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					               USA Weightlifting Weekly Report: April 19-25, 2010

Board of Directors Highlights - The USAW Board of Directors met April 23-25 in Colorado Springs.
Highlights of the meeting will be posted to the USAW website soon.

National Office Move To New Offices – USA Weightlifting’s National Office will be moving off the
Olympic Complex and across town to a new building on April 30 . During this transition time of April 26
through May 7 , phone and e-mail coverage will be limited and may result in delayed response to your
phone calls and e-mails. Your patience and cooperation during this period of time is appreciated.

USA Weightlifting’s mailing address (1 Olympic Plaza, Colorado Springs, CO 80909), phone numbers
and email addresses will all remain the same.

2010 Pan American Championships Team: USA Weightlifting would like to congratulate the following lifters
and staff for being selected to the 2010 Pan American Championships Team in Guatemala City, Guatemala
this May. Team USA consists of the following members:

                   Women                                                        Men
    Kelly Rexroad      48kg                                   Kendrick Farris         85kg
    Rachel Churchward  48kg                                   Matthew Bruce           85kg
    Amanda Hubbard     58kg                                   Jonathan North          94kg
    Sarah Bertram      69kg                                   Cody Gibbs              105kg
    Erin Wallace       75kg                                   Donald Shankle          105kg
    Sarah Robles       75+kg                                  Patrick Judge           105+kg
    Holley Mangold     75+kg                                  Caleb Ward              105+kg
                                                              Philip Sabatini         94kg

                                Joe Micela                Women's Coach
                                Kyle Pierce               Men's Coach
                                Robert Morris             Assistant Coach
                                Glenn Pendlay             Team Leader
                                Carla Fritz               Team Doctor

USAW Announces Partnership With National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Promotional
codes and member details soon to be available at:

Nominating Governance Committee Nominations. Please submit nominations for the Nominating and
Governance Committee, by April 30, 2010. There are two vacant slots on this committee as a result of
resignations by the two USOC committee members.

Pursuant to Section 8.12.of the USAW Bylaws the existing Nominating and Governance Committee will
select two individuals to succeed the departing members from all eligible nominees. A fifth and final
position on this committee will be filled by one individual who shall be selected by and from the USAW
Board that is leaving the Board.

Therefore, USAW is soliciting nominations from the membership for the committee to consider in an effort
to fill the two current vacancies.

The Nominating and Governance Committee shall:

       Identify and evaluate prospective candidates for the Board;
       Select individuals to serve on the Board as provided in these Bylaws;
       Recommend as requested by the Board, individuals to serve on various committees and
       task forces;
       Consult with the Ethics Committee with respect to vetting all nominations for potential
       conflicts of interest or other problematic background issues;
       Develop and recommend to the Board for its consideration an annual self-evaluation
       process of the Board and its committees and task forces;
       Select all nominees to be put forward for positions on the IWF Executive Committee,
       Medical Committee, Scientific and Research Committee and Technical Committee;
       Perform such other duties as assigned by the Board.

Please submit any individuals that you would like to be considered for this committee to the National
Office no later than April 30th.

USAW Foundation Board Nominations - As part of its duties, the USAW BOD is charged with
appointing individuals to serve on the Board of Directors of the USAW Foundation (the FBOD). USAW is
seeking individuals who are interested in serving in this position.

The FBOD is entrusted with managing the portfolio of the USAW Foundation, which is an endowment
originally provided to USAW by the US Olympic Committee to help establish a strong, long-term base for
the financial requirements of the sport of weightlifting. Currently, all of that portfolio, amounting to about
$300,000, is invested in a mutual fund run by the US Olympic Foundation.

Depending on the number and quality of the candidates, it is expected that at least 4, but possibly as
many as 9, FBOD members will be appointed at the meeting of the USAW BOD to be held in April 2010.
Terms in office for FBOD members are for one-year, but members are eligible for re-appointment in the
future. Candidates for the FBOD should have some educational background and/or experience in the
area of finance, economics, or investing.

Please send resumes to: Foundation BOD, USAW, 1 Olympic Plaza, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 or e-
mail to .

Senior Coach Course- USA Weightlifting is now offering a Senior Coach course to those who have the
old Club Coach or the new 2010 Level 1 Coach certifications. The course is being held July 6-10, 2010 in
Millersville, PA and will be taught by Leo Totten.

To register, please go to the USAW website,, and click on the large red
COACHING COURSES button, on the left side of the home page of the website.

Coaches certified under the old Sports Performance certification are not eligible to register for the Senior
Coach course. Those people must first attend and pass the Level 1 course. If you have any questions,
please contact the National Office at 719-866-4508 or

Weightlifting Camp – A weightlifting camp will be held in Millersville, PA on July 5-10, 2010. Please
contact Leo Totten for more information: 717-359-5317.

National Championships, June 11-13, Peoria, IL. To register online, log on to . Find a manual entry form at Upcoming Championship Events at

National School Age Championships, June 25-27, Foster City, CA. Travel and hotel information can
be found at ; entry form coming soon!

Renowned International Coach Seminar - Frank Mantek, renowned Olympic weightlifting coach and
Bronze Medal winner in the 1980 Olympics, will present a special seminar on August 6-8, 2010 at the US
Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Mr. Michael Vater, Co-National Coach of the German's
Men's Team and National Coach of the Men's U-23 Team, will assist Mr. Mantek with the seminar. All
attendees are invited to a reception on the evening of Friday, August 6 to welcome our distinguished

Cost for the seminar is $155, or $125 for current USAW members. Current USAW members are eligible
for a discounted rate of $125 by entering 'COASEM2' in the 'Promotional Code' field on the checkout
page when registering on line. Room and board at the USOTC is available to participants on a first come,
first served basis for an additional cost of $25 per day. The registration deadline for this premium event is
June 30, 2010 - Click here to register now .
Learn more about Frank Mantek at

 “The Mission of USA Weightlifting shall be to enable United States athletes to achieve sustained
competitive excellence in Olympic competition and to promote and grow the sport of weightlifting
in the United States”.

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