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                                                                                                                          Show Technology Newsletter Issue 21

Chameleon Touring Systems supplied a large
package of MAC 2000 Washes and Atomic
strobes with Atomic Colors scrollers for
                                                                   ROBBIE WILLIAMS &
Robbie Williams' 2006 “Close Encounters”
stadium world tour which was late last year in
Lighting designer is Al Gurdon (Brit Awards,
MTV Europe Awards, Classical Brit Awards,
Nobel Peace Prize Concert) who has been
lighting top television programs and events
for the past eighteen years, as well as DVD
shoots for some of the top performers in the
industry like U2, Phil Collins, Sting, and many
more. Yet despite his vast experience in the
industry, not to mention his years of
experience using Martin gear, this is Al's first
concert tour design.
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Welcome! 2006 was a fantastic year for all of
us here at Show Technology and we are
looking forward to an even better 2007.
This latest issue of our newsletter has been
put together with much pride. It is meant to
provide you with a small window into our
world of products, people, events and
developments. You could call the newsletter a
snapshot if you like about what is happening
both within our company and the professional
lighting industry in general.
2006 began with a project that had as its'
centerpiece the largest Martin rig ever and the

largest MA control system ever assembled. I                                                                                                                                         H A ME
                                                                                                                                                                                C             L
am talking of course about The

                                                                                                                                                                    O U

                                                                                                                                                                                                  O N
Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. We are

                                                                   QUEEN OF THE LED
                                                                                                                                                                        R I

proud of our company's involvement in


                                                                                                                                                                            G                 E
ensuring that the rental companies involved                                                                                                                                         S Y S T
had all the support they needed in
preparations and that once assembled, the                          The hit film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen     The famous bus, that is almost real size, needed to
system worked. Having just opened our                              of the Desert has made its debut on stage at        change colour to pink during the show and what
Melbourne office at the time made things a lot                     the Lyric Theatre at Sydney's Star City Casino.     better way to do so than with light. As parts of the
easier of course and our hats go off to boys                       It's a bold, exuberant and colourful production     show are extremely brightly lit, particularly when
down there for their incredible efforts for not                    with fantastic lighting by Nick Schlieper's and     they are driving through the outback, it was decided
only this project but the entire first year of                     glorious sets by Brian Thomson's, not to            that LEDs were the way to go. Tony Davies of
operations.                                                        mention the inventive costumes designed by          Chameleon Touring Systems, who provided the
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                                                                   Tim Chappel and Lizzy Gardiner.                     lighting, suggested using the Pulsar MR16
                                                                   The show delivers some memorable                    ChromaZones and as a result close to 900 of them
                                                                   moments: the mirror-ball moon that hovers           cover the bus exterior allowing for it to change to the
                                                                   over the outback, the trio of back-up singers       colour pink in startling style.
                                                                   who fly about the stage like demented               Control of the MR16s was particularly tricky as the
   Christian Engsted President and CEO MARTIN PROFESSIONAL A/S.    guardian angels and the evocation of the late,      bus needed to be movable as well as revolve on the
   Emmanuel Ziino Managing Director & Mark McInnes Sales Manager
   SHOW TECHNOLOGY - Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb 2006              great days of Les Girls, shimmering with exotic     spot and so there could be no attachments to the
                                                                   glamour.                                            floor. Consequently all of the lighting on and within
                                                                   The set design for Priscilla is carefully created   the bus had to be either driven by battery and a
                                                                   so as not to ever compete with the elaborate        Martin wireless DMX System.
                                                                   costumes. The lighting is particularly              Power distribution in the bus was particularly
                                                                   important as there is such a large amount of        complicated with two separate systems; a 12 volt to
                                                                   set electrics; from the latest in LED lighting to   run all the birdies and 24 volt for the inverters and
                                                                   some basic neon lighting, rope light and even       ChromaZones. Show Technology customised
                                                                   Christmas lights. In fact the set alone has 475     some ChromaZones to run directly from 24 volts
                                                                   metres of red neon flex and 300 metres of rope      eliminating the need for inverters for the 24
                                                                   light courtesy of Show Technology. So much          ChromaZones within the bus.
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                                                                   set electrics certainly kept Ken Roach, set
                                                                   electrician, a busy man.

QUEEN OF THE LED                                                                                              Continued from cover

The original intention was to run the bus Pulsar                                        .The LED curtain is controlled from the Martin            Harbour Bridge scene where the entire bridge
ChromaZones off a grandMA console until Vince                                           Maxedia Media Server and required something               outline is recreated in rope light and neon flex.
Haddad from Show Technology pointed out that                                            like 20 streams of DMX via 5 ELC Node 4's. The            According to Nick Schleiper there are more
Martin Maxedia, which was driving the LED                                               Maxedia was programmed by Nick's associate                dimmers in that bridge piece than in some small
curtain.                                                                                Chris Twyman who had the media server in his              theatres!
The original intention was to run the bus Pulsar                                        living room for about three weeks whilst he               “Rope light may also be daggy but when you use a
ChromaZones off a grandMA console until Vince                                           familiarised himself with it. The web is only used for    really large quantity it looks spectacular,” he said.
Haddad from Show Technology pointed out that                                            part of Act 1 where, thanks to the Maxedia, it
                                                                                        delivers a great variety of backdrops from the            As with most major productions these days Martin
Martin Maxedia, which was driving the LED curtain                                                                                                 MACs are featured in the rig; 23 x Martin MAC2000
used in Act 1, could do multiple outputs. This                                          subtle to the raucous. It peaks during the song Go
                                                                                        West where the words are flashed up every time            Performance, 12 x MAC2000 Profile and MAC250
meant they could run the outside of the bus from                                                                                                  Entour.
Maxedia which simplified programming as well as                                         they are sung.
opening up a whole range of new options                                                 Act I is particularly stunning with the Sydney

        WELCOME                                          Continued from cover

        Throughout the year we were involved in
        many events, projects and installations as
        support to our customer base through
        Australia and New Zealand. We conducted
        many product launches, held many training
        seminars and helped bring many ideas to

        fruition for clients, some of which are featured
                                                                                           ROBBIE WILLIAMS                                                                  Continued from cover

                                                                                            “I was excited to have the opportunity to            up then it weakens the whole look and impact. The
        within this newsletter. I hope you enjoy this
                                                                                            design the lighting for Robbie's tour,” he           impact really comes when you have this whole
        small selection. We promise to bring you
                                                                                            states. “The brief has been evolving in a fairly     organism with the lighting acting with a sense of the
        more throughout the year.
                                                                                            organic way for over a year or so. The choice        same purpose.”

        Emmanuel Ziino                                                                      of fixtures was predicated on the shape of the
                                                                                            set and the function of what I want to use
                                                                                            them for. Also, being an outdoor show with
                                                                                                                                                 The 88 x MAC 2000 Washes were used in various
                                                                                                                                                 parts of the rig including, under the Scorpion tails,
                                                                                                                                                 the under side of each tail, on the top of the PA and
                                                                                            no roof it's hard to keep smoke levels up so in      on the floor each side of the stage.
                                                                                            choosing any of the lighting it had to be used
                                                                                            in a practical way - we couldn't rely on fixture     Martin Atomic 3000 strobes made up an integral
                                                                                            beams because we didn't know if we'd have            part of the visual design with each strobe outfitted
                                                                                            any.”                                                with Atomic Colors scrollers. The Atomics are
                                                                                            The show featured an abundance of colour             spread across the set with most hanging off the
                                                                                            from 88 x MAC 2000 Washes and a                      LED panels in key-hole fittings that click into the
                                                                                            whopping 122 x Atomic strobes with Atomic            side of the screen. Others are located in the
                                                                                            Colors. “There is a lot of colour in the show a      scorpion tails, at the top and bottom of the LED
                                                                                            lot more than I would normally use,” says Al.        panels, in the bunker, and behind the grill that
                                                                                            “On that scale, great slabs of colour is what is     circles the stage.
                                                                                            needed because it has a lot more impact.             “The Atomics are a very important part of the show
Show Technology Melbourne crew and customers Christmas 2006
                                                                                            The colour is also used to complement the            and we use the color on the Atomics throughout,” Al
                                                                                            video - it's very important to integrate the         comments. “They are designed to be seen and also
Show Technology exclusively import and distribute world class specialised lighting
for entertainment and architectural applications. The brands we represent include
                                                                                            lighting with whatever is going on in the set.       help reflect the shape of the set. All the scrollers
Martin, Geni, JEM, MA Lighting, Studio Due, Pulsar, ELC, Kupo, ADJ and Look                 Occasionally you get a stronger look by              have the same custom colours which were chosen
Solutions. This newsletter highlights a small selection of applications that have
chosen to use our products. If you would like to have applications featured in future
                                                                                            contrasting a colour but I tend towards using        to match the different types of lights we use in the
editions please email us at                                          the same colour. If you start mixing colours         show.” said Al.

CD LIVE                                                                                                   IT TAKES
                                                                                                          TWO AT RESX
                                                                                                          Channel 7 created It Takes Two, a live to air show
                                                                                                          which was televised Sunday's at 6:30pm, where
                                                                                                          celebrities not known for their singing are paired
                                                                                                          with some of Australia's finest and belt out just
                                                                                                          about every style of music.
                                                                                                          Resolution X supplied the automated rig and all
                                                                                                          LED lighting fixtures. Frank Racina as LD
                                                                                                          assembled an automated rig consisting of Martin
                                                                                                          MAC250 Entour, MAC550, MAC700 and
                                                                                                          MAC2000 fixtures.
                                                                                                          ”This is the first time that I have personally used
Foxtel shot its Fox8's new live music show       have to be able to deliver a wide variety of looks.
                                                                                                          the MAC700's and they're terrific,” stated Frank.
CD:Live at its Ryde studios. The weekly          The MAC700 does all of that; it does a good wash,
                                                                                                          “I'd have a rig full of MAC700's if I could! I really
programme features both Australian and           has great gobos which I love and the effects wheel
                                                                                                          like their output and their colour mixing, they're so
international acts who perform in front of a     allows me to add something special to an ordinary
live audience                                    look we may have done several times before.”
                                                                                                          The vast majority of the shots shown feature the
Dale Martin, lighting director for the show,     “The MAC700's have also proved to be awesomely
                                                                                                          Pulsar ChromaBanks and over 200 ChromaStrip
decided to use sixteen Martin MAC700             reliable. I haven't had one break down, recalibrate
                                                                                                          2's, which are very hard to miss as they are built
fixtures, the only moving heads used, from       through a show, gobos get stuck nothing. I'm really
                                                                                                          into almost every part of the set.
Chameleon Touring Systems to compliment          impressed with them!”
                                                                                                          ”We tried out a few types of LED fixtures but we
his analogue rig of Par 64s, Par56s, Codas,      To light the magnificent Design Quintessence
                                                                                                          found that many 'strobed' on our cameras,”
Profiles and Fresnels.                           circle trusses that decorate the set in changing
                                                                                                          explained Frank. “The Pulsar fixtures didn't
“I wanted a moving head that could offer me      colour Dale chose to use twenty-four Pulsar
                                                                                                          strobe at all and were the best for the job.”
versatility,” he explained. “It had to be        ChromaPar36Cans from Lots of Watts.“They're
punchy enough to do a decent colour wash         pretty good,” he stated. “I love the functionality of
                                                                                                          All lighting and a Media Server were controlled by
as well as some gobo effects and it              them and the colours that they produce as well as
                                                                                                          David Tidy, Kathryn Peck, Andy Edis and Alex
especially had to have an effects wheel. We      the little effects that they can do within the control
                                                                                                          Saad via 3 MA Lighting grandMA consoles. One
were looking at staying with the same fixture    box. They're very easy to use and simple to plug up.
                                                                                                          grandMA operates all of the media material
for the entire run of the series but with so     I really like them.”
                                                                                                          running images into the LED screens as well as
many bands coming in the fixture would                                                                    the ChromaBanks and ChromaStrips whilst
                                                                                                          another operates all of the analogue lights and
                                                                                                          twelve MAC2000 Performances. The remaining
                                                                                                          grandMA takes care of the majority of the moving
                                                                                                          The Chromastrip 2's were rushed into the country
                                                                                                          especially for the show and marks the first
                                                                                                          Australian Television appearance for the product.
                                                                                                          ”Special thanks should go to Show Technology
                                                                                                          for organising this to happen in such a short
                                                                                                          space of time,” concluded Tim Hall, Resolution
                                                                                                          X's Managing Director.

The Melbourne International Motor Show is        well as twenty-four of the Pro Shop LED
a flagship event for the Australian              Honeycomb fixtures; a RGB-LED high power
automotive industry. In 2006, the Motor          floodlight ideally suited for lighting large surfaces.
Show hosted the latest in design and             In the set there were twelve more Pulsar
technology, futuristic prototypes and            ChromaBanks and eight 12-metre lengths of Pro
concept vehicles.                                Shop LEDNeon Flex in Red. LEDNeon flex is easy
Visitors to the stunning Toyota stand were       to install, can be bent to any shape, can be used
given a chance to see the future of the          indoors and outdoors and can withstand the
Aussie V6 when Toyota unveiled a                 toughest of environments.
breakthrough vision for 2006. Also making        General stand lighting comprised of eighty Kupo
waves this year were the All New RAV4            MSR 575 Multi Pars and a dozen Phillips Arena
redefining the compact SUV, the 2006             Vision lights.
model Prius i-Tech, and sneak peeks of the
upcoming Yaris Sedan and All New Tarago.         Lighting control was via a MA Lighting grandMA
                                                 which was triggered via timecode so the show ran
Event Marketing company George P                 itself for the length of the event.
Johnson contracted Francesco Calvi to
design a lighting concept for this prestigious
stand. In his flown rig Francesco chose          The Honeycomb 72 features 72 1W
                                                 High Power RGB LEDs. Originally
twenty-four VL 3000 spot, twelve Martin          designed for outdoor colour wash
Atomic Strobes and fifty-six Pulsar              applications, tt has become popular
ChromaBanks whilst under the revolves he         with rental companies for high
                                                 power colour wash applications.
placed a further twelve Atomic Strobes as

                                                                                                           IDOL 2006
                                                                                                           Lighting designer Francesco Calvi has been lighting
                                                                                                           Australian Idol since its inception and for the last series
                                                                                                           he decided to take a fresh approach to the lighting.
                                                                                                           “We wanted the show to have a more rock'n'roll feel to
                                                                                                           it, a more raw and edgy look,” he explained. “To me it
                                                                                                           was starting to look a bit the same every series and we
                                                                                                           needed to get away from the expected Idol look.”
                                                                                                           Immediately Francesco knew the ideal fixture to
                                                                                                           compliment and enforce the rock'n'roll appearance
                                                                                                           the Studio Due CS4 innovative Par64 "bar" with
                                                                                                           DMX512-controlled movement. A total of sixteen were
                                                                                                           consequently used.
                                                                                                           “I wanted an edgy beam effect without a bunch of
                                                                                                           movers all over the place,” said Francesco. “They give
                                                                                                           me a big rock look when I need it most however I also
                                                                                                           use them quite subtlety at times too.”

                                                                                                           Another interesting feature in Francesco's lighting
                                                                                                           were the 48 Pro Shop LED Honeycomb 72 Hi placed

                                                                                                           under the stage that add an effective element to the
                                                                                                           “It's quite a simplistic rig but it looks different and is

                                                                                                           getting a great response,” concluded Francesco.

                                                                                                           Also in the rig were 40 Martin MAC700, 96 Source Four
                                                                                                           with Colorset scrollers, 48 Pulsar ChromaBanks, 24
Since opening on Christmas Eve in 1904,         Jon. “We discovered that the MAC2000 met                   AquaLEDs, 96 Pulsar MR16 ChromaHearts in the
His Majesty's Theatre in Perth has become       the specification and then some.                           ramps, 2 8way molefays, 12 4way molefays and 2 MA
one of Western Australia's most-loved           Jon particularly likes the ease of use that the            Lighting grandMAs. Lighting was supplied by
heritage icons. A stunning example of           MAC2000 offers as well as their brightness,                Chameleon Touring Systems.
Edwardian era architecture, the building is     the even colour field and the intuitiveness of
a design masterpiece.                           the operating system.
The venue has always preferred to own its       “The fact that they have a really good
lighting and audio equipment rather than        maintenance record was also very
hire gear in and this is also the preferred     significant,” he added. “We were very keen
method of the State government, owners of       on the fact that they have a shutter system as
His Majesty's Theatre.                          it's important for theatre applications. The
“It's beneficial for us to own the gear in-     noise factor was also a primary selection
house as then we can support other clients      factor.”
as we don't just run our own theatre; we        To meet OH&S standards, over 100 Kupo
provide support to a number of other            Multipars were installed to replace the
venues,” explained Jon Davey, head              outdated 110 Volt pars.
electrician at His Majesty's.
                                                ”The Kupo Multipars were the logical choice,”
The process of upgrading the lighting           said Jon. “The fact that they can house a
system at the theatre started with an           number of different lamps with minimal fuss
electrical fire in the patch bay in 2003. It    and turn around made them very attractive.
was decided that serious faults were            The Look Solutions hazers and smoke
starting to occur in the system, and also       machines speak for themselves in why we
none of the luminaires had been replaced        bought them; the output, ease of operation
since 1992.                                     and silence of the units is phenomenal. I don't
“It was all becoming a little bit too old and   think there's another hazer or smoke machine
tired. It was becoming harder for us to meet    at that level within the market that can out
the specifications of the shows that come       strip them.”
in,” continued Jon. “We spend most of year
catering to ballet and opera, and               “It's been a good process and to finally see it
essentially we had to emulate the look of       come to fruition has been really pleasing. We
the Sydney Opera House.                         really have the Dept. of Culture and the Arts
The theatre turned to Bytecraft                 and our Minister Sheila McHale to thank for
Entertainment to supply and install a           making it happen.”
package that was dominated by Show
Technology gear including 12 x Martin
MAC2000 Performances, 8 x Martin
MiniMacs, 2 x Look Solutions Unique
Hazers, 2 x Look Solution Viper 2.6 smoke
machines, 110 Kupo Multipars, some
mirror balls, motors, Par 16s, and TMB
DMX cable. Design Quintessence
                                                                             The MultiPAR HOG features
supplied the trussing.                                                       an optically treated glass
”When it came to choosing the MAC2000's                                      reflector to provide a high
                                                                             output beam perfect for
there were only a couple of lamps in the                                     many applications.
shootout that met our specifications,” said

  LDI 2006
     LDI is an important professional
     lighting trade show on the annual
     calendar and in 2006 one of the
     largest contingents of Aussies ever
     made the trek to Las Vegas. As you
     can see there was plenty to do, a
     Vegas Wedding performed by Elvis,
     limo rides and hanging out at
     Caesars. The trade show was very
     good, as you can see by the
     seriousness of the faces attending a
     Martin briefing on day one. Can you
     identify the Elvis impersonators?

     WatervieW Convention Centre in Bicentennial       results. For lighting control he opted for a MA
     Park at Sydney Olympic Park is a fabulous new     Lighting grandMA.
     venue specialising in every type of event         “At first we were a little intimidated by the grandMA
     associated with the corporate and private         thinking it would be hard to operate as it has so
     sectors.                                          many features,” he revealed. “But once you start
     Set amongst 40 hectares of serene parklands,      using it you realize that it's a very easy console to
     lakes and ponds, WatervieW can host events        operate. It allows you to make changes on the fly
     from 50 guests to 2000 guests in this protected   which surprised us. The technical staff are very
     environment and is a beautiful alternative to     happy with it and the more we use it, the more we
     the hustle of the city.                           like it.”
     The entire venue space is pillarless and opens    Martin Cyclo fixtures, the colour-changing
     out onto undercover verandah's overlooking        fluorescent with a slim design, were chosen to light
     the park.                                         the ceiling in a variety of colours. They flood the
     Impact AV is the venue's audio visual company     space with ever changing shades making the
     with experienced technicians based onsite.        ceiling a dramatic statemnt within itself.                                The Show Technology golf day always attracts lots of interest, the last one we held was no different. Over 50
     Silas Creel, Impact's managing director, had      “They're a nice looking fixture, have a nice range of
     the task of making the venue as flexible as       colours and they're low energy usage,” said Silas.
     possible when choosing the lighting to be         “They give a nice, soft light; it's a really attractive
     installed. He turned to Show Technology for all   look to the room.”
                                                                                                                 SHOWTECH GOLF DAY
                                                                                                                                 people joined us for a day of fun and for some, serious golf! Another one will be planned soon.

     his lighting needs. A lighting package that       For moving heads Silas chose Martin MAC550's the
     includes six Martin MAC550, eighteen Martin       moving light with astounding graphics and
     MX-10, fourteen Studio Due CityColors,            animation, all wrapped within the award-winning
     twenty-eight Martin Cyclos, two Studio Due        design of the MAC 2000. Featuring motorised
     CS1, forty Kupo Multipars and eighteen Kupo       zoom, gobo motors and animation, the MAC 550 is
     profiles provides Silas with endless lighting     a small revolution in the world of quiet, mid-sized
     variety.                                          fixtures.
     “Each client has their own expectations of
     what they want from a presentation and we         ”I love them for their functionality, focusing
     need to be able to cater to everyone,” he said.   capability and special scene effect which is
     “Having good vision to all the screens and        absolutely awesome,” commented Silas. “Added to
     having good lighting throughout the venue         the Martin MX-10's, which are used to light tables
     was paramount. The venue has many set up          when in a dinner mode, we have a great Martin
     options so we had to think ahead about            package.”
     cabling and patches. For example, as the          A couple of the innovative Studio Due CS1 mobile,
     walls are movable, we could have wall patch       moving head Multi-Par fixtures offer the venue even
     panels and had to go with floor pits.”            more flexibility due to the four different lenses, for
     Silas was on site installing the lighting and     four different beam angles, that are provided.
     audio for seven months to ensure optimum
Martin Cyclo’s in action

                                                                                                           GRAND MA
                                                                                                           An initiative of Brisbane City Council, Brisbane

THE LOGIE                                                                                                  Powerhouse exposes and celebrates the diversity
                                                                                                           of contemporary arts in Brisbane and connects it to

                                                                                                           the rest of the country and the world.
                                                                                                           A substantial upgrade of the lighting equipment
                                                                                                           within this venue has begun with the purchase of a
                                                                                                           MA Lighting grandMA console. In the near future
The 2006 TV Week Logie Awards,                   console is getting a bit old and tired but we liked       the venue will also order a quantity of moving head
celebrating fifty years of Australian            the fact that it has an outboard wing. We came up         fixtures, a move that was taken into consideration
television, were held at Melbourne's Crown       with a similar concept with the MA consoles using         when choosing the new lighting control console.
Casino and for the first time grandMA was in     the grandMA light and full size grandMA as one            “We had a look at all the latest consoles on the
total control!                                   control station so that I could also operate things       market from the major suppliers and the grandMA
Channel 9's lighting director Rohan              like the audience lighting as well. It worked really      was clearly the best choice,” said Toby Hill, Senior
Thornton chose three full size MA Lighting       well.”                                                    Technician at the Powerhouse. “We had to
grandMA consoles plus a grandMA light to         Rohan describes the grandMA console as very               consider not only the moving lights but other
control this important event that is telecast    intuitive and he likes the way that it can be set up in   technologies that we may use in the future such as
live to an estimated audience of 2.4 million.    a variety of ways.                                        LEDs and media servers. Of all the consoles that
“I learnt more about the grandMA console         “The more I use the grandMA the better I am               we looked at the stability of the grandMA was the
whilst doing the Commonwealth Games              getting,” he stated. “It's really good for Media          best; it didn't crash and it was very easy to get out of
Opening and Closing ceremonies and I             Servers and has great networking capabilities.”           any trouble we may have put ourselves into.”
knew it would be ideal for this event,” said                                                               Toby is particularly impressed by the user-
Rohan. “It was also readily available in the                                                               friendliness of the grandMA console.
required quantity. Our Compulite Sabre                                                                     “For lack of a better term, I really like the way it
                                                                                                           'thinks', he said. “Everything is very fluid with this
                                                                                                           console, all very logical. It's not a confusing syntax
                                                                                                           at all. Before I'd mostly used a Hog and the venue
                                                                                                           housed an ETC Express console so the grandMA is
                                                                                                           a big leap forward.”
                                                                                                           Brisbane Powerhouse employs numerous lighting
                                                                                                           operators for its abundant events and so it was
                                                                                                           important to have a console that was quick and
                                                                                                           easy to navigate. Whilst some operators, such as
                                                                                                           Toby and his head electrician, are high calibre
                                                                                                           lighting operators many of the casual staff are not
                                                                                                           very familiar with high-end consoles.
                                                                                                           “With the grandMA you can log different users into
                                                                                                           the console and give them the access to only the
                                                                                                           features you want them to access and that's
                                                                                                           fantastic,” explained Toby. “I really like the way you

                                                                                                           can customise your groups and set-up screens to
                                                                                                           suit your personal tastes; the way you like to see a
                                                                                                           show laid out before you. For events that are

SEBASTIAN                                                                                                  community-style the ability for their operator to be
                                                                                                           able to drive the console with only a channel fader
                                                                                                           mode and to be able to lay the console out simply
                                                                                                           so that they can understand it is a great benefit. You
Simon Aitkin, Phaseshift's Production            said Simon. “The live time set ups are great, the
                                                                                                           can lock them out of all the intricate features and
Manager, completed a nationwide tour for         ability to do live preset times. I like having the
                                                                                                           they can easily plot their show without much
English band Belle & Sebastian using the         macros at a touch of a button and the touch
                                                                                                           support from us. You don't have to spend hours
grandMA. The lighting for the tour was           screens are great.
                                                                                                           looking over their shoulders making sure they
designed by Simon and for this he found          “The amount of display that you can get is really         press the right buttons.”
the grandMA's visualiser software                good. The grandMA can do a lot that Hogs can't.
extremely beneficial in fact he sold the                                                                   Situated in the main theatre the grandMA will
                                                 The executor fader choices are quite good and the
design using the visualiser software!                                                                      handle a wide variety of events including musicals,
                                                 timing is a lot easier than on a Hog. The UPS in it is
                                                                                                           theatre, jazz festivals, cabaret, rock shows and
“I really liked having a lot of faders at your   fantastic. I'm still touching the surface but so far I
fingertips, that's fantastic for live shows,”    love it!”

Since the launch of the MAC 700 Profile late in                excellent attendances at each. Before long the
2005, its success has been overwhelming. From                  MAC700 Wash began to appear on many high
day one, the product was specified on major                    profile gigs around Australia and world wide,
                   shows and events worldwide                  beginning with the Radiohead tour. Locally the
                   and helped Martin reaffirm its'             product was an instant hit on TV and Corporate
                    leading market position as                 work.

                     provider of top performance                                                                                                    “It's a great light fast and with good
                                                                                                                                                    colours,” commented Rohan
                      products. The MAC 700                   What has made the MAC700 so successful?                                               Thornton of GTV9 at the Melbourne
                      Profile outperforms many                Flexibility has to be one reason. The product is                                      launch. “The variable CTO is a
                       1200 Watt fixtures on the              perfect for concert touring, corporate work,                                          good feature for a wash light and it's
                                                                                                                                                    certainly bright. It's a big
                       market, and with its many              product launches and exhibitions. Additionally, its                                   improvement on the prototype I saw
                        features, smaller size,               low noise level makes it equally relevant to the film,                                earlier in the year.”
                         lower weight, quieter                television and theatre market, and also
                         operation and higher                 encompasses other areas with similar                                                   Lighting designer Paul Collison
                 modularity, it has proven to be a                                                 requirements such                                 also saw the prototype and he too
champion. The Lighting Designers love their new                                                    as houses of                                      was impressed by how much
                                                                                                                                                     further Martin, after listening to
tool and with the high specification rate and low                                                  worship. Designers                                feedback from the Australian
service requirements, it makes rental companies                                                    are very interested in                            lighting industry, had taken the
achieve minimal cost of ownership and maximum                                                      the MAC 700 Wash                                  fixture.
return on investment.                                                                              for their medium or
                                                                                                   smaller shows, or
The new MAC 700 Wash is built on the same                                                          the shows where                                  “I think the MAC700 Wash is a
                                                                                                                                                    fantastic fixture and it's perfect for
values and early in 2006 we previewed a prototype                                                  their budget is not                              our industry,” reported Tim Hall of
to an excited audience in Melbourne. The reaction                                                  enough to include                                Resolution X. They have a great
                                                               Daniel from Lots of Watts and Wini.                                                  output, nice colour temperature
was fantastic and the feedback valuable and by                                                     MAC 2000 fixtures.
                                                                                                                                                    and fantastic colour mixing
mid 2006 Martin had officially released the latest            A smaller body, a lighter weight, a reduced price                                     everything you'd want from a wash
addition to the MAC700 series.                                and a reduced output make it an alternative for the                                   fixture.”
                                                              MAC 2000 Wash, yet still gives the Lighting
                                                              Designer a full palette of creative effects.
                                                                                                                             ”We are pleased with the response from the
                                                              Today the MAC700 Series joins other MAC series                 market,” added Emmanuel Ziino, managing
                                                              stalwarts such as the MAC500 and 600, MAC2000                  director of Show Technology. “Martin first sent us a
                                                              and MAC250 series as the basis of many                         protoype back in February this year and the
                                                              installations around the country. Most major rental            Melbourne lighting community were one of the first
                                                              company's inventories throughout Australia                     in the world to see it. It is good to see that a lot of
                                                              include all or part of the MAC family of moving                our feedback was used in adding features to the
Soren Storm Presenting the MAC 700 Wash in Sydney             lights.                                                        unit. Martin has proved yet again that not only do
Expectations were high, but Martin guaranteed                                                                                they develop world class products but they also
that lots of effort and work had been done to make            Put simply, Martin MAC moving lights are the most              listen to their customers!”
sure that they delivered the perfect companion to             widely available and specified in the country (and
the MAC 700 Profile. And they did! Show                       the world), so while we can ramble on for ages we
Technology conducted dedicated product                        will let the results speak for themselves. We have
launches in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with               compiled a small list of references below.

Launches held in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney.

We have collated a very small list of MAC references, with a heavy Australian focus, so that you get an idea of where and how Martin MAC moving lights are used daily. We have
tried to keep the list current so we are not quoting installations, tours or events performed years ago.
Tours - John Butler Trio — UB40 — Rolling Stones — Veronicas — Pete Murray — Split Enz — Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Robbie Williams — Pearl Jam — Billy Joel — Scissor Sisters — Sigur Ros — INXS —
Kanye West — Kylie — Elton John — Coldplay — Deep Purple — James Blunt — Stevie Nicks — Chris Isaaks — U2 — Joe Cocker — Madonna — Pink — Radiohead — Simple Minds — The Bangles —
Human Nature — The Wiggles — Guy Sebastian. Theatre - DustyBoy from Oz — Eurobea t— Priscilla — Titanic — We Will Rock You — His Majesty's Theatre Perth — Grease. TV - Wheel of Fortune
— Deal Or No Dea l— Dancing with the Stars — Arias — It Takes Two — Dancing on Ice — Foxtel CD Live — Big Brother — Australian Idol — NRL Grand Final — Channel 7 50 Years of TV — Torvill and
Dean Dancing On Ice . Big Events - Commonwealth Games — Anzac Military Tattoo — Royal Easter Show — Asian Games DOHA — Eurovision Song Contest — Rock Eisteddfods — Hillsong
Conference — Melbourne Grand Prix Ball — NYE Sydney Harbour Bridge — Big Day Out — Gulf Cup Soccer Opening Ceremonies - Abu Dhabi — Australia Day Concert - Canberra.
Installations - Powerhouse Museum — Crown Casino — Burswood Casino — Star City Casino — Australian War Memorial — Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre — Westin Hotel Sydney
— Hilton Hotel Sydney — Four Seasons Hotel — Hillsong Churches — Planet Shakers Church.

BING - MR16’s
The world-wide trend for strip clubs to shed their    one end.”
                                                                                                                        Baguette, the gracious suburban bistro in the
seedy image and move upmarket has finally             Pulsar ChromaRange MR16 LED down lights are the                   Brisbane suburb of Ascot, has been a dining
reached Sydney's notorious Kings Cross with           main lighting source in the venue, apart from three               institution for the past thirty years.
the refurbishment of the legendary Bada Bing          designer, suspended lampshades. Initially the
club.                                                                                                                   The Baguette logo, fashioned out of neon,
                                                      owners had planned on installing more lighting                    was already in place but the façade of the
The space is divided into a main area with a          effects however once they saw the Pulsar lights they              venue was overshadowed by a large tree.
mobile stage and the obligatory pole, a fairly        decided that no more effects lighting was required.               The owners wanted the venue more visible
large bar and then a smaller stage and pole to        “I didn't look any further than the Pulsar range of LED           without removing such a lovely, shady tree
wards the rear. This stage can be curtained off       lighting because of their reputation and reliability,”            and the idea of lighting the awning with LED
from the rest of the venue if required. To one        declared Michael. “Darren McLanders from Show                     products was suggested.
side there are a couple of booths for private         Technology showed me how to programme the LED
dancing.                                                                                                                As a result two Pulsar ChromaStripX3 LED
                                                      lights. There are several programmes that are easy                strips are placed on the wall of the restaurant
Michael Budge of Quantum Electrical has been          to access and run although we usually have a                      whilst fifteen metres of Pro Shop LEDNeon
working with the Kings Cross strip clubs for          moderately slow colour change running although                    Flex defines the edges of the awning.
around eighteen years and has noticed a move          the speed increases as the night goes on. I've                    Finished in sleek extruded aluminium and
away from the tacky, underground situation            chosen colours that work well with flesh.”                        available in 318, 614, 908 and 1204mm
which he believes has been necessary primarily        The main dance stage is an ellipse shape reflected                lengths the ChromaStripX3 is IP65 rated
because of licensing issues.                          by a corresponding ceiling bulkhead that is ringed                making it ideal for this type of exterior
“The club owners have realised there is more          by twelve Pulsar ChromaRange LED down lights                      installation. The ChromaStripX3 is available
money in these types of clubs with classy             with the smaller stage serviced by eight of the                   in 10 degree (1WLEDs) and 20 degree (5mm
venues,” he said. “Prior to this renovation, Bada     fixtures.                                                         LEDs) beam angles and allows the diners
Bing was just a dingy black hole with a stage at                                                                        outside to be bathed in a huge variety of
                                                                                                                        colours. Control is via a Pulsar OutStation
                                                                                                                        Wall panel.
                                                                                                                        The LEDNeon Flex is available in six colours
                                                                                                                        with this particular project utilising the blue
                                                                                                                        shade. Original neon is complicated to install
                                                                                                                        and fragile in nature but LEDNeon Flex is
                                                                                                                        easy to install, can be bent into any shape,
                                                                                                                        can be used indoor and outdoor and can
                                                                                                                        withstand tough environments.

                                                                                                                        With the introduction of exterior LED lighting,
                                                                                                                        supplied by The Production Shop, Baguette
                                                                                                                        is clearly visible to passing cars and potential

                                                                                                                        customers cruising the road for somewhere
                                                                                                                        to eat.
                                                                                                                        The Chromastrip X3 is a new high out put RGB Strip from PULSAR.
                                                                                                                        It is available in 300, 600, 900 & 1200mm.
The Oxford Hotel in Bathurst, country NSW, has        fixtures each of which features 18 high powered
been totally renovated bringing some city style       LEDS. That way you get a bar that is illuminated in a
to the region. As well as a cool bar, stylish         variety of colours, to match the dance floor lighting if
function areas and a restaurant the hotel             you wish, yet does not detract from the dance rig.
features a super trendy nightclub which is            The façade of the bar as well as the shelves behind,
packed every weekend.                                 are transformed by the ChromaHearts into a
Whilst the action on the dance floor is               colourful destination and the bar has become one
highlighted by a MEC truss full of lighting gear,     big lighting feature in itself. Control of the sixty
all installed by DMC Sound & Lighting, the bar at     ChromaHearts is via Pulsar ChromaZone
the other end of the room could easily get lost in    controllers.
the relative darkness. How to attract attention to    DMC also installed a large quantity of the Pro Shop
this corner without competing with the dance          LED Pinspots into the venue where they are used to
floor lighting?                                       highlight the fabulous trussing configuration and
Simple, install Pulsar ChromaHeart MR16 LED           enhance the moving heads.

Sydney                       Melbourne                             Perth                     Brisbane
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NSW 2128 Australia           Port Melbourne VIC 3207 Australia     WA 6090 Australia         Banyo 4014 QLD Australia
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