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					MAG Issue                               Sample                            Number                  Format

CM   29     200 samples                                                  200        wav
CM   30     Rockin' beats, basslines, guitars and effects                200        wav
CM   31     analog and guitar                                            200        wav
CM   32     pro multi samples                                            500        unknown
CM   33     Hundreds of samples (!)                                      hundreds   wav
CM   35     Drums, loops and hits                                        500        unknown
CM   36     loops and rex files                                          500        mp3 rex
CM   37     Sample Craze drum loops collection                           300        wav

CM 38       Synth loops                                                  250        wav
CM 39       Pro samples                                                  300        wav
CM 40       elab, robert miles, cyclick & sr-202                         741        sr-202 and unknown

CM   41     Cyclick samples                                              301        wav
CM   42     Cyclick, dan 'the automator' * sound EFX         460        wav
CM   43     Rhodes multisamples                                          440        unknown
CM   44     digital vision, cyclick, cymbalistics, cm gran piano,        500        wav and unknown
CM   45     magix, sonic stop, free radical samples, generation x,       1000       wav and unknown
            tightdigital, cyclick
CM 46       cyclick & tight digital                                      570        unknown
CM 47       Bass, guitar, 90bpm synth riffs (C Minor)                    250        wav

CM 48       chris vrenna, tightdigital, cyclick                          500        unknown
CM 49       Cyclick, Sonomic and CFJ Audio samples                       430        wav
CM 50       ds 404                                                       640 Mb     ds 404

CM   50     Cyclick, Tightdigital samples                                330        wav
CM   51     ohmforce and cyclick sounds                                  270        wav
CM   52     Cyclick rhythmic loops and ds404 patche                      215        wav
CM   53     Cyclick and Cursor Miner                                     242        wav
CM   54     Cyclick samples                                              1500       unknown
CM   55     Cyclick and Electronic Garden samples                        324        wav and sr-202 kits
CM   56     basslines, drum loops, guitars                               570        unkown

CM   56     hammond multisamples                                         570        ds404 multisamples
CM   57     ds404 drum kits                                              214Mb      wav ds-404
CM   58     pad multis, beats, basslines                                 530        unknown
CM   59     sound effects library, flatpack refill, bselectronics, the   650        unknown
            electronic garden, cyclick samples
CM 60       Get the Horn (Brass)                                         329        wav and ds404
CM 61       CM-505 hits and banks                                        unknown    cm-505

CM 62       Scanner Atomica Collection and Cyclick construction kits     unknown    wav

cm   63     ethnic sounds                                                380Mb      wav & ds404
CM   64     construction kit loops, arpeggiations and synth loops        570        unknown
CM   65     Bassstation                                                  unknown    wav ds-404
CM   66     Rock guitar, bass, drums and EFX                             110        wav
CM   67     Strings (cello, violin and viola)                            350+       wav ds-404
CM   68    460+ samples                                                460+      wav
CM   69    Basslines and Breaks                                        150       wav and midi
CM   70    Vocal Samples                                               200       multisamples DS404
CM   71    drum grooves, fills and breaks                              230       unknown
CM   72    Hip-hop and breakbeat                                       254       wav

CM 73      Various Drum Samples                                        1000      wav, ds-404, soundfont
CM 74      Ear Candy                                                   436       unknown

CM 75      warped world samples                                        219Mb     unknown
CM 76      Drum'N'Bass and Step Sequencer source                       361       unknown

CM 77      dub-hop and downbeat collection                             308       unknown
CM 78      loops and breaks                                            421       unknown

CM 79      Strings, Drum & Bass                                        319       unkown

CM 80      Multisampled guitar                                         5         nn-xt, halion, kontakt, ds-404

CM 81      Guitar and Bass loops                                       274       wav
CM 82      Dance Hip Hop Disco loops multis one shot samples           35        NNXT, Halion, Kontakt and DS-404

CM 82      Pro pack for Garageband                                     63        Apple loops
CM 82      Phat disco loops from Magix Sound Essentials                250       wav loops
CM 83      Funk collection (construction kits, breaks and beats)       3378      Wav, Halion, Kontakt, NN-XT, DS-
CM   84    Ska rocksteady samples                                      3687      Wav, rex 2 and apple l,oops
CM   85    Industrial revolution (Industrial noises)                   2904      multiple
CM   86    Ambient Sounds                                              1203      construction kits, loops and hits
CM   87    Trance sounds: drums, synths, basses, FX and construction   2522      construction kits
CM 88      Hip-hop jointz                                              1833      wav, nnxt, halion, kontakt and ds-
CM   88    power synths                                                53        wav (24bit)
CM   88    drum kits, loops, effects and instruments                   1615      unknown
CM   148   kick and rickenbaker bass                                   238       wav and unknown
CM   04s   Drums, basses & more                                        468       wav
CM   07s   Rock , ballad, jazzy, funk loops                            unknown   wav

cm   65b   Ethnic instruments                                          650Mb     unkown
cm   66b   R&B, garage and soul - Including Vox                        650Mb     unkown

CM 71b     Virtual Band                                                550Mb     WAV, DS404, HALion and Kontakt

CM 75B     Sampled synths (synth station)                              512(PATC DS-404, HALion, Kontakt and
                                                                       HES)     NNXT
CM 81b     Big Bad Bass                                                700Mb    ds404, NNXT HALion, Kontakt
CM 2       cyclick samples                                             500      unknown
CM 3       loops, multisampled instruments, beats and FX               590       unknown
CM 6       drums, bass, strings, brass, synth pads, pianos             600Mb      HALion, Kontakt, ds 404

FM   1     Noises, hits and loops                                      200        WAV and audio cd
FM   2     Various early Future Music Sounds                           unknown    audio
FM   3     Various early Future Music sounds                           unknown    audio
FM   26    hits, pads and loops                                        100        audio
FM   27    x-static goldmine loops and hits                            16         audio
FM   28    roland samples                                              22         audio
FM   106   drum hits                                                   16 audio   audio
FM   109   hard house sounds                                           12 audio   audio
FM   119   Platinum Bass selection volume 1                            677        wav & audio
FM   119   unknown                                                     30         wav
FM   127   Chillout pads, drums, organs, synths and chilled sounds     350        WAV

FM   128   String samples                                              372        WAV

FM   129   guitars, bass, drums, loops, vocals, effects and chillout   500        wav and audio

FM   129   Instruments and loops                                       230        wav, exs24, kontakt, halion, nnxt
FM   130   drum styles volume 3 (Hits and loops)                       700        audio and wav
FM   131   Atmospheric samples                                         200        WAV
FM   132   Extreme Samples                                             200        WAV

FM   133   Vintage Samples                                             508        WAV

FM   134   Vintage Samples #2                                          473        WAV

FM   134   breaks, beats and bass construction kit                     732        wav, audio, rex and kontakt
FM   135   2 construction kits (bass, drums, guitars ..)               315        wav and audio
FM   136   pad, bass, abstract noise and atmosphere                    200        wav
FM   136   loops, lines, kits, hits and multisamples                   1000       wav, rex, audio

FM   138   Funk construction kits                                      200        WAV

FM   138   absynth and synthetic drums                                 200        wav
FM   139   Drum'N'Bass                                                 476        wav
FM   140   digital dope                                                400        WAV
FM   141   kits, loops, hits, basses and synths                        615        wav and audio
FM   145   constructino kits loops and multi sampled synth             322        wav
FM   145   breakbeat loops, kits, fx synths, multisamples              717        audio wav
FM   146   Bass essentials                                             620 Mb     wav and audio

FM   146   drum loops                                                  150        wav
fm   147   funk collection                                             600        wav
FM   147   bass kits                                                   125        kontakt and wav
fm   149   drum n bass                                                 1000       wav

FM   149   bass kits                                                   88         kontakt
FM   150   Atmospheres                                                 250        WAV
FM   151    170 Spot FX and synth noises                          170        unknown
FM   154    Abstracted loops                                      650        wav

FM   155    ROMpler                                               300Mb      ROMpler
FM   155    drum & percussion                                     300        unknown

FM   156    Percussion and hip hop samples                        359        kontakt and other

FM   156    drum kits, hits, loops abd percussion                 723        wav
FM   157    Prosessions sample collection from m-audio            550        wav
FM   157    prodigy style                                         254        wav
FM   157    Prodigy style samples. 4 Hip hop kontakt kits         256        wav
FM   110b   loops, hits and drum tracks                           500Mb      wav, aiff and audio

FM   157b   Pro sounds sample collection                          555        wav

MA 125                             £250       wav

MA 132      prime sounds sample library                           huge!      unknown

MA Jul-04 Garageband loops and 5 utils                            100        garageband loop
MA 4-May Garageband loops from power FX                           500Mb      garageband loops
MTE 2     ueberschall samples                                     130Mb      unknown

N/A n/a     special FX (Farmyard, Ghostly/drama, office sounds,   numerous   audio
            aircraft, theatre/gambling, misc)
CM 89       Lounge and chill out samples                          2013       NNXT, Halion, WAV, Kontakt,
CM 89       Lounge and chill out samples                          2013       NNXT, Halion, WAV, Kontakt,

CM 90       CM Sweeteners                                         1882       24 bit
CM 90       Bonus samples                                         194        24 Bit
CM 90       Chinese percussion samples                            40         16 Bit
CM 90    Urban samples (CM Classics)                556         16 Bit
CM 91    NS_Kit7 drum kit and retro samples         3677        various

CM 92    Percussion bonanza (Incl lo-fi samples)    4685        various

CM 93    Drum 'N' Bass                              2028        Various

CM 94    Electrically charged samples               2575        Various

CM 95    Fx toolkit                                 2016        various

CM 96    Pad & string samples                       2260 + 762 24 bit and 16 bit

CM 97    80s samples, CM classic and Reason Refil   2814        various

CM 98    Electonica samples                         3977        24 Bit and 16 Bit

CM 99    Brand new Drums sounds and much more       5085        24-Bit and 16-Bit

CM 100   2929 24-bit and 16-bit samples             2929        24Bit and 16Bt

MU 39    Skankin' Reggae Sounds                     3.3 GB      .WAV format
MU 39    Sound effects library                                      1.3 Gb   .WAV format
CM 101   Twisted Orchestra                                          2962     24 Bit 16 Bit

CM 102   Drum loops and basslines                                   2836     24 Bit and 16 Bit

CM 103   Ultimate Female vocal toolkit                              2190     24 Bit and 16 BIt

CM 103   Ultimate Female vocal toolkit                              2190     24 Bit and 16 BIt

CM 104   Nu-jazz grooves                                            2870     24 Bit and 16 Bit

CM 105   House construction kits                                    2876     24 bit 16 bit

CM 106   Drum and Percussion. Vocal Multisamples. Massive classic   2982     24 Bit
         synths. WAV and Paax 3 CM formats

CM 107   2400 Sounds samples                                        2400     24-bit and 16-bit
        Genre           Medium                             Sample Detail

200 samples             CD       200 samples
various music           CD       rockin' beats, basslines, guitars and effects.
analog and guitar       CD       analog and guitar
unknown                 CD       drums, hammond organ, bass, guitars, analogue synths
samples                 CD       Hundreds of samples
unknown                 CD       magix, boomish and cyclick
unknown                 CD       b4 organ, mda piano and live drums
Dunk'n'dive, blender,   CD       Sample Craze drum loops ranging from 60bpm - 140bpm.
motion                           Funky fast sounds, laid back ibiza styles, soul searching music
                                 and individual drum samples.
synth                   CD       synth loops and multisamples
pro samples             CD       pro samples
electronic, hip hop     CD       goldmine, abstract hip hop, instruments, effects, organic loops,
                                 drum kits, sr-202
cyclick                 CD       cyclick samples
cylcick                 CD
rhodes                  CD       rhodes multisamples & 200 cyclick samples
numerous                CD       casio vl-tone, piano, latino loops and loops.
numerous                CD       Guitars, guiros, organs, bass, drums, lead and more

unknown                 CD       cyclick & tight digital
bass, guitar, synth     CD       300Mb of bass, guitar and synth loops (90bpm). Created by
                                 Making Waves and Cyclick
unknown             CD           drums (NIN), guitars, FX, basses and chilled beats
cyclick sonomic     CD           Cyclick sonomic and CFJ Audio samples
patches and samples CD           pianos, clavinets, bass guitars, synths and sound effects

cyclick tightdigital    CD       cyclick tightdigital
unknown                 CD
rhythmic                CD       Loops and a muon 'workhorse' ds-404 patch
unknown                 CD       Samples created by Cyclick and Cursor Miner
cyclick                 CD       cyclick, groove criminal, sound of BCM
sounds and music        CD
unknown                 CD       teg cm baby bee, teg hits and bits, pHatfree files and Cyclick

organ                   CD       hammond organ
drums                   CD       3 ds404 drum kits
numerous                CD       Electronic Garden, Cyclick and Groove Criminals
numerous                CD       sound effects library, flatpack refill, bselectronics, the elctronic
                                 garden, cylcik samples
Brass              CD            Brass samples
cm-505 drum sounds CD            Preset banks, midi files and Groove Criminals samples

unknown                 CD       Scanner Atomica Collection and Cyclick construction kits

ethnic                  CD       numerous ethnic sounds
unknown                 CD       cyclick and electronic garden
bassstation             CD
rock                    CD       Tightdigital rock loops and hits
strings                 CD       cello, violin and viola strings
samples                CD    460+ samples
bass and breaks        CD    basslines and breaks (90 bpm - 120bpm)
vocal                  CD    Vocal samples
drums                  CD    beta monkey music grooves, fills and breaks
hip-hop and            CD
drums                  CD    acoustic electronic kicks snares etc
noises                 CD    48 cymbals, 40 desk feedback, 90 electric guitar, 74 piano, 48
                             synth pads, 77 12-string guitar, 19 vinyl noises, 40 assorted

warped world           CD    warped world
Drum'N'Bass            CD    K117 Koncept & Funktion Drum'N'Bass collection samples 224
                             Cyclick step sequencer source collection.
dub-hop, downbeat      CD    bass, guitarbitz, loops, multisamples and synthbitz
classic style loops    CD    classic style loops and breaks, multi-instrumental construction
                             kits, vinyl sound FX ...
Strings Drum & Bass    CD    169 orchestral strings. 150 Drum N Bass loops

guitar                 CD    multisample guitar, guitar midi files and 500 cm studio patches

licks and loops      CD      guitar and bass licks and loops
Dance, Hip Hop Disco DVD

Unknown                DVD
Disco                  DVD
Funk                   DVD

Ska                    DVD
SFX                    DVD
ambient                DVD   "Spaced out mode"
Trance                 DVD

hip-hop                DVD   loops, construction kits onshots and multisamples

synths                 DVD   professionally multisampled synths
unknown                DVD   cm classics
kick and bass          CD    kick and rickenbaker bass
                       CD    guitar backing track samples
rock, ballad, jazzy,   CD    ballad 75bpm(C,E,G, A); Jazzy 90 bpm (A, D, B, G), Rock 120
funk loops                   bpm (A,D,E,G) and Funk 125bpm (D,A,G,E)
unkown                 CD    cm sound tools vol 1
R&B, grage and soul    CD    cm sound tools vol 2

Band sounds            CD    Vintage Upright piano, Rhodes 77 electric piano, acoustic and
                             electric guitars, upright bass, acoustic drums kit

Unknown                CD    Selection of samples and presets of raw waveforms form
                             modern and vintage synths.
Bass                   CD    ultra phat multisampled (acoustic, electric, synth) bass
numerous               CD    cyclick

numerous               CD    loops, multisampled instruments, beats and FX
unknown                   CD   brass, dreampad, fingered bass, jxregbass,moog bass, movie
                               strings, obie strings, orkester incidental, saxed out, say no to
                               gm drums, trumped up, wurly upright
noises                    CD   Sounds from the first future music CD
efx                       CD   Loops, EFX and Sounds
efx                       CD   various loops, EFX and sounds
unknown                   CD   hits, pads and loops
unknown                   CD   nine loops and seven hits
roland                    CD   x-fade: the roland sampler user group
drums                     CD   drum hits (Including maple and piccolo snares)

hard house                CD   hard house sounds, hits and synth samples

bass                      CD   electric bass, double bass, bass synth,.
unkwon                    CD   unknown
Chillout                  CD   Chillout Samples

Orchestral                CD   Individual notes, bowed, pizzicato, effected, portamento. Plus
                               loops and chords.
unknown                   CD   chillout, drum styles, guitar effects, bass, vintage keys, vocals

unknown                   CD   homegrown sounds
drums                     CD   drum styles volume 3 (96 - 160bpm)
atmospheric               CD   ambiences, atmospheres and pads
Extreme effects and       CD   Noises put through extreme effects
Vintage Samples           CD   Complete roland system 100 and arp odyssey multismaples
                               lines and hits.
Vintage Sounds            CD   Vintage sounds, stabs and hits from roland TR 808 & 909 ARP
                               solina string ensemble, alesis sr 16 & korg ddm110

breakbeat                 CD   breakbeat volume 1
drums                     CD   drums, bass, guitars, pads, loops multisamples
unknown                   CD   pad, bass,abstract, noise, atmosphere
illbient, ambient, idm,   CD   futureloops volume 1
blip hop, click house,
Funk                      CD   105bpm bass loops, guitar loops, drums, lead monosynth and
unknown                   CD   absynth and synthetic drums
drum'n'bass               CD   loops, multisamples, drums, bass, pads, percussion
digital                   CD   Various construction kits hits, breaks etc
urban                     CD   urban grooves part 1 (70 - 140 bpm)
unknown                   CD   future loops vol. 2
breakbeat                 CD   breakbeat volume 2
bass                      CD   bass samples, loops and fully multisampled basses (fender,
                               stingray and rickenbacker)
groove criminals          CD   drum loops and kits, in various styles
funk                      CD   five different kits. With loops and multi samples.
bass                      CD   fender jazz bass samples
drum n bass               CD   From laid back to frantic plus distorted beats, breaks and
bass                      CD   bass precision finger and pick
atmospheres               CD   Evolving atmospheres
efx                    CD    Special FX from BigVerb and SynthBitz
atmospheric            CD    Atmospheric sounds, bouncing bass lines, leftfield percussion,
                             oddball melodies and arpeggios
ROMpler                CD    intakt front end ROMpler
drums & percussion     CD    drums & Percussion (85bpm - 140bpm)

percussion and hip     CD    harmonic, percussion and hip hop
drums                  CD    drum styles volume 5
loop library           CD    pro-sessions m-audio
punk                   CD    prodigy style punk samples
punk/hip hop           CD    punk and hip hop kits (95bpm - 153 bpm)
drum'n'bass, garage,   CD    drum styles volume 1
electro, r&b,house,
funk, disco, techno

numerous (pro)         CD    Pro samples from m-audio. Collection from the m-audio
                             volumes including clavinets, organs, rhodes, breaks and
efx                    CD    Examples from the Sound effects library

unknown                CD    prime sounds sample library

unknown                CD    garageband loops

garageband             CD    power FX loops in garageband format

unknown                CD    ueberschall and time & space samples

efx                    CD    Special FX from Avid Records (

Lounge and chill out   DVD   756 24-Bit Chilled multisamples. 36 multisampled instruments
                             NNXT, HALion, Knotakt, DS-404 and WAV.
Lounge and chill out   DVD   756 24-Bit Chilled multisamples. 36 multisampled instruments
                             NNXT, HALion, Knotakt, DS-404 and WAV.
                             452 24-Bit Loungin' loops and hits. Ultra chilled sounds from
                             Richard James, Audio design and the groove criminals.
                             7 contstruction kits. 805 24Bit samples in a range of loungin
                             styles, tempos and keys.

sound effects          DVD   Professional sound effects and ear candy samples
Sound effects          DVD   24 Bit sound effect bonus samples
Percussion             DVD   Chinese percussion (Chineekong)
Urban               DVD   CM Classics Urban 16 Bit Samples
drum retro          DVD   1224 ns_kit7 cm samples
                          Six 24-bit retro & degraded construction kits
                          1025 24-bit retro & degraded loops and hits, plus 45 24-bit
                          multisampled patches
                          431 16-bit cm classics
percussion          DVD   862 24-bit percussion multisamples
                          303 24-bit percussion loops
                          100 24-bit lof-fi samples
                          3420 16-bit CM classics
                          Plus 120Mb reason refill
Drum 'N' Bass       DVD   603 24-bit Drum'n'bass multisamples
                          9 24-bit drum'n'bass consturction kits
                          235 24-bit drum'n'bass loops
                          217 24-bit drum'n'bass hits
Loops and insts     DVD   Eletrically charged 24-bit consturction kits, loops and
through amps              multisamples
                          513 24-bit amped! loops and hits
                          4 24-bit amped! construction kits (724 samples)
                          66 24-bit amped! bass instruments (601 samples)
                          309 24-bit amped! loop experiments
                          428 16-bit cm classics
sound effects EFX   DVD   2016 24-bit sound effects
                          35 15-bit drumcore demo loops
                          102 16-bit pdgood snare drums
strings             DVD   2260 24-bit pad and string samples
                          762 16-bit cm classic samples
80s                 DVD   2013 24 bit 80s samples.

                          801 16-bit CM Classic samples.

                          120Mb Resynthesized readon refil.
Electronica         DVD   522 24-Bit Electronica multisamples

                          5 24-Bit electronica construction kits (501 Samples)

                          1000 24-Bit electronic loops and single hits

                          1725 16-Bit CM Classics

Drum sounds         DVD   3085 24-bit drum sounds from cyclick, andrew duke, groove
                          criminals and the electronic garden

                          2000 16-bit cm classics
Multiple            DVD   2529 24-bit samples from electronic garden, the groove
                          criminals, cyclick samples, endmusik, andrew duke and

                          440 16-Bit CM Classics
Reggae              DVD   Laid-back reggae construction kits
EFX                  DVD   Royalty-free FX samples for use in media music

Orchestra            DVD   1461 24-bit twisted orchestra loops and samples

                           501 paax 2 cm patches from the electronic garden

                           200 rachmiel specialist samples

                           760 16-bit cm classics
Bass and drum        DVD   1554 24-bit bass and drum samples

                           414 bass and drum midi files

                           200 rachiel specialist samples

                           668 16-bit cm classics
vocals and ethnic    DVD   The ultimate female vocal toolkit: 2020 24-bit mandy edge

                           170 16-bit CM classics ethnic sounds
vocals and ethnic    DVD   The ultimate female vocal toolkit: 2020 24-bit mandy edge

                           170 16-bit CM classics ethnic sounds
Nu Jazz and          DVD   2100 24-bit nu jazz samples
                           200 rachmiel specialist samples

                           16-bit CM classics:
                           300 Construction loops
                           270 Arpeggiator/synth loops
house and vocals     DVD   2086 24-bit house samples
                           16-bit CM classics:
                           102 tight digital loops
                           76 bass loops
                           451 construction ket samples
                           161 XXX vocal samples
Vocal, Percussion,   DVD   2310 24-Bit PAAX 3 CM sound library samples
                           336 24-Bit bonus percussive sounds

                           336 16-Bit CM classic strong samples
funk                 DVD   Sounds 2400 samples

                           1936 24-bit future funk samples

                           464 16-bit cm classic beats & bass samples

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