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Precision CAD Reverse Engineering Services, Mechanical Reverse Engineering

By Mechanical Design Services
Date: November, 10 2011


We provide high quality and low cost reverse engineering services, CAD reverse engineering, 3D
scanning service3s, 3D digitizing and mechanical reverse engineering services through expert
mechanical design engineers.


Do you have a part or model for which you need to accurately generate 3D CAD data?

Mechanical 3D Modelling is a leading reverse engineering service provider company in india. We provide
CAD reverse engineering, 3D reverse engineering, 3D scanning services, 3D digitizing services for various
mechanical products or components with high accuracy and quality at competitive rates.

We can use various different methods to create the 3D CAD model and 2D production drawings of the
real part. We can help you generate 3D models of any object that you need in your CAD, simulation or
animation software.

We have team of mechanical engineers that have many years experienced in reverse engineering
industries to the worldwide. We use various software platforms such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Pro/E,
CATIA and Rhino and will deliver files in any format you need.

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We provide Reverse Engineering Services include:

• 3D Laser Scanning and CMM Inspection

• Capture an object's original design intent in CAD

• 3D Scan to CAD conversion

• 3D Modeling for performance surfaces

• Redesigning of a product without manufacturing defects

• Manufacturing drawings for production/prototyping
We assist you in faster product development, reduced cost, enhanced agility & increased focus on
product enhancement. We have enough experience to analyzing and designing products, parts and
assemblies from simple projects to complex.

Our team use computer-aided design (CAD) technologies, coordinate measuring machines (CMM), laser
scanners, and cutting-edge production facilities to provide reverse engineering.

Benefits of Reverse Engineering Services:

• Accurately model performance surfaces

• Reduced time to market

• Convert any physical shape into digital format

• Design a new part to fit to a legacy part

• Save time and money in product development

• Modernize your manufacturing process

• Update CAD models of your tooling to match shop-floor changes

• Redesign a part without manufacturing defects

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