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Mid-America Conference on History

        October 1-3, 2009

       Norman, Oklahoma
Thursday                     8:15-10:00                  Room Name
      Latin American Dialogues: Peyote, Radio, and Human Rights

Chair &      Deb Wilson, Southern Illinois, Carbondale, Debx2@siu.edu
Paper        The Mexican Border, the “Goat Gland Doctor”, and the Creation of the
             US Communications Act of 1934
             Justin Castro, University of Oklahoma, jcastro@ou.edu

Paper        The State Department vs. Communism: US Human Rights Policy Toward
             Latin America in the Cold War
             Ariana Quezada, University of Oklahoma, aquezada@ou.edu

Paper        A Small, Powerful „Being‟: Peyote and Cultural Continuity among the
             Michele Stevens, University of Oklahoma, mstephens@ou.edu

Thursday                       8:15-10:00                      Room Name
 Verbal and Physical Limitations: International Relations in the Twentieth
                       and Twenty-First Centuries

Chair &      Robert Morrison, University of Colorado,
Comment      Robert.M.Morrison@colorado.edu

Paper        An Unsatisfactory Conversation: A New Look at the Sino-American
             Human Rights Dialogue, 1989-2009
             Jared Phillips, University of Arkansas, jmp006@uark.edu

Paper        China and Soviet Policy Formation During the Border Conflict of 1969-
             Hugh Long Xiaobing Li, University of Central Oklahoma,

Paper        The Evian Conference: Causes for the Lack of Coverage by the Anglo &
             American Press
             Jeremy Wolf, University of California, Riverside,

Thursday                    8:15-10:00                   Room Name
                   Living in the Material World:
           Food, Clothing and Space in the American West

Chair &    Linda English, Univ. of Texas-Pan American, englishlc@utpa.edu
Paper      Making a Complete Mess on the Santa Fe Trail: Provisioning Food
           Stuffs, Meal Preparation, and Culinary Cookware over the Trail to Santa
           Jeffrey Hamlin, Emporia State University, jhamlin@emporia.edu

Paper      Unraveling Misconceptions of Nineteenth-Century Native American
           Dress in the Indian Territories
           Cheryl Trent, Oklahoma State University, cheryl.trent@okstate.edu

Paper      Finding Space for the Rodeo,
           Margaret Cohen, Colorado State University, mec724@hotmail.com

Thursday                       8:15-10:00                         Room Name
                             Arguing Slavery

Chair &    John Mooney, University Of Oklahoma, ajmooney@ou.edu
Paper      Bracing for the Storm: Uncle Tom's Cabin, Southern Responses and the
           Reiteration of Proslavery Arguments
           Joshua Haar, Oklahoma State University, jhaar@okstate.edu

Paper      A Self-Evident Lie: Southern Assault on Declaration of Independence
           Jeremy Tewell, Oklahoma State University, jeremy.tewell@okstate.edu

Paper      Paul versus Paul: Towards a New Understanding of the Battle over
           Slavery between Religious Communities in the Antebellum Period
           John Mack, Labette College, JohnM@labette.edu

Thursday                        8:15-10:00                              Room Name

Chair &    Lisa Guinn, Ferris State University, guinnlisa@hotmail.com
Paper      The Milwaukee Settlement Movement: Social Reform of the Progressive
           Movement at the Local Level
           Christina Makos, Marquette University, christina.makos@marquette.edu

Paper      Orphanages in Progressive Era Milwaukee: A Case Study in Dependent
           Child Care
           Karalee Surface, Marquette University, karalee.surface@marquette.edu

Paper      Social Gospel and Racial Reform, 1865-1920
           Benjamin Wetzel, Baylor University, benjamin_wetzel@baylor.edu

Thursday                      8:15-10:00                                Room Name
                      Gender and Reform in the US

Chair &    Linda Reese, East Central, lreese@ecok.edu
Paper      Mary Philbrook, 1872-1958: New Jersey's Forgotten Feminist
           Kathleen Shapiro, Monmouth University, kshapiro@monmouth.edu

Paper      Diverging Voices: The Chicago versus the New York City Press Coverage of
           Woman Suffrage in American History, 1867 to 1920
           Phil Schmidt, Southwestern College, Kansas, Phil.Schmidt@sckans.edu
Paper      We Are the Government: Illinois Women in World War I
           Virginia Boynton, Western Illinois University, VR-Boynton@wiu.edu

Thursday                      10:15 – 12:00                             Room Name
                    Social Issues in Medieval Europe

Chair &    Roberta Magnusson, University of Oklahoma, rmagnusson@ou.edu
Paper      Drunk as a Monk: Problems with Ecclesiastical Drinking in Medieval
           Kristen Burton, Oklahoma State University, kd.burton@okstate.edu

Paper      Female Inheritance among the English and Scottish Earldom, Focusing on the
           Era c. 1100-1500
           Carla Beckmann , Oklahoma State University,

Thursday                        10:15 – 12:00                              Room Name
                          Preaching and Missionaries

Chair &      David Tait, Rogers State University, dtait@rsu.edu
Paper        Franciscan Success in the Tohoku Region: The Importance of Peripheral
             Areas in the „Christian Century‟
             Thomas Barker, University of Kansas, twbarker@ku.edu

Paper        Taking the Call Seriously: Unexpected Results from the RLDS Expansion into
             Japan and South Korea
             Kevin William Bryant, Western Illinois University, KW-Bryant@wiu.edu

Paper        Like a Stream of Running Water
             Russell Lawson, Bacone College, lawsonr@bacone.edu
Thursday                    10:15 – 12:00                   Room Name
           Community History: Utopian Designs, Local Realities

Chair &      Thomas Jorsch, Ferris State University, tjorsch@hotmail.com
Paper        Alcander Longley's Missouri Communities
             Jeff Wells, Texas Christian University, jeffwells@tcu.edu

Paper        Our Christian Duty: Piety, Politics, and Temperance in Berne, Indiana,
             John Eicher, University of Iowa, john-eicher@uiowa.edu

Paper        The Public Works Administration on the Campus of Oklahoma Agricultural &
             Mechanical College: A Standing Legacy
             Jennifer Morrison. Oklahoma State University, jenniferkbailey@gmail.com

Thursday                       10:15 – 12:00                               Room Name
                        African-American Resistance

Chair &      Maria Davidson, University Of Oklahoma, mdavidson@ou.edu
Paper        The Riddle on Violence: W.E.B. DuBois on War
             Dominic Capeci, & Jack Knight, Missouri State University,

Paper        From 'Safety-Valves' to the Black Panther Party: Changes in the Study of
             African-American History in the West
             Matthew Yates, University of Wyoming, mjyates@uwyo.edu

Paper        Upsetting Boundaries along the Blackwater in 1831
             Jon Fitch, Louisiana Tech, jmf041@latech.edu
Thursday                        10:15 – 12:00                            Room Name
                           Eighteenth-Century Lives
Chair &      Athena Stephanopoulos, Wichita State University
Comment      athena.stephanopoulos@gmail.com
Paper        Benjamin Franklin in an Atlantic World
             Travis Jaquess, Texas Tech, travis.jaquess@ttu.edu

Paper        For I Was Not a Speaker: The Written Portrait of American Artist John
             Caitlin Gallogly, University of Minnesota, caitlin.gallogly@gmail.com

Thursday                           1:30-3:15                             Room Name
                                  The Civil War

Chair &      Charles Grear, Prairie View A&M University, cdgrear@pvamu.edu
Paper        We Can Certainly Live without Negros Better Than with Yankees: The Last
             Gasp of Morale in Western Confederacy 1875
             Bradley Clampitt, East Central University, bclampitt@ecok.edu
Paper        Our Recent Disaster: Collapse of Confederate Command at Fort Donelson,
             Feb. 1862
             P. Aaron Bolerjack, Oklahoma State University, aaronbolerjack@juno.com

Paper        Springfields, Napoleons, and Rodmans: The Rifle Musket's Effect on Artillery
             Tactics during the American Civil War, 1861-65
             Nathaniel Weber, Texas A & M University, nathaniel_weber@yahoo.com

Thursday                         1:30-3:15                     Room Name
                            Winners and Losers:
           Power, Conflict, and Social Structure in Early America

Chair &      Russell Lawson, Bacone College, lawsonr@bacone.edu
Paper        Virginia‟s Creole Elite Reconsidered: Ralph Wormeley II (1650-1701) As a
             Case Study
             Thomas Knight,       University of Texas, Pan-American, knighttd@utpa.edu

Paper        Paradise Lost: Impact of the American Revolution on Southern Planter
             Loyalist Families
             Bryan Rindfleisch, University of Oklahoma, Bryan.C.Rindfleisch-1@ou.edu

Paper        For a Greater Glory: Dueling in the American Revolution
             Matthew Byron, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, mbyron@uark.edu

Thursday                            1:30-3:15                             Room Name
                               Sin and Subversion

Chair &      Shelly Lemons, St. Louis Community College, Meramec,
Comment      slemmons@stlcc.edu

Paper        The Drying of Georgia: Liquor, Race, and Class in Georgia
             James Klein, Del Mar College, JEKlein64@yahoo.com

Paper        The Community of Women in 17th-century Maryland Sex Crimes
             Amanda Lee Miracle, Emporia College, amiracle@emporia.edu
Paper        The Taming of Front Street: Prostitution in 1950s Wyoming
             John P. Woodward , University of Wyoming, woody@uwyo.edu

Thursday                      1:30-3:15                       Room Name
 Constructing & Transgressing Social, Legal, & Intellectual Boundaries in
                        Early Modern England

Chair &      Martha Skeeters, University Of Oklahoma, mskeeters@ou.edu
Paper        Contesting and Negotiating Meanings of Marriage in Early Modern England:
             A Regional Perspective
             Jennifer McNabb, Western Illinois University, JL-Mcnabb@wiu.edu

Paper        Suffered to Live Very Disorderly: Vagrancy in Early Modern England
             Abby Lagemann, Western Illinois University, AE-Lagemann@wiu.edu

Paper        Realism and Skepticism in Early Modern English Witchcraft Tracts
             Elizabeth Carlson, Western Illinois University, EA-Carlson@wiu.edu

Thursday                       1:30-3:15                    Room Name
             Race, Poverty and Policy in the American South

Chair &      Ben Keppel, University of Oklahoma, bkeppel@ou.edu
Paper        Available for Use by White & Negro: Appalachia, Segregation, and
             Shenandoah National Park
             Greg Powell, Oklahoma State University, greg.powell@okstate.edu

Paper        Farewell to the Party of Nixon: Black Voters, Southern Strategies, and the
             1960 Presidential Election
             Joshua Farrington, University of Kentucky, josh.farrington@uky.edu

Paper        Representing Poor Whites in Appalachia, 1873-1901
             Ian Hartman, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign,
Thursday                       1:30-3:15                   Room Name
           Science and Technology in the American Middle West
Chair &      Christopher Thrasher, Texas Tech, cdthrasher@hotmail.com
Paper        Gradual Development: Midwestern Geological Surveys in the Nineteenth
             Michael Severs, Iowa State University, mdsevers@iastate.edu

Paper        Professional and Vocational Training at Midwest American Land Grant
             Paul Nienkamp,      Michigan Technical University,

Paper        Four Stages of Digital Computing Looked at through the American Midwest
             David Seim, University of Wisconsin, Stout

Thursday                         1:30-3:15                                Room Name
                     Religion from a Global Perspective

Chair &      Sara Sale, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, ssale@neo.edu
Paper        American Catholics, Amer. Protestants, and the Spanish Civil War"
             Robert Morrison, University of Colorado, Robert.M.Morrison@colorado.edu

Paper        Christian Politics: The Creation of a Moral Voting Base in the U.S. and South
             Africa, 1980-2008
             Aaron K. Davis, Western Illinois University, AK-Davis@wiu.edu

Thursday                        3:30-5:15                   Room Name
             Policy and Culture in Twentieth-Century France

Chair        Michel Lantelme, University Of Oklahoma, mlantelme@ou.edu
             Hot Jazz and Beating Drums: The Soundtrack of French Decolonization
             Jonathan Trutor, University of Minnesota, Truto002@umn.edu

Paper        The Persitence of Great Power Mentalites: French Policy Elites in the
             Interwar Period
             Marie Hooper, Oklahoma City University, mhooper@okcu.edu

Paper        Building an International Socialist Movement throughout the French Empire,
             Nathan Roberts, Washington State University, njroberts@wsu.edu

Paper        Black Women‟s Travel Writing in Interwar France, 1919-1939\
             Shannon Pete, Arizona State University, shannonpete@asu.edu
Comment      Audience

Thursday                         3:30-5:15                             Room Name
                           Fighting for Freedom

Chair      Brad Raley, University Of Oklahoma, bfraley@ou.edu

Paper      The Texas Press Opinion on the use of Black Soldiers During the Civil War
           Christopher Bean, East Central University, cbean@ecok.edu

Paper      Views and Reactions to the Union‟s Use of Black Troops
           Shae Palmer, East Central University, shavpar@email.ecok.edu

Paper      Where Valor Proudly Sleeps: Quarantine and the 56th U.S.C.I.
           Robin Hanson, Jefferson College, rhansonmo@gmail.com

Paper      Perceptions of African Americans in the Civil War
           Meghan Day, East Central University

Comment    Audience

Thursday                    3:30-5:15                     Room Name
           Power and Paternalism in the Twentieth Century

Chair &    Dennis Kuhnel, University of Iowa, dennis-kuhnel@uiowa.edu
Paper      Greed of the Protector: The Creek and Osage Guardianship Scandals
           Wes Mosier, Oklahoma State University, wesley.mosier@okstate.edu

Paper      The Removal and Assimilation of Australian Aboriginal and American Indian
           Children: The Early Days of the System
           Yvonne Tiger, University of Oklahoma, ytiger@ou.edu

Paper      The Hope of the Youth is the Hope of the Nation: Domestic Assimilation
           Ideologies in Education on the Wind River Reservation, 1880-1920
           Julie Stidolph, University of Oklahoma, julie.s@ou.edu

Thursday                        3:30-5:15                   Room Name
           Educating America: Problems of the Twentieth Century

Chair &       Virginia Boynton, Western Illinois UniversityVR-Boynton@wiu.edu
Paper         Creating Responsible Citizens: The Legacy of Citizenship Education Reform
              in late 1920s and 1930s
              Kelton Williams, Texas A & M University, jkwilliams@neo.tamu.edu

Paper         The Right and Left Collide: Cultural Tension in the Homeschool Movement
              Rachel Coleman, Ball State University, recoleman@bsu.edu
Paper         Three Strikes and You‟re In
              James L. Conrad, University of New Orleans, jconrad@uno.edu

Thursday                          3:30-5:15                              Room Name
                      The City as Historical Laboratory

Chair &       Ian Hartman, University of Illinois, Champaig-Urbana,
Comment       ihartma2@illinois.edu

Paper         City of Immigrants: San Francisco‟s Experience in the Great War
              Heather Clemmer, Southern Nazarene University, hclemmer@snu.edu

Paper         A Very Worthy Negro: Tom Lee and the Politics of Respectability in Jim
              Crow Memphis
              Jason Jordan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign,

Thursday                        3:30-5:15                   Room Name
  Militant Masculinities: War, Empire, Imagery, and the Construction of
                           American Manhood

Chair        Chris Davis, University of Oklahoma, crdavis@ou.edu

Paper        Attacking ‘Sissy Diplomacy’: Letters from Anglo-Texan Men during First
             Four Years of the Mexican Revolution
             Nicholas Villanueva, Vanderbilt University,

Paper        A Purple Garmet for their Nakedness: Woodrow Wilson, Civic Manhood, and
             the Philippine Question
             Christopher Hamel, Oklahoma School of Science & Mathematics,

Paper        Military Influences on the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club
             Christopher Thrasher, Texas Tech, cdthrasher@hotmail.com

Paper        American Infantryman in the Philippines, 1898-1900
             Justin Prince, Oklahoma State University, justin.prince@okstate.edu

Comment      Audience

Friday                          8:00-9:45                                Room Name
                Perspective and Myth in European History

Chair &      Jonathan Trutor, University of Minnesota, Truto002@umn.edu
Paper        Memorializing and Myth Making '68 in Italy
             Ryan Strong, Texas Tech, ryan.r.strong@ttu.edu

Paper        Race, Gender, and National Identity: Unique Perspectives of Italian Colonial
             Cherri Wemlinger, Washington State University, crw9753@wsu.edu

Paper        Hero of the Day: Serpa Pinto's Expedition across Africa and its Contribution
             to Portuguese Nationalism Regarding Africa
             Matthew Winslett, University of Texas at Arlington,

Friday                         8:00-9:45                              Room Name
                     Slavery in the Atlantic World

Chair &   Dan Snell, University Of Oklahoma, dcsnell@ou.edu
Paper     Clandestine Meetings as Zones of Freedom in Cuban Slavery or Society in the
          Late 1820s
          Eric Paul, Drury University, eap213@gmail.com
Paper     Before the Poison Had Been Far Spread: An Examination of Punishments
          Dealt to Slave Rebels in Two 18th-Century British Plantation Societies
          Erica Hayden, Vanderbilt University, erica.m.rhodes@vanderbilt.edu

Paper     American Blackbirds: The Post-1808 Slave Trade and American Slave
          Sharon Bynum, University of Mississippi, slbynum@olemiss.edu

Friday                         8:00-9:45                              Room Name
                     Missouri in the Civil War Era

Chair &   Gregory Hospodor, U.S. Army Command, Leavenworth,
Comment   gregory.hospodor@us.army.mil

Paper     Evangelical Print Culture and the Conflict over Slavery in Antebellum
          Lucas Volkman, University of Missouri, Columbia,

Paper     I Will Continue to Make the Best Defense I Can: Attorney General Edward
          Bates and the Battle over the Missouri Constitution of 1865
          Mark Alan Neels, University of Missouri, St. Louis, MarkNeels@umsl.edu

Paper     Badgers in the Swamps: The First Wisconsin Cavalry, Guerillas, and the
          Defense of Southeast Missouri, 1862-1863
          Paul Arnold, Southeast Missouri State University, jparnold1s@semo.edu

Friday                        8:00-9:45                              Room Name
                     The Vietnam War as History

Chair &   Nicholas Murray, Dept. of Military History, US CGSC,
Comment   nicholas.murray2@us.army.mil

Paper     Casualty Averse: American Military and Theories of Casualty Aversion in the
          Vietnam Era
          Daniel Johnson, Texas A & M University, shrike10997@tamu.edu

Paper     Fantastic and Absurd Utterances: The Vietnam War, the American Century,
          and (Mis)perceptions of Anti-Americanism in U.S.- French Relations, 1966-67

          Douglas Snyder, University of Colorado, douglas.snyder@colorado.edu
Paper     Prophets or Evangelist: Conservative Protestants and the Vietnam War
          George Bogaski, University of Oklahoma, gbogaski@macu.edu

Friday                     8:00-9:45                                 Room Name
             Myth and Perception in Environmentalism

Chair &   Sterling Evans, University Of Oklahoma, evans@ou.edu
Paper     The Pristine Myth & the New World: An Environmental History of the Valley
          of Mexico
          Rocio Gomez, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, rgomez@uark.edu
Paper     The Great Land Grab of 1947 and Roots of Modern Environmentalism
          Matthew Pearce, University of Oklahoma, Matthew.A.Pearce-1@ou.edu

Paper     From Monkey Wrenching to Ecoterrorism: The Media and Changing
          Perceptions of Direct-Action Environmentalism
          Katrina Lacher, University of Oklahoma, klacher@ou.edu

Friday                            8:00-9:45                              Room Name
                               Teaching Religion

Chair &      Rangar Cline, University Of Oklahoma, Rangar.cline@ou.edu
Paper        The Only Anthropologist in the World: Zekiye Eglar's Contributions to
             American Scholarship on Muslims in the 1950s
             Faith Childress, Rockhurst University, faith.childress@rockhurst.edu

Paper        Darwinian Struggles in Religious Environments: Broadening the Research
             David Tait, Rogers State University, dtait@rsu.edu

Paper        Gone to Live Forever: Methodist Obituaries of Children and Youth during the
             Civil War
             Sean Scott, Ouachita Baptist University, scotts@OBU.EDU

Friday                        10:00-11:45                      Room Name
          The Slavic World and the Problem of Political Identities

Chair &      Melissa Stockdale, University Of Oklahoma, mstockdale@ou.edu
Paper        Biological Determinism: Danilevsky's Russia and Europe in the Post-Soviet
             Stephen Woodburn, Southwestern College, Stephen.Woodburn@sckans.edu
Paper        Religious and Political Ideas of Alija Izetbegovic, the President of Bosnia,
             Jason Carson, University of Missouri, St. Louis, jec479@umsl.edu

Paper        Women on the Right in the Yugoslav Successor States, 1990-2000
             Carol Lilly, University of Nebraska, Kearney, lillyc@unk.edu
             Jill Irvine, University of Oklahoma, jill.irvine@ou.edu

Friday                         10:00-11:45                 Room Name
  Sex, Drugs, and Ab-Rollers: Gender Culture in Contemporary America

Chair &     Julia Ehrhardt, University Of Oklahoma, juliae@ou.edu
Paper       Sexual Politics of Spinal Tap: Branding Masculinity in Rock 'n' Roll
            Richard Driver, Texas Tech University, richard.d.driver@ttu.edu

Paper       Trucker Imagery from 1960 to Today: Masculinity and Whiteness in Working-
            Class America
            Chad De Mars, Texas Tech, chad.d.demars@ttu.edu

Paper       Shaping Up for a Man‟s World: Jane Fonda and Fitness Revolution
            April Braden, Loyola University of Chicago, aprilbraden@gmail.com

Friday                        10:00-11:45                                Room Name
                       Diplomacy and Indian Agents

Chair &     Paul Kelton, University of Kansas, pkelton@ku.edu
Paper       A Conferdate Officer Earns His Command: Douglas Cooper's Years as
            Choctaw and Chickasaw Indian Agent, 1856-1861
            Daniel Flaherty, University of Oklahoma, dbflaherty@ou.edu

Paper       Keeping the Tea Down: Did a Cultural Faux Pas Scuttle the Creek
            Negotiations of 1789?
            Michael Beatty, Texas A & M University, mikebeatty@neo.tamu.edu

Paper       Against the Grain: James Avery Sr., James Avery Jr., and Their Quest for
            Morality in Indian Affairs
            John Barry, Washburn University, john.barry@washburn.edu

Friday                     10:00-11:45                   Room Name
             American Education in the Twentieth Century

Chair &     Sarah Eppler Janda, Cameron University, sjanda@cameron.edu
Paper       Aggies to Eagles: Cameron University and the Civilian Pilot Training
            Lance Janda, Cameron University, lancej@cameron.edu

Paper       The Best Rural Schools in the Country: Lee L. Driver and the Consolidated
            Schools of Randolph County, Indiana, 1907-1920
            Gregory Hinshaw, Randolph Central School Corporations,

Paper       A Sign of the Times: Project House and TAMC Aggies
            Lynn Burlbaw, Texas A & M University, burlbaw@neo.tamu.edu

Friday                         10:00-11:45                              Room Name
                       The State of Mexican History
                        A Roundtable Discussion

Chair       Terry Rugeley, University of Oklahoma, trugeley@ou.edu
Panelists   Sterling Evans, University of Oklahoma, evans@ou.edu;
            Andrew Wood, University of Tulsa, Andrew-wood@tulsa.edu
            Aaron Navarro, University of North Texas, naverro@unt.edu

Friday                           2:00-3:45                              Room Name
                    Rise of Fascism in Interwar Europe

Chair &     Ray Canoy, University Of Oklahoma, jcanoy@ou.edu
Paper       Rise of Nazism in Germany
            Rebecca Roberts, Northwestern Missouri State University,

Paper       Cruiser Karisruhe Visits to Texas, 1932 and 1935, A Comparison
            Simone De Santiago Ramos, University of North Texas,
Paper       Seeing Beyond the State: New Interpretations of Mass Violence in the Nazi
            and Stalinist Dictatorships
            Michael McConnell, University of Tennessee, mmcconn7@utk.edu

Paper       Spanish Civil War as part of Cold War History
            Zach Stokes-Avery, American University, za4012a@student.american.edu

Friday                         2:00-3:45                             Room Name
                           Colonizing the Body

Chair &   Kathleen Crowther, University Of Oklahoma, kcrowther@ou.edu
Paper     From Kamp #333 and Ramp #333: Government Authority and Shifting
          Medical Paradigms in Meiji Japan
          Dusty Lynn Clark, University of Kansas, dustyclark@hotmail.com

Paper     Epidemiology of Cherokee Removal: Jacksonian Willful Indifference to
          American Indian Mortality
          Paul Kelton, University of Kansas, pkelton@ku.edu
Paper     Cash on Delivery: Wyoming Midwives and Modernity in the Progressive Era
          Meggan Bilotte, University of Wyoming, woodm@uwyo.edu

Friday                          2:00-3:45                            Room Name
                                War Stories

Chair &   Jim Giglio, Missouri State University, JamesGiglio@MissouriState.edu
Paper     The Personal as Paradigm: American-Japanese Working Relationships and
          Inter-State Relations during the Postwar Occupation

          Scott Rohrer, Oklahoma State University, scott.rohrer@okstate.edu
Paper     A School at War: Rhetoric, Identity, and the Cameron Way
          Sara Eppler-Janda, Cameron University, sjanda@cameron.edu

Paper     Unlikely Visitors: German Prisoners of War at Farragut Naval Training
          Station, 1945-1946
          Derrek Calkins, Georgia Southern University,

Friday                        2:00-3:45                              Room Name
                  Survival, Identity and Sovereignty
Chair &   Gary Anderson, University Of Oklahoma, gcanderson@ou.edu
Paper     Scourge of the Osage from the Hand that Held the Quill: The Astonishing
          Nineteenth-Century Survival and Success of the Osage Nation”
          Athena Stephanopoulos, Wichita State University,

Paper     Cattle and Crime: Ottawa Land Dispossession in Kansas, 1834-1867
          Dennis Kuhnel, University of Iowa, dennis-kuhnel@uiowa.edu

Paper             We Are Among the Poor, the Powerless, the Inexperienced and the
                  Inarticulate: Clyde Warrior's Campaign for a 'Greater Indian America'
                  Paul McKenzie-Jones, University of Oklahoma, paulmcj@gmail.com

Friday                               2:00-3:45                      Room Name
                 Religion and U.S. Politics in the Twentieth Century

Chair &           Steve Gillion, University Of Oklahoma, smgillion@ou.edu
Paper             Billy James Hargis and the Origins of the Religious Right”
                  Todd E. Lewis, Texas A & M University, telewis@uark.edu

Paper             Mobilization and Pacification: Ronald Regan and Christian Conservatives”

                  Misty Mehrtens, Texas Christian University, misty.wilson@tcu.edu

Paper             Jerry Falwell and the Republican Party
                  Patrick Burkhardt, University of Missouri, St. Louis, pjbgh2@umsl.edu

Friday                             2:00-3:45                     Room Name
            Environment History: The Past, The Present, and The Future
                            A Roundtable Discussion

Chair             Don Pisani, University of Oklahoma, djpisani@ou.edu

Panelists         Sterling Evans, University of Oklahoma, evans@ou.edu
                  Bryan Frehner,

Friday                              4:00-5:45                   Room Name
               Anti-Popery in the Reformation and Post-Reformation

Chair &           Jane Wickersham, University Of Oklahoma, jwickersham@ou.edu
Paper             Unholy Compromise: Casuistry and Conformity in Elizabethan England”
                  Rebecca Davis, University of Oklahoma, rebeccahd@ou.edu

Paper             Shaking Souls: Awakening, Apocalypse, and Anti-Popery in the Earthquakes
                  of 1755
                  William Smith, University of Oklahoma, smith@ou.edu
Paper             The Pied Piper of Hamelin in the 16th Century: Interactions between
                  Confessional Stuggles and Popular Legend
                  Ken Kurihara, Fordham University, kuriken@abox8.so-net.ne.jp

Friday                          4:00-5:45                 Room Name
  Critical Conditions: Economic Growth and Endangered Species Conflict

Chair &     Jason Pierce, University of Arkansas jason.pierce@angelo.edu
Paper       Making the Cut: Grays Harbor, Washington and the Spotted Owl Crisis,
            Robert Bauer, University of Arkansas, rabauer@uark.edu

Paper       Like Water for Mallards: Missouri River Wildlife Recreation and the Pick-
            Sloan Plan's Unfamiliar Biological Bounty, 1953-1984
            David Nesheim, University of Nebraska, Lincoln,

Paper       Nefarious Aquatic Imperialists and Bureaucratic Conflict: The Garrison
            Diversion Project, Invasive Species, and the Boundary Waters Treaty
            Adam Eastman, University of Oklahoma, aeastman@ou.edu

Friday                        4:00-5:45                    Room Name
    Moving Parts: New Perspectives on Transportation and Technology

Chair       Chair: Matt Despain, University Of Oklahoma, sdespain@ou.edu

Paper       Trails, Stagecoaches, & Track: Transportation Technology and the
            Reshaping of Indian Territory
            Robert Voss, University of Nebraska, robert.voss@huskers.unl.edu

Paper       The Displacement of the War Horses during the Victorian Era and the 20 th
            Chelsea Medlock, Oklahoma State University, chelsm@okstate.edu

Paper       Course, Context, and Cancellation of Air Force's Dyna Soar
            Nicholas Sambaluk, University of Kansas, sambaluk@ku.edu

Paper       For a Want of Deployment Doctrine
            Richard Kaserman, US Army Command and General Staff College,

Comment     Audience

Friday                            4:00-5:45                            Room Name
          The History of Current American Foreign Policy Challenges
Chair      Russell Buhite, Missouri State University, rbuhite@mst.edu

Paper      Détente or Not Détente that is the Question: The Nixon Administration‟s
           Response to Transnational Palestinian Terrorism in 1970
           Nicholas Swails, Colorado State University, swails@rams.colostate.edu

Paper      An Alternative to War: Quakers Respond to Sept. 11, 2001
           Mary Sanders, Oklahoma Baptist University, maryruthsanders@hotmail.com

Paper      Hope Is Not a Plan: US Policy in Somalia
           Larry Cousineau, Grand Valley State University (VAP),

Paper      Jeanne Kirkpatrick and Neo-con Foreign Policy
           Bianca Rowlett, University of Arkansas, browlet@uark.edu

Comment    Audience

Friday                           4:00-5:45                             Room Name
                                Culture Wars

Chair      William Savage, University of Oklahoma, maverickly@ou.edu
Paper      No Middle Ground: Reexamining Racialized Images in Luke
           Christina Bearden-White, Southern Illinois University,
           Carbondale, cbwhite@siu.edu

Paper      Morality and Rock Music in America and Europe in the 1960s
           Robbie Hill, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Paper      How Comics Changed Lives, Warped Minds, and Challenged
           Cultural Standards
           Michelle Goostree, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale,

Paper      Martians, Mayhem, and Mad Scientist: Saturday Cartoons and
           Cold War Technology
           Deb Wilson, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale,

Comment    Audience

Saturday                        8:15-10:00                             Room Name
                      Putting the “Spin” on England

Chair &    Jennifer McNabb, Western Illinois University, JL-Mcnabb@wiu.edu
Paper      It Was the Best of Times; It Was the Worst of Times: King George III and
           Two Political Cartoons
           Eric England, University of Oklahoma, eric.r.england-1@ou.edu

Paper      Elizabethan News Pamphlets and Conquest of Ireland
           David O’Hara, University of Central Arkansas, dohara@uca.edu

Saturday                    8:15-10:00                                 Room Name
             American Policy Makers Look at the World

Chair &    Don Zelman, Tarleton State University, zelman@tarleton.edu
Paper      Cold War X: A Cultural View of the X-Men and Cold War History"
           David Scott, Texas Tech, david.scott@ttu.edu
Paper      American Charity: Wilson, Harding, and World Peace
           Steven Haynes, Kent State University, shaynes@kent.edu

Paper      Republican Senator James Kem of Missouri and US Foreign Policy, 1947-
           Bernard Lemelin, Laval University, bernard.lemelin@sympatico.ca

Saturday                     8:15-10:00                                Room Name
              Tech and Science in the Twentieth Century

Chair &    Chair: Bob Lifset, University Of Oklahoma, robertlifset@ou.edu
Paper      The Deployment of ICBMs to Kansas
           John McGrath, Kansas State University, jjmcgr@gmail.com
Paper      U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation, 1980-1986
           Hervey Priddy, University of Texas, HAPriddy@aol.com

Paper      Why Are High-Tech Industries and Centers of Innovation Clustered and
           Concentrated in Specific Regions or Locations? Understanding Silicon
           Valley's Competitive Advantages and What New Aspiring High-Tech Zones
           Can Learn From Silicon Valley
           Fang Zhou, Georgia Institute of Technology, fzhou@gatech.edu

Saturday                       8:15-10:00                   Room Name
      Selling American Stuff: New Perspectives on American Culture

Chair &     Cathy Kelly, University Of Oklahoma, cathykelly@ou.edu
Paper       Walt Disney: An Educator for Tomorrow(land)
            Emily Sorsher, University of California at Irvine,

Paper       Engaging Tradition: N.W. Ayer and De Beers' Advertising Campaigns in US,
            Jennifer Pequignot, Miami University, pequigjl@muohio.edu

Saturday                      8:15-10:00                                 Room Name
               Individualism and Community in the West

Chair       Worth Robert Miller, Missouri State University,
Paper       Squatter Sovereignty, Self-Made Men, and the Midwest Frontier
            Sean Kammer, University of Nebraska, sean.m.kammer@gmail.com

Paper       Turner, the Safety-Valve Thesis, and American Music
            Larry Burt, Missouri State University, LarryBurt@MissouriState.edu

Paper       Come Together: An Analysis of the Populist Party in Kansas
            Jordan Billings, University of Phoenix, jordan_billings_gta@yahoo.com

Comment     Wm. Christopher Hamel, Heritage Hall Academy,

Saturday                       8:15-10:00                                Room Name
                       New Playing Fields for Change

Chair &     Stephen Norwood, University Of Oklahoma, Shnorwood@ou.edu
Paper       The Strange Career of John Westbrook: At the Limits of Sports and
            Chris Davis, University of Oklahoma, crdavis@ou.edu

Paper       The Aftermath of Dixie‟s Last Stand: Integration of the University of Texas
            and Arkansas Football Teams
            Kacie Van Horn, Texas Southern University, kkvanhsa50@yahoo.com

Saturday                       10:15-12:00                              Room Name
                        Conscience vs. Pragmatism

Chair &    Paul Gilje, University Of Oklahoma, pgilje@ou.edu
Paper      Prevent Them from Taking Part Against Us: James K. Polk, the Fear of
           Foreign Intervention in the Mexican War, and the Raising of the Mormon
           Gerrit Dirkmaat, University of Colorado, dirkmaat@colorado.edu

Paper      Frederick A. Muhlenberg and the 1796 Jay Treaty- The Speaker‟s First Tie
           Breaking Vote
           Kenneth Spiegelman, Florida International University,

Saturday                     10:15-12:00                                Room Name
                 Land, Space, Environment, and Policy
Chair &    Michael Logan, Oklahoma State University, michael.logan@okstate.edu
Paper      Charity and Change: The 1899 Hurricane, San Ciriaco, and Relief Work of
           the US Military Government in Puerto Rico"
           Christopher Davis, Rice University, christopher.davis@rice.edu

Paper      The US Bureau of Biological Survey: From Certainty to Doubt
           Lawrence Mastroni, University of Oklahoma,

Saturday                      10:15-12:00                               Room Name
                        The Other Early Americas

Chair &    Jim Houston, Oklahoma State University, james.huston@okstate.edu
Paper      Analysis of Delisle's 1718 Carte de la Louisiane" or "Marquette's Map of the
           Mississippi River: Religion and Cartography in 17th c. New France
           Andy Balash, University of Texas at Arlington, andybalash@gmail.com

Paper      Indian Slavery and French Diplomacy in Upper Louisiana
           Peter K. Johnson, University of Central Missouri,

Paper      Weak Links that Did Not Break: The Cultural Landscape of Spanish
           Louisiana during the American Revolution
           Daniel Papsdorf, Wichita State University, dapapsdorf@wichita.edu
Saturday                       10:15-12:00                   Room Name
     Technical Expertise and Public Policy in Recent American History
Chair &     Rich Hamerla, University Of Oklahoma, rhamerla@ou.edu
Paper       Shaping the Community Mental Health Centers Act, 1963
            Cai Guise-Richardson, Iowa State University and the Chemical Heritage

Paper       Acxiom Corporation and the Invention of Personalized Direct Mail”
            Philip Frana, University of Central Arkansas, pfrana@uca.edu

Paper       African-American Extension Work and Oklahoma Agriculture &Mechanical
            College, 1914-1960
            Samuel Dester, Oklahoma State University, sam.dester@okstate.edu

Saturday                        10:15-12:00                           Room Name
                       Religion in the Ancient World

Chair &     Garold Mills, University Of Oklahoma, millsg@ou.edu
Paper       What Was God in Ancient Iraq?
            Dan Snell, University of Oklahoma, dcsnell@ou.edu

Paper       Women and Religion in Ancient Iraq
            Tonia Sharlach, Oklahoma State University, tonia.sharlach@okstate.edu


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