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Poetry Anthology


									Poetry Anthology
170 Points

A poetry anthology is a collection of poems which are gathered for a specific purpose or to carry out a
specific theme. You will be making an anthology of poems you have written for class and five that
interest you that follow a theme.

The Procedure:
1. Decide on a theme that interests you and select at least five published poems which follow your
theme. The published poems must come from at least two different books. You may use the internet for
NO MORE than two poems.
2. Re-type those poems, not forgetting to include title and author of each.
3. At the bottom of the page of each published poem, type bibliographical information. That means you
need to list the titles and editors (or authors) of the books that each poem came from, the publisher and
copyright date. Don’t forget complete web addresses for the two poems from the internet. Punctuate
titles correctly!
4. Write a brief introduction to each of the five published poems, telling why it appeals to you and how
its theme is appropriate to your collection. When discussing your poem, also use AT LEAST two
poetry terms that apply to that poem.
7. Create an aesthetically pleasing cover design for your anthology that focuses on your theme.
8. Prepare a title page (separate from the cover) with the title, your name as editor, and the year.
9. Prepare a table of contents which includes page numbers (as they appear in your book), authors, and
10. Arrange your anthology in any order you desire. Adding illustrations will greatly enhance the
appeal of your anthology.
11. Bind your anthology together in an appealing manner.

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