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                                                                                                                         BULLETIN No. 17
                                                                                                                         July 2007
                                                                                                                         Edition in English


Final countdown for World League, World Grand Prix
and SWATCH FIVB World Championships
July and August are key months for               the 2005 edition in
some of the FIVB 2007 top events.                Berlin won by May
                                                 Treanor - Walsh
Fans all over the world, sitting in
                                                 and Marcio Araujo
the sports halls or in front of the             - Fabio.
television, thanks to the worldwide
broadcasting contracts signed by the            2007 FIVB
FIVB, will see the best show on the             World Grand
sand and on the Volleyball courts.              Prix
                                                Last but non least,
FIVB World League 2007                          the 2007 World
The 2007 World League is on the run, and        Grand Prix will fill
while this July issue is being printed, Kato-   the August agenda
wice will open the door of its «Spodek»         with 4 weeks full of       Fabio Magalhaes against Sascha Heyer
hall with its 10,120 seats to the six teams                                in Berlin, in 2005. SWATCH FIVB World Championships
                                                spikes and passion,
                                                                           is now staged in Gstaad
qualified. Of course, Poland has a big           with a total of 65
dream: they’ve never been on a World            matches played by
League podium and, aside from having lot        some of the best women’s national teams         player on the sand, too. The 2007 Youth
of fans on the stands as host country, Raul     on planet Earth. The very first referee’s        SWATCH FIVB World Championships in
Lozano’s team is one of the more powerful       whistle is expected on the 3rd of August:       Myslowice will be held in July (11th-15th),
squads seen in the Pools. The competitors       during the first, second and third week          while the Junior SWATCH FIVB World
are not there to watch and this 18th edi-       each team will play 9 matches. Prelimi- Championships will take place in Modena
tion promises to be one of the best ever.       nary rounds will be organized in Japan (3), in September.
                                                Italy, Poland, Macau, Hong Kong, Russia
SWATCH FIVB World                               and Chinese Taipei.                             Quick Sets
Championships                                   The final fireworks are expected in Ningbo, World Volley News opens a new column
The SWATCH FIVB World Championships             where from 22nd to 26th of August the top       with this July issue: «Quick sets», like the
will live a superb edition, the first ever       5 ranked teams among Brazil, Chinese            fastest Mikasa ball spiked by a middle-
played in the Alps. Gstaad has shown in         Taipei, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Italy, blocker, will tell short Volleyball tales from
the past how great its organization can be,     Japan, Kazakhstan, The Netherlands, around the world, reporting facts and
having set up many SWATCH World Tour            Poland, Russia, U.S.A. and the host coun- close-up faces. All the media around the
events in the past. From 24th to 29th of        try China will give their best to find an heir   world are invited to contribute, otherwise
July tons of sand will be poured beneath        to Brazil, 2006 champion for the third          they’re welcome to contact the FIVB Press
the mountains to crown the best men and         year in a row and six times gold medal in       Department if they need to have more
women Beach Volleyball players, after           the World Grand Prix history.                   details of these stories for their publica-
                                                           The Ningbo Beilun Gymnasium, tions.
                                                           designed especially for Volley-
                                                           ball events, is expected to fill its
                                                           8,000 places with enthusiastic
                                                                                                 In this Issue
                                                           fans, like it has been for the last    Volleyball
                                                           14 editions.
                                                                                                 • 2007 World League:
                                                          Top Events for future top                weekends 3, 4 and 5
                                                          players                                Beach Volleyball
                                                          The FIVB calendar also features
                                                                                                 • SWATCH FIVB World Tour
                                                          the 2007 Men’s Junior World
                                                          Championship (Casablanca &             Development
                                                          Rabat, Morocco, 7th - 15th July        • AVC steps up developing
                                                          2007), the 2007 Women’s Junior           Volleyball
                                                          World Championship (Nakhon-
                                                          rachasima, Thailand, 20th - 27th       National Federations
                                                          July 2007), the 2007 Girls’ Youth      • British National Team players
                                  FIVB World              World Championship (Tijuana
                                  Grand Prix.
                                                                                                   join the Dutch League
                                                          & Mexicali, Mexico, 31st July
                                  Sassa spiking for      - 11th August 2007), followed on        • CEV awards in Vienna
                                  Brazil against          the same site by the 2007 Boys’        Quick Sets
                                  Russia in last
                                                          Youth World Championship from
                                  year final                                                      • News from planet Earth
                                                          15th to 26th of August. Young

                                                                                                  Rodrigao (BRA) and
     2007 FIVB World League                                                                       Kyoung-Min (KOR).
     The long way to Katowice                                                                     Brazil has won
                                                                                                  four World League
                                                                                                  in a row
                       The FIVB World             Even with its stars back in the 12’s, Egypt
                       League gets closer         in Pool C wasn’t able to stop the spiking
                       to its Final Round.        machines from Russia. In Cuba, Serbia
                       All over the world,        started with a tie-break loss. Too many
                       sixteen teams are          errors and an outstanding match played
                       competing for the          by Michael Sanchez, nicknamed ‘The Rus-
                       six places in Kato-        sian’ (28 points), had the standing ovation
                       wice: Poland as            of the 15,000 audience. The Serbian an-
    hosting country, the first teams in each       swer wasn’t far away: 1-3.
    Pool, plus one wild card chosen by the        Argentina’s home debut against Bulgar-
    FIVB. Brazil, Russia and Bulgaria are         ia could even have been different, if the
    the first teams to get their tickets for       young Argentinean team had not spoilt a
    the “Spodek” hall. Here is the story of       3-0 start in the fifth set (2-3). The Sunday
    three tough weekends.                         match wasn’t so similar: Bulgaria realized
                                                  a perfect 0-3. Two wins for Poland closed
     WEEK 3                                       the week-end in China. 1-3 in the first
                                                  match, then the Polish experience was          disease, Paparoni was in. In Strasbourg,
    In Pool A, the first applause to Brazil came   heavy enough to overthrow an 8-4 in the        France gained 4 points, but Japan was
    from the Brazilian Sport Minister, Orlando    tie-break (14-16) of the second match. 41      very close to getting another important
    Silva Jr., sat in the Ibirapuera Gymnasium    points by Michal Winiarsky in two days.        victory. French setter Pujol hurt his ankle,
    beside Ary Graça, President of the CBV.                                                      Loïc Le Marrec was setting for the second
    The time zone was an added player: the         WEEK 4                                        game. Japan, driven especially by Nao-
    South Korean team was really tired and                                                       hiro, Koshikawa and Ishijima, had the
    closed the tour with no sets won at all.      For Canada, the matches played in the          tie-break chance but a 8-3 leading was
    Finland smiled after the 3-0 and 3-1 vic-     Mineirinho gymnasium in Belo Horizonte         unbeatable.
    tories with Canada that meant a second        were ‘Mission Impossible 1 & 2’. In front      Egypt managed to win its second set dur-
    place in the standings behind Brazil. Lahti   of 13,120 fans, the opposite spiker Ander-     ing the Sunday match against Russia, but
    was packed with a very young audience:        son was particularly stirred to action with    after the tour in Kazan still lacked victo-
    10,300 in two days, most of all from a jun-   14 points, leading the action since Canada     ries. Having to forget their start, includ-
    ior cup played beside the event.              had only 4 team blocks. After this 3-0, the    ing a set lost 25-8, Egypt played a good
    Pool B starts with two matches at the mir-    Saturday match was a little bit better for     second match: it ended on 3-1, showing
    ror. France - U.S.A. 3-1 on Friday, reverse   Canada (3-1): but a terrific wave of 17.628     a nice battle between the two top scor-
    result on Saturday. Without captain An-       excited spectators pushed Brazil to victory.   ers, Semen Poltavsky (RUS, 19 points)
    tiga, recovering, France found a leader in    With two 3-1 in a row, Finland beat Korea      and Ahmed Abd Elnaeim (EGY, 18 points).
    Frantz Granvorka not just as a new cap-       in Turku. The second match was tougher:        Vadim Khamuttskikh, captain of the na-
    tain. But on Saturday the U.S.A. had a re-    a strong Korea won the first set, and then      tional team of Russia, stressed his worry-
    ally different attitude: Salmon (18 points)   a quick Finnish team came back to close        ing: “The Egyptian team has given a good
    and partners could be satisfied with the       the game.                                      lesson for us: never relax, always keep
    Lyon experience. The biggest surprise         U.S.A. made a double strike against Italy.     level, every match all the team, includ-
    came from Japan, where the eight-time         In Chicago, Gardner and Priddy (18) were       ing the ones expected to be sitting in the
    World League champion, Italy, fell in the     nearly unstoppable for the ‘Azzurri’, who      bench, should be ready to play and fight
    second Komaki match on the tie break.         made 19 service errors and lost the first       for every ball.” Two cities, Beograd and
    Memories come from last year when, dur-       match 3-1. In the second match, Italy          Novi Sad, and two completely different sto-
    ing the World League pools, Japan took an     was forced to change the libero: having        ries for Serbia - Cuba. Supported by more
    important scalp beating Serbia 3-0.           Alessandro Farina out for a labyrinthitis      than 8,000 people, mainly youngsters,

    Week 3 - Results                              Week 4 - Results                               Week 5 - Results
    Date      Teams                      Result   Date      Teams                       Result   Date      Teams                       Result
    Pool A - Intercontinental Round               Pool A - Intercontinental Round                Pool A - Intercontinental Round
    08-Jun Brazil - Korea                 3-0     15-Jun Brazil - Canada                 3-0     23-Jun Korea - Finland                 1-3
    08-Jun Finland - Canada               3-0     15-Jun Finland - Korea                 3-1     22-Jun Canada - Brazil                 0-3
    09-Jun Brazil - Korea                 3-0     16-Jun Brazil - Canada                 3-1     24-Jun Korea - Finland                 2-3
    09-Jun Finland - Canada               3-1     16-Jun Finland - Korea                 3-1     23-Jun Canada - Brazil                 0-3
    Pool B - Intercontinental Round               Pool B - Intercontinental Round                Pool B - Intercontinental Round
    08-Jun France - U.S.A.                3-1     15-Jun U.S.A. - Italy                  3-1     22-Jun France - Italy                  2-3
    09-Jun Japan - Italy                  1-3     16-Jun U.S.A. - Italy                  3-0     23-Jun Japan - U.S.A.                  0-3
    09-Jun France - U.S.A.                1-3     16-Jun France - Japan                  3-0     23-Jun France - Italy                  3-1
    10-Jun Japan - Italy                  3-2     17-Jun France - Japan                  3-2     24-Jun Japan - U.S.A.                  0-3
    Pool C - Intercontinental Round               Pool C - Intercontinental Round                Pool C - Intercontinental Round
    08-Jun Egypt - Russia                 0-3     16-Jun Russia - Egypt                  3-0     22-Jun Egypt - Serbia                  0-3
    08-Jun Cuba - Serbia                  3-2     16-Jun Serbia - Cuba                   3-2     23-Jun Russia - Cuba                   3-0
    09-Jun Cuba - Serbia                  1-3     17-Jun Russia - Egypt                  3-1     24-Jun Russia - Cuba                   3-0
    10-Jun Egypt - Russia                 0-3     17-Jun Serbia - Cuba                   0-3     24-Jun Egypt - Serbia                  0-3
    Pool D - Intercontinental Round               Pool D - Intercontinental Round                Pool D - Intercontinental Round
    09-Jun Argentina - Bulgaria           2-3     16-Jun Argentina - Poland              1-3     23-Jun Bulgaria - Poland               1-3
    09-Jun China - Poland                 1-3     16-Jun China - Bulgaria                0-3     23-Jun China - Argentina               3-0
    10-Jun China - Poland                 2-3     17-Jun China - Bulgaria                0-3     24-Jun China - Argentina               3-2
    10-Jun Argentina - Bulgaria           0-3     17-Jun Argentina - Poland              0-3     24-Jun Bulgaria - Poland               1-3

2   FIVB World Volley News No.17 July 2007
World League 2007

Serbia managed to win after a disastrous        to control and only the 12-15
                                                                                        Mikko Esko and
start, stopping a Cuban match point in the      tie-break put the word ‘the             his Finland, a
forth set. In the fifth set, the Serbs took      end’ to a very tough match.             surprise from the
control of the game. But with 14 blocks,        The U.S.A. defeated twice               northern Europe
Cuba was able to grab all three sets in the     Japan 3-0: it completed an
second match. “This was a game of cat           8-0 sweep of Japan in World
and mouse” says Serbian head coach Igor         League action for the past two
Kolakovic. “Cuba demonstrated all of its        seasons. Gabe Gardner and
strength and potential. We let them have        Reid Priddy were again the
the initiative in the second part of the first   leaders. Japan’s Yu Koshikawa
set and we lost self-confidence.”                on the other side of the net was
Martin Stoev’s team is the first to qualify      overcharged and played at its
for the Final Round (except Poland, host-       best, but the jump serves re-
ing country). In Chengdu, too narrow cor-       ception was not good enough.
ridors were left to the Chinese team by         The weekend in Paris ended
the World Championship bronze medal             in a tie between France-Italy:
winners. Even tired after a 71 hours jour-      2-3, 3-1. An overheated audi-
ney, Zhekov and his partners blocked 14         ence of 9,910 welcomed the
times their opponents in the first game,         first Volleyball game played in
having a replay of 10 in the second one         the mythic Sports Hall of Paris
(both 0-3 matches). Even if China was re-       Bercy in 4 years. The competi-
ally better, closing sets with 22, 24, and      tors rewarded the audience
27 points respectively. “Those very scores      with a two hours match, and a long play- of more than 7,000 people (with the Presi-
we lost” said Zhou Jianan, China’s head         ing tie-break (17-19). The day after was          dent of Bulgaria Mr. Georgi Parvanov in
coach “shows the distance between our           really different: thanks to a cunning heavy       the VIP stand), Poland won the first match
two teams.” Coach Raul Lozano beat twice        serve and a much better presence of the           on Saturday. As for Martin Stoev, coach
his home country Argentina. The young           middleblockers, France in front of 9,300          of Bulgaria, “this match is a real test for
home team managed to win just one set           cheering fans managed to take its revenge         the Poland and Bulgaria’s level before the
on Saturday, and then on Sunday they lost       in four sets.                                     finals.” In the second game, after many
0-3, not taking advantage of the bad at-        Serbia overtook Cuba in the standings of          equalizers in the fourth set, the guest team
tacking mood showed in some part of the         Pool C, thanks to a double 0-3 signed in          managed to win again with Swiderski,
match by Poland.                                Cairo, while Russia was doing the same            Wlazly and Gruszka playing at their top.
                                                in Kazan against Cuba. Russia conquered           China celebrated for its first 2007 World
 WEEK 5                                         the Final Round losing just one match in          League wins obtained in Chengdu. Argen-
                                                Havana. But there wasn’t any reply from           tina improved its game after the first 3-0,
Brazil won Pool A one week early and got        Orlando Samuel’s team during this Rus- but was stopped during the tie break after
its ticket to the Final Round. ‘Mister World’   sian tour. It’s true that many sets could be      having reached 11 points. China’s Head
Giba (he was the best player during the         turned in favour of the Caribbeans, but           Coach Zhou Jianan: “It was an excel-
2006 World Championship) made his de-           Alekno’s team always had perfect control          lent match, both of two teams show their
but with 13 points: together with Dante         over the last ball. While Alexander Korneev       strength. What we lack of is our capacity
Amaral, he was the best scorer of the 0-3       was on the court, his wife was giving birth       adapting match tempo, which we have to
marked against Canada. The second game          to their daughter, something to celebrate         improve through the World League.”
in Mississauga (10,500 audience in two          together with a 2 points match. Egypt still
days) was another 0-3. Finland reached          lacked of victories after 5 weekends, play-        Standings - After week 5
its target, locking the second place in         ing its first ever World League match un-                                                  Matches
                                                                                                   Rk Country                      Points
Pool A after beating twice Korea. In the        der the supervision of an Egyptian coach                                                  Won Lost
first match in Yangsan, 17 Finnish blocks        (Ahmed Zakaria replaced the Polish Grze-           Pool A - Intercontinental Round
stopped all Korean aims (1-3). Korea was        gorz Rys). Serbia needed 79 minutes to              1 Brazil                        20 10         0
stronger in the second match: Moon Sung         clinch for 3-0 its 2007 World League fifth           2 Finland                       17     7      3
Min (best scorer with 25 points) was hard       victory. A 17,700 audience in two days              3 Korea                         12     2      8
                                                                          wasn’t    sufficient       4 Canada                        11     1      9
                                                                          to pull Egypt and        Pool B - Intercontinental Round
                                                                          even the Sunday           1 U.S.A.                        18     8       2
                                                                          match had a Ser-          2 France                        16     6       4
                                                                          bian signature.           3 Italy                         11     3       5
                                                                          After weeks of lead-      4 Japan                          9     1       7
                                                                          ership,    Bulgaria      Pool C - Intercontinental Round
                                                                          lost the first place       1 Russia                        19     9      1
                                                                          in Pool D. The            2 Serbia                        16     6      4
                                                                          two top matches           3 Cuba                          15     5      5
                                                                          saw the Bulgarian         4 Egypt                         10     0      10
                                                                          team losing its first     Pool D - Intercontinental Round
                                                                          matches (both 1-          1 Poland                        20 10         0
                                                                          3) against Poland.        2 Bulgaria                      18     8       2
                                                                          Raul      Lozano’s        3 China                         12     2       8
                                                                          team is the only          4 Argentina                     10     0      10
 Sold out everywhere in                                                   unbeaten      squad
 Poland for the World League                                                                      The organizer (Poland), the winner of
                                                                          in the 2007 World       each pool, plus one wild card chosen by
 matches. Here Kadziewicz and
                                                                          League     together     the FIVB, to go through to the Final Round
 Gruszka against China
                                                                          with Brazil. In front   in Katowice from 11-15 July 2007.

                                                                                             FIVB World Volley News No.17 July 2007
                                                                                                        Beach Volleyball

                                                                                                                        The FIVB
     SWATCH FIVB World Tour                                                                                             SWATCH
     9 medals for Brazil, Europe claims its space                                                                       World Tour
                                                                                                                        the Tour
    June 6-10 - Women’s Open                      ing only for the third-time on the SWATCH
    Warsaw - Poland - Podium Finish               circuit. The Estonians, who were captur-

    1           GOLD
                Larissa - Juliana BRA
                                                  ing their first-ever medal in an Open FIVB
                                                  event, advanced to the finals with a 21-

    2           SILVER
                Adriana Behar - Shelda BRA
                                                  19, 17-21 and 15-12 win in 60 minutes
                                                  over fifth-seeded Dmitri Barsouk and Igor

    3           BRONZE
                Xue - Zhang Xi CHN
                                                  Kolodinsky of Russia, who won the bronze
                                                  beating Austrian Schacht-Slack and even
                                                  top-seeded Brazilian team of Ricardo San-
    Just before a downpour, Juliana Felis-        tos and Emanuel Rego in Round 4.
    berta Silva and Larissa Franca claimed
    their 15th SWATCH FIVB World Tour gold        June 12-16 - Women’s Open
    medal. The Agrykola Prak centre court in      Espinho - Portugal - Podium Finish
    Mysliwiecka was the main court where
    Juliana and Larissa’s hard-hitting attack     1           GOLD
                                                              Larissa - Juliana BRA
    produced a 21-18 and 21-17 win in 46
    minutes over fifth-seeded Adriana Be-          2           SILVER
                                                              Goller - Ludwig GER
    har and Shelda Bede in the first All-Bra-
    zilian this season on the SWATCH FIVB         3           BRONZE
                                                              Renata - Talita BRA
    World Tour. Juliana, who was named the
    SWATCH most outstanding player, and           It was a great day for Brazilian Beach Vol-   USD 12,000 for their first SWATCH semi-
    her 25-year old partner Larissa rebound-      leyball on the Praia da Baia in Espinho       final appearance this season.
    ed from an opening defeat Friday to Tam-      as two women’s tandems from the South
    sin Barnett and Natalie Cook of Australia     American country captured medals in the       June 13-17 - Men’s Open
    24-22, 15-21 and 16-14 to win their next      USD 400,000 Open of Portugal to join three    Espinho - Portugal - Podium Finish
    five matches in the second annual GE
    Money Bank Warsaw Open to share the
                                                  men’s teams in earning podium spots. Ju-
                                                  liana Felisberta Silva and Larissa Franca     1         GOLD
                                                                                                          Emanuel - Ricardo BRA
    USD 32,000 first-place prize. This was
    also Juliana and Larissa’s 12-straight win
                                                  joined rivals Talita Antunes and Renata
                                                  Ribeiro on the SWATCH FIVB World Tour         2         SILVER
                                                                                                          Franco - Cunha BRA
    over Adriana and Shelda on the SWATCH
    FIVB World Tour after losing the first two
                                                  podium for the first-time this season. Sec-
                                                  ond-seeded Juliana and Larissa captured       3         BRONZE
                                                                                                          Fabio Luiz - Marcio Araujo BRA
    matches to their Brazilian rivals in 2004.    their 16th SWATCH title to share the USD
    In the bronze medal match, Chen Xue and                                                Brazil put on a show for the Praia da Baia
                                                  32,000 first-place prize: with their 17-21,
    Xi Zhang denied Brazil a podium sweep         21-16 and 15-13 win in 58 minutes over   fans as the SWATCH FIVB World Tour gold
    as the young Chinese posted a 21-18 and       13th-seeded Sara Goller and Laura Lud-   medal was won by Emanuel Rego and
    21-14 victory over the third-seeded Talita    wig of Germany, Juliana and Larissa have Ricardo Santos. With their 18-21, 21-17
    and Renata in 39 minutes.                     now split USD 992,950 in SWATCH win-     and 19-17 win in 69 minutes over second-
                                                  nings since forming their partnership 42 seeded Pedro Cunha and Franco Neto, the
    June 6-10 - Men’s Open                        FIVB events ago at the start of the 2004 top-seeded Emanuel and Ricardo snapped
    Zagreb - Croatia - Podium Finish              season. During this stretch, Juliana and their longest drought between gold medal

    1           GOLD
                Kais Kr. - Vesik EST
                                                  Larissa have 33 SWATCH medals with 22-   finishes on the SWATCH FIVB World Tour
                                                                                           since forming their partnership at the end
                                                  straight «final four» finishes. In the bronze

    2           SILVER
                Heuscher - Heyer SUI
                                                  medal match, Talita and Renata out-lasted
                                                  18th-seeded Vasso Karadassiou and Vas-
                                                                                           of the 2002 season, winning a record of
                                                                                           25 men’s FIVB titles in 60 international

    3           BRONZE
                Barsouk-Kolodinsky RUS
                                                                                           Beach Volleyball starts together. Harley
                                                  siliki Arvaniti of Greece 21-15, 17-21 and
                                                  16-14 in 61 minutes. The Greeks earned   and Salgado where stopped in the bronze
                                                                                                                  medal match by
    With a Brazilian men’s team not participat-                                                                   Marcio Araujo and
    ing in a SWATCH FIVB World Tour ‘final                                                                         Fabio Magalhaes
    four’ for the first-time in 23 events, Beach                                                                   (21-16 and 21-16
    Volleyball tandems from Estonia and Swit-                                                                     in 43 minutes).
    zerland won semi-final matches in the                                                                          Both     Harley/Sal-
    USD 200,000 VIP Open on the Lake Jarun                                                                        gado (China) and
    centre court, in Zagreb. Both the teams of                                                                    Marcio      Araujo/
    seventh-seeded Patrick Heuscher/Sascha                                                                        Fabio (Italy) had
    Heyer of Switzerland and 16th-seeded                                                                          won SWATCH gold
    Kristjan Kais/Rivo Vesik of Estonia had to                                                                    medals earlier this
    win their way to the finals of the fourth                                                                      season. Emanuel
    men’s event on the 2007 SWATCH FIVB                                                                           and Ricardo went
    World Tour calendar through the elimina-                                                                      on to win the Open
    tion bracket as both pairs dropped their                                                                      of Portugal gold
    opening matches to teams from Japan                                                                           medal for the third
    and Germany, respectively. While Kais                                                                         time in the last five
    and Vesik were competing in their 51st         A shot from Zagreb: the fury of Sascha Heyer                   years (2003 and
                                                   with teammate Heuscher against Vesik from Estonia
    FIVB event together, the Swiss were play-                                                                     2004) on the Praia

4   FIVB World Volley News No.17 July 2007
2007 SWATCH FIVB World Tour

da Baia. Emanuel and Ricardo each have        me to defend behind her block. Obviously,
five Open of Portugal titles with different    we were pointing to this match since Jia
partners. Emanuel, who was also named         and Jie eliminated us in Austria last year.
the SWATCH most outstanding player,           They are a great team, but we put a lot of
claimed back-to-back Portuguese titles in     pressure on them with our game plan to-
1998 and 1999 with Jose Loiola. Ricardo       day.” Tyra Turner and Rachel Wacholder        2007 Men’s Top Ten Teams         Code Points
won the 2000 Open of Portugal crown           claimed the bronze medal for the United       on June 25
with Ze Marco de Melo before topping the      States with a 21-17 and 21-16 win over         1 Emanuel - Ricardo             BRA   2 900
podium against in 2001 title Loiola.          the top-seeded Juliana and Larissa.            2 Fabio Luiz - Marcio Araujo    BRA   2 180
                                                                                             3 Barsouk - Kolodinsky          RUS   2 140
June 19-24 - Women’s Grand Slam               June 20-24 - Men’s Grand Slam                  4 Franco - Cunha                BRA   2 100
Paris - France - Podium Finish                Paris - France - Podium Finish                 5 Harley - Pedro                BRA   2 020
                                                                                             6 Brink - Dieckmann Ch.         GER   1 820
1           GOLD
            Walsh - May-Treanor USA           1           GOLD
                                                          Emanuel - Ricardo BRA              7 Heuscher - Heyer
                                                                                             8 Kais Kr. - Vesik
                                                                                                                                   1 740
                                                                                                                                   1 580
2           SILVER
            Tian Jia - Wang CHN               2           SILVER
                                                          Franco - Cunha BRA                 9 Xu - Wu
                                                                                            10 Herrera - Mesa
                                                                                                                                   1 520
                                                                                                                                   1 500
3           BRONZE
            Wacholder - Turner USA            3           BRONZE
                                                          Lambert - Metzger USA
                                                                                            2007 Women’s Top Ten             Code Points
The United States’ Misty May-Treanor and      The magnificent site in Paris also hosted      Teams on June 25
Kerri Walsh ‘followed their game plan’ to     the USD 600,000 Henkel Grand Chelem            1 Tian Jia - Wang               CHN 3 060
gain revenge and to regain the top of the     title for Men, with a standing ovation for     2 Larissa - Juliana             BRA 2 660
podium in front of the Eiffel Tower to win    the reigning Olympic champions Emanuel         3 Renata - Talita               BRA 2 420
the women’s gold medal in the final match      and Ricardo’s gold medal. The world’s No.      4 Xue - Zhang Xi                CHN 2 340
of the USD 600,000 Henkel Grand Chelem.       1-ranked Beach Volleyball team defeated        5 Barnett - Cook                AUS 1 980
With their 21-15 and 21-12 win in 42          Brazilian rivals Pedro Cunha and Fran-         6 Leila - Ana Paula             BRA 1 400
minutes over third-seeded Jia Tian and        co Neto before an over-flowing crowd            7 Karadassiou - Arvaniti        GRE 1 280
Jie Wang, the second-seeded May-Trean-        of 7,000 on the Champ de Mars center           8 Goller - Ludwig               GER 1 240
or and Walsh avenged an elimination set-      court. In securing the USD 43,500 first-        9 Schwaiger - Schwaiger         AUT 1 220
                                                                                               Brink-Abeler - Jurich         GER 1 220

                                                                                            gold medal near the Eiffel Tower for the
                                                                                            first time in three attempts after finishing
                                                                                            ninth and third in their first two Henkel
                                                                                            Grand Chelems the past two years. This
                                                                                            title was also FIVB gold medal No. 26 for
                                                                                            the 2003 SWATCH FIVB World champions
                                                                                            along with Emanuel’s 62nd and Ricardo’s
                                                                                            42nd on the international circuit. “It is
                                                                                            great to play in front of one of the world’s
                                                                                            most famous sites,” said the 34-year old
                                                                                            Emanuel, who was winning his 108 Beach
                                                                                            Volleyball title since 1994. “It is even more
                                                                                            special to win in Paris before such a great
                                                                                            site. Obviously, the Olympic and World
                                                                                            Championships are the best, but this one
                                                                                            ranks among the best ever on this tour.”
                                                                                            In the bronze medal match, 14th-seeded
                                                                                            Mike Lambert and Stein Metzger of the
                                                                                            United States posted a 21-12 and 21-17
                                                                                            win over sixth-seeded Julius Brink and
 The podium in Espinho: Pedro, Franco, Emanuel, Ricardo,                                    Christoph Dieckmann of Germany to split
 Fabio, Marcio Araujo and his Mirela with her favourite SWATCH
                                                                                            USD 23,000 for third-place.

back to the Chinese in the Austrian Grand     place prize with        Misty May-Treanor
Slam last August for the American’s low-      a 19-21, 21-17          and Kerri Walsh: just
est international finish since a 1992 ninth.   and 15-12 win in        in time for Gstaad
In addition, May-Treanor and Walsh re-        71 minutes over
gained the Henkel Grand Chelem title af-      the third-seeded
ter losing the 2006 gold medal match on       Cunha and Franco,
the Champ de Mars to Juliana Felisberta       the     second-seed-
Silva and Larissa Franca of Brazil in three   ed Emanuel and
sets. A year earlier on May-Treanor’s 27th    Ricardo captured
birthday, the Americans defeated Juliana      the first of five ‘ma-
and Larissa in the inaugural Henkel Grand     jor’ stops on the
Chelem finale. “We were better prepared        2007       SWATCH
for this match,” said May-Treanor, who        FIVB World Tour
was winning her 25th SWATCH title with        calendar. In addi-
Walsh and 28th FIVB crown overall. “Ker-      tion, the Brazilians
ri did a great job at the net that allowed    were winning a

                                                                                      FIVB World Volley News No.17 July 2007


     AVC Board of Administration
     decides to step up developing Volleyball                                                    QuickSets
             The Asian Volleyball Confed-   the meeting and declared AVC’s strong                                        a Brazilian fan
             eration (AVC) Board of Ad-     solidarity with the FIVB and support of all                                  W
                                                                                                                         Waiting to step
             ministration meeting held in  AVC members for FIVB President, Rubén                                         u
                                                                                                                         up in the 2007
             June in Kuala Lumpur took     Acosta. Mr. Wei stressed that the AVC is                                      W
                                                                                                                         World      League,
    many decisions to develop Volleyball    always putting FIVB missions as priority,                                   ‘M
                                                                                                                        ‘Mister      World
    and Beach Volleyball in Asia.           and taking immediate measures in order                                       G
                                                                                                                         Giba’, MVP in the
                                                              to fulfil them. The Presi-                                  W
                                                                                                                         World Champion-
                                                              dent said that the meet-                                   s
                                                                                                                         ship 2006, was
                                                              ing would concentrate                                      o of the 31,000
                                                              on how to develop Vol-                                     B
                                                                                                                         Brazilian fans in
                                                              leyball and how to draw                                    B
                                                                                                                         Belo Horizonte
                                                              more teams to partici-                                     a he was doing
                                                              pate in AVC events. A                                      t
                                                                                                                         the ‘ola’ among
                                                              new competition format                                     t
                                                                                                                         the 22,000 in Sao
                                                              called ‘Asian Cup for                                      P
                                                                                                                         Paulo. “I´d never
                                                              Men’ and ‘Asian Cup                                        b
                                                                                                                         been present at
                                                              for Women’ will be held                                    a Brazilian game
                                                              every two years: the top           before. I always stayed in the court and
                                                              eight teams will partici-          never saw the show. At Sao Paulo and
                                                              pate in the Asian Cup.             Belo Horizonte I could see everything.
     The AVC Board of Administration last meeting
                                                                                                 It’s a wonderful show. The fans love us”.
                                                                        The Board suggested      After the 2007 World League and the
    The meeting reviewed the progress in the         remodelling the Asian Beach Volleyball      summer, Giba will join Iskra Odintsovo,
    sport in the past year, especially:              Championship in order to promote Beach      moving to Russia together with his wife
                                                     Volleyball and encourage more countries     Cristina Pirv, former captain of Romania,
      More and more AVC members actively             to participate in the Championship.         and their daughter Nicoll, born in 2004
      participated in the AVC events, the                                                        just after the Olympic tie-break Brazil-
      Board especially noted that the Wom-           The AVC President stated: “We have a        Italy.
      en’s National team from Iran will take         great potential in developing Beach Vol-
      part in the 2007 Asian Senior Women’s          leyball. The AVC must put priority on       A Beach Volleyball national
      Championship for the first time, which          more participation and not on the prize     tournament in Gabon
      shows the popularization of Volleyball         money.” The meeting also requested the
      in Asia.                                       FIVB to give more support to the AVC
                                                     Beach Volleyball circuits.
      Asian Volleyball made great progress,
      especially in the AVC Western Zone,            The three FIVB development centres in
      where the sport is developing faster           Asia are playing a great role in helping
      and faster.                                    Asia raise the technical and management
                                                     level: they will have more financial and
      Beach Volleyball in Asia got more and          material support and Indonesia will have
      more attention from AVC members.               a new one next year.

    The meeting also pointed out that Vol-           The AVC will propose to the upcoming
    leyball in Asia is still not developing fast     AVC general Assembly to create a Medical
    enough and that one of the most immedi-          Commission for carrying doping tests for
    ate and urgent tasks that the AVC is fac-        AVC events, composed by three members       The new Board of the Gabon National
    ing is to raise the level of Asian Volleyball.   (Thailand, Eastern Zone and Western         Federation has recently introduced
    AVC President Wei Jizhong addressed              Zone).                                      Beach Volleyball in its activities. Thanks
                                                                                                 to the sponsor, Red Bull, the tournament
                                                     In order to give equal chances to the       registered 24 men’s team, 20 veterans
     All Contributions                               teams participating in the Asian Senior     team and 12 women’s team. At the same
     Welcome!                                        Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Champi-
                                                     onships, the meeting decided to change
                                                                                                 time, youngsters come every Sunday to
                                                                                                 learn Beach Volleyball.
     Please send your comments                       the final round, which will be played on
     and articles by e-mail to:                      a round robin system instead of a cross     Two Volleyball legends                                  match system.                               on the beach
                                                                                                 Two Volleyball legends, Cuban Mireya
     or by mail / fax to:                            The meeting asked the AVC Development       Luis and Brazilian Jackie Silva, played
     Fédération Internationale                       and Marketing Committee to concentrate      Beach Volleyball together on a beach east
     de Volleyball                                   its work on helping members from cat-       of Havana to promote this sport among
     Avenue de la Gare 12                            egory one and two, and also to encourage    young people. The match was part of
     CH-1001 Lausanne - Switzerland                  the AVC National Federations to avail the   a social program, ‘Initiative Building
                                                     aid program from the Volleyball Coopera-    the Future’, supported by the Brazilian
     Tel : +41 (21) 345 35 35
                                                     tion Programme, which is part of the FIVB   Sports Ministry and the Cuban Institute
     Fax: +41 (21) 345 35 45
                                                     Volleyball World Vision 2012.

6   FIVB World Volley News No.17 July 2007

                                               VOLLEYBALL MEN & WOMEN

                                               British Volleyball Federation has announced an exciting
                                               collaboration with the Dutch Volleyball team Martinus

                                              The partnership will see players in the     Sara Symington, Performance Programme
                                              GB men’s squad playing 28 League            Consultant for UK Sport said: “It is great
                                              games in the Dutch Pro A League             to see British Volleyball taking an innova-
                                              under the name of Martinus for the          tive approach to the development of the
                                              season 2007 - 08. The players will          men’s squad. Moving the players to Hol-
                                              be based in Am-                             land will provide a great opportunity to
                                              stelveen from Oc-                           accelerate the squad’s development in the
                                              tober through to                            coming months as they take another sig-
of Sports. Luis, one of the greatest fe-      April and train-                            nificant step towards London 2012. We’d
male Cuban Volleyball stars of the last 20    ing daily under                             like to congratulate them for spotting the
years – member of the Olympic Cham-           the direction of                            opportunity and Club Martinus for help-
pion team in Barcelona 1992, Atlanta          GB Head Coach                               ing to make it happen.”
1996 and Sydney 2000 – is currently           Harry Brokking.
chief of marketing for the Cuban Vol-                                                    Harry Brokking, Head GB Coach said:
leyball Federation. Silva won the Beach       With the London 2012 Olympic and Para- “This exciting partnership will allow play-
Volleyball Olympic title in Atlanta 1996      lympic Games just five years away the       ers to build on their training together and
together with Sandra Pires, the first time     British Volleyball Federation has put in   work as a team regularly in a highly com-
that this sport was in the Olympics.          place elite development programmes for     petitive environment, essential for the de-
                                              its indoor, beach and sitting disciplines  velopment of the squad at this stage.”
                          Maurizia            through the support of UK Sport.
                          Cacciatori                                                     The team started a daily centre based
                          retires             The Dutch Federation (NEVOBO) has ac- programme based EIS Sheffield in June
                          Maurizia     Cac-   cepted this move and British Volleyball    this year and will be based out of the
                          ciatori, the fa-    Chairman, Richard Callicott, welcomes      venue until the move to Amstelveen in
                          mous      Italian   their support. “We are delighted for the   October. They will then return to Sheffield
                          setter awarded      support from the Dutch Federation and, of  in May 2008 to continue their prepara-
                          by the FIVB as      course Martinus in this development. This  tions for a summer of International fix-
                          Best Setter after   opportunity will provide an integral boost tures. Martinus already have experience
                          the 1998 World      to our London 2012 preparations... To      in working alongside the developments of
                          Championships       have the support of a club with the status National Programmes as the Dutch Wom-
                          in Japan, has       and history of Martinus is a huge boost to en’s team plays under the name of Dela
 planned to retire. During her career, she    the men’s team.”                           Martinus.
 also had experiences as a model and
 TV show performer, and played Beach           VOLLEYBALL MEN & WOMEN
 Volleyball, too. In 2007, she played for
 Spanish Club Icaro in Palma de Mallor-
                                               Mammadova, Wlazly and Muculescu
 ca, being promoted from second to first        honoured in Vienna
 Spanish division. She’s now been offered
 a position as sport director of the team.              During the European Volley-       matches of the Champions’ League
“And now it’s also time to plan: a ‘baby                ball Gala in Vienna, where        2006/07 League Round, finishing on top
 Cacciatori’ and a new team for Palma”                  the drawing of lots for the       of the ‘Best Scorer’ list. The Azerbai-
 says Maurizia.                                         eighth edition of the Indesit     jan was also ‘Best Scorer’ of the League
                                              European Champions’ League took             Round 2005/06 (285 points in ten match-
                                              place, Natalya Mammadova and Mar-           es played) and 2004/05 (196 points in ten
                                              iusz Wlazly were honoured as ‘Best          matches played).
                                              Scorers’ of the 2006/07 IECL League        ‘Best Scorer’ in the Men’s Indesit Europe-
                                              Round, and Stelian Moculescu re-            an Champions’ League 2006/07 was Pole
                                              ceived the award for ‘Best Coach’.          Mariusz Wlazly from BOT Skra Belchatow,
                                                                                          booking 212 points during the ten pool
                                              Stelian Moculescu, 57-year-old Romanian     matches. The President of the Polish Vol-
                                              known as ‘Stelu’, who coaches the German    leyball Federation Mr. Miroslaw Przedpel-
                                              men’s national team since 1999 as well      ski was present to receive the award.
                                              as the German club VfB Frie-
                                              drichshafen, managed to lead
                                              his team to their first Cham-
                                              pions’ League victory during
                                              the Final Four in Moscow in
 Andrea ‘Zorro’ Zorzi representing            2007. The German Champion
 the FIVB for IOC                             and Cup Winner has left Eu-
 The FIVB has chosen Andrea ‘Zorro’           rope’s top club competition
 Zorzi as its representative at the 3rd       twice as second ranked (1996
 International Athletes’ Forum that will      and 2000) and once as bronze
 take place in Dubai, on 27th and 28th        medallist (1999).                  Peter Kleinmann, Natalya Mammadova,
                                              Natalya Mammadova scored           CEV President André Meyer, Stelian
 October.              (follow on page 8)
                                                                                 Moculescu and Miroslaw Przedpelski
                                              160 points during the six

                                                                                     FIVB World Volley News No.17 July 2007

    QuickSets                                                Technical Courses and Seminars Calendar - July-August 2007

                                                            July 1-5

                                                                              Technical Seminar Players


                                                            July 1-12         Coaches Level I                                 Maldive Islands             FIVB
                                                            July 5-16         Coaches Level I                                 Tunisia                     FIVB
                                                            July 11-22        Coaches Level I                                 Iran                        FIVB
                                                            July 16-20        Volleyball Information System                   Thailand, Kingdom of        FIVB
                                                            July 16-27        Coaches Level I                                 Somalia                     FIVB
                                                            July 25-Aug. 6    Coaches Level II                                Tunisia                     FIVB
                                                            July 28-Aug. 8    Coaches Level I                                 Virgin Islands              FIVB
                                                            August 1-12       Coaches Level I                                 Sudan                       FIVB
                                                            August 6-10       Technical Seminar Young Players                 Venezuela                   FIVB
                                                            August 7-12       Beach Refereeing IRCC                           Liechstenstein              FIVB
                                                            August 8-21       Coaches Level II                                Barbados                    FIVB
                                                            August 9-17       Beach Refereeing IRCC                           China                       FIVB
                                                            August 11-19      Refereeing IRCC                                 Poland                      FIVB
                                                            August 18-22      Technical Seminar Defense                       India                       FIVB
                                                            August 18-29      Coaches Level I                                 Bahrain                     FIVB
    “Zorzi – says Dr. Rubén Acosta H., Presi-               August 18-30      Coaches Level II                                Malaysia                    FIVB
     dent of the FIVB – is an excellent rep-                August 19-30      Coaches Level I                                 Dominica                    FIVB
     resentative for our sport and the inter-               August 19-30      Coaches Level I                                 Nicaragua                   FIVB
     ests of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball
     players”. Zorzi, one of the most famous                 Volleyball Cooperation Programme Calendar - July-August 2007
     Volleyball spikers, left the Italian team
     in 1996, stopping his career in the                    DATES             COURSE                                          PLACE
     clubs in 1998, when he began to work
     as a journalist and TV commentator.                    July 1-6          Young Players                                   Lebanon
                                                            July 4-9          Refereeing                                      Bhutan
                                                            July 6-11         Beach Volleyball                                Mozambique
     Tang Miao injured                                      July 11-18        Coaches                                         Solomon Islands
     The 25 year-old Chinese player Tang                    July 16-21        Teachers                                        Paraguay
     Miao suffered a terrible injury in St. Pe-             July 16-21        Beach Volleyball                                Vanuatu
     tersburg during a training session. The                July 30-Aug. 4    Teachers                                        Togo
                                                            July 30- Aug. 4   Teachers                                        Seychelles
                                                            August 1-6        Refereeing                                      Congo
                                                            August 6-11       Beach Volleyball                                Côte d’Ivoire
                                                            August 6-11       Teachers                                        Rwanda
                                                            August 6-11       Beach Volleyball                                St. Kitts
                                                            August 10-17      Coaches                                         Congo Democratic Republic
                                                            August 12-19      Coaches                                         Botswana
                                                            August 14-21      Coaches                                         Cameroon

                                                             2007 Global Calendar - Competitions and Events - Volleyball and Beach Volleyball
                                                            DATES             EVENT                                                       COUNTRY                     CONF.     M/W

                                                            June 26-July 6    Boris Yeltsin Cup                                           Russia                      CEV
                                                            June 30-July 5    VIII. International Baltic Cup for Juniors and Youth 2007   Pobierowo (POL)             CEV
                                                            July 4-8          SWATCH FIVB World Tour Open                                 Montréal, Canada            FIVB      M/W
      spiker, one of the best Chinese players,              July 5-8          NESTEA European Championship Tour Swiss Masters             Lucerne, Switzerland        CEV
      also included in the 18’s selection for               July 6-8          CAZOVA Beach Volleyball Tour                                Trinidad & Tobago           NORCECA   M/W
      the 2007 World League, was in Rus-                    July 7-8          European League Final Four                                  Portugal                    CEV
      sia with his club team to play a friendly             July 7-15         Men’s Junior Volleyball World Championship                  Casablanca/Rabat, Morocco   FIVB      M
      match when he seriously injured his                   July 4-14         U-20 Caribbean Championship (CAZOVA)                        US Virgin Islands           NORCECA   M/W
      neck. Tang Miao is the husband of                     July 4-14         U-21 Caribbean Championship (CAZOVA)                        US Virgin Islands           NORCECA   M
      Zhou Suhong, the captain of the wom-                  July 9-15         U-21 Central American Championship                          Costa Rica                  NORCECA   M
                                                            July 10-14        SWATCH FIVB World Tour Grand Slam                           Berlin, Germany             FIVB      W
      en’s national team.
                                                            July 11-15        World League Finals                                         Katowice, Poland            FIVB      M
                                                            July 11-15        SWATCH FIVB World Tour Grand Slam                           Berlin, Germany             FIVB      M
     Top Philippine player killed                           July 11-15        SWATCH FIVB Youth World Championships                       Myslowice, Poland           FIVB      M/W
     The Volleyball family is in mourning                   July 14-29        XV Pan-American Sport Games                                 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil      NORCECA   M/W
     after Ronie Borlagdatan, the 22 year-                  July 16-20        NORCECA Mini Volleyball Championships                       Colima, Mexico              NORCECA   M/W
     old star of the Philippines’ national                  July 17-21        SWATCH FIVB World Tour Open                                 Marseille, France           FIVB      W
     team, was shot dead together with two                  July 17-22        Pan-American Games                                          Rio de Janeiro, Brazil      NORCECA   W
                                                            July 18-21        European U18 Beach Volleyball Championships                 Brno, Czech Republic        CEV
                    friends on 4th June by
                                                            July 18-22        SWATCH FIVB World Tour Open                                 Marseille, France           FIVB      M
                    unknown robbers.                        July 20-27        Women’s Junior U20 World Championship                       Suphanburi, Thailand        FIVB      W
                    He was a graduating                     July 21-28        European Youth Olympic Festival                             Belgrade, Serbia            CEV
                    Criminology student at                  July 23-28        Pan-American Games                                          Rio de Janeiro, Brazil      NORCECA   M
                    the De La Salle Univer-                 July 24-29        SWATCH FIVB World Championships                             Gstaad, Switzerland         FIVB      M/W
                    sity, in Dasmariñas.                    July 31-Aug. 11   Youth Girls’ Volleyball World Championship                  Baja California, Mexico     FIVB      W
                                                            July- August      African Volleyball Gala                                     TBC                         CAVB      M/W

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