The Pathway by pengxiang


									 “Lighting the Pathway                          Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries
                                                    4630 SE Thiessen Road
  to those in need of
   Hope and Peace”
       April 2010
                                    The Pathway
  Feature Articles            Stepping Out in Faith
 From Our Mailbox         2   Our Mission Statement        Any successful business or       We want to instill in them
 Meet TRM Mothers         2                                organization has clearly         personal growth, change,
                              Thiessen Roadhouse is        defined goals which it sets      and community. With
                               a Christian ministry        out to achieve. TRM Board        God’s help, TRM support-
 TRM 2010 Luncheon        3    focused on providing        of Directors, staff, and         ers,   and    partnering
                                spiritual guidance         volunteers each day take         together, we will have the
                                 and transitional          pride in stepping out in         strength to endure the
 Schedule of Classes &    4    housing for mothers         faith in the community           harsh reality of today’s
 Services                            in crisis.            with leadership. It takes        violent and unjust world.
                                                           dedicated involvement to         Standing together to claim
                                  As for me and my
 Oregon City Christ’s     5                                successfully achieve these       the restoration that the
                               household: that He may
 Church                                                    objectives. The necessity of     world desperately needs.
                                establish peace on my
                                                           setting goals is also true in
                               borders and strengthen                                       We have exciting, defined
 Motorcycle Fun Run       5                                an individual’s life. How
                              the bars to my gates and                                      goals ahead of us for in
                                                           meaningful are the lives of
 Where is Your Apron?     6   bless the children within.                                    2010-2011. We want to
                                                           those who have no vision of
 Vehicle Donation         6    He sends forth his word                                      thank you for continuing
                                                           what they can do for the
                                 and melts anything                                         to believe in the mission of
                                                           future of their family,
                              against the cold, provid-                                     Thiessen       Roadhouse
                                                           church, community, or
 Pledging a Better        7     ing for His children.                                       Ministries, as well as
                                                           country? How purposeful
 Choice                   7        Psalm 14:13-21                                           sharing our vision. We
                                                           is the existence of people
 Tea & Tour Info
                                                           who have no sense of             encourage you to step out
 TRM Mercantile           8                                responsibility for what they     in faith in your own
                               And I heard the voice of    do? In today’s busy world        community and be the
 Meet the TRM Board       9    the Lord saying “Whom       Thiessen Roadhouse has           example of what Christian
                                shall I send, and who      chosen to take this sense of     values can do. By taking
 How You Can Help        10     will go for us?” Then I    responsibility for others, as    care of our own backyards
                                  said, “Here I am.        with our mothers, helping        together we can change
                                      Send me.”            them to make wise choices        the world!
                                      Isaiah 6:8           for their lives also.

                              A Message from Linda Wiles Thornton, Executive Director
                              Being a “Peacemaker” in      cared for, children having       evicted, have my children
                              today’s world, having        their needs met, having          taken away and be
                              compassion for those in      shelter, love, food, security,   hungry.      Having     a
                              need, to reach out beyond    safety and understanding.        “Peacemaker” who can
                              ourselves with integrity                                      provide tools, prayer,
                              and grace, is what the       Having needs met begins          counseling,    resources,
                              world is in need of now.     with getting the tools needed    education and encourage-
                                                           to manage crisis when it         ment allows a person to
                              The health of our world      arrives. Not too many people     wake up and say “Today I
                              depends on families stay-    wake up and say “Today I’m       can because of God.”
“Making Big Differences       ing together, babies being   going to loose my job, be
   in Little Lives…”
            PAGE 2                                     T H E P AT HW A Y

From Our Mailbox: Lovely Letters of Support Make Our Day
                                             I found myself alone and pregnant, not a      Linda,
                                             perfect timing in my life, but I knew that
                                             what lay ahead would change my life.          We hope all is well with you and the
                                             Abandoned by the father of my unborn          ministry. We have been holding you up
                                             child, even my family, I felt desperately     in prayer and want to send on our
                                             alone, now what was I supposed to do? I       pledge offering for this month. We
                                             was without funds, lost my job because        know of the many needs of your
                                             of inconsistency in my life, and every-       mother’s and babies, please use for the
                                             thing seemed hopeless. I turned to Preg-      general fund, but “set aside 10% of it
                                             nancy Resource Center, (PRC), and they        for yourself and buy yourself some-
                                             gave me the number of Thiessen Road-          thing fun!”. We also have a box of large
Thank you to everyone who sends in           house and said that they could help me.       diapers that our potty trained daughter
letters of encouragement and support.        I called and they just happened to have a     does not use anymore.
Some of our favorite letters are updates     room, at least something good was hap-
from mothers who have graduated, from                                                                                 Diana
                                             pening in my life, I can remember even        ________________________________
people we have never met or from new         praying. The interview was encouraging
friends we have made that have come to
                                             and proved to be “just where I was sup-       This is our monthly pledge, wish it was
further support the goals of the ministry.
                                             pose to birth my child”, I loved it there!    more. Remember, don't forget the ice
What a delight to go to the mailbox and
to find hand written notes sent from such    I will never forget the kindness and ac-      cream for the Mothers!
lovely people who have taken the time to     ceptance that I experienced, that literally
                                             changed my life forever. My son and I                         Jim & Patty Macomber
say how much they care.
                                             are stable and ever so thankful, thank
                                                                                           (Along with the Macomber’s monthly
                                             you to my “ TRM family”!          Regina
                         Blessings, Linda                                                  pledge, comes a Baskin & Robbins trip)

TRM Mother’s & Baby’s, The Promise of Life Program
These TRM mothers with their babies
and families have received the benefits
of participating in The Promise of Life
Program, made possible by our faithful
supporters. For over 25 years Mothers
have found their way to TRM and
found through God all things are
possible for those who love the Lord!
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3rd Annual Ladies Luncheon & High Tea
  3rd Annual Fundraiser                Please Join Us!             Our Hostess Tables of 8
                                                                     are Filling up Fast!
 Celebrating & Benefiting    •     Hawaiian Dress

   Thiessen Roadhouse        •     Unique Island Hat Contest      Our 3rd Annual Ladies
                                                                  Luncheon and High Tea
        Ministries           •     Be prepared to Fellowship      Fundraiser this year is a
                                                                  Hawaiian theme. We have an
 _________________________   •     Delicious Buffet Lunch,        exiting fun filled afternoon
     Ladies Luncheon               Desserts, and Door Prizes      planned for you! Plan on
                             •     Guest Speakers
                                                                  joining us for this unforget-
              &                                                   table event by responding to
         High Tea            •     Silent Auction                 registration early, as the
                                                                  event sells out each year.
     Hawaiian Theme          •     Polynesian Dancers             Our new location, Pioneer
                             •     Photographer
                                                                  Community       Center,    in
  “Nami Makana of Ola”
                                                                  Oregon City, is easy to find,
  (Beautiful Gift of Life)   •     Concert Pianist                has    easy    access    and
                                                                  adequate parking.
 Saturday May 8th, 2010
  11:30 am to 3:30 pm                                             So get your “coconuts and
                                       Please RSVP by:
Pioneer Community Center                                          grass skirts” ready! An
                                       April 19th, 2010           award will be given for the
      615 5   th   Street                                         most creative, original and
                                      Guest Tickets $25           “award     winning”     style
   Oregon City, Oregon                                            Hawaiian hat. Be prepared
         97045                    Office Phone 503-653-0450
                                     Direct 503-719-1114          for an exciting program
        Hosted by                                                 of speakers, Polynesian
                                  __________________________      Dancers,     an    incredible
TRM Board of Directors and                                        catered     buffet,    Silent
     TRM Luncheon                         Email:
                                                                  Auction as well as individual
  Committee Volunteers
                                                                  or   group      professional
                                 (checks payable to TRM)
                                                                  pictures taken.
                                                                  These are just a few of our
                                      Or pay on-line with         memorable pictures from
                                 Greater Giving Services at the   our 2nd Annual Tea 2009.
                                 Thiessen Roadhouse Website
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TRM Scheduled Classes & Services
      TRM Woman’s Group                      confused world? Need a friend or know         matters of Post Traumatic Stress Syn-
                                             someone in need of friendship? You will       drome, Drug Addictions, Marriage/
Domestic Violence/Anger Mngt.,               find encouragement and love of the            Relationships, Sexual Abuse, and Art
  AA/NA Victorious classes                   sisters at TRM no matter what the cir-        Therapy for Traumatized Children. No
                                             cumstances are in your life. We pattern       one is ever turned away for not being able
          Tuesday evenings                   our lives today after the women of the        to pay for a session.
          7 PM to 8:30 PM                    Bible, of their strength and courage to
Bring a friend that may be in need of
                                                                 ◙                                Labor Doula Services
support and fellowship. All classes give
documentation for personal & court                                                                  By Appointment
                                                     TRM Heart to Heart
purposes. Bring your favorite snack.                                                       Doula: a Greek word for women helping
                    ◙                                Counseling Sessions                   women during birth. Doula’s assist mid-
                                                                                           wives and mothers in the birthing proc-
       Women’s Bible Study                              By Appointment                     ess. TRM offers Doula Services to resi-
                                                                                           dents in the house as well as non resident
           Friday evenings                   As well as in house counseling, we also       clients. Fee’s are arranged by ability to
                                             reach out to serve those in need in the       pay.
          7 PM to 8:30 PM                    community. Offering Certified Christian
                                             Counseling by striving to connect with        To inquire about classes and services
Please, come and study with us! Want to      the client, bringing a better understanding   please contact Linda Wiles Thornton at
learn more about the Bible and the bond-     of the importance of their lives. TRM         503-653-0450
ing of the sisterhood, in today’s busy and   counsels in areas of family and individual

TRM Promise of Life Weekly Schedule for Residents
What does a week look like in the TRM        •   A Group Session is conducted at           •   Residents are encouraged to take
Promise of Life Program? A set schedule          7 PM to 8:30 PM.                              personal time and have 2 days of rest
is a must to keep everyone productive                                                          and family time.
and the house in good working order.                             ◙
Residents know what to expect and they                                                     •   For residents needing Doula
learn planning techniques that are crucial                Wednesday:                           Services appointments can be made.
to help them graduate, as well as living a
productive life outside of the ministry.     •   Open day for residents to accomplish                         ◙
2010-2011 revised scheduled format will          their daily obligations and program
be as follows:                                   goals. Individual counseling appoint-                    Sunday:
                                                 ments for residents are available
                    ◙                            after 7:30 PM.                            •   All residents are invited to attend
                                                                                               either the 10:00 AM or 6 :00 PM
               Monday:                                           ◙                             service at New Song Community
                                                                                               Church, (or their church of choice),
•   9 AM “Morning Tea Time” to                             Thursday:                           with transportation being provided
    review the upcoming weekly                                                                 by the TRM van. As residents excel
    schedule of each resident, review the    •   Individual counseling appointments            in their Promise of Life program
    weekly household chore list, and the         are available for residents.                  they are also encouraged to become
    ministry schedule such as upcoming                                                         involved in the various New Song
                                             •   Special Focus Projects are scheduled
    tours or volunteer projects.                                                               classes and women’s groups.
                                                 such as grocery shopping outings,
•   Individual counseling appointments           resume writing classes, meal prepa-       •   Residents have Sunday evening to
    are available for residents.                 ration, parenting instruction, or tech-       prepare for the week ahead.
                                                 niques for personal relaxation.
                    ◙                                                                                         ◙
               Tuesday:                                                                    The Promise of Life program is a full
                                                     Friday & Saturday:                    week of learning complimented with
•   Residents work on weekly individual                                                    support and encouragement!
    goals and schedule counseling times      •   Women’s Bible Study Group meets
    to help complete their program.              from 7 PM—8:30 PM.
                                                        T H E P AT HW A Y                                                   PAGE 5

Oregon City Christ’s Church (OCCC): Outstanding TRM Supporter

                                             Thiessen Roadhouse’s daily prayer has           seek and save the lost, on a one-on-one
                                             always been for someone to come by and          basis. They are a body of believers that
                                             “Adopt” us. They did just that! Since           make up the temple of the Living God
                                             August 2010, Karla and her husband              and the Kingdom of His Son. OCCC has
                                             Terry have been of service to TRM.              assembled for 2 years at the home of
                                             Their extension of love was so great,           Evangelist Matthew Keikkala. They
                                             their desire so fulfilled, and their faith      stand on the Word of God in scriptures
                                             confirmed. They were in for the                 such as: 2nd Cor 6:16/Matt. 28:19-20
                                             long-haul! Not only was their excitement
                                             about TRM filled, they introduced the           Their mission is to visit orphans and
                                             whole church to us, and now we are              widows in distress. They help support
                                             “partnering families”. They have                Clackamas County Children’s Center,
God works in mysterious ways. His            extended their volunteering and hospital-       Missions in India, Bellarus, Africa, and
ways are not our ways. His thoughts are      ity in fellowship, incredible worship           now, Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries.
not our thoughts! This is how wonder-        services around huge outdoor bonfires,
ful people come into each others lives to    needs from maintenance to overlooking
answer prayers. OCCC has answered            the ministry, events, participation, and
much needed prayer with TRM. It              “just being there”! The biggest contribu-
happened suddenly as it came! Karla          tion sacrifice has been there devoted time
Feaser was handed a TRM brochure one         to the TRM Mercantile, (TRM’s new
day and the rest is history. She had         project. A new thrift shop storefront on
been praying for the Lord to lead her,       82nd Street in Portland, featured on page
waiting upon His will, and a calling on      8). Several months, days, and hours of
her life, little did she (or TRM), realize   hard work and love has been given by
the depth of what she was asking for or      these beautiful servants. They proclaim,
the commitment that was starting that        “It is not because of us, it is for the Glory
would change both lives forever!             of God, that we do, what we do!” The
                                             focus of OCCC is to equip the saints to

TRM 1st Annual Motorcycle Rally 2010 “Riding for Miracles”!
     TRM 1st Annual Motorcycle                We will head out Hwy 212, Molalla will                  •    Pray for Sunshine!
         Rally Fun Run                        be our ½ way stop-over for a ½ hour,
                                              circle around to Canby 99/along river
        “Riding for Miracles”                 to Oregon City, to 14th street, to the
                                              Feaser’s home Oregon City, 8 miles
     May 1st, 2010 Saturday morning           from O.C. There we will have fellow-
               Arrive at 8am                  ship, music, door prizes from different
      Location: Joe’s parking lot in          local bike shops, special parking
      Milwaukie on McLaughlin Blvd            for bikes, a delicious homemade
                                              lunch of Chili, salad, cornbread,
 •     Registration and Waiver need to
                                              desserts/water/coffee/pop. (Donations
           be filled out before
                                              gladly accepted).
         leaving Joe’s at 9 am

•     Biker’s entry fee $20 & $5 for rider     •   For your assurance, we will have
                                               a pick-up, trailer, and tools, bringing
                                                                                             Note from Lily (pictured above):
•    Rhonda’s Coffee Shop on location            up the rear, if by chance anyone
                                                                                             Golly Gee Wiz!, I wish I could ride in the
 for her Homemade Biscuits & Gravy,            breaks down. We would not want to
                                                                                             rally but my Grandmother Linda says I’m
       and freshly made Latte’s                 anyone left along side of the road.
                                                                                             just too young. I’m only 5, but I have
                                                                                             good taste in bikes! Guess I will just have
•  84.4 mile run, from Joe’s to our                •    This is an adult, non-alcohol,
                                                                                             to wait until I am 16 so I am old enough
Hosts: Terry and Karla Feaser’s home                   clean and sober run event             to go “Ride for Miracles”!…...
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Vehicle Donation
 Though we love unique donations, please no lawn art!    Thank you everyone that has donated a vehicle to the ministry. As soon as
                                                         we get an automobile donated, we are always able to find someone who is in
                                                         need of a vehicle in good condition and in running order. These vehicles are
                                                         another form of donation that contributes to the general fund, meeting our
                                                         many needs. What a wonderful way to donate to TRM! If you, or someone
                                                         you know would like to donate a vehicle, please call us.
                                                         We want to thank each one of you who has donated a vehicle, for thinking of
                                                         us and for being so generous! We appreciate vehicles in good running order
                                                         as we do not have the resources available to diagnose problems and the ex-
                                                         pense of repair. We do have volunteers that are willing to detail and give
                                                         tune-ups in order to enhance the value of a vehicle. We are also accepting
                                                         titled vehicles such as motorcycles, 4-wheelers, utility trailers, boats, and Jet
                                                         Ski’s. Bicycles are also very popular both to sell or for our residents to use.

How Times Have Changed: Where’s Your Apron?
If you step into the TRM kitchen you will find a variety of aprons, which are used daily since we
teach mothers the importance of cooking, with the special touch of using aprons. Here is a brief
history of how the apron was an important part of women’s daily lives.
The principal use of Grandma's apron was to protect the dress underneath, because she only had a
few, it was easier to wash aprons than dresses and they used less material, but along with that, it
served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the oven. It was wonderful for drying children's
tears, and on occasion was even used for cleaning out dirty ears! From the chicken coop, the apron
was used for carrying eggs, fussy chicks, and sometimes half-hatched eggs to be finished in the
warming oven. When company came, those aprons were ideal hiding places for shy kids. And when
the weather was cold, grandma wrapped it around her arms. Those big old aprons wiped many a
perspiring brow, bent over the hot wood stove. Chips and kindling wood were brought into the
kitchen in that apron. From the garden, it carried all sorts of vegetables. After the peas had been shelled, it carried out the pods. In the
fall, the apron was used to bring in apples that had fallen from the trees. When unexpected company drove up the road, it was
surprising how much furniture that old apron could dust in a matter of seconds. When dinner was ready, Grandma walked out onto
the porch, waved her apron, and the men folks knew it was time to come in from the fields to dinner. Grandma used to set her hot
baked apple pies on the window sill to cool. Her granddaughters set theirs on the window sill to thaw. It will be a long time before
someone invents something that will replace that 'old-time apron' that served so many purposes. Do you remember the love of your
Grandma's aprons? Now-a-days people would go crazy trying to figure out how many germs were on Grandma’s apron.
What are your memories from your Grandma’s apron? Just for fun, send an email about your favorite apron memory to Linda,, and we will post them in the TRM Kitchen for our Mothers to see.
(Note: Price of McCall’s pattern at upper right corner sold for 35 cents in the 1950’s)

  The Moments to Praise God
       Happy moments , PRAISE GOD
       Difficult moments, PRAISE GOD
        Quite moments, PRAISE GOD
       Painful moments, PRAISE GOD
        Every moment, PRAISE GOD
                                                 Rick Warren
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Pledging to Give Women in Crisis a Better Choice
Most women show up on our doorstep                  issues/assessments and documenta-          •    $10,900 is the average cost per
because they are pregnant and in crisis             tion, monitoring & supervised visita-           participant that graduates from the 6
and have no other “choice”. Most have               tions                                           month program
determined that abortion is not the answer
for them, but still it is a choice that they    •   Transportation for medical needs,          •    $1,800 will sponsor 1 mother &
could have made in their desperation. The           court appearances, shopping, and                baby for 1 month
Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries (TRM)                 church related activities
Promise of Life Program isn’t as easy as                                                       •    $900 will sponsor 1 mother & baby
getting an abortion, but it does provide a      •   Support for transitioning into perma-           for 2 weeks
constructive alternative for residents who          nent housing along with help in job
are exposed to the program. Women who               search skills and networking               •    $450 will sponsor 1 mother & baby
graduate are empowered to move forward                                                              for 1 week
                                                The cost of providing these services for
with their lives after their baby is born,
                                                one mother and child is a $1,800               •    $200 will sponsor 1 mother & baby
regardless of what crisis may arise.
                                                monthly expense                                     for 3 days
TRM has three rooms available for hous-
ing mothers in crisis. The TRM Promise
                                                •   $800 Housing & Food                        •    $65 will sponsor 1 mother & baby
of Life Program provides the following                                                              for 1 day
                                                •   $500 Promise of Life Counseling, 20
monthly services:                                   hours monthly                              •    $50 will sponsor 1 evaluation &
•   Fully furnished TRM housing, along                                                              counseling session for a       pro-
                                                •   $200 Transportation                             spective mother into the program
    with “everything a mother & baby
    might possibly need”                        •   $300 Utilities (water, gas heat, elec-     •    “Priceless” Daily       prayer for our
                                                    tricity, phone, sewer, garbage)                 ministry to serve its   vision of creat-
•   Maternity and post-transitional
    clothing for mothers, as well as,                                                               ing happy, healthy,     and self suffi-
                                                    Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries
    infant clothing                                                                                 cient mothers with      babies through
                                                     Sponsorship Opportunities
                                                                                                    the birthing process.
•   Proper nutrition                            Consider sponsoring the Promise of Life
                                                                                               Thank you for a consideration to pledge
                                                Program with a one time gift or gifting a
•   Christian counseling, spiritual guid-                                                      monthly or a sponsorship to help moth-
                                                monthly pledge. Donors can specify how
    ance/bible study                                                                           ers in crisis!
                                                the donation is used or can designate
                                                TRM to grant sponsorship to residents as
•   Labor Doula services & birthing             needed.
                                                •   $65,500 Sponsors an average of 5
•   Parenting skills/classes, and counsel-          graduates of the TRM Promise of
    ing as needed in anger management,              Life Program
    domestic violence, drug & alcohol,
    as well as, 12 steps programs in-           •   $16,400 is the cost per participant
    cluding AA and NA Victorious                    that graduates from the 9 month
•   Support       for    court     related

Schedule a TRM Tea & Tour
                           TRM Tea and Tour is an excellent opportunity to get to know more about the ministry as a whole, as well as
                           meet our mother’s and their babies. Our Tea and Tours allow the TRM program leaders and mothers to get to
                           know our supporters in a more personal way. You get a chance to take a tour to see our home, perhaps for the
                           first time. Take some time to slow down, put the world on hold, have a cup of tea, and at the same time “rock a
                           baby”! The visit may also be helpful in realizing where you might serve in our volunteer or sponsorship pro-
                           grams. The Tea & Tour program also gives our mothers an opportunity to interact with visitors and make new
                           acquaintances. Each visitor lends a helping hand of encouragement, essential to a mothers growth and self
                           esteem, making her feel welcome and cared for. Your interest in the program and personal visit is extremely
                           validating to our residents.
                           Tea & Tours are by appointment only, and usually take less than an hour, but your welcome to stay as long as
                           you like! Please call and schedule a time so we can anticipate your visit and prepare a personalized tea time just
                           for you!
           PAGE 8                                   T H E P AT HW A Y

TRM Mercantile Opening on July 11th, 2010
                                                                 We are moving           July. If anyone has time, talent or spe-
                                                                 forward       every     cial gifts to offer, you would be a bless-
                                                                 chance we can           ing! Come help us finish “build the
                                                                 with the renova-        barn”! Projects include painting,
                                                                 tion and restora-       carpentry, washing windows, cleaning,
                                                                 tion of this 1920’s     yard work, planting of shrubs and
                                                                 two      bedroom        flowers, organizing, or even bringing
                                                                 house, perfect for      by a hot dish or cookies for the volun-
                                                                 a retail location.      teers! After opening we will look for-
                                                                 The anticipated         ward to accepting your donations of
                                                                 Grand Opening is        Antiques and gently used or new items.
                                                                 scheduled for July
                                                                 11th, 2010! As          We need our supporters to get excited
                                                                 you can tell by         about our vision of the TRM Mercan-
                                              BEFORE!                                    tile. We will be sending out a reminder
                                                                 our pictures, we
                                                                 are     targeting       of our Grand Opening and hope you
A long time vision of a storefront to     every area of the inside and outside of        will join us in this celebration! Don’t
help constantly support the ministry      the property to make it quaint and             forget to mark your calendars for Sat-
year round has been realized. TRM is      presentable for our high-end thrift and        urday July 11th. Look for our signs,
excited to announce the “Grand Open-      antique shop. Merchandise will feature a       balloon and banners. We will look for-
ing” of The TRM Mercantile located at     variety of household items, décor,             ward in seeing YOU then!
7303 SE 82nd Street in Portland, just     clothing for families, and “a little of this
one block North of Flavel Street across   and a little of that”.
                                                                                         A Special Thank You to the
from Les Schwab Tire Center.                                                             dedication and talents of our
                                          We know that this venture has fallen into      volunteers: Matthew, Jen,
This project has come to life through     place as truly a vision from God. We feel
                                                                                         Joshua, Jay, Saige, Madison,
the partnering team efforts of Brian      we are responding to His call with all of
Wile, Property Manager, Christ’s          our heartfelt desires. It takes many           Terry, Karla, Cole, Aaron,
Church of Oregon City, and TRM Vol-       believers to “build a barn”, sacrifice of      Tara, Tanner, Vin, Laura,
unteers, we have experienced the joy of   time and labors, and giving beyond our-        Jenny, Brian, Steve, Jim, Jinny
this vision of “Stepping Out in Faith”,   selves. There are still several projects in    Mike, Kay, Helen and Linda.
once again. The TRM Team spent            progress at the TRM Mercantile that
months giving energy, time & talents.     need to be finished before we open in
                                                      T H E P AT HW A Y                                                 PAGE 9

 Meet the 2010-2011 TRM Board of Directors
 Thiessen Roadhouse would like to                       Victoria O’Kain, President                      Helen Heydel, Secretary,
 introduce the current 2010-2011 Board                  serves another term. She is a                   serving another term as a
 of Directors. We have been blessed                     devoted mother to her six                       board member. Helen is
 with our wonderful “hands on”, loyal,                  children and has been a                         well known in the Pacific
 and dedicated group who are focused                    lawyer for 24 years. She                        Northwest for her musical
 on TRM growth, development, future,                    works primarily in the                          abilities and her special
 event planning, financial support,                     business litigation area, now                   humorous programs. She is
 direction & planning for the ministry        exclusively working with wind energy         known for her expertise in business
 with great results. Their teamwork           development. Along with being an avid        along with providing humor! She is
 combined with their own special talents      reader she enjoys volunteering. She          accomplished on several musical
 and insights insures TRM continued           also loves running, travelling, hiking,      instruments, sings, tells stories and
 success. Thank you TRM Board for             climbing mountains, sewing, archery          leads sing-alongs. Her specialty is
 building awareness, enthusiastically         and is training for her black belt in        Gospel and 40’s and 50’smusic. She
 always being there, for your devotion        mixed martial arts. She supports Thies-      and her late husband, Martin Heydel
 and service to the ministry:                 sen Roadhouse, Liberty Kidz & House          were owners of The Giant Drive In,
                                              of Hope (both Thai orphanages), Chris-       located in the Lake Grove area for ten
 Applications for TRM 2012 Board              tian Missions Foundation (orphanage in       years. They, along with their children,
 serving a two year term, can be              India), Design Science Association,          Brent and Melody owned and operated
 requested in the fall of 2011. If you are    Donna Morris ballet       company and        Lew’s Dari Freeze, located in the
 interested and led to serve Please call      Dale Ebel Ministries and several other       Milwaukie area for twenty years.
 Linda at 503-653-0450 for information.       Christian charities.

              Michael (Mike) Cowher,                       Peter Zambetti, Treasurer                     Linda Wiles Thornton,
              Vice President, new to the                   is new to the board and a is                  Founder of Thiessen
              board but not to TRM. He                     CPA. Peter enjoys working                     Roadhouse Ministries and
              has been involved with                       with people and being                         Executive Director, has
              TRM for five years. Mike                     active in his community.                      opened her home for over
              has a servants heart for the                 Peter has a love and dedi-                    25 years to help those in
              ministry, always looking       cation for helping people less fortunate.                   need of God’s love &
for ways to be of service. He was born in    He is presently active as a Red Cross        grace. Through Good Samaritan Minis-
New York, New York and was raised in         Volunteer as a Disaster Relief Responder     tries she is a certified Christian
Chino, CA. Mike is married to Jinny          and sits on the Board of Directors for       Counselor which is used for the
Cowher, also a very dedicated volunteer      Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries. He has        cornerstone teachings of The Promise of
with TRM. They both enjoy volunteer-         been a professional accountant and tax       Life Program. A member of New Song
ing for the annual women’s luncheon          preparer for over 40 years. His business,    Community Church, North Clackamas
and Winter Auction, where Mike looks         Goal 1, serves a variety of clients, as      Chamber of Commerce, Stepping Stones
handsome as a waiter. Mike and his wife      well as serving both small & large busi-     Toastmasters, and an advocate for
have lived in Portland for 13 years. To-     nesses. He has been married for almost       MADD. Linda has three grown children
gether they have 4 grown children and 6      30 years to his lovely wife Patsy, has 10    and a Grandmother of three. Her quiet
grandchildren. In 2003 Mike opened           children combined, 40+ grandchildren         time is spent at the river with her
M.A.C. HVAC, a heating and air condi-        and 15 great grandchildren. Peter has an     chocolate lab, Charlie. Linda enjoys
tioning business in the Portland area. His   appreciation for the arts and spending       being with her family and friend as well
hobbies include riding his motorcycle,       quiet time with his wife, along with         as writing, the arts, and ballet.
fishing and      watching      NASCAR.       being surrounded by his family.

  For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God
  to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding in order that
  you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please him in every way. May you keep bearing fruit in
  every good work, growing in the knowledge of God and being strengthened with all power according to
  his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, joyfully giving thanks to the
  Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in the kingdom of
  light.                                                                               Colossians 1:9-12
4630 SE THIESSEN ROAD                                                                                            ORG
                                                                                                         US Postage PAID
LINDA WILES THORNTON                                                                                      Gladstone, OR
CERTIFIED CHRISTIAN COUNSELOR                                                                                Permit # 65
PHONE: 503.653-0450
CELL: 503.719.1114
FAX: 503.387.3204

  He’s got the whole world in his hands……..

Almost everyday someone inquires, “What can I do to help TRM”
Diapers       &     Unscented         Diaper       Wipes:       Personal       Care     &     Cleaning       Supplies:
Any brand of disposable diapers, sizes newborn to 1             TRM uses Melaleuca products exclusively. All ingredi-
year. We average around 25 diapers daily, 150 weekly,           ents are naturally derived, biodegradable, ph neutral
and 600 monthly. Unscented wipes are needed. “Each              and non-alkaline which makes them baby safe. For
mother would appreciate something new for herself or            $30.00 a month you can provide all cleaning supplies
for her baby!”                                                  and personal care items for the house. All orders are
                                                                placed monthly through the house distributorship. If you
Donate      Office     Supplies       and     Volunteer:        also use Melaleuca in your home then consider placing
We need a new computer and printer for the house for            your orders through TRM and a portion of the proceeds
the mothers, HP Printer Photosmart C6150 Car-                   will benefit the ministry.
tridges, (black and color) Reams of paper, post its, pens,
binder clips, file jackets, 3 ring binders, personal station-   Volunteers        Needed        for     Fundraising:
ary, greeting cards, stamps and tape are all useful in          Ongoing volunteer help is needed with event planning,
preparing classes, counseling, and resumes. We need a           auction committee support, grant writing, coordinating
volunteer (s) who are skilled computer organizers and           sponsorships, and of course helping out with our
can list and manage donated items on Craigslist.                “fellowship & fundraising” summer events of yard sales,
                                                                work day BBQ, or car washes.
 TRM       Pantry       always        needs       refilled:
Staples such as sugar, flour, bread, butter, and baking         Rock a Baby or be a “Mother’s Helper”:
supplies are always welcome. Baby food in stages 1-2,           The mothers in the TRM “Promise of Life” program have
Enfamil Iron based formulas, fresh fruits and garden            a set schedule of responsibilities and counseling sessions
vegetables along with canned & frozen varieties are also        to fulfill before graduating. Consider coming over to rock
needed. Consider putting together your favorite recipe          a baby while a mom studies, counsels, take her to an
and bringing a “potluck over” and one for the freezer.          appointment, gets chores done or just relaxes for some
Accomplished cooks are encouraged to come and teach             quiet time to herself. Consider pledging 1 to 2 hours.
meal planning & nutrition as well.

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