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					SZABIST                                                         Independent Study
Islamabad Campus                                 List of Students, Advisors, Topic & Contact Info

S# Adv         Prog      Reg. #         Student Name         Advisor Name                                                    Topic                                     Remarks

 1            MS (MS)    0921183 Ahmed Arif
       1                                                     Dr. Afzal Khan                Credit Risk Mitigation in Banking Sector: An Evidence from Pakistan
 2            MS (MS)    0921181 Afsheen Abrar

 3            MS (MS)    082194   Fayyaz Zeeshan
       1                                                     Dr. Attiq-ur-Rehman           Performance Management Associated with Salaries.
 4            MS (MS)    082146   Mubashir Khan Afridi

 5            MS (MS)    082165   Shahzad Akhtar
                                                                                           Work Satisfaction of Proposal Nurses in Pakistan-A Comparative
       2                                                     Dr. Attiq-ur-Rehman
                                                                                           Analysis of Private & Public Health Sectors
 6            MS (MS)    082105   Akhtar Raza Mirza

 7     2      PhD (MS)   0931116 Atteeq-ur-rehman            Dr. Attiq-ur-Rehman           Collective Dynamics of Citizenship Behavior

                                                                                           Measuring Job Stress among the Employees of Pakistan Ordinance
 8     3      MS (MS)    0821110 Syed Sikandar Wali          Dr. Attiq-ur-Rehman
 9            MS (MS)    0921206 Atiya Arshad
                                                                                           Transformational Leadership and Organizational Performance Through
       4                                                     Dr. Attiq-ur-Rehman
10            MS (MS)    062126   Najam us Saqib

11            MS (MS)    0921139 Muhammad Ather Yaqub
       1                                                     Dr. Attiya Y. Javeid          Determinants of Trade Balance: An Empirical Analysis of Pakistan
12            MS (MS)    082168   Shoaib Akbar

13            MS (MS)    0921187 Farheen Kayani
       2                                                     Dr. Attiya Y. Javeid          An Empirical Analysis of the Sentiments - Return Relation.
14            MS (MS)    0921191 Mehwish Aziz Khan

                                                                                           Measuring debt deficit and growth connection in the Economy Of
15     3      PhD (MS)   1031107 Khurram Ejaz                Dr. Attiya Y. Javeid
                                                                                           Assessment of Debt Sustainability in Scenario Of Pakistan's Debt
16     4      PhD (MS)   1031107 Khurram Ejaz                Dr. Attiya Y. Javeid
17     5      PhD (MS)   1031110 Muhammad Irfan Javiad       Dr. Attiya Y. Javeid          Carbon Tax and Trading

18     6      PhD (MS)   0931104 Fauzia Mubarik              Dr. Attiya Y. Javeid          Modelling Time Varying Beta Risk In Case Of Pakistani Stock Market.

                                                                                           Impact of Stressors Exploiting Teacher's Satisfaction Level & its Effect
19     1      PhD (MS)   1031106 Hina Shahab                 Dr. Bakhtiar Ali
                                                                                           an Intention to quit. A Pakistani Case Study.
20            MS (MS)    0921199 Zainab Naseer
       2                                                     Dr. Bakhtiar Ali              Factors of readiness for change
21            MS (MS)    0921190 Maryam Rafiq

                                                                                           The Importance Of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment
22     3      PhD (MS)   0931114 Shoaib Bin Naeem            Dr. Bakhtiar Ali
                                                                                           in Shaping Turnover Internet in Pakistani Universities
23     4      PhD (MS)   0931101 Aamir Ghafoor Chaudry       Dr. Bakhtiar Ali              Organizations Innovation & Knowledge Sharing

24     5      PhD (MS)   0931107 Jamila Khatoon Warsi        Dr. Bakhtiar Ali              Factors Affecting Research Culture in Pakistani Universities

                                                                                           Super Leadership-An Approach to Maximize Idle Generation and
25     6      PhD (MS)   0931106 Jahanzeb Shah               Dr. Bakhtiar Ali
                                                                                           Creative Potential
                                                                                           KM & Sustainable Growth in SME's of Pakistan: A comparative
26     7      PhD (MS)   1031108 Waseem Abbas Mirza          Dr. Bakhtiar Ali
27            MS (MS)    0921202 Muhammad Imran
       8                                                     Dr. Bakhtiar Ali              Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Org: Effectives.
28            MS (MS)    0921197 Syed Hassan Rizivi

29     1      MS (SS)    1023113 Muhammd Adil Khan           Dr. Ghulam Taqi Bangash       Global Governance: Pakistan - US Relations

30     2      MS (SS)    1023109 Muhammad Tariq              Dr. Ghulam Taqi Bangash       Factors Behind Gender Discrimination in Education: A case Study

                                                                                           Emotional Disturbance during Schooling can leads towards
31     3      MS (SS)    1023102 Muhammad Harmain            Dr. Ghulam Taqi Bangash
32     1      PhD (MS)   1031105 Habib Ur Rahman             Dr. Hasan M. Mohsin           Impact of Monetary Policy Announcemens on KSE 100 Index
                                                                                           Corporate Dividend Behavior and Policy: An Empirical Analysis of
33     2      MS (MS)    082147   Muhammad Shahzad Ashraf    Dr. Hasan M. Mohsin
34     1      PhD (MS)   1031101 Ali Raza                    Dr. Hasnain Naqvi             Brand Enquiry of Dairy Products in Pakistan.

                                                                                           The Role of Sales Training in Sales - Force Outcome Performance in
35     2      PhD (MS)   1031103 Fahim A. Khan               Dr. Hasnain Naqvi
                                                                                           Heated Telecom Sector of Pakistan.
36            MS (MS)    0921178 Syed Muhammad Ali
                                                                                           Examining the Relationship Between Management Practices &
       1                                                     Dr. Kashif ur Rehman
                                                                                           Innovation with Firm Performance
37            MS (MS)    0921161 Ijaz ur Rehman

                                                                                           The Detection of Fraudulent Reporting: A study of KSE listed
38     2      PhD (MS)   072123   Mazhar Mahmood             Dr. Kashif ur Rehman
39            MS (MS)    0921138 Mobeen Ur Rehman                                          The relationship of Working Capital Management with Profitability of
       3                                                     Dr. Kashif ur Rehman
                                                                                           Cement Industry in Pakistan.
40            MS (MS)    0721141 Naveed Aujum
                                                                                           Impact of Three Major Determents of Organizational Learning and
41     1      PhD (MS)   0931116 Atteeq-ur-rehman            Dr. Matoub Hussain
                                                                                           Knowledge Management Capabilities on Successful e-business
42            MS (MS)    0921134 Fakhar Abbas
                                                                                           Impact of TQM Practices on Performance: A Case of Pakistan
       1                                                     Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan
                                                                                           Telecom Sector
43            MS (MS)    0921117 Nasir Mehmood

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SZABIST                                                          Independent Study
Islamabad Campus                                  List of Students, Advisors, Topic & Contact Info

S# Adv         Prog      Reg. #          Student Name         Advisor Name                                                      Topic                                 Remarks

44            MS (MS)    0921168 Najam -Us-Sahar Janjua
       2                                                      Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan          Impact of Personality - Type on Job Productivity.
45            MS (MS)    0921142 Naveed Akhtar

                                                                                              Political Intelligence - A Managerial Tool: An Empirical Study of
46     3      PhD (MS)   1031104 Fatima Ashraf                Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan
                                                                                              Managers in Pakistan.
                                                                                              Effect of Window Display, in Store Display & POS Promotions of
47     4      MS (MS)    0921151 Zia ur Rehman                Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan
                                                                                              Cigarette Brands on Impulsive Buying Behavior of Youngsters in
48            MS (MS)    0921174 Shameel Akhtar
                                                                                              The Impact of Management, Location & Firm Related Factors on
       1                                                      Dr. Muhammad Rashid Salaria
                                                                                              Foreign Entry Mode of SMEs.
49            MS (MS)    0921172 Rizwan Raees

                                                                                              The Level Of Business Ethics Index in Services Provided By
50     2      PhD (MS)   0931113 Shahid Hussain Khokhar       Dr. Muhammad Rashid Salaria
                                                                                              Pharmaceutical Professional Of Pakistan
51     3      PhD (MS)   0931101 Aamir Ghafoor Chaudry        Dr. Muhammad Rashid Salaria     Information System & Organizational Performance

52            MS (MS)    0921153 Adeel Saqib
                                                                                              Impact of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Learning:
       1                                                      Dr. Muhammad Zahid Iqbal
                                                                                              A Mediating Role of Best HR Practices.
53            MS (MS)    0921160 Haris Ali Khan

54            MS (MS)    0921182 Afsheen Fatima
       2                                                      Dr. Muhammad Zahid Iqbal        Predictors and outcomes of organizational commitment
55            MS (MS)    092 1192 Qureshi Muhammad Atif

56            MS (MS)    0921103 Arsalan Ahmad Siddiqui
                                                                                              Influence of promotional tools offered by pharmaceutical industry on
       3                                                      Dr. Muhammad Zahid Iqbal
                                                                                              physician prescribing behavior
57            MS (MS)    0921157 Badrul Islam

58            MS (MS)    0921149 Usman Ehsan
       4                                                      Dr. Muhammad Zahid Iqbal        Exploration the Predictors of Patients, Trust in Private Hospital.
59            MS (MS)    0921133 Faisal Masud

60            MS (MS)    082153   Abdul Latif Khattak
                                                                                              Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Substituting and
       1                                                      Dr. Sajid Hussain Awan
61            MS (MS)    082140   Muhammad Fawad Hanif

62            MS (MS)    0921137 Mirza Kamran Baig
       2                                                      Dr. Sajid Hussain Awan          Factors Effecting Employees Burn Out
63            MS (MS)    0921130 Ali Ahmad Bodla

64            MS (MS)    082128   Javed Shaheen
                                                                                              Conflict Management Styles of Public & Private Managers within Close
       3                                                      Dr. Sajid Hussain Awan
                                                                                              Friendship in Pakistan.
65            MS (MS)    082102   Abdul Qayyum

66            MS (MS)    0921196 Shoaib Akhtar
                                                                                              Impact of System Thinking on Organizational Effectiveness: Study of
       4                                                      Dr. Sajid Hussain Awan
                                                                                              Banking Sector of Pakistan
67            MS (MS)    0921205 Qaiser Abbas

68            MS (MS)    0921179 Syed Muhammad Zubair Azam
                                                                                              One Report Bringing Change in Corporate Reporting through
       5                                                      Dr. Sajid Hussain Awan
                                                                                              Introducing Integration of Financial and Non-Financial Reports
69            MS (MS)    0921109 Khalid Mehmood Warriach

                                                                                              Leadership Conflict Handling Styles and its Relationship with
70     6      PhD (MS)   0931111 Sajjad Hussain               Dr. Sajid Hussain Awan
                                                                                              Satisfaction Of Faculty: Evidence from Universities Of Pakistan
71            MS (MS)    0921180 Adnan Yousaf
       1                                                      Dr. Shamim A. Shahibzada        Role of MFIS in Poverty Alleviation.
72            MS (MS)    0921200 Zohaib Shahzad

73            MS (MS)    0921119 Naveed Iqbal
       2                                                      Dr. Shamim A. Shahibzada        Keynesian Model of Income Determination in the Context of Pakistan
74            MS (MS)    0921116 M. Sohail Tahir

75            MS (MS)    0921111 M. Umer Nasir
       3                                                      Dr. Shamim A. Shahibzada        Dual Leadership Structure Board Composition and Firm Performance
76            MS (MS)    0921175 Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani

77            MS (MS)    0921143 Nauman Akram
                                                                                              The Extent to which Financial Constraint Impact on the Growth on the
       4                                                      Dr. Shamim A. Shahibzada
                                                                                              Growth of Micro Finance in Pakistan
78            MS (MS)    0921144 Rehman Ullah

79            MS (MS)    0921154 Amad Rafique
       5                                                      Dr. Shamim A. Shahibzada        Effect of financial distress on working capital productivity
80            MS (MS)    0921106 Bilal Ahmed

                                                                                              Measuring the Impact of TQM on Organizational Performance of
81     6      PhD (MS)   1031102 Bilal Ahmed Khan             Dr. Shamim A. Shahibzada
                                                                                              Telecom Firms
82     7      PhD (MS)   1031108 Waseem Abbas Mirza           Dr. Shamim A. Shahibzada        Communities Of Practice a Source Of Learning & Knowledge Sharing
                                                                                              Investigating the barriers in University-Industry Collaboration in
83     1      PhD (MS)   1031111 M. Mohsin Zahid              Dr. Zahid Mehmood
84            MS (MS)    082158   Saqib Fayyaz
       2                                                      Dr. Zahid Mehmood               Measuring the Impact Of Organizational Transformation on Survivors
85            MS (MS)    082157   Ali Abbas

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SZABIST                                                           Independent Study
Islamabad Campus                                   List of Students, Advisors, Topic & Contact Info

S# Adv          Prog      Reg. #          Student Name         Advisor Name                                                      Topic                                      Remarks

86             MS (MS)    0921195 Sanaullah Khan
                                                                                                Impact of ISO 9000 Certification Training & Development Activities in
        3                                                      Dr. Zahid Mehmood
87             MS (MS)    0921129 Adeel Asghar

88             MS (MS)    0921110 Mohsin Raza Khan
        1                                                      Dr. Zulfiqar Shah                Impact of Dividend Declaration on Stock Prices in Pakistan.
89             MS (MS)    0921113 Muhammad Ali

90             MS (MS)    0921201 Misbah Sadiq
                                                                                                Why do Managers Prefer to Pay Dividend in Cash? Evidence from
        2                                                      Dr. Zulfiqar Shah
91             MS (MS)    0921123 Saba Mehmood

92             MS (MS)    082114   Shahab Shehryar Khalid
                                                                                                Impact of Aggressive/Conservative Working Capital Policies on
        3                                                      Dr. Zulfiqar Shah
                                                                                                Profitability of Listed Pakistani Companies.
93             MS (MS)    082126   Ishaq Ali

94             MS (MS)    0921107 Farooq Shah
                                                                                                Testing Static trade off Theory against Pecking Order Model of Capital
        4                                                      Dr. Zulfiqar Shah
95             MS (MS)    0921114 Muhammad Ali Ghazi

96             MS (MS)    0921108 Hafiz Mahmood-ul-Hassan
        5                                                      Dr. Zulfiqar Shah                Impact of Corporate Governance on Firm Performance
97             MS (MS)    0921124 Sadaf Razzaque

98             MS (MS)    0921131 Ch. Muhammad Adil
                                                                                                Empirical Analysis of determinates of dividend payout: profitability and
        6                                                      Dr. Zulfiqar Shah
99             MS (MS)    0921141 Noman Yasin

100     7      PhD (MS)   1031110 Muhammad Irfan Javiad        Dr. Zulfiqar Shah                Energy Credit Carbon Tax and Trading

101     8      MS (MS)    082139   Muhammad Ahmer Athar        Dr. Zulfiqar Shah                Determinants of Capital Structure Of Pakistani Commercial Banks

102            MS (MS)    0921164 Muhammad Fahd Muqaddas
        1                                                      Mr. Imran Qamar                  Consumer Innovativeness and shopping style
103            MS (MS)    0921176 Syed Ali Azfer

104            MS (MS)    0921198 Wajeeha Anwar
        2                                                      Mr. Imran Qamar                  Impact of Brand Association on Brand Equity.
105            MS (MS)    0921204 Momna Zahra

106            MS (MS)    0921156 Atiqa Rehman
                                                                                                Factors Affecting the Attitudes of Consumers Towards Islamic
        1                                                      Mr. Sanaullah Ansari
107            MS (MS)    052101   Aamir Wazir

108            MS (MS)    062117   Mukhtar Ahmed
        2                                                      Mr. Sanaullah Ansari             Performance Analysis of Islamic and conventional Bank
109            MS (MS)    062120   Muhammad Rafiq Ahmed Khan

110            MS (MS)    0921163 Momna Yousaf
        1                                                      Mr. Tahir                        Testing Ricardian Equivalence in Pakistan from 1960 - 2009.
111            MS (MS)    0921173 Sadia Usmani

112            MS (MS)    0921136 Jamal Mansur
        1                                                      Mr. Wisal Ahmed                  Measuring the Impact of Org: Justice on Sale Force Motivation.
113            MS (MS)    0921152 Zia-Ud-Din Afridi

114            MS (MS)    0921158 Faria Tausif
        1                                                      Mr. Zafarullah Siddiqui          Effects of brand extension strategies on parent brand image
115            MS (MS)    082149   Noshaba Sarfaraz

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