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									Harry Coumnas Owns Six Pets
Harry Coumnas likes playing sports of all kinds. He is
very fond of basketball and he has played for one of
the best basketball teams in New York City, the Knicks
basketball team. He has also won a number of wrestling
championships at college level.
Pool and chess are among his other favorites.
Adventure sports also interest him a lot. He indulges in
adventure sports like sky diving, camping in woods and
hitch hiking. He likes driving fast cars and roller
coaster rides as well.
He possesses strong social values. He stays away from
alcohol and does not consume drugs of any kind. He is
of the point of view that the intake of such things
makes a normal person behave stupidly. He sticks to
his views even when he is made fun of by his friends
for the same reason.
Also, he is a humanitarian and indulges in charity work.
He believes in helping the poor and needy at all times.
Harry Coumnas is an animal lover and has six pet
animals at his place. His pets include 3 cats named
Pussycat, Tiger and Aimless and 3 dogs named Harry,
Joe and Buckwheat.
He is a family centered person and is closely attached
to his family. There are around 100 members in his
family who live in different parts of the world. He
shares a special bond with all of them and makes sure
that he spends quality time with them.
About Harry Coumnas
Harry Coumnas is a professional based in New York.
He is a highly educated expert who studied Psychology
and Political Science as his major subjects. He is a
helpful, generous and family oriented human being. He
comes from a large family of around 100 members who
live in different parts of the world.

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