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                               phone: 202-460-4966
                                fax: 973-925-2238

                                  W.R.A.P. ®.
                                 260 Derrom Avenue
                                 Paterson, NJ 07504
                                                                                          Weekend Renewing America’s Promise

                                                                                                  OCTOBER 9-10 2009
                                                                                                   Washington DC

What Are the Confidentiality & Trademark policies?

W.R.A.P. ® discussions are strictly "off-the-record." This doesn’t prohibit
participants using their own W.R.A.P. ® remarks. Media references may be
made only to topics and discussion themes or to general descriptions of the
gathering. Journalists are requested not to seek interviews with fellow participants so
as not to distract them from family time, recreation or participation in discussions.

W.R.A.P. ® program titles have also been protected by trademark, and any such
use of W.R.A.P. ® intellectual property will be a violation of the spirit of
W.R.A.P. ® and may likely be a violation of law, with attendant penalties. Any
use of these and related phrases must be authorized by W.R.A.P. ®.

Any commercial use of lists of W.R.A.P. ® participants is absolutely
prohibited. W.R.A.P. ® materials are not for distribution or discussion with the
media or any individuals not in attendance.
W.R.A.P.          ®     -Weekend       Renewing       America’s     Promise                   W.R.A.P PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
(www.wrapweekend.org) is a non-partisan training retreat connecting
exceptional and dynamic leaders (and their families) from diverse fields. We     W.R.A.P. ® in Washington DC kicks off on Friday evening with
actively live history by engaging widely divergent interests, backgrounds        registration and a special reception and panel discussion. Discussions
and views, and creating a special environment where dynamic discussions,         continue on Saturday with attendees partaking in a variety of panel and group
debates and conversations are fostered and where participant's reflections       discussions. Past panel and discussion topics have included:
transcend ideologies, politics, economics and religion. America faces a
turning point- economically, politically, and socially! The key question is
                                                                                        If I could rewrite my history- what I would NOT have done
whether we will build on this opportunity to fulfill America’s Promise and
creating a More Perfect Union? To actively live history we answer the                   Between Faith and Fanatics: Rescuing Religion and Restoring
question “what actions are required as individuals and as a community?”
                                                                                        Talking B(l)ack to Post-racialism
W.R.A.P. was founded on the premise of valuing and celebrating                          Too Young? Too Gifted? And in Control?- Can I Handle It?
excellence and diversity of thought and perspective.
                                                                                        Recession Special: What the economic crisis has taught Me; what
Who Attends: By nomination or invitation, exceptionally talented leaders                 it’s not taught America
are drawn from government, academia, religion, business and finance, law,
media and the arts, sports, medicine, science and technology, and non-profits.          Life in the Green Zone…How I Survived US Policy in Iraq
Guests form the anchor of the various weekend events.                                   I just save the world every day (no biggie!)

The Activities: W.R.A.P. ® is a fully interactive experience. Attendees                 Economic collapse and global wars aside: What did George W. Bush
engage each other throughout the retreat as panelists or participants in the             get right
audience. Panels range from politics and science to art and sports and are
designed to provoke lively conversation drawn from both professional                    My brand? My market? My community?
expertise and personal experience.                                                      2 Minutes with President Obama, and Yes, I have something to say…
We all engage in vigorous and civil discussion sometimes led by “experts” in            Yes, I closed on my deal…
varying fields. This gives all of us the opportunity to get to know each other
and our families in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.                                       I’ve found love- improving communications, managing my growing
Registration: Retreats are kept small and intimate so attendees should                  Did we get it right in the primaries?
register early using the enclosed registration form (or downloading from
online). Attendees are encouraged to seek financial assistance from their               So many new faces (finally) on TV- here’s what it means…
employers to mitigate costs.
                                                                                        Making Money Making Change

Community: W.R.A.P. ® is held annually on Martha’s Vineyard with                        Style: Fashion, Art, Aesthetics and Design
regional weekends in select cities across the country. DC participants will             Influence in Washington- a roadmap
also be invited to the annual August retreat on the Vineyard.
                                                                                 The day concludes with a special reception and closing panel.

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