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Chapel Lofts, Leeds
architecture 2B
                                                                                       1.1 Contents

architecture 2B                                    Registered Company Number


1.1   Contents
                                                   Registered address
1.2   Company Profile
                                                   Graphical House
1.3   Awards and Recognition
                                                   2 Wharf Street
1.4   Technical Resources / Quality Assurance      The Calls
1.5   Company Structure / CV’s of Key Personnel    LS2 7EQ

1.6   Project Directory
                                                   t         0113 247 1497
1.7   Detailed Project Studies                     f         0113 245 6850
1.8   Registration with Appropriate Trade Bodies
1.9   References
                      Arc Design, Leeds
                          architecture 2B
                     Award Winner 2007
         White RoseChapel Lofts, Morley
Leeds Architecture Award Commendation
                          architecture 2B
                                                                                                                                                      1.2 Company Profile

The Company                                                       Design Approach                                                         Company Objectives

Founded in August 2003 by Darren Bailey and Nick Brown,           architecture 2B believes in producing bespoke design                    • To sell good design as good value.
architecture 2B has quickly established a reputation for their    solutions for each project. Each site, each client, each brief,
quality of design, and their proactive ‘can-do’ attitude to       is different, and the architectural solution should reflect this        • To create high quality contemporary buildings that exceed
service delivery. This success has seen the company grow          diversity. The result of this approach is the creation of ‘identity’.   the expectations of the client, and that are responsive to
steadily to the current level of 13 staff.                        Our quality of design has already been recognised through               sustainability and social issues.
                                                                  several Awards, and by the many Local Authorities we deal
Company Structure                                                 with. We love what we do, and this passion is contagious.               • To maintain a reputation for the quality of the detailed design
                                                                  Projects are successful when the whole team are excited                 stages as much as for the original creation of the idea.
architecture 2B’s team is comprised of the Directors, team        about the quality of the building that is to be created.
leaders, and the company administrator / office manager.                                                                                  • To maintain a reputation for a high quality service.
Each project has Director level input at all stages, Nick         Environment
Brown concentrating on the design stages, and Darren                                                                                      • To continuously develop and push to keep moving forward.
Bailey concentrating on the detailed design and construction      architecture 2B are committed to the pressing environmental
phases.                                                           issues that exist in the construction industry and beyond. A            • To always enjoy what we are doing.
Each new commission is given to a team leader, who retains        member of AECB, Association of Environmentally Conscious
ownership throughout the project. This ownership is critical to   Buildings, and a pioneering company in the field of modern              • To create a dynamic, productive and enjoyable working
the success of the project, enabling a constant flow of design    methods of construction, architecture 2B incorporate                    environment.
thought process, and a high level of coordination at the latter   sustainable principles into their projects from the outset.
stages.                                                           Starting with ways to reduce energy consumption and                     • To create and maintain effective levels of communication
Project reviews, in line with the quality management system,      lowering the carbon footprint, and ensuring construction                at all times.
are important to maintain quality.                                waste is minimised with the use of prefabrication technology,
                                                                  architecture 2B are very vocal in the need to keep this issue           • To create and maintain a motivated, loyal and well balanced
                                                                  at the forefront of each project we work on.                            team.
Midland Mills, Leeds
architecture 2B
                                                                                                                  1.3 Awards and Recognition

Aptil 09                          Oct 08                            Jun 08                              May 08                        Mar 08
Leeds Architecture Award Winner   White Rose Award                  Insider Property Industry Awards:   Yorkshire Property Awards:    Wakefield Civic Society Design
Shine                             Tao                               Architect of the Year               Best Architect                Awards Commendation for Manygates

Jan 08                            Jan 08                            Nov 07                              Nov 07                        Jul 07
Leeds Architecture Awards         Leeds Architecture Award Winner   White Rose Award                    RIBA Brockholes Competition   AJ Kings Cross Charrette
Commendation. York Street         Tao                               York Street                         Finalist

Jun 07                            Mar 07                            Feb 07                              Jan 06                        Mar 05
Kirkstall Forge Phase 1           4x4 Lecture Series                Leeds Variety Club Awards           Halifax Civic Trust Award     Howden Civic Society Awards
Shortlisted                       Speaker                           Best Residential Architect          Beaconsfield Centre           Hailgate House
RIBA Brockholes Competition
              architecture 2B
                                                                                           1.4 Technical Resources / Quality Assurance

Information Technology

architecture 2B uses a PC-based system linked using a                Risk Management                                                 Health & Safety
LAN (Local Area Network) with a dedicated server with an
uninterrupted power supply, this is backed up daily and stored       Implementing the QMS means we can standardise and make          Architecture 2B has a written Health & Safety policy a copy of
off site, outputting to colour and B&W large format plotters. This   routine procedures consistent and accurate, enabling more       which is attached.
enables all the team to view the information ensuring excellent      time to be devoted to dealing with the bespoke requirements
co-ordination.                                                       of each project.                                                This is managed and up-dated with the assistance of an external
AutoCAD is used throughout to produce drawn information.             Environmental assurances
                                                                                                                                     John Grant
NBS Specification Writer is used to create specification which       At architecture 2B we regard sustainability as a key element    Employment Lawyer, Law@Work
accords with CPI Codes. The information for specifications is        in the design process. As part of our quality management        Howard Cohen & Co
drawn from the CIS web-based library system.                         system we are striving towards compliance with BS EN ISO        29 Park Square, Leeds LS1 2PQ
                                                                     14001:2004.                                                     Tel: 0113 244 0597
All designs are modelled in 3D using Sketch-Up.
                                                                     Following the philosophy of ‘think globally act locally’ at     No injuries have yet been entered into the Accident Book and
All information is then managed by Archetype which is a              architecture 2B we actively encourage and participate in a      architecture 2B have not been served with an improvement
bespoke system for architects which manages all data                 cycle to work scheme and have an effective recycling scheme     notice and we would welcome any inspections.
including projects, contacts, email, drawings, documents,            in place. Once a year a bursary is offered to a member of the
correspondence, meetings, CDM and contract documents                 team to enhance and educate our knowledge of sustainability.
ensuring standardisation and easy document retrieval.
                                                                     Investors in People
Quality Assurance
                                                                     architecture 2B is currently in the assessment stage of
architecture 2B’s Quality Management System (QMS) is split           achieving Investors in People status.
into two sections, ‘the way we do it’ and the procedures.

Each team has a QMS representative who reports feedback to
the Quality Co-ordinator, Darren Bailey, ensuring the system is
constantly monitored.

Projects are constantly audited internally and tested against BS
EN ISO 9001:2000

The system is also aligned to the RIBA charted practice status
1.5 Company Structure

Directors                Architects / Technicians / Assistants
Darren Bailey            James Lancaster
Nick Brown               Matt Sharp
                         Matthew McColl
Associate                Kate Scholes
Simon Brayshaw           Yasar Awais
Martin Cook              Thomas Taylor

Office manager / admin
Heather Bellis
Indigo Blu, Leeds
architecture 2B
1.6 Project Directory - Residential
Project Directory - Mixed use 1.6
1.6 Project Directory - Commercial
Project Directory - Masterplanning 1.6
                                                               Project Directory - Other 1.6

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York Street, Leeds
architecture 2B
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Harehills Middle School,   This project leverages enterprise focus for regeneration
                           and community benefit. The building is about doing more
                           than “just good enough” and sending a message to the
£3M                        community that this asset, their asset, can be/will be the
                           hub of activity and commerce. The project draws in LEGI,
                           ERDF, Private Equity, Bank Finance, and 3rd sector
                           underwriting to deliver a £3M renovation. The building
                           will hold a community incubator, a high growth incubation
                           space, start-up offices, conference space, a restaurant, a
                           credit union, a crèche and plenty of full service features.
                           The project will be a national exemplar of private / public
                           relationships both from an operational and financial stand-
                           point. It will deliver on the ETHOS of LEGI with an invest-
                           ment mindset.

                           Importantly, it has been designed to realise a benefit for
                           both disadvantaged groups in the top 3% and the existing
                           businesses who need a hand up in the area. By design, it
                           will draw inward investment to the area and operate as a
                           hub of activity for new and existing streams of support. All
                           of this occurs through a process of integrating design with
                           enterprise and a focus on creating a lasting (sustainable)
                           social benefit (regeneration, reduced wordlessness, more
                           start-ups and increased aspirations for the community).
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Calls Wharf, Leeds   Phase 1 of Bracken Developments Calls Wharf scheme
Phase I              consists of the refurbishment of 2-12 The Calls into
                     high quality serviced office accommodation. The office
£2.5M                accommodation will be arranged around a new central
                     reception area. The building is to become Bracken
                     Development’s new accommodation. This will set the
                     benchmark for the development of the buildings on the
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

York Street, Leeds   Is the new headquarters for arc design; well respected
                     furniture designers. The nature of the client’s business
                     created an interest for us in exploring the nature of
                     ‘texture’ and ‘layers’ . A fabric of steel mesh has been
                     ‘draped’ over the building elements, providing a defensive
                     screen at ground level and adding to the drama of the
                     stair tower. The texture and dramatic form of the stair-
                     tower help improve the visual weight of the existing
                     building within its challenging context. The project was
                     completed in March 2007.

                     RIBA White Rose Award 2007
                     Leeds Architecture Award Commendation 2008
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Chapel Lofts, Morley   Chapel Lofts is the first collaboration between architecture
                       2B and CITU. The project introduces many of the ideas
                       that are central to the team’s approach to development;
                       high quality contemporary design, good sustainable
                       credentials, attention to detail, and ‘thinking outside the
                       box’. The scheme successfully introduces a modern
                       extension to the existing chapel building, and each
                       apartment has its own identity and character. The scheme
                       was completed in January 2007.
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Tao, Leeds      This project for CITU Developments incorporates the
                sensitive conversion of the Mabgate Inn into living accom-
                modation and a small bar / deli, plus the insertion of ‘Tao’
                within the old beer garden. Tao, is a study of simplicity;
                a simple object sitting within the street, and simplicity of
                detail within the 6 studio apartments.

                Leeds Architecture Award 2008
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Arc, Leeds      This progressive scheme of 142 apartments provides
                a considered approach to an adjoining listed building,
                whilst reflecting the site’s importance to the wider urban
                context of Leeds. The building is derived directly from its
                location, a fluid and dynamic form that addresses the site
                conditions and the surrounding scale. The site acts as a
                Northern focal point to both New Briggate and Vicar Lane
                at a key intersection on the route into Leeds city centre.
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Lock Lane, Castleford   There is strong optimism towards the future of Castleford
                        as designers and locals work together to rejuvenate
                        forgotten areas of land and breathe new life into the heart
                        of the town.
                        This landmark scheme, incorporating a riverside terrace,
                        cafés, office accommodation and 141 contemporary
                        living apartments, is intended to act as a catalyst for
                        improvement within the local area and of public spaces in
                        terms of its design quality, pivotal position along a main
                        public route and its presence within the town.
                        The building makes reference to the region’s wealth of
                        local sculptors, and focuses specifically on the work of
                        Henry Moore and Andy Goldsworthy. The narrative and
                        language of the form subsequently becomes a dialogue
                        between two objects, as much concerned with mass as
                        with the absence of it.
                        Additional reference to the work of Andy Goldsworthy is
                        made in the use of reed-like fins along the riverfront and
                        Lock Lane elevations.
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Citispace, Leeds   The Citispace Urban Apartment concept is the result
                   of intensive research into the real and sustainable
                   requirements of those wanting and needing to live in high
                   quality, genuinely affordable apartments at the centre of
                   Leeds. All apartments are stylishly furnished with secure
                   car parking, laundry facilities and a bar/restaurant are all
                   available on site. The development also features a large
                   landscaped courtyard garden for the exclusive use of
                   residents – a combination which gives Citispace its own
                   private and secure living environment.
                   Citispace consists of three phases, phase one involved
                   the installation of an extra two floors of residential
                   accommodation over what was an existing office building,
                   these were manufactured off site and craned into place,
                   supported on an independent ‘goalpost’ frame. Phase two
                   involved the conversion of the existing office space into
                   residential and phase three employed the same methods
                   as phase one. Phase three is eight stories high.
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Linea, Scunthorpe   Linea is one of a number of projects with client G&W
                    Developments. Conceived as a modern interpretation of
                    the traditional terraced house, Linea takes its design cue
                    from the rhythm and repetition of fenestration patterns.

                    Linea Consists of 111 apartments grouped around a
                    central glazed atrium creating a dynamic public space.
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Calls Wharf, Leeds   A mixed use development for Bracken Developments
                     The challenge for this site was to create the primary
Phase ll
                     riverside destination space for Leeds. Dramatic building
£12M                 forms, high quality materials, contemporary detailing,
                     are all central to the design, but above all it is the quality
                     of the public realm that will determine its success as a
                     destination. As a result, the proposed design focuses
                     on the spaces, their connectivity, their quality of light,
                     their activities, and their detailing. Bars and restaurants
                     surround the public space and terrace levels with the
                     commercial offices located above. Calls Wharf will be a
                     great place to relax, to enjoy yourself, and a rewarding
                     place to work.
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Aspley Heights, Hudersfield   architecture 2B were commissioned to unlock the
                              potential of this challenging sloping site. The innovative
                              design solution enabled 20 contemporary apartments
                              to be created, each with panoramic views of the valley
                              and town centre beyond. The concept for this scheme
                              was that of an ‘inhabited ruin’. Stone walls with random
                              openings step down the hillside, the ruin. Rising out of
                              these walls, and filling the openings, are the new modern
                              elements of glass and timber. Balconies protrude through
                              the walls to add further depth and detail. The project was
                              completed in December 2006.
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Management Archives,   Management Archives is a mixed use scheme adjacent
                       to the grade 1 listed Temple Works in Holbeck, Leeds. It
                       incorporates 140 residential units of varying sizes, and
                       nearly 20,000 sqft of commercial & retail space.

                       The traditionally industrial materials and simple forms
                       of the scheme are intentionally robust, reflecting the
                       strong industrial heritage of the area. The contemporary
                       openings carved from such forms give the scheme a
                       modern outlook whilst maintaining a sense of integrity
                       of place. The two main blocks along with the real wall to
                       Temple Works creates a large public amenity space from
                       the existing cast iron structures that remain from its former
                       building, merging the boundaries of past and present.
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Many Gates, Wakefield   Once a prestigious suburb of Wakefield, the Manygates
                        area has suffered a drop in recent years. Evidence of
                        grand buildings nevertheless still remain, and Manygates
                        Park is such an example. The existing No. 2 had been
                        left somewhat dilapidated and tarnished, along with No.
                        1 which fronts the site onto Barnsley Road. The client
                        bought these houses as bedsits, and approached us to
                        help restore them and the subsequent surrounding area.

                        As part of their redevelopment the new-build elements
                        were conceived. In the heart of the site the extension to
                        the main house was designed to be a simple extension
                        which respects the main house, but also contrasts it
                        in a contemporary manner. The extension takes the
                        language of the original brick structure, grey slate roof and
                        large bay windows, and translates them into a modern
                        interpretation. The same red brick for the main structures
                        are then complimented with terned-coated stainless
                        steel bay windows and crisp grey roofs. The timber then
                        contrasts these robust, almost industrial blocks with a
                        much softer, tactile finish.

                        At the entrance to the site the second building uses a
                        similar pallet to the extension building to the rear. This
                        building along with the refurbished gatehouse building
                        act as entrance markers to the site, signalling the two
                        opposite of the site…the modern present and the past
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Walton House    This private residence is to be found in the wonderful      The history of the site suggests that local schools used
                countryside of Kirklees. A sensitive greenbelt area         to visit the garden centre for educational field days,
                provides strict restrictions for any new build scheme, so   which has led the design to encourage this practice.
                the brief for this house was to have “exceptional” as a     The gatehouse building could double as a classroom for
                starting point.                                             visiting school trips, allowing a base to venture from on
                                                                            educational walks around the site. These not only could
                The house builds upon very traditional principles set out   concentrate on the wealth of natural micro-ecologies
                by the great manor houses that scatter the countryside,     around the site such as the natural pond to the south or
                but boldly re-interprets them for contemporary living.      the woodland verges to the north, but could show how
                The house has traditional elements such as the hidden       the house works with the landscape such as the reed-bed
                driveway, the gatehouse, the inner courtyard and “piano     filtration, the dry-stone walls, or the orchard in contrast
                nobile”, along with controlled vistas, follies, orchard     with the natural woodland.
                gardens and water features.

                Integration and contrast with the landscape were key
                to the design of this house - a man-made element in
                a natural setting. Dry-stone walls emerge from the
                landscape to form boundary walls, then building walls.
                Contrasting Ashlar stone then mixes with the more natural
                rough cut stone to form different reliefs, whilst timber
                adds a warmer, softer touch. Glass allows the inside and
                outside spaces to blur, bringing the landscape into the
                house, and at the same time offering grand vistas of the
                countryside beyond.

                Ecology is also key to this house. The house aims to
                reduce its environmental footprint as much as possible by
                using renewable energy resources such as ground tubes
                for tempered fresh air and biomass fuel systems, along
                with the grey water recycling and reed-bed filtration, to
                minimise waste impact.
Detailed Project Case Studies

Midland Mills, Leeds   Midland Mills is a refurbishment of an existing building
                       found in the Holbeck Urban Village. Typical of many of
                       the buildings in the area, they are very much practical
                       buildings, showing the signs now of long, hard use.

                       The scheme here takes the original buildings and restores
                       and recycles them where necessary and then adds
                       to them to create a modern commercial complex with
                       integrated private communal spaces. The new extensions
                       are clad in Cor-Ten steel, which reflects both the colour of
                       the existing buildings and the industrial past associated
                       with the area. Indeed the rusted steel makes reference to
                       the rails of the passing viaduct that once carried materials
                       into the area.
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Kirkstall Forge                     architecture2B were shortlisted by Commercial Estates
Phase 1 Architectural Competition   Group to assist them in realising their vision to deliver a
June 2007                           high quality and sustainable development on the former
                                    Kirkstall Forge site in Leeds. Phase 1 forms part of a
                                    £250m mixed use development to include residential,
                                    office, leisure, hotel, retail and bars/restaurants which
                                    extends over 22.93Ha.
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

SLP College, Leeds   This project for SLP College, a private dance faculty in
                     Garforth, near Leeds incorporates additional teaching and
                     performance space over two levels, together with three
                     new singing rooms within the roof space of a third storey.
                     The additional facilities provide an extension to a former
                     chapel which has been home to the thriving school for
                     performing arts since 1991.
                     The college is one of the U.K.’s leading training grounds
                     for young artistic performing talent, as such our inspiration
                     for the scheme was to generate a series of spaces that
                     and external façade elements that reflected the vibrant
                     creativity of the students.
                     The extension utilizes the existing red brick ground floor
                     level to create a plinth for a modern extension above,
                     using zinc cladding and coloured window reveals to add
                     interest, whilst remaining respectful of the surrounding
                     context and original chapel building.
                     The project is due for completion in August 2008 in
                     preparation for the forthcoming academic year, whilst
                     building works continue on site, we are commencing
                     consultation with the LPA with regards to Phase II,
                     an additional building detached from the existing
                     faculty, incorporating recording studios and staff living
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Lincoln Castings   Outline Planning Application by CBRE Investors for the
                   redevelopment of the former industrial buildings and land
                   at Lincoln Castings, Station Road, North Hykeham.

                   Working closely with the Local Council and the local
                   community the design team are proposing an extensive
                   redevelopment of approximately 15ha which consists
                   of 315No new dwellings, 20,000sqft of A3, A4, A5, D1
                   and D2 uses and 32,000sqft of B2 use. Recreational
                   facilities including sports pitches and changing facilities
                   are proposed alongside improvements to the local train
                   station, bus stops and a new pedestrian footbridge.

                   Sustainability has played an important role in the
                   proposals with the dwellings being constructed under
                   the guidance of Building For Life and aiming to achieve
                   a minimum of 3 stars under the Code for Sustainable
                   Homes. The commercial and industrial buildings are to
                   be constructed using the BREEAM guidance with the
                   minimum level of Very Good being achieved.
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Bury college, Bury   In collaboration with Britspace Modular buildings
                     architecture 2B designed this two storey examination and
                     sports facility.

                     As part of their rapid expansion the college required
                     additional examination rooms that could double as a
                     sports facility. The building was constructed using off site
                     manufacturing techniques by Britspace. It took 6 weeks
                     for the building to manufactured in the factory and just 3
                     days to install the units on site providing a modest cost
                     effective building within a tight construction programme.
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Albion Square Medical   architecture 2B were invited to a limited competition to
                        design a new landmark civic medical centre in the centre
Centre Hull
                        of Hull with an associated 50,000 sq foot office building.
                        The building was a specific response to the context of the
                        site and its proximity to listed buildings, drawing influence
                        from Hull’s other civic buildings and the prominence of the
                        Hull Terrace.
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Wellfield Gardens,   XXXXXXXXX
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

SicklingHall    The brief for the proposed extension was born out of the
                Clients’ desire to achieve a truly contemporary slice of
                polished architecture sandwiched between the two more
£ undisclosed   traditional forms of the existing dwelling.
                With a taste for the contemporary, the extension is
                intended to be an addition to the Clients’ collection of
                eclectic art and design; a contemporary form clad in
                more traditional materials, encompassing slate, glass
                and timber, responding both to the Clients taste as well
                as the local village vernacular.
                The lightweight glass box element at first floor appears to
                float over the existing courtyard, a sleek, minimal facade
                fashioned out of Reglit glass, providing a seamless finish.
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

                           Working alongside The Camberwell
The Camberwell Group       Project for the second time, architecture
Stag Works Refurbishment   2B has been commissioned to work
Sheffield                  on this exciting regeneration project at
                           Stagworks in Sheffield. The project will
£M                         house music related businesses and
                           involves the refurbishment of a listed
                           building around the public courtyard with
                           a contemporary extension adding a new
                           venue for live music
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Indigo Blue    Architecture 2B was commissioned by
Leeds          Maple Leaf Securities to create a striking
               presence for them on this key corner
£M             site to the Southern edge of Leeds City
               Centre. Two floors of commercial office
               space create a plinth upon which sit six
               floors of apartments.
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

Globe road              Architecture 2B were commissioned to
                        maximize the value of this prominent site
Mixed use development   in Holbeck, by creating an innovative and
£M                      attractive design which is commercially
                        sound. The client’s site is on the western
                        edge of the Holbeck Urban Village and
                        sits between Globe Road and Water
                        Lane, two of Holbeck’s main arteries.
                        The design reflects the importance
                        of these two roads by arranging the
                        workspace to face onto them; creating a
                        strong ‘public face’ for the scheme. The
                        residential element sits between these
                        two bookends, the ‘private heart’
1.7 Detailed Project Case Studies

RIBA Brockholes   In October 2007 architecture 2B was one
                  of five architects short listed in Lancashire
                  Wildlife Trust’s competition to design
£M                the new visitor centre for the Brockholes
                  Wetland and Woodland Nature Reserve.
                  This was to include a café, shop,
                  educational facilities, meeting rooms and
                  an observation tower. The emphasis was
                  on creating a ‘practical, affordable and
                  sustainable design’; a carbon neutral
                  construction that would inspire visitors to
                  not only visit the site, but also develop an
                  interest in the natural world.
1.8 Registration with Appropriate Trade Bodies

                                       RIBA certificate
                                                                                        References 1.9

Mr Matthew Fuller         Mr Chris Thompson                Mr John Thorpe
Director                  Director                         Civic Architect

Bracken Developments      Citu Ltd                         Leeds Civic Architect
Bracken House             38 The Calls                     Leonardo Building
9 Kerry Street            Leeds                            Rossington Street
Horsforth, Leeds          LS2 7EW                          Leeds LS2 8HD
LS18 4AW
                          t 0113 234 6690                  t 0113 234 6690
t 0113 281 9044           f 0113 234 6696                  f 0113 234 6696
f 0113 281 9045           e      e

Mr Tom Beesley            Mr Matthew Greenwood
Director                  Director

Arc Design Partners Ltd   G&W Developments
80A York Street           Hamnett House
Leeds                     Gibbett Street
LS9 8AA                   Halifax HX2 0AX
                          t 01422 356 847
t 0113 244 6252           f 01422 356 852
f 0113 243 1858           e

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