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									                                                PROJECT CLOSEOUT
                                            PROJECT NAME

Executive Summary
Provide a summary of the project including kick-off meeting and closeout meeting dates. Highlight the
final schedule duration and total project expenditures and include variances from original schedule and
budget estimates. Identify the key project deliverables, final review and acceptance of the project by the
project sponsor and/or governance body and any outstanding project activities.

Project Deliverables
Include a summary of key project deliverables and supporting documents. The following includes some
examples -

The main project deliverables and list of supporting documents include -

    a. Final product, service, prototype, report, etc.
    b. Project overview/status presentations to key stakeholders and external groups
    c. Research plan, environmental scan summary, data analysis plan, interview questions, survey
       summary, survey questions and emails
    d. Business Processes and Requirements Definition
    e. Functional and Design Specifications
    f. Testing and Implementation Plans
    g. RFI, RFP, Contracts, Contract acceptance criteria
    h. Project closeout report and lessons learned

Project Management Effectiveness
Include a summary of key project management deliverables and activities. The following is an example -

All elements of the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) were applied throughout the
project as required. The key project management deliverables and activities included –

    o   Project Charter
    o   Project Schedule
    o   Project Action Register
    o   Stakeholder Analysis
    o   Communications Plan and Register
    o   Risk Register
    o   Weekly project status meetings
    o   Ongoing issue identification and resolution via the Issue Register
    o   Biweekly project status reports
    o   Monthly financial reports and forecasts
    o   Regular project status presentations
    o   Lessons Learned
    o   Project file archives on the organization’s document management system or shared server

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                                                 PROJECT CLOSEOUT

Provide a summary of the project schedule including the project start and end dates. Compare the
original and final project schedules and cite reasons for project schedule delays or compressions. Identify
if an action register was utilized to augment the project schedule.

Resource Utilization
Provide a summary of the project resources including the original resource estimates and final
composition of the project team by project role including employees, contractors and vendors. Cite
reasons for over and under resourcing as well as contracting successes or challenges.

Provide a summary of the project financials including the original project budget amount and the actual
project expenditures. Cite reasons for over or under spending. Include a status on the payment of
invoices to contractors and vendors and ensure all contracted deliverables are completed.

Provide a high-level summary of key communications activities and indicate if a communications plan
was prepared. List the key communications products such as communiqués, Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQ), presentations, online videos, etc.

Provide a summary of the key activities that were conducted throughout the project to ensure quality
project deliverables and products. Activities may include quality reviews, walkthroughs of project
products, system and functional testing, working group and advisory committee reviews, etc.

Technical Solution Effectiveness
Highlight the technical successes and challenges in meeting the project objectives and deliverables.

Project Library and Archives
Indicate where all final project documents, such as the project charter, deliverables, monthly financial
reports, and biweekly project status reports have been archived within the organization.

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                                               PROJECT CLOSEOUT

Lessons Learned
During <MMM YYYY>, lessons learned were gathered from <list the contributors to the lessons learned
by role>. The following reflects the consolidated input –

 A. The project’s biggest successes:

              Description                              Factors that Promoted this Success

 B. Areas of potential improvement to be considered for future projects:

              Description                       Factors that would help Promote Future Success

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