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					                                American Theological Library Association (ATLA)
                             Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)
ISBN             Title                                                                                              Author                                                  Year Published Language
079051303X       1. Mose 14: Eine Historisch-Kritische Untersuchung                                                 Meinhold, Johannes; 1861-1937.                              1911      German
0524064865       101 Things for Adult Bible Classes to Do                                                           Moninger, Herbert; 1876-1911.                               1911      English
0524102775       1885-1910. Gedenkblatt Der Neuendettelsauer Heidenmission in Queensland Und Neu-Guinea             Flierl, Johann; 1858-                                       1910      German
0790581221       A "New Years Guift": An Hitherto Lost Treatise by Robert Browne, the Father of                     Browne, Robert; ca. 1550-1633.                              1904      English
                 Congregationalism, in the Form of a Letter to His Uncle, Mr. Flower, Written December 31st, 1588
                 (old Style) and Now First Published
0524099456       A B C (Or Three Hundred Character) Catechism: Being a Statement of the Fundamentals of             Price, Philip Francis; 1864-1954.                           1917      Chinese
                 Christian Doctrine in Simple Style and With the Use of Only 303 Separate Characters - Includes
                 Also the Story of the Prodigal Son and Concludes With..., The
0524068836       A Baptist Manual: The Polity of the Baptist Churches and of the Denominational Organisations       Soares, Theodore Gerald; b. 1869.                           1911      English

0524042837       A Bible School Vision                                                                              Welshimer, P. H. (Pearl Howard); 1873-1957.                 1909      English
0524000263       A Bible Study on Prayer                                                                            Gamertsfelder, S. J. (Solomon Jacob); 1851-1925.            1907      English
052401079X       A Bibliography of Ralph Waldo Emerson                                                              Cooke, George Willis; 1848-1923.                            1908      English
0790539292       A Bishop and His Flock                                                                                                                                         1903      English
0790557665       A Book of Essays                                                                                   Hirsch, S. A. (Samuel Abraham)                              1905      English
0524053642       A Book of Family Worship                                                                                                                                       1916      English
0524066914       A Book of Offices and Prayers for Priest and People                                                                                                            1899      English
837040957        A Book of Prayer                                                                                   Levy, J. Leonard; (Joseph Leonard); 1865-1917.              1902      English
079057652X       A Boy's Religion: From Memory                                                                      Jones, Rufus Matthew; 1863-1948.                            1902      English
0524080763       A Brief Biblical History, Old Testament                                                            Foakes-Jackson, F. J. (Frederick John); 1855-1941.          1912      English
0524036055       A Brief History of Claar Congregation                                                              Adams, David M. b. 1875.                                    1908      English
837049679        A Brief History of Congregation Oheb Shalom, Baltimore, MD                                         Rosenau, William; 1865-1943.                                1903      English
0524019320       A Brief History of Early Chinese Philosophy                                                        Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro; 1870-1966.                         1914      English
052402748X       A Brief History of Idaho and Western Montana as Settled and District Organized by the Church of                                                                1914      English
                 the Brethren
083707357X       A Brief History of Missionary Enterprise in Antient sic and Modern Times: Lecture Memoranda                                                                    1910      English
                 World Missionary Conference, Edinburgh, 1910.
052403236X       A Brief History of the Christian Church                                                            Leonard, William A. (William Andrew); 1848-1930.            1910      English
0524039291       A Brief History of the Church of the Brethren in China                                                                                                         1915      English
0524036926       A Brief History of the German Baptist Brethren Church: Showing the Commencement of the Work                                                                    1900      English
                 and Line of Progress in the City of Lancaster, Lancaster County, State of Pennsylvania Including
                 September 1900.
0524098700       A Brief History of the Indian Peoples; by Sir William Wilson Hunter                                Hunter, William Wilson; Sir; 1840-1900.                     1903      English
0790556138       A Brief History of the Lutheran Church in America                                                  Neve, J. L. (Juergen Ludwig); 1865-1943.                    1904      English
079055786X       A Brief History of the Madison Square Presbyterian Church and Its Activities                       Parkhurst, Charles H. (Charles Henry); 1842-1933.           1906      English
0790590905       A Brief Introduction to Modern Philosophy                                                          Rogers, Arthur Kenyon; b. 1868.                             1899      English
083709237X       A Brief Introduction to New Testament Greek: With Vocabularies and Exercises                       Green, Samuel G. (Samuel Gosnell); 1822-1905.               1894      English
837031680        A Brief Introduction to the Study of Theology                                                      Foster, R. V. (Robert Verrell); 1845-1914.                  1899      English
0524031797       A Brief Sketch of the Brethren Generally Known as "Dunkards" of Northern Indiana                   Opperman, Owen.                                             1897      English
0524072418       A Brief Statement of the Reformed Faith According to the System of Doctrine Set Forth in the                                                                   1909      English
                 Standards of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand: For a Better Understanding of Our Doctrinal
0790567296       A Brief Study of Christian Science                                                                 Sandt, Geo. W. (George Washington); 1854-1931.              1911      English
0837061733       A Brief Text Book of Moral Philosophy                                                              Coppens, Charles; 1835-1920.                                1895      English
0790525399       A Brief Treatise on the Atonement                                                                  Kephart, Ezekiel B. (Ezekiel Boring); 1834-1906.            1902      English
052409148X       A Buddhist Manual of Psychological Ethics of the Fourth Century B.C: Being a Translation, Now                                                                  1900      English
                 Made for the First Time, From the Original Pali, of the First Book in the Abhidhamma Pitaka,
                 Entitled Dhamma-Sangani (Compendium of States or Phenomena) Micro..
0790549751       A Bundle of Memories                                                                               Holland, Henry Scott; 1847-1918.                            1915      English
052401714X       A California Pilgrimage                                                                            Bisbee, Frederick A. (Frederick Adelbert); 1855-1922.       1915      English
0837075378       A Call for a Convention to Effect a National Organization for the Improvement of Religious and                                                                 1902      English
                 Moral Education Through the Sunday School and Other Agencies: To Be Held in Chicago in
                 February or March, 1903.
0524026157       A Call of Attention to the Behaists or Babists of America                                          Stenstrand, August J.                                       1907      English
0524037388       A Call to Prayer                                                                                   Simpson, A. B. (Albert B.)                                  1897      English
0790552574       A Candid History of the Jesuits                                                                    McCabe, Joseph; 1867-1955.                                  1913      English
0524057060       A Catechism of Christian Doctrine                                                                                                                              1911      Maltese
0790514879       A Catechism on Church Government: With Special Reference to That of the Methodist Episcopal        McTyeire, Holland N. (Holland Nimmons); 1824-1889.          1894      English
                 Church, South
0837087422       A Catholic Atlas, or, Digest of Catholic Theology: Comprehending Fundamentals of Religion,         Grafton, Charles C. (Charles Chapman); 1830-1912.           1908      English
                 Summary of Catholic Doctrine, Means of Grace, Perfection With Its Rules and Counsels, Worship
                 and Its Laws
0524076243       A Catholic Catechism for the Parochial and Sunday Schools of the United States                     Grònings, Jakob; 1833-1911.                                 1900      English
0524063656       A Catholic History of Alabama and the Floridas                                                     Carroll, Austin; 1835-1909.                                 1908      English
0790555190       A Century in the Pacific: Scientific, Sociological, Historical, Missionary, General                                                                            1914      English
0524036012       A Century of Archaeological Discoveries                                                            Michaelis, Adolf; 1835-1910.                                1908      English
0837090873       A Century of Baptist Achievement                                                                                                                               1901      English
0837066247       A Century of Jewish Missions                                                                       Thompson, A. E. (Albert Edward); b. 1870.                   1902      English
0790549506       A Century of Protestant Missions in China (1807-1907): Being the Centenary Conference Historical                                                               1907      English
079053942X       A Century's Change in Religion                                                                   Harris, George; 1844-1922.                                    1914      English
0790515008       A Century's Progress in Religious Life and Thought                                               Adeney, Walter F. (Walter Frederic); 1849-1920.               1901      English
0837063027       A Chapter of Mission History in Modern Japan: Being a Sketch for the Period Since 1869 and a     Pettee, James H. (James Horace)                               1895      English
                 Report for the Years Since 1893 of the American Board's Mission and the Kumiai Churches in Their
                 Affiliated Work

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 1 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                 Author                                                     Year Published Language
0790524716       A Child's Guide to the Bible                                                                          Hodges, George; 1856-1919.                                     1911      English
0790524651       A Child's Life of Christ                                                                              Dearmer, Mabel; 1872-1915.                                     1906      English
0524096457       A Chinese Christian General: Feng Yu Hsiang                                                           Goforth, Jonathan; 1859-1936.                                  1919      English
0790546639       A Chinese St. Francis, or, The Life of Brother Mao                                                    Brown, C. Campbell; (Colin Campbell)                           1911      English
0524063184       A Christian Apology                                                                                   Schanz, Paul; 1841-1905.                                       1896      English
079053231X       A Christian's Habits                                                                                  Speer, Robert E. (Robert Elliott); 1867-1947.                  1911      English
0524030456       A Church History for the Use of Schools and Colleges                                                  Lòvgren, Nils; b. 1852.                                        1906      English
0524069026       A Circuit of the Globe                                                                                Galloway, Charles B. (Charles Betts); 1849-1909.               1897      English
0524050171       A Circuit of the Globe: A Series of Letters of Travel Across the American Continent, Through the      McLean, Archibald; 1850-1920.                                  1897      English
                 HawaIIan Republic, Japan, China, the Straits Settlements, Burma, India, Ceylon, Australia, Egypt,
                 Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland...
0524015155       A Collection of Esoteric Writings of T. Subba Row                                                     Subba Row, Tiruvalum; 1856-1890.                               1895      English
0524081891       A Collection of Popular Tales From the Norse and North German                                         Dasent, George Webbe; Sir; 1817-1896.                          1907      English
0837064198       A Colony of Mercy, or, Social Christianity at Work                                                    Sutter, Julie.                                                 1904      English
0790595133       A Commentary on Hegel's Logic                                                                         McTaggart, John McTaggart Ellis; 1866-1925.                    1910      English
0524076480       A Commentary on the Book of Job: From a Hebrew Manuscript in the University Library,                                                                                 1905      English
837046300        A Commentary on the Books of Amos, Hosea, and Micah                                                   Smith, J. M. Powis; (John Merlin Powis); 1866-1932.            1914      English
0837099374       A Commentary on the First Epistle of St. John: In the Form of Addresses                               Dryander, Ernst von; 1843-1922.                                1899      English
0524095248       A Commentary on the Five Classics: Adapted to Modern Times, for Use in Christian Schools and          Woods, Henry M.                                                1917      Chinese
0524100039       A Commentary on the Four Books: Adapted to Modern Times; Prepared Especially for Use in               Woods, Henry McKee; 1857-1943.                                 1914      Chinese
                 Christian Schools and Colleges
0837096634       A Commentary on the New Testament. Volume I; Matthew-Mark                                             Weiss, Bernhard; 1827-1918.                                    1906      English
0837096642       A Commentary on the New Testament. Volume II; Luke, the Acts                                          Weiss, Bernhard; 1827-1918.                                    1906      English
0837096650       A Commentary on the New Testament. Volume III; Romans-Colossians                                      Weiss, Bernhard; 1827-1918.                                    1906      English
0837096669       A Commentary on the New Testament. Volume IV; Thessalonians-Revelation                                Weiss, Bernhard; 1827-1918.                                    1906      English
0837019761       A Companion to Biblical Studies: Being a Revised and Re-Written Edition of the Cambridge                                                                             1916      English
                 Companion to the Bible
0790570750       A Companion to Latin Studies                                                                                                                                         1910      English
0790507404       A Companion to the New Testament: Being a Plain Commentary on Scripture History From the              Blunt, John Henry; 1823-1884.                                  1900      English
                 Birth of Our Lord to the End of the Apostolic Age
0790594633       A Comparative View of Church Organizations, Primitive and Protestant: With a Supplement on            Rigg, James H. (James Harrison); 1821-1909.                    1897      English
                 Methodist Secessions and Methodist Union
0790591227       A Compendium on the Soul                                                                              Avicenna; 980?-1037.                                           1906      English
0524024855       A Comprehensive History of the Disciples of Christ: Being an Account of a Century's Effort to         Moore, William Thomas; 1832-1926.                              1909      English
                 Restore Primitive Christianity in Its Faith, Doctrine, and Life
0837066468       A Concise History of Missions                                                                         Bliss, Edwin Munsell; 1848-1919.                               1897      English
0524043728       A Concise History of the Foreign Christian Missionary Society                                                                                                        1910      English
0837019109       A Concordance to the Greek Testament: According to the Texts of Westcott and Hort, Tischendorf        Moulton, W. F. (William Fiddian); 1835-1898.                   1897      Greek
                 and the English Revisers
0790552108       A Consecrated Life: A Sketch of the Life and Labors of Rev. Ransom Dunn, D.D., 1818-1900              Gates, Helen Dunn.                                             1901      English
0524029024       A Constitutional History of American Episcopal Methodism                                              Tigert, Jno. J. (John James); 1856-1906.                       1916      English
0524077657       A Constructive Basis for Theology                                                                     Ten Broeke, James; 1859-1937.                                  1914      English
0790582848       A Coptic Palimpsest Containing Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Judith and Esther in the Sahidic Dialect                                                                        1911      Coptic

0524090246       A Corner in India                                                                                Clark, Mary Mead.                                                   1907      English
0790577496       A Cosmic View of Religion                                                                        Halstead, William Riley; 1848-1931.                                 1913      English
0790533383       A Course of Bible Study for Adolescents: Dealing With Decision, Duty, and Discipline: A Handbook Garvie, Alfred E. (Alfred Ernest); 1861-1945.                       1913      English
                 for Teachers
0790596407       A Creed for Christian Socialists: With Expositions                                                    Stubbs, Charles William; 1845-1912.                            1897      English
0524002770       A Critical Account of the Philosophy of Lotze: The Doctrine of Thought                                Jones, Henry; Sir; 1852-1922.                                  1895      English
837029686        A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on Deuteronomy                                                   Driver, S. R. (Samuel Rolles); 1846-1914.                      1895      English
0790529408       A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Book of Ecclesiastes                                      Barton, George A.                                              1908      English
0837062977       A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Book of Esther                                            Paton, Lewis Bayles; 1864-1932.                                1908      English
0790516470       A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Books of Chronicles                                       Curtis, Edward Lewis; 1853-1911.                               1910      English
0837060184       A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Epistles of St. Peter and St. Jude                        Bigg, Charles; 1840-1908.                                      1902      English
837020298        A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Epistles to the Ephesians and to the Colossians           Abbott, Thomas Kingsmill; 1829-1913.                           1897      English
083705639X       A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Epistles to the Philippians and to Philemon               Vincent, Marvin Richardson; 1834-1922.                         1897      English
0790528673       A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the First Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians              Robertson, Archibald; 1853-1931.                               1914      English
0790528207       A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Gospel According to S. Matthew                            Allen, Willoughby C. (Willoughby Charles); 1867-1953.          1912      English
837033535        A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Gospel According to St. Mark                              Gould, Ezra P. (Ezra Palmer); 1841-1900.                       1896      English
837048001        A Critical Commentary on the Book of Daniel: Designed Especially for Students of the English          Prince, J. Dyneley; (John Dyneley); 1868-1945.                 1899      English
083705527X       A Critical Examination of the Evidences for the Doctrine of the Virgin Birth                          Thorburn, Thomas James.                                        1908      English
0790506823       A Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life in Israel, in Judaism, and in Christianity, or,   Charles, R. H. (Robert Henry); 1855-1931.                      1913      English
                 Hebrew, Jewish, and Christian Eschatology From Pre-Prophetic Times Till the Close of the New
                 Testament Canon: Being the First Jowett Lectures
837039525        A Critical History of the Evolution of Trinitarianism and Its Outcome in the New Christology          Paine, Levi Leonard; 1837-1902.                                1900      English
0790530465       A Critical Introduction to the New Testament                                                          Peake, Arthur S. (Arthur Samuel); 1865-1929.                   1909      English
0790529645       A Critical Introduction to the Old Testament                                                          Gray, G. Buchanan; (George Buchanan); 1865-1922.               1913      English
0837086779       A Critical Study of Current Theories of Moral Education                                               Hart, Joseph Kinmont; 1876-1949.                               1910      English
0790565137       A Critical Study of the Historical Method of Samuel Rawson Gardiner: With an Excursus on the          Usher, Roland G. (Roland Greene); b. 1880.                     1915      English
                 Historical Conception of the Puritan Revolution From Clarendon to Gardiner
837026946        A Criticism of Systems of Hebrew Metre: An Elementary Treatise                                        Cobb, William Henry.                                           1905      English
0837060133       A Crusade of Brotherhood: A History of the American Missionary Association                            Beard, Augustus Field; 1833-1934.                              1909      English
0790515334       A Cry for Justice: A Study in Amos                                                                    McFadyen, John Edgar; 1870-1933.                               1912      English
0524045275       A Cycle of Cathay, or, China, South and North: With Personal Reminiscences                            Martin, W. A. P. (William Alexander Parsons); 1827-1916.       1900      English
0790513269       A Declaration on Biblical Criticism by 1725 Clergy of the Anglican Communion                                                                                         1906      English
0524044414       A Defense of Christian Perfection, or, A Criticism of Dr. James Mudge's Growth in Holiness Toward     Steele, Daniel; 1824-1914.                                     1896      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                               Page 2 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                               Author                                                             Year Published Language
0524093156       A Descriptive and Classified Catalogue of Hindi Christian Literature: Published Up to 1916-17.                                                                             1917      English

0524027781       A Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels                                                                                                                                     1906      English
052400613X       A Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature: To the End of the Sixth Century A.D., With an                                                                          1911      English
                 Account of the Principal Sects and Heresies
0524083274       A Dictionary of Hymnology: Setting Forth the Origin and History of Christian Hymns of All Ages                                                                             1915      English
                 and Nations
0524076065       A Dictionary of Non-Classical Mythology                                                                                                                                    1912      English
0524100225       A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms: Chiefly From the Japanese                                      Richard, Timothy; 1845-1919.                                           1913      English
0837019060       A Dictionary of the Bible: Dealing With Its Language, Literature, and Contents, Including the                                                                              1902      English
                 Biblical Theology
0524057680       A Dictionary of the Gàthic Language of the Zend Avesta: Being Vol. III of a Study of the Five       Mills, Lawrence Heyworth; 1837-1918.                                   1913      German
                 Zarathushtrian Gàthas
0837073944       A Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature: With Jastrow, Marcus.                                                         1903      English
                 an Index of Scriptural Quotations
052401518X       A Digest of Methodist Law, or, Helps in the Administration of the Discipline of the Methodist       Merrill, Stephen Mason; 1825-1905.                                     1896      English
                 Episcopal Church
0524024405       A Digest of the Acts and Proceedings of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the      Alexander, W. A. (William Addison)                                     1911      English
                 United States: Revised Down to and Including Acts of the General Assembly of 1910
0790501090       A Discussion of the General Epistle of St. James                                                 Parry, R. St. John; (Reginald Saint John); 1858-1935.                     1903      English
0790511029       A Dissertation on the Gospel Commentary of S. Ephraem the Syrian: With a Scriptural Index to His Hill, James Hamlyn.                                                       1896      English
837020964        A Doubter's Doubts About Science and Religion                                                       Anderson, Robert; Sir; 1841-1918.                                      1894      English
0790575973       A Dynamic Faith                                                                                     Jones, Rufus Matthew; 1863-1948.                                       1902      English
837031540        A Faith for Today: Suggestions Towards a System of Christian Belief                                 Campbell, R. J. (Reginald John); 1867-1956.                            1900      English
052405052X       A Few Notes on the Gospels According to St. Mark and St. Matthew: Based Chiefly on Modern           Pallēs, Alexandros; 1851-1935.                                       1903      English
837044855        A First Century Message to Twentieth Century Christians: Addresses Based Upon the Letters to the Morgan, G. Campbell; (George Campbell); 1863-1945.                        1902      English
                 Seven Churches of Asia
0837092973       A First Reader in New Testament Greek                                                         Moulton, James Hope; 1863-1917.                                              1896      English
0524098662       A Flight for Life and an Inside View of Mongolia                                              Roberts, James Hudson; 1851-1945.                                            1903      English
0524054924       A Form for Receiving Such as Have Been in Schism Into the Communion of the Church of England,                                                                              1898      English
                 and for Reconciling Those Who Have Lapsed
0837016843       A Fourteenth Century English Biblical Version                                                                                                                              1904      Middle English
0524077665       A Free Catholic Church                                                                              Thomas, J. M. Lloyd; (Joseph Morgan Lloyd); b. 1868.                   1907      English
0790505169       A Free Enquiry Into the Origin of the Fourth Gospel                                                 Sense, P. C.                                                           1899      English
0790519925       A Fresh Study of the Fourth Gospel                                                                  Hitchcock, F. R. Montgomery; (Francis Ryan Montgomery); b. 1867.       1911      English
0790557088       A Garner of Saints: Being a Collection of the Legends and Emblems Usually Represented in Art        Hinds, Allen B. (Allen Banks); b. 1870.                                1900      English

0524091390       A Garo Jungle Book: Or, The Mission to the Garos of Assam                                           Carey, William; 1861-                                                  1919      English
0790506750       A General Introduction to the Study of Holy Scripture                                               Breen, A. E. (Andrew Edward); 1863-1938.                               1908      English
0790526220       A General Survey of the History of the Canon of the New Testament                                   Westcott, Brooke Foss; 1825-1901.                                      1896      English
0790592878       A Generation of Religious Progress: Issued in Commemoration of the Twenty-First Anniversary of                                                                             1916      English
                 the Union of Ethical Societies
0790545721       A Genetic History of the New England Theology                                                       Foster, Frank Hugh; 1851-1935.                                         1907      English
079054072X       A Geography and Atlas of Protestant Missions. Volume I; Geography: Their Environment, Forces,       Beach, Harlan P. (Harlan Page); 1854-1933.                             1901      English
                 Distribution, Methods, Problems, Results and Prospects at the Opening of the Twentieth Century

0524077932       A German Buddhist, Oberpràsidialrat Theodor Schultze: A Biographical Sketch                         Pfungst, Arthur; 1864-1912.                                            1902      English
0524014442       A German Scholar in the East: Travel Scenes and Reflections                                         Hackmann, Heinrich Friedrich; 1864-1935.                               1914      English
0524093857       A Gladdening River: Twenty-Five Years' Guild Influence Among the Himalayas                          Manuel, David Gilmour; 1858-                                           1914      English
0524091366       A Glossary of Reference on Subjects Connected With the Far East                                     Giles, Herbert Allen; 1845-1935.                                       1900      English
0837080916       A Glossary of the Aramaic Inscriptions                                                              Cook, Stanley Arthur; 1873-1949.                                       1898      English
837034981        A Glossary of the West Saxon Gospels: Latin-West Saxon and West Saxon-Latin                         Harris, M. Anstice; (Mattie Anstice)                                   1899      Latin
0790501708       A Grammar of the Old Testament in Greek, According to the Septuagint. Vol. I; Introduction,         Thackeray, H. St. John; (Henry St. John); 1869?-1930.                  1909      English
                 Orthography and Accidence; Microfiche
0524021759       A Great Cloud of Witnesses: Being a Brief Treatise in Which It Is Proven by the Most Eminent        Wilson, Louis C. (Louis Charles); 1837-1906.                           1901      English
                 Theologians of Various Schools...That the Apostles of Jesus Christ and the Primitive Church, by
                 Her Ministers, Taught the Identical Doctrine That...
0837094089       A Guide to Biblical Study                                                                           Peake, Arthur S. (Arthur Samuel); 1865-1929.                           1897      English
0790539365       A Guide to Preachers                                                                                Garvie, Alfred E. (Alfred Ernest); 1861-1945.                          1906      English
0524051135       A Guide to the Antiquities of Upper Egypt: From Abydos to the Sudan Frontier                        Weigall, Arthur Edward Pearse Brome; 1880-1934.                        1910      English
0790550687       A Guide to the Study of Church History                                                              McGlothlin, William J. (William Joseph); 1867-1933.                    1914      English
0790586487       A Guide to the Study of the Christian Religion                                                                                                                             1916      English
0524094594       A Guide to Wenli Styles and Chinese Ideals: Essays, Edicts, Proclamations, Memorials, Letters,      Morgan, Evan; b. 1860.                                                 1912      Chinese
                 Documents, Inscriptions, Commercial Papers; Chinese Text With English Translation and Notes

0790572524       A Half Century Among the Siamese and the Lào: An Autobiography                                      McGilvary, Daniel.                                                     1912      English
0524016119       A Hand Book of the Vedant Philosophy and Religion                                                   Khedkar, Raghunath Vithal; 1873-1930.                                  1911      English
0524047162       A Handbook for the Use of the Members and Friends of the Protestant Episcopal Church                Peterkin, Geo. W. (George William); 1841-1916.                         1911      English
0790539373       A Handbook of Christian Apologetics                                                                 Garvie, Alfred E. (Alfred Ernest); 1861-1945.                          1915      English
0790186061       A Handbook of Christian Doctrine                                                                    Townsend, W. J. (William John); 1835-1915.                             1897      English
052401521X       A Handbook of Church History: From the Apostolic Era to the Dawn of the Reformation                 Green, Samuel G. (Samuel Gosnell); 1822-1905.                          1904      English
0524009139       A Handbook of Comparative Religion                                                                  Kellogg, S. H. (Samuel Henry); 1839-1899.                              1915      English
0524012806       A Handbook of Egyptian Religion                                                                     Erman, Adolf; 1854-1937.                                               1907      English
0524010544       A Handbook of Greek Religion                                                                        Fairbanks, Arthur; 1864-1944.                                          1910      English
0524035482       A Handbook of Information: Touching the Proposed Correction of the Present Official Title of the                                                                           1903      English
                 Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America.
0524098085       A Handbook of Modern Japan                                                                          Clement, Ernest W. (Ernest Wilson); 1860-1941.                         1913      English
0790524031       A Handbook of the Life of the Apostle Paul: An Outline for Class Room and Private Study             Burton, Ernest De Witt; 1856-1925.                                     1899      English
0790599562       A Handbook of Theology: A Homiletical Manual of Christian Doctrine: With an Exhaustive List of      Harries, John; d. 1922.                                                1903      English
                 Questions for Examination and Index of Subjects

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 3 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                  Author                                                                Year Published Language
0837091489       A Handbook to Old Testament Hebrew: Containing an Elementary Grammar of the Language: With Green, Samuel G. (Samuel Gosnell); 1822-1905.                                         1901      English
                 Reading Lessons, Notes on Many Scripture Passages and Copious Exercises

0524056625       A Harmonized Exposition of the Four Gospels                                                            Breen, A. E. (Andrew Edward); 1863-1938.                                  1899      English
0837093678       A Harmony of the Gospels for Historical Study: An Analytical Synopsis of the Four Gospels in the                                                                                 1894      English
                 Version of 1881
0524047871       A Harmony of the Gospels: Being the Life of Jesus in the Words of the Four Evangelists                                                                                           1894      English
0524080690       A Harmony of the Gospels: In the Words of the American Standard Edition of the Revised Bible and                                                                                 1903      English
                 Outline of the Life of Christ
837033411        A Harmony of the Life of St. Paul According to the Acts of the Apostles and the Pauline Epistles                                                                                 1895      English

083706967X       A Heroic Priest: Memoir of Joseph Francis Brophy, D.D: Apostle of Coney Island                         Boyton, Paul; Mrs.                                                        1910      English
0524079927       A Hieroglyphic Vocabulary to the Theban Recension of the Book of the Dead: With an Index to All        Budge, E. A. Wallis; (Ernest Alfred Wallis); Sir; 1857-1934.              1911      English
                 the English Equivalents of the Egyptian Words
837032326        A Historic View of the New Testament: The Jowett Lectures Delivered at the Passmore Edwards            Gardner, Percy; 1846-1937.                                                1901      English
                 Settlement in London, 1901
0837098122       A Historical Commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians                                         Ramsay, William Mitchell; Sir; 1851-1939.                                 1900      English
0790515563       A Historical Examination of Some Non-Markan Elements in Luke                                           Parsons, Ernest William; b. 1873.                                         1914      English
0790503247       A Historical Introduction to the Study of the Books of the New Testament: Being an Expansion of        Salmon, George; 1819-1904.                                                1894      English
0524064768       A History and Record of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of West Virginia, and,          Peterkin, Geo. W. (George William); 1841-1916.                            1902      English
                 Before the Formation of the Diocese in 1878, in the Territory Now Known as the State of West
0790540185       A History of American Christianity                                                                     Bacon, Leonard Woolsey; 1830-1907.                                        1897      English
0790556839       A History of American Revivals                                                                         Beardsley, Frank Grenville; b. 1870.                                      1912      English
0790568438       A History of Ancient Geography                                                                         Tozer, Henry Fanshawe; 1829-1916.                                         1897      English
0524093326       A History of Ancient Sanskrit Literature: So Far as It Illustrates the Primitive Religion of the       Mùller, F. Max; (Friedrich Max); 1823-1900.                               1912      English
0790556154       A History of Anti-Pedobaptism: From the Rise of Pedobaptism to A.D. 1609                               Newman, A. H. (Albert Henry); 1852-1933.                                  1897      English
0790554097       A History of Arabic Literature                                                                         Huart, Clèment; 1854-1926.                                                1903      English
0524063478       A History of Auburn Theological Seminary, 1818-1918                                                    Adams, John Quincy; 1849-1940.                                            1918      English
0524028915       A History of Auricular Confession and Indulgences in the Latin Church                                  Lea, Henry Charles; 1825-1909.                                            1896      English
0790551845       A History of Bohemian Literature                                                                       Lùtzow, Franz Heinrich Hieronymous Valentin; Graf von; 1849-1916.         1907      English
0524038465       A History of Catholicity in Northern Ohio and in the Diocese of Cleveland: From 1749 to December       Houck, George F. (George Francis); 1847-1916.                             1903      English
                 31, 1900
0524040419       A History of Catholicity in Northern Ohio and the Diocese of Cleveland. Volume 2; Biographical         Carr, Michael W. 1851-1922.                                               1903      English

0524006326       A History of Christian Missions in South Africa                                                        Du Plessis, J. (Johannes); 1868-1935.                                     1911      English
0837066549       A History of Christianity in Japan. Protestant Missions                                                Cary, Otis; 1851-1932.                                                    1909      English
0837066557       A History of Christianity in Japan. Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Missions                         Cary, Otis; 1851-1932.                                                    1909      English
079052676X       A History of Christianity in the Apostolic Age                                                         McGiffert, Arthur Cushman; 1861-1933.                                     1897      English
0790514281       A History of Civilization in Palestine                                                                 Macalister, Robert Alexander Stewart; 1870-1950.                          1912      English
0524034222       A History of Classical Scholarship                                                                     Sandys, John Edwin; Sir; 1844-1922.                                       1903      English
0790564262       A History of Congregational Independency in Scotland                                                   Ross, James; of Glasgow.                                                  1900      English
0790550288       A History of Creeds and Confessions of Faith in Christendom and Beyond: With Historical Tables         Curtis, William A. (William Alexander); b. 1876.                          1911      English

0790553961       A History of Education Before the Middle Ages                                                          Graves, Frank Pierrepont; 1869-1943.                                      1909      English
0790547368       A History of Education During the Middle Ages: And the Transition to Modern Times                      Graves, Frank Pierrepont; 1869-1943.                                      1910      English
079055397X       A History of Education in Modern Times                                                                 Graves, Frank Pierrepont; 1869-1943.                                      1913      English
0837017483       A History of Egypt During the XVIIth and XVIIIth Dynasties                                             Petrie, W. M. Flinders; (William Matthew Flinders); Sir; 1853-1942.       1896      English
079052886X       A History of Egypt From the Earliest Times to the Persian Conquest                                     Breasted, James Henry; 1865-1935.                                         1905      English
0837017491       A History of Egypt From the Earliest Times to the XVIth Dynasty                                        Petrie, W. M. Flinders; (William Matthew Flinders); Sir; 1853-1942.       1894      English
0837011833       A History of Egypt From the End of the Neolithic Period to the Death of Cleopatra VII., B.C. 30;       Budge, E. A. Wallis; (Ernest Alfred Wallis); Sir; 1857-1934.              1902      English

0790532735       A History of Egypt From the xixth to the XXXth Dynasties                                               Petrie, W. M. Flinders; (William Matthew Flinders); Sir; 1853-1942.       1905      English
0790532042       A History of Egypt in the Middle Ages                                                                  Lane-Poole, Stanley; 1854-1931.                                           1901      English
0790564076       A History of England and Greater Britain                                                               Cross, Arthur Lyon; 1873-1940.                                            1914      English
0790537486       A History of English Utilitarianism                                                                    Albee, Ernest; 1865-1927.                                                 1902      English
0790544458       A History of Freedom of Thought                                                                        Bury, J. B. (John Bagnell); 1861-1927.                                    1913      English
083708640X       A History of Iowa Baptist Schools                                                                      Abernethy, Alonzo; b. 1836.                                               1907      English
0837062055       A History of Lutheran Missions                                                                         Laury, Preston A. b. 1865.                                                1905      English
0524058571       A History of Matrimonial Institutions: Chiefly in England and the United States: With an               Howard, George Elliott; 1849-1928.                                        1904      English
                 Introductory Analysis of the Literature and the Theories of Primitive Marriage and the Family

0790577747       A History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy                                                               Husik, Isaac; 1876-1939.                                                  1916      English
0524028842       A History of Methodism: Being a Volume Supplemental to a History of Methodism by Holland N.            Du Bose, Horace M. (Horace Mellard); 1858-1941.                           1916      English
                 Mctyeire, D.D., Late One of the Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South: Bringing the
                 Story of Methodism With Special Reference to the...
0524062501       A History of Methodism: Chiefly for the Use of Students                                                Gregory, J. Robinson; (John Robinson); 1845-1920.                         1911      English
0790548968       A History of Methodism: Comprising a View of the Rise of This Revival of Spiritual Religion in the     McTyeire, Holland N. (Holland Nimmons); 1824-1889.                        1898      English
                 First Half of the Eighteenth Century, and of the Principal Agents by Whom It Was Promoted in
                 Europe and America: With Some Account of the...
0790541912       A History of Methodists in the United States                                                           Buckley, J. M. (James Monroe); 1836-1920.                                 1896      English
0837066077       A History of Missions in India                                                                         Richter, Julius; 1862-1940.                                               1908      English
0790540924       A History of New England Theology                                                                      Boardman, George Nye; 1825-1915.                                          1899      English
0837014743;      A History of New England With Particular Reference to the Denomination of Christians Called            Backus, Isaac; 1724-1806.                                                 1871      English
9780837014746    Baptists
0790597462       A History of Philosophy                                                                                Webb, Clement Charles Julian; 1865-1954                                   1915      English
0790549034       A History of Preaching: From the Apostolic Fathers to the Great Reformers A.D. 70-1572                 Dargan, Edwin Charles; 1852-1930.                                         1905      English
0837077753       A History of Presbyterian Education in East Tennessee: An Address Delivered Before the Alumni          Caldwell, John Henderson.                                                 1897      English
                 Association of King College at the Commencement of 1897
0837067715       A History of Protestant Missions in Japan                                                              Ritter, H.                                                                1898      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                                Page 4 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                 Author                                                           Year Published Language
0837063450       A History of Protestant Missions in the Near East                                                     Richter, Julius; 1862-1940.                                          1910      English
0790587645       A History of Psychology, Ancient and Patristic                                                        Brett, George Sidney; 1879-1944.                                     1912      English
0524051704       A History of Sanskrit Literature                                                                      Macdonell, Arthur Anthony; 1854-1930.                                1914      English
0524093849       A History of Szechuen Riots (May-June, 1895)                                                          Cunningham, Alfred; 1870-                                            1895      English
0524071098       A History of the Adult School Movement                                                                Rowntree, John Wilhelm; 1868-1905.                                   1903      English
052405357X       A History of the American Church to the Close of the Nineteenth Century                               Coleman, Leighton; 1837-1907.                                        1903      English
0790571358       A History of the American Sunday School Union                                                         Rice, Edwin Wilbur; 1831-1929.                                       1899      English
0790506742       A History of the Ancient Egyptians                                                                    Breasted, James Henry; 1865-1935.                                    1908      English
0524044589       A History of the Ancient World: For High Schools and Academies                                        Goodspeed, George Stephen; 1860-1905.                                1904      English
083709626X       A History of the Babylonians and Assyrians                                                            Goodspeed, George Stephen; 1860-1905.                                1902      English
079054234X       A History of the Baptist Churches in the United States                                                Newman, A. H. (Albert Henry); 1852-1933.                             1894      English
0790541939       A History of the Baptists in New England                                                              Burrage, Henry S. (Henry Sweetser); 1837-1926.                       1894      English
079056386X       A History of the Baptists in the Middle States                                                        Vedder, Henry C. (Henry Clay); 1853-1935.                            1898      English
0790566699       A History of the Baptists in the Southern States East of the Mississippi                              Riley, B. F. (Benjamin Franklin); 1849-1925.                         1898      English
0790560100       A History of the Baptists in the Western States East of the Mississippi                               Smith, J. A. (Justin Almerin); 1819-1896.                            1896      English
0837011892       A History of the British and Foreign Bible Society                                                    Canton, William; 1845-1926.                                          1904      English
0790556197       A History of the Cheshire County Union of Congregational Churches                                     Powicke, Frederick J. (Frederick James); 1854-1935.                  1907      English
0790554364       A History of the Choir and Music of Trinity Church, New York, From Its Organization to the Year       Messiter, Arthur Henry; 1834-1916.                                   1906      English
0790541718       A History of the Christian Church During the First Six Centuries                                      Cheetham, S.                                                         1894      English
0790571625       A History of the Christian Church Since the Reformation                                               Cheetham, S.                                                         1907      English
0524017425       A History of the Christian Denomination in America, 1794-1911 A.D.                                    Morrill, Milo True; 1865-1921.                                       1912      English
079055190X       A History of the Church in Scotland: From the Earliest Times Down to the Present Day                  MacPherson, John.                                                    1901      English
052403933X       A History of the Church Known as the Moravian Church, or, The Unitas Fratrum, or, The Unity of        Hamilton, J. Taylor; (John Taylor); 1859-1951.                       1900      English
                 the Brethren: During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
052402393X       A History of the Church of England                                                                    Patterson, M. W. (Melville Watson); 1873-1944.                       1909      English
0524037019       A History of the Church of the Brethren                                                               Eshelman, M. M. (Matthew Mays); 1844-1921.                           1917      English
0524027463       A History of the Church of the Brethren, Northeastern Ohio                                            Moherman, T. S. (Tully S.); 1864-1957.                               1914      English
0790553465       A History of the Colonization of Africa by Alien Races                                                Johnston, Harry Hamilton; Sir; 1858-1927.                            1913      English
0524014760       A History of the Commandments of the Church                                                           Villien, A. (Antoine); 1867-1943.                                    1915      English
0790542390       A History of the Congregational Churches in the United States                                         Walker, Williston; 1860-1922.                                        1894      English
0524036853       A History of the Descendents of Jacob and Maria Eva Harshbarger of Switzerland                        Anderson, William L. Secretary of the Harshbarger Association.       1910      English
0524022496       A History of the Development of the Presbyterian Church in North Carolina: And of Synodical           Craig, D. I. (David Irwin); 1849-1925.                               1907      English
                 Home Missions, Together With Evangelistic Addresses by James I. Vance and Others

0524065888       A History of the Diocese of Chicago: Including a History of the Undivided Diocese of Illinois From    Hall, Francis J. (Francis Joseph); 1857-1932.                        1900      English
                 Its Organization in 1835 A.D.
0524075980       A History of the Disciples of Christ in Ohio                                                          Wilcox, Alanson; 1832-1924.                                          1918      English
0790542382       A History of the Disciples of Christ, the Society of Friends, the United Brethren in Christ and the                                                                        1894      English
                 Evangelical Association
0790570823       A History of the Doctrine of the Holy Eucharist                                                      Stone, Darwell; 1859-1941.                                            1909      English
0524087571       A History of the Doctrine of the Work of Christ in Its Ecclesiastical Development                    Franks, Robert S. (Robert Sleightholme); b. 1871.                     1918      English
0790546116       A History of the Eastern Roman Empire From the Fall of Irene to the Accession of Basil I. (A.D. 802- Bury, J. B. (John Bagnell); 1861-1927.                                1912      English
0790570262       A History of the English Church During the Civil Wars and Under the Commonwealth, 1640-1660           Shaw, William Arthur; 1865-1943.                                     1900      English

0790559129       A History of the English Church in New Zealand                                                   Purchas, H. T. (Henry Thomas)                                             1914      English
0524085781       A History of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Kansas (General Synod): Together With a Sketch of Ott, H. A. (Hamilton A.); 1855-1923.                                      1907      English
                 the Augustana Synod Churches and a Brief Presentation of Other Lutheran Bodies Located in
0790556219       A History of the Evangelical Party in the Church of England                                           Balleine, G. R. (George Reginald); 1873-1966.                        1908      English
0524031827       A History of the Formation and Growth of the Reformed Episcopal Church, 1873-1902                     Price, Annie Darling.                                                1902      English
0790547848       A History of the German Baptist Brethren in Europe and America                                        Brumbaugh, Martin Grove; 1862-1930.                                  1899      English
0524047111       A History of the Harnly Family: Containing Short Biographical Sketches of the Harnly, Hoerner,        Harnly, Henry H. Mrs. b. 1837.                                       1903      English
                 Eby, Hershey, Sneider, and Related Families
0790514184       A History of the Hebrew People From the Division of the Kingdom to the Fall of Jerusalem in 586       Kent, Charles Foster; 1867-1925.                                     1897      English
0790514192       A History of the Hebrew People From the Settlement in Canaan to the Division of the Kingdom           Kent, Charles Foster; 1867-1925.                                     1896      English

0790512122       A History of the Hebrews                                                                              Kittel, Rudolf; 1853-1929.                                           1895      English
079056100X       A History of the Holy Eucharist in Great Britain                                                      Bridgett, T. E.                                                      1908      English
0524033463       A History of the Inquisition of Spain                                                                 Lea, Henry Charles; 1825-1909.                                       1906      English
0790563460       A History of the Irish Presbyterians                                                                  Latimer, William Thomas; d. 1919.                                    1902      English
0790514206       A History of the Jewish People During the Babylonian, Persian, and Greek Periods                      Kent, Charles Foster; 1867-1925.                                     1899      English
0790526018       A History of the Jewish People During the Maccabean and Roman Periods, Including New                  Riggs, James Stevenson; b. 1853.                                     1900      English
                 Testament Times
0524079862       A History of the Liberty Baptist Association: From Its Organization in 1832 to 1906: Containing       Sheets, Henry.                                                       1907      English
                 Much History Incidentally Connected With This Body: Also There Is Presented Quite an Extended
                 Account of the "Split" in Baptist Ranks Showing...
0790507692       A History of the Literature of Ancient Israel: From the Earliest Times to 135 B.C.                    Fowler, Henry Thatcher.                                              1912      English
0790541807       A History of the Methodist Church, South, the United Presbyterian Church, the Cumberland                                                                                   1894      English
                 Presbyterian Church, and the Presbyterian Church, South, in the United States
0790561751       A History of the Missions of the Moravian Church During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries Hamilton, J. Taylor; (John Taylor); 1859-1951.                             1901      English

0790546922       A History of the Moravian Church                                                                      Hutton, J. E. (Joseph Edmund); b. 1868.                              1909      English
052404046X       A History of the North Indiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church: From Its                 Herrick, Horace N. 1847-1915.                                        1917      English
                 Organization in 1844 to the Present
0524088586       A History of the Norwegian Lutheran Church in America                                         Bergh, J. A. (Johan Arndt); 1847-1927.                                       1915      English
0790548011       A History of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus: From the Coming of the Apostles Paul and Barnabas Hackett, John; 1851-1915.                                                    1901      English
                 to the Commencement of the British Occupation (A.D. 45-A.D. 1878): Together With Some Account
                 of the Latin and Other Churches Existing in the...
0837077818       A History of the Papacy: From the Great Schism to the Sack of Rome                                    Creighton, M. (Mandell); 1843-1901.                                  1897      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                              Page 5 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                              Author                                                          Year Published Language
0790559587       A History of the Plymouth Brethren                                                                 Neatby, W. Blair; (William Blair)                                   1902      English
0524021694       A History of the Presbyterian Church in Georgia                                                    Stacy, James; 1830-1912.                                            1912      English
0790542366       A History of the Presbyterian Churches in the United States                                        Thompson, Robert Ellis; 1844-1924.                                  1895      English
052404354X       A History of the Primitive Methodist Church in the United States of America: From Its Origin and   Acornley, John H. (John Holmes)                                     1909      English
                 the Landing of the First Missionaries in 1829 to the Present Time
0790542374       A History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States                                  Tiffany, Charles C. (Charles Comfort); 1829-1907.                   1895      English
083707374X       A History of the Protestant Reformation in England & Ireland                                       Cobbett, William; 1763-1835.                                        1896      English
0524014671       A History of the Reformation                                                                       Sanford, Elias B. (Elias Benjamin); b. 1843.                        1917      English
837035570        A History of the Revised Version of the New Testament                                              Hemphill, Samuel; 1859-1927.                                        1906      English
0790542358       A History of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States                                        O'Gorman, Thomas.                                                   1895      English
837056411        A History of the Textual Criticism of the New Testament                                            Vincent, Marvin Richardson; 1834-1922.                              1899      English
0790563851       A History of the Theology of the Disciples of Christ                                               Van Kirk, Hiram; 1868-1920.                                         1907      English
0790541815       A History of the Unitarians and the Universalists in the United States                             Allen, Joseph Henry; 1820-1898.                                     1894      English
0524069425       A History of the Use of Incense in Divine Worship                                                  Atchley, E. G. Cuthbert F. (Edward Godfrey Cuthbert Frederic)       1909      English
079058168X       A History of the Warfare of Science With Theology: In Christendom                                  White, Andrew Dickson; 1832-1918.                                   1896      English
0524087539       A History of the Wittenberg Synod of the General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1847-   Ernsberger, C. S.                                                   1917      English
0524101434       A History of Union Church                                                                          Bondfield, G. H.                                                    1903      English
0524083681       A History of Unitarianism                                                                          Graves, Charles; Rev.                                               1917      English
0790566613       A History of Witchcraft in England From 1558 to 1718                                               Notestein, Wallace; 1878-1969.                                      1911      English
0837072387       A Holy Life and How to Live It                                                                     Macgregor, G. H. C. (George Hogarth Carnaby); 1864-1900.            1897      English
0524090742       A Hundred Years in Travancore, 1806-1906: A History and Description of the Work Done by the                                                                            1908      English
                 London Missionary Society in Travancore, South India During the Past Century
0837066786       A Hundred Years of Missions, or, The Story of Progress Since Carey's Beginning                     Leonard, Delavan L. (Delavan Levant); 1834-1917.                    1895      English
0524091935       A Hundred Years of the Church in India, 1814-1914                                                  Skipton, H. P. K.                                                   1914      English
0524094128       A Japanese-English Dictionary                                                                      Nitobe, Inazō; 1862-1933.                                         1916      English
0524057141       A Key to the Psalms: Being a Tabular Arrangement, by Which the Psalms Are Exhibited to the Eye     Boys, Thomas; 1792-1880.                                            1899      English
                 According to a General Rule of Composition Prevailing in the Holy Scriptures
0524095302       A Korean-English Dictionary                                                                        Gale, James Scarth; 1863-1937.                                      1911      English
0790515997       A Lay Thesis on Bible Wines                                                                        Emerson, Edward R. (Edward Randolph); b. 1856.                      1902      English
837055776        A Layman's Mind on Creed and Church                                                                Templeton, J. S. (John Stewart)                                     1906      English
0790530333       A Layman's Reply to Prof. George Adam Smith's "Modern Criticism and the...Preaching of the Old     Logie, William.                                                     1902      English
0524030081       A Layman's View of the Demand for a Change in the Name of the Church                               Henry, George F.                                                    1912      English
837042127        A Legal View of the Trial of Christ                                                                Mabry, J. C.                                                        1895      English
0524012849       A Legend of the Jaina Stuìpa at Mathuraì                                                           Jinaprabha SuÌ„ri; 14th cent.                                       1897      English
0837093015       A Lexicographical and Historical Study of Diatheke: From the Earliest Times to the End of the      Norton, Frederick Owen; 1868-1924.                                  1908      English
                 Classical Period
0837062969       A Life for Africa: Rev. Adolphus Clemens Good, Ph. D., American Missionary in Equatorial West      Parsons, Ellen C.                                                   1897      English
0837064899       A Life for God in India: Memorials of Mrs. Jennie Fuller of Akola and Bombay                       Dyer, Helen S.                                                      1903      English
0790513862       A Life of Christ for Children                                                                      Fitzpatrick, Florence Baillie.                                      1905      English
0790531658       A Life of Jesus for Boys and Girls                                                                 Rawson, Marianna S.                                                 1911      English
837024781        A Life of Jesus for Young People                                                                   Brown, Howard N. (Howard Nicholson); 1849-1932.                     1908      English
0524102139       A Life of Saint Francis Xavier: Based on Authentic Sources                                         Kelly, M. T.                                                        1918      English
837057361        A Life of St. Peter: for the Young                                                                 Weed, George Ludington; 1828-1904.                                  1901      English
0837085179       A Life of the Pope (Leo the Thirteenth)                                                            Hall, A. D. (Arthur D.)                                             1899      English
052409442X       A Life With a Purpose: A Memorial of John Lawrence Thurston, First Missionary of the Yale          Wright, H. B. (Henry Burt); 1877-1923.                              1908      English
0837082420       A Life's Decision                                                                                  Allies, T. W. (Thomas William); 1813-1903.                          1894      English
0790580306       A List of Emigrant Ministers to America, 1690-1811                                                 Fothergill, Gerald.                                                 1904      English
0524075441       A Literary History of Persia From the Earliest Times Until Firdawsì                                Browne, Edward Granville; 1862-1926.                                1902      English
0524023166       A Literary History of the Arabs                                                                    Nicholson, Reynold Alleyne; 1868-1945.                              1914      English
0524027110       A Literary Source Book of the Renaissance                                                                                                                              1903      English
0837062772       A Lone Woman in Africa: Six Years on the Kroo Coast                                                McAllister, Agnes.                                                  1896      English
0837064856       A Maker of New Japan: Rev. Joseph Hardy Neesima, Ll.d., President of Doshisha University, Kyoto    Davis, J. D. (Jerome Dean); 1838-1910.                              1894      English

0837061873       A Maker of the New Orient: Samuel Robbins Brown: Pioneer Educator in China, America, and           Griffis, William Elliot; 1843-1928.                                 1902      English
                 Japan: The Story of His Life and Work
0524101590       A Mandarin-Romanized Dictionary of Chinese: With Supplement of New Terms and Phrases, Now          MacGillivray, D. (Donald); b. 1862.                                 1911      English
837047994        A Man's Faith                                                                                      Grenfell, Wilfred Thomason; Sir; 1865-1940.                         1908      English
0790592444       A Man's Pocket Book of Religion                                                                    Bouquet, Alan Coates; 1884-                                         1916      English
0790596636       A Man's Religion                                                                                   Smith, Fred B. (Fred Burton); 1865-1936.                            1913      English
079058705X       A Man's Religion: Letters to Men                                                                   McDowell, William Fraser; 1858-1937.                                1913      English
0524054711       A Manual for Confessors: Being a Guide to the Administration of the Sacrament of Penance for the   Belton, Francis George.                                             1916      English
                 Use of Priests of the English Church
0524094640       A Manual for Young Missionaries to China                                                                                                                               1918      English
0790503069       A Manual of Bible History: In Connection With the General History of the World                     Blaikie, William Garden; 1820-1899.                                 1895      English
0524026300       A Manual of Buddhism                                                                               Wright, Dudley; 1868-1949.                                          1912      English
0524003246       A Manual of Catholic Theology: Based on Scheeben's Dogmatik                                        Scheeben, Matthias Joseph; 1835-1888.                               1899      English
0524022526       A Manual of Christian Doctrine                                                                     Farr, Frederic W. (Frederic William); 1860-1939.                    1900      English
0790545845       A Manual of Church History                                                                         Funk, F. X. von; (Franz Xaver); 1840-1907.                          1914      English
0837088062       A Manual of Congregational Principles                                                              Dale, R. W. (Robert William); 1829-1895.                            1902      English
0837073081       A Manual of Ethics                                                                                 Mackenzie, John S. (John Stuart); 1860-1935.                        1897      English
0524064733       A Manual of Family Worship: With an Essay on the Christian Family                                                                                                      1900      English
079059269X       A Manual of Holiness and Review of Dr. James B. Mudge                                              Dunn, Lewis R. (Lewis, Romaine),; 1822-1898.                        1895      English
079054055X       A Manual of Patrology: Being a Concise Account of the Chief Persons, Sects, Orders, Etc., in       Stearns, Wallace N. (Wallace Nelson); b. 1866.                      1899      English
                 Christian History From the First Century to the Period of the Reformation: With Select
                 Bibliographical References
0837090814       A Manual of the Aramaic Language of the Babylonian Talmud: Grammar, Chrestomathy and               Margolis, Max L. (Max Leopold); 1866-1932.                          1910      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 6 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                               Author                                                 Year Published Language
052400403X       A Manual of the Leading Muhìammadan Objections to Christianity                                 Tisdall, William St. Clair; 1859-1928.                          1915      English
0524073074       A Manual of the Northern Baptist Convention: Prepared by Request of the Executive Committee to                                                                 1918      English
                 Commemorate the Completion of Ten Years of Service to the Kingdom of God, 1908-1918.

0524060169       A Manual of the Reformed Church in America: Formerly Ref. Prot. Dutch Church, 1628-1902             Corwin, Edward Tanjore; 1834-1914.                         1902      English
837055482        A Manual of Theology                                                                                Strong, Thomas B. (Thomas Banks); 1861-1944.               1903      English
0790518619       A Manual of Theology                                                                                Beet, Joseph Agar; 1840-1924.                              1906      English
0837082587       A Manual of Theology for the Laity: Being a Brief, Clear, and Systematic Exposition of the Reason   Geiermann, P.                                              1906      English
                 and Authority of Religion and a Practical Guide Book for All of Good Will
052406721X       A Master Builder on the Congo: A Memorial to the Service and Devotion of Robert Ray Eldred and      Hensey, Andrew F. (Andrew Fitch); b. 1880.                 1916      English
                 Lillian Byers Eldred
0790579189       A Master Builder: Being the Life and Letters of Henry Yates Satterlee, First Bishop of Washington   Brent, Charles H. (Charles Henry); 1862-1929.              1916      English

0790542668       A Medieval Garner: Human Documents From the Four Centuries Preceding the Reformation                                                                           1910      English
0837066174       A Memorial of Horace Tracy Pitkin                                                                   Speer, Robert E. (Robert Elliott); 1867-1947.              1903      English
0524052573       A Message From Batang: The Diary of Z.S. Loftis, M.D., Missionary to Tibetans.                      Loftis, Z. S. (Zenas Sanford); 1881-1909.                  1911      English
0790589354       A Minister of God: Selections From the Occasional Sermons and Addresses of John Hamilton            Thom, John Hamilton; 1808-1894.                            1901      English
0524073937       A Miracle of Modern Missions, or, The Story of Matula, a Congo Convert                              Bell, John; Baptist missionary.                            1903      English
0524102120       A Mirror of the Hindu Philosophical Systems                                                         Nì„lakanÌ£tÌ£ha; 1825-1895.                                1911      English
079052158X       A Mirror of the Soul: Short Studies in the Psalter                                                  Vaughan, John; b. 1855.                                    1913      English
052409215X       A Missionary Mosaic From Ceylon                                                                     Strutt, Edward.                                            1913      English
0524097666       A Missionary's Life in the Land of the Gods                                                         Dooman, Isaac.                                             1914      English
052403611X       A Model Life, or, Uncle John Metzger on Earth                                                       Eshelman, M. M. (Matthew Mays); 1844-1921.                 1898      English
0524098948       A Modern Martyr: Theophane Venard (Blessed)                                                         Vènard, Thèophane; 1829-1861.                              1913      English
0524002967       A Modern Mystic's Way                                                                               Palmer, William Scott; b. 1848.                            1914      English
0524058377       A Modern Panarion: A Collection of Fugitive Fragments                                               Blavatsky, H. P. (Helena Petrovna); 1831-1891.             1895      English
0524100608       A Modern Pentecost: Being the Story of the Revival Among the Aborigines of South-West China.                                                                   1906      English

0837069661       A Modern Pilgrim's Progress                                                                                                                                    1906      English
0524098492       A Modern Pioneer in Korea: The Life Story of Henry G. Appenzeller                                   Griffis, William Elliot; 1843-1928.                        1912      English
0790508095       A Mound of Many Cities, or, Tell El Hesy Excavated                                                  Bliss, Frederick Jones; 1859-1937.                         1894      English
0837089530       A Much-Abused Letter                                                                                Tyrrell, George; 1861-1909.                                1906      English
0524096511       A Mustard-Seed in Japan                                                                             Vories, William Merrell; 1880-1964.                        1913      English
0837070430       A Mystery Play: In Honour of the Nativity of Our Lord                                               Benson, Robert Hugh; 1871-1914.                            1908      English
052405908X       A Narrow Ax in Biblical Criticism                                                                   Caverno, Charles; 1832-1916.                               1897      English
0790546914       A National Church                                                                                   Huntington, William Reed; 1838-1909.                       1897      English
0524063052       A Nation-Wide Preaching Mission                                                                                                                                1915      English
0837090679       A New Boundary Stone of Nebuchadrezzar I. From Nippur: With a Concordance of Proper Names           Hinke, William John; 1871-1947.                            1907      English
                 and a Glossary of the Kudurru Inscriptions Thus Far Published
0790528371       A New Commentary on Genesis                                                                         Delitzsch, Franz; 1813-1890.                               1899      English
0790563363       A New Era in Old Mexico                                                                             Winton, George B. (George Beverly); 1861-1938.             1905      English
837037506        A New Gospel                                                                                        Fassler, Adolphe; b. 1865.                                 1907      English
052405276X       A New Greek-English Lexicon to the New Testament: Supplemented by a Chapter Elucidating the         Berry, George Ricker; 1865-1945.                           1897      English
                 Synonyms of the New Testament, With a Complete Index to the Synonyms; by George Ricker Berry.

0524056617       A New Harmony of the Four Gospels in English: According to the Common Version                                                                                  1900      English
0790580780       A New History of Methodism                                                                                                                                     1909      English
0790570475       A New History of the Book of Common Prayer: With a Rationale of Its Offices: On the Basis of the    Frere, Walter Howard; 1863-1938.                           1902      English
                 Former Work by Francis Procter
0837086655       A New Life in Education                                                                             Durell, Fletcher; 1859-1946.                               1894      English
0837073553       A New Programme of Missions: A Movement to Make the Colleges in All Lands Centers of                Wishard, Luther D. (Luther Deloraine); b. 1854.            1895      English
0837019281       A New Testament Commentary for English Readers                                                                                                                 1896      English
052409635X       A New Thing: Incidents of Missionary Life in China                                                  Williams, F. M.                                            1895      English
0524069468       A Nineteenth Century Movement: A Paper                                                              Garrison, J. H. (James Harvey); 1842-1931.                 1904      English
0524065039       A Not Impossible Religion                                                                           Thompson, Silvanus Phillips; 1851-1916.                    1918      English
0837018137       A Palestinian Syriac Lectionary: Containing Lessons From the Pentateuch, Job, Proverbs,                                                                        1897      Syriac
                 Prophets, Acts, and Epistles
0524023263       A Peasant Sage of Japan: The Life and Work of Sontoku Ninomiya                                      Tomita, Kōkei; 1814-1890.                                1912      English
0524032890       A Peculiar People: The Doukhobòrs                                                                   Maude, Aylmer; 1858-1938.                                  1904      English
0524042055       A Personal Testimony of the Love of Jesus                                                           Brubaker, Ella M. (Ella Miller); b. 1878?                  1915      English
0790538741       A Philosophical Introduction to Ethics: An Advocacy of the Spiritual Principle in Ethics From the   Gibson, W. R. Boyce; (William Ralph Boyce).                1904      English
                 Point of View of Personal Idealism
0790535726       A Philosophical Study of Christian Ethics                                                           Barbour, G. F. (George Freeland); 1882-1946.               1911      English
0524007160       A Physician to the Soul                                                                             Dresser, Horatio W. (Horatio Willis); b. 1866.             1908      English
0837095786       A Plain Introduction to the Criticism of the New Testament: For the Use of Biblical Students        Scrivener, Frederick Henry Ambrose; 1813-1891.             1894      English
837042100        A Plain Man's Working View of Biblical Inspiration                                                  Lyman, Albert J. (Albert Josiah); 1845-1915.               1907      English
0837075386       A Plan for Better Religious Instruction in the Southern Methodist Church                            Cuninggim, J. L.                                           1901      English
0790505347       A Plea for a Re-Consideration of St. Paul's Doctrine of Justification                               Williams, E. J. Watson.                                    1912      English
0837097967       A Pluralistic Universe: Hibbert Lectures at Manchester College on the Present Situation in          James, William; 1842-1910.                                 1909      English
0524063028       A Pocket Congregational Manual: Theory and Practice: For the Use of Ministers, Churches and         Barton, William Eleazar; 1861-1930.                        1914      English
                 Deliberative Assemblies, Governed by Congregational Usage
0524095701       A Pocket Dictionary (Chinese-English) and Pekingese Syllabary                                       Goodrich, Chauncey; 1836-1925.                             1899      English
0837070082       A Popular History of the Ancient British Church: With Special Reference to the Church in Wales      Newell, E. J. (Ebenezer Josiah); b. 1853.                  1895      English

0524033358       A Popular History of the Church in Wales: From the Beginning to the Present Day                     De Hirsch-Davies, J. E. (John Edwin)                       1912      English
0790555859       A Popular History of the Church of England: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day              Carpenter, William Boyd; 1841-1918.                        1900      English
0790547570       A Popular History of the Free Churches                                                              Horne, C. Silvester; (Charles Silvester); 1865-1914.       1903      English
0790581132       A Popular History of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America                        Patton, Jacob Harris.                                      1900      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 7 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                               Author                                                       Year Published Language
0524028311       A Portraiture of the People Called Quakers: Being Rare Portraits, Collected by a Careful Hand, of   Lippincott, Horace Mather; 1877-1967.                            1915      English
                 the Most Distinguished Members of Society, Exhibiting Their Labours in the Gospel, Their Zeal in
                 the Promotion of Christian Discipline and…
0524044732       A Practical Commentary on the Gospel According to St. Matthew                                       Morison, James; 1816-1893.                                       1895      English
837057124        A Preacher's and a Banker's Views on Important Subjects                                             Weaver, J. M. (Joseph Myrtle)                                    1906      English
0790580136       A Preacher's Life: An Autobiography and an Album                                                    Parker, Joseph; 1830-1902.                                       1899      English
0837083796       A Primer of Assyriology                                                                             Sayce, A. H. (Archibald Henry); 1845-1933.                       1894      English
0837092310       A Primer of Hebrew                                                                                  Fagnani, Charles Prospero; b. 1854.                              1903      English
837058252        A Primer of Hebrew Antiquities                                                                      Whitehouse, Owen C. (Owen Charles); 1849-1916.                   1895      English
0524011753       A Primer of Hinduism                                                                                Farquhar, J. N. (John Nicol); 1861-1929.                         1912      English
0837083907       A Primer of Phonetics                                                                               Sweet, Henry; 1845-1912.                                         1906      English
0837083990       A Primer of Roman Catholicism, or, The Doctrines of the Church of Rome Briefly Examined in the      Wright, Charles H. H. (Charles Henry Hamilton); 1836-1909.       1896      English
                 Light of Scripture
0790532433       A Primer of the Bible                                                                               Bennett, W. H. (William Henry); 1855-1920.                       1897      English
837031907        A Primer of the Christian Religion: Based on the Teaching of Jesus, Its Founder and Living Lord     Gilbert, George Holley; 1854-1930.                               1902      English

052401311X       A Primer of Theosophy                                                                                                                                                1909      English
837037514        A Problem in New Testament Criticism: The Stone Lectures for 1897-1898                              Jacobus, Melancthon Williams; 1855-1937.                         1900      English
0790549484       A Propaganda of Philosophy: History of the American Institute of Christian Philosophy, 1881-1914    MacCracken, Henry Mitchell; 1840-1918.                           1914      English

0790520206       A Propos D'histoire Des Religions                                                                   Loisy, Alfred Firmin; 1857-1940.                                 1911      French
0524102201       A Prose English Translation of Agni Puranam                                                                                                                          1903      English
0524077363       A Prose English Translation of Mahanirvana Tantram                                                                                                                   1900      English
0524070814       A Prose English Translation of Vishnupuranam: Based on Professor H.H. Wilson's Translation.                                                                          1912      English

052407447X       A Public Discussion on the Question, Does the Church of Christ Offer a Scriptural Basis for the     Overman, Neal.                                                   1906      English
                 Union of All Christians?
0524031061       A Quaker Experiment in Government: History of Quaker Government in Pennsylvania, 1682-1783          Sharpless, Isaac; 1848-1920.                                     1902      English

0524073066       A Quaker Warrior: The Life of William Hobson                                                     Baker, William King.                                                1913      English
0524096562       A Quarter Century in North Honan: 1889-1913, Canadian Presbyterian Mission.                                                                                          1913      English
079056274X       A Question in Baptist History: Whether the Anabaptists in England Practiced Immersion Before the Whitsitt, William Heth; 1841-1911.                                  1896      English
                 Year 1641?: With an Appendix on the Baptism of Roger Williams, at Providence, R.I., in 1639

0524026254       A Question of Miracles: Parallels in the Lives of Buddha and Jesus                                  Whitney, Loren Harper; 1834-1912.                                1908      English
0524094780       A Rational Refutation of the Hindu Philosophical Systems                                            Nì„lakanÌ£tÌ£ha; 1825-1895.                                      1897      English
0790576899       A Realistic Universe: An Introduction to Metaphysics                                                Boodin, John Elof.                                               1916      English
0524078602       A Record of American Presbyterian Mission Work in Shantung Province, China, 1861-1913;                                                                               1914      English
0524016089       A Record of the Buddhist Religion as Practised in India and the Malay Archipelago (A.D. 671-695)    I-ching; 635-713.                                                1896      English

0837088348       A Relation of the Conference Between William Laud, Late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury and Mr.       Laud, William; 1573-1645.                                        1901      English
                 Fisher the Jesuit by the Command of King James of Ever Blessed Memory: With an Answer to
                 Such Exceptions as A.C. Takes Against It
837027764        A Reply to Harnack on the Essence of Christianity: Lectures Delivered in the Summer of 1901         Cremer, Hermann; 1834-1903.                                      1903      English
                 Before Students of All Faculties in the University of Greifswald
0790599686       A Reply to Rev. C.F. Aked's Changing Creeds and Social Struggles                                    Huxley, Jesse.                                                   1894      English
0524072299       A Report Prepared by the Committee of the Church Historical Society on the Teaching of English                                                                       1897      English
                 Church History in Elementary Schools
0837081882       A Reported Change in Religion                                                                       Holland, Bernard Henry; 1856-1926.                               1899      English
0524055629       A Representative Church Council: Speeches                                                           Wordsworth, John; 1843-1911.                                     1903      English
052406217X       A Research Into the Origin of the Third Person Pronoun Hvìê, Epicene in Pentateuch: And Its         Munro, J. Iverach.                                               1912      English
                 Connexion With Semitic and Indo-European Languages: A Contribution to Philological Science

0837089123       A Restatement of Baptist Principles                                                                 Jones, Philip L. (Philip Lovering); 1838-1913.                   1909      English
0524011362       A Retrospect                                                                                        Taylor, James Hudson; 1832-1905.                                 1896      English
0524050961       A Review of Prof. Borden P. Bowne's Studies of the Christian Life                                   Wilson, George W. (George Washington); b. 1853.                  1900      English
0790549417       A Roman Diary and Other Documents Relating to the Papal Inquiry Into English Ordinations,           Lacey, T. A. (Thomas Alexander); 1853-1931.                      1910      English
0837092345       A School Grammar of Attic Greek                                                                     Goodell, Thomas Dwight; 1854-1920.                               1902      English
837049423        A Science of the Ultimate                                                                           Rodger, James George; b. 1852.                                   1908      English
0837069017       A Scottish Knight-Errant: A Sketch of the Life and Times of John Ogilvie, Jesuit                    Forbes, F. A. (Frances Alice); b. 1869.                          1900      English
0790556677       A Selected Bibliography of Missionary Literature                                                    Murray, J. Lovell; (John Lovell); 1874-1955.                     1912      English
0790540967       A Selected Bibliography of the Religious Denominations of the United States                         Bowerman, George Franklin; 1868-1960.                            1896      English
837044715        A Serious Question: What Is True Repentance                                                         Kinsey, R. B. (Robert Baldwin); b. 1848.                         1908      English
079051964X       A Service of Angels                                                                                 Latham, Henry; 1821-1902.                                        1896      English
837040787        A Sheaf of Wheat Gathered From the Field of Divine Revelation: A Series of Brief Expository         Lee, E. Trumbull.                                                1899      English
                 Studies on the Epistle of James
0790522845       A Short Account of the Hebrew Tenses                                                            Kennett, R. H. (Robert Hatch); 1864-1932.                            1901      English
0837075092       A Short Account of the Historical Development and Present Position of Russian Orthodox Missions Smirnoff, Eugene.                                                    1903      English

0524018065       A Short Account of the Life of Raja Ram Mohun Roy: And Sermons on Divine Worship and Divine         Pal, Bipin Chandra; 1858-1932.                                   1903      English
0790596644       A Short Apology for Being a Christian in the XXth Century                                       Smith, George Williamson; 1836-1925.                                 1916      English
0524042284       A Short Autobiography of Elder Samuel Murray: A Few Incidence and Facts of My First Work in the Murray, Samuel; 1806-1906.                                           1896      English
                 Ministry in Indiana: Also a Few Facts of My More General Work in the Ministry
0524102341       A Short Course of Primary Lessons in Mandarin                                                       Mateer, C. W. (Calvin Wilson); 1836-1908.                        1911      English
0837092663       A Short Grammar of the Greek New Testament: For Students Familiar With the Elements of Greek        Robertson, A. T. 1863-1934.                                      1908      English

0524035296       A Short Guide to the Boro-Budur                                                                     Krom, N. J. (Nicolaas Johannes); 1883-1945.                      1917      English
0837063973       A Short Handbook of Missions                                                                        Stock, Eugene; 1836-1928.                                        1905      English
0524045844       A Short History of Ancient Egypt                                                                    Newberry, Percy E. (Percy Edward); 1869-1949.                    1907      English
0790562545       A Short History of Christianity                                                                     Robertson, J. M. (John Mackinnon); 1856-1933.                    1902      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 8 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                  Author                                                         Year Published Language
0837093856       A Short History of Christianity in the Apostolic Age                                                   Gilbert, George Holley; 1854-1930.                                 1906      English
0524036594       A Short History of Classical Scholarship: From the Sixth Century B.C. to the Present Day               Sandys, John Edwin; Sir; 1844-1922.                                1915      English
0790590913       A Short History of Ethics: Greek and Modern                                                            Rogers, Reginald A. P. (Reginald Arthur Percy); b. 1874.           1911      English
0524015015       A Short History of Indian Literature                                                                   Horrwitz, E. (Ernest); b. 1866.                                    1907      English
052409828X       A Short History of Japan                                                                               Clement, Ernest W. (Ernest Wilson); 1860-1941.                     1915      English
0790505401       A Short History of Jewish Literature: From the Fall of the Temple (70 C.E.) to the Era of              Abrahams, Israel; 1858-1925.                                       1906      English
                 Emancipation (1786 C.E.)
0837070198       A Short History of Moral Theology                                                                      Slater, Thomas; 1855-1928.                                         1909      English
0790552329       A Short History of Puritanism: A Handbook for Guilds and Bible Classes                                 Heron, James; 1836-1918.                                           1908      English
083707679X       A Short History of Syriac Literature                                                                   Wright, William; 1830-1889.                                        1894      English
0524086036       A Short History of the Baptists                                                                        Vedder, Henry C. (Henry Clay); 1853-1935.                          1907      English
0524028605       A Short History of the Crusades                                                                        Mombert, J. I. (Jacob Isidor); 1829-1913.                          1894      English
0524018278       A Short History of the Egyptian People: With Chapters on Their Religion, Daily Life, Etc.              Budge, E. A. Wallis; (Ernest Alfred Wallis); Sir; 1857-1934.       1914      English
0790566206       A Short History of the Evangelical Movement                                                            Russell, George William Erskine; 1853-1919.                        1915      English
0837093430       A Short History of the Hebrew Text of the Old Testament                                                Weir, T. H. (Thomas Hunter)                                        1899      English
0790534622       A Short History of the Hebrews to the Roman Period                                                     Ottley, Robert L.                                                  1901      English
079057022X       A Short History of the International Lesson System                                                     Rice, Edwin Wilbur; 1831-1929.                                     1902      English
0790556103       A Short History of the Methodists in the United States of America, Beginning in 1766 and               Lee, Jesse; 1758-1816.                                             1900      English
                 Continued Till 1809: To Which Is Prefixed a Brief Account of Their Rise in England in the Year 1729,
0524076731       A Short History of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland                                  Campbell, John; 1862-1929.                                         1914      English
0790557789       A Short History of the Oxford Movement                                                                 Ollard, S. L. (Sidney Leslie); 1875-1949.                          1915      English
837025494        A Short Introduction to the Gospels                                                                    Burton, Ernest De Witt; 1856-1925.                                 1904      English
0837098084       A Short Introduction to the Literature of the Bible                                                    Moulton, Richard Green; 1849-1924.                                 1901      English
837024315        A Short Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament                                            Box, G. H. (George Herbert); 1869-1933.                            1909      English
0790520826       A Short Introduction to the Old Testament                                                              Spencer, F. Ernest; (Frank Ernest)                                 1912      English
0524032637       A Short Sketch of the First Four Lambeth Conferences 1867-1897                                         Hobhouse, Walter; 1862-1928.                                       1908      English
0837061016       A Short Study of Ethics                                                                                D'Arcy, Charles F. (Charles Frederick); 1859-1938.                 1901      English
0837088445       A Short Unitarian History                                                                              Mott, Frederick Blount.                                            1906      English
0837008425       A Shorter Manual of Theology                                                                           Beet, Joseph Agar; 1840-1924.                                      1908      English
0837077788       A Sketch of Mediaeval Church History                                                                   Cheetham, S.                                                       1899      English
0790528282       A Sketch of Semitic Origins: Social and Religious                                                      Barton, George A.                                                  1902      English
0524084807       A Sketch of the History of Baptist Education in Pensylvania                                            Lewis, Frank Grant; b. 1865.                                       1919      English
0524098107       A Sketch of the Life of Rev. Joseph Hardy Neesima, LL.D., President of Doshisha                        Davis, J. D. (Jerome Dean); 1838-1910.                             1915      English
052402555X       A Sketch of the Vedànta Philosophy: To Which Is Prefixed That of the Life of Sujna Gokulaji Zàlà, a    TripaÌ„thÌ£i, ManassukharaÌ„ma SuÌ„ryaraÌ„ma; 1840-1907.           1901      English
                 Typical Vedàntin
0524095949       A Sketch of the Vedànta Philosophy: To Which Is Prefixed That of the Life of Sujna Gokulaji Zàlà, a TripaÌ„tÌ£hì„, ManassukharaÌ„ma SuÌ„ryaraÌ„ma.                        1901      English
                 Typical Vedàntin
0837071275       A Soliloquy on the Art of Man-Fishing                                                                  Boston, Thomas; 1677-1732.                                         1900      English
0790542455       A Source Book for Ancient Church History: From the Apostolic Age to the Close of the Conciliar                                                                            1913      English
0524049661       A Source Book of Mediaeval History: Documents Illustrative of European Life and Institutions From                                                                         1908      English
                 the German Invasions to the Renaissance
0837066972       A Spiritual Awakening Among India's Students: Addresses of Six Student Conferences of the                                                                                 1896      English
                 Student Volunteer Movement Held at Jaffna, Bombay, Lahore, Lucknow, Calcutta, and Madras.

0790589362       A Spiritual Faith: Sermons                                                                             Thom, John Hamilton; 1808-1894.                                    1895      English
0790577003       A Spiritual Pilgrimage                                                                                 Campbell, R. J. (Reginald John); 1867-1956.                        1916      English
0790550962       A Struggle for a Soul and Other Stories of Life and Work in South India                                Hinkley, Edyth.                                                    1907      English
0524084483       A Study in the Psychology of Ethics                                                                    Irons, David; 1870-1907.                                           1903      English
0790557053       A Study in the Psychology of Ritualism                                                                 Henke, Frederick Goodrich; b. 1876.                                1910      English
0524011656       A Study of Bagobo Ceremonial, Magic and Myth                                                           Benedict, Laura Watson.                                            1916      English
0837066603       A Study of Christian Missions                                                                          Clarke, William Newton; 1841-1912.                                 1900      English
0837063744       A Study of Ethical Principles                                                                          Seth, James; 1860-1924.                                            1900      English
0790587033       A Study of Religion: Its Sources and Contents                                                          Martineau, James; 1805-1900.                                       1900      English
0790528258       A Study of St. Paul, His Character and Opinions                                                        Baring-Gould, S. (Sabine); 1834-1924.                              1897      English
837031354        A Study of the Book of Revelation                                                                      Finnell, R. A. (Rueben Ashford)                                    1903      English
0790508273       A Study of the Conversion of St. Paul                                                                  Fletcher, Reginald J. (Reginald James); 1865-1932.                 1910      English
0790575213       A Study of the Ethics of Spinoza: Ethica Ordine Geometrico Demonstrata                                 Joachim, Harold H. (Harold Henry); 1868-1938.                      1901      English
052405066X       A Study of the Five Zarathushtrian (Zoroastrian) Gàthàs                                                                                                                   1894      English
0524012725       A Study of the Indian Philosophy                                                                       Desai, Shantaram Anant; 1867-1914.                                 1906      English
0790578409       A Summary of the Christian Faith                                                                       Jacobs, Henry E. (Henry Eyster); 1844-1932.                        1905      English
0524096910       A Survey of Fifty Years: An Address Delivered in Connection With the Celebration of the Semi-          Learned, Dwight Whitney; 1848-1943.                                1919      English
                 Centennial of the American Board's Japan Mission.
0837093023       A Syllabus of Old Testament History: Outlines and Literature for Private Study and the Class Room Price, Ira Maurice; 1856-1939.                                          1908      English

0837078717       A Syllabus of Religious Education                                                                      Hodge, Richard Morse.                                              1904      English
0524000425       A Symposium on Scriptural Holiness                                                                                                                                        1896      English
0524062528       A Symposium Relative to James V:14-16                                                                                                                                     1900      English
0790526360       A Synopsis of the Gospels in Greek: With Various Readings and Critical Notes                           Wright, Arthur; b. 1843.                                           1906      Greek
0837067847       A Synthetical Manual of Liturgy                                                                        Vigourel, A. (Adrian); 1842-1927.                                  1907      English
0790590115       A System of Christian Ethics                                                                           Keyser, Leander S. (Leander Sylvester); b. 1856.                   1913      English
0837062985       A System of Ethics                                                                                     Paulsen, Friedrich; 1846-1908.                                     1899      English
0524005281       A Systematic Study of the Catholic Religion                                                            Coppens, Charles; 1835-1920.                                       1903      English
052401065X       A Systematical Digest of the Doctrines of Confucius: According to the Analects, Great Learning,        Faber, Ernst.                                                      1902      English
                 and Doctrine of the Mean, With an Introduction on the Authorities Upon Confucius and
837058988        A Tenable Theory of Biblical Inspiration: An Address                                                   Wood, Irving Francis; 1861-1934.                                   1902      English
0837011914       A Text Book of North-Semitic Inscriptions: Moabite, Hebrew, Phoenician, Aramaic, Nabataean,            Cooke, G. A. (George Albert); 1865-1939.                           1903      English
                 Palmyrene, Jewish

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 9 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                               Author                                                              Year Published Language
0790512475       A Textual Commentary Upon the Holy Gospels. Part I. St. Matthew, Division I, I-XIV: Largely From    Miller, Edward; 1825-1901.                                              1899      Greek
                 the Use of Materials, and Mainly on the Text, Left by the Late John William Burgon, B.D., Dean of
0524077568       A Theist's Apology: A Reply to Agnosticism                                                          Lloyd, Walter; 1845-1907.                                               1905      English
0790508613       A Theologian's Workshop, Tools, and Methods                                                         Beet, Joseph Agar; 1840-1924.                                           1914      English
0790573547       A Theory of Reality: An Essay in Metaphysical System Upon the Basis of Human Cognitive              Ladd, George Trumbull; 1842-1921.                                       1899      English
0524096155       A Thousand Miles of Miracle in China: A Personal Record of God's Delivering Power From the          Glover, Archibald Edward; 1860?-                                        1909      English
                 Hands of the Imperial Boxers of Shan-Si
0837018412       A Tract of Plutarch, on the Advantage to Be Derived From One's Enemies; de Capienda Ex Inimicis Plutarch.                                                                   1894      Syriac
                 Utilitate: The Syriac Version
0790530082       A Translation of the Four Gospels From the Syriac of the Sinaitic Palimpsest                                                                                                1894      English
0524100918       À Travers Les Dèserts de La Tartarie Et Les Neiges Du Thibet: Curieuses Aventures D'une             Huc, Evariste Règis; 1813-1860.                                         1900      French
0790591200       A Treatise of Saint Aurelius Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, on the Catechizing of the Uninstructed     Augustine; Saint, Bishop of Hippo.                                      1912      English

0524053391       A Treatise on Ecclesiastical Heraldry                                                               Woodward, John; 1837-1898.                                              1894      English
0524055211       A Treatise on the Bull Apostolicae Curae                                                                                                                                    1896      English
0524035326       A Treatise on the Yoga Philosophy                                                                   Paul, N. C.                                                             1899      English
0837065224       A Typical Mission in China                                                                          Soothill, William Edward; 1861-1935.                                    1906      English
0790186320       A Valid Christianity for Today                                                                      Williams, Charles D. (Charles David); 1860-1923.                        1909      English
0524095450       A Vedic Reader for Students                                                                         Macdonell, Arthur Anthony; 1854-1930.                                   1917      English
0524069700       A Vedic Reader for Students: Containing Thirty Hymns of the Rigveda in the Original Samìhitaì and                                                                           1917      English
                 Pada Texts
0790587068       A Vital Ministry: The Pastor of Today in the Service of Man                                         McGlothlin, William J. (William Joseph); 1867-1933.                     1913      English
0524091315       A Volume in Commemoration of the Opening of the Twentieth Century: By South India Protestant                                                                                1900      English
0524069999       A West Pointer in the Land of the Mikado                                                            Garst, Laura DeLany; 1861-1925.                                         1913      English
0524013683       A Western Awakening to Islam                                                                        Headley, Rowland George Allanson Allanson-Winn; Baron; 1855-1935.       1914      English
0524054584       A Winter's Mails From Ceylon, India and Egypt: Being Journal Letters Written Home                   Gollock, G. A. (Georgina Anne); 1861-1940.                              1895      English
0524072698       A Word to Intending Colonists                                                                       Tucker, H. W. (Henry William); 1830-1902.                               1897      English
0790589117       A Working Basis: And Other Essays                                                                   Stearns, Wallace N. (Wallace Nelson); b. 1866.                          1914      English
837042615        A Working Theology                                                                                  MacColl, Alexander; b. 1866.                                            1909      English
0524026289       A World Expectant: The Study of a Great Possibility                                                 Wodehouse, E. A. (Ernest Armine); 1879-1936.                            1916      English
0524092389       A Yankee on the Yangtze: Being a Narrative of a Journey From Shanghai Through the Central           Geil, William Edgar; 1865-1925.                                         1904      English
                 Kingdom to Burma
837031036        A Young Man's Difficulties With His Bible                                                           Faunce, D. W. (Daniel Worcester); 1829-1911.                            1898      English
0790532336       A Young Man's Questions                                                                             Speer, Robert E. (Robert Elliott), 1867-1947.                           1903      English
0790599716       A Young Man's Religion                                                                              Jackson, George; 1864-1945.                                             1900      English
0790575825       A. Ritschl's Philosophische Und Theologische Ansichten                                              Flùgel, O. (Otto); 1842-1914.                                           1895      German
0790558181       A.P.A. Movement: A Sketch, The                                                                      Desmond, Humphrey J. (Humphrey Joseph); 1858-1932.                      1912      English
0790523620       Aaron's Breastplate: And Other Addresses                                                            Harris, J. Rendel; (James Rendel); 1852-1941.                           1908      English
0790593823       Abbè de Lamennais and the Liberal Catholic Movement in France, The                                  Gibson, W. (William); 1868-1942.                                        1896      English
0524008132       Abdul Baha on Divine Philosophy                                                                     Ê»Abduʼl-Bahà; 1844-1921.                                              1916      English
0790541319       Abendlàndische Palàstinapilger Des Ersten Jahrtausends Und Ihre Berichte: Eine                      Baumstark, Anton; 1872-1948.                                            1906      German
                 Kulturgeschichtliche Skizze
0790551136       Aberdeen Doctors: A Notable Group of Scottish Theologians of the First Episcopal Period, 1610-      Macmillan, Donald.                                                      1909      English
                 1638, and the Bearing of Their Teaching on Some Questions of the Present Time, The
0524015988       Aberglaube Und Volksmedizin Im Lande Der Bibel                                                    Canaan, Taufik.                                                           1914      German
0524003890       Abhandlungen                                                                                      Schleiermacher, Friedrich; 1768-1834.                                     1911      German
052409182X       Abhijnaìnasìakuntala of Kaìlidaìsa: With the Commentary Styled Arthadyotanika' of Ra'ghavabhatta, KaÌ„lidaÌ„sa.                                                             1902      Sanskrit
0790502623       Abiding Value of the Old Testament, The                                                             Robinson, George L. (George Livingstone); 1864-1958.                    1911      English
0524054975       Abolition of the Roman Jurisdiction, The                                                            Creighton, M. (Mandell); 1843-1901.                                     1896      English
0790503018       About Hebrew Manuscripts                                                                            Adler, Elkan Nathan; 1861-1946.                                         1905      English
0524047715       About Persia and Its People: A Description of Their Manners, Customs, and Home Life, Including      Knanishu, Joseph.                                                       1899      English
                 Engagements, Marriages, Modes of Traveling, Forms of Punishments, Superstitions, Etc.

0790535009       Abraham Als Babylonier, Joseph Als Àgypter: Der Weltgeschichtliche Hintergrund Der Biblischen       Winckler, Hugo; 1863-1913.                                              1903      German
                 Vàtergeschichten Auf Grund Der Keilinschriften
0790504022       Abraham and His Age                                                                                 Tomkins, H. G. (Henry George); b. 1826.                                 1897      English
0790506483       Abraham and the Patriarchal Age                                                                     Duff, Archibald; 1845-1934.                                             1900      English
0524038589       Abraham the Faithful                                                                                Royer, Galen B. (Galen Brown); 1862-1951.                               1907      English
0524061238       Abraham Und Seine Zeit                                                                              Dòller, Johannes.                                                       1909      German
0790527278       Abraham, Isaak Und Jakob                                                                            Lotz, Wilhelm; 1853-1928.                                               1910      German
079051933X       Abraham: Studien Ùber Die Anfànge Des Hebràischen Volkes                                            Dornstetter, Paul.                                                      1902      German
0837071585       Abrègè de Thèologie Sociale D'après Les Grands Auteurs                                              Hourcade, Laurent.                                                      1909      French
0524024197       Abriss Der Vergleichenden Religionswissenschaft                                                     Achelis, Thomas; 1850-1909.                                             1908      German
0837071933       Abriss Des Biblischen Aramàisch: Grammatik, Nach Handschriften Berichtigte Texte, Wòrterbuch        Strack, Hermann Leberecht; 1848-1922.                                   1896      German

0837066271       Abriss Einer Geschichte Der Protestantischen Missionen: Von Der Reformation Bis Auf Die             Warneck, Gustav; 1834-1910.                                             1901      German
                 Gegenwart: Ein Beitrag Zur Neueren Kirchen-Geschichte
0524014035       Abroad for the Bible Society                                                                        Ritson, John H. (John Holland); 1868-1953.                              1910      English
0790572931       Absente Reo                                                                                         Dougall, L. (Lily); 1858-1923.                                          1910      English
837030315        Absolute Oder Relative Wahrheit Der Heiligen Schrift?: Dogmatisch-Kritische Untersuchung Einer      Egger, Franz; 1836-1918.                                                1909      German
                 Neuen Theorie
079059143X       Abstract of Systematic Theology                                                                     Boyce, James Petigru; 1827-1888.                                        1899      English
0790578476       Abundant Life, The                                                                                  Jones, Rufus Matthew; 1863-1948.                                        1908      English
0790544075       Abyssinian Church, The                                                                              Dowling, Theodore Edward; 1837-1921.                                    1909      English
0524075824       Academy for Princes, The                                                                            Norlie, Olaf Morgan; 1876-1962.                                         1917      English
079053262X       Accidents of an Antiquary's Life                                                                    Hogarth, D. G. (David George); 1862-1927.                               1910      English
0524101698       Account of the American Church Mission in Shanghai and the Lower Yangtse Valley                     Huntington, M. C.                                                       1898      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                          Page 10 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                 Author                                             Year Published Language
0524102503       Account of the American Church Mission in Shanghai and the Lower Yangtse Valley                       Huntington, M. C.                                      1900      English
0524080054       Acìramavasika Parva                                                                                                                                          1895      English
0524079315       Acìvaghosha's Discourse on the Awakening of Faith in the Mahàyàna                                     AsìvaghosÌ£a.                                          1900      English
0524080062       Acìwamedha Parva                                                                                                                                             1894      English
0524021392       Acquainted With Grief                                                                                 Shaw, George.                                          1906      English
0524082715       Acres of Diamonds                                                                                     Conwell, Russell Herman; 1843-1925.                    1915      English
0524095388       Across China on Foot: Life in the Interior and the Reform Movement                                    Dingle, Edwin John.                                    1911      English
0524092230       Across Yunnan: A Journey of Surprises; Including an Account of the Remarkable French Railway          Little, Archibald John; 1838-1908.                     1910      English
                 Line Now Completed to Yunnan-Fu
0524055033       Act of Uniformity: A Measure of Liberation, The                                                       Hancock, Thomas; 1832-1903.                            1898      English
0837095468       Acta Apostolorum Graece Et Latine: Secundum Antiquissimos Testes                                      Hilgenfeld, Adolf; 1823-1907.                          1899      Greek
0837095298       Acta Apostolorum, Sive, Lucae Ad Theophilum Liber Alter: Editio Philologica Apparatu Critico,         Blass, Friedrich; 1843-1907.                           1895      Latin
                 Commentario Perpetuo, Indice Verborum Illustrata
837023661        Acta Apostolorum, Sive, Lucae Ad Theophilum Liber Alter: Secundam Formam Quae Videtur                                                                        1896      Latin
0524035431       Acta Et Decreta                                                                                                                                              1905      Latin
0524100195       Acta Et Decreta Primae Provincialis Synodi Tokiensis A.D. 1895: Cum Mutationibus A S. Cong. de                                                               1896      Latin
                 Propaganda Fide Inductis.
0790552116       Acta Martyrum Selecta; Ausgewàhlte Màrtyreracten: Und Andere Urkunden Aus Der                                                                                1902      Greek
                 Verfolgungszeit Der Christlichen Kirche
0837019982       Acta Mythologica Apostolorum                                                                                                                                 1904      Arabic
0790583232       Acta Pauli. Tafelband: Aus Der Heidelberger Koptischen Papyrushandschrift Nr. 1                                                                              1904      German
0837019494       Acta Pauli: Aus Der Heidelberger Koptischen Papyrushandschrift Nr. 1                                                                                         1905      German
837024471        Acta PII Pp. X: Modernismi Errores Reprobantis                                                                                                               1907      Latin
0837088321       Actes Du IIIme Congrès International Du Christianisme Libèral Et Progressif, Genève 1905                                                                     1906      French
0524015058       Actes Du Ive Congrès International D'histoire Des Religions: Tenu À Leide Du 9e-13e Septembre                                                                1913      French
0790518562       Acts & Pastoral Epistles: Timothy, Titus, & Philemon                                                                                                         1902      English
0790524538       Acts of the Apostles in the Proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The                           White, Ellen Gould Herman; 1827-1915.                  1911      English
0790528509       Acts of the Apostles, The                                                                             Maclaren, Alexander; 1826-1910.                        1894      English
079051320X       Acts of the Apostles, The                                                                             Andrews, H. T. (Herbert Tom); 1864-1928.               1908      English
837034817        Acts of the Apostles, The                                                                             Harnack, Adolf von; 1851-1930.                         1909      English
083701977X       Acts of the Apostles, the Epistles and the Revelation of St. John the Divine: A Comparison of the                                                            1912      English
                 Text as It Is Given in the Protestant and Roman Catholic Bible Versions in the English Language, in
                 Use in America, The
0790507730       Acts of the Apostles: A Commentary for English Readers, The                                           Furneaux, William Mordaunt.                            1912      English
0790512351       Acts of the Apostles: A Course of Sermons, The                                                        Maurice, Frederick Denison; 1805-1872.                 1894      English
0524056633       Acts of the Apostles: A Popular Commentary Upon a Critical Basis, Especially Designed for             Clark, George W. (George Whitefield); 1831-1911.       1896      English
                 Pastors and Sunday Schools, The
0837013674       Acts of the Apostles: An Exposition, The                                                              Rackham, Richard Belward; 1863-1912.                   1901      English
0790513870       Acts of the Apostles: An Exposition, The                                                              Gaebelein, Arno Clemens; 1861-1945.                    1912      English
0524067864       Acts of the Apostles: Being the Greek Text, The                                                                                                              1911      English
837048788        Acts of the Apostles: In Greek and English: With Notes, The                                           Rendall, Frederic.                                     1897      English
0524039453       Acts of the Apostles: The Teaching of the Holy Scriptures                                             Young, E. S. (Emanuel Sprankel); 1854-1923.            1915      English
837046564        Acts of the Apostles: With Introduction and Notes, The                                                Page, T. E. (Thomas Ethelbert); 1850-1936.             1895      English
0837067537       Acts of the Apostles: With Maps, Introduction and Notes, The                                          Lumby, J. Rawson; (Joseph Rawson); 1831-1895.          1897      English
0524047855       Acts of the Apostles: With Notes Critical and Practical, The                                                                                                 1898      English
0790517825       Acts of the Holy Spirit: Being an Examination of the Active Mission and Ministry of the Spirit of     Pierson, Arthur T. (Arthur Tappan); 1837-1911.         1895      English
                 God, the Divine Paraclete, as Set Forth in the Acts of the Apostles, The
837021960        Acts: Introduction, Authorized Version, Revised Version With Notes, Index, and Map, The               Bartlet, J. Vernon; (James Vernon); 1863-1940.         1900      English
0790529009       Acts: The Second Volume of Luke's Work on the Beginnings of Christianity: With Interpretative         Gilbert, George Holley; 1854-1930.                     1908      English
0837018498       Actus Apostolorum: Secundum Editionem Sancti Hieronymi                                                                                                       1905      Latin
0524091358       Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!: Die Vorgeschichte Des Ausstandes Von 1910                                    Fritz, Georg.                                          1912      German
837057019        Ad. Harnacks Wesen Des Christentums Fùr Die Christliche Gemeinde                                      Walther, Wilh. (Wilhelm); 1846-1924.                   1901      German
0837005876       Ad. Harnacks Wesen Des Christentums Fùr Die Christliche Gemeinde                                      Walther, Wilh. (Wilhelm); 1846-1924.                   1901      German
0524023891       Ada Beeson Farmer, a Missionary Heroine of Kuang Si, South China                                      Farmer, Wilmoth Alexander.                             1912      English
083705558X       Adam and Eve: History or Myth?                                                                        Townsend, L. T. (Luther Tracy); 1838-1922.             1904      English
0790531364       Adam Und Eva: Ein Biblisches Lehrstùck Ùber Werden Und Wesen Der Ersten Menschen                      Gòttsberger, Johann; b. 1868.                          1910      German
837024005        Adam Und Qain Im Lichte Der Vergleichenden Mythenforschung                                            Bòklen, Ernst.                                         1907      German
0837083915       Additamenta Ad Synopsim Theologiae Pro Anno 1908                                                      Tanquerey, Adolphe; 1854-1932.                         1908      Latin
0524014140       Address                                                                                               Bilgrami, Husain; Saiyid; b. 1844.                     1901      English
0790565463       Addresses at the Celebration of the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Westminster                                                                  1898      English
                 Assembly by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.
0524060894       Addresses Delivered at Richmond, Vermont, June 28, 1895, in Memory of Austin Hazen                                                                           1895      English
0837061520       Addresses Delivered at the Fortieth Anniversary of the Boards of Home Missions, Foreign Missions                                                             1909      English
                 and Church Extension of the General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church at Harrisburg, PA,
                 April the Twenty-Seventh, Twenty-Eighth and Twenty-Ninth...
0524077517       Addresses Delivered at the Observance of the 100th Anniversary of the Establishment of the                                                                   1917      English
                 Harvard Divinity School: Cambridge, Massachusetts, October 5, 1917.
052402491X       Addresses of Henry Russell Pritchard: With Biographical Sketch                                        Pritchard, Henry Russell; 1819-1902.                   1898      English
083706399X       Addresses on Foreign Missions                                                                         Storrs, Richard S. (Richard Salter); 1787-1873.        1900      English
0790547309       Addresses on Historical and Literary Subjects: In Continuation of `Studies in European History'       Dòllinger, Johann Joseph Ignaz von; 1799-1890.         1894      English

0790510243       Addresses on the Acts of the Apostles                                                                 Benson, Edward White; 1829-1896.                       1901      English
079052077X       Addresses on the Gospel of St. John                                                                                                                          1906      English
837030447        Addresses on the Revised Version of Holy Scripture                                                    Ellicott, C. J. (Charles John); 1819-1905.             1903      English
0790552213       Adoniram Judson Gordon: A Biography With Letters and Illustrative Extracts Drawn From                 Gordon, Ernest B.                                      1896      English
                 Unpublished or Uncollected Sermons and Addresses
0837066719       Adoniram Judson: A Biography                                                                          Judson, Edward; 1844-1914.                             1894      English
0790505479       Adonis Und Esmun: Eine Untersuchung Zur Geschichte Des Glaubens an Auferstehungsgòtter                Baudissin, Wolf Wilhelm; Graf von; 1847-1926.          1911      German
                 Und an Heilgòtter

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 11 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                               Author                                                 Year Published Language
0790598620       Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage; the Sparkling Stone; the Book of Supreme Truth, The            Ruusbroec, Jan van; 1293-1381.                             1916      English
0524047405       Adult Bible Class: Its Organization and Work, The                                                   Pearce, W. C. (William Cliff); b. 1864.                    1910      English
0837060583       Advance in the Antilles: The New Era in Cuba and Porto Rico                                         Grose, Howard B. (Howard Benjamin); 1851-1939.             1910      English
0524007276       Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism                                           Ramacharaka; Yogi; 1862-1932.                              1909      English
0837009251       Advent and Ascension: Or, How Jesus Came and How He Left Us                                         Faunce, D. W. (Daniel Worcester); 1829-1911.               1903      English
0790534681       Advent Hope in St. Paul's Epistles, The                                                             Robinson, J. Armitage; (Joseph Armitage); 1858-1933.       1911      English
0790535491       Adventure for God                                                                                   Brent, Charles H. (Charles Henry); 1862-1929.              1905      English
0790578921       Adventures Among Books                                                                              Lang, Andrew; 1844-1912.                                   1905      English
0790598280       Adventures in Faith                                                                                 Ober, Charles K. (Charles Kellogg); b. 1856.               1915      English
0524092257       Adventures in Tibet: Including the Diary of Miss Annie R. Taylor's Remarkable Journey From Tau-     Carey, William; 1861-                                      1901      English
                 Chau to Ta-Chien-Lu Through the Heart of the "Forbidden Land."
0524019185       Adventures of the Christian Soul: Being Chapters in the Psychology of Religion                      Saunders, Kenneth J. (Kenneth James); 1883-1937.           1916      English
0790588285       Adventus Regni: Being Sermons Chiefly on the Parables of the Kingdom                                Lilley, A. Leslie; (Alfred Leslie); 1860-1948.             1907      English
0524015651       Adwaitism and the Religions of the East: A Small Treatise on the Principles of Adwaitism, in        Khedkar, Raghunath Vithal; 1873-1930.                      1913      English
                 Contradistinction With Six Darshanas, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Shintoism,
                 Mahomadanism, Monism and Theosophy
0837092760       Aegypten Und Die Bibel: Die Urgeschichte Israels Im Licht Der Aegyptischen Mythologie             Vòlter, Daniel; b. 1855.                                     1904      German
0837072751       Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini Als Papst Pius II: Sein Leben Und Einfluss Auf Die Literarische Cultur Weiss, Anton; 1852-1912.                                     1897      German
                 Deutschlands: Rede Gehalten Bei Der Feierlichen Inauguration Als Rector Magnificus Der K.K. Karl-
                 Franzens-Universitàt in Graz Am 4. November
0790537761       Aesthetic as Science of Expression and General Linguistic                                           Croce, Benedetto; 1866-1952.                               1909      English
0790568217       Aethiopum Servus: A Study in Christian Altruism                                                     Petre, Maude Dominica; 1863-1942.                          1896      English
0790586495       Affirmative Intellect: An Account of the Origin and Mission of the American Spirit, The             Ferguson, Charles; b. 1863.                                1901      English
0837062721       Afflictions of the Righteous: As Discussed in the Book of Job and in the New Light of the Gospel,   Macleod, W. B. (William B.)                                1913      English
0524061793       Afgezet Naar Recht En Waarheid: Een Antwoord Op de Brochure Van H. Wierenga, Gewezen                Fortuin, K. W.                                             1925      Dutch
                 Predikant Van de Christlijke Geref. Gemeente Te Jamestown, Michigan
0524031126       Afgoderye Der Oost-Indische Heydenen                                                                Baldaeus, Philippus; 1632-1672.                            1917      Dutch
0524063222       Afhandlinger Og Foredrag Om Menigheden                                                              Sverdrup, Georg; 1848-1907.                                1910      Norwegian
0837065305       Africa Waiting, or, The Problem of Africa's Evangelization                                          Thornton, Douglas M. (Douglas Montagu); 1873-1907.         1899      English
052406430X       African Missionary Heroes and Heroines                                                              Kumm, H. Karl W. (Hermann Karl Wilhelm); 1874-1930.        1917      English
0790570181       African Missions: Impressions of the South, East, and Centre of the Dark Continent                  O'Rorke, Benjamin Garniss; 1875-1918.                      1912      English
0524043906       African Wastes Reclaimed: Illustrated in the Story of the Lovedale Mission                          Young, Robert; F.R.S.G.S.                                  1902      English
0790552434       Afro-American Folksongs: A Study in Racial and National Music                                       Krehbiel, Henry Edward; 1854-1923.                         1914      English
0790595958       After Death, Is There a Postmortem Probation?                                                       Randles, Marshall; 1826-1904.                              1904      English
0524076367       After Death, What?: A Scholarly Exposition of a Vitally Interesting Question That Has Deeply        Peters, Madison Clinton; 1859-1918.                        1908      English
                 Agitated Thinking Men and Women From Time Immemorial
0837065429       After Fifty Years, or, An Historical Sketch of the Guntur Mission of the Evangelical Lutheran       Wolf, L. B. (Luther Benaiah); b. 1857.                     1896      English
                 Church of the General Synod in the United States of America
0837097673       After Pentecost, What?: A Discussion of the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in Its Relation to Modern   Campbell, James M. (James Mann); 1840-1926.                1897      English
                 Christological Thought
0524100837       After Seventeen Years: A Picture Album, With a Little Tale                                          Hagin, Fred Eugene; 1869-1938.                             1917      English
0524028850       After Twenty-Five Years: A Plea and a Plan for the Help of Poor Children in the Juniata Valley      Emmert, D. (David); 1845-1911.                             1905      English

0790595680       Afternoons in the College Chapel: Short Addresses to Young Men on Personal Religion                 Peabody, Francis Greenwood; 1847-1936.                     1898      English
0790511738       Agapè and the Eucharist in the Early Church: Studies in the History of the Christian Love-Feasts,   Keating, J. F. (John Fitzstephen); 1850-1911.              1901      English
0790562731       Age of Charlemagne (Charles the Great), The                                                         Wells, Charles L. (Charles Luke); 1858-1938.               1898      English
0790543087       Age of Erasmus: Lectures, The                                                                       Allen, P. S. (Percy Stafford); 1869-1933.                  1914      English
837048699        Age of Faith, The                                                                                   Bradford, Amory H. (Amory Howe); 1846-1911.                1900      English
0790561425       Age of Hildebrand, The                                                                              Vincent, Marvin Richardson; 1834-1922.                     1896      English
0524006652       Age of Hus, The                                                                                     Workman, Herbert B. (Herbert Brook); b. 1862.              1902      English
0790553422       Age of Revolution: Being an Outline of the History of the Church From 1648 to 1815, The             Hutton, William Holden; 1860-1930.                         1908      English
0524027005       Age of Schism: Being an Outline of the History of the Church From A.D. 1304 to A.D. 1503, The       Bruce, Herbert; 1877-1935.                                 1907      English

052402703X       Age of the Crusades, The                                                                            Ludlow, James M. (James Meeker); 1841-1932.                1896      English
079054492X       Age of the Fathers: Being Chapters in the History of the Church During the Fourth and Fifth         Bright, William; 1824-1901.                                1903      English
                 Centuries, The
0790551756       Age of the Great Western Schism, The                                                                Locke, Clinton; 1829-1904.                                 1896      English
0837099889       Age of the Maccabees: With Special Reference to the Religious Literature of the Period, The         Streane, A. W. (Annesley William); 1844-1915.              1898      English
0790560267       Age of the Renascence: An Outline Sketch of the History of the Papacy From the Return From          Van Dyke, Paul; 1859-1933.                                 1897      English
                 Avignon to the Sackof Rome (1377-1527), The
0524006660       Age of Wyclif, The                                                                                  Workman, Herbert B. (Herbert Brook); b. 1862.              1901      English
083704667X       Agnostic Gospel: A Review of Huxley on the Bible: With Related Essays, The                          Parker, Henry W. (Henry Webster); 1822-1903.               1895      English
0790593769       Agnosticism                                                                                         Flint, Robert; 1838-1910.                                  1903      English
837041899        Agnosticism and Religion: Being an Examination of Spencer's Religion of the Unknowable:             Lucas, George J.                                           1895      English
                 Preceded by a History of Agnosticism.
0790583461       Agnostos Theos: Untersuchungen Zur Formengeschichte Religiòser Rede                                 Norden, Eduard; 1868-1941.                                 1913      German
0524047545       Agrapha, Neue Oxyrhynchuslogia                                                                                                                                 1904      Greek
0790516764       Agrapha: Aussercanonische Schriftfragmente                                                          Resch, Alfred; 1835-1912.                                  1906      German
083704734X       Agreement of Evolution & Christianity                                                               Phillips, Samuel L. (Samuel Louis); b. 1838.               1904      English
837005426        Ahìmad Ibn Hìanbal and the Mihìna:a Biography of the Imam Including an Account of the               Patton, Walter Melville; 1863-1928.                        1897      English
                 Mohìammadan Inquisition Called the Mihìna: 218-234 A.h.
0524058873       Ahìmadìya Movement, The                                                                             Walter, H. A.                                              1918      English
0524092885       Ahmednagar Und Golconda: Ein Beitrag Zur Eròrterung Der Missionsprobleme Des Weltkrieges            Oepke, Albrecht; 1881-1955.                                1918      German

0790545586       Aids to the Study of Dante                                                                          Dinsmore, Charles Allen; 1860-1941.                        1903      English
079059708X       Aim and Scope of Philosophy of Religion: Three Cambridge Lectures, The                              Tennant, F. R. (Frederick Robert); 1866-1957.              1913      English
0524048576       Ainu and Their Folk-Lore, The                                                                       Batchelor, John; 1854-1944.                                1901      English
0524099952       Akbar and the Rise of the Mughal Empire                                                             Malleson, G. B. (George Bruce); 1825-1898.                 1908      English
0524093881       Akbar the Great Mogul 1542-1605                                                                     Smith, Vincent Arthur; 1848-1920.                          1917      English
0790529661       Albert Eichhorn Und Die Religionsgeschichtliche Schule                                              Gressmann, Hugo; 1877-1927.                                1914      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 12 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                                Year Published Language
0524048207       Albert Knapp Als Dichter Und Schriftsteller: Mit Einem Anhang Unveròffentlicher Jugendgedichte       Knapp, Martin; b. 1883.                                                   1912      German

0790555342       Albertus Magnus: Beitràge Zu Seiner Wùrdigung                                                        Hertling, Georg; Graf von; 1843-1919.                                     1914      German
0524034761       Alberuni's India: An Account of the Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Geography, Chronology,         Bì„ruÌ„nì„, MuhÌ£ammad ibn AhÌ£mad; 973?-1048.                            1910      English
                 Astronomy, Customs, Laws and Astrology of India About A.D. 1030
0524000603       Albrecht Ritschl and His School                                                                      Mackintosh, Robert; 1858-1933.                                            1915      English
0790589702       Albrecht Ritschl Und Seine Schùler Im Verhàltnis Zur Theologie, Zur Philosophie Und Zur              Wendland, Joh. (Johannes); b. 1871.                                       1899      German
                 Fròmmigkeit Unsrer Zeit
0524055238       Albrecht Ritschls Anschauung Von Evangelischem Glauben Und Leben: Ein Vortrag                        Vischer, Eberhard; 1865-1946.                                             1900      German
837004780        Album Der Basler Missionsgesellschaft: Achtzig Ansichten Von Der Goldkùste (Westafrika) Nach         Ramseyer, Friedrich August; 1840-1914.                                    1895      German
                 Originalaufnahmen Des Missionars
052400837X       Alchemy of Happiness, The                                                                            GhazzaÌ„lì„; 1058-1111.                                                   1910      English
0790592312       Alchemy of Thought, The                                                                              Jacks, L. P. (Lawrence Pearsall); 1860-1955.                              1910      English
0790541904       Alcuin of York: Lectures                                                                             Browne, G. F. (George Forrest); 1833-1930.                                1908      English
0790561069       Aleander Und Luther Auf Dem Reichstage Zu Worms: Ein Beitrag Zur Reformationsgeschichte              Hausrath, Adolf; 1837-1909.                                               1897      German

0790579316       Alexander Campbell and Christian Liberty: A Centennial Volume on His Controlling Ideas, Enforced Egbert, James.                                                                1909      English
                 by His Own Words
0524022631       Alexander Campbell and the General Convention: A History of the Rise of Organization Among the Moore, Allen Rice; 1865-1922.                                                   1914      English
                 Disciples of Christ
0524062706       Alexander Campbell as a Preacher: A Study                                                            McLean, Archibald; 1850-1920.                                             1908      English
0790558351       Alexander Campbell: Leader of the Great Reformation of the Nineteenth Century                        Grafton, Thomas W. (Thomas William); 1857-1940.                           1897      English
0790549646       Alexander Campbell's Theology: Its Sources and Historical Setting                                    Garrison, Winfred Ernest; 1874-1969.                                      1900      English
0837070880       Alexander Und Gilgamos                                                                               Meissner, Bruno; 1868-1947.                                               1900      German
0524010153       Alexander Viets Griswold Allen, 1841-1908                                                            Slattery, Charles Lewis; 1867-1930.                                       1911      English
079059448X       Alexandre Vinet: Histoire de Sa Vie Et de Ses Ouvrages                                               Rambert, Eugène; 1830-1886.                                               1912      French
0790552302       Aliens or Americans?                                                                                 Grose, Howard B. (Howard Benjamin); 1851-1939.                            1906      English
0524025436       Al-kìhìulafà Ar-ràshidùn, or, The Four Rightly-guided Kìhìalìfas                                     Sell, Edward; 1839-1932.                                                  1913      English
0524020191       Al-kìuschairì‚s Darstellung Des Sìuìfìtums: Mit Ùbersetzungs-Beilage Und Indices                     Hartmann, Richard; b. 1881.                                               1914      German
0790573458       All Saints' Sermons, 1905-1907                                                                       Inge, William Ralph; 1880-1954.                                           1907      English
0524095590       All the Year Round in Japan                                                                          Ballard, Susan.                                                           1913      English
837022037        Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible                                                                   Bates, William H. (William Henry)                                         1902      English
0524066655       Alleluia: A Hymnal for Use in Schools, in the Home, in Young People's Societies, in Devotional                                                                                 1915      English
0524041652       Allgemeine Religionsgeschichte                                                                       Orelli, C. v. (Conrad); 1846-1912.                                        1911      German
0524036993       Alliance Work in Western China and Tibet                                                             Christie, Wm. (William); 1870-1955.                                       1913      English
0524025347       Alphabetical Index of Words Occurring in the Aitareya Bràhmanì£am                                    Josì„, VisÌ£vanaÌ„tha BaÌ„lkrishnÌ£a.                                     1916      English
0837076889       Altbabylonische Rechtsurkunden Aus Der Zeit Der Hammurabi-Dynastie                                   Daiches, Samuel; 1878-                                                    1903      German
0790518481       Altchristliche Liturgische Stùcke Aus Der Kirche Aegyptens: Nebst Einem Dogmatischen Brief Des       Serapion; of Thmuis, Saint.                                               1899      German
                 Bischofs Serapion Von Thmuis
0790562952       Altchristliche Malerei Und Altkirchliche Literatur: Eine Untersuchung Ùber Den Biblischen Cyklus     Hennecke, Edgar; b. 1865.                                                 1896      German
                 Der Gemàlde in Den Ròmischen Katakomben
837027497        Altchristliche Sagen Ùber Das Leben Jesu Und Der Apostel: Mit Einem Anhang-Jùdische Sagen            Couard, Ludwig.                                                           1909      German
                 Ùber Das Leben Jesu: Auf Grund Der Apocryphischen Evangelien Und Apostelgeschichten Sowie
                 Des Talmud U.A.
0790567636       Altchristliche Und Moderne Gedanken Ùber Frauenberuf: Drei Aufsàtze                                  Mausbach, Joseph; 1861-1931.                                              1910      German
0524053103       Alte Einblattdrucke                                                                                                                                                            1911      German
0790528576       Alte Und Neue Angriffe Auf Das Alte Testament: Ein Rùckblick Und Ausblick                            Nikel, Johannes; 1863-1924.                                               1908      German
0837073421       Alte Und Neue Aramàische Papyri                                                                                                                                                1912      German
0524091625       Alte Und Neue Zeit in Tsimo: Der Kreisstadt Vom Hinterlande in Tsingtau                              Lutschewitz, W.                                                           1910      German
0524055017       Alterations in the Ordinal of 1662: Why Were They Made?, The                                         Firminger, Walter K. (Walter Kelly); 1870-1940.                           1898      English
0524043442       Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte                                                                   Meyer, Richard M. (Richard Moritz); 1860-1914.                            1910      German
0524013691       Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte. Erster Band                                                      Helm, Karl; 1871-                                                         1913      German
837032245        Altisraelitische Kultstàtten                                                                         Gall, August; Freiherr von.                                               1898      German
0524054606       Altitalische Inschriften                                                                                                                                                       1910      Latin
0790508834       Altjùdische Gleichnisse Und Die Gleichnisse Jesu                                                     Fiebig, Paul; 1876-1949.                                                  1904      German
0524047049       Altjùdische Liturgische Gebete                                                                                                                                                 1910      German
0524045100       Altlateinische Inschriften                                                                           Diehl, Ernst; 1874-1947.                                                  1909      Latin
0790509954       Altorientalische Texte Und Bilder Zum Alten Testamente                                                                                                                         1905      German
837021499        Altorientalischer Und Israelitischer Monotheismus: Ein Wort Zur Revision Der                         Baentsch, Bruno; 1859-1908.                                               1906      German
                 Entwicklungsgeschichtlichen Auffassung Der Israelitischen Religionsgeschichte
0790514265       Alttestamentliche Religions-Geschichte                                                               Lòhr, Max; 1864-1931.                                                     1911      German
0790533006       Alttestamentliche Studien: Rudolf Kittel Zum 60. Geburtstag                                                                                                                    1913      German
837048958        Alttestamentliche Untersuchungen. Erstes Heft                                                        Riedel, Wilhelm; b. 1871.                                                 1902      German
837021375        Alttestamentlichen Untersuchungen. 1. Buch                                                           Bachmann, Johannes.                                                       1894      German
837054656        Am Ha-Aretz: The Ancient Hebrew Parliament: A Chapter in the Constitutional History of Ancient       Sulzberger, Mayer; 1843-                                                  1909      English
                 Israel, The
0790565668       Amana, the Community of True Inspiration                                                             Shambaugh, Bertha M. H. (Bertha Maud Horack); 1871-1953.                  1908      English
0524030103       Ambrosian Liturgy: The Ordinary and Canon of the Mass According to the Rite of the Church of                                                                                   1909      English
                 Milan, The
0524020884       Amentet: An Account of the Gods, Amulets & Scarabs of the Ancient Egyptians                          Knight, Alfred E. (Alfred Ernest); b. 1861.                               1915      English
0790559870       America and Her Problems                                                                             Estournelles de Constant, Paul Henri Benjamin; baron d'; 1852-1924.       1915      English
079059336X       America and the Asiatic World                                                                        Mathews, Shailer; 1863-1941.                                              1916      English
0790547996       America in the East: A Glance at Our History, Prospects, Problems, and Duties in the Pacific Ocean   Griffis, William Elliot; 1843-1928.                                       1899      English

0790543001       America in the Making                                                                                Abbott, Lyman; 1835-1922.                                                 1911      English
0790549883       America of Tomorrow                                                                                  Klein, Fèlix; 1862-1953.                                                  1911      English
0524037574       America or Rome, Christ or the Pope                                                                  Brandt, John L. (John Lincoln); 1860-1946.                                1895      English
052407674X       America or Rome, Which?                                                                              Christian, John T. (John Tyler); 1854-1925.                               1895      English
0524054460       America Through a St. Andrean's Spectacles                                                           Sloan, A. D. Rev.                                                         1909      English
0837091608       American Church Dictionary and Cyclopedia, The                                                       Miller, William James; b. 1850.                                           1901      English
0524076014       American Civil Church Law                                                                            Zollmann, Carl.                                                           1917      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                          Page 13 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                           Year Published Language
0790564351       American College, The                                                                                Sharpless, Isaac; 1848-1920.                                         1915      English
0790570025       American Communities and Co-Operative Colonies                                                       Hinds, William Alfred; 1833-1910.                                    1908      English
0524016399       American Congregationalism in the Nineteenth Century and Entering the Twentieth                      Willey, Samuel Hopkins.                                              1902      English
0524092583       American Episcopal Church in China, The                                                              Richmond, Annette B.                                                 1907      English
0790555395       American Indian on the New Trail: The Red Man of the United States and the Christian Gospel, The     Moffett, Thomas C. (Thomas Clinton); b. 1869.                        1914      English

0790536250       American Jew as Patriot, Soldier and Citizen, The                                                    Wolf, Simon; 1836-1923.                                              1895      English
0524037140       American Methodism                                                                                   Hurst, J. F. (John Fletcher); 1834-1903.                             1903      English
0524040605       American Methodism: Its Divisions and Unification                                                    Neely, Thomas B. (Thomas Benjamin); 1841-1925.                       1915      English
0837073510       American Mission in Egypt, 1854 to 1896, The                                                         Watson, Andrew; 1834-1916.                                           1897      English
0790539179       American Philosophy Pragmatism: Critically Considered in Relation to Present Day Theology, The       Huizinga, A. v. C. P. (Arnold van Couthen Piccardt); b. 1874.        1911      English

0790587238       American Philosophy: The Early Schools                                                             Riley, Woodbridge; 1869-1933.                                          1907      English
079059689X       American Poets and Their Theology                                                                  Strong, Augustus Hopkins; 1836-1921.                                   1916      English
0524041261       American Protective Association Explained: Its Principles, Methods and Objects for the Instruction                                                                        1909      English
                 of Membersand Those Who Wish to Become Such., The
0524074488       American Scholar, The                                                                                Parker, Theodore; 1810-1860.                                         1907      English
0790560852       American Social and Religious Conditions                                                             Stelzle, Charles; 1869-1941.                                         1912      English
0790596113       American Thought: From Puritanism to Pragmatism                                                      Riley, Woodbridge; 1869-1933.                                        1915      English
0790560275       American Writers of Today                                                                            Vedder, Henry C. (Henry Clay); 1853-1935.                            1910      English
0524008078       Americans in Process: A Settlement Study                                                                                                                                  1902      English
0524090394       America's Present Opportunity in India                                                               Hiwale, Anand S.                                                     1907      English
0524024928       Amerikan Suomalainen Kirkko                                                                          Rautanen, V. (Viljam)                                                1911      Finnish
0524065616       Amerikanisch-Lutherische Pastoraltheologie                                                           Walther, C. F. W. (Carl Ferdinand Wilhelm); 1811-1887.               1897      German
0790537591       Amerikanismus, Fortschritt, Reform: Ihr Zusammenhang, Zweck, Und Verlauf in Amerika,                 Braun, Carl; 1841-1909.                                              1904      German
                 Frankreich, England, Und Deutschland
0524014949       Amida Buddha Unsere Zuflucht: Urkunden Zum Verstàndnis Des Japanischen Sukhaìvatì-                   Haas, Hans; 1868-1934.                                               1910      German
0524027528       Ammi-My People: Containing an Elucidation of the Principles of the Christian Religion, as Taught     Shoup, William J. 1852-1927.                                         1905      English
                 by Christ and His Apostles and Practiced by the People of God in All Ages
0524045461       Among Asia's Needy Millions: Journal of a Visit to the Far East                                      Corey, Stephen J. (Stephen Jared), 1873-1962.                        1915      English
0524064008       Among Central African Tribes: Journal of a Visit to the Congo Mission                                Corey, Stephen J. (Stephen Jared); 1873-1962.                        1912      English
0524082758       Among Friends                                                                                        Crothers, Samuel McChord; 1857-1927.                                 1910      English
0524093083       Among Hills and Valleys in Western China: Incidents of Missionary Work                               Davies, Hannah.                                                      1901      English
0837067987       Among India's Students                                                                               Wilder, Robert P. (Robert Parmelee); b. 1863.                        1899      English
0790542587       Among the Burmans: A Record of Fifteen Years of Work and Its Fruitage                                Cochrane, Henry Park; 1856-1943.                                     1904      English
0524094675       Among the Dark-Haired Race in the Flowery Land                                                       Drake, Samuel B.                                                     1897      English
0790504804       Among the Gospels and the Acts: Being Notes and Comments Covering the Life of Christ in the          Ainslie, Peter; 1867-1934.                                           1908      English
                 Flesh, and the First Thirty Years' History of His Church
0790577798       Among the Idolmakers                                                                                 Jacks, L. P. (Lawrence Pearsall); 1860-1955.                         1911      English
0524092796       Among the Lushais                                                                                    Anderson, Herbert.                                                   1914      English
0524045518       Among the Telugoos: Illustrating Mission Work in India                                               Harpster, M. Julia; (Mary Julia)                                     1902      English
0524092249       Among the Tibetans                                                                                   Bird, Isabella L. (Isabella Lucy); 1831-1904.                        1894      English
0837065712       Among the Wild Ngoni: Being Some Chapters in the History of the Livingstonia Mission in British      Elmslie, W. A. (Walter Angus); 1856-1935.                            1899      English
                 Central Africa
0790557886       Among the Wild Tribes of the Afghan Frontier: A Record of Sixteen Years' Close Intercourse With      Pennell, Theodore Leighton; 1867-1912.                               1912      English
                 the Natives of the Indian Marches
0837074274       Amos                                                                                                 Sievers, Eduard; 1850-1932.                                          1907      German
0790515466       Amos Und Hosea                                                                                       Nowack, Wilhelm; 1850-1928.                                          1908      German
837056128        Amos Und Hosea: Ein Kapitel Aus Der Geschichte Der Israelitischen Religion                           Valeton, J. J. P. (Josuè Jean Philippe)                              1898      German
0790532085       Amos Und Hosea: Zwei Zeugen Gegen Die Anwendung Der Evolutionstheorie Auf Die Religion               Oettli, Samuel; 1846-1911.                                           1901      German
                 Israels: Drei Theologische Fereinkursvortràge Mit Einem Textkritischen Anhang
0790525232       Amos, Hosea, Isaiah (1-39), and Micah                                                                                                                                     1909      English
0837003164       Amos: An Essay in Exegesis                                                                           Mitchell, Hinckley G. T. (Hinckley Gilbert Thomas); 1846-1920.       1900      English
0790555352       Amphilochius Von Ikonium: In Seinem Verhàltnis Zu Den Grossen Kappadoziern                           Holl, Karl; 1866-1926.                                               1904      German
0790593165       Amt Und Geist Im Kampf: Studien Zur Geschichte Des Urchristentums                                    Lùtgert, Wilhelm; 1867-1938.                                         1911      German
0837098521       Amurru, the Home of the Northern Semites: A Study Showing That the Religion and Culture of           Clay, Albert Tobias; 1866-1925.                                      1909      English
                 Israel Are Not of Babylonian Origin
0524019312       An Account of the Rise and Progress of Mahometanism: With the Life of Mahomet and a                  Stubbe, Henry; 1632-1676.                                            1911      English
                 Vindication of Him and His Religion From the Calumnies of the Christians
0524072396       An Account of the Work of the North India Mission of the Presbyterian Church of America for the                                                                           1907      English
                 Year 1906-1907
0524054886       An Address on the Anglo-Saxon Coronation Forms and on the Word Protestant in the Coronation          Browne, G. F. (George Forrest); 1833-1930.                           1902      English
                 Oath: at St. Mary Redcliffe Church, Sunday, June 22, 1902
0524053847       An Advanced Catechism of Catholic Faith and Practice: Based Upon the Third Plenary Council                                                                                1913      English
                 Catechism: For Use in the Higher Grades of Catholic Schools
0790595613       An Agnostic's Progress                                                                               Palmer, William Scott; b. 1848.                                      1906      English
0524050848       An American Missionary: A Record of the Work of Rev. William H. Judge, S.J.                          Judge, Charles J. (Charles Joseph)                                   1907      English
0524103119       An Analysis and Critique of Leonardo Boff's Theology and Social Ethics                               Mattos, Luiz Roberto Francìa de.                                     2001      English
0790597128       An Apology for the Religious Orders: Being a Translation From the Latin of Two of the Minor          Thomas; Aquinas, Saint; 1225?-1274.                                  1902      English
                 Works of the Saint
0790547864       An Apostle of the North: Memoirs of the Right Reverend William Carpenter Bompas, D.D., First        Cody, H. A. (Hiram Alfred); 1872-1948.                                1908      English
                 Bishop of Athabasca, 1874-1884, First Bishop of Mackenzie River, 1884-1891, First Bishop of Selkirk
                 (Yukon) 1891-1906
0524048258       An Apostle of the Western Church: Memoir of the Right Reverend Jackson Kemper, Doctor of             White, Greenough; 1863-1901.                                         1900      English
                 Divinity, First Missionary Bishop of the American Church: With Notices of Some of His
                 Contemporaries: A Contribution to the Religious History of the…
0524005583       An Apostle of the Wilderness: James Lloyd Breck, D.D., His Missions and His Schools                  Holcombe, Theodore I. (Theodore Isaac); b. 1832.                     1903      English
0790502496       An Apparatus Criticus to Chronicles in the Peshitta Version: With a Discussion of the Value of the   Barnes, W. Emery; (William Emery); 1859-1939.                        1897      English
                 Codex Ambrosianus
0524027978       An Appeal for Unity in Faith: Being an Appeal to Anglicans (Protestant Episcopalians) and            Phelan, John; Rev.                                                   1911      English
                 Protestants of Other Denominations to Return to the Unity of the Faith

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 14 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                Year Published Language
0524040192       An Appeal to Truth: A Letter                                                                                                                                   1916      English
0837017866       An Arabic Version of the Acts of the Apostles and the Seven Catholic Epistles: From an Eighth or                                                               1899      Arabic
                 Ninth Century Ms. in the Convent of St. Catharine on Mount Sinai: With a Treatise, on the Triune
                 Nature of God, With Translation From the Same...
0837017874       An Arabic Version of the Epistles of St. Paul to the Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, With Part of                                                              1894      Arabic
                 the Epistle to the Ephesians: From a Ninth Century Ms. in the Convent of St. Catharine on Mount
0837077095       An Assyrian Doomsday Book, or, Liber Censualis of the District Round Harran, in the Seventh          Johns, C. H. W; (Claude Hermann Walter); 1857-1920.       1901      English
                 Century B.C.
0790511622       An Atlas of Textual Criticism: Being an Attempt to Show the Mutual Relationship of the Authorities Hutton, Edward Ardron.                                      1911      English
                 for the Text of the New Testament Up to About 1000 A.D.
0524099510       An Der Pforte Des Todes: Leben Des Indianer-Missionars P. Emmanuel Crespel, O.F.M.            Berchmans-Boes, Johannes.                                        1913      German
0524001227       An Der Schwelle Des Zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts: Rùckblicke Auf Das Letzte Jahrhundert Deutscher Seeberg, Reinhold; 1859-1935.                                    1901      German
0790533855       An Die Korinther I                                                                                 Lietzmann, Hans; 1875-1942.                                 1907      German
0790519461       An Early Christian Psalter                                                                                                                                     1909      English
052405794X       An Easy Way to Use the Psalms                                                                      Smith, Joseph Oswald; 1854-1924.                            1911      English
0790551152       An Eirenic Itinerary: Impressions of Our Tour, With Addresses and Papers on the Unity of Christian McBee, Silas; 1853-1924.                                    1911      English
0837091497       An Elementary Hebrew Grammar: With Reading and Writing Lessons and Vocabularies                      Green, William Henry; 1825-1900.                          1898      English
079054542X       An Encyclopedist of the Dark Ages: Isidore of Seville                                                Brehaut, Ernest; b. 1873.                                 1912      English
052407304X       An English Translation With the Sanskrit Text of the Tattva-Kaumudì‚ (Sànkhya) of Vàchaspati         VaÌ„caspatimisìra; fl. 976-1000.                          1896      English
0524095760       An English-Korean Dictionary                                                                         Jones, George Heber; 1867-1919.                           1916      English
0790559390       An Englishwoman's Twenty-Five Years in Tropical Africa: Being the Biography of Gwen Elen             Hawker, George.                                           1911      English
                 Lewis, Missionary to the Cameroons and the Congo
0790519852       An Enquiry Into the Evidential Value of Prophecy: Being the Hulsean Prize Essay for 1904             Edghill, Ernest Arthur; d. 1912.                          1906      English
0837075653       An Episcopalian Demand for Christian Schools                                                         McMillan, Thomas; C.S.P.                                  1903      English
052403124X       An Epistle to All Buddhists Throughout the World                                                     Richard, Timothy; 1845-1919.                              1916      English
0524048630       An Epitome of Jainism: Being a Critical Study of Its Metaphysics, Ethics, and History, &c., in       Nahar, Puran Chand.                                       1917      English
                 Relation to Modern Thought
0837072700       An Essay in Aid of the Better Appreciation of Catholic Mysticism: Illustrated From the Writings of   Thorold, Algar Labouchere; 1866-1936.                     1900      English
                 Blessed Angela of Foligno
0524009147       An Essay on Hinduism: Its Formation and Future: Illustrating the Laws of Social Evolution as         Ketkar, Shridhar Venkatesh; 1884-1937.                    1911      English
                 Reflected in the History of the Formation of Hindu Community
0790590832       An Essay on Personality as a Philosophical Principle                                                 Richmond, Wilfrid; 1848 or 9-1938.                        1900      English
0790564408       An Ethical Movement: A Volume of Lectures                                                            Sheldon, Walter Lorenzo; 1858-1907.                       1896      English
0524088454       An Ethical Philosophy of Life: Presented in Its Main Outlines                                        Adler, Felix; 1851-1933.                                  1918      English
0524029318       An Ethical Sunday School: A Scheme for the Moral Instruction of the Young                            Sheldon, Walter Lorenzo; 1858-1907.                       1900      English
0524098255       An Eventful Year in North China: A Survey of the Work of the North China Mission of the American                                                               1915      English
                 Board, Edited From the Reports of Members of That Mission for the Eight Months Ending
                 December 31st, 1914.
0790523728       An Examination of Harnack's `What Is Christianity?': A Paper Read Before the Tutors' Association     Sanday, W. (William); 1843-1920.                          1901      English
                 on October 24, 1901
0790535343       An Examination of Professor Bergson's Philosophy                                                     Balsillie, David.                                         1912      English
0524042349       An Exegesis on Marriage and Divorce: An Appeal for Reform                                            Rosenberger, I. J. (Isaac J.); 1842-1923.                 1899      English
0837095735       An Exegetical Commentary on the Gospel According to S. Matthew                                       Plummer, Alfred; 1841-1926.                               1909      English
052406640X       An Experience in Administration From 1893 to 1899: The Old and New Premises of the Boards of         McDougall, Thos. (Thomas)                                 1899      English
                 Home and Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.
0524008582       An Explanation of Luther's Small Catechism: A Handbook for the Catechetical Class                    Stump, Joseph; 1866-1935.                                 1907      English
0524008590       An Explanation of the Common Service: With Appendices on Christian Hymnody and Liturgical                                                                      1908      English
                 Colors, and a Glossary of Liturgical Terms.
0524071837       An Exposition and Defense of the Scheme of Redemption as It Is Revealed and Taught in the Holy       Milligan, R. (Robert); 1814-1875.                         1894      English
0790529971       An Exposition of the Epistle of Paul to the Romans                                                   Williams, William G. (William George); 1822-1902.         1902      English
837038758        An Exposition of the Gospel of Mark                                                                  Kelly, William; 1821-1906.                                1907      English
0790506599       An Exposition of the Gospels of the Church Year on the Basis of Nebe                                 Wolf, Edmund Jacob; 1840-1905.                            1900      English
083708654X       An Exposition of the Thirty Nine Articles: Historical and Doctrinal                                  Browne, Edward Harold; 1811-1891.                         1894      English
0790569531       An Heroic Bishop: The Life Story of French of Lahore                                                 Stock, Eugene; 1836-1928.                                 1913      English
837056209        An Highway There                                                                                     Scofield, William Campbell.                               1901      English
0790543206       An Historical Account of the Rise and Development of Presbyterianism in Scotland                     Balfour, Alexander Hugh Bruce; Baron; 1849-1921.          1911      English
0790556685       An Historical Introduction to the Marprelate Tracts: A Chapter in the Evolution of Religious and     Pierce, William.                                          1908      English
                 Civil Liberty in England
0524093911       An Historical Relation of Ceylon: Together With Somewhat Concerning Severall Remarkeable             Knox, Robert; 1640-1720.                                  1911      English
                 Passages of My Life That Hath Hapned Since My Deliverance Out of My Captivity

0837087201       An Historical Sketch of the Unitarian Movement Since the Reformation                                 Allen, Joseph Henry; 1820-1898.                           1894      English
0790544466       An Inaugural Lecture                                                                                 Bury, J. B. (John Bagnell); 1861-1927.                    1903      English
0837072832       An Independent Examination of the Assuan and Elephantine Aramaic Papyri: With Eleven Plates          Bellèli, L. (Lazare)                                      1909      English
                 and Two Appendices on Sundry Items
0790186053       An Indexed Synopsis of the Grammar of Assent                                                         Toohey, John J. (John Joseph); 1873-1955.                 1906      English
052410056X       An Indian Priestess: The Life of Chundra Lela                                                        Lee, Ada.                                                 1902      English
0790565315       An Indian Priestess: The Life of Chundra Lela                                                        Lee, Ada.                                                 1912      English
0524018049       An Indian Study of Love and Death                                                                    Nivedita; Sister; 1867-1911.                              1908      English
0837098602       An Inquiry Into the Character and Authorship of the Fourth Gospel                                    Drummond, James; 1835-1918.                               1904      English
0790501473       An Interpretation of Genesis: Including a Translation Into Present Day English                       Ramsay, F. P. (Franklin Pierce); b. 1856.                 1911      English
052400899X       An Interpretation of India's Religious History                                                       Hume, Robert A. (Robert Allen); 1847-1929.                1911      English
0790574438       An Interpretation of Rudolf Eucken's Philosophy                                                      Jones, W. Tudor; (William Tudor); 1865-1946.              1912      English
837057388        An Introduction to Dogmatic Theology: Based on Luthardt                                              Weidner, Revere Franklin; 1851-1915.                      1895      English
0837062209       An Introduction to Ecclesiastes: With Notes and Appendices                                           McNeile, A. H. (Alan Hugh); 1871-1933.                    1904      English
0790562839       An Introduction to English Church Architecture From the Eleventh to the Sixteenth Century            Bond, Francis; d. 1918.                                   1913      English
0790582767       An Introduction to Greek and Latin Palaeography                                                      Thompson, Edward Maunde; Sir; 1840-1929.                  1912      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 15 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                 Author                                                     Year Published Language
0524093474       An Introduction to Hindì Prose Composition                                                            Dann, George James.                                            1909      English
0524092060       An Introduction to Hindu and Mahommedan Law: For the Use of Students                                  Markby William; Sir; 1829-1914.                                1906      English
0524094713       An Introduction to Mandarin                                                                           Whitewright, J. S. (John Sutherland); 1858?-1926.              1918      Mandarin Chinese

0790573776       An Introduction to Metaphysics                                                                        Bergson, Henri; 1859-1941.                                     1913      English
837041562        An Introduction to Protestant Dogmatics                                                               Lobstein, P. (Paul); 1850-1922.                                1902      English
083700568X       An Introduction to Protestant Dogmatics                                                               Lobstein, P. (Paul); 1850-1922.                                1902      English
0790597934       An Introduction to Systematic Philosophy                                                              Marvin, Walter T. (Walter Taylor); 1872-1944.                  1903      English
0837086949       An Introduction to the Articles of the Church of England                                              Maclear, G. F. (George Frederick); 1833-1902.                  1896      English
0790531887       An Introduction to the Bible for Teachers of Children: A Manual for Use in the Sunday Schools or      Chamberlin, Georgia Louise; b. 1862.                           1904      English
                 in the Home
0790564157       An Introduction to the Creeds                                                                       Maclear, G. F. (George Frederick); 1833-1902.                    1901      English
0790541920       An Introduction to the Creeds and to the Te Deum                                                    Burn, A. E. (Andrew Eubank); 1864-1927.                          1899      English
0790559242       An Introduction to the Early History of Christian Doctrine: To the Time of the Council of Chalcedon Bethune-Baker, J. F. (James Franklin); b. 1861.                  1903      English

0524086869       An Introduction to the Fifth Book of Hooker's Treatise of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity           Paget, Francis; 1851-1911.                                     1899      English
0790576511       An Introduction to the History of Religion                                                            Jevons, F. B. (Frank Byron); 1858-1936.                        1896      English
0837080789       An Introduction to the History of the Assyrian Church, or, The Church of the Sassanid Persian         Wigram, W. A. (William Ainger); 1872-1953.                     1910      English
                 Empire, 100-640 A.D.
0524029075       An Introduction to the History of the Church of England: From the Earliest Times to the Present       Wakeman, Henry Offley; 1852-1899.                              1914      English
837021065        An Introduction to the Life of Jesus: An Investigation of the Historical Sources                      Anthony, Alfred Williams.                                      1896      English
0837094909       An Introduction to the Literature of the New Testament                                                Moffatt, James; 1870-1944.                                     1911      English
0790507056       An Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament                                                Driver, S. R. (Samuel Rolles); 1846-1914.                      1913      English
0837095247       An Introduction to the New Testament                                                                  Bacon, Benjamin Wisner; 1860-1932.                             1900      English
079051169X       An Introduction to the New Testament                                                                  Jùlicher, Adolf; 1857-1938.                                    1904      English
0837095077       An Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek                                                         Swete, Henry Barclay; 1835-1917.                               1914      English
0837067278       An Introduction to the Pentateuch                                                                     Chapman, A. T. (Arthur Thomas); d. 1913.                       1911      English
837025648        An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion                                                         Caird, John; 1820-1898.                                        1894      English
0524041407       An Introduction to the Study of African Languages                                                     Meinhof, Carl; 1857-1944.                                      1915      English
0790538490       An Introduction to the Study of Christian Apologetics                                                 Gray, Arthur R. (Arthur Romeyn); 1875-1933.                    1912      English
0790577925       An Introduction to the Study of Comparative Religion                                                  Jevons, F. B. (Frank Byron); 1858-1936.                        1908      English
0790535459       An Introduction to the Study of Efforts at Christian Reunion                                          Bouquet, Alan Coates; 1884-                                    1914      English
0837092981       An Introduction to the Study of New Testament Greek                                                   Moulton, James Hope; 1863-1917.                                1895      English
0837098114       An Introduction to the Study of Obadiah                                                               Peckham, George A. b. 1851.                                    1910      English
0790533197       An Introduction to the Study of the Scriptures                                                        Carpenter, William Boyd; 1841-1918.                            1902      English
0790530023       An Introduction to the Thessalonian Epistles: Containing a Vindication of the Pauline Authorship      Askwith, E. H. (Edward Harrison); 1864-                        1902      English
                 of Both Epistles and an Interpretation of the Eschatological Section of 2 Thess. II.

0790509180       An Introduction to Theology: Its Principles, Its Branches, Its Results, and Its Literature            Cave, Alfred; 1847-1900.                                       1896      English
0837092221       An Introductory Hebrew Grammar: With Progressive Exercises in Reading and Writing                     Davidson, A. B. (Andrew Bruce); 1831-1902.                     1909      English
0837060435       An Introductory Study of Ethics                                                                       Fite, Warner; b. 1867.                                         1903      English
0524055041       An Old-Catholic View of Confession: Being the Pamphlet Compulsory Auricular Confession as             Herzog, Eduard; 1841-1924.                                     1905      English
                 Practised in the Church of Rome, a Human Invention
0524030790       An Open Letter From Bishop Peterkin of West Virginia to the Editor of the Living Church               Peterkin, Geo. W. (George William); 1841-1916.                 1911      English
0790567288       An Open Letter to His Eminence Cardinal Gibbons: Apropos of His Interview on the Separation of        Sabatier, Paul; 1858-1928.                                     1908      English
                 Church and State in France
0837060451       An Oriental Land of the Free, or, Life and Mission Work Among the Laos of Siam, Burma, China          Freeman, John H. (John Haskell); b. 1865.                      1910      English
                 and Indo-china
0524079900       An Outline of Buddhism                                                                                Ānanda Mettēyya; bhikkhu; 1872-1923.                       1908      English
083700697X       An Outline of Christian Theology                                                                      Clarke, William Newton; 1841-1912.                             1898      English
0524103356       An Outline of Christian Theology                                                                      Clarke, William Newton; 1841-1912.                             1898      English
837030730        An Outline of New Testament Theology                                                                  Estes, David Foster; 1851-1926.                                1900      English
0790576716       An Outline of Philosophy: With Notes, Historical and Critical                                         Watson, John; 1847-1939.                                       1898      English
837046041        An Outline of Systematic Theology                                                                     Johnson, E. H. (Elias Henry); 1841-1906.                       1895      English
0524037973       An Outline of the Fundamental Doctrines of Faith                                                      Kurtz, Daniel Webster; 1879-1949.                              1912      English
0790590387       An Outline of the History of Christian Thought Since Kant                                             Moore, Edward Caldwell; 1857-1943.                             1912      English
079051172X       An Outline of the History of the Literature of the Old Testament: With Chronological Tables for the   Kautzsch, E. (Emil); 1841-1910.                                1898      English
                 History of the Israelites and Other Aids to the Explanation of the Old Testament
0524026297       An Outline of the Principles of Modern Theosophy                                                      Wright, Claude Falls.                                          1894      English
0524009244       An Outline of Theosophy                                                                               Leadbeater, C. W. (Charles Webster); 1847-1934.                1911      English
0524095582       An Outpost in Papua                                                                                   Chignell, Arthur Kent.                                         1911      English
0837001390       An Unpublished Essay of Edwards on the Trinity: With Remarks on Edwards and His Theology              Edwards, Jonathan; 1703-1758.                                  1903      English

0837089085       Anabaptism: From Its Rise at Zwickau to Its Fall at Mùnster 1521-1536                                 Heath, Richard; 1831-1912.                                     1895      English
0524074127       Analecta Reformatoria                                                                                 Egli, Emil.                                                    1899      German
0837001552       Analecta Zur Septuaginta, Hexapla Und Patristik                                                       Klostermann, Erich; 1870-1963.                                 1895      English
0524079331       Analects of Confucius, The                                                                            Confucius.                                                     1910      English
837047013        Analekten Zur Textkritik Des Alten Testaments                                                         Perles, Felix; 1874-1933.                                      1895      German
0524104239       Analekten Zur Textkritik Des Alten Testaments: Neue Folge                                             Perles, F. 1874-1933.                                          1922      German
837025583        Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, The                                                        Butler, Joseph; 1692-1752.                                     1900      English
083705768X       Analyse Der Offenbarung Johannis                                                                      Wellhausen, Julius; 1844-1918.                                 1907      German
0524103399       Analysis and Critique of "Christ the Transformer of Culture" in the Thought of H. Richard Niebuhr     Wittmer, Michael Eugene.                                       2000      English

0837075106       Analysis of Moral Man: An Outline of the Conditions of Human Righteousness, The                       Stevans, C. M.                                                 1900      English
0524098786       Analytical Reader: A Short Method for Learning to Read and Write Chinese, The                         Martin, W. A. P. (William Alexander Parsons); 1827-1916.       1897      English
0524011796       Ancestor-Worship and Japanese Law                                                                     Hozumi, Nobushige; 1855-1926.                                  1912      English
837047986        Ancestry of Our English Bible: An Account of the Bible Versions, Texts, and Manuscripts, The          Price, Ira Maurice; 1856-1939.                                 1907      English

0524012334       Ancient and Medieval Church History (to A.D. 1517)                                                    Newman, A. H. (Albert Henry); 1852-1933.                       1906      English
0524050686       Ancient Arabia: The Hanged Poems, the Koran in Translations                                                                                                          1917      English
0524008884       Ancient Art and Ritual                                                                                Harrison, Jane Ellen; 1850-1928.                               1913      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 16 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                  Author                                                    Year Published Language
0790511673       Ancient Assyria                                                                                        Johns, C. H. W; (Claude Hermann Walter); 1857-1920.           1912      English
0524052174       Ancient Babylonia                                                                                      Johns, C. H. W; (Claude Hermann Walter); 1857-1920.           1913      English
0790544474       Ancient British and Irish Churches: Including the Life and Labors of St. Patrick, The                  Cathcart, William; 1826-1908.                                 1894      English
0790553139       Ancient Catholic Church: From the Accession of Trajan to the Fourth General Council (A.D. 98-          Rainy, Robert; 1826-1906.                                     1902      English
                 451), The
0790527499       Ancient Chronology                                                                                     Toffteen, Olaf A. (Olaf Alfred); b. 1863.                     1907      English
0790511916       Ancient Church Orders, The                                                                             Maclean, Arthur John; 1858-1943.                              1910      English
0524056145       Ancient East, The                                                                                      Hogarth, D. G. (David George); 1862-1927.                     1914      English
0790505339       Ancient Egyptian Doctrine of the Immortality of the Soul, The                                          Wiedemann, Alfred; 1856-1936.                                 1895      English
083703776X       Ancient Hebrew Names: Notes on Their Significance & Historic Value                                     Jeffreys, Letitia D.                                          1906      English
0524044627       Ancient Hebrew Tradition as Illustrated by the Monuments: A Protest Against the Modern School of       Hommel, Fritz; 1854-1936.                                     1897      English
                 Old TestamentCriticism, The
0524092281       Ancient History of China: To the End of the Chòu Dynasty, The                                      Hirth, Friedrich; 1845-1927.                                      1911      English
0790583054       Ancient History of the Near East: From the Earliest Times to the Battle of Salamis, The            Hall, H. R. (Harry Reginald); 1873-1930.                          1916      English
0524007926       Ancient Ideals: A Study of Intellectual and Spiritual Growth From Early Times to the Establishment Taylor, Henry Osborn; 1856-1941.                                  1913      English
                 of Christianity
052409005X       Ancient India: Its Language and Religions                                                              Oldenberg, Hermann; 1854-1920.                                1898      English
0524019649       Ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism                                                           Inman, Thomas; 1820-1876.                                     1915      English
0790526131       Ancient Persian Lexicon and the Texts of the Achaemenidan Inscriptions                                 Tolman, Herbert Cushing; 1865-1923.                           1908      English
0837016606       Ancient Records of Egypt: Historical Documents From the Earliest Times to the Persian Conquest                                                                       1901      Multiple

0524011109       Ancient Rome and Modern America: A Comparative Study of Morals and Manners                             Ferrero, Guglielmo; 1871-1942.                                1914      English
0790506653       Ancient Scriptures and the Modern Jew, The                                                             Baron, David.                                                 1900      English
0790576783       Ancient Sermons for Modern Times                                                                       Asterius; of Amasea, Bishop of Amasea; ca. 375-ca. 405.       1904      English
0524018804       Ancient Times: A History of the Early World: An Introduction to the Study of Ancient History and       Breasted, James Henry; 1865-1935.                             1916      English
                 the Career of Early Man
0524027129       Ancient Wisdom: An Outline of Theosophical Teachings, The                                              Besant, Annie Wood; 1847-1933.                                1897      English
0837084806       Ancient-Babylonian Temple Records in the Columbia University Library                                                                                                 1896      Akkadian
837028760        Angel and the Vision, or, The New Christian Commission, The                                            Christopher.                                                  1895      English
0524033331       Angelomontana: Blàtter Aus Der Geschichte Von Engelberg: Jubilàumsgabe Fùr Abt Leodegar II.                                                                          1914      German

0524054142       Angels and Their Ministrations, The                                                                    Patterson, Robert M. (Robert Mayne); 1832-1911.               1900      English
0790556235       Angels of the Battlefield: A History of the Labors of the Catholic Sisterhoods in the Late Civil War   Barton, George; 1866-1940.                                    1897      English

0790544180       Anglican Church in South America, The                                                                  Every, E. F. (Edward Francis); b. 1862.                       1915      English
0837090962       Anglican Communion (Sect. F); Duty of the Church to the Young (Sect. G): Speeches and                                                                                1908      English
                 Discussions Together With the Papers Published for the Consideration of the Congress, The

0790542196       Anglican Episcopate and the American Colonies, The                                                     Cross, Arthur Lyon; 1873-1940.                                1902      English
0790599554       Anglican Liberalism                                                                                                                                                  1908      English
0524055300       Anglican Orders: A Speech                                                                              Browne, G. F. (George Forrest); 1833-1930.                    1896      English
052401647X       Anglican Reformation, The                                                                              Clark, William; 1829-1912.                                    1900      English
0790557800       Anglican Revival, The                                                                                  Overton, John H. (John Henry); 1835-1903.                     1897      English
0524083843       Anglicanism and Reunion: Sermon                                                                        Henson, Hensley; 1863-1947.                                   1908      English
0524036128       Anglo-Catholicism                                                                                      Foster, A. E. Manning; (Alfred Edye Manning); b. 1876.        1914      English
0524013624       Anglo-Saxon Charms, The                                                                                Grendon, Felix; b. 1880.                                      1909      English
837024889        Anglo-Saxon Version of the Book of Psalms Commonly Known as the Paris Psalter, The                     Bruce, J. Douglas; (James Douglas); 1862-1923.                1894      English
0790544717       Animal Symbolism in Ecclesiastical Architecture                                                        Evans, E. P. (Edward Payson); 1831-1917.                      1896      English
0524057672       Animism, the Seed of Religion                                                                          Clodd, Edward; 1840-1930.                                     1906      English
0524092044       Annals & Memoirs of the Court of Peking (From the 16th to the 20th Century)                            Backhouse, E. (Edmund); Sir; 1873-1944.                       1914      English
0837077621       Annals of Ashurbanapal (V Rawlinson Pl. I-X), The                                                      Ashurbanipal; King of Assyria; fl. 668-627 B.C.               1903      Akkadian
0790581175       Annals of the Evangelical Association of North America and History of the United Evangelical           Stapleton, A. (Ammon); 1850-1916.                             1896      English
0524035148       Annals of the Swedes on the Delaware                                                                   Clay, Jehu Curtis; 1792-1863.                                 1914      English
0524020698       Annie Besant: An Autobiography.                                                                        Besant, Annie Wood; 1847-1933.                                1908      English
0790520893       Annotations on the Acts of the Apostles                                                                Stellhorn, F. W. (Frederick William); 1841-1919.              1896      English
0790530279       Annotations on the Epistles of Paul to I. Corinthians VII-XVI, II. Corinthians and Galatians           Jacobs, Henry E. (Henry Eyster); 1844-1932.                   1897      English
0790530260       Annotations on the Epistles of Paul to the Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians           Horn, Edward T. (Edward Traill); 1850-1915.                   1896      English

0790530805       Annotations on the Epistles of Paul to the Romans and I. Corinthians, Chaps. I.-VI.                    Jacobs, Henry E. (Henry Eyster); 1844-1932.                   1896      English
0790531194       Annotations on the Epistles to Timothy, Titus and the Hebrews                                          Wolf, Edmund Jacob; 1840-1905.                                1897      English
079052399X       Annotations on the General Epistles of James, Peter, John, and Jude                                    Weidner, Revere Franklin; 1851-1915.                          1897      English
079052080X       Annotations on the Gospel According to St. John                                                        Spaeth, Adolph; 1839-1910.                                    1896      English
0790530716       Annotations on the Gospel According to St. Luke                                                        Baugher, H. Louis; (Henry Louis); ca. 1805-1868.              1896      English
0790530236       Annotations on the Gospel According to St. Mark                                                        Haas, John A. W. (John Augustus William); 1862-1937.          1895      English
0790520575       Annotations on the Gospel According to St. Matthew                                                     Schaeffer, Charles Frederick; 1807-1879.                      1895      English
0790522063       Annotations on the Revelation of St. John the Divine                                                   Weidner, Revere Franklin; 1851-1915.                          1898      English
0524036837       Annotations on the Sacred Writings of the Hindùs: Being an Epitome of Some of the Most                 Sellon, Edward; 1818?-1866.                                   1902      English
                 Remarkable and Leading Tenets in the Faith of That People, Illustrating Their Priapic Rites and
                 Phallic Principles
0790512653       Annotators of the Codex Bezae: With Some Notes on Sortes Sanctorum, The                                Harris, J. Rendel; (James Rendel); 1852-1941.                 1901      English
0524032505       Annual Report 1915                                                                                                                                                   1915      English
0524032513       Annual Report 1916                                                                                                                                                   1917      English
0524063583       Anointing of the Sick in Scripture and Tradition: With Some Considerations on the Numbering of         Puller, F. W. (Frederick William); 1843-1938.                 1910      English
                 the Sacraments, The
0524046298       Anselm and His Work                                                                                    Welch, Adam Cleghorn; 1864-1923.                              1901      English
0790526522       Anselm's Theory of the Atonement                                                                       Foley, George Cadwalader; 1851-1935.                          1908      English
0524095299       Anson Burlingame and the First Chinese Mission to Foreign Powers                                       Williams, Frederick Wells; 1857-1928.                         1912      English
0837072328       Ansprachen Fùr Christliche Mùttervereine                                                               Leinz, Anton; 1859-1927.                                      1912      German
0790546701       Answer of the Great Church of Constantinople to the Papal Encyclical on Union: In the Original                                                                       1896      Greek
                 Greek With an English Translation
0524095698       Answered or Unanswered                                                                                 Vaughan, Louisa.                                              1917      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                             Page 17 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                   Author                                                    Year Published Language
079055822X       Anthropology and the Classics: Six Lectures                                                             Evans, Arthur; Sir; 1851-1941.                                1908      English
0790550342       Antichrist and Other Sermons                                                                            Figgis, John Neville; 1866-1919.                              1913      English
079053312X       Antichrist Legend: A Chapter in Christian and Jewish Folklore, The                                      Bousset, Wilhelm; 1865-1920.                                  1896      English
0790526859       Antichrist: Including the Period From the Arrival of Paul in Rome to the End of the Jewish              Renan, Ernest; 1823-1892.                                     1897      English
0524006865       Anti-Christian Cults: An Attempt to Show That Spiritualism, Theosophy, and Christian Science Are Barrington, A. H. (Arthur H.)                                        1898      English
                 Devoid of Supernatural Powers and Are Contrary to the Christian Religion
837041759        Anti-Haeckel: Eine Replik Nebst Beilagen                                                     Loofs, Friedrich; 1858-1928.                                             1900      German
837045401        Anti-Higher Criticism, or, The Testimony to the Infallibility of the Bible                                                                                            1894      English
052406234X       Antike Fluchtafeln                                                                                                                                                    1907      Greek
0524023298       Antike Heilungswunder: Untersuchungen Zum Wunderglauben Der Griechen Und Ròmer               Weinreich, Otto; 1886-1972.                                              1909      German
0524054274       Antike Jesus-Zeugnisse                                                                                                                                                1913      German
0790517906       Antilegomena: Die Reste Der Ausserkanonischen Evangelien Und Urchristlichen Ueberlieferungen                                                                          1901      Multiple

0790580357       Anti-methodist Publications Issued During the Eighteenth Century: A Chronologically Arranged            Green, Richard; 1829-1907.                                    1902      English
                 and Annotated Bibliography of All Known Books and Pamphlets Written in Opposition to the
                 Methodist Revival During the Life of Wesley: Together With…
0790563088       Anti-Modernisteneid, Freie Forschung Und Theologische Fakultàten: Mit Anhang, Der Anti-                 Mulert, Hermann; 1879-1950.                                   1911      German
                 Modernisteneid, Lateinisch Und Deutsch, Nebst Aktenstùcken
837005078        Antinomianism in the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, 1636-1638: Including the Short Story and              Adams, Charles Francis; 1835-1915.                            1894      English
                 Other Documents
0837078261       Antipapal Tracts of the Fourteenth Century, The                                                         Schaff, David S. (David Schley); 1852-1941.                   1901      English
837036739        Antipas, Son of Chuza: And Others Whom Jesus Loved                                                      Houghton, Louise Seymour; 1838-1920.                          1895      English
0790594056       Antipriscilliana: Dogmengeschichtliche Untersuchungen Und Texte Aus Dem Streite Gegen                   Kùnstle, Karl; 1859-1932.                                     1905      German
                 Priscillians Irrlehre
0524024154       Antiquities of India: An Account of the History and Culture of Ancient Hindustan                        Barnett, Lionel D. (Lionel David); 1871-1960.                 1913      English
0790525798       Antiquity of Hebrew Writing and Literature, or, Problems in Pentateuchal Criticism, The                 Zerbe, Alvin Sylvester; 1847-1935.                            1911      English
0790533510       Antithesis Between Symbolism and Revelation: Lecture Delivered Before the Historical                    Kuyper, Abraham; 1837-1920.                                   1898      English
                 Presbyterian Society in Philadelphia, PA., The
0790551861       Antoinette Bourignon, Quietist                                                                          Macewen, Alexander R. (Alexander Robertson); 1851-1916.       1910      English
0524095019       Antung Ved Jalufloden                                                                                   Ellerbek, Soren Anton; 1872-                                  1910      Danish
0790559684       Aphorisms and Reflections: Conduct, Culture and Religion                                                Spalding, John Lancaster; 1840-1916.                          1901      English
0524068348       Apocalipseos Interpretatio Litteralis: Ejusque Cum AlIIs Libris Sacris Concordantia                     Eyzaguirre, Raphaele.                                         1911      Latin
0837005051       Apocalypse of Baruch: Translated From the Syriac: Chapters I.-lXXVII. From the Sixth Century Ms.                                                                      1896      English
                 in the Ambrosian Library of Milan and Chapters LXXVIII.-lXXXVII: The Epistle of Baruch From a
                 New and Critical Text Based on Ten Mss. And..., The
837043700        Apocalypse of Jesus Christ: An Exposition, The                                                    Mead, Willis W.                                                     1909      English
0790526352       Apocalypse of Jesus: Being a Step in the Search for the Historical Christ, The                    Worsley, F. W. (Frederick William)                                  1912      English
837036607        Apocalypse of St. John I-III: The Greek Text With Introduction, Commentary, and Additional Notes, Hort, Fenton John Anthony; 1828-1892.                               1908      English
0790528762       Apocalypse of St. John: The Greek Text With Introduction, Notes and Indices, The                        Swete, Henry Barclay; 1835-1917.                              1909      English
0524056323       Apocalypse, or, Revelation of S. John the Divine: Six Lectures, The                                     Scott, J. J. (Joseph John)                                    1909      English
837022754        Apocalypse: An Introductory Study of the Revelation of St. John the Divine: Being a Presentment         Benson, Edward White; 1829-1896.                              1900      English
                 of the Structure of the Book and of the Fundamental Principles of Its Interpretation, The

0837018501       Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament in English: With Introductions and Critical                                                                         1913      English
                 and ExplanatoryNotes to the Several Books, The
0790519003       Apocrypha Anecdota. Second Series                                                                                                                                     1897      English
0837016673       Apocrypha Arabica                                                                                       Nilsson, Martin P. (Martin Persson); 1874-1967.               1907      German
083701834X       Apocrypha Sinaitica                                                                                                                                                   1896      Multiple
0524080682       Apocrypha, The                                                                                                                                                        1894      English
0837012694       Apocrypha: Greek and English in Parallel Columns., The                                                                                                                1906      Greek
0837019125       Apocryphal Acts of Paul, Peter, John, Andrew and Thomas, The                                                                                                          1909      English
0837019923       Apocryphal and Legendary Life of Christ: Being the Whole Body of the Apocryphal Gospels and                                                                           1903      English
                 Other Extra Canonical Literature Which Pretends to Tell of the Life and Words of Jesus Christ,
                 Including Much Matter Which Has Not Before Appeared, The
0837915502       Apocryphal Gospels and Other Documents Relating to the History of Christ, The                                                                                         1897      English
0790505398       Apollos, or, Studies in the Life of a Great Layman of the First Century                                 Wynne, G. Robert; (George Robert); 1838-1912.                 1912      English
083706824X       Apologetic of Modern Missions: Eight Outline Studies, The                                               Murray, J. Lovell; (John Lovell); 1874-1955.                  1909      English
837051894        Apologetic of the New Testament, The                                                                    Scott, Ernest Findlay; 1868-                                  1907      English
0524050139       Apologetics, or, A System of Christian Evidence                                                         Lindberg, Conrad Emil; 1852-1930.                             1917      English
837022231        Apologetics, or, The Rational Vindication of Christianity: In Three Volumes. Volume I. Fundamental      Beattie, Francis R. (Francis Robert); 1848-1906.              1903      English
837020115        Apologia: An Explanation and Defence                                                                    Abbott, Edwin Abbott; 1838-1926.                              1907      English
0524015406       Apology of Al Kindy: Written at the Court of Al Màmuìn (Circa A.H. 215, A.D. 830), in Defence of        al-Kindì„, Ê»Abd al-MasihÌ£.                                  1911      English
                 ChristianityAgainst Islam: With an Essay on Its Age and Authorship, The
0790536307       Apology of Aristides, The                                                                               Aristides; 2nd cent.                                          1909      English
0837062411       Apostle of Alaska: The Story of William Duncan of Metlakahtla, The                                      Arctander, Jno. W. (John William); 1849-1920.                 1909      English
837054826        Apostle of Patience and Practice: A Simple Exposition of the Epistle of St. James: In Fourteen          Taylor, Frank Johnson.                                        1907      English
                 Short Addresses, The
0524098735       Apostle of Ryo-U: Herman H. Cook, Missionary in Japan, The                                                                                                            1917      English
0837066379       Apostle of the North, Rev. James Evans, The                                                             Young, Egerton Ryerson; 1840-1909.                            1899      English
0790522144       Apostle Paul, The                                                                                       Whyte, Alexander; 1836-1921.                                  1903      English
083705012X       Apostle Paul: A Sketch of the Development of His Doctrine, The                                          Sabatier, Auguste; 1839-1901.                                 1896      English
0790549921       Apostles' Creed and the New Testament, The                                                              Kunze, Johannes; 1865-1927.                                   1912      English
052404371X       Apostles' Creed Today, The                                                                              Drown, Edward S. (Edward Staples); 1861-1936.                 1917      English
0790548062       Apostles' Creed, The                                                                                    Harnack, Adolf von; 1851-1930.                                1901      English
052402975X       Apostles' Creed, The                                                                                    Burn, A. E. (Andrew Ewbank); 1864-1927.                       1914      English
0790548364       Apostles' Creed: Its Origin, Its Purpose, and Its Historical Interpretation: A Lecture, With Critical   McGiffert, Arthur Cushman; 1861-1933.                         1902      English
                 Notes, The
0790566354       Apostles' Creed: Its Relation to Primitive Christianity, The                                            Swete, Henry Barclay; 1835-1917.                              1899      English
837033810        Apostles of Our Lord, The                                                                               Greenhough, John Gersham.                                     1904      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                               Page 18 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                   Year Published Language
0790585332       Apostles of the Lord: Being Six Lectures on Pastoral Theology                                        Newbolt, W. C. E. (William Charles Edmund); 1844-1930.       1901      English
0837049652       Apostolic Age in the Light of Modern Criticism, The                                                  Ropes, James Hardy; 1866-1933.                               1907      English
0790540592       Apostolic Age of the Christian Church, The                                                           Weizsàcker, Carl.                                            1907      English
0524028524       Apostolic Age, The                                                                                   Dobschùtz, Ernst von; 1870-1934.                             1909      English
0790544296       Apostolic Age: Its Life, Doctrine, Worship and Polity, The                                           Bartlet, J. Vernon; (James Vernon); 1863-1940.               1899      English
083706273X       Apostolic and Modern Missions                                                                        Martin, Chalmers.                                            1898      English
0790561808       Apostolic Christianity: Notes and Inferences Mainly Based on S. Paul's Epistles to the Corinthians   Henson, Hensley; 1863-1947.                                  1898      English

0524024979       Apostolic Church, The                                                                                Simpson, A. B. (Albert B.)                                   1898      English
0524002797       Apostolic Faith Restored, The                                                                        Lawrence, Bennett Freeman; 1890-                             1916      English
0524101833       Apostolic Fathers: Translated Into Chinese, The                                                                                                                   1918      Chinese
0524057923       Apostolic Gospel: With a Critical Reconstruction of the Text, The                                                                                                 1896      English
0790596873       Apostolic Ministry in the Scottish Church: The Baird Lecture for 1897, The                           Story, Robert Herbert; 1835-1907.                            1897      English
0790593084       Apostolic Ministry: Sermons and Addresses                                                            Lidgett, J. S. (John Scott); 1854-1953.                      1909      English
0524027900       Apostolic Order and Unity                                                                            Bruce, Robert; M.A., D.D.                                    1903      English
0837073057       Apostolic Succession: A Sermon Preached on the Feast of St. Matthias, 1897, at the Episcopal         Loughlin, J. F. (James F.); 1851-1911.                       1897      English
                 Consecration of Right Rev. Edmond F. Prendergast, D.D., Bishop of Scillio and Bishop Auxiliary of
0524046867       Apostolical Constitutions, and Cognate Documents: With Special Reference to Their Liturgical         O'Leary, De Lacy; b. 1872.                                   1906      English
                 Elements, The
0790508176       Apostolical Succession in the Light of History and Fact: The Congregational Union Lecture for        Brown, John; 1830-1922.                                      1898      English
0524093032       Appeal of India: A Report of Visits to the British India Mission Fields of the American Baptist      Robbins, Joseph Chandler; 1874-                              1919      English
                 Foreign Mission Society, With Observations Regarding the Opportunities and Needs in Burma,
                 Assam, Bengal-Orissa, and South India, The
0524077584       Appeal of Medical Missions, The                                                                      Moorshead, R. Fletcher; (Robert Fletcher); 1874-1934.        1913      English
837054729        Appearances of Our Lord After the Passion: A Study in the Earliest Christian Tradition, The          Swete, Henry Barclay; 1835-1917.                             1907      English
0524055025       Appellatio Flaviani: The Letters of Appeal From the Council of Ephesus, A.D. 449, Addressed by       Flavian; Saint, Patriarch of Constantinople; d. 449.         1903      English
                 Flavian and Eusebius to St. Leo of Rome
0790534193       Appendices to the Gospel According to Mark: A Study in Textual Transmission, The                     Williams, Clarence Russell; b. 1870.                         1915      English
0790569795       Apple of Discord, or, Temporal Power in the Catholic Church, The                                     Zurcher, George; 1852-1931.                                  1905      English
0790573717       Application of Logic, The                                                                            Sidgwick, Alfred; 1850-1943.                                 1910      English
0524039682       Appointed Time: Being Scriptural, Historical, and Astronomical Proofs of the End of the Gentile      Dimbleby, J. B. (Jabez Bunting); b. 1827.                    1896      English
                 Times in 18981, The
0790560577       Approach of Christ to Modern India, The                                                              Farquhar, J. N. (John Nicol); 1861-1929.                     1913      English
052409540X       Approach to the Gospel: Addresses Delivered to the Annual Conference of the American                 Hooper, J. S. M.                                             1918      English
                 Presbyterian Mission of Western India at Panhala, Kolhapur, The
0524048460       Approach to the Social Question: An Introduction to the Study of Social Ethics, The                  Peabody, Francis Greenwood; 1847-1936.                       1912      English
0524001707       Aquinas Ethicus, or, The Moral Teaching of St. Thomas: A Translation of the Principle Portions of    Thomas; Aquinas, Saint; 1225?-1274.                          1896      English
                 the Second Part of the "Summa Theologica," With Notes
0524064806       Ara Coeli: An Essay in Mystical Theology                                                             Chandler, Arthur; 1860?-1939.                                1916      English
0524081557       Arab Conquest of Egypt and the Last Thirty Years of the Roman Dominion, The                          Butler, Alfred Joshua; 1850-1936.                            1902      English
083707343X       Aramaeische Urkunden Zur Geschichte Des Judentums: Im VI Und V Jahrhundert Vor Chr.                  Staerk, Willy; 1866-1946.                                    1908      German
0790525623       Aramàische Papyrus Aus Elephantine                                                                                                                                1911      German
0837073022       Aramàische Sprichwòrter Und Volkssprùche: Ein Beitrag Zur Kenntnis Eines Ostaramàischen              Lewin, Moses.                                                1895      German
                 Dialekts Sowie Zur Vergleichenden Paròmiologie
0524032408       Arbitration Engagements Now Existing in Treaties, Treaty Provisions and National Constitutions       Myers, Denys P. (Denys Peter); b. 1884.                      1915      English

0524052255       Arch of Titus and the Spoils of the Temple, The                                                      Knight, William; 1789 or 90-1878.                            1896      English
0837016622       Archaeological Researches in Palestine During the Years 1873-1874                                    Keck, Stephan.                                               1882      German
079053407X       Archaeology of the Cuneiform Inscriptions, The                                                       Sayce, A. H. (Archibald Henry); 1845-1933.                   1908      English
0790513137       Archaeology of the Old Testament: Was the Old Testament Written in Hebrew?                           Naville, Edouard; 1844-1926.                                 1913      English
0790549271       Archbishop Maclagan: Being a Memoir of the Most Revd. the Right Honble. William Dalrymple            How, Frederick Douglas; b. 1853.                             1911      English
                 Maclagan, D.D., Archbishop of York and Primate of England
0524062684       Archbishop Purcell and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati: A Study Based on Original Sources              McCann, Mary Agnes; b. 1851.                                 1918      English
0790554828       Archbishop Wake and the Project of Union (1717-1720) Between the Gallican and Anglican               Lupton, J. H. (Joseph Hirst); 1836-1905.                     1896      English
083706998X       Are Anglican Orders Valid?                                                                          MacDevitt, J. (John)                                          1896      English
083704457X       Are the Critics Right?: Historical & Critical Considerations Against the Graf-Wellhausen Hypothesis Mòller, Wilhelm.                                              1903      English

0524066515       Are We Justified in Distinguishing Between an Altered and an Unaltered Augustana as the              Neve, J. L. (Juergen Ludwig); 1865-1943.                     1911      English
                 Confession of the Lutheran Church?
0790504413       Aretas IV., Kònig Der Nabatàer: Eine Historisch-Exegetische Studie Zu 2 Kor 11, 32 F.                Steinmann, Alphons.                                          1909      German
0790579057       Argument for Christianity, The                                                                       Lorimer, George C. (George Claude); 1838-1904.               1894      English
837032881        Argument, a Priori, for the Being and the Attributes of the Lord God, the Absolute One, and First    Gillespie, William Honyman; d. 1875                          1906      English
                 Cause: by William Honyman Gillespie., The
0790542137       Arian Movement in England, The                                                                       Colligan, J. Hay; (James Hay)                                1913      English
0524041679       Arische Religion                                                                                     Schroeder, Leopold von; 1851-1920.                           1914      German
0524024049       Arius the Libyan: A Romance of the Primitive Church                                                  Kouns, Nathan C. (Nathan Chapman); 1833-1890.                1914      English
0524012318       Arjanie Polscy: Z 8-Ma Rycinami                                                                      Morawski, Szczęsny; 1818-1898.                             1906      Polish
0790580233       Armenian Apology and Acts of Apollonius: And Other Monuments of Early Christianity, The                                                                           1896      English
0837076013       Armenian Awakening: A History of the Armenian Church, 1820-1860, The                                 Arpee, Leon.                                                 1909      English
0837076242       Armenian Church, The                                                                                 Dowling, Theodore Edward; 1837-1921.                         1910      English
0790518996       Armenische Irenaeusfragmente                                                                         Irenaeus; Saint, Bishop of Lyon.                             1913      German
0790541149       Arminianism in History, or, The Revolt From Predestinationism                                        Curtiss, Geo. L. (George Lewis); 1835-1898.                  1894      English
0524045526       Around the Home Table                                                                                Jacoby, J. C. (James Calvin); b. 1850.                       1911      English
052404368X       Around the World Studies and Stories of Presbyterian Foreign Missions                                Bradt, Charles Edwin; 1863?-1922.                            1912      English
0790573695       Art of Controversy, and Other Posthumous Papers, The                                                 Schopenhauer, Arthur; 1788-1860.                             1896      English
0524060843       Art of Questioning, The                                                                              Bryan, J. H. (Joseph Harris); 1862-1931.                     1909      English
0837005213       Art of Using the China Missionary Survey, The                                                        Clark, Sidney J. W. (Sidney James Wells); 1862-1930.         1922      English
0790511037       Artaxerxes III Ochus and His Reign: With Special Consideration of the Old Testament Sources          Hirschy, Noah Calvin.                                        1909      English
                 Bearing Upon the Period

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 19 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                Year Published Language
0524049424       Arthur Stanton: A Memoir                                                                      Russell, George William Erskine; 1853-1919.                      1917      English
052408193X       Arthurian Tales: The Greatest of Romances, Which Recount the Noble and Valorous Deeds of King Malory, Thomas; Sir; 15th cent.                                  1907      English
                 Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, The
0524099154       Arunodaya: The Autobiography of Baba Padmanji: Containing a Description of His Former Life as a Padmanji, Baba; 1831-1906.                                     1908      Marathi
                 Hindu; and the Causes Which Led to His Conversion.
0524091706       Arya Dharma of Sakya Muni, Gautama, Buddha: Or, The Ethics of Self Discipline, The                   Dharmapala, Anagarika; 1864-1933.                         1917      English
0524054630       Arya Samaj and Its Detractors: A Vindication, The                                                    Sraddhananda; Swami.                                      1910      English
0524011915       Arya Samaj: An Account of Its Origin, Doctrines, and Activities: With a Biographical Sketch of the   Lajpat Rai, Lala; 1865-1928.                              1915      English
                 Founder, The
837043506        As a Fire                                                                                                                                                      1907      English
0790524821       As David and the Sibyls Say: A Sketch of the Sibyls and the Sibylline Oracles                        Monteiro, Mariana.                                        1905      English
0524056056       As It Was in the Beginning, or, The Historic Principle Applied to the Mosaic Scriptures              Cridge, Edward; 1817-1913.                                1900      English
083703745X       As Others Saw Him: A Retrospect, A.D. 54: With Introduction, Afterwords, and Notes                   Jacobs, Joseph; 1854-1916.                                1903      English
0524022569       As Others See Us, and as We Are: The Plea and Position of the Disciples of Christ, as They Are,      Hill, John Louis; b. 1872.                                1908      English
                 Presented in Contrast With the Erroneous Views Usually Held of Them by the Denominational
0790556383       As Others See Us: A Study of Progress in the United States                                           Brooks, John Graham; 1846-1938.                           1908      English
0790503530       Ascended Christ: A Study in the Earliest Christian Teaching, The                                     Swete, Henry Barclay; 1835-1917.                          1910      English
0790504014       Ascension D'isaie                                                                                    Tisserant, Eugène; 1884-1972.                             1909      French
0837005132       Ascension of Isaiah; Translated From the Ethiopic Version, Which, Together With the New Greek                                                                  1900      English
                 Fragment, the Latin Versions and the Latin Translation of the Slavonic, Is Here Published in Full.
                 Edited With Introduction, Notes, and Indices by R. H..., The
083703499X       Ascent of Faith, or, The Grounds of Certainty in Science and Religion, The                           Harrison, Alex. J. (Alexander James)                      1894      English
0524008876       Ascent of Olympus, The                                                                               Harris, J. Rendel; (James Rendel); 1852-1941.             1917      English
837033918        Ascent of the Soul, The                                                                              Bradford, Amory H. (Amory Howe); 1846-1911.               1903      English
0790593831       Ascent Through Christ: A Study of the Doctrine of Redemption in the Light of the Theory of           Griffith-Jones, E. (Ebenezer); 1860-1942.                 1900      English
                 Evolution, The
0790525585       Aschera Und Astarte: Ein Beitrag Zur Semitischen Religiongeschichte                                  Torge, Paul; b. 1873.                                     1902      German
0524016917       Asiatic Dionysos, The                                                                                Davis, Gladys M. N. (Gladys Mary Norman)                  1914      English
0524092672       Asiatic Fields: Addresses Delivered Before the Eastern Missionary Convention of the Methodist                                                                  1904      English
                 Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, PA., October 13-15, 1903., The
0524090629       Asiatic Studies, Religious and Social                                                                Lyall, Alfred Comyn; Sir; 1835-1911.                      1907      English
0524088446       Askese Und Mònchtum                                                                                  Zòckler, Otto; 1833-1906.                                 1897      German
0524098549       Asoka: The Buddhist Emperor of India                                                                 Smith, Vincent Arthur; 1848-1920.                         1909      English
0790598515       Aspects of Authority in the Christian Religion                                                       Robins, Henry B. (Henry Burke); 1874-1942.                1911      English
083705608X       Aspects of Christ                                                                                    Selbie, W. B. (William Boothby); 1862-1944.               1909      English
0524048525       Aspects of Christian Mysticism                                                                       Scott, W. Major; (William Major)                          1907      English
0524016216       Aspects of Islam                                                                                     Macdonald, Duncan Black; 1863-1943.                       1911      English
837048478        Aspects of Religious and Scientific Thought                                                          Hutton, Richard Holt; 1826-1897.                          1899      English
0790511649       Aspects of Religious Belief and Practice in Babylonia and Assyria                                    Jastrow, Morris; 1861-1921.                               1911      English
0790576910       Aspects of Revelation: Being the Baldwin Lectures for 1900                                           Brewster, Chauncey B. (Chauncey Bunce); 1848-1941.        1901      English
0790531631       Aspects of the Atonement: The Atoning Sacrifice Illustrated From the Various Sacrificial Types of    Ragg, Lonsdale; 1866-1945.                                1904      English
                 the Old Testament, and From the Successive Ages of Christian Thought
0790577437       Aspects of the Infinite Mystery                                                                      Gordon, George A. (George Angier); 1853-1929.             1916      English
0837094976       Aspects of the Old Testament: Considered in Eight Lectures                                           Ottley, Robert L.                                         1897      English
837028310        Aspects of the Spiritual                                                                             Brierley, J. (Jonathan); 1843-1914.                       1909      English
0524079323       Aspects of the Vedanta                                                                                                                                         1903      English
0790570505       Assertio Septem Sacramentorum, or, Defence of the Seven Sacraments                                   Henry; VIII; King of England; 1491-1547.                  1908      Latin
0524084394       Association: An Essay Analytic and Experimental                                                      Calkins, Mary Whiton; 1863-1930.                          1896      English
837005418        Assumption of Moses: Translated From the Latin Sixth Century Ms., the Unemended Text of Which                                                                  1897      English
                 Is Published Herewith, Together With the Text in Its Restored and Critically Emended Form, The

0790577461       Assurance of Faith, The                                                                              Guth, William W. (William Westley); 1871-1929.            1911      English
0790538393       Assurance of Immortality, The                                                                        Fosdick, Harry Emerson; 1878-1969.                        1913      English
0837084342       Assyriaca: Eine Nachlese Auf Dem Gebiete Der Assyriologie                                            Hilprecht, H. V. (Hermann Vollrat); 1859-1925.            1894      German
0837088232       Assyrian and Babylonian Literature: Selected Translations                                                                                                      1904      English
0837090504       Assyrian and Babylonian Religious Texts: Being Prayers, Oracles, Hymns Etc.                                                                                    1895      Akkadian
0837093988       Assyrian Echoes of the Word                                                                          Laurie, Thomas; 1821-1897.                                1894      English
                 Assyrian Historiography; Microfilm: A Source Study                                                   Olmstead, A. T. (Albert Ten Eyck); 1880-1945.             1916      English
837038723        Assyrian Monuments Illustrating the Sermons of Isaiah, The                                           Kellner, Max; (Maximilian)                                1900      English
0790527219       Assyrien Und Babylonien Nach Den Neuesten Entdeckungen                                               Kaulen, Franz; 1827-1907.                                 1899      German
0837074428       Assyrisch-Babylonische Briefe: Religiòsen Inhalts Aus Der Sargonidenzeit                             Behrens, Emil.                                            1905      German
0837085969       Assyrisch-Babylonische Chrestomathie: Fùr Anfànger                                                                                                             1895      Akkadian
0790527189       Assyrisch-Babylonische Mythen Und Epen                                                               Jensen, P. (Peter); 1861-1936.                            1900      German
0837084989       Assyrische Grammatik: Mit Ùbungsstùcken Und Kurzer Literatur-ùbersicht                               Delitzsch, Friedrich; 1850-1922.                          1906      German
0790520303       Assyrische Jagden: Auf Grund Alter Berichte Und Darstellungen                                        Meissner, Bruno; 1868-1947.                               1911      German
0837089786       Assyrische Lesestùcke: Mit Den Elementen Der Grammatik Und Vollstàndigem Glossar: Einfùhrung         Delitzsch, Friedrich; 1850-1922.                          1912      Akkadian
                 in Die Assyrische Und Semitisch-Babylonische Keilschriftliteratur Fùr Akademischen Gebrauch
                 Und Selbstunterricht
0837089794       Assyrisches Handwòrterbuch                                                                           Delitzsch, Friedrich; 1850-1922.                          1896      German
837047412        Assyrisches Und Talmudisches: Kulturgeschichtliche Und Lexikalische Notizen                          Pick, Hermann; b. 1879.                                   1903      German
0524023107       Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants and Phenomena, The                                            Leadbeater, C. W. (Charles Webster); 1847-1934.           1905      English
0837070538       Astrological-Astronomical Texts                                                                                                                                1899      Akkadian
0790542730       Astrology and Religion Among the Greeks and Romans                                                   Cumont, Franz Valèry Marie; 1868-1947.                    1912      English
083705088X       Astronomy in the Old Testament                                                                       Schiaparelli, G. V. (Giovanni Virginio); 1835-1910.       1905      English
079052922X       Astronomy of the Bible: An Elementary Commentary on the Astronomical References of Holy              Maunder, E. Walter; (Edward Walter); 1851-1928.           1908      English
                 Scripture, The
052409022X       At Grips: Talks With the Telugus of South India                                                 Goffin, Herbert J.                                             1913      English
0837071429       At Home and Abroad: A Description of the English and Continental Missions of the London Society Gidney, W. T. (William Thomas); 1852 or 3-1909.                1900      English
                 for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews
0837070139       At Home With God: Priedieu Papers on Spiritual Subjects                                              Russell, Matthew; 1834-1912.                              1910      English
0790524570       At Onement, or, Reconciliation With God                                                              Workman, George Coulson; 1848-1936.                       1911      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 20 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                             Year Published Language
0837062225       At Our Own Door: A Study of Home Missions With Special Reference to the South and West               Morris, S. L. (Samuel Leslie); 1854-1937.                              1904      English
0524041237       At Sea and in Port, or, Life and Experience of William S. Fletcher: For Thirty Years Seaman's        Fletcher, William S. b. 1829.                                          1898      English
                 Missionary in Portland, Oregon
052403365X       At the Back of the Black Man's Mind, or, Notes on the Kingly Office in West Africa                   Dennett, R. E. (Richard Edward); 1857-1921.                            1906      English
0524017751       At the Feet of the Master                                                                            Krishnamurti, J. (Jiddu); 1895-                                        1911      English
0524094942       At Work: Letters of Marie Elizabeth Hayes, M.B., Missionary Doctor, Delhi, 1905-8                    Hayes, Marie Elizabeth; 1874-1908.                                     1909      English
0790518082       Athanasian Creed and Its Early Commentaries, The                                                     Burn, A. E. (Andrew Ewbank); 1864-1927.                                1896      English
0524001391       Athanasian Warnings, The                                                                             Sparrow-Simpson, W. J. (William John); 1859-1952.                      1911      English
0790517965       Athanasiana: Litterar-Und Dogmengeschichtliche Untersuchungen                                        Stùlcken, Alfred; b. 1874.                                             1899      German
0524080380       Atharva-Veda and the Gopatha-Braìhmanìa, The                                                         Bloomfield, Maurice; 1855-1928.                                        1899      English
0524073856       Atharva-Veda Samhita (Volume 7)                                                                                                                                             1905      English
0524073856       Atharva-Veda Samhita (Volume 8)                                                                                                                                             1905      English
0524090718       Atharva-Veda-Samhita                                                                                                                                                        1905      English
0524038813       Atlas Biblicus: Continens Duas Et Viginti Tabulas Quibus Accedit Index Topographicus in              Hagen, Martin; 1855-1923.                                              1907      Latin
                 Universam Geographiam Bibliam
052406346X;    Atlas Hierarchicus: Descriptio Geographica Et Statistica S. Romanae Ecclesiae Tum Occidentis           Streit, Karl; 1874-1935.                                               1913      Multiple
97805240634604 Tum Orientis Juxta Statum Praesentem: Accedunt Etiam Nonnullae Notae Historicae Necnon
60             Ethnographicae
0524102392       Atlas of the Chinese Empire: Containing Separate Maps of the Eighteen Provinces of China Proper Stanford, Edward; 1827-1904.                                                1908      English
                 on the Scale of 1:3,000,000 and of the Four Great Dependencies on the Scale of 1:7,500,000
                 Together With an Index to All the Names on the Maps and…
0524027587       Atlas of the Historical Geography of the Holy Land                                                   Smith, George Adam; Sir; 1856-1942.                                    1915      English
837033667        Atonement and Intercession of Christ, The                                                            Davies, David Charles.                                                 1901      English
837052734        Atonement and Modern Thought, The                                                                    Remensnyder, Junius B. (Junius Benjamin); 1843-1927.                   1905      English
0790511045       Atonement and Modern Thought: Being the Donnellan Lectures, The                                      Hitchcock, F. R. Montgomery; (Francis Ryan Montgomery); b. 1867.       1911      English
0790529270       Atonement and Personality                                                                            Moberly, Robert Campbell; 1845-1903.                                   1901      English
0790588447       Atonement and Progress                                                                               Marshall, Newton H. (Newton Herbert); 1871-1914.                       1908      English
0524053960       Atonement and the Living Christ: Notes of Last Lectures and Addresses, The                           Body, George; 1840-1911.                                               1917      English
083703535X       Atonement and the Modern Mind, The                                                                   Denney, James; 1856-1917.                                              1903      English
837035910        Atonement in Literature and Life                                                                     Dinsmore, Charles Allen; 1860-1941.                                    1906      English
0790503700       Atonement in Modern Religious Thought: A Theological Symposium, The                                                                                                         1900      English
0837001919       Atonement in Modern Religious Thought: A Theological Symposium, The                                                                                                         1902      English
0790589524       Atonement Shown to Be an Absolute Necessity, The                                                     Varley, Henry; b. 1835.                                                1901      English
837028116        Atonement, The                                                                                       Bowne, Borden Parker; 1847-1910.                                       1900      English
0790523086       Atonement, The                                                                                       Pullan, Leighton; 1865-1940.                                           1906      English
837055245        Atonement, The                                                                                       Stalker, James; 1848-1927.                                             1909      English
0790517493       Atonement: The Congregational Union Lecture for 1875, The                                            Dale, R. W. (Robert William); 1829-1895.                               1909      English
079059532X       Atoning Life, The                                                                                    Nash, Henry Sylvester; 1852-1912.                                      1908      English
0524034788       Attis: Seine Mythen Und Sein Kult                                                                    Hepding, Hugo; b. 1878.                                                1903      German
052407187X       Attitude of the Episcopal Church Towards Non-Episcopal Churches: From the Church Standard,                                                                                  1904      English
                 Reprinted by Request.
0837074843       Attractive Christ: And Other Sermons, The                                                            MacArthur, Robert Stuart; 1841-1923.                                   1898      English
0790513978       Au Dela Du Jourdain: Souvenirs D'une Excursion                                                       Gautier, Lucien; 1850-1924.                                            1896      French
0524098573       Au Pays Des Castes: Voyage À La Còte de La Peìcherie.                                                Coubè, Stèphen; 1857-1938.                                             1901      French
0837072107       Aubrey de Vere: A Memoir Based on His Unpublished Diaries and Correspondence                         De Vere, Aubrey; 1814-1902.                                            1904      English
837021251        Auchincloss' Chronology of the Holy Bible                                                            Auchincloss, W. S. (William Stuart); 1842-1928.                        1909      English
0524046948       Auf Dem Wege Zum Monotheismus: Rektoratsrede                                                         Budde, Karl.                                                           1910      German
0524095426       Auf Missionspfaden in Japan                                                                          Dalton, Hermann; 1833-1913.                                            1895      German
0524091633       Auf Vorposten in China: Aus Dem Tagebuche Einer Missionarsfrau                                       Leuschner, W.                                                          1913      German
0837096898       Aufkommen Und Krise Des Israelitischen Kònigtums Unter David: Ursachen, Teilnehmer Und               Caspari, Wilhelm; 1876-1947.                                           1909      German
                 Verlauf Des Absalomschen Aufstandes
0837063116       Aufsàtze Und Vortràge                                                                                Reischle, Max.                                                         1906      German
0524030464       Augsburg Confession: A Brief Review of Its History and an Interpretation of Its Doctrinal Articles   Neve, J. L. (Juergen Ludwig); 1863-1943.                               1914      English
                 With Introductory Discussions on Confessional Questions, The
0790551071       Augsburg Confession: An Introduction to Its Study and an Exposition of Its Contents, The             Loy, M. (Matthias); 1828-1915.                                         1908      English
052406606X       Augsburg Confession: Presented at the Diet of Augsburg, A.D. 1530., The                                                                                                     1913      English
0790532409       August Dillman                                                                                       Baudissin, Wolf Wilhelm; Graf von; 1847-1926.                          1895      German
0790565498       August Gottlieb Spangenberg: Bischof Der Brùderkirche                                                Reichel, Gerhard; 1874-1953.                                           1906      German
0524037345       Augustana Synod: A Brief Review of Its History, 1860-1910., The                                                                                                             1910      English
0790556030       Augustin                                                                                             Hertling, Georg; Graf von; 1843-1919.                                  1902      German
0790541610       Augustine and His Companions: Four Lectures                                                          Browne, G. F. (George Forrest); 1833-1930.                             1906      English
0790542218       Augustine of Canterbury                                                                              Cutts, Edward Lewes; 1824-1901.                                        1895      English
0790535173       Augustinian Revolution in Theology: Illustrated by a Comparison With the Teaching of the             Allin, Thomas; Rev.                                                    1911      English
                 Antiochene Divines ofthe Fourth and Fifth Centuries, The
079055531X       Augustus Caesar and the Organization of the Empire of Rome                                           Firth, John B. (John Benjamin); 1868-1943.                             1902      English
0524065063       Augustus M. Toplady and Contemporary Hymn-Writers                                                    Wright, Thomas; 1859-1936.                                             1911      English
0790520532       Aus Dem Altbabylonischen Recht                                                                       Meissner, Bruno; 1868-1947.                                            1905      German
0524095345       Aus Dem Belagerten Tsingtau                                                                          Voskamp, Carl John; 1859-1937.                                         1915      German
052401857X       Aus Dem Leben Der Arabischen Bevòlkerung in Sfax (Regentschaft Tunis)                                Narbeshuber, Karl.                                                     1907      German
0524094977       Aus Dem Leben Und Der Arbeit Eines China-Missionars                                                  Leuschner, F. W.                                                       1902      German
0837090881       Aus Dem Letzen Jahrzehnt Vor Dem Vatikankonzil                                                       Nippold, Friedrich.                                                    1899      German
0524095833       Aus Dem Missionsleben Draussen Fùr Die Arbeit Daheim                                                 Witte, J. (Johannes); 1877-1945.                                       1919      German
0524099448       Aus Dem Palmenlande: Selbsterlebtes Aus Ost-Und Westindien                                           Flex, Oscar Theodor; 1840-                                             1907      German
0837095239       Aus Den Briefen Des Paulus Nach Korinth                                                              Aner, Karl; 1879-1933.                                                 1913      German
0837078601       Aus Den Tagen Bonifaz VIII: Funde Und Forschungen                                                    Finke, Heinrich; 1855-1938.                                            1902      German
0524043213       Aus Der Antiken Schule: Sammlung Griechischer Texte Auf Papyrus, Holztafeln, Ostraka                 Ziebarth, Erich; 1868-1944.                                            1910      German
0524027870       Aus Der Schule Des Wulfila: Auxenti Dorostorensis Epistula de Fide Vita Et Obitu Wulfilae: Im                                                                               1899      German
                 Zusammenhang Der Dissertatio Maximini Contra Ambrosium
079053116X       Aus Der Welt Der Papyri                                                                              Wessely, Carl; 1860-1931.                                              1914      German
0790552132       Aus Der Werdezeit Des Christentums: Studien Und Charakteristiken                                     Geffcken, Johannes; 1861-1935.                                         1909      German
052404709X       Aus Einem Griechischen Zauberpapyrus                                                                                                                                        1911      Greek
0837078083       Aus Englischen Bibliotheken                                                                          Levison, Wilhelm.                                                      1910      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 21 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                               Author                                                          Year Published Language
0524099162       Aus Indien: Reisebriefe Eines Missionàrs.                                                           Noti, Severin; 1851-1920.                                           1908      German
0524057931       Aus Israels Propheten: Amos, Hosea, Jesaja, Jeremia, Deuterojesaja                                                                                                      1914      German
0837068185       Aus Kunst Und Leben                                                                                 Keppler, Paul Wilhelm von; 1852-1926.                               1905      German
0524099545       Aus Meinem Leben: Erinnerungen Des Tamulenpastors NJ. Dewasagajam B. A.                             Dewasagajam, Nj; 1851-1919.                                         1919      German
                 Aus Meiner Jugendzeit                                                                               Hahn, Traugott; 1848-1939.                                          1921      German
0524002150       Aus Schleiermachers Hause: Jugenderinnerungen Seines Stiefsohnes                                    Willich, Ehrenfried von; d. 1807.                                   1909      German
0790515504       Aus Schrift Und Geschichte: Theologische Abhandlungen Und Skizzen: Herrn Prof. D. Conrad Von                                                                            1898      German
                 Orelli Zur Feier Seiner 25-Jàhrigen Lehrthàtigkeit in Basel
079051088X       Aus Wissenschaft Und Leben                                                                          Harnack, Adolf von; 1851-1930.                                      1911      German
0524086109       Ausfùhrliche Grammatik Der Griechischen Sprache. Zweiter Teil; Satzlehre                            Kùhner, Raphael; 1802-1878.                                         1898      German
083703910X       Ausgangspunkt Und Ziel Der Evangelischen Dogmatik: Rede Gehalten Zum Antritt Des                    Kirn, Otto; 1857-19ll.                                              1896      German
                 Akademischen Lehramts an Der Universitàt Leipzig Am 4. Juli 1896
837053536        Ausgewahlte Akademische Reden Und Abhandlungen                                                      Stade, Bernhard; 1848-1906.                                         1899      German
0524076618       Ausgewàhlte Briefe                                                                                  Strauss, David Friedrich; 1808-1874.                                1895      German
079057229X       Ausgewàhlte Kleine Schriften                                                                        Gelzer, Heinrich; 1847-1906.                                        1907      German
0524046891       Ausgewàhlte Predigten Johann Taulers                                                                Tauler, Johannes; ca. 1300-1361.                                    1914      German
0837097843       Ausgewàhlte Psalmen                                                                                 Gunkel, Hermann; 1862-1932.                                         1904      German
0524041148       Ausgewàhlte Psalmen                                                                                 Stòckhardt, G. (George); 1842-1913.                                 1915      German
837034205        Ausgewàhlte Psalmen                                                                                 Gunkel, Hermann; 1862-1932.                                         1917      German
0837071941       Australasia and the World's Evangelisation: Addresses Delivered at the Student Conferences on                                                                           1903      English
                 Home and Foreign Missions, Melbourne, Australia, April 10-12, 1903, and Christchurch, New
                 Zealand, May 2 and 3, 1903.
0524034443       Australia                                                                                           David, A. E. (Arthur Evan)                                          1908      English
0524097194       Australia E Ceylan: Studi E Ricordi Di Tredici Anni Di Missione                                     Balangero, Giovanni Battista.                                       1897      Italian
052409201X       Australian Aboriginal and the Christian Church, The                                                 Pitts, Herbert.                                                     1914      English
0790543818       Australia's First Preacher: The Rev. Richard Johnson, First Chaplain of New South Wales             Bonwick, James; 1817-1906.                                          1898      English
0524055262       Auswahl Aus Den Iliasscholien: Zur Einfùhrung in Die Antike Homerphilologie                                                                                             1912      Greek
0790528126       Auszug Aus Der Vorderasiatischen Geschichte                                                         Winckler, Hugo; 1863-1913.                                          1905      German
0524046263       Authentische Berichte Ùber Luthers Letzte Lebensstunden                                                                                                                 1912      German
0790504294       Authority and Archaeology, Sacred and Profane: Essays on the Relation of Monuments to Biblical                                                                          1899      English
                 and Classical Literature
079051009X       Authority and Person of Our Lord, The                                                               Hutton, John A. (John Alexander); 1868-1947.                        1910      English
837034132        Authority and the Light Within                                                                      Grubb, Edward; 1854-1939.                                           1908      English
0524064423       Authority in Matters of Faith                                                                                                                                           1897      English
837040744        Authority in Religion                                                                               Leckie, Joseph H. (Joseph Hannay); b. 1865.                         1909      English
837054567        Authority in the Church                                                                             Strong, Thomas B. (Thomas Banks); 1861-1944.                        1903      English
0790538377       Authority of Christ, The                                                                            Forrest, David W. (David William); 1856-1918.                       1906      English
0790538881       Authority, Ecclesiastical and Biblical                                                              Hall, Francis J. (Francis Joseph); 1857-1932.                       1908      English
0837084652       Authority, or, A Plain Reason for Joining the Church of Rome                                        Rivington, Luke; 1838-1899.                                         1897      English
0790573415       Authority: The Function of Authority in Life and Its Relation to Legalism in Ethics and Religion    Huizinga, A. v. C. P. (Arnold van Couthen Piccardt); b. 1874.       1911      English

0524016410       Authorized and Authentic Life and Works of T. de Witt Talmage                                       Banks, Charles Eugene; 1852-1932.                                   1902      English
0837089646       Authorized Record of Proceedings                                                                                                                                        1905      English
0837092140       Authorized Version of the Bible and Its Influence, The                                              Cook, Albert S. (Albert Stanburrough); 1853-1927.                   1910      English
0790571900       Authors and Their Public in Ancient Times: A Sketch of Literary Conditions and of the Relations     Putnam, George Haven; 1844-1930.                                    1894      English
                 With the Public of Literary Producers, From the Earliest Times to the Invention of Printing

837043549        Authorship of the Book of Deuteronomy: With Its Bearings on the Higher Criticism of the             McGarvey, J. W. (John William); 1829-1911.                          1902      English
                 Pentateuch, The
0524051380       Authorship of the Dialogus de Vita Crysostomi                                                       Butler, Edward Cuthbert; 1858-1934.                                 1908      English
837029619        Authorship of the West Saxon Gospels, The                                                           Drake, Allison Emery.                                               1894      English
079055500X       Auto de Fè and Jew                                                                                  Adler, Elkan Nathan; 1861-1946.                                     1908      English
0524042977       Autobiographic Memoirs                                                                              Harrison, Frederic; 1831-1923.                                      1911      English
0524037299       Autobiographical Pamphlets                                                                                                                                              1898      English
837006724        Autobiography and Diary of Samuel Davidson: With a Selection of Letters From English and            Davidson, Samuel; 1806-1898.                                        1899      English
                 German Divines, and an Account of the Davidson Controversy of 1857, The
0524070113       Autobiography and Work of Bishop M.F. Jamison, D.D. (Uncle Joe), Editor, Publisher, and Church      Jamison, M. F. (Monroe Franklin); 1849-1918.                        1912      English
                 Extension Secretary: A Narration of His Whole Career From the Cradle to the Bishopric of the
                 Colored M.E. Church in America.
0790580160       Autobiography of Abraham Snethen, the Barefoot Preacher                                           Snethen, Abraham; 1794-1877.                                          1909      English
0790535335       Autobiography of Adin Ballou, 1803-1890: Containing an Elaborate Record and Narrative of His Life Ballou, Adin; 1803-1890.                                              1896      English
                 From Infancy to Old Age: With Appendixes
0524026920       Autobiography of Allen Jay: Born 1831, Died 1910.                                                   Jay, Allen; 1831-1910.                                              1910      English
0790580993       Autobiography of Andrew Dickson White                                                               White, Andrew Dickson; 1832-1918.                                   1905      English
0524070164       Autobiography of Bishop Isaac Lane, LL.D: With a Short History of the C.M.E. Church in America      Lane, Isaac; 1834-1937.                                             1916      English
                 and of Methodism.
0790580934       Autobiography of Charles H. Spurgeon, The                                                           Spurgeon, C. H. (Charles Haddon); 1834-1892.                        1898      English
0790557150       Autobiography of Dean Merivale: With Selections From His Correspondence                             Merivale, Charles; 1808-1893.                                       1899      English
0524006369       Autobiography of Edward Gibbon                                                                      Gibbon, Edward; 1737-1794.                                          1907      English
0524016577       Autobiography of George Mùller                                                                      Mùller, George; 1805-1898.                                          1905      English
052404824X       Autobiography of George Tyrrell, 1861-1884                                                          Tyrrell, George; 1861-1909.                                         1912      English
0524067112       Autobiography of John J. Cornell: Containing an Account of His Religious Experiences and            Cornell, John J. 1826-1909.                                         1906      English
                 Travels in the Ministry.
0524015791       Auto-Biography of Maharashi Devendranath Tagore: With Portraits, The                                Ṭhākura, Debendranātha; 1817-1905.                            1909      English
052409439X       Autobiography of Maharshi Devendranath Tagore, The                                                  Ṭhākura, Debendranātha; 1817-1905.                            1914      English
0524069379       Autobiography of Sir Henry Morton Stanley, The                                                      Stanley, Henry M. (Henry Morton); 1841-1904.                        1909      English
079058123X       Autobiography, Memories and Experiences of Moncure Daniel Conway                                    Conway, Moncure Daniel; 1832-1907.                                  1904      English
0524074496       Autobiography, Poems and Prayers                                                                    Parker, Theodore; 1810-1860.                                        1911      English
0790546647       Autobiography: A Critical and Comparative Study, The                                                Burr, Anna Robeson Brown; 1873-1941.                                1909      English
0790506203       Autographs of Saint Paul, The                                                                       Buell, Marcus D. (Marcus Darius); b. 1851.                          1912      English
083707133X       Autour de La Question Biblique: Une Nouvelle Ècole D'exègèse Et Les Autoritès Qu'elle Invoque       Delattre, A. J. (Alphonse J.); 1841-1928.                           1904      French

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 22 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                               Author                                                 Year Published Language
079051186X       Autour D'un Petit Livre                                                                      Loisy, Alfred Firmin; 1857-1940.                                  1903      French
0790573253       Avenarius and the Standpoint of Pure Experience                                              Bush, Wendell T. 1866-1941.                                       1905      English
0524009384       Avesta Eschatology Compared With the Books of Daniel and Revelations: Being Supplementary to Mills, Lawrence Heyworth; 1837-1918.                              1908      English
                 Zarathushtra, Philo, the Achaemenids and Israel
052407545X       Avicenne                                                                                            Carra de Vaux, Bernard; baron; b. 1867.                    1900      French
079056761X       Awakening of Scotland: A History From 1747 to 1797, The                                             Mathieson, William Law; 1868-                              1910      English
0837089263       Axioms of Religion: A New Interpretation of the Baptist Faith, The                                  Mullins, Edgar Young; 1860-1928.                           1908      English
0524086680       Az Unitàrius Vallàs: Dàvid Ferenc Koràban Ès Azutàn: Irjàk Tòbben                                                                                              1910      Hungarian
0524018375       Bab-Ed-Din, the Door of True Religion: Za-Ti-Et Al-Lah, El Fi-Da: Revelation From the East:         Kheiralla, Ibrahim George; 1849-1930.                      1897      English
                 Rational Argument
0837093767       Babel and Bible: A Lecture on the Significance of Assyriological Research for Religion: Delivered   Delitzsch, Friedrich; 1850-1922.                           1902      English
                 Before the German Emperor
0524056765       Babel Und Bibel: Randglossen Zu Den Beiden Vortràgen Friedrich Delitzschs                           Horovitz, Jakob; 1873-1939.                                1904      German
0524061297       Babel Und Das Neue Testament: Ein Vortrag                                                           Fiebig, Paul; 1876-1949.                                   1905      German
0524044031       Babylonian and Assyrian Laws, Contracts and Letters                                                 Johns, C. H. W; (Claude Hermann Walter); 1857-1920.        1904      English
837059666        Babylonian and the Hebrew Genesis, The                                                              Zimmern, Heinrich; 1862-1931.                              1901      English
837002958        Babylonian and the Hebrew Genesis, The                                                              Zimmern, Heinrich; 1862-1931.                              1901      English
0790511665       Babylonian Conception of Heaven and Hell, The                                                       Jeremias, Alfred; 1864-1935.                               1902      English
0790517264       Babylonian Influence on the Bible and Popular Beliefs: Tehòm and Tiàmat, Hades and Satan: A         Palmer, Abram Smythe.                                      1897      English
                 Comparative Study of Genesis I. 2
0524023530       Babylonian Magic and Sorcery: Being "the Prayers of the Lifting of the Hand": The Cuneiform                                                                    1896      Akkadian
                 Texts of a Group of Babylonian and Assyrian Incantations and Magical Formulae
0790513382       Babylonian Religion and Mythology                                                                   King, L. W. (Leonard William); 1869-1919.                  1903      English
052400904X       Babylonian-Assyrian Birth-Omens and Their Cultural Significance                                     Jastrow, Morris; 1861-1921.                                1914      English
0790502844       Babylonians and Assyrians: Life and Customs                                                         Sayce, A. H. (Archibald Henry); 1845-1933.                 1899      English
0790533464       Babyloniens Kultur Und Die Weltgeschichte: Ein Briefwechsel                                         Kònig, Eduard; 1846-1936.                                  1900      German
0837075262       Babylonisch-Assyrische Texte. I; Die Schòpfungslegende                                                                                                         1904      German
837023483        Babylonisch-Astrales Im Weltbilde Des Thalmud Und Midrasch                                          Bischoff, Erich; 1865-1936.                                1907      German
0837077478       Babylonische Briefe Aus Der Zeit Der Hìammurapi-Dynastie                                                                                                       1914      German
0790520990       Babylonische Hymnen Und Gebete in Auswahl                                                                                                                      1905      German
0790520397       Babylonische Hymnen Und Gebete, Zweite Auswahl                                                                                                                 1911      German
0524025401       Babylonische Sùhnriten: Besonders Mit Rùcksicht Auf Priester Und Bùsser                             Schrank, Walther; b. 1877.                                 1908      German
837037816        Babylonisches Im Neuen Testament                                                                    Jeremias, Alfred; 1864-1935.                               1905      German
0524061424       Babylonisches Im Neuen Testament                                                                    Karge, Paul; 1881-1922.                                    1913      German
0790597101       Baccalaureate Sermons and Addresses                                                                 Terry, Milton S. (Milton Spenser); 1840-1914.              1914      English
0524100071       Back Blocks of China: A Narrative of Experiences Among the Chinese, Sifans, Lolos, Tibetans,        Jack, Robert Logan; 1845-1921.                             1904      English
                 Shans and Kachins, Between Shanghai and the Irrawadi, The
0790525704       Back to Bethlehem: Modern Problems in the Light of the Old Faith                                    Willey, John H. (John Heston); b. 1854.                    1905      English
837055059        Back to Christ: Some Modern Forms of Religious Thought                                              Spence, Walter; b. 1867.                                   1900      English
083708220X       Back to Holy Church: Experiences and Knowledge Acquired by a Convert                                Ruville, Albert von; 1855-1934.                            1910      English
0524022666       Back to Patmos: Prophetic Outlooks on Present Conditions                                            Simpson, A. B. (Albert B.)                                 1914      English
0790506408       Back to the Old Testament for the Message of the New: An Effort to Connect More Closely the         Curtis, Anson Bartie.                                      1894      English
                 Testaments, to Which Is Added a Series of Papers on Various Old Testament Books and Subjects

0790527669       Background of the Gospels, or, Judaism in the Period Between the Old and New Testaments: The        Fairweather, William.                                      1908      English
                 Twentieth Seriesof the Cunningham Lectures, The
0524020388       Bahai Teaching: Quotations From the Bahai Sacred Writings and Several Articles Upon the History Remey, Charles Mason; 1874-1974.                               1917      English
                 and Aims of the Teaching
0524026122       Bahàism                                                                                             Sell, Edward; 1839-1932.                                   1912      English
0524022348       Bahaism and Its Claims: A Study of the Religion Promulgated by Baha Ullah and Abdul Baha            Wilson, Samuel Graham; 1858-1916.                          1915      English

0524018324       Bahaism, the Modern Social Religion                                                                 Holley, Horace; 1887-1960.                                 1913      English
0524013829       Bahaism, the Religion of Brotherhood: And Its Place in the Evolution of Creeds                      Skrine, Francis Henry; 1847-1933.                          1912      English
083706385X       Balance: The Fundamental Verity                                                                     Smith, Orlando J. (Orlando Jay); 1842-1908.                1904      English
0524058458       Balder the Beautiful: The Fire-Festivals of Europe and the Doctrine of the External Soul            Frazer, James George; Sir; 1854-1941.                      1913      English
0524015074       Balder, Mythus Und Sage                                                                             Kauffmann, Friedrich; 1863-1941.                           1902      German
0837091934       Balthasar Hùbmaier: The Leader of the Anabaptists                                                   Vedder, Henry C. (Henry Clay); 1853-1935.                  1905      English
0524033765       Ban of the Bori: Demons and Demon-Dancing in West and North Africa, The                             Tremearne, A. J. N. (Arthur John Newman); 1877-1915.       1914      English
0524075255       Baptism as Taught in the Scriptures                                                                 Lloyd, Rhys R.                                             1895      English
0790549840       Baptism of Roger Williams: A Review of Rev. Dr. W.H. Whitsitt's Inference, The                      King, Henry Melville.                                      1897      English
0790525046       Baptism With the Holy Spirit, The                                                                   Torrey, R. A. (Reuben Archer); 1856-1928.                  1897      English
0790509504       Baptism, Jewish and Christian                                                                       Hanauer, J. E. (James Edward); b. 1850.                    1906      English
0790582090       Baptist and Congregational Pioneers                                                                 Shakespeare, J. H. (John Howard); 1857-1928.               1907      English
0790585286       Baptist Beliefs                                                                                     Mullins, Edgar Young; 1860-1928.                           1912      English
052403320X       Baptist Church Perpetuity, or, The Continuous Existence of Baptist Churches From the Apostolic      Jarrel, W. A. (Willis Anselm); 1849-1927.                  1894      English
                 to the Present Day: Demonstrated by the Bible and by History
0790595095       Baptist Confessions of Faith                                                                        McGlothlin, William J. (William Joseph); 1867-1933.        1911      English
0790543680       Baptist Councils in America: A Historical Study of Their Origin and the Principles of Their         Allison, William Henry; 1870-1941.                         1906      English
0524087733       Baptist General Association of West Virginia, 1865-1915, Woman's Baptist Missionary Society of                                                                 1915      English
                 West Virginia, Ministers' Fraternal Union
052405004X       Baptist History of North Dakota, 1879-1904                                                          Shanafelt, T. M. (Thomas Miles); 1840-1909.                1904      English
0524036276       Baptist History of South Dakota, The                                                                Shanafelt, T. M. (Thomas Miles); 1840-1909.                1899      English
0524033773       Baptist History of the North Pacific Coast: With Special Reference to Western Washington, British   Baker, J. C. (John Clapp); 1828-1912.                      1912      English
                 Columbia, and Alaska
0524071535       Baptist History Vindicated                                                                          Christian, John T. (John Tyler); 1854-1925.                1899      English
0524048827       Baptist in History: Five Lectures, The                                                              Mosher, R. C. (Roswel Curtis)                              1900      English
0524017506       Baptist Movement in the Continent of Europe: A Contribution to Modern History, The                                                                             1915      English
0524077738       Baptist Principle in Application to Baptism and the Lord's Supper, The                              Wilkinson, William Cleaver; 1833-1920.                     1897      English
0524083932       Baptist Principles Reset: Consisting of Articles on Distinctive Baptist Principles: A Series        Jeter, Jeremiah Bell; 1802-1880.                           1902      English
052408260X       Baptist Waymarks: Principles and Usages of Gospel Churches, Mainly From Authentic Sources,          Ford, S. H. (Samuel Howard); 1819-1905.                    1903      English
                 With Notes and Comments

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 23 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                 Author                                                  Year Published Language
052407741X       Baptist World Alliance Second Congress, Philadelphia, June 19-25, 1911: Record of Proceedings.,                                                                   1911      English
052407156X       Baptist, Why and Why Not: Twenty-Five Papers by Twenty-Five Writers, and a Declaration of Faith                                                                   1900      English

0524065926       Baptists and Slavery, 1840-1845, The                                                                  Putnam, Mary Burnham.                                       1913      English
0524068089       Baptists and Their Doctrines: Sermons on Distinctive Baptist Principles                               Carroll, B. H. (Benajah Harvey); 1843-1914.                 1913      English
0524042438       Baptists in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire & Cumberland                                                                                                          1913      English
0524065608       Baptists Mobilized for Missions                                                                       Vail, Albert L. (Albert Lenox); 1844-1935.                  1911      English
0790550369       Baptists of Canada: A History of Their Progress and Achievements, The                                                                                             1911      English
0524035539       Baptists of New Hampshire, The                                                                        Hurlin, William.                                            1902      English
0524088268       Baptists of Yorkshire: Being the Centenary Memorial Volume of the Yorkshire Baptist Association.,                                                                 1912      English
0837089549       Baptists, The                                                                                         Vedder, Henry C. (Henry Clay); 1853-1935.                   1902      English
0524071527       Baptists, Who Are They? And What Do They Believe?, The                                                Boggs, W. B. (William Bambrick); 1842-1913.                 1898      English
0790509822       Baptizing: Biblical and Classical                                                                     Day, Clinton D.                                             1907      English
0524067406       Baptizo-Dip-Only: The World's Pedobaptist Greek Scholarship, Containing Scores of Answers to          Jarrel, W. A. (Willis Anselm); 1849-1927.                   1910      English
                 the Author's Questions From Pedobaptist Greek Scholars in Ten Different Countries; With, Baptism
                 a Picture of the Atonement
0790570327       Barbarian Invasions of Italy, The                                                                     Villari, Pasquale; 1827-1917.                               1913      English
0524090777       Barbarie E Trionfi: Ossia Le Vittime Illustri Del San-Si in Cina Nella Persecuzione Del 1900          Ricci, P. Giovanni.                                         1909      Italian
0790558289       Barbone Parliament: First Parliament of the Commonwealth of England, 1653: And the Religious          Glass, Henry Alexander.                                     1899      English
                 Movements of theSeventeenth Century Culminating in the Protectorate System of Church
                 Government, The
0790522241       Barhebràus Und Seine Scholien Zur Heiligen Schrift                                                    Gòttsberger, Johann; b. 1868.                               1900      German
0790502526       Barnabas Brief an Die Hebràer: Text Mit Angabe Der Rhythmen                                                                                                       1903      Greek
0524048487       Barnedaaben: I Lyset Au Guds Ord Og Den Kristne Kirches Historie                                      Petersen, W. M. H.                                          1899      Norwegian
0524098328       Bartholomàus Ziegenbalg: Der Vater Der Evangelischen Tamulenmission, Eine Jubilàumsgabe               Gehring, Alwin; 1853-1936.                                  1907      German

837055911        Bases of Religious Belief: Historic and Ideal: An Outline of Religious Study                          Tyler, Charles Mellen; 1832-1918.                           1897      English
0790598159       Basic Ideas in Religion, or, Apologetic Theism                                                        Micou, Richard W. (Richard Wilde); 1848-1912.               1916      English
0524073317       Basic Truths of the Christian Faith                                                                   Willett, Herbert L. (Herbert Lockwood); 1864-1944.          1903      English
0790599384       Basis of Anglican Fellowship in Faith and Organization: An Open Letter to the Clergy of the           Gore, Charles; 1853-1932.                                   1914      German
                 Diocese of Oxford, The
0790590891       Basis of Assurance in Recent Protestant Theologies, The                                               Robins, Henry B. (Henry Burke); 1874-1942.                  1912      English
837032377        Basis of Early Christian Theism, The                                                                  Cole, Lawrence Thomas; b. 1869.                             1898      English
0790598752       Basis of Morality, The                                                                                Schopenhauer, Arthur; 1788-1860.                            1903      English
0524074909       Bawan Akhari, or, Guru Arjan's Alphabet, The                                                          Arjun; Guru; 1563-1606.                                     1918      English
0524047677       Be True!: A Few Words to the Confirmed Youth of the Ev. Lutheran Church                               Cooperrider, G. T. (George Trout); 1852-1916.               1917      English
0790511819       Beacon Lights of Prophecy: An Interpretation of Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and           Knudson, Albert Cornelius; 1873-                            1914      English
                 Deutero-Isaiah, The
0524018480       Beacon of Truth, or, Testimony of the Coran to the Truth of the Christian Religion, The                                                                           1894      English
0524056277       Bearing of Recent Discovery on the Trustworthiness of the New Testament, The                          Ramsay, William Mitchell; Sir; 1851-1939.                   1915      English
0524079390       Bearing of the Evolutionary Theory on the Conception of God: A Study in Contemporary                  Kawaguchi, Ukichi; b. 1884.                                 1916      English
                 Interpretations of God inTerms of the Doctrine of Evolution, The
0524072264       Bearing of the Theory of Evolution on Christian Doctrine, The                                         Betts, J. A. (John Arthur)                                  1897      English
0524078408       Bearings of the Darwinian Theory of Evolution on Moral and Religious Progress, The                    Weiss, F. E. (Frederick Ernest); 1865-1953.                 1909      English
0790513536       Beatitudes and Other Sermons, The                                                                     Maclaren, Alexander; 1826-1910.                             1896      English
837037891        Beatitudes of Christ: A Study of the Way of the Blessed Life, The                                     Johnston, Howard Agnew; 1860-1936.                          1905      English
0524040583       Beatitudes, or, Some Christian Fundamentals, The                                                      McCann, S. N. (Samuel Napoleon); 1858-1917.                 1913      English
0524103704       Beatitudes, The                                                                                       Eyton, Robert; 1845?                                        1896      English
083701249X       Beautiful Life of Francis E. Willard: A Memorial Volume, The                                          Gordon, Anna Adams; 1853-1931.                              1898      English
0837070686       Becherwahrsagung Bei Den Babyloniern: Nach Zwei Keilschrifttexten Aus Der Hammurabi-Zeit              Hunger, Johannes; b. 1878.                                  1903      German

052403754X       Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People: A Revised Translation                            Bede; the Venerable, Saint; 673-735.                        1917      English
0524032440       Bedùrfen Wir Fùr Unser Christentum Einer Àussern Autoritàt Im Wort Gottes?                            òhler, Theodor.                                             1906      German
0524010927       Before the Altar, or, A Series of Annotated Propositions on Liturgics: To Which Is Added a            Schuette, C. H. L. (Conrad Herman Louis); 1843-1926.        1894      English
                 Selection of Standard Forms
079055285X       Before the Great Pillage, With Other Miscellanies                                                     Jessopp, Augustus; 1823-1914.                               1901      English
0524067023       Beginners' Department of the Church School, The                                                       Athearn, Walter S. (Walter Scott); 1872-1934.               1913      English
0790559366       Beginners of a Nation: A History of the Source and Rise of the Earliest English Settlements in        Eggleston, Edward; 1837-1902.                               1896      English
                 America, With Special Reference to the Life and Character of the People, The
0837086876       Beginning at Jerusalem: Studies in Historic Communions of Christendom                                 Lacey, T. J. (Thomas James); b. 1870.                       1909      English
0524060630       Beginning of Things in Nature and in Grace, or, A Brief Commentary on Genesis, The                    Wight, Joseph K.                                            1911      English
0524090432       Beginnings in India                                                                                   Stock, Eugene; 1836-1928.                                   1917      English
0837095964       Beginnings of Christianity, The                                                                       Wernle, Paul; 1872-1939.                                    1903      English
0837001331       Beginnings of Christianity: With a View of the State of the Roman World at the Birth of Christ, The   Fisher, George Park; 1827-1909.                             1901      English

0790541769       Beginnings of English Christianity: With Special Reference to the Coming of St. Augustine, The        Collins, William Edward; 1867-1911.                         1898      English

0837093627       Beginnings of Gospel Story: A Historico-Critical Inquiry Into the Sources and Structure of the        Bacon, Benjamin Wisner; 1860-1932.                          1909      English
                 Gospel According to Mark: With Expository Notes Upon the Text: For English Readers, The

0790571374       Beginnings of Libraries, The                                                                          Richardson, Ernest Cushing; 1860-1939.                      1914      English
0524027382       Beginnings of New England, or, The Puritan Theocracy in Its Relations to Civil and Religious          Fiske, John; 1842-1901.                                     1902      English
                 Liberty, The
0790541491       Beginnings of Quakerism, The                                                                          Braithwaite, William C. (William Charles); 1862-1922.       1912      English
0524048517       Beginnings of the Church, The                                                                         Scott, Ernest Findlay; 1868-                                1914      English
0790545632       Beginnings of the Temporal Sovereignty of the Popes, A.D. 754-1073, The                               Duchesne, L. (Louis); 1843-1922.                            1908      English
0790555611       Beginnings of the Wesleyan Movement in America and the Establishment Therein of Methodism,            Atkinson, John; 1835-1897.                                  1896      English
0524075301       Beginnings of Yale (1701-1726), The                                                                   Oviatt, Edwin; 1874-1955.                                   1916      English
0524066256       Beginselen Van Separatie: Critisch En Historisch Onderzocht                                           Hospers, G. H. (Gerrit Hendrik); 1864-1949.                 1897      Dutch

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 24 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                 Author                                                          Year Published Language
0790569965       Begriff Und Aufgabe Der Dogmengeschichte                                                              Haase, Felix; b. 1882.                                              1911      German
0524022151       Behà Êuêllàh (the Glory of God)                                                                       Kheiralla, Ibrahim George; 1849-1930.                               1900      English
0524093172       Behind the Great Wall: The Story of the C.E.Z.M.S. Work and Workers in China, With Numerous           Barnes, Irene H.                                                    1896      English
0790531895       Behistan Inscription of King Darius, The                                                              Darius; I; King of Persia; 548-485 B.C.                             1908      English
0790587475       Behold the Morning!: The Imminent and Premillennial Coming of Jesus Christ                            Wimberly, C. F. (Charles Franklin); 1866-1946.                      1916      English
079053889X       Being and Attributes of God, The                                                                      Hall, Francis J. (Francis Joseph); 1857-1932.                       1909      English
0524059276       Beitràge Zu Der Lehre Von Den Griechischen Pràpositionen                                              Mommsen, Tycho; 1819-1900.                                          1895      German
0790561662       Beitràge Zu Luthers Liturgischen Reformen: I. Luthers Lateinische Und Deutsche Litanei Von 1529,      Drews, Paul; 1858-1912.                                             1910      German
                 II. Luthers Deutsche Versikel Und Kollekten.
837037581        Beitràge Zur Beurtheilung Der Septuaginta: Eine Wùrdigung Wellhausenscher Textkritik                  Jahn, Gustav.                                                       1902      German
0524017743       Beitràge Zur Entwicklungsgeschichte Des Judentums Von Ca. 400 V. Chr. Bis Ca. 1000 N. Chr.            Khvolʹson, D. A. (Danì„il Avraamovich); 1819-1911.                 1910      German

0837095271       Beitràge Zur Erklàrung Der Apostelgeschichte: Auf Grund Der Lesarten Des Codex D Und Seiner           Belser, Joh. Evang. (Johannes Evangelist); 1850-1916.               1897      German
0790515377       Beitràge Zur Erklàrung Und Kritik Des Buches Tobit                                                    Mùller, Johannes; b. 1883.                                          1908      German
0790519151       Beitràge Zur Erklàrung Und Textkritik Des Buches Tobias                                               Schulte, Adalbert; b. 1865.                                         1914      German
0524020493       Beitràge Zur Eschatologie Des Islams                                                                  Rùling, J. B. (Josef Bernhard); b. 1861.                            1895      German
0837015987       Beitràge Zur Genaueren Kenntnis Der Attischen Gerichtssprache Aus Den Zehn Rednern                    Weber, Philipp.                                                     1884      German
0790527243       Beitràge Zur Geographie Und Geschichte Galilàas                                                       Klein, Samuel.                                                      1909      German
079053570X       Beitràge Zur Geschichte Der Christologischen Dogmas Im 11ten Und 12ten Jahrhundert                    Baltzer, Otto; b. 1863.                                             1898      German
0790531151       Beitràge Zur Geschichte Der Griechischen Philosophie Und Religion                                     Wendland, Paul; 1864-1915.                                          1895      German
0790559412       Beitràge Zur Geschichte Der Mystik in Der Reformationszeit                                            Hegler, Alfred; 1863-1902.                                          1906      German
0790525941       Beitràge Zur Geschichte Der Sixto-klementinischen Vulgata: Nach Gedruckten Und Ungedruckten           Hòpfl, Hildebrand; 1872-1934.                                       1913      German
0790571331       Beitràge Zur Geschichte Des Jesuitenordens                                                            Reusch, F. H. (Franz Heinrich); 1825-1900.                          1894      German
0790581477       Beitràge Zur Geschichte Des Spanischen Protestantismus Und Der Inquisition: Im Sechzehnten            Schàfer, Ernst; 1872-1946.                                          1902      German
                 Jahrhundert; Nach Den Originalakten in Madrid Und Simancas
0837075564       Beitràge Zur Kenntnis Der Assyrisch-Babylonischen Medizin: Texte Mit Umschrift, Ùbersetzung           Kùchler, Friedrich.                                                 1904      German
                 Und Kommentar
0837071194       Beitràge Zur Kenntnis Der Babylonischen Religion                                                      Zimmern, Heinrich; 1862-1931.                                       1896      German
0790572273       Beitràge Zur Kenntnis Der Byzantinischen Liturgie: Texte Und Studien                                                                                                      1908      Greek
052402667X       Beitràge Zur Kenntnis Des Islamischen Vereinswesens Auf Grund Von Bastì Madad Et-Taufìq               Thorning, Hermann; b. 1889.                                         1913      German

0837083656       Beitràge Zur Semitischen Sprachwissenschaft                                                           Nòldeke, Theodor; 1836-1930.                                        1904      German
837047161        Beitràge Zur Text Und Literarkritik Sowie Zur Erklàrung Der Bùcher Samuel                             Peters, Norbert; 1863-1938.                                         1899      German
079051723X       Beitràge Zur Textkritik Von Origenes' Johannescommentar                                               Koetschau, Paul; b. 1857.                                           1905      German
837047188        Beitràge Zur Verstàndigung Ùber Begriff Und Wesen Der Sittlich-Religiòsen Erfahrung                   Petran, Ernst.                                                      1898      German
083702255X       Beitràge Zur Weiterentwicklung Der Christlichen Religion                                                                                                                  1905      German
0524057818       Bekehrung Und Gnadenwahl: Fùr Jeden Christen                                                          Zorn, Carl Manthey; 1846-1928.                                      1902      German
0524033722       Bel, the Christ of Ancient Times                                                                      Radau, Hugo; b. 1873.                                               1908      English
0524052905       Belief and Life: Studies in the Thought of the Fourth Gospel                                          Selbie, W. B. (William Boothby); 1862-1944.                         1917      English
0524031665       Belief and Worship of the Anglican Church, The                                                        Knowles, Archibald Campbell; 1865-1951.                             1894      English
0790539713       Belief in a Personal God                                                                              Huizinga, A. v. C. P. (Arnold van Couthen Piccardt); b. 1874.       1910      English
0790578980       Belief in God and Immortality: A Psychological, Anthropological and Statistical Study, The            Leuba, James H. (James Henry); 1868-1946.                           1916      English
837051703        Belief in God: Its Origin, Nature, and Basis: Being the Winkley Lectures of the Andover Theological   Schurman, Jacob Gould; 1854-1942.                                   1907      English
                 Seminary for the Year 1890
0790539004       Belief in Personal Immortality, The                                                                   Haynes, E. S. P. (Edmund Sidney Pollock); 1877-1949.                1913      English
0790537214       Belief in the Divinity of Jesus Christ                                                                Didon, H. (Henri); 1840-1900.                                       1894      English
0837050545       Beliefs About the Bible                                                                               Savage, Minot J. (Minot Judson); 1841-1918.                         1900      English
837031524        Beliefs of Unbelief: Studies in the Alternatives to Faith, The                                        Fitchett, W. H. (William Henry); 1845-1928.                         1907      English
0524037248       Believers' Hope, or, Christ Coming for His People, The                                                Marsh, F. E. (Frederick Edward); 1858-1919.                         1917      English
837055083        Bell Street Chapel Discourses                                                                         Spencer, Anna Garlin; 1851-1931.                                    1899      English
0837063353       Bells of Is, or, Voices of Human Need and Sorrow: Echoes From My Early Pastorate, The                 Meyer, F. B. (Frederick Brotherton); 1847-1929.                     1894      English
0837063000       Beloved Physician of Tsang Chou: Life-Work and Letters of Dr. Arthur D. Peill, F.R.C.S.E., The        Peill, Arthur D. (Arthur Davies)                                    1900      English

0837065860       Beloved: An Iowa Boy in the Jungles of Africa: Charles Warner Mccleary, His Life, Letters and         McCleary, Charles Warner.                                           1909      English
                 Work: Loving Tributes, The
0524098794       Benares, the Sacred City: Sketches of Hindu Life and Religion                                         Havell, E. B. (Ernest Binfield); 1861-1934.                         1912      English
837026539        Benedicite, or, The Song of the Three Children: Being Illustrations of the Power, Beneficence, and    Child, G. Chaplin; (George Chaplin)                                 1899      English
                 Design Manifested by the Creator in His Works
0524039283       Benedictine Pioneers in Australia                                                                     Birt, Henry Norbert; 1861-1919.                                     1911      English
0524060789       Bengal Mission, The                                                                                                                                                       1903      English
0524067031       Benjamin Griffith: Biographical Sketches Contributed by Friends                                                                                                           1894      English
0524046271       Benjamin Jowett, Master of Balliol                                                                    Tollemache, Lionel A. (Lionel Arthur); 1838-1919.                   1895      English
0790595192       Bergson and Religion                                                                                  Miller, Lucius Hopkins; b. 1876.                                    1916      English
0790573377       Bergson and the Modern Spirit: An Essay in Constructive Thought                                       Dodson, George Rowland; b. 1865.                                    1913      English
0790538733       Bergson: An Exposition and Criticism From the Point of View of St. Thomas Aquinas                     Gerrard, Thomas J. (Thomas John); 1871-1916.                        1913      English
0790537451       Berkeley and Spiritual Realism                                                                        Fraser, Alexander Campbell; 1819-1914.                              1908      English
0524032157       Bernhardische Und Eckhartische Mystik in Ihren Beziehungen Und Gegensàtzen: Eine                      Bernhart, Joseph; 1881-1969.                                        1912      German
                 Dogmengeschichtliche Untersuchung
0524091382       Beside the Bamboo                                                                                     Macgowan, J. (John); d. 1922.                                       1914      English
0790545535       Beside the Bowery                                                                                     Denison, John Hopkins; 1870-1936.                                   1914      English
0524015309       Bessarion: Studie Zur Geschichte Der Renaissance                                                      Rocholl, R. (Rudolf); 1822-1905.                                    1904      German
0524052085       Bethanien: Bibelstunden Ùber Den Philipperbrief Zum Gebrauche Insbesondere Fùr                        Borrmann, A.                                                        1914      German
                 Diakonissenanstalten, Kirchliche Gemeinschaften Und Das Christliche Haus
0790524406       Bethlèem: Le Sanctuaire de La Nativitè                                                           Vincent, Hughes; b. 1872.                                                1914      French
0790518945       Between Caesar and Jesus                                                                         Herron, George Davis; 1862-1925.                                         1899      English
083706418X       Between Heathenism and Christianity: Being a Translation of Seneca's de Providentia, and         Super, Charles William; 1842-1939.                                       1899      English
                 Plutarch's de Sera Numinis Vindicta: Together With Notes, Additional Extracts From These Writers
                 and Two Essays on Graeco-Roman Life in the First Century
0524050376       Between the Testaments, or, Interbiblical History                                                     Gregg, David; b. 1846.                                              1907      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                          Page 25 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                              Author                                                    Year Published Language
0837001633       Beulah-Land: Or, Words of Cheer for Christian Pilgrims                                             Cuyler, Theodore L. (Theodore Ledyard); 1822-1909.            1896      English
0790536889       Beyond That Is Within, and Other Addresses, The                                                    Boutroux, Emile; 1845-1921.                                   1912      English
837026830        Beyond the Natural Order: Essays on Prayer, Miracles and the Incarnation                           Best, Nolan Rice; 1871-1930.                                  1908      English
0524090297       Beyond the Pir Panjal: Life Among the Mountains and Valleys of Kashmir                             Neve, Ernest Frederic; 1861-                                  1912      English
0790586274       Beyond the Shadow, or, The Resurrection of Life                                                    Whiton, James Morris; 1833-1920.                              1898      English
0790581213       Beza's Icones: Contemporary Portraits of Reformers of Religion and Letters: Being Facsimile        Bèze, Thèodore de; 1519-1605.                                 1906      English
                 Reproductions of the Portraits in Beza's Icones (1580) and in Goulard's Edition (1581): With
                 Introduction and Biographies
0524097119       Bhagavad Gita: "The Songs of the Master"                                                                                                                         1908      English
0524075018       Bhagavad-Gita Interpreted in the Light of Christian Tradition, The                                 Sampson, Holden E. (Holden Edward); b. 1859.                  1918      English
0524074933       Bhagavad-Gita, Des Erhabenen Sang                                                                                                                                1912      German
0524070687       Bhagavad-gìta, or, The Lord's Song                                                                                                                               1905      English
0524041121       Bibel Und Naturwissenschaft                                                                        Schmitt, Alois; Dr.                                           1910      German
837051339        Bibel Und Wissenschaft: Grundsàtze Und Deren Anwendung Auf Die Probleme Der Biblischen             Schòpfer, Aemilian.                                           1896      German
                 Urgeschichte, Hexaèmeron, Sintflut, Vòlkertafel, Sprachverwirrung: Zugleich Als Antwort Auf Den
                 Artikel "Grundsàtzliches Zur Katholischen Schrifta"
0790527952       Bibelglaube Und Bibelforschung: Vortràge Und Abhandlungen                                       Riggenbach, Eduard; 1861-1927.                                   1909      German
0524063230       Bibelske Og Kirkehistoriske Skisser Og Afhandlinger                                             Sverdrup, Georg; 1848-1907.                                      1909      Norwegian
0837093732       Bibelstudien: Beitràge, Zumeist Aus Den Papyri Und Inschriften, Zur Geschichte Der Sprache, Des Deissmann, Gustav Adolf; 1866-1937.                              1895      German
                 Schrifttums Und Der Religion Des Hellenistischen Judentums Und Des Urchristentums

0837078776       Bibelwissenschaft Und Religionsunterricht: Sechs Thesen                                            Kautzsch, E. (Emil); 1841-1910.                               1900      German
837057000        Bibelwort Und Bibelwissenschaft: Mit Besonderer Beziehung Auf Den Evangelischen                    Walther, Ernst.                                               1903      German
837022215        Bible Among the Nations: A Study of the Great Translations, The                                    Beardslee, John Walter; 1837-1921.                            1899      English
0837093961       Bible and Babylon: A Brief Study in the History of Ancient Civilization, The                       Kònig, Eduard; 1846-1936.                                     1903      English
0790511428       Bible and Criticism, The                                                                           Bennett, W. H. (William Henry); 1855-1920.                    1912      English
0524059993       Bible and History Studies: Outlines, Papers and Lectures                                           Sanderson, Eugene C. (Eugene Claremont); 1859-1940.           1912      English
0790503417       Bible and Islam, or, The Influence of the Old and New Testaments on the Religion of Mohammed:      Smith, Henry Preserved; 1847-1927.                            1897      English
                 Being the Ely Lectures for 1897, The
0524062064       Bible and Its Books, The                                                                           Hamill, H. M. (Howard Melancthon); 1847-1915.                 1903      English
0524066760       Bible and Its Interpreter, The                                                                     Casey, Patrick H. 1861-1941.                                  1900      English
0524039909       Bible and Its Study: Promptings and Helps to an Intelligent Use of the Bible., The                                                                               1917      English
837052823        Bible and Its Theology: A Review, Comparison, and Re-statement: With Special Reference to          Smith, G. Vance; (George Vance); 1816?-1902.                  1901      English
                 Certain Bampton Lectures and Recent Works on Atonement and Inspiration, The
052407478X       Bible and Its Transmission: Being an Historical and Bibliographical View of the Hebrew and Greek   Copinger, Walter Arthur; 1847-1910.                           1897      English
                 Texts, and the Greek, Latin and Other Versions of the Bible (Both Ms. and Printed) Prior to the
                 Reformation, The
0837017222       Bible and Modern Criticism, The                                                                    Anderson, Robert; Sir; 1841-1918.                             1905      English
837002249        Bible and Modern Investigation: Three Lectures Delivered to Clergy at Norwich at the Request of    Wace, Henry; 1836-1924.                                       1903      English
                 the Bishop, With an Address on the Authority of Holy Scripture, The
0524057850       Bible and Modern Life; and, Bible Words and Phrases, The                                           Auerbach, Joseph S. (Joseph Smith); 1875-1944.                1914      English
0790518341       Bible and Spiritual Criticism: Being the Second Series of Exeter Hall Lectures on the Bible, The   Pierson, Arthur T. (Arthur Tappan); 1837-1911.                1905      English

0790517833       Bible and Spiritual Life, The                                                                      Pierson, Arthur T. (Arthur Tappan); 1837-1911.                1908      English
0790506262       Bible and the Anglo-Saxon People, The                                                              Canton, William; 1845-1926.                                   1914      English
0790516047       Bible and the British Museum, The                                                                  Habershon, Ada R. (Ada Ruth); 1861-1918.                      1909      English
0790514680       Bible and the Critics: A Reply to Modern Criticism, Etc. by Professor George Adam Smith,           M'Ewan, John.                                                 1902      English
                 Glasgow, The
079051639X       Bible and the East, The                                                                            Conder, C. R. (Claude Reignier); 1848-1910.                   1896      English
0524056137       Bible and the Monuments, The                                                                       Hatcher, Eldridge B. (Eldridge Burwell); b. 1865.             1895      English
0790503077       Bible and the Monuments: The Primitive Hebrew Records in the Light of Modern Research, The         Boscawen, W. St. Chad; (William Saint Chad); 1854-1913.       1895      English

0837014409       Bible and Woman: A Critical and Comprehensive Examination of the Teaching of the Scriptures        Hayden, M. P.                                                 1902      English
                 Concerning the Position and Sphere of Woman, The
0524035970       Bible Argument for Socialism, The                                                                  Wilson, J. Stitt; (Jackson Stitt); 1868-                      1911      English
0524059284       Bible as an Educator, The                                                                          Northrup, B. G. (Birdsey Grant); 1817-1898.                   1895      English
0837098653       Bible as English Literature, The                                                                   Gardiner, J. H. (John Hays); 1863-1913.                       1906      English
0790515571       Bible as It Is. Genesis to Judges: A Simple Method of Mastering and Understanding the Bible, The   Patterson, Alexander.                                         1906      English

837034450        Bible as Literature, The                                                                                                                                         1896      English
0524042918       Bible as Literature, The                                                                           Wilson, John Mills.                                           1909      English
0790505371       Bible as Literature: An Introduction, The                                                          Wood, Irving Francis; 1861-1934.                              1914      English
0837019044       Bible Atlas of Maps and Plans: To Illustrate the Geography and Topography of the Old and New       Clark, Samuel; 1810-1875.                                     1900      English
                 Testaments and the Apocrypha, The
0524065845       Bible Biography: A Portrayal of the Characters in Holy Writ: Fourth Grade Text Book in the         Whitteker, John E. (John Edwin); 1851-1925.                   1901      English
                 Lutheran Graded System for Intermediate Sunday Schools
0790524546       Bible Character Studies. Women of the Bible                                                        Wild, Laura Hulda; 1870-                                      1898      English
0790526255       Bible Characters. Adam to Achan                                                                    Whyte, Alexander; 1836-1921.                                  1898      English
0837096707       Bible Characters. Ahithophel to Nehemiah                                                           Whyte, Alexander; 1836-1921.                                  1899      English
0790526263       Bible Characters. Gideon to Absalom                                                                Whyte, Alexander; 1836-1921.                                  1905      English
0790526271       Bible Characters. Joseph and Mary to James, the Lord's Brother                                     Whyte, Alexander; 1836-1921.                                  1905      English
079052628X       Bible Characters. Our Lord's Characters                                                            Whyte, Alexander; 1836-1921.                                  1905      English
0790526298       Bible Characters. Stephen to Timothy                                                               Whyte, Alexander; 1836-1921.                                  1904      English
052406363X       Bible Christians: Their Origin and History (1815-1900), The                                        Bourne, F. W. (Frederick William); 1830-1905.                 1905      English
837033365        Bible Chronology Carefully Unfolded…                                                               Goodenow, Smith B. (Smith Bartlett); 1817-1897.               1896      English
083702126X       Bible Chronology From Abraham to the Christian Era                                                 Auchincloss, W. S. (William Stuart); 1842-1928.               1905      English
083702479X       Bible Chronology Vindicated by Its Own Internal Evidence: Dates Tabulated                          Brown, O. M. (Oliver May)                                     1901      English
837037905        Bible Criticism and the Average Man                                                                Johnston, Howard Agnew; 1860-1936.                            1902      English
837042143        Bible Difficulties and Their Alleviative Interpretation: Old Testament                             MacArthur, Robert Stuart; 1841-1923.                          1898      English
0524079099       Bible Doctrine for Young Disciples                                                                 Power, Frederick D. (Frederick Dunglison); 1851-1911.         1899      English
0524052751       Bible Doctrine of Atonement: Six Lectures Given in Westminster Abbey, The                          Beeching, H. C. (Henry Charles); 1859-1919.                   1907      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 26 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                 Year Published Language
083704037X       Bible Doctrine of Man, or, The Anthropology and Psychology of Scripture, The                         Laidlaw, John; 1832-1906.                                  1895      English
0524065500       Bible Doctrine of the Future, The                                                                    Lowber, James William; 1847-1930.                          1906      English
0524081700       Bible for Children, The                                                                                                                                         1902      English
0524071187       Bible History for Schools and the Home                                                                                                                          1911      English
0837067081       Bible in Brazil: Colporter Experiences, The                                                          Tucker, Hugh C. (Hugh Clarence)                            1902      English
0790512270       Bible in Browning: With Particular Reference to the Ring and the Book, The                           Machen, Minnie Gresham.                                    1903      English
0524044198       Bible in English Literature, The                                                                     Work, Edgar Whitaker; 1862-1934.                           1917      English
083701011X       Bible in Ethiopic., The                                                                                                                                         1919      Ethiopic
0524058008       Bible in Modern Light: A Course of Lectures Before the Bible Department of the Woman's Club,         Conley, John Wesley; b. 1852.                              1904      English
                 Omaha, The
0524058229       Bible in Our Modern World, The                                                                       Sheldon, F. M. (Frank Milton); b. 1875.                    1917      English
0790515091       Bible in Schools Plans of Many Lands                                                                                                                            1914      English
0837061644       Bible in Spain, or, The Journeys, Adventures, and Imprisonments of an Englishman in an Attempt       Borrow, George Henry; 1803-1881.                           1899      English
                 to Circulate the Scriptures in the Peninsula, The
837006716        Bible in the Nineteenth Century: Eight Lectures, The                                                 Carpenter, J. Estlin; (Joseph Estlin); 1844-1927           1903      English
079052340X       Bible in the World of Today, The                                                                                                                                1911      English
0524037027       Bible Institute Series; No. 2                                                                        Cobb, E. M. (Edward M.); 1867-1941.                        1899      English
0524056811       Bible Interpretation, or, The Bible Its Own Interpreter: Word Studies                                Lansing, John A.                                           1916      English
837043697        Bible League Essays in Bible Defence and Exposition                                                  Leavitt, John McDowell; 1824-                              1908      English
0524056749       Bible Literature: An Introductory View of the Bible and Its Books for the General Reader and Sixth   Haas, John A. W. (John Augustus William); 1862-1937.       1906      English
                 Grade Text Book for Schools and Colleges
837042372        Bible Manners and Customs                                                                            Mackie, G. M. (George M.); 1854-1922.                      1898      English
052405424X       Bible Message for Modern Manhood, The                                                                Thoms, Craig S. (Craig Sharp); 1860-1945.                  1912      English
837057779        Bible Miniatures: Character Sketches of One Hundred and Fifty Heroes and Heroines of Holy Writ       Wells, Amos R. (Amos Russell); 1862-1933.                  1909      English

0524084149       Bible Mode of Baptism: New Light on the Subject, The                                                 Mahaffey, J. E. (James Ervin)                              1910      English
0790525003       Bible of Nature: Five Lectures Delivered Before Lake Forest College on the Foundation of the Late    Thomson, J. Arthur; (John Arthur); 1861-1933.              1908      English
                 William Bross, The
0790567245       Bible of St. Mark: St. Mark's Church, the Altar & Throne of Venice, The                              Robertson, Alexander; 1846-1933.                           1898      English
0837091543       Bible of the Reformation: Its Translators and Their Work, The                                        Heaton, W. J. (William James); b. 1845.                    1910      English
0837014174       Bible on Women's Public Speaking, The                                                                Eaton, T. T. (Thomas Treadwell); 1845-1907.                1895      English
0524038694       Bible Outline, The                                                                                   Young, E. S. (Emanuel Sprankel); 1854-1923.                1900      English
837026415        Bible Problems and the New Material for Their Solution: A Plea for Thoroughness of Investigation     Cheyne, T. K. (Thomas Kelly); 1841-1915.                   1904      English
                 Addressed to Churchmen and Scholars
0524064199       Bible Proofs of Universal Salvation: Containing the Principal Passages of Scripture That Teach the Hanson, J. W. (John Wesley); 1823-1901.                      1903      English
                 Final Holiness and Happiness of All Mankind
0524073341       Bible Reader's Encyclopaedia and Concordance: Based Upon the Bible Reader's Manual by C.H.                                                                      1918      English
                 Wright: Under One Alphabetical Arrangement ..., The
0790514117       Bible Reading in the Early Church                                                                    Harnack, Adolf von; 1851-1930.                             1912      English
0524038570       Bible Readings and Bible Studies                                                                     Rosenberger, I. J. (Isaac J.); 1842-1923.                  1909      English
0524040826       Bible Readings: Precepts and Outlines: Second Grade Text Book in the Lutheran Graded System          Schmauk, Theodore Emanuel; 1860-1920.                      1905      English
                 for Intermediate Schools
0790500507       Bible References of John Ruskin, The                                                                 Ruskin, John; 1819-1900.                                   1898      English
0524042616       Bible School Today, The                                                                              Hardin, J. H. (John Huffman); 1848-1909.                   1907      English
0790512262       Bible Side-Lights From the Mound of Gezer: A Record of Excavation and Discovery in Palestine         Macalister, Robert Alexander Stewart; 1870-1950.           1906      English

0524040664       Bible Societies and the Baptists                                                                     Bitting, C. C. (Charles Carroll); 1830-1898.               1897      English
0524072701       Bible Songs: A Collection of Psalms Set to Music for Use in Church and Evangelistic Services,                                                                   1907      English
                 Prayer Meetings, Sabbath Schools, Young People's Societies, and Family Worship.

0790515024       Bible Stories and Poems: From Creation to the Captivity                                                                                                         1914      English
0524095442       Bible Stories for the Village Congregation: Course for the First Year                                MacDonald, Margaret J. R.                                  1919      English
0790531240       Bible Story Retold for Young People, The                                                             Bennett, W. H. (William Henry); 1855-1920.                 1898      English
0524076227       Bible Story: First Grade Text Book in Lutheran Lesson Series for Intermediate Sunday Schools:                                                                   1897      English
                 New and Old Testament Stories
0524088144       Bible Students' Cyclopaedia, or, Bible Marking and Reading, Rapid System of Memorizing Biblical      Snead, L. U. (Littleton Upshur)                            1900      English
                 Facts, Treasury for the Home Circle in Prose and Verse, The
0524068518       Bible Studies in Missions                                                                            Ober, Charles K. (Charles Kellogg); b. 1856.               1899      English
0524039917       Bible Studies in the Life of Paul: Historical and Constructive                                       Sell, Henry T. (Henry Thorne); 1854-1928.                  1904      English
0524065802       Bible Studies in Vital Questions                                                                     Sell, Henry T. (Henry Thorne); 1854-1928.                  1916      English
0790533871       Bible Studies on Sanctification and Holiness                                                         MacGillivray, J. D.                                        1899      English
0790512297       Bible Studies on the Sabbath Question: For the Use of Pastors, Sabbath Schools, Young People's       Main, Arthur Elwin; 1846-1933.                             1909      English
                 Classes, Home Study, Etc.
0837093724       Bible Studies: Contributions Chiefly From Papyri and Inscriptions to the History of the Language,    Deissmann, Gustav Adolf; 1866-1937.                        1901      English
                 the Literature, and the Religion of Hellenistic Judaism and Primitive Christianity
837053455        Bible Study by Doctrines: Twenty-Four Studies of Great Doctrines                                     Sell, Henry T. (Henry Thorne); 1854-1928.                  1897      English
0790519658       Bible Study Popularized                                                                              Lee, Frank T. (Frank Theodosius); 1847-1934.               1904      English
0524047790       Bible Teachings: A Summary View of Christian Doctrine and Christian Character                        Stump, Joseph; 1866-1935.                                  1902      English
0790508028       Bible the Word of God, The                                                                           Bettex, F. (Frèdèric); 1837-1915.                          1904      English
083704636X       Bible Under Trial: In View of Present Day Assaults on Holy Scripture, The                            Orr, James; 1844-1913.                                     1907      English
0524069816       Bible Way: An Antidote to Campbellism, The                                                           Black, J. F.                                               1906      English
0524058245       Bible, a Book for Mankind: A Discourse Before the American Bible Society, The                        Storrs, Richard S. (Richard Salter); 1821-1900.            1896      English
0524056897       Bible, Is It the Word of God?: Bennett Lectures for 1898., The                                                                                                  1899      English
0837094631       Bible, Its Origin and Nature: Seven Lectures, The                                                    Dods, Marcus; 1834-1909.                                   1905      English
837059402        Bible, Science, and Faith                                                                            Zahm, John Augustine; 1851-1921.                           1894      English
0524068429       Bible, The                                                                                           Hovey, Alvah; 1820-1903.                                   1918      English
0524061610       Bible, the Best Book in the World: An Address, The                                                   Stucker, Edwin S.                                          1902      English
052405651X       Bible: A General Introduction, The                                                                   Alleman, Herbert Christian; 1868-1953.                     1914      English
0837060664       Bible: A Missionary Book, The                                                                        Horton, Robert F. (Robert Forman); 1855-1934.              1908      English
837030943        Bible: Its Meaning and Supremacy, The                                                                Farrar, Frederic William; 1831-1903.                       1897      English
0790529815       Bible: Its Origin and Authority, The                                                                 Lofthouse, W. F. (William Frederick); b. 1871.             1900      English
0790517280       Bible: Its Origin, Its Significance, and Its Abiding Worth, The                                      Peake, Arthur S. (Arthur Samuel); 1865-1929.               1913      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 27 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                   Author                                                  Year Published Language
837032342        Bible's Authority Supported by the Bible's History: In Four Chapters, The                               Gauss, J. H.                                                1896      English
0790509075       Biblia Anagrammatica, or, The Anagrammatic Bible: A Literary Curiosity                                  Begley, Walter; 1845-1905.                                  1904      Latin
0790518627       Biblia Cabalistica, or, The Cabalistic Bible: Showing How the Various Numerical Cabalas Have            Begley, Walter; 1845-1905.                                  1903      English
                 Been Curiously Applied to the Holy Scriptures, With Numerous Textual Examples Ranging From
                 Genesis to the Apocalypse, and Collected From Books of The…
0837093619       Biblia Filipina: Primera Piedra Para Un Gènesis Cientìfico Expuesto Segùn Las Rectificaciones de        Aglìpay y Labayàn, Gregorio; 1860-1940.                     1908      Spanish
083701851X       Biblia Hebraica                                                                                                                                                     1905      Hebrew
0837019516       Biblia Sacra Vulgatae Editionis Sixti V Pont. Max. Iussu Recognita Et Clementis VIII Auctoritate                                                                    1914      Latin
837028302        Biblical and Literary Essays                                                                            Davidson, A. B. (Andrew Bruce); 1831-1902.                  1902      English
837002575        Biblical and Literary Essays                                                                            Davidson, A. B. (Andrew Bruce); 1831-1902.                  1903      English
0837016681       Biblical and Patristic Relics of the Palestinian Syriac Literature: From Mss. in the Bodleian Library                                                               1896      Syriac
                 and in the Library of Saint Catherine on Mount Sinai
0790577054       Biblical and Practical Theology                                                                         Chapell, F. L. (Frederic Leonard); 1836-1900.               1901      English
837023343        Biblical and Semitic Studies: Critical and Historical Essays                                                                                                        1901      English
0790517744       Biblical and Theological Studies                                                                                                                                    1912      English
0524045860       Biblical Antiquities of Philo, The                                                                      Pseudo-Philo.                                               1917      English
0790506610       Biblical Antiquities: A Description of the Exhibit at the Cotton States International Exposition,       Adler, Cyrus; 1863-1940.                                    1898      English
                 Atlanta, 1895
0837095093       Biblical Apocalyptics: A Study of the Most Notable Revelations of God and of Christ in the              Terry, Milton S. (Milton Spenser); 1840-1914.               1898      English
                 Canonical Scriptures
837023106        Biblical Chronology                                                                                     Besse, H. T. (Henry True)                                   1895      English
0790503522       Biblical Criticism                                                                                      Stubbs, William; 1825-1901.                                 1905      English
837038006        Biblical Criticism and Modern Thought, or, The Place of the Old Testament Documents in the Life         Jordan, W. G. (William George); 1854-1939.                  1909      English
                 of Today
0524076537       Biblical Criticism: A Brief Discussion of Its History, Principles and Methods                           Haas, John A. W. (John Augustus William); 1862-1937.        1903      English
0524086613       Biblical Dogmatics                                                                                      Voigt, A. G.                                                1917      English
079052435X       Biblical Dogmatics: An Exposition of the Principal Doctrines of the Holy Scriptures                     Terry, Milton S. (Milton Spenser); 1840-1914.               1907      English
837035031        Biblical Epochs                                                                                         Hart, Burdett; 1821-1906.                                   1896      English
0837095565       Biblical Essays                                                                                         Lightfoot, Joseph Barber; 1828-1889.                        1904      English
0524104611       Biblical Exegesis, Federal Theology, and Johannes Cocceius: Developments in the Interpretation          Lee, Brian J.                                               2003      English
                 of Hebrews 7:1-10:18
0524064644       Biblical Geography and History                                                                          Kent, Charles Foster; 1867-1925.                            1911      English
                 Biblical Hermeneutics and Hebraism in the Early Seventeenth Century as Reflected in the Work of         Shim, Jai-Sung.                                             1998      English
                 John Weemse (1579-1636)
0524044562       Biblical History of the Hebrews, The                                                                    Foakes-Jackson, F. J. (Frederick John); 1855-1941.          1909      English
0790527618       Biblical Ideas of Atonement: Their History and Significance                                             Burton, Ernest De Witt; 1856-1925.                          1909      English
837056381        Biblical Inspiration and Christ                                                                         Vincent, Marvin Richardson; 1834-1922.                      1894      English
0524005087       Biblical Introduction                                                                                   Bennett, W. H. (William Henry); 1855-1920.                  1899      English
0790587955       Biblical Lectures: Ten Popular Essays on General Aspects of the Sacred Scriptures                       Gigot, Francis E. (Francis Ernest); 1859-1920.              1901      English
0790580497       Biblical Libraries: A Sketch of Library History From 3400 B.C. to A.D. 150                              Richardson, Ernest Cushing; 1860-1939.                      1914      English
0524054037       Biblical Manuscripts and Books in the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary (Mostly From the                                                                   1913      English
                 Sulzberger Collection): Exhibited at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature and
                 Exegesis Held at the Seminary, December 29-30...
0837017882       Biblical Quotations in Old English Prose Writers                                                                                                                    1898      Anglo-Saxon
079050006X       Biblical Quotations in Old English Prose Writers. Second Series                                                                                                     1903      Anglo-Saxon
0837060893       Biblical Study: Its Principles, Methods, and History: Together With a Catalogue of Books of             Briggs, Charles A. (Charles Augustus); 1841-1913.           1894      English
0790518600       Biblical Text of Clement of Alexandria in the Four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles, The            Barnard, P. Mordaunt; (Percy Mordaunt); b. 1868.            1899      Greek
837033527        Biblical Theology of the New Testament, The                                                             Gould, Ezra P. (Ezra Palmer); 1841-1900.                    1901      English
0837098386       Biblical Theology of the Old Testament: Based on Oehler                                                 Weidner, Revere Franklin; 1851-1915.                        1896      English
0790522020       Biblical View of the Soul, The                                                                          Waller, G.                                                  1904      English
0790580608       Bibliographia Brentiana: Bibliographisches Verzeichnis Der Gedruckten Und Ungedruckten                  Kòhler, Walther; 1870-1946.                                 1904      German
                 Schriften Und Briefe Des Reformators Johannes Brenz: Nebst Einem Verzeichnis Der Literatur Ùber
                 Brenz, Kurzen Erlàuterungen Und Ungedruckten Akten...
0790580284       Bibliographia Calviniana: Catalogus Chronologicus Operum Calvini: Catalogus Systematicus                Erichson, Alfred; 1843-1901.                                1900      Latin
                 Operum Quae Sunt de Calvino: Cum Indice Auctorum Alphabetico
0837019087       Bibliographie Pratique de La Littèrature Grecque: Dès Origines À La Fin de La Pèriode Romaine           Masqueray, Paul; b. 1862.                                   1914      French

0524074739       Bibliography and Index to the Works of Theodore Parker                                                                                                              1913      English
0790580462       Bibliotheca Historica MedII Aevi: Wegweiser Durch Die Geschichtswerke Des Europàischen             Potthast, August; 1824-1898.                                     1896      Latin
                 Mittelalters Bis 1500: Vollstàndiges Inhaltsverzeichniss Zu "Acta Sanctorum" Boll, Bouquet, Migne,
                 Monum. Germ. Hist., Muratori, Rerum Britann. Script
0790581043       Bibliothek Der Symbole Und Glaubensregeln Der Alten Kirche                                                                                                          1897      Greek
0524087822       Bibliothek Knaake: Katalog Der Sammlung Von Reformationsschriften Des Begrùnders Der                    Knaake, J. K. F. (Joachim Karl Friedrich); 1835-1904.       1908      German
                 Weimarer Lutherausgabe
0524041296       Bibliothektechnisches Aus Der Vatikana                                                                  Ehrle, Franz; 1845-1934.                                    1916      German
837035309        Biblische Liebeslieder: Das Sogenannte Hohelied Salomos: Unter Steter Berùcksichtigung Der              Haupt, Paul; 1858-1926.                                     1907      German
                 Ùbersetzungen Goethes Und Herders Im Versmasse Der Urschrift
0790511215       Biblische Theologie Des Alten Testaments                                                                Kautzsch, E. (Emil); 1841-1910.                             1911      German
0524064555       Bibliska Beràttelser Ur Nya Och Gamla Testamentet: Barnens Fòrsta Làrobak I Bibliska Historien          Zetterstrand, E. A. (Ernst Adrian)                          1904      Swedish

0790530813       Biblìusògur Og Àgrip Af Kirkjusògunni Handa Bòrnum                                                      Klaveness, Th. (Thorvald); 1844-1915.                       1910      Icelandic
0524094403       Bijak of Kabir, The                                                                                     Kabir; 15th cent.                                           1917      English
0524019606       Bijdrage Tot de Kennis Van Hat Vedische Ritueel, Jaiminìyasìrautasuìtra                                 Gaastra, Dieuke.                                            1906      Dutch
0790539020       Bilden Ungelòste Fragen Ein Hindernis Fùr Den Glauben?: Vortrag                                         Heim, Karl; 1874-1958.                                      1906      German
052409036X       Bilder Aus Der Berliner Mission in Lukhang-Sùdchina: Nach Den Berichten Des Missionars Rhein            Gurr, Paul.                                                 1909      German

0524098522       Bilder Aus Der Deutschen Jesuitenmission Puna                                                           Dòring, Heinrich; Abp. 1859-                                1918      German
0790558602       Bilder Aus Der Geschichte Der Altchristlichen Kunst Und Liturgie in Italien                             Beissel, Stephan; 1841-1915.                                1899      German
0524099197       Bilder Aus Japan                                                                                        Fischer, Adolf; 1856-1914.                                  1897      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                              Page 28 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                 Author                                                             Year Published Language
0524027765       Bilderatlas Zur Bibelkunde: Ein Handbuch Fùr Den Religionslehrer U. Bibelfreund                                                                                              1905      German
0524069271       Bildermappe Mit 273 Abbildungen Samt Erklàrungen Zur Religion Babyloniens Und Assyriens:              Jastrow, Morris; 1861-1921.                                            1912      German
                 Besonders Im Anschluss Und Als Ergànzung Zu Jastrow's Religion Babyloniens Und Assyriens

079058252X       Billy Sunday, the Man and His Message: With His Own Words Which Have Won Thousands for                Sunday, Billy; 1863-1935.                                              1914      English
0790597861       Biographical and Literary Studies                                                                     Little, Charles Joseph; 1840-1911.                                     1916      English
0524070385       Biographical Cyclopaedia of the Catholic Hierarchy of the United States, 1784-1898: A Book for        Reuss, Francis X.                                                      1898      English
                 Reference in the Matter of Dates, Places and Persons, in the Records of Our Bishops, Abbots and
0524084963       Biographical History of Primitive or Old School Baptist Ministers of the United States: Including a                                                                          1909      English
                 Brief Treatise on the Subject of Deacons, Their Duties, Etc., With Some Personal Mention of These
                 Officers: Brief Sketches of a Few of Our...
0790581280       Biographies of English Catholics in the Eighteenth Century                                            Kirk, John; 1760-1851.                                                 1909      English
0524035598       Biography of Elder James M. Neff and His Writings, The                                                Neff, James M. (James Monroe); 1862-1912.                              1913      English
0790550482       Biography of Gospel Song and Hymn Writers                                                             Hall, J. H. (Jacob Henry); 1855-1941.                                  1914      English
0524018960       Birgitta Och Reformationen: Fòredrag I Vadstene Kyrka Den 24 Oktober 1916                             Sòderblom, Nathan; 1866-1931.                                          1916      Swedish
0790563339       Birgitta-Studier                                                                                      Westman, Knut B. (Knut Bernhard); b. 1881.                             1911      Swedish
0790503573       Birth and Boyhood of Jesus Christ, The                                                                Trench, George Henry.                                                  1911      English
837054710        Birth and Infancy of Jesus Christ: According to the Gospel Narratives, The                            Sweet, Louis Matthews; b. 1869.                                        1906      English
837053269        Birth of Jesus Christ, The                                                                            Soltau, Wilhelm; 1846-1924.                                            1903      English
0524032092       Birth of Mormonism, The                                                                               Adams, John Quincy; 1849-1940.                                         1916      English
052406587X       Bis Hieher: Kurzgefasste Geschichte Der Missouri-Synode                                               Gràbner, A. L. (Augustus Lawrence); 1849-1904.                         1897      German
079055481X       Bishop Asbury                                                                                         Lowrey, Asbury; 1816-1898.                                             1898      English
0837066565       Bishop Gore and the Catholic Claims                                                                   Chapman, John; 1865-1933.                                              1905      English
0790502771       Bishop Gore's Challenge to Criticism: A Reply to the Bishop of Oxford's Open Letter on the Basis      Sanday, W. (William); 1843-1920.                                       1914      English
                 of Anglican Fellowship
052404001X       Bishop Hannington and the Story of the Uganda Mission                                                 Berry, William Grinton; 1873-1926.                                     1908      English
0524010099       Bishop Harper and the Canterbury Settlement                                                           Purchas, H. T. (Henry Thomas)                                          1909      English
0790559625       Bishop Heber: Poet and Chief Missionary to the East, Second Lord Bishop of Calcutta 1783-1826         Smith, George; 1833-1919.                                              1895      English

0790548992       Bishop John Selwyn: A Memoir                                                                          Selwyn, John Richardson; 1844-1899.                                    1899      English
0790569183       Bishop Joseph Long: The Peerless Preacher of the Evangelical Association                              Yeakel, R. (Reuben); 1827-1904.                                        1897      English
0524083703       Bishop of Oxford's Open Letter: An Open Letter in Reply, The                                          Gwatkin, Henry Melvill; 1844-1916.                                     1914      English
0524009961       Bishop Potter, the People's Friend                                                                    Keyser, Harriette A.                                                   1910      English
0524046239       Bishop Sarapion's Prayer Book: An Egyptian Pontifical Dated Probably About A.D. 350-356               Serapion; of Thmuis, Saint.                                            1899      English
052403317X       Bishopric of Truro: The First Twenty-Five Years, 1877-1902, The                                       Donaldson, Aug. B. (Augustus Blair); 1841-1903.                        1902      English
0837099706       Bishop's English: A Series of Criticisms on the Right Rev. Bishop Thornton's Laudation of the         Moon, G. Washington; (George Washington); 1823-1909.                   1904      English
                 Revised Versionof the Scriptures, and Also on the English of the Revisers, Showing That the
                 Version Put Forth by Them, and Likewise the Authori, The
0524020086       Bishops of Lindisfarne, Hexham, Chester-le-street, and Durham, A.D. 635-1020: Being an                Miles, George; Vicar of S. Augustine's, Newcastle-on-Tyne.             1898      English
                 Introduction to the Ecclesiastical History of Northumbria, The
0790580047       Bishops of Scotland: Being Notes on the Lives of All the Bishops, Under Each of the Sees, Prior to Dowden, John; 1840-1910.                                                  1912      English
                 the Reformation, The
0524099618       Bishops of the American Church Mission in China, The                                                                                                                         1906      English
0524016623       Bishops of the American Church: Past and Present: Sketches, Biographical and Bibliographical, of Perry, William Stevens; 1832-1898.                                          1897      English
                 the Bishops of the American Church, With a Preliminary Essay on the Historic Episcopate and
                 Documentary Annals of the Introduction of the..., The
083701994X       Bixby Gospels, The                                                                                    Goodspeed, Edgar Johnson; 1871-1962.                                   1915      English
0790549042       Black and White in South East Africa: A Study in Sociology                                            Evans, Maurice Smethurst; 1854-1920.                                   1911      English
0790553899       Black and White in the Southern States: A Study of the Race Problem in the United States From a       Evans, Maurice Smethurst; 1854-1920.                                   1915      English
                 South African Point of View
079058204X       Black Bishop: Samuel Adjai Crowther, The                                                              Page, Jesse.                                                           1908      English
079056341X       Blessed Joan the Maid                                                                                 Barnes, Arthur Stapylton; 1861-1936.                                   1909      English
0837086213       Blessed Virgin in the Nineteenth Century: Apparitions, Revelations, Graces, The                       St. John, Bernard.                                                     1903      English
0790591863       Blessing and Ban From the Cross of Christ: Meditations on the Seven Words on the Cross                Dix, Morgan; 1827-1908.                                                1898      English
0524100934       Blicke in Die Geisteswelt Der Heidnischen Kols: Sammlung Von Sagen, Màrchen Und Liedern Der           Hahn, Ferdinand.                                                       1906      German
                 Oraon in Chota Nagpur
052409957X       Blicke in Indisches Heidentum                                                                                                                                                1906      German
0524016542       Blue Flag, or, The Covenanters Who Contended for "Christ's Crown and Covenant", The                   Kerr, Robert P. (Robert Pollok); 1850-1923.                            1905      English
0837075009       Blue Laws of Connecticut: With an Account of the Persecution of Witches and Quakers in New                                                                                   1898      English
                 England: And Some Extracts From the Blue Laws of Virginia., The
0790545470       Blue Sky: The Life of Harriet Caswell-Broad                                                           Clark, Joseph B. (Joseph Bourne); 1836-1923.                           1911      English
0790523639       Boanerges                                                                                             Harris, J. Rendel; (James Rendel); 1852-1941.                          1913      English
0524068968       Bodhicaryaìvataìra: Introduction À La Pratique Des Futurs Bouddhas                                    Santideva; 7th cent.                                                   1907      French
0524101124       Bodhisattva Ti-Tsang (Jizoì) in China and Japan, The                                                  Visser, Marinus Willem de; 1876-1930.                                  1914      German
0790556928       Body and Soul: An Enquiry Into the Effect of Religion Upon Health: With a Description of Christian    Dearmer, Percy; 1867-1936.                                             1909      English
                 Works of Healing From the New Testament to the Present Day
0790592770       Body of Christ: An Enquiry Into the Institution and Doctrine of Holy Communion, The                   Gore, Charles; 1853-1932.                                              1901      English
0524100276       Bod-Youl Ou Tibet: (Le Paradis Des Moines)                                                            Millouè, Lèon de ; 1842-                                               1906      French
0524059489       Bolenge: A Story of Gospel Triumphs on the Congo                                                      Dye, Eva N. (Eva Nichols); 1877-1951.                                  1911      English
0837071038       Bolland En Petrus                                                                                     Schaepman, H. J. A. M. (Herman Johan Aloysius Maria); 1844-1903.       1899      Dutch
0790559641       Boniface                                                                                              Smith, I. Gregory; (Isaac Gregory); 1826-1920.                         1896      English
0790541629       Boniface of Crediton and His Companions                                                               Browne, G. F. (George Forrest); 1833-1930.                             1910      English
079054251X       Bonifacius Amerbach Und Die Reformation                                                               Burckhardt-Biedermann, Th. (Theophil); 1840-1914.                      1894      German
0524055920       Book and the Message, The                                                                             Alleman, Herbert Christian; 1868-1953.                                 1909      English
0524059098       Book Method of Bible Study, The                                                                       Evans, William; 1870-1950.                                             1915      English
0790519399       Book of Amos, The                                                                                     Edghill, Ernest Arthur; d. 1912.                                       1914      English
0524059373       Book of Books: A Brief Introduction to the Bible for Christian Teachers and Readers, The              Schaller, John; 1859-1920.                                             1918      English
0790501953       Book of Books: A Study of the Bible, The                                                              Ragg, Lonsdale; 1866-1945.                                             1910      English
079051382X       Book of Books: What It Is, How to Study It, The                                                       Evans, William; 1870-1950.                                             1902      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 29 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                             Year Published Language
0524063672       Book of Common Order of the Church of Scotland: Commonly Known as John Knox's Liturgy, The                                                                                  1901      English

0790580438       Book of Common Prayer Among the Nations of the World: A History of Translations of the Prayer        Muss-Arnolt, William; 1860-1927.                                       1914      English
                 Book of the Church of England and of the Protestant Episcopal Church of America, The

0524072906       Book of Common Prayer, The                                                                          Hart, Samuel; 1845-1917.                                                1913      English
0524031304       Book of Common Prayer: Its Origin and Growth, The                                                   Benton, Josiah H. (Josiah Henry); 1843-1917.                            1910      English
0524048835       Book of Common Worship, The                                                                                                                                                 1906      English
0790518503       Book of Daniel & the Minor Prophets, The                                                                                                                                    1902      English
837038839        Book of Daniel From the Christian Standpoint: With Essay on Alleged Historical Difficulties, by the Kennedy, John; 1813-1900.                                               1898      English
                 Editor ofthe "Babylonian and Oriental Record": With Illustrations, The
837021278        Book of Daniel Unlocked, The                                                                         Auchincloss, W. S. (William Stuart); 1842-1928.                        1905      English
837030951        Book of Daniel, The                                                                                  Farrar, Frederic William; 1831-1903.                                   1895      English
0790533650       Book of Daniel: Introduction, Revised Version With Notes, Index and Map, The                                                                                                1913      English
837029643        Book of Daniel: With Introduction and Notes, The                                                     Driver, S. R. (Samuel Rolles); 1846-1914.                              1900      English
837022916        Book of Deuteronomy, The                                                                             Harper, Andrew; b. 1844.                                               1895      English
0790533634       Book of Deuteronomy, The                                                                             Betteridge, Walter R. (Walter Robert); b. 1863.                        1915      English
837028876        Book of Deuteronomy: In the Revised Version: With Introduction and Notes, The                        Smith, George Adam; Sir; 1856-1942.                                    1918      English
0524051283       Book of Divine Consolation of the Blessed Angela of Foligno, The                                     Angela; of Foligno; 1248?-1309.                                        1909      English
0790512920       Book of Ecclesiastes, The                                                                            Marshall, J. T. (John Turner); 1850-1923.                              1904      English
837035317        Book of Ecclesiastes: A New Metrical Translation: With an Introduction and Explanatory Notes, The                                                                           1905      English

0837097959       Book of Enlightenment for the Instruction of the Inquirer, The                                       Jacob; son of Aaron.                                                   1913      English
083706841X       Book of Esther: With Introduction and Notes, The                                                     Streane, A. W. (Annesley William); 1844-1915.                          1907      English
0837068126       Book of Exodus: In the Revised Version: With Introduction and Notes, The                             Driver, S. R. (Samuel Rolles); 1846-1914.                              1911      English
0790510138       Book of Exodus: With Introduction and Notes, The                                                     McNeile, A. H. (Alan Hugh); 1871-1933.                                 1908      English
837023815        Book of Ezekiel, The                                                                                 Skinner, John; 1851-1925.                                              1895      English
0524079986       Book of Filial Duty, The                                                                                                                                                    1908      English
0790504685       Book of Genesis in the Light of Modern Knowledge, The                                                Worcester, Elwood; 1862-1940.                                          1901      English
0790505193       Book of Genesis, The                                                                                 Wade, G. Woosung; (George Woosung); b. 1858.                           1896      English
052406511X       Book of Genesis, The                                                                                                                                                        1907      English
0790541165       Book of Genesis, The                                                                                 Goodspeed, Calvin; 1842-1912.                                          1908      English
837032407        Book of Genesis: In the Revised Version: With Introduction and Notes, The                            Ryle, Herbert Edward; 1856-1925.                                       1914      English
0837097479       Book of Habakkuk: Introduction, Translation, and Notes on the Hebrew Text, The                       Stonehouse, George G. V. (George Gordon Vigor); 1879 or 80-1918.       1911      English
0524022909       Book of Ighan, The                                                                                   Bahāʼ Allāh; 1817-1892.                                           1907      English
837002230        Book of Isaiah, The                                                                                  Smith, George Adam; Sir; 1856-1942.                                    1899      English
0790507420       Book of Isaiah, The                                                                                  Box, G. H. (George Herbert); 1869-1933.                                1909      English
0837099986       Book of Isaiah: And Other Historical Studies, The                                                    Wright, Charles H. H. (Charles Henry Hamilton); 1836-1909.             1906      English
079051821X       Book of Jeremiah and Lamentations, The                                                                                                                                      1902      English
837022673        Book of Jeremiah: Chapters XXI-lII, The                                                              Bennett, W. H. (William Henry); 1855-1920.                             1895      English
0790510413       Book of Jeremiah: With Introduction and Notes, The                                                   Douglas, George C. M. (George Cunningham Monteath); 1826-1904.         1903      English
0790518015       Book of Job & the Book of Ruth, The                                                                                                                                         1902      English
837029651        Book of Job in the Revised Version, The                                                                                                                                     1906      English
837032628        Book of Job, The                                                                                     Gibson, Edgar C. S. (Edgar Charles Sumner); 1848-1924.                 1899      English
0790514346       Book of Job, The                                                                                     Marshall, J. T. (John Turner); 1850-1923.                              1904      English
0524048940       Book of Job, The                                                                                     Aitken, James; d. 1921.                                                1905      English
079050393X       Book of Job, The                                                                                     Strahan, James; 1863-1926.                                             1913      English
837033624        Book of Job: A Rhythmical Version With Introduction and Annotations, The                             Lewis, Tayler; 1802-1877.                                              1902      English
837042291        Book of Job: With Notes, Introduction and Appendix, The                                              Davidson, A. B. (Andrew Bruce); 1831-1902.                             1918      English
0790518287       Book of Joshua & the Book of Judges, The                                                                                                                                    1902      English
0837067294       Book of Joshua: In the Revised Version: With Introduction and Notes, The                             Cooke, G. A. (George Albert); 1865-1939.                               1918      English
0790509202       Book of Jubilees, or, The Little Genesis, The                                                                                                                               1902      English
0837017904       Book of Judges in Greek: According to the Text of Codex Alexandrinus, The                                                                                                   1897      Greek
0790533251       Book of Judges, The                                                                                  Curtis, Edward Lewis; 1853-1911.                                       1913      English
0837067308       Book of Judges: In the Revised Version: With Introduction and Notes, The                             Cooke, G. A. (George Albert); 1865-1939.                               1913      English
079053374X       Book of Leviticus, The                                                                               Genung, George F. (George Frederick)                                   1905      English
083706726X       Book of Leviticus: In the Revised Version: With Introduction and Notes, The                          Chapman, A. T. (Arthur Thomas); d. 1913.                               1914      English
0524104077       Book of Micah: A New Metrical Translation With Restoration of the Hebrew Text and Explanatory                                                                               1910      English
                 and Critical Notes, The
837057264        Book of Numbers, The                                                                                 Watson, Robert A. (Robert Alexander); 1845-1921.                       1894      English
0790533758       Book of Numbers, The                                                                                 Genung, George F. (George Frederick)                                   1906      English
0837067596       Book of Numbers: In the Revised Version: With Introduction and Notes, The                            McNeile, A. H. (Alan Hugh); 1871-1933.                                 1911      English
0837011779       Book of Opening the Mouth: The Egyptian Texts With English Translations, The                                                                                                1909      English
0790512629       Book of Proverbs, The                                                                                Berry, George Ricker; 1865-1945.                                       1904      English
0837092582       Book of Proverbs: Critical Edition of the Hebrew Text With Notes, The                                                                                                       1901      Hebrew
079051852X       Book of Psalms, The                                                                                                                                                         1902      English
0790524325       Book of Psalms: Containing a Free Metrical Rendering, a Rhythmical Translation, an Extended                                                                                 1896      English
                 Introduction, anda Tabular Analysis of the Entire Book, Also a Logical, Exegetical, and Practical
                 Exposition, and Lexical, Grammatical, and..., The
0837060354       Book of Psalms: Translated From a Revised Text With Notes and Introduction, The                      Cheyne, T. K. (Thomas Kelly); 1841-1915.                               1904      English
837026911        Book of Psalms: With Introduction and Notes, The                                                     Cobb, W. F. (William Frederick)                                        1905      English
0524059772       Book of Revelation, The                                                                              Dean, J. T. (John Taylor); b. 1866.                                    1915      English
837044790        Book of Revelation: Study and Translation of the Symbols, The                                        Moore, T. W. (Theophilus Wilson)                                       1897      English
0790532972       Book of Rules of Tyconius, The                                                                       Ticonius; 4th cent.                                                    1894      Latin
0524068283       Book of Ruth: A Literal Translation From the Hebrew: With Full Grammatical Notes and                                                                                        1912      English
                 Vocabularies, The
0837067316       Book of Ruth: In the Revised Version: With Introduction and Notes, The                               Cooke, G. A. (George Albert); 1865-1939.                               1913      English
0790514605       Book of the Prophecies of Isaiah, The                                                                McFadyen, John Edgar; 1870-1933.                                       1910      English
0790518589       Book of the Prophet Ezekiel, The                                                                                                                                            1902      English
0837091918       Book of the Prophet Ezekiel: Critical Edition of the Hebrew Text With Notes, The                                                                                            1899      Hebrew
083706175X       Book of the Prophet Ezekiel: In the Revised Version: With Notes and Introduction, The                Davidson, A. B. (Andrew Bruce); 1831-1902.                             1916      English
0837074185       Book of the Prophet Ezekiel: With Introduction and Notes, The                                        Redpath, Henry A. (Henry Adeney); 1848-1908.                           1907      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 30 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                              Author                                                            Year Published Language
837025184        Book of the Prophet Isaiah, Chapters I. XXXIX: With Introduction and Notes, The                    Skinner, John; 1851-1925.                                             1896      English
837028949        Book of the Prophet Isaiah, Chapters I-XXXIX: In the Revised Version: With Introduction and Notes, Skinner, John; 1851-1925.                                             1915      English
837025931        Book of the Prophet Isaiah, Chapters Xl-lXVI: In the Revised Version: With Introduction and Notes, Skinner, John; 1851-1925.                                             1917      English
837042828        Book of the Prophet Isaiah, Chapters Xl-LXVI: With Introduction and Notes, The                   Skinner, John; 1851-1925.                                               1898      English
0790518120       Book of the Prophet Isaiah, The                                                                                                                                          1902      English
0524069174       Book of the Prophet Isaiah: A New English Translation Printed in Colors Exhibiting the Composite                                                                         1898      English
                 Structure ofthe Book, The
0790524422       Book of the Prophet Isaiah: With Introduction and Notes, The                                       Wade, G. Woosung; (George Woosung); b. 1858.                          1911      English
837024730        Book of the Prophet Jeremiah, The                                                                  Brown, Charles Rufus; 1849-1914.                                      1907      English
083702966X       Book of the Prophet Jeremiah: A Revised Translation With Introductions and Short Explanations,     Driver, S. R. (Samuel Rolles); 1846-1914.                             1906      English
0837092159       Book of the Prophet Jeremiah: Critical Edition of the Hebrew Text, The                                                                                                   1895      Hebrew
079050328X       Book of the Revelation, The                                                                        Scott, C. A. Anderson; (Charles Archibald Anderson); 1859-1941.       1905      English
0790509210       Book of the Secrets of Enoch, The                                                                  Charles, R. H. (Robert Henry); 1855-1931.                             1896      English
837023718        Book of the Twelve Prophets: Commonly Called the Minor, The                                        Smith, George Adam; Sir; 1856-1942.                                   1896      English
0790531224       Book of Thekla, The                                                                                                                                                      1901      English
0790514060       Book of Wisdom: With Introduction and Notes, The                                                   Goodrick, A. T. S. (Alfred Thomas Scrope); b. 1857.                   1913      English
0524020213       Book of Witches, The                                                                               Hueffer, Oliver Madox; 1877-1931.                                     1908      English
0524038937       Book: Its History and Development, The                                                             Davenport, Cyril; 1848-1941.                                          1914      English
0790503425       Books for Old Testament Study: An Annotated List for Popular and Professional Use                  Smith, J. M. Powis; (John Merlin Powis); 1866-1932.                   1908      English
837023408        Books of Chronicles, The                                                                           Bennett, W. H. (William Henry); 1855-1920.                            1894      English
0837068134       Books of Chronicles: With Maps, Notes and Introduction, The                                        Elmslie, W. A. L. (William Alexander Leslie)                          1916      English
837021820        Books of Chronicles: With Maps, Notes, and Introduction, The                                       Barnes, W. Emery; (William Emery); 1859-1939.                         1899      English
0524051356       Books of Devotion                                                                                  Bodington, Charles; 1836-1918.                                        1903      English
0790518244       Books of Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther, The                                                                                                                                    1902      English
0837061105       Books of Joel and Amos: With Introduction and Notes, The                                           Driver, S. R. (Samuel Rolles); 1846-1914.                             1897      English
0837067332       Books of Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah: With Introduction and Notes, The                           Davidson, A. B. (Andrew Bruce); 1831-1902.                            1896      English
837037077        Books of Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah: With Introduction and Notes, The                           Davidson, A. B. (Andrew Bruce); 1831-1902.                            1920      English
0790533936       Books of the Apocrypha: Their Origin, Teaching and Contents, The                                   Oesterley, W. O. E. (William Oscar Emil); 1866-1950.                  1914      English
079051091X       Books of the Bible: With Relation to Their Place in History                                        Hazard, M. C. (Marshall Custiss); 1839-1929.                          1903      English
837027799        Books of the Kings of Judah and Israel: A Harmony of the Books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles                                                                          1897      English
                 in the Text ofthe Version of 1884, The
0790517922       Books of the New Testament, The                                                                    Pullan, Leighton; 1865-1940.                                          1901      English
0790512963       Books of the New Testament, The                                                                    Martin, G. Currie; (George Currie); 1865-1937.                        1909      English
0790514427       Books of the Prophets in Their Historical Succession, The                                          Findlay, George G. (George Gillanders); 1849-1919.                    1907      English
079057215X       Bossuet Et La Protestantisme: Ètude Historique                                                     Crouslè, L. (Lèon); 1830-1903.                                        1901      French
0790562359       Bossuet Et Les Protestants                                                                         Julien, Eugène-Louis; 1856-1930.                                      1910      French
0837060389       Boston's Awakening: A Complete Account of the Great Boston Revival Under the Leadership of J.                                                                            1909      English
                 Wilbur Chapman and Charles M. Alexander, January 26th to February 21st, 1909
0790500825       Bosworth Psalter: An Account of a Manuscript Formerly Belonging to O. Turville-Petre Esq. of       Gasquet, Francis Aidan; Cardinal; 1846-1929.                          1908      English
                 Bosworth Hall NowAddit. Ms. 37517 at the British Museum, The
837005515        Bouddhisme Chinois: Extraits Du Tripitaka, Des Commentaires, Tracts, Etc.                          Wieger, Lèon; 1856-1933.                                              1910      French
0524096996       Bouddhisme, Ètudes Et Matèriaux: Thèorie Des Douze Causes                                          La Vallèe Poussin, Louis de; 1869-1938.                               1913      French
0790531585       Bousset's Religion Des Judentums Im Neutestamentlichen Zeitalter                                   Perles, Felix; 1874-1933.                                             1903      German
0524092265       Boxare-Upproret Och Fòrfòljelserna Mot de Kristna I Kina 1900-1901                                 Rinell, J. A.                                                         1902      Swedish
052402751X       Boy Who Would Be King and Other Bible Stories, The                                                 Rosenberger, Elizabeth D. (Elizabeth Delp); 1863-1951.                1906      English
0524008167       Brahmadarsanam, or, Intuition of the Absolute: Being an Introduction to the Study of Hindu         Ānanda Āchārya.                                                 1917      English
0524095981       Brahmadarsanam: Or, Intuition of the Absolute, Being an Introduction to the Study of Hindu         Ānanda Āchārya.                                                 1917      English
0524010390       Brahma-Knowledge: An Outline of the Philosophy of the Vedaìnta, as Set Forth by the Upanishads Barnett, Lionel D. (Lionel David); 1871-1960.                             1907      English
                 and by Sìankara
0524014892       Brahman: A Study in the History of Indian Philosophy                                               Griswold, H. D. (Hervey De Witt); 1860-1945.                          1900      English
0524017905       Brahmanas of the Vedas, The                                                                        Macdonald, Kenneth Somerled; 1832-1903.                               1901      English
0524021007       Brahmans, Theists and Muslims of India: Studies of Goddess-Worship in Bengal, Caste,               Oman, John Campbell; 1841-1911.                                       1909      English
                 Brahmaism and Social Reform: With Descriptive Sketches of Curious Festivals, Ceremonies, and
                 Faquirs, The
0524020914       Brahmo Samaj & Arya Samaj in Their Bearing Upon Christianity: A Study in Indian Theism, The        Lillingston, Frank.                                                   1901      English

0524090858       Braune Christen Im Hause Des Herrn: Gottesdienstliche Feiern in Der Tamulenmission                 Gehring, Alwin; 1853-1936.                                            1919      German
0524074585       Brazilian Sketches                                                                                 Ray, T. B. (T. Bronson); 1868-1934.                                   1912      English
0790504790       Bread and Salt From the Word of God: In Sixteen Sermons                                            Zahn, Theodor; 1838-1933.                                             1905      English
0524027498       Breakers!: Methodism Adrift                                                                        Munhall, L. W. (Leander Whitcomb); 1843-1934.                         1913      English
0837065909       Breaking Down Chinese Walls: From a Doctor's Viewpoint                                             Osgood, Elliott I. (Elliott Irving); 1871-1940.                       1908      English
837034531        Breath of God: A Sketch: Historical, Critical and Logical of the Doctrine of Inspiration, The      Hallam, Frank.                                                        1895      English
837024439        Bremen Lectures on Great Religious Questions of Today, The                                                                                                               1898      English
0837008026       Bremen Lectures on Great Religious Questions of Today, The                                                                                                               1898      English
0524036101       Brethren Hymn Book: A Collection of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs Suited for Song Service                                                                            1901      English
                 in Christian Worship, for Church Service, Social Meetings and Sunday Schools, The

0524055416       Brethren's Sunday School Song Book: For Use in Sunday Schools, Prayer and Social Meetings,                                                                               1894      English
0524034532       Brev Till Henrik Reuterdahl                                                                        Aulèn, Gustaf; 1879-                                                  1915      Swedish
0524086850       Breve Storia Della Nobile E Celebre Famiglia Senese Dei Sozzini Dalle Sue Origini Fino Alla Sua    Mazzei, Antonio.                                                      1912      Italian
                 Estinzione (Sec. XIV-XIX)
0837008417       Bridgetstow: Some Chronicles of a Cornish Parish                                                   Pearse, Mark Guy; 1842-1930.                                          1907      English
0524027544       Bridgewater College: Its Past and Present: A Tribute of the Alumni                                 Wayland, John Walter; 1872-1962.                                      1905      English
0524047596       Brief an Die Flora                                                                                 Ptolemy; the Gnostic; fl. 2nd cent.                                   1904      Greek
0837004799       Brief Documentary History of the Translation of the Scriptures Into the Arabic Language.           Smith, Eli; 1801-1857                                                 1900      English
0524093148       Brief Introduction to the Study of the Chinese Language                                            Pettus, William B. (William Bacon); b. 1880.                          1915      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                          Page 31 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                                   Year Published Language
0790591111       Briefe                                                                                           Schleiermacher, Friedrich; 1768-1834.                                            1906      English
0524101930       Briefe Aus Indien: Bilder Aus Der Missionstàtigkeit Der Franziskanerinnen Missionàrinnen Mariens Schlager, Patricius; 1864-1930.                                                  1914      German

0790596245       Briefe Friedrich Schleiermachers an Ehrenfried Und Henriette Von Willich Geb. Von Mùhlenfels,        Schleiermacher, Friedrich; 1768-1834.                                        1914      German
0790532190       Briefe Ùber Das Christliche Dogma                                                                    Schlatter, Adolf von; 1852-1938.                                             1912      German
0790548283       Briefe, Depeschen, Und Berichte Ùber Luther Vom Wormser Reichstage 1521                                                                                                           1898      German
0524088047       Brieven Van de Classis Amsterdam En Andere Kerkelijke Vergaderingen Aan de Kaapsche Kerken                                                                                        1907      Dutch
                 (1651-1804): En Verdere Archivalia Op de Geschiedenis Van Dit Tijdvak Betrekking Hebbende

0524088152       Brieven Van de Kaapsche Kerken, Hoofdzakelijk Aan de Classis Amsterdam (1655-1804)                                                                                                1906      Dutch
052407383X       Brìhad-Devataì, Attributed to Sìaunaka: A Summary of the Deities and Myths of the Rig-Veda, The                                                                                   1904      English

052402247X       Bringing in the Sheaves: Gleanings From the Mission Fields of the Christian and Missionary                                                                                        1898      English
0524081816       Britain and America, the Lost Israelites, or, The Ten Tribes Identified in the Anglo-Celtic Race     McKillop, P. S. (Peter S.)                                                   1902      English

0837067812       British Foreign Missions, 1837-1897                                                                  Thompson, R. Wardlaw; (Ralph Wardlaw); 1842-1916.                            1899      English
0524042136       British Methodism                                                                                    Hurst, J. F. (John Fletcher); 1834-1903.                                     1902      English
0790596342       British Moralists: Being Selections From Writers Principally of the Eighteenth Century                                                                                            1897      English
0790569515       Bronson Alcott's Fruitlands                                                                                                                                                       1915      English
0790566907       Brook Farm: Its Members, Scholars, and Visitors                                                      Swift, Lindsay; 1856-1921.                                                   1900      English
0837067766       Brother Azarias: The Life Story of an American Monk                                                  Smith, John Talbot; 1855-1923.                                               1897      English
0790582406       Brother of Girls: The Life Story of Charles N. Crittenton, The                                       Crittenton, Charles N. (Charles Nelson); 1833-1910.                          1910      English
0524008841       Brotherhood, Nature's Law                                                                            Harding, Burcham; b. 1851.                                                   1897      English
052404242X       Brothers of Holy Cross, The                                                                          Trahey, James J. (James Joseph); 1875-1906.                                  1904      English
0790542560       Bruchstùcke Des Ersten Clemensbriefes: Nach Dem Achmimischen Papyrus Der Strassburger                Clement; I; Pope.                                                            1910      Coptic
                 Universitàts-Und Landesbibliothek, Mit Biblischen Texten Derselben Handschrift

052401602X       Buddha                                                                                               Hardy, Edmund; 1852-1904.                                                    1903      German
0524018413       Buddha and Buddhism                                                                                  Lillie, Arthur; b. 1831.                                                     1900      English
0524022917       Buddha and His Religion, The                                                                         Barthèlemy Saint-Hilaire, J. (Jules); 1805-1895.                             1895      English
0524033757       Buddha and His Sayings: With Comments on Re-Incarnation, Karma, Nirvana, Etc.                        Ṣyāma Ṣaṅkara.                                                       1914      English
837024935        Buddha of Christendom: A Book for the Present Crisis, The                                            Anderson, Robert; Sir; 1841-1918.                                            1899      English
0524023654       Buddha Und Die Frauen                                                                                Schreiber, Max.                                                              1903      German
0524018316       Buddha, Sein Evangelium Und Seine Auslegung                                                          Held, Hans Ludwig; b. 1885.                                                  1912      German
0524092346       Buddha: Being a Dramatised Version of Sir Edwin Arnold's "the Light of Asia"                         Arnold, Edwin; Sir; 1832-1904.                                               1916      English
0524014248       Buddha: Ein Culturbild Des Ostens                                                                    Dahlmann, Joseph; 1861-1930.                                                 1898      German
052410039X       Buddha: His Part in Human Evolution                                                                  Laffitte, M. Pierre.                                                         1901      English
0524068984       Buddha's Way of Virtue: A Translation of the Dhammapada From the Pali Text, The                                                                                                   1912      English
0524091773       Buddhism                                                                                             Small, Annie H.                                                              1905      English
052401423X       Buddhism & Science                                                                                   Dahlke, Paul; 1865-1928.                                                     1913      English
052400692X       Buddhism and Immortality                                                                             Bigelow, William Sturgis; 1850-1926.                                         1908      English
0524008809       Buddhism as a Religion: Its Historical Development and Its Present Conditions                        Hackmann, Heinrich Friedrich; 1864-1935.                                     1910      English
0524092532       Buddhism in Its Relationship With Hinduism                                                           Dharmapala, Anagarika; 1864-1933.                                            1918      English
0524053529       Buddhism of Tibet, or Lamaism: With Its Mystic Cults, Symbolism and Mythology, and in Its            Waddell, L. A. (Laurence Austine); 1854-1938.                                1895      English
                 Relation to Indian Buddhism, The
0524014221       Buddhism, Primitive and Present, in Magadha and in Ceylon                                            Copleston, Reginald Stephen; 1845-1925.                                      1908      English
0524007128       Buddhism: A Study of the Buddhist Norm                                                               Davids, Caroline A. F. Rhys; (Caroline Augusta Foley Rhys); 1857-1942.       1912      English

0524041571       Buddhism: Being a Sketch of the Life and Teachings of Gautama, the Buddha                            Davids, T. W. Rhys; (Thomas William Rhys); 1843-1922.                        1910      English
0524007144       Buddhism: Its History and Literature                                                                 Davids, T. W. Rhys; (Thomas William Rhys); 1843-1922.                        1896      English
0524102643       Buddhismus (Buddha Und Seine Lehre)                                                                  Beckh, Hermann; 1875-1937.                                                   1919      German
052402541X       Buddhismus Und Christenthum: Was Sie Gemein Haben Und Was Sie Unterscheidet: Zwei                    Schroeder, Leopold von; 1851-1920.                                           1898      German
                 Òffentliche Vortràge
0524012539       Buddhismus Und Christentum                                                                     Bertholet, Alfred; 1868-1951.                                                      1909      German
0837017718       Buddhist and Christian Gospels: Now First Compared From the Originals: Being "Gospel Parallels Edmunds, Albert J. (Albert Joseph); 1857-1941.                                     1908      English
                 From Paìli Texts"
0524046344       Buddhist Art in Its Relation to Buddhist Ideals: With Special Reference to Buddhism in Japan: Four Anesaki, Masaharu; 1873-1949.                                                  1915      English
0524009074       Buddhist China                                                                                       Johnston, Reginald Fleming; Sir; 1874-1938.                                  1913      English
0524020760       Buddhist Essays                                                                                      Dahlke, Paul; 1865-1928.                                                     1908      English
0524022429       Buddhist Hymns: Versified Translations From the Dhammapada and Various Other Sources                 Carus, Paul; 1852-1919.                                                      1911      English
0524097313       Buddhist Hymns: Versified Translations From the Dhammapada and Various Other Sources;                Carus, Paul; 1852-1919.                                                      1911      English
                 Adapted to Modern Music
0524014558       Buddhist Ideals: A Study in Comparative Religion                                                     Saunders, Kenneth J. (Kenneth James); 1883-1937.                             1912      English
0524016909       Buddhist India                                                                                       Davids, T. W. Rhys; (Thomas William Rhys); 1843-1922.                        1903      English
0524012865       Buddhist Meditations From the Japanese: With an Introductory Chapter on Modern Japanese                                                                                           1905      English
0524011672       Buddhist Popular Lectures                                                                            Besant, Annie Wood; 1847-1933.                                               1908      English
0524019223       Buddhist Praying-Wheel: A Collection of Material Bearing Upon the Symbolism of the Wheel and         Simpson, William; 1823-1899.                                                 1896      English
                 Circular Movements in Custom and Religious Ritual, The
0524007136       Buddhist Psychology: An Inquiry Into the Analysis and Theory of Mind in Pali Literature              Davids, Caroline A. F. Rhys; (Caroline Augusta Foley Rhys); 1857-1942.       1914      English

0524057699       Buddhist Scriptures: A Selection                                                                                                                                                  1913      English
0524023484       Buddhist Stories                                                                                     Dahlke, Paul; 1865-1928.                                                     1913      English
0524014795       Buddhist Texts Quoted as Scripture by the Gospel of John: A Discovery in the Lower Criticism         Edmunds, Albert J. (Albert Joseph); 1857-1941.                               1911      English
                 (John VII, 38; XIL, 34)
0790529580       Buddhistische Stròmungen Der Gegenwart                                                               Glawe, Walther; b. 1880.                                                     1913      German
0524008337       Buddhistische Und Neutestamentliche Erzàhlungen: Das Problem Ihrer Gegenseitigen                     Faber, Georg; b. 1889.                                                       1913      German
0790576864       Building a Working Church                                                                            Black, Samuel Charles; 1869-1921.                                            1911      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                             Page 32 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                              Author                                                Year Published Language
0837071798       Building of Character, The                                                                         Miller, J. R. (James Russell); 1840-1912.                 1894      English
0790577879       Building of the Church, The                                                                        Jefferson, Charles Edward; 1860-1937.                     1910      English
0790529017       Building Up of the Old Testament, The                                                              Girdlestone, Robert Baker; 1836-1923.                     1912      English
0524082987       Bukkyoì Shoìshi                                                                                    Fujii, SenshoÌ„; 1859-1903.                               1896      Japanese
0790564874       Bulgarian Exarchate: Its History and the Extent of Its Authority in Turkey, The                    Mach, Richard von.                                        1907      English
0524033269       Bull Apostolicae Curae and the Edwardine Ordinal, The                                              Puller, F. W. (Frederick William); 1843-1938.             1896      English
0524022542       Bulwarks of the Faith: A Brief and Popular Treatise on the Evidences of Christianity, or the       Gray, James M. (James Martin); 1851-1935.                 1899      English
                 Authenticity, Truth and Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures: Arranged With Questions for Use in
                 Bible Institutes and Training Schools, The
0790547104       Bùndnis Und Bekenntnis 1529                                                                        Schubert, Hans von; 1859-1931.                            1908      German
0790563029       Burchard I. Von Worms Und Die Deutsche Kirche Seiner Zeit (1000-1025): Ein Kirchen-Und             Koeniger, Albert Michael; b. 1874.                        1905      German
                 Sittengeschichtliches Zeitbild
0524072043       Burial Service: A Reply to an Article by Professor St. George Mivart, F.R.S., in the January Number Legg, J. Wickham; (John Wickham); 1843-1921.             1897      English
                 of the "Nineteenth Century" Review, The
0524079749       Burial Service: Musical Setting, The                                                                                                                         1910      English
0524092435       Burma: A Short Study of Its People and Religion                                                    Trotman, F. E.                                            1917      English
0524093733       Bushido in the Past and in the Present                                                             Imai, John Tashimichi.                                    1906      English
0524077320       Bushido, the Soul of Japan: An Exposition of Japanese Thought                                      Nitobe, Inazō; 1862-1933.                               1905      English
0790594315       Business of Salvation, The                                                                         Otten, Bernard J. (Bernard John); 1862-1930.              1911      English
0790568845       Bussstufen Und Katechumenatsklassen                                                                Schwartz, Eduard; 1858-1940.                              1911      German
837045533        Bustan Al-Ukul, The                                                                                Nathanael ibn al Fayyumi; 12th cent.                      1907      English
0524021414       But God: The Resources and Sufficiency of God                                                      Simpson, A. B. (Albert B.)                                1899      English
0524008361       By Nile and Euphrates: A Record of Discovery and Adventure                                         Geere, H. Valentine; (Henry Valentine); b. 1874.          1904      English
0524100497       By Temple Shrine and Lotus Pool                                                                    Robinson, William; 1852-                                  1910      English
0524100764       By the Great Wall: Letters From China, the Selected Correspondence of Isabella Riggs Williams,     Williams, Isabella Riggs; 1840-1897.                      1909      English
                 Missionary of the American Board to China, 1866-1897
837041023        by the River Chebar: Some Applications of Ezekiel's Visions                                        Lewis, H. Elvet; (Howell Elvet)                           1903      English
837044308        By the Still Waters: A Meditation on the Twenty-Third Psalm                                        Miller, J. R. (James Russell); 1840-1912.                 1897      English
0524043736       By Waysides in India                                                                               Frost, Adelaide Gail; 1868-1928.                          1902      English
0524034516       Bygone Church Life in Scotland                                                                                                                               1899      English
0790545888       Byzantinische Kulturgeschichte                                                                     Gelzer, Heinrich; 1847-1906.                              1909      German
0790572494       Byzantinische Legenden                                                                                                                                       1911      German
0790517809       Cabala: Its Influence on Judaism and Christianity, The                                             Pick, Bernhard; 1842-1917.                                1913      English
0837089875       Cabinet of Catholic Information: A Collection of Lectures and Writings of Eminent Prelates and                                                               1903      English
                 Priests of the Catholic Church in America and Europe
0790556804       Caesarius Von Arelate Und Die Gallische Kirche Seiner Zeit                                         Arnold, C. Franklin; (Carl Franklin); 1853-1927.          1894      German
0524020426       Calendar of the Gods in China                                                                      Richard, Timothy; 1845-1919.                              1916      English
0524020264       Caliphate: Its Rise, Decline, and Fall: From Original Sources, The                                 Muir, William; Sir; 1819-1905.                            1915      English
052410185X       Call and Challenge of Mongolia, The                                                                Sturt, Reginald W.                                        1917      English
083706483X       Call of Cathay: A Study in Missionary Work and Opportunity in China Old and New, The               Cornaby, W. Arthur; (William Arthur); 1860-1921.          1910      English
0524099987       Call of India: A Study in Conditions, Methods and Opportunities of Missionary Work Among           Thompson, Edgar W. (Edgar Wesley); 1871-1963.             1912      English
                 Hindus, The
0837064333       Call of Korea: Political, Social, Religious, The                                                   Underwood, Horace Grant; 1859-1916.                       1908      English
0524065659       Call of the Christ: A Study of the Challenge of Jesus to the Present Century, The                  Willett, Herbert L. (Herbert Lockwood); 1864-1944.        1912      English
0524098263       Call of the East: Sketches From the History of the Irish Mission to Manchuria, 1869-1919, The      O'Neill, Frederick William Scott; 1870-                   1919      English
0837065968       Call of the Home Land: A Study in Home Missions, The                                               Phillips, A. L. (Alexander Lacy); b. 1859.                1906      English
0524030502       Call of the New Day to the Old Church, The                                                         Stelzle, Charles; 1869-1941.                              1915      English
0837062233       Call of the New Era: Its Opportunities and Responsibilities, The                                   Muir, William.                                            1910      English
0524095477       Call of the Pacific, The                                                                           Burton, J. W.                                             1912      English
0837062357       Call, Qualifications and Preparation of Candidates for Foreign Missionary Service: Papers, The                                                               1901      English

837028329        Called of God, The                                                                                 Davidson, A. B. (Andrew Bruce); 1891-1902.                1902      English
0790585340       Callista, a Tale of the Third Century                                                              Newman, John Henry; 1801-1890.                            1895      English
0790568063       Calomnies Anti-Protestantes                                                                        Doumergue, E. (Emile); 1844-1937.                         1912      French
0524087326       Calvijn Als Bedienaar Des Woords                                                                   Biesterveld, P. (Petrus); 1863-1908.                      1897      Dutch
0524074100       Calvijn En de Economie                                                                             Diepenhorst, P. A.                                        1904      Dutch
0524087490       Calvijn in Het Strijdperk                                                                          Doumergue, E. (Emile); 1844-1937.                         1904      Dutch
052407853X       Calvijn, 10 Juli 1509-27 Mei 1564: Ter Eere Van Den Grootsten Christen Der 16 De Eeuw              Brugghen, G. A. van der; (Guillaume Anne); b. 1848.       1909      Dutch
0524079110       Calvijn: Een Strijder Voor de Anti-Revolutionaire Beginselen, Toegelicht Vooral Uit Zijne          Proosdij, C. van; (Cornelius van); 1859-1915.             1899      Dutch
                 Worsteling Voor de Vrijmaking Der Kerk
052407464X       Calvijn's Beschouwing Over Kerk En Staat                                                           Schoch, Samuel.                                           1902      Dutch
0524087504       Calvijn's Jeugd, Jongelingsjaren, Omzwervingen, Bekeering, En Eerste Optreden Als Reformator       Doumergue, E. (Emile); 1844-1937.                         1903      Dutch

0790571323       Calvin Als Unionsmann                                                                              Reichel, Gerhard; 1874-1953.                              1909      German
0790543532       Calvin and the Reformation: Four Studies                                                                                                                     1909      English
0524087113       Calvin Aujourd'hui: Allocution Adressèe Aux Proposants Devant Messieurs de La Vènèrable            Berguer, Henry.                                           1910      French
                 Compagnie Le 17 Dècembre 1909
0524064997       Calvin Defended: A Memoir of the Life, Character and Principles of John Calvin                     Smyth, Thomas; 1808-1873.                                 1909      English
0524087148       Calvin Et Les Genevois, Ou, La Vèritè Sur Calvin                                                   Citoyen de Genève.                                        1907      French
0524026009       Calvin Et Servet: Lecìon Publique                                                                  Ruffet, Louis.                                            1910      French
0524087164       Calvin Et Son Idèal Thèocratique                                                                   Monod, Lèopold; 1844-1922.                                1909      French
0790551527       Calvin in His Letters                                                                              Henderson, Henry F.                                       1909      English
0790557991       Calvin Memorial Addresses                                                                                                                                    1909      English
0790569116       Calvin Und Basel Bis Zum Tode Des Myconius, 1535-1552                                              Wernle, Paul; 1872-1939.                                  1909      German
0790576597       Calvin Und Montaigne: Rede Zum Vierhundertjàhrigen Jubilàum Calvins                                Lobstein, P. (Paul); 1850-1922.                           1909      German
0524026386       Calvin Und Servet: Vortrag                                                                         Barth, Fritz; 1856-1912.                                  1909      German
0524087369       Calvin, Fondateur de L'acadèmie de Genève                                                          Borgeaud, Charles.                                        1897      French
0790560461       Calvin, Le Prèdicateur de Genève                                                                   Doumergue, E. (Emile); 1844-1937.                         1909      French
0524026084       Calvin, Servet, Guillaume de Trie Et Le Tribunal de Vienne: Rèponse À L'action Radicale            Weiss, Nathanaèl; 1845-1928.                              1908      French
837055180        Calvin, Twisse and Edwards on the Universal Salvation of Those Dying in Infancy                    Stagg, John W. (John Weldon); 1863-1915.                  1902      English
079057666X       Calvin: Rede Bei Der Akademischen Calvin-Gedàchtnisfeier in Der Gr. Aula Der Universitàt           Schubert, Hans von; 1859-1931.                            1909      German
                 Heidelberg Am 11. Juli 1909

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 33 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                   Author                                                          Year Published Language
0524048436       Calvinism in History                                                                                    McFetridge, N. S. (Nathaniel S.); 1842-1886.                        1912      English
0790560712       Calvinism: Six Lectures                                                                                 Kuyper, Abraham; 1837-1920.                                         1899      English
0524072531       Calvinisme En Schriftstudie: Een Woord Van Verweer Tegen G.A. V. D. Bergh Van Eysinga                   Leeuwen, J. A. C. van; (Jacobus Adrien Cornelius); 1870-1930.       1909      Dutch
0524072655       Calvinisme En Socialisme: Een Woord Voor Onzen Tijd                                                     Rudolph, R. J. W. (Roelof Jan Willem); 1862-1914.                   1901      Dutch
0790576422       Calvins Bedeutung Fùr Die Geschichte Und Das Leben Der Protestantischen Kirche                          Hadorn, W. (Wilhelm); 1869-1929.                                    1910      German
0524104816       Calvin's Hermeneutics of the Imprecations of the Psalter                                                Mpindi, Paul Mbunga.                                                2003      English
079058882X       Calvins Jenseits-Christentum: In Seinem Verhàltnisse Zu Den Religiòsen Schriften Des Erasmus            Schulze, Martin.                                                    1902      German

0790576821       Calvins Persònlichkeit Und Ihre Wirkungen Auf Das Geistige Leben Der Neuzeit: Festrede                  Barth, Fritz; 1856-1912.                                            1909      German
837051398        Calvins Pràdestinationslehre: Ein Beitrag Zur Wùrdigung Der Eigenart Seiner Theologie Und               Scheibe, Max.                                                       1897      German
0524041881       Calvinstudien: Festschrift Zum 400. Geburtstage Johann Calvins                                                                                                              1909      German
0524046468       Cambodge: Feìtes Civiles Et Religieuses                                                        Leclère, Adhèmard; 1853-1917.                                                1916      French
0790591545       Cambridge "Apostles", The                                                                      Brookfield, Frances M. (Frances Mary)                                        1906      English
0790538067       Cambridge Platonists: Being Selections From the Writings of Benjamin Whichcote, John Smith and Whichcote, Benjamin; 1609-1683.                                              1901      English
                 Nathanael Culverwel, The
0524012164       Cameos From the Life of George Fox                                                                      Taylor, Ernest E. (Ernest Edwin); 1869-1955.                        1907      English
0524095175       Cameos of a Chinese City                                                                                Darley, Mary.                                                       1917      English
052409523X       Campaigning for Christ in Japan                                                                         Wainright, Samuel Hayman; 1863-1950.                                1915      English
0524069859       Campbell Year Book: Choice Selections Forevery Day in the Year From the Writings of Alexander           Campbell, Alexander; 1788-1866.                                     1909      English
                 Campbell, The
0524060142       Campbellism, What Is It?: A Series of Lectures on That Which Is Commonly Called Campbellism by Chism, J. W. b. 1865.                                                        1901      English
                 Religious Teachers Who Oppose the Teachings of the Word of God
837034906        Can I Believe in God the Father?: Lectures                                                              Clarke, William Newton; 1841-1912.                                  1899      English
0790536692       Can We Still Be Christians?                                                                             Eucken, Rudolf; 1846-1926.                                          1914      English
0790508346       Can We Still Follow Jesus?: A Study of the Teachings of Jesus in Its Modern Applications                Garvie, Alfred E. (Alfred Ernest); 1861-1945.                       1913      English
0524056552       Can We Trust the Bible?: Chapters on Biblical Criticism                                                                                                                     1908      English
0790523922       Canaan D'après L'exploration Rècente                                                                    Vincent, Hugues; b. 1872.                                           1907      French
052403575X       Canada's Missionary Congress: Addresses                                                                                                                                     1909      English
0524010110       Cane Ridge Meeting House, The                                                                           Rogers, James R. (James Richard); b. 1840.                          1910      English
0790590557       Cannot and Can Fall From Grace                                                                          Peebles, Isaac Lockhart; b. 1855.                                   1914      English
079050314X       Canon and Text of the New Testament                                                                     Gregory, Caspar Renè; 1846-1917.                                    1907      English
837028361        Canon of the Bible: Its Formation, History, and Fluctuations, The                                       Davidson, Samuel; 1806-1898.                                        1899      English
0837069165       Canonisation of Saints, The                                                                             Macken, Thomas F.                                                   1910      English
0524055564       Canons of 1571 in English and Latin, The                                                                                                                                    1899      English
0790537524       Canons of Athanasius of Alexandria: The Arabic and Coptic Versions, The                                                                                                     1904      Multiple
0524012202       Cantica Canticorum: Eighty-Six Sermons on the Song of Solomon                                           Bernard; of Clairvaux, Saint; 1090 or 91-1153.                      1895      English
0790554887       Canticles of the Christian Church: Eastern and Western, in Early and Medieval Times, The                Mearns, James.                                                      1914      English
0524100845       Canton Christian College; Ling Naam Hok Hau: Its Growth and Outlook.                                                                                                        1919      English
0790591588       Cap and Gown, The                                                                                       Brown, Charles Reynolds; 1862-1950.                                 1910      English
0790542889       Captains and Comrades in the Faith: Sermons Historical and Biographical                                 Davidson, Randall Thomas; 1848-1930.                                1911      English
0790561786       Captive City of God, or, The Churches Seen in the Light of the Democratic Ideal, The                    Heath, Richard; 1831-1912.                                          1905      English
079051379X       Captivity and the Pastoral Epistles: With Introduction and Notes, The                                   Strahan, James; 1863-1926.                                          1910      English
0524095922       Caractères Chinois.                                                                                     Wieger, Lèon; 1856-1933.                                            1916      French
0524041253       Cardinal Democrat, Henry Edward Manning, The                                                            Taylor, Ida A. (Ida Ashworth); d. 1929.                             1908      English
0790535084       Cardinal Elements of the Christian Faith                                                                Adam, D. S. (David Stow); 1859-1925.                                1911      English
0790581736       Cardinal Manning as Represented in His Own Letters and Notes                                            Manning, Henry Edward; 1808-1892.                                   1896      English
079058851X       Cardinal Mercier's Retreat to His Priests                                                               Mercier, Dèsirè; 1851-1926.                                         1912      English
0790548372       Cardinal Newman                                                                                         Meynell, Wilfrid; b. 1852.                                          1907      English
0837083672       Cardinal Newman and the Encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis: An Essay                                   O'Dwyer, Edward Thomas; 1842-1917.                                  1908      English
0790576430       Cardinal Truths of the Gospel                                                                           Halfyard, Samuel F. (Samuel Follet); b. 1871.                       1915      English
0524035555       Cardinal Ximenes, Statesman, Ecclesiastic, Soldier and Man of Letters: With an Account of the           Lyell, James P. R. (James Patrick Ronaldson); b. 1871.              1917      English
                 Complutensian Polyglot Bible
0837014646       Care of Dependent, Neglected, and Wayward Children: Being a Report of the Second Section of the                                                                             1894      English
                 InternationalCongress of Charities, Correction and Philanthropy, Chicago, June, 1893, The

0524032254       Cargo of the "Wilhelmina." American Trade in Munitions of War. Sinking of the "Frye";                                                                                       1915      English
0790571854       Caritas Anglicana, or, An Historical Inquiry Into Those Religious and Philanthropical Societies That Portus, Garnet V. (Garnet Vere); b. 1883.                              1912      English
                 Flourished in England Between the Years 1678 and 1740
0837071011       Carmel in Ireland: A Narrative of the Irish Province of Teresian, or, Discalced Carmelites, A.D. 1625- Rushe, James P.                                                      1903      English
                 1896: With a Supplement Chiefly From Letters of Irish Missionaries of the Seventeenth Century

837030099        Carpenter, The                                                                                   Dwight, Charles A. S. (Charles Abbott Schneider)                           1900      English
0837064724       Carrying the Gospel to All the Non-Christian World: With Supplement, Presentation and Discussion                                                                            1910      English
                 of the Report in the Conference on 15th June 1910.
0524070350       Cartaphilus, or, The Wandering Jew: A Vision of the Ages                                                Reed, Orville S. (Orville Sibbitt); 1843-1924.                      1902      English
0524098220       Cartas de China                                                                                                                                                             1917      Spanish
0524090815       Cartas Edificantes de Los Misioneros de La Compañìa de Jesùs En Filipinas, 1898-1902.                                                                                       1903      Spanish
0524098034       Carte Des Prèfectures de Chine Et de Leur Population Chrètienne En 1911                                 Moidrey, Joseph de.                                                 1913      French
837036666        Cartoons of St. Mark, The                                                                               Horton, Robert F. (Robert Forman); 1855-1934.                       1894      English
0524100330       Caste or Christ?: Sketches of Indian Life                                                               Hodge, John Zimmerman; 1872-                                        1906      English
0790527456       Catalogue of a Part of the Library of the Late Professor J. Henry Thayer, D.D., of Harvard University   Thayer, Joseph Henry; 1828-1901.                                    1902      English

0790531518       Catalogue of an Exhibition of Bibles: In Commemoration of the Tercentenary of the Authorized                                                                                1911      English
                 Version, 1611-1911
079053505X       Catalogue of an Exhibition of Books, Portraits, and Facsimiles Illustrating the History of the                                                                              1911      English
                 English Translation of the Bible: In Commemoration of the Tercentenary Anniversary of the King
                 James Version, 1611, at the Yale University Library...
0790521199       Catalogue of an Exhibition of Manuscript and Printed Copies of the Scriptures, Illustrating the                                                                             1911      English
                 History of the Transmission of the Bible: Shown in the Main Library From March to December,
0837018439       Catalogue of the Arabic Mss. in the Convent of S. Catharine on Mount Sinai                                                                                                  1894      Multiple

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 34 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                       Year Published Language
0524102384       Catalogue of the Hindi, Panjabi and Hindustani Manuscripts in the Library of the British Museum                                                                       1899      English

0837018447       Catalogue of the Syriac Mss. in the Convent of S. Catharine on Mount Sinai                                                                                            1894      Multiple
0524105022       Catalogus Codicum Hagiographicorum Latinorum Bibliothecarum Romanarum Praeter Quam                                                                                    1909      Latin
0790599457       Catechetical Oration of Gregory of Nyssa, The                                                        Gregory; of Nyssa, Saint; ca. 335-ca. 394.                       1903      Greek
0524051984       Catechism Explained: An Exhaustive Exposition of the Christian Religion, With Special Reference      Spirago, Francis; b. 1862.                                       1899      English
                 to the PresentState of Society and the Spirit of the Age: A Practical Manual ..., The

0524040699       Catechism of Christian Doctrine                                                                 Deharbe, Joseph; 1800-1871.                                           1901      English
0524075727       Catechism of Rodez Explained in Form of Sermons: A Work Equally Useful to the Clergy, Religious Luche; abbè.                                                          1917      English
                 Communities, and Faithful, The
0837082498       Catechism of the Council of Trent                                                                                                                                     1914      English
0837075017       Catechism of the Orthodox, Catholic, Eastern Church, The                                                                                                              1901      English
0837085276       Catechism on Modernism: According to the Encyclical "Pascendi Dominici Gregis" of His Holiness, Lemius, J. B. (Jean Baptiste)                                         1908      English
                 Pius X.
0837085284       Catechismo Sul Modernismo: Secondo L'enciclica Pascendi Dominici Gregis Di Sua Santità Pio X         Lemius, J. B. (Jean Baptiste)                                    1908      Italian

0790533529       Catenen: Mitteilungen Ùber Ihre Geschichte Und Handschriftliche Ùberlieferung                     Lietzmann, Hans; 1875-1942.                                         1897      German
0837083265       Cathechismus Ex Decreto ConcilII Tridentini Ad Parochos PII V. Et Clementis XIII Pont. Max: Jussu                                                                     1905      Latin
                 Editus Ad Editionem Romae A.D. MDCCCXIV. Publici Iuris Factam Accuratissime Expressus.

0790598647       Cathedral and University Sermons                                                                     Salmon, George; 1819-1904.                                       1901      English
0524035849       Catholic and Protestant                                                                              Kinsman, Frederick Joseph; 1868-1944.                            1913      English
0837070392       Catholic and Protestant Countries Compared: In Civilization, Popular Happiness, General              Young, Alfred; 1831-1900.                                        1898      English
                 Intelligence, and Morality
0837083370       Catholic Belief, or, A Short and Simple Exposition of Catholic Doctrine                          Di Bruno, Joseph Faà.                                                1912      English
0837069394       Catholic Church From Within, The                                                                                                                                      1901      English
0524098042       Catholic Church in China From 1860 to 1907, The                                                  Wolferstan, Bertram.                                                 1909      English
0790582279       Catholic Church in New York: A History of the New York Diocese From Its Establishment in 1808 to Smith, John Talbot; 1855-1923.                                       1905      English
                 the Present Time, The
0524063664       Catholic Church in the United States of America: Undertaken to Celebrate the Golden Jubilee of His                                                                    1912      English
                 Holiness, Pope Pius X., The
079055562X       Catholic Church, the Renaissance and Protestantism: Lectures Given at the Catholic Institute of      Baudrillart, Alfred.                                             1908      English
                 Paris, Januaryto March 1904, The
0837070341       Catholic Churchmen in Science. First Series: Sketches of the Lives of Catholic Ecclesiastics Who     Walsh, James Joseph; 1865-1942.                                  1910      English
                 Were Among the Great Founders in Science
0790596741       Catholic Conception of the Church: A Study of the Traditional Idea of the Nature and Constitution    Sparrow-Simpson, W. J. (William John); 1859-1952.                1914      English
                 of the Church, The
0524046093       Catholic Democracy: Individualism and Socialism                                                      Day, Henry C. (Henry Cyril); b. 1865.                            1914      English
083708590X       Catholic Educational Conditions in the United States                                                 Macksey, Charles; 1863-1919.                                     1913      English
079056906X       Catholic London a Century Ago                                                                        Ward, Bernard; 1857-1920.                                        1905      English
052407576X       Catholic Moral Teaching and Its Antagonists: Viewed in the Light of Principle and of                 Mausbach, Joseph; 1861-1931.                                     1914      English
                 Contemporaneous History
0837087996       Catholic Principles: As Illustrated in the Doctrine, History, and Organization of the American       Westcott, Frank N. (Frank Nash); 1858-1915.                      1902      English
                 Catholic Church in the United States Commonly Called the Protestant Episcopal Church
052405021X       Catholic Religion: A Manual of Instruction for Members of the Anglican Church, The                   Staley, Vernon; 1852-1933.                                       1894      English
0837075335       Catholic School System in the United States: Its Principles, Origin, and Establishment, The          Burns, J. A. (James Aloysius); 1867-1940.                        1908      English
0837019222       Catholic Scripture Manual Atlas: Specially Prepared With Reference to the Catholic Scripture                                                                          1905      English
0790560046       Catholic Socialism                                                                                   Nitti, Francesco Saverio; 1868-1953.                             1895      English
0837079292       Catholic Truth and Historical Truth                                                                  Coulton, G. G. (George Gordon); 1858-1947.                       1906      English
0837087783       Catholicism and Independence: Being Studies in Spiritual Liberty                                     Petre, Maude Dominica; 1863-1942.                                1907      English
0790537362       Catholicism, Roman and Anglican                                                                      Fairbairn, A. M. (Andrew Martin); 1838-1912.                     1899      English
0837087341       Catholicisme Et Critique: Rèflexions D'un Profane Sur L'affaire Loisy                                Desjardins, Paul; 1859-1940.                                     1905      French
0524039364       Catholicity in Philadelphia: From the Earliest Missionaries Down to the Present Time                 Kirlin, Joseph L. J. (Joseph Louis J.); 1868-1926.               1909      English
0524031533       Catholics and the American Revolution                                                                Griffin, Martin I. J. (Martin Ignatius Joseph); 1842-1911.       1907      English
083707004X       Catholics of Ireland Under the Penal Laws in the Eighteenth Century, The                             Moran, Patrick Francis; 1830-1911.                               1900      English
0524092214       Caught in the Chinese Revolution: A Record of Risks and Rescue                                       Borst-Smith, Ernest F. (Ernest Frank); 1882-                     1912      English
0790592339       Cause of the War, The                                                                                Jefferson, Charles Edward; 1860-1937.                            1914      English
0790588218       Causes and Cure of Unbelief, The                                                                     Laforet, N. J. (Nicolas Joseph); 1823-1872.                      1909      English
0790563673       Causes Leading to the Organization of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, The                        Stephens, John Vant; 1857-1946.                                  1898      English
837030552        Causes of the Corruption of the Traditional Text of the Holy Gospels: Being the Sequel to the        Burgon, John William; 1813-1888.                                 1896      English
                 Traditional Textof the Holy Gospels, The
079051530X       Celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Appointment of Professor William Henry Green as an                                                                     1896      English
                 Instructor in Princeton Theological Seminary, May 5, 1896;
0524011591       Celestial and His Religions, or, The Religious Aspect in China: Being a Series of Lectures on the    Ball, J. Dyer; (James Dyer); 1847-1919.                          1906      English
                 Religions ofthe Chinese, The
0524023700       Celestial Keys, The                                                                                  Sibbrena, Ireleda.                                               1909      English
0790572028       Celtic Church in Britain and Ireland, The                                                            Zimmer, Heinrich; 1851-1910.                                     1902      English
079054864X       Celtic Church in Ireland: The Story of Ireland and Irish Christianity From Before the Time of St.    Heron, James; 1836-1918.                                         1898      English
                 Patrick to the Reformation, The
0790544008       Celtic Church in Scotland: Being an Introduction to the History of the Christian Church in Scotland Dowden, John; 1840-1910.                                          1894      English
                 Down to the Death of Saint Margaret, The
052401969X       Celtic Mythology and Religion: With a Chapter on the "Druid" Circles                                 Macbain, Alexander; 1855-1907.                                   1917      English
0524006784       Celtic Religion in Pre-Christian Times                                                               Anwyl, E. (Edward); 1866-1914.                                   1906      English
0524074771       Censorship of Hebrew Books, The                                                                      Popper, William; 1874-1963.                                      1899      English
0524007799       Censorship of the Church of Rome: And Its Influence Upon the Production and Distribution of          Putnam, George Haven; 1844-1930.                                 1906      English
                 Literature: A Study of the History of the Prohibitory and Expurgatory Indexes, Together With Some
                 Consideration of the Effects of Protestant Cens, The
0524010935       Centenary of the Birth of Ralph Waldo Emerson: As Observed in Concord, May 25, 1903, The                                                                              1903      English
0524063680       Centenary of the Methodist New Connexion, 1797-1897, The                                                                                                              1897      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                             Page 35 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                              Author                                                      Year Published Language
0524038422       Centenary of the Society of Mary, The                                                              Garvin, John E.                                                 1917      English
0790555174       Centenary Volume of the Church Missionary Society for Africa and the East, 1799-1899, The                                                                          1902      English
0524031576       Centennial Addresses                                                                               Hayden, W. L. (Warren Luce); 1835-1918.                         1909      English
0524025703       Centennial Addresses                                                                                                                                               1913      English
052402250X       Centennial Campfire, The                                                                           Craig, Laura Gerould; b. 1860.                                  1909      English
0790565471       Centennial Celebration of the Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church in the United States                                                                 1912      English
                 of America,at Princeton, New Jersey: May Fifth, May Sixth, May Seventh, Nineteen Hundred and
                 Twelve., The
0524076758       Centennial Convention Report: One Hundredth Anniversary of the Disciples of Christ, Pittsburg                                                                      1909      English
                 sic, October 11-19, 1909.
0524063605       Centennial History of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, 1803-1903, The                                                                                   1905      English
0524064830       Centennial Living-Link Souvenir                                                                                                                                    1909      English
0837063191       Centennial of Home Missions: In Connection With the One Hundred and Fourteenth General                                                                             1902      English
                 Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, New York City, May 16-20,
0524062382       Centennial of Religious Journalism, The                                                                                                                            1908      English
0524079684       Centennial Sermons and Papers                                                                                                                                      1911      English
0837072123       Centennial Survey of Foreign Missions: A Statistical Supplement to "Christian Missions and Social Dennis, James S. (James Shepard); 1842-1914.                     1902      English
                 Progress": Being a Conspectus of the Achievements and Results of Evangelical Missions in All
                 Lands at the Close of the Nineteenth Century
0524064792       Center Shots: A Brief Discussion of Many Religious Subjects in Which Both Sides Are Heard: An      Burnett, T. R. (Thomas R.); 1842-1916.                          1912      English
                 Invaluable Work for Preachers, Debaters and All Bible Students
0524100829       Central China Famine Relief Committee, Shanghai, China: Report and Accounts From October 1,                                                                        1912      English
                 1911, to June 30, 1912.
0524092419       Central India                                                                                      Whitley, Edward Hamilton; 1866-                                 1933      English
837023041        Central Truths and Side Issues                                                                     Balfour, Robert G. (Robert Gordon); 1826-1905.                  1895      English
0524031924       Ceremonial of the English Church, The                                                              Staley, Vernon; 1852-1933.                                      1899      English
0837082390       Certainty in Religion                                                                              Wyman, Henry H. 1849-1929.                                      1905      English
0524096201       Ceylon a Key to India, and an Open Letter to the Constituency of the American Board                Leitch, Mary.                                                   1898      English
052410249X       Ceylon and the Hollanders, 1658-1796                                                               Pieris, P. E. (Paulus Edward); 1874-                            1918      English
0524045402       Ceylon Buddhism: Being the Collected Writings of Daniel John Gogerly, Wesleyan Minister,                                                                           1908      English
                 Sometime President of the Ceylon Branch, Royal Asiatic Society, Etc.
0524015090       Chaitanya's Pilgrimages and Teachings: From His Contemporary Bengali Biography, the Chaitanya- Kr̥ṣṇadāsa Kavirāja Gosvāmi; b. 1518.                    1913      English
                 Charit-Amrita: Madhya-Lila
0790514354       Challenge of Christ, The                                                                           Masterman, J. Howard B. (John Howard Bertram); 1867-1933.       1913      English
0790538512       Challenge of Christianity to a World at War, The                                                   Griffith-Jones, E. (Ebenezer); 1860-1942.                       1915      English
0790571463       Challenge of the City, The                                                                         Strong, Josiah; 1847-1916.                                      1907      English
0837064597       Challenge to Christian Missions: Missionary Questions and the Modern Mind, The                     Welsh, R. E. (Robert Ethol); 1857-1935.                         1908      English
837030935        Champions of Christianity                                                                          Farmer, Silas; 1839-1902.                                       1897      English
0524030782       Change of Name of the Protestant Episcopal Church From the Constitutional and Legal Point of       Packard, Joseph; 1812-1902.                                     1913      English
0524100446       Changing China                                                                                  Cecil, William Rupert Ernest Gascoyne; Lord; 1863-                 1910      English
0790567490       Changing Russia                                                                                 Graham, Stephen; 1884-                                             1913      English
837027128        Changing View Point in Religious Thought and Other Short Studies in Present Religious Problems, Colestock, Henry Thomas.                                           1901      English
0524016801       Changing World; and, Lectures to Theosophical Students: Fifteen Lectures, The                      Besant, Annie Wood; 1847-1933.                                  1910      English
052407237X       Chant and Service Book: Containing the Choral Service for Morning and Evening Prayer, Chants                                                                       1894      English
                 for the Canticles, With the Pointing Set Forth by the General Convention, Music for the
                 Communion Service, Chants and Anthems for the Burial…, The
0524065985       Chapel Hymnal, The                                                                                                                                                 1898      English
0790560925       Chapters From the History of the Free Church of Scotland                                           Walker, Norman L. (Norman Lockhart); b. 1826.                   1895      English
0524057281       Chapters of Bible Study, or, A Popular Introduction to the Study of the Sacred Scriptures          Heuser, Herman J. (Herman Joseph); 1851-1933.                   1895      English
0837011752       Chapters of Coming Forth by Day, or, The Theban Recension of the Book of the Dead: The                                                                             1910      Egyptian
                 Egyptian Hieroglyphic Text, The
0790555808       Chapters of Early English Church History                                                           Bright, William; 1824-1901.                                     1897      English
837020328        Chapters on Jewish Literature                                                                      Abrahams, Israel; 1858-1925.                                    1899      English
0837017440       Chapters on the Book of Mulling                                                                    Lawlor, Hugh Jackson; 1860-1938.                                1897      English
0790542897       Character and Call of the Church of England: A Charge Delivered at His Second Visitation of the    Davidson, Randall Thomas; 1848-1930.                            1912      English
                 Diocese of Canterbury in February, 1912, The
0790593211       Character and Religion                                                                             Lyttelton, Edward; 1855-1942.                                   1912      English
0524094659       Character Building in Kashmir                                                                      Tyndale-Biscoe, C. E. (Cecil Earle); 1863-1949.                 1920      English
0524070199       Character Christ, Fact or Fiction, The                                                             Lhamon, W. J. (William Jefferson); 1855-1955.                   1914      English
0837079403       Character Forming in School                                                                        Ellis, F. H.                                                    1907      English
837037751        Character of Jesus, The                                                                            Jefferson, Charles Edward; 1860-1937.                           1908      English
837030633        Character of Jesus: Forbidding His Possible Classification With Men, The                           Bushnell, Horace; 1802-1876.                                    1905      English
837046092        Character Studies                                                                                  Oates, James F. (James Franklin)                                1903      English
837023807        Character Studies in Genesis                                                                       Blodgett, May N. (May Nellie)                                   1900      English
0790566389       Character Studies: Some of the Lord's "Mighty Men": A Course of Sunday Night Lectures Given in     Vassar, T. E. (Thomas Edwin); b. 1834.                          1894      English
                 the First Baptist Church, Kansas City, MO., During the Winter of 1893-94
0790594196       Character Through Inspiration, and Other Papers                                                    Munger, Theodore Thornton; 1830-1910.                           1897      English
0790504693       Charakter Und Tendenz Des Johannesevangeliums                                                      Wrede, William; 1859-1906.                                      1903      German
079050457X       Charis: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Des Àltesten Christentums                                       Wetter, Gillis P.son; (Gillis Petersson); 1887-1926.            1913      German
0524037477       Charity School Movement in Colonial Pennsylvania, 1754-1763: A History of the Educational          Weber, Samuel Edwin; 1875-1961.                                 1905      English
                 Struggle Between theColonial Authorities and the German Inhabitants of Pennsylvania, The
0790596938       Charles Kingsley and the Christian Social Movement; Microfrom                                     Stubbs, Charles William; 1845-1912.                              1899      English
0790582503       Charles Porterfield Krauth, D.D., LL.D: Norton Professor of Systematic Theology and Church Polity Spaeth, Adolph; 1839-1910.                                       1898      English
                 in the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Professor of Intellectual and Moral
                 Philosophy, and Vice-Provost of the University of...
0790566753       Charlotte Mary Yonge: An Appreciation                                                              Romanes, Ethel Duncan.                                          1908      English
0524058075       Charms of the Old Book, or, A Study of the Attractions of the Bible, The                           Huntington, George; 1835-1916.                                  1909      English
0524036861       Chart of Christ's Journeyings                                                                      Arnold, C. E. (Charles Edward); 1866-1902.                      1898      English
0790538385       Charter of the Church: Six Lectures on the Spiritual Principle of Nonconformity, The               Forsyth, Peter Taylor; 1848-1921.                               1896      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                          Page 36 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                             Year Published Language
0837071720       Cheer for Life's Pilgrimage                                                                          Meyer, F. B. (Frederick Brotherton); 1847-1929.                        1897      English
0524018596       Chèkh Ahmed Lahcìahi                                                                                 Nicolas, A. L. M. b. 1864.                                             1910      French
0524015473       Chet Rami Sect: Paper, The                                                                           Griswold, H. D. (Hervey De Witt); 1860-1945.                           1904      English
0790505703       Chief Corner-Stone: Essays Towards an Exposition of the Christian Faith for Today, The                                                                                      1914      English
0790599783       Child and Religion: Eleven Essays, The                                                                                                                                      1905      English
079059613X       Child as God's Child, The                                                                            Rishell, C. W. (Charles Wesley); 1850-1908.                            1904      English
837054184        Children of God and Union With Christ                                                                Schieffelin, Samuel B. (Samuel Bradhurst); 1811-1910.                  1896      English
0524027951       Children's Crusade: An Episode of the Thirteenth Century, The                                        Gray, George Zabriskie; 1838-1889.                                     1900      English
0837065941       Chilgoopie the Glad: A Story of Korea and Her Children                                               Perry, Jean.                                                           1906      English
0524094691       Chin Hsing (Forward March) in China                                                                  Hart, Edith.                                                           1913      English
0524092303       China                                                                                                Gorst, Harold Edward; 1868-1950.                                       1899      English
0524099995       China                                                                                                Norris, Francis Lushington; 1864-1945.                                 1908      English
0524093628       China and Christianity                                                                               Michie, Alexander; 1833-1902.                                          1900      English
0524040745       China and Formosa: The Story of the Mission of the Presbyterian Church of England: With Many         Johnston, James; F.S.S.                                                1897      English
                 Illustrations, Prepared for This Work, and Four Maps
0524092761       China and Its People                                                                                 Cornaby, W. Arthur; (William Arthur); 1860-1921.                       1910      English
0837072018       China and Methodism                                                                                  Bashford, J. W. (James Whitford); 1849-1919.                           1906      English
0524009511       China and Religion                                                                                   Parker, Edward Harper; 1849-1926.                                      1905      English
0524095485       China and the Chinese                                                                                Giles, Herbert Allen; 1845-1935.                                       1912      English
837001560        China Centenary Missionary Conference Records: Report of the Great Conference Held at                                                                                       1907      English
                 Shanghai, April 5th Read 25th to May 8th, 1907
052409456X       China From Within: Impressions and Experiences                                                       Scott, Charles Ernest; 1876-                                           1917      English
0524096392       China in Convulsion                                                                                  Smith, Arthur Henderson; 1845-1932.                                    1901      English
052410042X       China in Historischer Beleuchtung: Eine Denkschrift Zu Seinem 30 Jàhrigen Dienstjubilàum Als         Faber, Ernst; 1839-1899.                                               1900      German
                 Missionar in China
0524093598       China in Legend and Story                                                                            Brown, C. Campbell; (Colin Campbell)                                   1907      English
0524095264       China Inside Out                                                                                     Muller, George Amos; 1868-                                             1917      English
0524095043       China Looking West: A Missionary Study Text Book on China                                            Hughes-Hallett, F.                                                     1919      English
0837064937       China Martyrs of 1900: A Complete Roll of the Christian Heroes Martyred in China in 1900: With       Forsyth, Robert Coventry; 1954-1922.                                   1904      English
                 Narratives of Survivors, The
0524102511       China Revolutionized                                                                                 Thomson, John Stuart; 1869-                                            1913      English
0524094063       China, Present and Past: Foreign Intercourse, Progress and Resources, the Missionary Question,       Gundry, Richard Simpson; 1838-                                         1895      English
0524092907       China: An Interpretation                                                                             Bashford, James Whitford; 1849-1919.                                   1916      English
0790546698       Chinaman as We See Him: And Fifty Years of Work for Him, The                                         Condit, Ira M. (Ira Miller); 1833-1915.                                1900      English
0524094985       Chinamen at Home                                                                                     Selby, Thomas G. (Thomas Gunn); 1846-1910.                             1900      English
052409134X       China's Book of Martyrs: A Record of Heroic Martyrdoms and Marvelous Deliverances of Chinese         Miner, Luella.                                                         1903      English
                 Christians During the Summer of 1900
0524094020       China's Revolution, 1911-1912: A Historical and Political Record of the Civil War                    Dingle, Edwin John.                                                    1912      English
0524093350       Chinese Art Motives Interpreted                                                                      Tredwell, Winifred Reed.                                               1915      English
0524102562       Chinese Central Asia: A Ride to Little Tibet                                                         Lansdell, Henry; 1841-1919.                                            1894      English
0524093792       Chinese Characteristics                                                                              Smith, Arthur Henderson; 1845-1932.                                    1894      English
0524094462       Chinese Diamonds for the King of Kings                                                               Goforth, Rosalind; 1864-                                               1920      English
0837068061       Chinese Empire: A General & Missionary Survey: With Portraits and Illustrations, The                                                                                        1907      English
0524023468       Chinese Fiction                                                                                      Candlin, George T.                                                     1898      English
0524102848       Chinese Horrors and Persecutions of the Christians: Containing a Full Account of the Great           Northrop, Henry Davenport; 1836-1909.                                  1900      English
                 Insurrection in China, Atrocities of the "Boxers," Massacre of Foreigners and Native Christians,
                 Heroic Attempts to Rescue the Foreign Ministers and Am
0524013799       Chinese Moral Sentiments Before Confucius: A Study in the Origin of Ethical Valuation                Rudd, Herbert Finley; b. 1877.                                         1914      English
052409294X       Chinese People: A Handbook on China (With Maps and Illustrations), The                               Moule, Arthur Evans; 1836-1918.                                        1914      English
0524023476       Chinese Philosophy: An Exposition of the Main Characteristic Features of Chinese Thought             Carus, Paul; 1852-1919.                                                1898      English
0524093679       Chinese Reader's Manual: A Handbook of Biographical, Historical, Mythological, and General           Mayers, William Frederick; 1831-1878.                                  1910      English
                 Literary Reference, The
0524043515       Chinese Religion Through Hindu Eyes: A Study in the Tendencies of Asiatic Mentality                  Sarkar, Benoy Kumar; 1887-1949.                                        1916      English
0524094926       Chinese Self-Taught: By the Natural Method With Phonetic Pronunciation, Thimm's System               Darroch, John.                                                         1916      English
0524024200       Chinese Thought: An Exposition of the Main Characteristic Features of the Chinese World              Carus, Paul; 1852-1919.                                                1907      English
052410087X       Chinois & Missionnaires: Une Persècution Dans La Province de Ning-Ko-Fou.                            Bizeul, Sèvère Jacques.                                                1896      French
0837072093       Choh Lin: The Chinese Boy Who Became a Preacher                                                      Davis, J. A. (John A.); d. 1897.                                       1901      English
0524088039       Choir Office-Book: The Daily and Occasional Offices and the Order of Holy Communion Set to                                                                                  1894      English
                 Anglican and Plain-song Music, as Used in Trinity Church, New York
0790519313       Choix de Textes Religieux Assyro-Babyloniens                                                                                                                                1907      French
0790512246       Choses Passèes                                                                                       Loisy, Alfred Firmin; 1857-1940.                                       1913      French
0524097496       Chota Nagpore: A Little-Known Province of the Empire                                                 Bradley-Birt, F. B. (Francis Bradley); b. 1874.                        1903      English
0524077266       Chou King: Texte Chinois Avec Traduction                                                                                                                                    1916      French
837041724        Christ                                                                                               McConnell, S. D. (Samuel David); 1845-1939.                            1904      English
0524008264       Christ and Buddha                                                                                    Cushing, Josiah Nelson; 1840-1905.                                     1907      English
0524058199       Christ and Civilization: A Survey of the Influence of the Christian Religion Upon the Course of                                                                             1910      English
0790520680       Christ and His Church: Some Occasional, Special, and Other Sermons, The                              Seiss, Joseph Augustus; 1823-1904.                                     1902      English
0790511053       Christ and His Critics: Studies in the Person and Problems of Jesus                                  Hitchcock, F. R. Montgomery; (Francis Ryan Montgomery); b. 1867.       1910      English
0790585936       Christ and Human Life: Lectures                                                                      Stone, Darwell; 1859-1941.                                             1901      English
0790503468       Christ and Life                                                                                      Speer, Robert E. (Robert Elliott); 1867-1947.                          1901      English
079051513X       Christ and Man: Sermons                                                                              Dods, Marcus; 1834-1909.                                               1909      English
0524038996       Christ and Peace: A Discussion of Some Fundamental Issues Raised by the War: Essays                                                                                         1915      English
0790523191       Christ and Science: Jesus Christ Regarded as the Centre of Science                                   Smith, Francis H. (Francis Henry); 1829-1928.                          1906      English
837046505        Christ and the Cherubim, or, The Ark of the Covenant a Type of Christ Our Saviour                    Otts, J. M. P. (John Martin Philip); 1838-1901.                        1896      English
837033152        Christ and the Church: Essays Concerning the Church and the Unification of Christendom                                                                                      1895      English
0524105529       Christ and the Covenant: Francis Turretin's Federal Theology as a Defense of the Doctrine of Grace   Beach, J. Mark; (James Mark)                                           2005      English

0790538369       Christ and the Dramas of Doubt: Studies in the Problem of Evil                                       Flewelling, Ralph Tyler; 1871-1960.                                    1913      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 37 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                               Author                                                       Year Published Language
837034515        Christ and the Eastern Soul: The Witness of the Oriental Consciousness to Jesus Christ: The         Hall, Charles Cuthbert; 1852-1908.                               1909      English
                 Barrows Lectures 1906-1907
083703034X       Christ and the Eternal Order                                                                    Buckham, John Wright; b. 1864.                                       1906      English
0837097851       Christ and the Human Race, or, The Attitude of Jesus Christ Toward Foreign Races and Religions: Hall, Charles Cuthbert; 1852-1908.                                   1906      English
                 Being the William Belden Nobel Lectures for 1906
0790501619       Christ and the Nations: An Examination of Old and New Testament Teaching                            Tait, Arthur J. (Arthur James); b. 1872.                         1910      English
0524002177       Christ and War: The Reasonableness of Disarmament on Christian, Humanitarian and Economic           Wilson, William E. (William Ernest); 1880-1955.                  1913      English
                 Grounds: A Peace Study Text Book
0524056404       Christ Came Again: The Parousia of Christ a Past Event, the Kingdom of Christ a Present Fact,       Urmy, William S. (William Smith)                                 1900      English
                 With a Consistent Eschatology
0837014077       Christ Enough                                                                                       Smith, Hannah Whitall; 1832-1911.                                1895      English
0837065836       Christ for India: Being a Presentation of the Christian Message to the Religious Thought of India   Lucas, Bernard.                                                  1910      English

837026660        Christ From Without and Within: A Study of the Gospel by St. John, The                              Clark, Henry W. (Henry William)                                  1907      English
0790538946       Christ Has Come: The Second Advent an Event of the Past: An Appeal From Human Tradition to          Hampden-Cook, Ernest; b. 1860.                                   1905      English
                 the Teaching of Jesus and His Apostles, The
0790574721       Christ in Creation; and, Ethical Monism                                                             Strong, Augustus Hopkins; 1836-1921.                             1899      English
0790533111       Christ in Everyday Life                                                                             Bosworth, Edward I. (Edward Increase); 1861-1927.                1910      English
837044057        Christ in Isaiah: Expositions of Isaiah Xl-lV                                                       Meyer, F. B. (Frederick Brotherton); 1847-1929.                  1895      English
0790570769       Christ in Song: Hymns of Immanuel                                                                                                                                    1895      English
0524030405       Christ in the Social Order                                                                          Clow, W. M. (William Maccallum); 1853-1930.                      1913      English
0524021422       Christ in the Tabernacle                                                                            Simpson, A. B. (Albert B.)                                       1896      English
0524105294       Christ Is All                                                                                       Henson, G. M.                                                    1919      English
837040337        Christ Legends                                                                                      Lagerlòf, Selma; 1858-1940.                                      1908      English
837034442        Christ Lore: Being the Legends, Traditions, Myths, Symbols, Customs, & Superstitions of the         Hackwood, Frederick W. (Frederick William); 1851-                1902      English
                 Christian Church
837047455        Christ Mystical, or, The Blessed Union of Christ and His Members                                    Hall, Joseph; 1574-1656.                                         1908      English
0790519356       Christ Myth, The                                                                                    Drews, Arthur; 1865-1935.                                        1911      English
837030781        Christ Myth: A Study, The                                                                           Evans, Elizabeth E. (Elizabeth Edison); 1832-1911.               1900      English
0790596954       Christ of English Poetry: Being the Hulsean Lectures, The                                           Stubbs, Charles William; 1845-1912.                              1906      English
837040817        Christ of God: The Rationale of the Deity of Jesus Christ, The                                      Mann, Charles H. (Charles Holbrook); 1839-1918.                  1897      English
0790599252       Christ of History and of Experience, The                                                            Forrest, David W. (David William); 1856-1918.                    1901      English
0524078491       Christ of Nineteen Centuries, The                                                                   Behrends, A. J. F. (Adolphus Julius Frederick); 1839-1900.       1904      English
0790511061       Christ of the Gospels, The                                                                          Holdsworth, W. W. (William West); 1859-1929.                     1911      English
837048435        Christ of Today, The                                                                                Gordon, George A. (George Angier); 1853-1929.                    1895      English
837040434        Christ of Today: What? Whence? Whither?, The                                                        Morgan, G. Campbell; (George Campbell); 1863-1945.               1905      English
0790536773       Christ on Parnassus: Lectures on Art, Ethic, and Theology                                           Forsyth, Peter Taylor; 1848-1921.                                1911      English
0790533618       Christ or Napoleon - Which?: A Study of the Cure for World Militarism and the Church's Scandal of   Ainslie, Peter; 1867-1934.                                       1915      English
0790521830       Christ Our Life: Sermons Chiefly Preached in Oxford                                                 Moberly, Robert Campbell; 1845-1903.                             1902      English
0790524643       Christ Our Penal Substitute                                                                         Dabney, Robert Lewis; 1820-1898.                                 1898      English
0524060541       Christ Story, The                                                                                   Tappan, Eva March; 1854-1930.                                    1903      English
837036348        Christ That Is to Be, The                                                                           Dougall, L. (Lily); 1858-1923.                                   1907      English
0790524430       Christ the Creative Ideal: Studies in Colossians and Ephesians                                      Walker, W. L. (William Lowe); 1845-1930.                         1913      English
0524041903       Christ the King                                                                                     Foster, J. M. (James Mitchell); 1850-                            1894      English
0790522624       Christ the Substitute: A Series of Studies in Christian Doctrine Based Upon the Conception of       Palmer, E. Reeves; (Ebenezer Reeves)                             1898      English
                 God's Universal Fatherhood
0790588501       Christ the Truth: An Essay Towards the Organization of Christian Thinking: Eight Lectures           Medley, William; 1837-1908.                                      1900      English
837030048        Christ the Vitalizing Principle of Christian Theology: An Address                                   Brown, William Adams; 1865-1943.                                 1898      English
0790585464       Christ the Way: Four Addresses                                                                      Paget, Francis; 1851-1911.                                       1902      English
0524039992       Christ We Forget: A Life of Our Lord for Men of Today, The                                          Wilson, Philip Whitwell; b. 1875.                                1917      English
0790524511       Christ, the Beginnings of Dogma                                                                     Weiss, Johannes; 1863-1914.                                      1911      English
083706970X       Christ, the Church, and Man: An Essay on New Methods in Ecclesiastical Studies & Worship: With      Capecelatro, Alfonso; 1824-1912.                                 1909      English
                 Some Remarks on a New Apologia for Christianity in Relation to the Social Question
0524099383       Christelijk of Heidensch                                                                            Henzel, J.                                                       1906      Dutch
0524064784       Christendom En Leven: Toespraken Over Opvoeding En Vereenigingsleven                                Berkhof, Louis; 1873-1957.                                       1912      Dutch
0524052735       Christenfragen                                                                                      Zorn, Carl Manthey; 1846-1928.                                   1915      German
0837077338       Christenlehre: Eine Handreichung Fùr Den Konfirmandenunterricht Und Den Religionsunterricht         Rohde, Adolf.                                                    1895      German
                 Hòherer Stufe: Ein Geleitsbuch Fùr Konfirmierte Christen Jeden Alters, Welche Sich Tiefer Im
                 Glauben Grùnden Wollen
0524014396       Christentum Und Buddhismus: Ein Vortrag                                                     Falke, Robert; b. 1864.                                                  1898      German
0524016208       Christentum Und Buddhismus: Eine Studie Zur Geisteskultur Des Ostens Und Des Westens        Lùttge, Willy; 1882-1928.                                                1916      German
0524001146       Christentum Und Geschichte Bei Schleiermacher: Die Geschichtsphilosophischen Grundlagen Der Sùskind, Hermann; 1879-1914.                                             1911      German
                 Schleiermacherschen Theologie
0524007586       Christentum Und Geschichte Bei Wilhelm Herrmann: Mit Besonderer Berùcksichtigung Der                Hermann, Rudolf; 1887-1962.                                      1914      German
                 Erkenntnis-Theoretischen Seite Des Problems
0790594188       Christentum Und Kirche in Russland Und Dem Orient                                                   Mulert, Hermann; 1879-1950.                                      1916      German
837039460        Christentum Und Kirchentum!: Vortrag                                                                Knortz, Karl; 1841-1918.                                         1909      German
837034388        Christentum Und Kultur: Ein Orientierender Vortrag                                                  Haack, Ernst.                                                    1897      German
0524001014       Christentum Und Wissenschaft in Schleiermachers Glaubenslehre: Ein Beitrag Zum Verstàndnis          Scholz, Heinrich; 1884-1956.                                     1909      German
                 Der Schleiermacherschen Theologie
083707665X       Christi Lehrthàtigkeit                                                                              Schaarschmidt, U.                                                1895      German
0790578905       Christi Person Und Werk: Mit Bezug Auf Die Christologie Ritschl's Und Dessen Schule                 Lamm, Karl.                                                      1896      German
0790555042       Christian Achievement in America                                                                    Beardsley, Frank Grenville; b. 1870.                             1907      English
0790577933       Christian Agnosticism as Related to Christian Knowledge: The Critical Principle in Theology         Johnson, E. H. (Elias Henry); 1841-1906.                         1907      English

0790551535       Christian and Mohammedan: A Plea for Bridging the Chasm                                             Herrick, George F. (George Frederick); 1834-                     1912      English
0837090563       Christian Apologetics, or, A Rational Exposition of the Foundations of Faith                        Devivier, W. (Walter); b. 1833.                                  1903      English
837052327        Christian Apologetics: A Series of Addresses                                                                                                                         1903      English
0790589729       Christian Aspects of Life                                                                           Westcott, Brooke Foss; 1825-1901.                                1897      English
0524027560       Christian Attire: Our Personal Responsibility: Address                                              Taylor, Lydia E.                                                 1916      English
0524024766       Christian Baptism                                                                                   Kershner, Frederick D. (Frederick Doyle); 1875-1953.             1917      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 38 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                 Author                                                          Year Published Language
837034523        Christian Belief Interpreted by Christian Experience: Lectures Delivered in India, Ceylon, and Japan Hall, Charles Cuthbert; 1852-1908.                                   1905      English
                 on the Barrows Foundation: The Barrows Lectures 1902-1903
0790554186       Christian Brotherhoods                                                                                Leete, Frederick DeLand; 1866-1958.                                 1912      English
0524082707       Christian Certainties: Discourses and Addresses in Exposition and Defence of the Christian Faith,     Clifford, John; 1836-1923.                                          1894      English
0790539357       Christian Certainty Amid the Modern Perplexity: Essays, Constructive and Critical, Towards the        Garvie, Alfred E. (Alfred Ernest); 1861-1945.                       1910      English
                 Solution of Some Current Theological Problems, The
0790512785       Christian Certitude: Its Intellectual Basis                                                           La Touche, E. Digges; (Everard Digges)                              1910      English
837032016        Christian Character in Its Relation to the Christian View of the World: The Cole Lectures for 1904,   Chapman, James; 1849-1913.                                          1904      English
0790599694       Christian Character: Being Some Lectures on the Elements of Christian Ethics                          Illingworth, J. R. (John Richardson); 1848-1915.                    1904      English
0837079454       Christian Church and Education, The                                                                   Gailor, Thomas Frank; 1856-1935.                                    1910      English
0790579073       Christian Church in Its Foundation, Essence, Appearance, and Work, The                                Loy, M. (Matthias); 1828-1915.                                      1896      English
0790559269       Christian Church in These Islands Before the Coming of Augustine, The                                 Browne, G. F. (George Forrest); 1833-1930.                          1899      English
0524007896       Christian Church, The                                                                                 Stone, Darwell; 1859-1941.                                          1905      English
0790508400       Christian Conception of God, The                                                                      Adeney, Walter F. (Walter Frederic); 1849-1920.                     1912      English
083702515X       Christian Conception of Holiness, The                                                                 Askwith, E. H. (Edward Harrison); 1864-                             1900      English
0790564025       Christian Conquest of Asia: Studies and Personal Observations of Oriental Religions: Being the        Barrows, John Henry; 1847-1902.                                     1899      English
                 Morse Lecturesof 1898, The
0837064201       Christian Conquest of India, The                                                                      Thoburn, J. M. (James Mills); 1836-1922.                            1906      English
0790508648       Christian Consciousness: Its Relation to Evolution in Morals and in Doctrine, The                     Black, J. Sutherland; (John Sutherland); 1846-1923.                 1895      English
0790573954       Christian Creed and the Creeds of Christendom: Seven Lectures, The                                    Green, Samuel G. (Samuel Gosnell); 1822-1905.                       1898      English
0524043108       Christian Creeds and Confessions: A Short Account of the Symbolical Books of the Churches and         Gumlich, Gotthold Albertus.                                         1894      English
                 Sects of Christendom and of the Doctrines Dependent on Them
0524014647       Christian Democracy: A History of Its Suppression and Revival, The                                    Leavitt, John McDowell; 1824-                                       1896      English
0790575833       Christian Difficulties in the Second and Twentieth Centuries: A Study of Marcion and His Relation     Foakes-Jackson, F. J. (Frederick John); 1855-1941.                  1903      English
                 to Modern Thought
837048036        Christian Doctrine                                                                                    Greene, W. Brenton; (William Brenton); 1854-1928.                   1905      English
0790537419       Christian Doctrine and Morals Viewed in Their Connexion: Being the Twenty-Fourth Fernley              Findlay, George G. (George Gillanders); 1849-1919.                  1894      English
0524003408       Christian Doctrine and Systematic Theology                                                            Schultze, Augustus; 1840-1918.                                      1914      English
0790536560       Christian Doctrine of God, The                                                                        Clarke, William Newton; 1841-1912.                                  1909      English
079059675X       Christian Doctrine of God: Lectures, The                                                              Sparrow-Simpson, W. J. (William John); 1859-1952.                   1906      English
0790585758       Christian Doctrine of Immortality, The                                                                Salmond, S. D. F. (Stewart Dingwall Fordyce); 1838-1905.            1901      English
0524000840       Christian Doctrine of Justification and Reconciliation. Positive Development of the Doctrine, The     Ritschl, Albrecht; 1822-1889.                                       1900      English

0790539470       Christian Doctrine of Prayer, The                                                                                                                                         1915      English
0790532905       Christian Doctrine of Salvation, The                                                                  Stevens, George Barker; 1854-1906.                                  1905      English
0790516225       Christian Doctrine of the Lord's Supper, The                                                          Adamson, Robert M.                                                  1905      English
083703440X       Christian Doctrine: A Series of Discourses                                                            Dale, R. W. (Robert William); 1829-1895.                            1895      English
0524076553       Christian Ecclesia: A Course of Lectures on the Early History and Early Conceptions of the            Hort, Fenton John Anthony; 1828-1892.                               1897      English
                 Ecclesia, and FourSermons, The
0837069254       Christian Education                                                                                   O'Connell, C. J. (Cornelius Joseph); 1852-1920.                     1906      English
0837079608       Christian Education in the First Centuries (A.D. 33-A.D. 476)                                         Magevney, Eugene; S. J.                                             1900      English
0837076323       Christian Egypt: Past, Present, and Future                                                            Fowler, Montague.                                                   1901      English
0524094888       Christian Endeavour Manual for India, Burma, and Ceylon., The                                                                                                             1901      English
0524005737       Christian Epigraphy: An Elementary Treatise: With a Collection of Ancient Christian Inscriptions      Marucchi, Orazio; 1862-1931.                                        1912      English
                 Mainly of Roman Origin
0837064384       Christian Epoch-Makers: The Story of the Great Missionary Eras in the History of Christianity         Vedder, Henry C. (Henry Clay); 1853-1935.                           1908      English
0790587580       Christian Essentials: A Re-Statement for the People of Today                                          Ballard, Frank; 1873-1931.                                          1907      English
0790577348       Christian Ethic of War, The                                                                           Forsyth, Peter Taylor; 1848-1921.                                   1916      English
0790528495       Christian Ethics                                                                                      Mackintosh, Robert; 1858-1933.                                      1909      English
0790537788       Christian Ethics and Modern Thought                                                                   D'Arcy, Charles F. (Charles Frederick); 1859-1938.                  1912      English
0790538555       Christian Ethics and Social Progress                                                                  Harper, J. Wilson; (James Wilson)                                   1912      English
083709562X       Christian Ethics. Special Part, Second Division; Social Ethics                                        Martensen, H. (Hans); 1808-1884.                                    1899      English
0790596539       Christian Ethics: A System Based on Martensen and Harless                                             Weidner, Revere Franklin; 1851-1915.                                1897      English
0837064171       Christian Ethics: Eight Lectures                                                                      Strong, Thomas B. (Thomas Banks); 1861-1944.                        1896      English
0790514087       Christian Eucharist and the Pagan Cults, The                                                          Groton, William Mansfield; 1850-1915.                               1914      English
837049350        Christian Evidences                                                                                   Robinson, Ezekiel Gilman; 1815-1894.                                1895      English
837055156        Christian Faith and the Old Testament, The                                                            Thomas, John M. (John Martin); b. 1869.                             1908      English
837048923        Christian Faith in an Age of Science                                                                  Rice, William North; 1845-1928.                                     1903      English
0524010056       Christian Faith in Japan, The                                                                         Moore, Herbert; b. 1863.                                            1904      English
079057845X       Christian Faith Under Modern Searchlights, The                                                        Johnson, William Hallock; 1865-1963.                                1916      English
0790536641       Christian Faith, The                                                                                  Curtis, Olin Alfred; 1850-1918.                                     1905      English
0790578271       Christian Faith: A System of Dogmatics, The                                                           Haering, Th. (Theodor); 1848-1928.                                  1913      English
0790597977       Christian Focus: A Series of College Sermons                                                          McConnell, Francis John; 1871-1953.                                 1911      English
0790579138       Christian Freedom: The Baird Lecture for 1913                                                         Macgregor, William Malcolm; 1861-1944.                              1914      English
0524035636       Christian Heroism in Heathen Lands                                                                    Royer, Galen B. (Galen Brown); 1862-1951.                           1914      English
0790595273       Christian Hope in the Apocalypse, The                                                                 Mozley, John Kenneth; 1883-1946.                                    1915      English
0790537001       Christian Hope: A Study in the Doctrine of Immortality, The                                           Brown, William Adams; 1865-1943.                                    1912      English
0790186088       Christian Idea of Atonement: Lectures, The                                                            Tymms, T. Vincent; (Thomas Vincent)                                 1904      English
0524000859       Christian Idea of Education as Distinguished From the Secular Idea of Education, The                  Robins, Henry E. (Henry Ephraim); 1827-1917.                        1895      English
0524076820       Christian in Hungarian Romance: A Study of Dr. Maurus Jokai's Novel, There Is a God, or, The          Fretwell, John.                                                     1901      English
                 People Who Love But Once, The
0524038236       Christian in War Time, The                                                                            Lynch, Frederick; 1867-1934.                                        1917      English
0837071550       Christian Inheritance, The                                                                            Hedley, John Cuthbert; 1837-1915.                                   1900      English
837027705        Christian Instincts and Modern Doubt: Essays and Addresses in Aid of a Reasonable, Satisfying,        Craufurd, Alexander H. (Alexander Henry); 1843-1917.                1897      English
                 and Consolatory Religion
0790540088       Christian Institutions                                                                                Allen, Alexander V. G. (Alexander Viets Griswold); 1841-1908.       1897      English
083707410X       Christian Instructed in the Nature and Use of Indulgences, The                                        Maurel, F. A. (F. Antoine); 1803-1874.                              1901      English
0790591804       Christian Interpretation of Life and Other Essays, The                                                Davison, W. T. (William Theophilus); 1846-1935.                     1898      English
0524029121       Christian Jensen: Ein Lebensbild                                                                      Evers, Ernst; 1844-1922.                                            1908      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 39 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                               Year Published Language
837049563        Christian Life & Theology, or, The Contribution of Christian Experience to the System of             Foster, Frank Hugh; 1851-1935.                           1900      English
                 Evangelical Doctrine
0790528991       Christian Life and Belief: A Description and Defence of the Gospel                                   Garvie, Alfred E. (Alfred Ernest); 1861-1945.            1911      English
0524010315       Christian Life in Germany: As Seen in the State and the Church                                       Williams, Edward F. (Edward Franklin); 1832-1919.        1896      English
0790598361       Christian Life in the Modern World, The                                                              Peabody, Francis Greenwood; 1847-1936.                   1914      English
0837096154       Christian Life in the Primitive Church                                                               Dobschùtz, Ernst von; 1870-1934.                         1904      English
0524037310       Christian Life Pamphlets                                                                             Pardington, G. P.                                        1898      English
052404225X       Christian Life Pamphlets                                                                             Montgomery, Carrie Judd.                                 1917      English
0524066639       Christian Life, The                                                                                  Russell, Elbert; 1871-1951.                              1916      English
837028132        Christian Life: A Study, The                                                                         Bowne, Borden Parker; 1847-1910.                         1899      English
0790580675       Christian Literature in the Mission Field: A Survey of the Present Situation Made Under the          Ritson, John H. (John Holland); 1868-1953.               1910      English
                 Direction of the Continuation Committee of the World Missionary Conference, 1910
0524065004       Christian Man, the Church and the War, The                                                           Speer, Robert E. (Robert Elliott); 1867-1947.            1918      English
0524000123       Christian Method of Ethics, The                                                                      Clark, Henry W. (Henry William)                          1908      English
0790549492       Christian Ministry and the Social Order: Lectures Delivered in the Course in Pastoral Functions at                                                            1909      English
                 Yale Divinity School, 1908-1909, The
0837061083       Christian Missions and Social Progress: A Sociological Study of Foreign Missions                     Dennis, James S. (James Shepard); 1842-1914.             1899      English
0790556766       Christian Missions in Burma                                                                          Purser, W. C. B. (William Charles Bertrand)              1911      English
0524078726       Christian Missions in China                                                                          Estes, Charles S. (Charles Sumner); b. 1858.             1895      English
0524096090       Christian Missions in Japan                                                                          Kinnosuke, Adachi.                                       1911      English
052409859X       Christian Missions in the Far East: Addresses on the Subject                                         Montgomery, H. H. (Henry Hutchinson); 1847-1932.         1906      English
0790568098       Christian Missions in the Telugu Country                                                             Hibbert-Ware, G. (George)                                1912      English
0524054355       Christian Movement in Japan. Fifth Annual Issue, The                                                                                                          1907      English
0524005605       Christian Mysticism: Considered in Eight Lectures                                                    Inge, William Ralph; 1860-1954.                          1899      English
0837005213       Christian Occupation of China: A General Survey of the Numerical Strength and Geographical                                                                    1922      English
                 Distribution of theChristian Forces in China, Made by the Special Committee on Survey and
                 Occupation, China Continuation Committee, 1918-1921, The
0790597292       Christian of Today: A Brief Description of His Thought and Life, The                                 Veitch, Robert.                                          1909      English
0790544563       Christian Opportunity: Being Sermons and Speeches, The                                               Davidson, Randall Thomas; 1848-1930.                     1904      English
0790507706       Christian Ordinances and Social Progress: Being the William Belden Noble Lectures for 1900           Fremantle, W. H. (William Henry); 1831-1916.             1901      English

837047234        Christian Origins                                                                                    Pfleiderer, Otto; 1939-1908.                             1906      English
0837098661       Christian Pastor and the Working Church, The                                                         Gladden, Washington; 1836-1918.                          1898      English
052406184X       Christian Pedagogy, or, The Instruction and Moral Training of Youth                                  Halpin, P. A. (Patrick Albert); 1847-1920.               1909      English
0790525887       Christian Perfection                                                                                 Forsyth, Peter Taylor; 1848-1921.                        1899      English
0524085536       Christian Philosophy of Life: Reflections on the Truths of Religion, The                             Pesch, Tilmann; 1836-1899.                               1909      English
0790555107       Christian Platonists of Alexandria: Being the Bampton Lectures of the Year 1886, The                 Bigg, Charles; 1840-1908.                                1913      English
837033268        Christian Point of View: Three Addresses, The                                                        Knox, George William; 1853-1912.                         1902      English
837052297        Christian Prophets and the Prophetic Apocalypse, The                                                 Selwyn, Edward Carus; 1853-1918.                         1900      English
0790517752       Christian Race, The                                                                                  Peake, Arthur S. (Arthur Samuel); 1865-1929.             1908      English
0790576813       Christian Reality in Modern Light                                                                    Ballard, Frank; 1873-1931.                               1916      English
0837064880       Christian Reconstruction in the South                                                                Douglass, Harlan Paul; 1871-1953.                        1909      English
079058980X       Christian Religion as a Healing Power: A Defense and Exposition of the Emmanuel Movement, The        Worcester, Elwood; 1862-1940.                            1909      English

0790585049       Christian Religion: Its Meaning and Proof, The                                                       Lidgett, J. S. (John Scott); 1854-1953.                  1907      English
837024285        Christian Revelation, The                                                                            Bowne, Borden Parker; 1847-1910.                         1898      English
837031761        Christian Salvation: Lectures on the Work of Christ, Its Appropriation and Its Issues, The           Candlish, James S.                                       1899      English
0524048282       Christian Science and Its Problems                                                                   Bates, J. H.                                             1898      English
0524084319       Christian Science and Legislation: Together With Testimonies, Editorial Comments and Appendix.       Kimball, Edward A. (Edward Ancel); 1845-1909.            1906      English

0837069912       Christian Science Before the Bar of Reason                                                           Lambert, L. A. (Louis Aloisius); 1835-1910.              1908      English
0790564378       Christian Science So-called: An Exposition and an Estimate                                           Sheldon, Henry C. (Henry Clay); 1845-1928.               1913      English
0524037396       Christian Science Unchristian                                                                        Simpson, A. B. (Albert B.)                               1907      English
0524038171       Christian Science: As a Religious Belief and a Therapeutic Agent                                     Flower, B. O. (Benjamin Orange); 1858-1918.              1909      English
0790557355       Christian Science: The Faith and Its Founder                                                         Powell, Lyman P. (Lyman Pierson); b. 1866.               1907      English
0524090920       Christian Service Among Educated Bengalese                                                           Wilder, Robert Parmelee; 1863-1938.                      1895      English
0790548925       Christian Service and the Modern World                                                               Macfarland, Charles S. (Charles Stedman); b. 1866.       1915      English
0524058342       Christian Socialism in England                                                                       Woodworth, Arthur V.                                     1903      English
079051950X       Christian Society, The                                                                               Herron, George Davis; 1862-1925.                         1894      English
0790519518       Christian State: A Political Vision of Christ: A Course of Six Lectures, The                         Herron, George Davis; 1862-1925.                         1895      English
0524082553       Christian State: The State, Democracy and Christianity, The                                          Batten, Samuel Zane; 1859-1925.                          1909      English
0790577666       Christian Teaching and Life                                                                          Hovey, Alvah; 1820-1903.                                 1895      English
0790587440       Christian Theism and a Spiritual Monism: God, Freedom, and Immortality in View of Monistic           Walker, W. L. (William Lowe); 1845-1930.                 1906      English
0837063531       Christian Theology                                                                                   Robinson, Ezekiel Gilman; 1815-1894.                     1894      English
052400188X       Christian Theology                                                                                   Valentine, M. (Milton); 1825-1906.                       1906      English
0790537656       Christian Theology and Social Progress                                                               Bussell, F. W. (Frederick William); 1862-1944.           1907      English
079058641X       Christian Theology in Outline                                                                        Brown, William Adams; 1865-1943.                         1906      English
837056659        Christian Theology: A Concise and Practical View of the Cardinal Doctrines and Institutions of       Weaver, Jonathan; 1824-1901.                             1900      English
0524022925       Christian Thought and Hindu Philosophy: A Treatise                                                   Bowman, Arthur H. (Arthur Herbert)                       1917      English
0524002126       Christian Thought on Present Day Questions: Sermons on Special Occasions                             Whitworth, William Allen; 1840-1905.                     1906      English
0790562766       Christian Thought to the Reformation                                                                 Workman, Herbert B. (Herbert Brook); b. 1862.            1911      English
0790514052       Christian Tradition and Its Verification, The                                                        Glover, T. R. (Terrot Reaveley); 1869-1943.              1913      English
0524048495       Christian Tradition, The                                                                             Pullan, Leighton; 1865-1940.                             1902      English
0790596504       Christian Truth and Life: Sermons                                                                    Valentine, M. (Milton); 1825-1906.                       1898      English
083709092X       Christian Truth and Other Intellectual Forces: Speeches and Discussions Together With the Papers                                                              1908      English
                 Published for the Consideration of the Congress
079055044X       Christian Union: A Historical Study                                                                  Garrison, J. H. (James Harvey); 1842-1931.               1906      English
052402913X       Christian Unity and the Bishops' Declaration: Lectures                                                                                                        1895      English
0790560585       Christian Unity at Work: The Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, in Quadrennial                                                             1913      English
                 Session at Chicago, Illinois, 1912

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 40 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                    Author                                                                 Year Published Language
083702644X       Christian Use of the Psalms: With Essays on the Proper Psalms in the Anglican Prayer Book, The           Cheyne, T. K. (Thomas Kelly); 1841-1915.                                   1900      English

0837098939       Christian View of God and the World as Centring in the Incarnation: Being the Kerr Lectures for          Orr, James; 1844-1913.                                                     1897      English
                 1890-91, The
0790515970       Christian View of the Old Testament, The                                                                 Eiselen, F. C. (Frederick Carl); b. 1872.                                  1912      English
0790535866       Christian View of the World: Nathaniel William Taylor Lectures for 1910-1911, Delivered Before the       Blewett, George John; 1873-1912.                                           1912      English
                 Divinity School of Yale University, The
0790560089       Christian Worship: Its Principles and Forms                                                              Richard, James William; 1843-1909.                                         1908      English
0524029148       Christian Worship: Ten Lectures                                                                                                                                                     1897      English
0790552310       Christian Year: Its Purpose and Its History, The                                                         Gwynne, Walker; 1845-1931.                                                 1915      English
0524013128       Christianisme Et Bouddhisme                                                                              Thomas; M. l'abbè.                                                         1909      French
0524035202       Christianisme Et Libertè                                                                                 Giran, Etienne; b. 1871.                                                   1909      French
837056772        Christianity and Agnosticism: Reviews of Some Recent Attacks on the Christian Faith                      Wace, Henry; 1836-1924.                                                    1905      English
0790508508       Christianity and Anti-Christianity in Their Final Conflict                                               Andrews, Samuel J. (Samuel James); 1817-1906.                              1898      English
0790542757       Christianity and Economic Science                                                                        Cunningham, W. (William); 1849-1919.                                       1914      English
0790535122       Christianity and Ethics: A Handbook of Christian Ethics                                                  Alexander, Archibald B. D. (Archibald Browning Drysdale); 1855-1931.       1914      English
837034787        Christianity and History                                                                                 Harnack, Adolf von; 1851-1930.                                             1896      English
0790546779       Christianity and History                                                                                 Figgis, John Neville; 1866-1919.                                           1905      English
837057221        Christianity and Idealism: The Christian Ideal of Life in Its Relations to the Greek and Jewish Ideals   Watson, John; 1847-1939.                                                   1897      English
                 and to Modern Philosophy
0790593203       Christianity and Infallibility: Both or Neither                                                          Lyons, Daniel; d. 1895.                                                    1916      English
0790574411       Christianity and International Peace: Six Lectures at Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa, in February,     Jefferson, Charles Edward; 1860-1937.                                      1915      English
                 1915, on the George A. Gates Memorial Foundation
0524010412       Christianity and Islam                                                                                   Becker, C. H. (Carl Heinrich); 1876-1933.                                  1909      English
0790509350       Christianity and Judaism: An Essay                                                                       Dalman, Gustaf; 1855-1941.                                                 1901      English
0524037647       Christianity and Modern Civilization: Being Some Chapters in European History, With an                   Lilly, William Samuel; 1840-1919.                                          1903      English
                 Introductory Dialogue on the Philosophy of History
837052440        Christianity and Modern Culture: An Essay in Philosophy of Religion                                      Shaw, Charles Gray; b. 1871.                                               1906      English
0524070628       Christianity and Mythology                                                                               Robertson, J. M. (John Mackinnon); 1856-1933.                              1910      English
0790579715       Christianity and Non-Christian Religions Compared: Containing 800 Library References to                  Marshall, Edward A. (Edward Asaph); b. 1866.                               1910      English
                 Facilitate Further Study
0790587416       Christianity and Other Faiths: An Essay in Comparative Religion                                          Tisdall, William St. Clair; 1859-1928.                                     1912      English
0790515938       Christianity and Other Religions: Three Short Sermons                                                    Driver, S. R. (Samuel Rolles); 1846-1914.                                  1908      English
0790543370       Christianity and Politics                                                                                Cunningham, W. (William); 1849-1919.                                       1915      English
0790579634       Christianity and Sin                                                                                     Mackintosh, Robert; 1858-1933.                                             1913      English
0790540010       Christianity and Social Problems                                                                         Abbott, Lyman; 1835-1922.                                                  1896      English
0790542765       Christianity and Social Questions                                                                        Cunningham, W. (William); 1849-1919.                                       1910      English
0790500302       Christianity and Socialism                                                                               Gladden, Washington; 1836-1918.                                            1905      English
0790598264       Christianity and Socialism: The Twenty-Third Fernley Lecture                                             Nicholas, William; 1838-1912.                                              1908      English
0790538431       Christianity and the American Commonwealth, or, The Influence of Christianity in Making This             Galloway, Charles B. (Charles Betts); 1849-1909.                           1898      English
0837010128       Christianity and the Christ: A Study of Christian Evidences                                              Raymond, Bradford Paul; 1846-1916.                                         1894      English
0790540649       Christianity and the Labor Movement                                                                      Balch, William Monroe.                                                     1912      English
0790597969       Christianity and the Modern Mind                                                                         McComb, Samuel.                                                            1910      English
0837063906       Christianity and the Nations                                                                             Speer, Robert E. (Robert Elliott); 1867-1947.                              1910      English
079053729X       Christianity and the New Idealism: A Study in the Religious Philosophy of Today                          Eucken, Rudolf; 1846-1926.                                                 1909      English
0837061474       Christianity and the Progress of Man: As Illustrated by Modern Missions                                  Mackenzie, W. Douglas; (William Douglas); 1859-1936.                       1897      English
837041538        Christianity and the Religions: Being Three Lectures Delivered at the Summer School of Harvard           Lloyd, Arthur Selden; 1857-1936.                                           1909      English
                 University in July, 1908
0790596008       Christianity and the Social Crisis                                                                       Rauschenbusch, Walter; 1861-1918.                                          1907      English
0790579235       Christianity and the Social Order                                                                        Campbell, R. J. (Reginald John); 1867-1956.                                1907      English
0790591367       Christianity and the Social Rage                                                                         Berle, A. A. (Adolf Augustus); 1866-1960.                                  1914      English
0790579065       Christianity and the Social State                                                                        Lorimer, George C. (George Claude); 1838-1904.                             1898      English
837028248        Christianity and the Supernatural                                                                        D'Arcy, Charles F. (Charles Frederick); 1859-1938.                         1909      English
0524053197       Christianity and the United States                                                                       Goucher, John Franklin; 1845-1922.                                         1908      English
0524033749       Christianity as Mystical Fact: And the Mysteries of Antiquity                                            Steiner, Rudolf; 1861-1925.                                                1914      English
                 Christianity at the Cross Roads                                                                          Mullins, Edgar Young; 1860-1928.                                           1924      English
0837088739       Christianity at the Cross-Roads                                                                          Tyrrell, George; 1861-1909.                                                1910      English
0524028265       Christianity at the Fountain                                                                             Hays, Daniel; 1839-1916.                                                   1916      English
0790561514       Christianity in Early Britain                                                                            Williams, Hugh; 1843-1911.                                                 1912      English
0524019428       Christianity in History: A Study of Religious Development                                                Bartlet, J. Vernon; (James Vernon); 1863-1940.                             1917      English
0524095671       Christianity in Japan                                                                                    Harris, Merriman Colbert; bp. 1846-                                        1907      English
0837060966       Christianity in Modern Japan                                                                             Clement, Ernest W. (Ernest Wilson); 1860-1941.                             1905      English
0524095973       Christianity in Polynesia: A Study and a Defence                                                         King, Joseph Hillery; 1869-                                                1899      English
0790511541       Christianity in Talmud and Midrash                                                                       Herford, R. Travers; (Robert Travers); 1860-1950.                          1903      English
837048133        Christianity in the Apostolic Age                                                                        Purves, George T. (George Tybout); 1852-1901.                              1900      English
837040558        Christianity in the Light of Reason and Revelation                                                       Moore, Wm. W. (William Walker); b. 1841.                                   1909      English
837031222        Christianity in the Modern World                                                                         Cairns, D. S. (David Smith); b. 1862.                                      1906      English
0524007659       Christianity in the Nineteenth Century: The Boston-Lowell Lectures, 1900                                 Lorimer, George C. (George Claude); 1838-1904.                             1900      English
0524036357       Christianity in the United States: From the First Settlement Down to the Present Time                    Dorchester, Daniel; 1827-1907.                                             1895      English
0524086826       Christianity Is a Life; Unitarianism and Original Congregationalism in New England; the Unitarians       Hale, Edward Everett; 1822-1909.                                           1919      English

0790527472       Christianity Is Christ                                                                                   Thomas, W. H. Griffith; (William Henry Griffith); 1861-1924.               1909      English
083705222X       Christianity of Jesus Christ: Is It Ours?, The                                                           Pearse, Mark Guy; 1842-1930.                                               1901      English
0837008409       Christianity of Jesus Christ: Is It Ours?, The                                                           Pearse, Mark Guy; 1842-1930.                                               1901      English
837020638        Christianity of St. Paul, The                                                                            Alexander, S. A. (Sidney Arthur); 1866-1948.                               1899      English
0790535262       Christianity Old and New: Lectures                                                                       Bacon, Benjamin Wisner; 1860-1932.                                         1914      English
0790595206       Christianity Supernatural: A Brief Essay on Christian Evidence                                           Minton, Henry Collin; 1855-1924.                                           1900      English
837029511        Christianity Vindicated by Its Enemies                                                                   Dorchester, Daniel; 1827-1907.                                             1896      English
837021898        Christianity, the World Religion                                                                         Barrows, John Henry; 1847-1902.                                            1897      English
0524050473       Christianity, What Is It?: Five Lectures on Dr. Harnack's Wesen Des Christentums                         Mason, Arthur James; 1851-1928.                                            1902      English
0790595052       Christianity: An Interpretation                                                                          McConnell, S. D. (Samuel David); 1845-1939.                                1912      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                             Page 41 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                  Year Published Language
837052262        Christianity: Its Nature and Its Truth                                                               Peake, Arthur S. (Arthur Samuel); 1865-1929.                1908      English
0790560194       Christianity's Storm Centre: A Study of the Modern City                                              Stelzle, Charles; 1869-1941.                                1907      English
083702093X       Christianized Rationalism and the Higher Criticism: A Reply to Professor Harnack's "What Is          Anderson, Robert; Sir; 1841-1918.                           1903      English
0524095183       Christianizing of China, The                                                                         Pratt, Edwin A. 1854-1922.                                  1915      English
0790594501       Christianizing the Social Order                                                                      Rauschenbusch, Walter; 1861-1918.                           1912      English
0524092788       Christians at Chen-Chiang Fu                                                                         Moule, A. C. (Arthur Christopher); 1873-1957.               1915      English
0790574896       Christian's Hope: Smythe Lectures for 1914 Before the Columbia Theological Seminary, The             Webb, R. A. (Robert Alexander); 1856-1919.                  1914      English
837037875        Christian's Relation to Evolution: A Question of Gain or Loss, The                                   Johnson, Franklin; 1836-1916.                               1904      English
0524010242       Christless Nations: A Series of Addresses on Christless Nations and Kindred Subjects, The            Thoburn, J. M. (James Mills); 1836-1922.                    1895      English
0790516616       Christliche Apokryphen                                                                               Geffcken, Johannes; 1861-1935.                              1908      German
0790587297       Christliche Dogmatik                                                                                 Schmidt, Wilhelm; 1839-1912.                                1895      German
837051509        Christliche Glaubenslehre in Leitsàtzen: Fùr Eine Akademische Vorlesung                              Reischle, Max.                                              1902      German
0790589834       Christliche Glaubens-Und Sittenlehre: Leitfaden Fùr Den Religionsunterricht Hauptsàchlich an         Wurster, Paul; b. 1860.                                     1906      German
                 Hòheren Klassen Von Realanstalten Und Realgymnasien
0790534134       Christliche Und Jùdische Ostertafeln                                                                 Schwartz, Eduard; 1858-1940.                                1905      German
0524065128       Christlich-Palàstinische Fragmente Aus Der Omajjaden-Moschee Zu Damaskus                                                                                         1905      Syriac
837036917        Christlike Christianity                                                                              Eells, Edward.                                              1899      English
079056307X       Christmas in Ritual and Tradition, Christian and Pagan                                               Miles, Clement A.                                           1912      English
0790597985       Christmas Sermons                                                                                    McConnell, Francis John; 1871-1953.                         1909      English
0790502275       Christology and Personality: Containing I. Christologies Ancient and Modern, II. Personality in      Sanday, W. (William); 1843-1920.                            1911      English
                 Christ and in Ourselves
079052936X       Christology in the Apostolic Fathers, The                                                            Stark, Alonzo Rosecrans.                                    1912      English
0790502267       Christology of St. Paul: Hulsean Prize Essay, With an Additional Chapter, The                        Rostron, S. Nowell; (Sydney Nowell); b. 1883.               1912      English
0790514311       Christology of the Epistle to the Hebrews: Including Its Relation to the Developing Christology of   MacNeill, Harris Lachlan; b. 1871.                          1914      English
                 the Primitive Church, The
0790597489       Christology, or, The Doctrine of the Person of Christ: Outline Notes Based on Luthardt               Weidner, Revere Franklin; 1851-1915.                        1913      English
0837083478       Christrosen Im Mariengarten, Oder, Die Geheimnisse Des Heiligen Rosenkranzes                         Hattler, Franz.                                             1894      German
0790588439       Christ's Atonement                                                                                   Marsh, F. E. (Frederick Edward); 1858-1919.                 1898      English
0837008395       Christ's Cure for Care                                                                               Pearse, Mark Guy; 1842-1930.                                1900      English
837022207        Christ's Estimate of Himself                                                                         Beardslee, C. S. (Clark Smith); 1850-1914.                  1899      English
0790519976       Christ's Message of the Kingdom: A Course of Daily Study for Private Students and for Bible          Hogg, A. G. (Alfred George)                                 1912      English
837058201        Christ's Object Lessons                                                                              White, Ellen Gould Harmon; 1827-1915.                       1900      English
0790515652       Christ's Secret of Happiness                                                                         Abbott, Lyman; 1835-1922.                                   1907      English
0524048444       Christ's Social Remedies                                                                             Montgomery, Harry Earl.                                     1911      English
0524047960       Christ's Teaching Concerning Divorce in the New Testament: An Exegetical Study                       Gigot, Francis E. (Francis Ernest); 1859-1920.              1912      English
0790515261       Christ's Temptation and Ours                                                                         Hall, A. C. A. (Arthur Crawshay Alliston); 1847-1930.       1897      English
0790519569       Christus                                                                                             Holtzmann, Oskar; 1859-1934.                                1907      German
0524059160       Christus Der Herr: Erlàuterungen Zu Philipper 2, 5-11                                                Kògel, Julius; 1871-1928.                                   1908      German
083709738X       Christus Fùr Uns!: Passionspredigten                                                                 Rùling, J. (Joseph)                                         1906      German
0790594390       Christus Im Modernen Geistesleben: Christliche Einfùhrung in Die Geisteswelt Der Gegenwart: Der      Pfennigsdorf, E. (Emil); 1868-1952.                         1901      German
                 Gebildeten Evangelischen Jugend Und Ihren Freunden
0790503964       Christus Imperator: A Series of Lecture-Sermons on the Universal Empire of Christianity                                                                          1894      English
0790595974       Christus in Ecclesia: Sermons on the Church and Its Institutions                                     Rashdall, Hastings; 1858-1924.                              1904      English
0837062950       Christus Liberator: An Outline Study of Africa                                                       Parsons, Ellen C.                                           1905      English
0524014426       Christus Oder Buddha?: Vortrag                                                                       Haack, Ernst.                                               1898      German
052409117X       Christus Redemptor: An Outline Study of the Island World of the Pacific                              Montgomery, Helen Barrett; 1861-1934.                       1906      English
0790566605       Christus Redemptor: An Outline Study of the Island World of the Pacific                              Montgomery, Helen Barrett; 1861-1934.                       1909      English
052405469X       Christus Und Buddha                                                                                  Wecker, Otto; b. 1882.                                      1908      German
0524015430       Christus Und Buddha in Ihrem Himmlischen Vorleben                                                    Englert, W. Ph. (Winfried Philipp); b. 1860.                1898      German
0790524252       Christus Und Christentum; J.T. Becks Theologische Arbeit: Zwei Reden                                 Schlatter, Adolf von; 1852-1938.                            1904      German
837050812        Christus: Das Evangelium Und Seine Weltgeschichtliche Bedeutung                                      Schell, Herman; 1850-1906.                                  1906      German
0790516950       Christusbilder: Untersuchungen Zur Christlichen Legende                                              Dobschùtz, Ernst von; 1870-1934.                            1899      German
0524020302       Christus-Ein Inder?: Versuch Einer Entstehungsgeschichte Des Christentums Unter Benutzung Der        Plange, Th. J. (Theodor J.)                                 1906      German
                 Indischen Studien Louis Jacolliots
0790581094       Chronica Fratris Jordani                                                                             Jordanus; de Yano; fl. 1220-1262.                           1908      Latin
0837082668       Chronicles Concerning Early Babylonian Kings: Including Records of the Early History of the          King, L. W. (Leonard William); 1869-1919.                   1907      English
                 Kassites and the Country of the Sea
0790534312       Chronicles of Jerahìmeel, or, The Hebrew Bible Historiale: Being a Collection of Apocryphal and                                                                  1899      English
                 Pseudo-Epigraphical Books Dealing With the History of the World From the Creation to the Death
                 of Judas Maccabeus, The
837035155        Chronicles: Introduction, Revised Version With Notes, Index and Map                                  Harvey-Jellie, W. R. (Wallace Raymond)                      1906      English
0524090785       Chronological Handbook of the History of China                                                       Faber, Ernst; 1839-1899.                                    1902      English
0524094802       Chronological Tables of the Chinese Dynasties (From the Chow Dynasty to the Ch'ing Dynasty)          Wong, Theodore.                                             1902      English

0524090548       Chronology of Modern India: For Four Hundred Years, From the Close of the Fifteenth Century,         Burgess, James; 1832-1916.                                  1913      English
                 A.D. 1494-1894, The
0524097623       Chundra Lela: The Converted Fakir                                                                 Lee, Ada.                                                      1899      English
052409893X       Chundra Lela: The Story of a Hindu Devotee and Christian Missionary                               Griffin, Zebina Flavius; b. 1844.                              1911      English
0524077088       Church a Composite Life, The                                                                      Prestridge, J. N. (John Newton); 1853-1913.                    1911      English
0524077681       Church and Country Life: Report of Conference Held by the Commission on Church and Country                                                                       1916      English
                 Life Under the Authority of the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America, Columbus, Ohio,
                 December 8-10, 1915, The
0790552345       Church and Her Children, The                                                                         Hulbert, Henry Woodward; b. 1858.                           1912      English
0837090911       Church and Human Society: Speeches and Discussions Together With the Papers Published for                                                                        1908      English
                 the Consideration ofthe Congress, The
079057893X       Church and Its Social Mission, The                                                                   Lang, John Marshall; 1834-1909.                             1902      English
0790560860       Church and Labor, The                                                                                Stelzle, Charles; 1869-1941.                                1910      English
079058767X       Church and Life of Today, The                                                                                                                                    1910      English
079054363X       Church and Manor: A Study in English Economic History                                                Addy, Sidney Oldall; 1848-1933.                             1913      English
0790545306       Church and Modern Life, The                                                                          Gladden, Washington; 1836-1918.                             1908      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 42 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                   Year Published Language
837036410        Church and Modern Men, The                                                                           Palmer, William Scott; b. 1848.                              1907      English
0524018146       Church and Modern Problems in the Light of the Teachings of Paul in First Corinthians, The           Fitzwater, P. B. (Perry Braxton); 1871-1957.                 1914      English

0837066689       Church and Modern Society: Lectures and Addresses, The                                               Ireland, John; 1838-1918.                                    1897      English
0790574780       Church and Nation: The Bishop Paddock Lectures for 1914-15                                           Temple, William; 1881-1944.                                  1915      English
0837075203       Church and Popular Education, The                                                                    Adams, Herbert Baxter; 1850-1901.                            1900      English
0524032351       Church and Realm in the Stuart Times: A Course of Ten Illustrated Lectures                           Lane, C. Arthur; (Charles Arthur)                            1898      English
0790552922       Church and Religious Unity, The                                                                      Kelly, Herbert; 1860-1950.                                   1913      English
0524029806       Church and Social Problems, The                                                                      Husslein, Joseph; 1873-1952.                                 1912      English
0524054932       Church and State in England Before the Conquest                                                      Collins, William Edward; 1867-1911.                          1903      English
0790545268       Church and State in France, 1300-1907                                                                Galton, Arthur; 1852-1921.                                   1907      English
0524062900       Church and State: Thoughts Applicable to Present Conditions                                          Ridding, George; 1828-1904.                                  1912      English
0790573466       Church and the Age, The                                                                              Inge, William Ralph; 1880-1954.                              1912      English
0837083486       Church and the Age: An Exposition of the Catholic Church in View of the Needs and Aspirations of     Hecker, Isaac Thomas; 1819-1888.                             1896      English
                 the Present Age, The
0790548682       Church and the Barbarians: Being an Outline of the History of the Church From A.D. 461 to A.D.       Hutton, William Holden; 1860-1930.                           1906      English
                 1003, The
0790503441       Church and the Bible, The                                                                            Sparrow-Simpson, W. J. (William John); 1859-1952.            1897      English
837024080        Church and the Bible: An Explanation and Vindication of the Just Claims of the Bible to              Bolmer, William Brevoort.                                    1896      English
                 Inspiration, The
0790585162       Church and the Changing Order, The                                                                Mathews, Shailer; 1863-1941.                                    1907      English
079057537X       Church and the Divine Order, The                                                                  Oman, John; 1860-1939.                                          1911      English
0837077192       Church and the Empire: Being an Outline of the History of the Church From A.D. 1003 to A.D. 1304, Medley, D. J.                                                   1910      English
0837089514       Church and the Future, The                                                                           Tyrrell, George; 1861-1909.                                  1910      English
0837094461       Church and the Future; L'eglise Et L'avenir, The                                                     Bourdon, Hilaire.                                            1903      English
837007380        Church and the Hour: Reflections of a Socialist Churchwoman, The                                     Scudder, Vida Dutton; 1861-1954.                             1917      English
0790592975       Church and the Ideal, The                                                                            Lawrence, William; 1850-1941.                                1916      English
0837097827       Church and the Kingdom, The                                                                          Gladden, Washington; 1836-1918.                              1894      English
0837072115       Church and the Kingdom, The                                                                          Denney, James; 1856-1917.                                    1900      English
0790523337       Church and the Kingdom: A New Testament Study, The                                                   Thomas, Jesse B. (Jesse Burgess); 1832-1915.                 1914      English
0790561530       Church and the Labor Conflict, The                                                                   Womer, Parley Paul; 1870-1957.                               1913      English
0790565064       Church and the Labor Movement, The                                                                   Stelzle, Charles; 1869-1941.                                 1910      English
0524010013       Church and the Ministry in the Early Centuries: The Eighteenth Series of the Cunningham Lectures,    Lindsay, Thomas M. (Thomas Martin); 1843-1914.               1903      English
0790545527       Church and the Nation: Charges and Addresses, The                                                    Creighton, M. (Mandell); 1843-1901.                          1901      English
0790543141       Church and the People's Play, The                                                                    Atkinson, Henry A. (Henry Avery); b. 1877.                   1915      English
0790561433       Church and the Puritans, 1570-1660, The                                                              Wakeman, Henry Offley; 1852-1899.                            1894      English
0837097282       Church and the Social Problem: A Study in Applied Christianity, The                                  Plantz, Samuel; 1859-1924.                                   1906      English
837002745        Church and the Social Question, The                                                                  Backus, E. Burdette; (Edwin Burdette).                       1912      English
0790539578       Church and the World in Idea and in History: Eight Lectures, The                                     Hobhouse, Walter; 1862-1928.                                 1910      English
0790562189       Church at the Center, The                                                                            Wilson, Warren H. (Warren Hugh); 1867-1937.                  1914      English
0790544512       Church Building: A Study of the Principles of Architecture in Their Relation to the Church           Cram, Ralph Adams; 1863-1942.                                1901      English
052404774X       Church Catechism: The Christian's Manual, The                                                        Newbolt, W. C. E. (William Charles Edmund); 1844-1930.       1903      English
0524071128       Church Catechism: With Explanations, Notes, and Proofs From Scripture: For the Use of Teachers       Stowell, T. Alfred; (Thomas Alfred)                          1894      English
                 and Students, The
0790541076       Church Covenant Idea: Its Origin and Its Development, The                                            Burrage, Champlin; 1874-1951.                                1904      English
0790554860       Church Discipline: An Ethical Study of the Church of Rome                                            McCabe, Joseph; 1867-1955.                                   1903      English
0790577445       Church Divisions and Christianity                                                                    Grane, William Leighton; b. 1855.                            1916      English
0790548259       Church Federation: Inter-Church Conference on Federation, New York, November 15-21, 1905                                                                          1906      English

0524069433       Church for Americans, The                                                                            Brown, William Montgomery; 1855-1937.                        1896      English
0524101841       Church Formation in India: Types of Problems and Solutions                                           Fleming, Daniel Johnson; 1877-1970.                          1915      English
0524086834       Church Going: An Address at the Bi-Centennial of the First Parish in Framingham                      Hoar, George Frisbie; 1826-1904.                             1919      English
0524056471       Church Handbook for Teacher Training Classes, The                                                    Caley, Llewellyn N. (Llewellyn Neville); 1859-1932.          1915      English
0524035725       Church History                                                                                       Besse, H. T. (Henry True)                                    1908      English
0524022593       Church History for Busy People                                                                       Klingman, George A. (George Adam); b. 1865.                  1909      English
0790582791       Church History Handbooks                                                                             Vedder, Henry C. (Henry Clay); 1853-1935.                    1909      English
0790550377       Church History in Queen Victoria's Reign                                                             Fowler, Montague.                                            1896      English
0524042551       Church History in the Modern Sunday School                                                           Coleman, Christopher Bush; 1875-1944.                        1911      English
052406816X       Church Hymnal, The                                                                                                                                                1911      English
0524066671       Church Hymnary: Authorized for Use in Public Worship by the Church of Scotland, the Free                                                                          1898      English
                 Church of Scotland, the United Presbyterian Church, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, The

0524052506       Church Ideals in Education: A Pre-Convention Statement, 1916: A Description of the Work and                                                                       1916      English
                 Aims of the General Board of Religious Education of the Protestant Episcopal Church
0524072450       Church in a Workhouse: A Record of Effort, The                                                       Henning, James; Rev.                                         1897      English
0790581051       Church in America and Its Baptisms of Fire: Being an Account of the Progress of Religion in          Halliday, Samuel B. (Samuel Byram); 1812-1897.               1895      English
                 America in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries as Seen in the Great Revivals in the Christian
                 Church, and in the Growth and Work of Various..., The
0524025665       Church in America, The                                                                               Coleman, Leighton; 1837-1907.                                1895      English
0524096104       Church in Corea, The                                                                                 Trollope, Mark Napier; Bp. of Korea; 1862-1930.              1915      English
079056081X       Church in France, The                                                                                Smith, Richard Travers.                                      1894      English
0790519402       Church in Rome in the First Century: An Examination of Various Controverted Questions Relating       Edmundson, George; 1848-1930.                                1913      English
                 to Its History,Chronology, Literature and Traditions: Eight Lectures, The
0524054746       Church in the British Isles: Sketches of Its Continuous History From the Earliest Times to the                                                                    1894      English
                 Restoration., The
0790551705       Church in the City, The                                                                           Leete, Frederick DeLand; 1866-1958.                             1915      English
0790545012       Church in the Confederate States: A History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Confederate Cheshire, Joseph Blount; 1850-1932.                             1911      English
                 States, The
0790559234       Church in the Country Town, The                                                                      Bemies, Charles O. (Charles Otto); b. 1867.                  1912      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                             Page 43 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                      Year Published Language
0790552531       Church in the Highlands, or, The Progress of Evangelical Religion in Gaelic Scotland, 563-1843,      Mackay, John.                                                   1914      English
0837064732       Church in the Mission Field: With Supplement, Presentation and Discussion of the Report in the                                                                       1910      English
                 Conference on 16th June 1910., The
0790559595       Church in the Smaller Cities, The                                                                    Patterson, F. W. (Frederic William); b. 1877.                   1911      English
0837076234       Church Life and Thought in North Africa A.D. 200                                                     Donaldson, Stuart A. (Stuart Alexander); 1854-1915.             1909      English
0524028141       Church Manual: Containing the Declaration of Faith, Rules of Order, How to Conduct Religious                                                                         1901      English
                 Meetings, Etc., The
0790541734       Church Missionary Atlas: Containing an Account of the Various Countries in Which the Church                                                                          1896      English
                 Missionary SocietyLabours, and of Its Missionary Operations., The
0790560054       Church of Armenia: Her History, Doctrine, Rule, Discipline, Liturgy, Literature, and Existing        Ōrmanean, Maghakʻia; 1841-1918.                              1912      English
                 Condition, The
0524101914       Church of Christ in Corea, The                                                                       Fenwick, Malcolm C.                                             1911      English
083706578X       Church of Christ in Japan: A Course of Lectures, The                                                 Imbrie, William; 1845-1928.                                     1906      English
0837066840       Church of Christ the Same Forever, The                                                               McErlane, D. (Daniel)                                           1900      English
083706077X       Church of Christ, The                                                                                Phillips, Thomas W. (Thomas Wharton); 1835-1912.                1906      English
0790515784       Church of Christ: Its Life and Work: An Attempt to Trace the Work of the Church in Some of Its       Charteris, A. H. (Archibald Hamilton); 1835-1908.               1905      English
                 Departments From the Earliest Times to the Present Day, The
0790544156       Church of Cyprus, The                                                                                Duckworth, H. T. F. (Henry Thomas Forbes); 1868-                1900      English
0790548941       Church of England and Episcopacy, The                                                                Mason, Arthur James; 1851-1928.                                 1914      English
0790555522       Church of England in the Eighteenth Century, The                                                     Plummer, Alfred; 1841-1926.                                     1910      English
0790569086       Church of England, The                                                                               Watson, Edward William; 1859-1936.                              1914      English
0790580500       Church of England: A History for the People, The                                                     Spence-Jones, H. D. M. (Henry Donald Maurice); 1836-1917.       1897      English
0524032653       Church of England: An Appeal to Facts and Principles, The                                            Newbolt, W. C. E. (William Charles Edmund); 1844-1930.          1903      English
0524000786       Church of God and What and Whence Is It?, The                                                        Peebles, Isaac Lockhart; b. 1855.                               1913      English
0524007748       Church of Ireland, The                                                                               Olden, Thomas; 1823-1900.                                       1895      English
0790580691       Church of Our Fathers: As Seen in St. Osmund's Rite for the Cathedral of Salisbury: With             Rock, Daniel; 1799-1871.                                        1903      English
                 Dissertations on theBelief and Ritual in England Before and After the Coming of the Normans, The

0790550679       Church of Scotland: Her Divisions and Her Re-Unions, The                                             McCrie, C. G. (Charles Greig); 1836-1910.                       1901      English
052400806X       Church of Sweden and the Anglican Communion, The                                                     Williams, G. Mott; (Gershom Mott); 1857-1953.                   1910      English
837048249        Church of the Apostles: Being an Outline of the History of the Church of the Apostolic Age, The      Ragg, Lonsdale; 1866-1945.                                      1909      English

0837010810       Church of the Disciples in Boston: A Sermon on the Principles and Methods of the Church of the       Clarke, James Freeman; 1810-1888.                               1909      English
                 Disciples in Boston, The
0524027064       Church of the Early Fathers: External History, The                                                   Plummer, Alfred; 1841-1926.                                     1903      English
0524034184       Church of the Fathers: Being an Outline of the History of the Church A.D. 98 to A.D. 461, The        Pullan, Leighton; 1865-1940.                                    1909      English

0790560976       Church of the Open Country: A Study of the Church for the Working Farmer, The                        Wilson, Warren H. (Warren Hugh); 1867-1937.                     1911      English
0790562332       Church of the Sixth Century: Six Chapters in Ecclesiastical History, The                             Hutton, William Holden; 1860-1930.                              1897      English
0837077583       Church of the West in the Middle Ages, The                                                           Workman, Herbert B. (Herbert Brook); b. 1862.                   1900      English
0790559978       Church Problems: A View of Modern Anglicanism                                                                                                                        1900      English
079056713X       Church Reform in Spain and Portugal: A Short History of the Reformed Episcopal Churches of           Noyes, H. E. (Henry Edward)                                     1897      English
                 Spain and Portugal, From 1868 to the Present Time
0790554488       Church Revival: Thoughts Thereon and Reminiscences, The                                          Baring-Gould, S. (Sabine); 1834-1924.                               1914      English
0524066159       Church School Hymnal: Being One Hundred Hymns Chosen From the New Hymnal, Authorized and                                                                             1916      English
                 Approved for Use by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Year of Our
                 Lord 1916: Together With a Selection of Canticles..., The
052406007X       Church School, The                                                                                   Athearn, Walter S. (Walter Scott); 1872-1934.                   1914      English
0790567342       Church Services and Service Books Before the Reformation                                             Swete, Henry Barclay; 1835-1917.                                1896      English
0524055726       Church Song: A Repertory of Music for the Use of English Evangelical Lutheran Congregations                                                                          1908      English

0524030324       Church Treasury of History, Custom, Folk-Lore, Etc., The                                                                                                             1898      English
0524030235       Church Unity and a New Name                                                                          Slattery, Charles Lewis; 1867-1930.                             1913      English
0790544598       Church Year and Kalendar, The                                                                        Dowden, John; 1840-1910.                                        1910      English
079055335X       Church, Past and Present: A Review of Its History, The                                                                                                               1900      English
079050796X       Church, the Churches, and the Sacraments, The                                                        Beet, Joseph Agar; 1840-1924.                                   1907      English
0790570246       Church, the People, and the Age, The                                                                                                                                 1914      English
079054198X       Church, the State, and the Poor: A Series of Historical Sketches, The                                Chadwick, W. Edward; (William Edward); 1858-1934.               1914      English
0790597268       Church: Her Ministry and Sacraments: Lectures, The                                                   Van Dyke, Henry J. (Henry Jackson); 1822-1891.                  1903      English
0790573792       Church; Ecclesia, The                                                                                Boardman, George Dana; 1828-1903.                               1901      English
0837080002       Churches & Monasteries of Egypt and Some Neighboring Countries, The                                  AbuÌ„ SÌ£aÌ„lihÌ£; al-Armanì„.                                  1895      English
0524006482       Churches and Church Workers in Fiji                                                                  Ross, C. Stuart; (Charles Stuart)                               1909      English
0790553368       Churches and Educated Men: A Study of the Relation of the Church to Makers and Leaders of            Hardy, Edwin Noah; b. 1861.                                     1904      English
                 Public Opinion, The
0790186185       Churches and Modern Thought: An Inquiry Into the Grounds of Unbelief and an Appeal for               Vivian, Philip.                                                 1911      English
                 Candour, The
0790561247       Churches and the Wage Earners: A Study of the Cause and Cure of Their Separation, The                Thompson, C. Bertrand; (Clarence Bertrand); b. 1882.            1909      English
0790557312       Churches in Britain Before A.D. 1000, The                                                            Plummer, Alfred; 1841-1926.                                     1911      English
0790545160       Churches in the Modern State                                                                         Figgis, John Neville; 1866-1919.                                1914      English
0790554518       Churches of Christ: A Historical, Biographical, and Pictorial History of Churches of Christ in the                                                                   1904      English
                 United States, Australasia, England and Canada
0790559307       Churches Outside the Church, The                                                                     Coleman, George W. (George William); b. 1867.                   1910      English
0790544121       Churches Separated From Rome, The                                                                    Duchesne, L. (Louis); 1843-1922.                                1907      English
837031893        Churchmanship and Character: Three Years' Teaching in Birmingham Cathedral                           Carnegie, W. H. (William Hartley); 1860-1936.                   1909      English
0790544709       Churchmember's Guide and Complete Church Manual, The                                                 Essig, Montgomery F. (Montgomery Ford); b. 1872.                1907      English
0790589486       Church's Attitude Towards Truth, The                                                                 Usher, Edward P. (Edward Preston); 1851-1923.                   1907      English
0790594544       Church's Mission as to War and Peace, The                                                            Remensnyder, Junius B. (Junius Benjamin); 1843-1927.            1916      English
0837090954       Church's Missions in Christendom: Speeches and Discussions Together With the Papers                                                                                  1908      English
                 Published for the Consideration of the Congress, The
0837090946       Church's Missions in Non-Christian Lands: Speeches and Discussions Together With the Papers                                                                          1908      English
                 Published for theConsideration of the Congress, The

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 44 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                        Year Published Language
0837062349       Church's One Foundation: Christ and Recent Criticism, The                                      Nicoll, W. Robertson; (William Robertson); Sir; 1851-1923.              1902      English
0790540894       Church's Task Under the Roman Empire: Four Lectures, With Preface, Notes, and an Excursus, The Bigg, Charles; 1840-1908.                                               1905      English

0790547880       Churchwardens' Accounts: From the Fourteenth Century to the Close of the Seventeenth Century         Cox, J. Charles; (John Charles); 1843-1919.                       1913      English

0524046956       Ciceros Rede Fùr T. Annius Milo: Mit Dem Kommentar Des Asconius Und Den Bobienser Scholien Cicero, Marcus Tullius.                                                     1911      Latin

837026733        Circle of Theology: An Introduction to Theological Study, The                                      Clarke, William Newton; 1841-1912.                                  1897      English
0790501961       Cities and Bishoprics of Phrygia: Being an Essay of the Local History of Phrygia From the Earliest Ramsay, William Mitchell; Sir; 1851-1939.                           1895      English
                 Times to the Turkish Conquest, The
0524102813       Cities and Towns of China: A Geographical Dictionary, The                                            Playfair, G. M. H. (George Macdonald Home); 1850-1917.            1910      English
083707438X       Cities of Paul: Beacons of the Past Rekindled for the Present                                        Wright, William Burnet; 1838-1924.                                1905      English
083709574311     Cities of St. Paul: Their Influence on His Life and Thought: The Cities of Eastern Asia Minor, The   Ramsay, William Mitchell; Sir; 1851-1939.                         1908      English

0837065747       Citizens of Tomorrow: A Study of Childhood and Youth From the Standpoint of Home Mission             Guernsey, Alice Margaret; 1850-                                   1907      English
837042968        Citizenship and Salvation, or, Greek and Jew: A Study in the Philosophy of History                  Lloyd, Alfred H. (Alfred Henry); 1864-1927.                        1897      English
0790543176       City Centres of Early Christianity                                                                  Aytoun, Robert Alexander; 1879-1920.                               1915      English
0790561336       City Church and Its Social Mission: A Series of Studies in the Social Extension of the City Church, Trawick, A. M. (Arcadius McSwain); b. 1869.                        1913      English
0524039070       City of Chartres, Its Cathedral & Churches, The                                                      Massè, H. J. L. J. (Henri Jean Louis Joseph); b. 1860.            1905      English
0790516403       City of Jerusalem, The                                                                               Conder, C. R. (Claude Reignier); 1848-1910.                       1909      English
0524095396       City of Springs: Or, Mission Work in Chinchew, The                                                   Duncan, Annie N.                                                  1902      English
0524008507       City Temple Sermons                                                                                  Campbell, R. J. (Reginald John); 1867-1956.                       1903      English
0790512408       City With Foundations, The                                                                           McFadyen, John Edgar; 1870-1933.                                  1909      English
0524037655       Civil Law and the Church, The                                                                        Lincoln, Charles Z. (Charles Zebina); b. 1848.                    1916      English
0790545179       Civilisation at the Cross Roads: Four Lectures                                                       Figgis, John Neville; 1866-1919.                                  1912      English
0524013403       Civilization During the Middle Ages: Especially in Relation to Modern Civilization                   Adams, George Burton; 1851-1925.                                  1914      English
0524022100       Civilization of Babylonia and Assyria: Its Remains, Language, History, Religion, Commerce, Law,      Jastrow, Morris; 1861-1921.                                       1915      English
                 Art, and Literature, The
0790511592       Civilization of the East, The                                                                        Hommel, Fritz; 1854-1936.                                         1900      English
0524088721       Claims and Opportunities of the Christian Ministry, The                                                                                                                1911      English
0524046174       Claims of Christian Science as So Styled: And Its Peculiar Philosophy, The                           Jewell, Frederick S. (Frederick Swartz); 1821-1903.               1897      English
837041317        Claims of Christianity, The                                                                          Lilly, William Samuel; 1840-1919.                                 1894      English
0524056358       Claims of Jesus Christ: Lent Lectures, The                                                           Sparrow-Simpson, W. J. (William John); 1859-1952.                 1899      English
083700862X       Claims of the Old Testament: Lectures Delivered in Connection With the Sesquicentennial              Leathes, Stanley; 1830-1900.                                      1897      English
                 Celebration of Princeton University, The
837040698        Claims of the Old Testament: Lectures, The                                                           Leathes, Stanley; 1830-1900.                                      1897      English
0524044619       Classbook of Old Testament History                                                                   Hodges, George; 1856-1919.                                        1914      English
0524066884       Classic Myths: In English Literature and in Art, The                                                 Gayley, Charles Mills; 1858-1932.                                 1911      English
0790566958       Classical Heritage of the Middle Ages, The                                                           Taylor, Henry Osborn; 1856-1941.                                  1911      English
0837063094       Classical Moralists: Selections Illustrating Ethics From Socrates to Martineau, The                                                                                    1909      English
0524000816       Classical Psychologists: Selections Illustrating Psychology From Anaxagoras to Wundt, The                                                                              1912      English
0524020566       Classification of Religions: Different Methods, Their Advantages and Disadvantages, The              Ward, Duren J. H. (Duren James Henderson); 1851-1942.             1909      English
0837096367       Clemens Alexandrinus Und Das Neue Testament: Eine Untersuchung                                       Kutter, Hermann; 1863-1931.                                       1897      German
837053552        Clemens Alexandrinus Und Die Septuaginta: Beilage Zum Jahresberichte Des K. Neuen                    Stàhlin, Otto; b. 1868.                                           1901      German
                 Gymnasiums in Nùrnberg Fùr Das Schuljahr 1900
079054296X       Clèment D'alexandrie: Ètude Sur Les Rapports Du Christianisme Et de La Philosophie Grecque Au Faye, Eugène de; 1860-1929.                                              1906      French
                 Iie Siècle
0790595656       Clement of Alexandria                                                                                Patrick, John; b. 1850.                                           1914      English
0790580950       Clement of Alexandria: A Study in Christian Liberalism                                               Tollinton, R. B. (Richard Bartram); b. 1866.                      1914      English
0790543079       Clergy in American Life and Letters, The                                                             Addison, Daniel Dulany; 1863-1936.                                1900      English
0524088608       Clergy List: With Which Is Incorporated the Clerical Guide and Ecclesiastical Directory, 1895:                                                                         1895      English
                 Containing Complete Lists of the Clergy in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the Colonies...,
0524043787       Clerical Studies                                                                                     Hogan, J. B. (John Baptist); 1829-1901.                           1898      English
0790565595       Client Princes of the Roman Empire Under the Republic, The                                           Sands, P. C. (Percy Cooper)                                       1908      English
0524029156       Close of the Middle Ages, 1273-1494, The                                                             Lodge, Richard; Sir; 1855-1936.                                   1915      English
0790572168       Clouds on the Horizon: An Essay on the Various Forms of Belief, Which Stand in the Way of the        Cust, Robert Needham; 1821-1909.                                  1904      English
                 Acceptance of Real Christian Faith by the Educated Natives of Asia, Africa, America, and Oceania

0837096804       Clue: A Guide Through Greek to Hebrew Scripture                                                      Abbott, Edwin Abbott; 1838-1926.                                  1900      English
0837061709       Cobra's Den: And Other Stories of Missionary Work Among the Telugus of India, The                    Chamberlain, Jacob; 1835-1908.                                    1900      English
0524098409       Cochin Tribes and Castes, The                                                                        Anantha Krishna Iyer, L. Krishna; Diwan Bahadur; 1861-1937.       1909      English
0837072182       Code of Hìammurabi, King of Babylon About 2250 B.C: Autographed Text, Transliteration,                                                                                 1904      English
                 Translation, Glossary,Index of Subjects, Lists of Proper Names, Signs, Numerals, Corrections and
                 Erasures With Map, Frontispiece and Photograph of..., The
0837072905       Codes of Hammurabi and Moses: With Copious Comments, Index, and Bible References, The                                                                                  1905      English

0790583291       Codex 1 of the Gospels and Its Allies                                                                                                                                  1902      Greek
0790522284       Codex B and Its Allies: A Study and an Indictment                                                    Hoskier, H. C. (Herman Charles); b. 1864.                         1914      English
0790583240       Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis: Quattuor Evangelia Et Actus Apostolorum Complectens Graece Et                                                                             1899      Greek
079051866X       Codex Purpureus Petropolitanus: The Text of Codex N of the Gospels                                                                                                     1899      Greek
0790505983       Codex Rehdigeranus: Die Vier Evangelien Nach Der Lateinischen Handschrift R 169 Der                                                                                    1913      Latin
                 Stadtbibliothek Breslau
0790508354       Codex Vercellensis                                                                                                                                                     1914      Latin
0837013003       Codex Vercellensis: Quatuor Evangelia Ante Hieronymum Latine Translata Ex ReliquIIs Codicis                                                                            1894      Latin
                 Vercellensis Saeculo Ut Videtur Quarto Script Et Ex Editione Iriciana Principe
079054833X       Coillard of the Zambesi: The Lives of Francìois and Christina Coillard, of the Paris Missionary      Mackintosh, C. W. (Catharine Winkworth)                           1907      English
                 Society, in South and Central Africa, 1858-1904
083701672X       Coins of the Jews                                                                                    Madden, Frederic W. (Frederic William)                            1903      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 45 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                               Author                                             Year Published Language
0524082146       Collatio Codicis Lewisiani Rescripti Evangeliorum Sacrorum Syriacorum Cum Codice Curetoniano                                                               1896      Syriac
                 (Mus. Brit. Add. 14,451): Cui Adiectae Sunt Lectiones E Peshitto Desumptae
0524018898       Collectanea Anglo-Premonstratensia: Documents Drawn From the Original Register of the Order,                                                               1904      Latin
                 Now in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, and the Transcript of Another Register in the British Museum

0790537303       Collected Essays of Rudolf Eucken: Professor of Philosophy in the University of Jena, Nobel         Eucken, Rudolf; 1846-1926.                             1914      English
                 Prizeman, 1908
0790582686       Collected Hymns, Sequences and Carols of John Mason Neale                                                                                                  1914      English
0790578530       Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology                                                           Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav); 1875-1961.                  1916      English
079055173X       College Addresses and Sermons                                                                       Lindsay, Thomas M. (Thomas Martin); 1843-1914.         1915      English
079058509X       College and University Sermons                                                                      Lyttelton, A. T. (Arthur Temple); 1852-1903.           1894      English
0790585235       College Lectures on Democracy of Religion                                                           McWhinney, Thomas M. (Thomas Martin); 1823-1909.       1907      English
837056152        College of Apostles: A Study of the Twelve, The                                                     Vance, James I. (James Isaac); 1862-1939.              1896      English
0837087082       College of St. Francis Xavier: A Memorial and A Retrospect, 1847-1897., The                                                                                1897      English
837045045        Colossian Studies: Lessons in Faith and Holiness From St. Paul's Epistles to the Colossians and     Moule, H. C. G. (Handley Carr Glyn); 1841-1920.        1898      English
0790549425       Come Home: An Appeal on Behalf of Reunion                                                           Langtry, John; 1834-1906.                              1900      English
0524092192       Coming China, The                                                                                   Goodrich, Joseph King; 1850-1921.                      1911      English
0790589788       Coming Creed, The                                                                                   Womer, Parley Paul; 1870-1957.                         1911      English
0790523582       Coming of Christ: Both Pre-Millennial and Imminent, The                                             Haldeman, I. M. (Isaac Massey); 1845-1933.             1906      English
0790553449       Coming of the Friars and Other Historic Essays, The                                                 Jessopp, Augustus; 1823-1914.                          1913      English
0790500922       Coming of the Great King, or, An Examination and Discussion of the Subject of the Second            Houliston, Wm. (William)                               1897      English
                 Coming of Christ, andof Questions Thereto Related, The
0790533995       Coming of the Lord, The                                                                             Pierson, Arthur T. (Arthur Tappan); 1837-1911.         1896      English
0524077304       Coming of the World Teacher; and, Death, War and Evolution: A Book of Extracts From Lectures                                                               1917      English
                 and Writings, The
0524024995       Coming One, The                                                                                     Simpson, A. B. (Albert B.)                             1912      English
0837088089       Coming Religion, The                                                                                Dole, Charles F. (Charles Fletcher); 1845-1927.        1910      English
0790509156       Comment Se Sont Formès Les Evangiles: La Question Synoptique, L'èvangile de Saint Jean              Calmes, Th.                                            1904      French
837021685        Commentaar Op de Brieven Van Paulus Aan de Thessalonikers, Efezièrs, Kolossers in Aan Filemon       Baljon, J. M. S. (Johannes Marinus Simon)              1907      Dutch

0524056536       Commentaar Op de Katholieke Brieven                                                                 Baljon, J. M. S. (Johannes Marinus Simon)              1904      Dutch
0524057885       Commentaar Op de Openbaring Van Johannes                                                            Baljon, J. M. S. (Johannes Marinus Simon)              1908      Dutch
837058805        Commentar Ùber Das Buch Iob. Erster Teil Uebersetzung Und Sprachliche Analyse                                                                              1898      German
837051401        Commentar Ùber Das Buch Judith Und Ùber Bel Und Drache                                              Scholz, Anton.                                         1896      German
0790521520       Commentar Ùber Den Brief Pauli an Die Ròmer                                                         Stòckhardt, G. (George); 1842-1913.                    1907      German
0790521539       Commentar Ùber Den Propheten Jesaia                                                                 Stòckhardt, G. (George); 1842-1913.                    1902      German
052407514X       Commentaria in I. P. Summae Theologicae S. Thomae Aquinatis, O.P., A Q. I. Ad Q. XXIII (De Deo      Buonpensiere, Enrico; 1853-1929.                       1902      Latin
0837069157       CommentarII de Religione Revelata Ejusque Fontibus Ac de Ecclesia Christi                           MacGuinness, Joannes.                                  1900      Latin
0837071313       Commentarius in Actus Apostolorum                                                                   Camerlynck, A. (Achille)                               1910      Latin
0837019303       Commentarius in Deuteronomium                                                                       Hummelauer, Fr. von; (Franz); 1842-1914.               1901      Latin
0837019370       Commentarius in Duos Libros Machabaeorum                                                            Knabenbauer, Joseph; 1839-1911.                        1907      Latin
0837019389       Commentarius in Ecclesiasticum: Cum Appendice, Textus "Ecclesiastici" Hebraeus, Descriptus          Knabenbauer, Joseph; 1839-1911.                        1902      Latin
                 Secundum Fragmenta Nuper Reperta, Cum Notis Et Versione Litterali Latina
0524057044       Commentarius in Epistolas Ad Thessalonicenses                                                       Vostè, Jacques-M. (Jacques-Marie); 1883-1949.          1917      Latin
0837019311       Commentarius in Exodum Et Leviticum                                                                 Hummelauer, Fr. von; (Franz); 1842-1914.               1897      Latin
083701932X       Commentarius in Genesim                                                                             Hummelauer, Fr. von; (Franz); 1842-1914.               1895      Latin
0837019346       Commentarius in Librum Iosue                                                                        Hummelauer, Fr. von; (Franz); 1842-1914.               1903      Latin
0524027811       Commentarius in Librum Primum Paralipomenon                                                         Hummelauer, Fr. von; (Franz); 1842-1914.               1905      Latin
0837019230       Commentarius in Librum Sapientiae                                                                   Cornely, Rudolph; 1830-1908.                           1910      Latin
0837019354       Commentarius in Numeros                                                                             Hummelauer, Fr. von; (Franz); 1842-1914.               1899      Latin
052404595X       Commentarius in Omnes S. Pauli Epistolas: Ad Usum Seminariorum Et Cleri                             Steenkiste, J.-A. van; d. 1913.                        1899      Latin
0837019427       Commentarius in Proverbia                                                                           Knabenbauer, Joseph; 1839-1911.                        1910      Latin
0837019443       Commentarius in Quatuor S. Evangelia Domini N. Lesu Christi. II; Evangelium Secundum S.             Knabenbauer, Joseph; 1839-1911.                        1894      Latin
0837019702       Commentarius in Quatuor S. Evangelia Domini N. Lesu Christi. III; Evangelium Secundum Lucam         Knabenbauer, Joseph; 1839-1911.                        1896      Latin

0837019710       Commentarius in Quatuor S. Evangelia Domini N. Lesu Christi. IV; Evangelium Secundum Ioannem Knabenbauer, Joseph; 1839-1911.                               1898      Latin

0837019249       Commentarius in S. Pauli Apostoli Epistolas. I; Epistola Ad Romanos                                 Cornely, Rudolph; 1830-1908.                           1896      Latin
0837019915       Commentarius in S. Pauli Apostoli Epistolas. III; Epistolae Ad Corinthios Altera Et Ad Galatas      Cornely, Rudolph; 1830-1908.                           1909      Latin

0837019974       Commentarius in S. Pauli Apostoli Epistolas. IV; Epistolae Ad Ephesios Ad Philippenses Et Ad        Knabenbauer, Joseph; 1839-1911.                        1912      Latin
0837019729       Commentarius in S. Pauli Apostoli Epistolas. Vepistolae Ad Thessalonicenses, Ad Timotheum, Ad       Knabenbauer, Joseph; 1839-1911.                        1913      Latin
                 Titum Et Ad Philemonem
0837019656       Commentarius in S. Pauli Apostoli Epistolas.II; Prior Epistola Ad Corinthios                        Cornely, Rudolph; 1830-1908.                           1909      Latin
0790594293       Commentary of Origen on S. John's Gospel: The Text, The                                             Origen.                                                1896      Greek
0790521202       Commentary on the Book of Deuteronomy                                                               Jordan, W. G. (William George); 1854-1939.             1911      English
0790528819       Commentary on the Book of Job                                                                       Barton, George A.                                      1911      English
837021405        Commentary on the Epistle of Paul to the Galatians                                                  Bacon, Benjamin Wisner; 1860-1932.                     1909      English
0790501104       Commentary on the Epistle to the Philippians                                                        Pidge, John B. Gough; (John Bartholomew Gough)         1896      English
837048893        Commentary on the Gospel According to Luke: Giving Critical, Exegetical and Applicative Notes,      Rice, Edwin Wilbur; 1831-1929.                         1898      English
                 and Illustrations Drawn From Life and Thought in the East: With the Common Version, 1611, and
                 the Revised Version, 1881 (American Readings and...
0790526891       Commentary on the Gospel According to Matthew                                                       Robertson, A. T. 1863-1934.                            1911      English
837048885        Commentary on the Gospel According to Matthew: Giving Critical and Exegetical Notes: With           Rice, Edwin Wilbur; 1831-1929.                         1909      English
                 Illustrations From Oriental Life and the Text of the Common Version, 1611, and the Revised
                 Version, 1881 (American Readings and Renderings)
0524057265       Commentary on the New Testament                                                                     Godbey, W. B. (William Baxter); 1833-1920.             1896      English
0524014434       Comments on the Dharmapaìda                                                                         Hack, Wilton.                                          1911      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 46 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                               Author                                                    Year Published Language
837000513        Common Prayers for Family Use                                                                       Westcott, Brooke Foss; 1825-1901.                             1903      English
0524001944       Commonitorium of Vincentius of Lerins, The                                                          Vincent; of Lèrins; Saint; d. ca. 450.                        1915      Latin
0790546078       Commonwealth England                                                                                Brown, John; 1830-1922.                                       1904      English
0790569396       Commonwealths and the Kingdom: A Study of the Missionary Work of State Conventions, The             Padelford, Frank W. (Frank William); 1872-1944.               1913      English

0837089018       Communion of Life, The                                                                              Fry, Joan Mary.                                               1910      English
0790539527       Communion of the Christian With God, The                                                            Herrmann, Wilhelm; 1846-1922.                                 1906      English
0790523299       Communion With God: The Preparation Before Christ and the Realization in Him                        Stone, Darwell; 1859-1941.                                    1911      English
0524022143       Companion to Roman History                                                                          Jones, Henry Stuart; 1867-1939.                               1912      English
0837067782       Companion to the Encyclical "Satis Cognitum": With a Reply to the Bishop of Stepney                 Smith, Sydney F. (Sydney Fenn)                                1896      English
0524012881       Comparative Mythology: An Essay                                                                     Mùller, F. Max; (Friedrich Max); 1823-1900.                   1909      English
0790589613       Comparative Number of the Saved and Lost: A Study, The                                              Walsh, Nicholas; 1825-1912.                                   1899      English
0524010722       Comparative Religion                                                                                Tisdall, William St. Clair; 1859-1928.                        1909      English
0524007047       Comparative Religion                                                                                Carpenter, J. Estlin; (Joseph Estlin); 1844-1927.             1913      English
0790579502       Comparative Religion                                                                                Jevons, F. B. (Frank Byron); 1858-1936.                       1913      English
0524019614       Comparative Religion                                                                                Geden, A. S. (Alfred Shenington); 1857-1936.                  1917      English
0790578506       Comparative Religion, Its Adjuncts and Allies                                                       Jordan, Louis Henry; 1855-1923.                               1915      English
0790578514       Comparative Religion, Its Genesis and Growth                                                        Jordan, Louis Henry; 1855-1923.                               1905      English
0790599821       Comparative Religion, Its Method and Scope: A Paper Read (in Part) at the Third International       Jordan, Louis Henry; 1855-1923.                               1908      English
                 Congress of the History of Religions, Oxford, September 17, 1908
0790578522       Comparative Religion, Its Origin and Outlook: A Lecture                                             Jordan, Louis Henry; 1855-1923.                               1913      English
079059983X       Comparative Religion, Its Range and Limitations: A Lecture                                          Jordan, Louis Henry; 1855-1923.                               1916      English
0524059616       Comparative Studies in Religion: An Introduction to Unitarianism                                    Secrist, Henry T. (Henry Thomas)                              1909      English
837042208        Comparative Theology                                                                                MacCulloch, J. A. (John Arnott); 1868-1950.                   1902      English
0790512572       Compendious Syriac Grammar                                                                          Nòldeke, Theodor; 1836-1930.                                  1904      English
0837095190       Compendium of Church History                                                                        Zenos, Andrew C. (Andrew Constantinides); 1855-1942.          1896      English
0790597136       Compendium of the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas, Pars Prima                                Thomas; Aquinas, Saint; 1225?-1274.                           1906      English
0790592363       Compendium Theologiae Dogmaticae Et Moralis: Una Cum Praecipuis Notionibus Theologiae               Berthier, Jean-Baptiste; 1840-1908.                           1898      Latin
                 Canonicae, Liturgicae, Pastoralis Et Mysticae, Ac Philosophiae Christianae
0524070032       Compendium Theologiae Moralis                                                                       Gury, Jean Pierre; 1801-1866.                                 1907      Latin
0837070791       Compendium Theologiae Moralis                                                                       Lehmkuhl, Augustinus.                                         1907      Latin
0524031398       Compiled Minutes and History of the Church of the Brethren of the Southern District of Illinois                                                                   1907      English

837023416        Complete Index to the Expositor's Bible: Topical and Textual                                        Ayres, S. G. (Samuel Gardiner)                                1905      English
0524025037       Complete Works of Rev. Thomas Smyth, D.D.                                                           Smyth, Thomas; 1808-1873.                                     1908      English
837055563        Composition and Historical Value of Ezra-Nehemiah, The                                              Torrey, Charles Cutler; 1863-1956.                            1896      English
0790522349       Composition of the Book of Isaiah in the Light of History and Archaeology, The                      Kennett, R. H. (Robert Hatch); 1864-1932.                     1910      English
0790505657       Composition of the Hexateuch: An Introduction With Select Lists of Words and Phrases, The           Carpenter, J. Estlin; (Joseph Estlin); 1844-1927.             1902      English
0524103062       Comrade-Christ and Other Sermons, The                                                               Dawson, William James; 1854-1928.                             1894      English
0524005184       Comrades in Service                                                                                 Burton, Margaret E. (Margaret Ernestine); b. 1885.            1915      English
0524086621       Comte and Mill                                                                                      Whittaker, Thomas; 1856-1935.                                 1908      English
0790573032       Concept of Consciousness, The                                                                       Holt, Edwin B. (Edwin Bissell); 1873-1946.                    1914      English
0790501678       Concept of Sin, The                                                                                 Tennant, F. R. (Frederick Robert); 1866-1957.                 1912      English
837049911        Conception of God: A Philosophical Discussion Concerning the Nature of the Divine Idea as a                                                                       1897      English
                 Demonstrable Reality, The
0790598604       Conception of Immortality, The                                                                      Royce, Josiah; 1855-1916.                                     1900      English
079050278X       Conception of Priesthood in the Early Church and in the Church of England: Four Sermons, The        Sanday, W. (William); 1843-1920.                              1899      English

0524075999       Concerning Jesus Christ the Son of God                                                              Wilkinson, William Cleaver; 1833-1920.                        1916      English
0524076006       Concerning Jesus Christ the Son of Man                                                              Wilkinson, William Cleaver; 1833-1920.                        1918      English
0524077541       Concerning Life: Sermons                                                                            Latimer, George Dimmick; 1856-1930.                           1907      English
0524032335       Concerning Sea Power                                                                                Jordan, David Starr; 1851-1931.                               1912      English
079052001X       Concerning the Date of the Bohairic Version: Covering a Detailed Examination of the Text of the     Hoskier, H. C. (Herman Charles); b. 1864.                     1911      English
                 Apocalypse and a Review of Some of the Writings of the Egyptian Monks
0524022747       Concerning the Disciples of Christ                                                                  Tyler, B. B. (Benjamin Bushrod); 1840-1922.                   1897      English
0790500418       Concerning the Genesis of the Versions of the N.T: Remarks Suggested by the Study of P and the      Hoskier, H. C. (Herman Charles); b. 1864.                     1910      English
                 Allied Questions as Regards the Gospels
0790582651       Concise Dictionary of Religious Knowledge and Gazetteer, The                                                                                                      1898      English
0837078458       Conclave of Clement X (1670), The                                                                   Bildt, Carl Nils Daniel Bildt; Freiherr von; 1850-1930.       1903      English
837022924        Conclusions                                                                                         Berliner, Emile.                                              1902      English
0524031150       Concordantiae Corani Arabicae                                                                       Flùgel, Gustav; 1802-1870.                                    1898      Arabic
0837088593       Concordia, Oder, Die Bekenntnisschriften Der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche                                                                                      1898      German
0524036233       Condensed Lectures on Eschatology, or, The Doctrine of Final Things                                 Myers, T. T. (Tobias T.); 1865-1929.                          1903      English
0790585928       Conditional Immortality: A Help to Sceptics                                                         Stokes, George Gabriel; Sir; 1819-1903.                       1897      English
0524055165       Conditions of Church Life in the First Six Centuries: A Paper, The                                  Stone, Darwell; 1859-1941.                                    1905      English
837041481        Conditions of Our Lord's Life on Earth: Being Five Lectures Delivered on the Bishop Paddock         Mason, Arthur James; 1851-1928.                               1896      English
                 Foundation, in theGeneral Seminary at New York, 1896: To Which Is Prefixed Part of a First
                 Professorial Lecture at Cambridge, The
0524079943       Conduct of Life, or, The Universal Order of Confucius: A Translation of One of the Four Confucian                                                                 1912      English
                 Books Hitherto Known as the Doctrine of the Mean, The
079054797X       Conduct of Public Worship, The                                                                      Greenhough, John Gersham.                                     1901      English
0524027935       Conference of Representatives of Commissions in the United States Appointed to Arrange for a                                                                      1913      English
                 World Conference on Faith and Order: Hotel Astor, New York, Thursday, May 8th, 1913
0524061998       Confèrences de Saint-Etienne: (Ecole Pratique D'etudes Bibliques) 1909-1910.                                                                                      1910      French
0524063362       Confèrences de Saint-Etienne: Ecole Pratique D'ètudes Bibliques, 1910-1911.                                                                                       1911      French
0837087066       Confessional History of the Lutheran Church, The                                                    Richard, James William; 1843-1909.                            1909      English
0790588765       Confessional Principle and the Confessions of the Lutheran Church: As Embodying the                 Schmauk, Theodore Emanuel; 1860-1920.                         1911      English
                 Evangelical Confession ofthe Christian Church, The
0524083320       Confessions of Augustine, The                                                                     Augustine; Saint, Bishop of Hippo.                              1908      English
0837088046       Confessions of Faith and Formulas of Subscription: In the Reformed Churches of Great Britain and Cooper, James; 1846-1922.                                        1907      English
                 Ireland Especially in the Church of Scotland: Being a Series of Lectures Delivered to Students of
                 Church History in the Opening Days of Session

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 47 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                 Author                                                     Year Published Language
0790553015       Confessions of the Church of Scotland: Their Evolution in History: The Seventh Series of the          McCrie, C. G. (Charles Greig); 1836-1910.                      1907      English
                 Chalmers Lectures, The
0790504952       Confirmation                                                                                          Hall, A. C. A. (Arthur Crawshay Alliston); 1847-1930.          1900      English
0524055645       Confirmation                                                                                          Bickersteth, H. V.                                             1916      English
0790515792       Confirmation in the Apostolic Age                                                                     Chase, F. H. (Frederic Henry); 1853-1925.                      1909      English
052403009X       Confirmation Rubric and Christian Fellowship, The                                                     Hodges, George; 1856-1919.                                     1915      English
0790546469       Conflict of Duties and Other Essays, The                                                              Gardner, Alice; 1854-1927.                                     1903      English
0790588315       Conflict of Ideals in the Church of England, The                                                      Little, W. J. Knox; (William John Knox); 1839-1918.            1905      English
0790529041       Conflict of Religions in the Early Roman Empire, The                                                  Glover, T. R. (Terrot Reaveley); 1869-1943.                    1909      English
0790578069       Conflict of Truth, The                                                                                Capron, F. Hugh; (Frederick Hugh); 1857-1955.                  1903      English
0790571668       Confucianism and Its Rivals: Lectures Delivered in the University Hall of Dr. Williams's Library,     Giles, Herbert Allen; 1845-1935.                               1915      English
                 London, October-December 1914
0524019908       Confucius                                                                                             Stùbe, R. (Rudolf); b. 1870.                                   1913      German
0524097917       Confucius                                                                                             Stùebe, Rudolf; 1870-                                          1913      German
0524080666       Confucius and Confucianism: Four Lectures                                                             Walshe, W. Gilbert.                                            1911      English
0524026823       Confucius and Mencius                                                                                 Wu, Tʻing-fang; 1842-1922.                                    1901      English
0524026750       Confucius and New China: Confucius' Idea of the State and Its Relation to the Constitutional          Wang, Ching-tao.                                               1912      English
0524022984       Confucius Und Seine Lehre                                                                        DvorÌŒàk, Rudolf; 1861-1919.                                        1895      German
0837062292       Congo for Christ: The Story of the Congo Mission, The                                            Myers, John Brown; 1844 or 45-1915.                                 1895      English
837004624        Congo for Christ: The Story of the Congo Mission, The                                            Myers, John Brown; 1844?-1915.                                      1895      English
0524036934       Congo, The                                                                                       Campbell, H. D. (Henry D.)                                          1917      English
052407027X       Congregational Administration: The Carew Lectures Before the Hartford Theological Seminary 1908- Nash, Charles Sumner; 1856-1926.                                    1909      English
0524008493       Congregational Churches of Vermont and Their Ministry, 1762-1914: Historical and Statistical, The     Comstock, John M. (John Moore); b. 1859.                       1915      English

0524032564       Congregational Creeds and Covenants                                                                   Barton, William Eleazar; 1861-1930.                            1917      English
0524007314       Congregational Missionary Work in Porto Rico: Conducted by the American Missionary                    Douglass, Harlan Paul; 1871-1953.                              1910      English
0524010773       Congregational Way: A Hand Book of Congregational Principles and Practices, The                       Boynton, George M. (George Mills); 1837-1908.                  1903      English
0524023913       Congregationalism                                                                                     Jefferson, Charles Edward; 1860-1937.                          1910      English
0524067589       Congregationalism in New Hampshire During the Nineteenth Century: Including a Sketch of the           Thayer, Lucius Harrison; 1857-1931.                            1909      English
                 General Association for One Hundred Years: An Address
0790546329       Congregationalists in America: A Popular History of Their Origin, Belief, Polity, Growth and Work     Dunning, Albert E. (Albert Elijah); 1844-1923.                 1894      English

0524026947       Congregationalists, Who They Are and What They Do                                                     Prudden, Theodore P. (Theodore Philander); 1847-1915.          1906      English
052404807X       Connection Between Old and New Testaments                                                             Rae, G. Milne; (George Milne)                                  1917      English
0837065259       Conquest of the Cross in China, The                                                                   Speicher, Jacob; b. 1866.                                      1907      English
0837071437       Conquest of the Sioux, The                                                                            Gilman, S. C. (Samuel C.)                                      1897      English
0790591472       Conquest of Trouble; and, the Peace of God: Musings, The                                              Brent, Charles H. (Charles Henry); 1862-1929.                  1916      English
0790594498       Conscience & Christ: Six Lectures on Christian Ethics                                                 Rashdall, Hastings; 1858-1924.                                 1916      English
083706127X       Conscience and Law, or, Principles of Human Conduct                                                   Humphrey, William; 1839-1910.                                  1896      English
0524084386       Consciousness, Being, Immortality; Divine Healing and Christian Science                               Burgess, O. O.                                                 1899      English
837007275        Consecrated Womanhood: A Sermon Preached in the First Congregational Church, Portland,                Marvin, Frederic Rowland; 1847-1918.                           1903      English
0524004196       Consecration and Purity, or, The Will of God Concerning Me                                            Wheeler, Mary Sparkes; 1835-1919.                              1913      English
0790538660       Conservation of National Ideals                                                                                                                                      1911      English
0524026882       Considerations Concerning the Sacrament of Our Lord's Body and Blood                                  Hall, A. C. A. (Arthur Crawshay Alliston); 1847-1930.          1917      English
0524030278       Considerations on Two Fundamental Principles of the Anglican Reformation: With Preliminary            Waterman, Lucius; 1851-1923.                                   1916      English
                 Observations on Certain Characteristic Failures of Different Forms of Christianity: An Open Letter
                 to Rev. George C. Foley, D.D...
0790535505       Consolations of the Cross: Addressses on the Seven Words of the Dying Lord, The                       Brent, Charles H. (Charles Henry); 1862-1929.                  1904      English
0524087474       Consolidated History of the Churches of the Oxford Baptist Association, State of Maine, and a         Crockett, George B.                                            1905      English
                 Historical Sketch of the Association
0524040354       Constancy, and Other Poems: In Which May Be Found Poems of Home Life, of School Life, and of          Baker, Naaman R. (Naaman Rimnon); b. 1868.                     1894      English
                 the Christian Life
0790542129       Constantine the Great and Christianity: Three Phases: The Historical, the Legendary, and the          Coleman, Christopher Bush; 1875-1944.                          1914      English
0790545683       Constantine the Great: The Reorganisation of the Empire and the Triumph of the Church                 Firth, John B. (John Benjamin); 1868-1943.                     1905      English
079051060X       Constitution & Law of the Church in the First Two Centuries, The                                      Harnack, Adolf von; 1851-1930.                                 1910      English
0790501759       Constitution and Polity of the New Testament Church                                                   Weston, Henry G. (Henry Griggs); 1820-1909.                    1895      English
0790554526       Constitution of the Later Roman Empire: Creighton Memorial Lecture, The                               Bury, J. B. (John Bagnell); 1861-1927.                         1910      English
0790544423       Constitutional and Parliamentary History of the Methodist Episcopal Church                            Buckley, J. M. (James Monroe); 1836-1920.                      1912      English
0790569736       Constitutional Authority of Bishops in the Catholic Church: Illustrated by the History and Canon      Wirgman, A. Theodore; (Augustus Theodore); 1846-1917.          1899      English
                 Law of the Undivided Church, From the Apostolic Age to the Council of Chalcedon, A.D. 451, The

0790546795       Constitutional Documents of the Puritan Revolution, 1625-1660, The                                                                                                   1906      English
0790551934       Constitutional History and Constitution of the Church of England, The                         Makower, Felix; 1863-1933.                                             1895      English
0837015758       Constitutional Law Questions Now Pending in the Methodist Episcopal Church: With a Suggestion Warren, William Fairfield; 1833-1929.                                  1894      English
                 on the Future of the Episcopacy: Containing Also the New Constitution, to Be Acted on by the
                 General Conference of 1896, and a Paper on the Man and...
079050300X       Construction of the Bible, The                                                                   Adeney, Walter F. (Walter Frederic); 1849-1920.                     1898      English
0790573741       Constructive Natural Theology                                                                    Smyth, Newman; 1843-1925.                                           1913      English
0524019819       Constructive Principles of the Bahai Movement: A Summary of the History, Object and Institutions Remey, Charles Mason; 1874-1974.                                    1917      English
                 of the Bahai Religious Teachings
083703387X       Constructive Studies in John: The Gospel for the Christian (Twenty-Six Studies) for Use in Schools Gregory, D. S. (Daniel Seeley); 1832-1915.                        1908      English
                 and Bible Classes
0524016461       Consul: A Sketch of Emma Booth Tucker, The                                                            Booth-Tucker, F. de L. (Frederick de Latour); 1853-1929.       1903      English
0790558408       Contemporaries                                                                                        Higginson, Thomas Wentworth; 1823-1911.                        1899      English
0524083061       Contendings of the Apostles. Vol. II; the English Translation: Being the Histories of the Lives and                                                                  1901      English
                 Martyrdomsand Deaths of the Twelve Apostles and Evangelists, The
837027284        Contentio Veritatis: Essays in Constructive Theology                                                                                                                 1902      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                             Page 48 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                 Author                                                   Year Published Language
0524077193       Contest for Liberty of Conscience in England, The                                                     St. John, Wallace; b. 1868.                                  1900      English
0790555530       Continental Reformation in Germany, France and Switzerland: From the Birth of Luther to the           Plummer, Alfred; 1841-1926.                                  1912      English
                 Death of Calvin, The
052400868X       Continental Reformation, The                                                                          Kidd, B. J. (Beresford James); 1863-1948.                    1902      English
0790576902       Contingency of the Laws of Nature, The                                                                Boutroux, Emile; 1845-1921.                                  1916      English
0790541793       Continuation Committee Conferences in Asia, 1912-1913: A Brief Account of the Conferences                                                                          1913      English
                 Together With TheirFindings and Lists of Members., The
0524054894       Continuity of Possession at the Reformation, The                                                   Browne, G. F. (George Forrest); 1833-1930.                      1897      English
0524023956       Continuity of the Church of England: Before & After Its Reformation in the Sixteenth Century, With Puller, F. W. (Frederick William); 1843-1938.                   1912      English
                 Some Account of Its Present Condition, The
0524055319       Continuity of the Holy Catholic Church in England: A Lecture, The                                     Browne, G. F. (George Forrest); 1833-1930.                   1903      English
837000556        Contrast: Or a Prophet and a Forger                                                                   Abbott, Edwin Abbott; 1838-1926.                             1903      English
0524022208       Contributions to the Science of Mythology                                                             Mùller, F. Max; (Friedrich Max); 1823-1900.                  1897      English
0524054878       Controversial Statistics of Romanism, The                                                             Brinckman, Arthur; Chaplain of St. Saviour's Hospital.       1898      English
0524049750       Controversy Between the Puritans and the Stage, The                                                   Thompson, Elbert Nevius Sebring; 1877-                       1903      English
0790582201       Controversy Over the Proposition for an American Episcopate, 1767-1774: A Bibliography of the         Nelson, William; 1847-1914.                                  1909      English
                 Subject, The
837027292        Conversations With Christ: A Biographical Study                                                       Lucas, Bernard.                                              1905      English
0790595818       Conversion and Election: A Plea for a United Lutheranism in America                                   Pieper, F. (Franz); 1852-1931.                               1913      English
0524004021       Conversion of Armenia to the Christian Faith, The                                                     Tisdall, William St. Clair; 1859-1928.                       1897      English
0524016798       Conversion of India, or, Reconciliation Between Christianity and Hinduism: Being Studies in Indian    Berg, Emil P.                                                1911      English
                 Missions, The
0837065186       Conversion of India: From Pantaenus to the Present Time, A.D. 193-1893, The                           Smith, George; 1833-1919.                                    1894      English
052400515X       Conversion of the Heptarchy: Seven Lectures, The                                                      Browne, G. F. (George Forrest); 1833-1930.                   1914      English
0837065844       Conversion of the Maoris, The                                                                         MacDougall, Donald; 1854-1920.                               1899      English
0790579723       Conversion, or, The New Birth                                                                         Marshall, Newton H. (Newton Herbert)                         1909      English
0837064740       Co-Operation and the Promotion of Unity: With Supplement, Presentation and Discussion of the                                                                       1910      English
                 Report in the Conference on 21st June 1910.
0837017939       Coptic (Sahidic) Version of Certain Books of the Old Testament: From a Papyrus in the British                                                                      1908      Coptic
                 Museum, The
0790518430       Coptic Apocryphal Gospels: Translations Together With the Texts of Some of Them                                                                                    1896      English
0837017920       Coptic Biblical Texts in the Dialect of Upper Egypt                                                                                                                1912      Coptic
0837011612       Coptic Version of the New Testament in the Northern Dialect: Otherwise Called Memphitic and                                                                        1898      Coptic
                 Bohairic, With Introduction, Critical Apparatus, and Literal English Translation., The
0790554909       Copts and Moslems Under British Control: A Collection of Facts and a Rèsumè of Authoritative          Mikhail, Kyriakos.                                           1911      English
                 Opinions on the Coptic Question
052409814X       Corea, the Hermit Nation                                                                              Griffis, William Elliot; 1843-1928.                          1897      English
837043077        Corinthians: Introduction, Authorized Version, Revised Version, With Notes, Index, and Map            Massie, John; 1842-1925.                                     1902      English
0524083851       Corner Stones of a Baptist Church                                                                     Hobart, Alvah Sabin; 1847-1930.                              1894      English
0790566249       Corner-Stones of Faith, or, The Origin and Characteristics of the Christian Denominations of the      Small, Charles H. (Charles Herbert); b. 1861.                1898      English
                 United States
0524055106       Coronation of the Queen, The                                                                          Legg, J. Wickham; (John Wickham); 1843-1921.                 1898      English
0524082065       Corrected English New Testament: A Revision of the "Authorised" Version (by Nestle's Resultant                                                                     1905      English
                 Text), The
0790515601       Corrections of Mark Adopted by Matthew and Luke, The                                                  Abbott, Edwin Abbott; 1838-1926.                             1901      English
0524066566       Correspondence Between the Committee on Church Unity of the General Assembly of the                                                                                1896      English
                 Presbyterian Church in theU.S.A. and the Commission on Christian Unity of the General
                 Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S.A, The
0524074313       Correspondence of John Henry Hobart, The                                                              Hobart, John Henry; 1775-1830.                               1911      English
0524074178       Correspondence of the Reverend Ezra Fisher: Pioneer Missionary of the American Baptist Home           Fisher, Ezra; 1800-1874.                                     1919      English
                 Mission Society in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Oregon
0790546515       Correspondence on Church and Religion of William Ewart Gladstone                                      Gladstone, W. E. (William Ewart); 1809-1898.                 1910      English
0837080967       Correspondence on Infallability sic: Between a Father Jesuit and General Alexander Kireeff, an        Kireev, Alexsandr Alekseevich; 1833-1910.                    1896      English
                 Eastern Orthodox.
0524076375       Correspondence With the Missions of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in                                                                    1907      English
                 the U.S.A. Regarding the Distinct Missionary Responsibility of the Presbyterian Church

0524099219       Cosas de La India: Hojas Arrancadas Del Diario de Un Misionero                                        Pilar, Placido Maria del.                                    1915      Spanish
837044480        Cosmos and the Logos: Being the Lectures for 1901-2 on the L.P. Stone Foundation in the               Minton, Henry Collin; 1855-1924.                             1902      English
                 Princeton TheologicalSeminary: Also Delivered in the Theological Seminary at Auburn, New York,
0524074410       Counsel to New Missionaries                                                                                                                                        1905      English
0524017514       Count Your Blessings: A Record of Bible Promise and of Answered Prayer                                                                                             1900      English
0837082102       Counter-Reformation in Europe, The                                                                    Pennington, Arthur Robert.                                   1899      English
0524054312       Country Church and the Rural Problem: The Carew Lectures at Hartford Theological Seminary,            Butterfield, Kenyon L. (Kenyon Leech); 1868-1935.            1911      English
                 1909, The
0837079756       Cours de Morale                                                                                       Payot, Jules; 1859-1940.                                     1904      French
0790510308       Course in the English Bible: Lectures III. and IV., Creation: With Questions on Four Lectures         Carroll, B. H. (Benajah Harvey); 1843-1914.                  1902      English
0837080428       Course of Study and Syllabus in American and Irish History for the Elementary Schools of the                                                                       1911      English
                 Archdiocese of New York
0837080436       Course of Study and Syllabus in Drawing for the Elementary Schools of the Archdiocese of New                                                                       1911      English
0837080444       Course of Study and Syllabus in Elementary Science, Applied Geometry, Bookkeeping for the                                                                          1911      English
                 Elementary Schools of the Archdiocese of New York
0837080452       Course of Study and Syllabus in English for the Elementary Schools of the Archdiocese of New                                                                       1911      English
0837080460       Course of Study and Syllabus in Geography and Mathematics for the Elementary Schools of the                                                                        1911      English
                 Archdiocese of New York
0837080479       Course of Study and Syllabus in Music for the Elementary Schools the Archdiocese of New York                                                                       1911      English

0837080487       Course of Study and Syllabus in Physical Culture, Physiology and Hygiene, Nature Study for the                                                                     1911      English
                 Elementary Schools of the Archdiocese of New York

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 49 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                           Year Published Language
0837080495       Course of Study and Syllabus in Religion for the Elementary Schools of the Archdiocese of New                                                                             1911      English
0524039127       Courtier, Monk and Martyr: A Sketch of the Life and Sufferings of Blessed Sebastian Newdigate of     Camm, Bede; 1864-1942.                                               1901      English
                 the London Charterhouse
0790510103       Coutumes Des Arabes Au Pays de Moab                                                                  Jaussen, Antonin; b. 1871.                                           1908      French
837055784        Covenant of Salt: As Based on the Significance and Symbolism of Salt in Primitive Thought, The       Trumbull, H. Clay; (Henry Clay); 1830-1903.                          1899      English

                 Covenant Theology of Francis Roberts, The                                                            Lim, Won Taek.                                                       2000      English
0524074208       Covenanter Pastor, The                                                                               George, R. J. (Robert James); 1844-1911.                             1911      English
0524074216       Covenanter Vision, The                                                                               George, R. J. (Robert James); 1844-1911.                             1917      English
0524062412       Covenanters, The                                                                                     Beveridge, John; b. 1857.                                            1905      English
0790558394       Covenanters: A History of the Church in Scotland From the Reformation to the Revolution, The         Hewison, James King; b. 1853.                                        1913      English

0524009953       Covenants and the Covenanters: Covenants, Sermons, and Documents of the Covenanted                                                                                        1895      English
                 Reformation, The
0790581116       Covenants of Scotland, The                                                                                                                                                1914      English
0524012040       Cradle Tales of Hinduism                                                                             Nivedita; Sister; 1867-1911.                                         1907      English
0524048789       Cranmer and the Reformation in England                                                               Innes, Arthur D. (Arthur Donald); 1863-1938.                         1900      English
0524037035       Cranmer's Liturgical Projects                                                                                                                                             1915      Latin
0524046980       Cratippi Hellenicorum Fragmenta Oxyrhynchia                                                                                                                               1916      Greek
0790538903       Creation and Man                                                                                     Hall, Francis J. (Francis Joseph); 1857-1932.                        1912      English
0524020132       Creation Myths of Primitive America: In Relation to the Religious History and Mental Development     Curtin, Jeremiah; 1835-1906.                                         1898      English
                 of Mankind
0837094704       Creation Story, The                                                                                  Gladstone, W. E. (William Ewart); 1809-1898.                         1896      English
837048206        Creation, Story of Genesis I: A Sumerian Theogony and Cosmogony, The                                 Radau, Hugo; b. 1873.                                                1902      English
052403804X       Creation, Time and Eternity: A Book Devoted to the Unfolding of the Great Fundamental Truths as      Secrist, J. S. (Jacob S.); b. 1861.                                  1911      English
                 Found in Science, Nature and Revelation...
079053682X       Creation: God in Time and Space                                                                      Foster, Randolph S. (Randolph Sinks); 1820-1903.                     1895      English
837026342        Credibility of the Book of the Acts of the Apostles: Being the Hulsean Lectures for 1900-1901, The   Chase, F. H. (Frederic Henry); 1853-1925.                            1902      English

0790596628       Creed and the Creeds: Their Function in Religion: Being the Bampton Lectures of 1911                 Skrine, John Huntley; 1848-1923.                                     1911      English
0524039534       Creed and the Prayer, The                                                                            Johnston, J. Wesley.                                                 1896      English
0837083362       Creed Explained, or, An Exposition of Catholic Doctrine: According to the Creeds of Faith and the    Devine, Arthur; 1849-1919.                                           1903      English
                 Constitutions and Definitions of the Church, The
0790559439       Creed in the Pulpit, The                                                                             Henson, Hensley; 1863-1947.                                          1912      English
0524083460       Creed of a Layman: Apologia Pro Fide Mea, The                                                        Harrison, Frederic; 1831-1923.                                       1907      English
0524008965       Creed of Buddha, The                                                                                 Holmes, Edmond Gore Alexander; 1850-1936.                            1908      English
837036275        Creed of Christ, The                                                                                 Holmes, Edmund Gore Alexander; 1850-1936.                            1905      English
0524009252       Creed of Half Japan: Historical Sketches of Japanese Buddhism, The                                   Lloyd, Arthur.                                                       1911      English
0524047782       Creed of Presbyterians, The                                                                          Smith, Egbert W. (Egbert Watson); 1862-1944.                         1902      English
083704815X       Creed of the Christian, The                                                                          Gore, Charles; 1853-1932.                                            1905      English
052400112X       Creeds and Churches: Studies in Symbolics                                                            Stewart, Alexander.                                                  1916      English
052405326X       Creeds: An Historical and Doctrinal Exposition of the Apostles', Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds,      Mortimer, Alfred G. (Alfred Garnett); 1848-1924.                     1902      English
0790529866       Crises of the Christ, The                                                                            Morgan, G. Campbell; (George Campbell); 1863-1945.                   1903      English
0837086809       Crisis Among the French Clergy, The                                                                  Houtin, Albert; 1867-1926.                                           1910      English
837059747        Crisis of the Deeper Life, The                                                                       Pardington, G. P.                                                    1906      English
0790507528       Critica Biblica, or, Critical Notes on the Text of the Old Testament Writings                        Cheyne, T. K. (Thomas Kelly); 1841-1915.                             1903      English
0790503182       Critical and Exegetical Hand Book to the Gospel of John                                              Meyer, Heinr. Aug. Wilh. (Heinrich August Wilhelm); 1800-1873.       1895      English
837044510        Critical Handbook of the Greek New Testament, The                                                    Mitchell, E. C. (Edward Cushing); 1829-1900.                         1896      English
837027322        Critical Notes on Old Testament History: The Traditions of Saul and David                            Cook, Stanley Arthur; 1873-1949.                                     1907      English
0790501341       Critical Questions: Being a Course of Sermons                                                                                                                             1903      English
0790588870       Critical Realism: A Study of the Nature and Conditions of Knowledge                                  Sellars, Roy Wood; 1880-                                             1916      English
837050391        Criticism of the Fourth Gospel: Eight Lectures on the Morse Foundation, Delivered in the Union       Sanday, W. (William); 1843-1920.                                     1905      English
                 Seminary, New York in October and November, 1904, The
837002087        Criticism of the Fourth Gospel: Eight Lectures on the Morse Foundation, Delivered in the Union       Sanday, W. (William); 1843-1920.                                     1905      English
                 Seminary, New York, in October and November, 1904, The
837027772        Criticism of the New Testament: St. Margaret's Lectures                                                                                                                   1903      English
0790592843       Criticisms on Contemporary Thought and Thinkers                                                      Hutton, Richard Holt; 1826-1897.                                     1894      English
0524033994       Cromwell's Army: A History of the English Soldier During the Civil Wars, the Commonwealth and        Firth, C. H. (Charles Harding); 1857-1936.                           1902      English
                 the Protectorate: Being the Ford Lectures Delivered in the University of Oxford in 1900-1

0790546442       Cromwell's Place in History: Founded on Six Lectures                                                 Gardiner, Samuel Rawson; 1829-1902.                                  1897      English
0837092035       Cromwell's Soldier's Bible: Being a Reprint, in Facsimile, of "the Souldier's Pocket Bible,"                                                                              1895      English
                 Compiled by Edmund Calamy, and Issued for the Use of the Commonwealth Army in 1643: With a
                 Bibliographical Introduction and a Preface
052410008X       Croquis de Chine                                                                                     Servière, Joseph de la.                                              1912      French
0837071925       Cross and Chrysanthemum: An Episode of Japanese History: An Historical Tale                          Spillmann, Jos.                                                      1906      English
0524093113       Cross and Crown: Stories of the Chinese Martyrs                                                      Bryson, Mary Isabella.                                               1904      English
837056853        Cross and the Kingdom: As Viewed by Christ Himself and in the Light of Evolution, The                Walker, W. L. (William Lowe); 1845-1930.                             1902      English
0790529440       Cross in Christian Experience, The                                                                   Clow, W. M. (William Maccallum); 1853-1930.                          1909      English
0524064172       Cross in Japan: A Study in Achievement and Opportunity, The                                          Hagin, Fred Eugene; 1869-1938.                                       1914      English
0524010269       Cross in Ritual, Architecture and Art, The                                                           Tyack, Geo. S. (George Smith)                                        1900      English
0837066441       Cross in the Land of the Trident, The                                                                Beach, Harlan P. (Harlan Page); 1854-1933.                           1895      English
0790524287       Cross in Tradition, History, and Art, The                                                            Seymour, William Wood.                                               1897      English
                 Cross of Christ as Set Forth in the Apostolic Writings, The                                          Aitchison, James; b. 1846.                                           1896      English
0524078610       Cross of Christ in Bolo-Land, The                                                                    Dean, John Marvin; 1875-1935.                                        1902      English
0524022682       Cross of Christ, The                                                                                 Simpson, A. B. (Albert B.)                                           1910      English
0524063044       Cross, the Plus Sign in Our Minus Lives, The                                                                                                                              1914      English
0790598582       Cross: The Report of a Misgiving, The                                                                Ross, G. A. Johnston; (George Alexander Johnston); 1865-1937.        1912      English
0790559447       Cross-Bench Views of Current Church Questions                                                        Henson, Hensley; 1863-1947.                                          1902      English
0524058431       Crown of Hinduism, The                                                                               Farquhar, J. N. (John Nicol); 1861-1929.                             1913      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 50 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                       Year Published Language
837025966        Crown of Thorns: A Story of the Time of Christ, The                                                  Carus, Paul; 1852-1919.                                          1901      English
0524045283       Croyances Et Lègendes Du Moyen Eì¥                                                                   Maury, L.-F.-Alfred; (Louis-Ferdinand-Alfred); 1817-1892.        1896      French
0790562855       Crucial Race Question, or, Where and How Shall the Color Line Be Drawn, The                          Brown, William Montgomery; 1855-1937.                            1907      English
837038480        Cruciality of the Cross, The                                                                         Forsyth, Peter Taylor; 1848-1921.                                1900      English
837046408        Crucifixion                                                                                          Osborne, John H.                                                 1897      English
0790559730       Crusaders in the East: A Brief History of the Wars of Islam With the Latins in Syria During the      Stevenson, William Barron; 1869-                                 1907      English
                 Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries, The
0837066964       Crusaders of the Twentieth Century, or, The Christian Missionary and the Muslim: An Introduction Rice, W. A. (Walter Ayscoughe)                                       1910      English
                 to Work Among Muhammadans
0524035466       Cuddesdon College, 1854-1904: A Record and Memorial.                                                                                                                  1904      English
0524026130       Cult of Êalì, The                                                                                    Sell, Edward; 1839-1932.                                         1910      English
052400708X       Cult of Othin: An Essay in the Ancient Religion of the North, The                                    Chadwick, H. Munro; (Hector Munro); 1870-1947.                   1899      English
0790523647       Cult of the Heavenly Twins, The                                                                      Harris, J. Rendel; (James Rendel); 1852-1941.                    1906      English
052401308X       Cults of Ostia, The                                                                                  Taylor, Lily Ross; 1886-                                         1912      English
0524062277       Cults of the Greek States, The                                                                       Farnell, Lewis Richard; 1856-1934.                               1896      English
0524024324       Cults, Customs and Superstitions of India: Being a Revised and Enlarged Edition of Indian Life,      Oman, John Campbell; 1841-1911.                                  1908      English
                 Religious and Social: Comprising Studies and Sketches of Interesting Peculiarities in the Beliefs,
                 Festivals and Domestic Life of the Indian…
0524012938       Cults, Myths and Religions                                                                           Reinach, Salomon; 1858-1932.                                     1912      English
0790517485       Culture of Ancient Israel, The                                                                       Cornill, Carl Heinrich; 1854-1920.                               1914      English
0837085047       Culture of Justice: A Mode of Moral Education and of Social Reform, The                              Du Bois, Patterson; 1847-1917.                                   1907      English
0790590778       Culture of Personality, The                                                                          Randall, J. Herman; (John Herman); 1871-1946.                    1912      English
0790597632       Culture of Religion: Elements of Religious Education, The                                            Wilm, Emil Carl; 1877-1932.                                      1912      English
0837063337       Culture of Simplicity, The                                                                           McLeod, Malcolm James; b. 1867.                                  1904      English
0524033099       Culture of the Soul Among Western Nations, The                                                       Ràmanàthan, P. (Ponnambalam); 1851-1930.                         1906      English
0524056927       Cuneiform Parallels to the Old Testament                                                                                                                              1912      English
0790527502       Cuneiform Supplement (Autographed) to the Author's Ancient Persian Lexicon and Texts: With                                                                            1910      Old Persian
                 Brief Historical Synopsis of the Language
0790529262       Cure of Souls, or, Christ's Treatment of the Individual, The                                         Milton, Wm. H. (William Hammond); b. 1868.                       1908      English
0524023379       Curious Church Customs and Cognate Subjects                                                                                                                           1895      English
837059275        Curious Facts, Myths, Legends, and Superstitions Concerning Jesus: With an Historical Sketch of      Wright, John W.                                                  1894      English
                 the False Christs of All Ages
0837090105       Current Questions for Thinking Men                                                                   MacArthur, Robert Stuart; 1841-1923.                             1898      English
0837083583       Curse of Rome: A Frank Confession of a Catholic Priest, and a Complete Exposè of the Immoral         MacGrail, Joseph F.                                              1907      English
                 Tyranny of the Church of Rome, The
0790546523       Cyclopedic Manual of the United Presbyterian Church of North America: Comprising a Brief History Glasgow, W. Melancthon; (William Melancthon); 1856-1909.             1903      English
                 of Her Ancestral Branches, Ministry, Congregations, Institutions, Courts, Boards, Missions,
                 Periodicals, Etc., and Embellished With the Portraits
0524054347       Cyprian the Churchman                                                                                Faulkner, John Alfred; 1857-1931.                                1906      English
0790517221       Cyprian Und Der Ròmische Primat: Eine Kirchen-Und Dogmengeschichtliche Studie                        Koch, Hugo; 1869-                                                1910      German
079054086X       Cyprian: His Life, His Times, His Work                                                               Benson, Edward White; 1829-1896.                                 1897      English
0524003149       D. Balthasar Hubmaier Als Theologe                                                                   Sachsse, Carl.                                                   1914      German
0790521261       D. Gustav Warneck, 1834-1910: Blàtter Der Erinnerung                                                 Kàhler, Martin; 1835-1912.                                       1911      German
0790516756       D. Martin Luthers Deutsche Bibel                                                                     Reichert, O.                                                     1910      German
0837064945       D.M. Thornton: A Study in Missionary Ideals and Methods                                              Gairdner, W. H. T. (William Henry Temple); 1873-1928.            1908      English
0524051860       Daabsminder Fra Herrens Tjeneste I Kirke Og Mission                                                  Andersen, R. (Rasmus); 1848-1930.                                1912      Danish
0524084033       Dabistàn, or, School of Manners: The Religious Beliefs, Observances, Philosophic Opinions and                                                                         1901      English
                 Social Customs of the Nations of the East, The
0790580241       Dahlmann-waitz: Quellenkunde Der Deutschen Geschichte.                                               Dahlmann, F. C. (Friedrich Christoph); 1785-1860.                1912      German
0524082782       Daily-Throgmorton Debate: Held at Ewing, Illinois, August 13-16, 1912                                Daily, John R. (John Riley); b. 1854.                            1913      English
079052094X       Dàmonenbeschwòrung Bei Den Babyloniern Und Assyrern                                                  Weber, Otto; 1877-1928.                                          1906      German
0524021430       Danger Lines in the Deeper Life                                                                      Simpson, A. B. (Albert B.)                                       1898      English
0837071976       Dangers of the Day                                                                                   Vaughan, John S. (John Stephen); 1853-1925.                      1909      English
837055334        Daniel                                                                                               Tiefenthal, Fr. Salesius.                                        1895      Latin
0790504731       Daniel and His Prophecies                                                                            Wright, Charles H. H. (Charles Henry Hamilton); 1836-1909.       1906      English
083706550X       Daniel and Its Critics: Being a Critical and Grammatical Commentary                                  Wright, Charles H. H. (Charles Henry Hamilton); 1836-1909.       1906      English
837001757        Daniel in the Critics' Den: A Reply to Dean Farrar's 'Book of Daniel'                                Anderson, Robert; Sir; 1841-1918.                                1895      English
837020956        Daniel in the Critic's Den: A Reply to Professor Driver of Oxford and the Dean of Canterbury         Anderson, Robert; Sir; 1841-1918.                                1900      English
0524038597       Daniel the Fearless                                                                                  Royer, Galen B. (Galen Brown); 1862-1951.                        1901      English
0790507277       Daniel Und Die Griechische Gefahr                                                                    Bertholet, Alfred; 1868-1951.                                    1905      German
0524075891       Daniel vs. Darwinism                                                                                 Riley, W. B. (William Bell); 1861-1947.                          1918      English
0790521423       Daniels Bok                                                                                                                                                           1894      Swedish
837058007        Daniel's Great Prophecy: The Eastern Question: The Kingdom                                           West, Nathaniel; 1826-1906.                                      1898      English
0524070563       Danielstudien                                                                                        Bayer, Edmund; b. 1881.                                          1912      German
0524100799       Dà-Nippon. Le Japon: Essai Sur Les Moeurs Et Les Institutions                                        Hitomi, I.                                                       1900      French
0524098581       Dans Les Marches Tibètaines; Autour Du Dokerla, Novembre 1906 - Janvier 1908                         Bacot, Jacques; 1877-1965.                                       1909      French
0524021724       Dansk Luthersk Mission I Amerika: I Tiden Fãr 1884                                                   Vig, P. S. (Peter Sorensen); 1854-1930.                          1917      English
0524052549       Danske Mormoner: Et Bidrag Til Belysning Af Mormonismens Komme Til Danmark                           Kent, Harald Jensen; b. 1871.                                    1913      Danish
0790567997       Dante & Aquinas: Being the Substance of the Jowett Lectures of 1911                                  Wicksteed, Philip Henry; 1844-1927.                              1913      English
0790577399       Dante and the Mystics: A Study of the Mystical Aspect of the Divina Commedia and Its Relations       Gardner, Edmund Garratt; 1869-1935.                              1913      English
                 With Some of Its Mediaeval Sources
0790596016       Dare We Be Christians                                                                                Rauschenbusch, Walter; 1861-1918.                                1914      English
0524098557       Darjeeling Disaster: Its Bright Side, the Triumph of the Six Lee Children, The                       Lee, Ada.                                                        1900      English
0790594587       Darstellung Der Moralphilosophischen Anschauungen Des Philosophen Hermann Samuel                     Richardt, Hermann; b. 1882.                                      1906      German
0790539489       Darstellung Und Beurteilung Der Theologie Ritschls                                                   Haug, Ludwig.                                                    1895      German
0524073848       Dar-Ul-Islam: A Record of a Journey Through Ten of the Asiatic Provinces of Turkey                   Sykes, Mark; 1879-1919.                                          1904      English
0790537559       Darwin and the Humanities                                                                            Baldwin, James Mark; 1861-1934.                                  1909      English
0790505142       Das Abendmahl Im Neuen Testament                                                                     Seeberg, Reinhold; 1859-1935.                                    1907      German
079052242X       Das Abendmahl Im Neuen Testament                                                                     Koch, Wilhelm; Professor.                                        1911      German
0524055785       Das Abendmahl in Neuen Testament                                                                     Eichhorn, Albert; 1856-1926.                                     1898      German
0837077214       Das Alte Testament Im Christlichen Religionsunterrichte                                              Meltzer, Hermann.                                                1899      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 51 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                             Author                                             Year Published Language
0837078474       Das Alte Testament Im Evangelischen Religionsunterricht                                           Boehm, Friedrich.                                      1895      German
083707861X       Das Alte Testament Im Evangelischen Religionsunterricht                                           Flòring, Friedrich.                                    1895      German
0790515350       Das Alte Testament Im Lichte Der Neuesten Assyrisch-Babylonischen Endeckungen                     Mùller, Alois; 1835-1901.                              1896      German
052405732X       Das Alte Testament Im Lichte Des Alten Orients: Handbuch Zur Biblisch-Orientalischen              Jeremias, Alfred; 1864-1935.                           1904      German
0790532182       Das Alte Testament in Der Johanneischen Apokalypse                                                Schlatter, Adolf von; 1852-1938.                       1912      German
0790521601       Das Alte Testament in Der Mischna                                                                 Aicher, Georg.                                         1906      German
0790523388       Das Alte Testament Und Der Christliche Glaube: Ein Wort Zur Verstàndigung                         Wilke, Fritz; b. 1879.                                 1911      German
0790533731       Das Alte Testament Und Die Kritik, Oder, Die Hauptprobleme Der Alttestamentlichen Forschung       Gasser, Joh. Conrad; (Johann Conrad); 1870-1951.       1906      German

0790528568       Das Alte Testament Und Die Nàchstenliebe                                                          Nikel, Johannes; 1863-1924.                            1913      German
0524056382       Das Alte Testament: Seine Entstehung Und Seine Geschichte                                         Thomsen, Peter; 1875-1954.                             1918      German
0524097364       Das Alte Und Das Neue China                                                                       Voskamp, Carl John; 1859-1937.                         1914      German
0790521172       Das Alter Der Babylonischen Astronomie                                                            Jeremias, Alfred; 1864-1935.                           1909      German
0790526921       Das Alter Des Menschengeschlechts Nach Der Heiligen Schrift, Der Profangeschichte Und Der         Schanz, Paul; 1841-1905.                               1896      German
0790525658       Das Àlteste Evangelium: Ein Beitrag Zum Verstàndnis Des Markus-evangeliums Und Der Àltesten       Weiss, Johannes; 1863-1914.                            1903      German
                 Evangelischen Ùberlieferung
0790568802       Das Àlteste Germanische Christentum, Oder, Der Sogen. "Arianismus" Der Germanen: Vortrag          Schubert, Hans von; 1859-1931.                         1909      German

0790523671       Das Alttestamentliche Zinsverbot: Im Lichte Der Ethnologischen Jurisprudenz Sowie Des             Hejcl, Johann.                                         1907      German
                 Altorientalischen Zinswesens
0790542439       Das Antike Mysterienwesen in Seinem Einfluss Auf Das Christentum                                  Anrich, Gustav; 1867-1930.                             1894      German
0790517310       Das Aposteldecret Nach Seiner Ausserkanonischen Textgestalt                                       Resch, Gotthold; b. 1864.                              1905      German
0790524953       Das Aposteldekret                                                                                 Steinmetz, Rudolf.                                     1911      German
0790525984       Das Apostolische Glaubensbekenntnis Und Das Neue Testament                                        Kunze, Johannes; 1865-1927.                            1911      German
0790548836       Das Apostolische Symbol: Seine Entstehung, Sein Geschichtlicher Sinn, Seine Ursprùngliche         Kattenbusch, Ferdinand; 1851-1935.                     1894      German
                 Stellung Im Kultus Und in Der Theologie Der Kirche: Ein Beitrag Zur Symbolik Und
0790531275       Das Apostolische Zeitalter                                                                        Dobschùtz, Ernst von; 1870-1934.                       1904      German
0790531143       Das Arabische Reich Und Sein Sturz                                                                Wellhausen, Julius; 1844-1918.                         1902      German
837053560        Das Assyrische Weltreich Im Urteil Der Propheten                                                  Staerk, Willy; 1866-1946.                              1908      German
0837070554       Das Babylonische Weltschòpfungsepos                                                                                                                      1896      Akkadian
0790561131       Das Basler Konzil: Seine Berufung Und Leitung, Seine Gliederung Und Seine                         Lazarus, Paul; b. 1888.                                1912      German
837037565        Das Bauernhaus in Palaestina: Mit Rùcksicht Auf Das Biblische Wohnhaus                         Jàger, Karl.                                              1912      German
0837086930       Das Bild Des Christentums Bei Den Grossen Deutschen Idealisten: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Des Lùlmann, C. (Christian); b. 1861.                         1901      German
0790528835       Das Buch Daniel                                                                                   Behrmann, Georg; 1846-1911.                            1894      German
0790504367       Das Buch Daniel                                                                                   Marti, Karl; 1855-1925.                                1901      German
083703759X       Das Buch Daniel: Nach Der Septuaginta Hergestellt                                                                                                        1904      German
837049016        Das Buch Daniel: Text-Kritische Untersuchung                                                      Riessler, Paul; 1865-1935.                             1899      German
0790532581       Das Buch Der Weisheit                                                                             Heinisch, Paul; 1878-1956.                             1912      German
0524095841       Das Buch Des Marco Polo Als Quelle Fùr Die Religionsgeschichte                                    Witte, J. (Johannes); 1877-1945.                       1916      German
083703468X       Das Buch Des Propheten Habackuk                                                                   Happel, Otto; 1866-1932.                               1900      German
0790520184       Das Buch Des Propheten Sophonias                                                                  Lippl, Joseph; 1876-1935.                              1910      German
837037603        Das Buch Ester: Nach Der Septuaginta Hergestellt, Ùbersetzt Und Kritisch Erklàrt                                                                         1901      German
837037670        Das Buch Esther: Auf Seine Geschichtlichkeit                                                      Jampel, Sigmund.                                       1907      German
0790507625       Das Buch Exodus                                                                                   Eerdmans, B. D. (Bernardus Dirk); 1868-1948.           1910      German
0790529157       Das Buch Ezechiel                                                                                 Kraetzschmar, Richard.                                 1900      German
079052063X       Das Buch Ezechiel                                                                                 Schmalzl, Peter.                                       1901      German
837037611        Das Buch Ezechiel: Auf Grund Der Septuaginta Hergestellt                                                                                                 1905      German
837045681        Das Buch Genesis Der Vulgata Und Des Hebràischen Textes                                           Neteler, B. (Bernhard)                                 1905      German
837029902        Das Buch Habakuk: Text, Ùbersetzung Und Erklàrung                                                 Duhm, Bernhard; 1847-1928.                             1906      German
0790516993       Das Buch Henoch: Àthiopischer Text                                                                                                                       1902      Ethiopic
0790523477       Das Buch Hesekiel                                                                                 Bertholet, Alfred; 1868-1951.                          1897      German
837029910        Das Buch Hiob                                                                                     Duhm, Bernhard; 1847-1928.                             1897      German
083709447X       Das Buch Hiob                                                                                     Budde, Karl.                                           1913      German
0790519674       Das Buch Hiob: Nach Sienem Inhalt, Seiner Kunstgestaltung Und Religiòsen Bedeutung                Ley, Julius; 1822-1901.                                1903      German
837029929        Das Buch Jeremia                                                                                  Duhm, Bernhard; 1847-1928.                             1901      German
083700442X       Das Buch Jeremia                                                                                                                                         1903      German
083709691X       Das Buch Jeremia                                                                                  Cornill, Carl Heinrich; 1854-1920.                     1905      German
837032717        Das Buch Jeremia                                                                                  Giesebrecht, Friedrich; 1852-1910.                     1907      German
0790531917       Das Buch Jesaia                                                                                   Duhm, Bernhard; 1847-1928.                             1914      German
0790512335       Das Buch Jesaja                                                                                   Marti, Karl; 1855-1925.                                1900      German
0524104182       Das Buch Jesaja: Erklàrt                                                                          Marti, Karl; 1855-1925.                                1900      German
0790524740       Das Buch Job Als Strophisches Kunstwerk Nachgewiesen                                              Hontheim, Joseph; 1858-1929.                           1904      German
079050555X       Das Buch Job: Nach Anleitung Der Strophik Und Der Septuaginta                                                                                            1894      German
837036453        Das Buch Josua                                                                                    Holzinger, H. (Heinrich)                               1901      German
0837074398       Das Buch Kohelet                                                                                  Zapletal, V. (Vincenz); b. 1867.                       1905      German
0790507633       Das Buch Leviticus                                                                                Eerdmans, B. D. (Bernardus Dirk); 1868-1948.           1912      German
837035066        Das Buch Ruth in Der Midrasch-Litteratur: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Bibelexegese             Hartmann, D. (David)                                   1901      German
0790513935       Das Buchwesen Im Altertum Und Im Byzantinischen Mittelalter                                       Gardthausen, V. (Viktor); 1843-1928.                   1911      German
0790509520       Das Christentum Des Neuen Testaments                                                              Hartmann, Eduard von; 1842-1906.                       1905      German
0790544210       Das Christentum in Den Ersten Drei Jahrhunderten                                                  Achelis, Hans; 1865-1937.                              1912      German
837057914        Das Christentum Und Die Monistische Religion                                                      Werner, Max.                                           1905      German
837038286        Das Christentum Und Die Philosophie: Ein Vortrag                                                  Kaftan, Julius; 1848-1926.                             1895      German
837026563        Das Christentum: Fùnf Einzeldarstellungen                                                                                                                1908      German
837041244        Das Christliche Gottvertrauen Und Der Glaube an Christus: Eine Dogmatische Untersuchung Auf       Mayer, E. W. (Emil Walter); b. 1854.                   1899      German
                 Biblisch-theologischer Grundlage Und Unter Berùcksichtigung Der Symbolischen Litteratur

0790520044       Das Christusbild Des Paulus                                                                       Juncker, Alfred.                                       1906      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                          Page 52 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                            Author                                          Year Published Language
837051533        Das Christusbild Des Urchristlichen Glaubens in Religionsgeschichtlicher Beleuchtung: Vortrag    Pfleiderer, Otto; 1839-1908.                        1903      German

837038383        Das Christus-Problem: Grundlinien Zu Einer Sozial-Theologie                                      Kalthoff, Albert; 1850-1906.                        1903      German
0524058350       Das Classische Heidenthum Und Die Christliche Religion                                           Arneth, Franz Hektor; Ritter von.                   1895      German
837040027        Das Dasein Gottes                                                                                Kròning, G. (Gottlieb)                              1907      German
0790517515       Das Decretum Gelasianum de Libris Recipiendis Et Non Recipiendis: In Kritischem Text                                                                 1912      German
0790526824       Das Deuteronomium: Eine Literarkritische Untersuchung                                            Puukko, A. Filemon; (Antti Filemon); b. 1875.       1910      German
837053579        Das Deuteronomium: Sein Inhalt Und Seine Literarische Form: Eine Kritische Studie                Staerk, Willy; 1866-1946.                           1894      German
0524032327       Das Diakonissenhaus Fùr Die Provinz Sachsen Zu Halle A. Saale, 1857-1907: Eine Denkschrift Zu    Jordan; Pastor.                                     1907      German
                 Der Am 3. Juli Stattfindenden Jubelfeier Der Anstalt
0837098041       Das Dodekapropheton                                                                              Marti, Karl; 1855-1925.                             1904      German
837053684        Das Dogma Und Seine Beurteilung in Der Neueren Dogmengeschichte                                  Stange, Carl; b. 1870.                              1898      German
837044170        Das Dogma Vom Neuen Testament                                                                    Krùger, Gustav; b. 1862.                            1896      German
837044162        Das Dogma Von Der Dreieinigkeit Und Gottmenschheit in Seiner Geschichtlichen Entwicklung         Krùger, Gustav; b. 1862.                            1905      German

0790525216       Das Dritte Buch Esdras Und Sein Verhàltnis Zu Den Bùchern Esra-Nehemia                           Bayer, Edmund; b. 1881.                             1911      German
0790517647       Das Edict Des Antoninus Pius; Eine Bisher Nicht Erkannte Schrift Novatian's Vom Jahre 249        Harnack, Adolf von; 1851-1930.                      1895      German
0790519372       Das Ehe- Und Familenrecht Der Hebràer: Mit Rùcksicht Auf Die Ethnologische Forschung             Eberharter, Andreas.                                1914      German
837045975        Das Eigenartige Des Christentums Als Religion                                                    Nòsgen, Karl Friedrich; 1835-1913.                  1902      German
0524015511       Das Eleusische Fest Ursprùnglich Identisch Mit Dem Laubhùttenfest Der Juden                      Haury, J. (Jakob)                                   1914      German
0790506696       Das Ende Des Jùdischen Staatswesens: Sechs Populàre Vortràge                                     Bertholet, Alfred; 1868-1951.                       1910      German
0790501058       Das Evangelium Des Johannes: Nach Der Syrischen Im Sinaikloster Gefundenen                       Merx, Adalbert; 1838-1909.                          1911      German
0790525771       Das Evangelium Des Markus                                                                        Wohlenberg, Gustav; 1862-1917.                      1910      German
0837095441       Das Evangelium in Der Apostelgeschichte                                                          Hadorn, W. (Wilhelm); 1869-1929.                    1907      German
0524054185       Das Evangelium Jesu Und Das Evangelium Von Jesus (Nach Den Synoptikern): Ein Beitrag Zur         Schaeder, Erich; 1861-1936.                         1906      German
                 Lòsung Der Frage in Drei Vorlesungen
083705771X       Das Evangelium Johannis                                                                          Wellhausen, Julius; 1844-1918.                      1908      German
837057728        Das Evangelium Lucae                                                                             Wellhausen, Julius; 1844-1918.                      1904      German
837057736        Das Evangelium Marci                                                                             Wellhausen, Julius; 1844-1918.                      1909      German
837057744        Das Evangelium Matthaei                                                                          Wellhausen, Julius; 1844-1918.                      1904      German
0790501066       Das Evangelium Matthaeus: Nach Der Syrischen Im Sinaikloster Gefundenen                          Merx, Adalbert; 1838-1909.                          1902      German
0524061475       Das Evangelium Und Die Primitiven Rassen                                                         Meinhof, Carl; 1857-1944.                           1913      German
0790505002       Das Evangelium Von Jesus Christus                                                                Ihmels, Ludwig; 1858-1933.                          1911      German
0790568276       Das Feierliche Gelùbde Als Ehehindernis: In Seiner Geschichtlichen Entwicklung                   Scharnagl, Anton; b. 1877.                          1908      German
0790559676       Das Fortleben Des Heidentums in Der Altchristlichen Kirche                                       Soltau, Wilhelm; 1846-1924.                         1906      German
0837006090       Das Fragmententhargum: (Thargum Jeruschalmi Zum Pentateuch)                                                                                          1899      German
837033853        Das Freer-Logion                                                                                 Gregory, Caspar Renè; 1846-1917.                    1908      German
0524061181       Das Fùnfte Evangelium (Das Heilige Land)                                                         Brùckner, Martin; b. 1868.                          1910      German
0790561840       Das Furchtproblem in Der Katholischen Lehre Von Augustin Bis Luther                              Hunzinger, A. W. (August Wilhelm); b. 1871.         1906      German
0790527936       Das Galilàa Bei Jerusalem: Eine Biblische Studie: Ein Beitrag Zur Palàstinakunde                 Resch, Alfred; 1835-1912.                           1910      German
0837095549       Das Gebet Bei Paulus                                                                             Juncker, Alfred.                                    1905      German
0790530473       Das Gebet Im Judentum                                                                            Perles, Felix; 1874-1933.                           1904      German
0790545314       Das Gebet in Der Àltesten Christenheit: Eine Geschichtliche Untersuchung                         Goltz, Eduard; Freiherr von der; b. 1870.           1901      German
837000297        Das Gebet Um Tàgliche Vergebung Der Sùnden; in Der Heilsverkùndigung Jesu Und in Den Briefen     Bindemann, Gerhard; b. 1875.                        1902      German
                 Des Apostels Paulus
0790598132       Das Gebetsproblem Im Anschluss an Schleiermachers Predigten Und Glaubenslehre                    Mènègoz, Fernand; b. 1873.                          1911      German
0524080305       Das Geheimnis Der Fròmmigkeit Und Die Gottmenschheit Christi: Ein Beitrag Zur Deutung Des        Bleibtreu, Walther.                                 1906      German
                 Schluffes Von 1. Tim. 3
0790515946       Das Geheimnis in Der Religion: Vortrag                                                           Duhm, Bernhard; 1847-1928.                          1896      German
0837081653       Das Generalkonzil Im Grossen Abendlàndischen Schisma                                             Bliemetzrieder, Franz.                              1904      German
0837076994       Das Gesetz Chammurabis Und Moses: Eine Skizze                                                    Grimme, Hubert.                                     1903      German
0837075734       Das Gesetz Hammurabis Und Die Thora Israels: Eine Religions-Und Rechtsgeschichtliche Parallele   Oettli, Samuel; 1846-1911.                          1903      German

079050748X       Das Gesetz Und Christus Im Evangelium: Zur Revision Der Kirklichen Lehre "De Lege Et             Bugge, Chr. A. (Christian August); 1853-1928.       1903      German
837031087        Das Gesetzesfreie Evangelium Des Paulus: Nach Seinem Werdegang                                   Feine, Paul; 1859-1933.                             1899      German
0790523272       Das Gewissen Bei Paulus                                                                          Steinmetz, Rudolf.                                  1911      German
0790539039       Das Gewissheitsproblem in Der Systematischen Theologie Bis Zu Schleiermacher                     Heim, Karl; 1874-1958.                              1911      German
0790525259       Das Gilgamesch-Epos                                                                                                                                  1911      German
079052595X       Das Gilgamesch-Epos in Der Weltliteratur. Erster Band;die Ursprùnge Der Alttestamentlichen       Jensen, P. (Peter); 1861-1936.                      1906      German
                 Patriarchen, Propheten- Und Befreier-Sage Und Der Neutestamentlichen Jesus-Sage
0790527251       Das Gleichnis Vom Verlorenen Sohn: Lukas 15, 11-32                                               Kògel, Julius; 1871-1928.                           1909      German
837050677        Das Gottesdienstliche Jahr Der Juden                                                             Schàrf, Theodor.                                    1902      German
0524006423       Das Gotteserlebnis Der Reformation: Eine Apologetische Rede in Erweiterter Form                  Mandel, Hermann; 1882-1946.                         1916      German
0790598299       Das Gòttliche "Noch Nicht!": Ein Beitrag Zur Lehre Vom Heiligen Geist                            Oettingen, Alexander von; 1827-1905.                1895      German
0524057494       Das Gòttliche SelbstbewusstseInjesu: Nach Dem Zeugnis Der Synoptiker: Eine Untersuchung Zur      Steinbeck, Joh. (Johannes); b. 1873.                1908      German
0524007861       Das Grundbekenntnis Der Kirche Und Die Modernen Geistesstròmungen                                Schmidt, Wilhelm; 1839-1912.                        1905      German
0790533456       Das Heilige Land Im Lichte Der Neuesten Ausgrabungen Und Funde                                   Knieschke; Oberpfarrer in Peitz.                    1913      German
0524018634       Das Heiligtum Al-Husains Zu Kerbelà                                                              Nòldeke, Arnold; b. 1875.                           1909      German
0524004048       Das Historische in Kants Religionsphilosophie: Zugleich Ein Beitrag Zu Den Untersuchungen Ùber   Troeltsch, Ernst; 1865-1923.                        1904      German
                 Kants Philosophie Der Geschichte
0790524147       Das Hohelied                                                                                                                                         1908      German
837037557        Das Hohelied Salomos: Eine Biblische Weissagung Auf Das Moderne Babel                            Jàger, Adolf.                                       1903      German
837037441        Das Hohelied: Auf Grund Arabischer Und anderer Parallelen                                        Jacob, Georg; 1862-1937.                            1902      German
0524056609       Das Hohelied: Kritisch Und Metrisch Ùntersucht                                                   Zapletal, V. (Vincenz); b. 1867.                    1907      German
0790525801       Das Ich Der Psalmen                                                                              Balla, Emil; b. 1885.                               1912      German
0790546612       Das Interim in Wùrttemberg                                                                       Bossert, Gustav; 1841-1925.                         1895      German
837034000        Das Israelitische Pfingstfest Und Der Plejadenkult: Eine Studie                                  Grimme, Hubert.                                     1907      German
0524015139       Das Jenseits Im Mythos Der Hellenen: Untersuchungen Ùber Antiken Jenseitsglauben                 Radermacher, Ludwig; 1867-1952.                     1903      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                        Page 53 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                           Author                                                                    Year Published Language
0524057664       Das Johannesbuch Der Mandàer                                                                                                                                                  1915      German
079052273X       Das Johannes-Evangelium                                                                         Weiss, Bernhard; 1827-1918.                                                   1902      German
0790504146       Das Johannesevangelium Als Einheitliches Werk                                                   Weiss, Bernhard; 1827-1918.                                                   1912      German
0790521385       Das Johannes-Evangelium Als Quelle Der Geschichte Jesu                                          Spitta, Friedrich; 1852-1924.                                                 1910      German
0790517191       Das Johannes-Evangelium Nach Der Paraphrase Des Nonnus Panopolitanus                                                                                                          1903      Greek
847057876        Das Johannesevangelium: Eine Untersuchung Seiner Entstehung Und Seines Geschichtlichen          Wendt, Hans Hinrich; 1853-1928.                                               1900      German
0790504898       Das Johannesevangelium: Seine Echtheit Und Glaubwùrdigkeit                                      Dausch, Petrus; b. 1864.                                                      1911      German
079051673X       Das Johannesevangelium: Studien Zur Kritik Seiner Erforschung                                   Overbeck, Franz; 1837-1905.                                                   1911      German
0524026432       Das Judenchristentum Im Ersten Und Zweiten Jahrhundert                                          Hoennicke, Gustav; b. 1871.                                                   1908      German
0790534371       Das Judenthum in Der Vorchristlichen Griechischen Welt: Ein Beitrag Zur Entstehungsgeschichte   Friedlànder, M. (Moriz)                                                       1897      German
                 Des Christenthums
837034191        Das Judenthum: In Seinen Grundzùgen Und Nach Seinen Geschichtlichen Grundlagen                  Gùdemann, Moritz; 1835-1918.                                                  1902      German
837030722        Das Judentum Und Das Wesen Des Christentums: Vergleichende Studien                              Eschelbacher, Joseph; 1848-1916.                                              1905      German
0524043345       Das Judentum Von Jesus Bis Zur Gegenwart                                                        Fiebig, Paul; 1876-1949.                                                      1916      German
0524101752       Das Katholische Zeitungswesen in Ostasien Und Ozeanien                                          Arens, Bernard; 1873-                                                         1918      German
052401762X       Das Kirchenrecht Der Morgenlàndischen Kirche: Nach Den Allgemeinen Kirchenrechtsquellen Und     MilasÌŒ, Nikodim.                                                             1905      German
                 Nach Den in Den Autokephalen Kirchen Geltenden Spezial-Gesetzen

079054461X       Das Kirchliche Leben Der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Landeskirche Des Kònigreichs Sachsen          Drews, Paul; 1858-1912.                                                       1902      German
0790563177       Das Klosterland Des Athos                                                                       Schmidtke, Alfred.                                                            1903      German
0790505088       Das Kònigsideal Des Alten Testaments: Rede Zur Akademischen Feier Des Geburtstages Sr.          Oettli, Samuel; 1846-1911.                                                    1899      German
                 Majestàt Des Kaisers Und Kònigs Wilhelms II. Am 27. Januar 1899
0790562812       Das Konzil Von Nicàa: Habilitationsvorlesung                                                    Bernoulli, Carl Albrecht; 1868-1937.                                          1896      German
0790539799       Das Konzil Von Trient Und Die Universitàten: Festrede Zur Feier Des                             Merkle, Sebastien; 1862-1945.                                                 1905      German
                 Dreihundertdreiundzwanzigjàhrigen Bestehens Der Kònigl. Julius-Maximilians-Universitàt Zu
                 Wùrzburg: Zugleich Zum Gedàchtnis Von Schillers 100. Todestage
0837080630       Das Konzil Zu St. Basle: Ein Beitrag Zur Lebensgeschichte Gerberts Von Aurillac                 Schlockwerder, Karl Theodor.                                                  1906      German
0790592916       Das Kreuz: Grund Und Mass Fùr Die Christologie                                                  Kàhler, Martin; 1835-1912.                                                    1911      German
0524003416       Das Kùnstlerische Element in Der Metaphysik Schleiermachers                                     Schùtz, Paul; b. 1891.                                                        1914      German
0790516942       Das Land Ohne Heimkehr: Die Gedanken Der Babylonier-Assyrer Ùber Tod Und Jenseits: Nebst        Delitzsch, Friedrich; 1850-1922.                                              1911      German
079051916X       Das Lateinische Neue Testament in Afrika Zur Zeit Cyprians: Nach Bibelhandschriften Und         Soden, Hans Otto Arthur Maria Roderich Ulrich; Freiherr von; 1881-1945.       1909      German
                 Vàterzeugnissen: Mit Unterstùtzung Des Kgl. Preussischen Historischen Instituts
0790518236       Das Leben Cyprians Von Pontius: Die Erste Christliche Biographie                                Harnack, Adolf von; 1851-1930.                                                1913      German
0524096791       Das Leben Des Buddha: Eine Zusammenstellung Alter Berichte Aus Den Kanonischen Schriften        Dutoit, Julius.                                                               1906      German
                 Der Sùdlichen Buddhisten
837031923        Das Leben Des Heilands                                                                          Frenssen, Gustav; 1863-1945.                                                  1907      German
0790519046       Das Leben Des Heiligen Symeon Stylites: In Gemeinschaft Mit Den Mitgliedern Des                                                                                               1908      German
                 Kirchenhistorischen Seminars Der Universtàt Jena
0524056455       Das Leben Jesu (Grundriss)                                                                      Dausch, Petrus; b. 1864.                                                      1911      German
0790503042       Das Leben Jesu Im Zeitalter Der Neutestamentlichen Apokryphen                                   Bauer, Walter; 1877-1960.                                                     1909      German
0790520052       Das Leben Jesu Nach Jùdischen Quellen                                                           Krauss, Samuel; 1866-1948.                                                    1902      German
0790531038       Das Leben Jesu: Ein Systematischer Studiengang Fùr Jugendvereine Und Bibelklassen               Rauschenbusch, Walter; 1861-1918.                                             1895      German
0790592231       Das Leben Jesu: Harmonie Der Evangelien Nach Eigener Ùbersetzung                                Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich; 1770-1831.                                    1906      German
0524061483       Das Leben Nach Dem Evangelium Jesu                                                              Meyer, Arnold; b. 1861.                                                       1905      German
0790536536       Das Licht Und Die Farben: In Natur, Geist Und Leben                                             Claassen, J. (Johannes); 1835-1898.                                           1896      German
0790501198       Das Literarische Ràtsel Des Hebràerbriefs: Mit Einem Anhang Ùber Den Literarischen Charakter    Wrede, William; 1859-1906.                                                    1906      German
                 Des Barnabasbriefes
0524041083       Das Lukasevangelium                                                                             Meinertz, Max.                                                                1910      German
0790508265       Das Markusevangelium: Eine Untersuchung Ùber Die Form Der Petruserinnerungen Und Die            Erbt, Wilhelm; b. 1876.                                                       1911      German
                 Geschichte Der Urgemeinde
052406153X       Das Matthàusevangelium                                                                          Pòlzl, Franz X. (Franz Xaver); 1840-1914.                                     1909      German
0790522748       Das Matthàus-Evangelium                                                                         Weiss, Bernhard; 1827-1918.                                                   1898      German
837059534        Das Menschlich Anziehende in Der Erscheinung Jesu Christi                                       Zart, Gustav.                                                                 1898      German
0837064414       Das Messianische BewusstseInjesu                                                                Vòlter, Daniel; b. 1855.                                                      1907      German
837051541        Das Messianische SelbstbewusstseInjesu Christi: Festrede Im Namen Der Georg-                    Schùrer, Emil; 1844-1910.                                                     1903      German
                 Augustuniversitàt: Zur Akademischen Preisverteilung Am X. Juni McmIII
0790526689       Das MessiasbewusstseInjesu Und Seine Neuste Bestreitung: Vortrag                                Holtzmann, Oskar; 1859-1934.                                                  1902      German
0790504707       Das Messiasgeheimnis in Den Evangelien: Zugleich Ein Beitrag Zum Verstàndnis Des                Wrede, William; 1859-1906.                                                    1901      German
0837077893       Das Mittelalter Und Seine Kirchliche Entwickelung                                               Ehrhard, Albert; 1862-1940.                                                   1908      German
837031591        Das Mosaische Strafrecht in Seiner Geschichtlichen Entwickelung                                 Fòrster, Gerhard.                                                             1900      German
0524061491       Das Muratorische Fragment Und Die Monarchianischen Prologe Zu Den Evangelien                    Muratori, Lodovico Antonio; 1672-1750.                                        1908      Latin
0790552930       Das Nachapostolische Zeitalter: Geschichte Der Christlichen Gemeinden Vom Beginn Der            Knopf, Rudolf; 1874-1920.                                                     1905      German
                 Flavierdynastie Bis Zum Ende Hadrians
079052130X       Das Neu Gefundene Hebràische Stùck Des Sirach: Der Glossator Des Griechischen Sirach Und                                                                                      1897      German
                 Seine Stellung in Der Geschichte Der Jùdischen Theologie
0790564831       Das Nicànisch-Konstantinopolitanische Symbol                                                    Kunze, Johannes; 1865-1927.                                                   1898      German
0790527308       Das Nordhebràische Sagenbuch, Die Elohimquelle                                                  Procksch, Otto; 1874-1947.                                                    1906      German
0837083516       Das Papstthum in Seiner Sozial-Kulturellen Wirksamkeit                                          Hoensbroech, Paul; Graf von; 1852-1923.                                       1905      German
0524031789       Das Papsttum Und Byzanz: Die Trennung Der Beiden Màchte Und Das Problem Ihrer                   Norden, Walter.                                                               1903      German
                 Wiedervereinigung Bis Zum Untergange Des Byzantinischen Reichs (1453)
0837083737       Das Papsttum Und Seine Unfehlbaren: Geschichte Des Ròmischen Pontifikats                        Rolf, A.                                                                      1895      German
837004748        Das Papsttum: Seine Idee Und Ihre Tràger                                                        Krùger, Gustav; b. 1862.                                                      1907      German
0524054487       Das Pariser Reformationsspiel Von 1524: Ausgabe in Lichtdruck Nach Dem Exemplar Der                                                                                           1913      German
                 Marienbibliothek Zu Halle
0524049149       Das Persònliche Christentum Der Paulinischen Gemeinden Nach Seiner Entstehung                   Mùller, Johannes; 1864-1949.                                                  1898      German
0524053499       Das Philosophische System Von Schiràzi (1640)                                                   SÌ£adr al-Dì„n Shì„raÌ„zì„, MuhÌ£ammad ibn IbraÌ„hì„m; d. 1641.               1913      German
0790567539       Das Princip Des Katholicismus Und Die Wissenschaft: Grundsàtzliche Eròrtungen Aus Anlass        Hertling, Georg; Graf von; 1843-1919.                                         1899      German
                 Einer Tagesfrage

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                       Page 54 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                              Author                                                      Year Published Language
0837095875       Das Problem Der Heilsgeschichte Nach Ròm. 9-11: Ein Beitrag Zur Historisch-Theologischen           Weber, E. (Emil); 1882-1950.                                    1911      German
                 Wùrdigung Der Paulinischen Theodizee
052400143X       Das Problem Der Religion                                                                           Stange, Carl; b. 1870.                                          1913      German
0524058628       Das Problem Der Willensfreiheit in Der Vorchristlichen Synagoge                                    Lùtgert, Wilhelm; 1867-1938.                                    1906      German
0524104484       Das Problem Des Hiobbuches: Vortrag, Gehalten Auf Dem Theologischen Lehrkursus Fùr                 Sellin, Ernst; 1867-1945.                                       1919      German
                 Feldgeistliche in Riga Am 13. Màrz 1918
0790507471       Das Prophetische Schrifttum                                                                        Budde, Karl.                                                    1906      German
0790569647       Das Pseudotertullianische Gedicht Adversus Marcionem: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der               Waitz, Hans; b. 1864.                                           1901      German
                 Altchristlichen Literatur Sowie Zur Quellenkritik Des Marcionitismus
0790594129       Das Psychologische Wesen Der Religion Und Die Religionen: Rede Zur Feier Des Geburtstages Sr. Mayer, E. W. (Emil Walter); b. 1854.                                 1906      German
                 Majestàt Des Kaisers Am 27. Januar 1906 in Der Aula Der Kaiser-Wilhelms-Universitàt Strassburg

837052270        Das Ràtsel Des Deuterojesajanischen Buches                                                         Sellin, Ernst; 1867-1945.                                       1908      German
837050014        Das Ràtsel Des Fùnfbuches Mose Und Seine Falsche Lòsung: Eine Reihe Kritischer                     Rupprecht, Eduard.                                              1894      German
                 Einzeluntersuchungen Und Zeugnisse: Ein Beitrag Zur Lòsung Einer Brennenden Biblischen
                 Zeitfrage Mit Eingehender Berùcksichtigung Der Quellenscheidung V
0790505827       Das Ràtsel Des Leidens: Eine Einfùhrung in Das Buch Hiob                                   Kòberle, Justus.                                                        1905      German
079052581X       Das Reich Gottes in Der Heiligen Schrift                                                   Bartmann, Bernhard; 1860-1938.                                          1912      German
837048591        Das Reich Gottes Nach Altem Und Neuem Testament, Oder, Weissagung Und Erfùllung: Eine      Theologen.                                                              1897      German
                 Biblisch-Theologische Untersuchung Zum Erweise Dessen, Dass Jesus Von Nazareth Der Von Den
                 Israelitischen Propheten Geweissagte Messias Israels Und Das Vo
837041961        Das Reich Gottes: Nach Den Synoptischen Evangelien: Eine Untersuchung Zur Neutestamentlichen Lùtgert, Wilhelm; 1867-1938.                                          1895      German
0790594048       Das Religionsgeschichtliche Problem Des Urchristentums                                         Krebs, Engelbert; b. 1881.                                          1913      German
0524005389       Das Religiòse Apriori Und Die Geschichte: Ein Beitrag Zur Grundlegung Der Religionsphilosophie Dunkmann, Karl; 1868-1932.                                          1910      German

0524026408       Das Religiòse Erlebnis Fùhrender Persònlichkeiten in Der Erweckungszeit Des 19. Jahrhunderts       Bonwetsch, Nathanael; 1848-1925.                                1917      German

0524011176       Das Religiòse Leben in Amerika                                                                     Mùller, Wilhelm; 1845-1914.                                     1911      German
0837088100       Das Religiòse Leben in Der Katholischen Kirche: In Sieben Fastenpredigten                          Ehrhard, Albert; 1862-1940.                                     1904      German
0790552949       Das Religiòse Leben in Erfurt Beim Ausgange Des Mittelalters: Ein Beitrag Zur Vorgeschichte Der    Kolde, Th. (Theodor); 1850-1913.                                1898      German
0790591898       Das Sakramentsproblem in Der Gegenwàrtigen Dogmatik                                                Dunkmann, Karl; 1868-1932.                                      1911      German
0790531291       Das Schreien Der Steine, Oder, Hieroglyphen, Keilinschrift Und Bibelwort                           Finke, G.                                                       1900      German
0837087562       Das Schriftprinzip Der Lutherischen Kirche. I. Banddie Vorgeschichte, Das Erbe Des Mittelalters:   Kropatscheck, Friedrich; 1875-1917.                             1904      German
                 Geschichtliche Und Dogmatische Untersuchungen
0790505185       Das Selbstbewusstsein Des Gottessohnes: Auf Grund Der Synoptischen Evangelien                      Tillmann, Fritz; 1874-1953.                                     1911      German
0790505037       Das SelbstbewusstseInjesu                                                                          Kùhl, Ernst; b. 1861.                                           1907      German
837021618        Das SelbstbewusstseInjesu Im Lichte Der Messianischen Hoffnungen Seiner Zeit. Erste Hàlfte: Die    Baldensperger, Wilhelm.                                         1903      German
                 Messianisch-Apokalyptischen Hoffnungen Des Judenthums
0790517930       Das Sogenannte Religionsgespràch Am Hof Der Sasaniden                                                                                                              1899      German
837025176        Das Synedrion in Jerusalem Und Das Grosse Beth-Din in Der Quaderkammer Des Jerusalemischen Bùchler, Adolf; 1867-1939.                                              1902      German
0790595176       Das System Albrecht Ritschl's                                                                      Mielke, Gottfried.                                              1894      German
0524038740       Das Targum Zu Josua: In Jemenischer Ùberlieferung                                                                                                                  1899      Aramaic
0524038759       Das Targum Zum Buch Der Richter: In Jemenischer Ùberlieferung                                                                                                      1900      Aramaic
0790558947       Das Tausendjàhrige Reich                                                                           Hadorn, W. (Wilhelm); 1869-1929.                                1915      German
0790567466       Das Testament Unseres Herrn Und Die Verwandten Schriften                                           Funk, F. X. von; (Franz Xaver); 1840-1907.                      1901      German
0790548267       Das Thorner Blutgericht 1724                                                                       Jacobi, Franz; b. 1857.                                         1896      German
0790500388       Das Urchristentum                                                                                  Heinrici, C. F. Georg; (Carl Friedrich Georg); 1844-1915.       1902      German
0790512033       Das Urchristentum in Der Kirchengeschichte Des Eusebius: Litterarische Verhàltnisse Des Zweiten    Heinrici, C. F. Georg; (Carl Friedrich Georg); 1844-1915.       1894      German
0524039690       Das Vaterunser                                                                                   Dryander, Ernst von; 1843-1922.                                   1913      German
0524014175       Das Verbrechen Der Zauberei (Crimen Magiae): Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Strafrechtspflege in Byloff, Fritz; b. 1875.                                           1902      German
0524052565       Das Verhàltnis Calvins Zu Butzer: Untersucht Auf Grund Der Wirtschaftsethischen Bedeutung          Klingenburg, Georg; b. 1878.                                    1912      German
                 Beider Reformatoren
0790547821       Das Verhàltnis Der Ròmischen Kirche Zu Den Kleinasiatischen Vor Dem Nicaenischen Konzil            Berendts, Alexander; 1863-1912.                                 1898      German

083702403X       Das Verhàltnis Des Deuteronomiums Zu 2. Kòn. 22. 23. Und Zur Prophetie Jeremia                     Bòtticher, Otto; b. 1882.                                       1906      German
083701493X       Das Verhàltnis Des Deuteronomiums Zu 2. Kòn. 22. 23. Und Zur Prophetie Jeremia.                    Bòtticher, Otto; b. 1882.                                       1906      German
837046130        Das Verhàltnis Des Evangelischen Glaubens Zur Logoslehre: Vortrag                                  Kaftan, Julius; 1848-1926.                                      1896      German
0837097045       Das Verhàltnis Des Menschenopfers Zur Israelitischen Religion                                      Kamphausen, Adolf.                                              1896      German
837053838        Das Verhàltnis Von Theologie Und Erkenntnis-Theorie                                                Steinbeck, Joh. (Johannes); b. 1873.                            1898      German
0790508303       Das Verstàndnis Der Oden Salomos                                                                   Frankenberg, Wilhelm; b. 1868.                                  1911      German
0837099021       Das Vierte Evangelium Gegenùber Den Drei Ersten                                                    Schmiedel, Paul Wilh. (Paul Wilhelm); 1851-1935.                1906      German
083707987X       Das Vorleben Des Papstes Urban IV                                                                  Sievert, Wilhelm.                                               1897      German
0837096294       Das Vormosaische Priesterthum in Israel: Vergleichende Studie Zu Exodus Und 1 Chron. 2-8           Hummelauer, Fr. von; (Franz); 1842-1914.                        1899      German
0524053448       Das Weib Im Altindischen Epos: Ein Beitrag Zur Indischen Und Zur Vergleichenden                    Meyer, Johann Jakob; 1870-1939.                                 1915      German
0790510537       Das Weihnachts-Evangelium Auf Ursprung Und Geschichte                                              Gressmann, Hugo; 1877-1927.                                     1914      German
0790563827       Das Weihnachtsfest                                                                                 Usener, Hermann Karl; 1834-1905.                                1911      German
0790556634       Das Weihnachtsfest: Seine Entstehung Und Entwicklung                                               Meyer, Arnold; b. 1861.                                         1913      German
0790579413       Das Weltbild Der Zukunft: Eine Auseinandersetzung Zwischen Philosophie, Naturwissenschaft Und      Heim, Karl; 1874-1958.                                          1904      German
837024269        Das Wesen Der Religion                                                                             Bousset, Wilhelm; 1865-1920.                                    1906      German
0790563924       Das Wesen Der Religion Nach Erasmus Und Luther: Vortrag                                            Walter, Johannes von; 1876-1940.                                1906      German
0524038899       Das Wesen Des Ablasses Am Ausgange Des Mittelalters: Untersucht Mit Rùcksicht Auf Luthers          Brieger, Theodor; 1842-1915.                                    1897      German
0524048266       Das Wesen Des Christentums Nach Thomas Von Aquin: Festrede Zur Feier Des Dreihundert Und           Abert, Friedrich Philipp; 1852-1912.                            1901      German
                 Neunzehnjàhrigen Bestehens Der Kònigl. Julius-Maximilians-Universitàt Wùrzburg

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                          Page 55 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                   Author                                                        Year Published Language
837034833        Das Wesen Des Christentums: Sechzehn Vorlesungen Vor Studierenden Aller Facultàten Im                   Harnack, Adolf von; 1851-1930.                                    1905      German
                 Wintersemester 1899
0790532956       Das Wesen Des Judentums                                                                                 Strack, Hermann Leberecht; 1848-1922.                             1906      German
0790556863       Das Wormser Konkordat Und Sein Vorurkunden: Hinsichtlich Entstehung, Formulierung,                      Bernheim, Ernst; 1850-1942.                                       1906      German
0790526042       Das Wort Jesu                                                                                           Schlatter, Adolf von; 1852-1938.                                  1909      German
837051568        Das Wort Vom Kreuze: Religionsgeschichtlich Und Dogmatisch Beleuchtet: Ein Beitrag Zur                  Schnedermann, Georg; b. 1852.                                     1906      German
                 Verstàndigung Ùber Die Grundlagen Des Christlichen Glaubens
0790539748       Das Wunder: Eine Dogmatisch-Apologetische Studie                                                        Hunzinger, A. W. (August Wilhelm); b. 1871.                       1912      German
0790504871       Das Wunder: Prinzipielle Eròrterung Des Problems                                                        Beth, Karl.                                                       1908      German
837049997        Das Zeichen Des Menschensohnes Und Der Doppelsinn Des Jonàzeichens                                      Runze, Georg; 1852-1938.                                          1897      German
0524101183       Das Zeitalter Des Confucius                                                                             Stùbe, Rudolf Heinrich Karl; 1870-                                1913      German
0524068895       Das Zeitalter Des Sonnengottes                                                                          Frobenius, Leo; 1873-1938.                                        1904      German
0837095514       Das Zertrùmmerte Babel, Das Unfehlbare Gotteswort Und Die Ewige Gottesstadt: Ein Vortrag                Hùbener, W.                                                       1903      German
0837062845       Data of Modern Ethics Examined, The                                                                     Ming, John J. (John Joseph); 1838-1910.                           1894      English
0790502704       Date of St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians, The                                                        Round, Douglass.                                                  1906      English
0790510618       Date of the Acts and of the Synoptic Gospels, The                                                       Harnack, Adolf von; 1851-1930.                                    1911      English
837022398        Dated Events of the Old Testament: Being a Presentation of Old Testament Chronology, The                Beecher, Willis J. (Willis Judson); 1838-1912.                    1907      English
837037956        Dates of Genesis: A Comparison of the Biblical Chronology With That of Other Ancient Nations:           Jones, F. A. (Frederick Augustus)                                 1909      English
                 With an Appendixon Chronological Astronomy, The
0524093717       Daughters of India                                                                                      Campbell, Mary J.                                                 1908      English
0524006334       David Friedrich Strauss                                                                                 Eck, Samuel; b. 1856.                                             1899      German
052404466X       David Friedrich Strauss Als Denker Und Erzieher                                                         Kohut, Adolf; 1848-1917.                                          1908      German
0524101582       David Hill: Missionary and Saint                                                                        Barber, William Theodore Aquila; 1858-1945.                       1898      English
0790537095       David Hume                                                                                              Calderwood, Henry; 1830-1897.                                     1898      English
0524084289       David Livingstone                                                                                       Horne, C. Silvester; (Charles Silvester); 1865-1914.              1913      English
0524083878       David Morton, a Biography                                                                               Hoss, E. E. (Elijah Embree); 1849-1919.                           1916      English
0790596431       David Swing, a Memorial Volume: Ten Sermons                                                             Swing, David; 1830-1894.                                          1894      English
0524084904       David Swing, Poet-Preacher                                                                              Newton, Joseph Fort; 1876-1950.                                   1909      English
0790507013       David the King: A Historical Inquiry                                                                    Dieulafoy, Marcel; 1844-1920.                                     1902      English
0790556707       David Worthington Simon: M.A., Ph. D. (Tùbingen), D.D. (Edinburgh)...                                   Powicke, Frederick J. (Frederick James); 1854-1935.               1912      English
0837063434       David Zeisberger and His Brown Brethren                                                                 Rice, William H. (William Henry); 1840-1911.                      1897      English
0524072086       David Zeisberger, Der Indianer Apostel                                                                                                                                    1918      English
079057098X       David Zeisberger's History of the Northern American Indians                                             Zeisberger, David; 1721-1808.                                     1910      English
0524056218       David: Shepherd, Psalmist, King                                                                         Meyer, F. B. (Frederick Brotherton); 1847-1929.                   1895      English
0790588269       David-Frèdèric Strauss, La Vie Et L'oeuvre                                                              Lèvy, Albert.                                                     1910      French
0524017182       David's Harp in Song and Story                                                                          Clokey, Joseph W. (Joseph Waddell); 1890-1960.                    1896      English
0837066182       Dawn in the Dark Continent, or, Africa and Its Missions                                                 Stewart, James; 1831-1905.                                        1903      English
0524091234       Dawn in Toda Land: A Narrative of Missionary Effort on the Nilgiri Hills, South India; by C. F. Ling,   Ling, C. F.                                                       1910      English
                 With a Foreword by Amy Wilson-Carmichael.
0524007063       Dawn of a New Religious Era, and Other Essays, The                                                      Carus, Paul; 1852-1919.                                           1916      English
837056268        Dawn of Christianity, or, Studies of the Apostolic Church, The                                          Vedder, Henry C. (Henry Clay); 1853-1935.                         1894      English
0524032882       Dawn of Christianity, The                                                                               Martin, Alfred W. (Alfred Wilhelm); 1862-1933.                    1914      English
0524056234       Dawn of History, The                                                                                    Myres, John Linton; Sir; 1869-1954.                               1911      English
0790548917       Dawn of Modern England: Being a History of the Reformation in England, 1509-1525, The                   Lumsden, Carlos B. (Carlos Barren)                                1910      English
079057263X       Dawn of the Catholic Revival in England, 1781-1803, The                                                 Ward, Bernard; 1857-1920.                                         1909      English
0837065615       Dawn on the Hills of T'ang, or, Missions in China                                                       Beach, Harlan P. (Harlan Page); 1854-1933.                        1898      English
0524047847       Day by Day With Jesus: A Book for Holy Week: The Complete Gospel Narrative With Notes and               Barton, William Eleazar; 1861-1930.                               1913      English
                 Comments, Original and Selected
052409666X       Day in and Day Out in Korea: Being Some Account of the Mission Work That Has Been Carried on            Nisbet, Anabel Major.                                             1919      English
                 in Korea Since 1892 by the Presbyterian Church in the United States
0524068186       Day of Our Visitation, The                                                                              Littleboy, William.                                               1917      English
0524014906       Dayanandi Interpretation of the Word "Deva" in the Rig Veda, The                                        Griswold, H. D. (Hervey De Witt); 1860-1945.                      1897      English
0837066425       Daybreak in Korea: A Tale of Transformation in the Far East                                             Baird, Annie L. A. (Annie Laurie Adams); b. 1864.                 1909      English
0790562979       Daybreak in Livingstonia: The Story of the Livingstonia Mission, British Central Africa                 Jack, James W. (James William); b. 1866.                          1901      English
0837062861       Daybreak in the Dark Continent                                                                          Naylor, Wilson S. (Wilson Samuel); b. 1864.                       1908      English
0524041547       Day-Breaking of the Gospel With the Indians, The                                                        Wilson, John; 1588-1667.                                          1903      English
0524021449       Days of Heaven Upon Earth: A Year Book of Scripture Texts and Living Truths                             Simpson, A. B. (Albert B.)                                        1897      English
0790506556       Days of His Flesh: The Earthly Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, The                           Smith, David; 1866-1932.                                          1900      English
0837092868       De Alcaei Et Sapphonis Copia Vocabulorum                                                                Gerstenhauer, Arthurius.                                          1894      Latin
837052335        De Ark Gods: Het Oud-Israèlitische Heiligdom                                                            Sevensma, T. P. (Tietse Pieter); b. 1879.                         1908      Dutch
0524097593       De Bekeeringsgeschiedenis Van Een Japanner                                                              Jonker, Gerrit Jan Abraham; 1864-1924.                            1905      Dutch
083704619X       De Bergrede                                                                                             Oort, H. (Henricus); 1836-1927.                                   1905      Dutch
0524029989       De Beteekenis Der Historische Studie Van Het Oostersch-Grieksch Christendom: Rede                       Zwaan, J. de; (Johannes); 1883-1957.                              1912      Dutch
                 Uitgesproken Bij de Aanvaarding Van Het Ambt Van Buitengewoon Hoogleeraar Aan de Rijks-
                 Universiteit Te Leiden Op Den 1en Mei 1912
0524059985       De Beteekenis Die de Oudere Waarnemingen Nog Heden Voor de Sterrenkunde Hebben: Rede                    Sande Bakhuyzen, E. F. van de; (Ernst Frederik); 1848-1918.       1909      Dutch

0790514559       De Brieven Aan de Korinthiers                                                                           Manen, W. C. van; (Willem Christiaan); 1842-1905.                 1896      Dutch
0524019991       De Casu Apostoli, Seu, Fidei Privilegio                                                                 Vermeersch, A. (Arthur); 1858-1936.                               1911      Latin
0524067384       De Chronologia Librorum Regum: Dissertatio Critico-Historica                                            Hellmann, Othmar.                                                 1914      Latin
0524069565       De Danske Baptisters Historie I Amerika                                                                 Lawdahl, Nels Sørensen; b. 1864.                                 1909      Danish
0790586975       De Deo Creatore, de Angelis, de Homine Et de Gratia Divina                                              Mancini, Jerome Marie.                                            1903      Latin
0790586983       De Deo Uno Et Trino                                                                                     Mancini, Jerome Marie.                                            1903      Latin
0524008744       De Deorum Romanorum Cognominibus: Quaestiones Selectae                                                  Carter, Jesse Benedict; 1872-1917.                                1898      Latin
0524013616       De Dioscuris                                                                                            Greebe, Cornelius Aleidus Arnoldus Ioannes.                       1895      Latin
079058655X       De Divisione Philosophiae                                                                               Gundissalinus, Dominicus; 12th cent.                              1903      German
0524060800       De Drie Punten in Alle Deelen Gereformeerd                                                              Berkhof, Louis; 1873-1957.                                        1925      Dutch
0524001510       De Ecclesia Christi                                                                                     Straub, Anton; 1852-1931.                                         1912      Latin
0790585413       De Ecclesia Christi Ut Infallibili Revelationis Divinae Magistra                                        Ottiger, Ignaz.                                                   1911      Latin
0790548216       De Ecclesia; the Church                                                                                 Hus, Jan; 1369?-1415.                                             1915      English
0524066124       De Eerste Christelijke Gereformeerde Gemeente, 1867-1917, Muskegon, Michigan                                                                                              1917      Dutch

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                             Page 56 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                 Author                                                 Year Published Language
0837078377       De Egyptische Kerk: Een En Ander Over de Kopten                                                       Vlieger, A. de.                                            1896      Dutch
0837092264       De Enuntiatis Finalibus Apud Graecorum Rerum Scriptores Posterioris Aetatis                           Diel, Heinrich.                                            1895      Latin
837034027        De Evolutieleer En Het Godsdienstig Geloof                                                            Groenewegen, H. Ij.                                        1909      Dutch
0524040168       De Fide Et Symbolo: Documenta Quaedam Nec Non Aliquorum Ss. Patrum Tractatus                                                                                     1909      Greek
0790586991       De Fide, Spe Et Charitate Et de Incarnatione                                                          Mancini, Jerome Marie.                                     1904      Latin
0524052077       De Fire Evangeliers Harmoni, Eller, Jesu Historie Efter de Fire Evangelier I Kronologisk                                                                         1896      Norwegian
0524066388       De Fundamenten Omgestooten: Predikatie                                                                Lonkhuijzen, J. van; (Jan); 1873-1942.                     1913      Dutch
0524054371       De Gereformeerde Kerk Aan Den Arbeid 1657-1672                                                        Knappert, Laurentius; 1863-                                1913      Dutch
0524077185       De Geschiedenis Van Het Socinianisme in de Nederlanden                                                Slee, J. C. van; (Jacob Cornelius); 1841-1929.             1914      Dutch
083704538X       De Godsleer Der Middeleeuwsche Joden: Bijdrage Tot de Geschiedenis Der Leer Aangaande God             Muller, P. J. (Pieter Johannes); b. 1854.                  1898      Dutch

0524087970       De Heidelbergsche Catechismus: Toepasselijk Verklaard Voor de Gemeente Des Heeren                     Knap, J. J. (Jan Jacob); b. 1867.                          1912      Dutch
0524036365       De Hervormde Kerk in Noord-Amerika (1624-1664)                                                        Eekhof, Albert; 1884-1933.                                 1913      Dutch
0790545365       De Hervorming in Spanje: In de Zestiende Eeuw                                                         Lennep, M. F. van; (Maximilian Frederik); 1859-1940.       1901      Dutch
0524040397       De Hierarchia Anglicana: Dissertatio Apologetica                                                      Denny, Edward; 1853-1928.                                  1895      Latin
0524065144       De Historia Textus Actorum Apostolorum                                                                Coppieters, Honoratus.                                     1902      Latin
837045282        De Incarnatione Verbi Dei: Together With Three Essays Subsidiary to the Same                          Hawkesworth, Alan S. (Alan Spencer); b. 1867.              1897      English
0524028036       De Incubatione: Capita Quattuor                                                                       Deubner, Ludwig; 1877-1946.                                1900      Latin
0524059322       De Inspiratione Sacrae Scripturae                                                                     Pesch, Christian.                                          1906      Latin
0524060967       De Janssen Kwestie En Nog Iets                                                                        Kuiper, B. K. (Barend Klaas); 1877-1961.                   1922      English
837036003        De Johanneiska Smaìšbrefvens Ursprung: Undersòkt Med Sàrskild Hànsyn Till                             Hjelt, Arthur; 1868-1931.                                  1901      Swedish
                 Presbyterhypotesen: Akademisk Afhandling
0524061041       De Kinderdoop Is Niet Bijbelsch                                                                       Smidt, W. R.                                               1912      Dutch
0524066663       De Kinderdoop: Behoort Te Huis Bij Den Antichrist: Antwoord Aan Prof. Hemkes                          Smidt, W. R.                                               1913      Dutch
837054591        De La Croyance En Dieu                                                                                Piat, Clodius; 1854-1918.                                  1908      French
0524082030       De Lagarde's Ausgabe Der Arabischen Ùbersetzung Des Pentateuchs (Cod. Leiden Arab. 377)               Hughes, J. Caleb; (John Caleb); b. 1881.                   1914      German
0524009597       De Lanae in Antiquorum Ritibus Usu                                                                    Pley, Jakob; b. 1886.                                      1911      Latin
0837090040       De L'avenir Des Peuples Catholiques                                                                   Laveleye, Emile de; 1822-1892.                             1898      French
0524061602       De Leidsche Vertaling Van Het Oude Testament                                                          Oort, H. (Henricus); 1836-1927.                            1908      Dutch
0524018502       De L'ètat Prèsent Et de L'avenir de L'islam: Six Confèrences                                          Montet, Edouard Louis; 1856-1934.                          1911      French
0790578220       De L'habitation Du Saint-esprit Dans Les Àmes Justes D'après La Doctrine de Saint Thomas              Froget, Barthèlemy.                                        1898      French
0524062781       De Loochening Der Gemeene Gratie: Gereformeerd of Doopersch?                                          Van Baalen, Jan Karel; 1890-1968.                          1922      Dutch
0524011664       De L'origine Des Cultes Arcadiens: Essai de Mèthode En Mythologie Grecque                             Bèrard, Victor; 1864-1931.                                 1894      French
0790591243       De Magisterio Vivo Et Traditione                                                                      Bainvel, J. V. (Jean Vincent); 1858-1937.                  1905      Latin
079056226X       De Manichaeismo Apud Latinos Quinto Sextoque Saeculo: Atque de Latinis Apocryphis Libris              Dufourcq, Albert; 1872-1952.                               1900      Latin

083706760X       De Martelaren Van Gorcum                                                                              Meuffels, Hubert.                                          1909      Dutch
083708072X       de Modernismo: Tractatus Et Notae Canonicae Cum Actis S. Sedis: A 17 Aprilis 1907 Ad 25                                                                          1910      Latin
                 Septembris 1910
0837089697       De Modernistarum Doctrinis: Tractatus Philosophico-Theologicus Ad Cleri Scholarumque                  Carbone, Caesar.                                           1909      Latin
                 Penitiorem Institutionem
837036119        De Mozàsche Oorsprong Van de Wetten in de Boeken Exodus, Leviticus En Numeri: Lezingen Over Hoedemaker, Ph. J. (Philippus Jacobus).                              1895      Dutch
                 de Moderne Schrift-Critiek Des Ouden Testaments
0790553554       De Opkomst Van Het Protestantisme in Eene Noord-Nederlandsche Stad: Geschiedenis Van de               Knappert, Laurentius; 1863-                                1908      Dutch
                 Hervorming Binnen Leiden, Van Den Aanvang Tot Op Het Beleg
0790566028       De Orde Der Jezuieten: Hare Geschiedenis, Inrichting En Moraal                                        Maronier, J. H. (Jan Hendrick); 1827-1920.                 1908      Dutch
0524032475       De Oud-Christelijke Monumenten Van Spanje                                                             Smit, Englebert Leendert; b. 1889.                         1916      Dutch
0837097983       De Phrynicho Sophista                                                                                 Kaibel, George; 1849-1901.                                 1899      Latin
0524048312       De Polemiek Der Eerste Christenen Tegen de Heidensche Mythologie                                      Bleeker, Johannes Jacob.                                   1897      Dutch
0524001952       De Preeken Van Schleiermacher                                                                         Vogelsang, Annette Arendina.                               1916      Dutch
0837097754       de Profetie Van Amos                                                                                  Elhorst, Hendrik Jan; 1861-1924.                           1900      Dutch
0524007977       De Prohibitione Et Censura Librorum: Dissertatio Canonico-Moralis                                     Vermeersch, A. (Arthur); 1858-1936.                        1906      Latin
0524046913       De Pronominibus, Pars Generalis                                                                       Apollonius; Dyscolus; 2nd cent.                            1911      Greek
0790504987       De Quattuor Evangeliorum Codicibus Origenianis                                                        Hautsch, Ernestus; b. 1883.                                1907      Latin
837050952        de Re Metrica Veterum Hebraeorum: Disputatio in Universitate Vindobonensi Praemio                     Schlògl, Nivard.                                           1899      Hebrew
                 Lackenbacheriano Ornata
0790585421       De Revelatione Supernaturali                                                                          Ottiger, Ignaz.                                            1897      Latin
083708766X       De Rome À L'evangile: Quelques Pionniers Du Dernier Siècle                                            Marsault, F.                                               1908      French
837023432        De Sacra Traditione Contra Novam Haeresim Evolutionismi                                               Billot, Louis; 1846-1931.                                  1904      Latin
0790587009       De Sacramentis in Communi Et in Speciali                                                              Mancini, Jerome Marie.                                     1905      Latin
0837091624       De Sacramento Extremae Unctionis: Tractatus Dogmaticus                                                Kern, Josephus.                                            1907      Latin
0524057869       De Scriptura Sacra                                                                                    Bainvel, J. V. (Jean Vincent); 1858-1937.                  1910      Latin
0524058954       De Sidste Ti Aar I Japan                                                                              Winther, J. M. T. b. 1874.                                 1915      Danish
0837081963       De Stabilitate Et Progressu Dogmatis                                                                  Lèpicier, Alexius Maria.                                   1908      Latin
0837080320       De Timotheo I Nestorianum Patriarcha (728-823) Et Christianorum Orientalium Condicione Sub            Labourt, Hieronymus.                                       1904      Latin
                 Chaliphis Abbasidis: Accedunt XCIV Eiusdem Timothei Definitiones Canonicae E Textu Syriaco
                 Inedito Nunc Primum Latine Redditae
0524066035       De Twee Gewraakte Punten: Gewraakt En Toch Bijbelsch                                                  Bultema, Harry.                                            1919      Dutch
0524086575       De Unione Ecclesiarum Ac Totius Christianae Societatis Congressu (Vulgo the World Congress)                                                                      1917      Latin
                 Pro Quaestionibus Ad Fidem Ordinemque Ecclesiae Spectantibus Rite Explorandis Et
0790591251       De Vera Religione Et Apologetica                                                                      Bainvel, J. V. (Jean Vincent); 1858-1937.                  1914      Latin
0524060096       De Verbo Incarnato: Commentarius in Tertiam Partem S. Thomae                                          Billot, Louis; 1846-1931.                                  1900      Latin
0524061831       De Verbo Incarnato: Pro Manuscripto.                                                                  Groot, J. F. de.                                           1918      Latin
0524020221       De Verborum 'Religio' Atque 'Religiosus' Usu Apud Romanos: Quaestiones Selectae                       Kobbert, Maximilian; b. 1886.                              1910      Latin
083703566X       de Veteris Latinae Ecclesiastici Capitibus I-XlIII: Una Cum Notis Ex Eiusdem Libri Translationibus    Herkenne, Henr. (Heinrich); b. 1871.                       1899      Latin
                 Aethiopica, Armeniaca, Copticis, Latina Altera, Syro-Hexaplari Depromptis
0524049971       De Visitatione SS. Liminum Et Dioeceseon; Ac de Relatione S. Sedi Exhibenda: Commentarium in                                                                     1912      Latin
                 Decretum "a Remotissima Ecclesiae Aetate" Iussu PII X. Pont., O.M., A S. Congregatione
                 Consistoriali Die 31 Decembris 1909

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                              Page 57 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                 Author                                                      Year Published Language
0524066132       De Weldadigheid Gods En de Eerste Christelijk Gereformeerde Kerk, Kalamazoo, Mich., 1869-1912         Eldersveld, S.                                                  1912      Dutch

0837073642       De Welsprekendheid: Eene Lezing                                                                       Bavinck, Herman; 1854-1921.                                     1909      Dutch
0524058296       De Werkzaamheid Van Du Plessis Mornay in Dienst Van Hendrik Van Navarre, in de Jaren 1576 Tot         Itjeshorst, Johannes.                                           1917      Dutch
0524084769       De Zegen Der Zending Voor de Zendende Kerk                                                            Kromsigt, P. J. (Pieter Johannes); 1866-1941.                   1907      Dutch
052406783X       De Zuni Indianen: Een Deel Van Het Zendingsveld Der Chr. Ger. Kerk: Met Afbeeldingen En Een           Walkotten, H. (Henry); 1864-1925.                               1910      Dutch
0524075786       Deaconess and Her Work, The                                                                           Mergner, Julie.                                                 1911      English
0837009111       Dead Pulpit, The                                                                                      Haweis, H. R. (Hugh Reginald); 1839-1901.                       1896      English
0837017726       Dead Sea Scrolls: A Personal Account, The                                                             Trever, John C. 1915-                                           1979      English
0790552469       Dean Church                                                                                           Lathbury, D. C. (Daniel Conner); 1831-1922.                     1905      English
0790581531       Dean's Handbook to Gloucester Cathedral, The                                                          Spence-Jones, H. D. M. (Henry Donald Maurice); 1836-1917.       1913      English
837053722        Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, The                                                           Stapfer, Edmond; 1844-1908.                                     1898      English
0790518791       Death and the Hereafter: Sermons                                                                      Drew, Harry; d. 1910.                                           1911      English
0524065012       Death and the Life Beyond: In the Light of Modern Religious Thought                                   Spurr, Frederic C. (Frederic Chambers); 1862-1942.              1913      English
0524062358       Death of a Nation, or, The Ever Persecuted Nestorians or Assyrian Christians, The                     Yohannan, Abraham; 1853-1925.                                   1916      English
837028892        Death of Christ: Its Place and Interpretation in the New Testament, The                               Denney, James; 1856-1917.                                       1907      English
837042356        Death of the Verbal Theory and the Unveiling of Christ, or, The Bible a "Sufficient Witness" to the   MacInnes, George.                                               1894      English
                 "Self-Evidencing Christ", The
0790575744       Death Real and Apparent: In Relation to the Sacraments: A Physiologico-Theological Study          Ferreres, Juan B. (Juan Bautista); 1861-1936.                       1906      English
0524066450       Debat Tusschen Ds. E.l. Meinders, Herder En Leeraar Bij de Ware Hollandsche Gereformeerde Kerk Meinders, E. L.                                                        1894      Dutch
                 Te South Holland, Ill., En Ds. G.E. Boer, Docent Bij de Theol. School Van de Holl. Christ. Geref.
                 Kerk Te Grand Rapids, Mich: Opzicht Hebbende Op
0524077487       Debate on First Day Adventism                                                                         Fitts, Albert T.                                                1901      English
0790528681       Decalogue and Criticism, or, The Place of the Decalogue in the Development of the Hebrew              Robinson, George L. (George Livingstone); 1864-1958.            1899      English
                 Religion, The
083707889X       Decay of the Church of Rome, The                                                                      McCabe, Joseph; 1867-1955.                                      1909      English
0790514230       Deciding Voice of the Monuments in Biblical Criticism, The                                            Kyle, Melvin Grove; 1858-1933.                                  1912      English
0837066875       Decisive Hour of Christian Missions, The                                                              Mott, John Raleigh; 1865-1955.                                  1910      English
0524066086       Declaration of Faith of the Society of Friends in America, The                                                                                                        1912      English
0790515806       Decline and Fall of the Kingdom of Judah, The                                                         Cheyne, T. K. (Thomas Kelly); 1841-1915.                        1908      English
0524105502       Decree of Redemption Is in Effect a Covenant: David Dickson and the Covenant of Redemption,           Williams, Carol A. (Carol Ann); 1951-                           2005      English
0790575752       Decree on Daily Communion: A Historical Sketch and Commentary, The                                    Ferreres, Juan B. (Juan Bautista); 1861-1936.                   1909      English
0837070511       Dedication of the New Synagogue of the Congregation Mikve Israel at Broad and York Streets on                                                                         1909      English
                 September 14, 1909, Elul 29, 5669
0790544881       Dedications & Patron Saints of English Churches: Ecclesiastical Symbolism: Saints and Their           Bond, Francis; d. 1918.                                         1914      English
0524082421       Degrees of the Spiritual Life: A Method of Directing Souls According to Their Progress in Virtue,     Saudreau, Auguste; 1859-1946.                                   1907      English
837053943        Deity of Christ: An Address, The                                                                      Speer, Robert E. (Robert Elliott); 1867-1947.                   1909      English
837047919        Deity of Jesus Christ According to the Gospel of John, The                                            Pratt, S. W. (Samuel Wheeler); 1838-1910.                       1907      English
0524076278       Deity of Jesus, and Other Sermons, The                                                                Kellems, Jesse R. (Jesse Randolph); b. 1892.                    1919      English
0524073686       Delia, the Blue Bird of Mulberry Bend                                                                 Whittemore, Emma M. (Emma Mott); 1850-1931.                     1914      English
0790566966       Deliverance: The Freeing of the Spirit in the Ancient World                                           Taylor, Henry Osborn; 1856-1941.                                1915      English
0837078962       Della Storia Civile E Politica Del Papato: Dal Primo Secolo Dell'eìra Cristiana Fino All'imperatore   Nobili-Vitelleschi, F.                                          1900      Italian
0524039976       Deluge, History or Myth, The                                                                          Townsend, L. T. (Luther Tracy); 1838-1922.                      1907      English
083707942X       Democracy                                                                                             Flack, A. G.                                                    1910      English
0790591642       Democracy and Christian Doctrines: An Essay in Reinterpretation                                       Carnegie, W. H. (William Hartley); 1860-1936.                   1914      English
0524008450       Demon Possession and Allied Themes: Being an Inductive Study of Phenomena of Our Own Times            Nevius, John L. (John Livingston); 1829-1893.                   1894      English

837020700        Demonic Possession in the New Testament: Its Relations Historical, Medical, and Theological           Alexander, William Menzies; 1858-1929.                          1902      English

0524036039       Demonism of the Ages: Spirit Obsessions So Common in Spiritism, Oriental and Occidental               Peebles, J. M. (James Martin); 1822-1922.                       1904      English
                 Occultism, The
0790563193       Den Allmànna Religionshistorien Och Den Kyrkliga Teologien: Intràdesfòrelàsning                       Sòderblom, Nathan; 1866-1931.                                   1901      Swedish
0790563207       Den Enskilde Och Kyrkan: Fòredrag Hàllet Vid Studentmòtet I Huskvarna 1909                            Sòderblom, Nathan; 1866-1931.                                   1909      Swedish
0524019363       Den Forenede Kirke: Fred Og Strid, Eller, Lidt Foreningshistorie                                      Dahl, T. H. (Theodor H.)                                        1894      Norwegian
0524016372       Den Forenede Norsk Lutherske Kirke I Amerika                                                          Norlie, Olaf Morgan; 1876-1962.                                 1914      Norwegian
0524057796       Den Kristna Fòrsamlingen                                                                              Waldenstròm, P. (Paul); 1838-1917.                              1914      Swedish
0790535254       Den Kristna Tankens Tolkning Af Jesu Person: En Blick Paìš Den Kristologiska Utvecklingen Intill      Aulèn, Gustaf; 1879-                                            1910      Swedish
                 Nutiden: Tre Utvidgade Fòredrag
0524017131       Den Norsk Lutherske Kirkes Historie I Amerika                                                         Bergh, J. A. (Johan Arndt); 1847-1927.                          1914      Norwegian
0524024707       Den Norsk-Danske Methodismes Historie Paa Begge Sider Havet                                           Haagensen, A. (Andrew)                                          1894      Norwegian
0790543745       Den Norske Kirkes Geistlighed I Reformations-Aarhundredet (1536-1600): Biografiske,                   Bang, A. Chr. (Anton Christian); 1840-1913.                     1897      Norwegian
                 Kulturhistoriske Og Kirkehistoriske Oplysninger
0524067147       Den of Oràndrade Augsburgiska Bekànnelsen Med Inledning Och Fòrklaring                                Forsander, Nils; 1846-1926.                                     1902      Swedish
0790562154       Den Svenska Kyrkans Utveckling: Fraìšn St Bernhards Tidevarv Till Innocentius III: En                 Westman, Knut B. (Knut Bernhard); b. 1881.                      1915      Swedish
0790535181       Den Unge Luther: Studier Over Hans Theologi                                                   Ammundsen, Valdemar; 1875-1936.                                         1907      Danish
0524076464       Denials and Beliefs of Unitarians                                                             Wright, John; 1824-1900.                                                1901      English
0524015872       Der "Senfkornorden" Zinzendorfs: Ein Beitrag Zur Kenntnis Seiner Jugendentwicklung Und Seines Reichel, Gerhard; 1874-1953.                                            1914      German
837047862        Der Abendlàndische Text Der Apostelgeschichte Und Die Wir-Quelle: Eine Studie                         Pott, August; b. 1870.                                          1900      German
837034159        Der Ahnenkultus Und Die Urreligion Israels                                                            Grùneisen, Carl.                                                1900      German
837024900        Der Alte Weg Zum Alten Gott: Gedanken Und Betrachtungen Ùber Wichtige Fragen Des                      Bruckner, Albert; 1872-1912.                                    1903      German
                 Christlichen Glaubens
0790505029       Der Àltere Prophetismus: Bis Auf Die Heldengestalten Von Elia Und Elisa                               Kònig, Eduard; 1846-1936.                                       1905      German
0524026211       Der Àltere Vedaìnta: Geschichte, Kritik Und Lehre                                                     Walleser, Max; b. 1874.                                         1910      German
0790519305       Der Alttestamentliche Kanon Der Antiochenischen Schule                                                Dennefeld, L. (Ludwig)                                          1909      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                             Page 58 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                             Author                                                 Year Published Language
0790521342       Der Alttestamentliche Prophetismus: Drei Studien                                                  Sellin, Ernst; 1867-1945.                                  1912      German
0837023963       Der Alttestamentliche Unterbau Des Reiches Gottes                                                 Boehmer, Julius; b. 1866.                                  1902      German
0524058083       Der Angebliche Turmbau Zu Babel, Der Erlebnisse Der Familie Abrahams Und Die Beschneidung         Jedlicska, Johann.                                         1903      German

0790526816       Der Antichrist                                                                                    Preuss, Hans; 1876-1951.                                   1909      German
837004942        Der Antichrist in Den Vorchristlichen Jùdischen Quellen                                           Friedlànder, M. (Moriz)                                    1901      German
0837015103       Der Antichrist in Der Ùberlieferung Des Judentums, Des Neuen Testaments Und Der Alten Kirche:     Bousset, Wilhelm; 1865-1920.                               1895      German
                 Ein Beitrag Zur Auslegung Der Apocalypse
0790591162       Der Apologet Aristides: Der Text Seiner Uns Erhaltenen Schriften Nebst Einleitenden               Aristides; 2nd cent.                                       1894      German
                 Untersuchungen Ùber Dieselben
0524050309       Der Apostel Paulus                                                                                Bousset, Wilhelm; 1865-1920.                               1906      German
0524061505       Der Apostel Paulus Und Sein Evangelium Als Autoritàt Fùr Den Glauben                              òhler, Theodor.                                            1907      German
083702210X       Der Aufbau Der Amosreden                                                                          Baumann, Eberhard; b. 1871.                                1903      German
0837099056       Der Aufenthalt Israels in Aegypten Im Lichte Der Aegyptischen Monumente                           Spiegelberg, Wilhelm; 1870-1930.                           1904      German
0790543702       Der Aufklàrer, Friedrich Nicolai                                                                  Aner, Karl; 1879-1933.                                     1912      German
0790516055       Der Ausgang Der Prophetie                                                                         Haller, Max; b. 1879.                                      1912      German
0524052239       Der Babel-Bibel-Streit Und Die Offenbarungsfrage: Ein Verzicht Auf Verstàndigung                  Kittel, Rudolf; 1859-1929.                                 1903      German
837048834        Der Begriff Der Bekehrung: Im Lichte Der Heiligen Schrift, Der Kirchengeschichte Und Der          Herzog, Johannes; b. 1860.                                 1903      German
                 Forderungen Des Heutigen Lebens: Eine Untersuchung
0790532123       Der Begriff Der Diatheìkeì Im Hebràerbrief                                                        Riggenbach, Eduard; 1861-1927.                             1908      German
0524001979       Der Begriff Der Gnade Im Neuen Testament: Eine Biblisch-Theologische Untersuchung                 Vòmel, R. (Rud.)                                           1903      German
0524059055       Der Begriff Der Wahrheit in Dem Evangelium Und Den Briefen Des Johannes                           Bùchsel, Friedrich; 1883-1945.                             1911      German
0524004005       Der Begriff Des Ùbernatùrlichen: Sein Dialektischer Charakter Und Das Princip Der Identitàt       Tillich, Paul; 1886-1965.                                  1915      German
0837073170       Der Beste Und Kùrzeste Weg Zur Vollkommenheit                                                     Nieremberg, Juan Eusebio; 1595-1658.                       1906      German
837030625        Der Betende Gerechte Der Psalmen: Historischkritische Untersuchung Als Beitrag Zu Einer           Engert, Thaddaeus.                                         1902      German
                 Einleitung in Den Psalter
0790595141       Der Beweis Fùr Das Dasein Gottes Und Seine Persoenlichkeit: Mit Rùcksicht Auf Die                 Melzer, Ernst; 1835-1899.                                  1910      German
                 Herkòmmlichen Gottesbeweise
0524001499       Der Beweis Fùr Die Wahrheit Des Christentums: Ein Beitrag Zur Apologetik                          Steude, E. Gustav.                                         1899      German
0837096766       Der Biblische Samson                                                                              Zapletal, V. (Vincenz); b. 1867.                           1906      German
0524059144       Der Biblische Schòpfungsbericht (Gen. 1, 1 Bis 2, 3)                                              Kaulen, Franz; 1827-1907.                                  1902      German
0790532069       Der Biblische Urgeschichte                                                                        Nikel, Johannes; 1863-1924.                                1910      German
837052548        Der Brief an Die Galater                                                                          Sieffert, Friedrich.                                       1899      German
0790522071       Der Brief an Die Hebràer                                                                          Weiss, Bernhard; 1827-1918.                                1897      German
0790527960       Der Brief an Die Hebràer                                                                          Riggenbach, Eduard; 1861-1927.                             1913      German
0524073422       Der Brief an Die Hebràer: Ein Ermunterungsschreiben an Zagende Christen                           Riggenbach, Eduard; 1861-1927.                             1916      German
0790522721       Der Brief an Die Ròmer                                                                            Weiss, Bernhard; 1827-1918.                                1899      German
837023270        Der Brief Des Jacobus                                                                             Beyschlag, Willibald; 1823-1900.                           1897      German
0837095816       Der Brief Des Jakobus                                                                             Spitta, Friedrich; 1852-1924.                              1896      German
0790533367       Der Brief Des Paulus an Die Philipper                                                             Ewald, Paul; 1857-1911.                                    1908      German
0790512181       Der Brief Des Paulus an Die Ròmer                                                                 Kùhl, Ernst; b. 1861.                                      1913      German
837028175        Der Brief Pauli an Die Galater                                                                    Dalmer, Johannes.                                          1897      German
052406833X       Der Brief Pauli an Die Ròmer: Forschenden Bibellesern Durch Umschreibung Und Erlàuterung          Couard, Hermann.                                           1895      German
                 Erklàrt Und Mit Specieller Einleitung, Sowie Mit Den Nòtigen Historischen, Geographischen Und
                 Antiquarischen Anmerkungen
052410171X       Der Buddhismus                                                                                    Hackmann, Heinrich Friedrich; 1864-1935.                   1905      German
0524022267       Der Buddhismus in China: Eine Religionsgeschichtliche Studie                                      Piton, Ch. (Charles)                                       1902      German
052402068X       Der Buddhismus Und Das Christentum Vor Dem Forum Des Philosophischen and Ethischen                Bernstein, P.                                              1911      German
                 Denkens: In Verschiedenen Gymnasien Und Anderen Òffentlichen Sàlen Gehaltener Vortrag
837032571        Der Chacham Kohelet Als Philosoph Und Politiker: Ein Kommentar Zum Biblischen Buche Kohelet, Gerson, Adolf.                                                  1905      German
                 Zugleich Ein Studie Zu Religiòsen Und Politischen Entwicklung Des Volkes Israel Im Zeitalter
                 Herodes Des Grossen
0524101981       Der Chinesische Prediger                                                                          Voskamp, C. I.                                             1919      German
0524094454       Der Chinesische Zopf                                                                              Rohrbach, Paul; 1869-1956.                                 1910      German
0837093457       Der Christ Und Die Sùnde Bei Paulus                                                               Wernle, Paul; 1872-1939.                                   1897      German
837040140        Der Christliche Glaube Fùr Die Menschen Der Gegenwart: Zwòlf Vortràge Gehalten in Der             Kùlpe, Ernst.                                              1907      German
                 Dreifaltigkeitskirche Zu Libau in Kurland
837047609        Der Christliche Glaube in Acht Bùchern                                                            Hackenschmidt, Karl; 1839-1915.                            1901      German
837052750        Der Christliche Gottesbegriff: Beitrag Zur Speculativen Theologie                                 Rocholl, R. (Rudolf); 1822-1905.                           1900      German
0837064694       Der Christliche Gottesglaube: In Seinem Verhàltnis Zur Heutigen Philosophie Und                   Wobbermin, Georg; 1869-1943.                               1907      German
837038227        Der Christliche Gottesglaube: Seine Vorgeschichte Und Urgeschichte                                Holtzmann, Oskar; 1859-1934.                               1905      German
0790520087       Der Christus Der Geschichte Und Sein Christenthum                                                 Làngin, Georg; 1827-1897.                                  1897      German
0790540517       Der Chronograph Aus Dem Zehnten Jahre Antonins                                                    Schlatter, Adolf von; 1852-1938.                           1894      German
837049474        Der Codex Arabicus Monacensis Aumer 238: Eine Spanisch-Arabische Evangelienhandschrift            Ròmer, Karl.                                               1905      Arabic

079058283X       Der Codex Boernerianus: Der Briefe Des Apostels Paulus (Msc. Dresd. A 145b) in Lichtdruck                                                                    1909      Greek
0790518570       Der Codex D in Der Apostelgeschichte: Textkritische Untersuchung                                  Weiss, Bernhard; 1827-1918.                                1897      German
837038103        Der Commentar Marqah's Des Samaritaners (Bùcher I, II, IV Und Auszùge Aus Bb. III Und VI.): In    Marqah.                                                    1896      German
                 Der Hebràischen Quadratschrift Nebst Einleitung, Ùbersetzung, Noten, Und Appendices

0524054398       Der Communismus Der Màhrischen Wiedertàufer Im 16. Und 17. Jahrhundert: Beitràge Zu Ihrer         Loserth, Johann; 1846-1936.                                1895      German
                 Geschichte, Lehre Und Verfassung
837035732        Der Daniel Der Ròmerzeit: Ein Kritischer Versuch Zur Datierung Einer Wichtigen Urkunde Des        Hertlein, Eduard.                                          1908      German
0790578166       Der Deismus in Der Religions-Und Offenbarungskritik Des Hermann Samuel Reimarus                   Engert, Joseph; b. 1882.                                   1916      German
837020352        Der Dekalog Als Katechetisches Lehrstùck                                                          Achelis, E. Christian; (Ernst Christian); 1838-1912.       1905      German
0837080959       Der Deutsche Modernismus                                                                          Engert, Thaddaeus.                                         1910      German
0524008787       Der Deutsche Volksaberglaube in Seinem Verhàltnis Zum Christentum Und Im Unterschiede Von         Freybe, A. (Albert); 1835-1911.                            1910      German
                 Der Zauberei
0790562790       Der Dienst Der Frau in Den Ersten Jahrhunderten Der Christlichen Kirche                           Zscharnack, Leopold; b. 1877.                              1902      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                          Page 59 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                            Author                                                      Year Published Language
0790558858       Der Dienst Der Frau in Der Christlichen Kirche: Geschichtlicher Ueberblick Mit Einer Sammlung    Goltz, Eduard; Freiherr von der; b. 1870.                       1914      German
                 Von Urkunden
0790531577       Der Eid Bei Den Semiten: In Seinem Verhàltnis Zu Verwandten Erscheinungen Sowie Die Stellung     Pedersen, Johannes; 1883-1977.                                  1914      German
                 Des Eides Im Islam
0837084555       Der Eid Wider Den Modernismus Und Die Theologische Wissenschaft                                  Mausbach, Joseph; 1861-1931.                                    1911      German
0790505819       Der Einfluss Babyloniens Auf Das Verstàndnis Des Alten Testamentes                               Jeremias, Alfred; 1864-1935.                                    1908      German
0790520869       Der Einfluss Der Bibelkritik Auf Das Christliche Glaubensleben: Vortrag                          Stave, Erik.                                                    1903      German
0790542552       Der Einfluss Der Mysterienreligionen Auf Das Àlteste Christentum                                 Clemen, Carl; 1865-1940.                                        1913      German
0837087988       Der Einfluss Der Protestantischen Schulphilosophie Auf Die Orthodox-Lutherische Dogmatik         Weber, E. (Emil); 1882-1950.                                    1908      German

0790548984       Der Einfluss Des Humanismus Und Der Reformation Auf Das Gleichzeitige Erziehungs- Und            Roth, F. (Friedrich); 1854-1932.                                1898      German
                 Schulwesen: Bis in Die Ersten Jahrzehnte Nach Melanchthons Tod
0790508966       Der Einfluss Philos Auf Die Àlteste Christliche Exegese (Barnabas, Justin Und Clemens Von        Heinisch, Paul; 1878-1956.                                      1908      German
                 Alexandria): Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Allegorisch-Mystischen Schriftauslegung Im
                 Christlichen Altertum
0790561867       Der Einheimische Klerus in Den Heidenlàndern                                                     Huonder, Anton; 1858-1926.                                      1909      German
0524059195       Der Engels-Und Teufelsglaube Des Apostels Paulus                                                 Kurze, Georg; b. 1887.                                          1915      German
0790595168       Der Entwicklungsgedanke in Schleiermachers Glaubenslehre                                         Meyer, Albert; b. 1875.                                         1910      German
837023122        Der Entwicklungsgedanke Und Das Christentum                                                      Beth, Karl.                                                     1909      German
837022592        Der Epheserbrief Des Apostels Paulus                                                             Belser, Joh. Evang. (Johannes Evangelist); 1850-1916.           1908      German
837057841        Der Erfahrungsbeweis Fùr Die Wahrheit Des Christenthums                                          Wendt, Hans Hinrich; 1853-1928.                                 1897      German
837029864        Der Ersatz Der Religion Durch Vollkommeneres Und Die Abstreifung Alles Asiatismus                Dùhring, Eugen Karl; 1833-1921.                                 1906      German
0790522810       Der Erste Brief an Die Korinther                                                                 Heinrici, C. F. Georg; (Carl Friedrich Georg); 1844-1915.       1896      German
0790540282       Der Erste Clemensbrief                                                                           Clement; I; Pope.                                               1899      German
0790518090       Der Erste Clemensbrief in Altkoptischer Ùbersetzung                                              Clement; I; Pope.                                               1908      Coptic
0524022852       Der Erste Evangelische Gottesdienst in Strassburg: Vortrag                                       Smend, Julius; 1857-1930.                                       1897      German
0790531771       Der Erste Korintherbrief                                                                         Weiss, Johannes; 1863-1914.                                     1910      German
0524059446       Der Erste Petrusbrief Und Die Neuere Kritik                                                      Weiss, Bernhard; 1827-1918.                                     1906      German
0837093333       Der Erste Petrusbrief: Seine Entstehung Und Stellung in Der Geschichte Des Urchristentums        Vòlter, Daniel; b. 1855.                                        1906      German
0837094380       Der Erste Und Zweite Petrusbrief Und Der Judasbrief                                              Wohlenberg, Gustav; 1862-1917.                                  1914      German
0790529998       Der Erste Und Zweite Thessalonicherbrief                                                         Wohlenberg, Gustav; 1862-1917.                                  1909      German
0790504405       Der Ertrag Der Ausgrabungen Im Orient Fùr Die Erkenntnis Der Entwicklung Der Religion Israels    Sellin, Ernst; 1867-1945.                                       1905      German

0524103976       Der Evangelische Glaube Nach Den Hauptschriften Der Reformatoren                                 Wernle, Paul; 1872-1939.                                        1918      German
0837076536       Der Evangelische Religionsunterricht Im Zeitalter Der Reformation                                Neumann, Robert.                                                1899      German
0524030928       Der Evangelische Sinn Unserer Kirchenverfassung                                                  Foerster, Erich; 1865-1945.                                     1904      German
0524000441       Der Ewig Kommende Gott                                                                           Jatho, Carl; 1851-1913.                                         1913      German
0524066817       Der Ezechielische Tempel: Eine Exegetische Studie Ùber Ezechiel 40 FF.                           Richter, Georg; b. 1860.                                        1912      German
0524016054       Der Freiwillige Feuertod in Indien Und Die Somaweihe                                             Hillebrandt, Alfred; 1853-1927.                                 1917      German
0524000476       Der Friedensplan Des Leibniz Zur Wiedervereinigung Der Getrennten Christlichen Kirchen: Aus      Kiefl, Franz Xaver; 1869-1903.                                  1903      German
                 Seinen Verhandlungen Mit Dem Hofe Ludwigs XIV., Leopolds I. Und Peters Des Grossen

0790532387       Der Fund Von Tell-Amarna Und Die Bibel                                                           Vogel, August; 1817-1889.                                       1898      German
0790506785       Der Galilàische Êam-haêares Des Zweiten Jahrhunderts: Beitràge Zur Innern Geschichte Des         Bùchler, Adolf; 1867-1939.                                      1906      German
                 Palàstinischen Judentums in Den Ersten Zwei Jahrhunderten
0837093074       Der Ganze Prolog Des Johannesevangeliums in Satzfolge Und-Gliederung Wòrtliches Citat Aus        Steinfùhrer, W.                                                 1904      German
                 Jesaia: Eine Studie Des Christusbildes Nach Der Aneinanderhaltung Beider Testamente
837026792        Der Gebrauch Des Alten Testamentes in Den Neutestamentlichen Schriften                           Clemen, August.                                                 1895      German
0524007578       Der Gedanke Der Pàpstlichen Weltherrschaft Bis Auf Bonifaz VIII                                  Hauck, Albert; 1845-1918.                                       1904      German
0790510154       Der Gegenwàrtige Kampf Um Das Alte Testament: Vortrag                                            Oettli, Samuel; 1846-1911.                                      1896      German
0790504081       Der Geist Gottes Und Die Verwandten Erscheinungen Im Alten Testament Und Im Anschliessenden      Volz, Paul; 1871-1941.                                          1910      German
0524015627       Der Geisteskampf Des Christentums Gegen Den Islam Bis Zur Zeit Der Kreuzzùge                     Keller, Adolf; b. 1872.                                         1896      German
0524060002       Der Geschichtliche Christus Und Die Christliche Glaubenslehre                                    Schnedermann, Georg; b. 1852.                                   1902      German
0524000484       Der Geschichtliche Christus Und Die Moderne Philosophie: Eine Genetische Darlegung Der           Kiefl, Franz Xaver; 1869-1928.                                  1911      English
                 Philosophischen Voraussetzungen Im Streit Um Die Christusmythe
0790508745       Der Geschichtliche Jesus: Eine Allgemeinverstàndliche Untersuchung Der Frage: Hat Jesus Gelebt, Clemen, Carl; 1865-1940.                                         1911      German
                 Und Was Wollte Er?
837043840        Der Glaube an Die Gottheit Christi: Eine Studie Zur Theologie Ritchls Und Kaftans                Lechler, Paul; 1849-1925.                                       1895      German
0524077223       Der Glaube Nach Der Anschauung Des Alten Testamentes: Eine Untersuchung Ùber Bedeutung           Bach, Ludwig; b. 1875.                                          1900      German
                 Von He-êemin Im Alttestamentlichen Sprachgebrauch
837044227        Der Glaube Und Seine Bedeutung Fùr Erkenntnis, Leben Und Kirche: Mit Rùcksicht Auf Die           Kòstlin, Julius; 1826-1902.                                     1895      German
                 Hauptfragen Der Gegenwart
0524002029       Der Gottesbeweis Aus Der Bewegung Bei Thomas Von Aquin: Auf Seinen Wortlaut Untersucht: Ein Weber, Simon; 1866-1929.                                             1902      German
                 Beitrag Zur Textkritik Und Erklàrung Der Summa Contra Gentiles
0790585804       Der Gottesgedanke in Der Geschichte Der Philosophie. Erster Teil; Von Heraklit Bis Jakob Bòhme   Schwarz, Hermann; b. 1864.                                      1913      German

0790531011       Der Griechisch-Syrische Text Des Matthàus: E 351 Im Verhàltnis Zu Tatian Ssc Ferrar              Pott, August; b. 1870.                                          1912      German
0790507099       Der Grundcharakter Der Ethik Jesu Im Verhàltniss Zu Den Messianischen Hoffnungen Seines          Ehrhardt, Eugen; b. 1859.                                       1895      German
                 Volkes Und Zu Seinem Eigenem Messiasbewusstsein
0524068755       Der Hauptgottesdienst Der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche: Zur Erhaltung Des Liturgischen        Lochner, Friedrich; 1822-1902.                                  1895      German
                 Erbtheils Und Zur Befòrderung Des Liturgischen Studiums in Der Americanisch-Lutherischen
                 Kirche Erlàutert Und Mit Altkirchlichen Singweisen
0790520982       Der Hebràerbrief                                                                                 Windisch, Hans; 1881-1935.                                      1913      German
0524039852       Der Hebràerbrief                                                                                 Nikel, Johannes; 1863-1924.                                     1914      German
0790517388       Der Hebràerbrief in Zietgeschichtlicher Beleuchtung                                              Weiss, Bernhard; 1827-1918.                                     1910      German
0524074305       Der Heidelberger Katechismus: Und Vier Verwandte Katechismen (Leo Jud's Und Micron's Kleine                                                                      1907      German
                 Katechismen, Sowie Die Zwei Vorarbeiten Ursins)
0790547031       Der Heidelberger Katechismus: Zum 350 Jàhrigen Gedàchtnis Seiner Entstehung                      Lang, August; 1867-1945.                                        1913      German
0790567652       Der Heilige Alfons Von Liguori: Der Kirchenlehrer Und Apologet Des XVIII. Jahrhunderts           Meffert, Franz; 1868-1944.                                      1901      German
0524027943       Der Heilige Berg Athos: Schilderung                                                              Fallmerayer, Jakob Philipp; 1790-1861.                          1908      German
837051754        Der Heilige Krieg Im Alten Israel                                                                Schwally, Friedrich; 1863-1919.                                 1901      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                        Page 60 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                             Author                                                      Year Published Language
0524040990       Der Himmel Des Christen: Skizzen Zu Den Jenseitsvorstellungen in Unserer Apologetischen           Kropatscheck, Friedrich; 1875-1917.                             1916      German
0790504901       Der Historische Jesus, Der Mythologische Christus Und Jesus Der Christ: Ein Kritischer Gang       Dunkmann, Karl; 1868-1932.                                      1910      German
                 Durch Die Moderne Jesus-Forschung
0524002207       Der Humor Jesu: Beitrag Zur Skizzierung Des Historischen Christusbildes                           Wùnkhaus, Osc. W. (Oscar W.)                                    1909      German
0524014256       Der Idealismus Der Indischen Religionsphilosophie Im Zeitalter Der Opfermystik                    Dahlmann, Joseph; 1861-1930.                                    1901      German
0524014280       Der Indische Seelenwanderungsglaube                                                               Dilger, Wilhelm; 1855-1920.                                     1910      German
0790594412       Der Inhalt Und Umfang Des Begriffs Der Eigenthùmlichkeit in Der Philosophie Schleiermacher's      Plog, Ludwig.                                                   1902      German

0524013659       Der Islam Im Lichte Der Byzantinischen Polemik                                                    Gùterbock, Karl; 1830-1914.                                     1912      German
0524020825       Der Islam: Geschichte, Glaube, Recht: Ein Handbuch                                                Hartmann, Martin; 1851-1919.                                    1909      German
0790506521       Der Israelitische Sabbath                                                                         Hehn, Johannes.                                                 1909      German
0837074371       Der Jakobusbrief Und Die Neuere Kritik                                                            Weiss, Bernhard; 1827-1918.                                     1904      German
0790522438       Der Jakobusbrief Und Sein Verfasser in Schrift Und Ùberlieferung                                  Meinertz, Max.                                                  1905      German
0790521717       Der Judasbrief: Seine Echtheit, Abfassungszeit Und Leser: Ein Beitrag Zur Einleitung in Die       Maier, Friedrich; 1883-1957.                                    1906      German
                 Katholischen Briefe
0524034400       Der Jùdische Gottesdienst in Seiner Geschichtlichen Entwicklung                                   Elbogen, Ismar; 1847-1943.                                      1913      German
079052127X       Der Jùdische Kirchenstaat in Persischer, Griechischer Und Ròmischer Zeit                          Lehmann-Haupt, C. F. (Carl Friedrich); 1861-1938.               1911      German
052400367X       Der Junge Schleiermacher                                                                          Hàberle, Alfred; Dr.                                            1916      German
0790551306       Der Kaiser Und Die Protestanten in Den Jahren 1537-1539                                           Rosenberg, Walter; b. 1881.                                     1903      German
0790596296       Der Kampf Um Die Religion                                                                         Schmidt, Wilhelm; 1839-1912.                                    1911      English
0837085756       Der Kampf Um Die Schrift in Der Deutsch-Evangelischen Kirche Des Neunzehnten Jahrhunderts         Gennrich, Paul; b. 1865.                                        1898      German

0790578255       Der Kampf Um Die Seele: Vortràge Ùber Die Brennenden Fragen Der Modernen Psychologie              Gutberlet, Constantin; 1837-1928.                               1903      German
0790575671       Der Kampf Um Einen Geistigen Lebensinhalt: Neue Grundlegung Einer Weltanschauung                  Eucken, Rudolf; 1846-1926.                                      1907      German
079055318X       Der Kampf Um Glatz: Aus Der Geschichte Der Gegenreformation in Der Grafschaft Glatz               Wiese, Hugo von; 1844-1904.                                     1896      German
0524061262       Der Kampf Um Ròmer Kapitel 7: Eine Historisch-Exegetische Studie                                  Engel, M. R.                                                    1902      German
0790507617       Der Kanon Des Alten Testaments Zur Zeit Des Ben Sira                                              Eberharter, Andreas.                                            1911      German
837025125        Der Kanon Des Alten Testaments: Ein Abriss                                                        Budde, Karl.                                                    1900      German
0524054002       Der Kanon Des Neuen Testamentes                                                                   Dausch, Petrus; b. 1864.                                        1908      German
079050491X       Der Kanon Des Neuen Testaments                                                                    Ewald, Paul; 1857-1911.                                         1906      German
0790519836       Der Katechismus Als Pàdagogisches Problem                                                         Eberhard, O. (Otto); b. 1875.                                   1912      German
0837082234       Der Katholicismus Als Princip Des Fortschritts                                                    Schell, Herman; 1850-1906.                                      1899      German
0790568780       Der Katholische Modernismus                                                                       Schnitzer, Joseph; 1859-1939.                                   1912      German
0837088097       Der Katholizismus Und Das Zwanzigste Jahrhundert Im Lichte Der Kirchlichen Entwicklung Der        Ehrhard, Albert; 1862-1940.                                     1902      German
079053259X       Der Klementsroman Und Seine Griechischen Quellen                                                  Heintze, Werner; b. 1889.                                       1914      German
0524067457       Der Knecht Gottes Bei Deuterojesaja                                                               Sellin, Ernst; 1867-1945.                                       1901      German
0790533715       Der Knecht Gottes in Isaias Kap. 40-55                                                            Feldmann, Franz; 1866-1944.                                     1907      German
083703275X       Der Knecht Jahves Des Deuterojesaia                                                               Giesebrecht, Friedrich; 1852-1910.                              1902      German
079050510X       Der Knecht Jahve's Im Jesajabuche                                                                 Orelli, C. v. (Conrad); 1846-1912.                              1908      German
0524077282       Der Koran                                                                                                                                                         1916      German
0790558157       Der Krieg Und Die Religion: Rede Am 12. November 1914: Mit Beilagen Ausgewàhlter                  Deissmann, Gustav Adolf; 1866-1937.                             1914      German
0790526050       Der Kritische Wert Der Altaramàischen Ahìikìartexte Aus Elephantine                               Stummer, Friedrich; b. 1886.                                    1914      German
0790539772       Der Lebendige Gott: Fragen Und Antworten Von Herz Zu Herz                                         Kàhler, Martin; 1835-1912.                                      1894      German
0790556499       Der Lehrstuhl Fùr Religionsgeschichte                                                             Deissmann, Gustav Adolf; 1866-1937.                             1914      German
837004837        Der Leib Christi...Eine Untersuchung Zum Urchristlichen Gemeindegedanken                          Schmidt, Traugott.                                              1919      German
0837093442       Der Leipziger Papyrusfragmente Der Psalmen                                                                                                                        1903      Greek
0837093082       Der Leserkreis Des Galaterbriefes: Ein Beitrag Zur Urchristlichen Missionsgeschichte              Steinmann, Alphons.                                             1908      German
0790510928       Der Litterarische Charakter Der Neutestamentlichen Schriften                                      Heinrici, C. F. Georg; (Carl Friedrich Georg); 1844-1915.       1908      German
0524030839       Der Liturgische Choral                                                                            Sauter, Benedikt; 1835-1908.                                    1903      German
0790518465       Der Liturgische Papyrus Von Deìr-Balyzeh: Eine Abendmahlsliturgie Des Ostermorgens                Schermann, Theodor; 1878-1922.                                  1910      German
0790578824       Der Logos Als Heiland Im Ersten Jahrhundert: Ein Religions-Und Dogmengeschichtlicher Beitrag      Krebs, Engelbert; b. 1881.                                      1910      German
                 Zur Erlòsungslehre: Mit Einem Anhang, Poimandres Und Johannes, Kritisches Referat Ùber
                 Reitzensteins Religionsgeschichtliche Logosstudien
0790534169       Der Logos: Ein Versuch Erneuter Wùrdigung Einer Alten Wahrheit                                    Simon, Theodor.                                                 1902      German
0837017750       Der Lukiantext Des Oktateuch                                                                      Hautsch, Ernst; b. 1883.                                        1909      German
079059109X       Der Màrtyrer in Den Anfàngen Der Kirche                                                           Schlatter, Adolf von; 1852-1938.                                1915      German
079050880X       Der Maschal Im Alten Testament: Eine Wortgeschichtliche Untersuchung Nebst Einer                  Eissfeldt, Otto; 1887-                                          1913      German
                 Literargeschichtlichen Untersuchung Der Mashal Genannten Gattungen "Volkssprichwort" Und
0790511703       Der Masoretische Text Des Alten Testaments: Nach Der Ùberlieferung Der Babylonischen Juden        Kahle, Paul; 1875-1964.                                         1902      German

0790505010       Der Mensch Jesus Christus, Der Einige Mittler Zwischen Gott Und Den Menschen: Ein Wort Zur        Kaftan, Theodor; 1847-1932.                                     1908      German
                 Klàrung: Den Mitgliedern Der Schleswig-Holsteinischen Gesamtsynode Von 1907
837048346        Der Menschensohn                                                                                  Gottsched, H.                                                   1908      German
079051348X       Der Menschensohn: Ein Beitrag Zur Neutestamentlichen Theologie                                    Lietzmann, Hans; 1875-1942.                                     1896      German
0790508850       Der Menschensohn: Jesu Selbstbezeichnung Mit Besonderer Berùcksichtigung Des Aramàischen          Fiebig, Paul; 1876-1949.                                        1901      German
                 Sprachgebrauches Fùr "Mensch"
0790523876       Der Menschensohn: Jesu Selbstzeugnis Fùr Seine Messianische Wùrde: Eine Biblisch-                 Tillmann, Fritz; 1874-1953.                                     1907      German
                 Theologische Untersuchung
0790504618       Der Messianische Krieg Und Das Urchristentum                                                      Windisch, Hans; 1881-1935.                                      1909      German
0790501074       Der Messias, Oder, Ta'eb Der Samaritaner: Nach Bisher Unbekannten Quellen                         Merx, Adalbert; 1838-1909.                                      1909      German
052400563X       Der Methodismus in Deutschland: Ein Beitrag Zur Neuesten Kirchengeschichte                        Jùngst, Johannes.                                               1906      German
837038715        Der Midrasch Zum I. Buche Samuelis Und Seine Spuren Bei Kirchenvàtern Und in Der                  Kellermann, Benzion; 1869-                                      1896      German
                 Orientalischen Sage: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Exegese
0524047022       Der Misìœnatraktat Berakhoth in Vokalisiertem Text                                                                                                                1910      Hebrew
0790519690       Der Missionsgedanke Im Alten Testament: Ein Beitrag Zur Alttestamentlichen Religionsgeschichte Lòhr, Max; 1864-1931.                                              1896      German

0524026394       Der Moderne Mensch Und Das Christentum: Skizzen Und Vorarbeiten.                                                                                                  1898      German
0524003203       Der Moderne Mensch Und Die Kirche: Vorlesungen                                                    Schaeder, Erich; 1861-1936.                                     1907      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                          Page 61 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                 Author                                           Year Published Language
0790550970       Der Modernismus                                                                                       Holl, Karl; 1866-1926.                               1908      German
0790594005       Der Monismus Und Seine Philosophischen Grundlagen: Beitràge Zu Einer Kritik Moderner                  Klimke, Friedrich.                                   1911      German
837048761        Der Mosaische Ursprung Der Gesetze: In Den Bùchern Exodus, Leviticus Und Numeri: Vorlesungen Hoedemaker, Ph. J. (Philippus Jacobus)                        1897      German
                 Ùber Die Moderne Schriftkritik Des Alten Testaments
0524008795       Der Mythus Von Der Sintflut                                                                           Gerland, Georg; 1833-1919.                           1912      German
0837091233       Der Name Maria: Geschichte Der Deutung Desselben                                                      Bardenhewer, Otto; 1851-1935.                        1895      German
0790579324       Der Naturalistische Monismus Haeckels                                                                 Engert, Joseph; b. 1882.                             1907      German
0524062927       Der Neue Syllabus Pius X., Oder, Dekret Des Hi. of Fiziums `Lamentabili' Vom 3. Juli 1907             Heiner, Franz; 1849-1919.                            1907      German
837036445        Der Neuentdeckte Codex Syrus Sinaiticus                                                               Holzhey, Carl; b. 1863.                              1896      German
0524018367       Der Opfertanz Des Àgyptischen Kònigs                                                                  Kees, Hermann; b. 1886.                              1912      German
0837088992       Der Organismus Der Semitischen Wortbildung                                                            Frankenberg, Wilhelm; b. 1868.                       1913      German
0524072817       Der Palast Des Kaiphas Und Der Neue St. Petersgarten Der P.P. Assumptionisten Auf Dem Berge           Coppens, Urbain.                                     1905      German
0837072425       Der Papyrusfund Von Elephantine: Dokumente Einer Jùdischen Gemeinde Aus Der Perserzeit Und Meyer, Eduard; 1855-1930.                                       1912      German
                 Das Àlteste Erhaltene Buch Der Weltliteratur
0790519127       Der Paulinismus Und Die Logia Jesu: In Ihrem Gegenseitigen Verhàltnis                                 Resch, Alfred; 1835-1912.                            1904      German
0790526115       Der Paulinismus Unter Dem Gesichtspunkt Der Seligkeit                                                 Titius, Arthur; b. 1864.                             1900      German
0790525410       Der Pharao Des Auszuges: Eine Exegetische Studie Zu Exodus 1-15                                       Miketta, Karl.                                       1903      German
0524015929       Der Pietismus Als Tràger Des Fortschritts: In Kirche, Theologie Und Allgemeiner Geistesbildung        Stephan, Horst; b. 1873.                             1908      German

0790531399       Der Primat Der Petrus: Eine Untersuchung                                                              Grill, Julius; 1840-1930.                            1904      German
0524002355       Der Primat Des Willens Vor Dem Intellekt Bei Augustin                                                 Zànker, Otto; 1876-1960.                             1907      German
0790516691       Der Process Und Die Acta S. ApollonII                                                                 Klette, E. Theodor; (Emil Theodor)                   1897      German
837044197        Der Prolog Des Johannesevangeliums: Nach Dem Evangelium                                               Meyer, K. (Konrad); b. 1875.                         1902      German
083702160X       Der Prolog Des Vierten Evangeliums: Sein Polemisch-Apologetischer Zweck                               Baldensperger, Wilhelm.                              1898      German
0524047499       Der Prophet Amos, Hebràisch Und Griechisch                                                                                                                 1905      Hebrew
837035139        Der Prophet Amos: Nach Dem Grundtexte                                                                 Hartung, K.                                          1898      German
0524045755       Der Prophet Esra (IV Esra)                                                                                                                                 1900      German
0837017475       Der Prophet Habakuk: Eine Untersuchung Zur Kritik Des Alten Testaments                                Peiser, F. E. (Felix Ernst); 1862-1921.              1903      German
837040620        Der Prophet Jeremias                                                                                  Lazarus, Moritz; 1824-1903.                          1894      German
0524039887       Der Prophet Jeremias                                                                                  Riessler, Paul; 1865-1935.                           1914      German
837037328        Der Prophet Malachias: Einleitung, Ùbersetzung Und Auslegung                                          Isopescul, Octavian.                                 1908      German
0524036705;      Der Protestantismus Am Ende Des XIX. Jahrhunderts in Wort Und Bild                                                                                         1900      German
0790569620       Der Protestantismus in Polen Auf Grund Der Einheimischen Geschichtsschreibung                   Vòlker, Karl; 1886-1937.                                   1910      German
0790561093       Der Protestantismus in Steiermark, Kàrnten Und Krain: Vom XVI. Jahrhundert Bis in Die Gegenwart Ilwof, Franz; 1831-1916.                                   1900      German

0837017742       Der Psaltertext Bei Theodoret                                                                         Grosse-Brauckmann, Emil.                             1911      German
0790517116       Der Pseudocyprianische Traktat de Singularitate Clericorum: Ein Werk Des Donatistischen               Harnack, Adolf von; 1851-1930.                       1903      German
                 Bischofs Macrobius in Rom; Die Hypotyposen Des Theognost; Der Gefàlschte Brief Des Bischofs
                 Theonas an Den Oberkammerherrn Lucian
0790528045       Der Pseudodaniel Und Pseudojesaja Der Modernen Kritik Vor Dem Forum Des Christlichen                  Rupprecht, Eduard.                                   1894      German
                 Glaubens, Der Moral Und Der Wissenschaft: Ein Neues Glaubenszeugnis Zur Selbstbehauptung
                 Der Kirche Gegenùber Der Zweifelsucht Auf Dem Boden Des A. Testame
837054052        Der Rahmen Des Deuteronomiums: Litterarcritische Untersuchung Ùber Seine Zusammensetzung              Steuernagel, Carl; b. 1869.                          1894      German
                 Und Entstehung
0837089255       Der Reformkatholizismus: Fùr Die Gebildeten Aller Bekenntnisse                                        Mùller, Josef.                                       1899      German
0837023998       Der Religionsgeschichtliche Rahmen Des Reiches Gottes                                                 Boehmer, Julius; b. 1866.                            1909      German
837020379        Der Religionsgeschlichtliche Gehalt Der Psalmen: Mit Bezug Auf Das Sittlich-Religiòse Leben Der       Achelis, Johannes.                                   1904      German
                 Nachexilischen Gemeinde
0837093406       Der Religiòse Gehalt Des Galaterbriefes                                                               Walter, Johann.                                      1904      German
0790598388       Der Religiòse Wille: Ein Beitrag Zur Psychologie Und Praxis Der Religion                              Pfennigsdorf, E. (Emil); 1868-1952.                  1910      German
837031788        Der Ritualmord Vor Den Gerichtshòfen Der Wahrheit Und Der Gerechtigkeit                               Frank, Friedrich; 1832-1904.                         1901      German
837050928        Der Ròmerbrief                                                                                        Schlatter, Adolf von; 1852-1938.                     1895      German
0790519739       Der Ròmerbrief Als Historisches Problem                                                               Lùtgert, Wilhelm; 1867-1938.                         1913      German
0837004292;      Der Ròmerbrief.                                                                                       Barth, Karl; 1886-1968.                              1919      German
837031117        Der Ròmerbrief: Ein Exegetische Studie                                                                Feine, Paul; 1859-1933.                              1903      German
0790511576       Der Sadduzàismus: Eine Kritische Untersuchung Zur Spàteren Jùdischen Religionsgeschichte              Hòlscher, Gustav; 1877-1955.                         1906      German

837049571        Der Schluss Des Markusevangeliums, Der Vier-Evangelien-Kanon Und Die Kleinasiatischen                 Rohrbach, Paul; 1869-1956.                           1894      German
0524058156       Der Schlùssel Zum Verstàndnis Der Bergspredigt: Eine Exegetische Untersuchung                         Nàgelsbach, Friedrich.                               1916      German
0790517558       Der Scholien-Kommentar Des Origenes Zur Apokalypse Johannis: Nebst Einem Stùck Aus                                                                         1911      Multiple
                 Irenaeus, Lib. V, Graece
0790509857       Der Schriftstellerische Plural Bei Paulus                                                           Dick, Karl.                                            1900      German
0790580195       Der Schriftstellerkatalog Des Hieronymus: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Altchristlichen Litteratur Bernoulli, Carl Albrecht; 1868-1937.                   1895      German

837004381        Der Selige Johannes Von Triora: Ein Màrtyrer Chinas Zu Anfang Des Neunzehnten Jahrhunderts            Maria Paula; Schwester, O. S. F.                     1912      German

837038243        Der Sogenannte Historische Jesus Und Der Geschichtliche, Biblische Christus                           Kàhler, Martin; 1835-1912.                           1896      German
0790517361       Der Sogenannte Praedestinatus: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Des Pelagianismus                           Schubert, Hans von; 1859-1931.                       1903      German
0524058261       Der Speierer Reichstag Von 1526 Und Die Religiòse Frage Der Zeit                                      Brieger, Theodor; 1842-1915.                         1909      German
0790523957       Der Stammbaum Christi Bei Den Heiligen Evangelisten Matthàus Und Lukas: Eine Historisch-              Vogt, Peter.                                         1907      German
                 Exegetische Untersuchung
0790509091       Der Sterbende Und Auferstehende Gottheiland: In Den Orientalischen Religionen Und Ihr                 Brùckner, Martin; b. 1868.                           1905      German
                 Verhàltnis Zum Christentum
0524058202       Der Stern Von Bethlehem                                                                               Steinmetzer, Franz X. (Franz Xavier); b. 1879.       1913      German
0790507501       Der Stil Der Paulinischen Predigt Und Die Kynisch-Stoische Diatribe                                   Bultmann, Rudolf Karl; 1884-1976.                    1910      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 62 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                      Year Published Language
0790535068       Der Stoiker Epiktet Und Sein Verhàltnis Zum Christentum: Rede Beim Antritt Des Prorektorats Der      Zahn, Theodor; 1838-1933.                                       1894      German
                 Kòniglich Bayerische- Friedrich-Alexanders-Universitàt Erlangen Am 3. November 1894

0524055793       Der Streit Um Das Deuteronomium                                                                      Euringer, Sebastian; b. 1865.                                   1911      German
837057256        Der Streit Zwischen Erasmus Und Luther Ùber Die Willensfreiheit                                      Zickendraht, K. (Karl)                                          1909      German
0790592622       Der Subjektivismus in Franks "System Der Christlichen Gewissheit": Ein Beitrag Zum Verstàndnis       Daxer, Georg; 1871-1917?                                        1900      German
                 Seiner Theologie
0837081874       Der Syllabus: In Ultramontaner Und Antiultramontaner Beleuchtung                                     Heiner, Franz; 1849-1919.                                       1905      German
0837079527       Der Syllabus: Seine Autoritàt Und Tragweite                                                          Hoensbroech, Paul; Graf von; 1852-1923.                         1904      German
0524026696       Der T'ai-Schan Und Seine Kultstàtten                                                                 Tschepe, Albert.                                                1906      German
837022959        Der Talmud: Sein Wesen, Seine Bedeutung Und Seine Geschichte                                         Bernfeld, Simon; 1860-1940.                                     1900      German
0524057419       Der Text Des Alten Testamentes Und Seine Geschichte                                                  Peters, Norbert; 1863-1938.                                     1912      German
837022444        Der Text Des Buches Hiob. Erstes Heft; Kapitel I-XIV                                                 Beer, Georg.                                                    1895      German
0790506076       Der Text Des Buches Hiob. Zweites Heft; Kapitel XV-Schluss                                           Beer, Georg.                                                    1897      German
0790513692       Der Text Des Neuen Testamentes                                                                       Nòsgen, Karl Friedrich; 1835-1913.                              1905      German
0790534649       Der Text Des Neuen Testaments Nach Seiner Geschichtlichen Entwickelung                               Pott, August; b. 1870.                                          1906      German
0790501945       Der Text Des Neuen Testaments: Neue Fragen, Funde Und Forschungen Der Neutestamentlichen             Knopf, Rudolf; 1874-1920.                                       1906      German
0524044775       Der Text Des Septuaginta-Psalters                                                                    Rahlfs, Alfred; 1865-1935.                                      1907      German
083705205X       Der Tod Christi in Seiner Bedeutung Fùr Die Erlòsung: Eine Biblisch-Theologische Untersuchung        Seeberg, Alfred; 1863-1915.                                     1895      German

0790513323       Der Tosephtatraktat Berakot: Text, Ùbersetzung Und Erklàrung                                         Holtzmann, Oskar; 1859-1934.                                    1912      German
0524047219       Der Tosephtatraktat Rosìœ Hasìœsìœana: In Vokalisiertem Text Mit Sprachlichen Textkritischen                                                                         1914      Hebrew
                 Und Sachlichen Bemerkungen
0524009023       Der Traumschlùssel Des Jagaddeva: Ein Beitrag Zur Indischen Mantik                                   Jagad-deva; son of Durlabha-raÌ„ja.                             1912      German
0790527987       Der Trinitarische Taufbefehl: Matth. 28, 19 Nach Seiner Ursprùnglichen Textgestalt Und Seiner        Riggenbach, Eduard; 1861-1927.                                  1903      German
837031397        Der Triumph Der Christlichen Philosophie: Gegenùber Der Antichristlichen Weltanschauung Am           Fischer, Engelbert Lorenz; 1845-1923.                           1900      German
                 Ende Des XIX. Jahrhunderts: Eine Festgabe Zur Sàcularwende
0790559935       Der Ultramontanismus Als Weltanschauung: Auf Grund Des Syllabus                                      Goetz, Leopold Karl; 1868-1931.                                 1905      German
0524057443       Der Untergang Des Reiches Juda Und Das Exil Im Rahmen Der Weltgeschichte                             Riessler, Paul; 1865-1935.                                      1912      German
0524046859       Der Unterricht Der Visitatoren, 1528                                                                 Melanchthon, Philipp; 1497-1560.                                1912      German
0524080259       Der Unvergleichliche Siegeskampf Im Geiste Gotamo Buddho's                                           Navrath, Stephan.                                               1918      German
0524077959       Der Ursprung Der Gottesidee. I; Historisch-Kritischer Teil: Eine Historisch-Kritische Und Positive   Schmidt, Wilhelm; 1868-1954.                                    1912      German
0790515210       Der Ursprung Der Israelitisch-Jùdischen Eschatologie                                                 Gressmann, Hugo; 1877-1927.                                     1905      German
0790528584       Der Ursprung Des Alttestamentlichen Gottesglaubens                                                   Nikel, Johannes; 1863-1924.                                     1908      German
0790588854       Der Ursprung Des Christusglaubens                                                                    Seeberg, Reinhold; 1859-1935.                                   1914      German
0790541742       Der Ursprung Des Heiligen Abendmahls                                                                 Clemen, Carl; 1865-1940.                                        1898      German
0790513730       Der Verfasser Der Eliu-reden (job Kap. 32-37)                                                        Posselt, Wenzel.                                                1909      German
0790507285       Der Verfassungsentwurf Des Hesekiel in Seiner Religionsgeschichtlichen Bedeutung                     Bertholet, Alfred; 1868-1951.                                   1896      German
0524056315       Der Vernichtungskampf Gegen Das Biblische Christusbild                                               Rohr, Ignaz.                                                    1908      German
837053110        Der Vorchristliche Jesus: Nebst Weiteren Vorstudien Zur Entstehungsgeschichte Des                    Smith, William Benjamin; 1850-1934.                             1906      German
0790508885       Der Vorchristliche Jùdische Gnosticismus                                                             Friedlànder, M. (Moriz)                                         1898      German
0790517159       Der Vorwurf Des Atheismus in Den Drei Ersten Jahrhunderten                                           Harnack, Adolf von; 1851-1930.                                  1905      German
837046106        Der Weg Zu Gott Unserm Vater: Eine Einfùhrung Ins Vaterunser Als Einleitung in Die Christliche       Jaeger, Samuel.                                                 1902      German
0524044120       Der Weltapostel Paulus                                                                               Pòlzl, Franz X. (Franz Xaver); 1840-1914.                       1914      German
0524044139       Der Weltapostel Paulus: Nach Seinem Leben Und Wirken                                                 Pòlzl, Franz X. (Franz Xaver); 1840-1914.                       1905      German
837041201        Der Weltheiland: Eine Jenaer Rosenvorlesung Mit Anmerkungen                                          Lietzmann, Hans; 1875-1942.                                     1909      German
0524019436       Der Wilde Graf (Wilhelm Von Fùrstenberg) Und Die Reformation Im Kinzigthal                           Baumgarten, Fritz.                                              1895      German
0837092590       Der Wortschatz Des Apostels Paulus: Beitrag Zur Sprachgeschichtlichen Erforschung Des Neuen          Nàgeli, Theodor.                                                1905      German
0524076561       Der Zweck Der Gleichnisse Jesu: Im Rahmen Seiner Verkùndigung                                        Kògel, Julius; 1871-1928.                                       1915      German
0790575132       Der Zweck: Seine Bedeutung Fùr Natur Und Geist                                                       Eisler, Rudolf; 1873-1926.                                      1914      German
0790520621       Der Zweifel an Der Messianitàt Jesu                                                                  Schlatter, Adolf von; 1852-1938.                                1907      German
0790530244       Der Zweite Brief an Die Korinther: Mit Einem Anhang, Zum Hellenismus Des Paulus                      Heinrici, C. F. Georg; (Carl Friedrich Georg); 1844-1915.       1900      German
0790524694       Der Zweite Brief Des Apostelfùrsten Petrus                                                           Henkel, Karl.                                                   1904      German
0837068010       Der Zweite Brief Des Apostels Paulus an Die Korinther                                                Belser, Joh. Evang. (Johannes Evangelist); 1850-1916.           1910      German
0837007704       Der Zweite Brief Des Paulus an Die Korinther                                                         Bachmann, Philipp; 1864-1931.                                   1909      German
837034558        Der Zweite Korintherbrief Des Apostels Paulus: Geschichtliche Und Literarkritische                   Halmel, Anton.                                                  1904      German
0790539888       Des Adelard Von Bath Traktat de Eodem Et Diverso                                                     Adelard; of Bath; ca. 1116-1142.                                1903      German
0790540398       Des Heiligen Irenàus Schrift Zum Erweise Der Apostolischen Verkùndigung: Eis Epideixin Tou           Irenaeus; Saint, Bishop of Lyon.                                1907      German
                 Apostolikou Keì„rygmatos: In Armenischer Version Entdeckt
0790512025       Des Petrus Von Laodicea Erklàrung Des Matthàusevangeliums                                            Heinrici, C. F. Georg; (Carl Friedrich Georg); 1844-1915.       1908      Greek
0524016143       Des Religions Comparèes Au Point de Vue Sociologique                                                 La Grasserie, Raoul de; 1839-1913.                              1899      French
837050359        Des Samuel Al-Magrebi Abhandlung Ùber Die Pflichten Der Priester Und Richter Bei Den Karàern         Samuel al-Magrebi; ca. 1350-ca. 1420.                           1907      German

0790592304       Descartes, Spinoza and the New Philosophy                                                            Iverach, James; 1839-1922.                                      1904      English
079054511X       Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam                                                                      Emerton, Ephraim; 1851-1935.                                    1899      English
0837075998       Desiderius Erasmus: Concerning the Aim and Method of Education                                       Woodward, William Harrison; 1856-1941.                          1904      English
0524021732       Designs of Christian Baptism                                                                         Wilkes, L. B. (Lanceford Bramblet); 1824-1901.                  1895      English
0837061032       Desire of India, The                                                                                 Datta, Surendra Kumar.                                          1908      English
0524030146       Destitution and Suggested Remedies: With Preface                                                                                                                     1911      English
0524097321       Det Nya Kina                                                                                         Nystròm, Erik.                                                  1913      Swedish
0790514028       Deuterographs: Duplicate Passages in the Old Testament: Their Bearing on the Text and                Girdlestone, Robert Baker; 1836-1923.                           1894      English
                 Compilation of the Hebrew Scriptures
0790515695       Deuteronomical Writers and the Priestly Documents, The                                               Addis, W. E. (William Edward); 1844-1917.                       1898      English
0790523493       Deuteronomium                                                                                        Bertholet, Alfred; 1868-1951.                                   1899      German
0524059012       Deuteronomy and Joshua: Introductions, Revised Version With Notes, Map and Index                                                                                     1907      English

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 63 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                                Author                                                                  Year Published Language
837045290        Deuteronomy, or, The Fifth Book of Moses                                                             Schroeder, Fr. Wilhelm Julius; (Friedrich Wilhelm Julius); 1817-1876.       1900      English
0790511940       Deuteronomy: Its Place in Revelation                                                                 McNeile, A. H. (Alan Hugh); 1871-1933.                                      1912      English
0524046212       Deutsche Lyrik Des Siebzehnten Jahrhunderts: In Auswahl                                                                                                                          1913      German
0524017735       Deutsche Mythologie                                                                                  Kauffmann, Friedrich; 1863-1841.                                            1900      German
0790572184       Deutscher Schwertsegen: Kràfte Der Heimat Fùrs Reisige Heer                                          Deissmann, Gustav Adolf; 1866-1937.                                         1915      German
0837078245       Deutschland Und Die Pàpstliche Weltherrschaft                                                        Hauck, Albert; 1845-1918.                                                   1910      German
0524023115       Devachanic Plane, or, The Heaven World: Its Characteristics and Inhabitants, The                     Leadbeater, C. W. (Charles Webster); 1847-1934.                             1902      English
0524020531       Devalaya, Its Aims and Objects: With a Short Sketch of the Life and Work of Its Founder, The         Tattvabhushan, Sitanath.                                                    1912      English

0790523817       Development and Divine Purpose                                                                       Storr, Vernon F. (Vernon Faithful); 1869-1940.                              1906      English
0790539551       Development and Purpose: An Essay Towards a Philosophy of Evolution                                  Hobhouse, L. T. (Leonard Trelawney); 1864-1929.                             1913      English
0524076286       Development of China, The                                                                            Latourette, Kenneth Scott; 1884-1968.                                       1917      English
079057540X       Development of Christianity, The                                                                     Pfleiderer, Otto; 1839-1908.                                                1910      English
0790535351       Development of Doctrine From the Early Middle Ages to the Reformation, The                           Banks, John S. (John Shaw); 1835-1917.                                      1901      English
079053536X       Development of Doctrine in the Early Church, The                                                     Banks, John S. (John Shaw); 1835-1917.                                      1900      English
837035589        Development of Doctrine in the Epistles, The                                                         Henderson, Charles Richmond; 1848-1915.                                     1896      English
0790560224       Development of English Theology in the Nineteenth Century, 1800-1860, The                            Storr, Vernon F. (Vernon Faithfull); 1869-1940.                             1913      English
0790585855       Development of European Polity, The                                                                  Sidgwick, Henry; 1838-1900.                                                 1903      English
0524076294       Development of Japan, The                                                                            Latourette, Kenneth Scott; 1884-1968.                                       1918      English
0790599708       Development of Metaphysics in Persia: A Contribution to the History of Muslim Philosophy, The        Iqbal, Muhammad; Sir; 1877-1938.                                            1908      English

0790535106       Development of Modern Philosophy: With Other Lectures and Essays, The                                Adamson, Robert; 1852-1902.                                                 1903      English
0524017891       Development of Muslim Theology, Jurisprudence and Constitutional Theory                              Macdonald, Duncan Black; 1863-1943.                                         1903      English
0790510812       Development of Palestine Exploration: Being the Ely Lectures for 1903, The                           Bliss, Frederick Jones; 1859-1937.                                          1906      English
0524011893       Development of Philosophy in Japan, The                                                              Kishinami, Tsunezo; b. 1877.                                                1915      English
0790517442       Development of Religion and Thought in Ancient Egypt: Lectures                                       Breasted, James Henry; 1865-1935.                                           1912      English
0524009163       Development of Religion in Japan, The                                                                Knox, George William; 1853-1912.                                            1907      English
0524011885       Development of Religion: A Study in Anthropology and Social Psychology, The                          King, Irving; b. 1874.                                                      1910      English
0790553996       Development of Religious Liberty in Connecticut, The                                                 Greene, M. Louise; (Maria Louise)                                           1905      English
0524072078       Development of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church: An Address, The                                   McKamy, John A.                                                             1903      English
0790532999       Development of the Logos-Doctrine in Greek and Hebrew Thought                                        Walton, F. E. (Frank Edward)                                                1911      English
0790546949       Development of the Sunday School, 1780-1905: The Official Report of the Eleventh International                                                                                   1905      English
                 Sunday School Convention, Toronto, Canada, June 23-27, 1905., The
0524076774       Development of the Young People's Movement, The                                                      Erb, Frank Otis; 1878-1950.                                                 1917      English
0790536390       Development of Trinitarian Doctrine in the Nicene and Athanasian Creeds: A Study in Theological      Bishop, William Samuel; b. 1865.                                            1910      English
                 Definition, The
0837070961       Development: Thoughts on Bishop Gore's "Roman Catholic Claims"                                   Rickaby, Joseph; 1845-1932.                                                     1905      English
0837082439       Developments of Roman Catholicism, The                                                           Bain, John A.                                                                   1908      English
0524025290       Devil in Britain and America, The                                                                Ashton, John; b. 1834.                                                          1896      English
0837087090       Devil in the Church: His Secret Works Exposed and His Snares Laid to Destroy Our Public Schools:                                                                                 1902      English
                 A History ofRomanism for Nineteen Hundred Years; Its Opposition to Our Public School System
                 and Effect Upon Our People and Government: Inc, The
052402877X       Devils                                                                                               Wall, J. Charles; (James Charles)                                           1904      English
0524023255       Devils and Evil Spirits of Babylonia: Being Babylonian and Assyrian Incantations Against the                                                                                     1903      English
                 Demons, Ghouls, Vampires, Hobgoblins, Ghosts, and Kindred Evil Spirits, Which Attack Mankind,
0837068169       Devil's Parables: And Other Essays, The                                                              Hannon, John.                                                               1910      English
0524099553       Devolution in Mission Administration: As Exemplified by the Legislative History of Five American     Fleming, Daniel Johnson; 1877-1970.                                         1916      English
                 Missionary Societies in India
083706886X       Devotion to the Blessed Virgin: Being the Substance of All the Sermons for Mary's Feasts             Bossuet, Jacques Bènigne; 1627-1704.                                        1903      English
                 Throughout the Year
0524034052       Devotional Readings From Luther's Works Forevery Day of the Year                                     Luther, Martin; 1483-1546.                                                  1915      English
0524043981       Devotional Use of the Holy Scriptures, The                                                           Gibson, John Monro; 1838-1921.                                              1904      English
0790593556       Devotions of Saint Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury, The                                             Anselm; Saint, Archbishop of Canterbury; 1033-1109.                         1903      English
0524008140       Dhamma of Gotama the Buddha and the Gospel of Jesus the Christ: A Critical Inquiry Into the          Aiken, Charles Francis; 1863-1925.                                          1900      English
                 Alleged Relationsof Buddhism With Primitive Christianity, The
0524092486       Dharma: Or, The Religion of Enlightenment, an Exposition of Buddhism, The                            Carus, Paul; 1852-1919.                                                     1918      English
0790599341       Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences                                                                Galilei, Galileo; 1564-1642.                                                1914      English
0524038945       Dialogues of Athanasius and Zacchaeus and of Timothy and Aquila, The                                                                                                             1898      Greek
0790573989       Dialogues of Saint Gregory, Surnamed the Great: Pope of Rome & the First of That Name: Divided       Gregory; I; Pope; ca. 540-604.                                              1911      English
                 Into Four Books, Wherein He Entreateth of the Lives and Miracles of the Saints in Italy and of the
                 Eternity of Men's Souls, The
0524077991       Diamond Sutra; Chin-Kang-Ching, or, Prajna-Paramita, The                                                                                                                         1912      English
0524071071       Diaries of Edward Pease, the Father of English Railways, The                                         Pease, Edward; 1767-1858.                                                   1907      English
0524042144       Diary and Visitation Record of the Rt. Rev. Francis Patrick Kenrick: Administrator and Bishop of     Kenrick, Francis Patrick; 1796-1863.                                        1916      English
                 Philadelphia, 1830-1851, Later, Archbishop of Baltimore
0790595621       Diary of a Modernist, The                                                                            Palmer, William Scott; b. 1848.                                             1910      English
083707293X       Diary of an Exiled Nun, The                                                                          Exiled nun.                                                                 1910      English
0837009979       Diary of the Rev. Samuel Dodd., The                                                                  Dodd, Samuel.                                                               1894      English
083703602X       Diatessaron of Tatian and the Synoptic Problem: Being an Investigation of the Diatessaron for the    Hobson, A. Augustus; (Alphonzo Augustus)                                    1904      English
                 Light WhichIt Throws Upon the Solution of the Problem of the Origin of the Synoptic Gospels, The

083701753X       Dictionnaire de La Bible: Contenant Tous Les Noms de Personnes, de Lieux, de Plantes, D'animaux Vigouroux, F. (Fulcran); 1837-1915.                                              1895      French
                 Mentionnès Dans Les Saintes Ecritures, Les Questions Thèologiques, Archèologiques,
                 Scientifiques, Critiques Relatives A L'ancien Et Au Nouve
837035880        Did Christ Claim to Be Son of God?                                                                   Hiller, H. Croft.                                                           1907      English
0790521792       Did Jesus Live 100 B.C.?: An Enquiry Into the Talmud Jesus Stories, the Toldoth Jeschu, and          Mead, G. R. S. (George Robert Stow); 1863-1933.                             1903      English
                 Some Curious Statements of Epiphanius: Being a Contribution to the Study of Christian Origins

0524066825       Did Jesus Really Live?: A Reply to the Christ Myth                                                   Rossington, Herbert J.                                                      1911      English
0524074003       Did They Dip? or, An Examination Into the Act of Baptism as Practiced by the English and             Christian, John T. (John Tyler); 1854-1925.                                 1896      English
                 American Baptists Before the Year 1641

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 64 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                             Author                                                  Year Published Language
0524059799       Didactic Books and Prophetical Writings                                                           Gigot, Francis E. (Francis Ernest); 1859-1920.              1906      English
0790578115       Diderot's Early Philosophical Works                                                               Diderot, Denis; 1713-1784.                                  1916      English
0790557517       Didyme L'aveugle                                                                                  Bardy, Gustave; 1881-1955.                                  1910      French
079054041X       Didymus Der Blinde Von Alexandria                                                                 Leipoldt, Johannes; 1880-1965.                              1905      German
0790509423       Die "Ieben Jesu"-Bewegung Seit Strauss: Nach Uhlhorn, Luthardt, B. Weiss U. A: Vortrag            Frantzen, W.                                                1898      German
837043824        Die "lade Jahves"                                                                                 Meinhold, Johannes; 1861-1937.                              1900      German
0837091063       Die "Wiedertàufer" Im Herzogtum Jùlich: Studien Zur Geschichte Der Reformation, Besonders Am      Rembert, Karl.                                              1899      German
0790559609       Die Abendlàndische Messe: Vom Fùnften Bis Zum Achten Jahrhundert                                  Probst, Ferdinand; 1816-1899.                               1896      German
0837096626       Die Abfassung Des Galaterbriefs Vor Dem Apostelkonzil: Grundlegende Untersuchungen Zur            Weber, Valentin; 1858-1929.                                 1900      German
                 Geschichte Des Urchristentums Und Des Lebens Pauli
0524044546       Die Abfassung Des Philipperbriefes in Ephesus: Mit Einer Anlage Ùber Ròm. 16, 3-20 Als            Feine, Paul; 1859-1933.                                     1916      German
0837067790       Die Abfassungszeit Des Galaterbriefes: Ein Beitrag Zur Neutestamentlichen Einleitung Und          Steinmann, Alphons.                                         1906      German
0790539853       Die Absolutheit Des Christentums Und Die Religionsgeschichte: Vortrag Gehalten Auf Der            Troeltsch, Ernst; 1865-1923.                                1912      German
                 Versammlung Der Freunde Der Christlichen Welt Zu Mùhlacker Am 3. Oktober 1901
0837096286       Die Adresse Des Epheserbriefs Des Paulus                                                          Harnack, Adolf von; 1851-1930.                              1910      German
0790527227       Die Adventsperikopen                                                                              Keppler, Paul Wilhelm von; 1852-1926.                       1899      German
837035473        Die Aethiopische Bibelùbersetzung: Ihre Herkunft, Art, Geschichte Und Ihr Wert Fùr Die Alt- Und   Heider, August.                                             1902      German
                 Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft
837021359        Die Agada Der Babylonischen Amoràer: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Agada Und Zur Einleitung      Bacher, Wilhelm; 1850-1913.                                 1913      German
                 in Den Babylonischen Talmud
0790517000       Die Akten Der Edessenischen Bekenner Gurjas, Samonas Und Abibos                                                                                               1911      German
0790525860       Die Alexandrinische Ùbersetzung Des Buches Daniel Und Ihr Verhàltniss Zum Massorethischen         Bludau, August; 1862-1930.                                  1897      German
837033314        Die Allegorie in Ihrer Exegetischen Anwendung Bei Maimonides                                      Goldberger, Philipp.                                        1894      German
0790558106       Die Allegorie in Kunst, Wissenschaft Und Kirche                                                   Bornemann, W. (Wilhelm); b. 1858.                           1899      German
0524016666       Die Allgemeine Kirchenordnung, Frùhchristliche Liturgien Und Kirchliche Ùberlieferung             Schermann, Theodor; 1878-1922.                              1914      German
0524045321       Die Altarabische Mondreligion Und Die Mosaische Ueberlieferung                                    Nielsen, Ditlef; 1874-1949.                                 1904      German
0790558726       Die Altchristliche Literatur Und Ihre Erforschung Seit 1880: Allgemeine Ùbersicht Und Erster      Ehrhard, Albert; 1862-1940.                                 1894      German
                 Literaturbericht (1880-1884)
0790558734       Die Altchristliche Litteratur Und Ihre Erforschung Von 1884-1900                                  Ehrhard, Albert; 1862-1940.                                 1900      German
0790517345       Die Alten Petrusakten Im Zusammenhang Der Apokryphen Apostellitteratur: Nebst Einem               Schmidt, Carl; 1868-1938.                                   1903      German
                 Neuentdeckten Fragment
837021340        Die Àlteste Terminologie Der Jùdischen Schriftauslegung: Ein Wòrterbuch Der Bibelexegetischen     Bacher, Wilhelm; 1850-1913.                                 1899      Hebrew
                 Kunstsprache Der Tannaiten
0790552191       Die Àltesten Apologeten: Texte Mit Kurzen Einleitungen                                                                                                        1914      Greek
0837005566       Die Altkirchliche Christologie.                                                                   Lobstein, P. (Paul); 1850-1922.                             1896      German
0790553198       Die Altmark Im Dreissigjàhrigen Kriege                                                            Zahn, W. (Wilhelm); 1848-1912.                              1904      German
0837077508       Die Altpersischen Keilinschriften: In Umschrift Und Ùbersetzung                                                                                               1908      German
0837003539       Die Altsyrische Evangelienùbersetzung Und Tatians Diatessaron, Besonders in Ihrem                 Hjelt, Arthur; 1868-1931.                                   1901      German
                 Gegenseitigen Verhàltnis Untersucht...
0790529947       Die Altsyrischen Evangelien in Ihrem Verhàltnis Zu Tatians Diatessaron                            Vogels, Heinrich Joseph; b. 1880.                           1911      German
837022991        Die Alttestamentliche Auferstehungshoffnung                                                       Bertheau, Ernst; 1812-1888.                                 1905      German
837039509        Die Alttestamentliche Offenbarung                                                                 Kòberle, Justus.                                            1908      German
837032687        Die Alttestamentliche Schàtzung Des Gottesnamens Und Ihre Religionsgeschichtliche Grundlage       Giesebrecht, Friedrich; 1852-1910.                          1901      German

0790511266       Die Alttestamentliche Wissenschaft in Ihren Wichtigsten Ergebnissen: Mit Berùcksichtigung Des     Kittel, Rudolf; 1853-1929.                                  1910      German
0790519216       Die Alttestamentliche Wissenschaft Und Die Religionsgeschichte: Rede Zum Antritt Des Rektorates Baudissin, Wolf Wilhelm; Graf von; 1847-1926.                 1912      German
                 Der Kòniglichen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitàt in Berlin
0837064406       Die Alttestamentlichen Citate Bei Paulus: Textkritisch Und Biblisch-Theologisch Gewùrdigt: Nebst Vollmer, Hans; b. 1871.                                      1895      German
                 Einem Anhang Ueber Das Verhàltnis Des Apostels Zu Philo
0837017785       Die Alttestamentlichen Lektionen Der Griechischen Kirche                                          Rahlfs, Alfred; 1865-1935.                                  1915      German
0524055831       Die Amarnazeit: Palàstina Und Àgypten in Der Zeit Israelitischer Wanderung Und Siedelung          Miketta, Karl.                                              1908      German
0524020795       Die Amesìœa Spentas: Ihr Wesen Und Ihre Ursprùngliche Bedeutung                                   Geiger, Bernhard; b. 1881.                                  1916      German
079057232X       Die Anfànge Der Beginen: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Volksfròmmigkeit Und Des                  Greven, Joseph; 1883-1934.                                  1912      German
                 Ordenswesens Im Hochmittelalter
0790552906       Die Anfànge Der Gegenreformation in Den Niederlanden                                              Kalkoff, Paul; 1858-1928.                                   1903      German
0790522918       Die Anfànge Der Hebràischen Geschichtschreibung Im Alten Testament: Rede Zum Antritt Des          Kittel, Rudolf; 1853-1929.                                  1896      German
                 Rektorats Den 15. Oktober 1896
0524049475       Die Anfànge Der Reformation in Den Preussischen Landen Ehemals Polnischen Anteils Bis Zum         Boetticher, Paul; b. 1862.                                  1894      Polish
                 Krakauer Frieden, 8. April 1525
0790550040       Die Anfànge Des Heiligenkults in Der Christlichen Kirche                                          Lucius, Ernst; 1852-1902.                                   1904      German
837023238        Die Anfànge Des Nationalen Jahweglaubens: Ein Beitrag Zur Israelitischen Religionsgeschichte      Bewer, Julius A. (Julius August); 1877-1953.                1904      German

837057922        Die Anfànge Unserer Religion                                                                      Wernle, Paul; 1872-1939.                                    1904      German
0790562588       Die Anschauung Augustins Ùber Christi Person Und Werk: Unter Berùcksichtigung Ihrer               Scheel, Otto; 1876-1954.                                    1901      German
                 Verschiedenen Entwicklungsstufen Und Ihrer Dogmengeschichtlichen Stellung
0790579936       Die Anschauung Vom Heiligen Geiste Bei Luther: Eine Historisch-Dogmatische Untersuchung           Otto, Rudolf; 1869-1937.                                    1898      German

837058376        Die Anschauungen Der Propheten Von Der Sittlichkeit                                               Wiener, Max; 1882-1950.                                     1909      German
0790518511       Die Apokalypse Des Elias: Eine Unbekannte Apokalypse Und Bruchstùcke Der Sophonias-                                                                           1899      German
                 Apokalypse: Koptische Texte, Ùbersetzung, Glossar
837035929        Die Apokalypse Und Ihre Neueste Kritik                                                            Hirscht, Arthur.                                            1895      German
0524047510       Die Apokryphen Briefe Des Paulus an Die Laodicener Und Korinther                                                                                              1905      Latin
0837017769       Die Apokryphen Und Pseudepigraphen Des Alten Testaments                                                                                                       1900      German
0790526212       Die Apostelgeschichte                                                                             Wendt, Hans Hinrich; 1853-1928.                             1899      German
837022584        Die Apostelgeschichte                                                                             Belser, Joh. Evang. (Johannes Evangelist); 1850-1916.       1905      German
0524055769       Die Apostelgeschichte                                                                             Belser, Joh. Evang. (Johannes Evangelist); 1850-1916.       1908      German
0790534657       Die Apostelgeschichte                                                                             Preuschen, Erwin; 1867-1920.                                1912      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                          Page 65 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                               Author                                                      Year Published Language
083709576X       Die Apostelgeschichte Bei Dewette-Overbeck Und Bei Adolf Harnack                                    Schmidt, Paul Wilhelm; 1845-1921.                               1910      German
837026814        Die Apostelgeschichte Im Lichte Der Neueren Text-, Quellen-Und Historisch-Kritischen                Clemen, Carl; 1865-1940.                                        1905      German
                 Forschungen: Ferienkurs-Vortràge
0837095506       Die Apostelgeschichte S. Lucà                                                                       Hoffmann, H. (Heinrich); 1821-1899.                             1903      German
0790533391       Die Apostelgeschichte Und Ihr Geschichtlicher Wert. 1. Heft                                         Hadorn, W. (Wilhelm); 1869-1929.                                1906      German
837038324        Die Arabischen Bibelùbersetzungen: Texte Mit Glossar Und Literaturùbersicht                                                                                         1904      Arabic
0790520354       Die Aramàer: Historisch-Geographische Untersuchungen                                                Schiffer, Sina; b. 1880.                                        1911      German
0837001072 ;     Die Aramaismen Im Alten Testament Untersucht:                                                       Kautzsch, E. (Emil); 1841-1910.                                 1902      German
0790523396       Die Astralmythologische Weltanschauung Und Das Alte Testament                                       Wilke, Fritz; b. 1879.                                          1907      German
837039916        Die Àthiopische Ùbersetzung Des Zacharias. Erstes Heft: Text Zum Ersten Male Herausgegeben,         Kramer, Friedrich Oswald                                        1898      German
                 Prolegomena, Commentar: Eine Vorstudie Zur Geschichte Und Kritik Des Septuagintatextes

837058554        Die Auferstehung Christi Und Die Radikale Theologie: Die Feststellung Und Deutung Der               Korff, Theodor.                                                 1908      German
                 Geschichtlichen Tatsachen Der Auferstehung Des Herrn Durch Die Fortgeschrittene Moderne
                 Theologie (Arnold Meyer Und H. Holtzmann) in Kritischer Beleuchtung
837043999        Die Auferstehung Christi: Die Berichte Ùber Auferstehung, Himmelfahrt Und Pfingsten: Ihre           Meyer, Arnold; b. 1861.                                         1905      German
                 Entstehung, Ihr Geschichtlicher Hintergrund Und Ihre Religiòse Bedeutung
052406220X       Die Auferstehung Jesu                                                                               Spitta, Friedrich; 1852-1924.                                   1918      German
0524056080       Die Auferstehung Jesu Christi Nach Den Berichten Des Neuen Testamentes                              Dentler, E. (Eberhard); b. 1865.                                1908      German
837030765        Die Auffassung Des Hohenliedes Bei Den Abessiniern: Ein Historisch-Exegetischer Versuch             Euringer, Sebastian; b. 1865.                                   1900      German
0524098336       Die Aufgaben Der Missionspredigt in Indien                                                          Hoch, Mark; 1854-                                               1901      German
837031230        Die Aufgaben Der Neutestamentlichen Forschung in Der Gegenwart                                      Fiebig, Paul; 1876-1949.                                        1909      German
0837064546       Die Aufgaben Der Neutestamentlichen Wissenschaft in Der Gegenwart                                   Weiss, Johannes; 1863-1914.                                     1908      German
0790501295       Die Ausgrabungen in Palàstina Und Das Alte Testament                                                Gressmann, Hugo; 1877-1927.                                     1905      German
0524056447       Die Ausgrabungen Und Entdeckungen Im Zweistròmeland                                                 Witzel, Theophilus.                                             1911      German
837048966        Die Auslegung Des Hohenliedes in Der Jùdischen Gemeinde Und Der Griechischen Kirche                 Riedel, Wilhelm; b. 1871.                                       1898      German
079054721X       Die Ausrottung Des Protestantismus in Salzburg Unter Erzbischof Firmian Und Seinen                  Arnold, C. Franklin; (Carl Franklin); 1853-1927.                1900      German
                 Nachfolgern: Ein Beitrag Zur Kirchengeschichte Des Achtzehnten Jahrhunderts
0524017921       Die Ausserchristlichen Religionen Und Die Religion Jesu Christi                                     Malapert-Neufville, Marie Constanze; Freifrau von.              1914      German
0790504979       Die Aussermasorethischen Ùbereinstimmungen Zwischen Der Septuaginta Und Der Peschittha in           Hànel, Johannes; b. 1887.                                       1911      German
                 Der Genesis
079050507X       Die Autoritàt Des Alten Testamentes Fùr Den Christen                                        Oettli, Samuel; 1846-1911.                                              1906      German
083707715X       Die Babylonisch-Assyrischen Praesens-Und Praeteritalformen: Im Grundstamm Der Starken Verba Lindl, Ernest; 1872-1921.                                               1896      German

0837076919       Die Babylonische Chronik: Nebst Einem Anhang Ùber Die Synchronistische Geschichte P.                Delitzsch, Friedrich; 1850-1922.                                1906      German
079052290X       Die Babylonische Kosmogonie Und Der Biblische Schòpfungsbericht: Ein Beitrag Zur Apologie           Kirchner, Aloys; b. 1880.                                       1910      German
                 Des Biblischen Gottesbegriffes
0790535017       Die Babylonische Kultur in Ihren Beziehungen Zur Unsrigen: Ein Vortrag                              Winckler, Hugo; 1863-1913.                                      1902      German
0790520966       Die Babylonische Weltschòpfung                                                                      Winckler, Hugo; 1863-1913.                                      1906      German
0837073618       Die Babylonischen Busspsalmen Und Das Alte Testament                                                Bahr, Johannes.                                                 1903      German
0524042624       Die Bedeutung Calvins Und Des Calvinismus Fùr Die Protestantische Welt: Im Lichte Der Neueren       Knodt, Emil; 1852-1924.                                         1910      German
                 Und Neuesten Forschung
0790525089       Die Bedeutung Der Geschichtlichkeit Jesu Fùr Den Glauben                                       Troeltsch, Ernst; 1865-1923.                                         1911      German
079056758X       Die Bedeutung Der Reformierten Theologie Fùr Die Religiòse Lage Der Gegenwart: Vortrag Auf Der Lang, August; 1867-1945.                                             1905      German
                 Hauptversammlung Des Reformierten Bundes, Herford, 30. August 1905
0790592126       Die Bedeutung Des Àsthetischen in Der Evangelischen Religion                                        Gross, G.                                                       1905      German
0790526409       Die Bedeutung Des Johannesevangeliums Fùr Das Geistesleben Der Gegenwart                            Barth, Fritz; 1856-1912.                                        1912      German
0790511088       Die Bedeutung Des Todes Jesu: Nach Seinen Eigenen Aussagen Auf Grund Der Synoptischen               Hollmann, Georg.                                                1901      German
0790532379       Die Bedeutung Richard Simons Fùr Die Pentateuchkritik                                               Stummer, Friedrich; b. 1886.                                    1912      German
0837092132       Die Bedeutungen Der Wortsippe Kvd Im Hebràischen                                                    Caspari, Wilhelm; 1876-1947.                                    1908      German
0837064104       Die Begriffe Geist Und Leben Bei Paulus: In Ihren Beziehungen Zu Einander: Eine Exegetisch-         Sokolowski, Emil.                                               1903      German
                 Religionsgeschichtliche Untersuchung
0790563010       Die Beicht Nach Càsarius Von Heisterbach                                                            Koeniger, Albert Michael; b. 1874.                              1906      German
0790519232       Die Beiden Ersten Erasmus-Ausgaben Des Neuen Testaments Und Ihre Gegner                             Bludau, August; 1862-1930.                                      1902      German
0790568594       Die Beiden Letzten Lebensjahre Von Johannes Calvin                                                  Zahn, Adolf; 1834-1900.                                         1898      German
0524061580       Die Beiden Schwerter, Lukas 22, 35-38: Ein Stùck Aus Der Besonderen Quelle Des Lukas                Schlatter, Adolf von; 1852-1938.                                1916      German
0790551748       Die Bekàmpfung Des Christentums Durch Den Ròmischen Staat: Bis Zum Tode Des Kaisers Julian,         Linsenmeyer, A. (Anton); 1850-1921.                             1905      German
0790526433       Die Bekehrung Des Paulus                                                                            Behm, Johannes; b. 1883.                                        1914      German
0790570084       Die Bekehrung Johannes Calvins                                                                      Lang, August; 1867-1945.                                        1897      German
0790580616       Die Bekenntnisschriften Der Reformierten Kirche: In Authentischen Texten Mit Geschichtlicher                                                                        1903      German
                 Einleitung Und Register
0837074894       Die Bekenntnisse Und Die Wichtigsten Glaubenszeugnisse Der Griechisch-Orientalischen Kirche:                                                                        1904      Greek
                 Im Originaltext, Nebst Einleitenden Bemerkungen
0524055890       Die Benediktiner in Alabama: Und Geschichte Der Grùndung Von St. Bernard: Ein Beitrag Zur           Reger, Ambrose; 1872-1938.                                      1898      German
                 Kirchen-Und Kulturgeschichte Nord-Amerika's
083704202X       Die Benutzung Der Pflanzenwelt in Der Alttestamentlichen Religion: Eine Studie                      Lundgreen, Friedrich; b. 1869.                                  1908      German
0790511525       Die Bergpredigt (Matth. 5-7, Luk. 6, 20-49)                                                         Heinrici, C. F. Georg; (Carl Friedrich Georg); 1844-1915.       1900      German
083703549X       Die Bergpredigt (Matth. 5-7, Luk. 6, 20-49)                                                         Heinrici, C. F. Georg; (Carl Friedrich Georg); 1844-1915.       1905      German
0790511533       Die Bergpredigt (Matth. 5-7, Luk. 6, 20-49): Begriffsgeschichtlich Untersucht; Aus Der              Heinrici, C. F. Georg; (Carl Friedrich Georg); 1844-1915.       1905      German
                 Hinterlassenschaft Des Petrus Von Laodicea
837005434        Die Bergpredigt: Ihr Aufbau, Ihr Ursprùnglicher Sinn Und Ihre Echtheit, Ihre Stellung in Der        Weinel, Heinrich; 1874-1936.                                    1920      German
                 Religionsgeschichte Und Ihre Bedeutung Fùr Die Gegenwart
0524039844       Die Bergpredigt: Verdeutscht Und Vergegenwàrtigt                                                    Mùller, Johannes; 1864-1949.                                    1911      German
837038421        Die Berichtigte Lutherbibel: Rektoratsrede Mit Anmerkungen                                          Kamphausen, Adolf.                                              1894      German
0524027706       Die Berliner Handschrift Des Sahidischen Psalters                                                                                                                   1901      Coptic
0790567644       Die Berner Tàufer Bis 1532                                                                          McGlothlin, William J. (William Joseph); 1867-1933.             1902      German
837032709        Die Berufsbegabung Der Alttestamentlichen Propheten                                                 Giesebrecht, Friedrich; 1852-1910.                              1897      German
0790530783       Die Beschneidung in Ihrer Geschichtlichen, Ethnographischen, Religiòsen Und Medicinischen                                                                           1896      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                            Page 66 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                             Author                                                      Year Published Language
0790540886       Die Beteiligung Der Christen Am Òffentlichen Leben in Vorconstantinischer Zeit: Ein Beitrag Zur   Bigelmair, Andreas; 1873-1962.                                  1902      German
                 Àltesten Kirchengeschichte
0790529572       Die Beziehung Des Christentums Zum Griechischen Heidentum: Im Urteil Der Vergangenheit Und        Glawe, Walther; b. 1880.                                        1913      German
837046963        Die Beziehungen Der Nichtisraeliten Zu Jahve: Nach Der Anschauung Der Altisraelitischen           Peisker, Martin.                                                1907      German
0524062218       Die Beziehungen Von Ròm. 1-3 Zur Missionspraxis Des Paulus                                        Weber, Emil; Lic.                                               1905      German
079053150X       Die Bibel Des Josephus: Untersucht Fùr Buch V-VII Der Archàologie                                 Mez, Adam; 1869-1917.                                           1895      German
0524041016       Die Bibel Und Die Sùdarabische Altertumsforschung                                                 Landersdorfer, Simon; b. 1880.                                  1910      German
0524080828       Die Bibel, Das Buch Der Menschheit                                                                Kàhler, Martin; 1835-1912.                                      1904      German
0790504863       Die Bibel, Das Wort Gottes: Eine Darstellung Und Verteidigung Der Bleibenden Wahrheit Der         Bensow, Oscar; 1870-1936.                                       1909      German
                 Lutherischen Lehre Von Der Inspiration Der Heiligen Schrift
837023327        Die Bibelfrage in Der Gegenwart: Fùnf Vortràge                                                                                                                    1905      German
0790525925       Die Bibelkritik Im Religionsunterricht                                                            Hahn, Traugott.                                                 1910      German
0524039968       Die Biblische Geschichte Des Alten Testaments: Kurze Auslegung Der Alttestamentlichen             Stòckhardt, G. (George); 1842-1913.                             1906      German
0524054223       Die Biblische Geschichte Des Neuen Testaments: Kurze Auslegung Der Evangelien Und                 Stòckhardt, G. (George); 1842-1913.                             1906      German
0837085543       Die Biblische Poesie: Besonders Die Alttestamentliche, Und Ihre Behandlung in Der Schule: Ein     Trànckner, Chr.                                                 1902      German
                 Beitrag Zur Belebung Und Vertiefung Des Religionsunterrichts
0790511517       Die Biblische Und Die Babylonische Gottesidee: Die Israelitische Gottesauffassung Im Lichte Der   Hehn, Johannes.                                                 1913      German
                 Altorientalischen Religionsgeschichte
0790505916       Die Biblische Urgeschichte                                                                        Sellin, Ernst; 1867-1945.                                       1905      German
837043778        Die Biblische Urgeschichte I. Mose 1-12                                                           Meinhold, Johannes; 1861-1937.                                  1904      German
837041821        Die Biblische Urgeschichte: In Ihrem Verhàltnis Zu Den Urzeitsagen Anderer Vòlker, Zu Den         Lotz, Wilhelm; 1853-1928.                                       1907      German
                 Israelitischen Volkserzàhlungen Und Zum Ganzen Der Heiligen Schrift: Vortràge
837046165        Die Biblischen Asyle in Talmudischem Gewande                                                      Ohlenburg, Salomon.                                             1895      German
0837072795       Die Bildersprache Des Alten Testaments: Ein Beitrag Zur Aesthetischen Wùrdigung Des               Wùnsche, Aug. (August); 1838?-1913.                             1906      German
                 Poetischen Schrifttums Im Alten Testament
0790567148       Die Bischofslisten Und Die Apostolische Nachfolge in Der Kirchengeschichte Des Eusebius           Overbeck, Franz; 1837-1905.                                     1898      German
0837097053       Die Bleibende Bedeutung Des Alten Testaments: Ein Konferenzvortrag                                Kautzsch, E. (Emil); 1841-1910.                                 1903      German
0837093538       Die Bleibende Bedeutung Des Neutestamentlichen Kanons Fùr Die Kirche: Vortrag Auf Der             Zahn, Theodor; 1838-1933.                                       1898      German
                 Lutherischen Pastoralkonferenz Zu Leipzig Am 2. Juni 1898
837026628        Die Blutanklage Und Sonstige Mittelalterliche Beschuldigungen Der Juden: Eine Historische         Khvolʹson, D. A. (Danì„il Avraamovich); 1819-1911.             1901      German
                 Untersuchung Nach Den Quellen
0790543648       Die Blùtezeit Der Deutschen Predigt Im Mittelalter, 1100-1400                                     Albert, F. R. (Felix Richard); b. 1847.                         1896      German
0790525933       Die Bodenstàndigkeit Der Synoptischen Ùberlieferung Vom Werke Jesu                                Heinrici, C. F. Georg; (Carl Friedrich Georg); 1844-1915.       1913      German
837030064        Die Bòsen Geister Im Alten Testament                                                              Duhm, Hans.                                                     1904      German
0524101396       Die Breklumer Mission in Indien: Ein Reisebericht                                                 Bracker; Pastor.                                                1919      German
083709528X       Die Briefe Des Apostels Paulus an Timotheus Und Titus                                             Belser, Joh. Evang. (Johannes Evangelist); 1850-1916.           1907      German
0524043930       Die Briefe Des Heiligen Johannes                                                                                                                                  1906      German
0790516780       Die Briefe Des Libanius                                                                           Seeck, Otto.                                                    1906      German
0790517302       Die Briefe Des Sextus Julius Africanus an Aristides Und Origenes                                  Reichardt, Walther; b. 1869.                                    1909      German
0524050651       Die Briefe Pauli an Timotheus Und Titus                                                           Weiss, Bernhard; 1927-1918.                                     1902      German
0790505053       Die Briefe Pauli: Ihre Chronologie, Entstehung, Bedeutung Und Echtheit                            Maier, Friedrich; 1883-1957.                                    1909      German
0790522942       Die Briefe Petri Und Judà                                                                         Knopf, Rudolf; 1874-1920.                                       1912      German
0790525267       Die Briefe Zu Beginn Des Zweiten Makkabàerbuches (1, 1 Bis 2, 18)                                 Herkenne, Henr. (Heinrich); b. 1871.                            1904      German
0524027889       Die Bruchstùcke Der Skeireins                                                                                                                                     1903      German
0524077169       Die Brùder Alfonso Und Juan de Valdès: Zwei Lebensbilder Aus Der Geschichte Der Reformation in    Schlatter, Wilhelm; 1865-1943.                                  1901      German
                 Spanien Und Italien
052407366X       Die Brùder: Aus Vergangenheit Und Gegenwart Der Brùdergemeine                                     Uttendòrfer, Otto; b. 1870.                                     1914      German
0790523442       Die Bùcher Der Chronik                                                                            Benzinger, I. (Immanuel); 1865-1935.                            1901      German
083709481X       Die Bùcher Der Chronik                                                                            Kittel, Rudolf; 1853-1929.                                      1902      German
083703874X       Die Bùcher Der Chronik Der Vulgata Und Des Hebràischen Textes                                     Neteler, B. (Bernhard)                                          1899      German
837022800        Die Bùcher Der Kònige                                                                             Benzinger, I. (Immanuel); 1865-1935.                            1899      German
0790524805       Die Bùcher Der Kònige                                                                             Kittel, Rudolf; 1853-1929.                                      1900      German
083703762X       Die Bùcher Esra (A Und B) Und Nehemja: Text-Kritisch Und Historisch-Kritisch Untersucht Mit       Jahn, Gustav.                                                   1909      German
                 Erklàrung Der Einschlàgigen Prophetenstellen Und Einem Anhang Ùber Hebràische Eigennamen

0790523485       Die Bùcher Esra Und Nehemia                                                                       Bertholet, Alfred; 1868-1951.                                   1902      German
0837094607       Die Bùcher Exodus Und Leviticus                                                                   Dillmann, August; 1823-1894.                                    1897      German
0790514664       Die Bùcher Moses Und Josua: Eine Einfùhrung Fùr Laien                                             Merx, Adalbert; 1838-1909.                                      1905      German
0524102414       Die Buddha-Legende in Den Skulpturen Des Tempels Von Bòrò-Budur                                   Pleyte, C. M. (Cornelis Marinus); 1863-                         1901      German
0790521350       Die Buddha-Legende Und Das Leben Jesu Nach Den Evangelien: Erneute Prùfung Ihres                  Seydel, Rudolf; 1835-1892.                                      1897      German
                 Gegenseitigen Verhàltnisses
079057070X       Die Bullen Der Pàpste: Bis Zum Ende Des Zwòlften Jahrhunderts                                     Pflugk-Harttung, Julius von; 1848-1919.                         1901      German
837039878        Die Bundesvorstellung Im Alten Testament in Ihrer Geschichtlichen Entwickelung                    Kraetzschmar, Richard.                                          1896      German
0524016674       Die Bussbùcher Und Das Kanonische Bussverfahren                                                   Schmitz, Herm. Jos. (Hermann Joseph); 1841-1899.                1898      German
0790592754       Die Busslehre Luthers Und Ihre Darstellung in Neuster Zeit                                        Galley, Alfred.                                                 1900      German
0524023883       Die Calvinische Und Die Altstrassburgische Gottesdienstordnung: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der    Erichson, Alfred; 1843-1901.                                    1894      German
                 Liturgie in Der Evangelischen Kirche
0524008639       Die Cartesianische Scholastik: In Der Philosophie Und Reformierten Dogmatik Des 17.               Bohatec, Josef; 1876-1954.                                      1912      German
0790563568       Die Causalbetrachtung in Den Geisteswissenschaften                                                Ritschl, Otto; 1860-                                            1901      German
0524093989       Die Chinesen Und Die Christliche Mission                                                          Coucheron-Aamot, William; 1868-.                                1894      German
0524091447       Die Chinesische Fremden-Und Christenverfolgung Vom Sommer 1900: Ein Bild Aus Der Neuesten         Schlatter, Wilhelm; 1865-1943.                                  1901      German
0524093636       Die Chinesische Mission Im Gerichte Der Deutschen Zeitungspresse                                  Warneck, Gustav; 1834-1910.                                     1900      German
0524090106       Die Chinesische Mission Im Gerichte Der Deutschen Zeitungspresse                                  Warneck, Gustav; 1834-1910.                                     1900      German
0524080550       Die Chokma (Sophia) in Der Jùdischen Hypostasenspekulation: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der        Schencke, Wilhelm; 1869-1946.                                   1913      German
                 Religiòsen Ideen Im Zeitalter Des Hellenismus

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                         Page 67 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                              Author                                                                    Year Published Language
0790561964       Die Christenkatastrophe Unter Nero: Nach Ihren Quellen, Insbesondere Nach Tac. Ann. XV, 44         Klette, E. Theodor; (Emil Theodor)                                            1907      German

0524099499       Die Christenverfolgung in Nord-Schansi (China) Im Jahre 1900                                       Volling, Arsenius; 1866-1933.                                                 1911      German
0790555182       Die Christenverfolgungen Im Ròmischen Reiche: Vom Standpunkte Des Juristen                         Cohn, Max Conrat; 1848-1911.                                                  1897      German
0837088798       Die Christliche Apologetik Im Neunzehnten Jahrhundert: Lebensbilder Und Charakteristiken           Zòckler, Otto; 1833-1906.                                                     1904      German
                 Deutscher Evangelischer Glaubenszeugen Aus Der Jùngsten Vergangenheit
837051479        Die Christliche Erfahrung: Ihre Entstehung Und Entwickelung: Luthers Katechismus Artikel III:      Scholz, Hermann.                                                              1902      German
                 Sechs Vorlesungen
0837069858       Die Christliche Familie: Im Kampfe Gegen Feindliche Màchte: Vortràge Ùber Christliche Ehe Und      Hug, Gall Jos. (Gall Joseph); 1836-1916.                                      1896      German
0837008557       Die Christliche Glaubenslehre                                                                      Luthardt, Chr. Ernst; (Christoph Ernst); 1823-1902.                           1906      German
837034582        Die Christliche Heilsgewissheit: Eine Systematische Darstellung Des Mittelpunkts Evangelischen     Clasen, L.                                                                    1897      German
0524020817       Die Christliche Legende Des Abendlandes                                                            Gùnter, Heinrich.                                                             1910      German
837035619        Die Christliche Lehre Von Der Gnade: Apologie Des Biblischen Christentums: Insbesondere            Dieckmann, August.                                                            1901      German
                 Gegenùber Der Ritschlschen Rechtfertigungslehre
837026822        Die Christliche Lehre Von Der Sùnde. Erster Teil; Die Biblische Lehre: Eine Untersuchung Zur       Clemen, Carl; 1865-1940.                                                      1897      German
                 Systematischen Theologie
083702952X       Die Christliche Lehre: Nach Dem Gegenwàrtigen Stande Der Theologischen Wissenschaft Und Ihre Dorner, A. (August); 1846-1920.                                                     1904      German
                 Vermittlung an Die Gemeinde: Vortrag Auf Dem 22. Deutschen Protestantentage in Berlin

0790571544       Die Christliche Liebesthàtigkeit                                                                 Uhlhorn, Gerhard; 1826-1901.                                                    1895      German
0524044899       Die Christliche Religion Im Urteil Ihrer Gegner: Die Kritische Bewegung Gegen Das Christentum in Foerster, Erich; 1865-1945.                                                     1916      German
                 Neuerer Zeit
837037190        Die Christliche Wahrheitsgewissheit: Ihr Letzter Grund Und Ihre Entstehung                         Ihmels, Ludwig; 1858-1933.                                                    1901      German
0790541327       Die Christlichen Literaturen Des Orients                                                           Baumstark, Anton; 1872-1948.                                                  1911      German
0790585774       Die Christologie Der Bekenntnisse Und Die Moderne Theologie: Zwei Vortràge                         Schaeder, Erich; 1861-1936.                                                   1905      German
837045959        Die Christologie Seit Schleiermacher: Ihre Geschichte Und Ihre Begrùndung                          Faut, S.                                                                      1907      German
837047641        Die Christus-Predigt Fùr Unsere Zeit: Praktische Christologie                                      Hackenschmidt, Karl; 1839-1915.                                               1909      German
079054184X       Die Chronik Des Hippolytos Im Matritensis Graecus 121                                              Bauer, Adolf; 1855-1919.                                                      1905      German
0524061270       Die Chronologie Der Biblischen Urgeschichte (Gen. 5 Und 11)                                        Euringer, Sebastian; b. 1865.                                                 1909      German
083704006X       Die Chronologie Der Geschichte Israels, Aegyptens, Babyloniens Und Assyriens Von 2000-700 V.       Niebuhr, Carl.                                                                1896      German
0837095492       Die Chronologie Des Lebens Des Apostels Paulus                                                     Hoennicke, Gustav; b. 1871.                                                   1903      German
837031419        Die Chronologischen Fragen in Den Bùchern Esra-Nehemia                                             Fischer, Joseph.                                                              1903      German
079053049X       Die CommentarII Zu Den Zwòlf Kleinen Propheten                                                     Rahmer, Moritz; 1837-1904.                                                    1902      German
837040566        Die Composition Des Buches Hiob: Ein Litterar-Kritischer Versuch                                   Laue, Ludwig.                                                                 1896      German
0524061319       Die Composition Des Deuteronomischen Richterbuches (Richter II, 6-XVI): Nebst Einer Kritik Von     Frankenberg, Wilhelm; b. 1868.                                                1895      German
                 Richter XVII-XXVI
837057698        Die Composition Des Hexateuchs Und Der Historischen Bùcher Des Alten Testaments                    Wellhausen, Julius; 1844-1918.                                                1899      German
0790540541       Die Cyprianische Briefsammlung: Geschichte Ihrer Entstehung Und Ùberlieferung                      Soden, Hans Otto Arthur Maria Roderich Ulrich; Freiherr von; 1881-1945.       1904      German

0524044643       Die Dàmonen Und Ihre Abwehr Im Alten Testament                                                     Jirku, Anton; 1885-                                                           1912      German
837031818        Die Datierung Der Psalmen Salomos: Ein Beitrag Zur Jùdischen Geschichte                            Frankenberg, Wilhelm; b. 1868.                                                1896      German
0790513714       Die Dauer Der Lehrtàtigkeit Jesu: Nach Dem Evangelium Des Hl. Johannes                             Pfàttisch, Ioannes Maria.                                                     1911      German
837031141        Die Dauer Der Òffentlichen Wirksamkeit Jesu                                                        Fendt, Leonhard; 1881-1957.                                                   1906      German
0837093562       Die Dauer Der Òffentlichen Wirksamkeit Jesu                                                        Zellinger, Johann B.                                                          1907      German
0790524139       Die Dauer Der Òffentlichen Wirksamkeit Jesu: Eine Patristisch-Exegetische Studie                   Homanner, Wilhelm.                                                            1908      German
0790513854       Die Davidische Abkunft Der Mutter Jesu. I. Teildie Ausserbiblischen Nachrichten                    Fischer, Joseph; b. 1874.                                                     1910      German
837032725        Die Degradationshypothese Und Die Alttestamentliche Geschichte                                     Giesebrecht, Friedrich; 1852-1910.                                            1905      German
0790505118       Die Deutsche Bibel in Ihrer Geschichtlichen Entwickelung                                           Risch, Adolf; b. 1869.                                                        1907      German
0524090238       Die Deutsche Mission in Sùdindien: Erzàhlungen Und Schilderungen Von Einer Mission-                Richter, Julius; 1862-1940.                                                   1902      German
                 Studienreise Durch Ostindien
079056422X       Die Deutschen Dominikaner Im Kampfe Gegen Luther (1518-1563)                                       Paulus, Nikolaus.                                                             1903      German
0524046743       Die Didache                                                                                                                                                                      1907      Greek
0524048533       Die Didache Des Judentums Und Der Urchristenheit                                                   Seeberg, Alfred; 1863-1915.                                                   1908      German
0524000883       Die Dogmatik Der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche: Mit Berùcksichtigung Des                         Rohnert, W. (Wilhelm); 1837-1908.                                             1902      German
                 Dogmengeschichtlichen Zunàchst Den Bekenntnistreuen Geistlichen Und Den Theologie-
0524027099       Die Doppelehe Des Landgrafen Philipp Von Hessen                                                    Rockwell, William Walker; 1874-1958.                                          1904      German
0524046794       Die Drei Àltesten Martyrologien                                                                    Lietzmann, Hans; 1875-1942.                                                   1903      German
837057515        Die Drei Briefe Des Apostel Johannes: Von Der 5. Aufl. An                                          Weiss, Bernhard; 1827-1918.                                                   1899      German
0524063435       Die Ebed Jahwe-Lieder in Jesaja 40 Ff: Ein Beitrag Zur Deuterojesaja-Kritik                        Staerk, Willy; 1866-1946.                                                     1913      German
0790524260       Die Echte Biblisch-Hebràische Metrik: Mit Grammatischen Vorstudien                                 Schlògl, Nivard.                                                              1912      German
083709349X       Die Echtheit Der Bilêamsprùche, Num. 22-24                                                         Wobersin, Franz.                                                              1900      German
0790517396       Die Echtheit Des Zweiten Thessalonicherbriefs                                                      Wrede, William; 1859-1906.                                                    1903      German
0524029407       Die Eigenart Der Alttestamentlichen Religion: Eine Akademische Antrittsrede                        Bertholet, Alfred; 1868-1951.                                                 1913      German
0524058180       Die Eigenart Der Biblischen Religion                                                               Orelli, C. v. (Conrad); 1846-1912.                                            1906      German
0790548399       Die Einfùhrung Der Reformation in Rostock                                                          Vorberg, Axel; b. 1867.                                                       1897      German
0790519615       Die Einheit Der Apokalypse: Gegen Die Neuesten Hypothesen Der Bibelkritik                          Kohlhofer, Matthias.                                                          1902      German
837026849        Die Einheitlichkeit Der Paulinischen Briefe: An Der Hand Der Bisher Mit Bezug Auf Sie i.e. Die     Clemen, Carl; 1865-1940.                                                      1894      German
                 Aufgestellten Interpolations-Und Compilations-Hypothesen
0790534398       Die Einheitlichkeit Des Buches Daniel                                                              Gall, August; Freiherr von.                                                   1895      German
0790537028       Die Einheitslehre (Monismus) Als Religion: Eine Studie                                             Bulova, J. Ad. (Josef Ad.)                                                    1897      German
0790503913       Die Einwanderung Der Israelitischen Stàmme in Kanaan: Historisch-Kritische Untersuchungen          Steuernagel, Carl; b. 1869.                                                   1901      German

0524085137       Die El-Amarna-Tafeln: Mit Einleitung Und Erlàuterungen                                                                                                                           1915      German
0790521121       Die Elephantiner Papyri Und Die Bùcher Esra--nehemja: Mit Einem Supplement Zu Meiner               Jahn, Gustav.                                                                 1913      German
                 Erklàrung Der Hebràischen Eigennamen
0524044945       Die Englische Flùchtlings-Gemeinde in Frankfurt Am Main 1554-1559                                  Jung, Rudolf; 1859-1922.                                                      1910      German
0524015937       Die Entstehung Der Evangelischen Gottesdienstordnungen Sùddeutschlands Im Zeitalter Der            Waldenmaier, Hermann.                                                         1916      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                           Page 68 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                             Author                                                  Year Published Language
079055917X       Die Entstehung Der Kindertaufe Im Dritten Jahrhundert N. Chr. Und Die Wiedereinfùhrung Der        Rauschenbusch, August; 1816-1899.                           1898      German
                 Biblischen Taufe Im Siebzehnten Jahrhundert N. Chr: Der Kirchen-Und Weltgeschichte Gemàss

0837087171       Die Entstehung Der Lutherischen Und Der Reformierten Kirchenlehre: Samt Ihren                     Tschackert, Paul.                                           1910      German
                 Innerprotestantischen Gegensàtzen
0837024919       Die Entstehung Der Paulinischen Christologie                                                  Brùckner, Martin; b. 1868.                                      1903      German
0524029547       Die Entstehung Der Preussischen Landeskirche Unter Der Regierung Kònig Friedrich Wilhelms Des Foerster, Erich; 1865-1945.                                     1905      German
                 Dritten: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Kirchenbildung Im Deutschen Protestantismus

0524058253       Die Entstehung Der Schriften Des Neuen Testaments: Vortràge                                       Wrede, William; 1859-1906.                                  1907      German
0524020396       Die Entstehung Der Speisesakramente                                                               Reuterskiòld, Edgar; 1872-1932.                             1912      German
0790508877       Die Entstehung Der Weisheit Salomos: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Des Jùdischen Hellenismus         Focke, Friedrich; b. 1890.                                  1913      German

0524058091       Die Entstehung Der Welt: Eine Kritische Beleuchtung Der Angaben Des Alten Testamentes             Jedlicska, Johann.                                          1903      German
                 Gegenùber Der Wissenschaft
837053587        Die Entstehung Des Alten Testamentes                                                              Staerk, Willy; 1866-1946.                                   1905      German
0790533340       Die Entstehung Des Alten Testaments: Rede Zur Rektoratsfeier Des Jahres 1896 Und Zur              Duhm, Bernhard; 1847-1928.                                  1897      German
                 Einweihung Der Neuen Basler Universitàtsbibliothek Am 6. November
0790500779       Die Entstehung Des Àltesten Schriftsystems, Oder, Der Ursprung Der Keilschriftzeichen             Delitzsch, Friedrich; 1850-1922.                            1897      German
837047242        Die Entstehung Des Christentums                                                                   Pfleiderer, Otto; 1839-1908.                                1905      German
0790504391       Die Entstehung Des Christentums                                                                   Pflùger, Paul.                                              1910      German
837038391        Die Entstehung Des Christentums: Neue Beitràge Zum Christusproblem                                Kalthoff, Albert; 1850-1906.                                1904      German
0837093104       Die Entstehung Des Deuteronomischen Gesetzes                                                      Steuernagel, Carl; b. 1969.                                 1896      German
0790504499       Die Entstehung Des Glaubens an Die Auferstehung Jesu: Eine Historisch-Kritische Untersuchung      Vòlter, Daniel; b. 1855.                                    1910      German

0524024170       Die Entstehung Des Gottesgedankens Und Der Heilbringer                                            Breysig, Kurt; 1866-1940.                                   1905      German
0790506858       Die Entstehung Des Johannesevangeliums                                                            Clemen, Carl; 1865-1940.                                    1912      German
0790512459       Die Entstehung Des Judenthums: Eine Historische Untersuchung                                      Meyer, Eduard; 1855-1930.                                   1896      German
0790529963       Die Entstehung Des Marcus-Evangeliums: Philologische Untersuchungen                               Wendling, Emil.                                             1908      German
0524044066       Die Entstehung Des Neuen Testaments                                                               Krùger, Gustav; b. 1862.                                    1896      German
0790516373       Die Entstehung Des Neuen Testaments                                                               Clemen, Carl; 1865-1940.                                    1906      German
837036321        Die Entstehung Des Neuen Testaments                                                               Holtzmann, Heinrich Julius; 1832-1910.                      1906      German
0790554062       Die Entstehung Des Neuen Testaments Und Die Wichtigsten Folgen Der Neuen Schòpfung                Harnack, Adolf von; 1851-1930.                              1914      German
0790534835       Die Entstehung Des Volkes Israel: Akademische Rede Zur Feier Des Jahresfestes Der                 Stade, Bernhard; 1848-1906.                                 1897      German
                 Grossherzoglich Hessischen Ludwigs-Universitàt Am 1. Juli 1897
0790592401       Die Entstehung Und Der Charakter Unserer Evangelien                                               Blass, Friedrich; 1843-1907.                                1907      German
0837088240       Die Entstehungsgeschichte Des Trienter Rechtfertigungsdekretes: Ein Beitrag Zur                   Hefner, Joseph.                                             1909      German
                 Dogmengeschichte Des Reformationszeitalters
083707908X       Die Entwickelung Der Katholischen Kirche Im Neunzehnten Jahrhundert: Vortràge                     Sell, Karl.                                                 1898      German
079059353X       Die Entwicklung Der Alttestamentlichen Gottesidee in Vorexilischer Zeit: Historisch-Kritische     Mòller, Wilhelm.                                            1903      German
                 Bedenken Gegen Moderne Auffassungen
837026857        Die Entwicklung Der Christlichen Religion: Innerhalb Des Neuen Testaments                         Clemen, Carl; 1865-1940.                                    1908      German
0524060444       Die Entwicklung Der Lehre Von Der Person Christi Im XIX. Jahrhundert                              Gùnther, Ernst; b. 1873.                                    1911      German
0524017832       Die Entwicklung Des Àltesten Japanischen Seelenlebens: Nach Seinen Literarischen                  Leo, Justus; b. 1880.                                       1907      German
                 Ausdrucksformen: Psychologisch-Historische Untersuchung Der Quellen
0790556294       Die Entwicklung Des Christentums Zur Universal-Religion                                           Beth, Karl.                                                 1913      German
079059000X       Die Entwicklung Des Religionsbegriffs Bei Schleiermacher                                          Huber, Eugen; 1849-1923.                                    1901      German
083709603011     Die Epistel Des Heiligen Jakobus                                                                  Belser, Joh. Evang. (Johannes Evangelist); 1850-1916.       1909      German
0524001332       Die Erkenntnislehre S. A. Kierkegaards: Eine Wùrdigung Seiner Verfasserwirksamkeit Vom            Slotty, Martin; b. 1884.                                    1915      German
                 Zentralen Gesichtspunkte Aus
837031532        Die Erkenntnistheoretischen Und Metaphysischen Grundlagen Der Dogmatischen Systeme Von            Fleisch, Urban.                                             1901      German
                 A.E. Biedermann Und R.A. Lipsius
837059917        Die Erneuerung Des Paulinischen Christentums Durch Luther: Dekanatsrede Gehalten Am 31.           Feine, Paul; 1859-1933.                                     1903      German
                 Oktober 1902 in Wien
0790593173       Die Erschùtterung Des Optimismus Durch Das Erdbeben Von Lissabon 1755: Ein Beitrag Zur Kritik Lùtgert, Wilhelm; 1867-1938.                                    1901      German
                 Des Vorsehungsglaubens Der Aufklàrung
0524027927       Die Ersten Jahre Der Kirche Calvins, 1541-1546                                                    Cornelius, Carl Adolf.                                      1895      German
837028183        Die Erwàhlung Israels Nach Der Heilsverkùndigung Des Apostels Paulus                              Dalmer, Johannes.                                           1894      German
0790532298       Die Erzàhlung Des Hexateuch: Auf Ihre Quellen Untersucht                                          Smend, Rudolf; 1851-1913.                                   1912      German
0837079586       Die Erziehung in Der Religion Jesu Im Unterschiede Zu Der Im Dogmatischen Christentume: Ein       Lietz, Hermann.                                             1896      German
                 Beitrag Zur Abhilfe Eines Unertràglichen Notstandes in Unserer Jugenderziehung
0790524872       Die Eschatologie Des Buches Job: Unter Berùcksichtigung Der Vorexilischen Prophetie               Royer, Jakob.                                               1901      German
837035252        Die Eschatologischen Aussagen Jesu in Den Synoptischen Evangelien                                 Haupt, Erich.                                               1895      German
0790526174       Die Esdrasbùcher Der Septuaginta: Ihr Gegenseitiges Verhàltnis                                    Walde, Bernhard; b. 1886.                                   1913      German
0790524015       Die Ethik Des Apostels Paulus                                                                     Benz, Karl.                                                 1912      German
0790595001       Die Ethik Des Heiligen Augustinus                                                                 Mausbach, Joseph; 1861-1931.                                1909      German
0790564114       Die Ethik Huldreich Zwinglis                                                                      Kùgelgen, Constantin von; b. 1868.                          1902      German
0790509482       Die Ethik Jesu                                                                                    Grimm, Eduard; b. 1848.                                     1903      German
0790528622       Die Ethik Jesu: Ihr Ursprung Und Ihre Bedeutung Vom Standpunkte Des Menschentums                  Rau, Albrecht; 1843-1918.                                   1899      German
0790540959       Die Ethik Pascals                                                                                 Bornhausen, Karl; b. 1882.                                  1907      German
0524002460       Die Ethik Sòren Kierkegaards                                                                      Bauer, Wilhelm; b. 1889.                                    1913      German
0837061423       Die Ethischen Grundfragen: Zehn Vortràge                                                          Lipps, Theodor; 1851-1914.                                  1905      German
837050510        Die Ethisch-Religiòse Bedeutung Der Alttestamentlichen Namen: Nach Talmud, Targum, Und            Sarsowsky, Abraham.                                         1904      German
0790520974       Die Euphratlànder Und Das Mittelmeer                                                              Winckler, Hugo; 1863-1913.                                  1905      German
079050104X       Die Evangelien Des Markus Und Lukas: Nach Der Syrischen Im Sinaikloster Gefundenen                Merx, Adalbert; 1838-1909.                                  1905      German
0790518473       Die Evangelien Eines Alten Unzialcodex (Baleph-text): Nach Einer Abschrift Des Dreizehnten                                                                    1903      Greek
0790501562       Die Evangelien Und Die Apostelgeschichte                                                          Schlatter, Adolf von; 1852-1938.                            1908      German
0790517167       Die Evangelienzitate Des Origenes                                                                 Hautsch, Ernestus; b. 1883.                                 1909      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                          Page 69 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                             Author                                                  Year Published Language
052401941X       Die Evangelische Gemeinde Miltenberg Und Ihr Erster Prediger: Ein Zeitbild Aus Dem 16.            Albrecht, Otto; b. 1855.                                    1896      German
0790558912       Die Evangelische Kirche: Ihre Organisation Und Ihre Arbeit in Der Grossstadt                      Grùnberg, Paul; b. 1857.                                    1910      German
0524029709       Die Evangelische Mission: Geschichte, Arbeitsweise, Heutiger Stand                                Baudert, S. (Samuel)                                        1913      German
0837062594       Die Evangelische Mission: Ihre Lànder, Vòlker Und Arbeiten                                        Gundert, Hermann; 1814-1893.                                1903      German
0790522004       Die Evangelischen Erzàhlungen Von Der Geburt Und Kindheit Jesu                                    Vòlter, Daniel; b. 1855.                                    1911      German
0524006024       Die Evangelischen Kirchenordnungen Des XVI. Jahrhunderts. Erste Abtheilung-Fùnfter Band                                                                       1902      German

0790543559       Die Evangelischen Landeskirchen Deutschlands Im Neunzehnten Jahrhundert: Blicke in Ihr Inneres Ecke, Gustav; b. 1855.                                         1904      German
0524093946       Die Evangelisch-Lutherische Tamulen-Mission in Der Zeit Ihrer Neubegrùndung: Ein Beitrag Zur      Handmann, Richard; 1840-1912                                1903      German
                 Geschichte Der Evangelischen Mission Im 19. Jahrhundert
837044049        Die Ewige Gottheit Jesu Christi                                                                   Kunze, Johannes; 1865-1927.                                 1904      German
0837016835       Die Exegetische Terminologie Der Jùdischen Traditionsliteratur                                    Bacher, Wilhelm; 1850-1913.                                 1905      German
0790562820       Die Fàlschungen Erzbischof Lanfranks Von Canterbury                                               Boehmer, Heinrich; 1869-1927.                               1902      German
0790527758       Die Frage Nach Makkabàischen Psalmen                                                              Goossens, E. (Eduard); b. 1887.                             1914      German
0524099480       Die Franziskaner in Japan Einst Und Jetzt                                                         Bòhlen, Hippolytus.                                         1912      German
0524083207       Die Franzòsisch-Reformierte Gemeinde in Frankfurt Am Main, 1554-1904                              Ebrard, Friedrich Clemens; 1850-1935.                       1906      German
0837068908       Die Frauenfrage                                                                                   Cathrein, Victor; 1845-1931.                                1909      German
837059305        Die Freude in Den Schriften Des Alten Bundes: Eine Religionswissenschaftliche Studie              Wùnsche, Aug. (August); 1838?-1913.                         1896      German
0790568756       Die Fròmmigkeit Des Grafen Ludwig Von Zinzendorf: Ein Psychoanalytischer Beitrag Zur Kenntnis     Pfister, Oskar Robert; b. 1873.                             1910      English
                 Der Religiòsen Sublimierungsprozesse Und Zur Erklàrung Des Pietismus
079050460X       Die Fròmmigkeit Philos Und Ihre Bedeutung Fùr Das Christentum: Eine Religionsgeschichtliche       Windisch, Hans; 1881-1935.                                  1909      German
0524046921       Die Fròsche Des Aristophanes: Mit Ausgewàhlten Antiken Scholien                                   Aristophanes.                                               1911      Greek
083708492X       Die Fundamentale Glaubenslehre Der Katholischen Kirche                                                                                                        1903      German
0790532832       Die Furcht Vor Dem Denken:eine Zugabe Zu Hiltys "Glùck," III                                      Schlatter, Adolf von; 1852-1938.                            1900      German
837053277        Die Geburtsgeschichte Jesu Christi                                                                Soltau, Wilhelm; 1846-1924.                                 1902      German
0524059179       Die Gedankeneinheit Des Ersten Briefes Petri: Ein Beitrag Zur Neutestamentlichen Theologie        Kògel, Julius; 1871-1928.                                   1902      German
0837017262       Die Gefangenschaftsbriefe                                                                         Haupt, Erich.                                               1897      German
0790534487       Die Gefangenschaftsbriefe                                                                         Haupt, Erich.                                               1902      German
837042852        Die Gegenwàrtigen Richtungen Der Religionsphilosophie in England Und Ihre                         Marshall, Newton H. (Newton Herbert)                        1902      German
                 Erkenntnistheoretischen Grundlagen
0524056307       Die Geheime Offenbarung Und Die Zukunstserwartungen Des Urchristentums                            Rohr, Ignaz.                                                1911      German
837029031        Die Geisterwelt Im Glauben Des Paulus                                                             Dibelius, Martin; 1883-1947.                                1909      German
0524043973       Die Geistesgeschichtliche Bedeutung Der Bibel                                                     Eucken, Rudolf; 1846-1926.                                  1917      German
0790508125       Die Geisteskultur Von Tarsos Im Augusteischen Zeitalter: Mit Berùcksichtigung Der Paulinischen    Bòhlig, Hans.                                               1913      German
837039592        Die Geistige Einwirkung Der Person Jesu Auf Paulus: Eine Historische Untersuchung                 Kòlbing, Paul.                                              1906      German
837055431        Die Geistige Offenbarung Gottes in Der Geschichtlichen Person Jesu                                Steinmann, Th. (Theophil)                                   1903      German
0790558432       Die Geistlichen Ùbungen Des Ignatius Von Loyola: Eine Psychologische Studie                       Holl, Karl; 1866-1926.                                      1905      German
0524046778       Die Geltenden Papstwahlgesetze                                                                                                                                1912      Latin
0524005990       Die Gemeinde in Der Apostolischen Zeit Und Im Missionsgebiet; Das Wunder in Der Synagoge          Schlatter, Adolf von; 1852-1938.                            1912      German

837022118        Die Gemùtsart Jesu: Nach Jetziger Wissenschaftlicher, Insbesondere Jetziger Psychologischer       Baumann, Julius; 1837-1916.                                 1908      German
0790526913       Die Genealogie Des Kònigs Jojachin Und Seiner Nachkommen (1 Chron. 3, 17-24) in                   Rothstein, J. W. (Johann Wilhelm); 1853-1926.               1902      German
                 Geschichtlicher Beleuchtung: Eine Kritische Studie Zur Jùdischen Geschichte Und Litteratur:
                 Nebst Einem Anhange, Ein Ùbersehenes Zeugnis Fùr Die Messiani
0790529890       Die Genesis                                                                                       Strack, Hermann Leberecht; 1848-1922.                       1905      German
052408081X       Die Genesis                                                                                       Hoberg, Gottfried.                                          1908      German
0790523078       Die Genesis                                                                                       Procksch, Otto; 1874-1947.                                  1913      German
0524025428       Die Geschichte Der Dalailamas                                                                     Schulemann, Gùnther; b. 1889.                               1911      German
0790517329       Die Geschichte Der Dogmatischen Florilegien Vom V.-VIII. Jahrhundert                              Schermann, Theodor; 1878-1922.                              1904      German
0790519984       Die Geschichte Der Juden in Palàstina Seit Dem Jahre 70 Nach Chr: Eine Skizze                     Hòlscher, Gustav; 1877-1955.                                1909      German
0524045909       Die Geschichte Der Menschheit                                                                     Rohrbach, Paul; 1869-1965.                                  1914      German
0790576295       Die Geschichte Des Griechischen Skeptizismus                                                      Goedeckemeyer, Albert; 1873-1945.                           1905      German
0524060320       Die Geschichte Des Leidens Und Sterbens, Der Auferstehung Und Himmelfahrt Des Herrn               Belser, Joh. Evang. (Johannes Evangelist); 1850-1916.       1903      German
079050118X       Die Geschichte Des Propheten Jona: Nach Einer Karschunischen Handschrift Der Kgl. Bibliothek      Wolf, Benedict.                                             1899      German
                 Zu Berlin: Ein Beitrag Zur Jona-Exegese
0524052182       Die Geschichte Des Reiches Gottes Im Alten Bunde: Zum Studium Und Zur Unterrichtlichen            Kahle, F. Herm. (F. Hermann); 1829-1887.                    1900      German
                 Behandlung Der Biblischen Geschichte Fùr Pràparanden, Seminaristen Und Lehrer
083709819X       Die Geschichte Jesu                                                                               Schmidt, Paul Wilhelm; 1845-1921.                           1899      German
0790505258       Die Geschichtlichkeit Des Markusevangeliums                                                       Weiss, Bernhard; 1827-1918.                                 1905      German
837032733        Die Geschichtlichkeit Des Sinaibundes                                                             Giesebrecht, Friedrich; 1852-1910.                          1900      German
0790554348       Die Geschichtschreibung Der Reformation Und Gegenreformation: Bodin Und Die Begrùndung Der        Menke-Glùckert, Emil; b. 1878.                              1912      German
                 Geschichtsmethodologie Durch Bartholomàus Keckermann
0790532239       Die Geschichtschreibung Im Alten Testament                                                        Schmidt, Hans; 1877-1953.                                   1911      German
0790529726       Die Geschichtschreibung Im Alten Testament                                                        Kònig, Eduard; 1846-1936.                                   1913      German
079051012X       Die Geschicke Judas Und Israels Im Rahmen Der Weltgeschichte                                      Lehmann-Haupt, C. F. (Carl Friedrich); 1861-1938.           1911      German
052405665X       Die Gesetze Hammurabis in Umschrift Und Ùbersetzung                                                                                                           1904      German
0837074657       Die Gesetze Hammurabis Kònigs Von Babylon Um 2250 V. Chr: Das Àlteste Gesetzbuch Der Welt                                                                     1902      German

0837076854       Die Gesetze Hammurabis: Rektoratsrede                                                             Cohn, Georg; b. 1868.                                       1903      German
0837075718       Die Gesetze Hammurabis: Und Ihr Verhàltnis Zur Mosaischen Gesetzgebung Sowie Zu Den XII                                                                       1903      German
837032067        Die Gesetzesschrift Des Kònigs Josia: Eine Kritische Untersuchung                                 Fries, S. A. (Samuel Andreas); 1867-1914.                   1903      German
0524085153       Die Gewerbliche Stellung Der Frau Im Mittelalterlichen Kòln                                       Behaghel, Wilhelm.                                          1910      German
0524056242       Die Glaubwùrdigkeit Des Alten Testamentes Im Lichte Der Inspirationslehre Und Der Literarkritik   Nikel, Johannes; 1863-1924.                                 1908      German

0524061564       Die Glaubwùrdigkeit Des Markusevangeliums                                                         Rohr, Ignaz.                                                1909      German
0524059713       Die Glaubwùrdigkeit Unserer Evangelien: Ein Beitrage Zur Apologetik                               Boese, Heinrich.                                            1895      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                         Page 70 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                             Author                                                Year Published Language
0790521237       Die Gleichnisreden Jesu Im Allgemeinen                                                            Jùlicher, Adolf; 1857-1938.                               1899      German
0790508842       Die Gleichnisreden Jesu Im Lichte Der Rabbinischen Gleichnisse Des Neutestamentlichen             Fiebig, Paul; 1876-1949.                                  1912      German
                 Zeitalters: Ein Beitrag Zum Streit Um Die "Christusmythe" Und Eine Widerlegung Der
                 Gleichnistheorie Jùlichers
0524048150       Die Gleichnisse Jesu: Zugleich Eine Anleitung Zu Einem Quellenmàssigen Verstàndnis Der            Weinel, Heinrich; 1874-1936.                              1904      German
0837098793       Die Gnosis                                                                                        Kòhler, Walther; 1870-1946.                               1911      German
0524082227       Die Gòrres-Gesellschaft, 1876-1901: Denkschrift Zur Feier Ihres 25 Jàhrigen Bestehens Nebst       Cardauns, Hermann; 1847-1925.                             1901      German
                 Jahresbericht Fùr 1900
0790513404       Die Gòtternamen in Den Babylonischen Siegelcylinder-Legenden                                      Krausz, Joseph; b. 1883.                                  1911      German
837057035        Die Gottesidee in Religiòser Und Spekulativer Richtung: Gemeinverstàndliche Darstellung Auf       Walthoffen, Hippolyt Walter von.                          1904      German
                 Geschichtlicher Und Religionsphilosophischer Grundlage
837056101        Die Gottesoffenbarung Injesu Christo: Nach Wesen, Inhalt Und Grenzen: Unter Dem                   Schwartzkopff, Paul.                                      1896      German
                 Geschichtlichen, Psychologischen Und Dogmatischen Gesichtspunkte
837029945        Die Gottgeweihten in Der Alttestamentlichen Religion: Vortrag                                     Duhm, Bernhard; 1847-1928.                                1905      German
0524044996       Die Gottheit Des Heiligen Geistes: Nach Den Griechischen Vàtern Des Vierten Jahrhunderts: Eine    Schermann, Theodor; 1878-1922.                            1901      German
                 Dogmengeschichtliche Studie
0524022305       Die Gòttin Psyche in Der Hellenistischen Und Frùhchristlichen Literatur                           Reitzenstein, Richard; 1861-1931.                         1917      German
0524013217       Die Gòttliche Komòdie: Entwicklungsgeschichte Und Erklàrung                                       Vossler, Karl; 1872-1949.                                 1907      German
0524043094       Die Gravamina Der Deutschen Nation Gegen Den Ròmischen Hof: Ein Beitrag Zur Vorgeschichte         Gebhardt, Bruno; 1858-1905.                               1895      German
                 Der Reformation
0790508974       Die Griechische Philosophie Im Buche Der Weisheit                                                 Heinisch, Paul; 1878-1956.                                1908      German
0837093171       Die Griechische Sprache Im Zeitalter Des Hellenismus: Beitràge Zur Geschichte Und Beurteilung     Thumb, Albert; 1865-1915.                                 1901      German
                 Der Koine
079051799X       Die Griechische Ùbersetzung Der Viri Inlustres Des Hieronymus                                     Wentzel, Georg; b. 1862.                                  1895      German
0790524775       Die Griechischen Danielzusàtze Und Ihre Kanonische Geltung                                        Julius, Caspar.                                           1901      German
837033861        Die Griechischen Handschriften Des Neuen Testaments                                               Gregory, Caspar Renè; 1846-1917.                          1908      German
0790527561       Die Griechischen Lehnwòrter Der Sahidischen Und Boheirischen Psalmenversion                       Wessely, Carl; 1860-1931.                                 1910      German
0790534991       Die Griechischen Papyrusurkunden: Ein Vortrag                                                     Wilcken, Ulrich; b. 1862.                                 1897      German
0524060037       Die Grundgedanken Des Jakobusbriefes: Verglichen Mit Den Ersten Briefen Des Petrus Und            Vowinckel, Ernst; b. 1872.                                1899      German
0790591375       Die Grundlagen Der Christologie Schleiermachers: Die Entwicklung Der Anschauungsweise             Bleek, Hermann.                                           1898      German
                 Schleiermachers Bis Zur Glaubenslehre: Mit Besonderer Rùcksicht Auf Seine Christologie
837052092        Die Grundwahrheiten Der Christlichen Religion: Ein Akademisches Publikum in Sechzehn              Seeberg, Reinhold; 1859-1935.                             1906      German
                 Vorlesungen Vor Studierenden Aller Fakultàten Der Universitàt Berlin Im Winter 1901
0524027153       Die Grundzùge Der Israelitischen Religionsgeschichte                                              Giesebrecht, Friedrich; 1852-1910.                        1904      German
0790521148       Die Hagada Aus Aegypten: Israels Bedrùckung in Aegypten Nach Den Dortigen Zeitgenòssischen        Jampel, Sigmund.                                          1911      German
                 Inschriften in Kurzer Populàrer Form
0524026637       Die Haggadischen Elemente Im Erzàhlenden Teil Des Korans                                        Schapiro, Israel; b. 1882.                                  1907      German
079051897X       Die Handschriftliche Ùberlieferung Des Epiphanius (Ancoratus Und Panarion)                      Holl, Karl; 1866-1926.                                      1910      German
0524068704       Die Hannoversche Agende Im Auszug                                                                                                                           1913      German
0790518554       Die Harmonistik Im Evangelientext Des Codex Cantabrigiensis: Ein Beitrag Zur Neutestamentlichen Vogels, Heinrich Joseph; b. 1880.                           1910      German
0524012512       Die Hauptlehren Des Averroes Nach Seiner Schrift, Die Widerlegung Des Gazali                      Averroès; 1126-1198.                                      1913      German
083709741X       Die Hauptprobleme Der Leben-Jesu-Forschung                                                        Schmiedel, Otto; b. 1858.                                 1906      German
0524041059       Die Hauptprobleme Der Pastoralbriefe Pauli                                                        Maier, Friedrich; 1883-1957.                              1910      German
0524059667       Die Hauptprobleme Des Lebens Jesu: Eine Geschichtliche Untersuchung                               Barth, Fritz; 1856-1912.                                  1907      German
837025605        Die Hebràische Elias-Apokalypse Und Ihre Stellung in Der Apokalyptischen Litteratur Des           Buttenwieser, Moses; 1862-1939.                           1897      German
                 Rabbinischen Schrifttums Und Der Kirche. I. Hàlfte;kritische Ausgabe Mit Erlàuterungen,
                 Sprachlichen Untersuchungen, Und Einer Einleitung, Nebst Ùbersetzung U
837035120        Die Hebràische Verskunst: Nach Dem Metekì Seìfaìtajim Des Ê'immaìnuìê'el Fransìs Und anderen      Hartmann, Martin; 1851-1919.                              1894      German
                 Werken Jùdischer Metriker
0790510782       Die Heidenbekehrung Im Alten Testament Und Im Judentum                                            Sieffert, Friedrich.                                      1908      German
0837018897       Die Heilige Schrift Des Alten Testaments                                                                                                                    1909      German
0524035121       Die Heiligen Der Merowinger                                                                       Bernoulli, Carl Albrecht; 1868-1937.                      1900      German
0524006687       Die Heilsbedeutung Christi Bei Den Apostolischen Vàtern                                           Wustmann, Georg.                                          1905      German
0837011205       Die Heilsbedeutung Der Taufe Im Neuen Testamente                                                  Althaus, Paul; 1861-1925.                                 1897      German
0524001413       Die Heilsbedeutung Des Gesetzes: Vortrag                                                          Stange, Carl; b. 1870.                                    1904      German
0790533413       Die Heilsgewissheit                                                                               Kàhler, Martin; 1835-1912.                                1912      German
0524032696       Die Heilslehre Des Hl. Gregor Von Nyssa                                                           Aufhauser, Johannes B. (Johannes Baptist); b. 1881.       1910      German
837059801        Die Heimat Des Vierten Evangeliums                                                                Zurhellen, Otto.                                          1909      German
0790533278       Die Hellenisierung Des Semitischen Monotheismus                                                   Deissmann, Gustav Adolf; 1866-1937.                       1903      German
0790525992       Die Hellenistischen Mysterienreligionen: Ihre Grundgedanken Und Wirkungen: Vortrag Gehalten in    Reitzenstein, Richard; 1861-1931.                         1910      German
                 Dem Wissenschaftlichen Predigerverein Fùr Elsass-Lothringen Den 11. November 1909

0790527545       Die Hellenistisch-Ròmische Kultur in Ihren Beziehungen Zu Judentum Und Christentum            Wendland, Paul; 1864-1915.                                    1912      German
0524101922       Die Hermannsburger Mission in Indien: Eine Jubilàums-Gabe Gewidmet Seinen Lieben Mitarbeitern Wòrrlein, Johann.                                             1899      German
                 in Indien Und Afrika, Und Allen Lieben Missionsfreunden
837032253        Die Herrlichkeit Gottes: Eine Biblisch-Theologische Untersuchung Ausgedehnt Ùber Das Alte         Gall, August; Frieherr von.                               1900      German
                 Testament, Die Targume, Apokryphen, Apokalypsen Und Das Neue Testament
0524015341       Die Heutige Auffassung Und Behandlung Der Kirchengeschichte: Fortschritte Und Forderungen:        Schubert, Hans von; 1859-1931.                            1902      German
                 Ein Konferenz-Vortrag
052402412X       Die Heutigen Auffassungen Vom Neuprotestantismus                                                  Stephan, Horst; b. 1873.                                  1911      German
0524090602       Die Himalaya-Mission Der Brùdergemeine                                                            Reichelt, G. Th.                                          1896      German
0524047472       Die Himmelfahrt Des Mose                                                                                                                                    1904      Latin
0524069719       Die Hippokratische Schrift Von Der Siebenzahl in Ihrer Vierfachen Ùberlieferung                   Hippocrates.                                              1913      German
837035716        Die Idee Der Sùhne Im Alten Testament: Eine Untersuchung Ùber Gebrauch Und Bedeutung Des          Herrmann, Johannes.                                       1905      German
                 Wortes Kipper
0790522756       Die Idee Des Reiches Gottes in Der Theologie                                                      Weiss, Johannes; 1863-1914.                               1901      German
0837064082       Die Innere Mission in Der Schule: Ein Handbuch Fùr Den Lehrer                                     Schàfer, Theodor; 1846-1914.                              1896      German
0524015007       Die Insel Der Seligen in Mythus Und Sage Der Vorzeit: Vortrag                                     Hommel, Fritz; 1854-1936.                                 1901      German

ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)                                         Page 71 of 231
ISBN             Title                                                                                               Author                                                        Year Published Language
837036437        Die Inspiration Der Hl. Schrift in Der Anschauung Des Mittelalters: Von Karl Dem Grossen Bis Zum Holzhey, Carl; b. 1863.                                              1895      German
                 Konzil Von Trient
0524071179       Die Inspiration Des Neuen Testamentes                                                               Dausch, Petrus; b. 1864.                                          1912      German
0837018455       Die Inspirationslehre Des Heiligen Hieronymus: Eine Biblisch-Geschichtliche Studie                  Schade, Ludwig; 1879-                                             1910      German
0790516853       Die Interpretation Des Neuen Testaments in Der Valentinianischen Gnosis                             Barth, C. (Carola); 1879-1911.                                    1911      German
0837096375       Die Irrlehrer Der Pastoralbriefe                                                                    Lùtgert, Wilhelm; 1867-1938.                                      1909      German
0524059454       Die Irrlehrer Des Judas-Und 2. Petrusbriefes                                                        Werdermann, Hermann; b. 1888.                                     1913      German
083709674X       Die Irrlehrer Im Ersten Johannesbrief                                                               Wurm, Alois; b. 1874.                                             1903      German
837046157        Die Irrtumslosigkeit Jesu Christi Und Der Christliche Glaube                                        Schwartzkopff, Paul.                                              1897      German
0790513633       Die Israeliten Und Ihre Nachbarstàmme: Alttestamentliche Untersuchungen                             Meyer, Eduard; 1855-1930.                                         1906      German
0524045631       Die Israelitischen Vorstellungen Vom Zustand Nach Dem Tode                                          Bertholet, Alfred; 1868-1951.                                     1914      German
0790527391       Die Israelitisch-Jùdische Heilandserwartung                                                         Sellin, Ernst; 1867-1945.                                         1909      German
0524098301       Die Japaner: Wanderungen Durch Das Geistige, Soziale Und Religiòse Leben Des Japanischen            Munzinger, Carl; 1864-1937.                                       1898      German
837043808        Die Jesajaerzàhlungen: Jesaja 36-39: Eine Historisch-Kritische Untersuchung                         Meinhold, Johannes; 1861-1937.                                    1898      German
0524050708       Die Jetzige Lehre Der Synode Von Missouri Von Der Ewigen Wahl Gottes: Ein Vortrag                   Allwardt, H. A. (Henry August); 1840-1910.                        1909      German
0790526107       Die Johanneische Anschauung Unter Dem Gesichtspunkt Der Seligkeit                                   Titius, Arthur; b. 1864.                                          1900      German
837051525        Die Johanneische Anschauung Vom "Leben": Mit Berùcksichtigung Ihrer Vorgeschichte                   Schrenck, Erich von.                                              1898      German
0524071233       Die Johanneische Christologie                                                                       Lùtgert, Wilhelm; 1867-1938.                                      1899      German
079052015X       Die Juden in Arabien Zur Zeit Mohammeds                                                             Leszynsky, Rudolf; b. 1884.                                       1910      German
0837073448       Die Jùdisch-Aramaeischen Papyri Von Assuan                                                          Staerk, Willy; 1866-1946.                                         1907      German
837027985        Die Jùdische Apokalyptik: Ihre Religionsgeschichtliche Herkunft Und Ihre Bedeutung Fùr Das Neue     Bousset, Wilhelm; 1865-1920.                                      1903      German
0524081549       Die Jùdische Bewegung: Gesammelte Aufsàtze Und Ansprachen, 1900-1915                                Buber, Martin; 1878-1965.                                         1916      German
0790532697       Die Jùdische Gemeinde Von Elephantine: Und Ihre Beziehungen Zum Alten Testament                     Jirku, Anton; 1885-                                               1912      German
079050121X       Die Jùdische Religion Von Der Zeit Esras Bis Zum Zeitalter Christi                                  Bertholet, Alfred; 1868-1951.                                     1911      German
0790508168       Die Jùdischen Baptismen, Oder, Das Religiòse Waschen Und Baden Im Judentum Mit Einschluss           Brandt, Wilhelm; 1855-1915.                                       1910      German
                 Des Judenchristentums
0790512149       Die Jùdischen Exulanten in Babylonien                                                               Klamroth, Erich; b. 1888.                                         1912      German
0790525143       Die Jùngsten Kàmpfer Wider Den Panbabylonismus                                                      Winckler, Hugo; 1863-1913.                                        1907      German
0524020051       Die Kanones Der Wichtigsten Altkirchlichen Concilien: Nebst Den Apostolischen Kanones                                                                                 1896      Greek
0837076501       Die Kardinàle Und Ihre Politik Um Die Mitte Des XIII. Jahrhunderts: Unter Den Pàpsten Innocenze     Maubach, Jos.                                                     1902      German
                 IV., Alexander IV., Urban IV., Clemens IV. (1243-1268)
0790589958       Die Kategorien-Und Bedeutungslehre Des Duns Scotus                                                  Heidegger, Martin; 1889-1976.                                     1916      German
0524036144       Die Katholische Kirche in Den Vereinigten Staaten Nordamerikas: In Vier Abschnitten                 Hammer, Bonaventure; 1842-1917.                                   1897      German
0837080274       Die Katholische Kritik Ùber Mein Werk, "Das Papstthum in Seiner Sozial-Kulturellen Wirksamkeit":    Hoensbroech, Paul; Graf von; 1852-1923.                           1902      German
                 Ein Beitrag Zur Charakteristik Des Ultramontanismus
0790520389       Die Katholischen Briefe                                                                         Windisch, Hans; 1881-1935.                                            1911      German
0790548739       Die Katholischen Missionen in Indien, China Und Japan: Ihre Organisation Und Das Portugiesische Jann, Adelhelm; 1876-1945.                                            1915      German
                 Patronat Vom 15. Bis Ins 18. Jahrhundert
0790562456       Die Katholisch-Ttheologische Fakultàt Zu Marburg: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Katholischen       Mirbt, Carl.                                                      1905      German
                 Kirche in Kurhessen Und Nassau
0837015944       Die Kausalsàtze Im Griechischen Bis Aristoteles                                                     Steele, Daniel; 1824-1914.                                        1891      English
0837083192       Die Keilinschriften Der Achàmeniden                                                                                                                                   1911      German
0524019541       Die Kelchbewegung in Deutschland Und Die Reform Der Abendmahlsfeier: Mit Einer Beilage,             Spitta, Friedrich; 1852-1924.                                     1904      German
                 Abbildungen Von Einzelkelchen
0837098378       Die Kenose Und Die Moderne Protestantische Christologie: Geschichte Und Kritik Der                  Waldhàuser, Michael.                                              1912      German
                 Protestantischen Lehre Von Der Selbstentàusserung Christi (Phil. 2) Und Deren Anteil an Der
                 Christologischen Frage Der Gegenwart
0790567431       Die Ketzertaufangelegenheit in Der Altchristlichen Kirche Nach Cyprian: Mit Besonderer              Ernst, Johann; 1844-1929.                                         1901      German
                 Berùcksichtigung Der Konzilien Von Arles Und Nicàa
052401468X       Die Kirche Deutschlands Im Neunzehnten Jahrhundert: Eine Einfùhrung in Die Religiòsen,              Seeberg, Reinhold; 1859-1935.                                     1910      German
                 Theologischen Und Kirchlichen Fragen Der Gegenwart
0790532824       Die Kirche Im Urchristentum: Mit Durchblicken Auf Die Gegenwart                          Scheel, Otto; 1876-1954.                                                     1912      German
0790532212       Die Kirche Jerusalems Vom Jahre 70-130                                                   Schlatter, Adolf von; 1852-1938.                                             1898      German
0790549352       Die Kirchen Und Sekten Des Christentums in Der Gegenwart                                 Kattenbusch, Ferdinand; 1851-1935.                                           1909      German
0524047138       Die Kirchengemeinde-Und Synodalordnung Fùr Die Provinzen Preussen, Brandenburg, Pommern,                                                                              1912      German
                 Posen, Schlesien Und Sachsen
0790517574       Die Kirchengeschichte Des Eusebius                                                                  Eusebius; of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea; ca. 260-ca. 340.       1901      German
0790566672       Die Kirchenrechtsquellen Des Patriarchats Alexandrien                                               Riedel, Wilhelm; b. 1871.                                         1900      German
0790551314       Die Kirchen-Und Schulvisitation Im Sàchsischen Kurkreise Vom Jahre 1555                             Schmidt, Wilhelm; 1839-1912.                                      1906      German
0524025789       Die Kirchliche Gesetzgebung Des Kaisers Justinian I.                                                Alivizatos, Amilkas S. 1887-1969.                                 1913      German
0837094941       Die Kleinen Propheten                                                                               Nowack, Wilhelm; 1850-1928.                                       1903      German
0790517914       Die Kleinen Prophetischen Schriften Vor Dem Exil                                                    Procksch, Otto; 1874-1947.                                        1910      German
0524046727       Die Klementinische Liturgie Aus Den Constitutiones Apostolorum VIII: Nebst Anhàngen                                                                                   1910      Greek
0790507641       Die Komposition Der Genesis                                                                         Eerdmans, B. D. (Bernardus Dirk); 1868-1948.                      1908      German
0524058989       Die Komposition Des Àthiopischen Henochbuches                                                       Appel, Heinrich; b. 1867.                                         1906      German
0837024927       Die Komposition Des Buches Jes. C. 28-33: Ein Rekonstruktionsversuch                                Brùckner, Martin; b. 1868.                                        1897      German
0837088496       Die Konfutation Des Vierstàdtebekenntnisses: Ihre Entstehung Und Ihr Original                                                                                         1900      German
0524030170       Die Kongregationalisten, Oder, Freien Evangelischen Gemeinden                                       Obenhaus, Hermann.                                                1913      English
0837076838       Die Kongregationalistische Kirche Und Die Erziehung in Den Vereinigten Staaten Von Nord-            Blome, Rud.                                                       1900      German
0524046697       Die Konstantinopolitanische Messliturgie Vor Dem IX Jahrhundert: Ùbersichtliche                                                                                       1909      Greek
                 Zusammenstellung Des Wichtigsten Quellenmaterials
0790552957       Die Konzilspolitik Karls V. in Den Jahren 1538-1543                                                 Korte, August; b. 1872.                                           1905      German
0837018064       Die Koridethi Evangelien Th038