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									Importance of an Engagement Ring in
An engagement ring is not just a commitment before the marriage. However, in the Western
tradition, engagement rings are common, because they are the promise of love and are a sign that
a woman is no longer available for other men to marry. We inform the other wearing a ring that a
woman’s emotions are involved in another. One of the most romantic things a man can make a
woman. It adds value if it gives him a beautiful ring.

Custom to change the tires dating back hundreds of years. It said that the left hand in the fourth
chapter guided vena amoris (vein of love) and the vena amoris was connected directly to the
heart. This practice has suffered and, therefore, now as wedding rings and engagement rings
was placed in a finger. Married couple is believed to be linked to the core. At the end of 16
century, Gimmel rings were matted and designed for a small section of gold. Use Gimmel ring
was such that when the woman accepted his marriage proposal, each brought up the rings at the
ceremony. And ‘the day of the wedding, the groom would remove his ring Gimmel during the
ceremony and the bride had to use in conjunction with your Gimmel ring of the same.

People feel that the very act of engagement with a ring and a woman is very important. The
engagement ring is worn by a woman on the last second finger of his left hand. Her wedding ring
is placed during the wedding ceremony on the same finger. The ring is awarded to a woman after
she accepts a marriage proposal and is representative of the union and promised to marry in the
future. The engagement ring is worn on the second last digit in the right hand. The majority of
men are now buying diamond rings for their beloved. Custom diamond rings began in Italy
where it was believed that diamonds were derived from the flames of love and so obviously
represented the strapping band of eternal love

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