exam: During this time you will be choosing a topic that you are interested in and creating your
own synthesis question based on your research and chosen texts. This will require you to evaluate all of your
texts thoroughly before you create your synthesis question. The final process of this project is then to have
several students respond to your question, provide feedback, and offer a final revision of your texts and
question. When the time approaches further explanation of this project will be provided.

Plagiarism: During the introductory unit it will be mandatory for you register and go through the online
“St.Martin’s Tutorial on Avoiding Plagiarism” ( By
completing this process you then are demonstrating that you understand plagiarism and now know several
techniques in avoiding it.

Units: each unit will last between 10 weeks long and will cover the following information:
1 Poetry
2 Fiction
3 Drama
4 Review/Final Paper

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