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									                  Benefits of Cashew Nuts
                                 1. Lose weight.
          Approximately 75% of the fat contained in nuts is unsaturated fat
     (unsaturated fats) which is a good fat. In addition, cashew nuts contain high
    amounts of fiber. Good fats made of cashew nuts can help you lose weight and
      give more energy to the body. Cashew nuts also help facilitate the body's

      .2. Improve cardiovascular health and reduce levels of bad cholesterol.
   Monounsaturated fats (monounsaturated fats) helps improve heart health. These
                     fats are found in the Mediterranean diet.
     Eating nuts can raise levels of good cholesterol and reduce levels of bad

                               3. Lowers risk of cancer.
   The content of antioxidants and vitamins that are high in nuts helps eliminate free
                                  radicals in the body.
   Cashew nuts can help boost the immune system and kill cancer cells that develop
                                      in the body.

                             4. Improve brain function.
Cashew nuts can help increase oxygen to the brain. Cashew nuts play an important
                            role in improving memory.
This is because polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats associated with brain
 cell production. The brain relies on both types of these fats, and nuts have a high
                                 content of both fat.

                              5. Strengthen bones.
    Magnesium is found in nuts help promote strong bone structure in the body.
        Magnesium is found approximately 82.5 mg / ounce of cashews.

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