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									   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Anderson, Ephraim McDowell.                                  [Corsan, W.C.].
     Memoirs: historical and personal; including the               Two months in the Confederate States, including
campaigns of the First Missouri Confederate brigade.         a visit to New Orleans under the domination of
Saint Louis, Times Printing Co. 1868                         General Butler.
     Fiche: 588-598                                          London, R. Bentley. 1863
                                                             By an English merchant.
Austin, J.P.                                                       Fiche: 1013-1019a
      The blue and the gray: sketches of a portion of
the unwritten history of the great American civil war,       Smith, James.
a truthful narrative of adventure, with thrilling                 An account of the remarkable Occurrances in
reminiscences of the great struggle on land and sea.         the Life and Travels of Colonel James Smith.
Atlanta, Ga., The Franklin Printing and Publishing                Fiche: 1100-1103
Co. 1899
      Fiche: 600a-600g                                       Field, Charles D.
                                                                  Three years in the saddle from 1861 to 1865;
Barney, Chester.                                             memoirs of Charles D. Field; thrilling stories of the
     Recollections of field service with the twentieth       war in camp and on the field of battle.
Iowa infantry volunteers; or, What I saw in the army,        [Goldfield? Ia.]. [c.1898]
embracing accounts of marches, battles, sieges, and               Fiche: 1423-1424
skirmishes, in Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi,
Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Texas, and along the            Carden, Allen D.
northern border of Mexico.                                        The Missouri harmony; or, A collection of
Davenport, Printed for the author at the Gazette Job         Psalm and hymn tunes, and anthems, from eminent
Rooms. 1865                                                  authors: with an introduction to the grounds and
     Fiche: 614a-614h                                        rudiments of music.
                                                             Cincinnati, E. Morgan and Son. 1837
Booth, Benjamin F.                                           To which is added a supplement, containing a
     Dark days of the rebellion, or, Life in southern        number of admired tunes of the various metres, and
military prisons, giving a corrected and thrilling           several choice pieces, selected from some of the most
history of unparalled [!] suffering.                         approved collections of sacred music. By an amateur.
Indianola, Ia., Booth Publishing Company. 1897                    Fiche: 1541-1551
Written from a diary kept while in Libby and
Salisbury prisons in 1864-5, and now in possession of        Mackey, John W.
the author.                                                      The Shawnee witch; a romance of the western
      Fiche: 773-781a                                        border.
                                                             New York, George Munro. [1868]
Britton, Wiley.                                                   Fiche: 1739-1740
     Memoirs of the rebellion on the border, 1863.
Chicago, Cushing, Thomas & Co. 1882                          Grigsby, Melvin.
     Fiche: 815-825                                              The smoked Yank.
                                                             Sioux Falls, Dakota Bell Publishing Co. 1888
Cogley, Thomas Sydenham.                                          Fiche: 2517-2522
      History of the Seventh Indiana cavalry
volunteers, and the expeditions, campaigns, raids,           Lothrop, Charles Henry.
marches, and battles of the armbiographical sketches              A history of the First regiment Iowa cavalry
of Brevet Major General John P.C. Shanks, and of             veteran volunteers, from its organization in 1861 to
Brevet Brig. Gen. Thomas M. Browne, and other                its muster out of the United States service in 1866.
officers of the regiment; with an account of the             Lyons, Ia., Beers & Eaton, Printers. 1890
burning of the steamer Sultana on the Mississippi            Also, a complete roster of the regiment, by Charles
river, and of the capture, trial, conviction and             H. Lothrop.
execution of Dick Davis, the guerilla.                            Fiche: 2986-2997
Laporte, Ind., Herald Company, Printers. 1876
      Fiche: 944a-950a                                       Pike, James.
                                                                   The scout and ranger: being the personal
Collins, R.M., lieut. 15th Texas infantry.                   adventures of Corporal Pike, of the fourth Ohio
     Chapters from the unwritten history of the war          cavalry.
between the states; or, The incidents in the life of a       Cincinnati, J.R. Hawley. 1865
Confederate soldier in camp, on the march, in the            As a Texan ranger, in the Indian wars, delineating
great battles, and in prison.                                western adventure; afterward a scout and spy, in
St. Louis, Nixon-Jones Printing Co. 1893                     Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas,
      Fiche: 954-962                                         under Generals Mitchell, Rosecrans, Stanley,
                                                             Sheridan, Lytle, Thomas Crook, and Sherman. Fully
                                                             illustrating the secret service. Twenty-five full-page
                                                                   Fiche: 3741-3750

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Rose, Victor, M.                                               Ware, Eugene Fitch.
     Ross's Texas Brigade.                                          The Lyon Campaign in Missouri.
1881                                                           Topeka, Kans., Printed by Crane. 1907
Being a Narrative of Events; 185 p.                            Being a history of the First Iowa infantry and of the
     Fiche: 3910-3914                                          causes which led up to its organization, and how it
                                                               earned the thanks of Congress, which it got. Together
Gayarre, Charles Etienne Arthur.                               with a birdseye view of the conditions in Iowa
     Romance of the history of Louisiana.                      preceding the great civil war of 1861.
New York, D. Appleton. 1848                                         Fiche: 6992-7002
A series of lectures, by Charles Gayarre.
     Fiche: 4926-4931a                                         Champigny, Jean, chevalier de.
                                                                     La Louisiane ensanglantee, avec toutes les
Watterson, Henry.                                              particularites de cette horrible casastrophe, redigees
     Oddities in southern life and character.                  sur le serment de temoins dignes de foi.
Boston, Houghton, Mifflin. 1883                                Londres, Aux depens de l'editeur: chez Fleury
edited by Henry Watterson; with illustrations by               Mesplet. 1773
W.L. Sheppard and F.S. Church.                                       Fiche: 7919-7921b
     Fiche: 5228-5239
                                                               Spring, Gardiner.
Calvert, Henry Murray.                                              Memoirs of the Rev. Samuel J. Mills, late
    Reminiscences of a boy in blue, 1862-1865.                 missionary to the south western section of the United
New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1920                  States, and agent of the American colonization
    Fiche: 5348-5335a                                          society, deputed to explore the coast of Africa.
                                                               New York, New York Evangelical Missionary
Cate, Wirt Armistead, ed.                                      Society, J. Seymour Printer. 1820
    Two soldiers; the campaign diaries of Thomas J.                 Fiche: 8891-8893b
Key, C.S.A., December 7, 1863-May 17, 1865, and
Robert J. Campbell, U.S.A., January 1, 1864-July 21,           Darby, William.
1864; edited, with an introduction, notes and maps.                 The emigrant's guide to the western and
Chapel Hill, The University of North Carolina Press.           southwestern states and territories comprising a
1938                                                           geographical and statistical description of the States.
     Fiche: 5356-5363                                          New York, Kirk & Mercein. 1818
                                                               Accompanied by a map of the United States.
Clark, James Samuel.                                                Fiche: 9285-9288b
     Life in the middle west; reminiscences of J.S.
Clark.                                                         Webber, Charles Wilkins.
Chicago, The Advance Publishing Company. [1916]                    Old Hicks, the guide, or, Adventures in the
     Fiche: 5386-5389                                          Camanche country in search of a gold mine.
                                                               New York, Harper. 1855
West, John Camden.                                                 Fiche: 9367-9370a
    A Texan in search of a fight.
Waco, Texas., Press of J.S. Hill & Co. 1901                    Bennett, Emerson.
Being the diary and letters of a private soldier in                 Forest and prairie, or Life on the frontier.
Hood's Texas brigade.                                          Philadelphia, J.W. Bradley. 1860
     Fiche: 5564-5568                                               Fiche: 9389-9393a

Clark, George.                                                 Lewis, Meriwether.
     A glance backward; or, Some events in the past                 History of the expedition under the command of
history of my life.                                            Captains Lewis and Clark, to the sources of the
[Houston, Press of Rein]. [1914?]                              Missouri, thence across the Rocky mountains and
      Fiche: 6501-6503                                         down the river Columbia to the Pacific ocean.
                                                               Philadelphia, Bradford and Inskeep. 1814
Fletcher, William Andrew.                                      Performed during the years 1804-5-6. By order of the
      Rebel private, front and rear; experiences and           government of the United States / prepared for the
observations from the early fifties and through the            press by Paul Allen.
civil war.                                                          Fiche: 9420-9431a
Beaumont, Press of the Greer Print. 1908
      Fiche: 6800-6805

Polley, Joseph Benjamin.
     Hood's Texas brigade, its marches, its battles, its
New York, Neale Publishing. 1910
     Fiche: 6895-6903

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Bryant, Edwin.                                                 Mullan, John.
      What I saw in California: being the journal of a              Miners and travelers' guide to Oregon,
tour, by the emigrant route and South pass of the              Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and
Rocky mountains, across the continent of North                 Colorado, via the Missouri and Columbia Rivers:
America, the great desert basin, and through                   accompanied by a general map of the mineral region
California, in the years 1846, 1847.                           of the northern sections of the Rocky Mountains.
New York, D. Appleton & Company; Philadelphia,                 New York, W.M. Franklin. 1865
G.S. Appleton. 1848                                                  Fiche: 9733-9735
      Fiche: 9538-9543
                                                               Stuart, Granville.
Coke, Henry John.                                                    Montana as it is, being a general description of
     A ride over the Rocky mountains to Oregon and             its resources, both mineral and agricultural, including
California.                                                    a complete description of the face of the country, its
London, R. Bentley. 1852                                       climate, etc.
With a glance at some of the tropical islands,                 New York, C.S. Westcott. 1865
including the West Indies and the Sandwich isles.                    Fiche: 9743-9745
     Fiche: 9559-9563a
                                                               Tufts, James.
Colt, Miriam (Davis), Mrs.                                          A tract descriptive of Montana Territory, with a
      Went to Kansas; being a thrilling account of an          sketch of its mineral and agricultural resources.
ill-fated expedition to that fairy land, and its sad           New York, R. Craighead. 1865
results; together with a sketch of the life of the                  Fiche: 9746
Watertown [N.Y.] Printed by L. Ingalls & Co. 1862              Kellogg, Louise Phelps, ed.
       Fiche: 9695-9698                                             Early narratives of the Northwest, 1634-1699.
                                                               New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1917
Hayden, Ferdinand Vandeveer.                                   with a facsimile and two maps.
     Contributions to the ethnography and philology                 Fiche: 9754-9758a
of the Indian tribes of the Missouri Valley.
Philadelphia, C. Sherman. 1862                                 Bruce, Henry Clay.
prepared under the direction of Capt. William F.                   The new man.
Raynolds.                                                      York, Pa., P. Anstadt. 1895
      Fiche: 9700-9703                                         Twenty-nine years a slave. Twenty-nine years a free
                                                               man. Recollections of H.C. Bruce.
Leland, Alonzo.                                                     Fiche: 10278-10282
     New map of the mining regions of Oregon and
Washington Territory...compiled from observations              Bay, William Van Ness.
made in 1861-2.                                                     President's message--slavery--California.
San Francisco, A. Roman. 1863                                  [Washington, Printed at the Congressional Globe
     Fiche: 9711-9711a                                         Office]. [1850]
                                                               Speech of Hon. W.V.N. Bay, of Missouri, in the
Bliss, Edward.                                                 house of representatives, February 20, 1850, in
     A brief history of the new gold regions of                committee of the whole on the state of the Union, on
Colorado Territory, together with hints and                    the resolution referring the President's message to the
suggestions to intending emigrants.                            various standing committees.
New York, J.W. Amerman. 1864                                         Fiche: 10443-10444
      Fiche: 9720-9720a
                                                               St. Landry Parish (La.).
Hall, Edward Hepple.                                                An ordinance organizing and establishing
     The great West: migrants', settlers' & travellers'        patrols for the police of slaves in the parish of St.
guide and handbook to the states of California and             Landry.
Oregon, and the territories of Nebraska, Utah,                 Opelousas [La.] Printed at the Office of the
Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Washington.               Opelousas Patriot. 1863
New York, Tribune Office. 1864                                      Fiche: 10539-10540
With a full and accurate account of their climate, soil,
resources, and products.                                       Foote, Henry S. (Henry Stuart).
     Fiche: 9722-9723                                               California, territorial governments, &c.
                                                               [Washington]. [1850]
                                                               Remarks of Hon. Mr. Foote, of Mississippi, on the
                                                               plan of adjusting the questions growing out of
                                                               slavery, reported in the Senate, May 15, 16, and 20,
                                                                    Fiche: 10597-10598

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

The reign of terror in Kanzas [!]: as encouraged by          A complete 1859 guide to the gold mines in Kansas
President Pierce, and carried out by the southern            and Nebraska, with a description of the shortest and
slave power: by which men have been murdered and             only all railroad route to Kansas.
scalped! Women dragged from their homes and                  Boston, Rand & Avery. [1859]
violated! Printing offices and private houses burned!             Fiche: 12802
Ministers of the Gospel tarred and feathered! Citizens
robbed and driven from their homes! And other                Atson, William.
enormities inflicted on free settlers by border                   Heart whispers.
ruffians. And related by eye witnesses of the events.        Philadelphia, H. Cowperthwait & Co. 1859
Boston, C.W. Briggs. 1856                                         Fiche: 12810-12818
      Fiche: 10720-10721
                                                             Brunson, Alfred.
Dumas, Alexandre.                                                  Prairie du Chien.
     Un Gil-Blas en Californie.                              Milwaukee, Daily Sentinel Press. 1857
Paris, Levy. 1861                                            Its present position and future prospects.
      Fiche: 10970-10978                                           Fiche: 12819-12820

California. Constitution.                                    Brunson, Alfred.
     Constitution of the state of California.                     A western pioneer: or, Incidents of the life and
San Francisco, Printed at the Office of the Alta             times of Rev. Alfred Brunson...embracing a period of
California. 1849                                             over seventy years.
     Fiche: 11248-11249                                      Cincinnati, Hitchcock and Walden; New York,
                                                             Carlton and Lanahan. 1872-[1879]
De Fontaine, Felix Gregory.                                  2 v.
     History of American abolitionism; its four great             Fiche: 12821-12840
epochs, embracing narratives of the ordinance of
1787, compromise of 1820, annexation of Texas,               Burke, John M.
Mexican war, Wilmot proviso, negro insurrections,                  "Buffalo Bill" from prairie to palace; an
abolition riots, slave rescues, compromise of 1850,          authentic history of the Wild west, with sketches,
Kansas bill of 1854, John Brown insurrection, 1859,          stories of adventure, and anecdotes of "Buffalo Bill".
valuable statistics, &c., &c., &c., together with a          Chicago and New York, Rand, McNally & Company.
history of the southern confederacy.                         1893
New York, D. Appleton & Co. 1861                                   Fiche: 12841-12848
(Originally published in the New York Herald).
      Fiche: 12085-12087                                     Carleton, James Henry.
                                                                  Diary of an excursion to the ruins of Abo, Qarra,
Clay, John M., Mrs.                                          and Gran Quivira, in New Mexico, under the
    Uncle Phil, a novel.                                     command of Major James Henry Carleton, U.S.A.
New York, The Abbey Press. [1901]                            (Washington). (1855)
Second and revised edition.                                  (In Smithsonian Institution. Annual report, 1854; p.
     Fiche: 12419-12425                                      296-316).
                                                                  Fiche: 12843
[Champigny, Jean, chevalier de].
     The present state of the country and inhabitants,       Cady, John H.
Europeans and Indians, of Louisiana, on the north                 Arizona's yesterday, being the narrative of John
continent of America.                                        H. Cady, pioneer, rewritten and rev. by Basil Dillon
London, Printed for J. Millan. 1744                          Woon, 1915.
By an officer of New Orleans to his friend at Paris.         [Los Angeles, Times-Minor Printing and Binding
     Fiche: 12547-12547b                                     House]. [c.1916]
                                                                  Fiche: 12852-12856
Domenech, Emmanuel Henri Dieudonne.
      Seven years' residence in the great deserts of         Burke, William S.
North America, by the abbe. Em. Domenech.                         The history of Leavenworth, the metropolis of
London, Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts.                Kansas, and the chief commercial center west of the
1860                                                         Missouri River.
Illustrated with fifty-eight woodcuts by A. Joliet,          The Leavenworth Times Book and Job Printing
three plates of ancient Indian music, and a map              Establishment. 1880
showing the actual situation of the Indian tribes and        The superior mercantile and manufacturing facilities
the country described by the author; 2 v.                    of the city.
      Fiche: 12691-12702a                                          Fiche: 12857-12860

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Brownlow, William G.                                         Strong, Frank.
    Helps to the study of Presbyterianism; or, An                The government of the American people.
unsophisticated exposition of Calvinism.                     Boston, New York [etc.] Houghton, Mifflin and
Knoxville, T.F.S. Heiskell. 1834                             Company. 1901
     Fiche: 12861-12868                                      [Oregon ed.].
                                                                  Fiche: 12938-12946
[Burlend, Rebecca, Mrs.].
    A true picture of emigration.                            Steele, John.
London, G. Berger; [etc. etc.]. [1848]                            In camp and cabin.
     Fiche: 12869-12871                                      Lodi, Wis., J. Steele. c.1901
                                                             Mining life and adventure, in California during 1850
Sons of Colorado; a monthly publication devoted to           and later.
the interests of the society "for Colorado".                      Fiche: 12947-12949
[Denver, W.C. Bishop]. 1906-1908
v. 1-2.                                                      Bradford, Ward.
      Fiche: 12872-12896                                           Biographical sketches of the life of Major Ward
Lee, Nelson.                                                 [Fresno?, Cal.]. 1891
     Three years among the Camanches; the narrative          Containing a graphic description of the manners and
of Nelson Lee, the Texas Ranger.                             life of early times; vivid incidents in Indian wars, and
Albany, Baker Taylor. 1859                                   wilds of the mountains; life in the gold regions of
     Fiche: 12887-12889a                                     Nevada.
                                                                   Fiche: 12950-12952
Southern California Panama Expositions
Commission.                                                  Brake, Hezekiah.
     Southern California, comprising the counties of             On two continents.
Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San                Topeka, Kan. Crane & Company. 1896
Bernardino, San Diego, Ventura; issued by Southern               Fiche: 12953-12959
California Panama expositions commission.
[San Diego?] Southern Panama Expositions                     Bronson, Edgar B.
Commission. [c.1914]                                             Reminiscences of a ranchman.
     Fiche: 12897-12903                                      New York, The McClure Company. 1908
                                                                 Fiche: 12960-12967
Clark, Charles M.
      A trip to Pike's Peak and notes by the                 Bross, William.
way...being descriptive of incidents and accidents                History of Chicago.
that attended the pilgrimage; of the country through         Chicago, Jansen, McClurg & Co. 1876
Kansas and Nebraska; and Rocky Mountains; mining             Historical and commercial statistics, sketches, facts
regions, mining operations, etc., etc.                       and figures, republished from the "Daily Democratic
Chicago, S.P. Rounds' Steam Book and Job Printing            press".
House. 1861                                                       Fiche: 12968-12972
      Fiche: 12900-12902a
                                                             Brown, John.
Sowell, Andrew Jackson.                                           Twenty-five years a parson in the wild West.
    Early settlers and Indian fighters of southwest          Fall River, Mass. 1896
Texas.                                                             Fiche: 12973-12978
Austin, Tex., B.C. Jones & Co. 1900
     Fiche: 12904-12924                                      Cranfill, James B.
                                                                  Dr. J.B. Cranfill's chronicle; a story of life in
Stirling, Patrick J.                                         Texas.
      The Australian and Californian gold discoveries,       New York, Chicago [etc.] Fleming H. Revell.
and their probable consequences; or, An inquiry into         [c.1916]
the laws which determine the value and distribution               Fiche: 12979-12992
of the precious metals; with historical notices of the
effects of the American mines on European prices in          Baskin, Robert N.
the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centures.               Reply by R.N. Baskin to certain statements by
Edinburgh, Oliver & Boyd; [etc., etc.]. 1853                 O.F. Whitney in his history of Utah, published in
      Fiche: 12925-12933                                     1916.
                                                             [Salt Lake City, Lakeside Ptg. Co.]. [1916?]
Strong, Thomas N.                                                  Fiche: 12993-12994
      Cathlamet on the Columbia; recollections of the
Indian people and short stores of early pioneer days
in the valley of the lower Columbia River.
Portland, Or., The Holly Press. 1906
      Fiche: 12934-12937

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Bashford, James W.                                           [Connolly, Alonzo P.].
     The Oregon missions; the story of how the line                A thrilling narrative of the Minnesota massacre
was run between Canada and the United States.                and the Sioux war of 1862-63; graphic accounts of
New York, Cincinnati, The Abingdon Press. (c.1918)           the siege of Fort Ridgely, battles of Birch coolie,
     Fiche: 12995-13002                                      Wood lake, Big mound, Stony lake, Dead Buffalo
                                                             lake and Missouri river.
Benedict, Harry Y.                                           Chicago, A.P. Connolly. [c.1896]
    The book of Texas.                                             Fiche: 13074-13081
Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, Page and Co. 1916
    Fiche: 13003-13016                                       Cook, David J.
                                                                  Hands up; or, Twenty years of detective life in
Birge, Julius C.                                             the mountains and on the plains.
    The awakening of the desert.                             Denver, Republican Publishing Company. 1882
Boston R.G. Badger. [c.1912]                                 Reminiscences by General D.J. Cook, superintendent
     Fiche: 13017-13029                                      of the Rocky mountain detective association. A
                                                             condensed criminal history of the far West.
Blanchard, Rufus.                                                  Fiche: 13082-13091
      Hand-book of Iowa.
Chicago, R. Blanchard. 1869                                  Cook, John R.
2 ed.                                                             The border and the buffalo, an untold story of
      Fiche: 13030-13033                                     the southwest plains; the bloody border of Missouri
                                                             and Kansas.
Bourke, John Gregory.                                        Topeka, Kan, Printed by Crame & Company. 1907
     An Apache campaign in the Sierra Madre.                       Fiche: 13092-13101
New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1886
An account of the expedition in pursuit of the hostile       Coolidge, Louis A.
Chiricahua Apaches in the spring of 1883.                         Klondike and the Yukon country, a description
     Fiche: 13034-13038                                      of our Alaskan land of gold from the latest official
                                                             and scientific sources and personal observations.
Bourke, John Gregory.                                        Philadelphia, H. Altemus. 1897
     ...Mackenzie's last fight with the Cheyennes: a         New maps and photographic illustrations.
winter campaign in Wyoming and Montana.                           Fiche: 13102-13109
Governor's Island, N.Y. 1890
      Fiche: 13039-13041                                     Corner, William, comp. and ed.
                                                                 San Antonio de Baxar; a guide and history.
Bourke, John Gregory.                                        San Antonio, Tex., Bainbridge & Corner. 1890
     The snake-dance of the Moquis of Arizona;                    Fiche: 13110-13117
being a narragive of a journey from Santa Fe, New
Mexico, to the villages of the Moqui Indians of              Collins, Dennis.
Arizona, with a description of the manners and                    The Indians' last fight; or, The Dull Knife raid.
customs of this peculiar people.                             [Girard, Kan., Press of the Appeal to Reason].
New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1884                           [c.1915]
     Fiche: 13042-13052                                           Fiche: 13118-13126

Coale, Charles B.                                            Collins, John S.
    The life and adventures of Wilburn Waters, the                Across the plains in '64; incidents of early days
famous hunter and trapper of White Top Mountain;             west of the Missouri River - two thousand miles in an
embracing early history of southwestern Virginia.            open boat from Fort Benton to Omaha.
Richmond, G.W. Gary & Co. 1878                               Omaha, Neb. National Printing Company. 1904
    Fiche: 13053-13059                                            Fiche: 13127-13131

Colton, Joseph H., pub.                                      Congregational Church of Illinois. General
     The state of Indiana delineated; geographica,           Association.
historical, statistical & commercial, and a brief view           Constitution, articles of faith, standing rules, and
of the internal improvements, geology, education,            general principles of church polity of the General
travelling routes, &c.                                       Congregational association of Illinois.
New York, J.H. Colton. 1838                                  Galesburg, Ill., "Intilligencer" Print. 1848
      Fiche: 13060-13063                                          Fiche: 13132-13133

Colvocoresses, George M.                                     Campion, J.S.
     Four years in a government exploring                         On the Frontier.
expedition; to the island of Madeira, Cape Verd              London, Chapman & Hall. 1878
islands Brazil...&c, &c.                                     Reminiscences of wild sports, personal adventures,
New York, Cornish, Lamport & Co. 1852                        and strange scenes; [2d ed.].
      Fiche: 13064-13073                                          Fiche: 13134-13144

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Carrigan, Wilhelmina (B.), Mrs.                             Choteau, Auguste.
     Captured by the Indians: reminiscences of                    Fragment of Col. Auguste Chouteau's narrative
pioneer life in Minnesota.                                  of the settlement of St. Louis.
Forest City, S.D., Forest City Press. 1907                  St. Louis, G. Knapp & Co. 1858
     Fiche: 13145-13146                                     A literal translation from the original French ms. In
                                                            possession of the St. Louis mercantile library
Carrington, Henry B.                                        association.
     The Indian question.                                         Fiche: 13212-13213
American reprint...Boston, De Wolfe & Fiske
Company. 1909                                               Churchill, Franklin H.
An address before the geographical and biological               Sketch of Bvt. Brig. Gen. Sylvester Churchill.
sections of the British association for the                 New York, W. McDonald & Co. 1888
advancement of science, at their forty-fifth meeting,           Fiche: 13214-13219
at Bristol, 1875.
      Fiche: 13147-13148                                    Clark, Francis D.
                                                                ...The First regiment of New York volunteers,
Carroll, George R.                                          commanded by Col. Jonathan D. Sevenson, in the
    Pioneer life in and around Cedar Rapids, Iowa,          Mexican war.
from 1839 to 1849.                                          New York, G.S. Evans & Co. 1882
Cedar Rapids, Ia., Times Printing and Binding               Names of the members of the regiment during its
House. 1895                                                 germ of service in Upper and Lower California,
     Fiche: 13149-13156                                     1847-1848.
                                                                 Fiche: 13220-13224
Carter, William G.H.
     From Yorktown to Santiago with the sixth U.S.          Clay, John.
cavalry.                                                         New world notes: being an account of
Baltimore, The Friedenwald Co. 1900                         journeyings and sojourneyings in America and
     Fiche: 13167-13175                                     Canada.
                                                            Kelso [Scotland] J. & J.H. Rutherfurd. 1875
Carter, William G.H.                                             Fiche: 13225-13230
     Old army sketches.
Baltimore, Md. The Lord Baltimore Press, The                Clements, James I.
Friedenwald Company. 1906                                       The Klondyke.
     Fiche: 13176-13181                                     Los Angeles, Cal., B.R. Baumgardt & Co. 1897
                                                            A complete guide to the fold fields.
Cartwright, David W.                                             Fiche: 13231-13235
     Natural history of western wild animals and
guide for hunters, trappers, and sportsmen.                 Cherokee Nation. Laws, etc.
Toledo, O., Blade Printing & paper Company. 1875                 Laws of the Cherokee nation: adopted by the
     Fiche: 13182-13190                                     Council at various periods [1808-1835].
                                                            Tahlequah, C.N. Cherokee Advocate Office. 1852
Carver, Hartwell.                                           Printed for the benefit of the nation.
    Proposal for a charter to build a railroad from              Fiche: 13236-13240
Lake Michigan to the Pacific Ocean.
Washington, Printed by J. & G.S. Gideon. 1847               Clemens, Orion.
     Fiche: 13191-13192                                           City of Keokuk, in 1856.
                                                            Keokuk, [Ia.] Printed by O. Clemens. 1856
Chambers, John.                                             A view of the city, embracing its commerce and
     Autobiography of John Chambers.                        manufactures, and containing the inaugural address
Iowa City, Ia., The State Historical Society of Iowa.       of Mayor Curtis, and statistical local information;
1908                                                        also, a sketch of the Black Hawk war, and history of
     Fiche: 13193-13195                                     the Half breed tract.
                                                                  Fiche: 13241-13242
Chapman, Samual, D.
       History of Tama County, Iowa.                        Daines, Franklin D.
1879                                                            ...Separatism in Utah, 1847-1870.
It's cities, towns and villages etc.                             Fiche: 13243-13244
       Fiche: 13196-13203
                                                            Tinkham, George H.
Chetlain, Augustus L. (Augustus Louis).                          California men and events; time 1769-1890.
     Recollections of seventy years by Augustus L           [Stockton, Cal., Print by the Record Publishing
Chetlain, brigadier, and brevet major general U.S.          Company]. [c.1915]
vols., Civil War, 1861-65.                                       Fiche: 13245-13253
Galena, The Gazette Publishing Company. 1899
      Fiche: 13204-13211

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Tiling, Mortiz P.G.                                         Austin, Stephen F.
     History of the German element in Texas from                 An address delivered by S.F. Austin of Texas, to
1820-1850, and historical sketches of the German            a very large audience of ladies and gentlemen in the
Texas singers' league and Houston turnverein from           Second Presbyterian Church, Louisville, Kentucky on
1853-1913.                                                  the 7th of March, 1836.
Hoston, Tex., M. Tiling. 1913                               Lexington, J. Clarke & Co. 1836
1st ed.                                                           Fiche: 13298-13299
      Fiche: 13254-13260
                                                            Carstarphon. James E.
Trowbridge, Mary E.(D.), Mrs.                                    My trip to California in '49.
     Pioneer days; the life-story of Gershom and            [Louisiana, Mo.]. [1914]
Elizabeth Day.                                              [with biographical and genealogical sketch, comp. by
Philadelphia, American Baptist Publication Society.         Clayton Keith].
1895                                                             Fiche: 13300-13301
     Fiche: 13261-13265
                                                            Cattermole, E.G.
United States. Library of Congress.                              Famous frontiersmen, pioneers and scouts; the
      California: the centennial of the Gold Rush and       vanguards of American civilization...including
the first State Constitution.                               Boone, Crawford, Girty, Molly Finney, the
Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Off. 1949                     McCulloughs...Captain jack, Buffalo Bill, General
[catalog of] an exhibit in the Library of Congress,         Custer with his last campaign against Sitting Bull,
Washington, D.C. November 12, 1949 to February              and General Crook with his recent campaign against
12, 1950.                                                   the Apaches.
      Fiche: 13266-13270                                    Chicago, The Coburn & Newman Publishing
                                                            Company. 1883
United States. Library of Congress.                              Fiche: 13302-13315
     Centennial of the Oregon Territory exhibition,
September 11, 1948-January 11, 1949.                        Chorpenning, George.
Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Off. 1948                          The case of George Chorpenning vs. The United
     Fiche: 13271-13274                                     States.
                                                            Washington, D.C., McGill & Witherow. [1874]
Austin, Mary (H.).                                          A brief history of the facts by the claimant.
    The land of little rain.                                Washington, D.C. May 1, 1874.
Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and                       Fiche: 13316-13318
Company. 1903
     Fiche: 13275-13282                                     Cody, William F.
                                                                 The life of Hon. William F. Cody, known as
Barra, Ezekiel I.                                           Buffalo Bill, the famous hunter, scout and guide.
     A tale of two oceans: a new story by an old            Hartford, Conn., F.E. Bliss. [c.1879]
Californian.                                                An autobiography.
San Francisco [Press of Eastman & Co.]. 1893                     Fiche: 13319-13328
An account of a voyage from Philadelphia to San
Francisco around Cape Horn.                                 Eldredge, Zoeth Skinner.
     Fiche: 13283-13288                                          History of Calivornia.
                                                            New York. [1915]
Blackmar, Frank W.                                          5 v.
     ...Spanish colonization in the Southwest.                   Fiche: 13329-13406
Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University. 1890
      Fiche: 13289-13292                                    Fremont, J.C. (John Charles).
                                                                 A report on an exploration of the country lying
Bland, Thomas A.                                            between the Missouri River and the Rocky
     Life of Alfred B. Meacham.                             Mountains, on the line of the Kansas and Great Platte
Washington, T.A. & M.A. Bland. 1883                         rivers.
Together with his lecture. The tragedy of the lava          Washington, Govt. Print. Off. 1843
beds.                                                             Fiche: 13402-13404a
      Fiche: 13293-13295

Breck, Daniel.
     Speech of Mr. Breck, of Kentucky, on the
message of the President relating to California.
[Washington] Gideon & Co. [1850]
Delivered in the House of representatives of the
United States, March 25, 1850.
     Fiche: 13296-13297

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Sage, Rufus B.                                                United States. War Department.
     Scenes in the Rocky mountains, and in Oregon,                 Report of the Secretary of War, communicating
California, New Mexico, Texas, and the grand                  information in relation to the geology and topography
prairies; or, Notes by the way, during an excursion of        of California, April 3, 1850.
three years, with description of the countries passed         [Washington]. [1850]
through, including their geography, geology,                  [Part 1].
resources, present condition, and the different nations             Fiche: 13430-13436
inhabiting them.
Philadelphia, Carey & Hart. 1846                              Wilder, Walter Lawson.
by a New Englander.                                               Robert Wilbur Steele, defender of liberty.
      Fiche: 13405-13408a                                     Denver, Col., Carson-Harper Co. 1913
                                                                  Fiche: 13437-13445
Harby, Lee ...(C.), Mrs.
    The earliest Texas.                                       Kelly, William.
Washington. 1892                                                    An excursion to California over the prairie,
American historical association, Annual report for            Rocky Mountains, and great Sierra Nevada, with a
1891. p. 199-205.                                             stroll through the diggings and ranches of that
     Fiche: 13407-13408                                       country.
                                                              London, Chapman and Hall. 1851
United States. Library of Congress.                                 Fiche: 13440-13447
     Centennial of the settlement of Utah, exhibition,
June 7 1947-August 31, 1947.                                  Williams, Ellen.
Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Off. 1947                            Three years and a half in the army; or, History
     Fiche: 13409-13412                                       of the Second Colorados.
                                                              New York, Pub. for the author by Fowler & Wells
United States. Library of Congress.                           Co. [1885]
     Colorado, the diamond jubilee of statehood.                    Fiche: 13446-13451
Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Off. 1951
[catalog of] an exhibition in the Library of Congress,        Woodruff, William E.
Washington, D.C. November 14, 1951 to February                      With the light guns in '61-'65; reminiscences of
14, 1952.                                                     eleven Arkansas, Missouri and Texas light batteries,
      Fiche: 13413-13417                                      in the civil war.
                                                              Little Rock, Ark., Central Printing Company. 1903
United States. Library of Congress.                                 Fiche: 13452-13455
     Kansas and Nebraska, centennial of the
Territories, 1854-1954.                                       Coffin, Charles C.
Washington. 1954                                                  The seat of empire.
an exhibition in the Library of Congress,                     Boston, Fields, Osgood, & Co. 1870
Washington, D.C. February 3, 1954 to April 26,                     Fiche: 13456-13462
1954. Published in cooperation with the Kansas
Territorial Centennial Committee and the Nebraska             [Ellis, Edward Sylvester].
Territorial Centennial Commission.                                 ...On the trail of Geronimo.
      Fiche: 13418-13422                                      New York, F.F. Lovell & Co. [c.1889]
                                                                    Fiche: 13463-13471
United States. Library of Congress.
     Oklahoma, the semicentennial of statehood,               Benton, Thomas Hart.
1907-1957.                                                        Discourse of Mr. Benton, of Missouri before the
Washington. 1957                                              Boston Mercantile Library Association on the
An exhibition in the Library of Congress,                     physical geography of the country between the states
Washington, D.C. November 13, 1957, to February               of Missouri and California.
15, 1958.                                                     Washington, J.T. and Lem. Towers. 1854
     Fiche: 13423-13426                                            Fiche: 13470-13470a

United States. Library of Congress.                           Hallum, John.
     Texas centennial exhibition, held at the Library              Biographical and pictorial history of Arkansas.
of Congress, Washington, D. C. December 15, 1945 -            Albany. 1887
April 15, 1946.                                               Vol. 1.
Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Off. 1946                            Fiche: 13472-13489
     Fiche: 13427-13429

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Carvalho, Solomon Nunes.                                       Confederate States of America. President.
     Incidents of travel and adventure in the far                   Message of the president and report of Albert
West; with Col. Fremont's last expedition across the           Pike, commissioner of the Confederate states to the
Rocky mountains; including three months' residence             Indian nations west of Arkanssas, of the results of his
in Utah, and a perilous trip across the great American         mission.
desert to the Pacific.                                         Richmond, Va., Enquirer Book and Job Press. 1861
New York, Derby & Jackson. 1857                                     Fiche: 13523-13523a
     Fiche: 13488-13491
                                                               Irving, Washington.
Hayden, Ferdinand Vandeveer.                                        The Rocky mountains, or scenes, incidents, and
     Sun pictures of Rocky Mountain scenery, with a            adventures in the far West.
description of the geographical and geological                 Philadelphia, Carey, Lea, & Blanchard. 1837
features, and some account of the resources of the             digested from the journal of Capt. B.L.E. Bonneville
great West; containing.                                        and illustrated from various other sources, by
New York, J. Bien. 1870                                        Washington Irving.
      Fiche: 13490-13495                                             Fiche: 13567-13572a

Greene, Max.                                                   Gregg, Josiah.
     The Kanzas region, forest, prairie, desert,                    Commerce of the prairies; or, The journal of a
mountain, vale, and river: descriptions of scenery,            Santa Fe trader, during eight expeditions across the
climate, wild productions, capabilities of soil, and           great western prairies, and a residence of nearly nine
commercial resources.                                          years in northern Mexico.
New York, Fowler and Wells. 1856                               New York, H.G. Langley. 1844
     Fiche: 13495-13497                                              Fiche: 13582-13588a
Introductory letter, additional explanation, bill for a        Abert, James William.
law, and suggested amendments to the constitution of                 Report of Lieut. J.W. Abert, of his examination
Oregon designed to provide a system by which the               of New Mexico, in the years 1846-'47.
conduct of state and county government may be                  [Washington]. [1848]
made as efficient and economical as the management             (In U.S. War department. Report of the Secretary of
by the citizens of their private business.                     War, communicating...a report and map...made by
[Portland]. [1909]                                             Lieutenant J.W. Abert…); p. 2-132 (30th Cong., 1st
     Fiche: 13496-13497                                        sess. Senate. Ex. Doc. No. 23).
                                                                     Fiche: 13602-13604
Handsaker, Samuel.
    Pioneer life.                                              Robinson, John Hovey.
Eugene, Ore. 1908                                                  Silver-knife; or, The hunters of the Rocky
    Fiche: 13498-13501                                         Mountains.
                                                               Boston, W.V. Spencer. 1854
Boynton, Charles B.                                            An autobiography, by Dr. J.H. Robinson.
    A journey through Kansas; with sketches of                      Fiche: 13613-13615
Cincinnati, More, Wilstach, Keys & Co. 1855                    Stratton, Royal B.
     Fiche: 13502-13508                                             Captivity of the Oatman girls: being an
                                                               interesting narrative of life among the Apache and
Breese, Sidney.                                                Mohave Indians.
     The early history of Illinois, from its discovery         San Francisco, Whitton, Towne. 1857
by the French, in 1673, until its cession to Great                   Fiche: 13637-13639
Britain in 1763, including the narrative of
Marquette's discovery of the Mississippi.                      [Conway, Cornelius].
Chicago, E.B. Myers & Company. 1884                                 The Utah expedition; containing a general
      Fiche: 13509-13520                                       account of the Mormon campaign...From its
                                                               commencement to the present time.
Green, Nelson Winch.                                           Cincinnati, "Safety Fund Reporter," Office Print.
     Fifteen years among the Mormons: being the                1858
narrative of Mrs. Mary Ettic V. Smith, late of Great           By a wagon master of the expedition.
Lake City; a sister of one of the Mormon high priests,              Fiche: 13640-13640a
she having been personally acquainted with most of
the Mormon leaders, and long in the confidence of              Allen, O[bridge].
the "Prophet," Brigham Young.                                       Allen's guide book and map to the gold fields of
New York, C. Scribner. 1858                                    Kansas & Nebraska and Great Salt Lake City.
     Fiche: 13513-13516a                                       Washington, Printed by R.A. Allen. 1859
                                                                    Fiche: 13655-13655a

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Fry, F.                                                          Jones, John Wesley.
     Fry's Traveler's guide and descriptive journal of                 Amusing and thrilling adventures of a California
the great north-western territories of the United States         artist while daguerreotyping a continent amid burning
of America, comprising the territories of Idaho,                 deserts, savages and perpetual snows.
Washington, Montana, and the state of Oregon, with               Boston, Published for the author. 1854
sketches of Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, and British                by J. Wesley Jones; written by John Ross Dix.
America.                                                                Fiche: 13767-13768
Cincinnati, Applegate. 1865
      Fiche: 13656-13659                                         California. Governor (1851-1855: John Bigler).
                                                                       Governor's annual message to the Legislature of
Kendall, George Wilkins.                                         the state of California, assembled at Sacramento, Jan.
    Narrative of the Texan Santa Fe Expedition,                  1, 1855.
comprising a description of a tour through Texas.                Sacramento, B.B. Redding. 1855
New York, Harper. 1844                                                 Fiche: 13771-13771a
    Fiche: 13686-13693a
                                                                 Bartletson, John.
Fremont, J.C. (John Charles).                                          Diary of trip from Bridger, Utah Territory, via
     Report of the exploring expedition to the Rocky             Bridger's Pass and Laramie Plain to Fort Laramie,
Mountains in the year 1842, and to Oregon and North              Nebraska Territory.
California in the years 1843-'44.                                [S.l.: s.n.]. [1858]
Washington, Gales and Seaton. 1845                                      Fiche: 13826
     Fiche: 13706-13713a
                                                                 Blue, Daniel.
St. John, Percy Bolingbroke.                                          Thrilling narrative of the adventures, sufferings,
     The trapper's bride: a tale of the Rocky                    and starvation of Pike's Peak gold seekers on the
mountains.                                                       plains of the West in the winter and spring of 1859.
London, Hayward and Adam. 1845                                   Chicago, Ill., Evening Journal Steam Print. 1860
With The rose of Ouisconsin, by Percy B. St. John;               by one of the survivors.
2d ed.                                                                Fiche: 13848
      Fiche: 13717-13718a
                                                                 Raynolds, William Franklin.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.                           Yellow Stone expedition: preliminary report of
     First general epistle of the first presidency of the        Capt. W.F. Raynolds.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints scattered            [S.l.: s.n.]. [1860]
throughout the earth--Greeting.                                         Fiche: 13852
In: The Latter-Day Saints' Millennial Star. August 1,
1849                                                             Casler, Melyer.
v. 11, no. 15, p. 227-232.                                            A journal, giving the incidents of a journey to
      Fiche: 13747                                               California in the summer of 1859, by the overland
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.                     Toledo, Commercial Steam Book and Job Office.
      Second general epistle of the presidency of the            1863
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from the                  Fiche: 13858-13858a
Great Salt Lake Valley to the saints scattered
throughout the earth.                                            Lang, John D.
[Salt Lake City, Brigham H. Young, Printer]. [1849]                    Report of a visit to some of the tribes of Indians,
      Fiche: 13748                                               located west of the Mississippi River.
                                                                 New York, M. Day. 1843
Aldrich, Lorenzo D.                                              ...and Samuel Taylor, Jr.
     A journal of the overland route to California and                 Fiche: 13877
the gold mines.
Lansingburgh, N.Y., Alexr. Kirkpatrick, Printer.                 California. Legislature. Senate. Committee on
1851                                                             Internal Improvements.
     Fiche: 13756-13756a                                               Report of the Committee on internal
                                                                 improvements with reference to a road across the
Tarbell, Joseph E.                                               Sierra Nevada submitted April 10, 1855.
     The emigrant's guide to California, giving a                n.p. [1855?]
description of the overland route from the Council               [by Sherman Day].
Bluffs on the Missouri River by the South Pass, to                     Fiche: 13878-13878a
Sacramento City.
Keokuk, Whig Book and Job Office. 1853
     Fiche: 13766

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Ferris, Warren Angus.                                        Creuzbar, Robert.
       Life in the Rocky Mountains: a diary of                    Route from the Gulf of Mexico and the lower
wanderings on the sources of the rivers Missouri,            Mississippi valley to California and the Pacific
Columbia, and Colorado, from February, 1830 to               ocean, illustrated with a general map and sectional
November 1835.                                               maps: with directions to travellers.
[s.l. : s.n.]. [1843-1844]                                   New York, H. Long; Austin, Tex., Robert Creuzbar.
       Fiche: 13882-13883a                                   1849
                                                                  Fiche: 13986-13988
Sawyer, Lorenzo.
      Way sketches; containing incidents of travel           Hewitt, Randall Henry.
across the plains from St. Joseph to California.                  Notes by the way: memoranda of a journey
[S.l.: s.n.]. [1850-1851]                                    across the plains from Dundee, Ill. to Olympia, W.T.,
       Fiche: 13884-13884a                                   May 7 to November 3, 1862.
                                                             Olympia, Washington Standard. 1863
Baker, Hozial H.                                                  Fiche: 13991-13992
     Overland journey to Carson Valley, Utah
through Kansas, Nebraska and Utah, also return trip          Hale, John Peter.
from San Francisco to Falls, N.Y.                                 California as it is: being a description of a tour
F.M. Baker. 1861                                             by the overland route and south pass of the Rocky
     Fiche: 13899-13899a                                     Mountains, across the continent of N. America.
                                                             Rochester, W. Heughes. 1851
Brown, David L.                                                   Fiche: 13996-13996a
    Three years in the Rocky Mountains.
Cincinnati, Daily Morning Atlas. 1845                        Van Tramp, John C.
     Fiche: 13902-13902a                                          Prairie and Rocky Mountain adventures, or, Life
                                                             in the West: to which will be added a view of the
The conquest of Santa Fe and subjugation of New              states and territorial regions of our western empire,
Mexico, by the military forces of the United States;         embracing history, statistics and geography, and
with documents, embracing the opinions of the                descriptions of the chief cities of the West.
Honourable Thomas H. Benton, Gen. Sam Houston,               St. Louis, Mo., H. Miller. 1860
and others, in reference to annexation; and a history              Fiche: 14000-14008
of Colonel Doniphan's campaign in Chihuahua.
Philadelphia, H. Packer & Co. 1847                           Campbell, J.L.
By a captain of volunteers.                                       Idaho: six months in the new gold diggings.
     Fiche: 13904-13904a                                     New York. 1864
                                                             The emigrants guide overland. Itinerary of routes,
Angelo, C. Aubrey.                                           features of the country, journal of residence, etc., etc.
     Sketches of travel in Oregon and Idaho, with                 Fiche: 14009-14009a
map of South Boise.
New York, Printed for the author by L.D. Robertson.          Leonard, Zenas.
1866                                                              Narrative of the adventures of Zenas Leonard.
     Fiche: 13912-13914                                      Clearfield, Pa., D.W. Moore. 1839
                                                             written by himself.
Bidwell, John.                                                     Fiche: 14010-14011
    John Bidwell's trip to California, 1841.
[Weston, Mo.: s.n.]. [1844?]                                 Audubon, John Woodhouse.
    Fiche: 13917-13917a                                           Illustrated notes of an expedition through
                                                             Mexico and California.
Burdett, Charles.                                            New York, Published by J.W. Audubon, 34 Liberty
     Kit Carson: the life and adventures of                  Street. 1852
Christopher Carson, the celebrated Rocky Mountain                 Fiche: 14023-14024
hunter, trapper and guide.
New York, D.W. Evans. 1860                                   Whitney, Joel Parker.
     Fiche: 13921-13925                                          Silver mining regions of Colorado.
                                                             New York, D. Van Nostrand. 1865
[Chivington, John Milton].                                       Fiche: 14046-14047
    To the people of Colorado.
Denver. 06/1865                                              [Wright, John].
Synopsis of the Sand Creek investigation.                         Recollections of western Texas, descriptive and
     Fiche: 13982-13982a                                     narrative, including an Indian campaign, 1852-55.
                                                             London, W. & F.G. Cash. 1857
                                                             by two of the U.S. Mounted Rifles.
                                                                  Fiche: 14066-14067

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Falconer, Thomas.                                               Bristol, Sherlock.
    Notes of a journey through Texas and New                          The pioneer preacher; incidents of interest, and
Mexico, in the years 1841 and 1842.                             experiences in the author's life.
[London? : s.n.]. [1842?]                                       Chicago, New York, Fleming H. Revell. [c.1887]
     Fiche: 14085-14085a                                        Revival labors in the frontier settlements. A perilous
                                                                trip across the plains in time of Indian wars, and
Abbey, James.                                                   before the railroads.
     California: a trip across the plains...and                       Fiche: 14850-14858
containing valuable information to emigrants.
New Albany, Ind., Kent & Norman: J.R.                           Brown, William H.
Nunemacher. 1850                                                     Memoir of the late Hon. Daniel P. Cook.
     Fiche: 14146-14146b                                        Chicago, Scripps, Bross & Spears, Book and Job
                                                                Printers. 1857
Cain, Joseph.                                                   Pub. by vote of the Society.
     Mormon way-bill, to the gold mines, from the                    Fiche: 14859-14860
Pacific Springs, by northern & southern routes, viz.
Fort Hall, Salt Lake, and Los Angelos, including                Brownson, Orestes A., Jr.
Sublet's, Hudspeth's and the various cut-offs;                      Caroline: a comic dramina, in two acts.
also--from Los Angeles to San Francisco, by coast               Dubuque [Ia.] Palmer and Bro. 1870
route, with the distances to the different rivers in                Fiche: 14861-14862
California;--together with important information to
emigrants.                                                      Bruce, Miner W.
G.S.L. City, Deseret, W. Richards, Printer. 1851                     Alaska; its history, and resources, gold fields,
By Joseph Cain & Arier C. Brower.                               routes and scenery.
      Fiche: 14147-14147a                                       Seattle, Washington, Lowman & Hanford Stationary
                                                                and Printing Co. 1895
Cram, Thomas Jefferson.                                               Fiche: 14863-14869
     Memoir showing how to bring the lead, copper,
silver and gold of Arizona into the marts of the world          Bryan, Roger B.
and project a railroad through Sonora to connect with                An average American army officer; an
the Pacific railroad in Arizona.                                autobiography.
Washington, Henry Polkinhoin, Printer. 1858                     San Diego, Cal. Buck-Molina Co. 1914
      Fiche: 14157                                                   Fiche: 14870-14874

[Carson, Christopher].                                          Bugbee, Lester G.
     An interview with Kit Carson.                                   Some difficulties of a Texas empressario.
Washington Union. 06/16/1847                                    Harrisburg. 1899
His story of the Klamath Lake massacre.                              Fiche: 14875-14876
     Fiche: 14161
                                                                Bulloch, James D.
Comfort, Will Levington.                                             The secret service of the Confederate States in
   Trooper tales; a series of sketches of the real              Europe.
American private soldier.                                       New York, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1884
New York, Street & Smith. [c.1899]                              2 v.
    Fiche: 14273-14279                                               Fiche: 14877-14898

Fournel, Henri Jerome Marie.                                    Brown, John Henry.
     Coup d'oeil historique et statistique sur le Texas.             Reminiscences and incidents of "the early days"
Paris, Delloye. 1841                                            of San Francisco.
      Fiche: 14496-14498                                        San Francisco, Calif., Mission Journal Publishing Co.
Dowdell, James Ferguson.                                             Fiche: 14899-14902
     The Kansas issue.
[Washington, Printed at the Congressional Globe                 Judson, Katherine B.
Office]. [1858]                                                     Early days in old Oregon.
Remarks of Hon. James F. Dowdell, of Alabama, in                Chicago, A.C. McClurg & Co. 1916
the House of representatives, March 10, 1858,                        Fiche: 14903-14910
advocating the necessity of additional guarantees for
the protection of southern rights.                              Little, James Amasa.
      Fiche: 14623-14624                                             From Kirtland to Salt Lake City.
                                                                Salt Lake City. 1890
                                                                      Fiche: 14911-14917

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Littlejohn, E.G.                                              Armes, George A.
     Texas history stories.                                      Ups and downs of an army officer.
Richmond. 1901                                                Washington, D.C. 1900
      Fiche: 14918-14925                                          Fiche: 14978-14996

Henderson, John.                                              Bailey, Washington.
     Speech on the resolution for the annexation of                A trip to California in 1853.
Texas, in senate, February 20, 1845.                          [Le Roy, Ill.] Le Roy Journal Printing Company.
1845                                                          1915
     Fiche: 14926-14927                                       Recollections of a gold seeking trip by ox train across
                                                              the plains and mountains.
Massachusetts. Convention of Delegates on                           Fiche: 14997-14999
Annexation of Texas.
     Proceedings of a convention of delegates...to            Birkbeck, Morris.
take into consideration the proposed annexation of                 An appeal to the people of Illinois on the
Texas to the United States.                                   question of a convention.
Boston. 1845                                                  Shawneetown, C. Jones; [Springfield, Ill., Reprinted].
      Fiche: 14928-14929                                      1823; [1905]
                                                                   Fiche: 15000-15001
Leeper, David R.
     The argonauts of 'forty-nine; some recollections         Bliss, Charles R.
of the plains and the diggings.                                    The new West. New Mexico.
South Bend. 1894                                              Boston, F. Wood. 1879
      Fiche: 14930-14935                                            Fiche: 15002-15003
Missouri Pacific Railway Company.                             Bolton, Herbert Eugene.
      Arkansas: statistics and information showing the             Texas in the Middle Eighteenth Century: Studies
agricultural and mineral resources.                           in Spanish.
n.p. [1888]                                                   1915
Ed. 9.                                                             Fiche: 15004-15017
      Fiche: 14936-14938
                                                              Bonney, Edward.
Mowry, William A.                                                  The banditti of the prairires.
    Marcus Whitman and the early days of Oregon.              Chicago, E. Bonney. 1850
New York. [1901]                                              A tale of the Mississippi valley.
    Fiche: 14939-14948                                             Fiche: 15018-15023

Munroe, Kirk.                                                 Boyce, James R.
   The golden days of '49.                                         Facts about Montana territory and the way to get
New York. [1889]                                              there.
    Fiche: 14949-14958                                        [Helena]. [1872]
                                                              Contributed to the Rocky Mountain gazette.
Murphy, John M.                                                     Fiche: 15024-15025
     Oregon business directory and state gazeteer.
Portland. 1873                                                Burnham, John H.
     Fiche: 14959-14968                                             [History of Bloomington and Normal, in
                                                              McLean county, Illinois].
On horseback into Oregon.                                     Chicago, Bloomington, J.H. Burnham. 1879
From Atlantic Monthly. July 1864                              (In the history of McLean county…).
    Fiche: 14969-14970                                              Fiche: 15026-15030

Smith, Ashbel.                                                Burrows, John McD.
     Reminiscences of the Texas Republic.                          Fifty years in Iowa, during the period from 1838
1876                                                          to 1888.
Annual Address delivered before the Historical                Davenport, Ia., Glass & Company. 1888
society, etc. 1876.                                                Fiche: 15031-15036
     Fiche: 14971-14973
                                                              Butler, William F., Sir.
Adams, John Quincy, pres. U.S.                                    Sir William Butler, an autobiography.
     Speech of...on the resolutions of seven state            London, Constable and Company, ltd. 1911
legislatures, and the petitions of more than one                   Fiche: 15037-15049
hundred thousand petitioners, relating to the
annexation of Texas to this Union.
Washington, Gales and Seaton. 1838
      Fiche: 14974-14977

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Butterfield, Consul W.                                        Oregon Pioneer Association.
     History of the discovery of the Northwest by                  Transactions of the [1st] - 56 annual
John Nicolet in 1634.                                         reunion...[1873] - 1928.
Cincinnati, R. Clarke & Co. 1881                              Salem, Oregon; Portland, Ore. 1873-1886;
     Fiche: 15050-15053                                       1887-1933
                                                              7 v.
Butterfield, Consul W.                                             Fiche: 15098-15211
     History of the Girty's; being a concise account
of the Girty brothers--Thomas, Simon, James and               Debouchel, Victor.
George, and of their half-brother, John Turner--also              Histoire de la Louisiane, depuis les premieres
of the part taken by them in Lord Dunmore's war.              decouvertes jusqu'en 1840.
Cincinnati, R. Clarke & Co. 1890                              Nouvelle-Orleans, J.F. Lelievre. 1841
      Fiche: 15054-15064                                           Fiche: 15166-15167b

Carrington, Frances (C.).                                     Jones, John Beauchamp.
     My army life and the Fort Phil. Kearney                       The rival belles; or, Life in Washington.
massacre, with an account of the celebration of               Philadelphia, T.B. Peterson. [c.1878]
"Wyoming opened".                                                  Fiche: 15190-15192
Philadelphia & London, J.B. Lippincott Company.
1910                                                          The old Romish missions in California.
     Fiche: 15065-15074                                       [n.p.]. [1869?]
                                                              In American quarterly church review, July, 1869.
Reynolds, John Hugh.                                                Fiche: 15212-15213
     Public archives of Arkansas. American
Historical Association, Annual report for 1906.               Owen, Robert D.
Washington. 1908                                                  Texas and her relations with Mexico.
     Fiche: 15075-15076                                       [Washington]. [1845]
[Richards, Franklin Dewey].                                       Fiche: 15214-15215
     Latter-day Saints in Utah.
Liverpool, F.D. Richards; London, T.C. Armstrong.             Parker, Henry W.
1852                                                                How Oregon was saved to the United States.
     Fiche: 15077-15078                                       New York. [n.d.]
                                                              in the Homiletic Review for July 1901.
Ripley, Henry.                                                      Fiche: 15216-15217
     Hand-clasp of the East and West; a story of
pioneer life on the western slope of Colorado.                Parkinson, R.R.
[Denver, Press of the Williamson-Haffner Engraving                 Pen portraits: autobiographies of state officers,
& Printing Co.]. [1914]                                       legislators, prominent business and professional men
     Fiche: 15079-15090                                       of the capital of the state of California; also of
                                                              newspaper proprietors, editors, and members of the
Roach, Philip A.                                              corps reportorial.
     Address on the opening of the fair for the               San Francisco. 1878
erection of the Roman Catholic cathedral.                           Fiche: 15218-15222
San Francisco. 1887
      Fiche: 15091-15092                                      Paxson, Frederic L. (Frederick Logan).
                                                                    The constitution of Texas, 1845.
[Puelles, Jose Maria de Jesus].                               Southwestern Historical Quarterly. 1915
     Informe que se dio al Excmo. Sr. Presidente de           (In the Southwestern historical quarterly, v.18, April
la Republica Mejicana, sobre limites de la Provincia          1915); v. 18.
de Tejas con la de la Luisiana.                                     Fiche: 15223-15224
Zacatecas. 1828
     Fiche: 15093-15094                                       Peabody, Alfred.
                                                                   On the early days and rapid growth of
Put's golden songster, containing the largest and most        California.
popular collection of California songs ever published.        Essex Institute, Historical Collections. 1874
San Francisco. [1858]                                         (In Essex Institute, Historical collections, v. 12.
      Fiche: 15095-15097                                      1874); v. 12.
                                                                   Fiche: 15225-15226

                                                              Philbrook, Horace W.
                                                                    The corrupt judges of the supreme court of the
                                                              state of California.
                                                              San Francisco. 1897
                                                                    Fiche: 15227-15233

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

The origin and true causes of the Texas insurrection,          Prentiss, A., ed.
commenced in the year 1835.                                         The history of the Utah volunteers in the
Philadelphia. 1836                                             Spanish-American war and in the Philippine Islands.
     Fiche: 15234-15235                                        [Salt Lake City] W.F. Ford. [1900]
                                                                     Fiche: 15346-15359
Root, Joseph M.
     California and New Mexico.                                Public Libraries of Wyoming.
[Washington, Printed at the Congressional Globe                1897
Office]. [1850?]                                               (In Wyoming hist. society collections, 1897, v.2.); v.
Speech.                                                        2.
     Fiche: 15236-15237                                             Fiche: 15360-15361

Ruhl, Karl.                                                    Hayden, E.V.
     Californien. Ueber dessen bevolkerung und                       ...Atlas of Colorado and portions of adjacent
gesellschaftliche zustande, politische, religiose und          territory.
schul-ver-haltnisse, handel, industrie, minen,                 [Washington, D.C.?]. 1877
ackerbau, u.s.w.                                                      Fiche: 15362-15366
New York, E. Steiger. 1867
     Fiche: 15238-15246                                        Texas applied economics club.
                                                               Austin, Tex., The University. [1915]
Schafer, Joseph.                                               Studies in the land problem in Texas, by Lewis H.
     The acquisition of Oregon Territory.                      Haney.
Eugene, Oregon. 1908                                                Fiche: 15367-15373
Part 1. Discovery and exploration.
      Fiche: 15247-15248                                       Dalton, Kit.
                                                                    Under the black flag, by Captain Kit Dalton, a
Phillips, Stephen C.                                           Confederate soldier, a guerilla captain under the
     An address on the annexation of Texas, and the            fearless leader Quantrell.
aspect of slavery in the United States.                        [Memphis, Tenn., Lockard Publishing Company].
Boston, Wm. Crosby and H.P. Nichols. 1845                      [c.1914]
      Fiche: 15249-15251                                             Fiche: 15374-15380

Mercier, Alfred.                                               Hardy, Dermot H., ed.
     Le fou de Palerme; nouvelle sicilienne.                        Historical review of southeast Texas and the
Nouvelle-Orleans, Impr. du "Carillon". 1873                    founders, leaders and representative men of its
par M. ***, Louisianais [pseud.].                              commerce, industry and civic affairs.
     Fiche: 15251-15252a                                       Chicago, The Lewis Publishing Company. 1910
                                                               2 v.
Political essays; the annexation of Texas.                          Fiche: 15381-15406
[n.p.]. [1844-1852]
      Fiche: 15252-15253                                       Hare, Maud (Cuney), Mrs.
                                                                   Norris Wright Cuney, a tribune of the black
Polk, R.                                                       people.
     California state gazetteer and business directory,        New York. 1913
1888.                                                               Fiche: 15407-15413
San Francisco. 1888
     Fiche: 15254-15296                                        Hervey, George W.
                                                                    A condensed history of Nebraska for fifty years
Robinson, John Hovey.                                          to date.
    The white rover: or, The lovely maid of                    Omaha, Neb., Nebraska Farmer Co. 1903
Louisiana.                                                           Fiche: 15414-15418
New York, S. French. c.1851
A romance of the wild forest, by Dr. J.H. Robinson.            Monnette, Orra E.
     Fiche: 15280-15281                                             California chronology, a period of three hundred
                                                               and fifty years, 1510-1860.
Portrait and biographical album of Lancaster county,           Los Angeles. 1915
Nebraska.                                                           Fiche: 15419-15421
Chicago, Chapman Brothers. 1888
     Fiche: 15297-15315                                        Nimmo, Joseph.
                                                                    The Mormon usurpation.
Portrait and biographical album of Otoe and Cass               Huntington, L.I., N.Y., Long Islander Print. [1899]
counties, Nebraska.                                            An open letter addressed to the Committee on the
Chicago, Chapman Brothers. 1889                                Judiciary of the House of Representatives.
     Fiche: 15316-15345                                             Fiche: 15422-15424

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

United States. Library of Congress.                           Tipton, Thomas W.
     Nevada; the centennial of statehood.                         Forty years of Nebraska at home and in
Washington. 1965                                              congress.
Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.                         Lincoln. 1902
     Fiche: 15425-15427                                            Fiche: 15473-15487

United States. Congress, House. Committee on the              Twiss, Travers, Sir.
Territories.                                                       The Oregon territory; its history and discovery,
     Admission of Wyoming into the Union; views               including an account of the convention of the
of the minority, expressed by Mr. Springer, March             Escurial, also the treaties and negotiations between
21, 1890.                                                     the United States and Great Britain.
Washington. 1890                                              New York. 1846
[on woman's suffrage].                                             Fiche: 15488-15494
      Fiche: 15428-15429
                                                              Vischer, Edward.
United States. President. Messages, 1850.                          A trip to the mining regions in the spring of
     California and New Mexico.                               1859; "Californischer staatskalender" in the leap year
[Washington, D.C.]. [1850]                                    A.D. 1860.
[Reports from the State Department of the territory of        California Historical Society Quarterly. 1832
California and other documents].                              (In California historical society Quarterly, Sept.-Dec.
     Fiche: 15430-15453                                       1832).
                                                                   Fiche: 15495-15497
Wright, Ione W.(T.), "Mrs. S.J. Wright".
     San Antonio de Bexar, historical, traditional            Wier, Jeanne Elizabeth.
legendary.                                                          The work of the Western state historical society
Austin, Tex., Morgan Printing Co. [c.1916]                    as illustrated by Nevada.
An epitome of early Texas history.                            Washington. 1912
     Fiche: 15454-15459                                       In American Historical Association Annual report for
Yates, Lorenzo G.                                                   Fiche: 15498-15499
     Charm stones, the so-called "plummets" or
"sinkers" of California.                                      Warren, Eliza (Spalding).
Santa Barbara. 1890                                                Memoirs of the West; the Spaldings.
     Fiche: 15460-15461                                       [Portland, Or., Press of the Marsh Printing
                                                              Company]. [1916?]
Yellowstone Highway Association.                                   Fiche: 15500-15506
     Offical route book of the Yellowstone highway
association in Wyoming and Colorado.                          Slater, Milo H.
[Chicago, Wallace Press]. c.1916                                   An historical narrative, address...delivered at the
     Fiche: 15462-15466                                       dedication of the monument erected by the state of
                                                              Colorado to the memory of Colorado soldiers of the
Young, Frederick G.                                           Federal army who fell during the Civil War.
     ...Exploration northwestward.                            [Denver]. 1907
Pub. with approval of the Regents of the university,               Fiche: 15507-15508
Eugene, Or., The University. 1898
also The Hudson's Bay company regime in the                   Smiley, Jerome C.
Oregon country, by Eva Emery Dye, A.M.                             Semi-centennial history of the state of Colorado.
      Fiche: 15467-15468                                      New York, Lewis Publishing Co. 1913
                                                              2 v.
Young, Frederick G.                                                Fiche: 15509-15543
    Report on the archives of Oregon.
Washington. 1903                                              Sprague, John T.
In American Historical Association Annual report for               Treachery in Texas, the secession of Texas, and
1902; 1 v.                                                    the arrest of the United States officers and soldiers
    Fiche: 15469-15470                                        serving in Texas.
                                                              New York. 1862
Willard, James F.                                                   Fiche: 15544-15545
    The public archives of Colorado.
Washington. 1913                                              Statement of the Oregon and Washington delegation,
In American historical association Annual report for          in regard to the war claims of Oregon and
1911; v. 1.                                                   Washington.
     Fiche: 15471-15472                                       [Washington]. 1860
                                                                    Fiche: 15546-15548

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

State military, first state encampment.                        Clapp, Theodore.
San Francisco, Charles F. Robbins & Co. 1863                        Autobiographical sketches and recollections,
Review of the late state encampment at the Encinal             during a thirty-five years' residence in New Orleans.
de Alameda. By an officer of the camp.                         Boston, Phillips, Sampson & Company. 1859
      Fiche: 15549-15551                                       4th ed.
                                                                    Fiche: 16076-16080b
Stevens, Thaddeus.
    Speech on the president's message concerning               Lanman, Charles.
Texas and New Mexico.                                                Adventures in the wilds of the United States and
[Washington]. [1850]                                           British American provinces.
     Fiche: 15552-15553                                        Philadelphia, J.W. Moore. 1856
                                                               Illustrated by the author and Oscar Bessau...with an
Stillman, J.B.D.                                               appendix by Lieut. Campbell Hardy; 2 v.
     Seeing the golden fleece; a record of pioneer life              Fiche: 16121-16133a
in California; to which is annexed, Footprints of early
navigators, other than Spanish, in California; with an         Coulter, James W.
account of the schooner Dolphin.                                   The larger faith; a novel.
San Francisco. 1877                                            Chicago, C.H. Kerr & Company. [c.1898]
      Fiche: 15554-15562                                            Fiche: 16352-16359

[Shook, Martha C.(D.)].                                        [Cowley, Winifred Jennings, Mrs.].
     Along the King's highway; or, The invisible                   Lorin Mooruck; and other Indian stories, by
route; a romance of the southern United States.                George Truman Kercheval [pseud.].
[San Antonio, Maverick, Clarke Litho. Co.]. [c.1912]           Boston, J.S. Smith & Co. 1888
     Fiche: 15563-15575                                             Fiche: 16375-16379

The Mexican war.                                               Castro, Henry.
1848                                                               Le Texas.
In Great debates in Am. Hist. 1913. V. 2, p. 333-377.          [Anvers]. [1845]
1845-1848. Contents: - (Senate) John J. Crittenden                 Fiche: 16415-16415a
and George McDuffie on power of congress to make
war or peace. - Debate (house) on the annexation of            Martinez Caro, Ramon.
Texas.                                                              Verdadera idea de la primera campana de Tejas
     Fiche: 15576-15579                                        y susecsos ocurridos despues de la accion de Dsan
Moreland, Sinclair.                                            Mexico, Impr. De Santiago Perez a cargo de A. Sojo.
    The Texas woman's hall of fame.                            1837
Austin, Tex., Biographical Press. 1917                              Fiche: 16440-16442
     Fiche: 15580-15587
                                                               [Cole, Cornelius].
Newmark, Harris.                                                    California three hundred and fifty years ago.
    Sixty years in Southern California, 1853-1913.             San Francisco, S. Carson & Co.; New York, C.T.
New York, The Knickerbocker Press. 1916                        Dillingham. 1888
    Fiche: 15588-15606                                         Manuelo's narrative, tr. from the Portuguese, by a
Norman, Lucia.                                                       Fiche: 16442-16450
     Popular history of California, from the earliest
period of its discovery to the present time.                   [Collins, Clarence B.].
San Francisco. 1883                                                 Tom and Joe. Two farmer boys in war and peace
Ed. ]. Revised and enlarged.                                   and love.
      Fiche: 15607-15612                                       Richmond, Va., E. Waddey. 1890
                                                               A Louisiana memory.
Smithwick, Noah.                                                    Fiche: 16472-16478
    The evolution of a state; or, Recollections of old
Texas days, by Noah Smithwick (nonagenarian).                  Cooley, Ellen Hodges.
Austin, Tex., Gammel Book Co. [c.1900]                             The boom of a western city.
Compiled by his daughter Nanna Smithwick                       Boston, Lee and Shepard. 1897
Donaldson.                                                          Fiche: 16503-16506
     Fiche: 15918-15922
                                                               Dabney, Owen P.
Kennedy, William.                                                   True story of the lost shackle; or, Seven years
    Texas: the rise, progress, and prospects of the            with the Indians.
Republic of Texas.                                             [Salem, Or., Capital Printing Co.]. [c.1897]
London, R. Hastings. 1841                                           Fiche: 16681-16684
    Fiche: 16007-16019a

    Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                  Fiche Listing

Kendall, George Wilkins.                                          Kendall, George Wilkins.
     Narrative of the Texas Sante Fe expedition,                        The war between the United States and Mexico
comprising a description of a tour through Texas and              illustrated, embracing pictorial drawings of all the
across the great southwestern prairies, the Camanche              principal conflicts, by Carl Nebel...with a description
and Caygua hunting-grounds, with an account of the                of each battle, by Geo. Wilkins Kendall.
sufferings from want of food, losses from hostile                 New York, D. Appleton. 1851
Indians, and final capture of the Texans, and their                     Fiche: 18259-18260a
march, as prisoners, to the City of Mexico.
New York, Harper. 1844                                            Crozier, Robert Haskins, rev.
     Fiche: 16992-17001                                                Golden rule; a tale of Texas.
                                                                  Richmond, Va., Whittet & Shepperson, Printers.
Audubon, John Woodhouse.                                          1900
     Audubon's western journal: 1849-1859; being                       Fiche: 19144-19148
the ms. record of a trip from New York to Texas, and
an overland journey through Mexico and Arizona to                 Cory, Charles Barney.
the gold fields of California.                                        Montezuma's castle, and other weird tales.
Cleveland, The A.H. Clark Company. 1906                           Boston [Press of Rockwell and Churchill]. 1899
     Fiche: 17176-17178b                                          Author's ed.
                                                                       Fiche: 19365-19371
Gunnison, John Williams, lieut.
      The Mormons, or, Latter-day saints, in the                  Smith, Theodore Clarke.
valley of the Great salt lake: a history of their rise and            The liberty and Free soil parties in the
progress, peculiar doctrines, present condition, and              Northwest.
prospects, derived from personal observation, during              New York: Longmans, Green. 1897
a residence among them.                                           Toppan prize essay of 1896; by Theodore Clarke
Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo & Co. 1853                       Smith.
      Fiche: 17544-17549                                               Fiche: 20111-20115
Gray, Thomas.                                                     Duniway, Clyde Augustus.
     California politics.                                             Slavery in California after 1848.
[Washington]. [1861]                                              Washington. 1906
Letter of Thos. Gray, of San Francisco, California, to                Fiche: 20222-20223
the secretary of the Treasury.
      Fiche: 17619-17620                                          Colerick, E. Fenwick.
                                                                       Adventures of pioneer children; or, Life in the
Ellet, Charles.                                                   wilderness.
      The Mississippi and Ohio rivers: containing                 Cincinnati, R. Clarke & Co. 1888
plans for the protection of the delta from inundation;            A portrayal of the part performed by the children of
and investigations of the practicability and cost of              the early pioneers in establishing homes in the
improving the navigation of the Ohio and other rivers             wilderness.
by means of reservoirs, with an appendix, on the bars                   Fiche: 20326-20328
at the mouths of the Mississippi.
Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo, and Co. 1853                    Clay, Cassius Marcellus.
      Fiche: 17639-17648                                                Speech of Cassius M. Clay, against the
                                                                  annexation of Texas to the United States of America,
Camp, George King.                                                in rely to Col. R.M. Johnson and others, in a mass
     Shadows.                                                     meeting of citizens of the eighth Congressional
San Francisco, A.L. Bancroft & Company. 1885                      district, at White Sulphur Springs, Scott County, Ky.,
     Fiche: 18033-18035a                                          on Saturday, Dec. 30, 1843.
                                                                  Lexington, KY, Printed at the Observer and Reporter
Dixon, Samuel Houston.                                            Office. 1844
     The poets and poetry of Texas.                                     Fiche: 20489-20489a
Austin, Tex., S.H. Dixon. 1885
Biographical sketches of the poets of Texas, with                 Eaves, Lucile.
selections from their writings, containing reviews                     A history of California labor legislation, with an
both personal and critical, by Sam H. Dixon; with an              introductory sketch of the San Francisco labor
introduction by Wm. Carey Crane.                                  movement.
      Fiche: 18089-18093                                          Berkeley, The University Press. [1910]
                                                                        Fiche: 20548-20553

                                                                  Trexler, Harrison Anthony.
                                                                       Slavery in Missouri, 1804-1865.
                                                                  Baltimore, Hopkins Press. 1914
                                                                       Fiche: 20556-20559

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Champlain, Samuel de.                                          Cook, Darius B.
      Narrative of a voyage to the West Indies and                   Six months among Indians, wolves and other
Mexico in the years 1599-1602.                                 wild animals in the forests of Allegan county, Mich.,
London, Printed for the Hakluyt Society. 1859                  in the winter of 1839 and 1840.
Tr. from the original and unpublished manuscript,              Niles, Michigan. 1889
with a biographical notice and notes by Alice                        Fiche: 21559-21562
      Fiche: 20744-20747                                       Cook, David J.
                                                                     Hands up; or, Thirty-five years of detective life
Cherokee Nation. Constitution.                                 in the mountains and on the plains.
     The constitution and laws of the Cherokee                 Denver, The W.F. Robinson Printing Co. 1897
nation: passed at Tah-le-quah, Cherokee nation,                A condensed criminal history of the far West.
1839.                                                                Fiche: 21563-21575
Washington, Printed by Gales and Seaton. 1840
     Fiche: 20911-20912                                        Comparative chronological statement of the events
                                                               connected with the rights of Great Britain and the
Oregon Historical Society.                                     claims of the United States to the Oregon Territory.
     Proceedings of the fiftieth anniversary of the            [London, Printed by W.S. Johnson]. [1845?]
admission of the state of Oregon to the Union, held                 Fiche: 21576-21577
under the auspices of the 25th biennial session of the
legislative assembly and the Oregon historical                 Chittenden, Hiram M.
society, at the capitol, Salem.                                     The American fur trade of the far West; a
Salem. 1909                                                    history of the pioneer trading posts and early fur
      Fiche: 21500-21502                                       companies of the Missouri valley and the Rocky
                                                               mountains and of the overland commerce with Santa
Coffeen, Henry A.                                              Fe.
     ...Vermilion County, historical, statistical, and         New York, F.P. Harper. 1902
descriptive.                                                   3 v.
Danville, Ill., H.A. Coffeen. [1871?]                                Fiche: 21578-21604
A handbook.
      Fiche: 21503-21507                                       Southern California quarterly.
                                                               In Thorpe, Francis N. The federal and State
Connelley, William Elsey.                                      Constitutions. 1909
    Quantrill and the border wars.                             v. 1-12. [Los Angeles, 1884-] [Territorial
Cedar Rapids, Ia., The Torch Press. 1910                       government, 1890 enabling act for Oklahoma, 1906.];
    Fiche: 21508-21521                                         2 v.
                                                                     Fiche: 21605-21685
Brown, James Stephens.
     Life of a pioneer.                                        Schafer, Joseph.
Salt Lake City, Utah, G.Q. Canon & Sons Co. 1900                    Documents relative to Warre and Vavasour's
      Fiche: 21522-21534                                       military reconnoissance in Oregon, 1845-6.
                                                               Portland, Oregon. 1909
Nuttall, Thomas.                                                     Fiche: 21686-21696
     A journal of travels into Arkansas territory
during the year 1819.                                          Schafer, Joseph.
Philadelphia, T.H. Palmer. 1821                                    History of the Pacific northwest.
     Fiche: 21535-21543                                        New York. 1905
                                                                   Fiche: 21697-21705
Bunker Hill Trading and Mining Association.
     Constitution.                                             Schwartz, Stephan.
[Boston?]. [1849?]                                                  Twenty-two months a prisoner of war.
1. California - Gold discoveries.                              St. Louis, Mo., A.F. Nelsonn Publishing Co. 1892
     Fiche: 21544-21545                                        A narrative of twenty-two months' imprisonment by
                                                               the Confederates, in Texas.
California. Constitutional Convention, 1849.                        Fiche: 21706-21712
     Report of the debates in the Convention of
California, on the formation of the state constitution.        Scott, William A.
Washington, Printed by J.T. Towers. 1850                            Repudiation of state debts: a study in the
     Fiche: 21546-21558                                        financial history of Mississippi, Florida, Alabama,
                                                               North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana,
                                                               New York. [1893]
                                                                    Fiche: 21713-21721

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Seward, William Henry.                                       Curtis, George T.
    California, union and freedom.                                Admission of Utah.
[Washington] Buell & Blanchard. [1850?]                      New York. 1887
Speech on admission of California. Delivered in              Limitation of state sovereignty by compact with the
Senate of United States.                                     United States.
     Fiche: 21722-21723                                           Fiche: 21786-21787
Sheldon, Addison Erwin.                                      Cushing, S.W.
    Poems and sketches of Nebraska.                              Wild oats sowings: or, The Autobiography of an
Lincoln. 1908                                                adventurer.
     Fiche: 21724-21730                                      New York, D. Fanshaw. 1857
                                                                  Fiche: 21788-21794
Sheldon, Addison Erwin.
     Report on the archives of the state of Nebraska.        Custer, George A.
1910                                                              My life on the plains. Or, Personal experiences
American historical association, Annual Report for           with Indians.
1910.                                                        New York, Sheldon and Company. 1874
     Fiche: 21731-21733                                           Fiche: 21795-21798

Sheldon, Addison Erwin.                                      Dye, Eva E., Mrs.
     Semi-centennial history of Nebraska, historical              Stories of Oregon.
sketch, illustrations, state and county statistics.          San Francisco, Whitaker and Ray Company. 1900
Lincoln, Neb. 1904                                                Fiche: 21799-21802
     Fiche: 21734-21743
                                                             Hittell, Theodore H.
United States. Works Progress Administration,                     History of California.
Nebraska.                                                    San Francisco. 1885-1897
     Nebraska party platforms, 1858-1940.                    4 v.
[Lincoln]. 1940                                                   Fiche: 21803-21841
     Fiche: 21744-21757
                                                             Lester, Charles E.
Robinson, W.W.                                                    Life and achievements of Sam Houston, hero
     Tarnished angels; paradisiacal turpitude in Los         and statesman.
Angeles revealed.                                            New York. 1883
[Los Angeles, The Ward Ritchie Press]. [1964]                     Fiche: 21842-21845
     Fiche: 21758-21759
                                                             Sketches of the inter-mountain states; together with
Bromley, George T.                                           biographies of many prominent and progressive
     The long ago and the later on; or, Recollections        citizens who have helped in the development and
of eighty years.                                             history making of this marvelous region.
San Francisco, A.M. Robertson. 1904                          Salt Lake City, The Salt Lake Tribune. 1909
      Fiche: 21760-21764                                           Fiche: 21846-21850

Brown, John Henry.                                           Territorial Government, 1890.
     Indian wars and pioneers of Texas.                           Enabling Act for Oklahoma.
Austin. [189- ]                                              1906
1. Texas - Hist. I. Title.                                        Fiche: 21851-21853
     Fiche: 21765-21777
                                                             Tevis, Lloyd.
Campbell, William C.                                              California: an address of Mr. Lloyd Tevis
    A Colorado colonel, and other sketches.                  (president of Wells, Fargo & company), San
Topeka, Kan., Crane & Co. 1901                               Francisco, before the American bankers' association,
    Fiche: 21778-21783                                       at Niagara Falls, 1881.
                                                             [n.p]. [1881]
Chidlaw, Benjamin W.                                               Fiche: 21854-21855
     Yr. American, yr hwn sydd yn cynnwys Nodau
ar daith o ddyffrn Ohio I Gymru.
Llanrwst [Wales] Argraffwyd, gan. J. Jones. 1840
Golwg ar dalaeth Ohio.
      Fiche: 21784-21785

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Thoburn, Joseph B.                                             Wilkes, George.
     A standard history of Oklahoma; an authentic                    The history of Oregon, geographical and
narrative of its development from the date of the first        political.
European exploration down to the present time,                 New York, W.H. Colyer. 1845
including accounts of the Indian tribes, both civilized        Embracing an analysis of the old Spanish claims, the
and wild, of the cattle range, of the land openings and        British pretensions, the Unitedthorough examination
the achievements of the most recent period.                    of the project of a national railroad, from the Atlantic
Chicago and New York, The American Historical                  to the Pacific Ocean.
Society. 1916                                                        Fiche: 21929-21932
5 v.
      Fiche: 21856-21889                                       Willcox, R.N.
                                                                    Reminiscences. Of California life.
Thom, Adam.                                                    [Averly] Willcox Print. 1897
    The claims to the Oregon Territory considered.             Being an abridged description of scenes which the
London. 1844                                                   author has passed through in California, and other
    Fiche: 21890-21891                                         lands.
                                                                    Fiche: 21933-21937
Tuthill, Franklin.
     History of California.                                    Day, Luella.
San Francisco. 1866                                                 The tragedy of the Klondike: this book of travels
1. California - Hist.                                          gives the true facts of what took place in the
     Fiche: 21892-21900                                        gold-fields under British rule.
                                                               New York. 1906
Wharton, William H.                                                 Fiche: 21938-21941
New York. 1836                                                 Tucker, Ephraim W.
Address delivered in New York. Also address of the                  A history of Oregon, containing a condensed
Honorable Stephen F. Austin, delivered in Louisville,          account of the most important voyages and
Kentucky on 7th of March, 1836.                                discoveries of the Spanish, American, and English
    Fiche: 21901-21902                                         navigators on the North West coast of America.
                                                               Buffalo, A.W. Wilgus. 1844
Whitford, William C.                                                Fiche: 21942-21943
    Colorado volunteers in the civil war; the New
Mexico campaign in 1862.                                       Venegas, Miguel.
Denver. 1906                                                        Noticia de la California, y de su conquists
    Fiche: 21903-21905                                         temporal, y espiritual hasta el tiempo presente.
                                                               Madrid, En la imprenta de la vinda de m Fernandez,
Who's who in Nevada; brief sketches of men who are             y del Supremo Consejo de la Inquisicion. 1757
making history in the Sagebrush state.                         3 v.
Los Angeles, California Home Printing Company.                       Fiche: 21944-21959
     Fiche: 21906-21909                                        Wilson, Obed G.
                                                                   My adventures in the Sierras.
Who's who in the Pacific southwest.                            Franklin, O., The Editor Publishing Co. 1902
Los Angeles, The Times-Mirror Printing & Binding                    Fiche: 21960-21963
House. 1913
A compilation of authentic biographical sketches of            Crane, Alice Rollins.
citizens of Southern California and Arizona.                         Smiles and tears from the Klondyke; a collection
      Fiche: 21910-21915                                       of stories and sketches.
                                                               New York, Doxey's At the Sign of the Lark. [1901]
Williams, Alfred M.                                                  Fiche: 21964-21967
     Sam Houston and the war of independence in
Texas.                                                         Curtiss, Daniel S.
Boston. 1893                                                        Western portraiture, and emigrants' guide: a
     Fiche: 21916-21921                                        description of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa; with
                                                               remarks on Minnesota, and other territories.
Williams, Robert H.                                            New York, J.H. Colton. 1852
     With the border ruffians: memories of the Far                  Fiche: 21968-21972
West, 1852-1868.
New York, Dutton. 1907                                         Dawson, Charles.
     Fiche: 21922-21928                                            Pioneer tales of the Oregon trail and of Jefferson
                                                               Topeka, Crane & Company. 1912
                                                                    Fiche: 21973-21979

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

[Dana, C.W.].                                                   Crawford, Charles H.
      The garden of the world, or, The great West; its               Scenes of earlier days in crossing the plains to
history, its wealth, its natural advantages and its             Oregon, and experiences of western life.
future.                                                         Petaluma, Cal., J.T. Studdert, Book and Job Printer.
Boston, Wentworth and Company. 1856                             1898
Also comprising a complete guide to emigrants, with                  Fiche: 22031-22034
a full description of the different routes westward.
      Fiche: 21981-21986                                        Cummins, Sarah J. (L.).
                                                                    Autobiography and reminiscences.
Darby, John F.                                                  La Grande, Or., La Grande Printing Co. [c.1914]
     Personal recollections of many prominent                       Fiche: 22035-22036
people whom I have known, and of
events--especially of those relating to the history of          Curley, Edwin A.
St. Louis--during the first half of the present century.             Glittering gold.
St. Louis, G.I. Jones and Company. 1880                         Chicago, The author. 1876
Pub. by subscription.                                           The true story of the Black Hills.
     Fiche: 21987-21993                                              Fiche: 22037-22039

Davis, Carlyle C.                                               Custer, Elizabeth (B.).
    Olden times in Colorado.                                        "Boots and saddles"; or, Life in Dakota with
Los Angeles, Calif., The Phillips Publishing                    General Custer.
Company. 1916                                                   New York, Harper & Brothers. 1885
     Fiche: 21994-22000                                             Fiche: 22040-22044

Davis, W.W.H. (William Watts Hart).                             Curtis, George W.
    The Spanish conquest of New Mexico.                             Lotus-eating: a summer book.
Doylestown, Pa. 1869                                            New York, Harper & Brothers. 1852
    Fiche: 22001-22006                                              Fiche: 22045-22048

Damon, Samuel C.                                                Winthrop, Robert C.
     A trip from the Sandwich Islands to lower                       Speech on the annexation of Texas, delivered in
Oregon, and upper California.                                   the house of representatives of the United States.
Honolulu, Oahu, H.I., Printed at the Polynesian                 Washington. 1845
Office. 1849                                                         Fiche: 22049-22050
     Fiche: 22007-22008
                                                                Woodbury, Levi.
[Dana, Richard H.].                                                   Speech in executive session, on the treaty for the
    Two years before the mast.                                  reannexation of Texas to the United States, delivered
New York, Harper & Brothers. [c.1840]                           in the senate of the United States.
A personal narrative of life at sea.                            [Washington]. [1844]
     Fiche: 22009-22015                                               Fiche: 22051-22052

[Davies, Henry E.].                                             Wood, Ruth Kedzie.
    Ten days on the plains.                                        The tourist's California.
New York, Crocker & Co. [1871]                                  New York, Dodd, Mead and Company. 1914
    Fiche: 22016-22017                                              Fiche: 22053-22058

Cozzens, Samuel W.                                              Yoakum, H[enderson] K.
    The marvellous country; or, Three years in                       History of Texas from its first settlement in
Arizona and New Mexico, the Apaches' home.                      1685 to its annexation to the United States in 1846.
Boston, Shephard and Gill. 1873                                 New York, Redfeld. 1856
     Fiche: 22018-22025                                         2 v.
                                                                     Fiche: 22059-22072
Craig, Lulu Alice.
    Glimpses of sunshine and shade in the far North.            North Pacific History Company.
Cincinnati, The Editor Publishing Co. 1900                           History of the Pacific Northwest; Oregon and
     Fiche: 22026-22028                                         Washington; embracing an account of original
                                                                discoveries on Pacific coast of North America.
Crane, James M.                                                 Portland, Oregon. 1889
     The past, the present and the future of the                2 v.
Pacific.                                                             Fiche: 22073-22122
San Francisco, Cal. Printed by Sterett & Co. 1856
     Fiche: 22029-22030

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Townsend, John K.                                             Macon, Nathaniel.
     Sporting excursions in the Rocky mountains,                   Speech of Mr. Macon, on the restriction of
including a journey to the Columbia river, and a visit        slavery in Missouri.
to the Sandwich islands, Chili, &c.                           [Washington]. [1820]
London, H. Colburn. 1840                                      Delivered in the Senate...January 20, 1820.
2 v.                                                               Fiche: 26543-26544
      Fiche: 22123-22139
                                                              Van Dyke, Nicholas.
Daggett, Rollin Mallory.                                           Speech of Mr. Van Dyke, on the amendment
     Braxton's bar.                                           offered to a bill for the admission of Missouri into the
New York, G.W. Carleton. 1882                                 Union, prescribing the restriction of slavery as an
A tale of pioneer years in California.                        irrevocable principle of the state constitution.
     Fiche: 24084-24089                                       [Washington?]. [1920]
                                                              Delivered in the Senate of the United States, January
Cleary, Kate M.                                               28, 1820.
    Like a gallant lady.                                            Fiche: 26694-26695
Chicago, Way & Williams. 1897
     Fiche: 24217-24221                                       Adney, Edwin T.
                                                                 The Klondike stampede.
Colburn, Frona Eunice Wait (Smith), Mrs.                      New York, Harper. 1900
     Yermah the Dorado.                                           Fiche: 26850-26856
San Francisco, W. Doxey. 1897
     Fiche: 24233-24237                                       Bedford, Hilory G.
                                                                   Texas Indian troubles.
Milburn, William Henry.                                       Dallas, Tex., Hargreaves Printing Co. 1905
     The rifle, axe, and saddle-bags, and other                    Fiche: 26857-26860
New York, Derby & Jackson; Cincinnati, H.W.                   Burlington & Missouri River Railroad Co.
Derby & Co. 1857                                                   Great opportunities for farmers, business men
With introduction by Rev. J. McClintock.                      and investors in Nebraska, northern Kansas, and
      Fiche: 25490-25494                                      eastern Colorado.
                                                              Chicago. 1893
Cherokee Nation.                                                   Fiche: 26861-26862
      Address of the "Committee and Council of the
Cherokee nation, in general council convened," to the         Buel, James W.
people of the United States.                                        The border outlaws.
[n.p.]. [1830]                                                St. Louis, Mo. Historical Publishing Company. 1881
      Fiche: 26004-26005                                      An authentic and thrilling history of the most noted
                                                              bandits of ancient or modern times, the Younger
[Gillette, Charles].                                          brothers, Jesse and Frank James, and their comrades
     A few historic records of the church in the              in crime.
diocese of Texas, during the rebellion.                             Fiche: 26863-26869
New York, J.A. Gray & Green, Printers. 1865
Together with a correspondence between the Right              Barron, Samuel B.
Rev. Alexander Gregg...and the Rev. Charles                        The Lone Star defenders; a chronicle of the
Gillette.                                                     Third Texas cavalry, Ross' brigade.
      Fiche: 26173-26175                                      New York and Washington, The Neale Publishing
                                                              Company. 1908
Address to the Democracy of Missouri.                              Fiche: 26870-26874
[St. Louis?]. [1850?]
      Fiche: 26334-26335                                      Bell, William A.
                                                                   New tracks in North America.
Gooch, Daniel Wheelwright.                                    New York, Scribner, Welford & Co. 1869
     Organization of the territories.                         A journal of travel and adventure whilst engaged in
[Washington, Buell & Blanchard, Printers]. [1860]             the survey for a southern railroad to the Pacific
Speech of Hon. Daniel W. Gooch, of Mass.                      Ocean during 1867-8; 2 v.
Delivered in the House of representatives, May 11,                  Fiche: 26875-26883
     Fiche: 26346-26347                                       Austin, Mary, Mrs.
                                                                  California, the land of the sun, painted by Sutton
Reagan, John Heninger.                                        Palmer, described by Mary Austin.
    Speech of Hon. John H. Reagan, of Texas in the            New York. [1914]
House of representatives, February 29, 1860.                       Fiche: 26884-26888
[Washington] T. McGill, Printer. [1860]
    Fiche: 26454-26455

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Bartlett, Ichabod S., ed.                                Cannon, Frank J.
     History of Wyoming.                                     Brigham Young and his Mormon empire.
Chicago, The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company. 1918        New York, Chicago [etc.] Fleming H. Revell
3 v.                                                     Company. [c.1913]
     Fiche: 26889-26910                                      Fiche: 26957-26962

Biographical and historical memoirs of northeast         Butler, William F., Sir.
Arkansas, comprising a condensed history of the               The wild north land; being the story of a winter
state...biographies of distinguished citizens.           journey, with dogs, across northern North America.
Chicago [etc.] St. Louis, The Goodspeed Pub. Co.         London, S. Low, Marston, Low & Searle. 1874
1889                                                          Fiche: 26963-26968
      Fiche: 26911-26923
                                                         Edwards, John N.
The facts about Texas.                                       Shelby, and his men; or, The war in the West.
[n.p.]. [1912]                                           Cincinnati, Miami Printing and Publishing Co. 1867
      Fiche: 26924-26925                                      Fiche: 26969-26975

Burlington & Missouri River Railroad Co.                 Canadian Pacific Railway Company.
     Nebraska: B. & M. railroad lands.                        Reports and documents in reference to the
St. Louis, A. Gast & Co. [1879?]                         location of the line and a western terminal harbour.
     Fiche: 26926-26927                                  1878.
                                                         Ottawa, Printed by Maclean, Roger & Co. 1878
Fielder, E.D.                                                  Fiche: 26976-26978
     Story of the Alamo.
Nashville, Tenn.]. [1897]                                Erwin, Marie H.
     Fiche: 26928-26929                                        Wyoming historical blue book; a legal and
                                                         political history of Wyoming, 1868-1943.
Elliott, A.B.                                            Denver, Bradford-Robinson Print. Co. [1943?]
     Travelers' hand-book across the continent.                Fiche: 26979-26995
Troy, N.Y. 1870
Pacific railroad and California sketches.                Esshom, Frank. E.
     Fiche: 26930-26931                                       Pioneers and prominent men of Utah,
                                                         comprising photographs, genealogies,
Carroll, Mary Pius.                                      biographies...the early history of the Church of Jesus
     The influence of the missions on present-day        Christ of Latter-day saints.
California.                                              Salt Lake City, Utah. Utah Pioneers Book Publishing
Berkeley, Cal. [1916?]                                   Company. 1913
     Fiche: 26932-26933                                  [Ed. de luxe].
                                                               Fiche: 26996-27010
Carson, James H.
     Early recollections of the mines, and a             Goodwin, Charles C.
description of the great Tulare valley.                       As I remember them.
Stockton [Calif.] Pub. to accompany the Steamer          Salt Lake City, Utah. 1913
edition of the "San Joaquin Republican". 1852            Pub. by a special committee of the Salt Lake
      Fiche: 26934-26935                                 commercial club.
                                                               Fiche: 27017-27021
Edmunds, A.C., of Lincoln, Neb.
    Pen sketches of Nebraskans, with photographs.        Grand Army of the Republic. Colorado,
Lincoln, Neb., Omaha, R. & J. Wilbur. 1871               Department of.
     Fiche: 26943-26949                                       Colorado souvenir.
                                                         [Denver]. [1888]
Calkins, Franklin W.                                     [dedicated by the department of Colorado, to the
    Indian tales.                                        G.A.R., 22d National encampment, Columbus, Ohio
Chicago, M.A. Donohue & Co. [1893]                       1888].
     Fiche: 26950-26952                                       Fiche: 27022-27023

Dunn, J.E.                                               Grenfell, Helen L.
      Indian Territory, a pre commonwealth.                  The school lands of Colorado.
Indianapolis, American Print. Co. 1904                   Denver. [1902]
Approved and sanctioned by parties connected with        Before the Denver real estate exchange, June 6, 1902.
the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes.                  Fiche: 27024-27025
Illustrations by courtesy of the Twin Territories
      Fiche: 26953-26956

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Guinn, J.M. (James Miller).                                 Flack, Capt. [pseud.].
     History of the state of California and                      A hunter's experiences in the southern states of
biographical record counties.                               America: being an account of the natural history of
Chicago, The Chapman Publishing Co. 1903                    the various quadrupeds and birds which are the
     Fiche: 27026-27034                                     objects of chase in those countries.
                                                            London, Longmans, Green, and Co. 1866
Central Texas Genealogical Society.                              Fiche: 27077-27081
      McLennan County, Texas, marriage record.
McLennan County, Texas. 1850-1870                           Foote, Henry S. (Henry Stuart).
v. 1.                                                            Texas and Texans; or, Advance of the
      Fiche: 27037-27038                                    Anglo-Americans to the South-West; including a
                                                            history of leading events in Mexico, from the
Chambers, Julius.                                           conquest by Fernando Cortes to the termination of
     The Mississippi River and its wonderful valley;        the Texas revolution.
twenty-seven hundred and seventy-five miles from            Philadelphia, Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. 1841
source to sea.                                              2 v.
New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1910                     Fiche: 27082-27091
     Fiche: 27039-27044
                                                            Fitzgerald, Oscar P.
Cole, Cornelius.                                                 California Sketches.
     Memoirs of Cornelius Cole, ex-senator of the           Nashville, Tenn. 1892
United States from California.                                   Fiche: 27092-27095
New York, McLoughlin Brothers. 1908
     Fiche: 27045-27049                                     Flack, Capt. [pseud.].
                                                                The Texas ranger, or, Real life in the back
France, Lewis B.                                            woods.
    Mr. Dide, his vacation in Colorado.                     London. [1866]
Madison, Wisc. [1890]                                            Fiche: 27096-27100
    Fiche: 27050-27052
                                                            Caird, James, Sir.
Cleland, Robert G.                                               Prairie farming in America.
     The early sentiment for the annexation of              New York, P. Appleton & Co. 1859
California: an account of the growth of American            With notes by the way on Canada and the United
interests in California, 1835-1846.                         States.
In Southwestern Historical Quarterly.                            Fiche: 27101-27103
v.18, 1914-15, p.1-40, 121-161, 231-260.
      Fiche: 27053-27055                                    Goodwin, Cardinal Leonidas.
                                                                 The question of the eastern boundary of
Colorado (Ter.). Adjutant-general's Office.                 California in the convention of 1849.
    Biennial report of the adjutant-general.                Austin, Texas. [1913]
Central City. 1867                                               Fiche: 27104-27105
     Fiche: 27056-27057
                                                            Clay, Henry.
Fortier, Alcee.                                                   Annexation of Texas; opinions of Messrs. Clay,
     ...Central America and Mexico.                         Polk, Benton & Van Buren, on the immediate
Philadelphia, Printed for subscribers only by G.            annexation of Texas.
Barrie & Sons. [c.1907]                                     [n.p.]. [1844]
      Fiche: 27058-27066                                          Fiche: 27106-27107

Chicago. World's Columbian Exposition, 1893.                French, S.G.
Board of Lady Managers. Utah.                                    Report of Captain S.G. French, United States
     World's fair ecclesiastical history of Utah.           army, descriptive of the route from San Antonio to El
Salt Lake City, G.Q. Cannon. 1893                           Paso.
Compiled by representatives of the religious                [San Antonio] Tex. 1849
denominations.                                                    Fiche: 27108-27109
      Fiche: 27067-27071
Chase, Joseph S.                                                  Resolutions adopted by the Ancient and
     California coats trails; a horseback ride from         accepted rite of freemasonry at Denver, Colo.
Mexico to Oregon.                                           Monday, May 18th, 1914.
Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin Company.              [Denver]. [1914]
1913                                                        [relative to the disturbances in the coal mining
     Fiche: 27072-27076                                     districts of the state].
                                                                  Fiche: 27110-27111

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Foley, Thaddeus J.                                           Babcock, Bernie (S.), Mrs.
      Memories of the old West.                                    Yesterday and today in Arkansas: a folio of rare
[n.p.]. [n.d.]                                               and interesting pictures from Mrs. Babcock's
      Fiche: 27112-27113                                     collection for Stories and legends of Arkansas.
                                                             [Little Rock, Ark., Jordan & Foster Printing Co.].
Chapman, Charles E.                                          [c.1917]
     The founding of Spanish California, the                 1st ed.
northwestward expansion of New Spain, 1687-1783.                   Fiche: 27162-27164
New York, The Macmillan Company. 1916
     Fiche: 27114-27120                                      Browne, Peter A.
                                                                  Lecture on the Oregon territory.
Tomlinson, William P.                                        Philadelphia. 1843
    Kansas in eighteen fifty-eight.                               Fiche: 27165-27166
New York, H. Dayton. 1859
    Fiche: 27121-27125                                       History of the city of Denver, Arrapahoe county, and
                                                             Colorado; containing a history of the state of
Bourke, John Gregory.                                        Colorado from its earliest settlement to the present
    On the border with Crook.                                time.
New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1891                           Chicago. 1880
    Fiche: 27126-27132                                             Fiche: 27167-27176

Codman, John.                                                Leach, Frank A.
     The round trip by way of Panama through                       Recollections of a newspaperman; a record of
California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and                 life and events in California.
Colorado with notes on railroads, commerce,                  San Francisco, S. Levinson. 1917
agriculture, mining, scenery, and people.                          Fiche: 27181-27186
New York, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1881
     Fiche: 27133-27137                                      Texas (Republic). Congress. Senate.
                                                                   ...Secret journals of the Senate, republic of
Locke, E.W.                                                  Texas, 1836-1845.
    Three years in camp and hospital.                        [Austin] Austin Printing Company. 1911
Boston, Geo. D. Russell. [1870]                              ed. from original records in State library and Dept. of
     Fiche: 27138-27143                                      State.
                                                                    Fiche: 27187-27191
Little, James Amasa.
     Jacob Hamblin, a narrative of his personal              Victor, Orville.
experience, as a frontiersman, missionary to the                  Kansas-Nebraska struggle.
Indians and explorer.                                        [1863]
Salt Lake City, Juvenile Instructor Office. 1881             (In his History of American conspiracies).
Fifth book of The faith-promoting series.                          Fiche: 27192-27193
      Fiche: 27144-27146
                                                             De Groot, Henry.
Weise, Arthur J.                                                   British Columbia; its condition and prospects,
    The discoveries of America to the year 1525.             soil, climate, and mineral resources, considered.
New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1884                San Francisco, Printed at the Alta California Job
    Fiche: 27147-27152                                       Office. 1859
                                                                   Fiche: 27194-27195
Critchell, Robert S.
     Recollections of a fire insurance man, including        Denny, Arthur A.
his experience in U.S. navy (Mississippi squadron)                Pioneer days on Puget Sound.
during the civil war.                                        Seattle, W.T.C.B. Bagley, Printer. 1888
[Chicago] The author. 1909                                         Fiche: 27196-27197
      Fiche: 27153-27155
                                                             Dietz, Arthur A.
Remington, Frederic.                                              Mad rush for gold in frozen North.
    Crooked trails.                                          Los Angeles, Times-Mirror Printing and Binding
New York and London, Harper & Bros. 1898                     House. 1914
    Fiche: 27156-27159                                            Fiche: 27198-27201

[Anderson, Mabel W., Mrs.].                                  Dodge, Grenville M.
      Life of General Stand Watie, the only Indian               How we built the Union Pacific railway.
brigadier general of the Confederate army and the            [New York?]. [1910?]
last general to surrender.                                       Fiche: 27202-27205
[Pryor, Okl., Mayes County Republican]. [c.1915]
      Fiche: 27160-27161

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Denver Villa Park Association.                                 Dollard, Robert.
     Articles of incorporation and by laws of the                   Recollections of the civil war and going West to
Denver villa park association, Denver, Colorado.               grow up with the country.
Denver, Col., The Denver Tribune Association Print.            Scotland, S.D., The author. 1906
1872                                                                Fiche: 27237-27241
     Fiche: 27206-27207
                                                               Donnel, William M.
Dimsdale, Thomas J.                                                 Pioneers of Marion County, consisting of a
     The vigilantes of Montana, being a correct and            general history of the county from its early settlement
impartial narrative of the chase, trial, capture and           to the present date.
execution of Henry Plummer's road agent band,                  Des Moines, Ia., Republican Steam Printing House.
together with accounts of the lives and crimes of              1872
many of the robbers and desperadoes.                                 Fiche: 27242-27246
Virginia City, M.T., D.W. Tilton & Co. 1866
     Fiche: 27208-27211                                        Douglas, David.
                                                                    Journal kept by David Douglas during his
Dobbs, Arthur.                                                 travels in North America, 1823-1827, together with a
      An account of the countries adjoining to                 particular description of thirty-three species of
Hudson's bay, in the north-west part of America:               American oaks and eighteen species of Pinus, with
containing a description of their lakes and rivers, the        appendices containing a list of the plants introduced
nature of the soil and climates, and their methods of          by Douglas and an account of his death in 1834.
commerce, &c. shewing the benefit to be made by                London, W. Wesley. 1914
settling colonies.                                             Published under the direction of the Royal
London, Printed for J. Robinson. 1744                          Horticultural Society.
      Fiche: 27212-27217                                             Fiche: 27247-27251

Drown, Simeon De Witt.                                         Dowse, Thomas.
      Drown's record, and historical view of Peoria,               The new Northwest.
from the discovery by the French Jesuit missionaries,          Chicago, Commercial Advertiser Co. 1880
in the seventeenth century, to the present time.               Montana. Helena; its past, present and future.
Peoria, Ill., Printed by E.O. Woodcock. 1850                        Fiche: 27252-27253
      Fiche: 27218-27220
                                                               Utah. Bureau of Statistics.
Edward, David B.                                                    Report.
     The history of Texas; or, The emigrant's                  Salt Lake City. 1902-1911
farmer's, and politician's guide to the character,             1st-8th, 1901-1908/10; 8 v.
climate, soil and productions of that country.                       Fiche: 27254-27267
Cincinnati, J.A. James & Co. 1836
     Fiche: 27221-27225                                        De Cordova, Jacob.
                                                                   The Texas immigrant and traveller's guide book.
Barker, Eugene Campbell.                                       Austin [Tex.] De Cordova and Frazier. 1856
      The Texas declaration of causes for taking up                 Fiche: 27268-27270
arms against Mexico.
n.p. 1912                                                      Duffield, George C.
The Quarterly of the Texas state historical                        Memories of frontier Iowa.
association.                                                   Des Moines, Bishard Brothers, Printers. 1906
      Fiche: 27226-27227                                            Fiche: 27271-27272

Deseret. Constitution.                                         Dunn, Jacob P.
     Constitution of the state of Deseret, with the                 Massacres of the mountains; a history of the
journal of the convention which formed it, and the             Indian wars of the far West.
proceedings of the legislature consequent thereon.             New York, Harper & Brothers. 1886
Kanesville, O. Hyde. 1849                                           Fiche: 27273-27282
     Fiche: 27228-27229
                                                               Durrie, Daniel S.
Dodge, Richard I.                                                  The early outposts of Wisconsin.
     The hunting grounds of the great West; a                  [Madison? Wis.]. [1872?]
description of the plains, game, and Indians of the            A paper read before the State historical society of
great North American desert.                                   Wisconsin. Annals of Prairie du Chien.
London, Chatto & Windus. 1877                                      Fiche: 27283-27284
      Fiche: 27230-27236

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Edwards, John N.                                                Boucard, Adolphe.
     Shelby's expedition to Mexico.                                  Travels of a naturalist.
Kansas City, Mo., Kansas City Times Steam Book                  London [Pardy & Son, Printers, Bournemouth]. 1894
and Job Printing House. 1872                                    A record of adventures, discoveries, history and
     Fiche: 27285-27287                                         customs of Americans and Indians, habits and
                                                                descriptions of animals, chiefly made in North
[Wagner, Herny R.].                                             America, California, Mexico, Central America,
      [Bibliography of printed works in Spanish                 Columbia, Chili, etc., during the last forty-two years.
relating to those portions of the United States which                Fiche: 29052-29055
formerly belonged to Mexico].
[Santiago de Chile, La Impr. Diener]. [1917]                    Benton, Jesse.
      Fiche: 27288-27289                                             An address to the people of the United States on
                                                                the presidential election.
Drown, Simeon De Witt, comp.                                    Nashville, Printed by J. Norvell for the author. 1824
     The Peoria directory, for 1844: containing an                    Fiche: 29056-29057
account of the early discovery of the country, with a
history of the town, down to the present time...and             Armstrong, Benjamin G.
much other statistical information.                                  Early life among the Indians.
Peoria, Printed for the author. 1844                            Ashland, Wis., Press of A.W. Bowron. 1892
      Fiche: 27290-27292                                        Reminiscences from the life of Benj. G. Armstrong.
                                                                Treaties of 1835, 1837, 1842 and 1854. Habits and
Kelley, Hall Jackson.                                           customs of the red men.
     Geographical sketch of that part of the North                   Fiche: 29058-29062
American called Oregon.
Boston. 1830                                                    Bullock, William.
     Fiche: 27293-27294                                             Sketch of a journey through the western states of
                                                                North America, from New Orleans, by the
Dwinelle, John W.                                               Mississippi, Ohio, city of Cincinnati and falls of
      The colonial history of the city of San                   Niagara, to New York, in 1827.
Francisco: being a narrative argument in the Circuit            London, J. Miller. 1827
court of the United States for the state of California,              Fiche: 29063-29066
for four square leagues of land claimed by that city
and confirmed to it by that court.                              Bennett, John C.
San Francisco, Printed by Towne & Bacon. 1866                       The history of the saints; or, An expose of Joe
      Fiche: 27295-27299B                                       Smith and Mormonism.
                                                                Boston, Leland & Whiting; New York, Bradbury,
Vischer, Edward.                                                Soden, & Co.; etc. etc. 1842
     Vischer's pictorial of California: landscape, trees             Fiche: 29067-29071
and forest scenes.
[San Francisco] Printed by J. Winterburn &                      [Barrows, William].
Company. [1870]                                                     The general; or, Twelve nights in the hunters'
Grand features of California scenery, life, traffic and         camp.
customs.                                                        Boston, Lee and Shepard. [c.1869]
     Fiche: 27299c-27299e                                            Fiche: 29072-29075

The border ruffian code in Kansas.                              Berghold, Alexander.
[New York, Tribune Office]. [1856]                                  The Indians' revenge; or, Days of horror.
     Fiche: 28653-28654                                         San Francisco, P. J. Thomas, Printer. 1891
                                                                Some appalling events in the history of the Sioux.
Bond, John Wesley.                                                   Fiche: 29076-29079
     Minnesota and its resources; to which are
appended Campfire sketches, or, Notes of a trip from            The Deseret News, Salt Lake City.
St. Paul to Pembina and Selkirk settlement on the                     Utah, the inland empire, illustrated.
Red River of the North.                                         Salt Lake City, The Deseret News. 1902
Chicago, Keen & Lee; Philadelphia, C. Desilover.                The story of the pioneers, resources and industries of
1856                                                            the state, attractions of Salt Lake City, leading men of
      Fiche: 28886-28891                                        the community.
                                                                      Fiche: 29080-29082
Batchelder, George A.
     A sketch of the history and resources of Dakota            Donan, Patrick.
Territory.                                                            The Columbia river empire, a land of promise
Yankton, Press Steam Power Printing Company.                    for the homeseeker and homemaker.
1870                                                            Portland. 1902
      Fiche: 29050-29051                                              Fiche: 29083-29084

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Darlington, Mary C. (O'Hara), comp.                            Devinny, V.
     Fort Pitt and letters from the frontier.                       The story of a pioneer...an historical sketch in
Pittsburgh, J.R. Weldin. 1892                                  which is depicted some of the struggles and exciting
      Fiche: 29085-29089                                       incidents pertaining to the early settlement of
Dufur, A.J., comp. and pub.                                    Denver, The Reed Publishing Company. 1904
      Statistics of the state of Oregon, containing a               Fiche: 29115-29117
description of its agricultural development, and
natural and industrial resources; together with the            Dill, R.G.
physical, geographical, geological and mineral                       The political campaigns of Colorado, with
statistics of the state.                                       complete tabulated statements of the official vote.
Salem. 1869                                                    Denver, The Arapahoe Publishing Co., John Dove,
      Fiche: 29090-29092                                       Book and Job Printer. 1895
                                                                     Fiche: 29118-29122
Denver & Rio Grande Railroad.
    Tourists' handbook descriptive of Colorado,                Colorado. University.
New Mexico and Utah.                                                Trails through romantic Colorado; a series of
[Denver]. [1893]                                               radio talks about various phases of the history of
    Fiche: 29093-29094                                         Colorado; seventh series.
                                                               Boulder. 1935
Denver & Rio Grande Railroad.                                  presented over Radio Station KOA, January 6, 1935
     The fertile lands of Colorado; a concise                  to March 31, 1935.
description of the vast area of agricultural,                       Fiche: 29123-29124
horticultural and grazing lands located on the line of
the Denver & Rio Grande railroad in the state of               Dawson, Moses.
Colorado and the territory of New Mexico.                           A historical narrative of the civil and military
Denver. 1901                                                   services of Major-General William H. Harrison, and
      Fiche: 29095-29096                                       a vindication of his character and conduct as a
                                                               statesman, a citizen, and a soldier.
Dosch, Henry E.                                                Cincinnati, Printed by M. Dawson. 1824
     ...Horticulture in Oregon.                                With a detail of his negotiations and wars with the
[Portland, Or.] Printed by direction of the Lewis and          Indians, until the final overthrow of the celebrated
Clarke Centennial Exposition Commission. 1904                  chief Tecumseh, and his brother the Prophet.
      Fiche: 29097-29098                                             Fiche: 29125-29131

Downie, William.                                               [Egmont, John Perceval, 2nd earl of].
     Hunting for gold; reminiscences [!] of personal                 An examination of the principles, and an
experience and research in the early days of the               enquiry into the conduct, of the two b*****rs; in
Pacific coast from Alaska to Panama.                           regard to the establishment of their power, and their
San Francisco, Cal., Press of the California                   prosecution of the war, 'till the signing of the
Publishing Co. 1893                                            preliminaries.
     Fiche: 29099-29104                                        London, Printed for A. Price. 1749
                                                               In a letter to a member of Parliament; 2d ed.
Drumm, Mark, comp.                                             reviewed and corrected.
      Drumm's manual of Utah, and souvenir of the                    Fiche: 29132-29133
first state legislature, 1896.
Salt Lake City. [1896]                                         Considerant, Victor P.
Containing the state Constitution...[and] biographies               Au Texas.
of members of the legislature.                                 Paris. 1854
       Fiche: 29105-29106                                            Fiche: 29134-29137

Drannan, William F.                                            Cornwall, Bruce.
     Thirty one years on the plains and in the                      Life sketch of Pierre Barlow Cornwall.
mountains; or, The last voice from the plains.                 San Francisco, A.M. Robertson. 1906
Chicago, Rhodes & McClure Publishing Company.                       Fiche: 29138-29140
An authentic record of a life time of hunting,                 Davis, George Turnbull M.
trapping, scouting and Indian fighting in the far West.             Autobiography of the late Col. Geo. T.M. Davis,
     Fiche: 29107-29114                                        captain and aid-de-camp Scott's army of invasion
                                                               (Mexico), from posthumous papers.
                                                               New York [Press of Jenkins and McCowan]. 1891
                                                               Pub. by his legal representatives.
                                                                    Fiche: 29141-29146

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Copley, John M.                                            Chase, Joseph S.
    A sketch of the battle of Franklin, Tenn.                  California desert trails.
Austin, Tex., E. Von Boeckmann, Printer. 1893              Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin Company.
     Fiche: 29147-29150                                    [1919]
                                                                Fiche: 29179-29184
Bolton, Herbert Eugene.
     Athanase de Mezieres and the Louisiana-Texas          Doubleday, Charles W.
frontier, 1768-1780; documents pub. for the first              Reminiscences of the "filibuster" war in
time, from the original Spanish and French                 Nicaragua.
manuscripts, chiefly in the archives of Mexico and         New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1886
Spain; tr. into English.                                        Fiche: 29185-29188
Cleveland, The Arthur H. Clark Company. 1914
2 v.                                                       Braman, D.E.E.
      Fiche: 29151-29160                                        Braman's information about Texas, carefully
                                                           prepared by D.E.E. Braman.
Cherokee Nation.                                           Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & Co. 1857
     Memorial of a delegation from the Cherokee                 Fiche: 29189-29192
[Washington?]. [1831]                                      Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Presented to Congress, January 18, 1831.                   Bureau of Information.
     Fiche: 29161-29162                                          Utah: its people, resources, attractions and
Bivins, Viola (Cobb).                                      Salt Lake City, Utah. [1915]
      Memoirs.                                                   Fiche: 29193-29194
[n.p.]. [n.d.]
1. Texas - Biography. 2. Texas - History. 3. Cobb          Riddle, George W.
family (2).                                                     History of early days in Oregon.
      Fiche: 29163-29165                                   Riddle, Or., Reprinted from the Riddle enterprise.
Dodge, Grenville M.                                             Fiche: 29195-29196
    The battle of Atlanta and other campaigns,
addresses, etc.                                            Robinson, William H.
Council Bluffs, Ia., The Monarch Printing Company.             The story of Arizona.
1910                                                       Phoenix, Ariz., The Berryhill Company. [c.1919]
     Fiche: 29166-29168                                        Fiche: 29197-29202

Dodge, Grenville M.                                        Siringo, Charles A.
     The Indian campaign of winter of 1864-65.                  ...A Lone Star cowboy, being fifty years
[Denver?]. [1907?]                                         experience in the saddle as cowboy, detective and
Written in 1877 and read to the Colorado                   New Mexico ranger, on every cow trail in the wooly
commandery of the Loyal legion of the United States        old West.
at Denver, April 21, 1907.                                 Santa Fe., N.M. 1919
     Fiche: 29169-29170                                          Fiche: 29203-29207

[Dewey, Squire P.].                                        Elliott, Richard Smith.
     The Bonanza mines and the Bonanza kings of                 Notes taken in sixty years.
California.                                                St. Louis, R.P. Studley & Co. Printers. 1883
[San Francisco?]. [1879?]                                       Fiche: 29208-29212
Their 5 years reign: 1875-1879.
     Fiche: 29171-29172                                    Great Britain. Foreign Office.
                                                                British diplomatic correspondence concerning
The Cherokee messenger.                                    the republic of Texas, 1838-1846.
[Cherokee, H. Upham, Baptist Mission Press].               Austin, Tex., The Texas State Historical Association.
1844-1846                                                  [1918?]
[Ed. by Evan Jones] v. 1 (no.1-12) Aug. 1844-May 7,        ed. by Ephraim Douglass Adams.
1846.                                                            Fiche: 29213-29221
     Fiche: 29173-29176
                                                           McKitrick, Reuben.
Croghan, George.                                               ...The public land system of Texas, 1823-1910.
     Journal of Col. George Croghan.                       Madison, Wis. 1918
[Burlington, N.J., New Jersey Enterprise Book and               Fiche: 29222-29224
Job Printing Establishment]. [1875]
     Fiche: 29177-29178

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Marks, A., comp.                                              Stone, Wilbur Fiske.
     Mercantile guide to cities and suburbs of the                 History of Colorado.
United States of America.                                     Chicago, The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company.
San Francisco. 1891                                           1918-1919
California edition, 1891. Issued annually.                    5 v.
     Fiche: 29225-29232                                            Fiche: 29283-29321
Polk, R.L., pub.                                              Victor, Frances (F.), Mrs.
    Texas state gazetteer and business directory.                   Studies of the California missions.
Detroit. 1892                                                 [n.p.]. 1882
     Fiche: 29233-29255                                             Fiche: 29322-29323

Guinn, J.M. (James Miller).                                   De Wolff, J.H.
     Historical and biographical record of southern                 Pawnee Bill (Major Gordon W. Lillie), his
California; containing a history of southern                  experience and adventures on the western plains; or,
California from its earliest settlement to the opening        From the saddle of a "cowboy and ranger" to the
year of the twentieth century.                                chair of a "bank president.".
Chicago, Chapman Pub. Co. 1902                                [n.p.] Pawnee Bill's Historic Wild West Company.
Also containing biographies of well known citizens            1902
of past and present.                                                Fiche: 29324-29326
     Fiche: 29256-29270
                                                              Who's Who in Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyo.
Doyle, John T.                                                Denver, Col., Geo. V. Richards. 1918
      Memorandum as to the discovery of the bay of                Fiche: 29327-29329
San Francisco.
Worcester, Mass., Printed by C. Hamilton. 1874                Russell, Ike.
Read before the American antiquarian society, at                   The West vs. Harriman.
their annual meeting, October 21, 1873.                       Pearson's Magazine. 1909
      Fiche: 29271-29272                                      Pearson's magazine, September 1909.
                                                                   Fiche: 29330-29331
Barker, Eugene Campbell.
     Some causes of the Texan Declaration of                  Watkins, Albert.
independence, [faculty address at the celebration of             Outline of Nebraska History.
Texas independence day by the students of the                     Fiche: 29332-29333
University of Texas, March 2, 1911].
1911                                                          Thwaites, Reuben G.
     Fiche: 29273-29274                                            The Bancroft library.
                                                              Berkeley, Cal. 1905
Barker, Eugene Campbell.                                      A report submitted to the president and regents of the
      Stephen F. Austin and the independence of               University of California upon the Bancroft library.
Texas.                                                             Fiche: 29334-29335
[n.p.]. [n.d.]
Reprinted from the Quarterly of Texas State                   De Shields, James T.
Historical Association.                                            Cynthia Ann Parker.
      Fiche: 29275-29276                                      St. Louis, Printed for the author. 1886
                                                              The story of her capture at the massacre of the
Baskin, Robert N.                                             inmates of Parker's fort; of her quarter of a century
     Argument against the admission of Utah, and              spent among the Comanches, as the wife of the war
the recent message of Governor West to the Utah               chief, Peta Nocona; and of her recapture at the battle
legislature.                                                  of Pease river, by Captain L.S. Ross, of the Texian [!]
Wash. 1888                                                    rangers.
      Fiche: 29277-29278                                            Fiche: 29336-29337

Barclay, James W.                                             Murphy, Thomas D.
      Mormonism exposed.                                           Oregon, the picturesque; a book of rambles in
n.p. 1884                                                     the Oregon country and the wilds of northern
The other side. An English view of the case.                  California.
      Fiche: 29279-29280                                      Boston, The Page Company. 1917
                                                                   Fiche: 29338-29344
...Cherokee almanac for the year of our Lord 18--.
Park Hill, Mission Press, E. Archer, Printer. [18--]          Davis, Ellis A.
      Fiche: 29281-29282                                           Davis' commercial encyclopedia of the Pacific
                                                              southwest. California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona.
                                                              Oakland, Calif., E.A. Davis. [c.1915]
                                                                   Fiche: 29345-29358

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Donan, Patrick.                                                Ermatinger, Edward.
     The land of golden grain. North Dakota.                        ...Edward Ermatinger's York Factory express
Chicago, Ill., C.R. Brodix. 1883                               journal, being a record of journeys made between
The lake-gemmed, breeze-swept empire of the new                Fort Vancouver and Hudson Bay in the years
Northwest.                                                     1827-1828.
     Fiche: 29359-29360A                                       [Ottawa]. [1812]
                                                               Presented by G.H. Coyne...(Read May 14, 1922).
Ellsworth, Henry W.                                                  Fiche: 29383-29384
      Valley of the upper Wabash, Indiana, with hints
on its agricultural advantages; plan of a dwelling,            Elderkin, James D.
estimates of cultivation, and notices of labor-saving                Biographical sketches and anecdotes of a soldier
machines.                                                      of three wars, as written by himself.
New York, Pratt, Robinsin & Co. 1838                           Detroit, Mich. [Record Printing Company]. 1899
      Fiche: 29361-29364                                       The Florida, the Mexican war and the great rebellion,
                                                               together with sketches of travel, also of service in a
Ethell, Henry C.                                               militia company and a member of the Detroit light
     The rise and progress of civilization in the Hairy        guard band for over thirty years.
nation.                                                              Fiche: 29385-29387a
Bloomfield, Ia., H.C. Ethell. 1883
A comparative topical review of the stages of                  Webster, Kimball.
progress in the brief history of Davis county, Iowa.                The gold seekers of '49; a personal narrative of
     Fiche: 29365-29367                                        the overland trail and adventures in California and
                                                               Oregon from 1849-1854.
Dexter, A. Hersey.                                             Manchester, N.H, Standard Book Company. 1917
    Early days in California.                                       Fiche: 29388-29391
[Denver, Col., Tribune-Republican Press]. 1886
    Fiche: 29368-29371                                         Diomedi, Alexander.
                                                                   Sketches of modern Indian life.
Dodge, Richard I.                                              [Woodstock, Md.]. [1894?]
     The Black hills.                                              Fiche: 29392-29393
New York, J. Miller. 1876
A minute description of the routes, scenery, soil,             Ehrenberg, Hermann.
climate, timber, gold, beology, zoology, etc.                      Texas and seine revolution.
     Fiche: 29372-29374                                        Leipzig, O. Wigand. 1843
                                                                    Fiche: 29394-29397
Doy, John.
    The narrative of John Doy, of Lawrence,                    Eells, Myron.
Kansas.                                                             Hymns in the Chinook jargon language, comp.
New York, T. Holman, Printer. 1860                             by Rev. M. Eells.
     Fiche: 29375-29377                                        Portland, Or., D. Steel. 1889
                                                               2d ed. Rev. and enl.
Evans, Elwood.                                                      Fiche: 29398-29399
     Washington Territory: her past, her present and
the elements of wealth which ensure her future.                Mighels, Ella S.(C.).
Olympia, C.B. Bagley Public Printer. 1877                           The story of the files; a review of California
Address delivered at the Centennial exposition,                writers and literature.
Philadelphia, 1876 and in joint convention of the              [San Francisco, Cooperative Printing Co.]. c.1893
legislature of Washington Territory. Pub. by order of               Fiche: 29400-29405
the Legislative assembly.
      Fiche: 29378-29379                                       Gittinger, Roy.
                                                                    The formation of the state of Oklahoma
Dickerson, Philip J.                                           (1803-1906).
     History of the Osage nation: its people,                  Berkeley, University of California Press. 1917
resources and prospects.                                            Fiche: 29406-29409
[Pawhuska, Okla?]. [c.1906]
The last reservation to open in the new state.                 Documents relating to the Kansas-Nebraska act,
     Fiche: 29380-29382                                        1854.
                                                               New York, A. Lovell & Company. 1894
                                                                    Fiche: 29410-29411

                                                               [Debray, Xavier B.].
                                                                    Sketch of the history of Dabray's (26th)
                                                               regiment of Texas cavalry.
                                                               Austin, E. von Boeckman, Printer. 1884
                                                                    Fiche: 29412-29413

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Eells, Myron.                                                  Busby, Allie B.
      History of the Congregational association of                   Two summers among the Musquakies, relating
Oregon, and Washington territory; the Home                     to the early history of the Sac and Fox tribe, incidents
missionary society of Oregon and adjoining                     of their noted chiefs, location of the Foxes, or
territories; and the Northwestern association of               Musquakies, in Iowa, with a full account of their
Congregational ministers.                                      traditions, rites and ceremonies, and the personal
Portland, Or., Publishing House of Himes the Printer.          experience of the writer for two and a half years
1881                                                           among them.
      Fiche: 29414-29416                                       Vinton, Ia., Herald Book and Job Rooms. 1886
                                                                     Fiche: 29454-29457
Escudero, Jose Agustin de.
    Noticias estadisticas del estado de Chihuahua.             Musser, Amos M.
Mexico, J. Ojeda. 1834                                               The fruits of "Mormonism".
    Fiche: 29417-29420                                         Salt Lake City, Deseret News Steam Printing
                                                               Establishment. 1878
Eventful narratives.                                           By non "Mormon" witnesses. Being...extracts from
Salt Lake City, Utah, Juvenile Instructor Office. 1887         letters, addresses, lectures, etc. by statesmen,
Designed for the instruction and encouragement of              senators, governors...all non-"Mormons" - about Utah
young Latter-day saints.                                       and the "Mormons".
      Fiche: 29421-29423                                             Fiche: 29467-29468

Fairfield, Asa Merrill.                                        Chaplin, William E.
     Fairfield's pioneer history of Lassen county,                  Public lands of Wyoming, how title thereto may
California; containing everything that can be learned          be obtained.
about it from the beginning of the world to the year           Laramie, Wyo. 1904
of Our Lord 1870.                                                   Fiche: 29469-29470
San Francisco, Pub. for the author by H.S. Crocker
Company. [c.1916]                                              Cox, Isaac J.
     Fiche: 29424-29430                                            Educational efforts in San Fernando de Bexar.
                                                               [Austin? Tex.]. [1902?]
Extrait du journal d'un officier de la marine de                    Fiche: 29471-29472
l'escadre de M. le comte d'Estaing.
[n.p.]. 1782                                                   Craig, John R.
      Fiche: 29431-29433                                            Ranching with lords and commons; or, Twenty
                                                               years on the range, being a record of actual facts and
A faithful picture of the political situation of New           conditions relating to the cattle industry of the
Orleans, at the close of the last and the beginning of         North-west territories of Canada; and comprising the
the present year 1807.                                         extraordinary story of the formation and career of a
Boston, Reprinted from the New Orleans edition.                great cattle company.
1808                                                           Toronto, Printed for the author by W. Briggs.
      Fiche: 29434-29435                                       [c.1903]
                                                                     Fiche: 29473-29477
Burr, Aaron.
      The private journal of Aaron Burr, reprinted in          Cremony, John C.
full from the original manuscript in the library of Mr.             Life among the Apaches.
William K. Bixby of St. Louis, Mo. with an                     San Francisco, New York, A. Roman & Company.
introduction, explanatory notes, and a glossary.               1868
Rochester, N.Y. [The Post Express Printing Co.].                    Fiche: 29478-29482
2 v.                                                           Brackenridge, Henry Marie.
       Fiche: 29436-29448                                            ...Mexican letters written during the progress of
                                                               the late war between the United States and Mexico:
Allen, William A.                                              now collected and republished, with notes and
     Adventures with Indians and game.                         corrections, to be completed in two numbers.
Chicago, A.W. Bowen & Co. 1903                                 Washington, Printed by R.A. Waters. 1850
     Fiche: 29449-29453                                        [no. 1].
                                                                      Fiche: 30114-30115

                                                               Dacus, Joseph A.
                                                                     A tour of St. Louis; or, The inside life of a great
                                                               St. Louis, Western Publishing Company. 1878
                                                               By J.A. Dacus, Ph.D. [and] James W. Buel.
                                                                     Fiche: 30263-30268a

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Bouchacourt, Charles.                                           Russell, Israel Cook.
     Notice industrielle sur la Californie.                         Present and extinct lakes of Nevada.
Paris, F. Mathias; Lyon, C. Savy, jeune. 1849                   Reprinted from National Geographical Society.
      Fiche: 30318-30319                                        [1895]
                                                                     Fiche: 31621-31622
[Clemens, Samuel Langhorne].
     Life on the Mississippi, by Mark Twain                     Marshall, Thomas Maitland.
[pseud.].                                                           The southwestern boundary of Texas.
Boston, J.R. Osgood & Company. 1883                             1821-1840.
With more than 300 illustrations...(Sold by                     1821-1840
subscription only.).                                                Fiche: 31623-31624
     Fiche: 30507-30513b
                                                                Kearns, Thomas.
Texas and Pacific Railway Company.                                  Conditions in Utah.
     Notes on Texas and the Texas and Pacific                   Washington. 1905
railway.                                                        Speech in the senate of the United States.
Philadelphia. 1873                                                  Fiche: 31625-31626
Compiled from official and other authentic data.
     Fiche: 30776-30776b                                        Kopperl, Moritz.
                                                                    Growth and material development of Texas.
Zincke, Foster Barham.                                          Address delivered at the Annual Convention of the
     Last winter in the United States; being table talk         American Bankers' Pub. Association. 1881
collected during a tour through the late southern                   Fiche: 31627-31628
confederation, the far West, the Rocky mountains,
&c.                                                             Delaney, Matilda J.
London, J. Murray. 1868                                             A survivor's recollections of the Whitman
     Fiche: 30905-30908b                                        massacre.
                                                                Spokane, Wash., Sponsored by Esther Reed Chapter,
Barker, Eugene Campbell.                                        Daughters of the American Revolution. [c.1920]
     Public opinion in Texas preceding the                          Fiche: 31629-31630
Washington. 1913                                                Memorial to the senators and representatives of the
American historical association, Annual report for              Forty-first Congress.
1911.                                                           [Washington]. [1859]
     Fiche: 31600-31601                                         Memorial from the commissioners elected by the
                                                                reconstruction convention of the state of Texas.
Fulmore, Zachary Taylor.                                             Fiche: 31631-31632
    The history and geography of Texas.
[Austin, Press of E.L. Stock]. [c.1915]                         [Allen, George].
     Fiche: 31602-31606                                              The complaint of Mexico, and conspiracy
                                                                against liberty.
Abney, A.H.                                                     Boston, J.W. Alden. 1843
     Life and adventures of L.D. Lafferty; being a                   Fiche: 31633-31634
true biography of one of the most remarkable men of
the great Southwest.                                            Mercer, Asa Shinn.
New York, H.S. Goodspeed & Co. [1875]                                The banditti of the plains; or, The cattlemen's
      Fiche: 31607-31610                                        invasion of Wyoming in 1892.
                                                                [Cheyenne, Wyo.]. [1894]
Brown, James Stephens.                                          (The crowning infamy of the ages).
      California gold; an authentic history of the first             Fiche: 31635-31637
Oakland, Cal., Pacific Press Publishing Company.                The Meears prize essay: Utah, her attractions and
1894                                                            resources as inviting the attention of tourists and
      Fiche: 31611-31612                                        those seeking permanent homes.
                                                                Salt Lake City, Utah, G.A. Meears. [1881]
Official souvenir of California's golden jubilee held           prize awarded to Robert W. Sloan: companion essays
at San Francisco, California beginning Jan. 24, 1898,           by O.J. Hollister and S.A. Kenner.
and ending Jan. 29, 1898.                                             Fiche: 31638-31639
San Francisco. [1898]
     Fiche: 31613-31614                                         Brackett, Albert Gallatin.
                                                                     History of the United States cavalry, from the
Atherton, Gertrude F., Mrs.                                     formation of the federal government to the 1st of
    California; an intimate history.                            June, 1863.
London, Harper & Brothers. 1947                                 New York, Harper & Bros. 1865
    Fiche: 31615-31620                                               Fiche: 31640-31644

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Marshall, A.J., Mrs.                                            A handbook of reference to the history, chronology,
     The autobiography of Mrs. A.J. Marshall, age 84            religion and country of the Latter Day Saints,
years.                                                          including the revelation on celestial marriage.
Pine Bluff, Ark., Adams-Wilson Printing Co. 1897                Salt Lake City, Juvenile Instructor Office. 1884
     Fiche: 31645-31648                                               Fiche: 31685-31687

Brouillet, Jean Baptiste.                                       Harvey, Fred.
     Authentic account of the murder of Dr.                         California and the Grand canyon of Arizona.
Whitman and other missionaries, by the Cayuse                   Los Angeles, Cal., F. Harvey. c.1914
Indian of Oregon, in 1847, and the causes which led                  Fiche: 31688-31689
to that horrible catastrophe.
Portland, Oregon, S.J. McCormick. 1869                          Kelsey, D.M.
      Fiche: 31649-31651                                              History of our wild West and stories of pioneer
                                                                life from experiences of Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill, Kit
Kenner, Scipio A.                                               Carson, David Crockett, Sam Houston, Generals
     The practical politician; a digest of ready                Crook, Miles and Custer, Geronimo, Sitting Bull,
information as to the fundamental differences                   great Indian chiefs, and other famous frontiersmen
between the great national political parties, their rise        and Indian fighters.
and progress, with past and present issues.                     Chicago, The Charles C. Thompson Co. [c.1901]
Salt Lake City, Star Print. Co. 1892                                   Fiche: 31690-31696
      Fiche: 31652-31654
                                                                Allen, Joel Asaph.
James, George Wharton.                                               ...The American bisons, living and extinct.
      California, romantic and beautiful; the history of        Cambridge, University Press [etc.]. 1876
its old missions and of its Indians.                                  Fiche: 31697-31701
Boston, The Page Co. 1914
      Fiche: 31655-31662                                        Houston, Samuel.
                                                                     Speech...exposing the malfeasance and
Halliburton, William H.                                         corruption of John Charles Watros, judge of the
      History of Arkansas County, Arkansas, 1541 to             federal court in Texas, and of his confederates;
1875.                                                           delivered in the Senate of the United States.
[n.p.]. [n.d.]                                                  [New York, Printed by L. Towers]. [1859?]
      Fiche: 31663-31666                                             Fiche: 31702-31704

Hayes, Augustus A.                                              Dearborn, Henry A.
     Lincoln and Texas.                                             Letters on the internal improvements and
[Chicago]. [1885]                                               commerce of the West.
     Fiche: 31667-31668                                         Boston, Dutton and Wentworth, Printers. 1839
                                                                     Fiche: 31705-31707
Johnson, Sidney S.
     Texans who wore the gray, Capt. 3rd Texas                  Wilmer, Lambert A.
cavalry, Ross Brigade, C.S. and brigadier general                    The life, travels and adventures of Ferdinand de
Texas brigade, Forrest's cavalry, UC.V.                         Soto, discoverer of the Mississippi.
[Tyler?, Texas]. [c.1907]                                       Philadelphia, J.T. Lloyd. 1858
     Fiche: 31669-31674                                              Fiche: 31708-31714

Hardin, John J.                                                 Simonin, Louis L.
     Speech on the annexation of Texas, delivered in                 Le grand-ouest des Etats-Unis.
the house of representatives.                                   Paris, Charpentier. 1885
[Washington]. [1845]                                            Les pionniers et les peaux-rogues; les colons du
     Fiche: 31675-31676                                         Pacifique.
                                                                      Fiche: 31715-31719
Hough, Emerson.
   The story of the cowboy.                                     Los Angeles (Calif.). Chamber of Commerce.
New York, D. Appleton and Company. 1897                             Good roads in Southern California.
    Fiche: 31677-31681                                          Los Angeles. [n.d.]
                                                                     Fiche: 31720-31721
Jackson, Pearl (C.), Mrs.
    Texas governors' wives.                                     Mission memories: the Franciscan missions of
Austin, Tex., E.L. Steck. [c.1915]                              California.
     Fiche: 31682-31684                                         Los Angeles. 1898
                                                                     Fiche: 31722-31724

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

[Latham, Henry J.].                                            Mills, Anson.
     Among the Mormons.                                              Big Horn expedition, August 15 to September
San Francisco, The San Francisco News Company.                 30, 1874.
1879                                                           [n.p.]. [n.d.]
How an American and an Englishman went to Salt                       Fiche: 31746-31747
Lake City, and married seven wives apiece.
     Fiche: 31725-31727                                        McClernand, John A.
                                                                    Reprint of the separate report of Hon. John A.
Missouri Pacific Railway Company.                              McClernand, as a member of the Utah Commission
     Statistics and information concerning the state           of the Mormon question.
of Texas, with its millions of acres of unoccupied             Washington, D.C. 1890
lands, for the farmer and stock raiser.                              Fiche: 31748-31749
St. Louis. 1889
     Fiche: 31728-31730                                        Mitchell, John L.
                                                                   Description of a trip to California, with the
McCarty, W.C.                                                  board of managers of the National home for disabled
     A few practical remarks about Texas, her                  volunteer soldiers, delivered to the members of the
resources, climate and soil.                                   North-western branch, Milwaukee, Wis.
New York. 1871                                                 Milwaukee. 1888
     Fiche: 31731-31732                                             Fiche: 31750-31751

New York (City) Merchants' Association.                        [Moore, Edwin W.].
      Natural resources and economic conditions of                   [Statements and documents on Texas and its
the state of Texas.                                            relations with Houston].
New York. 1901                                                 [New Orleans?]. [1842]
Report of an examination made by a special                           Fiche: 31752-31755
committee of the Merchants' Association of New
York, by invitation of the governor and legislature of         Nixon, O[liver] W.
Texas, December 1901.                                               Whitman's ride through savage lands with
      Fiche: 31733-31735                                       sketches of Indian life.
                                                               [Chicago] The Winona Publishing Company. 1905
Nebraska, the great wheat, corn, dairying, stock and                Fiche: 31756-31759
fruit country.
[n.p.]. 1904                                                   Norton, Henry K.
      Fiche: 31736-31737                                            The story of California from the earliest days to
                                                               the present.
Los Angeles (Calif.). Chamber of Commerce.                     Chicago, A.C. McClurg & Co. 1913
      California's old mission scenic tour by motor or               Fiche: 31760-31765
Los Angeles. [1916]                                            Linn, John Joseph.
      Fiche: 31738-31739                                           Reminiscences of fifty years in Texas.
                                                               New York. 1883
Lefevre, Arthur.                                                   Fiche: 31766-31770
    Public education in Texas.
[Austin, Tex.]. [1904]                                         Rock Island Railroad Company.
     Fiche: 31740-31741                                             Colorado and the Rocky Mountain national
Mitchell, John H.                                              [Chic.]. 1916
     Oregon presidential electoral vote.                             Fiche: 31771-31772
Washington. 1876
Shall the will of the majority of the people of Oregon,        Rawlins, Joseph L.
as expressed at the ballot box, be set aside by the                Admission of Utah.
edict of a democratic governor? Speeches in the                Washington. 1893
senate of the United States, 1876.                             Speech in the House of representatives, 1893.
      Fiche: 31742-31743                                           Fiche: 31773-31774

Lambert, Will.                                                 Remondino, P[eter] C., M.D.
     "One Texas".                                                    The marine climate of the Southern California
[Austin]. [1885]                                               coast, and its relation to phthisis.
Report of the ceremonies of laying the corner stone            [n.p.]. [1888?]
of the new state capitol, Austin.                              Reprinted from Proceedings of Southern California
      Fiche: 31744-31745                                       medical society.
                                                                     Fiche: 31775-31776

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Remarks in the electoral commission on the Oregon              Portland (Ore.). Oregon Immigration Board.
case, on the 23rd of February, 1877.                                The new empire: Oregon, Washington, Idaho.
[n.p.]. [1877]                                                 Portland. [1889]
      Fiche: 31777-31778                                            Fiche: 31819-31821

Salt Lake City. Ladies of the Church of Jesus                  Oregon, People's Power League.
Christ of Latter Day Saints.                                        Introductory letter; draft of suggested
     "Mormon" women's protest.                                 amendment to the constitution of Oregon for people's
[Salt Lake City, Deseret News Print.]. [1886]                  representative government; the short ballot;
An appeal for freedom, justice and equal rights.               proportional representation in the legislature of all the
      Fiche: 31779-31780                                       voters.
                                                               Portland. 1911
Roberts, Oran Milo.                                                 Fiche: 31822-31823
    Texas [in the Civil war].
1899                                                           The Oregonian, and Indian's advocate.
Confederate military history.                                  [Boston, D.H. Ela]. [1838-1839]
     Fiche: 31781-31789                                             Fiche: 31824-31829

Rock, James L.                                                 Phillips, A. & Co.
     Southern and western Texas guide for 1878.                     ...Phillips' California guide, issued quarterly.
St. Louis, Missouri A.H. Granger. 1878                         San Francisco. 1888
     Fiche: 31790-31794                                              Fiche: 31830-31832

Rathmell, William.                                             Phillips, A. & Co.
     Life of the Marlows; a true story of frontier life             New facts and figures concerning Southern
of early days as related by themselves.                        California.
Ouray, Colo., Ouray Herald Print. [n.d.]                       Los Angeles. 1891
      Fiche: 31795-31797                                             Fiche: 31833-31834

Polley, Joseph Benjamin.                                       Painter, Charles C.C.
     A soldier's letters to charming Nellie, of Hood's              The Oklahoma bill, and Oklahoma.
Texas brigade.                                                 Philadelphia, Indian Rights Association. 1889
New York and Washington, The Neale Publishing                       Fiche: 31835-31836
Company. 1908
     Fiche: 31798-31802                                        Pratt, Orson.
[Robinson, Alfred].                                            [Washington, D.C.]. [1853]
     Life in California; during a residence of several         The state and prospects of Utah; second epistle.
years in that territory.                                            Fiche: 31837-31838
New York, Wiley & Putnam. 1846
     Fiche: 31803-31807                                        Portland (Ore.). Oregon Immigration Board.
                                                                    The Pacific Northwest; its wealth and resources.
Robinson, Fayette.                                             Oregon, Washington, Idaho, the city of Portland.
     California and its gold regions; with a                   [Portland]. [1891]
geographical and topographical view of the country,                 Fiche: 31839-31841
its mineral and agricultural resources.
New York, Stringer & Townsend. 1849                            Pacific Coast Land Bureau.
      Fiche: 31808-31810                                            California guide book; the lands of the Central
                                                               Pacific and Southern Pacific railroad companies...in
San Salvador, Agustin Pomposo Fernandez de.                    California. Nevada, and Utah.
     Los Jesuitas Quitados y restituidos al mundo.             San Francisco. [1881?]
Historia de la antigua California.                                  Fiche: 31842-31843
Mexico. 1816
     Fiche: 31811-31813                                        Muir, John.
                                                                    A thousand mile walk to the Gulf.
Rock Island Railroad Company.                                  Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin Company.
     Hotels and boarding houses in California.                 1916
[San Francisco]. 1915                                               Fiche: 31844-31847
     Fiche: 31814-31815
                                                               Murphy, Thomas D.
The Oregonian, Portland, Ore.                                       On sunset highways; a book of motor rambles in
Portland. 1899-1900                                            California.
The Oregonian's annual number.                                 Boston, The Page Company. 1915
     Fiche: 31816-31818                                             Fiche: 31848-31854

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Pettis, George H.                                               O'Hara, Edwin Vincent.
     Frontier service during the rebellion.                          Catholic history of Oregon.
Providence, The Society. 1885                                   Portland, Ore. 1916
     Fiche: 31855-31856                                         Ed. 2.
                                                                     Fiche: 31893-31896
The Oklahoman almanac and industrial record.
Oklahoma City, Okla. The Oklahoman. 1908                        Potter, Albert W.
A year book and encyclopedia of information                          The plain truth about California.
pertaining to the resources; industries and institutions        Oakland, Cal. 1886
of the great state of Oklahoma.                                      Fiche: 31897-31899
      Fiche: 31857-31860
                                                                Salt Lake City (Utah). Bureau of Information.
Pope, William F.                                                      Utah; its people, resources, attractions and
      Early days in Arkansas; being for the most part           institutions, compiled from authentic information and
the personal recollections of an old settler.                   the latest reports.
Little Rock, Ark., F.W. Allsopp. 1895                           Salt Lake City. [n.d.]
      Fiche: 31861-31865                                        G.A.R. souvenir ed.
                                                                      Fiche: 31900-31902
Paxson, Frederic L. (Frederick Logan).
    The Territory of Jefferson.                                 Smith, Edward.
    Fiche: 31866-31867                                               Account of a journey through north-eastern
                                                                Texas, undertaken in 1849 for the purposes of
Putnam, George P.                                               emigration.
     In the Oregon country; out-doors in Oregon,                London, Hamilton, Adams & Co.; [etc., etc.]. 1849
Washington, and California, together with some                  Embodied in a report: to which are appended letters
legendary lore, and glimpses of the modern West in              and verbal communications from eminent
the making.                                                     individuals.
New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1915                        Fiche: 31903-31906
     Fiche: 31868-31871
                                                                Rocky Mountain News.
Palmer, J[ohn] W[illiamson].                                    Denver. 1883
    The new and the old; or, California and India in            Colorado condensed. ed. 2. Industrial information for
romantic aspects.                                               capitalists and immigrants, freshly compiled by the
New York, Rudd & Carleton. 1859                                 Rocky Mountain News.
    Fiche: 31872-31877                                               Fiche: 31907-31908

Oregon Railroad & Navigation Company &                          Shaw, William.
Southern Pacific Company. Passenger                                  Golden dreams and waking realities; being the
Department.                                                     adventures of a gold seeker in California and the
     Outings in Oregon.                                         Pacific islands.
[Portland]. [1909]                                              London, Smith, Elder and Co. 1851
     Fiche: 31878-31879                                              Fiche: 31909-31913

Powers, Laura Bride.                                            Sheldon, Addison Erwin.
     Missions of California, their establishment,                    History and stories of Nebraska.
progress and decay.                                             Chicago. 1913
San Francisco, W. Doxey. 1897                                   with maps and illustrations.
     Fiche: 31880-31882                                              Fiche: 31914-31918

Parker, James W.                                                Schutze, Albert, ed.
     Narrative of the perilous adventures, miraculous               Schutze's jahrbuch fur Texas und
escapes and sufferings of Rev. James W. Parker,                 emigranten-fuhrer.
during a frontier residence in Texas, of fifteen years;         Austin, Texas. 1883-
with an impartial geographical description of the                    Fiche: 31919-31922
Louisville, Ky. Morning Courier Office. 1844                    Simpson, George, Sir.
     Fiche: 31883-31886                                              California: its history, population, climate, soil,
                                                                productions, and harbors.
Pennybacker, Anna J., Mrs.                                      Cincinnati, J.A. and U.P. James. 1848
     A new history of Texas for schools, also for               From Sir George Simpson's Overland journey round
general reading and for teachers preparing                      the world." An account of the revolution in
themselves for examination.                                     California, and conquest of the country by the United
Palestine, Tex. [1895]                                          States, 1846-7.
Rev. ed.                                                             Fiche: 31923-31925
     Fiche: 31887-31892

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Saintly felicity. On questions affecting their fanatical        Field, Charles Kellogg.
tenets and practices. Should oaths of Mormons be                     Stanford Stories; tales of a young university, by
accepted in the courts?.                                        Charles K. Field, Carolus Ager, Will H. Irwin.
[Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City Tribune]. [1885?]               New York, Doubleday, Page. 1900
      Fiche: 31926-31927                                             Fiche: 33326-33330

[Rollins, John R.].                                             Harte, Bret.
      Notes on Colorado territory.                                  A waif of the plains.
[n.p.]. 1865                                                    Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and
      Fiche: 31928-31929                                        Company. 1890
                                                                     Fiche: 33534-33537
Santleben, August.
     A Texas pioneer; early staging and overland                Harte, Bret.
freighting days on the frontiers of Texas and Mexico.               A ward of the Golden Gate.
New York and Washington, The Neale Publishing                   Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and
Company. 1910                                                   Company. 1890
      Fiche: 31930-31934                                             Fiche: 33546-33549

Ruffner, Ernest H.                                              Harte, Bret.
    Report of a reconnaissance in the Ute county                    Susy, a story of the plains.
(Colorado) made in the year 1873.                               Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and
Washington, U.S. War Department. 1874                           Company. 1893
     Fiche: 31935-31937                                              Fiche: 33550-33553

Seyd, Ernest.                                                   Blake, William Phipps.
    California and its resources; a work for the                     Report of a geological reconnaissance in
merchant, the capitalist, and the emigrant.                     California: made in connection with the expedition to
London, Trubner and Co. 1858                                    survey routes in California, to connect with the
    Fiche: 31938-31941                                          surveys of routes for a railroad from the Mississippi
                                                                River to the Pacific Ocean, under the command of
Schrieke, Bertram Johannes Otto.                                Lieut. R.S. Williamson, Corps Top. Eng'rs, in 1853.
     Alien Americans; study of race relations, by B.            New York, London, H. Bailliere; [etc., etc.]. 1858
Schrieke.                                                       With an appendix, containing descriptions of portions
New York, Viking Press. 1936                                    of the collection, by Prof. Louis Agassiz, Aug. A.
     Fiche: 32481-32486                                         Gould, M.D., Prof. J.W. Bailey, T.A. Conrad, Prof.
                                                                John Torey, Prof. Geo. C. Schaeffer, J.D. Easter,
Brackett, Albert Gallatin.                                      PH.D.
    General Lane's brigade in central Mexico.                         Fiche: 33707-33714
Cincinnati, H.W. Derby & Co.; New York, J.C.
Derby. 1854                                                     Bowles, Samuel.
     Fiche: 32491-32495                                              Across the continent: a summer's journey to the
                                                                Rocky mountains, the Mormons, and the Pacific
Carver, Jonathan.                                               states, with Speaker Colfax.
    ...Travels in Wisconsin.                                    Springfield, Mass., S. Bowles & Company; New
New York, Printed by Harper & Bros. 1838                        York, Hurd & Houghton. 1865
From the 3d London ed.                                                Fiche: 33906-33911
     Fiche: 32523-32528
                                                                Allen, A.J., Miss.
Evans, Lemuel Dale.                                                  Thrilling adventures, travels, and explorations of
     Speech of Hon. Lemuel D. Evans, of Texas, on               Doctor Elijah White, among the Rocky Mountains
the foreign policy of the United States, delivered in           and in the West, with incidents of two sea voyages
the House of representatives of the United States on            via Sandwich Islands around Cape Horn.
the 24th of July, 1856.                                         New York. 1859
Washington, D.C., American Organ, Print. 1856                        Fiche: 33959-33969
      Fiche: 32554-32555
                                                                Barton, David.
Georgia. Convention, 1850.                                            Speech of Mr. D. Barton, of Missouri; delivered
     Journal of the Senate convention, held in                  in the Senate of the United States, February 9th,
Milledgeville, in December, 1850.                               1830, in the debate which arose upon Mr. Foot's
Milledgeville, R.M. Orme, State Printer. 1850                   resolution relative to the public lands.
     Fiche: 32629-32630                                         Washington, The National Journal. 1830
                                                                2d ed.
                                                                      Fiche: 33996-33997

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Bishop, Judson Wade.                                          Saxton, Charles.
     History of Fillmore county, Minnesota, with an                 The Oregonian; or, History of the Oregon
outline of her resources, advantages, and the                 territory: containing the laws of Oregon, with a
inducement she offers to those seeking homes in the           description of the political condition of the country;
west.                                                         as well as its climate, resources, soil, productions,
Chatfield, Minn., Holley & Brown, Printers. 1858              and progress in education.
      Fiche: 34030-34031                                      Washington, D.C., U. Ward & Son; Oregon City
                                                              [Ore.] G. Abernathy. 1846
Blakiston, T.W. (Thomas Wright).                                    Fiche: 35628-35629
      Report of the exploration of two passes through
the Rocky Mountains in 1858.                                  Patterson, Lawson B.
Woolwich, [England, Printed at the Royal Artillery                 Twelve years in the mines of California;
Institution]. 1859                                            embracing a general view of the gold region, with
      Fiche: 35462-35463                                      practical observations on hill, placer, and quartz
                                                              diggings; and notes on the origin of gold deposits.
Johnson, Samuel Roosevelt.                                    Cambridge. 1862
     California: a sermon preached in St. John's                    Fiche: 35630-35632
church, Brooklyn, N.Y. on Sunday, February 11,
1849.                                                         Cannon, Miles.
New York, Stanford and Swords. 1849                                Waiilatpu, its rise and fall, 1836-1847; a story of
     Fiche: 35505-35506                                       pioneer days in the Pacific Northwest based entirely
                                                              upon historical research; featuring the journey of
Clapp, John T.                                                Narcissa Prentiss Whitman, the first American
      A journal of travels to and from California with        woman to cross the continent and look upon the
full details of the hardships and privations: also a          Columbia river.
description of the country, mines, towns, etc.                Boise, Id., Capital News Job Rooms. 1915
Kalamazoo, G.A. Fitch. 1851                                        Fiche: 35633-35636
      Fiche: 35558-35559
                                                              Stensrud, Edward M.
[Espinosa y Tello].                                               The Lutheran church and California.
     Relacion del viaga hecho por las goletas Sutil y         San Francisco. 1916
Meixcana en el ano de 1792, para reconocer el                      Fiche: 35637-35640
estrecho de Fuca.
Madrid, Imprenta real. 1802                                   United States. Congress. House.
      Fiche: 35610-35618                                           [Speeches on Oregon, delivered in the house of
Objections of the Chickasaw, Choctaw, Seminole,               [1844-1845-1846]
Creek and Cherokee Indians to the bill for the                2 v.
organization of the territory of Oklahoma pending in               Fiche: 35641-35651
the house of representatives of the United States.
[Washington]. [1885]                                          Steele, Samuel B.
     Fiche: 35619-35620                                            Forty years in Canada; reminiscences of the
                                                              great Northwest with some account of his service in
Olmstead, John.                                               South Africa.
    A trip to California in 1868.                             London, H. Jenkins, Ltd. 1915
New York, Trow's Printing and Bookbinding                           Fiche: 35652-35658
Company. 1880
    Fiche: 35621-35623                                        Storey, Samuel.
                                                                  To the golden land; sketches of a trip to
Sherwood, J. Ely.                                             Southern California.
      California: her wealth and resources; with many         London, W. Scott. 1889
interesting facts respecting the climate and people;               Fiche: 35659-35661
the official and other correspondence of the day,
relating to the gold region.                                  Sweet, George H.
New York, G.F. Nesbitt. 1848                                      Texas; her early history, climate, soil, and
      Fiche: 35624-35625                                      material resources; with sketches of eastern, central
                                                              and western Texas principal counties and cities.
Shasta route.                                                 New York. 1871
[Brooklyn, N.Y., Southern Pacific Co.]. [n.d.]                     Fiche: 35662-35664
Book of views.
     Fiche: 35626-35627

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

[Strubberg, Friedrich A.].                                   Steele, James W. (James William).
     The backwoodsman; or, Life on the Indian                     California: brief glimpses of her valleys,
frontier.                                                    mountains, lakes and famous places.
Boston, T.O.H.P. Burnham; New York, O.S. Felt.               Chicago. [n.d.]
1866                                                              Fiche: 35700-35701
      Fiche: 35665-35669
                                                             Svenskarne Texas ord och bild, 1838-1918, ett
Stewart, Elinore (P.), Mrs.                                  historiskt-biografiskt arbete och utgivet af Ernest
     Letters of a woman homesteader.                         Severin, redigeradt och utarbetadt af dr. lf L. Scott,
Boston and New York Houghton, Mifflin Company.               pastor R.J. Westberg; granskadt och ofversedt afred,
1914                                                         J.M. Ojerholm.
     Fiche: 35670-35674                                      [Austin, Tex., Printed by E.L. Steck]. c.1919
                                                             2 v.
Stanley, Henry M., Sir.                                            Fiche: 35702-35716
     My early travels and adventures in America and
Asia.                                                        Kino, Eusebio Francisco.
New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1895                                Kino's historical memoir of Pimeria Alta: a
2 v.                                                         contemporary account of the beginnings of
      Fiche: 35675-35684                                     California, Sonora, and Arizona, by Father Eusebio
                                                             Francisco Kino, S.J. pioneer missionary explorer,
The struggle of the Mussel Slough settlers for their         cartographer, and ranchman, 1683-1711.
homes!.                                                      Cleveland, The Arthur H. Clark Company. 1919
Visalia, Delta Printing Establishment. 1880                  2 v.
An appeal to the people; history of the land troubles             Fiche: 35717-35725
in Tulare and Fresno counties; the grasping greed of
the railroad monopoly. By the Settlers' Committee.           Description of the town of Lawrence, Van Buren
      Fiche: 35685-35686                                     County, in the Des Moines valley, Iowa; its hydraulic
                                                             power and manufacturing facilities.
A stage ride to Colorado.                                    Keokuk, J.B. Howell & Co. 1856
Harper's New Monthly Magazine. 1867                              Fiche: 35726-35727
From Harper's New Monthly magazine, July 1867.
     Fiche: 35687-35688                                      Warrum, Noble.
                                                                  Utah since statehood, historical and
Sumner, Helen L.                                             biographical.
    Chronological outline history of Colorado.               Chicago-Salt Lake, The S.J. Clarke Publishing
[Denver]. [1903]                                             Company. 1919
Denver Daily news, April 23, 1903.                           4 v.
    Fiche: 35689-35690                                            Fiche: 35728-35772

Struble, Isaac S.                                            History of Texas together with a biographical history
    Oklahoma.                                                of Milam, Williamson, Bastrop, Travis, Lee and
Washington. 1886                                             Burleson counties.
Speech in the house of representatives, June 3, 1886.        Chicago. 1893
    Fiche: 35691-35692                                            Fiche: 35773-35783

Stevens, Walter B.                                           Johnson, Francis White.
      Through Texas.                                               A history of Texas and Texans.
[St. Louis]. 1893                                            Chicago and New York, The American Historical
A series of interesting and instructive letters by           Society. 1914
Walter B. Stevens, special corespondent of the St.           To which are added historical, statistical and
Louis globe-democrat.                                        descriptive matter pertaining to the important local
      Fiche: 35693-35695                                     divisions of the state, and biographical accounts of
                                                             the leaders and representative men of the state; 5 v.
Statement of the facts connected with the claims of                Fiche: 35784-35826
the creditors of Texas on the government of the
United States.                                               Fernandez Duro, Cesareo.
Washington. 1852                                                  Don Diego de Penalosa y su descubrimiento del
      Fiche: 35696-35697                                     reino de Quivira. Informe presentado a la Real
                                                             academia de la historia.
Steele, James W. (James William).                            Madrid, Tello. 1882
     Colorado via the Burlington route.                           Fiche: 35827-35829
Omaha. 1901
     Fiche: 35698-35699

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Irwin, Inez (H.), Mrs.                                       Victor, Frances (F.), Mrs.
    The Californiacs.                                             All over Oregon and Washington.
San Francisco, A.M. Robertson. 1916                          San Francisco, Printed by J.H. Carmany & Co. 1872
     Fiche: 35830-35831                                      Observations on the country, its scenery, soil,
                                                             climate, resources, and improvements, with an
Fisher, Ezra.                                                outline of its early history...Also, hints to immigrants
     Correspondence of the Reverand Ezra Fisher,             and travelers concerning routes, the cost of travel, the
pioneer missionary of the American Baptist home              price of land, etc.
mission society in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and                    Fiche: 35866-35870
[Portland, Or.]. [1919]                                      Weston, William, comp. and ed.
ed. by Sarah Fisher Henderson, Nellie Edith                       The Denver, Northwestern and Pacific railway
Latourette, Kenneth Scott Latourette.                        (Moffat road) and inducements of the country
     Fiche: 35832-35838                                      traversed by its operated and projected line to settlers,
                                                             miners, tourists and sportsmen.
Fewkes, Jesse Walter.                                        Denver, Col., Majestic Building. 1905
     ...Prehistoric villages, castles, and towers of              Fiche: 35871-35873
southwestern Colorado.
Washington, Govt. Print. Off. 1919                           Utah Federation of Labor.
      Fiche: 35839-35841                                           Directory of the Utah federation of labor of Salt
                                                             Lake City, and Ogden, Park City and Mercur labor
Fielding, Harriet Chapin (R.), Mrs.                          unions, for 1899-1900.
     The ancestors and descendants of Isaac Alden            [Salt Lake City?]. [1899?]
and Irene Smith, his wife (1599-1903).                             Fiche: 35874-35876
[East Orange? N.J.]. [c.1903]
     Fiche: 35842-35844                                      Whitely, Ike.
                                                                  Rural life in Texas.
Boss, Henry Rush.                                            Atlanta, Ga. 1891
     Sketches of the History of Ogle County, Ill. and             Fiche: 35877-35878
the Early Settlement of the Northwest.
     Fiche: 35845-35846                                      [Vizetelly, Henry].
                                                                  Four months among the gold-finders in Alta
Baughman, Theodore.                                          California: being the diary of an expedition from San
     Baughman, the Oklahoma scout.                           Francisco to the hold districts.
Chicago, W.B. Conkey Co. 1886                                London, D. Bogue. 1849
Personal reminiscences.                                           Fiche: 35879-35882
     Fiche: 35847-35850
                                                             Wells, Emmeline B.(W.).
Ballantyne, Robert M.                                             Charities and philanthropies.
     The golden dream: or, Adventures of the Far             Salt Lake City, G.Q. Cannon. 1893
West.                                                        Woman's work in Utah. Edited...for the World's Fair.
London, James Nisbet & Co. 1861                                    Fiche: 35883-35885
     Fiche: 35851-35855
                                                             Wells, William V.
Truman, Benjamin C.                                              Wild life in Oregon.
     Tourists' illustrated guide to the celebrated           New York. [c.1881]
summer and winter resorts of California, adjacent to             Fiche: 35886-35887
and upon the lines of the Central and Southern
Pacific railroads.                                           Whitaker, Ozi W.
San Francisco. 1883                                                The missionary jurisdiction of Nevada.
     Fiche: 35856-35859                                      [n.p.]. [n.d.]
                                                                   Fiche: 35888-35889
Walker, James Lafayette.
    History of the Waco Baptist Association of               Utah Territorial Liberal Convention, 1892.
Texas.                                                            Proceedings.
Waco, Tex., Byrne-Hill Printing House. 1897                  Salt Lake City. 1892
    Fiche: 35860-35865                                             Fiche: 35890-35891

                                                             Whitney, Ernest.
                                                                 Pictures and poems of the Pike's Peak region.
                                                             Colorado Springs. [1891]
                                                                  Fiche: 35892-35893

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

French, D'Arcy A.                                               Ford, Henry Allen.
      English grammar simplified: in which it is                      The history of Putnam and Marshall counties,
clearly proved that in the grammars most commonly               embracing an account of the settlement...of Bureau
used in our schools, the principles, in the most                and Stark counties.
important constructions, are grossly erroneous and              Lacon [Ill.] The author. 1860
defective: and in which some plain and very useful              With an appendix containing notices of old
rules are laid down, for the direction of persons who           settlers...lists of officers.
have not sufficient leisure to enter into a minute study              Fiche: 35918-35920
of this subject.
Galena [Ill.] W.C.E. Thomas, Printer. 1846                      Griffith, D., jr.
In two lectures.                                                     Two years' residence in the new settlements of
      Fiche: 35894-35895                                        Ohio, North America: with directions to emigrants.
                                                                London, Westley and Davis; [etc. etc.]. 1835
Gibson, J. Watt.                                                     Fiche: 35921-35924
      Recollections of a pioneer.
[St. Joseph, Mo., Press of Nelson-Hanne Printing                Hamilton, B.B.
Co.]. [1912]                                                         Historical sketch of Jersey county, Illinois.
      Fiche: 35896-35899                                        Jacksonville, Ill., Courier Steam Printing House.
Goodlander, Charles W.                                          Delivered at Jerseyville, July 4, 1876.
     Memoirs and recollections of C.W. Goodlander                    Fiche: 35925-35926
of the early days of Fort Scott, from April 29, 1858,
to January 1, 1870, covering the time prior to the              Hamilton, H.W.
advent of the railroad and during the days of the                    Rural sketches of Minnesota, the El Dorado of
ox-team and stage transportation.                               the Northwest; containing full descriptions of the
Fort Scott, Kan. Monitor Printing Co. 1900                      country - its productions, villages, state of society,
And biographies of Col. H.T. Wilson and Geo. A.                 &c. together with a series of letters upon northern
Crawford, the fathers of Fort Scott.                            Wisconsin, its appearance, improvements, &c. with
      Fiche: 35900-35903                                        table of distances.
                                                                Milan, O.G. Waggoner. 1850
Gravier, Gabriel.                                                     Fiche: 35927-35928
     Cavelier de La Salle de Rouen.
Paris, Maisonneuve et ce. 1871                                  Hanbury, David T.
      Fiche: 35904-35906                                            Sport and travel in the northland of Canada.
                                                                New York, The Macmillan Company; London, E.
Greene, Jeremiah Evarts.                                        Arnold. 1904
     The Sante Fe trade: its route and character.                   Fiche: 35929-35934
Worcester, Mass., Press of C. Hamilton. 1893
Read as a part of the report of the Council at the              Fowler, Smith W.
semi-annual meeting of the American antiquarian                       Autobiographical sketch of Capt. S.W. Fowler.
society, 1893.                                                  Manistee, Mich., Times and Standard Steam Power
     Fiche: 35907-35908                                         Print. 1877
                                                                Together with an appendix containing his speeches
Hall, Barnes M.                                                 on the state of the Union, "Reconstruction" etc., also
     The life of Rev. John Clark.                               his report on the "Soldiers' voting bill" made in the
New-York, Carlton & Porter. 1857                                Michigan Senate, etc.
With an introduction by Bishop Morris.                                Fiche: 35935-35937
     Fiche: 35909-35913
                                                                Grinnell, Josiah Bushnell.
Fletcher, Charles H.                                                  The home of the Badgers, or, A sketch of the
     Jefferson County, Iowa; centennial history.                early history of Wisconsin, with a series of familiar
1776. 1876.                                                     letters and remarks on territorial character and
Fairfield, Ia., Printed at the Ledger Office. 1876              characteristics, etc.
By authority of Board of Supervisors, under the                 Milwaukie, Wilshire & Co. 1845
direction of S.M. Boling [and others] Citizens                  By Oculus [pseud.].
Committee.                                                            Fiche: 35938-35939
      Fiche: 35914-35915
                                                                Gift, George Washington.
Floyd, Charles.                                                       Something about California: being a description
     The new found journal of Charles Floyd, a                  of its climate, health, wealth and resources,
sergeant under Captains Lewis and Clark.                        compressed into small compass.
Worcester, Mass., Press of C. Hamilton. 1894                    San Rafael, The San Rafael Herald. 1875
By James Davie Butler.                                                 Fiche: 35940-35941
     Fiche: 35916-35917

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Goulder, William Armistead.                                   Henshaw, David.
     Reminiscences; incidents in the life of a pioneer            Letters on the internal improvements and
in Oregon and Idaho.                                          commerce of the West.
Boise, Id., T. Regan. 1909                                    Boston, Dutton and Wentworth. 1839
     Fiche: 35942-35946                                            Fiche: 35975-35976

Grant County, New Mexico, and her mineral                     Hadden, James.
prospects.                                                        Washington's expeditions (1753-1754) and
Denver, Col., The Tribune Publishing Company.                 Braddock's expedition (1755) with history of Tom
1881                                                          Fausett, the slayer of General Edward Braddock.
     Fiche: 35947-35948                                       [Uniontown? Pa.]. [c.1910]
                                                                   Fiche: 35977-35979
Flower, Richard.
     Letters from the Illinois, 1820. 1821.                   Herndon, Sarah (Raymond).
London, Printed for J. Ridgway. 1822                              Days on the road; crossing the plains in 1865.
Containing an account of the English settlement at            New York, Durr Printing House. 1902
Albion and its vicinity, and a refutation of various              Fiche: 35980-35984
misrepresentations, those more particularly of Mr.
Cobbett. With a letter from M. Birkbeck; and a                Hicks, Edmund Warne.
preface and notes by Benjamin Flower.                               History of Kendall county, Illinois, from the
     Fiche: 35949-35950                                       earliest discoveries to the present time.
                                                              Aurora, Ill., Knickerbocker & Hodder. 1877
French, Leigh Hill.                                                 Fiche: 35985-35990
     Seward's land of gold; five seasons experience
with the gold seekers in northwestern Alaska.                 Foster, James S.
New York, Montrosa, Clarke & Emmons. [1905?]                       Outlines of history of the Territory of Dakota,
     Fiche: 35951-35954                                       and emigrant's guide to the free lands of the
Fremont, Jessie (Benton), Mrs.                                Yankton, Dakota Territory, M'Intyre & Foster,
    A year of American travel.                                Printers, "Union and Dakotian" Office. 1870
New York, Harper & Brothers. 1878                                  Fiche: 35991-35993
    Fiche: 35955-35958
                                                              Flint, Timothy.
Gage, Thomas.                                                      The history and geography of the Mississippi
     A new survey of the West-India's or, The                 valley.
English American his travail by sea and land;                 Cincinnati, E.H. Flint and L.R. Lincoln. 1833
containing a journal of three thousand and three              To which is appended a condensed physical
hundred miles within the mainland of America.                 geography of the Atlantic United States, and the
London, Printed by E. Cotes, and sold by J.                   whole American continent; 3d ed.; 2 v. in 1.
Sweeting. 1655                                                     Fiche: 35994-36003
Wherein is set forth his voyage from Spain to St.
John de Ulhua; and from thence to Xalappa, to                 Garland, Hamlin.
Tlaxcalla, the City of Angels, and forward to Mexico.             Boy life on the prairies.
     Fiche: 35959-35964                                       New York, The Macmillan Company; London,
                                                              Macmillan & Co., Ltd. 1900
Grandfort, Marie (Fontenay) de, "Mme. Manoel                      Fiche: 36004-36009
de Grandfort".
      The New world.                                          [Eastman, Edwin].
New Orleans, Sherman, Wharton & Co. 1855                           Seven and nine years among the Camanches and
tr. from the French of mme M.de Grandfort.                    Apaches.
       Fiche: 35965-35967                                     Jersey City, N.J., C. Johnson. 1874
                                                              An autobiography.
Grund, Grancis Joseph.                                             Fiche: 36010-36012B
     Handbuch und wegweiser fur auswanderer nach
den Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika und Texas.            Fitch, Franklyn Y.
Stuttgart und Tubingen, J.G. Cotta. 1846                           The life, travels and adventures of an American
      Fiche: 35968-35972                                      wanderer.
                                                              New York, John W. Lovell Company. [c.1888]
Harris, Sarah Hollister.                                      A truthful narrative of events in the life of Alonzo P.
    An unwritten chapter of Salt Lake, 1851-1901.             De Milt. Containing his early adventures among the
New York, Printed privately. 1901                             Indians of Florida; his life in the gold mines of
    Fiche: 35973-35974                                        California and Australia; his explorations of the
                                                              Andes and the Amazon and its tributaries, etc.
                                                                   Fiche: 36013-36016

    Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                  Fiche Listing

Garland, Hamlin.                                                   [Benton, Thomas Hart].
      A son of the middle border.                                        Historical and legal examination of that part of
New York, The Macmillan Company. 1917                              the decision of the Supreme court of the United
Illustrations by Alice Barber Stephens.                            States in the Dred Scott case, which declares the
      Fiche: 36017-36023                                           unconstitutionality of the Missouri compromise act
                                                                   and the self-extension of the Constitution of
Gottfredson, Peter, ed.                                            territories, carrying slavery along with it.
      History of Indian depredations in Utah.                      New York, D. Appleton and Company. 1857
[Salt Lake City, Press of Skelton Publishing Co.].                 With an appendix, containing: I. The debates in the
[c.1919]                                                           Senate in March, 1849, between Mr. Webster and
      Fiche: 36024-36028                                           Mr. Calhoun, on the legislative extension of the
                                                                   Constitution to territories, as contained in vol. II, ch.
Ferris, Jacob.                                                     CLXXXII. Of the "Thirty years' view." II. The inside
      The states and territories of the great west ...their        view of the southern sentiment, in relation to the
geography, history, resources ...comprising their local            Wilmot proviso, as seen in vol. II, ch. CLXVIII. Of
history, institutions, and laws.                                   the "Thirty years view." III. Review of President
New York [etc.] Miller, Orton, and Mulligan;                       Pierce's annual message to Congress of December,
Buffalo, E.F. Beadle. 1856                                         1856, so far as it relates to the abrogation of the
Giving a table of distances, and the most direct routes            Missouri compromise act and the classification of
...also, pointing out the best districts for agricultural,         parties... By the author of the "thirty years' view".
commercial, lumbering, and mining operations.                            Fiche: 36451-36455
       Fiche: 36029-36033
                                                                   Case, Charles.
Herndon, William Henry.                                                 The President's special message.
    Herndon's Lincoln; the true story of a great life.             [Washington, D.C., Buel & Blanchard, Printers].
Chicago, New York [etc.] Belford, Clarke &                         [1858]
Company; [etc.etc.]. [c.1889]                                      Speech of Hon. Charles Case, of Indiana. Delivered
The history and personal recollections of Abraham                  in the U.S. House of representatives, March 11, 1858.
Lincoln; 3 v.                                                            Fiche: 36592-36593
     Fiche: 36034-36043
                                                                   Casey, Joseph.
Clarke, A.B., of Westfield (Mass.).                                     Speech of Mr. Casey, of Pennsylvania, on the
     Travels in Mexico and California: comprising a                President's message, communicating the constitution
journal of a tour from Brazos Santiago, through                    of California.
central Mexico, by way of Monterey, Chihuahua, the                 [Washington, Gideon & Co., Printers]. [1850]
country of the Apaches, and the river Gila, to the                 Delivered in the House of representatives of the
mining districts of California.                                    United States, March 18, 1850.
Boston, Wright & Hasty, Printers. 1852                                  Fiche: 36594-36595
     Fiche: 36368-36370
                                                                   Carver, William F.
Church, George Earl.                                                    Life of Dr. William F. Carver, of California,
     Mexico. Its revolutions: are they evidences of                champion rifle-shot of the world...truthful story of his
retrogression or of progress?.                                     capture by the Indians when a child.
New York, Baker & Godwin, Printers. 1866                           Boston, Press of Rockwell and Churchill. 1878
A historical and political review, by George E.                         Fiche: 37260-37262
Church. Revised from the New York herald of May
25th, 1866.                                                        Tevis, A.H.
      Fiche: 36379-36380                                                Beyond the Sierras.
                                                                   Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & Co. 1877
                                                                        Fiche: 37263-37266

                                                                   Hailey, John.
                                                                       The history of Idaho.
                                                                   Boise, Id., Press of Syms-York Company, Inc. 1910
                                                                        Fiche: 37267-37272

                                                                   Hazen, William B.
                                                                        Our barren lands.
                                                                   Cincinnati, R. Clarke & Company, Printer. 1875
                                                                   The interior of the United States west of the 100th
                                                                   meridian, and east of the Sierra Nevadas.
                                                                        Fiche: 37273-37274

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Hammond, Isaac B.                                             Hardin, John W.
     Reminiscences of frontier life.                              The life of John Wesley Hardin as written by
[Portland? Or.]. 1904                                         himself.
     Fiche: 37275-37277                                       Seguin, Texas, Smith & Moore. 1896
                                                                   Fiche: 37334-37335a
Fulton, Alexander R.
     The red men of Iowa: being a history of the              Schaeffer, L[uther] M[elanchthon].
various aboriginal tribes whose homes were in Iowa;               Sketches of travels in South America, Mexico
sketches of chiefs, traditions, Indian hostilities,           and California.
incidents and reminiscences; with a general account           New York, J. Egbert, Printer. 1860
of the Indians and Indian wars of the Northwest; and               Fiche: 37336-37339
also an appendix relating to the Pontiac war.
Des Moines, Mills & Company. 1882                             Savage, James Woodruff.
      Fiche: 37278-37285                                           A visit to Nebraska in 1662.
                                                              Boston. 1885
Glisan, Rodney.                                               [Coronado's expedition to Quivira] communicated to
     Journal of army life.                                    the Nebraska historical society.
San Francisco, A.L. Bancroft and Company. 1874                     Fiche: 37340-37341
     Fiche: 37286-37292
                                                              Smithers, Wilfred D.
Garrard, Lewis H.                                                  Pancho Villa's last hangout; on both sides of the
     Memoir of Charlotte Chambers.                            Rio Grande in the Big Bend country.
Philadelphia, Printed for the author. 1856                    [Alpine? Tex.]. [n.d.]
     Fiche: 37293-37296                                            Fiche: 37342-37344
Harman, S.W.                                                  Sheldon, Addison Erwin.
     Hell on the border; he hanged eighty-eight men.               [Three articles on a site for the Historical society
Fort Smith, Ark., The Phoenix Publishing Company.             building].
[c.1898]                                                      Lincoln, Nebraska, Sunday State Journal. 1907
A history of the great United States criminal court at        From the Sunday State Journal, Lincoln, Nebraska,
Fort Smith, Arkansas and of crime and criminals in            July 14, 1907.
the Indian Territory, and the trial and punishment                 Fiche: 37345-37346
thereof before...Judge Isaac C. Parker.
      Fiche: 37297-37306                                      Shaw, Thomas.
                                                                   Report of trip through central Oregon during fall
Hanson, Joseph M.                                             of 1910.
    ...With Sully into the Sioux land.                        St. Paul, McGill-Warner Co. 1911
Chicago, A.C. McClurg & Co. 1910                                    Fiche: 37347-37348
     Fiche: 37307-37312
                                                              Society of California Pioneers.
Finerty, John F.                                                    Annual report, 1896-97, 1899, 1900-1915,
    War-path and bivouac, or The conquest of the              1923/1924.
Sioux.                                                        San Francisco. 1897-1924
Chicago [J.F. Finerty?]. [c.1890]                             16 v.
     Fiche: 37313-37319                                             Fiche: 37349-37365

Freeman, George D.                                            Shinn, Josiah H.
     Midnight and noonday; or, The incidental                       Pioneers and makers of Arkansas.
history of southern Kansas and the Indian territory.          [n.p.] Genealogical and Historical Publishing
Caldwell, Kan. 1892                                           Company. [c.1908]
      Fiche: 37320-37325                                            Fiche: 37366-37371

Hayne, M.H.E.                                                 Sherman, Edwin Allen.
     The pioneers of the Klondyke; being an account                The life of the late Rear-Admiral John Drake
of two years police service on the Yukon.                     Sloat, of the United States navy, who took possession
London, S. Low, Marston and Company (Limited).                of California and raised the American flag at
1897                                                          Monterey, 1846.
     Fiche: 37326-37329                                       Oakland, Cal., Carruth & Carruth, Printers. 1902
                                                              [Enl. Monumental ed].
Hamilton, Henry S.                                                  Fiche: 37372-37377
    Reminiscences of a veteran.
Concord, N.H., Republican Press Association. 1897
    Fiche: 37330-37333

    Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                  Fiche Listing

Whitney, Orson F.                                               Wetherbee, John, jr.
     History of Utah, comprising...chapters on the                  Brief sketch of Colorado territory and the gold
previous history of her founders, accounts of early             mines of the region.
Spanish and American explorations in the Rocky                  Boston. 1863
mountain region, the advent of the Mormon pioneers,                  Fiche: 37437-37438
the establishment and dissolution of the provisional
government of the state of Deseret, and the                     Brown, John Henry.
subsequent creation and development of the territory.                History of Texas, from 1685 to 1892.
Salt Lake City, George O. Cannon & Sons, Salt Lake              St. Louis, L.E. Daniell. [c.1893]
City. 1892-1893                                                 2 v.
3 v.                                                                 Fiche: 37439-37453
      Fiche: 37378-37411
                                                                Willson, Marcius.
Webb, William S.                                                     American history: comprising historical
     ...California and Alaska, and over the Canadian            sketches of the Indian tribes; a description of
Pacific railway.                                                American antiquities, with an inquiry into their origin
New York, London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1890                      & the origin of the Indian tribes; history of the United
      Fiche: 37412-37419                                        States.
                                                                New York, M.H. Newman. 1847
Warren, F.K., ed.                                                    Fiche: 37454-37463
     California illustrated; including a trip through
Yellowstone park.                                               United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on
Boston. [1892]                                                  Territories.
     Fiche: 37420-37422                                               Home rule for Utah; arguments made by a
                                                                delegation from Utah, before the Senate committee
Welch, S.L., comp.                                              on territories...in favor of the passage of... "A bill for
     Southern California illustrated, containing an             the local government of Utah territory...".
epitome of the growth and industry of the three                 Washington. 1892
southern counties [Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San                   Fiche: 37464-37466
Diego counties].
Los Angeles. 1886-1887                                          Wilder, Marshall P.
     Fiche: 37423-37425                                             California.
                                                                Boston. 1871
Teal, Joseph N.                                                      Fiche: 37467-37468
      Oregon's heritage of natural resources, shall they
be conserved for the people?.                                   Triggs, J.H.
n.p. 1909                                                           History of Cheyenne and northern Wyoming,
...delivered at the University of Oregon on                     embracing the gold fields of the Black Hills,
Commonwealth day, 1909.                                         Powder River and Big Horn countries.
       Fiche: 37426-37427                                       Omaha, Neb. 1876
                                                                     Fiche: 37469-37471
Texas. Immigration Bureau.
     Texas the home for the emigrant, from                      Wisdom, M.D.
everywhere.                                                          Oregon; a booklet on the resources of a
Houston. 1875                                                   wonderful state.
     Fiche: 37428-37429                                         [Salem, Ore.]. [1909]
                                                                published by the Oregon commission of the
Texas, as it is, or the main facts in a nutshell.               Alaska-Yukon-pacific exposition.
n.p. n.d                                                             Fiche: 37472-37474
      Fiche: 37430-37431
                                                                Union Pacific Railway Company.
Urquhart, David.                                                     Wealth and resources of Oregon and
    Annexation of the Texas, a case of war between              Washington, the Pacific northwest; a complete guide
England and the United States.                                  over the local lines of the Union Pacific railway.
London, J. Maynard. 1844                                        Portland. 1889
     Fiche: 37432-37434                                              Fiche: 37475-37478

Van Arman, H.M.                                                 Townshend, Samuel Nugent.
     The public lands of California.                                 Colorado: its agriculture, stockfeeding, scenery,
San Francisco, Cal., Dewey & Co. 1875                           and shooting.
U.S. Land Law, for preemption of homesteads, etc.               London, The Field. 1879
Map of California & Nevada, together with other                      Fiche: 37479-37481
valuable information for settlers and preemptors.
     Fiche: 37435-37436

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Wilber, Charles D.                                             United States. Library of Congress. Division of
    Great valleys and prairies of Nebraska and the             Bibliography.
Northwest.                                                          ...Wyoming; a bibliographical list.
Omaha, Neb. 1881                                               [Washington, D.C., Govt. Print. Off.]. 1936
     Fiche: 37482-37487                                        compiled by Florence S. Hellman.
                                                                     Fiche: 37514-37516
Texas & Pacific Railway Company. Passenger
Dept.                                                          Triunfo Silver Mining.
     Texas along the line of the Texas & Pacific Ry.                Report on the property of the Triuno silver
Dallas, Tex. 1900                                              mining and commercial company of Lower
Corrected to and reissued, November, 1900.                     California, with some account of the mines of the
     Fiche: 37488-37490                                        peninsula and observations on the mode of
                                                               beneficiating silver ores.
Tilton, George F.                                              Philadelphia. 1866
     One hundred miles for one hundred cents,                       Fiche: 37517-37519
Tilton's trolly trip from the sea to the orange groves,
over the Pacific electric.                                     Union Party. California. Union State Convention.
Los Angeles. 1909                                              Sacramento.
     Fiche: 37491-37492                                              Proceedings. 1862, 1863.
                                                               San Francisco. [1863?]
Thomes, William H.                                             2 v. in 1.
    California, as it is and was; a journey overland                 Fiche: 37520-37521
from Boston to the golden state and return.
Boston. 1887                                                   Winter, Nevin O.
     Fiche: 37493-37495                                             Texas, the marvellous, the state of the six flags,
                                                               including accounts of the Spanish settlement and
Wise, H.A. (Henry Augustus).                                   establishment of the Indian missions; the unfortunate
     Los Gringos: or an inside view of Mexico and              expedition and death of La Salle, the romance of its
California, with wanderings in Peru, Chili, and                early settlement and stories of its hardy pioneers.
Polynesia.                                                     Boston, The Page Company. 1916
London. 1849                                                         Fiche: 37522-37528
     Fiche: 37496-37501
                                                               Texas. Insurance, Statistics and History.
United States. Railroad Administration.                            The resources, soil, and climate of Texas.
     California for the tourist.                               Galveston, A.H. Belo & Co. 1882
[Chicago]. [1919]                                              Report... A.W. Spaight, commissioner.
Winter ed.                                                         Fiche: 37529-37533
     Fiche: 37502-37503
                                                               Utah gazetteer.
Wyoming. State Historian.                                      Salt Lake City, Stenhouse.
    Wyoming. Its symbols. Its capitol. Its Historical          2 v.
Department.                                                          Fiche: 37534-37557
Cheyenne, Wyoming Historical Department. 1922
    Fiche: 37504-37505                                         Wolfe, J.M.
                                                                    Nebraska gazetteer and business directory for
United States. Railroad Administration.                        1879-80, arranged alphabetically by counties;
     Colorado and Utah Rockies.                                embracing a general description of Nebraska...
[Chicago]. [1919]                                              together with a complete classified business
     Fiche: 37506-37507                                        directory.
                                                               Omaha. 1879
United States. Railroad Administration.                              Fiche: 37558-37563
     Texas winter resorts.
[Chicago]. [1919]                                              Utah state gazetteer and business directory.
     Fiche: 37508-37509                                        Salt Lake City, R.L. Polk. 1900
                                                               v. 1.
[Wood, Stanley].                                                     Fiche: 37564-37572
     With nature in Colorado: a brief resume of the
grandeur of the Rocky mountain region.                         Wright, Robert Marr.
[Denver, Carson-Harper Printing]. [1905]                            Dodge City, the cowboy capital, and the great
     Fiche: 37510-37511                                        southwest in the days of the wild Indian, the buffalo,
                                                               the cowboy, dance halls. Gambling halls and bad
Texan Emigration & Land Co., pub.                              men.
    A descriptive view of Texas, the beautiful land.           [Wichita, Kan., Wichita Eagle Press]. [c.1913]
Louisville, KY. 1870                                                Fiche: 37573-37578
     Fiche: 37512-37513

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Union Pacific Railway Company.                               Hastings, Frank S.
     Resources and attractions of the Texas                        A ranchman's recollections; an autobiography in
panhandle for the homeseeker, capitalist and tourist.        which unfamiliar facts bearing upon the origin of the
St. Louis. 1892                                              cattle industry in the Southwest and of the American
     Fiche: 37579-37581                                      packing business are stated, and characteristic
                                                             incidents recorded.
Frejes, Francisco.                                           Chicago, Ill., The Breeder's Gazette. 1921
     Historia breve de la conquista de los estados                 Fiche: 37631-37634
independientes del Imperio mexicano.
Guadelajara, Tip. De S. Banada. 1878                         Hawkins, John P.
Edicion del "Estado de Jalisco".                                  Memoranda concerning some branches of the
     Fiche: 37582-37585                                      Hawkins family and connections.
                                                             [Indianapolis, Ind.]. [1913]
Grinnell, Joseph.                                                 Fiche: 37635-37637
     Gold hunting in Alaska as told by Joseph
Grinnell.                                                    [Himmelwright, Abraham Lincoln A.].
Elgin Ill., Chicago, David C. Cook Publishing                     In the heart of the Bitter-Root mountains; the
Company. [c.1901]                                            story of "The Carlin hunting party,"
     Fiche: 37586-37588                                      September-December, 1893.
                                                             New York [etc.] G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1895
Gunn, Lewis Carstairs.                                             Fiche: 37638-37642
      Records of a California family; journals and
letters of Lewis C. Gunn and Elizabeth Le Breton             Gebow, Joseph A.
Gunn, edited by Anna Lee Marston.                                 A vocabulary of the Snake, or, Sho-sho-cay
San Diego, Calif. 1928                                       dialect.
      Fiche: 37589-37593                                     Green River City, Wg. Ter., Freeman & Bro. 1868
                                                             2d ed. rev. and improved.
Frewen, Moreton.                                                  Fiche: 37643-37644
    Melton Mowbray, and other memories.
London, H. Jenkins Limited. 1924                             Hambleton, Chalkley J.
    Fiche: 37594-37598                                           A gold hunter's experience.
                                                             Chicago [Printed by R.R. Donnelly and Sons
Fulton, Ambrose C.                                           Company]. 1898
      A life's voyage; a diary of a sailor on sea and             Fiche: 37645-37647
New York, The author. 1898                                   Frizzell, Lodisa, Mrs.
      Fiche: 37599-37606                                           Across the plains to California in 1852; journal.
                                                             [New York] The New York Public Library. 1915
Graves, H.A.                                                 ed. from the original manuscript in the New York
     Andrew Jackson Potter, the fighting parson of           public library.
the Texas frontier.                                                Fiche: 37648-37649
Nashville, Tenn., Southern Methodist Publishing
House. 1881                                                  Green, James S.
Six years of Indian warfare in New Mexico and                     Substance of an argument, before the Supreme
Arizona.                                                     Court, U.S. in the case concerning the boundary line,
     Fiche: 37607-37612                                      between the state of Missouri and the state of Iowa.
                                                             St. Louis, Printed at the Union Job Office. 1849
Greene, Mary, Mrs.                                                Fiche: 37650-37651
    Life, three sermons, and some of the
miscellaneous writings of Rev. Jesse Greene.                 Hamilton, William T.
Lexington, Mo., Patterson & Julian - Express                      My sixty years on the plains trapping, trading,
Machine Press. 1852                                          and Indian fighting.
     Fiche: 37613-37616                                      New York, Forest and Stream Publishing Co. 1905
                                                                  Fiche: 37652-37655
Gregg, Thomas.
     History of Hancock County, Illinois, together           Gifford, Ruth.
with an outside history of the State, and a digest of             Early California, historical highlights,
State laws.                                                  1540-1848.
Chicago, C.C. Chapman. 1880                                  Los Angeles, Calif., C.T. Henderson. [1935]
      Fiche: 37617-37628                                          Fiche: 37656-37657
Harris, Branson L.
     Some recollections of my boyhood.
[Indianapolis, The Hollenbeck Press]. [19--]
     Fiche: 37629-37630

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Glazier, Willard.                                             Clarke, Thomas Curtis.
     Ocean to ocean on horseback; being the story of                An account of the iron railway bridge across the
a tour in the saddle from the Atlantic to the Pacific;        Mississippi River at Quincy, Illinois.
with especial reference to the early history and              New York, D. Van Nostrand. 1869
development of cities and towns along the route.              By Thomas Curtis Clarke, C.E., engineer-in-chief.
Philadelphia, W. Ziegler Company. [1895]                      Illustrated by twenty-one lithographic plates.
      Fiche: 37658-37664                                            Fiche: 39334-39336

Wolfe, J.M.                                                   Clarke, John Hopkins.
    Souvenir of the Nebraska legislature 1895-96.                  Speech of Mr. Clarke, of Rhode Island, on the
Omaha, Neb. 1895                                              California claims.
    Fiche: 37665-37668                                        Washington, Printed by J.T. Tower. 1848
                                                              Delivered in the Senate of the United States, April
Anderson, Nephi.                                              25, 1848.
     Added upon. A story.                                          Fiche: 39430-39431
Salt Lake City, Utah, Deseret News, Pub. 1898
      Fiche: 37840-37842                                      Brackenridge, Henry Marie.
                                                                   Views of Louisiana; together with a Journal of a
Cary, Thomas G.                                               voyage up the Missouri river, in 1811.
     Gold from California, and its effect on prices.          Pittsburgh, Printed and published by Cramer, Spear
New York, Printed by G.W. Wood. 1856                          and Eichbaum, Franklin Head Office. 1814
A lecture. Delivered at North Chelsea,                              Fiche: 39473-39477
Massachusetts, March 25th, 1856. With some
reminiscences of the place. The principal part having         United States. Census Office. 8th Census, 1860.
been already published in Hunt's merchants'                        United States census of Jackson county, Oregon
magazine, for May, 1856.                                      1860.
     Fiche: 38715-38716                                       [Portland, Or., Genealogical Forum of Portland,
                                                              Oregon]. [1960-1961]
Carr, Spencer.                                                     Fiche: 39570-39571
      A brief sketch of La Crosse, Wisc'n, showing
the location of the place, its surrounding scenery,           United States. Census Office. 10th Census. 1880.
commercial advantages, early history, and the social,              United States census, Jackson County Oregon,
moral, literary, and religious character of the               1880.
inhabitants; and various other interesting items.             [Portland, Or.] Genealogical Forum of Portland, Ore.
La Crosse, W.C. Rogers, Printer. 1854                         1964
      Fiche: 38717-38718                                           Fiche: 39572-39574

Cradlebaugh, John.                                            Wooten, Dudley G.
     Utah and the Mormons.                                         Comprehensive history of Texas, 1685 to 1897.
[Washington?]. [1863]                                         Dallas. 1898
Speech of Hon. John Cradlebaugh, of Nevada, on the            2 v.
admission of Utah as a state. Delivered in the house               Fiche: 39575-39595
of representatives, February 7, 1863.
      Fiche: 38819-38820                                      Wolfe, J.M., comp. and pub.
                                                                    Guide gazetteer and directory of Nebraska
Butterfield, Carlos.                                          railroads... a general description of the state.
     United States and Mexican mail steamship line,           Omaha. 1872
and statistics of Mexico.                                           Fiche: 39596-39599
New York, J.A.H. Hasbrouck & Co., Printers. 1859
     Fiche: 39022-39029                                       Woman's Literary Club, Colorado Springs
Clark, Horace Francis.                                             The Biennial note-book, presented to the
     Speech of Hon. H.F. Clark, of New York, upon             delegates to the fourth biennial national convention
the subject of the admission of Kansas as a state             of the General Federation of Women's Clubs at
under the Lecompton constitution.                             Denver, June 21-27, 1898.
[Washington]. [1858]                                          Colorado Springs, Chamber of Commerce. [1898]
Delivered in the House of representatives, March 24,                Fiche: 39600-39601
      Fiche: 39104-39105                                      Woods, James.
                                                                   Recollections of pioneer work in California.
                                                              San Francisco. 1878
                                                                   Fiche: 39602-39605

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Woodruff, George H.                                           Kip, William Ingraham, bp.
     Will county. [Illinois] on the Pacific slopes, an             The early Jesuit missions in North America.
historical sketch.                                            New York, Wiley and Putnam. 1846
Joliet, Ill. 1885                                             comp. and tr. from the letters of the French Jesuits,
      Fiche: 39606-39608                                      with notes; 2 v. in 1.
                                                                   Fiche: 39685-39691
Gay, Frederick A.
      ...Sketches of California. An account of the            Ladue, Joseph.
life, manners and customs of the inhabitants.                       Klondyke facts: being a complete guide book to
[New York] [Tarrytown, N.Y. Reprinted, Abbatt].               the gold regions of the great Canadian northwest
[1848]; [1925]                                                territories and Alaska.
Also, interesting information in relation to the              New York, American Technical Book Co. [1897]
canchalagua, a California plant of rare medicinal                   Fiche: 39692-39695
       Fiche: 39612-39613                                     King, Charles.
                                                                    Campaigning with Crook, and stories of army
Grinnell, Josiah Bushnell.                                    life.
    Men and events of forty years.                            New York, Harper and Brothers. 1890
Boston, D. Lothrop Company. [c.1891]                          Contents: Campaigning with Crook - Captain Santa
Autobiographical reminiscences of an active career            Claus - The mystery of 'Mahbin mill - Plodder's
from 1850 to 1890.                                            promotion.
     Fiche: 39614-39619                                             Fiche: 39696-39700

Flory, J.S.                                                   Hogan, John Joseph, bp.
    Thrilling echoes from the wild frontier.                      On the mission in Missouri. 1857-1868.
Chicago, Rhodes & McClure Publishing Company.                 Kansas City, Mo., J.A. Heilmann. 1892
1893                                                              Fiche: 39701-39704
     Fiche: 39623-39626
                                                              Kilbourne, David W.
Hans, Frederic M.                                                   Strictures, on Dr. I. Galland's pamphlet, entitled,
    The great Sioux nation.                                   "Villainy exposed", with some account of his
Chicago, M.A. Donohue and Company. [c.1907]                   transactions in lands of the Sac and Fox reservation,
A complete history of Indian life and warfare in              etc. in Lee County, Iowa.
America.                                                      Fort Madison, Printed at the Statesman Office. 1850
     Fiche: 39627-39633                                             Fiche: 39705-39706

Goodwin, Charles C.                                           Art work of Utah.
     The Comstock club.                                       Chicago, W.H. Parish. 1896
Salt Lake City, Utah, Tribune Printing Company.                    Fiche: 39707-39709
      Fiche: 39634-39638                                      Texas almanac.
                                                              Galveston. 1857-1861; 1867-1870; 1904; 1910
Busch, Moritz.                                                11 v.
    Geschichte der Mormonen.                                        Fiche: 39710-39750
Leipzig, A. Able. [1870]
     Fiche: 39639-39649                                       History of Texas, together with a biographical history
                                                              of Tarrant; and Parker counties; containing a concise
Kershaw, W.L.                                                 history of the state, with portraits and biographies of
     History of Page County, Iowa, also biographical          prominent citizens of the above named counties, and
sketches of some prominent citizens of the county.            personal histories of many of the early settlers and
Chicago, S.J. Clarke. 1909                                    leading families.
2 v.                                                          Chicago, The Lewis Publishing Co. 1895
     Fiche: 39650-39663                                             Fiche: 39751-39758

Koerner, Gustave P.                                           Hearne, Samuel.
     Memoirs.                                                       A journey from the Prince of Wales's fort in
Cedar Rapids, Ia., The Torch Press. 1909                      Hudson's bay, to the Northern ocean.
2 v.                                                          London, A. Strahan and T. Cadell. 1795
     Fiche: 39664-39680                                       Undertaken by order of the Hudson's bay company,
                                                              for the discovery of copper mines, a northwest
King, Charles.                                                passage, &c. in the years 1769, 1770, 1771 & 1772.
     Trials of a staff-officer.                                     Fiche: 39759-39777
Philadelphia, L.R. Hamersly & Co. 1891
     Fiche: 39681-39684

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Filisola, Vicente.                                            Kotzebue, Otto von.
     Evacuation of Texas.                                          A voyage of discovery, into the South sea and
Columbia [Tex.] G. & T.H. Borden, Public Printers.            Beering's straits, for the purpose of exploring a
1837                                                          north-east passage, undertaken in the years
Translation of the Representation addressed to the            1815-1818, at the expense of His Highness...Count
supreme government, by Gen. Vicente Filisola, in              Romanzoff, in the ship Rurick, under the command
defence of his honor, and explanation of his                  of the lieutenant in the Russian imperial navy, Otto
operations as commander-in-chief of the army                  von Kotzebue.
against Texas.                                                London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown.
      Fiche: 39778-39779                                      1821
                                                              3 v.
[Fish, Reeder McCandless].                                          Fiche: 39804-39819
     The Grim chieftain of Kansas, and other
freestate men in their struggles against slavery.             Keyes, Erasmus D.
Cherryvale, Kan., Clarion Book Print. 1885                          Fifty years' observations of men and events,
      Fiche: 39780-39782                                      civil and military.
                                                              New York, C. Scribners Sons. 1884
Kirk, Robert C.                                                     Fiche: 39820-39826
    Twelve months in Klondike.
London, W. Heinemann. 1899                                    Kelly, Fanny (C.).
    Fiche: 39783-39787                                             Narrative of my captivity among the Sioux
Hollister, Uriah S.                                           Cincinnati, Wilstach, Baldin & Co. 1871
     The Navajo and his blanket.                                   Fiche: 39827-39831
Denver, Colorado. 1903
     Fiche: 39788-39790                                       Hines, Harvey K.
                                                                   At sea ad in port: or, Life and experience of
Hind, Henry Youle.                                            William S. Fletcher, for thirty years seaman's
     Report on a topographical & geological                   missionary in Portland, Oregon.
exploration of the canoe route between Fort William,          Portland, Or., The J.K. Gill Company. 1898
lake Superior, and Fort Garry, Red river; and also of              Fiche: 39832-39835
the valley of Red river, north of the 49th parallel,
during the summer of 1857.                                    Kip, Lawrence.
Toronto, S. Derbishire & G. Desbarates, law-printer                Army life on the Pacific; a journal of the
to the Queen's most excellent Majesty. 1858                   expedition against the northern Indians, the tribes of
      Fiche: 39791-39792                                      the Coeur d'Alenes, Spokans, and Pelouzes, in the
                                                              summer of 1858.
Jenney, Walter P.                                             New York, Redfield. 1859
     The mineral wealth, climate and rain-fall, and                Fiche: 39836-39838
natural resources of the Black hills of Dakota.
Washington, Govt. Print. Off. 1876                            Butcher, Solomon D.S.D.
     Fiche: 39793-39794                                            Butcher's pioneer history of Custer county, and
                                                              short sketches of early days in Nebraska.
King, Charles.                                                Broken Bow, Neb. [Denver, Colo., The Merchants
     ...Campaigning with Crook.                               Publishing Co.]. c.1901
Milwaukee, Printed by the Sentinel Company. 1880                    Fiche: 39839-39844
At head of the title: The Fifth cavalry in the Sioux
war of 1876.                                                  Bingham, Helen.
      Fiche: 39795-39797                                           In Tamal land.
                                                              San Francisco, The Calkins Publishing House.
Illinois Central Railroad Company.                            [c.1906]
      ...Documents relating to the organization of the             Fiche: 39845-39847
Illinois central rail-road company.
New-York, G.S. Roe, Printer. 1855                             History of southeastern Dakota, its settlement and
3d ed.                                                        growth, geological and physical features - incidents
       Fiche: 39798-39799                                     of pioneer life - biographical sketches.
                                                              Sioux City, Ia., Western Publishing Company. 1881
A historical descriptive and commercial directory of                Fiche: 39848-39852
Owyhee County, Idaho. January 1898.
Silver City, Id., Press of the Owyhee Avalanche.
     Fiche: 39800-39803

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Bronaugh, Warren C.                                         Hall, A.J.
     The Youngers' fight for freedom; a southern                 ...Early and authentic history of Omaha,
soldier's twenty years campaign to open northern            1857-1870.
prison doors.                                               [Omaha] A.J. Hall. [1870]
Columbia, Mo., Printed for the author by E.W.                     Fiche: 39913-39914
Stephens Publishing Company. 1906
Anecdotes of war days...who spent the period from           Wilson, Jeremiah M.
1882 to 1902 to secure release from Minnesota state              Admission of Utah.
penitentiary.                                               Washington, D.C. 1888
     Fiche: 39853-39858                                     Argument on the admission of Utah as a state, made
                                                            before the committee on territories of the United
Nebraska State Historical Society.                          States senate.
      Publications.                                              Fiche: 39917-39918
Lincoln, Neb. 1885-1895
v. 1; 5 v.                                                  King, Clarence.
      Fiche: 39859-39887                                        Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada.
                                                            Boston, J.R. Osgood and Company. 1882
Kempker, John F.                                                 Fiche: 39919-39923
     History of the Catholic church in Iowa.
Iowa City, Ia., Republican Publishing Company.              Gillmore, Parker.
1887                                                            A hunter's adventures in the great West.
Part I. Comprising information on the early days,           London, Hurst and Blackett. 1871
origin and progress of the diocese of Dubuque,                   Fiche: 39924-39928
missions amongst the Indian tribes.
      Fiche: 39888-39889                                    Furnas, Robert W.
                                                                 Nebraska: her resources, advantages,
Wallace, William Ross.                                      advancement and promises.
      Echo Park Dam.                                        New Orleans, F.A. Brandt & Co. 1885
[Salt Lake City?]. [1954?]                                  prepared and compiled by Robt. W. Furnas.
      Fiche: 39890-39891                                         Fiche: 39929-39930
Crocheron, Augusta.                                         Jamison, Matthew H.
     Representative women of Deseret.                           Recollections of pioneer and army life.
Salt Lake City, Printed by J.C. Graham & Co. 1884           Kansas City, Hudson Press. [1911]
      Fiche: 39892-39894                                        Fiche: 39931-39935

Bracht, Viktor.                                             Iowa. Constitutional Convention.
     Texas in Jahre 1848.                                         Journal of the Constitutional convention of the
Elberfeld and Iserlohn, Julius Badeker. 1849                state of Iowa, in session at Iowa City, from the
     Fiche: 39895-39899                                     nineteenth day of January, A.D. one thousand eight
                                                            hundred and fifty-seven, to the fifth day of March of
United States. Census Office. 9th Census, 1870.             the same year inclusive.
     United States census of Jackson county, Oregon,        Muscatine, Printed by J. Mahin. 1857
1870.                                                             Fiche: 39936-39941
[Portland, Or., Genealogical Forum of Portland,
Oregon]. [1962-1965]                                        Barrows, William.
     Fiche: 39900-39901                                         The United States of yesterday and of
Utah counties magazine. July 1966, 1967.                    Boston, Roberts Brothers. 1888
[Kaysville]. 1966, 1967                                          Fiche: 39942-39947
     Fiche: 39902-39904
                                                            Byers, Samuel H.M.
Winkler, Ernest W.                                              With fire and sword.
    Check list of Texas imprints, 1846-1860.                New York, The Neale Publishing Company. 1911
Austin, Texas, State Historical Association. 1949               Fiche: 39948-39951
     Fiche: 39905-39909
                                                            Brosnan, Cornelius J.
Wedel, Waldo R.                                                  History of the state of Idaho.
   ...An introduction to Pawnee archeology.                 New York, Chicago [etc.] C. Scribner's Sons.
Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Off. 1936                     [c.1918]
    Fiche: 39910-39912                                           Fiche: 39952-39955

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Ayers, Nathaniel M.                                            Seward, William Henry.
      Building a new empire; a historical story of the              Speech of William H. Seward, on the admission
settlement of the wild West.                                   of California.
New York, Chicago [etc.] Broadway Publishing Co.               Washington, Printed and for sale by Buell &
[c.1910]                                                       Blanchard. 1850
      Fiche: 39956-39959                                       Delivered in the Senate of the United States, March
                                                               11, 1850.
Bronson, Edgar B.                                                   Fiche: 41819-41820
    The red-blooded.
Chicago, A.C. McClurg & Co. 1910                               American Bureau of Mines, New York. Union
     Fiche: 39960-39965                                        Pacific Railroad.
                                                                    A geological & agricultural survey of 100 miles
Johnson, Edwin F.                                              west of Omaha.
     Railroad to the Pacific.                                  New York, American Bureau of Mines. 1866
New York, Railroad Journal Job Printing Office.                     Fiche: 42208-42209
Northern route. Its general character, relative merits,        Borland, Solon.
etc.                                                                Speech of Hon. Solon Borland, of Arkansas,
     Fiche: 39966-39969                                        against the Collins line of steamers, and against
                                                               special legislation--the doctrine of protection--and all
Iowa. Board of Immigration.                                    monopolies.
     Iowa: the home for immigrants, being a treatise           Washington, Printed at the Congressional Globe
on the resources of Iowa.                                      Office. 1852
Des Moines, Mills & Co. 1870                                   Delivered in the Senate of the United States, May 12
     Fiche: 39970-39972                                        and 17, 1852.
                                                                    Fiche: 42809-42810
Bates, Edmond F.
    History and reminiscences of Denton County.                The amulet: a tale of Spanish California.
Denton, Tex., McNitzky Printing Company. [c.1918]              London, Longmans, Green, and Co. 1865
     Fiche: 39973-39978                                             Fiche: 43416-43423
Agassiz, Louis.                                                Amphlett, William.
      On extraordinary fishes from California,                      The emigrant's directory to the western states of
constituting a new family.                                     North America; including a voyage out from
New Haven. 11/1863                                             Liverpool; the geography and topography of the
Extracted from the American journal of science and             whole western country, according to its latest
arts, vol XVI, 2d ser.                                         improvements; with instructions for descending the
      Fiche: 40227-40227a                                      rivers Ohio and Mississippi; also, a brief account of a
                                                               new British settlement on the headwaters of the
Brewerton, George Douglas.                                     Susquehanna, in Philadelphia.
     The war in Kansas.                                        London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown.
New York, Derby & Jackson; Cincinnati, H.W.                    1819
Derby. 1856                                                          Fiche: 43469-43474
A rough trip to the border, among new homes and a
strange people.                                                Iowa. State Historical Society.
     Fiche: 40271-40276                                            Constitution of the State historical society of
Adams, John Quincy, pres. U.S.                                 [Iowa City] Printed by Jerome & Duncan. 1861
     The duplicate letters, the fisheries and the                   Fiche: 44200-44201
Washington, Printed by Davis and Force. 1822                   Great trans-continental railroad guide, containing a
Documents relating to transactions at the negotiation          full and authentic description of over five hundred
of Ghent. Collected and pub. by John Quincy Adams,             cities, towns, villages, stations, government
one of the commissioners of the United States at that          forts...summer resorts.
negotiation.                                                   Chicago, G.A. Crofutt & Co. 1869
     Fiche: 40613-40616                                              Fiche: 44202-44206

Allen, Lewis Leonidas.                                         Handly, James.
     Pencillings of scenes upon the Rio Grande;                     The resources of Madison County, Montana.
originally pub. bu [!] the Saint Louis American.               [San Francisco, Francis & Valentine]. [1872]
New York. 1848                                                      Fiche: 44207-44208
By the Rev. L.L. Allen. Late chaplain to the La.
Volunteers, in the United States service, upon the Rio
Grande; [2d ed., enl. and improved].
      Fiche: 40764-40766

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Spurr, Josiah E.                                           Kerr, Lewis.
     ...Atlas to accompany Monograph xxxi on the                 An exposition of the criminal laws of the
geology of the Aspen district, Colorado.                   territory of Orleans.
Washington. 1898                                           New Orleans: Printed by John Mowry. 1806
      Fiche: 44209-44211a                                  By order of government.
                                                                 Fiche: 44254-44256
Hobart, Chauncey.
     Recollections of my life.                             Hyde, S.C.
Red Wing [Minn.] Red Wing Printing Co. 1885                     Historical sketch of Lyon county, Iowa.
Fifty years of itinerancy in the Northwest.                Lemars, Ia., Sentinel Print. 1872
      Fiche: 44212-44217                                   Published by authority of County board of
De Hollanders in Iowa.                                          Fiche: 44257-44258
Arnhem, D.A. Thieme. 1858
    Fiche: 44218-44220                                     Howbert, Irving.
                                                              The Indians of the Pike's Peak region.
Hopewell, Menra.                                           New York, The Knickerbocker Press. 1914
    Legends of the Missouri and Mississippi.                   Fiche: 44259-44262
London, Ward, Lock and Tyler. [1874]
    Fiche: 44221-44227                                     Howlett, William J.
                                                               Life of the Right Reverend Joseph P.
Hopkins, Sarah Winnemucca.                                 Machebeuf, D.D. Pioneer priest.
    Life among the Piutes, their wrongs and claims.        Pueblo, Col. [The Franklin Press Company]. 1908
Boston, For sale by Cupples, Upham. 1883                        Fiche: 44263-44268
     Fiche: 44228-44231
                                                           [Hughes, William E.].
Hitchcock, Ethan Allen.                                          The journal of a grandfather.
    Fifty years in camp and field.                         [St. Louis, Priv. print., Nixon-Jones Ptg. Co.].
New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1909              [c.1912]
     Fiche: 44232-44238                                          Fiche: 44269-44272
Kansas. Constitution.                                      Hunter, George.
    Constitution of the state of Kansas.                        Reminiscences of an old timer.
[Wyandot]. [1859]                                          Battle Creek, Mich., Review and Herald. 1888
    Fiche: 44239-44240                                     A recital of the actual events, incidents, trials...of a
                                                           pioneer, hunter, miner and scout of the Pacific
Kelley, Hall Jackson.                                      Northwest; 3d. Ed.
      A history of the settlement of Oregon and the             Fiche: 44273-44279
interior of upper California.
Springfield, Mass., Union Printing Company. 1868           Hutchison, John R.
      Fiche: 44241-44243                                       Reminiscences, sketches and addresses selected
                                                           from my papers.
Kimball, Charles P.                                        Houston, Tex., E.H. Cushing. 1874
    The San Francisco city directory.                           Fiche: 44280-44283
San Francisco, Journal of Commerce Press. 1850
     Fiche: 44244-44246                                    Hyatt, H.S.
                                                                Manufacturing, agricultural and industrial
[Kinzie, Juliette A.(M.).                                  resources of Iowa.
     Narrative of the massacre at Chicago, August          Des Moines, Ia., Republican Steam Printing House.
15, 1812.                                                  1872
Chicago, Printed by Ellis & Fergus. 1844                        Fiche: 44284-44286
     Fiche: 44247-44248
                                                           Stellmann, Edith K.
Kelley, Hall Jackson.                                           Katie of Birdland; an idyl of the aviary in
     A narrative of events and difficulties in the         Golden Gate park.
colonization of Oregon, and the settlement of              San Francisco, H.S. Crocker Co. [n.d.]
California.                                                     Fiche: 44287-44288
Boston, Printed by Thurston, Torry & Emerson. 1852
     Fiche: 44249-44250                                    Wheelock, Irene (G.), Mrs.
                                                                Birds of California.
Hubbard, Mary Ann (H.), Mrs.                               A.C. McClurg & Co. 1904
     Family memories.                                           Fiche: 44289-44296
[Chicago?] Printed for private circulation. 1912
     Fiche: 44251-44253

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Reynolds, John N.                                               Brady, Cyrus T.
    The twin hells; a thrilling narrative of life in the            Recollections of a missionary in the great West.
Kansas and Missouri penitentiaries.                             New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1900
Atchison, Kan., The Bee Publishing Co. [c.1890]                     Fiche: 44352-44355
     Fiche: 44297-44301
                                                                Bell, John C.
Wilson, Harry L.                                                     The pilgrim and the pioneer; the social and
    The lions of the Lord, a tale of the old West.              material developments in the Rocky Mountains.
Boston, Lothrop Publishing Company. [1903]                      College View, Lincoln, Neb., The International
     Fiche: 44302-44308                                         Publishing Ass'n. [c.1906]
                                                                      Fiche: 44356-44362
Schuyler, Montgomery.
     Westward the course of empire: "out West" and              Burton, Richard F., Sir.
"back East" on the first trip of the "Los Angeles                   The City of the saints, and across the Rocky
limited".                                                       Mountains to California.
New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1906                   London, Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts.
      Fiche: 44309-44312                                        1861
                                                                     Fiche: 44363-44371
Taylor, Benjamin F.
     Summer-savory, gleaned from rural nooks in                 Iowa (Ter.). Supreme Court.
pleasant weather.                                                    Reports of the decisions of the Supreme court of
Chicago, S.C. Griggs and Company. 1879                          Iowa, from the organization of the territory in July,
     Fiche: 44313-44316                                         1838, to December 1939, inclusive.
                                                                Galena, Printed by W.C. Taylor. 1840
Jackson, Helen Hunt.                                            Published by order of the legislature. By Wm. J.A.
    Glimpses of three coasts.                                   Bradford, reporter to the Supreme court.
Boston, Roberts Brothers. 1886                                       Fiche: 44372-44373
     Fiche: 44317-44322
                                                                [Hyer, Joseph Keyes].
Campbell, Reau.                                                     Dictionary of the Sioux language.
     Campbell's new revised complete guide and                  [New York? Priv. print. for F.D. Potter]. [1931?]
descriptive book of Mexico.                                         Fiche: 44374-44375
Mexico, Sonora News Company. 1899
     Fiche: 44323-44327                                         The Illinois monthly magazine.
                                                                Vandalia, Printed by R. Blackwell;Cincinnati, Corey
Die St. Bernard's-Gemeinde zu St. Bernard.                      and Fairbank. 1831; 1832
     Nebraska, in ihrem Engstehen und Wachsen von               2 v.
1878-1903.                                                           Fiche: 44376-44390
St. Louis, Mo., Gedruckt in der Office der
"Amerika". 1903                                                 Anglo-Californian, pseud.
     Fiche: 44328-44329                                              The national crisis.
                                                                San Francisco, Towne & Bacon, Printers. 1861
Moore, William V.                                               A letter to the Hon. Milton S. Latham, senator from
     Indian wars of the United States, from the                 California.
discovery to the present time.                                        Fiche: 44386-44387
Philadelphia, J.B. Smith & Co. 1858
     Fiche: 44330-44335                                         The immigrants' guide to Minnesota in 1856.
                                                                St. Anthony [Minn.?] W.W. Wales; New York,
Richards, Jarrett T.                                            Ivison & Phinney; [etc.etc.]. 1856
     Romance on El camino real.                                      Fiche: 44391-44393
St. Louis, Mo. [etc.] B. Herder. 1914
     Fiche: 44336-44342                                         Jack, O.G., comp.
                                                                     A brief history of Muscatine; giving its location,
Miller, Joaquin.                                                early settlement, trade, manufactures, fine residences,
     Songs of the Sierras.                                      business houses, etc.
Boston, Roberts Brothers. 1880                                  Muscatine, Ia., Journal Book and Job Printing House.
     Fiche: 44343-44347                                         1870
                                                                      Fiche: 44394-44395
Correll, Hal.
     Into the West, and Along the road to Freedom, a
Columbus, Ohio., The Book Concern. [n.d.]
      Fiche: 44348-44350

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

[Ide, Simeon].                                                 Jones, Charles J.
      A biographical sketch of the life of William B.              Buffalo Jones' forty years of adventure.
Ide: with a minute and interesting account of one of           Topeka, Kans., Crane & Company. 1899
the largest emigrating companies...from the East to            Comp. by Colonel Henry Inman.
the Pacific coast.                                                 Fiche: 44446-44452
[Claremont, N.H., S. Ide]. [1880]
      Fiche: 44396-44399                                       Jones, Daniel W.
                                                                    Forty years among the Indians.
Incidents and sketches connected with the early                Salt Lake City, Utah, Juvenile Instructor Office. 1890
history and settlement of the West.                                  Fiche: 44453-44458
Cincinnati, J.A. & U.P. James. 1853
      Fiche: 44400-44401                                       Jones, Lloyd.
                                                                   Life and adventures of Harry Tracy, "the
Inman, Henry.                                                  modern Dick Turpin".
    Stories of the old Santa Fe trail.                         Chicago, Jewett & Lindrooth. 1902
Kansas City, Mo., Ramsey, Millett & Hudson. 1881                    Fiche: 44459-44462
    Fiche: 44402-44406
                                                               Jones, Thomas Lewis.
Inman, Henry.                                                       From the gold mine to the pulpit; the story of
   The Great Salt lake trail.                                  backwoods Methodist preacher.
New York, The Macmillan Company; London,                       Cincinnati, Printed for the author by Jennings and
Macmillan & Co., Ltd. 1898                                     Pye. [c.1904]
    Fiche: 44407-44413                                              Fiche: 44463-44466

Ivins, Virginia (W.).                                          Oregon Gulch Gold Mining Company, Butte County,
     Pen pictures of early western days.                       California, 1852.
[Keokuk? Ia.]. c.1905                                          Northridge, Cal., California State University,
     Fiche: 44414-44416                                        Northridge Libraries. 1976
                                                                    Fiche: 44467-44471
James, Jesse E.
    Jesse James, my father.                                    Jenkins, F.H.
Kansas City, Mo., J. James, jr.; Cleveland, Ohio,                   Journal of a voyage to San Francisco, 1849.
Arthur Westbrook Co. c.1906                                    Northridge, Cal., California State University
     Fiche: 44417-44419                                        Libraries. 1975
                                                                    Fiche: 44472-44475
Horn, Tom.
     Life of Tom Horn, government scout and                    Anderson, Alexander D.
interpreter.                                                      The silver country; or, The great Southwest.
Denver, For J.C. Coble by the Louthan Book                     New York, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1887
Company. [1904]                                                    Fiche: 44476-44479
      Fiche: 44420-44424
                                                               Idaho. Constitution.
Houghton, Eliza Poor (D.).                                         Constitution of the state of Idaho.
      The expedition of the Donner party and its tragic        Boise City, Id., The Statesman Printing Co. 1889
fate.                                                               Fiche: 44480-44481
Chicago, A.C. McClurg & Co. 1911
      Fiche: 44425-44430                                       Hubbard, Gurdon Saltonstall.
                                                                    Incidents and events in the life of.
Hobbs, James.                                                  [Chicago, Rand, McNally & Co., Printers]. 1888
     Wild life in the far West; personal adventures of              Fiche: 44482-44485
a border mountain man.
Hartford, Wiley, Waterman & Eaton. 1872                        Hunt, George W.
     Fiche: 44431-44437                                            A history of the Hunt family, from the Norman
                                                               conquest, 1066, A.D. to the year 1890.
Holley, Frances (C.).                                          Boston, Press of McDonald, Gill & Co. 1890
    Once their home; or, Our legacy from the                        Fiche: 44486-44487
Chicago, Donohue & Henneberry. 1890                            Estes Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.
     Fiche: 44438-44443                                        [Denver, The H.H. Tammen Co.]. [n.d.]
                                                                    Fiche: 44490-44491
Judd, A.N.
     Campaigning against the Sioux.
[Watsonville, Calif., Press of the Daily Pagaronian].
[July 1906]
      Fiche: 44444-44445

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Visscher, William L.                                          Humboldt, Alexander, freiherr von.
     A thrilling and truthful history of the pony                  Essai politique sur le royaume de la
express.                                                      Nouvelle-Espagne.
Chicago, Rand, McNally & Co. [c.1908]                         Paris, Chez Antoine Augustin Renouard. 1825
     Fiche: 44492-44494                                       4 v.
                                                                    Fiche: 44555-44578
Farrar, Victor J.
     The annexation of Russian America to the                 Hermann, Binger.
United States.                                                    The Louisiana Purchase and our title west of the
Washington, D.C., W.F. Roberts Company, Inc. 1937             Rocky Mountains.
     Fiche: 44495-44497                                       Washington, D.C., Govt. Print. Off. 1900
                                                              Republished by joint resolution of Congress.
Goodwin, Charles C.                                               Fiche: 44579-44581
     The wedge of gold.
Salt Lake City, Tribune Job Prtg. Off. 1893                   Swanton, John R.
      Fiche: 44498-44501                                           ...Indian tribes of the lower Mississippi Valley
                                                              and adjacent coast of the Gulf of Mexico.
Coues, Elliot.                                                Washington, Govt. Print. Office. 1911
    ...Birds of the Northwest.                                      Fiche: 44582-44587
Washington, Govt. Print. Off. 1874
     Fiche: 44502-44511                                       Peck, George.
                                                                  Wyoming; its history, stirring incidents, and
Whiting, Lilian.                                              romantic adventures.
     The land of enchantment, from Pike's Peak to             New York, Harper & Brothers. 1858
the Pacific.                                                      Fiche: 44588-44593
Boston, Little, Brown, and Company. 1906
     Fiche: 44512-44517                                       Abbott, John S.C.
                                                                  ...Christopher Carson Familiarly known as Kit
Boyce, William D.                                             Carson.
     The Hawaiian Islands and Porto Rico.                     New York, Dodd & Mead. 1875
Chicago, New York, Rand, McNally & Company.                        Fiche: 44594-44598
     Fiche: 44518-44520                                       Catherwood, Mary (Hartwell), Mrs.
                                                                  Old Kaskaskia [a novel].
Bancroft, Hubert Howe.                                        Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and
    The new Pacific.                                          Company. 1893
New York, The Bancroft Co. 1900                                    Fiche: 44886-44889
    Fiche: 44521-44529
                                                              Dallas, George Mifflin.
Holtz, Mathilde E.                                                 Mr. Dallas's letter on the Mexican treaty;
    Glacier national park; its trails and treasures.          re-printed from the Public ledger of June 15, 1849.
New York, George H. Doran Company. [c.1917]                   Philadelphia, United States Book and Job Printing
     Fiche: 44530-44534                                       Establishment. 1849
                                                                    Fiche: 46105-46106
Culbertson, Thaddeus A.
     Journal of an expedition to the Mauvaises Terres         Cumings, Samuel.
and the Upper Missouri in 1850.                                     The western pilot, containing charts of the Ohio
Washington, Government Printing Office. 1952                  river, and of the Mississippi from the mouth of the
     Fiche: 44545-44547                                       Missouri to the gulf of Mexico, accompanied with
                                                              directions for navigating the same, and a gazetteer, or
Howard, Oliver O.                                             description of the town on their banks, tributary
      Nez Perce Joseph, an account of his ancestors,          streams, &c.
his lands, his confederates, his enemies, his murders,        Cincinnati, N. & G. Guilford. 1829
his war, his pursuit and capture.                             Also, a variety of matter interesting to travellers and
Boston, Lee and Shepard. 1881                                 all concerned in the navigation of those rivers.
      Fiche: 44548-44552                                            Fiche: 46154-46156

The Broadmoor and Pike's Peak region.
[Brooklyn, The Albertype Company]. [n.d.]
     Fiche: 44553-44554

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Armstrong, Alexander, Sr.                                     [Allsop, Thomas].
     A personal narrative of the discovery of the                  California and its gold mines: being a series of
northwest passage; with numerous incidents of travel          recent communications from the mining districts,
and adventure during nearly five year's continuous            upon the present condition and future prospects of
service in the Arctic regions while in search of the          quartz mining; with an account of the richer deposits,
expedition under Sir John Franklin.                           and incidental notices of the climate, scenery, and
London, Hurst and Blackett. 1857                              mode of life in California.
By Alex. Armstrong...late surgeon and naturalist of           London, Groombridge and Sons. 1853
H.M.S. 'Investigator.'.                                            Fiche: 48885-48889
     Fiche: 47057-47072
                                                              Articles of agreement, for carrying on an expedition,
Chandler, Joseph Ripley.                                      by Hudson's streights, for the discovery of a
     Speech of Mr. J.R. Chandler, of Penn., on the            north-west passage to the western and southern ocean
admission of California: delivered in the House of            of America.
representatives of the United States, March 28, 1850.         1745
Washington, Gideon & Co., Printers. 1850                      Dated March 30, 1745.
     Fiche: 47288-47289                                            Fiche: 49116-49117

Ashley, Chester.                                              Cutler, Rufus King.
     Speech of Hon. C. Ashley, of Arkansas, on the                 Address of Hon. R. King Cutler, United States
Oregon question.                                              senator of Louisiana.
Washington, Printed at the Office of Blair and Rives.         New Orleans, Printed at Rea's Steam Job Printing
1846                                                          Office. 1865
Delivered in the Senate of the United States, Friday,         Proceedings in Congress. The Louisiana delegation.
April 3, 1846.                                                United States officers in Louisiana. The President,
     Fiche: 47451-47452                                       cabinet and Congress. The Louisiana constitution.
                                                              Compensation and negro suffrage. Governor Wells.
Ashmun, George.                                               General Hurlbut. The conservative Union and liberty
     Speech of Mr. Geo. Ashmun, of Mass., on the              party. Advice to Louisianians. August, 1865.
Mexican war.                                                       Fiche: 49596-49597
Washington, J. & G.S. Gideon, Printers. 1847
Delivered in the House of representatives of the U.S.,        Bache, Alexander Dallas.
Feb. 4, 1847.                                                      Additional notes of a discussion of tidal
     Fiche: 47459-47460                                       observations made in connection with the coast
                                                              survey at Cat Island, Louisiana.
[Austin, Moses].                                              New Haven, Printed by B.L. Hamlen. 1852
      A summary description of the lead mines in              By Prof. A.D.E. Bache.
Upper Louisiana.                                                   Fiche: 49604-49605
City of Washington, A. and G. Way, Printers. 1804
Also, an estimate of their produce for three years            Barbe-Marbois, Francois, marquis de.
past.                                                               Histoire de la Louisiane et de la cession de cette
      Fiche: 47727-47728                                      colonie par la France aux Etats-Unis de l'Amerique
                                                              Septentrionale; precedee d'un discours sur la
Caswall, Henry, rev.                                          constitution et le gouvernement des Etats-Unis.
     The city of Mormons; or, Three days at Nauvoo,           Paris, Impr. de Firmin Didot. 1829
in 1842.                                                      Par m. Barbe-Marbois, avec une carte relative a
London, Printed for J.G. F. & J. Rivington. 1843              l'etendu des pays cedes.
2d ed., rev. and enl.                                               Fiche: 49811-49822
     Fiche: 48132-48133
                                                              Atchison, David Rice.
Cullom, William.                                                   Speech of Hon. D.R. Atchison, of Missouri, on
     Speech of Hon. Wm. Cullom, of Tennessee, on              the Oregon question.
the Nebraska and Kansas bill, in the House of                 [Washington, D.C.]. [1846]
representatives, April 11, 1854.                              Delivered in the Senate of the United States, March
Washington, Printed at the Congressional Globe                12, 1846.
Office. 1854                                                       Fiche: 49962-49963
     Fiche: 48399-48400
                                                              Atkinson, Archibald.
                                                                   Speech of Mr. Atkinson, of Virginia, on the
                                                              Oregon question.
                                                              Washington, Printed at the Union Office. 1846
                                                              Delivered in the House of representatives, February
                                                              7, 1846.
                                                                   Fiche: 49964-49965

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Clapp, Theodore.                                              Daggett, Thomas F.
     Slavery: a sermon, delivered in the First                     The outlaw brothers, Frank and Jesse James.
Congregational church in New Orleans, April 15,               [New York] Published by Richard K. Fox, Police
1838.                                                         Gazette. [1881]
New Orleans, J. Gibson, Printer. 1838                         Lives and adventures of the two scourges of the
Pub. by request.                                              plains.
     Fiche: 50892-50893                                            Fiche: 50984-50986

Ruxton, George F.A.                                           [Daggett, Thomas F.].
     In the old West.                                             Billy LeRoy, the Colorado bandit; or, The king
Cleveland and New York, The Macmillan Company.                of American highwaymen!.
1915                                                          [New York] Published by Richard K. Fox, Police
     Fiche: 50950-50954                                       Gazette. [1881]
                                                              A complete and authentic history of this famous
Frost, John.                                                  young desperado. His crimes and adventures.
     Thrilling adventures among the Indians:                      Fiche: 50987-50989
comprising the most remarkable personal narratives
of events in the early Indian wars, as well as of             Darley, George M.
incidents in the recent Indian hostilities in Mexico              Pioneering in the San Juan; personal
and Texas.                                                    reminiscences of work done in southwestern
Philadelphia, J.W. Bradley. 1849                              Colorado during the "great San Juan excitement.".
     Fiche: 50955-50960                                       Chicago, New York [etc.] Fleming H. Revell
                                                              Company. 1899
Fraser, Mary (C.).                                                 Fiche: 50990-50993
    Seven years on the Pacific slope.
New York, Dodd, Mead and Company. 1914                        Dudley, John H.
    Fiche: 50961-50966                                              The climax in crime of the 19th Century, being
                                                              an authentic history of the trial, conviction and
Fuller, Henry.                                                execution of Stephen Merris Ballew for the murder of
     Adventures of Bill Longley.                              James P. Golden, in Collin county, Texas, on the 21st
Nacogdoches, Texas [Baker Printing Co.]. [n.d.]               day of October, 1870, with a short sketch of the early
Captured by Sheriff Milton Mast and Deputy Bill               life of the murderer.
Burrows, near Keatchie, Louisiana, in 1877, and was           Quincy. 1872
executed at Giddings, Texas 1878.                                   Fiche: 50994-50997
     Fiche: 50967-50968
                                                              [Duncan, Lew Wallace].
Furlong, Thomas.                                                    History of Montgomery county, Kansas.
     Fifty years a detective.                                 Iola, Kan., Press of Iola Register. 1903
St. Louis, Mo., For sale by C.E. Barnett. [c.1912]            By its own people... Published by L. Wallace
35 real detective stories.                                    Duncan.
     Fiche: 50969-50973                                             Fiche: 50998-51010

Harris, Frank, of Idaho.                                      Edwards, Mary Virginia [P.] comp.
    History of Washington county and Adams                         John N. Edwards, biography, memoirs,
county; biography of Judge Frank Harris.                      reminiscences, and recollections.
[Weiser, Idaho]. [n.d.]                                       Kansas City, Mo., Jennie Edwards, Publisher. 1889
     Fiche: 50974-50975                                       His brilliant career as soldier, author, journalist.
                                                              Choice collection of his most notable and interesting
Heap, Gwinn Harris.                                           newspaper articles, together with some unpublished
     Central route to the Pacific, from the valley of         poems and many private letters. Compiled by his
the Mississippi to California; journal of the                 wife.
expedition of E.F. Beale...and Gwinn Harris Heap,                   Fiche: 51011-51014
from Missouri to California, 1853.
Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo and Co.; [etc. etc.].        Kelley, William D.
1854                                                                ...The new Northwest: an address by Hon. Wm.
     Fiche: 50976-50978                                       D. Kelley (reported by D. Wolfe Brown,
                                                              phonographer) on the Northern Pacific railway, in its
Hebard, Grace Raymond.                                        relations to the development of the northwestern
     The pathbreakers from river to ocean; the story          section of the United States, and to the industrial and
of the great West from the time of Coronado to the            commercial interests in the nation.
present. Four maps and numerous illustrations.                [Philadelphia?]. [1871?]
Chicago, The Lakeside Press. 1911                                    Fiche: 51015-51016
      Fiche: 50980-50983

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Agee, George W.                                                Kimball, Heber C.
      Rube Burrow, king of outlaws, and his band of                  Journal of Heber C. Kimball, an elder of the
train robbers.                                                 Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints.
[Cincinnati, O., Printed by C.J. Krehbiel & Co.].              Nauvoo, Ill., Printed by Robinson and Smith. 1840
c.1890                                                         Giving an account of his mission to Great Britain,
      Fiche: 51017-51020                                       and the commencement of the work of the Lord in
                                                               that land. Also the success which has attended the
Guinn, J.M. (James Miller).                                    labors of the elders to the present time.
      A history of California and an extended history                Fiche: 51082-51083
of its southern coast counties, also containing
biographies of well known citizens of the past and             Gibbs, Josiah F.
present.                                                            The Mountain Meadows massacre.
Los Angeles, Cal., Historic Record Company. 1907               [Salt Lake City] Salt Lake Tribune Publishing Co.
2 v.                                                           c.1910
       Fiche: 51026-51052                                            Fiche: 51084-51085
Hall, Frederic.                                                Gibbons, James J.
     The history of San Jose and surroundings, with                 In the San Juan, Colorado; sketches.
biographical sketches of early settlers.                       [Chicago, Calumet Book and Engraving Co.]. [1898]
San Francisco, A.L. Bancroft and Co. 1871                           Fiche: 51086-51089
     Fiche: 51053-51059
                                                               [Graves, S.H.].
Hall, Trowbridge.                                                   On the "white Pass" pay-roll, by the president of
     California trails, intimate guide to the old              the White Pass & Yukon route.
missions; the story of the California missions.                Chicago. [The Lakeside Press]. [1908]
New York, The Macmillan Company. 1920                               Fiche: 51090-51093
     Fiche: 51060-51064
                                                               Field, Henry M.
Browne, Alice (Harriman), Mrs.                                      Our western archipelago.
     ...Pacific history stories.                               New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1895
San Francisco, The Whitaker & Ray Company                           Fiche: 51094-51098
(Incorporated). 1903
Montana edition.                                               Filcher, Joseph A.
      Fiche: 51065-51068                                             Untold tales of California; short stories
                                                               illustrating phases of life peculiar to early days in the
Davy, Joseph Burt.                                             West.
     Stock ranges of northwestern California: notes            [San Francisco?]. 1903
on the grasses and forage plants and range conditions.               Fiche: 51099-51101
Washington, Government Printing Office. 1902
     Fiche: 51069-51071                                        Fogarty, Kate H.
                                                                    The story of Montana.
Compendious history of Ellsworth county, Kansas,               New York and Chicago, The A.L. Barnes Company.
from its early settlement to the present time.                 [c.1916]
Ellsworth, Kansas. Printed at the Recorder Office.                  Fiche: 51102-51106
Embracing the executive and educational                        Foght, Harold W.
departments, population, sketches of prominent men,                The trail of the Loup, being a history of the
general character of the land, and condition of the            Loup river region, with some chapters on the state.
people.                                                        [Ord. Nebr.]. 1906
     Fiche: 51074-51075                                             Fiche: 51107-51111

Conn, William.                                                 France, George W.
     Cow-boys and colonels; narrative of a journey                  The struggles for life and home in the
across the prairie and over the Black hills of Dakota.         North-west.
London, Griffith, Farrah, Okeden, & Welsh. 1887                New York, I. Goldman, Printer. 1890
From "Dansles Montagnes Rocheuses,"...; with                   By a pioneer homebuilding. Life, 1865-1889.
additional notes not contained in the original edition,             Fiche: 51112-51119
by William Conn.
      Fiche: 51076-51081                                       Griffiths, David.
                                                                    Forage conditions on the northern border of the
                                                               Great Basin.
                                                               Washington, Government Printing Office. 1902
                                                                    Fiche: 51120-51122

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Cantonwine, Alexander.                                         Bassett, Samuel C.
     Star forty-six, Oklahoma.                                      Buffalo County, Nebraska, and its people; a
[Oklahoma City, Printed by Pythian Times                       record of settlement, organization, progress and
Publishing Co.]. 1911                                          achievement.
     Fiche: 51125-51129                                        Chicago, The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company. 1916
                                                               2 v.
Clampitt, John W.                                                   Fiche: 51164-51175
     Echoes from the Rocky mountains;
reminiscences and thrilling incidents of the romantic          Tyler, John, pres. U.S.
and golden age of the great West with a graphic                     Message of the President of the United States, to
account of its discovery, settlement, and grand                the two houses of Congress, December 3, 1844.
development.                                                   Washington, Printed by Gales and Seaton. 1844
Chicago, New York [etc.] Belford, Clarke & Co.                       Fiche: 51176-51177
     Fiche: 51130-51138                                        Buffum, George T.
                                                                   On two frontiers.
Clappe, Louise Amelia Smith, Mrs.                              Boston, Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co. [1918]
     The Shirley letters from California mines in                   Fiche: 51178-51182
San Francisco, Printed by Thomas C. Russell at his             Illinois College, Jacksonville.
private press. 1922                                                 Description of Jacksonville and of the plot of
Being a series of twenty-three letters from Dame               lands hereto annexed, and now offered for sale in
Shirley...to her sister in Massachusetts and now               behalf of Illinois college.
reprinted from the Pioneer Magazine of 1854-55.                [New York?]. [1836?]
      Fiche: 51139-51144                                             Fiche: 51183-51184

DeVeny, William.                                               Hayes, Jeff W.
     The establishment of law and order on western                  Paradise on earth.
plains.                                                        Portland, Or., F.W. Baltes and Company. 1913
Portland, Or. [The author]; The Dalles, Or., Optimist               Fiche: 51185-51187
Print. 1915
      Fiche: 51145-51147                                       Griffis, Joseph K.
                                                                    Tahan, out of savagery into civilization; an
Donald, Jay.                                                   autobiography.
      Outlaws of the border.                                   New York, George H. Doran Company. [c.1915]
Chicago, Coburn and Newman Publishing Co. 1882                      Fiche: 51188-51191
A complete and authentic history of the lives of
Frank and Jesse James, the Younger brothers, and               Hall, Angelo.
their robber companions, including Quantrell [sic]                  Forty-one thieves; a tale of California.
and his noted guerillas, the greatest bandits the world        Boston, The Cornhill Company. [c.1919]
has ever known.                                                     Fiche: 51192-51194
      Fiche: 51148-51154
                                                               Hopkins, Albert A.
Donovan, Joseph W.                                                  Our country and its resources; what we ought to
     Skill in trials: containing a variety of civil and        know about agriculture-fisheries-forests-Panama
criminal cases won by the art of advocates; with               canal-railroads-manufacturers-automobiles-industrial
some of the skill of Webster, Choate, Beach, Butler,           preparedness-the new navy-the army-our
Curtis, Davis, Fountain, and others, given in sketches         money-aeronautics-motion pictures-the
of their work and trial stories, with hints on speeches        weather-astronomy-the nation's capital-the
and new selections of western eloquence.                       President-Congress-all about the government.
Rochester, N.Y., Williamson Law Book Company.                  New York, Munn & Co. Inc. 1917
1899                                                                Fiche: 51195-51202
      Fiche: 51155-51157
                                                               Hawley, James H.
Arrington, Alfred W.                                                History of Idaho, the gem of the mountains.
     The rangers and regulators of the Tanaha; or,             Chicago, The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company. 1920
Life among the lawless.                                        4 v.
New York, R.M. De Witt. [c.1856]                                    Fiche: 51203-51241
A tale of the republic of Texas.
      Fiche: 51158-51163                                       Mathews, Alfred E.
                                                                  Pencil sketches of Montana.
                                                               New York, The author. 1868
                                                                   Fiche: 51242-51244

    Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                  Fiche Listing

Meares, John.                                                     Maverick, Mary Ann (A.), Mrs.
     Voyages made in the years 1788 and 1789, from                     Memoirs of Mary A. Maverick, arranged by
China to the north west coast of America.                         Mary A. Maverick and her son, Geo. Madison
London, Printed at the Logographic Press. 1790                    Maverick.
To which are prefixed, an introductory narrative of a             San Antonio, Tex., Alamo Printing Co. 1921
voyage performed in 1786, from Bengal, in the ship                ed by Rena Maverick Green.
Nootka; observations on the probable existence of a                    Fiche: 51289-51291
North west passage; and some account of the trade
between the north west coast of America and China;                Miles, William, of Carlisle, Pa.
and the latter country and Great Britain.                              Journal of the sufferings and hardships of Capt.
     Fiche: 51245-51253                                           Parker H. French's overland expedition to California,
                                                                  which left New York city, May 13th 1850, and
Miles, Nelson Appleton.                                           arrived at San Francisco, Dec. 14.
     Personal recollections and observations of                   Chambersburg [Pa.] Printed at the Valley Spirit
General Nelson A. Miles, embracing a brief view of                Office. 1851
the Civil war; or, From New England to the Golden                       Fiche: 51292-51293
gate, and the story of his Indian campaigns, with
comments on the exploration, development and                      [Mazzuchelli, Samuel C.].
progress of our great western empire.                                  Memoirs, historical and edifying, of a
Chicago, New York, The Warner Company. 1896                       missionary apostolic of the order of Saint Dominic
      Fiche: 51254-51261                                          among various Indian tribes and among the Catholics
                                                                  and Protestants in the United States of America.
Masson, Louis Francois Redrigue.                                  Chicago, Press of W.F. Hall Printing Company. 1915
      Les bourgeois de la Campagnie du Nord-Ouest;                     Fiche: 51294-51300
recits de voyages, lettres et rapports inedits relatifs au
Nord-Ouest canadien.                                              Mayer, Brantz.
Quebec, Impr. Generale A. Cote et cie. 1889-1890                       Tah-gah-jute; or, Logan and Captain Michael
2 v.                                                              Creasap; a discourse by Brantz Mayer; delivered in
      Fiche: 51262-51275                                          Baltimore, before the Maryland historical
                                                                  society...May, 1851.
Michaux, Andre.                                                   [Baltimore, Printed by J. Murphy & Co.]. 1851
     Journal of Andrei Michaux, 1793-1796.                              Fiche: 51301-51302
Cleveland. 1904
Translated from the original French journal first                 [Maltby, William J.].
published in the Proceedings of the American                            Captain Jeff; or, Frontier life in Texas with the
philosophical society for 1889, p. 1-145. (In                     Texas rangers; some unwritten history and facts in
Thwaites, Reuben G. ed. Early western travels.                    the thrilling experiences of frontier life.
1748-1846.).                                                      Colorado, Tex., Whipkey Printing Co. 1906
     Fiche: 51276-51277                                           By one of the nine, a member of Company "E,"
                                                                  Texas rangers.
Merrick, George B.                                                      Fiche: 51303-51305
     Old times on the upper Mississippi; the
recollections of a steamboat pilot from 1854 to 1863.             Mattson, Hans.
Cleveland, Ohio, The A.H. Clark Company. 1909                          Reminiscences: the story of an emigrant.
[c.1908]                                                          Saint Paul, D.D. Merrill Company. 1891
      Fiche: 51278-51282                                               Fiche: 51306-51310

Mason, Richard Lee.                                               Messiter, Charles A.
    Narrative of Richard Lee Mason in the pioneer                     Sport and adventures among the
West, 1819.                                                       North-American Indians.
New York City, Printed for C.F. Heartman. [1915]                  London, R.H. Porter. 1890
    Fiche: 51283-51284                                                 Fiche: 51311-51316

Miller, William H.                                                Marsh, Charles W.
     The history of Kansas City, together with a                      Recollections 1837-1910.
sketch of the commercial resources of the country                 Chicago, Farm Implement News Company. 1910
with which it is surrounded.                                           Fiche: 51317-51321
Kansas City, Birdsall & Miller. 1881
     Fiche: 51285-51288                                           Maury, Dabney H.
                                                                       Recollections of a Virginian in the Mexican,
                                                                  Indian, and Civil wars.
                                                                  New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1894
                                                                       Fiche: 51322-51326

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Marsh, James B.                                               Milfort, general.
     Four years in the Rockies; or, The adventures of              Memoire au coup-d'oeil rapide sur mes differens
Isaac P. Ross of Shenango township...Pennsylvania;            voyages et mon sejour dans in nation Creck.
giving his experiences as a hunter and trapper in that        Testanegy ou grand chef de guerre de la nation
remote region.                                                Creck, et general de brigade au service de la
New Castle, Pa., Printed by W.B. Thomas. 1884                 Republique francaise.
     Fiche: 51327-51330                                       Paris, De l'Impr. De Giguet et Michaud, an si. 1802
                                                                    Fiche: 51369-51373
McLean, John.
     Notes of a twenty-five years' service in the             Drips, Joseph H.
Hudson's Bay territory.                                            Three years among the Indians in Dakota.
London, R. Bentley. 1849                                      Kimball, S.D., Brule Index. 1894
2 v.                                                          By J.H. Drips sergeant in company L, Sixth Iowa
     Fiche: 51331-51339                                       cavalry.
                                                                   Fiche: 51374-51376
Matson, Nehemiah.
    Memories of Shaubena.                                     Merkley, Christopher.
Chicago, D.B. Cooke & Co. 1878                                     Biography of Christopher Merkley.
With incidents relating to the early settlement of the        Salt Lake City, J.H. Parry & Company. 1887
West.                                                         Written by himself.
     Fiche: 51340-51343                                             Fiche: 51377-51378
MacMechen, Edgar C.                                           Methvin, J.J.
    Life of governor Evans, second territorial                     Andele, or, The Mexican-Kiowa captive.
governor of Colorado.                                         Louisville, Ky., Penticostal Herald Press. 1899
[Denver, The Wahlgreen Publishing Co.]. [c.1924]              A story of real life among the Indians.
     Fiche: 51344-51347                                            Fiche: 51379-51382
Matson, Nehemiah.                                             McNaughton, Margaret.
     Reminiscences of Bureau county [Illinois] in                 Overland to Cariboo; an eventful journey of
two parts.                                                    Canadian pioneers to the gold-fields of British
Princeton, Ill., Republican Book and Job Office. 1872         Columbia in 1862.
     Fiche: 51348-51353                                       Toronto, W. Briggs; [etc. etc.]. 1896
                                                                  Fiche: 51383-51385
Majors, Alexander.
     Seventy years on the frontier; Alexander Majors'         McMaster, S.W.
memories of a lifetime on the border.                             60 years on the upper Mississippi.
Chicago and New York, Rand, McNally & Company.                Rock Island, Ill. 1893 [i.e.1895]
1893                                                          My life and experience.
with a preface by "Buffalo Bill" (General W.F. Cody)               Fiche: 51386-51390
ed. by Colonel Prentiss Ingraham.
     Fiche: 51354-51358                                       Marcy, Randolph B.
                                                                    The prairie traveler.
Meline, James F.                                              Published by authority of the War Department. New
     Two thousand miles on horseback.                         York, Harper & Brothers. 1859
New York, Hurd and Houghton. 1867                             A hand-book for overland expedition. With maps,
Santa Fe and back. A summer tour through Kansas,              illustrations, and itineraries of the principal routes
Nebraska, Colorado, and New Mexico, in the year               between the Mississippi and the Pacific.
1866.                                                               Fiche: 51391-51395
     Fiche: 51359-51363
                                                              Jackson, Orick.
Matson, Nehemiah.                                                  The white conquest of Arizona; history of the
     Pioneers of Illinois, containing a series of             pioneers.
sketches relating to events that occurred previous to         Los Angeles, Cal., The West Coast Magazine, The
1813; also narratives of many thrilling incidents             Grafton Co. (Inc.). [1908]
connected with the early settlement of the West,                   Fiche: 51396-51397
drawn from history, tradition and personal
reminiscences.                                                James John T.
Chicago, Knight & Leonard, Printers. 1882                          The Benders in Kansas, by...attorney for the
     Fiche: 51364-51368                                       defence in the trial of the "Bender women" at
                                                              Oswego, Labette County, in 1889-1890; the complete
                                                              story; facts, not fiction.
                                                              Wichita, Kan., The Kan-Okla Publishing Co.
                                                                    Fiche: 51398-51400

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Jennings, Napoleon A.                                        Beschke, William.
    A texas ranger.                                               The dreadful sufferings and thrilling adventures
New York, Scribner's Sons. 1899                              of an overland party of emigrants to California.
    Fiche: 51401-51405                                       St. Louis, Mo., Barclay & Co. 1850
                                                             Compiled from the journal of Mr. George Adam, one
Jerrett, Herman D.                                           of the adventurers.
     California's El Dorado yesterday and today.                   Fiche: 51740-51741
Sacramento, Press of J. Anderson. 1915
     Fiche: 51406-51408                                      Bird, Robert Montgomery.
                                                                  The infidel; or, The fall of Mexico.
Judson, Katharine B.                                         Philadelphia, Carey, Lea & Blanchard. 1835
    Montana, "The land of shining mountains".                A romance, by the author of "Calavar".
Chicago, A.C. McClurg & Co. 1909                                  Fiche: 51749-51755
     Fiche: 51413-51417
                                                             Calhoun, John Caldwell.
Kelley, Joseph.                                                   Speech of Mr. Calhoun, of South Carolina, on
     Thirteen years in the Oregon penitentiary.              the Oregon Bill, delivered in the Senate of the United
Portland, Or. 1908                                           States, January 24, 1843.
     Fiche: 51418-51420                                      Washington, Printed at the Globe Office. 1843
                                                                  Fiche: 52856-52857
Kneedler, H.S.
     Through storyland to sunset seas; what four             Clayton, William.
people saw on a journey through the Southwest to the              The Latter-day saints' emigrants' guide; being a
Pacific coast.                                               table of distances, showing all the springs, creeks,
Chicago, Knight, Leonard & Co., Printers. 1895               rivers, hills, mountains, camping places, and all other
     Fiche: 51421-51424                                      notable places, from Council Bluffs, to the valley of
                                                             the Great salt lake.
Leach, A.J.                                                  St. Louis, Mo., Republican Steam Power
       A history of Antelope County, Nebraska, from          Press--Chambers & Knapp. 1848
its first settlement in 1868 to the close of the year        Also, the latitude, longitude, and altitudes of the
1883.                                                        prominent points on the route. Together with remarks
[Chicago, R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company]. 1909               on the nature of the land, timber, grass, &c. The
By A.J. Leach, secretary and historian of the                whole route having been carefully measured by a
Antelope County pioneers.                                    roadmeter, and the distance from point to point, in
       Fiche: 51425-51428                                    English miles, accurately shown.
                                                                   Fiche: 53020-53022
Lee, John Doyle, defendant.
      The Lee trial!.                                        Clavijero, Francisco Javier.
Salt Lake City, Utah, Tribune Printing Company.                  Historia de la Antigua o Baja California.
1875                                                         Mejico, Impr. De J.R. Navarro. 1852
An expose of the Mountain Meadows massacre,                  Obra postuma del padre Francisco javier
being a condensed report of the prisoner's statement,        Clavijero...Tr. del italiano por el presbitero Don
testimony of witnesses, charge of the Judge,                 Nicolas Garcia de San Vicente.
arguments of counsel, and opinions of the press upon              Fiche: 53029-53032
the trial. By the Salt Lake daily tribune reporter.
      Fiche: 51429-51430                                     [Lundy, Benjamin].
                                                                  The origin and true causes of the Texas
Cody, William F.                                             insurrection, commenced in the year 1835.
    An autobiography of Buffalo Bill (Colonel W.F.           [Philadelphia]. [1836]
Cody).                                                            Fiche: 53188-53189
New York, Cosmopolitan Book Corporation. 1920
    Fiche: 51431-51435                                       The crisis, no. 2, or Thoughts on slavery, occasioned
                                                             by the Missouri question.
Curran, John Joseph.                                         New Haven, Printed by A.H. Maltby. 1820
     Mr. Foley of Salmon, a story of life in a                    Fiche: 53196-53197
California village.
San Jose, Cal., Printed by Melvin, Hillis & Black.
     Fiche: 51436-51438

Dixon, William Hepworth.
     White conquest.
London, Chatto and Windus. 1876
2 v.
     Fiche: 51439-51447

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Confederate States of America. Treaties, etc.                 McGlashan, Charles F.
      Treaty with the Cherokees. October 7th 1861.                 History of the Donner party.
[Richmond?]. [1861?]                                          Truckee, Cal., Crowley & McGlashan. [1779]
A treaty of friendship and alliance, made and                 A tragedy of the Sierras.
concluded at Tahlequah, in the Cherokee nation, on                 Fiche: 54923-54926
the seventh day of October...one thousand eight
hundred and sixty one, between the Confederate                McGowan, Edward.
states of America, by Albert Pike, commissioner with               Narrative of Edward McGowan, including a full
the plenary powers, of the Confederate States, of the         account of the author's adventures and perils while
one part, and the Cherokee nation of Indians, by John         persecuted by the San Francisco vigilance committee
Ross, the principal chief, Joseph Verner, assistant           of 1856.
principal chief, James Brown, John Drew and                   San Francisco, The author. 1857
William P. Ross, executive councillors,                            Fiche: 54927-54930
constituting...the Executive council of the nation and
authorized to enter into this treaty by a general             McIlvaine, William, jr.
convention of the Cherokee people, held at                         Sketches of scenery and notes of personal
Tahlequah...on the twenty-first day of August...one           adventure in California and Mexico.
thousand eight hundred and sixty-one...of the other           Philadelphia [Smith & Peters, Printers]. 1850
part.                                                         Containing sixteen lithographic plates.
      Fiche: 54404-54406                                           Fiche: 54931-54932

Martin, Charles I.                                            M'Gillivray, Duncan.
     History of Door county, Wisconsin, together                   The journal of Duncan M'Gillivray of the North
with biographies of nearly seven hundred families,            west company at Fort George on the Saskatchewan,
and mention of 4,000 persons.                                 1794-5.
Sturgeon Bay, Wis., Expositor Job Print. 1881                 Toronto, The Macmillan Company of Canada,
     Fiche: 54900-54902                                       Limited. 1929
                                                              with introduction, notes and appendix by Arthur S.
Humfreville, James Lee.                                       Morton.
      Twenty years among our hostile Indians;                      Fiche: 54933-54936
describing the characteristics, systems, habits,
religion, marriages, dances and battles of the wild           MacGregor, John.
Indians in their national state.                                  Our brothers and cousins: a summer tour in
New York, Hunter & Co. Publishers. 1899                       Canada and the States.
Fully illustrated from original photographs.                  London, Seeley, Jackson, and Halliday. 1859
      Fiche: 54903-54908                                          Fiche: 54937-54939

Mercer, Asa Shinn.                                            McKay, Robert H.
     Washington territory.                                         Little pills; an army store...being some
Utica, N.Y., L.C. Childs, Printer. 1865                       experiences of a United States army medical officer
The great Northwest, her material resources, and              on the frontier nearly a half century ago.
claims to emigration. A plain statement of things as          Pittsburg, Kan., Pittsburg Headlight. 1918
they exist.                                                         Fiche: 54940-54942
     Fiche: 54909-54910
                                                              McKee, James Cooper.
Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company.                                Narrative of the surrender of a command of U.S.
     Organization, objects and plan of operations, of         forces at Fort Fillmore, N.M. in July, A.D. 1861, at
the Emigrant aid company: also, a description of              the breaking out of the civil war, between the North
Kansas for the information of emigrants.                      and the South.
Boston, Printed by A. Mudge & Son. 1854                       Prescott, A.G. 1878
     Fiche: 54911-54912                                             Fiche: 54943-54944

Hill, John A.                                                 McKee, Lanier.
      Stories of the railroad.                                     The land of Nome; a narrative sketch of the rush
New York, Doubleday & McClure Co. 1899                        to our Bering sea gold-fields, the country, its mines
      Fiche: 54913-54917                                      and its people, and the history of a great conspiracy
Jennings, Alphonso J.                                         New York, The Grafton Press. [1902]
     Beating back.                                                  Fiche: 54945-54948
New York and London, D. Appleton and Company.
     Fiche: 54918-54922

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Howard, H.R.                                                   Jackson, Mary E.
      The history of Virgil A. Stewart, and his                     The life of Nellie C. Bailey; or, A romance of
adventure in capturing and exposing the great                  the West.
"western land pirate" and his gang, in connection              Topeka, Kan., R.E. Martin & Co. 1885
with the evidence; also of the trials, confessions, and             Fiche: 54992-54997
execution of a number of Murrell's associates in the
state of Mississippi during the summer of 1835, and            Lynch, James.
the execution of five professional gamblers by the                   With Stevenson to California, 1846.
citizens of Vicksburg.                                         [n.p. pref.]. [1896]
New York, Harper & Brothers. 1836                                    Fiche: 54998-54999
      Fiche: 54949-54952
                                                               Lounsberry, Clement Augustus.
[Howard, H.R.].                                                    Early history of North Dakota; essential outlines
     The life and adventures of Joseph T Hare, the             of American history.
bold robber and highwayman, with                               Washington, D.C., Liberty Press. 1919
sixteen...engravings.                                              Fiche: 55000-55009
New York, H. Long and Brothers. 1847
      Fiche: 54953-54955                                       Lucas, C.L.
                                                                    The Milton Lott tragedy; a history of the first
Hyenne, Robert.                                                white death in Boone County and the events which
     El bandido chileno Joaquin Murieta en                     lead up to the dark tragedy, and the placing of the
California.                                                    monument in memory of this historic event.
Santiago [de Chile] Centro editorial "La Prensa".              Madrid, Ia., Pub. under the auspices of the Madrid
1906                                                           Historical Society. [1906]
     Fiche: 54956-54958                                        Together with two other short stories of pioneer
                                                               happenings, A sketch of the life of Col. Nathan
Ingham, George T.                                              Boone, the man that explored the upper Des Moines
     Digging gold among the Rockies; or, Exciting              Valley, and A sixty mile race for one hundred and
adventures of wild camp life in Leadville, Black Hills         sixty acres of Iowa land.
and the Gunnison country.                                            Fiche: 55010-55011
Philadelphia, Hubbard Bros. [etc. etc.]. [1880]
Giving a graphic history of the various discoveries of         Lukens, Matilda Barns, Mrs.
gold and silver in the United States, the development                The inland passage.
and extent of our mining industries.                           [n.p.]. 1889
     Fiche: 54959-54965                                        A journal of a trip to Alaska.
                                                                     Fiche: 55012-55013
Hitchcock, Mary E. "Mrs. R.D. Hitchcock".
     Two women in the Klondike; the story of a                 Lyford, C.P.
journey to the gold-fields of Alaska.                                Brigham Young's record of blood! Or, The
New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1899                  necessity for that famous "Bible and revolver".
With 105 illustrations and map.                                [Salt Lake City, Tribune Publishing Company].
     Fiche: 54966-54972                                        [1876]
                                                               A lecture delivered in the First M.E. church, Salt
Hooker, William F.                                             Lake City, Jan.
    The prairie schooner.                                            Fiche: 55014-55015
Chicago, Saul Brothers. 1918
     Fiche: 54973-54975                                        Latrobe, Benjamin Henry.
                                                                    The journal of Latrobe; being the notes and
An illustrated history of New Mexico...from the                sketches of an architect, naturalist and traveler in the
earliest period of its discovery to the present time,          United States from 1796 to 1820, architect of the
together with...biographical mention of many of its            capitol at Washington; with an introduction by J.H.B.
pioneers and prominent citizens of today.                      Latrobe.
Chicago, The Lewis Publishing Company. 1895                    New York, D. Appleton and Co. 1905
      Fiche: 54976-54984                                            Fiche: 55016-55020

Bishop, William H.
    Old Mexico and her lost provinces; a journey in
Mexico, southern California, and Arizona, by way of
New York, Harper & Brothers. 1883
     Fiche: 54985-54991

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Martin, George Washington.                                    Loughborough, John.
      The first two years of Kansas; or, Where when                The Pacific telegraph and railway, an
and how the Missouri bushwhacker, the Missouri                examination of all the projects for the construction of
train and bank robber, and those who stole                    these works, with a proposition for harmonizing all
themselves rich in the name of liberty, were sired and        sections and parties of the Union, and rendering these
reared.                                                       great works truly national in their character.
Topeka, State Printing Office. 1907                           Saint Louis, Printed by Charles & Hammond. 1849
An address delivered at Pawnee Village, Republic                    Fiche: 55052-55054
county, September 1906, the one hundredth
anniversary of the flag in Kansas; also, before the           Little, James A.
Fifty-sixers at Lawrence, September 1907, the                      What I saw on the old Santa Fe trail.
fifty-first anniversary of the invasion of the 2700;          Plainfield, Ind., The Friends Press. [1904]
also, at Old Settlers' reunions at Highland Station,          A condensed story of frontier life half a century ago.
Osage City, Emporia, Alma, and Lincoln Center.                      Fiche: 55055-55057
      Fiche: 55021-55022
                                                              The miners' own book, containing correct
Menefee, Eugene L.                                            illustrations and descriptions of the various modes of
     History of Tulare and Kings counties,                    California mining, including all the improvements
California, with biographical sketches of the leading         introduced from the earliest day to the present time.
men and women of the counties who have been                   San Francisco, Hutchings & Rosenfield. 1858
identified with their growth and development from                   Fiche: 55058-55059
the early days to the present.
Los Angeles, Cal., Historic Record Company. 1913              Long, Stephen H.
History by Eugene L. Menfee and Fred A. Dodge.                     Voyage in a six oared skiff to the Falls of Saint
      Fiche: 55023-55033                                      Anthony in 1817.
                                                              Philadelphia, H.B. Ashmead, Printer. 1860
Moore, Langdon W.                                                  Fiche: 55060-55061
     Langdon W. Moore.
Boston, L.W. Moore. 1893                                      [Loomis, August Ward].
His own story of his eventful life.                                Scenes in the Indian country.
     Fiche: 55034-55041                                       Philadelphia, Presbyterian Board of Publication.
Murray, Alexander Hunter.                                          Fiche: 55062-55066
     ...Journal of the Yukon, 1847-48.
Ottawa, Government Printing Bureau. 1910                      Maxwell, William A.
Ed with notes by L.J. Burlee...Pub. by authority of                Crossing the plains, days of '57; a narrative of
the minister of agriculture under the direction of the        early emigrant travel to California by the ox-team
archivist.                                                    method.
      Fiche: 55042-55044                                      [San Francisco, Sunset Publishing House]. [1915]
                                                                    Fiche: 55067-55070
Lockwood, Rufus A.
    The Vigilance committee of San Francisco.                 Wetmore, Charles A.
San Francisco, CA. 1852                                            Report of Mission Indians of Southern
Metcalf vs. Argenti et al. Speeches of R.A.                   California.
Lockwood, esq.                                                Washington, Government Printing Office. 1875
     Fiche: 55045-55046                                            Fiche: 55071-55072

Long, John, Indian trader.                                    Meyers, Augustus.
      Voyages and travels of an Indian interpreter and           Ten years in the ranks, U.S. Army.
trader, describing the manners and customs of the             New York, The Stirling Press. 1914
North American Indians; with an account of the posts              Fiche: 55073-55077
situated on the river Saint Laurence, Lake Ontario,
&c.                                                           Lapham, Increase Allen.
London, Printed for the author, and sold by Robson                A geographical and topographical description of
[etc.]. 1791                                                  Wisconsin; with brief sketches of its history, geology,
To which is added a vocabulary of Chippeway                   mineralogy, natural history, population.
language...a list of words in the Iroquois, Mehegan,          Milwaukee, Wis., P.C. Hale. 1844
Shawanee, and Esquimeaux tongues, and a table,                    Fiche: 55078-55081
shewing the analogy between the Algonkin and
Chippeway languages.
      Fiche: 55047-55051

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Larimer, William H.                                             [Lancaster, Columbia].
     Reminiscences of General William Larimer and                   Citizens of Washington Territory.
of his son William H.H. Larimer, two of the founders            [Washington]. [1854]
of Denver city.                                                     Fiche: 55116-55117
Lancaster, Pa., Press of the New Era Printing
Company. 1918                                                   Langworthy, Lucius H.
comp. from letters: and from notes written by the                     Dubuque; its history, mines, Indian legends, etc.
Late William H.H. Larimer. Printed for private                  in two lectures, delivered before the Dubuque literary
circulation under the auspices of William Larimer               institute De. 1854 and Feb. 1855.
Mellon.                                                         Dubuque, The Institute. [1855]
      Fiche: 55082-55086                                              Fiche: 55118-55119

Larpenteur, Charles.                                            Lambourne, Alfred.
     Forty years a fur trade on the upper Missouri;                  Pictures of an inland sea.
the personal narrative of Charles Larpenteur,                   [Salt Lake City] The Desert News. [1902]
1833-1872.                                                            Fiche: 55120-55122
New York, F.P. Harper. 1898
ed. with many critical notes by Elliott Coues; 2 v.             Reavis, Logan U.
     Fiche: 55087-55093                                              The life and military services of Ben. William
                                                                Selby Harney.
La Salle, Nicholas de.                                          Saint Louis, Bryan, Brand & Co. 1878
      Relation of the discovery of the Mississippi river        Introduction by Gen. Cassius M. Clay.
written from the narrative of Nicolas de La Salle,                   Fiche: 55123-55129
otherwise known as the Little M. de La Salle.
Chicago, The Caxton Club. 1898                                  Lane, Lydia Spencer, Mrs.
the translation done by Melville B. Anderson.                        I married a soldier; or, Old days in the old army.
      Fiche: 55094-55095                                        Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott Company. 1893
                                                                     Fiche: 55131-55134
La Salle, Robert Cavelier, sieur de.
     Relation of the discoveries and voyages of                 Lane, Samuel A.
Cavelier de La Salle from 1679 to 1681, the official                Fifty years and over of Akron and Summitt
narrative.                                                      county.
Chicago, The Caxton Club. 1901                                  Akron, O., Beacon Job Department. 1892
     Fiche: 55096-55100                                              Fiche: 55135-55148

Lathrop, George.                                                Conover, James F., of Cincinnati.
     Some pioneer recollections, being the                           Oration on the history of the First Discovery and
autobiography of George Lathrop, one of the first to            Settlement of the New World, with Especial
help in the opening of the West, and a statement                Reference to the Mississippi Valley, etc.
made by John Sinclair relative to the rescue of the             Cincinnati, Published by the Society, and Josiah
Donner party, together with Personal recollections of           Drake. 1835
pioneer life, by Luke Voorhees.                                 Delivered before the Cincinnati Literary Society at its
Philadelphia, G.W. Jacobs & Co. 1927                            fourth anniversary celebration. An Ode, Delivered on
      Fiche: 55101-55104                                        the Same Occasion, by Mr. Thomas H. Shreve.
                                                                      Fiche: 55137a-55137
Latta, Robert R.
     Reminiscences of pioneer life.                             Langford, Nathaniel Pitt.
Kansas City, Mo., Franklin Hudson Publishing Co.                      Diary of the Washburn expedition to the
1912                                                            Yellowstone and Firehold rivers in the year 1870.
     Fiche: 55105-55107                                         [St. Paul? Minn.]. [c.1905]
                                                                      Fiche: 55149-55152
Law, John.
     Address delivered before the Vincennes                     Langford, Nathaniel Pitt.
historical and antiquarian society, February 22, 1839.               Vigilante days and ways; the pioneers of the
Louisville, Ky., Prentice and Weissinger, Printers.             Rockies; the makers and making of Montana, Idaho,
1839                                                            Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.
      Fiche: 55108-55109                                        Boston, J.G. Cupples Co. 1890
                                                                2 v.
Lisianskii, Iurii F.                                                 Fiche: 55153-55165
     A voyage round the world, in the years 1803, 4,
5, & 6; performed, by order of His Imperial Majesty
Alexander the First, emperor of Russia, in the ship
London, Printed for J. Booth [etc.]. 1814
     Fiche: 55110-55115

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Isham, W.P.                                                   McCulloch, Hugh.
      Magazine of travel.                                          Man and measures of half a century; sketches
Detroit, Doughty, Straw & Co. [etc.]. 1858                    and comments.
Travel in the two hemispheres; or, Gleanings of a             New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1888
European tour, by George Duffield, D.D. "Land of                   Fiche: 55201-55207
pyramids," or, A winter in Egypt, together with a
"Caravan journey" across "the long desert" by                 Macdonald, James.
Warren Isham. "Sketches of border life," or, Incidents             Food from the far West; or, American
of a railroad survey across the prairies of Iowa.             agriculture, with special reference to beef production
"Journal leaves of European rambles," - ocean                 and importation of dead meat from America to Great
scenes. By D. Bethune Duffield. Travels in the                Britain.
Southwest, - life in Arkansas and Texas, by Gilbert           London and Edinburgh, W.P. Nimmo. 1878
Hathaway; 2nd ed.                                                   Fiche: 55208-55212
      Fiche: 55166-55173
                                                              McDonald, Frank V.
Moffett, Cleveland.                                               Notes preparatory to the biography of Richard
    True detective stories from the archives of the           Hayes McDonald of San Francisco, California.
Pinkertons.                                                   Cambridge, University Press. 1881
New York, Doubleday & McClure Co. 1897                        Comp. and ed. by his eldest child.
     Fiche: 55174-55177                                           Fiche: 55213-55217

McCormick, Richard Cunningham.                                Lee, John Doyle.
     Arizona: its resources and prospects.                         The life and confessions of John D. Lee, the
1865                                                          Mormon.
A letter to the editor of the New York Tribune,               Philadelphia, Barclay & Co. [1877]
(reprinted from that journal of June 26th 1865.).             With a full account of the Mountain Meadows
      Fiche: 55178-55179                                      massacre and execution of Lee.
                                                                   Fiche: 55218-55219
[McCoy, Isaac].
      Address to philanthropists in the United States,        Lee, John Doyle.
generally, and to Christians in particular, on the                 Mormonism unveiled; or, The life and
condition and prospects of the American Indians.              confessions of the late Mormon bishop, John D. Lee;
[n.p.]. [1831?]                                               (written by himself) embracing a history of
      Fiche: 55180-55181                                      Mormonism from its inception down to the present
                                                              time, with an exposition of the secret history, signs,
McCoy, Isaac.                                                 symbols and crimes of the Mormon church.
    Remarks on the practicability of Indian reform,           St. Louis, Mo., Bryan, Brand & Co. 1877
embracing their colonization.                                 Also the true history of the horrible butchery known
Boston, Printed by Lincoln & Edmands. 1827                    as the Mountain meadows massacre.
     Fiche: 55182-55183                                             Fiche: 55220-55225

McClure, Alexander K.                                         Leuba, Edmond.
     Three thousand miles through the Rocky                        La Californie et les etats du Pacifique;
mountains.                                                    souvenirs, et impressions.
Philadelphia, J.P. Lippincott & Co. 1869                      Paris, Sandoz et Thuillier; [etc., etc.]. 1882
     Fiche: 55184-55189                                             Fiche: 55226-55230

McCoid, Moses A.                                              Lewis, Alfred Henry.
    John Williamson of Hardscrabble.                              The sunset trail.
Chicago, M.A. Donohue & Company. [c.1902]                     New York, A.S. Barnes & Co. 1905
drawings by H. Shriner.                                           Fiche: 55231-55236
     Fiche: 55190-55194
                                                              Lewis, Tracy Hammond.
McConnell, William J.                                               Along the Rio Grande.
     Early History of Idaho by ex-U.S. Senator and            New York, Lewis Publishing Company. 1916
governor, who was present and cognizant of the                illustrations by Oscar Frederick Howard.
events narrated.                                                    Fiche: 55237-55240
Caldwell, Id., The Caxton Printers. 1913
published by authority of the Idaho state legislature.        Ludlow, Fitz Hugh.
     Fiche: 55195-55200                                            The heart of the continent: a record of travel
                                                              across the plains and in Oregon, with an examination
                                                              of the Mormon principle.
                                                              New York, Hurd and Houghton; Cambridge,
                                                              Riverside Press. 1870
                                                                    Fiche: 55241-55248

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

O'Donovan, Jeremiah.                                          Lewis, William Stanley.
     A brief account of the author's interview with                The story of early days in the Big Bend country;
his countryman, and of the parts of the Emerald isle,         breaking trails, rush of miners, coming of cattlemen,
whence they emigrated.                                        making homes, pioneer hardships in the Big Bend
Pittsburg, Pa. The author. 1864                               country.
Together with a direct reference to their present             Spokane, Wash., W.D. Allen. 1926
location in the land of their adoption, during his                 Fiche: 55279-55280
travels through various states of the Union in 1854
and 1855.                                                     Meeker, Ezra.
      Fiche: 55249-55254                                           Washington Territory west of the Cascade
                                                              Mountains, containing a description of Puget Sound,
McDougal, Henry Clay.                                         and rivers emptying into it, the lower Columbia,
    Recollections 1844-1909.                                  Shoalwater Bay, Gray's Harbor, timber, lands,
Kansas City, Mo., F. Hudson Publishing Co. 1910               climate, fisheries, ship building, coal mines, market
    Fiche: 55255-55260                                        reports, trade, labor, population, wealth and
McGeeney, Patrick S.                                          Olympia, W.T. Printed at the Transcript Office. 1870
    Down at Stein's Pass; a romance of New                         Fiche: 55281-55282
Boston, Mass., Angel Guardian Press. 1909                     Mexico. Legacion. United States.
     Fiche: 55261-55263                                            Correspondencia que ha mediado entre la
                                                              Legacion extraordinaria de Mexico y al
Leland, Charles G.                                            Departamento de estado de los Estados-Unidos, sobre
     The Union Pacific railway, Eastern division; or,         el paso del Sabina por las tropas que mandaba el
Three thousand miles in a railway car.                        general Gaines.
Philadelphia, Ringwalt & Brown. 1867                          Mexico, Reimpreso por J.M.F. de Lara. 1837
     Fiche: 55264-55266                                             Fiche: 55283-55285
Lea, Albert Miller.                                           Langsdorff, Georg Heinrich, freiherr von.
     A Pacific Railway.                                             Voyages and travels in the various parts of the
[Knoxville, Tenn.]. [1858?]                                   world, during the years 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806, and
     Fiche: 55267-55268                                       1807.
                                                              London, H. Colburn; [etc.etc.]. 1813-1814
Lazell, Frederick John.                                       Illustrated by engravings from original drawings; 2 v.
    Some autumn days in Iowa.                                       Fiche: 55286-55295
Cedar Rapids, La., The Ioway Club. 1906
    Fiche: 55269-55270                                        Lanier, James Franklin.
                                                                   Sketch of the life of J.F.D. Lanier.
[Leisher, J.J.].                                              New York [Hosford & Sons, Printers]. [1871]
     The decline and fall of Samuel Sawbones, M.D.            (Printed for the use of his family only.).
on the Klondike.                                                    Fiche: 55296-55297
Chicago, New York [etc.] The Neely Company.
[c.1900]                                                      Larocque, Francois Antoine.
By his next best friend.                                           ...Journal of Larocque from the Assiniboine to
     Fiche: 55271-55274                                       the Yellowstone, 1805.
                                                              Ottawa, Government Printing Bureau. 1910
[L'Heritier, Louis Francois].                                 Ed. with notes by L.J. Burpee... Pub. by authority of
      Le Champ 'd'Asile, tableau topographique et             the minister of agriculture under the direction of the
historique du Texas, contenant des details sur le sol,        archivist.
le climat et les productions de cette contree; des                  Fiche: 55298-55299
documens authentiques sur l'organisation de la
conolie des refugies francais; des notices sur ses            McGaw, James F.
principaux fondateurs; des extraproclamations et                  Philip Seymour; or, Pioneer life in Richland
autres actes publics; suivi de lettres ecrites par des        county, Ohio.
colons a quelque-uns le leurs compatriotes.                   Mansfield, [Ohio] R. Brickerhoff. 1858 [1908]
Paris, L'advocat. 1819                                             Fiche: 55300-55303
(Pub. au profit des refugies.).
      Fiche: 55275-55278                                      Shepard, A.K.
                                                                  The land of the Aztecs; or, Two years in
                                                              Albany, Week, Parsons & Company. 1859
                                                                  Fiche: 55304-55307

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Taylor, T.U.                                                  Richardson, William Alexander.
    ...The Austin dam.                                             Speech of Hon. W.A. Richardson, of Illinois, on
Austin, University of Texas. 1910                             the admission of California.
     Fiche: 55308-55310                                       Washington, Printed at the Congressional Globe
                                                              Office. 1850
Hamilton, William B.                                          Delivered in the House of representatives, April 3,
    ...A social survey of Austin.                             1850.
Austin, University of Texas. 1913                                  Fiche: 56321-56322
     Fiche: 55311-55313
                                                              Wallace, Daniel.
McKinley, William, pres. U.S.                                      The slavery question.
    ...Equitable distribution of the waters of the Rio        [Washington, Printed at the Congressional Globe
Grande.                                                       Office]. [1850]
[Washington, D.C.]. [1898]                                    Speech of Hon. Daniel Wallace, of South Carolina, in
Message from the president of the United States.              the House of representatives April 8, 1850, in
     Fiche: 55314-55318                                       Committee of the whole on the state of the Union, on
                                                              the President's message communicating the
Walker, Robert J.                                             constitution of California.
     Letter of Mr. Walker, of Mississippi, relative to             Fiche: 56323-56324
the annexation of Texas: in reply to the call of the
people of Carroll County, Kentucky, to communicate            [Darlington, William].
his views on that subject.                                         Desultory remarks on the question of extending
Washington, Printed at the Globe Office. 1844                 slavery into Missouri: as enunciated during the first
      Fiche: 55319-55320                                      session of the Sixteenth Congress, by the
                                                              representative from Chester County, state of
Reagan, John Heninger.                                        Pennsylvania.
     Memoirs, with special reference to secession             West Chester, Pa., L. Marshall, Printer. 1856
and the civil war.                                            Extracted from the American republican newspaper
New York and Washington, The Neal Publishing                  of 1819-20.
Company. 1906                                                       Fiche: 56358-56359
Ed. by Walter Flavius McCaleb...with introduction
by George P. Garrison.                                        Evans, Lemuel Dale.
     Fiche: 55321-55325                                             Speech of Hon. Lemuel D. Evans, of Texas on
                                                              the stability of American institutions; delivered in the
Coggeshall, William Turner.                                   House of representatives, February 4, 1857.
     The poets and poetry of the West, with                   Washington, Printed at the Congressional Globe
biographical and critical notices.                            Office. 1857
Columbus, Follett, Foster. 1860                                     Fiche: 56388-56389
     Fiche: 55395-55409a
                                                              Greeley, Horace.
Clark, Daniel.                                                    Recollections of a busy life: including
     Kansas--the law of slavery.                              reminiscences of American politics and politicians,
[Washington, D.C., Buell & Blanchard, Printers].              from the opening of the Missouri contest to the
[1858]                                                        downfall of slavery; to which are added
Speech of Hon. Daniel Clark, of New Hampshire.                miscellanies...also, a discussion with Robert Dale
Delivered in the Senate of the United States, March           Owen of the law of divorce.
15, 1858.                                                     New York, J.B. Ford; Boston, H.A. Brown. 1868
     Fiche: 56004-56005                                            Fiche: 57062-57069

King, Daniel Putnam.                                          Eaton, John Henry.
     The California question and the ordinance of                   The life of Major General Andrew Jackson:
'87.                                                          comprising a history of the war in the South; from the
[Washington, Printed at the Congressional Globe               commencement of the Creek campaign to the
Office]. [1850]                                               termination of hostilities before New Orleans.
Speech of Hon. D.P. King, of Massachusetts, in the            Philadelphia, McCarty & Davis. 1820
House of representatives, May 21, 1850, in                    Addenda: containing a brief history of the Seminole
committee of the whole on the state of the Union, on          war, and cession and government of Florida; 3d ed.
the President's message transmitting the Constitution         rev. and corr. by the author.
of California.                                                      Fiche: 57334-57339
     Fiche: 56062-56063

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Eaton, Amos.                                                    Chaffee, Calvin C.
      Northern American botany; comprising the                       The Lecompton constitution; a measure to
native and common cultivated plants, north of                   Africanize the territories of the United States.
Mexico.                                                         [Washington, D.C., Buell & Blanchard, Printers].
Troy, N.Y., E. Gates. 1840                                      [1858]
Genera arranged according to the artificial and                 Speech of Hon. C. Chaffee, of Massachusetts.
natural methods. In the present edition the author is           Delivered in the House of representatives, February
associated with John Wright...8th ed.; with                     24th 1858.
the...additions of Properties of plant, from Lindley's               Fiche: 58831-58832
New medical flora.
      Fiche: 57369-57376                                        Wilkie, Franc Bangs.
                                                                      Davenport past and present; including early
Charlevoix, Pierre Francois Xavier de.                          industry and personal and anecdotal reminiscences of
     Letters to the Dutchess of Lesdiguieres; giving            Davenport; together with biographies, likenesses of
an account of a voyage to Canada, and the travels               its prominent men; compendious articles upon the
through that vast country, and Louisiana, to the Gulf           physical, industrial, social and political
of Mexico.                                                      characteristics of the city, full statistics of every
London, Printed for R. Goadby [etc.]. 1763                      department of note or interest, &c.
Undertaken by order of the present king of France, by           Davenport, Publishing House of Luse, Lane & Co.
Father Charlevoix.                                              1858
     Fiche: 57379-57384                                               Fiche: 58974-58979
Chappe d'Auteroche, Jean.                                       Heard, Isaac V.D.
     A voyage to California, to observe the transit of               History of the Sioux War and massacres of 1862
Venus.                                                          and 1863.
London, Printed for E. & C. Dilly. 1778                         New York, Harper & Brothers. 1863
With an historical description of the author's route                 Fiche: 59100-59104
through Mexico, and the natural history of that
province. Also, a voyage to Newfoundland and                    Phillips, William A.
Sallee, to make experiments on Mr. Le Roy's                           The conquest of Kansas, by Missouri and her
timekeepers. By Monsieur de Cassini.                            allies.
     Fiche: 57390-57394                                         Boston, Phillips, Sampson and Company. 1856
                                                                A history of the troubles in Kansas, from the passage
Donovan, Corydon.                                               of the organic act until the close of July, 1856.
     Adventures in Mexico: experienced during a                       Fiche: 59105-59110
captivity of seven months in the interior--having been
captured at Camargo, by Canales' band of                        Vorhees, Luke.
guerillas...and sold into slavery...final escape, and               Personal recollections of pioneer life on the
perilous journey to the United States--with a view of           mountains and plains of the great west.
the present war.                                                [Cheyenne, Wyo.?]. [1920?]
Cincinnati, Robinson & Jones. 1487 [i. e. 1847]                     Fiche: 59111-59112
      Fiche: 57539-57541
                                                                Sellards, E.H.
Holloway, John N.                                                    Investigation on the Red River made in
      History of Kansas: from the first exploration of          connection with the Oklahoma-Texas boundary suit,
the Mississippi valley, to its admission into the               by E.M. Sellards, B.C. Tharp, and K.T. Hill.
Union: embracing a concise sketch of Louisiana;                 Austin, University of Texas. 1923
American slavery, and its onward march; the conflict                 Fiche: 59113-59118
of free and slave labor in the settlement of Kansas,
and the overthrow of the latter, with all other items of        Texas. Library and Historical Commission.
general interest.                                                    Biennial report. (1911).
Lafayette, Ind., James Emmons. 1868                             Library and Historical Commission. 1911
      Fiche: 57578-57585                                             Fiche: 59119-59124

Cherokee Nation.                                                Linderman, Frank B.
     Memorial of the delegates of the Cherokee                        Indian why stories; sparks from War Eagle's
nation to the President of the United States, and the           lodgefire.
Senate and House of representatives in Congress.                New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1915
[Washington, D.C.] Washington Chronicle Print.                  by Frank B. Linderman [Co-skee-see-co-cot]
1866                                                            illustrated by Charles M. Russell
     Fiche: 58768-58769                                         [Cah-ne-ta-wah-see-na-e-ket].
                                                                      Fiche: 59125-59128

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Remington, Frederic.                                           Pike, Warburton M.
   Pony tracks, written and illustrated by Frederic                 Through the subarctic forest; a record of canoe
Remington.                                                     journey from Fort Wrangel to the Pelly lakes, and
New York, Harper & Brother. 1895                               down the Yukon River to the Behring Sea.
    Fiche: 59129-59132                                         London, New York, E. Arnold. 1896
                                                                    Fiche: 59171-59175
Parker, William Thornton.
     Personal experiences among our North America              Pike, Warburton M.
Indians from 1867 to 1885 and Supplement,                           The barren ground of northern Canada.
Northampton, Mass. 1918.                                       London and New York, Macmillan and Co. 1892
Northampton, Mass. 1913                                             Fiche: 59176-59180
     Fiche: 59133-59137
                                                               Read, Benjamin M.
Owen, John.                                                          Illustrated history of New Mexico.
     The journals and letters of Major John Owen,              [Santa Fe, New Mexican Printing Company]. c.1912
pioneer of the Northwest, 1850-1871, embracing his             tr. into English under the direction of the author, by
purchase of St. Mary's mission; the building of Fort           Eleuterio Baca.
Owen; his travels; his relation with the Indians; his                 Fiche: 59181-59190
work for the government; and his activities as a
western empire builder for twenty years.                       Powell, John W.
New York, E. Eberstadt. 1927                                      Canyons of the Colorado.
2 v.                                                           Meadville, Pa., Flood and Vincent. 1895
     Fiche: 59138-59149                                            Fiche: 59191-59196

Painter, Orrin Chalfant.                                       Ravoux, Augustin, bp.
     William Painter and his father, Dr. Edward                     Reminiscences, memoirs and lectures of
Painter; sketches and reminiscences.                           Monsignor A. Ravous, V.G.
Baltimore, The Arundel Press, J.S. Bridges & Co.               St. Paul, Minn., Brown, Treacy & Co. 1890
1914                                                                 Fiche: 59197-59200
     Fiche: 59150-59152
                                                               Palmer, John McAuley.
Parker, Nathan Howe.                                                 Personal recollections of...the story of an earnest
    The Minnesota handbook, for 1856-7.                        life.
Boston, J.P. Jewett and Company; New York,                     Cincinnati, The R. Clarke Company. 1901
Sheldon, Blakeman and Company; [etc., etc.]. 1857                    Fiche: 59201-59208
     Fiche: 59153-59155
                                                               Palladino, Lawrence B.
[Morrill, Charles Henry].                                           Indian and white in the Northwest; or, A history
     The Morrills and reminiscences.                           of Catholicity in Montana.
Chicago and Lincoln, University Publishing Co.                 Baltimore, J. Murphy & Company. 1894
[c.1918]                                                            Fiche: 59209-59217
     Fiche: 59156-59159
                                                               Pike, Zebulon M.
Lord, Elizabeth, Mrs.                                                Exploratory travels through the western
     Reminiscences of eastern Oregon.                          territories of North America: comprising a voyage
Portland, Ore., The Irwin-Hudson Co. 1903                      from St. Louis, on the Mississippi, to the source of
     Fiche: 59160-59163                                        that river and a journey through the interior of
                                                               Louisiana, and the north-eastern provinces of New
Onderdonk, James L.                                            Spain.
     Idaho; facts and statistics concerning its mining,        London, Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme,
farming, stock-raising, lumbering and other resources          and Brown. 1811
and industries.                                                Performed in the years 1805, 1806, 1807, by order of
San Francisco, Cal., A.L. Bancroft & Company. 1885             the government of the United States.
Together with notes on the climate, scenery, game,                   Fiche: 59218-59224
and mineral springs.
     Fiche: 59164-59166                                        Peck, Simon Lewis.
                                                                    History of Ira, Vermont.
Moller, Joachim van.                                           Rutland, Vt., The Tuttle Company. 1926
    Auf nach Alaska; ein fuhrer fur wagemitige.                By S.L. Peck, town clerk for over forty years, to
Charlottenburg, F. Thiel. 1897                                 which is added the author's early experiences upon
     Fiche: 59167-59170                                        the plains and Rockies of the great West during the
                                                               years 1866-1867, from his diary of the period.
                                                                     Fiche: 59225-59226

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Pumpelly, Raphael.                                            Poole, De Witt Clinton.
     My reminiscences.                                            Among the Sioux of Dakota; eighteen months
New York, H. Holt and Company. 1918                           experience as an Indian agent.
2 v.                                                          New York, D. Van Nostrand. 1881
     Fiche: 59227-59239                                            Fiche: 59279-59282

Noyes, Alva Josiah.                                           Pettis, George H.
    In the land of Chinook; or, The story of Blaine                 Kit Carson's fight with the Comanche and
count.                                                        Kiowa Indians, at the Adobe Walls on the Canadian
Helena, Mont., State Publishing Co. [c.1917]                  river, November 25th, 1864.
     Fiche: 59240-59243                                       Providence, S.S. Rider. 1878
                                                                    Fiche: 59283-59284
Pancoast, Charles Edward.
     A Quaker forty-niner, the adventures of...on the         Post, Truman Augustus.
American frontier.                                                 Truman Marcellus Post, D.D., a biography,
Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press;               personal and literary.
London, H. Milford, Oxford University Press. 1930             Boston and Chicago, Congregational Sunday-school
     Fiche: 59244-59249                                       and Publishing Society. [1891]
                                                                   Fiche: 59285-59291
Phillips, Semira Ann (Hobbs), "Mrs. T.G.
Phillips".                                                    Linder, Usher F.
     Proud Maheska. 1843-1900.                                      Reminiscences of the early bench and bar of
Oskaloosa, Ia., Herald Print. 1900                            Illinois.
      Fiche: 59250-59254                                      Chicago, The Chicago Legal News Company. 1879
                                                                    Fiche: 59292-59297
Price, George Frederic.
     Across the continent with the fifth calvary.             Raht, Carlysle G.
New York, D. Van Nostrand. 1883                                    The romance of Davis mountains and the Big
     Fiche: 59255-59263                                       Bend country; a history by Carlysle Graham Raht.
                                                              E. Paso, The Raht Books Company. [1919]
Palmer, William Jackson.                                           Fiche: 59298-59303
     Report of surveys across the continent, in
1867-'68, on the thirty-fifth and thirty-second               Nourse, Charles C.
parallels, for a route extending the Kansas Pacific                Iowa and the Centennial.
railway to the Pacific ocean at San Francisco and San         Des Moines, Iowa, Iowa State Register Print. 1876
Diego. December, 1868.                                        The state address, delivered by...at Philadelphia,
Philadelphia, W.B. Selheimer, Printer. 1869                   September, 1876.
      Fiche: 59264-59268                                           Fiche: 59304-59305

Prosch, Thomas Wickham.                                       Price, Rose Lambart, Sir, bart.
     David S. Maynard and Catherine T. Maynard;                    A summer on the Rockies.
biographies of two of the Oregon immigrants of                London, S. Low, Marston & Company, Ltd. 1898
1850.                                                              Fiche: 59306-59310
Seattle, Wash., Lowman & Hanford Stationery
Printing Co. [1906]                                           McIntire, James.
      Fiche: 59269-59270                                           Early days in Texas, a trip to hell and heaven.
                                                              Kansas City, Mo., McIntire Publishing Company.
Oakly, Obadiah.                                               [c.1902]
    Expedition to Oregon.                                          Fiche: 59311-59314
New York, Reprinted from the Peoria Register. 1914
    Fiche: 59271-59272                                        Pond, Samuel W.
                                                                   Two volunteer missionaries among the Dakotas;
O'Connor, Henry.                                              or, The story of the labors of Samuel W. and Gideon
     History of the First regiment of Iowa volunteers.        H. Pond.
Muscatine, Printed at the Faust First Premium                 Boston and Chicago, Congregational Sunday-school
Printing House. 1862                                          and Publishing Society. [c.1893]
By a private in company "A". Originally prepared for               Fiche: 59315-59319
the Iowa state historical society.
      Fiche: 59273-59274                                      Rowbotham, Francis Jameson.
                                                                   A trip to prairie-land: being a glance at the
Potter, Theodore E.                                           shady side of emigration.
     The autobiography of.                                    London, S. Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington. 1885
[Concord, N.H., The Rumford Press]. [c.1913]                  In two parts: Part 1.-The life on the prairie. Part
     Fiche: 59275-59278                                       2.-The farming prospects of northern Dakota.
                                                                   Fiche: 59320-59324

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Porter, Burton B.                                           Brainerd, C.N.
     One of the people; his own story.                          My diary: or, Three weeks on the wing.
[Colton, Calif.]. The author. [c.1907]                      New York, Egbert, Bourne & Co., Printers. 1868
     Fiche: 59325-59330                                     A peep at the great west.
                                                                 Fiche: 59362-59363
Newson, Thomas McLean.
      Thrilling scenes among the Indians.                   Gray, Albert Zabriskie.
Chicago and New York, Belford, Clarke & Co. 1884                  Mexico as it is: being notes of a recent tour in
With graphic description of Custer's last fight with        that country; with some practical information for
Sitting Bull.                                               travellers in that direction, as also some study on the
      Fiche: 59331-59334                                    church question.
                                                            New York, E.P. Dutton & Company. 1878
Loomis, Chester A.                                                Fiche: 59364-59366
     A journey on horseback through the great West,
in 1825.                                                    Rae, William F.
Bath, N.Y., Plaindealer Press. [182?]                            Newfoundland to Manitoba through Canada's
Visiting Allegany towns, Olean, Warren, Franklin,           maritime, mining, and prairie provinces.
Pittsburg, New Lisbon, Elyria, Norfalk, Columbus,           New York, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1881
Zanesville, Vermillion, Kaskaskia, Vandalia,                With maps and illustrations.
Sandusky, and many other places.                                 Fiche: 59367-59371
      Fiche: 59335-59336
                                                            Baxter, William.
Larimer, Sarah Luse, Mrs.                                        Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove; or, Scenes and
     The capture and escape; or, Life among the             incidents of the war in Arkansas.
Sioux.                                                      Cincinnati, Published by Poe & Hitchcock. 1864
Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. 1870               Fiche: 59372-59375
     Fiche: 59337-59340
                                                            Hamblin, Jacob.
[Perrie, George W.].                                             Jacob Hamblin, a narrative of his personal
     Buckskin Mose; or, Life from the lakes to the          experience, as a frontiersman, missionary to the
Pacific, as actor, circus-rider, detective, ranger          Indians and explorer, disclosing interpositions of
gold-digger, Indian scout, and guide.                       providence, severe privations, perilous situations and
New York, H.L. Hinton. 1873                                 remarkable escapes.
Written by himself.                                         Salt Lake City, Juvenile Instructor Office. 1881
     Fiche: 59341-59345                                     Designed for the instruction and encouragement of
                                                            young Latter-Day Saints.
Moseley, Henry N.                                                 Fiche: 59376-59378
    Oregon: its resources, climate, people, and
productions.                                                Lewis, Meriwether.
London, E. Stanford. 1878                                        Travels to the source of the Missouri river and
     Fiche: 59346-59348                                     across the American continent to the Pacific ocean.
                                                            London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown.
Peck, John Mason.                                           1814
      A guide for emigrants, containing sketches of         Performed by order of the government of the United
Illinois, Missouri, and the adjacent parts.                 States, in the years 1804, 1805, and 1806. By
Boston, Lincoln and Edmands. 1831                           Captains Lewis and Clarke. Published from the
      Fiche: 59349-59353                                    official report, and illustrated by a map of the route,
                                                            and other maps.
[O'Hanlon, John].                                                 Fiche: 59379-59389
    Life and scenery in Missouri.
Dublin, J. Duffy & Co., Ltd. 1890                           Matson, Nehemiah.
Reminiscences of a missionary priest.                             Map of Bureau county, Illinois, with sketches of
     Fiche: 59354-59358                                     its early settlement.
                                                            Chicago, G.H. Fergus, Book and Job Printer. 1867
Lanning, C.M.                                               Published by the author.
     A grammar and vocabulary of the Blackfoot                    Fiche: 59390-59392
Fort Benton [Mont. Ter.] The author. [1882]                 Mercer, Asa Shinn.
Comp. by C.M. Lanning from original translations,                The pioneer.
by Joseph Kipp and W.S. Gladston, jr.                       Chicago, Printed by the Henneberry Company.
     Fiche: 59359-59361                                     [c.1913]
                                                                 Fiche: 59393-59394

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Mathews, Alfred E.                                               Roberts, Morley.
    Gems of Rocky mountain scenery, containing                        The western Avernus; or, Toil and travel in
views along and near the Union Pacific railroad.                 further North America.
New York, The author. 1869                                       London, Smith, Elder & Co. 1887
     Fiche: 59395-59396                                               Fiche: 59470-59474

[Hewitt, Girart].                                                Powers, Stephen.
      Minnesota: its advantages to settlers.                          Afoot and alone; a walk from sea to sea by the
[St. Paul, Press Printing Company]. 1867                         southern route.
Being a brief synopsis of his history and progress,              Hartford, Conn., Columbian Book Company. 1872
climate, soil, agricultural and manufacturing                    Adventures and observations in southern California,
facilities, commercial capacities, and social status; its        New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, etc.
lakes, rivers and railroads; homestead and exemption                  Fiche: 59475-59479
laws; embracing a concise treatise on its climatology,
in a hygienic and sanitary point of view.                        Salzbacher, Joseph.
      Fiche: 59397-59398                                              Meine reise nach Nord-Amerika im jahre 1842.
                                                                 Mit statistischen bemerkungen uber die zustande der
Margry, Pierre.                                                  katholischen kirche bis auf die neueste zeit... Mit
     ...Memoires et documents pour servir a l'histoire           einer geographischen karte der katholischen diocesen
des origines francaises des pays d'outre-mer.                    und deren missionsorte in Nord-Amerika.
Decouvertes et establissements des Francais dans                 Wien, In Commission bein Wimmer, Schmidt & Leo.
l'ouest et dans le sud de l'Amerique Septentrionale              1845
(1614-1754).                                                           Fiche: 59480-59486
Paris, Maisonneuve et cie. 1879-1888
6 v.                                                             Oregon (Ter.). Commissioner to Collect the Laws
      Fiche: 59399-59449                                         and Archives of Oregon.
                                                                      The Oregon archives: including the journals,
Marmaduke, M.M.                                                  governors' messages and public papers of Oregon,
     Journal ..of a trip from Franklin, Missouri, to             from the earliest attempt on the part of the people to
Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1824.                                   form a government, down to, and inclusive the
Columbia, Mo. 1911                                               session of the territorial legislature, held in the year
reprinted from the Missouri intelligencer.                       1849, collected and published pursuant to an act of
      Fiche: 59450-59451                                         the Legislative assembly, passed 1853.
                                                                 Salem, A. Bush, Public Printer. 1853
Mathews, Edward J.                                                     Fiche: 59487-59491
      Crossing the plains, adventures of...in '59.
[n.p.]. [1930?]                                                  Russell, Osborne.
Privately printed.                                                    Journal of a trapper; or, Nine years in the Rocky
      Fiche: 59452-59453                                         Mountains: 1834-1843.
                                                                 [Boise, Id., Syms-York Co., Inc.]. c.1914
La Roche, Frank.                                                 being a general description of the country, climate,
     En route to the Klondike; a series of                       rivers, lakes, mountains, etc., and a view of the life
photographic views of the picturesque land of gold               led by a hunter in those regions.
and glaciers.                                                          Fiche: 59492-59494
Chicago, New York, W.B. Conkey. [1898]
     Fiche: 59454-59456                                          Oliphant, Laurence.
                                                                      Minnesota and the far West.
Leach, A.J.                                                      Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and Sons.
     Early day stories; the overland trail; animals and          1855
birds that lived here; hunting stories; looking                       Fiche: 59495-59499
[Norfolk, Neb., Huse Publishing Co., pref.]. [1916]              McLaughlin, James.
2d ed.                                                                My friend the Indian.
      Fiche: 59457-59460                                         Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin Company.
Sabin, Edwin L.                                                       Fiche: 59500-59505
      Kit Carson days (1809-1868).
Chicago, A.C. McClurg & Co. 1914                                 Roosevelt, Theodore, pres. U.S.
illustrated by more than one hundred half-tones,                     The wilderness hunter; an account of the big
mostly from old and rare sources.                                game of the United States and its chase with horse,
      Fiche: 59461-59469                                         hound, and rifle.
                                                                 New York [etc.] G.P. Putnam's Sons. [c.1893]
                                                                     Fiche: 59506-59512

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Shannon, P[eter] C.                                             Peareson, Philip E.
     The state of Dakota: how it may be formed.                      Sketch of the life of Judge Edwin Waller,
Yankton, D.T., Herald Printing House. 1883                      together with some of the more important events of
Replies to the pamphlet of Hon. Hugh J. Campbell,               the early Texas revolution, in which he participated,
U.S. attorney of Dakota, treating upon the above                such as the battle of Velasco...selecting the site and
subject. Opinions of courts, jurists and statesmen, as          founding the present capitol of Texas, &c., &c.
to the admission of new states into the Union.                  Galveston, Printed at the "Jews" Steam Book and Job
      Fiche: 59513-59514                                        Establishment. 1874
                                                                      Fiche: 59544-59545
Richardson, Albert D.
     Our new states and territories, being notes of a           Norton, Harry J.
recent tour of observation through Colorado, Utah,                   Wonder-land illustrated; or, Horseback rides
Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Montana, Washington                      through the Yellowstone national park.
Territory and California.                                       Virginia City, Mont., H.J. Norton. [c.1874]
New York, Beadle and Company. [c.1866]                               Fiche: 59546-59548
      Fiche: 59515-59516
                                                                Palmer, Frederick.
Renick, William.                                                     In the Klondyke; including an account of a
     Memoirs, correspondence and reminiscences of               winter's journey to Dawson.
William Renick.                                                 New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1899
Circleville, O., Union-Herald Book and Job Printing                  Fiche: 59551-59554
House. 1880
     Fiche: 59517-59519                                         Parker, Nathan Howe.
                                                                    The Iowa handbook, for 1857.
Lee, L.P.                                                       Boston, J.P. Jewett & Co.; New York, Sheldon,
     History of the Spirit lake massacre: march,                Lamport & Blakeman [etc.]. 1857
1857, and of Miss Abigail Gardiner's three month's                   Fiche: 59555-59558
captivity among the Indians.
New Britain, Conn., L.P. Lee. 1857                              Schwatka, Frederick.
According to her own account, as given to L.P. Lee;                   Along Alaska's great river.
(Not the same as Mrs. Abigail Gardner-Sharp's                   New York, Cassell & Company, Limited. [c.1885]
"History of the Spirit lake massacre" published                 A popular account of the travels of the Alaska
1885).                                                          exploring expedition of 1883, along the great Yukon
     Fiche: 59520-59521                                         river, from its source to its mouth, in the British
                                                                Northwest territory, and in the territory of Alaska.
Roberts, Lou (C.), "Mrs. D.W. Roberts".                               Fiche: 59559-59563
     A woman's reminiscences of six years in camp
with the Texas rangers, by..."assistant commander"              [Leeson, Michael A.} ed.
Company D, Texas frontier battalion.                                 History of Montana. 1739-1885.
Austin, Tex., Press of Von Boeckmann-Jones Co.                  Chicago, Warner, Beers & Company. 1885
[1928?]                                                         A history of its discovery and settlement, social and
     Fiche: 59522-59523                                         commercial progress, mines and miners, agriculture
                                                                and stock-growing, churches, school and societies,
Rogers, Justus H.                                               Indians and Indian wars, vigilantes, courts of justice,
      Colusa County: its history...with a description of        newspaper press, navigation, railroads and statistics,
its resources.                                                  with histories of counties, cities, villages and mining
Orland, Cal. 1891                                               camps.
Also biographical sketches of pioneers and prominent                 Fiche: 59564-59579
      Fiche: 59524-59531                                        Mackenzie, Alexander, Sir.
                                                                     Voyages from Montreal, on the river St.
Rosen, Peter.                                                   Laurence, through the continent of North America, to
     Pa-ha-sa-pah; or, The Black hills of South                 the Frozen and Pacific oceans; in the years 1789 and
Dakota.                                                         1793.
St. Louis, Dixon-Jones Printing Company. 1895                   London, T. Cadell, jun. and W. Davies; [etc., etc.].
A complete history of the gold and wonder-land of               1801
the Dakotas, from the remotest date up to the present.          With a preliminary account of the rise, progress, and
     Fiche: 59532-59540                                         present state of the fur trade of that country.
                                                                     Fiche: 59580-59587
Parsons, George F.
     The life and adventures of the discoverer of gold
in California.
Sacramento, J.W. Marshall and W. Burke. 1870
     Fiche: 59541-59543

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Overland traction engine company.                             Green, Charles R.
Boston, Wright & Potter, Printers. 1865                            ...Early days in Kansas.
Transportation by steam from Missouri river to the            Olathe, Kan. 1913
Rocky mountains. Reports of A.P. Robinson, esq.               In Keokuks time on the Kansas reservation. Being
And Edw. Warner, esq.                                         various incidents pertaining to the Keokuks the Sac
     Fiche: 59588-59589                                       & Fox Indians (Mississippi band) and tales of the
                                                              early settlers, life on the Kansas reservation,
Averill, Charles E.                                           1846-1870... Charles R. Green, historian and
     Kit Carson, the prince of the gold hunters; or           publisher.
The adventures of the Sacramento.                                   Fiche: 60854-60856
Boston, G.H. Williams. 1849
A tale of the New Eldorado, founded on actual facts.          Newton, John M.
     Fiche: 60199-60202                                            Memoirs of.
                                                              [Cambridge, N.Y., Washington County Post].
Pacific Railroad Convention, Lacon (Ill.).                    [c.1913]
     Proceedings of a Pacific railroad convention, at              Fiche: 60857-60859
Lacon, Illinois; with the address of Col. Samuel R.
Curtis.                                                       Prince, Le Baron B.
Cincinnati, Printed by J.D. Thorpe. 1853                            Historical sketches of New Mexico, from the
     Fiche: 60400-60401                                       earliest records to the American occupation.
                                                              New York, Leggat Brothers; Kansas City, Ramsey,
Neill, Edward D. (Edward Duffield).                           Millett & Hudson. 1883
     Dakota land and Dakota life, with the history of               Fiche: 60860-60864
the fur traders of the extreme Northwest during the
French and British dominions.                                 Lowe, Percival G.
Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & Co.; Chicago,                      Five years a dragoon ('49 to '54) and other
S.C.Griggs & Co. 1859                                         adventures on the great plains.
      Fiche: 60569-60572                                      Kansas City, Mo., The F. Hudson Publishing Co.
Cobb, Joseph Beckham.                                              Fiche: 60865-60870
     The Creole: or, Siege of New Orleans.
Philadelphia, A. Hart. 1850                                   Ryan, William R.
An historical romance. Founded on the events of                    Personal adventures in Upper and Lower
1814-15.                                                      California, in 1848-9; with the author's experience at
     Fiche: 60622-60625                                       the mines.
                                                              London, W. Shoberl. 1850
Mitchell, W.H.                                                2 v.
      Dakota County.                                               Fiche: 60871-60880
Minneapolis, Tribune Printing Company. 1868
Its past and present, geographical, statistical and           Roe, Frances M.A. (M.), Mrs.
historical, together with a general view of the state.              Army letters from an officer's wife, 1871-1888.
      Fiche: 60643-60645                                      New York and London, D. Appleton and Company.
Hair, James T., comp.                                         Illustrated by I.W. Taber from contemporary
    Iowa state gazetteer.                                     photographs.
Chicago, Bailey & Hair. 1865                                        Fiche: 60881-60886
comp. and ed. by James T. Hair.
     Fiche: 60716-60724                                       Rice, Harvey D.
McCormick, Andrew P.                                          [Topeka? Kan.]. [189-?]
     Scotch-Irish in Ireland and in America, as               (Read before the Congregational pioneer society of
shown in sketches of the pioneer Scotch-Irish                 Topeka).
families McCormick, Stevenson, McKenzie, and                       Fiche: 60887-60888
Bell, in North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri and
Texas.                                                        Sanders, Sue A., Mrs.
[New Orleans]. 1897                                               A journey to, on and from the "golden shore.".
      Fiche: 60850-60853                                      Delavan, Ill., Times Printing Office. 1887
                                                                   Fiche: 60889-60891

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Ryus, William H.                                               Revere, Joseph W.
      The second William Penn; a true account of                    Keel and saddle: a retrospect of forty years of
incidents that happened along the old Santa Fe trail in        military and naval service.
the sixties.                                                   Boston, J.R. Osgood and Company. 1872
Kansas City, Mo., Press of Frank T. Riley Publishing                 Fiche: 60924-60928
Co. [c.1913]
      Fiche: 60892-60894                                       Lyford, William G.
                                                                     The western address directory: containing the
McConnell, H.H.                                                cards of merchants, manufacturers, and other
     Five years a cavalryman; or, Sketches of regular          business men, in Pittsburgh, (Pa.) Wheeling, (Va.)
army life on the Texas frontier, twenty odd years ago.         Zanesville, (O.) Portsmouth, (O.) Dayton (O.)
Jacksboro, Tex., J.N. Rogers & Co., Printers. 1889             Cincinnati, (O.) Madison, (Ind.) Louisville, (K.) St.
     Fiche: 60895-60899                                        Louis, (Mo.) together with historical, topographical
                                                               and statistical sketches, (for the year 1837, of those
McElrath, Thomson P.                                           cities, and towns in the Mississippi valley.
     The Yellowstone valley. What it is, where it is,          Baltimore, Printed by J. Robinson. 1837
and how to get to it.                                          Intended as a guide to travellers. To which is added,
St. Paul, The Pioneer Press. 1880                              alphabetically arranged, a list of the steam-boats on
A hand-book for tourists and settlers.                         the western waters.
      Fiche: 60900-60902                                             Fiche: 60929-60935

Scott, Edwin J.                                                Bennett, Emerson.
     Random recollections of a long life, 1806 to                  The Prairie Flower; or, Adventures in the far
1876.                                                          West.
Columbia, S.C., C.A. Calvo, jr., Printer. 1884                 Cincinnati and St. Louis, Stratton & Barnard. 1849
     Fiche: 60903-60906                                             Fiche: 60931-60934

Hough, Emerson.                                                Romspert, George W.
   The covered wagon.                                               The western echo: a description of the western
New York, London, D. Appleton and Company. 1922                states and territories of the United States.
    Fiche: 60907-60912                                         Dayton, O., United Brethern Publishing House. 1881
                                                               As gathered in a tour by wagon.
Rittenhouse, Rufus.                                                  Fiche: 60936-60941
     Boyhood life in Iowa forty years ago.
Dubuque, Ia., C.B. Dorr, Book and Job Printer. 1880            Scott, James L.
     Fiche: 60913-60914                                             A journal of a missionary tour through
                                                               Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa,
Salter, William.                                               Wiskonsin and Michigan; comprising a concise
     Memoirs of Joseph W. Pickett, missionary                  description of different sections of country; health of
superintendent in southern Iowa and in the Rocky               climate; inducements for emigration with the
mountains for the American home missionary                     embarrassments; the religious condition of the
society.                                                       people, meetings connected with the mission; and of
Burlington, Ia., J. Love; Colorado Springs, Col., Mrs.         the great western prairies.
S.B. Pickett. 1880                                             Providence, The author. 1843
     Fiche: 60915-60917                                              Fiche: 60942-60945

[Seymour, Silas].                                              Riggs, Stephen R.
      Incidents of a trip through the great Platte                  Tah-koo wah-kan; or, The gospel among the
valley, to the Rocky mountains and Laramie plains,             Dakotas.
in the fall of 1866, with a synoptical statement of the        Boston, Cong. Sabbath-school and Publishing
various Pacific railroads, and an account of the great         Society. [c.1869]
Union Pacific railroad excursion to the one hundredth               Fiche: 60946-60952
meridian of longitude.
New York, D. Van Nostrand. 1867                                Newhall, John B.
      Fiche: 60918-60920                                            A glimpse of Iowa in 1846; or, The emigrant's
                                                               guide, and state directory; with a description of the
Sanford, Nettie, Mrs.                                          New purchase.
     History of Marshall county, Iowa.                         Burlington, Ia., W.D. Skillman. 1846
Clinton, Ia., Leslie, McAllaster & Co., Printers. 1867         Also, the new state constitution; 2d ed.
     Fiche: 60921-60923                                             Fiche: 60953-60955
Bennett, Emerson.
    Leni-Leoti; or, Adventures in the far West.
Cincinnati & St. Louis, Stratton & Barnard. 1849
     Fiche: 60924-60927

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

LeClercq, Chretien.                                              Gasparin, Agenor Etienne, comte de.
      Nouvelle relation de la Gaspesie, qui contient                 The uprising of a great people.
les moeurs & la religion des sauvages gaspesiens,                New York, Charles Scribner. 1861
Porte-Croix, adorateurs du soleil, & d'autres peuples            The United States in 1861; 4th ed.
de l'Amerique Septentrionale, dite le Canada.                        Fiche: 60990-60993
Paris, A. Auroy. 1691
      Fiche: 60956-60963                                         Sorenson, Alfred Rasmus.
                                                                      Early history of Omaha; or, Walks and talks
McCain, Charles W.                                               among the old settlers; a series of sketches in the
     History of the SS. "Beaver".                                shape of a connected narrative of the events and
[Vancouver, B.C.]. [1894]                                        incidents of early times in Omaha, together with a
Being a graphic and vivid sketch of this noted                   brief mention of the more important events in later
pioneer steamer and her romantic cruise for over half            years.
a century on the placid island-dotted waters on the              Omaha, Printed at the Office, of The Daily Bee. 1876
north Pacific. Also containing a description of the                    Fiche: 60994-60997
Hudson's Bay company from its formation in 1670,
down to the present time.                                        Texas.
     Fiche: 60964-60966                                          San Felipe de Austin, Printed by Baker and Bordens.
Scharmann, Hermann B.                                            Declaration of the people of Texas in general
      Scharmann's overland journey to California,                convention assembled.
from the pages of a pioneer's diary.                                  Fiche: 61002-61003
[n.p.]. [1918]
      Fiche: 60967-60969                                         Rideing, William H.
                                                                      ...A-saddle in the wild West.
Newhall, John B.                                                 London, J.C. Nimmo & Bain. 1879
      Sketches of Iowa, or, The emigrant's guide;                A glimpse of travel among the mountains, lava beds,
containing a correct description of the agricultural             sand deserts, adobe towns, Indian reservations, and
and mineral resources, geological features and                   ancient pueblos of southern Colorado, New Mexico
statistics of the territory of Iowa, a minute description        and Arizona.
of each county... a view of the rapid increase and                     Fiche: 61004-61006
future prospects of the people, moral and physical,
traits of Indian character, with sketches of Black               Ritch, William G.
Hawk, and others.                                                     Illustrated New Mexico.
New York, J.H. Colton. 1841                                      Santa Fe., N.M., New Mexican Printing and
       Fiche: 60970-60973                                        Publishing Co. 1883
                                                                 3rd ed. 11th thousand. Pub. by the Bureau of
Root, Frank A.                                                   immigration.
     The overland stage to California.                                Fiche: 61007-61009
Topeka, Kan. 1901
Personal reminiscences and authentic history of the              Roosevelt, Theodore, pres. U.S.
great overland stage line and pony express from the                   Hunting trips of a ranchman; sketches of sport
Missouri river to the Pacific ocean. Pub. by the                 on the northern cattle plains.
authors.                                                         New York & London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1891
      Fiche: 60974-60982                                              Fiche: 61010-61014

Plumbe, John.                                                    Moody, Dan W.
     Sketches of Iowa and Wisconsin, taken during a                    The life of a rover, 1865-1926.
residence of three years in those territories.                   [Chicago]. [c.1926]
St. Louis, Chambers, Harris & Knapp. 1839                        by... author and publisher, known in early western
     Fiche: 60983-60985                                          life as Dan Moody, the Indian scout.
                                                                       Fiche: 61015-61017
Parker, Amos A.
     Trip to the West and Texas.                                 Pike, Albert.
Concord, N.H., White & Fisher. 1835                                    An address delivered by...to the young ladies of
Comprising a journey of eight thousand miles,                    the Tulip female seminary, and the cadets of the
through New-York, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri,                  Arkansas military institute.
Louisiana and Texas, in the autumn and winter of                 Little Rock, W.E. Woodruff, Printer. 1852
1835-35. Interspersed with anecdotes, incidents and                    Fiche: 61018-61019
     Fiche: 60986-60989                                          Porter, Lavinia H., Mrs.
                                                                      By ox team to California; a narrative of crossing
                                                                 the plains in 1860.
                                                                 Oakland, Cal., Oakland Enquirer Pub. Co. 1910
                                                                       Fiche: 61020-61022

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Murray, Lois L.(A.), Mrs.                                       Peck, John M.
      Incidents of frontier life.                                    A new guide for emigrants to the West,
Goshen, Ind., Ev. United Mennonite Publishing                   containing sketches of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois,
House. 1880                                                     Missouri, Michigan, with the territories of Wisconsin
In two parts. Containing religious incidents and                and Arkansas, and the adjacent parts.
moral comment, relating to various occurrences, evils           Boston, Gould, Kendall & Lincoln. 1837
of intemperance, and historical and biographical                2d ed.
sketches.                                                            Fiche: 61061-61065
      Fiche: 61023-61026
                                                                [Ingraham, Joseph Holt].
Neill, Edward D. (Edward Duffield).                                  The south-west.
     Addresses delivered at the opening of the State            New-York, Harper & Brothers. 1935
normal school, Winona, Minn.                                    By a Yankee; 2 v.
Saint Paul, Pioneer Printing Co. 1860                                Fiche: 61063-61077
      Fiche: 61027-61028
                                                                Inman, Henry.
New Mexico (Ter.).                                                  Tales of the trail; short stories of western life.
     The resources of New Mexico.                               Topeka, Kan., Crane & Company. 1898
Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Book and Job Printing                   Fiche: 61066-61069
Department. 1881
Prepared under the auspices of the Bureau of                    Montana (Ter.). Laws, etc.
immigration, for the Territorial fair, to be held at                 Organic act of Montana territory.
Albuquerque, N.M., October, 1881.                               Virginia City, D.W. Tilton & Co., Printers. 1867
     Fiche: 61029-61030                                              Fiche: 61070-61071
Ridge, John R.                                                  Missouri. State Dept.
    Poems.                                                            Document containing the correspondence,
San Francisco, H. Payot & Company. 1868                         orders, &c., in relation to the disturbances with the
     Fiche: 61031-61033                                         Mormons; and the evidence given before the Hon.
                                                                Austin A. King, judge of the Fifth judicial circuit of
Hunter, John M., comp. and ed.                                  the state of Missouri, at the Court-house in
     The trail drivers of Texas, interesting sketches           Richmond, in a criminal court of inquiry, begun
of early cowboys and their experiences on the range             November, 1838, on the trial of Joseph Smith, jr., and
and on the trail during the days that tried men's souls.        others, for high treason and other crimes against the
[San Antonio, Jackson Printing Co.]. [c.1920]                   state.
2 v.                                                            Fayette, Mo., Printed at the Office of the Boon's Lick
      Fiche: 61034-61046                                        Democrat. 1841
                                                                Pub. by order of the General assembly.
Hunter, John M.                                                        Fiche: 61072-61074
     Pioneer history of Bandera County, seventy-five
years of intrepid history.                                      Montana. Historical Society.
Bandera, Tex., Hunter's Printing House. [c.1922]                     The Historical society of Montana.
     Fiche: 61047-61050a                                        [Helena, Mont.]. [1874]
                                                                     Fiche: 61075-61076
[Remsburg, John E.].
     Charley Reynolds.                                          Mills, Anson.
[Potter, Kan.]. [1915?]                                              My story.
     Fiche: 61051-61052                                         Washington, D.C., The author. 1918
                                                                Ed. by C.H. Claudy.
Rice, Martin.                                                        Fiche: 61077-61082
     Rural rhymes, and talks and tales of olden times.
Kansas City, Ramsey, Millett & Hudson. 1882                     Milwaukee. Board of Trustees.
2d ed., enl. and improved.                                           Report of a committee appointed by the trustees
     Fiche: 61053-61058                                         of the town of Milwaukee, relative to the commerce
                                                                of that town, and the navigation of Lake Michigan.
Silverwood, Francis B.                                          Published by order of the Board of Trustees.
     California welcomes you; the official souvenir             Milwaukee, W.T., Printed at the Courier Office. 1842
book of Al Malaikah temple, A.A.O.N.M.S., 1919,                       Fiche: 61083-61084
imperial council meeting, pilgrimage to Indianapolis,
Indiana, June 10th to 14th.                                     The Monthly recorder, a magazine... v. 1, no. 1; Apr.,
[Los Angeles, Printed by Western Lithographing                  1813.
Co.]. [c.1919]                                                  New-York, Pub. by D. Longworth, for the editor.
      Fiche: 61059-61060a                                       [1813]
                                                                     Fiche: 61085-61086

    Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                  Fiche Listing

Noyes, Alva Josiah.                                               Royce, Charles C.
    The story of Ajax; life in the Big Hole Basin.                     John Bidwell, pioneer, statesman, philanthropist;
Helena, Mont., State Publishing Company. 1914                     a biographical sketch.
     Fiche: 61087-61090                                           Chico, Cal. 1906
                                                                       Fiche: 61108-61112
Nourse, Charles C.
     Autobiography of..., prepared for use of                     San Diego (Calif.). Chamber of Commerce.
members of the family, containing the incidents of                      Descriptive, historical, commercial, agricultural,
more than fifty years' practice at the bar in the state of        and other important information relative to the city of
Iowa.                                                             San Diego, California.
[Cedar Rapids, Ia.] Priv. print. [The Torch Press].               [San Diego] Printed at the Office of the "San Diego
1911                                                              Daily Union". 1874
     Fiche: 61091-61094                                           Illustrated with 22 photographic views. Containing
                                                                  also a business directory of the city.
Rees, William.                                                          Fiche: 61113-61114
      Description of the city of Keokuk, Lee County,
Iowa; exhibiting its geographical and local                       San Francisco (Calif.).
advantages, which render it the only point in sixteen                  Constitution and address of the Committee of
hundred miles for bridging the Mississippi, and for               vigilance of San Francisco.
the transit of the trade between the Atlantic & Pacific           San Francisco, Morning Globe Print. 1856
oceans.                                                                 Fiche: 61115-61116
[Keokuk] Keokuk Dispatch Print. 1854
      Fiche: 61095-61096                                          Schoonover, Thomas J.
                                                                        The life and times of Gen'l John A. Sutter.
Remington, Frederic.                                              Sacramento, D. Johnston & Co., Printer. 1895
     Drawings.                                                    Illustrated pocket ed.
New York, R.H. Russell; London, Lawrence &                              Fiche: 61117-61119
Bullen. 1897
     Fiche: 61097-61099                                           Mexico, Constitucion.
                                                                       Constitucion federal de los Estados Unidos
Newhall, John B.                                                  Mexicanos sancionada por el Congreso general
      The British emigrants' "hand book," and guide               constituyente octubre de 1824.
to the new states of America, particularly Illinois,              [Mexico] Impr. Del supremo gobierno. [1824?]
Iowa, and Wisconsin; comprising a general                              Fiche: 61120-61122
description of the agricultural and commercial
facilities,--mineral productions,--relative advantages            [Massachusetts State Texas Committee].
that different portions present for                                   How to settle the Texas question.
settlement,--sketches of town,--neighbourhoods, etc.,             [Boston? E. Wright, jr.?]. [1845]
with practical advice to the emigrant, concerning the                  Fiche: 61123-61124
different routes, time of sailing, &c.
London, Printed and pub. for the author, by T.                    Stickney, V.H.
Stutter. 1844                                                          The roundup.
      Fiche: 61100-61102                                          [Bismarck, N.D., State Historical Society of North
                                                                  Dakota]. [1926]
Pino, Pedro B.                                                         Fiche: 61125-61126
     Noticias historicas y estadisticas de la antigua
provincia del Nuevo-Mexico, presetadas por su                     Gannon, Clell G.
diputado en Cortes d. ... Adicionadas por el lic. D.                  A short account of a rowboat journey from
Antonio Barreiro en 1838; y ultimamente anotadas                  Medora to Bismarck.
por el lic. Don Jose Agustin de Escudero, para la                 [Bismarck, N.D., State Historical Society of North
Comision de estadistica militar de la Republica                   Dakota]. [1926]
Mexicana.                                                              Fiche: 61127-61128
Mexico, Impr. De Lara. 1849
     Fiche: 61103-61105                                           Ellis, Elmer E.
                                                                        Recollections of Bad lands' rancher.
Plumbe, John.                                                     [Bismarck, N.D., State Historical Society of North
    Memorial against Mr. Asa Whitney's railroad                   Dakota]. [1926]
scheme.                                                                 Fiche: 61129-61130
[Washington] Buell & Blanchard, Printers. [1851]
    Fiche: 61106-61107                                            Campbell, Robert.
                                                                      A journey to Kentucky for sheep.
                                                                  [Bismarck, N.D., State Historical Society of North
                                                                  Dakota]. [1926]
                                                                  From the journey of Robert Campbell, 1832-1833.
                                                                       Fiche: 61131-61132

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Aldrich, Vernice M.                                          Reid, Russell, ed.
    The Columbia River Historical Expedition.                    Journal of the Atkinson-O'Fallon Expedition.
[Bismarck, N.D., State Historical Society of North           [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
Dakota]. [1926]                                              [1929]
     Fiche: 61133-61134                                           Fiche: 61154-61155

Shafer, George F.                                            Kimball, James P.
    Cattle ranching in McKenzie County, N. Dak.                  Fort Buford.
[Bismarck, N.D., State Historical Society of North           [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
Dakota]. [1926]                                              [1930]
     Fiche: 61135-61136                                           Fiche: 61156-61157

Slaughter, Benjamin F.                                       Briggs, Harold E.
    Portions of the diary of Dr. B.F. Slaughter,                 The great Dakota boom, 1879 to 1886.
Dakota Territory.                                            [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].        [1930]
[1927]                                                            Fiche: 61158-61159
     Fiche: 61137-61138
                                                             Brooks, Helen.
Tohill, Louis A.                                                 The Heath family.
    Robert Dickson, British fur trader on the upper          [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
Mississippi.                                                 [1930]
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].             Fiche: 61160-61161
     Fiche: 61139-61141                                      Taylor, Joseph H.
                                                                 Inkpaduta and sons.
Will, George F.                                              [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
     Magical and sleight of hand performances by the         [1930]
Arikara.                                                          Fiche: 61162-61163
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
[1928]                                                       Taylor, Joseph H.
     Fiche: 61142-61143                                          Bloody Knife and Gall.
                                                             [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
Briggs, Harold E.                                            [1930]
    Pioneer river transportation in Dakota.                       Fiche: 61164-61165
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
[1928]                                                       Reid, Russell.
     Fiche: 61144-61145                                          The earth lodge.
                                                             [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
Will, George F.                                              [1930]
     The Mandan Lodge at Bismarck.                                Fiche: 61166-61167
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
[1930]                                                       Taylor, Joseph H.
     Fiche: 61146-61147                                          A romantic encounter.
                                                             [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
Briggs, Harold E.                                            [1930]
    Early freight and stage lines in Dakota.                      Fiche: 61168-61169
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
[1929]                                                       Taylor, Joseph H.
     Fiche: 61148-61149                                          Fort Berthold Agency in 1869.
                                                             [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
Burlingame, Merrill G.                                       [1930]
    The buffalo in trade and commerce.                            Fiche: 61170-61171
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
[1929]                                                       Taylor, Joseph H.
     Fiche: 61150-61151                                          Lonesome Charley.
                                                             [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
Brown, Charles E.                                            [1930]
    Survey of the State Historical Museum of North                Fiche: 61172-61173
Dakota, 1929.
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].        Taylor, Joseph H.
[1929]                                                           Fort Totten Trail.
     Fiche: 61152-61153                                      [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
                                                                  Fiche: 61174-61175

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Will, George F.                                                Cook, Daniel Pope.
     Arikara ceremonials.                                            Speech of Mr. Cook, of Illinois, on the
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].          restriction of slavery in Missouri.
[1930]                                                         [Washington]. [1820]
     Fiche: 61176-61177                                        Delivered in the House of Representatives...February
                                                               4, 1820.
Porter, Kenneth W.                                                   Fiche: 61985-61986
    John Jacob Astor and Lord Selkirk.
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].          Cory, Charles Estabrook.
[1930]                                                             Slavery in Kansas.
     Fiche: 61178-61179                                        [Topeka]. [1902?]
                                                                   Fiche: 61989-61990
Qualey, Carlton C.
    Pioneer Norwegian settlement in North Dakota.              Bennett, Emerson.
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].              The bandits of the Osage.
[1930]                                                         Cincinnati, Robinson & Jones. 1847
     Fiche: 61180-61181                                        A Western romance.
                                                                    Fiche: 62733-62736
[Cooper, James Fenimore].
     The prairie; a tale.                                      Robb, John S.
Philadelphia, Carey & Lea. 1833                                    Kaam; or, Daylight.
By the author of the "Pioneers and The last of the             Boston, "Star Spangled Banner" Office. 1847
Mohicans"; 2 v.                                                The Arapahoe half-breed, a tale of the Rocky
     Fiche: 61211-61224                                        mountains.
                                                                    Fiche: 62745-62746
[Corcoran, D.].
     Pickings from the portfolio of the reporter of the        Campe, Joachim Heinrich.
New Orleans "Picayune".                                              Cortez; or, The conquest of Mexico; as related
Philadelphia, Carey and Hart. 1846                             by a father to his children, and designed for the
with original designs, by Felix O.C. Darley.                   instruction of youth.
     Fiche: 61254-61260                                        London, Printed for Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy. 1826
                                                               Tr. from the German of J.H. Campe, by Elizabeth
Curtis, Newton Mallory.                                        Helme; A new ed., with the translator's last
     The hunted chief: or, The female rancher.                 corrections and improvements.
New York, Williams Brothers. 1847                                    Fiche: 63056-63059
A tale of the Mexican war.
     Fiche: 61273-61276                                        Devlin, John S., ed.
                                                                    The Marine corps in Mexico; setting forth its
Eastman, Mary (Henderson).                                     conduct as established by testimony before a general
     Dahcotah; or, Life and legends of the Sioux               court martial, convened at Brooklyn N.Y.,
around Fort Snelling.                                          September, 1852, for the trial of First Lieut. John S.
New York, J. Wiley. 1849                                       Devlin, of the U.S. Marine corps.
By Mrs. Mary Eastman, with preface by Mrs. C.M.                Washington, Printed by L. Towers. 1852
Kirkland. Illustrated from drawings by Captain                      Fiche: 63060-63061
     Fiche: 61389-61396                                        [Archer, George W.].
                                                                    More than she could bear; a story of the
Herbert, Henry William.                                        Gachupin war in Texas, A.D. 1812-13.
    Pierre, the partisan; a tale of the Mexican                Philadelphia.
marches.                                                       By Hesper Bendbow [pseud.].
New York, Williams Brothers. 1848                                   Fiche: 63249-63259
    Fiche: 61689-61692
                                                               Browne, J. Ross.
Amelia Sherwood: or, Bloody scenes at the                            Adventures in the Apache country; a tour
California gold mines, with a narrative of the tragic          through Arizona and Sonora, with notes on the silver
incidents on a voyage to San Francisco.                        regions of Nevada.
Richmond, Barclay & Co. 1850                                   New York, Harper & Brothers. 1869
     Fiche: 61956-61957                                        Illustrated by the author.
                                                                     Fiche: 63506-63522

                                                               [Bierce, Ambrose].
                                                                    The fiend's delight.
                                                               New York, A.L. Luyster. 1873
                                                               By Dod Grile [pseud.].
                                                                    Fiche: 64205-64210

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Duniway, Abigail Scott.                                       Morgan, William T.
     Captain Gray's company: or, Crossing the plains              A crisis of the history of the Hudson's Bay
and living in Oregon.                                         Company.
Portland, Or., S.J. McCormick. 1859                           [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
      Fiche: 64327-64335                                      [1913]
                                                                   Fiche: 66427-66428
Belisle, David W.
     The American family Robinson; or, The                    Wesley, Edgar B.
adventures of a family lost in the great desert of the            A still larger view of the so-called Yelllowstone
West.                                                         Expedition.
Philadelphia, W.P. Hazard. 1854                               [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
     Fiche: 64351-64358                                       [1931]
                                                                   Fiche: 66429-66430
Priest, Josiah.
     Stories of early settlers in the wilderness;             Simpson, Howard E.
embracing the life of Mrs. Priest...with various and              The winter of 1807-1808 at Pembina, North
interesting accounts of others: the first raftsmen of         Dakota.
the Susquehannah: a short account of Brant, the               [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
British Indian chief: and of the massacre of                  [1931]
Wyoming.                                                      Alexander Henry's "Journal of the weather".
Albany, Printed by J. Munsell. 1837                                Fiche: 66431-66432
Embellished with a large...engraving.
      Fiche: 64944-64945                                      Sandborn, Ruth E.
                                                                  The United States and the British Northwest,
Bennett, Emerson.                                             1865-1870.
     Clara Moreland; or, Adventures in the far                [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
South-west.                                                   [1931]
Philadelphia, T.B. Peterson. [c.1853]                              Fiche: 66433-66434
With...illustrations. From original designs by
Stephens, engraved by Beeler.                                 Larsen, Arthur J.
     Fiche: 65099-65107                                           The Northwestern Express and Transportation
Clack, Louise, Mrs.                                           [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
    Our refugee household.                                    [1931]1
New York, Blelock & Co. 1866                                       Fiche: 66435-66436
    Fiche: 65353-65358
                                                              Cox, John E.
Clark, S.W.                                                       Soldiering in Dakota Territory in the seventies: a
    Happy home, woman's rights, and divorce, by               communication.
S.W. Clark, Minneapolis.                                      [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
Chicago, Ill. 1875                                            [1931]
     Fiche: 65375-65377                                            Fiche: 66437-66438

Dawson, Henry Barton.                                         Fremont, Donatien.
     Battles of the United States, by sea and land:               Archbishop Tache and the beginnings of
embracing those of the revolutionary and Indian               Manitoba.
wars, the war of 1812.                                        [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
New York, Johnson, Fry, and Company. [1858]                   [1932]
And the Mexican war: with important official                       Fiche: 66439-66440
documents. Illustrated...from original paintings by
Alonzo Chappel; 2 v.                                          Thorlaksson, Pall.
     Fiche: 65956-65972                                            The founding of the Icelandic settlement in
                                                              Pembina County. An article dictated by the Reverend
Norton, Mary A., sister.                                      Pall Thorlaksson, February 11, 1882.
     Catholic missions and missionaries among the             [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
Indians of Dakota.                                            [1932]
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].         [Ed. by Richard Beck].
[1931]                                                              Fiche: 66441-66442
     Fiche: 66425-66426
                                                              Byrne, P.E.
                                                                  The Custer myth.
                                                              [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
                                                                   Fiche: 66443-66444

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Wesley, Edgar B.                                             Droulers, Charles.
    Some official aspects of the fur trade in the                Marquis de Mores in North Dakota.
Northwest, 1815-1825.                                        [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].        [1940]
[1932]                                                       Translated from the French by George F. Will.
     Fiche: 66445-66446                                           Fiche: 66463-66464
Gillette, J.M.                                               Hobart, Charles F.
     The advent of the American Indian into North                Pioneering in North Dakota.
Dakota.                                                      [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].        [1940-1941]
[1932]                                                            Fiche: 66465-66466
     Fiche: 66447-66448
                                                             Reid, Russell.
McMurtrie, Douglas Crawford.                                     The North Dakota state park system.
    Pioneer printing in North Dakota.                        [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].        [1940]
[1932]                                                            Fiche: 66467-66468
     Fiche: 66449-66450
                                                             Ratliff, Beulah A.
Bond J.H.                                                         Charles Fremont Amidon, 1856-1937.
     A journey to the forks of the Red River of the          [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
North in 1860.                                               [1941]
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].             Fiche: 66469-66470
The journal of Ensign J.H. Bond, Royal Canadian              Reid, Russell.
Rifles. [Ed. by Arthur Henry Moehlman].                          Fort Lincoln State Park.
     Fiche: 66451-66452                                      [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
Robinson, Edgar E.                                                Fiche: 66471-66472
    Frederick Jackson Turner.
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].        Reid, Russell.
[1932]                                                           Turtle River State Park.
     Fiche: 66453-66454                                      [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
Hayter, Earl W.                                                   Fiche: 66473-66474
    The Ponca removal.
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].        Strong, William D.
[1932]                                                            Arikara and Cheyenne earth lodge sites in North
     Fiche: 66455-66456                                      and South Dakota.
                                                             [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
Cape, Wilson.                                                [1941]
     Population changes in the west North Central                 Fiche: 66475-66476
states, 1900-1930.
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].        Charles E. Shafer, hunter, Indian trader, and rancher.
[1932]                                                       [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
      Fiche: 66457-66458                                     [1941]
                                                                  Fiche: 66477-66478
Wemett, W.M.
    Custer's expedition to the Black Hills in 1874.          Will, George F.
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].             Dr. Melvin Randolph Gilmore.
[1932]                                                       [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
     Fiche: 66459-66460                                      [1941]
                                                                  Fiche: 66479-66480
Larsen, Arthur J., ed.
     The Black Hills gold rush.                              Glaspell, Kate Eldridge, Mrs.
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].             Incidents in the life of a pioneer.
[1932]                                                       [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
Letters from men who participated.                           1941
     Fiche: 66461-66462                                           Fiche: 66481-66482

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

La Verendrye, Pierre G. de V., sieur de.                     Gillette, J.M.
      The journal of La Verendrye, 1738-39.                       Study and population trends in North Dakota.
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota.         [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
[1941]                                                       [1942]
tr. and annoted by Henry E. Haxo.                                 Fiche: 66503-66504
      Fiche: 66483-66484
                                                             Burr, Alexander G.
Reid, Russell.                                                   Judge John McDowell Cochrane, 1859-1904.
    The De Mores Historical Site.                            [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].        [1942]
[1941]                                                            Fiche: 66505-66506
     Fiche: 66485-66486
                                                             Van Ostrand, Ferdinand A.
Burr, Alexander G.                                                Diary of F.A. Van Ostrand, edited by Russell
     Address at the dedication of the memorial on            Reid.
Butte St. Paul.                                              [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].        [1942]
[1941]                                                             Fiche: 66507-66509
     Fiche: 66487-66488
                                                             Rosser, Thomas L.
Burdick, Usher L.                                                  Rosser's journal, Northern Pacific Railroad
    Ranches in the Great American Desert.                    survey, September 1871.
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].        [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
[1941]                                                       [1943]
     Fiche: 66489-66490                                      [ed.] by William D. Hoyt, Jr.
                                                                   Fiche: 66510-66511
Burr, Alexander G.
    The organization of Bottineau County.                    Stevens, O.A.
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].            Audubon's journey up the Missouri River, 1843.
[1941]                                                       [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
     Fiche: 66491-66492                                      [1943]
                                                                  Fiche: 66512-66513
Torrison, Alfred.
    Fisher's Landing, Minnesota.                             Mekeel, Scudder.
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].            A short history of the Teton-Dakota.
[1941]                                                       [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
     Fiche: 66493-66494                                      [1943]
                                                                  Fiche: 66514-66515
Bill, Fred A.
      Early steamboating on the Red River.                   Burr, Alexander G.
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].            The Sinclair family in Bottineau County.
[1942]                                                       [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
      Fiche: 66495-66496                                     [1943]
                                                                  Fiche: 66516-66517
Dunlevy, Ursula, Sister.
    The Canadian halfbreed rebellions of 1870 and            Laird, Wilson M.
1885.                                                            The geology of the Turtle River State Park.
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].        [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
[1942]                                                       [1943]
     Fiche: 66497-66498                                           Fiche: 66518-66519

Reid, Russell.                                               Will, George F.
    Lake Metigoshe State Park.                                    Upper Missouri River Valley aboriginal culture
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].        in North Dakota.
[1942]                                                       [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
     Fiche: 66499-66500                                      [1944]
                                                                  Fiche: 66520-66522
Beede, Aaron M.
    The Dakota Indian victory dance.                         Gillette, J.M.
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].             Mounds and mound builders of the United
[1942]                                                       States.
     Fiche: 66501-66502                                      [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
                                                                  Fiche: 66523-66524

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Jackson, William T.                                            Benedict, John D.
     Dakota territorial papers in the Department of                 Muskogee and northeastern Oklahoma,
the Interior archives.                                         including the counties of Muskogee, McIntosh,
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].          Wagoner, Cherokee, Sequoyah, Adair, Delaware,
[1944]                                                         Mayes, Rogers, Washington, Nowata, Craig and
      Fiche: 66525-66526                                       Ottawa.
                                                               Chicago, The S.J. Clarke Publishing. 1922
Wheeler, George C.                                             3 v.
    The ants of North Dakota.                                       Fiche: 66637-66657
[Bismarck, State Historical of North Dakota]. [1944]
     Fiche: 66527-66528                                        The diamond jubilee of the coming of the Utah
                                                               pioneers, July--1922, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Will, George F.                                                [Salt Lake City, The Desert News Press]. [c.1923]
     The value of historical societies in the plains                 Fiche: 66658-66660
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].          Young, Brigham.
[1944]                                                              Proclamation by the governor.
      Fiche: 66529-66530                                       Salt Lake City. 1857
                                                                     Fiche: 66661-66662
Bentley, Edward R.
      Texas centennial pageant, entitled "Texas under          Morton J[ulius] Sterling.
six flags"...[in celebration of the centennial of the               A commemorative pamphlet: July 4th, 1876, at
founding of the first Anglo-Saxon colony by Stephen            Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska, contains the
F. Austin, November, 1921].                                    names and positions of all the officers of the day, the
[McAllen, Tex.]. [1921]                                        programme of exercises, and an oration.
      Fiche: 66531-66532                                       Chicago, J.M.W. Jones, Printer. 1876
                                                                    Fiche: 66663-66664
Williams, Joseph.
     Narrative of a tour from the state of Indiana to          Simpson, Thomas.
the Oregon territory in the years 1841-2.                          Narrative of the discoveries on the north coast of
New York. 1921                                                 America; effected by the Officers of the Hudson's
with an introduction by James C. Bell, jr.                     Bay company during the years 1836-39.
     Fiche: 66533-66535                                        London, R. Bentley. 1843
                                                                    Fiche: 66665-66670
Simpson, James H.
      Journal of a military reconnaissance from Santa          [Sales, Luis].
Fe, New Mexico, to the Navajo country, made with                    Noticias de la provincia de Californias en tres
the troops under command of Brevet Lieutenant                  cartas de un sacerdote religioso, hijo del Real
Colonel John M. Washington, chief of Ninth military            convento de predicadores de Valencia a un amigo
department, and governor of New Mexico, in 1849.               suyo.
Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo and Co. 1852                  Valencia, Por los hermanos de Orga. 1794
      Fiche: 66536-66539                                       3 v.
                                                                     Fiche: 66671-66675
The Utah genealogical and historical magazine.
Salt Lake City, Utah. 1910-1940                                Russell, Morris C.
Pub. quarterly by the Genealogical society of Utah...               Uncle Dudley's odd hours; western sketches,
Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan. 1910-Oct. 1940.                     Indian trail echoes, straws of humor.
1910-1940; 31 v.                                               Lake City, Minn., "The Home Printery". 1904
      Fiche: 66540-66634                                            Fiche: 66676-66679

Newman, John B.                                                Oregon. Governor. (LaFayette Grover).
     Texas and Mexico, in 1846; comprising the                       Report of Governor Grover to General Schofield
history of both countries, with an account of the soil,        on the Madoc war, and reports of Maj. Gen. John F.
climate, and productions of each.                              Miller and General John E. Ross, to the governor.
New-York, J.K. Wellman; Tarrytown, N.Y.;                       Salem, Or., M.V. Brown, State Printer. 1874
Reprinted, W. Abbatt. 1846; 1923                               Also letter of the governor to the Secretary of the
      Fiche: 66635-66636                                       interior on the Wallowa Valley Indian question.
                                                                     Fiche: 66680-66681

                                                               Mason, Charles.
                                                                   ...The election in Iowa.
                                                               [New-York, Office of the Society]. [1863]
                                                                    Fiche: 66682-66683

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Clemens, Jeremiah.                                          Craig, Benjamin Franklin.
     Bernard Lile; an historical romance, embracing              The border ruffian; or, Kansas and Missouri.
the periods of the Texas revolution, and the Mexican        Cincinnati, For the author. 1863
war.                                                        An historical western story of the present time, with
Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & Co. 1856                    interesting conversations between Jeff and Abe on
     Fiche: 66684-66691                                     the subject of slavery.
                                                                  Fiche: 68928-68934
Clemens, Jeremiah.
     Mustang Gray; a romance.                               M'Collum, William S.
Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & Co. 1858                         California as I saw it.
     Fiche: 66692-66699                                     Buffalo, G.H. Derby & Co. 1850
                                                            Pencillings by the way of its gold diggers! And
Huet, M.M.                                                  incidents of travel by land and water.
     Davis, the pirate: or, The true history of the              Fiche: 69019-69020
freebooters of the Pacific.
New York, H. Long & Brother. [c.1853]                       Bishop, Harriet E., Mrs.
A companion to "Morhgan, the buccaneer".                         Dakota war whoop; or, Indian massacres and
     Fiche: 66881-66884                                     war in Minnesota.
                                                            Saint Paul, D.D. Merrill. 1863
California. University, Los Angeles. Office of              By Harriet E. Bishop M'Conkey.
Public Information.                                              Fiche: 69021-69025
     French hens? Turtle doves? Olde carol has many
variations.                                                 History of San Louis Obispo county, California, with
Los Angeles. 1978                                           illustrations and biographical sketches of its
      Fiche: 66886-66887                                    prominent men and pioneers.
                                                            Oakland, Cal. 1883
McAnally, David Rice.                                             Fiche: 70000-70019
     Life and times of Rev. William Patton, and
annals of the Missouri conference.                          Cooke, Philip St. George.
St. Louis, Printed at the Methodist Book depository.             The conquest of New Mexico and California; an
1858                                                        historical and personal narrative.
     Fiche: 67298-67302                                     New York, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1878
                                                                  Fiche: 70020-70027
[Kip, Leonard].
     The volcano diggings; a tale of California law.        [Delano, Alonzo].
New York, J.S. Redfield. 1851                                    Pen knife sketches; or, Chips of the old block.
By a member of the bar.                                     Sacramento, Published at the Union Office. 1853
     Fiche: 68167-68171                                     A series of original illustrated letters, written by one
                                                            of California's pioneer miners, and dedicated to that
American and Foreign Anti-slavery Society.                  class of her citizens by the author.
     Address to the inhabitants of New Mexico and                 Fiche: 70028-70031
California, on the omission by Congress to provide
them with territorial governments, and on the social        Rae, John.
and political evils of slavery.                                 ...The Arctic regions and Hudson's Bay route.
New York, The Am. & For. Anti-slavery Society.              [Winnipeg] Manitoba Free Press Print. [1882]
1849                                                             Fiche: 70032-70033
     Fiche: 68496-68497
                                                            Davis, W.W.H. (William Watts Hart).
Comments on the Nebraska bill, with views on                    The Spaniard in New Mexico.
slavery in contrast with freedom; respectfully              N.Y. 1888
addressed to the free states, by one acquainted with        Amer. Hist. Assoc. Papers; v. 3, p. 164-176.
southern institutions.                                           Fiche: 70034-70035
Albany, J. Munsell. 1854
     Fiche: 68528-68529                                     History of Sanpete and Emery counties, Utah, with
                                                            sketches of cities, towns and villages, chronology of
The heart of the West: an American story.                   important events, records of Indian wars, portraits of
Chicago, Steam Printing House of Hand & Hart.               prominent persons, and biographies of representative
1871                                                        citizens.
By an Illinoian. Time: 1860. Scene: On the                  Ogden, W.H. Lever. 1898
Mississippi.                                                      Fiche: 70036-70053
     Fiche: 68653-68659
                                                            McReynolds, Robert.
                                                                Thirty years on the frontier.
                                                            Colorado Springs, Col., El Paso Publishing Co. 1906
                                                                 Fiche: 70054-70061

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Marcou, Jules.                                                  Lander, Frederick W.
     Une ascension dans les montagnes Rocheuses.                      Remarks on the construction of a first class
Paris, Impr. De E. Martinet. 1867                               double track railway to the Pacific, and the
      Fiche: 70062-70063                                        difficulties attending its solution as a practical and
                                                                scientific problem.
Marcy, Randolph B.                                              Washington, H. Polkinhorn, Printer. 1854
    Border reminiscences.                                             Fiche: 70114-70115
New York, Harper & Brothers. 1872
    Fiche: 70064-70073                                          Pleasants, W.J.
                                                                    Twice across the plains, 1849, 1856.
Marcy, Randolph B.                                              San Francisco, Press of W.N. Brunt Co. 1906
      Thirty years of Army life on the border.                       Fiche: 70116-70120
New York, Harper & Brothers. 1866
Comprising descriptions of the Indian nomads of the             Pratt, Parley Parker.
plains; explorations of new territory; a trip across the             The autobiography of one of the twelve apostles
Rocky mountains in the winter; descriptions of the              of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints,
habits of different animals found in the West, and the          embracing his life, ministry and travels, with
methods of hunting them; with incidents in the life of          extracts...from his miscellaneous writings.
different frontier men, &c., &c. With numerous                  New York, Published for the editor and proprietor by
illustrations.                                                  Russell Brothers. 1874
      Fiche: 70074-70085                                        Edited by his son, Parley P. Pratt.
                                                                      Fiche: 70121-70133
Matthews, William B.
      Matthew's guide for settlers upon the public              Ross, Alexander.
lands, land attorneys, land agents, clerks of courts,                The Red River Settlement: its rise, progress, and
notaries, bankers, brokers, and all persons interested          present state.
in the public lands of the United State[!] and having           London, Smith, Elder and Co. 1856
business before the district land offices, the General          With some account of the native races and its general
land office and the Department of the interior.                 history, to the present day.
Washington, D.C., W.H. Lowdermilk & Co. 1889                          Fiche: 70134-70144
      Fiche: 70086-70092
                                                                Textor, Lucy Elizabeth.
Milton, William F.                                                   ...Official relations between the United States
     A history of the San Juan water boundary                   and the Sioux Indians.
question, as affecting the division of territory                Palo Alto, Cal., The University. 1896
between Great Britain and the United States.                          Fiche: 70145-70149
London and New York, Cassell, Petter, and Galpin.
1869                                                            [Mudge, Zechariah A.].
Collected and comp. from official papers and                        Sketches of mission life among the Indians of
documents printed under the authority of the                    Oregon.
governments respectively of Great Britain and                   New-York, Carlton & Phillips. 1854
Ireland and of the United States of America, and                    Fiche: 70150-70156
from other sources. With two maps.
      Fiche: 70093-70104                                        [Murray, Charles Augustus, Sir].
                                                                    The trapper's bride: or, Spirit of adventure.
Mowry, Sylvester.                                               Cincinnati, O., Stratton and Barnard. 1848
     Arizona and Sonora: the geography, history, and                 Fiche: 70157-70161
resources of the silver region of North America.
New York, Harper & Brothers. 1864                               Farnham, Thomas Jefferson.
3d ed., rev. and enl.                                                The early days of California: with scenes in the
     Fiche: 70105-70111                                         Pacific.
                                                                Philadelphia, J.E. Potter. 1859
Mowry, Sylvester.                                                    Fiche: 70162-70171
     The mines of the West. Shall the government
seize them? The mining states. How shall they be
New York, G.E. Currie. 1864
      Fiche: 70112-70113

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Fremont, J.C. (John Charles).                                 Scripps, John L.
      Memoirs of my life. Including in the narrative               The undeveloped northern portion of the
five journeys of western exploration, during the years        American continent.
1842, 1843-4, 1845-6-7, 1848-9, 1853-4.                       Chicago "Democratic Press" Printing House. 1856
Chicago and New York, Belford, Clarks & Company.              A lecture delivered in the course before Bell's
1887                                                          commercial college, February, 1856.
Together with a sketch of the life of Senator Benton,              Fiche: 70214-70215
in connection with western expansion. By Jessie
Benton Fremont. A retrospect of fifty years covering          De Cordova, Jacob.
the most eventful periods of modern American                       Lecture on Texas delivered by Mr. J. De
history...With maps and colored plates; Vol. 1.               Cordova.
      Fiche: 70172-70194                                      Philadelphia, Printed by E. Crozet. 1858
                                                              Also, a paper read by him before the New York
Gilpin, William.                                              geographical society, April, 1858.
      Mission of the North American people,                        Fiche: 70216-70217
geographical social, and political.
Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & Co. 1873                      The Liberty bell; society Sons of the revolution in the
Illustrated by six charts delineating the physical            state of California.
architecture and thermal laws of all the continents.          Los Angeles. 1915-1919
      Fiche: 70195-70201                                      v. 1-Mar. 1915-1919.
                                                                    Fiche: 70218-70222
Arizona (Ter.). Supreme Court.
     ...Navajo Indians...Decision rendered by the             Bates, D.B., Mrs.
Arizona Supreme court in the proceedings instituted                 Incidents on land and water, or four years on the
by the Indian rights associated for a writ of habeas          Pacific Coast.
corpus in the case of certain Indians imprisoned              Boston, E.O. Libby and Company. 1858
without trial, with accompanying papers.                      Being a narrative of the burning of the ships
[Washington, Govt. Print. Off.]. [1909]                       Nonantum, Humayoon and Fanchon, together with
      Fiche: 70200-70201                                      many startling and interesting adventures on sea and
Gilpin, William.                                                    Fiche: 70223-70227
    Notes on Colorado; and its inscription in the
physical geography of the North American continent,           Hayden, Ferdinand Vandeveer.
by William Gilpin, governor of the territory of                    The great West: its attractions and resources.
Colorado.                                                     Philadelphia, Pa., Franklin Publishing Co.;
[London, Printed by Witherby and Co.]. [1870?]                Bloomington, Ill., C.R. Brodix. 1880
     Fiche: 70202-70204                                       Containing a popular description of the marvellous
                                                              scenery, physical geography, fossils, and glaciers of
Davis, W.W.H. (William Watts Hart).                           his wonderful region; and the recent explorations in
    El Gringo; or, New Mexico and her people.                 the Yellowstone park, "The wonderland of America,"
New York, Harper & Brothers. 1857                             by Prof. F.V. Hayden...being an article written for a
    Fiche: 70202-70207                                        work entitled "The great West".
                                                                   Fiche: 70226-70228
Harwood, Thomas.
     History of the New Mexico Spanish and English            Lea, Albert Miller.
missions of the Methodist Episcopal church from                    Notes on Wisconsin territory, with a map.
1850 to 1910.                                                 Philadelphia, H.S. Tanner. 1836
Albuquerque, N.M., El Abogado Press. 1908-1910                     Fiche: 70228-70229
2 v.
     Fiche: 70205-70225                                       Ellis, Edward D.
Briggs, Harold E.                                             Philadelphia, Porter & Coates. [c.1888]
    The Black Hills gold rush.                                       Fiche: 70229-70238
[Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
[1931]                                                        Utah historical quarterly.
     Fiche: 70208-70209                                       Salt Lake City, Utah, Board of Control, Utah State
                                                              Historical Society. [1928-1944]
Pratt, Parley Parker.                                         v. 1-12, 1928-Apr., 1944; 12 v.
     A voice of warning, and instruction to all                     Fiche: 70230-70261
people, or, An introduction to the faith and doctrine
of the Church of Jesus Christ, of latter day saints.
Nauvoo [Ill.] Printed by J. Taylor. 1844
      Fiche: 70210-70213

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Farnham, Thomas Jefferson.                                   Bowles, Samuel.
      History of Oregon territory, it being a                      Our new West.
demonstration of the title of these United States of         Hartford, Ct., Hartford Publishing Co.; New York,
North America to the same.                                   J.D. Denison; [etc., etc.]. 1869
New-York, W. Taylor; Boston, Saxton & Kelt; [etc.,           Records of travel between the Mississippi River and
etc.]. [1845]                                                the Pacific Ocean. Over the plains--over the
2d ed.                                                       mountains--through the great interior basin--over the
       Fiche: 70239-70241                                    Sierra Nevadas--to and up and down the Pacific
                                                             coast. With details of the wonderful natural scenery,
Farnham, Thomas Jefferson.                                   agriculture, mines, business, social life, progress, and
      Travels in the great western prairies, the             prospects . . . including a full description of the
Anahuac and Rocky mountains, and in the Oregon               Pacific railroad; and of the life of the Mormons,
territory.                                                   Indians, and Chinese. With map, portraits, and twelve
Poughkeepsie, Killey and Lossing, Printers. 1841             full page illustrations.
      Fiche: 70242-70247                                           Fiche: 70265-70277
Aimard, Gustave.                                             Arizona (Ter.). Constitutional Convention, 1910.
     The pirates of the prairies.                                 ...Constitution adopted by Arizona.
New York, J.W. Lovell Company. [1887]                        [Washington, Govt. Print. Off.]. [1911]
Rev. and ed. by Percy B. St. John.                           Letter from the secretary of the interior, transmitting
     Fiche: 70248-70252                                      copy of the constitution adopted by the Constitutional
                                                             convention of Arizona.
[Anderson, David].                                                 Fiche: 70266-70267
    Notes of the flood at the Red river, 1852.
London, Hatchards. [1852]                                    Daniell, L.E. (Lewis E.).
    Fiche: 70253-70256                                            Texas, the country and its men; historical
                                                             biographical, descriptive.
Beeson, John.                                                [Austin?]. [1924?]
    Are we not men and brethren?.                                 Fiche: 70268-70278
[New York, National Indian Aid Office]. [1859]
An address to the people of the United States, in            Bowles, Samuel.
behalf of the Indians.                                            The Pacific railroad--open.
     Fiche: 70257-70258                                      Boston, Fields, Osgood & Co. 1869
                                                             How to go: what to see. Guide for travel to and
Bledsoe, Anthony.                                            through western America.
     History of Del Norte county, California, with a              Fiche: 70278-70281
business director and traveler's guide.
Eureka, Wyman & Co. 1881                                     Bledsoe, Anthony.
     Fiche: 70259-70264                                           Indian wars of the Northwest.
                                                             San Francisco, Bacon & Company. 1885
Arizona (Ter.). Constitutional Convention, 1891.             A California sketch.
     Constitution for the state of Arizona as adopted             Fiche: 70282-70293
by the Constitutional convention, October, 1891.
Phoenix, Ariz., Herald Print. 1891                           Arizona (Ter.). Constitutional Convention, 1910.
     Fiche: 70262-70263                                            Minutes of the Constitutional convention of the
                                                             territory of Arizona.
Arizona (Ter.). Canvassing Board.                            Phoenix, Phoenix Printing Company. [1910]
     …Certificate of the governor, chief justice, and              Fiche: 70283-70288
secretary of Arizona, transmitting a copy of the
constitution of Arizona and the ascertainment of the         Arizona (Ter.). Constitutional Convention, 1910.
vote adopting the same.                                          The proposed constitution for the state of
Washington, Govt. Print. Off. 1911                           Arizona.
     Fiche: 70264-70265                                      [Phoenix?]. [1910]
                                                                  Fiche: 70289-70290

                                                             Arizona (Ter.). Honorary Board of Insane Asylum
                                                                  Report of the Honorary board of Insane asylum
                                                             directors, submitting testimony exhibits, etc.
                                                             Prescott, Ariz., Courier Book and Job Printing
                                                             Establishment. 1886
                                                             Proceedings on hearing before the governor.
                                                                   Fiche: 70291-70292

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Arizona (Ter.). Laws, etc.                                   [Delano, Alonzo].
     Amendments to the public school laws of                      ...A live woman in the mines; or, Pike county
Arizona, passed by the twenty-second Legislative             ahead!.
assembly of Arizona, April, 1903.                            New York, S. French. [c.1857]
Phoenix, Ariz., Press of the H.H. McNeil Co. 1903            A local play in two acts. By "Old Block". To which
     Fiche: 70293-70294                                      are added a description of the costume...and the
                                                             whole of the stage business.
Catlin, George.                                                    Fiche: 70318-70319
     O-kee-pa: a religious ceremony; and other
customs of the Mandans.                                      Duniway, Abigail Scott.
Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & Co., [London,                    From the West to the West; across the plains to
printed]. 1867                                               Oregon.
With thirteen coloured illustrations.                        Chicago, A.C. McClurg & Co. 1905
      Fiche: 70294-70297                                          Fiche: 70320-70327

Arizona (Ter.). Laws, etc.                                   History of Alameda County, California, including its
     Arizona school laws, April, 1905.                       geology, topography, soil, and productions; together
Phoenix, Ariz., The H.H. McNeil Company, Printers.           with a full and particular record of the Spanish
1905                                                         grants.
     Fiche: 70295-70296                                      Oakland, M.W. Wood. 1883
                                                                  Fiche: 70328-70355
Arizona (Ter.). Laws, etc.
    The compiled laws of the territory of Arizona,           Arizona (Ter.). Legislative Assembly.
compiled and arranged by authority of an act of the               Resources of Arizona territory with a
Legislative assembly, approved February 9, 1877.             description of the Indian tribes; ancient ruins;
Detroit, Mich., Richmond, Backus & Co., Printers.            Cochise, Apache chief; Antonio, Pima chief; stage
1877                                                         and wagon roads, trade and commerce, etc.
John P. Hoyt, compiler. 1864-1877.                           San Francisco, Francis & Valentine. 1871
     Fiche: 70297-70305                                           Fiche: 70334-70335

[Ellis, Edward Sylvester].                                   Arizona (Ter.). Legislative Assembly.
     ...In the Pecos country, by Lieut. R.H. Jayne               The territory of Arizona; a brief history and
[pseud.].                                                    summary of the territory's acquisition, organization,
New York, The Merrian Company. [c.1894]                      and mineral, agricultural and grazing resources;
      Fiche: 70298-70305                                     embracing a review of its Indian tribes.
                                                             Tucson, Printed at The Citizen Office. 1874
Catlin, George.                                              By authority of the Legislature.
     Life among the Indians.                                      Fiche: 70336-70337
London [etc.] Gall & Inglis. [187-?]
     Fiche: 70306-70315                                      Arizona (Ter.). Supreme Court.
                                                                  Opinions of the Supreme court of Arizona
Arizona (Ter.). Laws, etc.                                   rendered in the decision of the "Mine tax cases,"
     Revised statutes of Arizona.                            January, 1906.
Prescott, Ariz., Prescott Courier Print. 1887                [Phoenix? Ariz.]. [1906]
     Fiche: 70306-70316                                      Comp. for the information of assessors, county
                                                             boards of equalization and other officials.
Cooke, Philip St. George.                                         Fiche: 70338-70339
     Report of Lieut. Col. P. St. George Cooke of his
march from Santa Fe, New Mexico to San Diego,                Arizona (Ter.). Citizens.
Upper California.                                                ...Protest against union of Arizona with New
Washington. 1848                                             Mexico...Memorial from delegates from Arizona in
(In U.S. Engineer dept. notes of a military                  opposition to joint statehood.
reconnoissance ...).                                         [Washington, Govt. Print. Off.]. [1906]
     Fiche: 70316-70317                                           Fiche: 70340-70341

Arizona (Ter.). Laws, etc.                                   Nevada (Ter.). Governor (1861-1864: James W.
     ...The revised statutes of Arizona territory;           Nye).
containing also the laws passed by the twenty-first               Governor's message.
legislative assembly, the Constitution of the United         [Carson City]. [1864]
States, the organic law of Arizona and the                        Fiche: 70342-70343
amendments of Congress relating thereto.
Columbia, Mo., Press of E.W. Stephens. 1901
      Fiche: 70317-70333

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Oregon (Ter.). Constitution.                                    Colorado (Ter.). Adjutant-general's Office.
     The constitution of Oregon, framed by the                        The military occupation of the coal strike zone
Constitutional convention which met at Salem,                   of Colorado, by the Colorado national guard,
August, 1857, and which is to be submitted to the               1913-1914.
people on November, 1857.                                       Denver, Press of the Smith-Brooks Printing
Portland, Or., S.J. McCormick, Printer and Publisher.           Company. [1914]
1857                                                            Report of the commanding general to the governor,
     Fiche: 70344-70345                                         for the use of the Congressional committee,
                                                                exhibiting an account of the military occupation to
Oregon (Ter.). Governor (1849-1850: Joseph                      the time of the first withdrawal of the troops in April,
Lane).                                                          1914.
      The first printed message of the first governor of              Fiche: 70366-70368
Springfield, Ill. 1938                                          Deseret. Constitution.
A facsimile of the only known copy, found in the                      Constitution of the state of Deseret.
territorial archives of the State department, as an             [n.p.]. [1850?]
enclosure in a letter from Governor Joseph Lane.                      Fiche: 70369-70370
      Fiche: 70346-70347
                                                                Deseret. Laws, etc.
Oregon (Ter.). Laws, etc.                                            Laws and ordinances of the state of Deseret
     Laws relating to elections, and the mode of                (Utah) Compilation 1851; being a verbatim reprint of
supplying vacancies in office.                                  the rare original edition, with an appendix.
Corvallis, Or., A. Bush, Territorial Printer. 1855              Salt Lake City, Utah, Shepard Book Company. 1919
pub. by order of the Legislative assembly.                            Fiche: 70371-70373
     Fiche: 70348-70349
                                                                Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Oregon (Ter.). Legislative Assembly.                            Deseret Sunday School Union.
     Correspondence, resolutions and memorials, of                   Jubilee history of Latter-day saints Sunday
the Legislative assembly, relative to the prices of             schools. 1849-1899.
supplies, the hostilities of the Indians, and protection        Salt Lake City, Utah, Deseret Sunday School Union.
of the immigrants in 1854.                                      1900
Salem, Or., A. Bush, Territorial Printer. 1857                        Fiche: 70374-70380
      Fiche: 70350-70351
                                                                History of Idaho Territory, showing its resources and
Colorado (Ter.). Laws, etc.                                     advantages; with illustrations...from original
     Estatutos revisados de Colorado, en fuerza de              drawings.
ley despues de la suspension de la sesion novena de             San Francisco, Cal., W.W. Elliott & Co. 1884
la Asemblea legislativa, leyes de las sesiones octava                Fiche: 70376-70388
y novena de la misma, junto con la Declaracion de
Independencia, la Constitucion de Los Estados                   Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Unidos, y las actas organicas del territorio de                 Deseret Sunday School Union.
Colorado.                                                            ...Recreation and play; containing extracts from
Denver, Dailey, Baker y Smart, impresores. 1872                 magazine articles, addresses, text books, government
Publicados por mandato de la autoridad.                         bulletins, etc., bearing upon the subject of the
     Fiche: 70352-70363                                         recreation, play and amusements of children and
                                                                young people.
History of Contra Costa County, California,                     Salt Lake City, Utah, Deseret Sunday School Union.
including its geography, geology, topography,                   [1914]
climatography and description; together with a record           Compiled by the Parents' department of the Deseret
of the Mexican grants...also, incidents of pioneer life;        Sunday school union.
and biographical sketches of early and prominent                      Fiche: 70381-70382
settlers and representative men.
San Francisco, W.A. Slocum & Co. 1882                           Nevada (Ter.). District Court (1st district).
      Fiche: 70356-70375                                             ...Gould & Curry silver mining co., plaintiff, vs.
                                                                North Potosi gold and silver mining co., defendant.
Colorado (Ter.). Adjutant-general's Office.                     Virginia, N.T., Goodman & M'Carthy, Printers. 1864
    ...Laws and code of regulations for the                     Opinion of referee, August 22, 1864.
government of the national guard of Colorado.                         Fiche: 70383-70384
Denver, Col. [The Smith-Brooks Press]. 1910
     Fiche: 70364-70365                                         Oregon (Ter.). Laws, etc.
                                                                     General law relating to roads and ferries.
                                                                Corvallis, Or., A. Bush, Territorial Printer. 1855
                                                                pub. by order of the Legislative assembly.
                                                                     Fiche: 70385-70386

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Oregon (Ter.). Laws, etc.                                    New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.
      Oregon acts and laws passed by the House of                 Climatology and mineral springs of New
representatives, at a meeting held in Oregon City,           Mexico--health and pleasure resorts.
August, 1845.                                                Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing Company.
New York, N.A. Phemister Co. 1921                            1900
First printing.                                              Published by the New Mexico Bureau of
      Fiche: 70387-70388                                     immigration, under the direction of the secretary.
                                                                  Fiche: 70407-70409
Oregon (Ter.). Supreme Court.
     Oregon Supreme court record; an original                New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.
printing of cases and other matter contained in a                 Compilation of facts concerning the Pecos
manuscript labeled Book I, 1844-1848.                        Valley.
Portland, Ore., Stevens-Ness Law Publishing Co.              Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing Company.
1933                                                         1891
Together with a reprinting of an address entitled A          Resume of the improvement being made in
history of the judiciary of Oregon, by Hon. Lawrence         southeastern New Mexico, embracing the
T. Harris.                                                   magnificent Pecos Valley.
      Fiche: 70389-70391                                          Fiche: 70410-70411

History of Santa Clara county, California, including         Johnson, Laura.
its geography, geology, topography, climatology and               Eight hundred miles in an ambulance.
description...also incidents of public life...and            Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott Company. 1889
biographical sketches of early and prominent settlers             Fiche: 70410-70413
and representative men.
San Francisco, Alley, Bowen & Co. 1881                       New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.
      Fiche: 70389-70409                                           Dona Ana County in New Mexico, containing
                                                             the fertile Mesilla Valley, garden spot of the great
[Ryan, John G.] ed.                                          Southwest, where modern irrigation is now being
     Life and adventures of Gen. W.A.C. Ryan, the            brought to its highest development.
Cuban martyr.                                                [Albuquerque?]. 1908
New York and Chicago [Scully & Company]. 1876                Comp. by Dr. R.E. McBride.
Captured on the steamer Virginius, and murdered by                 Fiche: 70412-70413
the Spaniards at Santiago, Cuba, Nov., 1873.
     Fiche: 70392-70395                                      New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.
                                                                  ...Grant County, New Mexico.
Smith, Sam W.                                                Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing Company.
     Gems from the tailings, or The sluice club.             1901
San Francisco, C.W. Gordon, Printer. 1875                    Rich in gold, silver, copper...and other minerals.
     Fiche: 70396-70398                                      Thousands of cattle on a thousand hills. Advanced,
                                                             enterprising, prosperous.
[Gilman, Chandler R.].                                             Fiche: 70414-70415
     Legends of a log cabin.
New York, G. Dearborn. 1835                                  Kearny, Stephen W.
By a western man.                                                 The 1820 journal of Stephen Watts Kearney,
     Fiche: 70399-70402                                      comprising a narrative account of the Council
                                                             Bluff-St. Peter's military exploration and a voyage
New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.                    down the Mississippi river to St. Louis.
     The Central Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico,            St. Louis, Reprinted from Missouri Historical Society
with a sketch of the counties of Bernalillo, Sandoval        Collections. 1908
and Valencia, a magnificent empire of 10,000 square          Ed. by Valentine Mott Porter; vol. III.
miles, rich beyond estimate in natural resources.                 Fiche: 70414-70416
[Albuquerque?]. [1908]
by H.B. Hening, 1908.                                        New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.
     Fiche: 70403-70404                                           ...Guadalupe County, New Mexico.
                                                             Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing Company.
New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.                    1902
     Chaves County, New Mexico.                              Leads in sheep industry.
Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing Company.                      Fiche: 70416-70417
An imperial domain with a magnificent stock range.           Hilgard, Theodor E.
By the Bureau of immigration of the territory of New             Meine erinnerungen.
Mexico.                                                      [Heidelberg, Druck von G. Mohr]. [1860?]
     Fiche: 70405-70406                                           Fiche: 70417-70426

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.                     Mollhausen, Balduin.
     The land of sunshine; a handbook of the                       Diary of a journey from the Mississippi to the
resources, products, industries and climate of New            coasts of the Pacific with a United States government
Mexico.                                                       expedition.
Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing Company.                 London, Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, &
1906                                                          Roberts. 1858
Compiled and edited by Max. Frost and Paul A.F.               With an introduction by Alexander von
Walter.                                                       Humboldt...Tr. by Mrs. Percy Sinnett; 2 v.
     Fiche: 70418-70423                                            Fiche: 70437-70456
New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.                     New Mexico (Ter.). Game and Fish Warden's
      The mines of New Mexico. Inexhaustible                  Dept.
deposits of gold and silver, copper, lead, iron and                First report of game and fish warden for New
coal.                                                         Mexico, 1909-1910-1911.
Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing Company.                 Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing Company.
1896                                                          1912
A mineral area unequaled in any state or territory for             Fiche: 70442-70444
the extent and value of its mines.
      Fiche: 70424-70425                                      New Mexico (Ter.). Laws, etc., 1907.
                                                                    Council bill no. 35. Estray act.
New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.                     [Las Vegas?]. [1907?]
     ...Santa Fe County, New Mexico.                          An act defining estray animals and providing for the
Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing Company.                 taking up of the same, for the return of estrays to
1902                                                          their owners, or for the sale of the same by the Cattle
Magnificent and health giving climate.                        sanitary board of New Mexico.
      Fiche: 70426-70427                                            Fiche: 70445-70446

Catlin, George.                                               Perkins, Edna (B.), Mrs.
     Last rambles amongst the Indians of the Rocky                 The white heart of Mojava; an adventure with
mountains and the Andes.                                      the outdoors of the desert.
New York, D. Appleton and Company. 1867                       New York, Boni and Liveright. [c.1922]
     Fiche: 70427-70436                                            Fiche: 70447-70450

New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.                     Hewes, Charles E.
     ...Sierra County, New Mexico.                                Songs of the Rockies.
Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing Company.                 Rocky Mountain National Park, Col., The
1902                                                          Egerton-Palmer Press. [c.1922]
Rich in gold and silver. Leads in Angora goat raising.        drawings by Dean Babcock.
      Fiche: 70428-70429                                           Fiche: 70451-70455

New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.                     [Howe, S. Ferdinand].
     Socorro County, New Mexico.                                  The commerce of Kansas City in 1886; with a
[Santa Fe] J.S. Duncan, Public Printer. 1904                  general review of its business progress.
The largest and the richest in resources of New               Kansas City, Mo., S.F. Howe. 1886
Mexican counties.                                                  Fiche: 70456-70460
     Fiche: 70430-70431
                                                              Bowles, Samuel.
New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.                          The Switzerland of America.
     ...Union County, New Mexico.                             Springfield, Mass., S. Bowles & Co.; New York, The
Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing Company.                 American News Co.; [etc., etc.]. 1869
1902                                                          A summer vacation in the parks and mountains of
A prosperous and growing section. Leading in the              Colorado.
sheep industry.                                                    Fiche: 70457-70461
      Fiche: 70432-70433
                                                              Daffan, Katie.
New Mexico (Ter.). Cattle Sanitary Board.                         Texas heroes.
     Brand book of the territory of New Mexico,               Ennis, Tex., Katie Daffan. [c.1924]
showing all the brands on cattle, horses, mules and                Fiche: 70461-70464
asses, re-recorded under the provisions of the act,
Approved February, 1899, and other brands recorded            Domenech, Emmanuel Henri Dieudonne.
since may, 1899, up to December, 1906.                             Voyage pittoresque dans les grands deserts du
[Las Vegas?]. [1907?]                                         Nouveau monde, par l'abbe Em. Domenech.
Issued by the Cattle sanitary board of New Mexico.            Paris, Morizot. 1862
     Fiche: 70434-70441                                             Fiche: 70462-70479

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Lomax, John A., comp.                                         Domenech, Emmanuel Henri Dieudonne.
     Cowboy songs and other frontier ballads,                      Voyage dans les solitudes americaines. Voyage
collected by John A. Lomax.                                   au Minnesota.
New York, The Macmillan Company. 1922                         Paris, Pouget-Coulon [etc.]. 1858
with an introduction by Barrett Wendell.                            Fiche: 70495-70500
     Fiche: 70465-70470
                                                              Autographs of prominent men of the southern
Oregon (Ter.). Laws, etc.                                     confederacy and historical documents.
     The statues of Oregon.                                   [Houston, Tex., Cumming & Sons, Printers]. [190-]
Oregon, A. Bush, Public Printer. 1855                         E.M. Bruce collection.
Enacted, and continued in force, by the Legislative                Fiche: 70496-70497
assembly, at the fifth and sixth regular sessions
thereof.                                                      Cook, David J.
     Fiche: 70471-70478                                             Hands up; or, Thirty-five years of detective life
                                                              in the mountains and on the plains.
Oregon (Ter.). Laws, etc.                                     Denver, The W.F. Robinson Printing Co. 1897
     The statutes of Oregon, enacted and continued            Reminiscences by General D.J. Cook, chief of the
in force by the Legislative assembly, at the session          Rocky mountain detective association. A condensed
December, 1853.                                               criminal history of the far West.
[Salem] Or., A. Bush, Public Printer. 1854                          Fiche: 70498-70503
      Fiche: 70479-70486
                                                              History of Placer county, California, with
Kane, Thomas, L.                                              illustrations and biographical sketches of its
     Coahuila.                                                prominent men and pioneers.
[Philadelphia]. [1877]                                        Oakland, Cal., Thompson & West. 1882
Read before the American philosophical society,                     Fiche: 70501-70515
January 19, 1877.
     Fiche: 70480-70481                                       Jay, William.
                                                                   A review of the causes and consequences of the
[Delano, Alonzo].                                             Mexican war.
      Old Block's sketch-book; or, Tales of California        Boston, Mussey. 1849
life.                                                         4th ed.
Sacramento, J. Anthony & Co. 1856                                  Fiche: 70504-70508
Illustrated with numerous elegant designs, by Nahl,
the Cruik-shank of California.                                Winthrop, Theodore.
      Fiche: 70482-70485                                          John Brent.
                                                              Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1862
Aimard, Gustave.                                                   Fiche: 70509-70513
    The tiger-slayer; a tale of the Indian desert.
London, For the proprietors. 1865                             Rideout, Henry M.
    Fiche: 70486-70494                                             William Jones, Indian, cowboy, American
                                                              scholar, and anthropologist in the field.
Nicely, Wilson.                                               New York, Frederick A. Stokes Company. 1912
      The great Southwest, or Plain guide for                      Fiche: 70514-70517
emigrants and capitalists, embracing a description of
the states of Missouri and Kansas.                            Matthews, William B.
St. Louis, R.P. Studley & Co., Printers. 1867                      The settler's map and guide book. Oklahoma.
      Fiche: 70487-70489                                      Washington, D.C., W.H. Lepley, Printer. 1889
                                                              A brief review of the history, government, soil, and
Bernheimer, Charles L.                                        resources of the Indian Territory, Oklahoma proper,
      Rainbow Bridge; circling Navajo Mountain and            the public land strip, and Cherokee Outlet. The
explorations in the "bad lands" of southern Utah and          Springer bill. The Indian appropriation bill. President
northern Arizona.                                             Harrison's proclamation. The homestead and townsite
Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, Page & Company.                 laws. Pub. by W.B. Matthews.
1924                                                               Fiche: 70516-70518
Illustrations from photographs.
      Fiche: 70490-70493                                      Hunt, Robert H.
                                                                    General orders, no. 11.
Lines, C.B.                                                   [n.p.]. [1908]
      "Connecticut Kansas colony".                            By Lieut. Col. R.H. Hunt... Kansas commandery of
[n.p.]. [1856?]                                               the Military order of the loyal legion of the United
      Fiche: 70494-70495                                      States.
                                                                    Fiche: 70518-70519

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Bidwell, John.                                                  Aimard, Gustave.
    Addresses, reminiscences, etc. of General John                    The trappers of Arkansas.
Bidwell.                                                        St. John, N.W. Lovell Company. [1887]
Chico, Cal. 1907                                                A narrative...Rev. and ed. by Percy B. St. John.
Comp. by C.C. Royce.                                                  Fiche: 70545-70549
     Fiche: 70519-70528
                                                                Holcome, Theodore Isaac.
[Burleigh, Walter A.].                                              An apostle of the wilderness, James Lloyd
    Indian massacre in Minnesota.                               Breck, D.D., his missions and his schools.
[Washington]. [1866]                                            New York, T. Whittaker. 1903
Removal of the Sioux Indians.                                        Fiche: 70550-70555
     Fiche: 70520-70521
                                                                Bender, Tex.
United States. Commissioners to Run, Locate and                     Ten years a cowboy.
Mark State Line between Oklahoma and Texas.                     Chicago, Rhodes & McClure Pub. Co. 1890
     Supreme Court of the United States, October                     Fiche: 70552-70558
term, 1923, no. 15, original.
Washington. 1924                                                Todd, John.
The state of Oklahoma, complainant, vs. The state of                 Early settlement and growth of western Iowa;
Texas, defendant, the United States, intervener.                or, Reminiscences, by Rev. John Todd, of Tabor,
Report of the Boundary Commissioners, Arthur D.                 Iowa.
Kidder, Arthur A. Stiles, commissioners.                        Des Moines, The Historical Department of Iowa.
     Fiche: 70522-70526                                         1906
                                                                     Fiche: 70556-70561
Stitzel, H.V., Mrs.
     What came of it.                                           Brewerton, George Douglas.
Portland, Or., G.H. Himes. 1878                                       Wars of the western border; or, New homes and
     Fiche: 70527-70531                                         a strange people.
                                                                New York, Derby & Jackson. 1860
McCoy, Joseph G.                                                      Fiche: 70559-70564
     Historic sketches of the cattle trade of the West
and Southwest.                                                  Wheeler, Alfred.
Kansas City, Mo., Ramsey, Millett & Hudson. 1874                     Land titles in San Francisco, and the laws
     Fiche: 70529-70542                                         affecting the same, with a synopsis of all grants and
                                                                sales of land within the limits claimed by the city.
Laut, Agnes C.                                                  San Francisco, Alta California Steam Printing
     Heralds of empire; being the story of one                  Establishment. 1852
Ramsay Stanhope, lieutenant to Pierre Radisson in                     Fiche: 70562-70565
the northern fur trade.
New York, D. Appleton and Company. 1902                         Ruxton, George F.A.
     Fiche: 70532-70536                                              Life in the Far West.
                                                                Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and Sons.
Gordon, Charles W.                                              1849
     Black rock: a tale of the Selkirks.                             Fiche: 70566-70572
New York, Chicago [etc.] Fleming E. Revell. 1899
by Ralph Conner [pseud.] With an introduction by                Adams, James C.
Professor George Adam Smith.                                         The hair-breadth escapes and adventures of
     Fiche: 70537-70541                                         "Grizzly Adams," in catching and conquering the
                                                                wild animals included in his California menagerie.
McPherson, Aimee S., Mrs.                                       New York. 1860
     This is that; personal experiences, sermons and            Written by himself.
writings of.                                                         Fiche: 70573-70574
Los Angeles, Calif., Echo Park Evangelistic
Association, Inc. [c.1923]                                      Aimard, Gustave.
      Fiche: 70542-70551                                             The trail hunter.
                                                                Ward and Lock. 1863
Roberts, Sidney.                                                A tale of the far West.
      Great distress and loss of the lives of American               Fiche: 70575-70584
[n.p.]. 1848
An appeal to the citizens of the United States, for and
in behalf of suffering humanity, in the western state
of Iowa, and in the Indian Territory.
      Fiche: 70543-70544

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Ball, John.                                                      The garden of the world, or the great west; its history,
     Remarks upon the geology, and physical                      etc. ...also a complete guide to emigrants, with a full
features of the country west of the Rocky mountains,             description of the different routes westward.
with miscellaneous facts.                                        Boston. 1856
The American Journal of Science. 1835                            By an old settler.
v. 28.                                                                  Fiche: 70630-70637
      Fiche: 70585
                                                                 Gilpin, William.
Baylies, Francis.                                                     The central gold region.
    Northwest coast of America. May 15, 1826.                    Philadelphia, Sower, Barnes & Co.; St. Louis, E.K.
[Washington]. [1826]                                             Woodward. 1860
     Fiche: 70586                                                The grain, pastorial and gold regions of North
Beeson, John.                                                         Fiche: 70638-70643
      A plea for the Indians; with facts and features of
the late war in Oregon.                                          De Groot, Henry.
New York, J. Beeson. 1857                                             Sketches of the Washoe silver mines, with a
      Fiche: 70587-70590                                         description of the soil, climate and mineral resources,
                                                                 of the country east of the Sierra.
Berkeley, George.                                                San Francisco, Published by Hutchins & Rosenfield.
    The English sportsman in the western prairies.               1860
London, Hurst & Blackett. 1861                                         Fiche: 70644-70645
    Fiche: 70591-70601
                                                                 Herne, Peregrine.
[Carleton, James Henry].                                             Perils and pleasures of a hunter's life.
      The overland route to California.                          Boston, L.P. Crown; Philadelphia, J.W. Bradley.
In Stryker's American Register and Magazine.                     1854
07/1850                                                               Fiche: 70646-70654
v. 4.
      Fiche: 70602                                               Holdredge, Sterling M.
                                                                      State, territorial, and ocean guide book of the
Catlin, George.                                                  Pacific.
     Letters and notes on the manners, customs, and              San Francisco, S.M. Holdredge. 1865
condition of the North American Indians...1832, 39.                   Fiche: 70655-70662
London, Published by the author. 1841
2 v.                                                             Holladay, Ben.
     Fiche: 70603-70623                                                Table of distances of the Overland daily stage
                                                                 line from Atchison, Kansas, to Great Salt Lake City.
Clark, William.                                                  New York, Slote & Jane. 1863
      [Letter to his brother, George Rogers Clark,                     Fiche: 70663
dated at St. Louis, 1806, and containing a summary
of the Lewis and Clark expedition.].                             Holmes, Hamilton.
In The Evening Fire-side. 11/08/1806                                  Old Rube, the hunter. Or, The Crow captive.
v. 2, no. 45.                                                    New York, American News Co. [1865]
      Fiche: 70624                                               A tale of the great plains.
                                                                      Fiche: 70664-70665
Dragoon expedition.
In Army and Navy Chronicle. 1839                                 Hooker, William J.
Fort Leavenworth, Oct. 3, 1839; v. 9.                                 A brief memoir of the life of Mr. David
     Fiche: 70625                                                Douglas.
                                                                 In Companion to the Botanical magazine.
[Ellis, Edward Sylvester].                                            Fiche: 70666-70668
     On the plains; or, The race for life.
New York, Sinclair Tousey. [1863]                                [House, E.].
A story of adventure in the Black Hills.                              A narrative of the captivity of Mrs. Horn, and
      Fiche: 70626-70627                                         her two children, with Mrs. Harris, by the Camanche
Fisk, James Liberty.                                             St. Louis, C. Keemle. 1839
     Idaho: her gold fields, and the routes to them.                  Fiche: 70669-70670
New York, John A. Gray. 1863
A handbook for emigrants.
     Fiche: 70628-70629

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Hunter, John Dunn.                                             Morton J[ulius] Sterling.
     Manners and customs of several Indian tribes                   Illustrated history of Nebraska; a history of
located west of the Mississippi.                               Nebraska from the earliest explorations of the
Philadelphia, Printed and pub. for the author, by J.           trans-Mississippi region, with steel engravings,
Maxwell. 1823                                                  photogravures, copper plates, maps, and tables.
     Fiche: 70671-70679                                        Lincoln, J. North & Company. 1905-1913
                                                               3 v.
Irving, John Treat.                                                  Fiche: 70763-70822
     The hunters of the prairie; or, The Hawk chief.
London, R. Bentley. 1837                                       Davis, Henry T[urner].
A tale of the Indian country; 2 v.                                  Solitary places made glad: being observations
     Fiche: 70680-70692                                        and experiences for thirty-two years in Nebraska;
                                                               with sketches and incidents touching the discovery,
Biography of Joseph Lane.                                      early settlement, and development of the state.
Washington, Printed at the Congressional Globe                 Cincinnati, Printed for the author by Cranston &
Office. 1852                                                   Stowe. 1890
By Western; (Plains and rockies, 216).                               Fiche: 70823-70833
     Fiche: 70693-70694
                                                               Depew, Chauncey Mitchell.
McClellan, Rolander Guy.                                            Statehood bill.
     The golden state: a history of the region west of         Wash. 1903
the Rocky mountains; embracing California, Oregon,             Speech in the senate of the United States, Feb. 11, 12,
Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Washington territory,            13, and 17, 1903.
British Columbia, and Alaska, from the earliest                     Fiche: 70834-70836
period to the present time...with a history of
Mormonism and the Mormons.                                     Downs, Solomon Weathersbee.
Philadelphia [etc.] W. Flint & Company; Chicago,                    Speech of Hon. S.U. [!] Downs, of Louisiana, on
Union Publishing Company; [etc., etc.]. [1872]                 the bill to establish a territorial government in
      Fiche: 70695-70716                                       Oregon.
                                                               Washington, Printed at the Congressional Globe
Meeker, Ezra.                                                  Office. 1848
     . . . The ox team; or, The old Oregon trail,              Delivered in the Senate of the United States, June 3,
1852-1906; an account of the author's trip across the          1848.
plains, from the Missouri River to Puget Sound, at                   Fiche: 70837-70838
the age of twenty-two, with an ox and cow team in
1852, and of his return with an ox team in the year            Eldredge, Zoeth Skinner.
1906, at the age of seventy-six.                                    The Spanish archives of California; paper read
New York, The author. [1907]                                   before the California genealogical society, July 13,
      Fiche: 70717-70724                                       1901.
                                                               San Francisco, The Murdock Press. 1901
A memorial and biographical history of northern                     Fiche: 70839-70840
Chicago, The Lewis Pub. Co. 1891                               Drake, Eugene B., comp.
Illustrated. Containing a history of this important                  Jimeno's and Hartnell's indexes of land
section of the Pacific coast from the earliest period.         concessions, from 1830 to 1846; also, tomo de razon,
      Fiche: 70725-70745                                       or, registry of titles, for 1844-45; approvals of land
                                                               grants by the territorial deputation and departmental
Meyer, Carl, of Basel.                                         assembly of California, from 1835 to 1846, and a list
    Nach dem Sacramento. Reisebilder eines                     of unclaimed grants.
heimgekehrten.                                                 San Francisco, Kenny & Alexander. 1861
Aarau, H.R. Sauerlander. 1855                                  Comp. from the Spanish archives in the U.S.
    Fiche: 70746-70755                                         Surveyor-general's office.
                                                                     Fiche: 70841-70843
Monks, William.
     A history of southern Missouri and northern               Dunn, John.
Arkansas; being an account of the early settlements,                History of the Oregon territory and British
the civil war, the Ku-klux, and times of peace.                North-American fur trade; with an account of the
West Plains, Mo., West Plains Journal Co. 1907                 habits and customs of the principal native tribes on
      Fiche: 70756-70762                                       the northern continent.
                                                               London, Edwards and Hughes. 1844
                                                                    Fiche: 70844-70853

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

History of Solano County...and histories of its cities,         [Jackson, Helen Hunt].
towns...etc....also a full and particular biography of               Nelly's silver mine.
its early settlers and principal inhabitants.                   Boston, Roberts Brothers. 1878
San Francisco, Cal., East Oakland, Wood, Alley &                A story of Colorado life. By H.H. [pseud.].
Co. 1879                                                             Fiche: 70934-70943
      Fiche: 70854-70867
                                                                Kelsey, Rayner W.
Harris, J]ames].                                                    The United States consulate in California.
     A paper upon California; read before the                   Berkeley. 1910
Maryland historical society...March, 1849.                           Fiche: 70944-70947
Baltimore, For the Society. 1849
     Fiche: 70868-70869                                         Kendall, Reese P.
                                                                     Pacific trail camp-fires; containing The Missouri
Hartford Union Mining and Trading Company.                      column. The Applegate battalion. The "Pathfinder"
     Around the Horn in '49. Journal of the Hartford            detachment. The Barneburg contingent.
union mining and trading company.                               Chicago, Scroll Pub. Co. 1901
Printed by L.J. Hall, on board the Henry Lee;                        Fiche: 70948-70958
[Wethersfield, Ct., Reprinted by Rev. L.J. Hall].
1849; [1898]                                                    Knower, Daniel.
Containing the name, residence and occupation of                     The adventures of a forty-niner.
each member, with incidents of the voyage, &c, &c.              Albany, Weed-Parsons Print Co. 1894
     Fiche: 70870-70877                                         An historic description of California, with events and
                                                                ideas of San Francisco and its people in those early
Hempstead, Fay.                                                 days.
     A history of the state of Arkansas.                              Fiche: 70959-70964
New Orleans, F.F. Hansell & Bro. [1889]
For the use of schools.                                         Lancaster, James A.
     Fiche: 70878-70884                                              Archeological excavations in Mesa Verde
                                                                National Park, Colorado, 1950.
Henshaw, Henry Wetherbee.                                       Washington, National Park Service, U.S. Dept. of the
    ...Perforated stones from California.                       Interior. 1954
Washington, Govt. Print. Off. 1887                                    Fiche: 70965-70968
     Fiche: 70885-70886
                                                                Kelley, Hall Jackson.
Herndon, Dallas T.                                                    A general circular to all persons of good
      Arkansas history commission and its work;                 character who wish to emigrate to the Oregon
address prepared for the forth-fourth annual session            territory, embracing some account of the character
of the Arkansas state teachers' association, Dec.               and advantages of the country; the right and the
17-29, 1911.                                                    means and operations by which it is to be
Little Rock, Ark. 1911                                          settled;--and all necessary directions for becoming an
      Fiche: 70887-70888                                        emigrant.
                                                                Charlestown, Printed by W.W. Wheildon; Boston,
Hichborn, Franklin.                                             R.P. and Co. Williams. 1831
     Story of the session of the California legislature         By order of the American society for encouraging the
of 1909.                                                        settlement of the Oregon territory. Instituted in
San Francisco, Press of the James H. Barry                      Boston, A.D. 1829.
Company. 1909                                                         Fiche: 70969-70970
     Fiche: 70889-70897
                                                                Lang, H[erbert] O., ed.
Hill, Luther B.                                                      History of the Williamette Valley, being a
      A history of the state of Oklahoma.                       description of the valley and resources, with an
Chicago, New York, The Lewis Publishing                         account of its discovery and settlement by white men,
Company. 1908                                                   and its subsequent history.
2 v.                                                            Published by Himes & Lang. Portland, Or., G.H.
      Fiche: 70898-70925                                        Himes, Book and Job Printer. 1885
                                                                      Fiche: 70971-70992
Hill, Alice Polk.
      Tales of the Colorado pioneers.                           Lenox, Edward Henry.
Denver, Pierson & Gardner. 1884                                      Overland to Oregon in the tracks of Lewis and
      Fiche: 70926-70933                                        Clarke; history of the first emigration to Oregon in
Malte-Brun, Victor A.                                           Oakland, Cal. [Dowdle Press]. 1904
     La Sonora et ses mines. Esquisse geographique.             ed. by Robert Whitaker; illustrations and introduction
Paris, A. Bertrand. 1864                                        by R. Morgenier. Limited ed. Autograph copy.
      Fiche: 70932-70933                                             Fiche: 70993-70996

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Lindley, Walter.                                              Burdette, Robert Jones, ed.
     California of the south; its physical geography,              Greater Los Angeles and southern California;
climate, mineral springs, resources, routes of travel         portraits and personal memoranda.
and health-resorts, being a complete guidebook to             Chicago, Lewis Pub. Co. 1910
southern California.                                               Fiche: 71208-71214
New York, D. Appleton and Company. 1896
3d ed., rewritten and printed from new plates.                Carey, Charles Henry.
     Fiche: 70997-71006                                            A general history of Oregon prior to 1861.
                                                              Portland, Or., Metropolitan Press. 1935-[1936]
Lyman, Horace S[umner].                                       2 v.
      History of Oregon, the growth of an American                 Fiche: 71215-71233
New York, The North Pacific Publishing Society.               Clarke, S.A.
1903                                                               Pioneer days of Oregon history.
4 v.1.                                                        Portland, J.K. Gill Company. 1905
       Fiche: 71007-71050                                     2 v.
                                                                   Fiche: 71234-71248
Burdette, Robert Jones, ed.
     American biography and genealogy.                        Davis, William Heath.
Chicago, New York, The Lewis Publishing                             Sixty years in California, a history of events and
Company. [191-]                                               life in California; personal, political and military,
California ed. Robert J. Burdette, D.D., editor; 2 v.         under the Mexican regime; during the quasi-military
     Fiche: 71051-71071                                       government of the territory by the United States, and
                                                              after the admission of the state into the union, being a
Gaston, Joseph.                                               compilation by a witness of the events described.
    The centennial history of Oregon, 1811-1912.              San Francisco. 1889
Chicago, The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company. 1912                    Fiche: 71249-71261
[With notice of antecedent explorations]; 4 v.
     Fiche: 71072-71149                                       Rocky Mountain directory and Colorado gazetteer for
                                                              1871, comprising a brief history of Colorado and a
Marquez, Pedro Jose.                                          condensed...account of her mining, agricultural,
    Due antichi monumenti di architettura                     commercial and manufacturing interests, ...; together
messicana, illustrati da D. Pietro Marquez.                   with a...directory of Denver, Golden City, Black
Roma, Presso il Salomoni. 1804                                Hawk, Central City, Nevada, Idaho, Georgetown,
     Fiche: 71078-71079                                       Boulder, Greeley.
                                                              Denver. [1871]
Irvine, Leigh Hadley.                                              Fiche: 71262-71273
     A history of the new California, its resources
and people.                                                   Greenhow, Robert.
New York, Chicago. The Lewis Publishing                            The history of Oregon and California, and the
Company. 1905                                                 other territories on the north-west coast of North
ed. by Leigh H. Irvine and associated editors; 2 v.           America; accompanied by a geographical view and
     Fiche: 71150-71174                                       map of those countries.
                                                              Boston, C.C. Little and J. Brown; [etc., etc.]. 1845
Carter, Charles F.                                            2d ed.
     Missions of Nueva California; an historical                   Fiche: 71274-71283
San Francisco. 1900                                           California gold regions, with a full account of their
     Fiche: 71175-71179                                       mineral resources…; with sketches of California and
                                                              account of the life, manners, and customs of the
[Adams, William L.].                                          inhabitants.
     A melodrame entitled "Treason, stratagems, and           N.Y. [1849]
spoils," in five acts, by Breakspear.                              Fiche: 71284-71285
Portland. 1852
      Fiche: 71180-71181                                      Foster, G.G., ed.
                                                                   The gold regions of California: being a succinct
Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming                   description of the geography, history, topography,
and Arizona gazetteer and business directory, 1884-5.         and general features of California: including a
Chicago. 1884                                                 carefully prepared account of the gold region of that
     Fiche: 71182-71198                                       fortunate country.
                                                              N.Y. 1848
Bell, Earl H.                                                 Prepared from official documents and other authentic
     Chapters in Nebraska archaeology.                        sources.
Lincoln. 1936                                                      Fiche: 71286-71288
      Fiche: 71199-71207

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Burdette, Robert Jones, ed.                                    California. Historical Survey Commission.
      Greater Los Angeles and southern California,                  The genesis of California counties, by Owen C.
their portraits and chronological record of their              Coy, Ph.D., director of the commission.
careers.                                                       [Sacramento, California State Printing Office, F.J.
Chicago, Los Angeles [etc.] The Lewis Publishing               Smith, superintendent]. [1923]
Company. 1906                                                  Publication of the California Historical survey
      Fiche: 71289-71294                                       commission, Berkeley, 1923.
                                                                    Fiche: 71360-71362
Greenhow, Robert.
     The history of Oregon and California, and the             Cooke, [Philip] St. George.
other territories of the north-west coast of North                  The conquest of New Mexico and California; an
America; from their discovery to the present day.              historical and personal narrative.
Boston, Printed for the author, by Freeman and                 New York, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1878
Bolles. 1847                                                         Fiche: 71363-71369
4th ed.
     Fiche: 71295-71304                                        Craighead, James Geddes.
                                                                    The story of Marcus Whitman; early Protestant
Carr, John.                                                    missions in the Northwest.
     Pioneer days in California.                               Philadelphia, Presbyterian Board of Publication and
Eureka, Cal., Times Publishing Company. 1891                   Sabbath School Work. 1895
Historical and personal sketches.                                   Fiche: 71370-71374
     Fiche: 71305-71313
                                                               Colorado state business directory, with Colorado
[Connelley, William Elsey] ed.                                 mining directory and Colorado live stock directory
      The provisional government of Nebraska                   departments.
territory and The journals of William Walker,                  J.A. Blake, Denver. 1880
provisional governor of Nebraska territory.                         Fiche: 71375-71382
Lincoln, Neb., State Journal Co. 1899
      Fiche: 71314-71322                                       Burnett, Peter H[ardman].
                                                                   Recollections and opinions of an old pioneer.
Clinch, Bryan J.                                               New York, D. Appleton & Co. 1880
     California and its missions; their history to the             Fiche: 71383-71391
treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo.
San Francisco, The Whitaker & Ray Company                      McCall, George Archibald.
(Incorporated). 1904                                                Letters from the frontiers.
2 v.                                                           Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott &co. 1868
      Fiche: 71323-71337                                       Written during a period of thirty years' service in the
                                                               army of the United States. By Major General George
Atwood, A.                                                     A. McCall.
     The conquerors; historical sketches of the                     Fiche: 71385-71391
American settlement of the Oregon country,
embracing facts in the life and work of Rev. Jason             Barrett, Jay A.
Lee.                                                               History and government of Nebraska.
Cincinnati [etc.] Jennings and Graham. [1907?]                 Lincoln, Neb. 1892
     Fiche: 71338-71345                                             Fiche: 71392-71396

Bunnell, Lafayette H., M.D.                                    Bishop, Albert Webb.
     Discovery of the Yosemite, and the Indian war                  Loyalty on the frontier, or Sketches of Union
of 1851, which led to that event.                              men of the South-west; with incidents and adventures
Chic. [1880]                                                   in rebellion on the border.
     Fiche: 71346-71352                                        St. Louis, R.P. Studley and Co., Printers. 1863
                                                                     Fiche: 71397-71401
Applegate, Jesse A.
     Recollections of my boyhood, Oregon pioneer               Allsopp, Fred W.
of 1843.                                                             Twenty years in a newspaper office...consisting
Roseburg, Or., Press of Review Publishing Co. 1914             principally of random sketches of things seen, heard
     Fiche: 71353-71355                                        and experienced on the "Arkansas gazette".
                                                               Little Rock, Ark. 1907
Fewkes, Jesse Walter.                                                Fiche: 71402-71407
    ..Antiquities of the Mesa Verde national park,
Spruce-tree house.
Washington, Govt. Print Off. 1909
     Fiche: 71356-71359

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Capron, E[lisha] S.                                             Caldwell, Howard Walter.
     History of California, from its discovery to the               ...Education in Nebraska.
present time; comprising also a full description of its         Washington, Govt. Print. Off. 1902
climate, surface, soil, rivers...agriculture, commerce,              Fiche: 71443-71448
mines, mining, &c., with a journal of the voyage
from New York, via Nicaragua, to San Francisco, and             Adsit, C.D., Mrs.
back, via Panama.                                                   New education in California.
Boston, J.P. Jewett & Company; Cleveland, O.,                   Boston, Mass., Milwaukee. 1889
Jewett, Proctor & Worthington. 1854                             Repr. by permission from "Education".
By E.S. Capron, counsellor at law.                                   Fiche: 71449-71450
     Fiche: 71408-71415
                                                                Baker, Charles S.
Barrows, William.                                                   Oklahoma. Fidelity to treaty convenants and
     Oregon, the struggle for possession.                       homes for the homeless.
Boston, Houghton, Mifflin. 1884                                 Washington. 1886
2d ed.                                                          Speech in the house of representatives, May 1, 1886.
     Fiche: 71416-71423                                             Fiche: 71451-71452

Dunbar, Edward E.                                               Cowan, Robert E.
     The romance of the age; or, the discovery of                     The Spanish press of California, 1833-1844.
gold in California.                                             n.p. n.d
New York, D. Appleton & Co. 1867                                Reprinted from the California historic-genealogical
     Fiche: 71424-71427                                         society publication 3.
                                                                      Fiche: 71453-71454
Arkansas. History Commission.
     The L.C. Gully collection of state papers.                 Clamorgan Land Association.
Bulletin of Information. 1912                                         [Papers relating to the Clamorgan grant in
No. 2.                                                          Missouri and Arkansas].
     Fiche: 71428-71429                                         n.p. n.d
                                                                      Fiche: 71455-71456
Arkansas. History Commission.
     Bibliography of historical and literary writings           Cherokee Nation.
of Arkansans.                                                        "Oklahoma" and the rights of the five tribes of
Bulletin of Information. 1912                                   the Indian territory.
No. 4.                                                          Washington. 1888
     Fiche: 71430-71431                                         Submitted to congress by the Cherokee delegation.
                                                                      Fiche: 71457-71458
Arkansas. History Commission.
     The Kie Oldham papers.                                     The courts of justice and injustice of Oklahoma
Bulletin of Information. 1913                                   territory.
No. 5.                                                          [Oklahoma City]. [1896]
     Fiche: 71432-71434                                         An appeal to congress for their investigation.
                                                                      Fiche: 71459-71460
Colorado. State Teachers' Association. 1861-1885.
      Education in Colorado: a brief history of the             Bennett, William P.
early educational interests of Colorado, together with                The first baby in camp.
the history of the State teachers' association, and             Salt Lake City, Utah, The Rancher Publishing Co.
short sketches of private and denominational                    1893
institutions.                                                   A full account of the scenes and adventures during
Denver. 1885                                                    the pioneer days of '49. George Francis
Comp. by order of the State teachers' association [by           Train.--Staging in early days.--A mad, wild
Horace M. Hale, Aaron Gove, Jos. C. Shattuck,                   ride.--The pony express.--Some of the old time
committee].                                                     drivers.
      Fiche: 71435-71438                                              Fiche: 71461-71463

California Federation of Women's Clubs. History                 Curtis, William Eleroy.
and Landmarks Section.                                                Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Texas; a series of
     Historic facts and fancies.                                articles.
[San Francisco, Printed by the Stanley-Taylor                   [St. Louis, L.S. Taylor Printing Company]. [1905?]
Company]. [1907?]                                               pub. in the Record-Herald of Chicago, Ill.
History and landmarks section of California federated                 Fiche: 71464-71465
women's clubs.
     Fiche: 71439-71442

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

California. Historical Survey Commission.                     Ellis, Edward Sylvester.
     The care and use of the county archives of                     ...The round-up; or, Geronimo's last raid.
California.                                                   Philadelphia, Chicago [etc.] The J.C. Winston
Sacramento, California State Printing Office. 1919            Company. [c.1908]
By Owen C. Coy...director and archivist. Publication                 Fiche: 71521-71529
of the California Historical survey commission.
      Fiche: 71466-71468                                      Johnson, Harrison.
                                                                  Johnson's history of Nebraska.
Hughes, Elizabeth, Mrs.                                       Omaha, H. Gibson. 1880
     The California of the padres; or, Footprints of              Fiche: 71530-71544
ancient communism.
San Francisco, I.N. Choynski. 1875                            Lyman, Horace S[umner].
     Fiche: 71469-71470                                            ...Mile posts in the development of Oregon and
                                                              characteristics of Oregon as an American
Climate of Nebraska, particularly in reference to the         commonwealth.
temperature and rainfall and their influence upon the         Eugene, Or., The University. 1898
agricultural interests of the state.                          Pub. with the approval of the Regents of the
Washington. 1890                                              university.
Five appendices and twelve charts. (U.S. 51st cong.,                Fiche: 71545-71546
1st sess. Sen. Ex. Doc. 115).
      Fiche: 71471-71474                                      Macdonald, Augustin S.
                                                                  List of books--California and the Pacific.
...A mission record of the California Indians, from a         Oakland, Cal. 1903
manuscript in the Bancroft library, by A.L. Kroeber.              Fiche: 71547-71549
Berkeley, The University Press. [1908]
      Fiche: 71475-71476                                      Marshall, William Isaac.
                                                                   Acquisition of Oregon and the long suppressed
Hughes, John Taylor.                                          evidence about Marcus Whitman.
     Doniphan's expedition; containing an account of          Seattle, Lowman & Hartford Co. 1911
the conquest of New Mexico; General Kearney's                 2 v.
overland expedition to California; Doniphan's                       Fiche: 71550-71569
campaign against the Navajos; his unparalleled
march upon Chihuahua and Durango; and the                     Martin, George Washington.
operations of General Price at Santa Fe.                           How the Oregon trail became a road.
Cincinnati, J.A. & U.P. James. 1848                           Salt Lake City, Utah, The Deseret News. 1906
With a sketch of the life of Col. Doniphan.                         Fiche: 71570-71572
     Fiche: 71485-71495
                                                              Lyman, Albert.
Adams, Charles Francis.                                            Journal of a voyage to California, and life in the
    Texas and the Massachusetts resolutions.                  gold diggings; and also of a voyage from California
Boston, Eastburn's Press. 1844                                to the Sandwich Islands.
     Fiche: 71496-71498                                       Hartford, Conn. 1852
                                                                    Fiche: 71573-71578
Aimard, Gustave.
     The Indian scout.                                        Greenhow, Robert.
London, Ward and Lock. 1861                                         ...Memoir, historical and political, on the
A story of the Aztec city.                                    northwest coast of North America, and the adjacent
     Fiche: 71499-71509                                       territories.
                                                              Washington, Blair and Rives, Printers. 1840
Ross, Alexander.                                                     Fiche: 71579-71586
     ...Letters of a pioneer, Alexander Ross.
Winnipeg, Manitoba Free Press Print. 1903                     Guinn, J.M. (James Miller).
ed. by George Bryce.                                               History of the state of California and
      Fiche: 71510-71511                                      biographical record of the San Joaquin Valley,
Ellis, Edward Sylvester.                                      Chicago, The Chapman Pub. Co. 1905
      ...Off the reservation; or, Caught in an Apache         Also containing biographies of well-known citizens
raid.                                                         of the past and present.
Philadelphia, Chicago [etc.] The J.C. Winston                       Fiche: 71587-71624
Company. [c.1908]
       Fiche: 71512-71520

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Guinn, J.M. (James Miller).                                      Historical outline of Lower California: extracts taken
     History of the state of California and                      from the posthumous work of Father Francisco Javier
biographical record of Oakland and environs, also                Clavijero of the Company of Jesus, published in
containing biographies of well-known citizens of the             Venice in 1789; and from the memorial published by
past and present.                                                the citizen Ulises Urbano Lassepas in 1859, on the
Los Angeles, Historic Record Co. [1907]                          colonization of Lower California; and from the
2 v.                                                             decree of the supreme government, of the 10th of
      Fiche: 71625-71644                                         march, A.D. 1857.
                                                                 San Francisco, H. Payot. [1862?]
Hall, Frank.                                                           Fiche: 71748-71750
     History of the state of Colorado, embracing
accounts of the pre-historic races and their remains;            Historical records survey. Oregon.
the earliest Spanish, French and American                        Portland, Or., The Oregon Historical Records Survey
explorations...the first American settlements founded;           Project, Official Project no. 65-1-94-25. 1940
the original discoveries of gold in the Rocky                    A guide to the Angelus studio collection of historic
mountains; the development of cities and towns, with             photographs. Prepared by the Oregon Historical
the various phases of industrial and political                   records survey project, Division of professional and
transition, from 1858 to 1890.                                   service projects, Work projects administration.;
Chicago, The Blakely Printing Company. 1889-1895                 Sponsored by the University of Oregon.
4 v.                                                                  Fiche: 71751-71753
      Fiche: 71645-71705
                                                                 History of Arizona Territory, showing its resources
Halley, William.                                                 and advantages.
      The centennial year book of Alameda County,                San Francisco, Cal., W.W. Elliott & Co. 1884
California, containing a summary of the discovery                     Fiche: 71754-71765
and settlement of California; a description of the
Contra Costa under Spanish, Mexican and American                 History of the state of Nebraska; containing a full
rule; an account of the organization and settlement of           account of its growth from an uninhabited territory to
Alameda County, with a yearly synopsis of important              a wealthy and important state.
events, down to the centennial year of American                  Chicago, Western Historical Co. 1882
independence, together with the important events of                   Fiche: 71766-71799
the year 1876.
Oakland, Cal., W. Halley. 1876                                   Hittell, John Shertzer.
      Fiche: 71706-71721                                              Marshall's gold discovery; a lecture (the fourth
                                                                 of the sixth annual course of Lick lectures), delivered
Hallock, Leavitt Homan.                                          before the Society of California pioneers...San
     Why our flag floats over Oregon.                            Francisco, on the 24th day of January, 1893, the 45th
Portland Me., Smith and Sale. 1911                               anniversary of the discovery.
     Fiche: 71722-71726                                          San Francisco, B.F. Sterett, Printer. 1893
Halsey, Francis Whiting.                                               Fiche: 71800-71801
     The pioneers of Unadilla village, 1784-1840.
Unadilla, N.Y., Sold by the vestry of St. Matthew's              Hittell, John Shertzer.
Church. 1902                                                          A history of the city of San Francisco and
Reminiscences of village life and of Panama and                  incidentally of the state of California.
California from 1840-1850, by Gaius Leonard                      San Francisco, A.L. Bancroft & Company. 1878
Halsey.                                                               Fiche: 71802-71813
     Fiche: 71727-71736
                                                                 Hodgkin, Frank E.
Hamlin, Hannibal.                                                      Pen pictures of representative men of Oregon.
      Speech...on the proposition to admit California            Portland, Or., Farmer and Dairyman Publishing
as a state into the Union delivered in the senate of the         House. 1882
United States, March 5, 1850.                                    J.J. Galvin.
Washington. 1850                                                       Fiche: 71814-71820
      Fiche: 71737-71738
                                                                 Holbrook, Samuel F.
Hanna, J[oseph] A.                                                    Threescore years: an autobiography, containing
     Dr. Whitman and his ride to save Oregon.                    incidents of voyages and travels, including six years
[Los Angeles?]. [1903]                                           in a man-of-war.
     Fiche: 71739-71740                                          Boston, J. French and Company. 1857
                                                                 Details of the war between the United States and the
Harlan, Jacob Wright.                                            Algerine government.
    California '46 to '88.                                             Fiche: 71821-71833
Oakland, Pub. by the author. 1896
    Fiche: 71741-71747

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Hunt, Rockwell Dennis.                                           Garces, Francisco [Tomas Hermenegildo].
     ...The genesis of California's first constitution                 On the trail of a Spanish pioneer; the diary and
(1846-49).                                                       itinerary of Francisco Garces (missionary priest) in
Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins Press. 1895                         his travels through Sonora, Arizona, and California,
      Fiche: 71834-71836                                         1775-1776.
                                                                 New York, F.P. Harper. 1900
[Hunter, John Dunn].                                             translated from an official contemporaneous copy of
     Reflections on the different states and conditions          the original Spanish manuscript, and edited, with
of society; with the outlines of a plan to ameliorate            copious critical notes by Elliott Coues; 2 v.
the circumstances of the Indians of North America.                     Fiche: 71873-71890
London, J.R. Lake. 1823
      Fiche: 71837-71838                                         Geer, Theodore T.
                                                                      Fifty years in Oregon; experiences,
Essays in American history dedicated to Frederick                observations, and commentaries upon men, measures,
Jackson Turner.                                                  and customs in pioneer days and later times.
New York, H. Holt and Company. 1910                              New York, The Neale Publishing Company. 1912
     Fiche: 71839-71846                                               Fiche: 71891-71904

Fages, Pedro.                                                    DeMilt, A.P.
     ...Expedition to San Francisco Bay in 1770,                       Story of an old town [Decatur, Neb.] with
diary of Pedro Fages.                                            reminiscences of early Nebraska and biographies of
Berkeley, Cal., University of California. 1911                   pioneers...a narrative...describing the birth of
ed. by Herbert Eugene Bolton.                                    Nebraska, and its progress, of its oldest towns, and its
      Fiche: 71847-71848                                         first settlers.
                                                                 Omaha. 1902
Farish, Thomas Edwin.                                                   Fiche: 71905-71910
    The gold hunters of California.
Chicago, M.A. Donohue & Co. 1904                                 Fabian, Bentham.
     Fiche: 71849-71856                                                The resources of Utah, with statistics of progress
                                                                 for the year 1872.
Featherstonhaugh, G[eorge] W[illiam].                            Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Tribune Printing and
    Geological report of an examination made in                  Publishing Company. 1873
1834 of the elevated country between the Missouri                Comprising a description of the geographical position
and Red rivers.                                                  and area of the territory, the population, climate, soil,
Washington, Printed by Gales and Seaton. 1835                    agricultural products, value of property, mineral
     Fiche: 71857-71860                                          resources...&c.
                                                                       Fiche: 71911-71913
Fletcher, Daniel Cooledge.
     Reminiscences of California and the civil war;              Falconer, Thomas.
sergt. Co. H, 40th regt., N.Y.                                         On the discovery of the Mississippi, and on the
V. Ayer, Mass., Press of H.S. Turner. 1894                       south-western, Oregon, and north-western boundary
      Fiche: 71861-71866                                         of the United States.
                                                                 London, S. Clarke. 1844
Font, Pedro.                                                     With a translation from the original ms. of memoirs,
     ...San Francisco bay and California in 1776;                etc., relating to the discovery of the Mississippi, by
three maps, with outline sketches reproduced in                  Robert Cavelier de La Salle and the Chevalier Henry
facsimile from the original manuscript, drawn by                 de Tonty.
Pedro Font, chaplain and cartographer to the                            Fiche: 71914-71921
expedition led by Juan Bautista de Ansa, which made
the overland journey from northern Mexico to the                 Gilbert, James H.
California coast during the winter of 1775-1776.                      ...Trade and currency in early Oregon; a study in
Providence, R.I. [Boston, Merrymount Press]. 1911                the commercial and monetary history of the Pacific
      Fiche: 71867-71868                                         north-west.
                                                                 N.Y. 1907
Forbes, [H.R.P. (Smith)] "Mrs. A.S.C. Forbes".                   Columbia Univ. Studies in hist. econ. and pub. law.
      California missions and landmarks and how to               v. 26, 1907.
get there; a practical guide, together with a historical               Fiche: 71922-71925
sketch of the missions and landmarks, the Pious fund
and El camino real.                                              Harris, William Richard.
Los Angeles, Official guide. 1903                                     The Catholic church in Utah, including an
Issued by Mrs. Armitage S.C. Forbes.                             exposition of Catholic faith, by Bishop Scanlan.
      Fiche: 71869-71872                                         Salt Lake City, Intermountain Catholic Press.
                                                                       Fiche: 71926-71936

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Hebard, Grace Raymond.                                          Linn, William Alexander.
     The government of Wyoming; the history,                         The story of the Mormons, from the date of their
constitution and administration of affairs.                     origin to the year 1901.
San Francisco, The Whitaker & Ray Company                       New York, The Macmillan Company; London,
(Incorporated). 1904                                            Macmillan & Co., Ltd. 1902
     Fiche: 71937-71943                                               Fiche: 71995-72010
Dewey, Orville.                                                 Ide, William B.
    Discourse on slavery and the annexation of                       Who conquered California?.
Texas.                                                          Claremont, N.H., Printed and pub. by Simeon Ide.
N.Y. 1844                                                       [1880]
     Fiche: 71944-71945                                         The most particular, the most authentic, and the most
                                                                reliable history of the conquest of California, in June,
Ferris, Benjamin G.                                             1846, by the "Bear flag party," ever before published.
    Utah and the Mormons.                                       Written by its organizer and leader, the late Hon.
New York, Harpers. 1854                                         William Brown Ide; 8, [2].
     Fiche: 71946-71954                                               Fiche: 72011-72014

Hogg, James Stephen.                                            Jones, William C.
     Speeches and state papers of James Stephen                       ...Report on the subject of land titles in
Hogg, ex-governor of Texas, with a sketch of his life.          California, made in pursuance of instructions from
Austin, Tex., The State Printing Company. 1905                  the secretary of state and the secretary of the interior,
ed. by C.W. Raines.                                             together with a translation of the principal laws on
     Fiche: 71955-71965                                         that subject.
                                                                Washington. 1850
Hooper, William Henry.                                                 Fiche: 72015-72017
     The Utah bill. A plea for religious liberty.
Washington, D.C., Gibson Brothers, Printers. 1870               Lamar, Mirabeau B[onaparte].
Speech of Hon. W.H. Hooper, of Utah, delivered in                    Letter of Gen. Mirabeau B. Lamar, ex-president
the House of representatives, march 23, 1870,                   of Texas, on the subject of annexation, addressed to
together with the remonstrance of the citizens of Salt          several citizens of Macon, Geo.
Lake City, in mass meeting, held March 31, 1870, to             Savannah, Printed by T. Purse. 1844
the Senate of the United States.                                     Fiche: 72018-72020
     Fiche: 71966-71967
                                                                Johnson, Sidona V.
Hoyt, John W.                                                        A short history of Oregon; early discoveries--the
      Concerning the foundations of the future state of         Lewis and Clark
Wyoming.                                                        exploration--settlement--government--Indian
n.p. 1889                                                       wars--progress.
Paper read before the Wyoming academy of sciences,              Chicago, A.C. McClurg & Co. 1904
at its semi-annual meeting for 1889.                            compiled by Sidona V. Johnson.
       Fiche: 71968-71969                                            Fiche: 72021-72030

Jocknick, Sidney.                                               Lynch, Jeremiah.
    Early days on the western slope of Colorado and                  A senator of the fifties: David C. Broderick, of
campfire chats with Otto Mears, the pathfinder, from            California.
1870 to 1883, inclusive.                                        San Francisco, A.M. Robertson. 1911
Denver, Colo., The Carson-Harper Co. 1913                            Fiche: 72031-72038
     Fiche: 71970-71980
                                                                Adams, Ephraim D.
Jollivet, Adolphe.                                                   British interests and activities in Texas,
     Documents americains, annexion du Texas,                   1838-1846.
emancipation des noirs, politique de l'Angleterre.              Baltimore. 1910
Paris, Imprimerie de Bruneau. 1845                              (The Albert Shaw lectures on diplomatic history,
      Fiche: 71981-71982                                        1909).
                                                                     Fiche: 72039-72045
Lane, John J.
    ...History of education in Texas.                           [Allen, William M.].
Washington, Govt. Print. Off. 1903                                   Five years in the west; or, How an inexperienced
     Fiche: 71983-71994                                         young man finds his occupation.
                                                                Nashville, Tenn., Southern Methodist Publishing
                                                                House. 1884
                                                                With reminiscences and sketches of real life. By a
                                                                Texas preacher.
                                                                     Fiche: 72046-72051

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Anderson, Charles.                                           Sinclair, William J.
     A paper [Texas, before, and on the eve of the                ...Recent investigations bearing on the question
rebellion] read before the Cincinnati society of             of the occurrence of neocene man in the auriferous
ex-army and navy officers, Jan. 3d, 1884.                    gravels of the Sierra Nevada.
Cincinnati. 1884                                             Berkeley, The University Press. 1908
      Fiche: 72052-72054                                           Fiche: 72117-72118
Appeal by the people of the state of Texas, of the           Sinclair, William J.
territory between the Nueces river and the Rio                    ...The exploration of the Potter Creek Cave.
Grande...to the president, to Congress, and to the           Berkeley, The University Press. 1904
country, for protection against incursions of the                  Fiche: 72119-72121
savages of the state of Cohahuila, Mexico.
Corpus Christi, Texas. 1878                                  Smith, J. Alden.
      Fiche: 72055-72056                                          Catalogue of the principal minerals of Colorado,
                                                             with annotations on the local peculiarities of several
Clamorgan Land Association.                                  species.
     Title papers of the Clamorgan grant, of 536,904         Central City, Col. 1870
arpens of alluvial lands in Missouri and Arkansas.                Fiche: 72122-72123
New York. 1837
     Fiche: 72057-72058                                      Snook, J[ames] E.
                                                                  Colorado history and government, with state
Barker, Eugene Campbell.                                     constitution.
      Organization of the Texas revolution.                  Denver, Col., The Herrick Book and Stationery
[n.p.]. [n.d.]                                               Company. [1904]
Reprint from publications of Southern History                     Fiche: 72124-72127
Association, November, 1901.
      Fiche: 72059-72060                                     Taylor, Henry Ryder.
                                                                  History of the Alamo and of the local Franciscan
Barnes, Charles Merritt.                                     missions.
     Combats and conquests of immortal heroes,               San Antonio, Tex., N. Tengg. [1908]
sung in song and told in story.                              assisted by Chas. H. Stanford; 6th ed.
San Antonio, Tex., Guessaz & Ferlet Company. 1910                  Fiche: 72128-72131
     Fiche: 72061-72068
                                                             Tullidge, Edward Wheelock.
Brown, John Henry.                                                Tullidge's histories, (volume II) containing the
     Life and times of Henry Smith, the first                history of all the northern, eastern and western
American governor of Texas.                                  counties of Utah; also the counties of southern Idaho.
Dallas, Tex., A.D. Aldridge & Co., Printers. 1887            Salt Lake City, Utah, Press of the Juvenile Instructor.
     Fiche: 72069-72078                                      1889
                                                                   Fiche: 72132-72154
Routes of travel in Colorado; a handbook of
information for the tourist, invalid, capitalist and         Tullidge, Edward Wheelock.
immigrant.                                                        The history of Salt Lake City and its founders.
Denver, Col. 1874                                            Salt Lake City, E.W. Tullidge. [1886?]
     Fiche: 72079-72082                                      Incorporating a brief history of the pioneers of
                                                             Utah...By authority of the City council and under
Davis, Winfield J.                                           supervision of its Committee on revision.
     History of political conventions in California,               Fiche: 72155-72181
Sacramento. 1893                                             Tullidge, Edward Wheelock.
(California state library. Pub. no. 1.).                          Life of Brigham Young; or, Utah and her
     Fiche: 72083-72099                                      founders.
                                                             New York. 1876
De Cordova, J[acob].                                              Fiche: 72182-72194
     Texas; her resources and her public men.
Philadelphia, E. Crozet. 1858                                Terry, James.
A companion for J. De Cordova's new and correct                   Sculptured anthropoid ape heads, found in or
map of the state of Texas; 1st ed.                           near the valley of the John Day river, a tributary of
     Fiche: 72100-72109                                      the Columbia River, Oregon.
                                                             New York, N.Y. 1901
Codman, John.                                                      Fiche: 72195-72196
    The Mormon country.
New York, United States Pub. Co. 1874
A summer with the "Latter-day Saints".
    Fiche: 72110-72116

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Thornton, Jessy Quinn.                                           Mayo, Robert.
     Oregon and California in 1848.                                   Political sketches of eight years in Washington;
New York, Harper & Brothers. 1849                                in four parts, with annotations to each.
With an appendix, including recent and authentic                 Baltimore, F. Lucas, jr.; New York, G. & C. Carvill
information on the subject of the gold mines of                  & Co.; [etc., etc.]. 1839
California, and other valuable matter of interest to the         Also a general appendix; an alphabetical index; and a
emigrant, etc; 2 v.                                              series of charts, giving a comparative synopsis of the
     Fiche: 72197-72216                                          constitutions of the several states, and the United
                                                                 States...[Part 1].
Lockley, Fred.                                                         Fiche: 72270-72276
     To Oregon by ox-team in '47; the story of the
coming of the Hunt family to the Oregon country and              Mathews, Mary McNair, Mrs.
the experience of G.W. Hunt in the gold diggings of                   Ten years in Nevada; or, Life on the Pacific
California in 1849.                                              coast.
Portland. n.d                                                    Buffalo. 1880
     Fiche: 72217-72218                                               Fiche: 72277-72285

Lynch, James D.                                                  McMurtrie, Douglas Crawford.
     The bench and bar of Texas.                                      The beginnings of printing in Utah, with a
St. Louis. 1885                                                  bibliography of the issues of the Utah press,
     Fiche: 72219-72233                                          1849-1860.
                                                                 Chicago, Published by the John Calhoun Club. 1931
Lubbock, Francis Richard.                                              Fiche: 72286-72288
     Six decades in Texas; or, Memoirs of Francis
Richard Lubbock...a personal experience in business,             Moore, Edwin W.
war, and politics.                                                    A brief synopsis of the doings of the Texas navy
Austin, B.C. Jones & Co. 1900                                    under the command of Com. E.W. Moore; together
Edited by C.W. Raines.                                           with his controversy with Gen. Sam Houston.
     Fiche: 72234-72251                                          Washington. 1847
                                                                      Fiche: 72289-72290
Manly, William Lewis.
      Death Valley in '49. Important chapter of                  Nelson, Nels Christian.
California pioneer history: the autobiography of a                   ...Shellmounds of the San Francisco Bay region.
pioneer, detailing his life from a humble home in the            Berkeley, The University Press. 1909
Green Mountains to the gold mines of California and                   Fiche: 72291-72293
particularly reciting the sufferings of the band of
men, women and children who gave "Death Valley"                  The Oregon native son, devoted to the history,
its name.                                                        industries and development of the original Oregon,
San Jose. 1894                                                   comprising the states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho
      Fiche: 72252-72263                                         and part of Montana.
                                                                 Portland, Or., Native Son Pub. Co. 1899-1901
Marshall, William Isaac.                                         V. 1-2; May 1899-March 1901; 2 v.
      History vs. The Whitman saved Oregon story:                     Fiche: 72294-72326
three essays towards a true history of the acquisition
of the old Oregon territory (being nearly one-twelfth            Reynolds, John Hugh.
of all our domain on his continent), which was the                   ...Makers of Arkansas history.
longest, the most remarkable--and when truthfully                New York, Boston (etc.) Silver, Burdett and
told--the most interesting struggle we have ever made            Company. 1905
for territory.                                                        Fiche: 72327-72334
Chicago. 1904
      Fiche: 72264-72267                                         Richman, Irving B.
                                                                     California under Spain and Mexico, 1535-1847.
Marshall, William Isaac.                                         Boston. 1911
     The Hudson's Bay company's archives furnish                      Fiche: 72335-72349
no support to the Whitman saved Oregon story.
Chicago. 1905                                                    Rock, Marion T.
     Fiche: 72268-72269                                                 Illustrated history of Oklahoma, its occupation
                                                                 by Spain and France--its sale to the United States--its
                                                                 opening to settlement in 1889--and the meeting of the
                                                                 first territorial Legislature.
                                                                 Topeka, Kan., C.B. Hamilton & Son, Printers. 1890
                                                                        Fiche: 72350-72362

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Saint-Amant, Pierre C. de.                                     Ranck, Glenn N.
     Voyages en California et dans l'Oregon.                       Pictures from Northwest history.
Paris. 1854                                                    [Vancouver, Wash.]. 1902
      Fiche: 72363-72379                                           Fiche: 72460-72461

Savage, James Woodruff.                                        Remondino, P[eter] C.
    The discovery of Nebraska.                                      The Mediterranean shores of America. Southern
Omaha, E.H. & M. Mortimer, Printers. 1880                      California: its climatic, physical, and meteorological
    Fiche: 72380-72381                                         conditions.
                                                               Philadelphia and London, The F.A. Davis Co. 1892
Schoonover, Thomas J.                                               Fiche: 72462-72468
     The life and times of Gen. John A. Sutter.
Sacramento, Cal., Press of Bullock-Carpenter                   Resources and attractions of Colorado for the home
Printing Co. 1907                                              seeker, capitalist and tourist: facts on climate, soil,
      Fiche: 72382-72389                                       farming, stock raising.
                                                               St. Louis. 1889
Shinn, Charles H.                                                   Fiche: 72469-72472
    Mining camps; a study in American frontier
government.                                                    Victor, Frances (F.), Mrs.
New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1885                                 The early Indian wars of Oregon.
     Fiche: 72390-72398                                        Salem, Or., F.C. Baker. 1894
                                                               With muster rolls.
Revere, Joseph W.                                                   Fiche: 72473-72493
     A tour of duty in California: including a
description of the gold region: and an account of the          Van Dyke, Theodore S.
Voyage around cape Horn.                                            Southern California: its valleys, hills and
New York, C.S. Francis & Co.: Boston, J.H. Francis.            streams; its animals, birds, and fishes; its gardens,
1849                                                           farms and climate.
Ed. by Joseph N. Balestier.                                    New York, Fords, Howard & Hulbert. 1886
     Fiche: 72399-72407                                             Fiche: 72494-72500
Ross, Alexander.                                               [Vollmer, Carl G.W.].
     Adventures of the first settlers on the Oregon or              Californien und das goldfieber.
Columbia river.                                                Berlin, T. Thiele. 1863
London, Smith, Elder and Co. 1849                                   Fiche: 72501-72518
being a narrative of the expedition fitted out by John
Jacob Astor, to establish the "Pacific fur company";           Ware, Eugene Fitch.
with an account of some Indian tribes on the coast of               The Indian war of 1864, being a fragment of the
the Pacific.                                                   early history of Kansas, Nebraske, Colorado and
     Fiche: 72408-72417                                        Wyoming.
                                                               Topeka, Kansas. 1911
Nixon, Oliver W.                                                     Fiche: 72519-72533
      How Marcus Whitman saved Oregon: a true
romance of patriotic heroism, christian devotion and           Willey, Samuel H.
final martyrdom; with sketches of life on the plains                The transition period of California from a
and mountains in pioneer days.                                 province of Mexico in 1846 to a state of the
Chicago. 1895                                                  American union in 1850.
      Fiche: 72418-72427                                       San Francisco. 1901
                                                                    Fiche: 72534-72538
Portrait and biographical record of western Oregon,
containing original sketches of many well known                Wren, Thomas.
citizens of the past and present.                                   A history of the state of Nevada, its resources
Chicago, Chapman Publishing Company. 1904                      and people.
      Fiche: 72428-72451                                       New York, Chicago, The Lewis Publishing
                                                               Company. 1904
Raines, Cadwell W.                                                  Fiche: 72539-72561
      Bibliography of Texas; being a descriptive list
of books, pamphlets and documents relating to Texas            Wyeth, Nathaniel J.
in print as manuscript since 1536, including a                      The correspondence and journals of...a record of
complete collation of the laws: with an introductory           two expeditions for the occupation of the Oregon
essay on the materials of early Texas history.                 country.
Austin, Texas. 1896                                            Eugene, Ore., Univ. Press. 1899
      Fiche: 72452-72459                                            Fiche: 72562-72569

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

year book for Texas.                                            Utah and statehood: Objections considered...with a
Austin Tex., Gammel-Statesman Publishing                        brief synopsis of the state constitution.
Company. 1902-1903                                              New York. 1888
By C.W. Raines; v[1]-2; 1901-[03] 2 v.                          By a resident of Utah.
     Fiche: 72570-72593                                               Fiche: 72689-72690

Swarren, Gouveneur K.                                           Van Dyke, Theodore S.
     Letter of Lieut. G.K. Warren to the Hon. George                 Millionaires of a day: an inside history of the
W. Jones, relative to his explorations of Nebraska              great Southern California "Boom".
Territory.                                                      New York. 1890
Wash. 1858                                                            Fiche: 72691-72696
      Fiche: 72594-72595
                                                                Venegas, Miguel.
Gilpin, William.                                                     A natural and civil history of California.
     The parks of Colorado.                                     London, J. Rivington and J. Fletcher. 1759
[San Luis di Calebra? Dol.]. [1866]                             Together with accounts of the several voyages and
     Fiche: 72596-72597                                         attempts made for settling California and taking
                                                                actual surveys of that country, its gulf, and coast of
Tullidge's quarterly magazine.                                  the South-sea...Tr. from the original Spanish of
Salt Lake City. 1880-1885                                       Miguel Venegas, a Mexican Jesuit, published at
v. 1-3.                                                         Madrid 1758; 2 v.
      Fiche: 72598-72652                                             Fiche: 72697-72718

Turner, Frederick Jackson.                                      Bancroft, Hubert Howe.
    Rise of the new West, 1819-1829.                                 Chronicles of the builders of the
Gloucester, Mass., P. Smith. 1961 [c.1906]                      commonwealth: historical character study.
    Fiche: 72653-72663                                          San Francisco. 1891-1892
                                                                3 v.
United Confederate Veterans. Arkansas Division.                      Fiche: 72719-72813
      Confederate women of Arkansas in the civil
war, 1861-'65.                                                  Bancroft, Hubert Howe.
Little Rock, Ark., H.G. Pugh Ptg. Co. 1907                           History of Texas and the north Mexican states.
      Fiche: 72664-72670                                        San Francisco, The History Co. 1890
                                                                2 v.
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on                        Fiche: 72814-72851
    The admission of Utah....February 18, 1888.                 Atikison, Nancy, Mrs. (comp.).
Washington, Govt. Print. Off. 1888                                   Biography of Rev. G.H. Atkinson...Journal of
     Fiche: 72671-72673                                         sea voyage to Oregon in 1848, and selected addresses
                                                                and printed articles, and a particular account of his
United States. Congress. House. Committee on                    church work in the Pacific Northwest.
Territories.                                                    Portland Or., F.W. Baltes and Company, Printers.
      Admission of Utah; report of the committee on             1893
territories on the admission of Utah as a state, to the              Fiche: 72852-72864
House of representatives, second session, fiftieth
congress.                                                       Benton, Thomas Hart.
Washington. 1889                                                     Selections of editorial articles from the St. Louis
      Fiche: 72674-72679                                        Enquirer, on the subject of Oregon and Texas...to
                                                                which is annexed his speech in the senate of the
Upton, Charles E.                                               United States in March, 1825, on the bill for the
     Pioneers of El Dorado.                                     occupation of the Columbia river.
Placerville, Cal., C.E. Upton. 1906                             St. Louis. 1844
     Fiche: 72680-72685                                              Fiche: 72865-72866

Utah statehood. Reasons why it should not be                    Bancroft, Hubert Howe.
granted.                                                            Retrospection, political and personal.
Salt Lake City, Tribune Print. 1887                             N.Y. 1912
Will the American people surrender the territory to                  Fiche: 72867-72880
an unscrupulous and polygamous theocracy?.
      Fiche: 72686-72688

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Additon, Lucia H.                                              (Constitutions and organic laws).
     Twenty eventful years of the Oregon Woman's               (Colorado). 1909
Christian temperance union, 1880-1900.                         (In Thorpe, Francis N. The federal and state
Portland, Or., Gotshall Printing Company. 1904                 constitutions).
Statistical, historical and biographical. Portraits of              Fiche: 72962-72964
prominent pioneer workers.
      Fiche: 72881-72885                                       Field, Stephen J.
                                                                    Personal reminiscences of early days in
Frignet, Ernest.                                               California with other sketches.
      La California. Histoire des progres de l'un des          (Washington, D.C.). (1893)
Etats-Unis d'Amerique, et des institutions qui font sa         To which is added the story of his attempted
prosperite.                                                    assassination by a former associate on the Supreme
Paris, Schlesinger freres. 1867                                bench of the state. Printed for a few friends. Not
ed., rev. et enrichie d'une carte de la California.            published.
      Fiche: 72886-72898                                            Fiche: 72965-72976
Bonsal, Stephen.                                               California; its past history, its present position, its
     Edward Fitzgerald Beale, a pioneer in the path            future prospects...account of the discovery of the gold
of empire, 1822-1903.                                          region and the subsequent important proceedings.
New York, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1912                             London, For the proprietors. 1850
     Fiche: 72899-72907                                             Fiche: 72977-72984
Gerstacker, Friedrich Wilhelm Christian.                       Cross, Osborne.
      Scenes de la vie californienne.                               ...A report, in the form of a journal to the
Geneve, Impr. De J.G. Fick. 1859                               Quartermaster General, of the march of the regiment
tr. de l'allmand par Gustave Revillion.                        of mounted riflemen to Oregon, from May 10 to
      Fiche: 72908-72914                                       October 5, 1849.
                                                               Washington. 1851
Browne, J. Ross.                                               (In U.S. - Quartermaster General. Annual report,
     Resources of the Pacific slope.                           1849-50.).
New York, D. Appleton and Company. 1869                              Fiche: 72985-72992
A statistical and descriptive summary of the mines
and minerals, climate, topography, agriculture,                Borthwick, J.D.
commerce, manufactures, and miscellaneous                           Three years in California (1851-54).
productions, of the states and territories west of the         Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and Sons.
Rocky Mountains.                                               1857
     Fiche: 72915-72936                                        with eight illustrations by the author.
                                                                    Fiche: 72993-73002
Account of the discovery of gold in California; in the
biography of discoverer, James W. Marshall.                    Canfield, Chauncey de Leon, ed.
     Fiche: 72937-72938                                            The diary of a forty-niner.
                                                               New York, San Francisco, M. Shepard Company.
Greely, A.W.                                                   1906
     Report on the climate of Colorado and Utah,                    Fiche: 73003-73009
with particular reference to questions of irrigation
and water storage in the arid region.                          Forbes, Alexander.
Washington. 1891                                                     California: a history of Upper and Lower
     Fiche: 72939-72943                                        California from their first discovery to the present
                                                               time, comprising an account of the climate, soil,...a
The history of the McGarrahan claim as written by              full view of the missionary establishments and
himself.                                                       condition of the free and domesticated Indians, with
n.p. n.d                                                       an appendix relating to steam navigation in the
      Fiche: 72944-72954                                       Pacific.
                                                               London, Smith, Elder & Co. 1839
(Constitutions and organic laws).                                    Fiche: 73010-73019
(Arkansas). 1909
(In Thorpe, Francis N. The federal and state                   Brown, James Henry.
constitutions).                                                     Brown's political history of Oregon.
     Fiche: 72955-72958                                        Portland, Or., W.B. Allen. 1892
                                                                    Fiche: 73020-73031
[Treaty, act for admission, constitution].
(California). 1909
(In Thorpe, Francis N. The federal and state
constitutions, 1909).
     Fiche: 72959-72961

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Alta California: embracing notices of the climate,            Crumpton, Hezekiah J.
soil, and agricultural products of northern Mexico                  The adventures of two Alabama boys.
and the Pacific seaboard; also, A history of the              Montgomery, Ala. 1912
military and naval operations of the United States            Pt. 1. The adventures of Dr. H.J. Crumpton ...in his
directed against the territories of northern                  efforts to reach the gold fields in 1849. Pt. 2. The
Mexico...1846-'47.                                            adventures of Rev. W.B. Crumpton, going to and
Philadelphia, H. Packer & Co. 1847                            returning from California, including his lecture, "The
by a Captain of Volunteers.                                   original tramp, or how a boy got through the lines to
      Fiche: 73032-73034                                      the Confederacy." Pt. 3. To California and back after
                                                              a lapse of forty years.
Clavijero, Francisco Javier.                                        Fiche: 73087-73093
      Storia della California; opera postuma del nob.
Sig. Abate D. Drancesco Saverio Clavigero.                    Denis, Ferdinand.
Venezie, M. Fenzo. 1789                                             Les Californies, l'Oregon et 'Amerique Russe.
2 v. in 1.                                                    n.p. 1849?
      Fiche: 73035-73047                                            Fiche: 73094-73097

Back, George, Sr.                                             (Allsop, Thomas).
     Narrative of the Arctic land expedition to the                California and its gold mines; being a series of
mouth of the Great Fish River, and along the shores           recent communications from the mining districts,
of the Arctic Ocean, in the years 1833, 1834, and             upon the present condition and future prospects of
1835.                                                         quartz mining.
London, J. Murray. 1836                                       London, Groombridge and Sons. 1853
      Fiche: 73046-73054                                           Fiche: 73098-73102
Cutts, James Madison.                                         Beatty, Bessie.
     The conquest of California and New Mexico, by                 A political primer for the new voter.
the forces of the United States, in the years 1846 &          San Francisco, Whitaker & Ray-Wiggin. 1912
1847.                                                              Fiche: 73103-73105
Phila. Carey & Hart. 1847
      Fiche: 73048-73054                                      Cronise, Titus Fey.
                                                                    The natural wealth of California; comprising
(Baegert, Jakob).                                             early history; geography, topography, and scenery;
     Nachrichten von der Amerikanischen halbinsel             climate, agriculture and commercial products;
Californien: Mit einem zweyfachen Anhang falscher             geology, zoology, and botany; mineralogy, mines,
Nachrichten.                                                  and mining processes; manufactures; steamship lines,
Mannheim, Churfurstl. Hofund academie buchdr.                 railroads, and commerce; immigration, population
1772                                                          and society; educational institutions and literature;
     Fiche: 73055-73064                                       together with a detailed description of each county.
                                                              San Francisco, New York, H.H. Bancroft &
Browne, J. Ross.                                              Company. 1868
    Crusoe's island: a ramble in the footsteps of                   Fiche: 73106-73123
Alexander Selkirk.
New York, Harper & Brothers. 1867                             Cortes, Hernando.
With sketches of adventure in California and                       Historia de Nueva-Espana, escrita por su
Washoe.                                                       esclarecido conquistador Hernan Cortes, aumentada
     Fiche: 73065-73075                                       con otros docvmentos, y notas por el ilustrissimo
                                                              Senor Don Francisco Antonio Lorenzana, arzobispo
Cole, George E.                                               de Mexico.
     Early Oregon; jottings of personal recollections         Mexico, Impr. Del superior gobierno, J.A. de Hogal.
of a pioneer of 1850.                                         1770
Spokane, Wash. 1905                                                Fiche: 73124-73136
      Fiche: 73076-73079
                                                              Adams, William. L.
Benton, Joseph A.                                                  Oregon as it is; its present and future, by a
     The California pilgrim: a series of lectures.            resident for twenty-five years, being a reply to
Sacramento, Cal., S. Alter; San Francisco, Marvin &           inquirers.
Hitchcock. 1853                                               Portland, Or., "Bulletin" Steam Book and Job
     Fiche: 73080-73086                                       Printing Rooms. 1873
                                                                    Fiche: 73137-73139

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Colorado State Federation of Labor.                           Cowan, Robert E.
     Committee to investigate the conduct of the                   A bibliography of the history of California and
Colorado National Guard during the coal strike of             the Pacific west 1510-1906...together with the text of
1913-1914.                                                    John W. Dwinelle's address on the acquisition of
(Denver) Colorado State Federation of Labor. 1914             California by the United States of America.
Militarism in Colorado; report.                               San Francisco, The Book Club of California. 1914
     Fiche: 73140-73141                                            Fiche: 73175-73183

Ives, Butler.                                                 Blair, George E., ed.
     Report of Butler Ives, commissioner of the                    The mountain empire Utah.
boundary survey between Nevada territory and                  Salt Lake City, Utah [Chicago, Press of W.P. Dunn
California, 1863.                                             Co.]. 1904
Carson City. 1864                                                   Fiche: 73184-73188
      Fiche: 73142-73143
                                                              [Cora, Montgomery].
The California register.                                          Eagle Pass; or, Life on the border.
San Francisco, California Genealogical Society. 1900          New York, G.P. Putnam & Co. 1852
v.1, no. 1; April 1900.                                       By Cora Montgomery [pseud].
      Fiche: 73144-73145                                          Fiche: 73189-73194

Chipman, Norton P.                                            McGroarty, John S.
     Report upon the fruit industry of California.                California, its history and romance.
San Francisco. 1889                                           Los Angeles, Grafton Publishing Company. 1911
Adopted by the State board of trade of California,                 Fiche: 73195-73205
Nov. 12, 1889.
     Fiche: 73146-73147                                       Simonds, Frederic W.
                                                                  The geography of Texas, physical and political.
Commercial herald and market review.                          Boston, New York [etc.] Ginn & Company. [c.1905]
     "Commercial herald" review of the trade of                    Fiche: 73206-73213
California and the entire Pacific coast for the year
1876.                                                         Sources of the history of Oregon.
San Francisco, "Commercial Herald and Market                  Eugene, Or. 1897-1899
Review" Publishing House. 1877                                v. 1, pt. 1-6.
     Fiche: 73148-73152                                             Fiche: 73214-73222

Aughey, Samuel.                                               Hollister, Ovando J.
     Superficial deposits of Nebraska.                             The resources and attractions of Utah.
(Lincoln, Neb.?). (1875?)                                     Salt Lake City, Tribune Printing and Publishing Co.
Extracted from the annual report of the United States         1882
geological and geographical survey of the territories         Pub. by A. Zeehandelaar, secretary and special agent
for 1874; Ed.2.                                               for Utah at Denver exposition.
     Fiche: 73153-73154                                             Fiche: 73223-73226

Anderson, J.J.                                                Kelly, J. Wells.
    Did the Louisiana purchase extend to the Pacific               ...Directory of Nevada Territory; embracing a
Ocean? And, Our title to Oregon.                              general directory of residents of all the principal
N.Y. 1881                                                     towns; business directory of advertisers...Virginia,
     Fiche: 73155-73156                                       1863.
                                                              San Francisco Commercial Steam Press Oalentindt
Becker, George F.                                             Co. 1862
     ...Atlas to accompany a monograph on the                       Fiche: 73227-73234
geology of the quicksilver deposits of the Pacific
slope.                                                        Allen, George.
Washington. 1887                                                   An appeal to the people of Massachusetts, on the
      Fiche: 73157-73160                                      Texas question.
                                                              Boston, C.C. Little & J. Brown. 1844
California Historical Society.                                [2d ed.].
      Papers of the California historical society.                 Fiche: 73235-73236
San Francisco, California Historical Society (etc.).
1887-1893                                                     The Anti-Texass [!] Legion.
3 v. in 1.                                                         Protest of some free men, states and presses
      Fiche: 73161-73174                                      against the Texass [!] rebellion.
                                                              Albany, Sold at the Patriot Office. 1844
                                                                   Fiche: 73237-73239

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Biographical record of Salt Lake City and vicinity,             Gazeteer [!] of Utah, and Salt Lake City
containing biographies of well known citizens of the            directory...1869, 1874.
past and present.                                               Salt Lake City, Utah, "Salt Lake Herald" Publishing
Chicago, National Historical Record Co. 1902                    Company. 1869-1874
      Fiche: 73240-73259                                              Fiche: 73491-73496

Cannon, Frank J.                                                Gouge, William M.
     Under the prophet in Utah; the national menace                  The fiscal history of Texas, embracing an
of a political priestcraft.                                     account of its revenues, debts, and currency, from the
Boston, Mass., The C.M. Clark Publishing Co. 1911               commencement of the revolution in 1834 to 1851-52,
      Fiche: 73260-73269                                        with remarks on American debts.
                                                                Philadelphia. 1852
Carlton, Ambrose B.                                                  Fiche: 73497-73505
      The wonderlands of the wild West, with
sketches of the Mormons.                                        Gray, William H.
[n.p.]. 1891                                                         History of Oregon, 1792-1849, drawn from
      Fiche: 73270-73279                                        personal observation and authentic information.
                                                                Portland, Or. 1870
Davis, Mary E.(M.), Mrs.                                             Fiche: 73506-73520
    Under six flags; the story of Texas.
Boston. [1897]                                                  Helm, Mary (S.)W., Mrs.
     Fiche: 73280-73285                                              Scraps of early Texas history.
                                                                Austin, B.R. Warner & Co. 1884
[English, Mary Katharine (J.), Mrs.                             by..Mrs. Helm, who, with her first husband, Elias R.
      Prairie sketches, or Fugitive recollections of an         Wightman, founded the city of Matagorda, in 1828-9.
army girl of 1899.                                                   Fiche: 73521-73526
[n.p.]. [1899?]
      Fiche: 73288-73290                                        Hickman, William A.
                                                                     Brigham's destroying angel: being the life,
Evans, Clement A. (ed.).                                        confession, and startling disclosures of the notorious
     Confederate military history; a library of                 Bill Hickman, the Danite chief of Utah.
Confederate States history.                                     Salt Lake City, Utah, Shepard Book Company. 1904
Atlanta, Confederate Pub. Co. 1899                                    Fiche: 73527-73533
written by distinguished men of the South, and edited
by Gen. Clement A. Evans of Georgia; 12 v.                      Hines, Gustavus.
      Fiche: 73291-73457                                             Life on the plains of the Pacific.
                                                                Buffalo. 1851
Ferris, John A.                                                 Oregon: its history, conditions and prospects:
      The financial economy of the United States                containing a description of the geography, climate
illustrated, and some of the causes which retard the            and productions, with personal adventures among the
progress of California demonstrated.                            Indians during a residence of the author on the plains
San Francisco, New York, A. Roman & Co. 1867                    bordering the Pacific, while connected with the
      Fiche: 73458-73466                                        Oregon mission.
                                                                     Fiche: 73534-73544
Engelhardt, Zephyrin, father.
    The Franciscans in California.                              Hines, Harvey K.
Harbor Springs, Mich. 1897                                            Missionary history of the Pacific Northwest,
With a map and numerous illustrations.                          containing the wonderful story of Jason Lee, with
     Fiche: 73467-73481                                         sketches of many of his co-laborers, all illustrating
                                                                life on the plains and in the mountains in pioneer
Coulter, Ellis Merton.                                          days.
      The efforts of the Democratic societies of the            Portland. [1899]
west to open the navigation of the Mississippi.                       Fiche: 73545-73557
[n.p.]. 1924
      Fiche: 73470-73471                                        Hooper, William Henry.
                                                                     Extension of boundaries.
Garrison, George P.                                             Washington, F. & J. Rives & G.A. Bailey, Printers.
    Texas: a contest of civilizations.                          1869
Boston. 1903                                                    Speech of Hon. W.H. Hooper, of Utah, delivered in
     Fiche: 73482-73490                                         the House of representatives, February 25, 1869.
                                                                     Fiche: 73558-73559

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Kip, William Ingraham, bp.                                        Johnson, Richard W.
     The early days of my episcopate.                                  A soldier's reminiscences in peace and war.
New York, T. Whittaker. 1892                                      Philadelphia, Press of J.B. Lippincott Company. 1886
     Fiche: 73560-73567                                           By Brig.-Gen. R.W. Johnson.
                                                                       Fiche: 73658-73668
How to conquer Texas before Texas conquers us.
Boston. 1845                                                      Morris, Earl H.
     Fiche: 73568-73569                                                Preliminary account of the antiquities of the
                                                                  region between the Mancos and La Plata rivers in
Hartmann, -----.                                                  southwestern Colorado.
     Le Texas, ou Notice historique sur le                        Washington. 1919
Champ-d'asile, comprenant tout ce qui s'est passe                      Fiche: 73669-73672
depuis la formation jusqu'a la dissolution de cette
colonie, les causes qui l'ont amenee, et la liste de tous         Baker, D.W.C.
les colons francais, avec renseignemens utiles a leurs                  A brief history of Texas from its earliest
familles.                                                         settlement.
Paris, Beguin [etc.]. 1819                                        New York and Chicago, A.S. Barnes & Co. 1873
      Fiche: 73570-73574                                          To which is appended the constitution of the state.
                                                                  For schools.
Le Rossignol, James E.                                                  Fiche: 73673-73678
    ...History of higher education in Colorado.
Washington, Govt. Pring. Off. 1903                                Baker, D.W.C., comp.
     Fiche: 73575-73579                                               A Texas scrap-book.
                                                                  New York [etc.] A.S. Barnes & Co. [1875]
Maillard, N.D.                                                    Made up of the history, biography, and miscellany of
     The history of the republic of Texas...and the               Texas and its people.
cause of her separation from the republic of Mixico.                  Fiche: 73679-73695
London, Smith, Elder and Co. 1842
     Fiche: 73580-73592                                           Brady, Cyrus T.
                                                                       Border fights & fighters; stories of the pioneers
Norton, Lewis A.                                                  between the Alleghenies and the Mississippi and in
    Life and adventures of Col. L.A. Norton.                      the Texan republic.
Oakland, Cal., Pacific Press Publishing House. 1887               New York, McClure, Phillips & Co. 1902
    Fiche: 73593-73604                                            With maps, plans, & many illustrations.
                                                                       Fiche: 73696-73706
[Lundy, Benjamin].
     The war in Texas.                                            Brady, Cyrus T.
Philadelphia, Printed ..by Merrihew and Gunn. 1836                     The conquest of the Southwest; the story of a
     Fiche: 73605-73607                                           great spoliation.
                                                                  New York, D. Appleton and Company. 1905
Ford, John S.                                                           Fiche: 73707-73715
    Origin and fall of the Alamo, march 6, 1836.
San Antonio, Tex., Johnson Brothers Printing                      Brooker, William H.
Company. 1895                                                          Texas.
By one of a committee of the Alamo association.                   Columbus, O., Press of Nitschke Brothers. 1897
     Fiche: 73608-73610                                           An epitome of Texas history from the filibustering
                                                                  and revolutionary eras to the independence of the
Holman, Frederick V.                                              republic.
    Dr. John McLouglin the father of Oregon.                           Fiche: 73716-73720
Cleveland, O. 1907
     Fiche: 73611-73618                                           Brooks, Elizabeth.
                                                                      Prominent women of Texas.
Illustrated history of Southern California; embracing             Akron, O., Manufactured by the Werner Company.
the counties of San Diego, San Bernardino, Los                    [1896]
Angeles and Orange, and the peninsula of Lower                         Fiche: 73721-73727
Chicago. 1890                                                     Carrington, Margaret I., Mrs.
      Fiche: 73619-73641                                               (S) Ab-sa-ra-ka, home of the Crows: being the
                                                                  experience of an officer's wife on the plains, and
James, George Wharton.                                            marking the vicissitudes of peril and pleasure during
     Heroes of California; the story of the founders              the occupation of the new route to Virginia City,
of the golden state.                                              Montana, 1866-7...and the Indian hostilities thereto.
Boston. 1910                                                      Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & Co. 1869
      Fiche: 73642-73657                                               Fiche: 73728-73736

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

De Shields, James T.                                           Paddock, Buckley B., ed.
      Border wars of Texas; being an authentic and                  A history of central and western Texas, comp.
popular account, ...of the long and bitter conflict            from historical data supplied by commercial clubs,
waged between savage Indian tribes and the pioneer             individuals, and other authentic sources.
settlers of Texas.                                             Chicago, New York, The Lewis Publishing
Tioga, Tex., The Herald Company. 1912                          Company. 1911
      Fiche: 73737-73748                                       2 v.
                                                                    Fiche: 73797-73809k
Martin, Robert Montgomery.
     The Hudson's bay territories and Vancouver's              Parisot, Pierre F.
island, with an exposition of the chartered rights,                 The reminiscences of a Texas missionary.
conducts, and policy of the honble Hudson's bay                San Antonio, Tex., Johnson Bros. Printing Co.
corporation.                                                   [c.1899]
London, T. & W. Boone. 1849                                         Fiche: 73810-73816
      Fiche: 73738-73740
                                                               Reid, Samuel C.
Dewees, William B.                                                  The scouting expeditions of McCulloch's Texas
    Letters from an early settler of Texas.                    rangers; or, The summer and fall campaign of the
Louisville, Ky. [New Albany Tribune Print.]. 1858              army of the United States in Mexico-1846.
Comp. by Cara Cardelle [pseud.]; 2d ed.                        Philadelphia, G.B. Zieber and Co. 1847
     Fiche: 73749-73756                                             Fiche: 73817-73824
Lester, Charles E.                                             Shinn, Josiah H.
    Sam Houston and his republic.                                  ...History of education in Arkansas.
New York. 1846                                                 Washington, Govt. Print. Off. 1900
     Fiche: 73757-73762                                             Fiche: 73825-73829

Levy, Daniel.                                                  Shuck, Oscar T.
     Les Francais en Californie.                                     History of the bench and bar of
San Francisco. 1884                                            California...comprehending the judicial history of the
     Fiche: 73763-73772                                        state.
                                                               Los Angeles, Cal., The Commercial Printing House.
Manhattan Quartz Mining Company.                               1901
     Facts concerning quartz and quartz mining,                       Fiche: 73830-73856
together with the character of the Manhattan quartz
mining company, organized December 7th, 1851,                  [Taylor, Burrell B.] comp.
under the general incorporation act of California.                  How to get rich in California.
New York, W.L. Burroughs Steam Power Presses.                  Philadelphia, McMorris & Gans. 1876
1852                                                           A history of the progress and present condition of the
     Fiche: 73771-73772                                        gold and silver mining and other industrial interests
                                                               of the great Pacific state.
Mills, W.W.                                                          Fiche: 73857-73861
     Forty years at El Paso, 1858-1898; recollections
of war, politics, adventure, events, narratives,               Thrall, Homer S.
sketches, etc.                                                       A pictorial history of Texas, from the earliest
[Chicago, Press of W.B. Conkey Co.]. [1901]                    visits of European adventurers, to A.D.1879.
     Fiche: 73773-73777                                        St. Louis, N.D., Thompson & Co. 1879
                                                               Embracing the periods of missions, colonization, the
Morphis, J.M.                                                  revolution, the republic, and the state; also, a
      History of Texas, from its discovery and                 topographical description of the country...Also, a list
settlement, with a description of its principal cities         of the counties, with historical and topical notes...5th
and counties, and the agricultural, mineral, and               ed. Rev.
material resources of the state.                                     Fiche: 73862-73881
New York, United States Publishing Co. 1874
      Fiche: 73778-73793                                       Western Texas, the Australia of America; or, The
                                                               place to live.
Oregon. Legislative Assembly.                                  Cincinnati, E. Mendenhall. 1860
    Fortieth anniversary of the statehood of Oregon.                Fiche: 73882-73888
W. H. Leeds, State Printer. 1899
Exercises before the Legislative assembly at Salem,            Willard, Emma (H.), Mrs.
Oregon, February 14, 1899.                                          Last leaves of American history: comprising a
     Fiche: 73794-73796                                        separate history of California.
                                                               New York, A.S. Barnes & Co.; Cincinnati, H.W.
                                                               Derby & Co. 1853
                                                                    Fiche: 73889-73896

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Woods, Daniel B.                                            Graves, Richard S.
    Sixteen months at the gold diggings.                          Oklahoma outlaws; a graphic history of the early
New York, Harper & Bros. 1851                               days in Oklahoma; the bandits who terrorized the
    Fiche: 73897-73902                                      first settlers and the marshals who fought them to
                                                            extinction; covering a period of twenty-five years.
Yeary, Mamie, comp.                                         [Oklahoma City, State Printing & Publishing Co.].
     Reminiscences of the boys in gray, 1861-1865.          [1915?]
Dallas, Tex., Smith & Lamar, Publishing House M.E.                 Fiche: 74008-74012
Church, South. [c.1912]
comp by.                                                    Grey, Frederick W.
     Fiche: 73927-73949                                         Seeking fortune in America.
                                                            London, Smith, Elder & Co. 1912
Simonin, Louis L.                                               Fiche: 74013-74021
     ...Le mineur de California.
Paris, L. Hachette et cie. 1806                             Harman, S.W.
      Fiche: 73950-73952                                         Hell on the border; he hanged eighty-eight men.
                                                            Fort Smith, Ark., The Phoenix Publishing Company.
Paddock, Buckley B., ed.                                    [c.1898]
     A twentieth century history and biographical           A history of the great United States criminal court at
record of north and west Texas.                             Fort Smith, Arkansas, and of crime and criminals in
Chicago, New York, The Lewis Publishing Co. 1906            the Indian Territory, and the trial and punishment
2 v.                                                        thereof before...Judge Isaac C. Parker...and by the
     Fiche: 73953-73974                                     courts of said territory, embracing the leading
                                                            sentences and charges to grand and petit juries
Cocke, William A.                                           delivered by the world famous jurist-his
     The Bailey controversy in Texas.                       acknowledged masterpieces, besides much other
San Antonio, Tex., The Cocke Company. 1908                  legal lore.
2 v.                                                              Fiche: 74022-74040
     Fiche: 73975-73987L
                                                            Heermans, Forbes.
Black, Jeremiah S.                                              Thirteen; stores of the far West.
     Federal jurisdiction in the territories.               Syracuse, N.Y., C.W. Bardeen. 1887
Salt Lake City, Deseret News Co. 1883                            Fiche: 74041-74047
Right of local self-government. Judge Black's
argument for Utah before the Judiciary committee of         Hough, Emerson.
the House of representatives, Feb. 1, 1883.                      The story of the outlaw; a study of the western
      Fiche: 73988-73989                                    desperado, with historical narratives of famous
                                                            outlaws; the stores of noted border wars; vigilante
Roberts, Daniel Webster.                                    movements and armed conflicts on the frontier.
     Rangers and sovereignty by Dan W. Roberts,             New York, The Outing Publishing Company. 1907
captain Company "D" of the Texas rangers.                        Fiche: 74048-74059
San Antonio, Tex., Wood Printing & Engraving Co.
1914                                                        Love, Nat.
     Fiche: 73990-73995                                           Life and adventures of Nat Love, better known
                                                            in the cattle country as "Deadwood Nick", by
Meek, Fielding Bradford.                                    himself; a true history of slavery days, life on the
     Descriptions of new organic remains from               great cattle ranges...based on facts, and personal
north-eastern Kansas, indicating the existence of           experiences of the author.
Permian rocks in that territory.                            Los Angeles, Cal. 1907
[Albany]. [1858]                                                  Fiche: 74068-74074
By F.B. Meek and F.V. Hayden, M.D.
     Fiche: 73993-73994                                     Mandat-Grancey, Edmond, baron de.
                                                                  Dans les Montagues Rocheuses.. dessins de
Goodwin, Nathaniel C.                                       Crafty et carte speciale; couronne par l'Academie
    Nat Goodwin's book.                                     francaise, prix Montyon.
Boston, R.G. Badger; [etc. etc.]. [c.1914]                  Paris, E. Plon, Nourrit et.cie. 1894
     Fiche: 73996-74007                                     3 ed.
                                                                  Fiche: 74075-74083

                                                            Munsell, Marion E.
                                                                 Flying sparks, as told by a Pullman conductor.
                                                            Kansas City, Tiernan-Dart Printing Company. 1915
                                                            [2d ed.].
                                                                 Fiche: 74084-74088

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Callison, John J.                                               Parrish, Randall.
     Bill Jones of Paradise Valley, Oklahoma; his life              The great plains; the romance of western
and adventures for over forty years in the great                American exploration, warfare, and settlement,
Southwest.                                                      1527-1807.
Chicago, Printed by M.A. Donohue & Co. 1914                     Chicago, A.C. McClurg & Co. 1907
He was a pioneer in the days of the buffalo, the wild                Fiche: 74155-74166
Indian, the Oklahoma boomer, the cowboy and the
outlaw.                                                         Siringo, Charles A.
     Fiche: 74089-74097                                              A texas cow-boy; or, Fifteen years on the
                                                                hurricane deck of a Spanish pony.
Cochran, John S.                                                Chicago, Ill., M. Umbdenstock & Co. 1885
     Bonnie Belmont; a historical romance of the                     Fiche: 74167-74174
days of slavery and the civil war.
[Wheeling, W.Va., Press of Wheeling News Lith.                  Vivian, Arthur Pendarves, Sir.
Co.]. [c.1907]                                                      Wanderings in the western land.
      Fiche: 74098-74106                                        London, S. Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington. 1879
                                                                With illustrations from original sketches by Mr.
Cody, William F.                                                Albert Bierstadt and the author.
     True tales of the plains, by Buffalo Bill (William              Fiche: 74175-74187
F. Cody).
New York, Cupples & Leon Company. 1908                          Wallace, Lewis.
     Fiche: 74107-74114                                              Lew Wallace; an autobiography.
                                                                New York and London, Harper & Brothers. 1906
Dacus, Joseph A.                                                2 v.
      Life and adventures of Frank and Jesse James,                  Fiche: 74188-74212
the noted western outlaws.
St. Louis, W.S. Bryan; Chicago, J.S. Goodman; [etc.             [Stone, William Hale].
etc.]. 1880                                                          Twenty-four years a cowboy and ranchman in
       Fiche: 74115-74124                                       southern Texas and old Mexico; desperate fights with
                                                                the Indians and Mexicans.
Davis, Richard Harding.                                         Hedrick, O.T., W.H. Stone. [c.1905]
    The West from a car window.                                 by Will Hale [pseud.].
New York, Harper & Brothers. 1892                                     Fiche: 74213-74220
    Fiche: 74125-74132
                                                                Buffum, George T.
Donoho, Milford H.                                                  Smith of Bear City, and other frontier sketches.
     Circle-Dot, a true story of cowboy life forty              New York, The Grafton Press. 1906
years ago.                                                          Fiche: 74221-74227
Topeka, Monotyped and printed by Crane &
Company. 1907                                                   Allen, William A.
     Fiche: 74133-74139                                              The Sheep Eaters.
                                                                New York, The Shakespeare Press. 1913
Appler, Augustus C.                                                  Fiche: 74228-74231
     The guerrillas of the West, or The life, character
and daring exploits of the Younger brothers; with a             Ames, John H.
sketch of the life of Henry W. Younger, father of the                Lincoln, the capital of Nebraska.
Younger brothers...The war record of Quantrell...also           Lincoln, Neb., State Journal Power Press Print. 1870
a sketch of the life of the James boys.                         A complete history of its foundation and growth up to
St. Louis, Eureka Publishing Company. 1876                      the present time, together with a full description of all
     Fiche: 74140-74145                                         the public state buildings, salt springs, and other
                                                                matters of interest, situated thereat.
Buel, James W.                                                        Fiche: 74232-74233
     Life and marvelous adventures of Wild Bill, the
scout.                                                          The American sketch book.
Chicago, Belford, Clarke & Co. 1880                             La Crosse, Wis., Sketch Book Company. 1874-1876
     Fiche: 74146-74149                                         A collection of historical incidents with descriptions
                                                                of corresponding localities...Ed. by Bella French;
Garrett, Patrick F.                                             [v.1-3]. 3 v.
     The authentic life of Billy, the Kid, the noted                 Fiche: 74234-74257
desperado of the Southwest, whose deeds of daring
and blood made his name a terror in New Mexico,
Arizona and northern Mexico.
Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing and
Publishing Co. 1882
     Fiche: 74150-74154

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Angel, Myron.                                                   Ainswroth, Danforth H.
     ...La Nevada orientale; geographie, resources,                 Recollections of a civil engineer; experiences in
climat et etat social; rapport addresse au comite local         New York, Iowa, Nebraska, Dakota, Illinois,
pour l'Exposition de Paris.                                     Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado.
Paris, Impr. Generale de C. Lahure. 1867                        Newton, Ia.
      Fiche: 74258-74262                                            Fiche: 74347-74352
[Angel, Myron,] ed.                                             Aldridge, Reginald.
    History of Nevada.                                                Ranch notes in Kansas, Colorado, the Indian
Oakland, Cal., Thompson & West. 1881                            territory and northern Texas.
With illustrations and biographical sketches of its             London, Longmans, Green, and Co. 1884
prominent men and pioneers.                                           Fiche: 74353-74359
     Fiche: 74263-74288
                                                                Adam, George.
Argyle, Archie, pseud.?.                                              The dreadful sufferings and thrilling adventures
     Cupid's album.                                             of an overland party of emigrants to California, their
New York, M. Doolady; St. Louis, M.B. Cullen.                   terrible conflicts with savage tribes of Indians!! And
1866                                                            Mexican bands of robbers!!! With marriage, funeral,
     Fiche: 74289-74297                                         and other interesting ceremonies and customs of
                                                                Indian life in the far West.
Mallet, Edmond.                                                 St. Louis, Mo., Barclay & Co. 1850
      The Canadians of Oregon.                                  Compiled from the journal of Mr. George Adam, one
Tr. from La Minerva, of Montreal Canada; Broadside              of the adventurers, by Prof. Wm. Beschke.
(1 p., 3 cols.).                                                      Fiche: 74360-74362
      Fiche: 74298-74299
                                                                Arizona (Ter.). Legislative Assembly.
Auzias-Turenne, Raymond.                                             Memorial and affidavits showing outrages
     ...Voyage au pays des mines d'or; le Klondike.             perpetrated by the Apache Indians, in the territory of
Paris, Calmann Levy. 1899                                       Arizona, for the years 1869 and 1870.
Ouvrage contenant quarante illustrations et deux                San Francisco, Francis & Valentine, Printers. 1871
cartes.                                                         Pub. by authority of the legislature of the territory of
      Fiche: 74300-74309                                        Arizona.
                                                                     Fiche: 74363-74364
Ayer, I.
     Winslow.                                                   Armstrong, Moses K.
Grand Rapids, Mich., The Central Publishing                          The early empire builders of the great West.
Company. 1880                                                   St. Paul, Minn., E.W. Porter. 1901
Life in the wilds of America, and wonders of the                Comp. and enl. from the author's Early history of
West in and beyond the bounds of civilization.                  Dakota Territory in 1866.
      Fiche: 74310-74322                                              Fiche: 74365-74377

Austin, Stephen F.                                              Asbury, Henry.
    Esposicion al publico sobre los asuntos de Tejas.                 Reminiscences of Quincy, Illinois, containing
Megico, C.C. Sebring. 1835                                      historical events, anecdotes, matters concerning old
     Fiche: 74323-74324                                         settlers and old times, etc.
                                                                Quincy, Ill., D. Wilcox & Sons, Printers. 1882
Abbott, Carlisle S.                                                   Fiche: 74378-74383
    Recollections of a California pioneer.
New York, The Neale Publishing Company. 1917                    Audubon, John James.
    Fiche: 74325-74331                                               Audubon and his journals, by Maria R.
                                                                Audubon, with zoological and other notes by Elliott
Adams, Ephraim.                                                 Coues.
    The Iowa band.                                              New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1897
Boston, Chicago, The Pilgrim Press. [1902]                      2 v.
New and rev. ed. by Rev. Ephraim Adams.                              Fiche: 74384-74411
     Fiche: 74332-74339
                                                                Atherton, William.
Adamson, Archibald R.                                                Narrative of the suffering and defeat of the
    North Platte and its associations.                          north-western army under General Winchester;
North Platte, Neb., The Evening Telegraph. [1910]               massacre of the prisoners; sixteen months
     Fiche: 74340-74346                                         imprisonment of the writer and others with the
                                                                Indians and British.
                                                                Frankfort, Ky., Printed for the author, by A.G.
                                                                Hodges. 1842
                                                                     Fiche: 74412-74416

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

The Bering Sea arbitration.                                  Biography of Henry Augustus Pierce.
London, William Clowes & Sons. [etc., etc.]. n.d             San Francisco, Bancroft. 1880
Letters to the Times by its special correspondent;                Fiche: 74462-74463
together with the award.
     Fiche: 74417-74419                                      Tilton, James.
                                                                  General orders.
Alley, B.                                                    Olympia, W.T. 1855
      Linn County Oregon, descriptive and resources,         Adjutant general's office, Olympia, W.T. Nov. 2d,
its cities and towns.                                        1855.
Albany, Oregon, Electric Power Print. [n.d.]                      Fiche: 74464-74465
       Fiche: 74420-74423
                                                             Abernethy, George.
[Blair, James].                                                    Circular to the Oregon emigrants...Dated at
      Notices of the harbor at the mouth of the              Oregon City, this 22d of April, 1847.
Columbia river.                                              [n.p.]. [n.d.]
[n.p.]. [n.d.]                                               Broadside.
By the Commander and other officers of the                         Fiche: 74466-74467
exploring expedition.
      Fiche: 74424-74425                                     Baldridge, Samuel C.
                                                                  Sketches of the life and times of the Rev.
Blaschke, Eduardo.                                           Stephen Bliss, A.M. with notices of his co-laborers:
     Toppographia media.                                     Rev. Isaac Bennet [and others].
Petropoli, Typis K. Wienhoberi et filii. 1842                Cincinnati, Elm Street Printing Company. 1870
Portus Novi-Archangelsensis, sedis principalis                    Fiche: 74468-74475
colonairum rossicarum in Septentionali America.
     Fiche: 74426-74429                                      Barneby, William H.
                                                                   Life and labour in the far, far West: being notes
Blanchet, Francis Norbert.                                   of a tour in the western states, British Columbia,
    Historical sketches of the Catholic Church in            Manitoba, and the Northwest territory.
Oregon during the past forty years.                          London, New York [etc.] Cassell & Company. 1884
[1838-1878]                                                        Fiche: 74476-74487
     Fiche: 74430-74432
                                                             Barnes, Demas.
Bovis, Amedee.                                                    From the Atlantic to the Pacific, overland.
     Le Whip-poor-will, ou, Les pionniers de                 New York, D. Van Nostrand. 1866
l'Oregon.                                                    A series of letters...describing a trip from New
Paris, Au comptior des imprimeurs-unis. 1847                 York...to San Francisco, thence home, by Acapulco,
      Fiche: 74433-74443                                     and the isthmus of Panama.
                                                                  Fiche: 74488-74491
Boillot, Leon.
     Aux mines d'or du Klondike. Du Lac Bennett &            Barnes, William C.
Dawson.                                                           Western grazing grounds and forest ranges; a
Paris, Hachette. 1899                                        history of the live-stock industry as conducted on the
      Fiche: 74444-74450                                     open ranges of the arid West, with particular
                                                             reference to the use now being made of the ranges in
Browne, J. Ross.                                             the national forests.
      ...Indian war in Oregon and Washington                 Chicago, The Breeder's Gazette. 1913
territories.                                                       Fiche: 74492-74502
[Washington, D.C.?]. [1858?]
       Fiche: 74451-74453                                    Barry, Theodore A.
                                                                  Men and memories of San Francisco, in the
Anti-Monopoly Association of the Pacific Coast.              "spring of '50".
     A history of the wrongs of Alaska.                      San Francisco, A.J. Bancroft & Company. 1873-
San Francisco. 1875                                          By T.A. Barry and B.A. Patten.
An appeal to the people and press of America.                     Fiche: 74503-74510
     Fiche: 74454-74455
                                                             Baskin, Robert N.
Angelo, C. Aubrey.                                                 Reminiscences of early Utah.
     Sketches of travel in Oregon and Idaho with             [Salt Lake City, Tribune-Reporter Printing Co.].
map of South Boise.                                          c.1914
New York, Printed for the author by L.D. Robertson.                Fiche: 74511-74517
     Fiche: 74456-74461

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Badger, Joseph.                                                Belden, George P.
     A memoir of Rev. Joseph Badger; containing an                  Brisbin's stories of the plains.
autobiography, and selections from his private                 Anchor Publishing Company; San Francisco, Cal.,
journal and correspondence.                                    A.L. Bancroft & Co. 1881
Hudson, O., Sawyer, Ingersoll and Company. 1851                     Fiche: 74591-74604
     Fiche: 74518-74523
                                                               Bell, John Thomas.
Barde, Alexandre.                                                   History of Washington County, Nebraska; its
     Histoire des comites de vigilance aux Attakapas.          early settlement and present status, resources,
Saint-Jean-Baptiste.                                           advantages and future prospects.
(Louisiane) Impr. Du Meschacebe et de                          Omaha, Neb., Printed at the Herald Printing House.
l'Avant-coureur. 1861                                          1876
     Fiche: 74524-74534                                              Fiche: 74605-74607

Barreiro, Antonio.                                             Beaumont, William.
     Ojeada sobre Nuevo-Mexico, que da una idea de                  Experiments and observations on the gastric
sus producciones naturales, y de algunas ostras cosas          juice, and the physiology of digestion.
que se consideran oportunas para mejorar su estado.            Plattsburgh, Printed by F.P. Allen. 1833
Puebla, J.M. Campos. 1832                                            Fiche: 74608-74615
[con apendice].
     Fiche: 74535-74537                                        Bell, John Thomas.
                                                                    Tramps and triumphs of the Second Iowa
Batty, Joseph.                                                 infantry.
     Over the wilds to California; or Eight years from         Omaha, Gibson, Miller & Richardson, Printers. 1886
home.                                                                Fiche: 74616-74617
Leeds, J. Parrott. 1867
Ed. by Rev. John Simpson.                                      Benjamin, Marcus.
     Fiche: 74538-74540                                            John Bidwell, pioneer; a sketch of his career.
                                                                   Fiche: 74618-74620
Battey, Thomas C.
     The life and adventures of a Quaker among the             Bennett, James.
Indians.                                                            Overland journey to California, journal of James
Boston, Lee and Shepard. 1903                                  Bennett whose party left New Harmony in 1850 and
     Fiche: 74541-74550                                        crossed the plains and mountains until the Golden
                                                               West was reached.
Beall, John B.                                                 New Harmony, Ind., Times Print. 1906
     In barrack and field; poems and sketches of                    Fiche: 74621-74623
army life.
Nashville, Tennessee, Dallas, Tex., Smith & Lamar,             Mayfield, Eugene O.
agents, Publishing House of the M.E. Church, South.                The backbone of Nebraska, wherein is contained
1906                                                           many interesting matters pertaining to pioneer and
     Fiche: 74551-74561                                        more modern days.
                                                               [Omaha, Burkley Printing Co.]. 1916
Beaugrand, Honore.                                                 Fiche: 74624-74625
    Six mois dans les Montagnes-Rocheuses.
Coloradi-Utah-Nouveau-Mexicque.                                Berthoud, Edward L.
Montreal, Granger freres. 1890                                       Jefferson county, Colorado: a statistical review
Avec une preface de Louis Frechette.                           of its agricultural, mining, manufacturing and
     Fiche: 74562-74571                                        pastoral resources, from official and other
                                                               documentary sources.
Beebe, Henry S.                                                Gold City, Colorado Transcript. 1868
     The history of Peru.                                             Fiche: 74626-74627
Peru, Ill., J.F. Linton. 1858
     Fiche: 74572-74576                                        Allen, John Taylor.
                                                                    Early pioneer days in Texas.
Belden, George P.                                              [Dallas]. [1918]
      Belden, the white chief; or, Twelve years among               Fiche: 74628-74635
the wild Indians of the plains.
Brisbin, U.S.A. Cincinnati and New York, C.F. Vent;            Biographical and historical memoirs of western
[etc., etc.]. 1870                                             Arkansas, comprising a condensed history of the
Ed. by Gen. Hames S.                                           state.
       Fiche: 74577-74590                                      Chicago & Nashville, The Southern Pub. Co. 1891
                                                                      Fiche: 74647-74659

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Biographical and historical memoirs of Southern               Dumbell, Kate Ethel M.
Arkansas, comprising a condensed history of the                    California and the far West; suggestions for the
state.                                                        west bound traveler.
Chicago [etc.] St. Louis, The Goodspeed Pub. Co.              New York, J. Pott & Company. [c.1914]
1890                                                               Fiche: 74829-74834
       Fiche: 74660-74679
                                                              Dunn, William Edward.
Blessington, Joseph P.                                             ...Spanish and French rivalry in the Gulf region
     The campaigns of Walker's Texas division.                of the United States; the beginnings of Texas and
New York, Pub for the author. 1875                            Pensacola.
By a private soldier. Containing a complete record of         Austin, Texas, The University. [1917]
the campaigns in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.                     Fiche: 74835-74841
      Fiche: 74680-74687
                                                              Dye, Eva E., Mrs.
Byers, William N.                                                 McLoughlin and old Oregon: a chronicle.
      Encyclopedia of biography of Colorado; history          Chicago. 1900
of Colorado.                                                       Fiche: 74842-74851
Chicago, The Century Publishing and Engraving
Company. 1901                                                 Dyer, D.B., Mrs.
v. 1.                                                             "Fort Reno"; or, Picturesque "Cheyenne and
      Fiche: 74688-74704                                      Arrapahoe (!) army life," before the opening of
Compendium of history, reminiscence and biography             New York. 1896
of western Nebraska.                                               Fiche: 74852-74858
Chicago. 1909
     Fiche: 74705-74746                                       Ferguson, James Edward, defendant.
                                                                   Record of proceedings of the High court of
Swett, John.                                                  impeachment...convened in the city of Austin,
     History of the public school system of                   August 1, 1917.
California.                                                   Pub. by authority of the legislature. Austin, A.C.
San Francisco, A.L. Bancroft and Company. 1876                Baldwin. [1918]
     Fiche: 74747-74753                                            Fiche: 74859-74878

Swasey, William F.                                            Harpending, Asbury.
     The early days and men of California.                         The great diamond hoax and other stirring
Oakland, California New York [etc.] Pacific Press             incidents in the life of Asbury Harpending.
Publishing Company. [1891]                                    San Francisco, The J.H. Barry Co. 1913
     Fiche: 74754-74764                                            Fiche: 74879-74886

Daniell, L.E. (Lewis E.).                                     Heye, George Gustav.
     Personnel of the Texas state government, with                 Certain aboriginal pottery from southern
sketches of distinguished Texas.                              California.
Austin. 1887                                                  [New York, Museum of the American Indian, Heye
     Fiche: 74765-74774                                       Foundation]. [1919]
                                                                   Fiche: 74887-74890
Davis, Samuel P.
     The history of Nevada.                                   Hill, Alice (Polk), Mrs.
Reno, Nevada, Los Angeles, California, The Elms                     Colorado pioneers in picture and story.
Publishing Co. Inc. 1913                                      [Denver, Brock-Haffner Press]. [c.1915]
2 v.                                                                Fiche: 74891-74904
     Fiche: 74775-74807
                                                              Hines, Gustavus.
Dellenbaugh, Frederick.                                            Oregon and its institutions; comprising a full
     Fremont and '49: the story of a remarkable               history of the Willamette University, the first
career and its relation to the exploration and                established on the Pacific Coast.
development of our western territory, especially of           New York. [1868]
California.                                                         Fiche: 74905-74913
New York. 1914
     Fiche: 74808-74826                                       Hines, Gustavus.
                                                                   A voyage around the world, with a history of the
Dodd, Ephraim S.                                              Oregon mission and notes of several years residence
    Diary of Ephraim Shelby Dodd, member of                   on the plains.
Company D, Terry's texas rangers.                             Buffalo. 1850
Austin, Press of E.L. Steck. 1914                                  Fiche: 74914-74924
     Fiche: 74827-74828

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

History of the Pacific Northwest: Oregon and                    Palou, Francisco.
Washington; embracing an account of the original                     Life of Ven. Padre Junipero Serra.
discoveries on the Pacific coast of North America.              San Francisco, P.E. Dougherty & Co. 1884
Portland, Oregon, North Pacific History Company.                     Fiche: 75033-75037
2 v.                                                            Parsons, Eugene.
     Fiche: 74925-74974                                             The making of Colorado; a historical sketch.
                                                                Chicago, A. Flanagan Company. [c.1908]
Jackson, George.                                                     Fiche: 75038-75046
     Sixty years in Texas.
[Dallas, Tex., Wilkinson Printing Co.]. [c.1908]                Portrait and biographical record of Denver and
2d ed.                                                          vicinity.
     Fiche: 74975-74984                                         Chicago, Chapman Publishing Company. 1898
                                                                      Fiche: 75047-75077
Kennedy, Elijah R.
     The contest for California in 1861; how Colonel            Portrait and biographical record of Oklahoma;
E.D. Baker saved the Pacific states to the Union.               commemorating the achievements of citizens who
Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin Company.                  have contributed to the progress of Oklahoma.
1912                                                            Chicago, Chapman Publishing Co. 1901
     Fiche: 74985-75994                                              Fiche: 75078-75110

Kennedy, George W.                                              Peixotto, Ernest Clifford.
     The pioneer campfire, in four parts: With the                  Romantic California, illustrations by the author.
emigrants on the great plains. With the settlers in the         New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1914
log cabin homes. With the hunters and the miners.                    Fiche: 75111-75119
Portland, Or., Printed for the author by the
Clarke-Kundret Printing Co. 1914                                Peters, Charles.
     Fiche: 74995-75002                                               The autobiography of Charles Peters, in 1915
                                                                the oldest pioneer living in California, who mined
Lancaster, Samuel C.                                            in...the days of '49.
     The Columbia, America's great highway through              Sacramento, California, The La Grave Co. [1915?]
the Cascade mountains to the sea.                                      Fiche: 75120-75127
Portland, Ore., S.C. Lancaster. 1915
     Fiche: 75003-75009                                         [Pettis, George H.].
                                                                      ...The California column.
Lindsey, Benjamin Barr.                                         Santa Fe, New Mexican Printing Company. 1908
    The rule of plutocracy in Colorado: a retrospect            Its campaigns and services in New Mexico, Arizona
and warning.                                                    and Texas, during the civil war.
[Denver, Col.].                                                        Fiche: 75128-75129
     Fiche: 75010-75012
                                                                Portland Press Club, Portland (Oregon).
O'Meara, James.                                                       Pictorial Oregon, the wonderland; an invitation
     Broderick and Gwin.                                        to visit Oregon extended by the Portland press club,
San Francisco. 1864                                             1915.
The most extraordinary contest for a seat in the                Portland Press Club, Portland, Oregon. 1915
senate of the United States ever known: a brief                       Fiche: 75130-75138
history of early politics in California. Sketches of
prominent actors in the scenes and an unbiased                  Portland (Ore.). Board of Statistics, Immigration
account of the fatal duel between Broderick and                 and Labor Exchange.
Judge Terry.                                                         Oregon, its advantages as an agricultural and
      Fiche: 75013-75019                                        commercial state.
                                                                Portland, Oregon, A.G. Walling. 1870
Oregon. State Board of Immigration.                                  Fiche: 75139-75141
     Facts regarding its climate, soil, mineral and
agricultural resources, means of communication,                 Press reference library.
commerce and industry, laws, etc. etc.                          Los Angeles, Cal., The Los Angeles Examiner. 1912
Boston, Oregon State Board of Immigration. 1877                 (Southwest ed.)...being the portraits and biographies
     Fiche: 75020-75022                                         of progressive men of the Southwest.
                                                                     Fiche: 75142-75153
Palou, Francisco.
     Life and apostolic labors of the Venerable                 Puckett, James Louis.
Father Junipero Serra, founder of the Franciscan                     History of Oklahoma and Indian Territory and
missions of California.                                         homeseekers' [!] guide.
Pasadena, Cal. G.W. James. 1913                                 Vinita, Okla., Chieftain Publishing Company. 1906
     Fiche: 75023-75032                                              Fiche: 75154-75158

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Royce, Josiah.                                                  Nordensklold, Gustaf E.A.
    ...California, from the conquest in 1846 to the                   The Cliff dwellers of the Mesa Verde,
second vigilance committee in San Francisco [1856].             southwestern Colorado; their pottery and implements.
Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and                      Stockholm, Chicago [etc.] P.A. Norstedt & Soner.
Company. 1886                                                   [1895?]
     Fiche: 75159-75171                                         tr. by D.L. Morgan.
                                                                      Fiche: 75242-75252
Rye, Edgar.
    The quirt and the spur; vanishing shadows of the            [Lum, Dyer Daniel].
Texas frontier.                                                      Social problems of today; or, The Mormon
Chicago, W.B. Conkey Company. [c.1909]                          question in its economic aspects.
     Fiche: 75172-75180                                         Port Jervis, N.Y., D.D. Lum & Co. 1886
                                                                      Fiche: 75263-75265
Shaw, Luella.
    True history of some of the pioneers of                     McElroy, Robert M.
Colorado.                                                             The winning of the far West; a history of the
Hotchkiss, Colorado, W.S. Coburn, J. Patterson and              regaining of Texas, of the Mexican war, and the
A.K. Shaw. 1909                                                 Oregon question; and of the successive additions to
     Fiche: 75181-75188                                         the territory of the United States.
                                                                New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1914
Smith, Justin Harvey.                                                 Fiche: 75266-75276
    The annexation of Texas.
New York, The Baker and Taylor Co. 1911                         McIlhany, Edward S.
    Fiche: 75189-75201                                               Recollections of a '49er.
                                                                Kansas City, Mo. Hailman Printing Company. 1908
Woods, Samuel D.                                                A quaint and thrilling narrative of a trip across the
     Lights and shadows of life on the Pacific coast.           plains, and the life in the California gold fields.
New York and London, Funk & Wagnalls Company.                        Fiche: 75277-75282
     Fiche: 75202-75213                                         McRoskey, Racine.
                                                                      The missions of California, with sketches of the
Woodward, Walter Carleton.                                      lives of St. Francis and Junipero Serra.
     The rise and early history of political parties in         San Francisco, The Philopolis Press. 1914
Oregon 1843-1868.                                                     Fiche: 75283-75288
Portland, Ore., The J.K. Gill Company. 1913
     Fiche: 75214-75221                                         Manning, William Ray.
                                                                    Texas and the boundary issue.
[Mears, George A.].                                             Austin, Tex. [1914]
     The geese of Ganderica; their history, the sense                Fiche: 75289-75291
and nonsense.
[Salt Lake City] Salt Lake Herald, Printers. c.1882             Markham, Edwin.
By a Utah goose.                                                     California the wonderful; her romantic history,
      Fiche: 75222-75223                                        her picturesque people, her wild shores, her desert
                                                                mystery, her valley loveliness.
Middleton, John W.                                              New York, Hearts's International Library Co.
     History of the regulators and moderators and the           [c.1914]
Shelby County war in 1841 and 1842, in the republic                  Fiche: 75292-75305
of Texas.
Fort Worth, Texas, Loving Publishing Company.                   Fitch, Abigail Hetzel.
1883                                                                 Junipero Serra: the man and his work.
     Fiche: 75224-75225                                         Chicago, A.C. McClurg & Co. 1914
                                                                     Fiche: 75306-75316
Mills, Enos Abijah.
     The Rocky Mountain wonderland.                             Goodwin, Cardinal Leonidas.
Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin Company.                       The establishment of state government in
[1915]                                                          California 1846-1850.
     Fiche: 75226-75236                                         New York, The Macmillan Company. 1914
                                                                     Fiche: 75322-75331
Nicholson, John.
     The martyrdom of Joseph Standing; or, the
murder of a 'Mormon' Missionary.
Salt Lake City, Deseret News. 1886
A true story.
      Fiche: 75237-75241

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Green, Thomas J.                                                [Barnum, George Henry].
     Journal of the Texas expedition against Mier;                     Rube Burrows, the famous outlaw, murderer and
subsequent imprisonment of the author; his                      train robber, with a complete history of his eventful
sufferings, and final escape from the castle of Perote.         life, from his birth to his startling capture and
New York, Harper & Brothers. 1845                               sensational death on October 8th, 1890.
With reflections upon the present political and                 Chicago, G.H. Barnum. 1890
probable future relations of Texas, Mexico, and the                    Fiche: 76464-76465
United States.
     Fiche: 75332-75344                                         Barbour, A[nna] Maynard.
                                                                     Told in the rockies.
Frost, John.                                                    Chicago and New York, Rand, McNally & Company.
     ...History of the state of California from the             [c.1897]
period of the conquest by Spain, to her occupation by           A pen picture of the West, by A. Maynard Barbour.
the United States of America.                                        Fiche: 77254-77258
Auburn, New York. 1850
      Fiche: 75345-75358                                        Rozier, Firmin A.
                                                                      150th celebration of the founding of Ste.
Baird, Sarah Elizabeth.                                         Genevieve.
     A traveler's mail bag, descriptive of the paradise         [St. Louis, G.A. Pierrot & Son, Printers]. [1885]
of the Pacific and California; letters from Mrs. John           Address of Hon. Firmin A. Rozier, historian and
E. Baird, February to August 1914.                              orator selected for the occasion, giving a full history
Philadelphia, Priv. Pub. 1915                                   of Ste. Genevieve, the first permanent settlement in
      Fiche: 75359-75363                                        the United States west of the Mississippi River.
                                                                Delivered at the city of Ste. Genevieve, Mo., July 21,
Biddle, Ellen (McGowan).                                        1885.
     Reminiscences of a soldier's wife.                               Fiche: 77818-77819
Philadelphia, Press of J.B. Lippincott Company. 1907
     Fiche: 75364-75371                                         Lane, James Henry.
                                                                     Vindication of the policy of the administration.
Borrett, George Tuthill.                                        Washington, D.C., Gibson Brothers, Printers. 1864
    Letters from Canada and the United States.                  Speech of Hon. J.H. Lane, of Kansas, in the Senate of
London, Printed for private circulation, by J.E.                the United States, February 16, 1864, on the special
Adlard. 1865                                                    order, being Senate bill no. 45, to set apart a portion
     Fiche: 75372-75379                                         of the state of Texas for the use of persons of African
Broke, Horatio George.                                                Fiche: 78334-78335
     With sack and stock in Alaska.
London and New York, Longmans Green and Co.                     Laborde, [Jean Benjamin] de.
1891                                                                 Histoire abregee de la mer du Sud, ornee de
     Fiche: 75380-75385                                         plusiers cartes.
                                                                Paris, P. Didot. 1791
Birkbeck, Morris.                                               3 v.1.
      An address to the farmers of Great Britain; with                Fiche: 78540-78560
an essay on the praries of the western country: to
which is annexed, the constitution of the state of              O'Byrne, John.
Illinois.                                                            "Pikes Peak or bust," and historical sketches of
London, J. Ridgway. 1822                                        the wild West.
      Fiche: 75386-75388                                        Colorado Springs. 1922
                                                                     Fiche: 78600-78602
Boller, Henry A.
     Among the Indians.                                         Orr, Thomas, ed.
Philadelphia, T.E. Zell. 1868                                         Life of the notorious desperado, Cullen Baker,
Eight years in the far West: 1858-1866. Embracing               from his childhood to his death, with a full account of
sketches of Montana and Salt Lake.                              the murders he committed.
     Fiche: 75389-75399                                         Little Rock, Price and Barton, Printers. 1870
                                                                      Fiche: 78603-78604
Sterne, Simon.
     Argument on Senate bill no. 11, entitled An act            Paine, Albert B.
to provide for ascertaining and settling private land                Captain Bill McDonald, Texas ranger; a story of
claims in certain states and territories.                       frontier reform.
[Washington?]. [1886]                                           New York, J.J. Little & Ives Co. 1909
      Fiche: 75400-75402                                        with introductory letter by Theodore Roosevelt;
                                                                Special subscription ed.
                                                                      Fiche: 78605-78610

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Park, Charles Caldwell].                                      Tallent, Annie D., Mrs.
    A plaything of the gods.                                       The Black Hills; or, The last hunting ground of
Boston, Sherman, French & Company. 1912                       the Dakotahs.
by Carl Gray [pseud.].                                        St. Louis, Nixon-Jones Printing Co. 1899
     Fiche: 78611-78614                                       A complete history of the Black Hills of Dakota,
                                                              from their first invasion in 1874 to the present time.
Pierce, Frank C.                                                   Fiche: 78649-78658
     A brief history of the lower Rio Grande valley.
Menasha, Wis., George Banta Publishing Company.               Toponce, Alexander.
1917                                                              Reminiscences of Alexander Toponce, pioneer,
     Fiche: 78615-78618                                       1839-1923.
                                                              [Ogden, Utah, Mrs. Katie Toponce]. [1923]
Pitts, James Robert Soda.                                         Fiche: 78659-78662
     Life and bloody career of the executed criminal,
James Copeland, the great southern land pirate.               Triggs, J.H.
Jackson, Miss., Pilot Publishing Company, Printers.                 History and directory of Laramie City,
1847                                                          Wyoming Territory, comprising a brief history of
      Fiche: 78619-78622                                      Laramie City from its first settlement to the present
                                                              time, together with sketches of the characteristics and
Stephens, Lorenzo Dow.                                        resources of the surrounding country; including a
     Life sketches of a jayhawker of '49...actual             minute description of a portion of the mining region
experiences of a pioneer told by himself in his own           of the Black Hills.
way.                                                          Laramie City, Daily sentinel Print. 1875
[San Jose, Cal., Printed by Nolta Brothers]. 1916             Also a general and business directory of Laramie
     Fiche: 78623-78624                                       City.
                                                                    Fiche: 78663-78665
Stewart, Marcus A.
     Rosita; a California tale.                               Rothert, Otto A.
San Jose, Mercury Steam Print. 1882                               The outlaws of Cave-in-Rock; historical
     Fiche: 78625-78626                                       accounts of the famous highwaymen and river pirates
                                                              who operated in pioneer days upon the Ohio and
Stone, Arthur L.                                              Mississippi rivers and over the old Natchez trace.
    Following old trails.                                     Cleveland, The Arthur H. Clark Company. 1924
Missoula, Mont., M.J. Elrod. 1913                                  Fiche: 78666-78670
    Fiche: 78627-78631
                                                              Scott, A.W.
Strahorn, Carrie Adell.                                            Life experiences of a detective.
     Fifteen thousand miles by stage; a woman's               [New York?]. 1878
unique experience during thirty years of path finding              Fiche: 78671-78672
and pioneering from the Missouri to the Pacific and
from Alaska to Mexico.                                        Shay, John C.
New York, [etc.] G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1911                          Twenty years in the backwoods of California,
with 350 illustration from drawings by Charles M.             being the actual experiences and observations of a
Russell and others, and from photographs.                     native son of California, covering a period of twenty
     Fiche: 78632-78640                                       years in one locality, while engaged in prospecting,
                                                              gold mining, homesteading, stock raising and the
Sullivan, Frank S.                                            roadside smithy.
     A history of Meade County, Kansas.                       Boston, The Roxburgh Publishing Co., Inc. [c.1923]
Topeka, Kan., Crane Company. 1916                                  Fiche: 78673-78675
     Fiche: 78641-78643
                                                              Sherwell, Samuel.
Sullivan, W. John L.                                              Old recollections of an old boy.
      Twelve years in the saddle for law and order on         New York, The Knickerbocker Press. 1923
the frontiers of Texas.                                           Fiche: 78676-78679
Austin, Von Boeckmann-Jones Co., Printers. 1909
by Sergeant W.J.L. Sullivan, Texas ranger, Co. B.,            Siringo, Charles A.
Frontier battalion.                                                Two evil isms, Pinkertonism and anarchism, by
      Fiche: 78644-78648                                      a cowboy detective who knows, as he spent
                                                              twenty-two years in the inner circle of Pinkerton's
                                                              national detective agency.
                                                              Chicago, Ill., C.A. Siringo. c.1915
                                                                   Fiche: 78680-78682

    Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                  Fiche Listing

Skinner, Emory F.                                                  Washington (Ter.). Governor (1853-1857: I.
    Reminiscences.                                                 Stevens Isaac).
Chicago, Vestal Printing Company. 1908                                   Message of the governor of Washington
     Fiche: 78683-78687                                            territory.
                                                                   Olympia, E. Furste, Public Printer. 1857
Arizona (Ter.).                                                    Also; the correspondence with the secretary of war,
     The 1864 census of the territory of Arizona.                  Major Gen. Wool, the officers of the regular army,
Phoenix, Ariz., The Historical Records Survey. 1938                and of the volunteer service of Washington territory.
The Historical records survey, Division of women's                 (1. Pacific coast Indians, Wars with, 1847-1865. 2.
and professional projects, Works progress                          Indians of North American - Washington (State)).
administration.                                                          Fiche: 78716-78721
     Fiche: 78688-78691
                                                                   Washington (Ter.). Governor (1884-1887: Watson
Arizona (Ter.). Laws, etc.                                         C. Square).
     Public school of Arizona. April, 1901.                             Resources and development of the territory of
Phoenix, The H.H. M'Neil Co., Printers. 1901                       Washington.
Pub. by the superintendent of public instruction,                  Seattle, W.T. Lowman & Hanford Company. 1886
Phoenix, Arizona.                                                  Message and report of Watson C. Squire, governor of
     Fiche: 78692-78693                                            Washington Territory, to the Legislative assembly,
                                                                   session of 1885-6.
Arizona (Ter.). Supreme Court.                                           Fiche: 78722-78723a
      Rules of the Supreme court of the territory of
Arizona, adopted March, 1903.                                      Washington (Ter.).
[n.p.]. [1903?]                                                         Road laws of the territory of Washington,
Review print.                                                      passed by the Legislative assembly at the first
      Fiche: 78694-78695                                           biennial session, begun and held at Olympia, the seat
                                                                   of government, on 1867.
Arizona (Ter.). Laws, etc.                                         Olympia, C. Prosch, Printer. 1868
      The Howell code.                                                  Fiche: 78724-78725
Office of the Arizona Miner. 1865
Adopted by the First Legislative assembly of the                   Washington (Ter.).
territory of Arizona. Session begun September, and                      School law of the territory of Washington,
ended November, 1864, at Prescott.                                 passed by the Legislative assembly at its thirteenth
      Fiche: 78696-78702                                           regular session, begun and held at the city of
                                                                   Olympia, 1865.
Washington (Ter.). Governor (1867-1869:                            Olympia, T.F. McElroy, Printer. 1866
Marshall F. Moore).                                                     Fiche: 78726-78727
     Communication from the governor [on returning
to the president of the Legislative council "An act                Washington (Ter.).
defining the several judicial districts of this territory,               ...Statistical report by the secretary of the
and assigning the judges thereto"].                                territory of Washington.
[Olympia?]. [1868?]                                                Olympia, W.T., T.H. Cavanaugh, Public Printer.
      Fiche: 78703-78704                                           1888
                                                                   Hon. N.H. Owings, secretary. Containing election
Washington, William O.                                             returns for 1888, comparative tables of votes, list of
     Moments in Elysta, 1919.                                      territorial and county officers, taxable property
St. Louis, Press of the St. Louis Argus. [1919]                    valuation, estimate of population, comparisons, etc.
     Fiche: 78705-78707                                                   Fiche: 78728-78729

Washington (Ter.). Constitutional Convention.                      Lacon, pseud.
     Washington's first constitution, 1878, and                         The devil in America: a dramatic satire.
Proceedings of the convention.                                     Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & Co. 1860
[Seattle?]. [1924]                                                 Spirit-rappinig-Mormonism; woman's rights
Ed. by Edmond S. Meany, professor of history [and]                 conventions and speeches; abolitionism; Harper's
John T. Condon, of Washington. Reprinted from the                  Ferry raid and black republicanism; defeat of Satan
Washington historical quarterly, 1918-1918.                        and final triumph of the gospel.
     Fiche: 78708-78710                                                  Fiche: 78730-78733

Washington (Ter.). Governor.                                       Warre, Henry James, Sir.
     ...messages of the governors of the territory of                   Sketches in North America and the Oregon
Washington to the Legislative assembly. 1854-1889.                 Territory.
Seattle, Wash., University of Washington Press. 1940               [London] Dickinson & Co. [1848]
      Fiche: 78711-78715                                                 Fiche: 78734-78735

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Altsheler, Joseph A.                                            Haymond, Creed.
     The horsemen of the plains; a story of the great                Pacific railroads.
Cheyenne war.                                                   [Washington?]. [1888]
New York, Grosset & Dunlap. c.1910                              Argument of Creed Haymond before the Senate
     Fiche: 78736-78741                                         committee March 17 - April 7, 1888. The Central
                                                                Pacific railroad company has performed every
Bowman, Anne.                                                   obligation.
    The bear-hunters of the Rocky mountains.                         Fiche: 78779-78781
Boston, Crosby and Nichols. 1862
     Fiche: 78742-78748                                         Wyoming (Ter.). Engineering Dept.
                                                                      Annual report. 18--.
Foote, Mary (Hallock).                                          Cheyenne, Wy.
    The Led-Horse claim, a romance of a mining                  Library has 1889; (1. Water-supply-Wyoming. 2.
camp.                                                           Irrigation-Wyoming. 3. Wyoming-Public works).
Boston, J.R. Osgood and Company. 1883                                 Fiche: 78782-78784
     Fiche: 78749-78753
                                                                Wyoming (Ter.). Laws, etc.
Catlin, Henry G.                                                     Election, school, and assessment laws of
     Yellow Pine Basin; the story of a prospector.              Wyoming territory.
Boston, Small, Maynard, & Co. 1898                              Cheyenne, Wy., Leader Steam Book and Job Print.
     Fiche: 78754-78757                                         1876
                                                                Pub. by authority of the Fourth Legislative assembly.
Hubbard, Elbert.                                                     Fiche: 78785-78786
     A little journey to the yellowstone, by Elbert and
Alice Hubbard.                                                  United States. Surveyor General.
East Aurora, N.Y., The Roycrofters. [1915]                          Report of Silas Reed, surveyor general of
     Fiche: 78758-78759                                         Wyoming Territory, for the year 1871.
                                                                Washington, Govt. Print. Off. 1871
Kidder, Daniel P. (Daniel Parish).                                   Fiche: 78787-78788
     Mormonism and the Mormons: a historical view
of the rise and progress of the sect self-styled                Wyoming (Ter.).
Latter-days saints.                                                  Catalogue of Wyoming territorial library. A.D.
New York, Carlton & Lanahan, [etc., etc.]. 1842                 1880.
      Fiche: 78760-78764                                        Cheyenne, Wyo., Sun Book and Job Printing House.
Carpenter, William W.                                                Fiche: 78789-78790
      Travels and adventures in Mexico: in the course
of journeys of upward of 2500 miles, performed on               Pike, Albert.
foot.                                                                 To the chiefs and people of the Cherokees,
New York, Harper & Brothers. 1851                               Creeks, Seminoles, Chickasaws and Choctaws.
Giving an account of the manners and customs of the             [n.p., Oklahoma]. [1862]
people, and the agriculture and mineral resources of                  Fiche: 78791-78792
that country.
      Fiche: 78765-78769                                        Writers' Program. Texas.
                                                                    Texas; a guide to the Lone star state.
Osbourne, Katherine D., Mrs.                                    New York, Hastings House. 1940
    Robert Lewis Stevenson in California.                       compiled by workers of the Writers' program of the
Chicago, A.C. McClurg & Co. 1911                                Work projects administration on the state of
     Fiche: 78770-78773                                         Texas...Sponsored by the Texas state highway
Peterson, Purl Dewey.                                               Fiche: 78793-78802
     Through the Black Hills and the Bad Lands of
South Dakota.                                                   Jarves, James J.
Pierre, S.D., J. Fred Olander Company. [c.1929]                      History of the Hawaiian islands: embracing their
     Fiche: 78774-78776                                         antiquities, mythology, legends, discovery by
                                                                Europeans in the sixteenth century, re-discovered by
Kip, Lawrence.                                                  Cook, with their civil, religious and political history.
     ...The Indian council at Walla Walla, May and              Honolulu, Henry M. Whitney, Publisher. 1872
June, 1855, by Col. Lawrence Kip, U.S.A.                             Fiche: 78803-78806
Eugene [Or.] Star Job Office. 1897
A journal.
      Fiche: 78777-78778

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Colorado (Ter.). Governor (1862-1865: John                    Lambertie, Charles de.
Evans).                                                            Voyage pittoresque en Californie et au Chile;
     Reply of Governor Evans of the territory of              iles malouines;-terres magellaniques;-detroit de
Colorado.                                                     Magellan;-Terre-du-Feu;-Terre-des-Etats;
[Denver]. [1865]                                              Cap-Horn;-etc.
To that part referring to him, of the reports of "the         Paris, Ledoyen; Roumazieres pres Chambannais
Committee of the conduct of the war," headed                  L'auteur. 1853
"Massacre of the Cheyenne Indians".                                 Fiche: 78836-78840
     Fiche: 78807-78808
                                                              New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.
Daggs, Ruel, plaintiff.                                            Eddy County, New Mexico.
     Fugitive slave case.                                     [Santa Fe] J.S. Duncan, Public Printer. [1903?]
Burlington, Printed by Morgan & M'Kenny. 1850                 The most southeastern county in the territory... An
District Court of the United States for the Southern          ideal agricultural, horticultural and stock country.
Division of Iowa, Burlington, June term, 1850. Ruel                 Fiche: 78841-78842
Daggs, vs. Geo. Frazee.
      Fiche: 78809-78810                                      New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.
                                                                   Leonard Wood County, New Mexico.
Harris, Franklin S.                                           [Santa Fe] J.S. Duncan, Public Printer. [1904?]
    The fruits of Mormonism.                                  A leader in the stock industry.
New York, The Macmillan Company. 1925                              Fiche: 78843-78844
    Fiche: 78811-78812a
                                                              New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.
New Mexico (Ter.). Legislative Assembly.                           Luna County, New Mexico.
     Constitution of the state of New Mexico.                 [Santa Fe] J.S. Duncan, Public Printer. [1903?]
[Santa Fe]. [1870]                                            One of the leading stock and range sections of the
     Fiche: 78813-78814                                       Southwest; a heavy mineral producer and a railroad
Pinkerton, Allan.                                                  Fiche: 78845-78846
    Bank-robbers and the detectives.
New York, G.W. Carleton, & Co., [etc., etc.]. 1883            New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.
    Fiche: 78815-78819                                             ...McKinley County, New Mexico.
                                                              Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing Company.
Taylor, Judson R.                                             1902
    Macon Moore, the southern detective.                      The leading coal producer.
New York, J.S. Ogilvie & Co. [c.1881]                               Fiche: 78847-78848
    Fiche: 78820-78822
                                                              New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.
Wyoming (Ter.). Board of Immigration.                              Mora County, New Mexico.
     The territory of Wyoming; its history, soil,             Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing Company.
climate, resources, etc.                                      1902
Laramie, Daily Sentinel Print. 1874                           Productive and picturesque. One of the richest
     Fiche: 78823-78824                                       agricultural section.
                                                                   Fiche: 78849-78850
La Carrieres, A.C. de.
     Voyage aux pays auriferes Afrique, Mexique,              New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.
Californie, peron, Chili, Nouvelle-Caledonie,                      Quay County, New Mexico.
Australie, Russie par le capitaine A.C. de La                 [Santa Fe] J.S. Duncan, Public Printer. [1903?]
Carrieres. Illustre de 12 gravures a deux teintes et          A new county which excels in range and live stock
d'un tres-grand nombre de vifnettes sur bois.                 industry. Traversed by three railroads.
Paris, A. Courcier. [1855]                                         Fiche: 78851-78852
Par J. B. Arnout pere.
      Fiche: 78829-78833                                      New Mexico (Ter.). Carey Act Land Board.
                                                                    Act of Congress commonly called the Carey act,
Mourelle, Francisco A.                                        and amendments thereto, with regulations and forms
     Journal of a voyage in 1775.                             prescribed by the secretary of the interior, April,
[London]. [1780?]                                             1909.
To explore the coast of America, northward of                 [Santa Fe?]. [1910?]
California. By the second pilot of the fleet, Don             (Irrigation laws - New Mexico. 2. New Mexico -
Francisco Antonio Maurell, in the king's schooner,            Public lands.).
called Sonora, and commanded by Don Juan                            Fiche: 78853-78854
Francisco de la Bodega.
      Fiche: 78834-78835

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

New Mexico (Ter.). Convention.                                 Binkley, William Campbell.
     ...Journal of New Mexico convention of                        The expansionist movement in Texas,
delegates to recommend a plan of civil government.             1836-1850.
Santa Fe, N.M., The New Mexican Printing                       Berkeley. 1925
Company. 1907                                                      Fiche: 78897-78900
September, 1849.
      Fiche: 78855-78856                                       Menn, Alfred E.
                                                                   Texas as it is today.
Knott, J. Procter.                                             Austin. 1925
     Procter Knott on Duluth.                                       Fiche: 78901-78905
[Duluth, Minn?] Convention Tourist, & Publicity
Bureau, Duluth Chamber of Commerce. [n.d.]                     Wyoming (Ter.). Constitutional Convention.
A reprint of the speech delivered in Congress by the               Memorial to the President and Congress for the
Hon. J. Procter Knott of Kentucky in eighteen                  admission of Wyoming Territory to the Union.
seventeen-one.                                                 Cheyenne, Wy., Bristol & Knabe Print Co. 1889
     Fiche: 78857-78858                                        With appendices, showing the action taken by the
                                                               people, and the constitution, as adopted.
McClung, John W.                                                    Fiche: 78906-78908
      Minnesota as it is in 1870.
[St. Paul] The author. 1870                                    Sexton, Lucy Ann (F.), ed.
Its general resources and attractions...with special                 ...The foster family, California pioneers; first
descriptions of all its counties and towns.                    overland trip, 1849, second overland trip, 1852, third
      Fiche: 78859-78863                                       overland trip, 1853, fourth trip (via Panama) 1857.
                                                               [Santa Barbara, Calif., The Schauer Printing Studio,
Maunder, Samuel.                                               Inc. [c.1925]
     The history of the world: comprising a general                   Fiche: 78910-78913
history both ancient and modern, of all the principle
nations of the globe, their rise, progress, present            Alden, Cynthia May (W.), Mrs.
condition, etc.                                                    Bushy; a romance founded on fact.
New York, H. Bill. 1952                                        New York, The Morse Company. 1896
Including a complete history of the United States to               Fiche: 78914-78918
the present time, also the late war with Mexico,
California, etc.; 2 v.                                         Haile, Berard.
      Fiche: 78864-78882                                            A manual of Navaho grammar, arranged by Fr.
                                                               Berard Halle.
Pratt, Parley Parker.                                          St. Michael's Ariz. 1926
     A voice of warning and instruction to all people,              Fiche: 78919-78923
or, An introduction to the faith and doctrine of the
Church of Jesus Christ, of latter day saints.                  Miller, Joaquin.
Nauvoo [Ill.] Printed by J. Taylor. 1844                           The building of the city beautiful.
     Fiche: 78883-78886                                        Cambridge & Chicago, Stone & Kimball. 1893
                                                                    Fiche: 78924-78927
Washington (Ter.). Legislative Assembly.
     House of representatives.                                 Pocock, Roger S.
Olympia, C. Prosch, Printer. 1867                                  Following the frontier.
Report...on the Report of the Board of University              New York, McClure, Phillips & Co. 1903
regents.                                                           Fiche: 78928-78932
     Fiche: 78887-78888
                                                               Powell, Addison M.
Washington (Ter.). Penitentiary Building                          Trailing and camping in Alaska.
Commissioners.                                                 New York, A. Wessels. 1909
     Report of Building commissioners of the                       Fiche: 78933-78938
penitentiary, of Washington Territory.
Olympia, Transcript Print. 1887                                Prentis, Noble L.
Pub. by authority.                                                 South-western letters.
     Fiche: 78889-78890                                        Topeka, Kan., Kansas Publishing House. 1882
                                                                   Fiche: 78939-78941
Thomes, William H.
     ...The whaleman's adventures in the Sandwich
Islands and California.
Boston, Lee, and Shepard; New York, Lee, Shepard,
and Dillingham. 1872
      Fiche: 78891-78896

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Quinn, John Philip.                                           Warman, Cy.
     Fools of fortune: or, Gambling and gamblers,                The story of the railroad.
comprehending a history of the vice in ancient and            New York, D. Appleton and Company. 1898
modern times...with [a]...disclosure of such                      Fiche: 78993-78997
frauds...as are practiced by "professional" gamblers.
Chicago, G.L. Howe & Co. 1890                                 Mayer, Brantz.
With introductions by Hon. Charles P. Johnson...and                Mexico, Aztec, Spanish and republican: a
Rev. John Snyder...and chapters contributed by Revs.          historical, geographical, political, statistical and
Professor David Swing and Robert McIntyre.                    social account of that country from the period of the
     Fiche: 78942-78949                                       invasion by the Spaniards to the present time; with a
                                                              view of the ancient Aztec empire and civilization; a
Ralph, Julian.                                                historical sketch of the late war; and notices of New
    Our great West; a study of the present                    Mexico and California.
conditions and future possibilities of the new                Hartford, S. Drake and Company. 1852
commonwealths and capitals of the United States.              2 v.
New York, Harper & Brothers. 1893                                   Fiche: 79876-79886
     Fiche: 78950-78956
                                                              Ashe, Thomas.
Rickard, Thomas A.                                                 Memoirs of mammoth, and various other
    Through the Yukon and Alaska.                             extraordinary and stupendous bones, of incognita, or
San Francisco, Mining and Scientific Press. 1909              non-descript animals, found in the vicinity of the
     Fiche: 78957-78962                                       Ohio, Wabash, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, Osage,
                                                              and Red rivers, &c. &c.
Truman, Benjamin C.                                           Liverpool, Printed by G.F. Harris. 1806
     Occidental sketches.                                     Published for the information of those ladies and
San Francisco, San Francisco News Company. 1881               gentlemen, whose taste and love of science tempt
     Fiche: 78963-78966                                       them to visit the Liverpool museum.
                                                                   Fiche: 81059-81061
Trimble, William J.
      ...The mining advance into the inland empire; a         Benson, Henry Clark.
comparative study of the beginnings of the mining                   Life among the Choctaw Indians, and sketches
industry in Idaho and Montana, eastern Washington             of the South-west.
and Oregon, and the southern interior of British              Cincinnati, Pub. by L. Swormstedt & A. Poe, for the
Columbia; and of institutions and laws based upon             Methodist Episcopal Church. 1860
that industry.                                                ....with an introduction by Rev. T.A. Morris.
Madison, Wis. 1914                                                   Fiche: 81266-81274
       Fiche: 78967-78970
                                                              Clark, William Joseph.
Trinka, Z'dena.                                                    Diary of William Joseph Clark, being an
      Out where the West begins, being the early and          account of his trip from Clark County, Kentucky to
romantic history of North Dakota.                             St. Louis, Mo., to take the deposition of Col. Daniel
St. Paul, The Pioneer Company. 1920                           M. [?] Boone for the Widow Swinney in 1804.
Illustrated from photographs by D.F. Barry... map             1804
and 74 illustrations.                                         Transcribed by George F. Doyle.
      Fiche: 78971-78976                                           Fiche: 81284-81285

Tuttle, Daniel Sylvester, bp.                                 Marshall, Humphrey.
    Reminiscences of a missionary bishop, by the                   California and New Mexico.
Right Rev. D.S. Tuttle.                                       [Washington, Printed at the Congressional Globe
New York, T. Whittaker. [c.1906]                              Office]. [1850]
     Fiche: 78977-78983                                       Speech of Hon. H. Marshall, of Kentucky, in the
                                                              House of representatives, April 3, 1850, in
Wallace, William H.                                           Committee of the whole on the state of the Union, on
     Speeches and writings of Wm. H. Wallace; with            the President's message transmitting the constitution
autobiography.                                                of California.
Kansas City, Mo., The Western Baptist Publishing                   Fiche: 81340-81341
Co. 1914
     Fiche: 78984-78988                                       Crittenden, John Jordan.
                                                                   Kansas -- The Lecompton constitution; speech
Warman, Cy.                                                   of Hon. John J. Crittenden, of Kentucky, in the
    Frontier stories.                                         Senate of the United States, March 17, 1858.
New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1898                            Washington, D.C., C.W. Fenton, Printer, American
    Fiche: 78989-78992                                        Office. 1858
                                                              (corrected by himself).
                                                                   Fiche: 81469-81470

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Gerstacker, Friedrich Wilhelm Christian.                       Benjamin, Judah Philip.
     Narrative of a journey round the world.                        Extracts from the speech of Hon. Mr. Benjamin,
New York, Harper & Brothers. 1853                              of Louisiana, on the Kansas question: showing the
Comprising a winter-passage across the Andes to                true meaning of the Kansas law, and his reasons for
Chili; with a visit to the gold regions of California          joining the Democratic party.
and Australia, the South sea islands, Java, &c.                Washington, Printed at the Union Office. 1856
      Fiche: 82047-82054                                       Delivered in the Senate, May 2, 1856.
                                                                     Fiche: 82605-82606
The memorial & petition of the people of Rupert'
land and North-west territory, British America, to his         Benjamin, Judah Philip.
excellency, U.S. Grant, president of the United                      Speech of Hon. J.P. Benjamin, of Louisiana, on
States.                                                        the acquisition of Cuba, delivered in the Senate, U.S.,
[n.p.]. [1870]                                                 Friday, February 11, 1859.
      Fiche: 82091-82092                                       [n.p.]. [1859]
                                                                     Fiche: 82617-82618
Comonfort, Ignacio, pres. Mexico.
     Manifesto of General Comonfort, in defence of             Benjamin, Judah Philip.
his policy during his administration in Mexico.                     The United States, vs. Andrew Castillero, On
New-York, S. Hallet, Printer. 1858                             cross appeal.
     Fiche: 82114-82115                                        San Francisco, Commercial Steam Book and Job
                                                               Printing Establishment. 1860
Lassepas, Ulises Urbano.                                       Claim for the Mine and lands of New Almaden.
     De la colonizacion de la Baja California y                Argument of Hon. J.P. Benjamin delivered on the
decreto de 10 de marzo de 1857, por el ciudadano               24th, 25th and 26th October, and 5th November,
Ulises Urbano Lassepas. Primer memorial.                       1860, in reply to the government's special counsel.
Mexico, Impr. De V. Garcia Torres. 1859                        Reported by Sumner & Cutter.
     Fiche: 82138-82141                                              Fiche: 82623-82629
Latham, Milton Slocumb.                                        Aransas Road Company.
     Speech of Hon. Milton S. Latham, of California,                Circular concerning the Aransas road company.
delivered in the U.S. Senate, February 1, 1861, on the         New Orleans, Printed at the Office of the Picayune.
President's message, - "The mission of peace from              1858
Virginia".                                                     By Pryor Lea, president; with an exposition by Albert
Washington, Printed by H. Polkinhorn. 1861                     M. Lea, engineer.
     Fiche: 82193-82194                                             Fiche: 82637-82638

United States. Congress. Senate (34th Congress,                Benton, Thomas Hart.
1st sess., 1855-1856).                                               Letter from Col. Benton to the people of
     The history of the raising of the first American          Missouri. Central national highway from the
flag on the capitol of Mexico.                                 Mississippi River to the Pacific.
Washington, Printed by C. Wendell. 1856                        [St. Louis]. [1854]
Proceedings in the United States Senate.                             Fiche: 82717-82718
      Fiche: 82237-82238
                                                               Ryan, Marah Ellis Martin.
United States. President (1845-1849: Polk).                         Squaw Elouise.
      Hostilities by Mexico.                                   Chicago and New York, Rand, McNally & Company.
[Washington] Ritchie & Heiss, Print. [1846]                    1892
Message from the President of the United States,                    Fiche: 83001-83004
relative to an invasion and commencement of
hostilities by Mexico.                                         Lefevre, Eugene.
      Fiche: 82239-82241                                            Documentos oficiales recogidos en la secretaria
                                                               privada de Maximiliano: historia de la intervencion
Aztec Club of 1847.                                            francesa en Mejico.
      The constitution of the Aztec club of 1847 and           Bruselas y Londres. 1869
the list of members 1893.                                      2 v.
Washington, Judd & Detweiler, Printers. 1893                        Fiche: 83155-83165
      Fiche: 82258-82259
                                                               Lefevre, Eugene.
                                                                    Le Mexique et l'intervention europeenne, par le
                                                               citoyen E. Lefevre.
                                                               Mexico, Impr. I. Cumplido. 1862
                                                                    Fiche: 83166-83172

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Lathrop, Noah.                                                   Beltrami, Giacomo Constantino.
      The shepherd boy of Minnesota: a narrative of                   A pilgrimage in Europe and America, leading to
the life of George Melvin Kelsey.                                the discovery of the sources of the Mississippi and
New York. Carlton & Porter. [1866]                               Bloody River; with a description of the whole course
      Fiche: 83276-83277                                         of the former, and of the Ohio.
                                                                 London, Hunt and Clarke. 1828
Berry, Philip.                                                   2 v.
     A review of the Mexican war on Christian                          Fiche: 84092-84105
principles: and an essay on the means of preventing
war.                                                             Beltrami, Giacomo Constantino.
Colombia, S.C., Printed by A.S. Johnston. 1849                         La decouverte des sources du Mississippi et de
By the Rev. Philip Berry...[Reprinted from the                   la riviere Sanglante.
Southern Presbyterian review].                                   Nouvelle-Orleans, Impr. par B. Levy. 1824
     Fiche: 83480-83483                                          Description du cours entier du Mississippi, qui n'etait
                                                                 connu, que partiellement, et d'une grande partie de
Ledyard, John.                                                   celui de la riviere Sanglante, presque entierement
      A journal of Captain Cook's last voyage to the             inconnue; ainsi que du cours entier de l'Ohio.
Pacific ocean, and in quest of a north-west passage,             Apercus historiques, des endroits les plus interessans,
between Asia & America; performed in the years                   qu'on y rencontre. Observations
1776, 1777, 1778, and 1779.                                      criticdo-philosophiques, sur les moeurs, la religion,
Hartford, Printed and sold by Nathaniel Patten, a few            les superstitions, les costumes, les armes, les chasses,
rods north of the Court House. 1783                              la querre, la paix, le denombrement, l'origine, &c.
Illustrated with a chart, shewing the tracts of the              &c. de plusiers nations indiennes. Parallele de ces
ships employed in this expedition. Faithfully narrated           peuples avec ceux de antiquite, du moyen age, et du
from the original ms. of Mr. John Ledyard.                       moderne. Coup d'oeil, sur les compagnies nord-ouest,
      Fiche: 83550-83553                                         et de la Baie d'Hudson, ainsi que sur la colonie
                                                                 Selkirk. Preuves evidentes, que le Mississippi est la
Wise, Henry A. (Henry Alexander).                                premiere riviere du monde.
      The Lecompton question.                                          Fiche: 84106-84115
[Richmond?]. [1858]
Governor Wise's Tammany, Philadelphia and Illinois               Black Republican imposture exposed! Fraud upon the
letters, together with letters to Charles W. Russell,            people!.
esq. By a Virginia Democrat.                                     Washington. 1856
      Fiche: 83657-83658                                         The accounts of Fremont examined; showing an
                                                                 astounding disregard of the public interest, only to be
Benavides, Alonso de.                                            accounted for by extravagance, recklessness, or an
     Memorial qve fray Ivan de Santander de la                   utter want of judgment!.
orden de San Francisco, comissario general de Indias,                  Fiche: 84148-84149
presenta a la Magestad catolica del rey Don Felipe
Qvarto nuestro senor.                                            Bigelow, John.
En Madrid, en la Imprenta real. 1630                                 Memoir of the life and public services of John
Hecho por el padre fray Alonso de Benauides                      Charles Fremont.
comissario del Santo Oficio, y custodio que ha sido              New York, Derby & Jackson; Cincinnati, H.W.
de las prouincias, y conuersiones del Nueuo-Mexico.              Derby & Co. 1856
Tratase en el de los tesoros espirituales, y temporales,              Fiche: 84225-84237
que la Diuina Magestad ha manifestado en aquellas
conuersiones, y nueuos descubrimientos, por medio                [Bisbie, D.T.].
de los padres desta serafica religion. Con licensia.                  An appeal for the speedy completion of the
      Fiche: 83941-83944                                         water line of Virginia, and through that of the great
                                                                 central water line of the union, which will reach from
The life-wake of the fine Arkansas gentleman who                 the wharves of Norfolk, far into Kansas, and
died before his time.                                            eventually to the very bases of the Rocky mountains.
Washington, F. Phil. 1859                                        Norfolk, C.H. Wynne, Printer, Richmond. 1857
     Fiche: 83978-83979                                               Fiche: 84267-84268

Delano, Alonzo.                                                  Bishop, Harriet E., Mrs.
      Life on the plains and among the diggings;                      Floral home; or, First years of Minnesota.
being scenes and adventures of an overland journey               New York, Sheldon, Blakeman and Company. 1857
to California: with particular incidents of the route,           Early sketches, later settlements, and further
mistakes and sufferings of the emigrants, the Indian             developments.
tribes, the present and future of the great West.                     Fiche: 84274-84283
New York, Miller, Orton & Co. 1857
[4th thousand].
      Fiche: 83985-83990

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Bellemare, Louis.                                               [Vaughan, Benjamin].
     Les revolutions du Mexique; preface par George                  Remarks on a dangerous mistake made as to the
Sand.                                                           eastern boundary of Louisiana.
Paris, E. Dentu. 1864                                           Boston, J.T. Buckingham. 1814
      Fiche: 84375-84382                                             Fiche: 84934-84935

Bennett, Frederick Debell.                                      The situation in Louisiana.
     Narrative of a whaling voyage round the globe,             [New Orleans?]. [1873]
from the year 1833 to 1836.                                     The legislature's reply to Kellogg's pronunciamento.
London, R. Bentley. 1840                                        To the friends of constitutional liberty throughout the
Comprising sketches of Polynesia, California, the               Union.
Indian archipelago, etc. with an account of southern                 Fiche: 84936-84937
whales, the sperm whale fishery, and the natural
history of the climates visited; 2 v.                           [Whitaker, John Smith].
      Fiche: 84390-84409                                             Sketches of life and character in Louisiana, the
                                                                portraits selected principally from the bench and bar.
Barton, Edward H.                                               New Orleans, Ferguson & Crosby. 1847
      Report to the Louisiana state medical society, on         By a member of the New Orleans bar.
the meteorology, vital statistics, and hygiene of the                Fiche: 84938-84939
state of Louisiana.
New Orleans, Davies, Son & Co. 1851                             [Letts, John M.].
To which is added an appendix, showing the                           A pictorial view of California; including a
experience of life insurance companies in Louisiana,            description of the Panama and Nicaragua routes, with
with tables of mortality for the use of such                    information and advice interesting to all, particularly
companies, and the laws of probability of the life              those who intend to visit the gold region.
(English calculation); also, the experience of the              New York, H. Bill. 1853
London life insurance offices, etc. By H.G. Heartt.             By a returned Californian.
      Fiche: 84624-84627                                             Fiche: 85022-85026

A letter to the inhabitants of city and state of New            [Coxe, Richard Smith].
York; on the subject of the commerce of the western                   Defence of Captain Jonas P. Levy, against the
waters.                                                         report of the Hon. Elisha Whittlesey, first comptroller
New York, Pr. by S. Gould. [1807]                               of the United States treasury.
      Fiche: 84838-84839                                        [n.p.]. [1855?]
                                                                      Fiche: 85034-85035
Lester, William Wharton, comp.
     Decisions of the Interior department in public             Levasseur, E[mile] i.e. Pierre Emile.
land cases, and land laws passed by the Congress of                   La question de l'or; les mines de Californie et
the United States; together with the regulations of the         d'Australia, les anciennes mines d'or et d'argent, leur
General land office.                                            production, la distribution et l'emploi des metaux
Philadelphia, H.P. & R.H. Small. 1860                           precieux, l'influence des nouvelles mines d'or sur la
     Fiche: 84853-84862                                         societe, leur avenir, les problemes qu'elles soulevent,
                                                                les reformes qu'elles provoquent.
Reflections on the cause of the Louisianians,                   Paris, Guillaumin et cie. 1858
respectfully submitted by their agents.                               Fiche: 85047-85051
[n.p.]. [1803?]
      Fiche: 84929-84930                                        Brazer, Samuel, jr.
                                                                     Address, pronounced at Worcester, on May
United States. President (1801-1809: Jefferson).                12th, 1804, in commemoration of the cession of
      A topographical and statistical account of the            Louisiana to the United States.
province of Louisiana, containing a description of its          Printed at Worcester, by Sewall Goodridge.
soil, climate, trade, and produce...&c....together with         05/19/1804
new and interesting particulars, relative to the Indian              Fiche: 85050-85051
tribes: to which is annexed, a copious preface; and,
the recent conventions, between the United States,              Baylies, Francis.
and the French republic.                                            A narrative of Major General Wool's campaign
Baltimore, Printed for J. Rice, S. Butler [etc.] by             in Mexico, in the years 1846, 1847, & 1848.
Martin & Pratt. 1803                                            Albany, Little & Company. 1851
Comp. by different individuals, possessed of the best                Fiche: 85217-85219
information, and from the documents communicated
to Congress, by the President.                                  Bullard, Henry Adams.
      Fiche: 84931-84933                                             A discourse delivered before the Historical
                                                                society of Louisiana, January 13, 1836.
                                                                New-Orleans, Printed by B. Levy. 1836
                                                                     Fiche: 85313-85314

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Bryant, Charles S.                                               Kirkland, Caroline Matilda (Stansbury), Mrs.
     A history of the great massacre by the Sioux                    A book for the home circle; or, Familiar
Indians, in Minnesota, including the personal                    thoughts on various topics, literary, moral and social.
narratives of many who escaped.                                  New York, C. Scribner. 1853
Cincinnati, R.W. Carroll & Co. 1868                              A companion for The evening book.
By Charles S. Bryant, A.M., and Abel B. Murch.                        Fiche: 86038-86042
     Fiche: 85455-85467
                                                                 Spencer, William Loring (Nunez), "Mrs. G.E.
Blunt, Joseph.                                                   Spencer".
     An examination of the expediency and                            Calamity Jane is a story of the Black Hills.
constitutionality of prohibiting slavery in the state of         New York, Cassell & Company, Limited. [c.1887]
Missouri.                                                            Fiche: 86052-86054
New York, C. Wiley. 1819
by Marcus [pseud.].                                              [Ellis, Edward Sylvester].
     Fiche: 85468-85469                                               The life and times of Christopher Carson, the
                                                                 Rocky Mountain scout and guide.
Lindsey, Charles.                                                New York and London, Beadle and Company.
    The prairies of the western states: their                    [c.1861]
advantages and their draw-backs.                                 With reminiscences of Fremont's exploring
Toronto, Printed at the "Leader" & 'Patriot'                     expeditions, and notes of life in New Mexico.
Steam-Press. 1860                                                      Fiche: 86457-86459
     Fiche: 85537-85539
                                                                 Chevalier, Michel.
Lewis, Meriwether.                                                     Mexico: before and after the conquest.
      Documents accompanying a bill making                       Philadelphia, Carey and Hart. 1846
compensation to Messieurs Lewis and Clarke, and                  Tr. from the French, by Fay Robinson.
their companions, presented the 23d January 1807.                      Fiche: 86483-86485
Washington City, A. & G. Way, Printers. 1807
      Fiche: 85588-85590                                         [Cornelius, Elias].
                                                                      The little Osage captive, an authentic narrative:
Barnum, E.M.                                                     to which are added some interesting letters, written
      ...The gold and silver fields of Oregon and                by Indians.
Idaho.                                                           York, W. Alexander & Son; [etc., etc.]. 1824
[n.p.]. [1867?]                                                       Fiche: 86483-86485
A statement of the yield of precious metals from the
great basin of the Columbia, carefully prepared from             Confederate States of America. War dept.
the most authentic sources.                                            Report of Lieutenant General Holmes of the
       Fiche: 85734-85735                                        battle of Helena; also, report of Lieutenant General
                                                                 A.P. Hill of the battle of Bristoe station; also, report
Cavelier, Jean.                                                  of Major General Stevenson of expedition into east
     Relation du voyage Entrepris par feu M. Robert              Tennessee.
Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, pour decouvrir dans le              Richmond, R.M. Smith, Public Printer. 1864
golfe du Mexique l'embouchure du Fleuve de                       Pub by order of Congress.
Missisipy.                                                             Fiche: 86640-86642
A Manate, De la Presse Cramoisy de Jean-Marie
Shea. 1858                                                       Little Rock and Fort Smith Railroad Company.
Par son Frere M. Cavelier, pretre de St. Sulpice, l'un                 Report of the president made to the Governor,
des compagnons de ce voyage.                                     including the report of the special agent.
     Fiche: 85844-85546                                          Little Rock, Arkansas Gazette Print. 1866
                                                                 Library has 1866.
Livermore, Abiel Abbot.                                                Fiche: 86654-86656
    The war with Mexico reviewed.
Boston, American Peace Society. 1850                             Burbank, Caleb.
     Fiche: 85854-85858                                               Speech of Judge Burbank, in the Senate of
                                                                 California, February 7th, 1861, on the union
Morton, Oren Frederic.                                           resolutions.
     Under the cottonwoods, a sketch of life on a                Sacramento, J. Anthony & Co., Printers. 1861
prairie homestead.                                                    Fiche: 86698-86699
Morgantown, W.Va., The Acme Publishing
Company. 1900
      Fiche: 86004-86008

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Lyon, Sidney Smith.                                             New Mexico (Ter.). Constitutional Convention,
     Hyko silver mining company, located in the                 1889.
Pah-Ranagat lake silver mining district, state of                    The constitution of the state of New Mexico,
Nevada, with additional facts, maps, and                        adopted by the Constitutional convention, held at
sections...also, statistics in reference to the                 Santa Fe, N.M. September 3-21, 1889.
production of silver in various countries.                      Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing Co. [1889]
New York, Bogert, Kidder & Nexsen. 1867                              Fiche: 86816-86817
Compiled by Stuart Gwynn, C.E.
      Fiche: 86712-86713                                        New Mexico (Ter.). Constitutional Convention,
Bulfinch, Thomas.                                                    La constitucion del estado de Nuevo Mexico.
     Oregon and Eldorado; or, Romance of the rivers             [Santa Fe]. [1910]
[Columbia and Amazon].                                          Adoptada por la Convencion constitucional, tenida en
Boston, J.E. Tilton and Company. 1866                           Santa Fe, N.M., descde octubre 3 a noviembre 21, de
     Fiche: 86757-86768                                         1910.
                                                                     Fiche: 86818-86819
New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.
     Facts and figures concerning New Mexico.                   New Mexico (Ter.). Laws, etc.
Santa Fe, New Mexican Printing Company. 1891                         Compilation of the school laws of the territory
By the Bureau of Immigration.                                   of New Mexico.
     Fiche: 86800-86801                                         Las Vegas, The Optic Company. 1905
                                                                Prepared under the supervision of Hiram Haley,
New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.                       superintendent of public instruction.
     New Mexico.                                                     Fiche: 86820-86823
Santa Fe, N.M. [1886]
Fall edition, 1886.                                             New Mexico (Ter.). Legislative Assembly.
      Fiche: 86802-86803                                             Leyes del territorio de Nuevo Mejico, decretadas
                                                                por la Asamblea legislativa. De 1871-72.
New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.                       Santa Fe, N.M., A.P. Sullivan, impresor Publico.
      New Mexico.                                               1872
Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing Company.                         Fiche: 86824-86825
Its resources, climate, geography, ecology, history,            New Mexico (Ter.). Legislative Assembly. Council.
statistics, present condition and future prospects.                   Report of the committee of investigation of the
Official publication of the Bureau of immigration;              Council of the Legislative assembly of the territory of
Arranged, comp., and ed. by Max Front, secretary of             New Mexico, appointed to examine into the
the bureau.                                                     stationing of U.S. troops in and about the legislative
      Fiche: 86804-86809                                        halls of said territory. January 24, 1872.
                                                                Santa Fe, N.M., A.P. Sullivan, Printer. 1872
New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.                       Printed by order of the Council.
     Report Del Despot de immigration, forbore 16                     Fiche: 86826-86827
de 1884.
1884                                                            Roads, old trails, traces and historical places of
     Fiche: 86810-86811                                         Arkansas.
                                                                [Little Rock] Cooperative Extension Service,
New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.                       University of Arkansas. [190-]
      Sandoval County, New Mexico.                                    Fiche: 86828-86829
[Santa Fe] J.C. Duncan, Public Printer. [1903?]
Stock raising, agriculture and mining are its diverse           Saunders, Arthur C.
industries...By the Bureau of immigration of the                    The history of Bannock County, Idaho.
territory of New Mexico.                                        Pocatello, Id., The Tribune Company, Limited. 1915
      Fiche: 86812-86813                                             Fiche: 86830-86832

New Mexico (Ter.). Bureau of Immigration.                       Smith, Thomas Marshall.
     Valencia County, New Mexico.                                     Legends of the war of independence, and of the
Santa Fe, N.M., New Mexican Printing Company.                   earlier settlements in the West.
1902                                                            Louisville, J.F. Brennan. 1855
Great undeveloped resources - agriculture,                            Fiche: 86833-86838
horticulture, stock raising, precious minerals...By the
Bureau of immigration of the territory of New                   Smith, Wallace.
Mexico.                                                             Oregon sketches.
      Fiche: 86814-86815                                        New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1925
                                                                    Fiche: 86839-86842

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Smythe, William Ellsworth.                                      Field, Eugene.
    The conquest of arid America.                                    A little book of Western verse.
New York, The Macmillan Company; London,                        New York, Charles Scribner's Sons. 1895
Macmillan & Co., Ltd. 1905                                           Fiche: 86879-86882
(New and rev. ed.).
    Fiche: 86843-86848                                          Minnesota (Ter.). Constitutional Convention,
Sorenson, Alfred Rasmus.                                              Debates and proceedings of the Constitutional
    "Hands up!" Or, The history of a crime.                     convention for the territory of Minnesota, to form a
Omaha, Neb., Barkalow Bros. 1877                                state construction preparatory to its admission into
The great Union Pacific express robbery.                        the Union as a state.
     Fiche: 86849-86851                                         Saint Paul, G.W. Moore, Printer. 1858
                                                                T.F. Andrews, official reporter to the convention.
Sowell, Andrew Jackson.                                               Fiche: 86883-86890
     History of Fort Bend County, containing
biographical sketches of many noted characters.                 Minnesota (Ter.). Constitutional Convention,
Houston, Tex., W.H. Coyle & Co., Printers. 1904                 1857.
     Fiche: 86852-86856                                               Journal of the Constitutional convention, of the
                                                                territory of Minnesota, begun and held in the city of
Sparks, William.                                                Saint Paul, capital of said territory, on Monday and
      The Apache Kid, a bear fight, and other true              thirteenth day of July, one thousand eight hundred
stories of the Old West.                                        and fifty-seven.
Los Angeles, Skelton Publishing Company. 1926                   Saint Paul, E.S. Goodrich, State Printer. 1857
      Fiche: 86857-86860                                              Fiche: 86891-86894
Stanton, Gerrit Smith.                                          Monterey (Cal.). Library Association.
    "When the wildwood was in flower".                               Constitution and rules, together with a catalogue
New York, J.S. Ogilvie Publishing Company. [1910]               of books of the Monterey library association.
A narrative covering the fifteen years' experiences of          Organized 1849.
a New Yorker on the western plains.                             San Francisco, O'Meara & Painter, Printers. 1854
     Fiche: 86861-86863                                              Fiche: 86895-86896

Texas, and her inducements for northern emigration.             Webb, William Edward.
[Houston? Ca. [1869]                                                 Buffalo land: an authentic narrative of the
    Fiche: 86864-86865                                          adventures and misadventures of a late scientific and
                                                                sporting party upon the great plains of the West.
Wyoming (Ter.). Laws, etc.                                      Cincinnati and Chicago, E. Hannaford & Company.
      The compiled laws of Wyoming, including all               1872
the laws in force in said territory at the close of the         With full descriptions of the country traversed, the
fourth session of the Legislative assembly of said              Indian as he is, the habits of the buffalo, wolf, and
territory, together with such laws of the United States         wild horse, etc., etc. Also an appendix, constituting
as are applicable to said territory; also the treaties          the work A manual for sportsmen and hand-book for
made with the Sioux and Shoshone tribes of Indians              emigrants seeking homes. Illustrated from original
in the year 1868; with a synopsis of the pre-emption,           drawings by Henry Worrall, and actual photographs.
homestead and mining laws of the United States.                       Fiche: 86897-86904
Published by authority of the act of the fourth
Legislative assembly of said territory, entitled "An            White, Owen Payne.
act to compile and publish the laws of Wyoming in                    Out of the desert; the historical romance of El
one volume".                                                    Paso.
Cheyenne, Wy., H. Glafcke. 1876                                 El Paso, Tex., The McMath Company. 1923
J.R. W hitehead, superintendent of compilation.                       Fiche: 86905-86910
      Fiche: 86866-86876
                                                                Wilson, Edward.
Washington (Ter.). Laws, etc.                                        An unwritten history; a record from the exciting
     Election law of the territory of Washington,               days of early Arizona.
passed by the Legislative assembly at its Thirteenth            [Phoenix, Ariz., The McNeil Company]. [1915]
regular session, begun and held at the city of                  Cover design by O.D. Brown.
Olympia, the seat of government, on Monday, Dec, 4,                  Fiche: 86911-86912
Olympia, T.F. McElroy, Printer. 1866                            Wilson, Rufus Rockwell.
     Fiche: 86877-86878                                               A noble company of adventurers.
                                                                New York, B.W. Dodge and Company. 1908
                                                                Illustrated from drawings by May Fratz and from
                                                                      Fiche: 86913-86916

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Winget, De Witt Harris.                                        Washington (Ter.). Board of Immigration.
     Anecdotes of Buffalo Bill which have never                     Washington Territory: its soil, climate,
before appeared in print.                                      productions and general resources.
Clinton, Ia. 1912                                              Olympia, Printed at the Office of the Washington
By his boyhood friend and "pard," D.H. Winget.                 Standard. 1875
     Fiche: 86917-86920                                        Comp. By Mrs. A.H.H. Stuart, chairman of the Board
                                                               of immigration. Published by authority of the
[Warner Frank W.] comp.                                        Legislature.
     Montana Territory.                                             Fiche: 87010-87011
Helena, Fisk Brothers, Printers. [1879]
History and business directory, 1879...distances,              Old Settlers' Association of Minnesota.
fares, and altitudes. Counties, towns, mining camps.                A sketch of the organization, objects and
Commercial, mineral and agricultural interests. With           membership of the Old settlers' association of
a sketch of the Vigilantes.                                    Minnesota; together with an account of its excursion
      Fiche: 86921-86924                                       to the Red river of the North, October 25 and 26,
Willcox, R.N.                                                  Saint Paul, Ramaley, Chaney & Co., Printers. 1872
      Reminiscences. Of California life.                       Prepared by order of the Association.
[Avery] Willcox Print. 1897                                          Fiche: 87012-87013
Being an abridged description of scenes which the
author has passed through in California, and other             Simpson, Charles H.
lands. With quotations from other authors. A short                  Life in the mines; or, Crime avenged.
lecture on psychic science. An article on church and           Chicago, Rhodes & McClure Publishing Company.
state: written by his son; R.P. Willcox. By R.N.               1898
Willcox, Avery, Ohio.                                          Including thrilling adventures among miners and
      Fiche: 86925-86929                                       outlaws.
                                                                    Fiche: 87014-87018
Woodson, William H.
    History of Clay County, Missouri.                          [Harsha, William Justin].
Topeka, Indianapolis, Historical Publishing                         Ploughed under; the story of an Indian chief,
Company. 1920                                                  told by himself, with an introduction by Inshta
    Fiche: 86930-86938                                         Theamba (Bright Eyes).
                                                               New York, Fords, Howard, & Hulbert. 1881
Young, Harry.                                                        Fiche: 87019-87022
     Hard knocks; a life story of the vanishing West.
Portland, Or. [Wells & Company]. 1915                          Linn, Lewis Fields.
by Harry (Sam) Young.                                               Speech...in reply to Mr. McDuffie, on the
     Fiche: 86939-86943                                        Oregon bill: delivered in the Senate of the United
                                                               States, January 26, 1843.
Young, Samuel Oliver.                                          Washington, Printed at the Globe Office. 1843
     True stories of old Houston and Houstonians;                   Fiche: 87023-87024
historical and personal sketches.
Galveston, Tex., O. Springer. 1913                             Raymond, Rossiter Worthington.
      Fiche: 86944-86947                                            Camp and cabin: sketches of life and travel in
                                                               the West.
Washington (Ter.). Laws, etc.                                  New York, Fords, Howard, & Hulbert. 1880
      Laws of Washington; a publication of the                      Fiche: 87025-87028
session laws of Washington territory, including the
general laws and resolutions of the years 1854 to              Lewis, Alfred Henry.
1888 inclusive; the federal and colonial orders,                   Wolfville.
treaties, acts and ordinances affecting land titles in         New York, Frederick A. Stokes Company. [c.1897]
Washington.                                                    by Alfred Henry Lewis (Dan Quin).
Seattle, Was., Tribune Printing Company. 1895-1895                  Fiche: 87029-87033
From the original rolls under the direction of Frank
Pierce; [v. 3 '95] 5 v.                                        [Farnham, Eliza Woodson (Burhaus)].
      Fiche: 86948-86999                                            Eliza Woodson; or, The early days of one of the
                                                               world's workers.
Minnesota Historical Society.                                  New York, C.M. Plumb & Co. 1865
     Annals of the Minnesota historical                        A story of American life.
society...[1850]1850-51, 1852, 1853, 1856-57.                       Fiche: 87034-87039
Saint Paul. 1850-1857
6 v.
     Fiche: 87000-87009

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Wilson, Robert Anderson.                                       Bayly, William.
     A new history of the conquest of Mexico.                        The original astronomical observations made in
Philadelphia, J. Challen & Son. 1859                           the course of a voyage to the Northern Pacific Ocean,
In which Las Casas' denunciations of the popular               for the discovery of a North East or North West
historians of that war are fully vindicated.                   passage: wherein the North West coast of America
      Fiche: 87040-87046                                       and North East coast of Asia were explored. In His
                                                               Majesty's ships the Resolution and Discovery, in the
Leese, Jacob Primer.                                           years MDCCLXXVI, MDCCLXXVII,
    Historical outline of Lower California.                    MDCCLXXVIII, MDCCLXXIX, and MDCCLXXX.
New York, E.S. Dodge & Co. 1865                                London, Printed by W. Richardson. 1782
comp. by Jacob P. Leese.                                       By Captain James Cook...and Lieutenant James King;
    Fiche: 87047-87048                                         and Mr. William Bayly...Published by order of the
                                                               Commissioners of longitude, at the expence of whom
Northwest Territory (U.S.). Laws, etc.                         the observations were made.
     Laws passed in the territory of the United States               Fiche: 87401-87409
north-west of the river Ohio, from July to December,
one thousand seven hundred and ninety-two,                     Louisiana (Ter.). Laws, etc.
inclusive.                                                          The laws of the Territory of Louisiana.
Published by authority. Philadelphia, Printed by               St. Louis (L.), Printed by Joseph Charles, Printer to
Francis Childs and John Swaine, Printers of the laws           the Territory. 1808
of the United States. 1794                                     Comprising all those which are now actually in force
      Fiche: 87049-87050                                       within the same. Published by authority.
                                                                    Fiche: 87463-87468
Harte, Bret.
    The poetical works of Bret Harte.                          Louisiana and the tariff.
Boston, New York, Houghton, Mifflin and Company.               New-Orleans, Printed by E. Johns & Co. 1841
1883                                                           By a native of Louisiana.
[Household ed.].                                                    Fiche: 87469-87470
     Fiche: 87051-87055
                                                               Louisiana. Law Library, New Orleans.
Mexican Ocean Mail and Inland Company.                             Catalogue of the Louisiana State Library, 1869.
     Annual report. 1st, 1853-.                                New Orleans, Printed at the Republican Office. 1869
New York. 1853                                                 Albert Bouvee, state librarian.
Library has 1853.                                                   Fiche: 87471-87473
     Fiche: 87200-87201
                                                               Louisiana. Convention, 1861.
Military despotism! Suspension of the habeas corpus!               Official journal of the proceedings of the
Curses coming home to roost!.                                  Convention of the state of Louisiana.
New York, W.C. Bryant & Co., Printers. 1863                    New Orleans, J.O. Nixon, Printer to the State
     Fiche: 87238-87239                                        Convention. 1861
                                                               By authority.
Lowenstern, Isidor.                                                 Fiche: 87474-87478
     Le Mexicque; souvenirs d'un voyageur.
Paris, A. Bertrand; [etc., etc.]. 1843                         Protest of the state of Louisiana to the Senate of the
      Fiche: 87319-87324                                       United States.
                                                               [New Orleans?]. [1868?]
Combier, Cyprien.                                                   Fiche: 87479-87480
      Voyage au golfe de California...Nuits de la zone
torride.                                                       [Brown, Charles Brockden].
Paris, A. Bertrand. [1864]                                          An address to the government of the United
Accompagne d'une carte de la Sonora, dressee par               States, on the cession of Louisiana to the French; and
M.V.A. Malte-Brun.                                             on the late breach of treaty by the Spaniards:
      Fiche: 87324-87337                                       including the translation of a memorial, on the war of
                                                               St. Domingo, and cession of the Mississippi to
                                                               France, drawn up by a French counsellor of state.
                                                               Philadelphia, J. Conrad & Co.; Baltimore, M. and J.
                                                               Conrad & Co.; [etc., etc.]. 1803
                                                                    Fiche: 87483-87485

                                                               Louisiana. Laws, etc.
                                                                   Documents relative to the usury bill.
                                                               New-Orleans, Printed by J.C. de St. Romes. 1823
                                                               By order of the Senate.
                                                                    Fiche: 87486-87487

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Louisiana Native American Association.                           Clark, Frederick Thickstun.
     Address of the Louisiana native American                        The mistress of the ranch; a novel.
association, to the citizens of Louisiana and the                New York, Harper & Brothers. 1897
inhabitants of the United States.                                    Fiche: 88061-88065
New-Orleans, Printed by D. Felt & Co. 1839
     Fiche: 87488-87489                                          Clark, Frederick Thickstun.
                                                                     On Cloud mountain; a novel.
Buhoup, Jonathan W.                                              New York, Harper & Brothers. 1894
     Narrative of the central division, or army of                   Fiche: 88066-88069
Chihuahua, commanded by Brigadier General Wool:
embracing all the occurrences...from the time of its             Clippings from the California press in regard to
rendezvous at San Antonio de Bexar till its juncture             steam across the Pacific, from March to November,
with Gen'l Taylor, and its final disbandment at                  1860.
Camargo - with an account of its sufferings while                San Francisco, Towne & Bacon, Printers. 1860
passing through a barren and hostile country -                        Fiche: 88158-88161
together with a description of the battle of Buena
Vista, &c. and an interesting appendix.                          Carruth, Hayden, i.e. Fred Hayden.
Pittsburgh, M.P. Morse. 1847                                         The voyage of the Rattletrap.
      Fiche: 87509-87513                                         New York, Harper & Brothers. 1897
                                                                     Fiche: 88171-88174
Miller, Joaquin.
     Shadows of Shasta.                                          Childs, Orville Whitmore.
Chicago, Jansen, McClurg & Company. 1881                              Report of the survey and estimates of the cost of
     Fiche: 87761-87763                                          constructing the inter-oceanic ship canal, from the
                                                                 harbor of San Juan del Norte, on the Atlantic, to the
Carteret, John Dunloe.                                           harbor of Brito, on the Pacific, in the State of
     A fortune hunter; or, The old stone corral.                 Nicaragua, Central America, made for the American,
Cincinnati, The author. 1888                                     Atlantic and Pacific Ship Canal Co., in the years
A tale of the Santa Fe trail.                                    1850-51.
     Fiche: 87807-87811                                          New York, W.C. Bryant, Printers. 1852
                                                                 J.D. Fay, principal assistant.
Cash, Charles E.                                                       Fiche: 88176-88181
     The great oriental and trans-continental railroad.
Vicksburg, Miss., The Commercial Herald Printing                 Carter, John Henton.
and Publishing House. 1896                                            Ozark postoffice.
[A political novel]...filled with wit, humor, satire and         St. Louis, Carter & Bro. 1899
philosophy.                                                           Fiche: 88189-88192
     Fiche: 87820-87822
                                                                 Colvin, John B.
[Chamberlain, William Mellen].                                         Republican policy; or, The superiority of the
    ...Manuela Paredes.                                          principles of the present administration over those of
Boston, Roberts Brothers. 1881                                   its enemies, who call themselves Federalists;
     Fiche: 87839-87844                                          exemplified in the late cession of Louisiana.
                                                                 [Frederick-Town, Md.]. [1802]
Carpenter, Edith.                                                      Fiche: 88230-88231
    Your money or your life; a story.
New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1896                               Conkling, Edgar.
    Fiche: 87942-87946                                                Benton's policy of selling and developing the
                                                                 mineral lands, and the necessity of furnishing access
Carper, Minnette Slayback.                                       to the Rocky mountains by the construction of the
     The dance of death.                                         Northern and Central Pacific railroads.
St. Louis, Mo., Buxton & Skinner. 1894                           Cincinnati, C. Clark, Printer. 1864
And other stories.                                                     Fiche: 88268-88269
     Fiche: 87953-87955
                                                                 Coggeshall, William Turner.
Clark, J.F.                                                           The protective policy in literature.
    The society in search of truth; or, Stock                    Columbus, O., Follett, Foster and Company. 1859
gambling in San Francisco.                                       A discourse on the social and moral advantages of the
Oakland, Cal., Pub. by the author. 1878                          cultivation of local literature. Delivered before the
A novel.                                                         Beta theta pi society of Ohio university at the 54th
    Fiche: 88025-88029                                           commencement, June 22d, 1858.
                                                                       Fiche: 88383-88384

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Monette, John Wesley.                                         Cora, Montgomery.
    Observations on the epidemic yellow fever of                    The king of rivers, with a chart of our slave and
Natchez, and of the South-west.                               free soil territory.
Louisville, Ky., Prentice and Weisinger. 1842                 New York, C. Wood. 1850
     Fiche: 88505-88507                                       By Cora Montgomery.
                                                                    Fiche: 88741-88742
Montana. Historical Society.
     Contributions vol. I.                                    Miner, Charles.
Helena, Mont. [etc.]. 1876-1919                                    History of Wyoming, in a series of letters, from
Library has vols. 1-9.                                        Charles Miner, to his son William Penn Miner, esq.
     Fiche: 88538-88585                                       Philadelphia, J. Crissy. 1845
                                                                   Fiche: 88790-88797
Bell, Joshua Fry.
     Speech of Mr. J.F. Bell, of Kentucky, on the             Texas. Legislature.
Oregon question, delivered in the House of                         Action of the legislature of the state of Texas, in
representatives of the United States, February 4,             reference to the charge of defalcation against
1846.                                                         Commodore E.W. Moore, and the construction put
Washington, J. & G.S. Gideon, Printers. 1846                  upon the "Annexation resolutions," by the
      Fiche: 88582-88582a                                     government of the U.S.
                                                              Washington, T. Barnard. 1849
Breese, Sidney.                                                     Fiche: 88867-88868
     Speech of Mr. Breese, of Illinois, on the
Mexican question, and the ten regiment bill.                  Minnesota. School for the Deaf, Faribault.
Washington, Printed at the Congressional Globe                     Annual report. [1st-1863- -].
Office. 1848                                                  Saint Paul. 1864
Delivered in the Senate of the United States,                 Library has 1863.
Monday, February 14, 1848.                                         Fiche: 89255-89256
     Fiche: 88706-88707
                                                              Minnesota. Bureau of Statistics.
Breese, Sidney.                                                     Minnesota: its progress and capabilities.
     Speech of Hon. S. Breese, of Illinois, on the            Saint Paul, W.R. Marshall, State Printer. 1862
Oregon question.                                              Being the second annual report of the commissioner
Washington, Printed at the Office of Blair and Rives.         of statistics, for the years 1860 and 1861. And
1846                                                          containing an abstract of the United States census.
Delivered in the Senate of the United States,                       Fiche: 89257-89259
Monday, March 2, 1846.
     Fiche: 88708-88709                                       Minnesota. Bureau of Statistics.
                                                                   Minnesota: its resources and progress; its
Missouri Historical and Philosophical Society.                beauty, healthfulness and fertility; and its attractions
     Annals of the Missouri historical and                    and advantages as a home for immigrants.
philosophical society. No. 1 [1845-48].                       St. Paul, Press Printing Company. 1870
Jefferson City, Metropolitan Print. 1848                      Comp. by the commissioner of statistics, and
      Fiche: 88716-88717                                      published by direction of Horace Austin, governor.
                                                                    Fiche: 89260-89261
Sutherland & McEvoy, comp.
     The Missouri state gazetteer and business                Brodie, Walter.
directory.                                                         Pitcairn's Island, and the islanders, in 1850.
Sutherland & McEvoy, Pub. and Comp. St. Louis,                London, Whittaker & Co. 1851
Mo. 1860                                                      Together with extracts from his private journal, and a
      Fiche: 88718-88727                                      few hints upon California; also, the reports of all the
                                                              commanders of H.M. Ships that have touched at the
[Burr, Charles Chauncey].                                     above island since 1800; 2d ed.
     The lectures of Lola Montez.                                  Fiche: 89314-89320
Philadelphia, T.B. Peterson and Brothers. [1858]
With a full and complete autobiography of her life.           Bross, William.
As well as her celebrated lectures on Beautiful                    Address of the Hon. William Bross...on the
women," "Gallantry," "Comic aspect of love,"                  resources of the far West, and the Pacific railway,
"Heroines of history," "Wits and women of Paris,"             before the Chamber of commerce of the state of New
"Romanism," etc.                                              York, at a special meeting, Tuesday, January 25,
     Fiche: 88728-88732                                       1866.
                                                              New-York, J.W. Amerman, Printer. 1866
                                                                   Fiche: 89392-89393

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Ludlow, John Malcolm Forbes.                                    The Mormons, the dream and the reality; or, Leaves
     A sketch of the history of the United States from          from the sketch book of experience of one who left
independence to secession.                                      England to join the Mormons in the city of Zion and
Cambridge [Eng., etc.] Macmillan and Co. 1862                   awoke to a consciousness of its heinous wickedness
To which is added the struggle for Kansas. By                   and abominations.
Thomas Hughes.                                                  London, J. Masters. 1857
     Fiche: 89455-89460                                         Ed. by a clergyman.
                                                                     Fiche: 90091-90093
Benjamin, Judah Philip.
     Kansas bill. Speech of Hon. J.P. Benjamin, of              King, Preston.
La., delivered in Senate of United States on                         The rights of the people of Kansas.
Thursday, March 11, 1858.                                       [Washington, D.C., Buell & Blanchard Printers].
Washington, G.S. Gideon, Printer. 1858                          [1858]
Slavery protected by the common law of the new                  Speech of Preston King, of New York, in the Senate
world. Guarantied by Constitution. Vindication of the           of the United States, March 16th, 1858, on the frauds,
Supreme court of the U.S.                                       usurpation, and purpose, in which the slave
      Fiche: 89549-89550                                        constitution of the Lecompton convention had its
Bunner, E.                                                            Fiche: 90298-90299
     History of Louisiana, from its first discovery
and settlement to the present time.                             Kelley, Frederick M.
New York, Harper & Brothers. 1861                                    On the junction of the Atlantic and Pacific
     Fiche: 89653-89659                                         oceans, and the practicability of a ship canal, without
                                                                locks, by the valley of the Atrato.
Burder, George.                                                 London, Printed by W. Clowes and Sons. 1856
     The Welch Indians; or, A collection of papers              Ed. by Charles Manby.
respecting a people whose ancestors emigrated from                   Fiche: 90578-90579
Wales to America, in the year 1170, with Prince
Madoc, (three hundred years before the first voyage             [Hughes, Reginald, Mrs.].
of Columbus), and who are said now to inhabit a                     Margaret: a story of life in a prairie home.
beautiful country on the west side of the                       New York, C. Scribner & Co. 1868
Mississippi[!].                                                 By Lyndon [pseud.]. 5th thousand.
London, Printed for T. Chapman. [1797]                              Fiche: 90702-90706
Dedicated to the Missionary society by George
Burder.                                                         Koch, Albrecht Karl.
     Fiche: 89715-89716                                              Description of the Missourium theristocaulodon
                                                                (Koch), or Missouri leviathan, (Leviatham
Blake, William Phipps.                                          missourienses,) together with its supposed habits, and
     Description of the fossils and shells collected in         Indian traditions, also comparisons on the whale,
California by William P. Blake, geologist of the                crocodile, and Missourium with the leviathan, as
United States Pacific railroad survey in California,            described in the 41st chapter of the Book of Job.
under the command of Lieut. R.S. Williamson, in                 Dublin, Printed by Cl Crookes. 1843
1853-54.                                                        5th ed., enl.
Washington. 1855                                                     Fiche: 90982-90983
     Fiche: 89842-89843
                                                                Leon, Martin de.
Bright, Jesse David.                                                  Camino del cielo en lengva mexicana, con todos
     Speech of Hon. Jesse D. Bright, of Indiana, on             los requifitos neceffarios para confeguir efte fin, co
the bill for the admission of Kansas as a state.                todo lo que un Xpaniano deue creer, faber, y obrar,
Washington, D.[C.] Indianaians' Democratic Club.                defde el punto que tiene vfo de razon, rafta que
1858                                                            muere. Copuesto, por el P.F. Martin de Leo, e la orde
Delivered in the United States Senate, March 20,                de Predicadores. Dirigido, al Excelentissimo senor
1858.                                                           don fray Garcia Guerra de la orde de nro padre S.
      Fiche: 89886-89887                                        Domingo, arcobispo de Mexico, y Virrey desta
                                                                Nueua Espana.
Brooks, Nathan Covington.                                       Mexico, En la Emprenta de Diego Lopez daualos, Y
     A complete history of the Mexican war: its                 a Costa de Diego Perez de los Rios, Ano. De. 1611
causes, conduct, and consequences: comprising an                      Fiche: 91130-91136
account of the various military and naval operations,
from its commencement to the treaty of peace.                   [Ellis, George Edward].
Philadelphia, Grigg, Elliot & Co.; Baltimore,                         Letters upon the annexation of Texas, addressed
Hutchinson & Seebold. 1849                                      to Hon. John Quincy Adams, as originally published
     Fiche: 89967-89983                                         in the Boston atlas under the signature of Lisle.
                                                                Boston, White, Lewis & Potter, Printers. 1845
                                                                      Fiche: 91174-91175

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

The lives of Vasco Nunez de Balboa, the discoverer              [Brown, Charles Brockden].
of the Pacific Ocean, Hernando Cortes, the conqueror                 Monroe's embassy, or, The conduct of the
of Mexico, and Francisco Pizarro, the conqueror of              government, in relation to our claims to the
Peru.                                                           navigation of the Mississippi, considered, by the
Boston, Marsh, Capen, Lyon, and Webb. 1840                      author of An Address to the government of the
      Fiche: 91575-91578                                        United States, on the cession of Louisiana, etc.
                                                                Philadelphia; M. and J. Conrad, & Co. no. 140,
Norman, Benjamin Moore.                                         market-street, Baltimore and Rapin, Conrad & Co.
      Rambles by land and water, or Notes to travel in          Washington City. H. Maxwell, Printer. 1803
Cuba and Mexico; including a canoe voyage up the                     Fiche: 92250-92251
river Panuco, and researches among the ruins of
Tamaulipas.                                                     Kelley, Frederick M.
New York, Paine & Burgess; New Orleans, B.M.                         The union of the oceans by ship-canal without
Norman. 1845                                                    locks, via the Atrato Valley.
      Fiche: 91607-91610                                        New York, Harper & Brothers. 1859
                                                                     Fiche: 92252-92254
Miertsching, [Johann August].
     Journal de M. Miertsching, interprete du                   King County Bar, Seattle, Wash.
capitaine MacClure dans son voyage au pole nord.                     Resolutions adopted at a meeting of the King
Geneve, Paris, J. Cherbuliez. 1857                              County Bar, held at Seattle, Wash. Ter., February
2d ed.                                                          27th, 1886.
     Fiche: 91657-91659                                         [Seattle]. 1886
                                                                     Fiche: 92255-92256
Miette de Villars.
     Manuel des emigrants en Californie.                        King, Thomas Butler.
Paris, L'auteur. 1849                                                Correspondence on the subject of
par MM. Miette de Villars et Clerambaut.                        appraisements, &c., between T. Butler King,
      Fiche: 91660-91661                                        collector, and J. Vincent Browne, appraiser, custom
                                                                house, San Francisco, California.
Milburn, William Henry.                                         Washington. 1852
    The pioneers, preachers and people of the                   With the opinion thereon of one of the general
Mississippi Valley.                                             appraisers, and the secretary of the Treasury.
New York, Derby & Jackson. 1860                                      Fiche: 92257-92258
     Fiche: 91667-91672
                                                                King, Thomas Butler.
Moore, H. Judge.                                                    Report of Hon. T. Butler King, on California.
      Scott's campaign in Mexico; from the                      Washington, Printed by Gideon and Co. 1850
rendezvous on the island of Lobos to the taking of the              Fiche: 92259-92260
city, including an account of the siege of Puebla, with
sketches of the country, and manners and customs of             Lloyd, John Augustus.
the inhabitants.                                                      On the facilities for a ship canal communication,
Charleston, J.B. Nixon. 1849                                    between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, through the
By H. Judge Moore, of the Palmetto regiment.                    isthmus of Panama...with an abstract of the
       Fiche: 91694-91697                                       discussion upon the paper.
                                                                London, Printed by W. Clowes and Sons. 1850
Moore, James B., and Company.                                   Excerpt minutes of Proceedings, vol. Ix, of the
      Memorial of James B. Moore and company,                   Institution of civil engineers. By permission of the
asking the aid of the government in the establishment           council.
of a regular line of mail steamers from California to                 Fiche: 92261-92262
China and the East Indies.
Cincinnati, Enquirer Print. [1850]                              Keene, Richard Raynal.
      Fiche: 91729-91730                                             An appendix, intended to illustrate the merits
                                                                and objects of A letter of vindication, addressed to
Foster, Harriet Townsend.                                       the President of the United States, by Richard Raynal
    The "wind-flower;" or, A legend of the Ozarks.              Keene, late a colonel in the service of Ferdinand VII,
Chicago, R.R. Donnelley & Sons. 1888                            king of Spain.
     Fiche: 92009-92014                                         Washington, Printed by E. De Krafft. 1825
                                                                     Fiche: 92263-92264
Graham, Andrew J.
    The lost document: a story of the northwest.                Minnesota Scademy of Science.
Minneapolis, Printed by F.F. Hennig. [1887]                          Bulletin. 2. 1- 1873-19.
    Fiche: 92147-92148                                          Dubuque [Ia., etc.]. 1873-19--
                                                                Library has volumes 1-5#3.
                                                                     Fiche: 92265-92289

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Mississippi River Improvement Convention (1866:                New Mexico (Ter.). Laws, etc.
Dubuque, Ia.).                                                      Insurance laws of the territory of New Mexico.
    Proceedings of the Mississippi river                       Santa Fe, N.M., The New Mexican Printing
improvement convention, held at Dubuque, Iowa,                 Company. 1909
February, 1866.                                                Comp. 1909. Jacobo Chavez, superintendent of
Dubuque, Daily Times Steam Book Press. 1866                    insurance, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
     Fiche: 92290-92291                                             Fiche: 92317-92318

Mitchel, Martin.                                               New Mexico (Ter.). Laws, etc.
     Geographical and statistical history of the                     Live stock laws of the territory of New Mexico
county of Winnebago...to which is prefixed a general           relating to cattle, horses, mules, and asses.
view of the state of Wisconsin, together with a census         Las Vegas, N.M. [1905]
table from its first settlement to the present time.           United States regulations governing dipping and
Published by Martin Mitchel and Joseph H. Osborn.              handling of cattle affected with scabies or mange;
Oshkosh, Printed by Mitchel & Smith. 1856                      together with rules and other regulations governing
      Fiche: 92292-92294                                       the importing into the territory of New Mexico of
                                                               cattle, horses and mules. List of inspectors and their
Mitchel, Martin.                                               districts, with rules for government of inspectors in
    History of the county of Fond du Lac, Wis.,                the performance of their duties. Comp. and issued by
from its earliest settlement, to the present time.             authority of Cattle sanitary board of New Mexico,
Fond du Lac, Printed by J.A. Smith. 1854                       August 1, 1905. Will C. Barnes, secretary.
     Fiche: 92295-92296                                              Fiche: 92319-92321

Moro, Cayetano.                                                United States. National Park Service.
     Abstract of a report on the practicability of                  Yellowstone [Wyoming] national park...1928-.
forming a communication between the Atlantic and               Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Off. 1928-
Pacific oceans, by means of a ship canal across the            Library has 1829.
isthmus of Tehuantepec.                                             Fiche: 92322-92324
[London] Clay, Smith, and Co. [1845]
by the engineer signor Gaetano Moro.                           Kerr, Hugh.
     Fiche: 92297-92298                                              A poetical description of Texas, and narrative of
                                                               many interesting events in that country, embracing a
Moro, Cayetano.                                                period of several years, interspersed with moral and
      Communication between the Atlantic and                   political impressions: also an appeal to those who
Pacific oceans through the isthmus of Tehuantepec.             oppose the union of Texas, with the United States,
London, Ackermann and Comp. 1845                               and the anticipation of that event.
Additional observations to the report lately given on          New York, The author. 1838
this subject by the engineer Signor Gaetano Moro.              To which is added, The Texas heroes, no. 1 and 2.
      Fiche: 92299-92300                                             Fiche: 92325-92327

Louisiana. Constitutional Convention, 1864.                    Washington (Ter.). Superintendent of Public
      Journal officiel des travaux de la Convention            Instruction.
reunie four [!] reviser et amender la constitution de               Report.
l'etat de la Louisiane.                                        Puget Sound Printing Company [etc.]. 1873-1889
Nouvelle Orleans, W.R. Fish, imprimeur de la                   Tacoma [etc.] Library as: 1871/73, 1879/81,
Convention. 1864                                               1881/83, 1883/85, 1885/87, 1888/89; 6 v.
Par autorite.                                                       Fiche: 92328-92333
       Fiche: 92301-92306
                                                               The present state of the country and inhabitants,
New Mexico (Ter.). Laws, etc.                                  Europeans and Indians, of Louisiana, on the north
     The general laws of New Mexico; including all             continent of America.
the unrepealed general laws from the promulgation of           London, Printed for J. Millan. 1744
the "Kearney code" in 1846, to the end of the                  By an officer at New Orleans to his friend at Paris.
legislative session of 1880.                                   Containing the garrisons, forts and forces, price of all
Albany, N.Y., W.C. Little & Co. 1880                           manner of provisions...to which are added, letters
Compiled under the direction of Hon. L. Bradford               from the governor of that province or the trade of the
Prince; 2 v.                                                   French and English with the natives.
      Fiche: 92307-92316                                            Fiche: 92334-92335

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

A narrative of a tour of observation, made during the          Oregon (Ter.). Supreme Court.
summer of 1817, by James Monroe, president of the                   The decision of the Supreme Court in and for
United States, through the north-eastern and                   the Territory of Oregon upon the Location law; also,
north-western departments of the Union: with a view            a review of Judge Pratt's opinion, and the
to the examination of their several military defences.         correspondence between Gov. Gaines and Attorney
Philadelphia, Published by S.A. Mitchell & H. Ames,            Gen'l Crittenden upon the same subject, together with
Clark & Raser, Printers. 1818                                  the Oregon land law.
With an appendix.                                              Portland, Printed by T.J. Dryer. 1852
      Fiche: 92355-92358                                             Fiche: 93434-93435
Montague's Illinois and Missouri state directory for           Missouri. Adjutant-general's Office.
1854/5.                                                             Official register of Missouri troops for 1862.
St. Louis, W.L. Montague. 1854                                 St. Louis, Adjutant General's Office. 1863
To which is appended, a new and complete business              Published by authority.
directory of the city of St. Louis.                                 Fiche: 93712-93714
      Fiche: 92391-92397
                                                               Our Pacific possessions.
The New Almedan mines.                                         Washington, H. Polkinhorn, Printer. 1861
San Francisco, Printed at the San Francisco Herald             Railway to the Pacific. Our future relations with the
Office. 1858                                                   Pacific islands and Mexico; a letter...to Hon. B.F.
Letters from the San Francisco daily herald, as                Wade, U.S. senator, by one of his constituents.
published on the mornings of the 15th, 17th and 18th                Fiche: 93778-93779
December, 1858.
     Fiche: 92439-92440                                        General Gonzalez Ortega and his nine endorsers
                                                               versus the Mexican republic and the constitutional
Missouri. Constitutional Convention, 1865.                     present of its unanimous choice.
      Shall the new constitution be adopted?.                  Washington, Printed by L. Towers. 1866
[St. Louis?]. [1865]                                           With an appendix containing accompanying
Explanation of votes for and against it on the final           documents.
passage in the state Convention, April 8th, 1865.                   Fiche: 93885-93886
      Fiche: 92462-92463
                                                               Gonzalez Ortega, Jesus.
Missouri. University.                                                The presidency of Mexico.
    Installation exercises.                                    New York, Russell's American Steam Printing
Columbia, Mo., W.F. Switzler. 1860                             House. 1866
Address by J.W. Tucker...and response by Benj. B.              Protest of General Jesus Gonzales Ortega, president
Minor...Delivered in the chapel, October 2nd, 1860.            of the Supreme court of justice against the decrees of
    Fiche: 92464-92465                                         Senor Benito Juarez, ex-president of the Mexican
                                                               Republic, issued November 8th, 1865, and his
Morrell, Benjamin.                                             address to the Mexican nation, to which are appended
     A narrative of four voyages to the South sea,             letters in ratification of his position.
north and south Pacific ocean, Chinese sea, Ethiopic                 Fiche: 93887-93888
and southern Atlantic ocean, Indian and Antarctic
ocean.                                                         Laur, P.
New York, J. & J. Harper. 1832                                      De la production des metaux precieux en
From the year 1822 to 1831.                                    Californie; rapport a S. Exe. M. le ministre des
     Fiche: 92629-92635                                        traveux publics.
                                                               Paris, Dunod [etc.]. 1862
Wilkes, Charles.                                                     Fiche: 93904-93906
      Narrative of the United States exploring
expedition.                                                    Humphrey, Mary A. (Vance), Mrs.
Philadelphia, Lea and Blanchard. 1845                               The squatter sovereign, or Kansas in the '50's.
During the years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842. With            Chicago, Ill., Coburn & Newman Publishing Co.
illustrations and maps. In five volumes; 5 v.                  1883
      Fiche: 93348-93379                                       A life picture of the early settlement of the debatable
                                                               ground. A story, founded upon memorable, and
[Sealsfield, Charles].                                         historical events.
     The cabin book; or, Sketches of life in Texas.                  Fiche: 94361-94365
New York, J. Winchester. 1844
By Seatsfield [!] Tr. f[r]om the German by Professor
Ch. Fr. Mersch.
     Fiche: 93418-93420

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Radical reconstruction on the basis of one sovereign            Nebraska (Ter.). Commissioner of Common
republic, with dependent states and territories,                Schools.
uniformly constituted throughout the public domain,                   Annual report. First ed. 1859-1860.
and with the corruptions of party politics abolished,           Omaha City, Robertson & Clark, Printers. 1860
being an address delivered at an interior town in               2 v. in 1.
Nevada, and printed by request as an appeal to all                    Fiche: 95074-95077
Americans for new nationality with the south and
Russian America, looking also to union with Mexico              Moulton, William.
and Canada.                                                           A concise extract, from the sea journal of
Sacramento, Russell & Winterburn, Printers. 1867                William Moulton written on board of the Onico, in a
     Fiche: 94598-94599                                         voyage from the port of New-London in Connecticut,
                                                                to Staten-Land in the South Sea; together with
Organization of the free state government in Kansas,            strictures and remarks on various subject matters
with the inaugural speech and message of Governor               which came within his notice, on the coast of South
Robinson.                                                       America, and at a variety of islands in the South Sea
Washington, Buell & Blanchard, Printers. 1856                   and Pacific Ocean, in the years, 1799, 1800, 1801,
     Fiche: 94608-94609                                         1802, 1803 and 1804.
                                                                Printed at Utica, for the author. 1804
Louisiana. Laws, etc.                                           Copyright secured according to law.
     The laws of Las siete partidas, which are still in               Fiche: 95106-95108
force in the state of Louisiana.
New Orleans: Printed by James M'Karaher, no. 60,                [Valance, Henry L.].
Chartres-street. 1820                                                Confession of the murder of William Morgan.
Translated from the Spanish by L. Moreau Lislet and             New York, Printed for the publishers. 1849
Henry Carleton; 2 v.                                            As taken down by Dr. John L. Emery, of Racine
     Fiche: 94617-94632                                         County, Wisconsin, in the summer of 1848, now first
                                                                given to the public.
Louisiana. Laws, etc.                                                Fiche: 95178-95179
     The Louisiana digest, embracing the laws of the
legislature of a general nature, enacted from the year          Morse, Isaac Edward.
1804 to 1841, inclusive, and in force at this last                    The war with Mexico.
period.                                                         [n.p.]. [1848]
New Orleans, B. Levy. 1841                                      Speech...in the house of representatives, February 1,
Also, an abstract of the decisions of the Supreme               1848. In the committee of the whole on the state of
court of Louisiana on the Statutory laws, arranged              the Union on the resolutions referring the presidents
under the appropriate articles in the digest. By                message to the various standing committees.
Meinrad Greiner; Vol. 1.                                              Fiche: 95205-95206
      Fiche: 94633-94640
                                                                Kelly, George Fox.
Woolsey, Ronald C.                                                    Eight months in Washington; or, Scenes behind
      A southern dilemma: slavery expansion and the             the curtain.
California statehood issues in 1850 - A                         [n.p.]. 1863
reconsideration.                                                Corruption in high places, and villainy unparalleled
[n.p.]. [1983]                                                  on earth. Cause and cure of the present rebellion; or,
      Fiche: 94668-94669                                        The people versus their servants. A despotism in
                                                                active operation. Darkness of blackness before us.
Woolsey, Ronald C.                                              Reformation our only safety.
     The West becomes a problem: The Missouri                         Fiche: 95229-95230
controversy and slavery expansion as the southern
dilemma.                                                        Birch, James H.
[Columbia, The State Historical Society of Missouri].                Address in commemoration of the life and
[1983]                                                          character of William Henry Harrison.
     Fiche: 94762-94763                                         [Fayette] Benson & Green. [1841]
                                                                Delivered in the Christian church, at Fayette,
Peckham, James.                                                 Missouri, on Monday, the third day of May, 1841.
    Gen. Nathaniel Lyon, and Missouri in 1861.                       Fiche: 95231-95232
New York, American News Company. 1866
A monograph of the great rebellion.                             Nesmith, James Willis.
    Fiche: 94799-94804                                               Remarks...upon the Indian appropriation bill, in
                                                                the Senate of the United States, may 13th and 14th,
                                                                [Washington, McGill, Witherow & Co., Printers].
                                                                     Fiche: 95238-95239

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Oregon. The cost, and the consequences.                          Inman, Henry.
Philadelphia, J.C. Clark's Bookstore. 1846                           The old Santa Fe trail; the story of a great
By a disciple of the Washington school.                          highway.
     Fiche: 95240-95241                                          Topeka, Crane & Company. 1899
                                                                      Fiche: 96095-96101
[MacFarland, David F.].
      A plea for New Mexico.                                     [Kane, Paul].
[n.p.]. [1868?]                                                       Les Indens de la baie d'Hudson: promenades
      Fiche: 95320-95321                                         d'un artiste parmi les Indiens de l'Amerique du Nord,
                                                                 depuis le Canada jusqu'a l'ile de Vancouver et
Rae, William Fraser.                                             l'Oregon, a travers le territoire de la Compagnie de la
    Westward by rail: the new route to the East.                 baie d'Hudson; imite de l'anglais par Edouard
London, Longmans, Green, and Co. 1870                            Delessert.
     Fiche: 95476-95481                                          Paris, Amyot. 1861
                                                                       Fiche: 96102-96105
[Alcaraz, Ramon].
     The other side; or, Notes for the history of the            Kansas. State University of Agriculture and
war between Mexico and the United States.                        Applied Science, Manhattan.
New York and London, J. Wiley. 1850                                   Hand-book of the Kansas state agricultural
Written in Mexico. Translated from the Spanish, and              college, Manhattan, Kansas.
ed., with notes, by Albert C. Ramsey.                            Manhattan, Kan., Printed at the Office of the
      Fiche: 96050-96057                                         Nationalist. 1874
                                                                      Fiche: 96106-96108
Arkansas. State Geologist.
      First report of a geological reconnaissance of the         [McNamara, John].
northern counties of Arkansas, made during the years                  Three years on the Kansas border.
1857 and 1858, by David Dale Owen, Principal                     New York and Auburn, Miller, Orton & Mulligan.
Geologist, assisted by William Elderhorst, chemical              1856
assistant; Edward T. Cox, assistant geologist.                   By a clergyman of the Episcopal church.
Little Rock, Johnson & Yerkes, State Printers. 1858                   Fiche: 96109-96112
      Fiche: 96058-96061
                                                                 United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on
Arkansas. State Geologist.                                       Territories.
     Second report of a geological reconnaissance of                  Report (to accompany bill S. 161) [of] the
the middle and southern counties of Arkansas, made               Committee on territories, to whom was referred the
during the years 1859 and 1860, by David Dale                    message of the President, communicating a
Owen, Principal Geologist, assisted by Robert Peter,             constitution for Kansas as a state, adopted by the
chemical assistant; M. Leo Lesquereux, botanist;                 convention which met at Lecompton, on Monday, the
Edward Cox, assistance geologist.                                4th of September, 1857.
Philadelphia, C. Sherman. 1860                                   [Washington]. [1858]
     Fiche: 96062-96068                                               Fiche: 96113-96115

Bonfadini, Romualdo.                                             Kennedy, Joseph Pulaski.
     Vita di Francesco Arese con documenti inediti.                  To the World; vindication.
Torino-Roma, L. Roux e c. 1894                                   Mississippi Territory. 1807
     Fiche: 96069-96075                                               Fiche: 96116-96117

Perkins, D.A.W.                                                  Kewen, Edward John Cage.
     History of Osceola county, Iowa, from its                        Oration and poem, before the Society of
organization to the present time.                                California pioneers, by E.J.C. Kewen, esq., and Hon.
Sioux Falls, So. Dak., Brown & Saenger, Printers.                Frank Soule...September 9th, 1854.
1892                                                             San Francisco, O'Meara & Painter, Printers. 1854
     Fiche: 96076-96080                                               Fiche: 96118-96119

Savage, James Woodruff.
     History of the city of Omaha, Nebraska, by J.W.
Savage, and J.T. Bell; and south Omaha by C.W.
New York & Chicago, Munsell & Company. 1894
     Fiche: 96081-96091
[Fisher, Sidney George].
     The law of the territories.
Philadelphia, Printed by C. Sherman & Son. 1859
     Fiche: 96092-96094

    Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                  Fiche Listing

Mexico, Secretaria de relaciones exteriores.                      [Thorpe, Thomas Bangs].
      A memorial setting forth the rights and just                     The Taylor anecdote book.
reasons which the government of the united states of              New York, D. Appleton & Company; Philadelphia,
Mexico has, for not recognising the validity of the               G.S. Appleton. 1848
privilege granted to D. Jose Garay, for opening a way             Anecdotes and letters of Zachary Taylor. By Tom
of communication between the Atlantic and Pacific                 Owen, the bee-hunter [pseud.] With a brief life.
oceans by the isthmus of Tehuantepec, nor the                          Fiche: 96161-96163
legality of the transfer of said privilege which the
latter made to citizens of the United States of North             Pandosy, Marie Charles.
America.                                                               Grammar and dictionary of the Yakama
Nueva-York, Imprenta de W.G. Stewart. 1852                        language.
Published by the minister of relations.                           London, Trubner, & Co. 1862
      Fiche: 96120-96122                                          Tr. by George Gibbs and J.B. Shea.
                                                                       Fiche: 96164-96165
Mexico. Secretaria de relaciones exteriores.
      Statement of the rights and just reasons on the             Pacheco, Jose Ramon.
part of the government of the United Mexican states,                   Lettres sur le Mexique.
for not recognizing either the subsistence of the                 Bordeaux, C. Lawalle neveu. 1833
privilege granted to D. Jose Garay, for the opening of            Lettre premiere.
a line of communication between the Atlantic and                       Fiche: 96166-96167
Pacific seas, through the isthmus of Tehuan tepec.
New York, Printed by Pudney & Russell. 1852                       Pitman, Robert Birks.
Or the legality of the cession which he made of said                   A succinct view and analysis of authentic
privilege to citizens of the United States of America.            information extant in original works, on the
Published by authority of them minister for foreign               practicability of joining the Atlantic and Pacific
affairs.                                                          oceans, by a ship canal across the isthmus of
      Fiche: 96123-96124                                          America.
                                                                  London, Printed for J.M. Richardson and J. Hatchard
Minnesota. Bureau of Statistics.                                  and Son. 1825
      Minnesota: its place among the states.                            Fiche: 96168-96171
Hartford, Press of Case, Lockwood and Company.
1860                                                              Portland (Ore.). Board of Statistics, Immigration
Being the first annual report of the commissioner of              and Labor Exchange.
statistics, for the year ending Jan. 1st, 1860; [2d ed.].              Oregon: its resources, soil, climate, productions;
      Fiche: 96125-96127                                          containing some facts for the consideration of those
                                                                  desiring to immigrate to a mild climate.
Missouri. Laws, etc.                                              Jacksonville, Or., Oregon Sentinel Office Print. 1871
     The revised statutes of the state of Missouri,               Compiled by the Board of Statistics, Immigration,
revised and digested by the Eighteenth General                    and Labor Exchange, of Portland, Oregon.
assembly, during the session of one thousand eight                      Fiche: 96172-96173
hundred and fifty-four and one thousand eight
hundred and fifty-five: to which are prefixed the                 Oregon. Military Dept.
constitutions of the United States and of the state of                 Report. 1863.
Missouri, with an appendix, including certain local               Salem. 1865
acts of this state, and laws of Congress, and form                Library has 1863-1864.
book.                                                                  Fiche: 96174-96175
City of Jefferson, Printed for the State, by J. Lusk,
Public Printer. 1856                                              Parry, Charles Christopher.
Charles M. Hardin, commissioner...Published by                          Physiographical sketch of that portion of the
authority of law; 2 v.                                            Rocky mountain range, at the head waters of South
      Fiche: 96128-96149                                          Clear creek, and east of Middle park.
                                                                  [n.p.]. [1862]
Mitchell, W.H.                                                    with an enumeration of the plants collected in this
      Geographical and statistical history of the                 district in the summer months of 1861.
county of Olmsted, together with a general view of                      Fiche: 96176-96177
the state of Minnesota from its earliest settlement to
the present time.                                                 Parry, Charles Christopher.
Rochester, Minn., Shaver & Eaton. [1866]                               Preliminary report on the physical geography,
      Fiche: 96150-96152                                          and natural resources of the country along the route
                                                                  of the Kansas Pacific railway on the thirty-fifth
Neill, Edward D. (Edward Duffield).                               parallel.
     The history of Minnesota: from the earliest                  Philadelphia, Review Printing House. 1868
French explorations to the present time.                          (From the Rio Grande to the Pacific ocean.) By Dr.
Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & Co. 1858                          C.C. Parry, geologist to the survey.
      Fiche: 96153-96160                                                Fiche: 96178-96179

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Niles, John Milton.                                            Missouri. Commissioner of Statistics.
     History of South America and Mexico;                           Annual report. 1st-2d; 1866-1867.
comprising their discovery, geography, politics,               Jefferson City, E.S. Foster, Public Printer. 1867-1868
commerce and revolutions.                                            Fiche: 96642-96647
Hartford, H. Huntington, jun. 1838
To which is annexed, A geographical and historical             Christmas with the Cheyennes and Arapahos.
view of Texas, with a detailed account of the Texian           [Watonga Mission, Oka.?]. [190-?]
revolution and war. By Hon. L.T. Pease; 2v. in 1.                   Fiche: 97278-97279
     Fiche: 96180-96188
                                                               Minnesota. Adjutant-general's Office.
Poor, John A[lfred].                                                Report.
     The trans-continental railway.                            Saint Paul [etc.]. 18--
Portland, B. Thurston & Company. 1869                          Library has 1862.
Remarks at Rutland, Vermont, June 24, 1869.                         Fiche: 97925-97929
     Fiche: 96189-96190
                                                               Leftwich, William M.
Owen, David Dale.                                                   Martyrdom in Missouri; a history of religious
     Report of a geological exploration of part of             proscription, the seizure of churches, and the
Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois, made under                      persecution of ministers of the gospel, in the state of
instructions from the secretary of the Treasury of the         Missouri during the late civil war, and under the "test
United States, in the autumn of the year 1839; with            oath" of the new constitution.
charts and illustrations.                                      Saint Louis, S.W. Book & Pub. Co. 1870
[Washington, Govt. Print. Off.]. 1844                               Fiche: 98031-98041
By David Dale Owen, M.D., principal agent to
explore the mineral lands of the United States.                Missouri. Insurance Dept.
      Fiche: 96191-96195                                            Annual report of the superintendent.
                                                               Jefferson City. 1870-19--
Owens, George, comp.                                                 Fiche: 98087-98095
      A general directory and business guide of the
principal towns in the upper country, embracing a              Missouri. Board of Immigration.
portion of California: together with mining and                     Biennial report...1st-1865/66-.
statistical information concerning Idaho Territory,            Jefferson City. 1867-
and a map of Idaho and Montana.                                      Fiche: 98096-98097
San Francisco, A. Gensoul. 1866
      Fiche: 96196-96199                                       Missouri. State Board of Agriculture.
                                                                    The Missouri yearbook of agriculture...Annual
Pillow, Gideon Johnson.                                        report.
      Defence of Major Gen. Pillow before the Court            Jefferson City. 1866-[19--]
of inquiry at Frederick, Maryland, against the charges         Library has 1865.
preferred against him by Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott.                   Fiche: 98450-98457
[n.p.]. [1848?]
      Fiche: 96200-96201                                       [Leon, John A.].
                                                                     On sugar cultivation in Louisiana, Cuba, &c.,
"Pacific mail".                                                and the British possessions.
[New York?]. [1868?]                                           London, P. Ollivier. 1848
A review of The report of the president.                       By an European and colonial sugar manufacturer; 2
     Fiche: 96202-96203                                        v. in 1.
                                                                     Fiche: 98458-98460
A narrative of the horrid massacre by the Indians, of
the wife and children of the Christian hermit, a               Quinet, Edgar.
resident of Missouri, with a full account of his life              L'expedition au Mexique.
and sufferings, never before published.                        Londres, W. Jeffs; [etc., etc.]. 1862
St. Louis, L.W. Whiting & Co. 1840                                 Fiche: 98461-98462
     Fiche: 96204-96205
                                                               Muraour, Emile.
Central Pacific Railroad Company.                                   Le Mexique. Conquete du Mexique par Fernand
     The pacific railroad; a defense against its               Cortez. Guerre de l'independence t republique.
enemies, with report of the supervisors of Placer              Expedition francaise au Mexique, 1861-1863.
County and report of Mr. Montanya made to the                  Paris, Bureau des Annales Contemporairnes. 1863
supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco.                 Fiche: 98463-98468
[San Francisco?]. [1864]
     Fiche: 96206-96207

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Poole, Francis.                                               [McKie, Alva B.G. and Edwardy, William M.
     Queen Charlotte Islands; a narrative of                       Guide to El Paso, Texas.
discovery and adventure in the north Pacific.                 El Paso, McKie & Edwardy. [c.1887]
London, Hurst and Blackett. 1872                              A complete history of the city and review of its
ed. by John W. Lyndon [pseud.].                               business.
     Fiche: 98469-98473                                            Fiche: 98491-98492
Berthoud, Edward L.                                           Hughes, Mary E., Mrs.
    The boundaries of Louisiana in 1803.                           An answer to "Three years in Arkansas.".
Golden, Col. The Colorado Transcript. 1897                    Guymon, Okla., Democrat Publishing Company.
    Fiche: 98474-98475                                        [c.1907]
                                                                   Fiche: 98493-98494
Purcell, Martha Grassham, Mrs.
    The settlements and cessions of Louisiana.                Edmonds, William H.
[Paducah, Ky., C.M. Leake]. [1904]                                 The truth about Arkansas.
     Fiche: 98476-98477                                       St. Louis, Woodward & Tiernan Printing Company.
New Orleans of 1894; its advantages, its prospects,                Fiche: 98495-98496
its conditions, as shown by a resume of a year's
record, 1893-1894.                                            Barker, Eugene Campbell.
New Orleans, L. Graham & Son. 1894                                The finances of the Texas revolution.
Pub. by the Young men's business league.                      Boston, Ginn & Company. 1904
      Fiche: 98478-98479                                           Fiche: 98497-98498

West, Joseph Rodman.                                          McCorkle, Nellie.
     State of Louisiana.                                          Geography of Texas.
Washington, Govt. Print. Off. 1874                            Cincinnati, American Book Company. 1923
Speech of Hon. J.R. West, of Louisiana, in the United              Fiche: 98499-98500
States Senate, April 15, 1874.
     Fiche: 98480-98481                                       Souvenir of New Orleans, La.
                                                              [Columbus, O., Ward Bros.]. [c.1885]
Contractors and Dealers Exchange, New Orleans.                     Fiche: 98501-98502
    Architectural New Orleans, issued by
Contractors & dealers exchange.                               Latham, Milton Slocumb.
[New Orleans]. [1908?]                                             Latham's reply to Breckinridge. Defense of the
     Fiche: 98482-98484                                       Union.
                                                              Sacramento, Anthony & Co., Printers. 1861
Bigney, Mark Frederick.                                       Speech of Milton S. Latham, of California, in the
     Poetical history of Louisiana, to which is               United States Senate, July 20th, 1861.
attached Columbia, a centennial poem; respectfully                 Fiche: 98503-98504
dedicated to exposition visitors.
New Orleans, E.A. Brandan & Co., Printers. 1885               Missouri. Constitutional Convention.
      Fiche: 98485-98486                                           Journal of the Convention of the state of
                                                              Missouri, assembled at...Jefferson on Monday the
[Potter, Reuben Marmaduke].                                   seventeenth day of November, in the year...one
     The colonization of Texas.                               thousand eight hundred and forty-five, pursuant to an
New York, The Magazine of American History. 1882              act of the General assembly of...Missouri...approved
(In The Magazine of American history. New York,               February 27, 1843.
1882).                                                        Jefferson, J. Lusk, Public Printers. 1845
     Fiche: 98487-98488                                       Printed by order of the Convention.
                                                                    Fiche: 98505-98510
Kansas in 1856.
[Washington]. [1856]                                          Missouri Iron Company, Missouri City (Mo.).
An authentic account of the outrages in Kansas, since              Prospectus of the Missouri iron company and
the appointment of the Kansas Investigating                   Missouri and Iron Mountain cities, together with a
Committee, and not embraced in their report to the            map of the state of Missouri and plans of the cities.
House of Representatives. From actual observation,            Hartford, Printed by P. Canfield. 1837
and the testimony of eye-witnesses. By an officer of               Fiche: 98511-98512
the commission.
     Fiche: 98489-98490

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Orr, James Lawrence.                                          Payno, Manuel.
     Speech of Hon. J.L. Orr, of South Carolina, on               Mexico and her financial questions with
the bill granting public lands to Missouri to aid in          England, Spain and France.
constructing railroads.                                       Mexico, Printed by I. Cumplido. 1862
Washington, Printed at the Congressional Globe                Report by order of the supreme constitutional
Office. 1852                                                  government of the Mexican republic, by Manuel
Delivered in the House of representatives, February           Payno.
24, 1852.                                                          Fiche: 100900-100906
      Fiche: 98513-98514
                                                              Pettis, Spencer Darwin.
Owens, George, comp.                                               Circular...to his constituents [of the state of
      A general directory and business guide of the           Missouri].
principal towns east of the Cascade Mountains, for            [Washington]. [1831]
the year 1865; including valuable historical and                   Fiche: 101141-101142
statistical information; together with a map of Boise
Basin, embracing a portion of Adal. Owyhee, and               Parton, James.
Alturas counties.                                                 General Butler in New Orleans.
San Francisco, Printed by Towne and Bacon. 1865               Boston, J.E. Farwell, Printers. [c.1864]
Comp. and pub. by George Owens.                                    Fiche: 101190-101192
      Fiche: 98515-98518
                                                              Ross, Edmund Gibson.
[Tarver, Edward R.].                                              Osage Indian lands.
     Laredo, the gate way between the United States           [Washington, Printed at the Office of the
and Mexico.                                                   Congressional Globe]. [1870?]
Laredo, Tex., Daily Times Print. [1889]                       Speech of Hon. Edmund G. Ross, of Kansas, in the
An illustrated description of the future city of the          Senate of the United States, May 5, 1870.
great Southwest.                                                   Fiche: 101251-101252
      Fiche: 98519-98520
                                                              Ross, James.
Walker, Charles Irish.                                             The speeches of Mr. Ross and Mr. Morris,
     The North-west during the revolution.                    delivered in the Senate of the United States,
Pub. by order of the Legislature. Madison, Wis.,              Thursday, the 24th of February, 1803, in support of
Atwood and Culver, State Printers. 1871                       Mr. Ross's resolutions relative to the free navigation
Annual address before the State historical society of         of the river Mississippi and our right of deposit
Wisconsin, Tuesday evening, January 31, 1871, by              within the Spanish territories.
Hon. Charles I. Walker.                                       Philadelphia: Bronson & Chauncey. 1803
     Fiche: 98521-98522                                             Fiche: 101253-101255

American and Mexican Railroad and Telegraph                   Ross, James, of Madison (Wis.).
Company.                                                           From Wisconsin to California and return, as
     Prospectus and act incorporating the American            reported for the "Wisconsin state journal".
and Mexican railroad and telegraph company, for               Madison, Atwood & Rublee, Printers. 1869
building a railroad and establishing telegraph lines          ..and by Hon. George Gary, for the "Oshkosh
through the states of Chihuahua and Sonora, with              journal," and the "Oshkosh northwestern".
copies of the grants from said states and the general               Fiche: 101256-101258
government of Mexico.
New York, Russell's American Printing House. 1869             Rouhaud, Hippolyte.
     Fiche: 99833-99834                                            Les regions nouvelles; histoire du commerce et
                                                              de la civilisation au nord de l'ocean Pacifique.
Perkins, John.                                                Paris, E. Dentu. 1868
     Speech of Hon. John Perkins, jr., of Louisiana,                Fiche: 101297-101302
on the diplomatic system of the United States.
Washington, Printed by A.O.P. Nicholson. 1855                 Peterson, Charles Jacobs.
Delivered in the House of representatives, January,                The military heroes of the war with Mexico:
1855.                                                         with a narrative of the war, by Charles J. Peterson.
     Fiche: 100510-100511                                     Philadelphia, J.B. Smith. 1858
                                                              10th ed.
Kerhallet, Charles Marie Philippes de.                             Fiche: 101348-101351
     Manuel de la navigation dans la mer des Antilles
et dans le golfe de Mexique.                                  Gibson, Jon L.
Paris, Typ. De Firmin Didot. 1853                                  Poverty Point: a culture of the lower Mississippi
      Fiche: 100797-100812                                    Valley.
                                                              Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Archaeological Survey and
                                                              Antiquities Commission. 1983
                                                                   Fiche: 101634-101635

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Smith, Steven D.                                                Hagadorn, Henry J.
     Louisiana's comprehensive archaeological plan.                 On the march with Sibley in 1863.
Baton Rouge, Division of Archaeology. 1983                      [Bismarck, State Historical Society of North Dakota].
[by] Steven D. Smith, Philip G. Rivet, Kathleen M.              [1931]
Byrd, Nancy W. Hawkins.                                         The diary of Private Henry J. Hagadorn.
     Fiche: 101636-101640                                            Fiche: 103320-103321
Raum, Green Berry.                                              Mindeleff, Cosmos.
      National development.                                          The cliff ruins of Canyon de Chelly, Arizona.
[Washington, Chronicle Print]. [1868]                           Washington. 1897
Speech of Hon. Green B. Raum, delivered in the                  (In U.S. Bureau of American ethnology. Sixteenth
House of representatives, July 13, 1868; upon the bill          annual report, 1894-1895.).
to aid in the construction of the International Pacific              Fiche: 103322-103324
rail road.
      Fiche: 101658-101659                                      Gifford, Edward Winslow.
                                                                     Archaeology of the southern San Joaquin valley,
The Pacific coast business directory...containing...the         California, by E.W. Gifford and W. Egbert Schenck.
states of California, Oregon, and Nevada; the                   Berkeley, Calif., University of California Press. 1926
territories of Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Utah;                 Fiche: 103325-103328
and the colony of British Columbia.
San Francisco, H.G. Langley. 1867-                              Grand Army of the Republic.
Also, a gazetteer of the counties, cities, and towns,                Address of the commander-in-chief, reports of
and an exhibit of the resources of the Pacific                  Committee on pensions and Council of
coast...[1867- 1st yr.].                                        administration, presented to and adopted by the
      Fiche: 102987-103120                                      national encampment, Grand army of the republic.
                                                                Minneapolis, July 23-25, 1884.
Nesmith, James Willis.                                          Philadelphia, Town Book and Job Printing House.
      Branch mint of the United States.                         1884
[Washington, McGill & Witherow, Print. and                           Fiche: 103329-103330
Stereotypers]. [1864]
Mineral resources of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.             Wise, Jennings Cropper.
Speech of Hon. J.W. Nesmith, of Oregon, delivered                    A plea for the Indian citizens of the United
in the United States Senate, April 1, 1864.                     States.
      Fiche: 103267-103268                                      Washington, Govt. Print. Off. 1926
                                                                     Fiche: 103331-103332
United States. President (Tyler).
     Message from the President of the United States,           Wilson, Mary A.C., Mrs.
to the two houses of Congress, at the commencement                   Reminiscences of persons, events, records and
of the Second Session of the twenty-eighth Congress.            documents of Texian [!] times.
December 9, 1844.                                               Austin, E.W. Swindells. 1882
Washington, Gales and Seaton. 1844                              By a "Mier prisoner's" widow.
      Fiche: 103300-103308                                           Fiche: 103333-103334

Iowa. Constitution.                                             Von Buffalo Bill gerettet wahrend der geister-tanze
    Constitution for the state of Iowa.                         der wilden Indianer Dakota's!...Ebenfalls: Die einzige
[Washington, Gales and Seaton]. [1844]                          glaubwurdige und zuverlassige geschichte des
    Fiche: 103309-103310                                        Meeker blutbads und der gefangennahme der frau
                                                                Blynn nebst ihrem sohne Willie, und der
United States. General Land Office.                             Messias-wahn und die geistertanze.
    Report of the Secretary of the Treasury,                    Philadelphia, Pa., The Old Franklin Publishing
communicating the annual report of the                          House. [c.1891]
Commissioner of the General Land Office.                             Fiche: 103335-103336
[Washington, Gales and Seaton]. [1844]
     Fiche: 103311-103314                                       [Van der Zee, Jacob].
                                                                    ...The Black Hawk war.
James, George Wharton.                                          Iowa City, Ia., State Historical Society of Iowa.
    The Indians of the Painted Desert region; Hopis,            [1918]
Navahoes, Wallapais, Havasupais.                                     Fiche: 103337-103338
Boston: Little, Brown and Company. 1907
     Fiche: 103315-103319

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

United States. Congress. House. Committee on                    Mindeleff, Cosmos.
Indian Affairs.                                                      The repair of Cassa Grande ruin, Arizona, in
     ...Disposition and sale of allotments of deceased          1891.
Indians, etc.                                                   Washington. 1897
[Washington, Govt. Print. Off.]. [1910]                         (In U.S. Bureau of American ethnology. Fifteenth
...Report. (To accompany H.R. 24992).                           annual report 1893-94.).
      Fiche: 103339-103340                                           Fiche: 103353-103354

United States. Congress. Conference Committees.                 Maxwell, Augustus Emmett.
    ... Indian appropriation bill.                                   Nebraska and Kansas.
Conference report: (to accompany H.R. 26916.).                  [Washington, Printed at the Congressional Globe
     Fiche: 103341-103342                                       Office]. [1854]
                                                                Speech of Hon. A.E. Maxwell, of Florida, in the
United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs.                        House of representatives, May 16, 1854.
      ...documents in relation to a treaty proposed to               Fiche: 103355-103356
be negotiated with the Indians of the prairie south and
west of the Missouri river, to the northern line of the         Lowe, Martha Ann (Petty), Mrs.
state of Texas, embracing the Indians of the                          The story of Chief Joseph.
mountains, and including those of New Mexico.                   [n.p.]. [1883]
[Washington]. [1850]                                                  Fiche: 103357-103358
       Fiche: 103343-103344
                                                                Louisiana Historical Association.
[Thomson, Alexander].                                                First circular and catalogue of the Louisiana
     ...A belated colonist.                                     Historical Ass'n., Memorial Hall, Howard Annex,
Austin, Tex. 1899                                               New Orleans, La., 1891.
(In Texas state historical association. Quarterly).             New Orleans, Hopkins' Print. Off. [1891]
      Fiche: 103345-103346                                           Fiche: 103359-103360
[Smith, Henry].                                                 Lewis, Dio.
     The expedition against the Sauk and Fox                         Prohibition. For and against.
Indians, 1832.                                                  New York, J.W. Cummings. 1884
New York. 1914                                                  Containing the correspondence between, and
The following narrative of the expedition against the           speeches of, Dr. Dio Lewis...and Hon. John B.
Sauk and Fox Indians, last year, has been kindly                Finch...on this great question.
furnished to the Military and naval magazine by an                   Fiche: 103361-103362
officer who served in General Atkinson's brigade.
      Fiche: 103347-103348                                      Kidder, Alfred Vincent.
                                                                    ...The pueblo of Pecos.
Shaw, Benjamin Frank.                                           [Washington?]. 1916
     ...Medicine Creek treaty.                                       Fiche: 103363-103364
(Salem, Or.). (1906)
Annual address by Colonel B.F. Shaw. (In Oregon                 Going, Charles Buxton.
historical society. Proceedings.).                                  Methods of the Santa Fe.
      Fiche: 103349-103350                                      New York. c.1909
                                                                Economy in the manufacture of transportation.
Pratt, Richard Henry.                                               Fiche: 103365-103367
      American Indians, chained and unchained; being
an address before the Pennsylvania commandery of                Fox, Simeon M.
the Military order of the loyal legion, at the Union                  The Seventh Kansas cavalry: its service in the
league, Philadelphia, October 23, 1912, entitled "One           civil war.
of General Sheridan's ways with Indians and what                Topeka, State Printing Office. 1908
came of it," supplemented by an address to the                  An address before the State historical society,
Society of American Indians at their annual                     December 3, 1902. Also, a brief narration of the first
convention, in Columbus, Ohio, October 5, 1912, on              eight Kansas regiments.
"The solution of the Indian problem" both by R.H.                     Fiche: 103368-103369
Pratt, brig. Gen., U.S.A.
[n.p.]. [1912]                                                  Flandrau, Charles Eugene.
      Fiche: 103351-103352                                            The Ink-pa-du-ta massacre of 1857.
                                                                (St. Paul). (1880)
                                                                A paper read before the Minnesota historical society,
                                                                December 8, 1879. By Hon. Charles E. Flandrau. (In
                                                                Minnesota historical society. Collections.
                                                                      Fiche: 103370-103371

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Dowell, B[enjamin] F[ranklin].                               Smithsonian Institution.
     Petition of B.F. Dowell and others, asking pay                Exploration of the Colorado River of the West
for two companies of Oregon volunteers and their             and its tributaries.
expenses.                                                    Washington, Govt. Print. Off. 1875
[Washington]. [1867]                                         Explored in 1869, 1870, 1871, and 1872, under the
      Fiche: 103372-103373                                   direction of the secretary of the Smithsonian
Coolidge, Calvin, pres. U.S.                                       Fiche: 103857-103863
     Address of President Coolidge dedicating a
memorial to Colonel William Colvill at Cannon                Racine, Janesville and Mississippi Railroad
Falls, Minnesota, July 29, 1928.                             Compa.
Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Off. 1928                          Racine, Janesville and Mississippi Railroad
      Fiche: 103374-103375                                   Company.
Connolly, Arthur Theodore, rev.                              Annual report. 1st.
     ...Fr. Sebastian Rasle.                                     Fiche: 104082-104083
Boston, Mass., New England Catholic Historical
Society. 1906                                                Ropes, Hanah Anderson.
      Fiche: 103376-103377                                        Six months in Kansas, by a lady.
                                                             Boston, J.P. Jewett; New York, Sheldon, Blakeman.
Clark, Sam H.                                                1856
     Custer and the last West.                                    Fiche: 104147-104150
[Bismarck, N.D., Printed by Humphrys & Moule].
c.1921                                                       Randolph, Edmund.
     Fiche: 103378-103379                                          Address on the history of California, from the
                                                             discovery of the country to the year 1849.
Engelhardt, Zephyrin, father.                                San Francisco, Printed at the Alta California Job
    ...San Gabriel mission and the beginnings of Los         Office. 1860
Angeles.                                                     Delivered before the Society of California pioneers,
San Gabriel, Cal., Mission San Gabriel. 1927                 at their celebration of the tenth anniversary of the
     Fiche: 103380-103385                                    admission of the State of California into the union, by
                                                             Edmund Randolph, esq. San Francisco, September
Circular. To the citizens of Utah. The manner in             10th, 1860.
which we came to these valleys.                                    Fiche: 104359-104360
[Salt Lake City]. [1864]
      Fiche: 103386-103387                                   Randolph, Edmund.
                                                                  Titles to land in the city of San Francisco.
Rankin, Melinda.                                             Sacramento, J. Anthony. 1860
    Texas in 1850.                                           Supreme court of California, December, 1859. Wm.
Boston, Printed by Damrell & Moore. 1850                     Hart, respondent vs. Burnett et als., appellants,
     Fiche: 103657-103660                                    ejectment. Argument of Edmund Randolph, for
                                                             appellants. Reported by Charles A. Sumner.
Praslow, J.                                                       Fiche: 104361-104362
     Der staat Californien in
medicinisch-geographischer hinsicht.                         Pine, George W.
Gottingen, Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht. 1857                         Beyond the West; containing an account of two
     Fiche: 103807-103808                                    years' travel in the other half of our great continent
                                                             far beyond the old West, on the plains, in the Rocky
Powell, C. Frank.                                            mountains, and picturesque parks of Colorado.
     Life of Major General Zachary Taylor; with an           Utica, N.Y., T.J. Griffiths. 1870
account of his early victories, and brilliant                Also, characteristic features of New Mexico,
achievements in Mexico including the siege of                Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho...Oregon, Utah,
Monterey and battle of Buena vista.                          Nevada, and...California, the end of the West...the
New York, D. Appleton; Philadelphia, G.S.                    great continental railroad, together with the...most
Appleton. 1847                                               wonderful natural scenery in the world.
Also sketches of Maj. Ringgold, Maj. Brown, Col.                   Fiche: 104739-104744
     Fiche: 103852-103854                                    Robinson, Merritt M.
                                                                  A digest of the penal law of the state of
                                                             Louisiana, analytically arranged, by authority.
                                                             New Orleans, For the author [New York, Printed by
                                                             A.S. Gould]. 1841
                                                                  Fiche: 104871-104875

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

Mississippi River Improvement Convention (1867:              Mooney, James.
St. Louis).                                                       ...The aboriginal population of America north of
     Proceedings of the River improvement                    Mexico.
convention, held in St. Louis February.                      City of Washington, The Smithsonian Institution.
St. Louis, G. Knapp. 1867                                    1928
Pub. by order of the Union merchants' exchange of                  Fiche: 106265-106266
St. Louis.
     Fiche: 104964-104966                                    Reagan, Albert B.
                                                                  Wild or Indian rice.
Pottle, Emory B.                                             [Indianapolis]. 1921
     Kansas - The Lecompton constitution                     The influenza and the Navajo. A trip in the Little
Speech...in the House of representatives March 23,           Fork, Nett River country, Minnesota. A trip among
1858.                                                        the Rainy Lakes. The flood myth of the Chippewas.
Washington, Buell & Blanchard. 1858                          Glacial deposits in Pine River Valley, Colorado.
     Fiche: 105062-105063                                    Probable cocene glacial deposits in the Fort Apache
                                                             region, Arizona.
Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S.A.                         Fiche: 106267-106268
    A month among the Indian missions and
agencies on the Missouri river, and in Minnesota and         Fewkes, Jesse Walter.
Wisconsin.                                                       Minor Hopi festivals.
New York, American Church Press Company. 1872                New York, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1902
     Fiche: 106250-106251                                        Fiche: 106269-106270

McKeith, George Robert.                                      Sniffen, Matthew K.
     Pioneer stories of the pioneers of Fillmore and               "Out of thine own mouth", an analysis of the
adjoining counties.                                          House subcommittee report denying and confirming
Exeter, Neb., Press of Fillmore County News.                 the looting of Oklahoma's "Poor rich Indians".
[c.1915]                                                     Philadelphia, Pa., Indian Rights Association. 1925
     Fiche: 106252-106254                                          Fiche: 106271-106272

Kansas. Commission on Provision for the                      Bourke, John Gregory.
Feeble-minded.                                                    An Apache campaign in the Sierra Madre.
     The Kallikaks of Kansas.                                New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1886
[Topeka, Kansas State Printing Plant, Imri Zumwalt].         An account of the expedition in pursuit of the hostile
[1919]                                                       Chiricahua Apaches in the spring of 1883.
Report of the Commission on provision for the                     Fiche: 106273-106275
feeble-minded. January 1, 1919. Publication of this
report authorized by Henry J. Allen, governor,               Fewkes, Jesse Walter.
Topeka.                                                          The winter solstice ceremony at Walpi.
     Fiche: 106255-106256                                    Washington, Reprinted from the American
                                                             Anthropologist. 1898
Boston. Committee of One Hundred.                            volume XI.
     Mr. Blaine's record.                                        Fiche: 106276-106277
Boston, Committee of One Hundred. [1884?]
The investigation of 1876 and the Mulligan letters.          Gatschet, Albert Samuel.
     Fiche: 106257-106258                                         A mythic tale of the Isleta Indians, New Mexico;
                                                             the race of the antelope and the hawk around the
Hill, J.L.                                                   horizon.
      The passing of the Indian and buffalo.                 Philadelphia, Mac-Calla & Company. [1891?]
Long Beach, Cal., G.W. Moyle Publishing Co.                  Indian text; translation; remarks on the mythic tale
[1917?]                                                      and on Isleta sun-worship.
      Fiche: 106259-106260                                         Fiche: 106278-106279

Nadaillac, Jean Francois Albert du Pouget,                   Pratt, Richard Henry.
marquis de.                                                        Why most of our Indians are dependent and
    Les mound builders, une monographie.                     non-citizen.
Louvain, Impr. Polleunis & Ceuterick. 1895                   [n.p.]. [1914]
    Fiche: 106261-106262                                     By Gen. R.H. Pratt.
                                                                   Fiche: 106280-106281
Reagan, Albert B.
    Sketches of Indian life and character.                   Shufeldt, R[obert] W[ilson].
[Topeka, Kan.]. [191-?]                                          Some observations on the Havesu-Pai Indians.
    Fiche: 106263-106264                                     Washington, Govt. Print. Off. 1891
                                                                 Fiche: 106282-106283

   Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
                                 Fiche Listing

The reform movement.                                          Soniat du Fossat, Eugene, Mrs.
Washington, F. & J. Rives & G.A. Bailey. 1872                      Biographical sketches of Louisiana's governors,
A national convention called to meet at Cincinnati,           from d'Iberville to Foster, by a Louisianaise, as a
May 2, 1872. Resolutions of the Liberal Republican            contribution to the exhibit of woman's work, in
state convention of Missouri. Speech by Governor B.           Louisiana state department at the World's industrial
Gratz Brown. Letter from Senator Carl Schurz.                 and cotton centennial exposition, New Orleans, La.,
      Fiche: 106284-106285                                    1884-85.
                                                              Baton Rouge, The Advocate Book and Job Office.
Purcell, Martha Grassham, Mrs.                                1893
    The settlements and cessions of Louisiana.                     Fiche: 106302-106303
[Paducah, Ky., C.M. Leake]. [1904]
     Fiche: 106286-106287                                     Fewkes, Jesse Walter.
                                                                 The new-fire ceremony at Walpi.
United States. Treaties, etc. (1845-1849: Polk).              New York, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1900
     Message from the President of the United States,             Fiche: 106304-106305
communicating a copy of the treaty with the Mexican
Republic, of February 2, 1848, and of the                     Berthoud, Edward L.
correspondence in relation thereto, and                           The boundaries of Louisiana in 1803.
recommending measures for carrying the same into              Golden, Col., The Colorado Transcript. 1897
effect. July 6, 1848.                                             Fiche: 106306-106307
[Washington]. [1848]
Read, and ordered to be printed.                              The removal of the Indians.
      Fiche: 106288-106289                                    Boston, Peirce and Williams. 1830
                                                              An article from the American monthly magazine: an
Eells, Myron.                                                 examination of an article in the North American
     The Twana Indians of the Skokomish                       review: and an exhibition of the advancement of the
reservation in Washington Territory.                          southern tribes, in civilization and Christianity.
Washington. 1877                                                   Fiche: 106308-106310
By Rev. M. Eells; [Author's ed.].
     Fiche: 106290-106291                                     United States. Kaw Commission.
                                                                   Report of Kaw commission and estimate of
Stevens, Isaac Ingalls.                                       appropriation for settlement of certain claims.
      War expenses of Washington and Oregon                   [Washington, Gov't Print. Off.]. [1908]
territories.                                                  Letter from the secretary of the interior.
Washington, T. McGill. 1860                                        Fiche: 106311-106312
Remarks of Hon. Isaac I. Stevens...made before the
Committee of military affairs of the House, Friday,           Sneed, S.G.
March 15, 1860.                                                     Texas land titles; an essay on defects in Texas
      Fiche: 106292-106293                                    titles, and remedies therefore.
                                                              Austin, Tex., C.R. Johns & Sons. 1885
Fortier, Alcee.                                               A guide to purchasers and owners. Introductory
    The Louisiana historical society.                         number of the Texas review.
     Fiche: 106294-106295                                            Fiche: 106313-106314

Roberts, Oran Milo.                                           Turner, Frederick Jackson.
    The elements of Texas pleading.                               Western state-making in the revolutionary era.
Austin, B.C. Jones. 1890                                      [New York]. [1896]
     Fiche: 106296-106297                                         Fiche: 106315-106316

Turner, Frederick Jackson.                                    Kansas. State Board of Agriculture.
     The policy of Fran