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									8th Grade ELA

Book Report and
                          Web Pages
1. Create a webpage for your book. Include at least five links to sites that are
   relevant to the books topic (e.g. a book about the Vietnam War should have
   links to websites about the Vietnam War). Your homepage and links should
   include graphics, fonts, and colors that reflect the mood of the book.

Microsoft word
• Easy
• No advertisement
• Mrs.Porter - link it from district server.
• Example - Word
              Web Pages
• Internet Sources:
  – Advertisement
  – Sign up - giving your email account - “web
    server can sell your email account”
  – Some are limited to the templates
  – Example: Geocities
• Plan out your project
Create an iMovie of an important event from your book. The movie must reflect an accurate portrayal of
    the setting of the book including scenery, lighting, and props. Your iMovie should also reflect the
    mood of the book

      – Several approaches:
      1. Video tape a play with characters
            • Script - practice, tape, retake
            • 3 - 5 minutes (30-45 minutes = 5 minutes of
              finished product)
      2. Use images/photos/clips to portray the
            • Music - mood
            • Images - visual of book
– Work in school - bring in digital tape; must be mini
      - Transfer over to imovie in computer lab
      - Work on it during studies/afterschool
      - Save it to a school server/can be worked on any
        computer in school that has imovie
– Examples of Apple award winners:
– http://www.apple.com/education/ilifeawards/

–   http://education.apple.com/education/ilife/project_template.php?project_id=95&subject
4. Create a soundtrack of at least six songs that capture the mood of your story and the essence of
    what the characters are experiencing. An explanation of the significance of each song should

    accompany your project.

• You can have 1 legal backup copy
      – Making a cd and giving it to a friend is illegal
      – 30 seconds or 10% can be used for educational
        use if the project will be viewed.
      – Sites that will give you free downloads
            • Apple itunes - free song a week
            • Go on to artist web site - sometimes offer free download
                     Sound Track
• http://www.edu-cyberpg.com/Music/m_sites.html

•   http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/

•   http://www.historybuff.com/audio/index.html

•   http://www.archiveaudio.com/wavlinks.htm

• These sound tracks would also be good for I-movie
  or PowerPoint's
Create a power point presentation in which you identify the main idea and
   significant events in your work of nonfiction. This project should include
   a minimum of eight slides. Your power point should include graphics,
   fonts, and colors that reflect the mood of the book

When creating a Power Point slide show:
• use music, instead of sounds bites from
  Power Point file.
• use layering effects to give more visual
• Bring in you own voice to add a
  personal touch.
     Power Point - Inserting a video
Find a clip on a education web page that allows free
downloads. Right click on the QuickTime video, Save
Image as; save to the desktop. In PowerPoint - insert

                       QuickTime™ and a
                     Cinepak decompressor
                 are neede d to see this picture.
            PowerPoint & Audio
  Find free/educational audio (mp3 works the best), save
  To your desktop. In Power Point go to Insert - movie

               Power Point Layered
1. . Insert any AutoShape onto a slide.
  2. Double-click the AutoShape to open the Format AutoShape dialog box.
  3. On the Color and Lines tab, in the Fill section, click the Color drop-down arrow and choose
         the Fill Effects option.
  4. Choose the Picture tab and click the Select Picture button. Choose any image file and click
         Insert. Then click OK to return to the Format AutoShape dialog box.
  5. In the Line section, click the Color drop-down list and choose the No Line option.
  6. In the Fill section, drag the Transparency slider to around 70% and click OK to return to your
  7. Your image filled the entire AutoShape. If that process distorted the image, you may want to
         resize the AutoShape until you are satisfied with the look of the image.
  8. Here comes the trick. Select the AutoShape and choose Edit > Cut. Then choose Edit >
         Paste Special from the menu. In the Paste Special dialog box, choose Picture (PNG) and
         click OK.

9. Double-click the image to open the Format Picture dialog box and choose the Colors and
        Lines tab. As Geetesh notes, the Color drop-down list in the Fill section now shows No
        Fill which means that you can now apply another fill to your picture. That's what's so
        special about this technique. You can add a gradient, texture, pattern or even another
 10. Click the Fill drop-down list and choose Fill Effects. Choose one of the tabs and add your
        new fill.

•      Geetesh Bajaj, "Transparent Montages in PowerPoint."1
Layered looked - 2 photos with sound
             Cite Your Work!
• You must always cite your work.
• http://www.liu.edu/cwis/CWP/library/workshop/citmla.
• http://www.studentabc.com/
• http://jerz.setonhill.edu/writing/academic
• Martin Luther King audio: Department of
  Humanities & Phylosophy.

• Partners in Rhyme
•   http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/soundfx/watersounds.shtml

    Powerpoint tips & tutorials
    http://www.ellenfinkelstein.com/powerpoint_tip_layer_fill_effects.html Ellen

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