Enhance Business Productivity and Security with Secure Access Solutions

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					 Enhance Business Productivity and Security with Secure Access Solutions

Though the worldwide availability of the internet and its paraphernalia has led to its use as a network
infrastructure for business communications, it has its own share of risks and dangers. It involves high
stakes and huge risks. Risks include security, integrity and confidentiality of the sensitive and critical data
and at stake are company reputation, customer trust and brand name.

Data security is important for any business enterprise as sensitive and critical information such as client
information, employee information, product information, company information, bank account details, tax
and transaction details, personal files are not only hard to replace but also potentially risky if it falls into
wrong hands. The consequences of business disruption caused by loss of data to hackers both internal and
external are much more damaging and dangerous than that lost due to natural disasters such as tornado,
snowstorm, flood, and so on.

In today’s world of cybercrime, infiltration in the form of trojans, worms, viruses, hoaxes, spams,
phishing, pharming, identity thefts have become quite rampant. Hence, information security is a high
priority for business owners and CEO’ across a range of industries. The threat to information security has
amplified with the shift from the traditional office-based work environment. With the world changing into
a world economy, the workplace can no longer be confined within the four walls of any office building.
Moreover, the explosive growth in the development and use of electronic gadgets and communication
devices has resulted in the work environment becoming increasingly mobile and centralized. Though it
has led to increased productivity, low operational costs and convenience for enterprises, it has also
augmented the security concerns by twofold.

The kind of security measures that need to be implemented when an employee works in office is very
much different from those when he works outside. Hence employees need innovative secure remote
access solutions that enable them to get to their office computers from any remote location — whether
they be at their home office, at a customer or partner site, at a public Internet kiosk, or even from their
iPhones and iPads. Remote desktop access solution thus allows users to be productive from any location
on any device with full security.

Enterprises therefore require robust secure access solutions that establish new-perimeter security around
business critical resources. An effective solution that extends identity-based, Application Delivery-level
access to any user irrespective of whether they are internal, external, employee or third party anywhere.

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