To HR Coordinators From Wendy McRae Owoeye Director of Employee Relations Performance Development and Employee Programs Re Staff Guidelines and Forms for Employees Leaving the

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					To:    HR Coordinators

From: Wendy McRae-Owoeye, Director of Employee Relations,
      Performance Development and Employee Programs

Re:     Staff Guidelines and Forms for Employees Leaving the Service of Brown

Date: July 11, 2006


The Human Resources Department often receives questions from employees, supervisors,
and HR Coordinators about the necessary steps and questions which arise when an
employees leaves Brown. With that in mind, this memo is written to provide you with
guidance on detailed information to assist you with this process. There are two primary
documents which include:

                        1. The Exit Check List and
                        2. The Online Employment Exit Interview Form

We hope the information outlined below will help to clarify the steps and answer many of
your questions. Please familiarize yourself with this information and share the "Exit
Check List and Online Employment Exit Interview Form" with appropriate department

Thank you for your continued support!


Exit Check List (See Attachment)

In order to ensure that a staff member leaving Brown is paid correctly and receives
information on benefits continuation in a timely manner, we have developed a set of
recommended guidelines called the "Exit Check List.”

April 2006                                      1
When a staff member leaves Brown, the first step is for the employee and supervisor to
review the Exit Check List. Then, as quickly as possible, the supervisor should initiate
and submit to HR the separation paperwork (i.e., Personnel Action Form (PAF) with a
copy of the separation letter attached). The separation letter can range from a resignation
letter to a position elimination letter due to the end of grant funding. The separation letter
and PAF should also include the reason for the separation, the last day of work, and any
accrued unused vacation which is due. It is critical that this paperwork be submitted in
advance of the payroll cutoff so that employees leaving Brown receive a correct final pay
check, which is statutorily due to them “on the next regular payday and payable at the
usual place of payment.”

For information on HR/Payroll cutoff dates, please refer to:

“Benefits Exit Interview” and Online “Employment Exit Interview” Form

We also encourage staff leaving Brown to schedule a “Benefits Exit Interview” to enable
the departing staff member the opportunity to receive information and
paperwork pertaining to the transition of their benefits. The staff member is also
encouraged to complete the Online “Employment Exit Interview” Form, which solicits
information about the departing employee’s satisfaction with their employment
experience at Brown. At that time, staff are also given an opportunity to schedule an “in-
person” Employment Exit Interview with their Human Resources Generalist, if desired,
to discuss the information completed in the form further. Appointments for both the
Benefits Exit Interview and Employment Exit Interview can be coordinated. Contact
Human Resources at 401/863-3175 or 863-2141 to schedule:

1. a benefits exit interview with a Benefits Specialist and/or

2. an optional employment exit interview with the Human Resources Generalist, who has
been assigned for your respective department.

Important Note:
Staff members who are employed in the Division of Biology & Medicine should contact
Bio-Med Personnel at 863-3940 to schedule their Employment Exit Interview.

For more information regarding the Exit Interview Form, please click on the URL:

April 2006                                     2