anecdotal-record-rubric.xls by cuiliqing


									                                             Anecdotal Record

 Teacher Name:

 Student Name:   ________________________________________

     CATEGORY      4                         3                        2                          1
Observation        Observation is fully      Observation is           Observation is only        Observation is not
                   detailed and              objective and mostly     partially detailed or is   detailed or objective.
                   objective. Includes an    detailed, but            not entirely objective     Most actions and
                   accurate account of       information related      and substantial            conversations of the
                   the child's actions and   to the child's actions   information related        child and other
                   conversations and         and conversations        to the child's actions     children or adults are
                   any other responses       with other children      and conversations          omitted.
                   of other children or      and adults is omitted.   with other children
                   adults involved in the                             and adults is omitted.

Background         Includes, date, time One item is missing           More than two items        Does not include
Information        and setting. Identifies from Background            are missing from the       date, time, and
                   the observer.           Information.               Background                 setting. Does not
                                                                      Information.               identify the observer.

Grammar            Responses were free       Responses had few        Responses had              Responses had
                   of typos and              typos or grammatical     several typos and          numerous typos and
                   grammatical errors        errors and used          grammatical errors or      grammatical errors or
                   and used standard         standard English.        did not use standard       did not use standard
                   English.                                           English.                   English.

Interpretation     The interpretation is     The interpretation is    The interpretation is      The interpretation is
                   consistently detailed     consistently detailed    somewhat detailed          not detailed or does
                   and provides accurate     and provides mostly      and provides mostly        not provide accurate
                   and specific              accurate and specific    accurate and specific      and specific
                   information about the     information about the    information about the      information about the
                   child’s                 child’s                child’s                  child’s
                   development.              development.             development.               development.

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