2008-2009 SBCC Programs of Study

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					76 Programs of Study

2008-2009 SBCC                                           Cancer Information Management (AS/C)
                                                         Certified Nursing Assistant (SCA)
                                                         Chemistry (AA)
Programs of Study                                        Chicano Studies (AA)
                                                         Cisco Networking Associate (SCA)
                                                         Cisco Networking Professional (SCA)
(In Alphabetical Order)                                  Commercial Diving (SCA)
Programs of study in which an Associate in Arts          Commercial Music (C)
(A.A.) Degree, Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree,       Communication: Applied Communication Emphasis (AA)
a Certificate of Achievement (C), Skills Competency      Communication: Communication Science Emphasis (AA)
Award (SCA), or a Departmental Award (D) are offered:    Computer Applications and Office Management:
                                                            Emphasis in Business Software Specialist* (AS/C)
Note: Contact the Academic Counseling Center to          Computer Applications and Office Management:
verify state approval of degrees and certificates no-    Emphasis in Office Management (AS/C)
tated with an asterisk.                                  Computer Information Systems (AS)
                                                         Computer Network Engineering (AS/C)
Accounting (AS)                                          Computer Networking Technology (SCA)
Accounting Assistant/ Bookkeeper, Level I (D)            Computer Proficiency Online (SCA)
Accounting Assistant/Bookkeeper, Level II (D)            Computer Science (AS/C)
Accounting Assistant/Bookkeeper, Level III (D)           Cosmetology (AS/C)
Accounting Assistant/Bookkeeper, Level IV (C)            Creative Writing: General Emphasis* (C)
Accounting Information Systems, Level I (SCA)            Creative Writing: Professional Writing Emphasis* (C)
Accounting Information Systems, Level II (SCA)           Culinary Arts (AS/C)
Accounting Information Systems, Level III (SCA)          Database Programming and Applications Development (C)
Acute Care CNA (SCA)                                     Diagnostic Medical Sonography (C)
Administration of Justice: Criminology Emphasis*         Digital Darkroom and Color Management for RGB (SCA)
   (AS/C)                                                Diversity Issues in Early Childhood Education (C)
Administration of Justice: Law Enforcement Emphasis*     Drafting/CAD (AS/C)
   (AA/AS/C)                                             Early Childhood Education (AS/C)
Administration of Justice: Legal Studies Emphasis        Economics (AA)
   (AA/AS/C)                                             Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (SCA)
Alcohol and Drug Counseling (AA/C)                       Engineering (AA/AS)
Animation (AA/C)                                         English (AA)
Anthropology (AA)                                        Entrepreneurship (SCA)
Art: Emphasis in Art History (AA)                        Entrepreneurship: Web Design – Level I (SCA)
Art: Emphasis in Art Studio (AA)                         Entrepreneurship: Web Design – Level II (SCA)
Associate Child Care Teacher* (C)                        Environmental Horticulture: Ecological Restoration and
Automotive Service and Technology (AS/C)                    Management Emphasis (AS)
Baking and Pastry (SCA)                                  Environmental Horticulture: Environmental Landscape
Biological Sciences (AA)                                    Design Emphasis (AS)
Bio-Medical Sciences (D)                                 Environmental Horticulture: Landscape Contracting
Biotechnology* (AA)                                         C-27 License Emphasis (AS)
Black Studies (AA)                                       Environmental Horticulture: Nursery and Greenhouse
Bookkeeping (SCA)                                           Technology Emphasis (AS)
Business Administration, Level I (SCA)                   Environmental Horticulture (C)
Business Administration, Level II (SCA)                  Environmental Studies (AA)
Business Administration: Pre-Transfer (AA)               Esthetician (SCA)
Business Administration: Emphasis in Management (AA/C)   Ethnic Studies (AA)
Business Administration: Emphasis in Small Business      Exhibit and Display Design* (AA/C)
   Development (AA/C)                                    Film Production (AA)
California State University General Education            Film Studies (AA)
   Breadth Pattern* (C)

Santa Barbara City College Catalog 2008-2009
                                                                                  Programs of Study 77

Finance (AA/C)                                        Medical Reimbursement Specialist (C)
French (AA)                                           Microsoft Office Development (SCA)
Game Design (D)                                       Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration (SCA)
Geography (AA)                                        Microsoft Windows System Administration and
Geological Sciences (AA)                                 Security (SCA)
Global Studies* (AA/C)                                Middle East Studies (AA) Mobile Application
Graphic Design and Photography:                          Developer (SCA)
    Graphic Design Concentration* (AA)                Mobile Media Core (SCA)
Graphic Design and Photography:                       Music (AA/D)
    Photography Concentration* (AA)                   Native American Studies (AA)
Graphic Design and Photography:                       Natural History (AA/D)
    Pre-Transfer Concentration* (AA)                  Nursing: ADN (AS)
Graphic Design* (C)                                   Office Assistant (SCA)
Great Books Curriculum (D)                            PC Support/Network Management (C)
Health Care Interpreting* (SCA)                       Personal Chef Training (SCA)
Health Information Technology (AS)                    Philosophy (AA)
Help Desk and Desktop Support – Level 1 (SCA)         Physical Education (AA)
Help Desk and Desktop Support – Level 2 (SCA)         Physical Education: Emphasis in Athletic Training (AA)
History (AA)                                          Physical Education: Emphasis in Exercise Science (AA)
Home Health Aide (SCA)                                Physics (AA/AS)
Honors: Humanities/Social Sciences* (CERT/CERT W/     Political Science (AA)
    HIGHEST HONORS)                                   Post-Professional Practice in Alcohol and
Honors: Sciences/Mathematics* (CERT/CERT W/              Drug Counseling* (C)
    HIGHEST HONORS)                                   Print and Color Management for CMYK (SCA)
Hospitality (AS/C)                                    Psychology (AA)
Hospitality Operations Specialist (SCA)               Radiography (AS)
Human Resource Hospitality Specialist (SCA)           Real Estate (AS/C)
Intersegmental General Education                      Sales and Marketing (SCA)
    Transfer Curriculum* (C)                          School-Age Care (C)
Infant/Toddler Development (C)                        Sociology (AA)
Interior Design (AA/C)                                Spanish (AA)
International Business (AA/C)                         Sustainable Horticulture (SCA)
International Marketing Communication (SCA)           Technical Writing (SCA)
Introduction to Teaching English as a                 Theatre Arts: General (AA)
    Foreign Language (SCA)                            Theatre Arts: Acting/Directing (AA)
Journalism: Emphasis in Broadcast Journalism (AA/C)   Theatre Arts: Design/Lighting
Journalism: Emphasis in Visual Journalism (AA/C)         and/or Costuming/Makeup (AA)
Journalism: Emphasis in Writing and Editing (AA/C)    Vocational Nursing (AS/C)
Landscape Operations (SCA)                            Water Science: Wastewater Collection Option (C)
Law and Society (AA)                                  Water Science: Wastewater Treatment Option (C)
Law and Society: Criminal Justice Emphasis (AA)       Water Science: Water Distribution Option (C)
Liberal Arts: Emphasis in Biomedical Sciences* (AA)   Water Science: Water Treatment Option (C)
Liberal Studies* (AA)                                 Web Journalism (SCA)
Manicure (SCA)                                        Web Marketing and Media Design (SCA)
Marine Diving Technician (AS/C)                       Web Programming (SCA)
Marine Science (D)                                    Web Server Administration (SCA)
Marketing (AA/C)
Mathematics (AA)
Media Arts (AA/C)
Media Design and Development (SCA)
Medical Coding Specialist (C)

                                                                 Santa Barbara City College Catalog 2008-2009

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