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					The Polar Challenge 2011

“Many events claim to be the toughest but, to
my mind, none equal the race to the Magnetic
North Pole. This event really offers everything”

Dr Mike Stroud OBE, Challenge Ambassador
The Challenge
The Polar Challenge is one of the coldest, toughest and most spectacular endurance races, taking place
in one of the planet’s most hostile and extreme environments. Temperatures will plummet to -50 ºC. It
is a 320 nautical mile race to the 1996 Magnetic North Pole. The frozen ice of the High Arctic is a vast
expanse of rugged sea ice, boulders, gulleys and treacherous terrain, and is home to 80% of one of the
world’s deadliest land based predators - the polar bear.

It is a stern test of the toughest of individuals and the adventure of a lifetime, in one of the world’s
last remaining wildernesses.
The Team
Jack and Jamie have already proven their determination and strength in unfavourable conditions,
and that they work together as an unbreakable team. In January 2010 they completed a 6 week
course in expedition-leading and wilderness survival as part of an unsupported 8 man team,
crossing the remote and desolate northern Patagonian ice cap.

Jack Daniell
Bought up in Australia, the active and outdoor life was what set Jack on a
course for adventure. His mother always taught him that nothing in life was
impossible, and he has always adhered to this principle. Jack travels the world
as a service engineer for MAN Diesel, has enjoyed climbing frozen waterfalls in
New Zealand, paraglided in many countries and has over 600 hours of scuba
diving experience worldwide.

                       Jamie Chisholm
                       Jamie was brought up in the Far East and was automatically instilled with a
                       desire to travel. Jamie is a marine geophysicist working on subsea pipeline,
                       platform and cable surveys worldwide. Jamie’s passion for travel lies in finding
                       himself in stunning and remote landscapes, environments where he feels
                       privileged to be. He will be in his element whilst en route to the North Pole.
Race Route
The route covers 320 nautical miles. Before the race begins there is a 60 nautical mile walk to the
start line. Split over 5 days, this is at a steady pace but is a tiring challenge both mentally and
physically, as routines and skills are put to the test. This is the longest and coldest warm up in world
sport. The island of Truro is where the race begins.

                                               The race itself is split into 4 sections:
                                               Stage 1 – Polaris Mine to a CP1 NW of Bathurst Island
                                                         (76’46′N 1-1’50′W*); a distance of 126.5nm
                                                         (145.5 miles)

                                               Stage 2 – Bathurst Island to CP2 near King Christian Island
                                                         (77’46′N 101’50′W*); a distance of 109.25nm
                                                         (125.7 miles)

                                               Stage 3 – King Christian Island to the 1996 position of the
                                                         Magnetic North Pole (78′ 35.7′N 104’11.9′W*); a
                                                         distance of 72.45nm (83.3 miles)

                                               Stage 4 – 1996 position of the Magnetic North Pole to
                                                         Issachen (78′ 47′N 103’30′W*); a distance of
                                                         18.4nm (21.2 miles)
Media Coverage

Worldwide Exposure: Televised to 168 million homes in 107 countries

Targeted PR Campaign in all competitor countries
Previous Media Coverage
Newspapers                                     TV
• Daily Telegraph - 2005, half page articles   • Trans World Sport: 1 x 10 minute clip
  once a month for 8 months, including           broadcast to 168 million homes in 107
  front page advert. Readership: 1.5             countries, also on 35 global airlines
  million                                      • BBC2 The Challenge – North Pole, 1 hour
• Editorial coverage in The Times (1.8           documentary on Fujitsu Polar Challenge
  million), The Sun (3 million), The Daily       2004 - 2 million viewers
  Telegraph (1.8 million), The Daily           • BBC1 Breakfast - Interview with 2005
  Express (1.7 million, regular Team Diary       race winners, Team Hardware
  in The Evening Standard (1 Million)
• Thousands of articles in local UK press

Magazines                                      • BBC Radio 2, Jonny Walker Drive Time -
• Editorials, features and news pieces           30 minute team interview with over 5
  including Geographical, Wanderlust,            million listeners
  Soldier, Adventure Sports Magazine (US)      • BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright in the
• Wired Magazine in the US already on            Afternoon – competition
  board                                        • CBC National Canadian Interview
• Interviews in Backpacker Magazine and        • Hundreds of Local Radio interviews
  Back Country Magazine in the States
Why get involved?
The Polar Challenge gives you the opportunity to align your brand with polar racing…

Polar racing is one of the ideal sports to capture and to enhance brand and corporate value. It is
perceived as exciting, high tech and environmentally aware, portraying supreme human
endeavour as the worlds most determined adventurers challenge the forces of nature in some of
the toughest conditions on earth. It is also proven to appeal to an audience of high socio-economic
individuals, of both sexes, and a wide demographic background.

Sponsoring The Polar Challenge gives your company the opportunity to be involved with the race which
is actively addressing and raising awareness for the global issue of climate change.

The Polar Challenge website will create links to children and young adults through educational website
content and interactive games focusing on the North Pole and the environment. Your brand and
website will be linked to this main race site, therefore providing a clear association with climate
Why get involved?
The Polar Challenge gives you the opportunity to:

•   align your brand with a global media attracting campaign, The Polar Challenge, and our
    adventure to inspire the youth of today

•   inspire your staff, clients and contacts through supporting us

•   project your brand as part of a global PR campaign, broadcasting it to millions both in the
    UK and worldwide

•   join and follow a story of loyalty, endurance and endeavour through live daily film,
    photography, news updates and continuously streamed online content

86% of consumers agree that they have a more positive image of a company if
they see that it is doing something to make the world a better place.
Source:BITC/Research International
Why Sponsor – Branding
Branding on all team clothing and equipment to maximize visual media opportunities and
expose your brand to the full, for both training events and the race.

Previous sponsors include:
Sponsorship packages
                  Title team sponsor - Team (company name)
                  Full branding: pulks, tents, race clothing, casual clothing, ensuring
                  maximum exposure in all media coverage
                  Fully branded team website
                  Full branding on Polar Challenge website
                  Video recording of exclusive message at the North Pole to use for your
                  own marketing campaign to your customers.
                  Photo of your company flag and us standing at the North Pole.
                  Video presentation and motivational talks to your employees
                  Link from official race site and team website to your company website
                  Videos of our training and time at the North Pole posted on Youtube with
                  your company logos

There are also Hospitality Packages on offer, giving you the chance to live in an igloo to see
how we will survive in the Arctic and giving you priority positions at the Awards ceremony on
our return.
Sponsorship packages
                 Branding on all team clothing and equipment
                 Branding on team website
                 Link from official race site and team website to your company website
                 Video recording of exclusive message at the North Pole for your
                 own marketing campaigns
                 Photo of your company flag with us at the North Pole
                 Motivational talk for your employees after the event

                 Branding on team clothing and website
                 Photo of your company flag with us at the North Pole
                 Motivational talk for your employees after the event
Find out more…
We would love to hear from you.
For more information, please contact:
Jack Daniell
+45 (0)29 134053
Jamie Chisholm
+44 (0)7786 934110

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