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Radlett, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom
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                                                                                    The SiTe                                                     UK LANd
  GUide priCe
                                                                                    This superb site is located in one of the most               Buying land is one of the best ways to create
  Plot in sq m                      Price in AED              Price in GBP          prestigious and wealthy towns in England, and lies           real personal wealth. Over the years land as an
  100 sq metres:                    40,000 AED                £6,700*               just 17 miles north to central London, with all its          asset has steadily increased in value. Even when
                                                                                    world class entertainment, shopping and dining               the stock market has plummeted and interest
  135 sq metres:                    54,000 AED                £9,000*
                                                                                    facilities.                                                  rates have remained low, the value of land has
  310 sq metres:                    124,000 AED               £20,800*                                                                           proven to be one of the most robust and resilient
                                                                                    Radlett is a historic town that dates back in
  * All prices quoted in UAE Dirhams at this time, the correct amount in GBP                                                                     investments.
    will be calculated at the time of sale against the foreign exchange rate.       origin to Roman times. It offers a true snapshot
                                                                                    of English history and has an amazing array                  Crowne Estates England is the leading land
                                                                                    of buildings and historic landmarks, ranging                 organisation specialising in UK land. Our vision is
  SiTe pArTiCULArS                                                                                                                               to make land ownership accessible to individuals,
                                                                                    in age from Tudor timber taverns to Victorian
  Approx Size: 11 acres (44,500 sq metres)                                          stone mansions. Whilst being rural in location,              allowing them the opportunity to reap the rewards
  Tenure: Freehold                                                                  the town still has the major advantages of being             that were once available only to large property
                                                                                    only 5 minutes drive from both the M25 and M1                development companies.
                                                                                    motorways, and 30 minutes to Heathrow airport.
  SiTe breAKdOwN
                                                                                    The site also lies less than 1 mile from the                 MArKeT Overview
                                                                                    mainline train station, which runs excellent                 • Land values have increased for the second
                                                                                    frequent services to Kings Cross St Pancras at a               quarter of 2004 by 16% (Source: National
                                                                                    journey time of just 25 minutes.                               Rural Agents)
                                                                                    The town itself has a current population of just             • Valuation of farm land is becoming more
                                                                                    over 8,000, and has a fine balance of being both               of an art rather than a science as the value
                                                                                    rural in feel and yet busy enough to provide quality           of the land is not related to its agricultural
                                                                                    local services. There are 23 excellent schools within          productivity, but more to its proximity to
                                                                                    a 10 mile radius of the site, offering both state              adjacent houses who wish to protect the views
                                                                                    and public school options for all ages of children.            from their property
                                                                                    Radlett also has a top choice of private and national
                                                                                    hospitals, with 6 major treatment centres located            • Demand for commercial and residential farm
                                                                                    within 8 miles of the site.                                    land continues to rise. Availability of land
                                                                                                                                                   is very restricted, which is helping to push
                                                                                    It may come as little surprise to learn that                   prices up (Source: Royal Institute of Chartered
                                                                                    average price of a 5 bedroom house in Radlett is a             Surveyors RICS)
                                                                                    staggering £950,000, and as a result Government
  MAp                          A6
                                                                                    plans are to currently address this by building up
                                                                                    to 1,400 new houses on the outskirts of Radlett, by          UK LANd beNefiTS
                                                                                    the year 2016. (source: Herts County Council).
                                    A1(M)                                                                                                        • 100% Freehold
                                                        M11                                                                                      • Have up to 4 names on 1 title
               A413                       radlett
                                                                                                                                                 • No council tax
                                                                                                                                                 • No stamp duty
                                                                A13                                                                              • No VAT
                                    london                                                                                                       • No maintenance costs
                    heathrow                        london
                                                      city                                                                                       • No annual fees
                                                                                                                                                 • No hidden charges
               M3                                                A28

                                    A24     M23
                                                                                    1.1 Percentage growth 2000 - 2010                            1.2 Predicted UK housing demand
                                                                                        Source: The valuation office agency, Financial Times         Source: Department for communities and local government
  » Heathrow Airport - 24 miles                                                                                                                      Housing projections to 2031 (March 11, 2009)
    Travel time - 35 minutes
  » Canary Wharf - 21 miles                                                                                                            UK Land

    Travel time - 1 hour                                                                                                             214%
                                                                                                                 S&P 110%
  » Kings Cross Station - 16 miles
                                                                                                                                                                                               Yorkshire and
    Travel time - 45 minutes                                                                                    Nasdaq 109%                                                                    the Humber
                                                                                                                                                 Northwest                                     751,000 ( 34%)
  » Knightsbridge - 17 miles                                                                                                                     686,000 ( 23%)

    Travel time -51 minutes                                                                       FTSE All Shares 56%                                                                          East
                                                                                                                                                 East Midlands                                 840,000 ( 35%)
                                                                                                                                                 690,000 ( 37%)

                                                                                                 FTSE 100 51%
                                                                                                                                                 West Midlands                                 838,000 ( 26%)
                                                                                                                                                 525,000 ( 23%)

                                                                                                                                                 Southwest                                     978,000 ( 28%)
                                                                                                         Percentage Growth                       790,000 ( 36%)

Radlett, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom
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radlett Availability

                                                                                                                 Watling Street
                                                                                                                 (Roman Road)

                                                                                       IRB 8                     IRB 111

                                                                    IRB 2                                                     IRB 116


       RXA1                                                  RXA4

                                                                                               IRB 28

                                                                          RXA6        RXA9
                                                                             RXA7   RXA8


                                           Radlett Preperatory                                          Kendall Wood

                                                       Kendall Hall
                                                       Country Club

                                  Kendall Hall Farm

 No.    Ref.       m2       No.    Ref.          m2

 1      RXA 1      100       8     RXA 8         100
 2      RXA 2      100       9     RXA 9         135
 3      RXA 3      100       10    RXA 10        310
 4      RXA 4      100       11    IRB 111       150
 5      RXA 5      100       12    IRB 116       150
 6      RXA 6      100       13    IRB 8         300
 7      RXA 7      100       14    IRB 28        300

Radlett, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom
Email: contact@crownestatesengland.com   Website: www.crownestatesengland.com


                                                                                                                     Lat: 51°40’17.98”N / Lon: 0°18’35.40”W
                             Train Station

                  Radlett Town Centre

                                                                    Radlett Site

                                                                                                      Boreham Wood



                                                        Train Station


                                                                         Radlett Site


Radlett, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom
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                        Radlett Site



                                 5            4


                                                            1    Finchley


 1   Take the A41 north out of the centre of            6 Continue forward
     London.                                            7 At roundabout take the 3rd exit onto
2    Join the A1 at Sunny Hill Park                       the A5183
 3   At Mill Hill Circus Roundabout take the            8 At Elstree, traffic signals continue forward
     2nd exit onto the A1                               9 At mini-roundabout continue forward onto
4    At Apex Corner Roundabout take the 2nd               the A5183 and on to Radlett
     exit onto the A41
 5   At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto
     the A41

Radlett, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom
Email: contact@crownestatesengland.com   Website: www.crownestatesengland.com

Previous relevant planning                             been changing from what is called a local plan         The site lies with the metropolitan green belt.
                                                       system to a LDF system (Local development              Currently this limits development to alteration
applications on and around this                        Framework). The LDF is a group of documents            replacement or conversion of existing dwellings
site                                                   (DPDs- Development Plan Documents) that                and outbuildings. In principle however the
Based on a desktop study, over the last 10 years,      control development. They are generated over           greenbelt promotes the use of recreational /
there have been no planning applications to the        a long period through what is known as a               leisure uses such as ski slopes, golf courses, horse
site itself but there have been a large number to      ‘statistical evidence base’. What this means is a      riding, show jumping and sports pitches. An
the neighbouring properties.                           long period of public and expert consultation is       Imaginative recreational use of the site could be
                                                       undertaken ensuring that all interested parties        pursued under the current regulations.
The site surrounds Radlett Preparatory School,         whether at a local, regional and national level are
Kendall Hall. There have been a number of              considered. Many of the LDFs are being finalised       Developing housing on the site would only be
minor applications to this site (TP/10/2039,           at present and although they are nearly complete,      possible if the Green belt restrictions could be
TP/09/0868, TP/08/0910, TP/06/0557). These             the local plan often remains statutory at the          surpassed under what is termed ‘the exceptional
have largely been for works to the grounds and         moment. The LDF is the future though, and in           circumstances’ clause.
sports facilitates of the school such as new tennis    terms of long-term investment, these documents
courts, resurfacing, fencing etc.                      will control all aspects of development over the       The site is not within an AONB (Area of
                                                       next 15 to 25 years.                                   outstanding natural beauty)
There have however been approximately 40
applications to buildings near (within 1.5 km) to      In regard to development of open land for              This site in not within an SSI (Site of Scientific
the site over the last 10 years. Many have been for    housing one of the crucial ‘evidence base’             Interest)
alterations (side and rear extension) to existing      documents in the LDF is the SHLAA (Strategic
buildings. They usually are modifications that         Housing Land Availability Assessment).                 Archaeology. The Western boundary of the site
have upgraded the housing stock. There have            Landowners submit sites for the SHLAA on an            is lies along the edge of a Roman Road known as
been, further down Theobald Street (within             ongoing basis. These sites are assessed partly         Watling street. This is a famous landmark and
the settlement boundary) some quite large              on the basis of housing targets for the region.        it is likely that a archaeology report may need
applications for up to 20 homes. Some have been        These targets have been the source of much             to be done before an work on site commences.
approved and development enacted.                      controversy under the labour government of the         The local plan does not however indicate the
                                                       last 10 years. With the appointment of a new           site or the road as being a site of ‘Archaeological
A sample of some applications are included here:-      coalition government in May 2010 these housing         Interest’ (Policy E9)
                                                       targets were quickly scrapped (6.7.10). As of
TP/06/1107. Little Organ farm (adjoining the site)     going to press (autumn 2010) a new system has          The northwestern strip of the site contains a
demolition of dwelling and erection of chalet style    yet to have been adopted. It appears though that       small stream and therefore a 100 metres either
bungalow. Application withdrawn.                       targets will be set entirely by local councils, what   side of this is in an area of Flood Risk (zone 3).
                                                       is referred to as the ‘localisation agenda’ (rather    Consideration for aspects of drainage and run off
TP/08/0696 Little Organ Hall (also adjoining           than being set for the region, such as the South       must be considered (Policy D1-D3)
site). 2 story side and rear extension. Granted        West of England). What is also clear is that in
                                                       last 2 years house building levels have fallen way     Housing Allocation (policies H1 through H17, site
TP/10/2190 Orchard View, Theobald Street               below targets of any sort. One of the primary          allocations DPD, PPG3)
(neighbour). Demolition of garage and                  tasks of the coalition government is to promote
construction of new dwelling house. Pending.           and legislate for a return to much higher house        The Site has not been put forward for reallocation
                                                       building levels. This is the responsibility of the     to housing (under the SHLAA). This should
TP/07/1662 Danes lodge (across road) conversion        government’s communities’ secretary Mr Eric            be done and would be the first stage towards
of garage into dwelling. Withdrawn                     Pickles.                                               achieving development rights. This has been
                                                                                                              done for the neighbouring Borehamwood site,
TP/99/0132 106-112 Theobald Street. Demolition         Planning policy affecting this site                    and is currently under consideration.
of 5 houses, erection of 22 houses. Approved.
                                                       Hertsmere Borough Council controls planning            The council notes that, up until 2009 it has come
TP/99/0048 98 -104 Theobald Street.                    policy for this site. The council is about to adopt    close to meeting its regional targets for house
Demolition of 4 houses, erection of 19 dwellings.      the core strategy (the central document in the         delivery (1,955 houses since 2001 compared to
Approved (through Appeal).                             LDF). It has been revised and is under the final       target of (2,000).
                                                       review stage. In law though, the previous local
Planning policy, general notes                         plan still remains in force until the LDF adoption     The council also notes that it is able to
                                                       actually takes place. The Local plan is due to run     demonstrate that it can meet the required next
Planning policy controls all building development      out in 2011                                            five years supply of developable land that has
in the United Kingdom. This framework is                                                                      already been allocated.
somewhat similar to ‘zoning’ controls seen in the      The policies directly affecting the site, listed
U.S.A and in Europe. These policies dictate the        under the local plan are as follows: -                 Part of the site is covered by Trees. Although the
success or failure of any planning application that                                                           author cannot verify it, it is possible that a Tree
is made.                                               The site is located within the Metropolitan Green      Preservation Order protects this section of the
                                                       belt (national policy PPG2 & local policy C1-5,        site. This precludes the felling of trees in this
The planning policy system in the UK is going          CS2))                                                  area.
through a radical upheaval. Since 2004 it has

Radlett, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom
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Transport Strategy (M1-M6) Any development             Legal Comments
would have to pay heed to the transport polices of
the borough, ensuring the site could be serviced       This site is freehold and comes with a clean title
through public transport and the it would have a       with no mortgages or clawback on the land.
minimal impact on the road network.

Environment. (E2,E7) the most important
environmental aspect is discussed under the first
policy of this report (E2). Consideration must also
be given to E7 the conservation of hedgerows and

Aspects of design consideration such as bulk and
massing of a development must be considered

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